Monday, February 24, 2014

Humiliation and Rage Fuel Rise in PQ Power

Quebec's human reaction to humiliation
Its a long drive to South Florida from Montreal, one that I've made only once, some fifteen years ago, an ordeal I swore never to do again.
But never is a long time and like the pain of childbirth long forgotten(so I'm told) it is easy to remember the good and toss the bad.
After an overnight stop in Brooklyn to see our grandchildren, my wife and I set out on the long drive, as prepared as we could be with our newly installed E-Z-Pass to breeze our way through the various toll plazas as well as the trusty GPS  to guide us effortlessly to our destination, hopefully avoiding any wrong turn, the bain of any long road trip.

The hours were long despite the excellent company and as the playlist on my IPhone became exhausted, it fell to the radio to keep us from boredom, Unfortunately the only voices we found on the radio dial were the
über-conservative trio of Rush Limbaugh, Mike Savage and Laura Ingram variously ranting over Hillary, Obamacare and in Savage's case, the entire younger generation, which according to him, deserves a collective smack across the mouth.
Even a suggested rise in the national minimum wage brought down a firestorm of criticism, as if the right of Walmart to underpay its workforce, a sacred God-given American virtue.
It was embarrassing and decidedly hard to take, forcing me to the realization that Conservatives in Canada are equivalent to soft socialists in the United States!

After so much venom, it behooved us to seek out something less toxic on the radio dial and lo and behold an interview with a journalist from no less an august magazine,the National Enquirer seemed to fit the bill.
Call it a pleasant serving of audio pulp fiction or mindless pap, gossip seemed to fit the bill and for an hour or so, we were immersed in the trials and tribulations of the Justin, Miley and the ever entertaining Khardashians.

The talk then turned to Julia Roberts and her supposedly nasty side and reputation for being difficult to work with.
But the real interesting segment was the story of Julia's estrangement from her sister, Nancy Motes, an obese under-performer, someone who Julia battled with over the years over the less successful sister's inability to get her life together.
The two sisters were diametrically opposed, one beautiful, rich and successful, the other anything but.
The Enquirer reporter reminded listeners that this is the case with many successful Hollywood types, their family often ne'er–do–wells with Madonna's family, a prime example.

It seems that Julia tried to get her sister to improve herself and the more she tried to help (even financially) the angrier and more resentful the sister got.
Julia even got the sad-sack a production assistant job, but rather than empower Nancy, it seemed to make her angrier and angrier, blaming Julia for all her problems, her lack of productivity, discipline and over consumption.
“When I was in high school and she was an adult, she would just let me know that I was definitely overweight,” Motes said, according to the New York Daily News. “It just makes me feel incredibly hurt and very sad.” 
It reminded me of that Pantene shampoo commercial, circa 1980, which boasted the ever memorable tag line... "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!"  

At any rate, when Julia confronted the sister over her indolence and lack of self restraint things turned decidedly ugly and the two became estranged, never talking again.

It was quite a poignant story and driving down the road it occurred to me that the story is a useful analogy to the relationship between Quebec and Canada and explains perfectly why in the face of so much  evidence that Quebec is on the wrong life track, it continues to embrace the Dark Side represented by the PQ.

In other words Quebec has come to the realization that it cannot compete with Canada and rather than strive to improve, has thrown in the towel and like Julia's sister, committed to blame Canada for its failures.

This all can be traced back to the Maclean's article about Quebec being the most corrupt province in Canada, a contention that brought howls of outrage and disbelief across Quebec and universal condemnation
Call it a watershed moment or tipping point, but from that day forward, events would unfold to confirm that status beyond a shadow of a doubt, and for Quebecers it was a painful and humiliating dish of humble pie served up by Canada, like Julia castigating her sister, thank you very much.

In a take on the five stages of grief, Quebec's reaction was actually textbook;
DENIAL(It isn't true that Quebec is the most corrupt)   
ANGER (How dare they!)
BARGAINING(Canada is also corrupt)
DEPRESSION( These never-ending Charbonneau Commission revelations are agonizing and depressing)
ACCEPTANCE( Yes it's true, but we hate you Canada  for pointing this all out)

There is something thoroughly enraging about being humiliated by a sibling and worse still, having a parent tell you to act more like your more 'successful' brother or sister.

For most under-achievers  it's easier to withdraw into a fantasy world where all that is wrong with life is the fault of others, especially successful  family members who sanctimoniously point out your failures to you, ad nauseum.
Like Nancy who accuses Julie of bashing her unfairly, so  does Quebec to all its detractors, regardless of the veracity or truth of the argument and like a petulant child, Quebec is sticking its fingers in its ears, shouting I can't hear you!, I can't hear you!

And so here we are, and the above explains all.
It explains why Quebec hates Canada.
It explains why Quebec is embracing the PQ and the Charter of Values, an in-your-face reaction to the humiliation Quebec feels over its under-achievement.

It explains why the more Canada belittles Quebec over its failures, the more estranged Quebec becomes from Canada.
Quebec knows what it is and refuses to be reminded of it by Canada.
Anything it can do to push back is on the table and if voting for the PQ is something that will royally annoy Canada ....all the better...

By the way, for those of you who don't know how it turned out for Julia and her sister, it isn't a fairy tale ending.
In the end, Nancy killed herself and in the suicide note blamed it all on Julia.
Let's hope things don't turn out that way for Quebec.


  1. "... forcing me to the realization that Conservatives in Canada are equivalent to soft socialists in the United States!"

    It's always been very strange hearing people in Quebec talk about how American the ROC is, when it clearly isn't. Okay, maybe not "clearly," maybe it's a little subtle and requires a slightly deeper analysis but that should be easy enough to do. The people of Alberta have far more in common with the people of Quebec than they do with Texans.

    Who benefits from Quebec and Alberta not realizing that? Why does the media push this false image of the ROC being American and Quebec being so different?

    -- Jay

    1. Only people who have never been to the US or to the ROC would think they are the same.
      I've travelled a lot and live throughout both countries. And everywhere on this continent people have much in common, especially in what they want in life.

      It's figuring out how to get it and acceptable means to do so, and that's when you realize that the places in the US are nothing, and I mean nothing, like anywhere in Canada.

      Social conservatives are the fringe everywhere in Canada. In the US they are mainstream.

      But on the other hand, it's only in the USA that you'll hear about people who are afraid to go to "the big city" because the people there are different.

      The only place in Canada you'll hear that is right here in Quebec.


    2. There are parts of the US where social conservatives are mainstream and places which are much closer to Canada (in feeling and in geography, usually, but even parts of Texas like Austin and parts of California are very much like Canada).

      It seems to upset people in Montreal to think that their city has more in common with Calgary than it does with any European city but why should it? Of course, very often people in Montreal talk about other Canadian cities as if it's still the 1970s and nothing has happened in the last forty years...

      Oh well, there's always an issue to divide us - in the USA it's race, in the UK it's class and in Canada it's language. The 1% never has to worry about the people presenting a united front. Too bad.

      - Jay

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    4. Mr. Berlach,

      What did I do? Seriously, what did I write that you found offensive?

    5. Jay,
      I'm amazed how many "progressives" believe "conservatives" in canada are sim/identical to those in UsA

      Yes, I do notice the tendancy of many Montréalais to live in a mental landscape where it is 1968, there is no Naheed Nenshi, no explosion of diversity and investment in Toronto, and no Vancouver, period. :-) Also, virtually all Montrealers call the city's central hill "the mountain". :-S

    6. I hope this is not oversimplifying, and Candians who regularly cross the border can correct me. I don't think Albertans are the equivalent of Texans, but I'll bet they have more in common with the people of Montana than they do with British Columbia. The people in the Yukon territories probably have more in common with Alaskans than they do with Manitoba. This isn't an argument for secession, and I could equally say that Americans in border states have more in common with their Canadian neighbours than their countrymen further south.

      The one exception I'd make to this is Quebec. I'm sure at one time you could say Quebeckers and upstate New Yorkers shared a lot in common, but I'm not sure now. As the language barrier gets steeper, there is less reason for people on either side to cross to the other side. But then again, I live nearly a thousand kilometers away. I do remember seeing one thing near the border at the US side which may show reflect signs of tension. At the last gas station before the border, the signs were in English and French, but the English sign was twice as big as the French. I may be wrong, but I think they may have been trying to make a point.

    7. Dear Troy
      Your comment somehow got redacted,I don't know why and I want everyone to know that.
      Kindly repost if u can. Sorry

    8. "I don't think Albertans are the equivalent of Texans, but I'll bet they have more in common with the people of Montana than they do with British Columbia."

      No, I don't think so. Most of Alberta's population is actually urban - Calgary and Edmonton have over a million people each and are quite diverse - Montana is a rural, almost all-white state. So, the rural population of southern Alberta may be similar to Montana but I bet when they have a bonspiel in Lethbridge the other curling teams are from BC. The Flames and Oilers have a pretty big rivalry with the Canucks and the CFL and university sports teams have pretty good rivalries, too.

      Also, chances are people in Alberta have relatives in other provinces but very few, if any, relatives in Montana or Washington state.

      And then there's politics - all kinds of issues (and parties) that flow freely across provinces but don't cross the US border.

