Wednesday, February 5, 2014

'Mr.' Marois Hides from Media

Would you trust this guy?
I imagine that the phone of Pauline Marois' husband, Claude Blanchet, is ringing off the hook with requests and demands for interviews from journalists, all to no avail.

Blanchet's failure to respond to damaging testimony at the Charbonneau Inquiry should be a news story in and of itself, even though it isn't being reported as such.
This blog is going to shine the light on the fact that the media is remiss in its duty  to report on the behind the scenes political drama.

Usually the media is diligent in telling us when interview requests are refused, with all that it implies, but the media has been silent about Blanchet, as if members of the Press are afraid to go up against the Premier, the old issue of denied access in retaliation, always the fly in the ointment.

Before I go on, let me remind readers of the issue at hand, the allegations that perhaps a deal was struck between the FTQ union and Claude Blanchet, to influence his wife, (then opposition leader) to impede any effort to create a Commission that would eventually look into union affairs in regards to corruption and infiltration by criminal elements.
"The FTQ, Quebec's largest labour federation, was ready to ask Parti Québécois Leader Pauline Marois for help in ensuring no corruption inquiry ever took place, according to a wiretap conversation heard Tuesday.
The 2009 exchange, which was played at the Charbonneau Commission on Tuesday, is between two senior union bosses — then-federation president Michel Arsenault and Jean Lavallée, a former president of the FTQ's construction wing.

Former FTQ president Michel Arsenault lost a legal fight to stop the wiretap conversations featuring him from being heard by the commission.
Arsenault is overheard on the wiretap saying he has a deal with "Blanchet," a reference to Claude Blanchet, Marois's husband, who previously ran the FTQ's billion-dollar solidarity fund.
Arsenault also said in the conversation he'll "talk to Pauline" to make sure the PQ didn't support holding a public inquiry that would focus on unions." Read more
Marois was quick to deny that any deal was in place, telling reporters that the PQ did indeed demand that an inquiry be held and that even if the FTQ asked for consideration, the FTQ didn't get it.
But that isn't entirely true, while the PQ did come to demand an inquiry, it was not until the debate was  over a year old.
The delay may now be seen as a rearguard action to stall any such inquiry, a position that could no longer be maintained when Jacques Duchesneau's leaked a report detailed the shocking link between organized crime and the construction industry.
And so, like a forward military unit holding back superior opposition forces, the PQ decision to abandon it's surreptitious FTQ support may have been made because the position was no longer defensible.

The Blanchet connection to the FTQ is long-standing, he was the first CEO of  the union's Solidarity Fund and has maintained cosy relations ever since he left for a government appointment, where he headed a government investment agency that engendered over $700 billion in losses on his watch, during which time incidentally, he and other executives were voting themselves performance bonuses.
When Jean Charest came to power, the first thing he did was to get rid of Blanchet, but not before a hefty severance package, including a year's salary and an $88,000 LIFETIME PENSION was negotiated. This after five years on the job.

At any rate, Blanchet scored a loan from the FTQ Solidarity Fund of just under $3 million dollars, the bare threshold over which the entire Board of Directoers would have to give its approval.
The loan was made to a company that employed Blanchet, Pauline Marois' brother and the son of Blanchet/Marois as well.
Ultimately, that loan was defaulted upon.....not a big surprise.
In a wiretap conversation Michel Arsenaealt the then president of the FTQ admitted to another union organizer that the loan wasn't exactly conform, but because Marois might become Premier soon, it was worth the effort.

Given the chumminess of the Blanchet/Marois clan with the FTQ, why wouldn't the FTQ try to cash in on the relationship to derail any potential commission? I certainly would...

Yesterday Francois Legault asked Phillipe Couillard to join forces with him in compelling Blanchet to testify before a National Assembly committee to explain the 'deal' that he did or did not make with the FTQ.
Couillard declined the offer, telling reporters that it was up to the Charbonneau Commission to look into the affair, a principled but utterly foolhardy and politically inept decision.
If Couillard ever wants to be successful, he's got to understand that principles have no place in politics and that when an advantage presents itself, failure to seize it over niceties is a recipe for failure.
The time to kick your political opponents is when they are down and vulnerable, something every veteran understands.

Blanchet testifying before his enemies in Parliament would have been sweet.  Unlike those at the Commission who  offer dubious testimony, Blanchet, as the Premier's husband, would be held to a much higher standard by the public. Blanchet is an oily and unsympathetic character and having him testify would have been a disaster for Marois.

But alas, it is not to be. I am stunned by Couillard's amateur mistake.
Don't underestimate the impact of the testimony, It could very well have been the start of  the undoing of Pauline.
You never know where little things can lead, remember Watergate?

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.  
For want of a rider the message was lost.  
For want of a message the battle was lost.
 For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.  
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

 On Thursday Marois came out with a blistering defence of her husband, but not one reporter dared ask her if and when he would meet the press in person.
Claude Blanchet is a ghost and nobody dares ask why. Perhaps we need the  innocent little boy who asked the Emperor why he had no clothes.
Such is the bravery of our media... Gang de Peureux!

Not one reporter asked La Pauline the question that we'd all like to see answered, that is whether her hubby has been met by investigators of the Charbonneau Commission to  "help them with their inquiries' (a British euphemism for a suspect not yet charged.)
This, by the way is a very distinct possibility.

And so Blanchet is hiding behind his wife's skirt, either through cowardice, fear or advice from party mandarins OR the fact that he is going to to or has met with Commission  investigators to give his side of the story.

Unfortunately, Blanchet is off the hook for now and its probably a certainty that none of the truth will come out before an election.

Marois, the grizzled political veteran must be laughing at the Liberal ineptitude, boosting her confidence to continue her slimy electioneering policy of delivering goodies in swing ridings.

