Friday, January 24, 2014

French versus English Volume 101

Who's to blame for tragic Quebec fire?

I want to express my condolences and those of the general community of this blog to the families of those who perished in the tragic fire in a seniors home in the small town of L'ISLE-VERTE, situated on the Gaspe peninsula, between Rivere du Loup and Trois-Pistoles. I've often driven past the town, but never stopped in, it is really just a slip of a town, and even when driving down the coast road (Hwy 132) it's easy to miss.  I don't think I'm being presumptuous in saying that everyone on this blog is saddened by the horrific tragedy. Most of the victims were in their eighties and too feeble to flee. 
There is a story of a man rushing to save his mother who was screaming on a third floor balcony, only to perish before his eyes as his ladder reached only two stories. Read a BBC story on the tragedy

Sadly, it seems that every public issue in Quebec has a federalist or sovereigntist bent to it, no matter how trivial or ridiculous it all seems. If the ceiling fell down in a conference room where Quebec politicians were meeting with their federal counterparts, there's no doubt that the two groups would start blaming each other for the debacle. Such was the case in the Lac Megantic train disaster where separatists railed against Ottawa for its lack of regulation and enforcement of rules, using the tragedy for crass political bashing.
While there's no doubt that the federal Department of Transport was remiss in a number of critical areas, accidents do happen and blaming federalism for the disaster, somehow a little sad and disrespectful to victims.
For months after the train disaster the pages of sovereigntist websites bashed Ottawa and federalism mercilessly, somehow alluding that the disaster is proof that federalism doesn't work.

Now we are faced with another sad disaster, a simple but deadly fire in a senior's residence in a small Quebec town that took the lives of over 30 retirees.
Unlike the Lac Megantic disaster, which was completely out of the ordinary, fire is something that is a recognized danger, something that we can and should plan for.
This doesn't seem to be the case in this fire, where an old wooden building wasn't equipped with sprinklers, a tragic occurrence, considering the lack of mobility of the occupants, most of whom  were over 85 years old.
The residence wasn't obliged by law to have these sprinklers, an egregious regulatory omission. How older buildings that house large numbers of elderly seniors aren't required to be retrofitted with sprinklers is beyond comprehension.
I'm not jumping to conclusions, but as I said, a fire is something that can be planned for and a large body count is almost always attributed to lack of preparedness.
Sadly (or happily), the newer section of the building that was built later on as an addition, did have sprinklers and those within survived.  
A clear case of ownership only living up to the letter of the law and a testament to failure in government regulation, if ever there was.

Poor regulations, a dangerously vulnerable building, and seemingly poor preparedness.
Is this the fault of sovereigntists and a clear signal that the Quebec government doesn't serve the interests of Quebecers?
Clearly both Ottawa and Quebec have been remiss in both these tragedies. 
Ottawa needs to address the very real problem of rail transport of dangerous and highly flammable hydrocarbons.
And clearly, Quebec needs new rules which would impose the retrofitting of seniors homes with sprinklers, as well as creating rules and regulating for the creation of meaningful and effective evacuation and disaster plans for each seniors' home.
If you've ever taken a cruise, the very first thing that is done is life boat drill, where passengers must don their flotation device and muster to their designated rescue stations for a brief safety talk.
We've all sat through the safety drill on the airplane (although how many of us listen) and as students, we've  all taken part in random fire drills.
According to the newspapers, the home hadn't conducted a fire drill since last Spring.
So why are senior residences, which are much, much more vulnerable to fire deaths because to the lack of mobility of the residents, given such a wide path in consideration of safety.

Both Ottawa and Quebec City failed miserably in these cases, both levels of government guilty of a very real dereliction of regulatory oversight.

But please, let's not make it a spitting match over federalism or Quebec nationalism, safety is too important an issue to bog down in petty politics.

Bixi bites the Dust.

"Bixi is Montreal....Yup a perfect metaphor!
Watching the Bixi bicycle program go bankrupt reminds me of the sad ordeal of watching a loved one die of a lingering and terminal disease.
Despite our desire to see the bike-riding program survive, we all new what was to come, it's was only a matter of time, but notwithstanding, the drama sad to watch and painful to endure.

Bixi was actually doomed from the beginning, a bad business plan with no hope of success, foisted upon taxpayers with the seducing caché of being avant-garde.
What can you say about a program that is wildly successful, yet fails on a financial basis.  Had the Bixi proponents just written a business plan before undertaking the project, they'd have realized that in Montreal, the project just couldn't sustain itself.

Here's what I wrote last year.
"The vaunted BIXI bike rental program, a Montreal invention that is sweeping North America turns out to be a giant money-losing fraud with the Mayor now telling us that he expected the service, like public transport, to lose money. Of course he never told us that before the service was installed.  And so taxpayers are on the hook for another 30 million dollar loan to keep the program alive and cyclists continue to get a free ride at the taxpayer's expense.
By the way, if you don't have a sense of what  30 million dollars is, consider that it's enough money to pay cash for a $300 bicycle for 100,000 children!  BIXI has 40,000 members."
Sadly and paradoxically, the Bixi model works elsewhere for a variety of reasons.
The granolas who vandalized Montreal bixi  bikes because they believed that advertising somehow was diminishing the experience, should note that it is advertising that is the key to success as in the citibike program in New York City, where between Citi Bank and Mastercard, the 11 million in annual advertising fees pumped in, makes the program a success before any user gets on the bike.
Give credit to Montreal for inventing something useful, but failing grades once again for making things work.