      For people in BC on the east side of the mountains (towns like Fernie and the ones near Banff) have Edmonton and Calgary as their closest airports and big cities. How far is Billings, Montana from the Canadian border?

      All I'm saying is that Canadians have much more in common with each other than we seem to want to admit.

      - Jay

    9. Jay,

      I have to say that aside of language, the food, the architecture, the landscape, the lifestyle, the customs of Boston is closer to Montreal than it is to Houston. However, the same thing can be said to Quebecers and Texans or Californians than Quebecers and French or Belgians.

      Bottom line, this is a North American (except Mexico) family of culture and development. Quebecers as a people share much more in common (with the distinct exception of language) with the 300-something million English-speaking Canadians and Americans than with French-speaking French, Belgians or Swiss.

    10. @ Mr Cunningham

      Indeed Quebecers do not have much in common with New Yorkers. In my opinion New Yorkers have much more in common with Ontarians, politically and culturally.

      But the big difference between both is the fact that Ontario is mostly populated by descendants of Loyalists. And descendants of Loyalists are a true race of losers. Indeed Loyalists had to left their country after independance of USA in 1776; mostly established in Ontario in 1867, given their heavy debt related to the construction costs of their infrastructure, the population of Québec, undebt, had to pay for them; and since that time the federal government feed them continually.

      By the way anthropologists has determined that in USA and CDN there are three specific regions: The Deep South of USA, Québec, the rest of USA and CDN. Marketing firms take this into account.

    11. Let's not allow marketing firms to make too many decisions for us.... ;)

      "Mostly populated by descendants of Loyalists." Really? Mostly? How many Loyalists do you think there were? How much of Ontario's 13,500,000 population do you think is of Irish, Scottish, Italian, Greek, German (remember there was an Ontario city named Berlin until WWII), Russian, French, Chinese, Caribbean, Indian, African...

      This is what I mean, the view of Ontario and the west is so out of date it's almost funny. Except people cling to it.

      - Jay

    12. Actually, it was until World War I that Kitchener, ON (home of the world’s second-largest Oktoberfest) was called Berlin. It was renamed after British Field Marshal the 1st Earl Kitchener. There are also still a London, ON and a Paris, ON in the area.

      Don’t forget that the United Empire Loyalists who fled the American Revolution also settled much of Quebec (including the Eastern Townships), New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. According to YL, being loyal to your country constitutes being “a true loser”… a statement that is about as consistent with the quality of all his other contributions.

      His unsubstantiated comment about anthropology is also conveniently self-serving. Acadians, Mennonites, Hutterites, former slaves, Hispanics, among many others, would dispute such a nonsensical, made-up statement.

    13. @r.s

      y.l never pretented the three blocs were completely homogeneous; what has mennonite's opinion got to do with anything here? of course a serious marketing department will tackle quebec and roc in a different way, will you dispute this?!? and then it's totally plausible that they handle the conservative bible belt somehow and the liberal coasts otherwise. all this is quite obvious actually. you should pick your battles better, going against common sense is ok sometimes, but you need to be better prepared.

    14. Bronto is a troll, please ignore, rumor has it, he's that idiot of Y.L

      by Virgil

    15. @Y.L. Quite wrong. Less than a quarter of Ontario's population is of English descent, and the majority of these Anglo-Ontarians came from waves of migration that followed the initial Loyalist exodus. (Even at the time of the War of 1812, the majority of people in Upper Canada were not from Loyalist families.) Nearly half the population of Toronto today is composed of people who were born outside Canada.

      By contrast, Quebec appears as a four-century experiment in in-breeding, with six million francophones being descended from a tiny pool of about 10,000 migrants who came to New France. And this very people were soundly thrashed by General Wolfe and his doughty British troops on the Plains of Abraham.

      So who are the real losers here?

    16. @redneck anderson

      "And this very people were soundly thrashed by General Wolfe..."

      you think it's sound that humans "trash" other humans? that's a fascistic point of view.

    17. Soundly thrashed, not trashed, dimwit. Google the idiom, why don't you?

    18. Elaboration:

  2. You hit the nail on the head about how Quebecers behave.

    Petulant children.

    Unable to understand or do what is in their best interest.

    Once they got in control of the candy shop, they don;t know how to keep it running.

    1. debt, debt, corruption, more debt...blame everyone else...more debt...the french way...

    2. Quebec Debt Clock

    3. "Les Quebecois" are totally backwards tho.

      They are ok with massive corruption, debt, unions destroying the province. "It's normal" in Quebec culture.

      The only yardstick that francophones use to judge their success is how "anti english" or "anti-Canada" something is.

      Given 2 outcomes:

      Bilingual but functions perfectly and efficiently

      French but doesn;t function, overpriced and corrupt

      "Les Quebecois" always choose the corrupt backwards way that doesn;t work over the others. That's why the province is unable to change.

      They would rather live in a totally corrupt "country" without functioning water system or roads where the mafia and unions have the city split up into ghettos.

      This is preferable for Francophones to a city that functions correctly, provides services to citizens at a cost they can afford and in a language of their choosing.

      These are not people you can reason with. Reason and logic are not concepts that "Les Quebecois" can easily understand.

  3. Seppies might want to make these two PQ MNAs. They can be FTQ Liaisons officers.

    You know they wont talk about "the deal with Blanchet"

  4. We even hd Parizeau who came out and said that he worries for the Quebec's future.
    And I must say that I agree with him.
    It is ironic that the party that was created to make Quebec stronger is actually the one destroying it.

    1. After 40 years they still arn;t smart or worldly enough to understand that the harder they push for a stronger Quebec the more they destroy it.

      You can;t fix stupid.

      The PQ cannot understand that unions, corrupt politicians and language laws are the past not the future.

    2. @paul bielec

      "It is ironic that the party that was created to make Quebec stronger..."

      do you mean that other parties were not created to make quebec stronger? interesting. what were the lpq and caq created for then mate?

  5. Of course, Parizeau focuses on the last decade and blames he liberals.
    But the fact is that it started long before that.

  6. Decline of Montreal International Airport

    Sorry, couldn't find a article in english. First Toronto, then Vancouver, and now Calgary, Montreal Int. Airport is no longer a major hub for travellers from overseas, especially with our restrictive language laws, large bureaucracy and anti-business climate. Here what a councillor had to say: "On pense qu'il y a un avenir à Montréal sans déplacer Toronto. Le gouvernement fédéral semble avoir des oeillères, il ne voit que la nécessité de voir Toronto comme plaque tournante pour tout le Canada." Take a hint councillor, Air Canada was privatized in 1988. «Ce n'est pas qu'une question de marché: il y a des décisions politiques qui ont été prises, répète M. Rotrand. Yes councillor Airlines will run empty plane.

    1. This is quebec's solution to everything.

      Stand up and make a speech referencing lots of "symbols". Referencing symbols over and over short circuits the logical part of the brain for seppies.

      Demand that things change.

      Pass a law saying the future will be different.

      Wait while the future is worse then the past.

      Meanwhile they are busy digging our economic and civil unrest hole wider and deeper.

      “We are seeing a slide from a French Quebec to a bilingual Quebec,” said De Courcy, who vowed a PQ majority government would make it a priority to stamp out practices like greeting customers with “Bonjour-Hi."

      Seppies only worry about the important things!

      I'm sure the airport is going to get a LOT busier with people flying out on one way tickets in the future.

    2. Delusional Madame Merciless, Diane De Courcy, says that a PQ majority will be “merciless” against “Bonjour – Hi”.

      De Courcy said she thinks it’s great if individuals want to learn different languages like English, Spanish, Mandarin or Arabic in their private lives, but institutions and businesses must function strictly in French.“There is a difference with what is institutional and it must be without mercy,” she said.

      “Montreal is not a bilingual city. Quebec is not a bilingual Quebec,” De Courcy said to reporters after her speech.“It’s false” to say French is not losing ground outside of Montreal, De Courcy said.

      De Courcy lashed out at those who say reinforcing Bill 101 would harm the economy and discourage immigrants from coming to Quebec.Immigration requests have risen since Premier Pauline Marois’s government tabled its secularism charter, she said.

      Right… perhaps that might have something to do with not informing Arab immigrants from North Africa about their proposed secularism charter:

      “The immigration ministry says it received 928 files from Arab North Africa between August and December of 2013. […] It is not clear how much education candidates might have about Quebec's secularism charter. Diane De Courcy's office says the immigration ministry is not actively informing potential newcomers about the charter of secularism.” [link]

    3. By AnecTOTE

      "De Courcy said she thinks it’s great if individuals want to learn different languages like English, Spanish, Mandarin or Arabic in their private lives, but institutions and businesses must function strictly in French.“There is a difference with what is institutional and it must be without mercy,” she said."

      Exactly..they are attacking without mercy, it may seem trivial...but the quebec gloves on the Lapointe-Dufour sister that were photoshopped. Not offering Congratulations to the hockey players who won gold, ...bill 60, ....bill14, are in pure and unadulterated ..fanaticism and extremism. This is why the sooner they crash and burn..the better. Quebec cannot be saved otherwise, not even with chemotherapy.

      In the meantime, we have our own fish to fry....Long live Montreal city-state!