I want to remind readers exactly what kind of politican she is by quoting her exact words in a Santa Claus speech delivered in the money pit known as the Gaspé;
  "The riding of Bonaventure made a very good choice in the last election and you have the results of this choice."
('Le comté de Bonaventure a fait un très bon choix lors des dernières élections et vous avez les résultats aujourd'hui de ce choix')
Opposition leaders howled in rage at the crassness of telling voters that they were being paid off for voting PQ and comparisons were made with Premier Maurice Duplessis, the historical king of pork-barrel politics.

I know that Mr. Couillard is extremely intelligent, but as I've made the point before, it is no clear advantage in politics as proven by US president Jimmy Carter, blessed with one of the highest IQs of any predecessor, but whose presidency was a giant bust.

Its time for Couillard to get down in the pit and sling mud faster than it can be flung at  him.
People may abhor 'negative' campaigning, but it continues to be employed because IT WORKS.
Marois is vulnerable because most voters don't like Blanchet who is seen as a slick opportunist, who rose on the coat tails of his wife.

Could you imagine the devastating effect of a US style attack ad?

(Announcer over a picture of Blanchet with his familiar toothy and off-putting smile)
" Why is the Premier's husband doing the bidding of corrupt unions?
What was the deal he made to sell out the real interests of Quebecers ?
Why did the union make a $3 million loan to the Premier's husband, brother and son and where did the money disappear?
We need a Premier who works for the people and the people alone.

Vote Phillipe Couillard and the Liberals and say NO to special interests."

I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.

 Ha! Ha! Priceless..

I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.


  1. Feels like Phillipe Couillard has something to hide.

    1. Phil has not been around long enough to have anything to hide.

      The problem is the others around him that have been around for a while. Every day in a politician career is just one day closer to being discovered for their real motivations and to dig themselves farther in.

      Unfortunately, we must yet again prepare to vote Liberal.

      After they get in, they will turn their backs on the anglo's/immigrants and force some medicine down our throats to appease the small minded soft PQ types that also voted for them.

      Peoples who's votes and opinions count more then the anglo and immigrant trash.

      Bill 60 lite.

      The story has already been written.

    2. FROM ED
      Cebeuq, Their votes do count more. 8 million more. That's called democracy. Ed

    3. [Place a moan and groan here].

      Ed: I've written before and I take keyboard under finger to do it again. Your blind faith in someone as mortal as Philippe Couillard is staggering. Maybe he should go back to walking around the crumbling hospitals of Quebec with white coat over shoulders and stethoscope around neck. The best thing he can do in politics is go back to the health portfolio because Quebec inevitably with its upcoming fiscal collapse will have to cut hospitals back to the barest of bare necessities, something between MASH units and Third World facilities.

      Because you're at an age where your dependence on hospitals and medical care is only going to increase, heaven help you the longer it is you have to wait for care.

    4. ED,

      It's not even close to a democracy when many riding sizes for toothless seppies are below the legally allowed number. These riding should have been consolidated and seats taken away.

      Meanwhile on the island of Montreal, riding sizes are ABOVE LEGAL LIMITS.

      All this has been known for many years. Charest was the last premier to prevent the ridings from being changed AS LEGALLY REQUIRED BY LAW TO MAINTAIN A DEMOCRACY.

      As usual Charest needed to keep his racist soft seppie voters happy. He refused to allow the redistribution and denied democracy AND the liberals a chance of surviving.

      Typical Liberal logic really. Short term gain (seppies shake Charest hand) for a loss of democracy for millions of others.

      Good tradeoff when you are a Liberal.

    5. FROM ED

      Cebeuq, I won't argue that. You obviously know a lot more about ridings than I do. But that was Charest. Couillard is the man that can get rid if the PQ. People call me a Liberal lover but when I think of getting rid of the PQ I have tunnel vision.
      We know an election is coming, what we have to do now is protect the party that can rid us of the vermin. Watch out for tricks like trying to make the Lbs look dirty as in the last election. So many swallowed it. Marois loves to play games like sending the Provincial Police to Couillards door at 7 am to make it look like he's involved in something. You notice thye followed instructions and kept him talking on the gallery where everyone could see. Odd the French press happened to be there. These are the only things that could go wrong unless stupids like complicated can talk folks into voting CAQ again.

    6. Cebuq: Right on! Charest had very ample time and a majority government in order to reallocate the constituencies according to population size, but he chose to ignore the two opportunities he had, and finally at his own peril.

      I think I've burst Ed's bubble about what an ordinary mortal Couillard is. His silence after the initial protest is deafening.

  2. Philippe Couillard has been a disappointment so far as leader of the PLQ.

    1. his political opponents, on the contrary, think he's doing great.

  3. Couillard et Legault sont de très mauvais communicateurs...Plus ils parlent,plus ils s'enfoncent.

    De plus,en politique,avoir le cul entre deux chaises (position pseudo rassembleuse) ne semble pas fonctionner au Québec.

  4. From Ann
    I find it very sad to see how much people are trashing Couillard for not acting like a dirty politician. We trash dirty politicians and are angry at the fact that they swindle tax payers, lie, have dirty attack ads and are too busy playing dirty to come up with anything substantial...then we get a politician who is not acting like a typical dirty politician, and people criticize him and say he is a disappointment and no good. Perhaps we deserve slimy politicians if we can't handle those who have not yet become slimy and we want to make them fit the mould of a slimy politician. It is not just this blog, I have seen so many negative comments about Couillard in the press. The press can make or break the election..dump on Couillard often enough and the voters will think Marois is the better option with all of her goodies. I think what is most important is calling out Marois on all of her vote buying gifts with money that doesn't exist. I am not convinced that attacking Marois' family is going to convince people to not vote for her.