    4. R.S,

      And of course Mme de Courcy and the rest of the separatist government fail to mention that the surge in the application for PR happened because the federal government put temporary moratorium on its process.

    5. "We are seeing a slide from a French Quebec to a bilingual Quebec,” said De Courcy, who vowed a PQ majority government would make it a priority to stamp out practices like greeting customers with “Bonjour-Hi."

      Will there be a language cop standing next to each store clerk, monitoring the words that come out of the clerk's mouth? Because words, unlike signs, cannot be "inspected" after the fact, so there would have to be a language cop checking things in real time.

      Since that is physically impossible, what are the PQ's options? An Orwellian technological system that records every conversation and sends out tickets and summons to the "offenders"? Undercover OQLF agents posing as customers? Reliance on the population? The first one is out of the question. The second one will not happen either despite all the posturing because the PQ will never criminalize the spoken word. They don't have the guts. Imagine the headlines in the New York Times the next day: "Store clerk fined in Montreal for saying Hi to the customer".

      The crusade against hi/bonjour will therefore take a propagandist/suggestive rather than official shape, and will rely heavily on psychological pressure to be applied on the "offenders" by the general population, the popluation which is expected to respond to the avalanche of "the sky is falling" argumentation followed by"this is what you must do" instruction coming through Quebecor's news lines.

      We have already been hearing insinuations for the past 1.5 years that the government can't do everything and that citizens will have to participate in "protecting" the language. There will be a lot more of that call to arms in the next months.

      There is one problem with such "citizen enforcement" though and they know it: private citizens do not have any executive power and their actions are not binding. The crusade to limit "hi/bonjour" will be fought by private citizens whose most lethal weapon is a sandwich thrown in the "offender's" direction. I'm not saying that this should be trivialized, for even a sandwich attack or a verbal attack can be very annoying and upsetting, but at the same time, annoyance will never become a sufficient deterrent. In fact, it may actually prompt people to use even more English to spite the bullies.

    6. From Ann
      Actually, having the population as vigilantes monitoring who has the "unmitigated gall" to speak English will end up inciting violence. The PQ doesn't care if violence breaks out because like the guy in the Ukraine, while everyone is focused on other things, the political class and their so-called "intellectual class" followers (separatist journalists) will be living a life of luxury.

  7. "Forcing me to the realization that Conservatives in Canada are equivalent to soft socialists in the United States"

    People roll their eyes, yet I still consider it to be so. Hillary Clinton could easily be a Conservative. Brian Mulroney could easily be a Democrat. Harper's a (moderate) Republican.

  8. >>>> "Les Quebecois" are totally backwards tho

    Suis pas d'accord...

    Altho I see how you could be using "air quotes" to signify isolationist xenophobic homophillic separatist nationalists... is that your intention? Surely no one thinks that peeps from La Belle Province are backwards.

    1. Only 75% are backwards.

      The ones that vote for the PQ, are members of the FTQ, or numerous other "no show" unions that fleece the public.

      The other 25% are scared of expressing themselves for fear of being ostracized, outed and banished by their francophone family.

    2. By AnecTOTE

      "The other 25% are scared of expressing themselves for fear of being ostracized, outed and banished by their francophone family."

      Completely true, ultimately, they all feel that way, also, finding any Franco-quebecer who still believes in Canada and what Canada has to offer and embracing their Canadian identity is like finding a four-leaf clover. But that 25% you mention, I wager the percentage is a little higher, the silent complicit bunch who know better but are too afraid to speak up will have to find the courage to do so. If not for themselves, for the future and well-being of THEIR future generations. Or they will learn how unforgiving truth and reality are.

  9. This is slightly off topic, Editor but as you can know from my posts and you can see from my avatar I hail from Washington, D.C. In 2011 I drove up to Montreal by car and it was exhausting. Thank God I stopped at my cousin's in New Jersey, although the drive through New York State (I never realized until now how big it was) too forever. And this was for a trip that was (please correct my math) about 600 kilmeters. Correction---that's 600 *miles*. In kilometers, that's nearly a thousand. Depending on where you are in Florida, you could be driving as much as 2600 km.

    PLEASE be careful. Don't try to drive all the distance in one stop, and if you get too tired, DO stop---even if it's at the side of the road. I look forward to reading more of your blog once you return home safely.

    1. Edward! Comment vont les choses en lisant SPIRAL, écrit par Paul Halter? Tu te débrouilles j'espere?

  10. Regarding debt and corruption in Quebec:

    How different is that situation vis-a-vis debt and corruption in Ontario, to pick a next-door example of sim size. I read a lot that Ontario's debt is as bad as le Québec's, and that corruption is high there, too, tho as-yet unseen, I.e. under-reported in news media.

    Any knowledgable answers? My curiosity has taken hold of me

    1. As nothing except mismanagement by the Ontario liberals has really come to light as yet, I get really sick and tired of the separatists saying that Ontario is as bad as quebec. There is not a province in Canada that is anywhere near as corrupt as quebec and we see it every day at the Charonneau Commission and in the newspapers. Quebec has been corrupt forever and the separatists just keep on the same track - it's OK to be corrupt as long as everyone agrees that it's best to leave one of the the best countries in the world. If that isn't stupid, I don't know what is. If this was another country by now there would rioting in the streets but here we only have students out in the streets for .70 cents a day.

    2. I believe I read this notion that ON & PQ's respective debts are more-or-less similar in the National Post (which as you correctly point out is a separatist publication). I am not an economist myself, however.

      Mismanagement due to corruption is, well, corruption in my books. Pre-Charbonneau Commission, I was oblivious or naive to heightened corruption in Ontario -- so, it could be there unseen to me, without my knowledge.

      I'm surprised that MacLean's somehow knew about this story before the Commission. I'm not very politically aware, really.

    3. "I'm not very politically aware, really."

      You don;t say.

      If you think Ontario is hiding the same scams as Quebec you are either a seppie troll or are out to lunch.

      Quebec has been through commission after commission over a hundred years.

      Always the same scams.

      Cliche commission is like watching Charbonneau with different names but 40 years later.

      Nothing changed in Quebec. The corruption is cultural, that's why Canada doesn;t suffer from it to the same degree.

      Unless the church or a PQ minister (new church) tells them its corruption and it's bad, they all just watch and say "it's normal".

    4. Bronto J Saurus - R.I.P. Dr. Egon Spengler, PhDMonday, February 24, 2014 at 5:11:00 PM EST

      Well I never claimed to be a genius... altho I'm not a troll either (at least, definitely not a separatist one).

      Pre-Charbonneau, I wouldn't have ever suggested or thought that there was heightened corruprion in Quebec. The items I read are a total surprise to me.

      I do recall the macLean's cover, however I didn't read the issue. It, too, took me aback. Sure, I am not THAT out to lunch to not realize corruption exists... however I more or less thought it was "partout" in Canada/America, be it BC or Florida.

    5. @ Bronto ...

      Cliche Corruption Commission in Quebec ... 40 years ago!,2246192

    6. @ Bronto ...

      This link actually ...,1675076

    7. Dude, go back and watch Cliche commission. (you tube has a couple vids)

      Even 5 minutes of it.

      Change the name of Tony Accurso for his father.

      Change the name of mafia x for mafia y

      Change the name of F Catania for his father.

      It's *EXACTLY* the same. It's the same scams, the same families. That's what so truly depressing.

      40 years and Quebecers have learned nothing. Mostly because they choose to avoid learning.

      P Laporte was trying to take on the construction unions involved in the hydro dams when he was murdered by the seppies.

      In another 40 years there will be another commission.

      It will be more of the same.

      There is no will to change anything in Quebec.

      As you see at the Charbonneau commission even today.

      Francophone construction culture (there is no other right?) is basically a criminal organization run by people with nicknames like Mr 3%, Rambo, Muscle etc. The FTQ is the umbrella legal framework. They even pay the CRIMINAL LEGAL EXPENSES out of there.

      Remember the FTQ is the union wing of the PQ.

      It's a close set of links.

      PQ <=> FTQ
      ^=> Criminals

      The population goes along with it because of fear intimidation and outright violence.

      This after we supposedly "bought labour peace" years ago by agreeing to this union insanity to start with.

      The people you are seeing at Charbonneau are the essence of the problem in construction. These are criminals on the ground that are harassing the population and keeping them in line.

      As they said over and over again. Even the customers Hydro-Quebec are afraid.

      They run the politicians in the same way. There are "deals".

      Marois riding is North Shore...

      These are the same people that have the smallest riding so their vote counts the most. They also hate montreal the most. They hate Anglophones. They hate immigrants. They hate zombies.

      They run the province.

    8. I have to admit that when you first said "cliche commission", I thought/assumed you were referencing the current Charbonneau Comm as clichéed or etc.

      I'm shocked and saddened and also intrigued by what you say regarding Pierre Laporte's taking on construction unions when he was killed.

    9. Bronto,

      It's even worse then that.

      Somebody on this board dug up a commission in 1910 that was looking into the same thing.

      At that time Montreal was considered the most corrupt place in North America in the article. They were goign to "investigate" if that was true.. That was 100 years ago.

      Seppies pretend the indignation is new, but it's not. It's just this generation is hearing things for the first time.

      "Walker commission" something like that.

      From wikipedia on Pierre Laporte:

      """During his years in journalism, he published a number of series targeting the management of the Duplessis government. In 1954, Le Devoir ran a six-part series on problems during the construction of the Bersimis-1 generating station.[1] In 1958, he was part of a team of Le Devoir reporters exposing the natural gas scandal,[2] leading to the formation of the Salvas Commission, soon after the election of 1960.

      He was exposing corruption in the system back then.

      It's hard for Quebecers to pretend it's the fault of immigrants etc what goes on up at the milti-billion dollar hydro projects.

      This is why they are particularly unhappy about the spotlight on this. It's such an insular society and there is no running from the truth.

      There arn;t any anglos or immigrants on the north shore to blame the hundred years of corruption and manipulation.

      Only Rambo and muscle. People already of the right faith.

    10. Oh, everyone in Quebec had some representative in the corruption. The thing was, Quebec (Montreal, really) had almost two decades of huge government-funded construction, everything from the Champlain bridge to the expressway system to the Metro to Expo and the Olympics. And because of Expo and the Olympics they were huge construction jobs that had to be done on time.

      It was a recipe for corruption.

      And add to that the whole world went crazy for a while - 1968 began general strikes (Paris), riots (many campuses, most American cities), assassinations (RFK, MLK), revolutions (Iraq) and by 1970 it was everywhere. 1970 was, "The Year of the Kidnapping," with more than a dozen high-profile kidnappings from Montreal to Uruguay to Brazil).

      So the timing was perfect.

      This is the main reason why the corruption isn't as public in Toronto now. Although there is a lot of construction it's almost all privately-funded condos.

      - Jay

    11. @bronto j saurus

      pierre laporte had mafia ties.

      liberal government and rcmp knew where he was being held. didn't intervene.

      cebeuq's account is impregnated with paranoia. laporte's death had nothing to do with him investigating the duplessis scandals.

    12. The link was to the Cannon Commission investigating corruption:

      In fact, corruption in construction dates back well over a century.
      1909 Royal Commission: Montreal “Saturated with Corruption”
      “[Corruption] inquiries in 1864, 1877, 1894, 1902 and 1905 had been attempted, ignored, abandoned, aborted, and hushed up, respectively. […] Judge Lawrence Cannon, who headed the inquiry, concluded that city hall was “saturated with corruption,” with no less than 25% of the city’s revenues making their way into the pockets of elected aldermen’s friends and family. For instance, construction contracts were sub-divided to bypass calls for tender, then handed over to firms in the aldermen’s inner circles. Furthermore, dozens of liquor-license infractions had been ignored when business owners contributed to election coffers, and a position in the police, detective or fire department could be negotiated for about $25.”

    13. @the cat & @cebeuq

      dudes! look it's actually conservative prime minister john a. macdonald that invented canadian corruption. .

      or maybe it's just useless to try and figure out the original greed gene, is it? it sure is, so stop it and focus on what is specific to quebec: it doesn't tolerate corruption and once every few generations it showers. that's why you get cannon, cliche and charbonneau. it depicts a totally honorable trait of quebec society. all the bad stuff is common to all capitalist "democracies".

    14. It's too bad it has become commonplace to smear Pierre Laporte. He was a good guy. Of course, the construction industry was so completely riddled with mafia that anyone who worked anywhere near it had mafia contact.

      So much of what happened than was simply a product of the time, it was going on all over the world - the FLQ, the IRA, the PLO, the Tupamaros, Red Brigade, SLA, there was something in every country. Sure, the FLQ actually mentioned the mafia in their manifesto (the same half-baked Marxism as all the other menifestos), the "Cotroni-Simard election-fixers," as they said (Simard was Bourassa's father-in-law) but it wasn't really a focused document.

      It's also too bad there are these conspiracy theories - they really just give the federal government much more credit than it deserves. The whole thing was handled poorly but that because no one involved was very professional or good at what they were doing.

      Well, except for the mafia, of course, who are masters of opportunism and used the open space they were given while the police were 'otherwise engaged' to sink even deeper into the fabric of the society (and the serial killer, Wayne Boden, also took advantage of the otherwise engaged police. He was caught very quickly in Calgary).

      - Jay

    15. >>>> This is the main reason why the corruption isn't as public in Toronto now. Although there is a lot of construction it's almost all privately-funded condos.

      Dooes this mean private construction is less vulnerable to corrutpion than public? If you don't mind indulging me, how does that work, or, why would that be so? Thnx.

      Also, btw, thanks for the further info, context on P.Lapointe. ione can never know enough history.

    16. Yes, private construction is less vulnerable. There is a big difference between a private developer making deals with unions and a government employee making deals with unions - it's different when it's actually your own money. And, the money is finite - the units have been sold, the developer can't go back to the buyers and say they need more money to finish the building. The unions may be corrupt but they aren't stupid and they do actually have to build the buildings, they're in business, too. And there are always rumours that the developers and the union leaders are not strangers to one another.

      The other big factor is the timeline. The metro, Expo and the Olympics all had firm dates that the work had to be done by so that took away a lot of the negotiating power from the government. Once in a while a condo building might stop construction and people will not be paid so the developer can make a point in negotiations. People move in a month or two later, no big deal.

      - Jay

    17. @student said:"laporte's death had nothing to do with him investigating the duplessis scandals."
      Right on! He was killed by some pur laine seppie terrorists who've since been welcomed with open arms by the PQ.
      Glad you cleared that up.

    18. @diogenes

      "Right on!"

      mate you should address cebeuq then and warn him he's wrong about laporte's death. poor cebeuq even chose the lad's name to troll our favourite blog! i'd tell him but he won't listen. you do it if you care about laporte's legagy.

      "He was killed by some pur laine seppie terrorists..."

      he was kidnapped by pure laine separatists for sure, but the exact circumstances of his death remain a mystery to this day.

      "...who've since been welcomed with open arms by the PQ."

      what do you mean? paul rose has died recently and not a word from pq. mute. i've seen warmer welcomes before. or are you just parroting classic angryphone lines for the heck of it?

  11. Omg. This was so well written and simplified exactly whats up.

    1. I was wondering where it was going when suddenly it hit me, and the rest of the read became quite "omg" delicious fun.

  12. OP,
    I recently wrote an earnest, researched, 14 page letter to a family member, spurred by my mummy's internalized distress & anxiety & self-hate caused by their alcoholism. Their reaction was similar to the one you describe in the case of Nancy Motes, that I was a skinny bitch, while they struggle, that I didn't know what it was like to live in strain, while they suffer, etc. I suppose I was the wrong person to broach the subject with them, altho I did earnestly try to be gentle & uplifting. At any rate, your story real drew me in, due to those recent circumstances.

    I searched for the story and found this photo of Julia Roberts, standing before a banner for our BOMBARDIER corporation!!! Myers is inset.

    Roberts & BOMBARDIER

    1. Oh html doesn't work

      Well fwiw

  13. Bombardier presented a movie premiere with Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep.


    Give me a break! Even Journal de Montreal congratulated Canada's success on their front page.

    1. Which part of the last 100 years of Quebecers being mean spirited and petty did you miss?

      The PQ arn;t people you want as neighbors let alone control your food and water supply.

      Venezuela here we come.

    2. Such a stupid statement considering that Vlasic and Luongo did not exactly shine during the tournament.

    3. Carey Price and P.K. Subban don’t deserve any acknowledgement from Her Royal Pequiste Pettiness either, despite both of them living in Quebec and paying taxes in Quebec (but not being born in Quebec):


      Michel Hébert - February 24, 2014

      I did not believe the headline right off the bat, stating that Pauline Marois had not wanted to congratulate the Canadian hockey team that had won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Sochi. There’s no way, I told myself. Surely, it had to be simply something to catch the reader’s eye, which happens often… But no, upon reading the official statement from the premier’s office, the pettiness is quite noticeable.

      Cheap, I told myself, because we no doubt know better than Madame Marois, or her employees, who really won the crucial games against the United States and Sweden. Crosby and Price, for starters… one guy from the East, one guy from the West.

      What's the point of this petty small-mindedness, this venom, exactly? We are not fools... It reminded me of the "Quebecois" Olympic medals lists and of that Photoshopped picture of the young Dufour-Lapointe sisters, replaced by fleurs-de-lys and spread on social media by anything that moves in the PQ, including senior political staff.

      What's the point? What’s the use? To show our true colours? Quebecers won several medals. Great. No need to swagger. To seek independence all the way into the medals charts... it's so cheap...

      An English-speaking colleague pointed out to me the futility of this initiative: "Imagine if the Anglos had done that ..."

      I then realized how stupid we can be sometimes. Ah, but you will that say we can all be stupid from time to time, and that we all are a bit once in a while. But when we measure our praise, only to withhold in order not to congratulate athletes who were born a few hours east or west of our borders, I find that we are immature, seeking a zero-sum game.

      Aren’t you embarrassed by so much vanity? So much pettiness? Is it the world or is it Quebec that is so small? Is it from Quebec that we had hoped for something as a great people?

      I’m fed up… of always moving backward, trying to explain useless things, making apologies for bullshit…

    5. By AnecTOTE


      I 'd like to thank you for providing the above piece, as well, to tell you how great it is that you are back.