    1. The PLQ is as comitted to preserving the "Quebec model" as much as the PQ.

      The Quebec model needs to be torn down, stamped on and destroyed.

      Neither the Liberals or the PQ will free the people from this mess.

      Couillard doesn;t deserve much respect if he isn;t going to get all over Marios and Blanchet.

      Anything that has a chance of getting rid of the bitch is worth the try.

      It's too bad Bain wasn;t mentally stable and a better shot.

      Kidnapping, torturing and murdering politicians is ok when the PQ do it.

      In fact they didn;t even spend as much time in jail as Bain who only attempted it.

      After they got out they were feted as proud Quebecers.

      Disgusting double standards in Quebec.

    2. From Ann,
      The Liberal party is also responsible for the mess Quebec is in..but the bottom line is the PQ is worse. The PLQ is the lesser of two evils. I doubt very much that going after Marois and Blanchet is the way to win the election. The average Quebecer doesn't seem to care about the corrupt politicians as long as they (the population) continues to get freebies. It is the harsh reality of the economy and the impending loss of freebies that the population needs to understand. As for what Bain did, that is not the answer. There will always be another separatist leader waiting...Lisee, Drainville etc...they are equally despicable, and there are many others. It was the FLQ that was responsible for what happened back then, not the PQ. Yes, Quebec has double standards, but we should not let our anger at how the separatists glorified the FLQ members blind us into thinking we should do the same regarding the killers on the other side. It is precisely this way of thinking that leads to what went on in Bosnia, countries in Africa, Syria etc. This is not a road we want to go down.

    3. People from the entire rainbow need to speakup.

      When I take the extreme it makes room for people to express their opinions because they don;t think they will be the most extreme anymore.

      The more confrontation that developed from the charter of hate the better.

      Franophones think it's acceptable to talk about "mother tongue french". They are invading our houses and telling us what to do at home.

      Anglo's have been represented by Lamb Lobby up until now and that's not a successful strategy.

      Speaking french isn;t enough in Quebec. You need to "think french".

      IE be one of the idiots that thinks business is a detriment to Quebec society.

      What they don;t realize is you can;t fix stupid.

      You can;t train people to "think french". Only somebody born, bred, "educated" as a "Quebecois" can truly think as ass backwards as is required to pass the PQ blood test.

      Remember, it's all about the zombies now. Whatever francophones don;t like should be illegal in their logic.

      Student Boycott becomes a strike etc.

      Reverse logic for everything.

    4. "..but the bottom line is the PQ is worse. The PLQ is the lesser of two evils"

      Ann - That's like saying ingesting Arsenic is less worse than ingesting Cyanide. Perhaps one is more potent than the other, but the end result is the same. The same can be said whether Quebec is governed by the Liberals or PQ.

      We've been stuck alternating between these two governments for 40 years and you can see the affects these political poisons have done to Quebec. Sadly the only alternatives that come up once in a while are more separatists options (i.e. ADQ, CAQ, Option National, Quebec Solidaire), or at least parties than believe and promote discrimination of English and ethnics, driving business and people out of the province.

      I used to think, or should I say....dream, about ways to save Quebec and turn it around. That is naive thinking. I've come to realize there is nothing that can save this province, it is doomed to sink lower and lower until it reaches total collapse. Will anyone wake up at that point and really change things? Maybe, maybe not....but it won't be in any of our lifetimes. The only real solution after all these years is to leave before we're caught up in its fall.

    5. From Ann
      @Apple IIGS yes, both are unpalatable but the other option is not to vote..and not voting is worse. As for leaving, some of us can't leave so quickly. Sure, if someone could find me the equivalent job with the equivalent salary and benefits including pension plan, the same size apartment at the same rent, not higher, a place for my elderly parents, etc then moving would be possible...but jobs are not that easy to come by, especially with benefits. It is hard to re-locate elderly parents. Plus there is the cost of moving, the stress of moving etc. I have moved to different cities a number of times in my life and it is not a trivial certainly is not as trivial as people make it out to be "you don't like it here, just move". Really, if life were that simple....

    6. I'm with you Ann - not all that easy and I wish it were. Of course, there would be a lot less of us if it were that easy.

    7. Don't agree with Couillard being nice though. In quebec politics are the most despicable way of life and no one can afford to play "nice" with these vicious racist bigots. Kick them in the gonads and then kick them again. Anyway and anything you can do to get votes is the way it's played in this nasty environment and that includes bribery and extortion. Anything is acceptable to the voters so why not take advantage of it while he has chance? You have to roll in the mud here just like the other pigs that run for office like Miss Piggy and her nortorious husband.

    8. From Ann
      If you ever saw the Harry Potter film where Kenneth Brannagh played the sleazy Professor Gilderoy Lockhart (2nd Harry Potter film), Marois' husband reminds me of him. He just looks so sleazy, like you need to take a shower after seeing his picture.

      Here is Gilderoy Lockhart

    9. Nous savons tous que la canada est très pauvre en matière de références culturelles mais vous pourriez tout de même faire un effort.

    10. S.R. I can't think of any Canadian cultural icons who exude that kind of sleaze. In the Canadian program, North of 60, there was Albert Golo, but he was your classic bad guy rather than sleazy. In the Canadian vampire series, "Forever Knight" there was the vampire Lacroix, but he was an interesting character with dry humour so he doesn't match either. Anne of Green Gables, Road to Avonlea and Wind at My sleazy characters there. I am no fan of David Suzuki but I wouldn't even put him in the same category of exuding sleaze. Those are just some of the many Canadian cultural references.