      As for the piece itself, I'm relieved to see that some actually are capable of some measure of objectivity to realize the totally destructive path they're headed for. Most especially, that the extremism they exercise is making them neurotic to such a point that they've lost complete perspective.

      The real problem however is the bunch of dummies who follow blindly without ever questioning motive or intention regarding the Powers-that-be and do not realize they are being led to the path of neurosis, ON PURPOSE.

    6. @RS : Where is the outrage in Anglo medias?

      What if a franco company had done a similar thing?

    7. Sebastien,

      I would think that a franco company is more than welcome to do similar thing. I think it would be fun and funny to see hot men and women play dress up with Canadian flag motifs. However, if somebody is to do that, what kind of nutjob militia are they going to mock at? There is no anglophone version of the FLQ.

    8. Yet, in 2014, Québec is the most progressive province when it comes to gun control.

    9. Also following your logic, it would fine to portray germans as nazis in an advertissement...

    10. Sebastien,

      The Nazi and its ideology are forbidden in Germany. Are you telling me that what FLQ is fighting for is something bad that it needs to be banned from Quebec society?

    11. @troy

      "The Nazi and its ideology are forbidden in Germany."

      you can't forbid an ideology. unless you forbid freedom of thought. i don't think it's germany's case.

      "Are you telling me that what FLQ is fighting for..."

      flq was a socialist revolutionary movement. it doesn't exist anymore. it is not fighting for anything. or are you trapped in 1970 troy?

      that was one lame comment troy.

    12. Ah, I can sleep well tonight knowing the shallowness of the knowledge of our separatist troll.

      "The Nazi and its ideology are forbidden in Germany."

      you can't forbid an ideology. unless you forbid freedom of thought. i don't think it's germany's case.

      Quick search on Wikipedia yields this:

      National Socialism is banned outright in Germany as anti-constitutional; it is illegal to found or belong to a Nazi party.

      Do not believe Wikipedia? What about this instead?

    13. @troy

      nazi parties are banned all right, this i knew. but there's nothing you can do against an ideology. it's in your head mate. they won't put you in jail for thinking something. do you understand now troy?

  15. I may be politically unaware, however, I may have learned some other things in life.

    Don't sweat the small stuff.
    If someone can't be happy for a victory and even turns out a petty action regarding a piece of happy news, we can try to remember that they're a sad soul, and not let our own cheer be damaged.

    Hurt people HURT people. Or, at least, they TRY to. Staying above their attempts, whenever one can, may be the best way to live life.

    When hurt people try to cause emotional damage thru a vindictive comment, I believe that seeing the damage done in others (hearing it, seeing it, feeling it) signals them to KEEP HURTING, to keep up the vindictive pettiness. It's like the Klingon's General Chang firing on the Enterprise and seeing a disruptor discharge breach Kirk's shields (to pick a metaphor featuring two amazing Canadian performers). Chang's brain intuits, "Keep going!"

    Our mummies tell us to just ignore bullies. Mean-spirited, petty, vindictive people are bullies. They need love, ttoo, but it's not the target's job to love them, necessarily. The target's first priority should be to themselves; to their own self esteem, and not letting the petty bolly's comments get under their skin and distract their attention.

    When the bully succeeds in merely distracting your attention, the bully has won.

  16. Bronto J Saurus - Chicken Soup for the Federalist SoulMonday, February 24, 2014 at 5:58:00 PM EST

    Maybe I should coin a new phrase:

    Don't sweat the small people.

  17. Thought you might get a kick out of this one, another parasite from Quebec stealing more of our money…

    + a salary of over 400 thousand a year…what a scum bag…

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, February 25, 2014 at 7:04:00 AM EST

      He's also a uber anti-Canadian at that....

  18. Quelques rats quittent le navire...

    Trois députés libéraux rentrent chez eux

  19. Here you AnecTOTE - will make you, and most Montrealers, happy kiddo:

    1. The only goal at this point is to isolate the damage.

      Quebec thinking is a cancer on Quebec collective society.

      As many have said before. You can't fix stupid.

      Montreal2.0 needs to emerge DISTINCT from Quebec.

      "Quebec" thinking is distinct. No question about that.

      Need to cut away insane "Quebec" hinterland from Montreal and the Native North.

      Cast "North Shore Quebecers" afloat.

      They can run endless Charter of this and that public debates.

      "PQ Quebec" will be happy to masturbate about IDENTITY for centuries.

      Meanwhile the rest of us can move on with our lives.


      It went from letting Francophones keep their culture
      Quebec being bilingual
      Quebec being oppressive French
      Current Quebec Insanity

      Lets not fixate on breaking Quebec up into 2 bits. We need to think more like 3 or 4.

      This is the time for natives to express and establish their ancestral rights.

      Anybody that has a land claim to further subdivide Quebec is welcome and should get support.

    2. By AnecTOTE

      @Cutie, thank you for the link

      I am completely thrilled to see the idea taking off in mainstream media regarding Montreal city-state. We need to keep mentioning Montreal is a city-state, any chance we get. Going forward, this is Montreal's new name, we need to do this, till it becomes a reality in the not too distant future. The sooner we distance ourselves from the insanity that this province has become, the sooner Montreal city-state will thrive again.

      Montreal city-ctate is a bilingual city
      OQLF has no jurisdiction in Montreal city-state
      Montreal city-state has a lot to offer all new-comers
      All Business and Industry welcome @Montrealcitystate

    3. Montreal city-ctate is a bilingual city
      OQLF has no jurisdiction in Montreal city-state
      Montreal city-state has a lot to offer all new-comers

      And pigs will fly :)

    4. By AnecTOTE

      You want sovereignty, sacrifice Montreal, OR quebec will be independent when pigs fly too.....very simple.

      We all know the rhetoric...we ALL speak the rhetoric stupid stupid you not get it?

    5. You heard the lady, s.r - we'll give you Quebec. Trust us, we don't want you.

      But if you want an independent Quebec, the cost of admission is Montreal. Come on, you know it's the best you'll ever get.

      You can then start bickering between Sherbrooke and Quebec City over who gets to be the new "premiere" city of the province...which will probably result in a new separatist movement.

    6. L'idée n'est pas mauvaise...Je vais en glisser un mot à mes amis et je vous redonne des nouvelles.

      Don't call us,we'll call you...

    7. By AnecTOTE

      Irrelevant, not up to you, Montreal city-state is non-negotiable. We don't give a crap if the ROQ stays or goes, we want our own status as a city-state at this point, the idea has taken off...and we are on our way.

      We will no longer be held hostage by this crummy province.

      We have no use for you so ...please...DO NOT CALL US.

  20. Rob Ford leads Canada's hockey celebrations and injures groin by running into fire hydrant

  21. Mario Clown Bealieu is targeting another anglo company...

    1. They can do a change of address to Toronto and then tell the "country of Quebec" to fuck off.

      The only mistake is having an address in Quebec.

      They can easily be on paper in Toronto, pay taxes there and remote telework from Montreal.

      That fixes the problem soon enough.

      The less tax money Quebec has to indulge it's insanity the better.

      It's a few extra bucks for lawyers but otherwise nobody has to even move desks.

    2. @Cebeuq : You have a point. Bealieu should mind his own business and leave them alone

      Direct link to TVA's article


      Moose Kuckles is going to have to restructure "offshore" to avoid the PQ insanity one way or the other.

      Remember, every dollar you save in taxes is one less dollar for the anti-semitic PQ.

      It's a double win. You save and the official govt harassment suffers.

      If there isn;t a tax rule, just steal. It's what your seppie master would do.


      Their head office is not in Canada There is no French on their web site?


    6. +1 on the google SEO juice Anonymous

    7. By AnecTOTE

      @Dave Santi

      Yes, True it is..absolutely disgusting BUT great news for Montreal city-state.

      More ammunition to prove "Irreconcilable Differences" between Montreal city-state and the ROQ. It will definitely stand up in court as basis for Divorce.

      @Montreal city-state,

      Time to claim you 'Emancipation Status' from the ROQ and go your own way...the sooner, the better!

    8. Vous semblez éprouver de la difficulté à recruter des leaders crédibles,non?Pourtant le "timing" serait parfait afin d'exprimer les revendications de votre groupuscule.


    9. By AnecTOTE

      Montreal city-state is a collective movement. We don't want or need a Leader at this time.

      You should be concerned with your own messy situation s.r. non? Your Leader and her husband seem to be entangled in very muddy waters right now, which everyone keeps talking about and mentioning as we head toward an election. It doesn't really bode well for the PQ, does it? I see a split vote in you future..if not a complete wipe out ...just like Mitt Romney south of the border, poor stiff bought all the crap/hype about the Polls as well prior to the American election.....just sayin' Lol

      I know you are frightened silly that Montreal city-state is headed its own way. That it has decided to leave seppie insanity behind for greener pastures. You are asking yourself where does this leave US (you)? Lol. Can the rest of quebec survive without the city that has been its economic backbone for decades now? In spite of seppies desperate attempt at trying to raise Quebec City to same status or higher, for years now.

      Montreal city-state must become selfish and self preserving. It can no longer indulge a province that has literally demolished it by catering to ITS own selfishness for a self preservation Agenda.