    11. @all regular angryphone contributors namely cutie003 troy theo apple iigs sauga except ann

      cebeuq writes: "Anything that has a chance of getting rid of the bitch is worth the try. It's too bad Bain wasn;t mentally stable and a better shot."

      and you guys let this pass as if the freak told you about any other political strategy? what a shame you guys are. murder apologists. here's your badge.

    12. @student: I can recall an FLQ-apologist retard making excuses for Paul Rose's murders.

      You might want to rethink your arguments "mate" Too bad Rose and your other little friends didn't commit their crimes in Texas. They would not have been exiled to Cuba, they would've have been strapped down to an electric chair and zapped until they shit their pants. Which is a fate they deserved.

    13. Quebec politicians are no better the the shit stuck to your boots after walking in the dog park.

      Heny Bain legal defense is denied. The seppies are too afraid of the things he will say in open court.

      Meanwhile we have the Charter of Hate in QC where the same level of Francophones as Henry Bain are invited up day after day to spew their racist hate.

      Typical Quebec as usual.

      Deny the legal rights of somebody in the legal system, meanwhile allow toothless racists an unlimited platform to speak their racism.

      Quebec politician logic as usual. The only thing that matters is francophone votes. The govt in Quebec only cares about one kind of person. Universal human rights? Not so much.

      Blind scales of justice? Not important in Quebec.

      What's important is making racist francophones comfortable.

    14. You're right on cebeuq - everything is just fine for the separatists, including murder and kidnapping, but if it comes from the "others" it's not acceptable. Again, so hypocritical. We have to partition and let them go their own way till they sink in the sewer from which they came. Can't wait to see them gone from our civilized country!

    15. For many years, the FLQ was involved in robberies, bombings, kidnapping and murder but they actually had some public support. When Paul Rose died, Gerald Larose praised his conviction and ideals. Bain acted alone in one incident and no one came out to praise or support him.

    16. @theo

      "Bain acted alone in one incident and no one came out to praise or support him."

      so you don't read cebeuq's violent comments? good for you.

    17. Imagine if wolf's lair had succeeded

      One act against a seppie once by Bain doesn;t compare to the dozens of bombs of the FLQ even up until recently. Think Starbucks firebombs a few years back.

      The ratio of violence is still 100:1 times francophones bombing and terrorizing against everybody else.

      Yet you somehow manage to delude yourself the real risk in society is to "you and your leaders". Charter logic, hereforth know as.

      Evidence would indicate that if something were to blow up in Montreal or somebody to be kidnapped and murdered, it would be seppies *AS USUAL*.

      The narrative is that you are peaceful. The evidence of the FLQ and support by people like yourself for Rose is evidence of the opposite.

      Conveniently minimized and shuffled to the side as inconvenient truths by non critical puffball media.

  5. Couillard is considerably more intelligent than Marois and I believe he's biding his time.

    There is also no doubt in my mind that Jean Charest is coaching him for the coming leader's debate.

    Chose certaine - I have a feeling Marois will be very brutally shredded by both Couillard and Legault during said debate.

    1. L'image de deux hommes frappant une femme risque d'être très mal perçue par l'imaginaire Québec.


    ...with the list of names of those who wrote hateful comments about the woman dead in the tube.

    Rejoice S.R., they all belong to your "race"...

    1. What a gang of sad, pathetic, stupid animals.

      One minute they're invading the National Post comments section to tell their opponents to "cease the Quebec bashing" and show them respect.

      And then the next minute, they're publishing those inhuman remarks.

    2. Si la personne avait été étranglée accidentellement avec une chaine sur laquelle aurait été attachée une croix surdimensionnée (ostentatoire),les média l'aurait sûrement mentionné.

      Vouloir masquer la vérité,dans ce cas précis, a été une très mauvaise attitude de la part de certains médias.

      Celà sous entend quelque chose de louche et le public n'est pas aussi stupide que vous le croyez.

      Qu'en pensez-vous?

    3. Les Quebecois make bad neighbours.

      They have little to no empathy for people not "just like them".

      Civil society has no place in modern Quebec.

      Confrontation and arguments should be encouraged to happen in all location, walks of life.

      Don;t be afraid to get in the face of any public servant etc.

      Your kids teacher? Tell him what you think about the province and the politics of the PQ.

      Bring the battle home. Don;t just let the seppies bring the hate to you. Bring some hate to them first.

    4. Votre mentalité s'apparente (de façon générale) à celle des mohawks adanac.

      Vous ne seriez pas un Indien par hasard?

    5. S.R

      Just tell us the day you'll be on TV in QC ranting about zombies so we can tune in and laugh.

    6. @cebeuq

      He's already on TV on a regular basis:

    7. @A.C D.C

      Haha! Excellent choix...Un des meilleurs épisodes

    8. @cebeuq

      "Bring some hate to them first."

      and how will your hate help improve things in quebec mate? let's say we hate each other big time like you propose, what next?

    9. The province seperates in two or is a burning city when we leave.

      As we drive away to Canada, Montreal should either be partitioned or destroyed.

      Salt the earth for the invading army of seppies. Make sure that after they use their backhanded tactics to destroy anglophone/immigrants we repay.

      The goal isn;t to make things better anymore.

      The goal is to destroy Quebec. Economically, breakdown of civil society, any way possible.

      Make sure that what seppies are left with is so damaged they will regret the hundreds of years of harassing their fellow citizens.

      Damage francophone society like they damage everything else.

      The only way to fix Quebec is for it to descend into civil war, internal strife etc and rebuild from the destruction.

      Think Sarajevo etc.

    10. Je savais pas que Bain avait toujours le droit d'accès au web...Je vais m'informer auprès des autorités.

    11. Ah, what you don;t like is illegal.

      Just like your charter of hate justifications.

      Hoping for the destruction of Quebec racist society isn;t illegal. It's destiny.

    12. Vous devriez vous calmer cebeuq.

      Vous tachez l'image de nos bons anglos.

    13. Don;t lie,

      You've never found an anglo beyond Thomas Mulclaire that you like.

      You want to see all our children ground up into bits by escalators.

      Would serve them right for not being of the proud mother tongue in Quebec logic.

      Use the state to prevent children from learning their parents culture when the FLQ/PQ are busy.

    14. "Use the state to prevent children from learning their parents culture"

      Comme les francophones et leurs descendants qui vivent dans le ROc.

    15. People in the rest of Canada are free to choose.

      It's not their fault that nobody is interested in learning french and nobody enrolls in the french schools beyond a few Toronto Liberals.

      In Quebec people are forced to goto Francophone schools even when english ones exist and have space. This is totally unlike the rest of the world and in VIOLATION OF THE UN CHARTER on children.

      Francophones in Calgary can send their kids to whatever school they want. No laws.

      Wake up.

      The most important language in the world for doing anything is english. French is only useful for complaining about your position in life and how you are owed more money or others must be restricted so you can feel secure.

      Ignoring reality? Priceless in Quebec.

  7. Phillipe Couillard is the gift that the LPQ gives to the separatist movement. My prediction? PQ majority government is next.

    1. From Ann
      If a PQ majority government gets in it is because the sheep were easily fooled by money being thrown around and the Charter debate. Remember, the sheep in Quebec were happy to do nothing while the Church and Duplessis kept them down, then they were happy to have the anglo minority picked on, now the religious minorities. They don't understand that the economy is bust and that repressive laws, high taxes make Quebec unattractive. They only like to live in fantasyland that the PQ provides. The fault lies with very gullible voters and a PQ that knows how to play them like a fiddle.

    2. If the PQ gets a majority they should immediately declare independence and get the hell out of Canada. I'd like to see what Quebec can do on it's own.

    3. FROM ED
      The reason Couillard would not get involved with Legault is because he doesn't trust him. This is the man who along with his party swore that Liberals were corrupt in the last election causing their loss. This is man who gave a standing ovation to FLQ murderers . He knows that his opponents (PQ and CAQ) will try to trap him if they can and he is being very wary and sensible. He trusted Dr. Porter and now someone else with a dubious rputation is asking him to be a partner. Any fool would say no and he is no fool. Sorry EDITOR, you've called this one wrong. Ed

    4. From Ann
      @Ed, yes, Legault is not someone to side with, he is fighting for his party's survival and he was ready and willing to cut deals with the PQ over Bill 14 and the Charter.

    5. 'Vote Phillipe Couillard and the Liberals and say NO to special interests."' lolllllllllllllll

      Vote for a party that has done nothing for the English speaking community, that has supported bills 22, 178, 101...I don't think so. The liberals are as corrupt as the next in Quebec, maybe worse, they are all the same.

    6. From Ann who else is there to vote for? I voted CAQ in the last election but after seeing Legault in action I wouldn't do that again. There is nobody advocating for Anglophones, but the Liberals are the lesser of the evils. It is a case of hold your nose and vote.

    7. Legault was an MNA for the PQ for over 10 years. How can one trust a former separatist?

    8. You are better off not voting..let the place crumble...maybe then they will finally repeal bill 101...nothing else has worked...get while you can...the province is a mess...if you speak English, do it soon...

    9. I hope they do declare independence Theo - that way we can get on with partitioning this place into the areas that want to stay and those that want to leave. If they lose Montreal, which they probably will, it will set them back another 50 years and deservedly so.

    10. To be fair, the Libs have done some things for the English speaking community that the PQ would never have done. Dawson College (my old CEGEP) was consolidated and relocated to The Mother House on Atwater and Sherbrooke in 1988 by the Libs at a cost of millions. It's now the largest CEGEP in Quebec. Also, the giant MUHC mega hospital we all drive by at the old Glen Yards would still be a dream on an architect's drawing board if it weren't for the Libs. That's a billion dollar investment in English Montreal. That's a huge positive. When Marois was the health Minister, she dragged that project along making sure it never saw the light of day. Keep these in mind while you bash the Libs. I'm no fan of repressive language laws but I will still tip my hat to the Libs for their investment in English Montreal.

  8. About eleven o'clock this morning Francois Legault came out of a CAQ caucus meeting and told reporters that he will be launching some 'strong' TV advertisements next week and will be fighting the election by affording Pauline some very harsh treatment.

    Do you think he read this blog before that statement? HaHa!!!

    1. FROM ED
      EDITOR, I hope Dr. Couillard did Ed.
      Ann, don't let the naysayers like Cebeuq and Troy suck you in. The situation is not the fault of te Liberals in any way. Before the election in 2012 we were happy and at peace under the Liberals. Repeating what they say doesn't make it right. They like to ponitificate as though they had actually studied or put some thought into the suituation. They are just repeating the lies the CAQ used in the last election.under the lead of Legault. This is the guy EDITOR wants Couillard to trust. No thank you. Ed

    2. I have been saying time in and time out that the only hope I see is the CAQ. Couillard has been a total disaster..the Liberals record is a total disaster..the Liberals treatment of anglophones is incredibly insulting and demeaning..the PQ are obviously by far the worst choice. The CAQ cannot be possibly worse than either of these two parties..they might be as bad..but so be it..what other viable choice do we have??

      The CAQ seem to be the only party that is talking about what really matters..the economy, the debt, the corruption and mismanagement. The Liberals are nitpicking over what their final final position on the irrelevant charter of bs will be. The Liberals deserve to lose the next election. The CAQ..imo..deserve much better.