      Montreal city-state is a different culture and bears a different face from the ROQ. It doesn't really care anymore if YOU acknowledge it. There are no further distractions as Montreal city-state realizes what it must do to rehabilitate itself. The only way is...UP.

    10. L'élection d'un PLQ majoritaire ou d'une CAQ minoritaire (extrapolons) changerait quoi dans la vie des "canadians" qui squattent notre ville?

    11. By AnecTOTE

      Loveeeeeeeeeee it

    12. By AnecTOTE

      Notre Ville?

      Must I remind you once again? You are not a citizen of Montreal city-state and therefore have no jurisdiction here.


    13. Nous prévoyons un nombre élevé de cas de dépression chez les caquistes,Duchesneau a lu attentivement les sondages mais a surtout senti le "trend"... Legault finira-t-il à V comme Dumont?

    14. Vous ne répondez pas ? Quels parti changera radicalement la vie des anglos du Québec?

    15. À part le Parti Québécois bien entendu ... Mdr!

    16. Bealieu's whinning won again

      "@sportsexperts 13 min
      Nous sommes dans le processus de retirer les produits Moose Knuckles de nos magasins. Cela devrait être complété sous peu. Merci !"

    17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    18. Je crois que Mario Beaulieu a l'appui de beaucoup de Québécois au sujet de cette bande d'imbéciles qui croiyaient faire un coup publicitaire en utilisant la fausse image du FLQ...D'autres commerces devraient suivre.

      Bande d'abrutis incultes!

    19. The only thing Balieu can;t figure out is how they read most of the script right from his mind. Thankfully they left out the love scene between Pauline, Blanchet and Bealiieu all tugging on each other.

      Moose Kuckles has way more to gain from taking advantage of this a viral video like this then the downside of losing biz from Sports Experts.

      Sports Experts is a low end store, MooseKuckes hardly sold there anyway.

      For the rest of us the lesson is simple.

      Help promote a viral video that makes fun of the PQ and Quebec
      Buy MooseKuckles brand when possible
      Don;t shop at sports experts. Moutain Equp co-op has much better prices anyway.

    20. Poor crybabies! Always playing the offended virgins… always playing the perpetual victims.

      There’s nothing francophobic here. They’re riffing on a Canadian historical reality. This is a well-documented part of Quebec’s contribution to the world. Aren’t seppies proud of it? I certainly haven’t heard them condemning this part of their history in relation to this advertisement.

      For the majority who probably don’t know what moose knuckles are, they’re the male equivalent of camel toes:

  22. I finally get my invitation for the conference with Hillary Clinton with the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal. However, why is it there is "presentation sera uniquement en anglais" on the invitation? Do participants expect her to speak Mandarin or Spanish, the languages with the most native speakers in the world?

    1. My guess, troy, is without announcing this, members of the audience will shout "parlez en français" at her. No shortage of dolts who would do this without a warning first.

  23. Half of non-Francophones consider moving from Quebec

    woot woot !!

    1. But Quebec will still take in non-Francophone refugees, right? Or is, "none too many," now?

      Don't worry, Canada will.

    2. You better learn how to speak English properly if you plan on leaving Quebec frenchie...

    3. Francophones flirt with sovereignty, everyone else flirts with leaving.

      Don't worry though. In other places people *actually* leave. Here we just grumble about what people like you are smoking.


    4. These trolls should really consider psychiatric help - what a horrible bunch - out them to the whole world and let them GO! PARTITION QUEBEC has to be the new Battle Cry before they bring us all down to their level!

    5. I fail to understand why is it such a good news for anybody at all that the population of his/her/its homeland is going away. I certainly can not fathom the joy the separatists feel on the thinning of Quebec population. If, God forbid, Quebec happen to be independent, how does it do to rebuild the country now that resources are scarce?

    6. Especially given the fact that we had no problems between our two cultures for years before the politicians started intervening and pitting us against one another. Besides, exactly who do they think will contribute to the tax system when they drive everyone else out besides their friends and relatives? Does money grow on the same trees that provide the maple syrup? I must have missed something. I keep checking my maple tress and all I see are leaves.

    7. @troy

      "I certainly can not fathom the joy the separatists feel on the thinning of Quebec population."

      well people that go away because they don't want to take part in the quebec project are a good riddance for sure. same for an albertan dude that doesn't want to be an albertan, he'd better leave. as far as i'm concerned i think every anglophone should stay but angryphones should leave. who needs an angryphone?!?

    8. @cutie003

      "Especially given the fact that we had no problems between our two cultures..."

      that's acknowledging quebec is a distinct society. weren't you fighting this idea just yesterday? and it's also dismissing there ever was two referendum on quebec's independance. really bad comment mate. contradicting your whole narrative since you showed up here. nonetheless entertaining though.


    Really nice to have to explain away our public servants in this racist, nasty, bitter province. Not a bit of decency left in this great "culture" of the separatist mentality.

  25. Appui important pour la charte

    L'Association montréalaise des directions d'établissement scolaire (AMDES) appuie le projet de loi 60

    1. Appui important CONTRE la charte !! The world IS WATCHING Seppies

      you might have my body but you'll never have my obedience! Ghandi

    2. "The world is watching"

      Et plusieurs pays nous approuvent et d'autres vont emboîter le pas :)

    3. yes Syria, & NorthKorea and other dictatorships are VERY Proud of your province .

  26. Here you go AnecTOTE - More and more people getting on board with shaking those idiots that don't believe a great movement is underway to get some of us out from under these repressive nuts. Enjoy!

    1. By AnecTOTE

      Hi Cutie pls provide link. Thank you

    2. Sorry AnecTOTE - must have nodded off - lol

    3. People need to realize the goal of the PQ is to kill off Montreal we know and turn it into another Drummondville or Sherbrooke.

      A bunch of seppies sitting on the front deck of the house in the middle of the work day, drinking beer and watching life pass by while they demand more welfare.

      The more economically Montreal declines the better for seppie.

      Canada just has to cough up more money to cover the shortfall. It's less anglophones and immigrants in Montreal that the hard working construction workers on the north shore don;t have to share the checks from Ottawa anymore.

      Remember, there is no worse insult then "Bonjour/HI".

      "Hi" only?

  27. Editor: "For most under-achievers it's easier to withdraw into a fantasy world where all that is wrong with life is the fault of others, especially successful family members who sanctimoniously point out your failures to you, ad nauseum."

    Canada plays too big a role in the formation of Quebec's identity. A big part of Quebec's identity is not the end goal of achieving something concrete (the goal is ambiguous and undefined anyways), but the process of opposing Canada. A "true" Quebecker is not someone who has some language or some culture, but someone who fights for that language and that culture.

    Imagine the day when all the clerks in Quebec drop the Hi and say Bonjour only. On that day, Quebeckers will be spurred to pay attention not to what the clerk says to them, but to another clerk. Imagine that this gets eradicated as well. Quebeckers will then be spurred to look for threats and contaminants elsewhere.

    The process itself is an integral part of the identity in the general population which finds itself in a fast changing, unstable, and unrecognizable world. For the elites, this means nothing (because their identities are vested in power and privilege, not language and culture), but sending people on the endless identity search is in their interest: it is a harmless distraction and diversion form other issues.

    The fact that identity seeking is somewhat tied to financial rewards (transfer payments) only reinforces the process.

  28. Expect tougher language laws if PQ wins majority, minister says


    1. Expect more seppies to get their worthless heads kicked in randomly on the streets by anglos that don't kiss separatist ass.


      (Well see if bill 101 can fix your shattered skulls or fractured spines,porcupine!) :-)

    2. I've already stopped buying quebec goods and products and so it begins.... "On peut pas prendre vos dollars Canadiens, Ils ont de L'anglais ecrit ! " seppie SCUM bags. I SPEAK ENLISH IN QUEBEC so piss off!! dont waqnt my money talk to me in french when I talk in Enlgish and watch me take my $$ elsewhere.

    3. So Bill 101 is not enough to completely exterminate the English? The French can't do anything right.

    4. A new language law is like going to confession for a seppie.

      It's part of who they are. They need to walk the same path over and over and over and over.

      How can the population feel secure in the Quebec caste system if we arn;t reminded every few years?

      Perhaps we should go go about putting the dots in the middle of our heads int he different colors.

      Maybe there is a more catholically acceptable(sorry, historically accurate) way to designate the Quebec caste system.


      Is it normal that seppies can;t tell who is a seppie just by looking around the room? The unclean must be identified!

    5. I can tell you that everyone, EVERYONE, must get out and vote against the PQ this election. If you plan to be away, make sure you get to the advance polls. Wheelchairs or not the vote must get out there. If they go down to defeat, a lot of the old farts will take the opportunity to retire on full pension and be given a BS job somewhere else like supporting the SJBS. Get them out of power no matter what - they are dangerous to our whole province which will sink even further if possible.

    6. Tous les Québécois sont encouragés à aller voter en masse...Nous aurons même des équipes de dévoués bénévoles dans notre secteur qui auront pour but d'orienter les vieux (comme vous) vers un choix judicieux.

    7. That's why I'm voting AGAINST the PQ ! intimidation DOESN'T work!! Keep the queen in check ! Dial Moron for marois and the sheep / lemmings that vote pq.