      I think the anglos should all have a protest vote and support the CAQ..seriously..send a message to the Liberals that we will no longer blindly support them which should result in a major shakeup of the party and which will bring in some real leaders who have vision.

      If I were Mr.Legault now I would attack attack attack the PQ..he has nothing to lose..the Liberals arent doing anything..we barely hear from them..their statements are incoherent and they blew a chance to force Mr.Blanchet to testify in front of the parliament..why would the Liberals not support this??? Incredible stupidity from Couillard..prediction is Couillard is gone as leader in 2 months.

    3. @ED
      "This is the guy EDITOR wants Couillard to trust. No thank you. Ed""
      ""Politics makes strange bedfellows.""

    4. FROM ED
      EDITOR, when it comes to the PQ they are all strange. So this is our first fight. May the best Liberal backer win, whoever that may be. Couillard is waiting for Legault to state what side of the fence he is on. If he is willing to back the Liberals and get rid of the PQ why doesmn't he do it. He is still a separatist at heart but won't show his hand to either side. Who could trust that. Ed

    5. During the 1995 referendum, Legault sat on the YES Bus along side Marois, Parizeau and Mario Dumont. Keep that in mind. There is nothing holding him back from forming a coalition with the Peqs if we have another Minority govt. His most ardent Federalist member (Jacques Duchesneau) will likely not run again. The CAQ has also basically rubber stamped all of the PQ's policies (with slight modifications). A leopard doesn't change his spots.

    6. @jf

      duchesneau is not his most ardent federalist member. gerard deltel is way worse.

    7. @Editor,
      reading it or not, you have been doing an excellent job not only to anglos/allos but to the whole country of Canada! Keep up the great work and thanks for your dedication!

  9. Yesterday I had pointed out that there was a "shift change" for the character known as "student" - not sure if anyone else picked up on it, but today it is also very clear that there has been a "shift change" for S.R.

    I'm serious - just take a more careful look (and no, I'm not talking about the icon, though that does actually have something to do with it).

    We finally have our proof that separatists need to actually pay a bunch of shills to post this nonsense.

    Wonder is their budget comes from the now infamous "CopterGate" scandal:

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. FROM ED
      FGor Christ's sake Anonymous why do you want to start a discussion on the trolls. We are here to discuss Quebec politics, let's not have another post where 60 percent is about the trolls. I you have nothing intelligent to ad.let it go. Ed

    3. Hey Ed, are actually Jacques Parizeau posing as a troll? :)

  10. La charte de la laïcité pourrait déborder des édifices gouvernementaux et s'inviter dans certaines résidences privées

    100% d'accord!

  11. FROM ED Theo, I don't undersand your comment. Ed

  12. Le Quebec est une republique de banana qui derive droit a la banqueroute...

    1. agree 100%. same as my home country of france.

    2. If Student is not obligated to write in French, neither is Alain Dubois.

    3. Je ne suis vraiment pas convaincu qu'il soit Français d'origine,une impression comme ça.

    4. Which one in the picture is Pauline and which one is Claude?

    5. Ok,c'est vraiment un Français.


    Let's see what kind of spin the seppies put on this.

  14. Considering two years ago morons we're in the street, saying Charest was a dictator for raising TUITION FEES...

    I'd like to see what the same people think of Pauline, a puppet of corrupted unions which single-handedly DESTROYED the province's economy with dumb, retarded reforms and pointless austerity measures.
    Icing on the cake, she and her bunch of hooligans had to resort to brainless demagoguery, creating from scratch an identity crisis. Dumb rednecks cheers her.

    What the fuck is going on in this province...

  15. New political party springing up in case anyone is interested:

    1. They are NOT new Cutie. Allan Nutik pulled the plug on the party about 3 years ago.

      That was the party that got involved in the infamous dust-up with the Jeunes Patriotes at the Ruby Foos back in 2008.

    2. "Partition of Quebec if necessary, but not necessarily partition."

      Encore un autre "parti" avec des convictions fermes :)

    3. What do you mean "pulled the plug"? They have an up and running website - did they fold and are now making a comeback? I had heard about the row at Ruby Foos but didn't know any of the people involved. Thanks for the info AC.

    4. @Cutie - they put a lot of work into the movement around 2007 to 2009, and had a huge push from the Gazette, who eventually dropped them in favor of the Libs.

      With only the help of The Suburban, the plug got pulled when Nutik chose to go back to his business.

    5. The party lost its status as a registered party on January 30, 2012.ébec

  16. Marois en hélicoptère: «comme le Père Noël», raille la CAQ

    Le père Noël voyage en hélicoptère ?!?


    La caQ...Quelle équipe de champion!

  17. Shortage of dentists in the ROQ. That would explain the toothless hillbillies!

  18. FROM ED
    "AnonymousWednesday, February 5, 2014 at 5:35:00 PM EST

    You are better off not voting..let the place crumble...maybe then they will finally repeal bill 101...nothing else has worked...get while you can...the province is a mess...if you speak English, do it soon..."
    This sounds like the words of someone who encourages war and destruction so they can move in and pick up the . spoils. What do people like you have planned for afterward? Ed

  19. Like in every true banana country, there is an unwritten rule that police inquiries are stopped when you reach the PM. That was the case with a mafia capo that knew Charest, this is the case with Blanchet.

  20. FROM ED
    Name the non existant mafia capo. Ed

  21. quebecois s.v.p. votez majoritairement pour le PQ en avril. Votez a 90% pour. Depechez-vous a avoir un referendum pour la souverainete et decalssez donc votre camp!!!!! Fini la perequation. Vivez dans votre univers de socialiste et de syndique. Vivez comme des ecolos sans le sou. Votre economie sera ruine et vous serez des haitiens après un tremblement de terre:)

  22. I am also looking forward to this scenario. The master race can then move in after civil war develops and start the deportations of the francos to st.pierre and Miquelon and st.paul island.

    1. +1

      If seppies go somewhere without an economy in the first place they won;t have to fight for socialism. There arn't any companies to ruin their perfect world.

      St Pierre etc is a wonderful idea.

      We can have a very simple test. Speak 3 word phrase in english of your choice.

      All the seppies that demand to see the Premier and complain about their heritage and refuse we just ship off to the island.

      Much like how Holland forces new immigrants to watch video's of homosexuals kissing. If you can;t take the images you arn;t appropriate to come into the country.

      If they can;t say and 3 words in english then they are clearly without merit. Human flesh walking around without purpose.

      Off to the island.

    2. cebeuq,

      We can have a very simple test. Speak 3 word phrase in english of your choice.

      "Fuck you, asshole!" (?)

    3. Even these words would be fine.

      A true seppie cannot utter anything in english.

      A seppie that speaks a word of english is not a true 99% union seppie. He's a 1% seppie.

      A limousine seppie that hangs out at Club 357 all day taking "meetings".

    4. Here...I'd like to contribute the mode of transportation to fly them out the island of St.Pierre-de-Tabarnak:

      Oh and more more thing for the time you want to whine how how sick and tired you are of being treated like racists and xenophobes, allow me to enter "exhibit douche":

      Ah oui, je me souviens!

  23. More BS and here we go again. More instability and more people being driven out so these narcissistic bastards can get a majority government for their horrible bills and charters:

    A White Paper on how good they will do when they leave confederation. Wonder who's authoring that piece of baloney.

    1. Marois is being wishy-washy on the timing of a referendum just to attract more seppie votes. The seppies say they want their own country but they don't have the courage to go ahead with it. They have always been an insecure people who don't know what they really want and will never be satisfied with what they have.

  24. Vote à visage découvert: Ottawa fait marche arrière


  25. - They should be so ashamed of their ignorance but not the seppies! God, get rid of them fast!

    1. Latest news is that she died from brain trauma and not really strangulation. Journal de Montreal had headlines screaming hijab strangulation but now they are quiet about reporting more of the facts. Ignorant xenophobic rag writing for an audience of ignorant xenophobes.

  26. Editor,

    As the Winter Olympics in Sochi start today - opening ceremony is tomorrow but there are several events competing today - I suggest that you post a piece about the Olympics from the perspective of Canadians who live among those who do not want to be part of Canada anymore. These are the comments I have regarding the Olympics, separatist movement, Quebec and French-English relationship.

    1. I readily admit that aside from hockey, Quebecers (anglophones and francophones) are quite contenders in the Winter Olympics - not so much in the Summer but I digress. The serious question that I have for separatists is how they feel watching Canada participating in the Olympics. Do they just watch the games like they watch Euro Cup, that is watching good athletes play without any attachment? Do they cheer for francophone-Quebecer-Canadian athletes only? And how do they feel when such athletes win and celebrate themselves in all things Canadian? Do they care at all if Canadian athletes not in above category win?

    2. Related to point 1., how did separatists feel when in 2010 Canadian athletes won big in the games on Canadian soil, reveled in their victory with the rest of Canada and even had their victory parade along Ste-Catherine Street in Montreal? Hey, I was there and I got Scott Niedermayer and Hayley Wickenheiser signed my Olympic shirt.

    3. Now that the Olympics is rolling, of course there are voices looking for the establishment of Team Quebec in the Olympics or other international competition. IMHO, pie in the sky. Here, rants and speculation from a separatist student about the issue. Also, Bob Sirois is back. He now has the foundation for Team Quebec, if only on Facebook.

    4. Clara Hughes. She is arguably the greatest Canadian Olympian. Her hauls of 6 medals ties Cindy Klassen but Ms. Hughes won them in the Summer and Winter Olympics, the only Canadian who has ever done so. She is also active outside of sports, notably in mental health issues. She has many honors from different organizations, including the Order of Manitoba and the Officer of the Order of Canada. Clara Hughes is a resident of Glen Sutton, QC. I would think that she deserves to be called a Quebecer, if by choice. However, I do not see her having any honor from Quebec, despite being a resident.

    5. As a wrote before, the coverage in French is awful, be it in terms of content or on-screen presentation, at least in comparison between CBC and SRC (I refuse to call the network ICI). I find that SRC has no excuse. It can actually piggy-back CBC infrastructure. But maybe one day does not make a win or a loss. Let us wait until the Olympic is over to see if French-language coverage improves.

    1. I think one of the pre-requisites to being a separatist is to suffer from severe cognition deficiencies. The Huff post article leads off with a quote from Mandela:

      « Le sport a le pouvoir de changer le monde. Il inspire, --->>> il unit les gens <<<--- comme peu d'autres choses peuvent le faire. Il parle à la jeunesse une langue qu'elle comprend. » - Nelson Mandela

      Alright listen up.

      One, Nelson Mandela believed in equality and an inclusive society. The separatist movement, Bill 101 and Bill 60 are 100% contradictions of the man's belief system, so why are you quoting him. Mandela would turn his back on your movement and not give you the time of day.

  27. Livre blanc sur l'avenir du Québec: Marois veut briser le Canada, dit Couillard

    Couillard vient d'allumer...

    Ben oui,le Parti Québécois est un parti souverainiste.Si nous ne cassons pas le canada,c'est lui qui va nous casser.

    1. Trop peureux pour te separer, continues a te faire aller ta grande ostie de yeule, pas de colonne.
      T'es un vrai petit quebecois. Un vrai. Prends toi une autre 50 le colon.