    8. ".Nous aurons même des équipes de dévoués bénévoles"

      Translation = they're going to get the "Rambos" from their voter base to intimidate elderly federalist voters.

      Seps have no idea how to win elections honestly or democratically.

    9. @sylvain raciste

      you resort to violent threats so quickly. you do realize than every undecided voter who happens to read your comments will turn pq right?

  29. Hypocites!!! Contre le quebec bashing FB page what do THEY use??? UN flag , have they even read the charter if they did they would be ashamed. Closed minded pricks!!! If you don't want to be treated like a racist dumbass, stop acting like one! HOW many articles has YOUR proud nation ignored PRESS 9?

    1. i don't see any. i'll need your benevolent help mate.

  30. is really getting under the skin of seppies… and their website hasn’t even launched yet! Heheh!

    Seppies are spamming their Facebook page with pointless comments, much as they resort to trolling here (federalists don’t troll seppie websites). Today, they used a fraudulent coordinated attack to have the Twitter account temporarily shut down (it has since been fully restored and the seppies won’t be able to abuse it like that again).

    Seppies appear to believe in interfering with the free flow of speech for people with a political position different from their own (but they are quite happy to wave around the website that federalists never attempted to shut down).

    Coercion, violence and limiting freedom are their hallmarks. The FLQ is forever a part of their heritage. They believe in neverendum referendums, not really accepting the democratically-expressed will of the majority of Quebecers (twice). Being fundamentally anti-democratic seems to be part of their DNA.


    Everything these racist bigots do is now broadcast all over the world. No more cover up and keeping it under the blanket. People see them for what they really are at heart.

    1. “WASHINGTON - A Canadian official says his attempt to discuss human rights with a foreign government prompted it to throw Quebec's controversial values charter back at him. Canada's ambassador for religious freedom says the issue came up as he was discussing minority rights in Turkey with a representative of the government there. […]

      He says Canada has an office of religious freedom because it enjoys that freedom at home — which includes constitutional protections, backed up by politicians who will fight for minorities and a legal system where people can seek redress.

      The values charter could soon become an issue in a Quebec election, expected as early as this spring.”

  32. is really getting under the skin of seppies… and their website hasn’t even launched yet! Heheh!

    Seppies are spamming their Facebook page with pointless comments, much as they resort to trolling here (federalists don’t troll seppie websites). Today, they used a fraudulent coordinated attack to have the Twitter account temporarily shut down (it has since been fully restored and the seppies won’t be able to abuse it like that again).

    Seppies appear to believe in interfering with the free flow of speech for people with a political position different from their own (but they are quite happy to wave around the website that federalists never attempted to shut down).

    Coercion, violence and limiting freedom are their hallmarks. The FLQ is forever a part of their heritage. They believe in neverendum referendums, not really accepting the democratically-expressed will of the majority of Quebecers (twice). Being fundamentally anti-democratic seems to be part of their DNA.

    1. @r.s

      the difference is was a collection of sourced facts whereas is a collection of angryphone garbage. actually the site logo of a dude barfing is just perfect.

    2. A reminder: Their website of impeccably-sourced, documented facts hasn’t even been launched yet.

      Yet, anti-democratic seppies are already quaking in their boots at the mere prospect.

      And for once, you are right… their logo is indeed perfect! Thanks, mate!

    3. @r.s

      "Their website of impeccably-sourced, documented facts hasn’t even been launched yet."

      this is contradictory.

      "Yet, anti-democratic seppies are already quaking in their boots at the mere prospect."

      nobody likes to be smeared. and why is the reaction on facebook anti-democratic please?

      "their logo is indeed perfect!"

      well with a logo like this there is no chance this website will ever be considered seriously by normal people. you can pass this comment along to your leaders if you want to help them.

  33. Moose knuckles : Excuses officielles à la nation québécoise et retrait de la publicité.

    Pour le anglos qui ont encore un minimum de dignité.

    1. That was funny and awesome and well-deserved.

      You guys are hate mongers and now you're getting it served to you on a very commercial level.

      Moose Knuckles will never apologize to you and for reasons you teeny tiny little petit pain brain will never be able to understand. Do the world a favor M. Bougon, go drink another four litres of Pepsi, five pogo sticks and 3 pounds of poutine and accept the miserable defat that is your life.

    2. The principals at Moose Knuckles are Jewish. How has Quebec treated the Jews? The Separatist Retard seriously thinks the Jews will apologize to the French?

    3. By AnecTOTE

      No hockey team coming soon to Quebec City, that's how the Jews apologize, LOLOLOLOL
      Actually,..isn't that.....flippin' them the bird?

      Bravo!! Encore!!!!

    4. @anonymous

      " How has Quebec treated the Jews?"

      very well indeed. do you have another point of view to share?

    5. "very well indeed. do you have another point of view to share?'

      Typical separatist point of view, since no Jews are franocphones of seps.

      How about we let the Jews tell you, little seppie, how they feel they've been treated, instead of you, our little neo-nazi, telling Jews "how well they have it'

      Jews will tell you how THEY feel, arrogan, uneducated fuck.

    6. @sylvain raciste

      "How about we let the Jews tell you..."

      but you seem to have a strong opinion on this, why don't you share it mate? this blog was set up exactly for this kind of exchange. please express yourself.

  34. Please read this document. It is created by BMO and BCG, big names in business. The creators of the report and proposal are francophones, therefore there is no possibility of francophobie here. Please read chapter 4, the challenges. Particularly interesting is pp. 51 and 56.

    Then read their proposed plan. Pay attention at proposal 5 (page 64), proposal 6 (page 65) and proposal 7 (page 66). Not exactly the kind of public policy the PQ government and separatist groups dream about.

    Comments? I am curious to see what a separatist's take on this report / proposal.

    1. Troy,

      It doesn;t matter to seppies. They want Montreal to go downhill and turn into another Rimouski.

      Montreal is outclassing and embarrassing francophones. They want to tear it down.

      Money comes from Canada, just for being French and downtrodden. We don;t need no stinking economy or jobs.

      Quebecers are socialists. Until we are all living in the street and Pauline can see from her limousine they are not happy.

      Francophones don;t realize the "1%" in Quebec are the PQ leaders and union heads.

  35. This chick is gorgeous and she begins to own the living shit out of her Pequiste race-traitor opponent around the 16-minute mark. One second Djemila's talking liberation, only to segue right into the whole "let's homogenize into a collective blob off anti-individuality."

  36. I heard about this report in the news today.

    Without having read the whole document, I see the references to the poor government policies of the past decades and the continued distractions from the current government (i.e. Chart of lunacy and enforcing bill 101).

    I think this report is stating what we have know for many years. Quebec nationalism (language wars, separation, big government, unions etc) has lead to Montreal's decline.

    I wish we could simply separate from Quebec and get it over with. However this is not realistic in the short term. It would be easier to get the rest of Quebec out of the closet and get them to see how the world works outside of the regions. Usually a good dose of travel and a functional knowledge of English cures the separatist disease.

    I am glad they wrote this report and hope it will open the eyes of our politicians in the next election. The timing is excellent as it states that the solutions are exactly the opposite of what the PQ is proposing.

    Vive Montreal Libre

    1. Separatist heros, reviewed:

      Or should I mention...


    2. @mtl1973

      "Usually a good dose of travel and a functional knowledge of English cures the separatist disease."

      no. traveling brings a french quebecker to realize the political situation of his homeland is not right. all these nations run their own show and his doesn't. he'll come back a separatist. knowing english? well a francophone who learns english will be able to understand what's written on this comment page. when he's done reading he'll be a separatist. you've got it all wrong mate.

    3. Haven't you heard Bitch we're separatists too.

      Vive Montreal Libre


    4. MTL1973,

      Please read the pages that I noted and kindly give us your feedback.

    5. "when he's done reading he'll be a separatist"

      When he's done reading you or SR, he might actually turn away in disgust from the cause of all causes.

      As far as traveling affecting people's thinking, it can go both ways, but getting RoQers to travel would do more good than harm, though traveling in packs to Costa Rica or Fort Lauderdale and not uttering a word to a non-Quebecker for the duration of the whole trip could be of no use. But that's still better than being stuck in the regions in quebecor-fuelled pequiste information bubble. For even while traveling in packs, they may occasionally overhear another opinion. or may peek outside their circle to see that there is a life outside the circle and other people aren't as bad as they thought.

      Also, there are quite a few contributors to English-language blogs who pose as Quebeckers who claim to have traveled across Canada and even the world and that it made them realize that Canada and Quebec are incompatible. I do not believe that these people are in the majority (though on blogs they are overrepresented and have a weird penchant for recounting their stories of self-discovery). I also suspect that most of them are really cynical middle class, professional people who see what nationalist posturing does in terms of concessions and career advancement, so they proceed to milk this cow.

  37. “Nation” is a very fluid term that basically means whatever you want it to mean.

    There are between 3000-5000 nations in the world today (depending on how one chooses to define the term) and several hundred nations within Canada, whereas there are only 193 countries in the world.

    For example, the Cree and the Mohawks are most definitely nations. Basically, most anybody can be a nation, including anglo-Quebecers. However, just imagine the chaos that would ensue if every nation in the world were to become a country.

    1. By AnecTOTE

      That's right, the word nation can mean just about anything, and it's a token term, trivial as saying....pencil. The PQ however likes to throw it around like it means something, and dumb ignoramuses buy it.

      Montreal city-state is a precise exact term, no ambiguity!

    2. @r.s

      exactly. not every nation has the possibility to become politically autonomous. most are just too small. quebec isn't though.

      @speak truth to power

      "The PQ however likes to throw it (the word nation) around like it means something, and dumb ignoramuses buy it."

      but you claimed just the other day that you were a canadian nationalist. should i conclude that you were trying to bait dumb ignoramuses, or is this just another contradiction for our enjoyment?

    3. It's good people are understanding there is no fixing the PQ mindset in "Les Quebecois".

      After decades people are finally realizing there is compromise. There is no compromise for a separatist until everybody else is blood relative living inside a fenced in area.

      Montrealers, unlike francophone PQ members do not seek petty control over every aspect of *OTHER* people's lives. The PQ would bring in central planning for the economy if they though enough francophones can be distracted with zombies, scarfs and "Hi".

      There really is no end to what idiot PQ voters will swallow when the leadership flash some shiny beads in the corner and distract them with appeals to their their lowest human urges.

      Montreal needs to get out from under this nightmare. Francophones have no historic right to demand Montreal become part of this fantasyland they are creating.

      *What laws idiot seppies in Quebec City pass about language have no legitimacy in Montreal.*

      Montreal 2.0 emerges, a place for people to live together in language peace.

      Lets not forget the native nations also.

      People of Montreal 2.0 also support all Aboriginal people in their land case claims agains the Quebec govt and in the Quebec/Canada/Montreal breakup act of 2016.

      Montreal 2.0 recognizes all people and languages as equal, not just bigoted white francophone with descendants from France and their legally prescribed monoculture.

    4. By AnecTOTE

      You sound a little desperate to me student, you're worried shitless every time we refer to Montreal as a city-state.
      You should be lol

    5. @speak truth to power

      no, my question was about the word nation. here you claim it is meaningless but the other day you claimed you were a canadian nationalist. so what is it? you use meaningless words? or what?

    6. @press 9

      thanks mate. but credit goes out to mtl1973, speak truth to power, r.s, sylvain raciste, troy, cutie003 and a few anonymouses. they gave me good material tonight.

    7. The narcissist wants to keep the game going, that is considered winning for them. How do you win against a narcissist? Get out of the game.

    8. Ils sont fous ces anglos...Complétement paranos.

      En passant,quelqu'un a des nouvelles de M.Seniw?Toujours derrière les barreaux?Ou il fait des travaux communautaires pour l'OQLF.

    9. Canada is also one of the thousands of nations in the world… what a poor attempt at trying to deflect between a nation and nationalism from the dolt (and her cheerleader).

      It just goes to show how any old dimwit can easily become an internet troll.

    10. @speak truth to power

      hey speak truth to power, r.s also uses the word nation, that you consider meaningless, to make a point. what's wrong with him? well maybe it does mean something after all. lesson learned for all: don't try to lessen the importance of the french canadian nation by diluting the definition of english terms. it doesn't work.

    11. Si ça se trouve,nous représentons beaucoup plus une nation dans le sens propre du terme car les "canadians" ne sont en fait qu'un ramassis de différentes nations...De vraies nations.

    12. By AnecTOTE

      Don't look now R.S. but s.r is threatening us again...wait a you smell that?
      Oh yeahhhh...FEAR lol
      They start getting aggressive and violent when they start gettin' scared.

      What will be will be...and Montreal city state will be...BMO said

    13. Je crois que c'est plutôt l'inverse ToTo :)

      «Malaise» croissant chez les anglophones

    14. Agreed... attempting to deflect by introducing other topics reeks of fear.

      Then again, fear is the only thing that keeps pequistes agitated.

  38. By AnecTOTE

    That's right, Montreal city-state embraces ALL Languages, and as soon as we lose this albatross of the ROQ, we can make it official!!

    1. the roq is an albatross? you mean the most efficient and majestic flying machine nature came up with? i agree, but i'm surprised you use this image. usually you don't praise quebec so much.

      you probably already know this classic poem about our favourite bird.

    2. "That's right, Montreal city-state embraces ALL Languages"

      Si vous le croyez vraiment aucun problème,nous avons tous des fantasmes.L'important pour l'instant est que les anglos hors-la-loi continuent de payer leurs contraventions,qui soit dit en passant représententent des sommes non négligeables $$ :):)

      By Peggy Curran, The Gazette February 25, 2014

      Bonjour. Hi. Je m’excuse. I’m sorry. That was so rude, daring to offer you the choice of service in the language in which you feel most comfortable.

      Trust me. It will happen again. This is Montreal. Ici on parle everything.

      On Monday, Diane De Courcy, the minister responsible for Quebec’s French-language charter, vowed to show us the error of our ways. She insists there will be no more of that friendly linguistic nonsense in shops or businesses if the Parti Québécois wins a majority in the coming election. In a blatant bid to curry favour in the province at the expense of Montreal, desolate political tundra for the PQ, the former head of the Commission scolaire de Montréal, employed the intimidation tactics of a schoolyard bully.

      Using and learning languages other than French is fine in the comfort of your own home, said De Courcy. (Hmm, that sounds familiar.) In the glorious future of a PQ majority government, that won’t fly in institutions and businesses, no sir. Language laws will be stricter, and applied “without mercy.” At least until they become the target of international guffaws and homegrown jeers. Or prevent Quebec from landing a lucrative corporate deal.

      De Courcy’s proclamation coincided with a report compiled for BMO which says Montreal is struggling to keep pace with other large Canadian cities. We have the highest unemployment rate, the slowest growth. Another study shows Montreal’s airport lagging behind Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver. A third found just under 30 per cent of kindergarten children in Montreal’s public schools are living in poverty.

      Leave it to the PQ government to fixate instead on something that Montreal actually does better than most other cities on the planet and try to transform it into a negative that will resonate in the heartland. In 2012, The Gazette put together a special series examining how Montrealers speak. Our focus on Frenglish rather than franglais was deliberate. The evolution of Montreal’s language patterns and skills in recent decades, particularly among native English-speakers, has been nothing short of extraordinary. Two out of three Montrealers are bilingual, and Montreal has the highest proportion of trilingual people of any city in North America. As often happens when people speak more than one tongue, dialects sometimes get jumbled up, joyfully, often in mid-sentence or conversation. It is a thing of beauty.

      Not for De Courcy. Only a few months ago she was ordering the inspectors from the Office québécois de la langue française to stand down and “triage” complaints in an effort to avert another Pastagate-style fiasco. Now there’s an election in the wind. La belle dame sans merci is serving extra helpings of “us and them” politics. That translates into scaremongering for Montreal, the promise of a common, francophone, sort-of secular, pseudo-Christian, identity beyond the metropolis.

      If this is any indication what to expect from the Quebec campaign, we’re in for a very long 33 days. There is a big difference between the rhetorical hogwash of the campaign trail and what happens when people get elected, with or without a majority. The PQ has been milking the charter of secular values since the last time it went shopping for votes 18 months ago. Bill 14, which was supposed to extend language restrictions to companies with 25 to 50 workers, died for lack of legislative enthusiasm last fall. For all that Premier Pauline Marois muses about Quebec independence, so far the best she has to offer is yet another white paper and “collective reflection” during the next mandate.

    4. Of course, we hope De Courcy’s threat of stricter language laws is mere campaign posturing and pandering. But suppose it did become law. How long do you think it would take before a flustered OQLF boss had to back-pedal, trying to explain to the foreign press why someone got fined or fired for saying hello?

      Meanwhile, debate over the secular charter has added new elements to Quebec’s political landscape. A CBC/EKOS poll this week found that over the last year, half of Quebec anglophones and allophones have toyed with the idea of leaving the province. Half. They cited reasons such as the economy, high taxes and political uncertainty. Wonder if there was a category for “just plain exhausted.”

      There’s anxiety, yes, but also anger and rebelliousness. For Montrealers who have no intention of leaving, be they anglophones, francophones or allophones, the charter has roused a defiant, non-compliance streak.

      Spring is coming, and the bears are waking up. So let’s hear it once more, with feeling — and attitude. Bonjour. Hi. Hola. Buongiorno. Them’s fighting words.
      Twitter: peggylcurran

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Half of Quebec non-francophones consider leaving
    Stay or Go series looks at what's pushing people out of Quebec and what's keeping them

    51% X 1.8M ≈ 920,000 people
    11% X 6.1M ≈ 670,000 people
    TOTAL: 1,600,000 Quebecers say that they’ve seriously considered leaving Quebec in the past year.

    That’s 20% of Quebec’s entire population that says they have considered leaving since the election of the minority PQ government last year.

    Yet the pequistes laugh this off as if it were something inconsequential, not to say desirable.

    One cannot be any more profoundly indoctrinated than that.

  41. The swinging axe over our heads, getting closer and closer....

    1. Prenez une grande respiration et fermez les yeux...Tcchhhack!

  42. Un Québec souverain dégagerait un surplus de cinq milliards

    Cinq experts ont validé l'étude péquiste