    2. J'ai entendu votre cri du coeur et en bon chrétien , je réplique avec ceci : :)

    3. @l'etudiant s.r.

      eeew. that was one seriously bad comment mate. the only positive outcome it could generate is if you feel better now that you got rid of this waste. do you?

    4. Il a osé me traiter de colon...L'ultime insulte,rien de moins.

  28. Robert Parizeau to become President of the Board of the Fonds de solidarité FTQ

    Jacques' brother. Wonder how he got that job.

    1. Have you ever seen such a bunch? What is the matter with the followers of these political animals that they can't see they are so crooked and out only for themselves and not for the good of the population? They look after "each other" and have no shame in anything. It just totally amazes me.

    2. We live in a tribal society in case you haven't noticed. The tribe looks after it's own. It's all about who you know.

    3. I've noticed but it's their supporters that don't seem to notice! That is not a normal way to act. There is definitely something wrong with these people to deliberately overlook every wrong doing of their own government! They should be out on the streets demanding reform and favourtism be stopped. But no, not our home grown seppies - they think it's all well and good. The level of stupidity here is just beyond comprehension.

    4. ""The FTQ will give Mr. Parizeau a seat that was until now reserved for him.""

      Quebecers have never met a conflict of interest that was important to look into.

      There is a reason Quebec is on the loosing end of everything. Quebec is the anti-meritocracy. Imagine Quebec best financial people from the FTQ doing a deal in NY.

      You have the best, brightest and most ambitious in the world negotiating with the second rate *QUEBEC* hacks that the PQ appoints over and over.

      Imagine how many construction scammers owning companies with PQ members will be showing up at his door next week.

      Better start repeating the mantra's now.

      "I didn;t understand what a conflict of interest was at the time"
      "In Quebec this is just how business has always been done"
      "It was a different time"
      "Va parlez a Pauline"
      "Nous avons un deal with Blanchet"

    5. The other amazing thing about the FTQ is how it keeps patting itself on the back.

      Are people not smart enough to realize that in our 30% higher construction costs for EVERYTHING in Quebec is the extra profit for the FTQ?

      ""The Fonds is a partner, either directly or through its network members, in 2,400 companies.With over 615,000 shareholders-savers, the Fonds helps create, maintain or protect over 170,000 jobs.""

      You know that's not Silicon Valley talking about "protect and maintain". That's Quebec speak.

      2400 companies. Is there anything that Quebecers do and own for themselves? Even private companies arn;t really private risk.

      Wonder how many of these investment companies make use of the 30% extra Quebec construction costs to stay in biz?

      The FTQ invests in companies in construction because that's where the criminals are stacking the system with them.

      It gives them good returns to then give themselves bonuses. Lots of do nothing, work slow construction union jobs. Meanwhile all the money for the scheme came from taxpayers.

      It's like Canadian Tire money by the time 615,000 "shareholder members" get their slice.

      Let me again drop to me knees and thank Stephen Harper for getting rid of the 15% tax advantage these FTQ union scammers have been using up until now. It's a phase out, but it's going to zero.

      The less money the FTQ has to pervert the economy the better.

      It's only anti-Quebec if it's done right.

  29. Le batteur de Stephen Harper accusé d'agression sexuelle sur un mineur

    Oh my gawd!

    1. And never mind the fact that he was driving drunk and killed a homeless man - which he got away with. Everything the separatists do is OK in their own minds but it's not OK for anyone that is not a separatist.

      Look at the hypocritical stance regarding homosexuals - fly the rainbow flag over city hall (which is fine with me) but then have bills like 14 and the Charter of Values. Support the gay community but not the anglos or the immigrants that live here. They do not even realize what hypocrites they really are.

  30. "Premier Pauline Marois confirmed on Thursday that she would be willing to violate Quebec's fixed-date election law in order to send Quebecers to the polls"

    Lol, the law the PQ passed just a year ago to stop parties from doing what they themselves now intend to. I guess the PQ thinks that, laws apply to everyone but them. I guess a religious holiday isn't a good enough reason to change the date, but good poll numbers are!

    “People are getting a little tired of seeing the party in power juggling with the date as if it belonged to the government to choose the date,” Bernard Drainville, Quebec Minister of Democratic Institutions, said as he announced the bill."“The date of the election should not belong to the government, should not belong to the party in power."

    1. Again, hypocritical because it's "them" not "us". What a group. Time to cut them loose - lost cause.

  31. Statistique du Quebec robineux: seulement 2,100 jobs crees en 2013 contre 24,000 en Ontario. LOL!!!
    24,000 quebecois ont quitte le Quebec en 2013 vers d'autres provinces: pas seulement des anglos. La majorite ont ete des francos pur laine de 20 a 35 ans. OUCH!!!

  32. Le chiffre qui tue: Ottawa donne $16.3 milliards au Quebec


  33. Yes, a budget before an election might be nice = what kind of people think we don't need a budget before going to the polls? Seppie logic once again - to hell with money - who needs it?

  34. Never saw this before:

    An online community expressly for Francophones who've tired of the Quebec government's stupidity and moving to other parts of Canada.

    So for all the separatists who show up on this blog to tell the Anglos and immigrants here to 'take the 401,' you might want to take a look at who is REALLY 'taking the 401' west of this broken province.

    1. Quelle belle opportunité pour vous d'établir des contacts avant de quitter.Vous allez nous manquer...En passant,votre amie AnecTote a quitté pour les vastes et inter-minables plaines canadiennes ou simplement en vacances?

    2. By AnecTOTE

      Tu t'ennuies de moi, s.r? Il faut même se gagner la vie de temps en temps, tu sais? Mais je suis là. Je lis tout simplement, et encore de temps en temps, mieux laisser la place aux autres, n'est ce pas?