Montreal Hotels....another one bites the dust

Hotel Renaissance
It seems that Montreal and Quebec are suffering from a hotel crisis with large established hotels re-purposing with alarming regularity, especially in Montreal.
Montreal has lost a bunch of hotels as the tourist  industry in Quebec is receding badly.
The latest victim is the Holiday Inn in downtown Montreal, which follows the Delta Hotel which closed last October.
Both will be turned into student residences.
Just recently another  hotel, the Quality Inn, closed on  Park Avenue in Montreal.
Here's an article written before these closings.

Delta University St

Nine major Montreal hotels that have closed in last few years

Boutique hotels have been on the rise for some time here in Montreal and have taken an increasingly large bite out of the local temporary-lodgings pie, as have other innovations such as AirBnB.
  But they don't meet the needs of conventions and other big ticket tourist draws, so the ongoing failure of hotels here could be problematic
Read the article at Coolopolis

Amir Khadir...Who loves you, baby?

Yalda...A Chip off the old block!
Its been a rough couple of months for Amir Khadir, who up to now has  been the darling of the ultra-left-wing/sovereigntist counter culture crowd.

First he's had to deal with the fact that his daughter is in for a rough ride for her participation in the mayhem that was the student strike. She's already been convicted of one charge and has numerous offences pending. She'll be sentenced in a couple of months, after she faces the other charges in court.
To top it off, She's also being sued for $100,000 in relation to her alleged participation in the vandalization of the Université de Montreal. 

Like father, like daughter, Amir Khadir is himself being sued by Marcel Mélançon, this time for defamation.
Last Fall, Khadir accused the Tony Accurso cohort of being the chief bag man for the Liberal party, a charge that  Mélançon vehemently denied.
Khadir retracted the accusation, but then repeated it again last month on the radio.
It was then that the $300,000 lawsuit dropped and since it is a private matter, the government won't be paying any of the legal bills.
Regular readers of this blog know my advice about suing or getting sued, especially when your opponent is rich.
Good luck with that Mr. Khadir.
I suggest a little grovelling and humble pie and failing that, better get your wealthy Commie father Jafar, to pony up the dough for legal bills.. Link{fr}

But that's not all, no siree.
Amir has fallen out of favour with his sovereigntist friends who are pro-Charter of Values, who are furious at Khadir, Francois David and Quebec Solidaire for their official opposition to the Charter.
And  so various smear campaigns have been undertaken against Khadir, the latest effort one where he's being attacked for attending a conference where Muslim women who attended were veiled and separated from the men.
The radical  (SPQ-Libre) wing of the PQ launched the accusations against Khadir in order to undermine his position and much  as I am no fan of Khadir, the attacks are politically motivated and mean-spirited. Link{fr}

Sophie Durocher, another fundamentalist secularist did a fine hatchet job on Khadir in the Journal de Montreal. Link{fr}

As you can imagine, Khadir is furious at the low blows being heaved and is howling in protest.
But no matter, to this author, the brawl between the ultra-sovereigntists and Khadir is quite entertaining and satisfying, and reminds me of my sentiments in watching the Iran/Iraq war pitting Saddam Hussein and Ayatollah Khomeini.
Fight on gentlemen!

Further Reading

From: Atlantic Magazine
Read: "The Danger of Banning Religious Garb 
"The Canadian province of Quebec is debating whether to prohibit public employees from wearing clothing with "overt" spiritual symbolism.

From: The Link
Read: Is Quebec’s Language Divide Played Up By the Media?"The idea of a language divide in Quebec is nothing new, but it doesn’t have the same momentum as in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, when approximately 130,000 of the province’s English-speakers left for fear of not being served in their language after Bill 101 passed in 1977."

From: (IX) Daily
Read: Montreal Sucks and Everyone Knows It
"Everyone from this once glorious, waste of a cosmopolitan metropolis likes to boast about how there's so much culture here and so many interesting things to do –– but it's all a lie. The only seeming reason why there are unending festivals all year is because people are miserably bored and all they can afford to do is party on weekends to drown their sorrows in booze and drugs. Meanwhile, they're coping with the fact that if they moved to Toronto, they'd make twice as much money and enjoy the same overall cultural joys. Montreal used to be the centre of Canada long ago, but compared to its Western neighbour (which has slowly been luring away multi-national corporation HQs since the 1990s), it has seen little growth in the past fifty years –– save for the golden heydays of 1960 - 1974, when the city was a shining North American jewel and a top destination for worldly travellers." 

From: The Link
Read: Quebec’s culture must be preserved—but I don’t mean the one Pauline Marois has in mind when she says the same.
"Since the days of the Quiet Revolution of the 1960s, the Quebec government has worked tirelessly to ensure the vitality of the French language and Québécois—or pure laine— culture in the province. And that’s certainly admirable.
But the way the province has undertaken that task has been to repress its own minority linguistic and cultural communities.
And that’s absolutely wrong."

From: The Economist
Read: Canadian multiculturalism. The more the merrier
"WHEN the government of the French-speaking province of Quebec introduced a bill in November to stop public servants from wearing religious symbols, it gave a community hospital in neighbouring Ontario a chance to grab some new recruits. Lakeridge Health ran an advertisement in a Quebec medical-school newspaper showing a woman wearing a hijab and stethoscope over the caption: “We don’t care what’s on your head, we care what’s in it.” Applications doubled, says Kevin Empey, the hospital’s boss.

The Quebec government’s proposed ban and the Ontario hospital’s welcome illustrate the poles in the Canadian debate on multiculturalism. Public hearings on the law began on January 14th. Supporters say that the ban is needed to enshrine state secularism; opponents that it is a cynical appeal to xenophobia by the minority provincial government of the Parti Québécois (PQ). Either way, the prediction of Jean-François Lisée, a PQ minister, that the Quebec battle could be the last stand in Canada’s multicultural experiment does not stand up to close scrutiny.

Immigration itself is not in question. Canadians, even in Quebec, overwhelmingly back mass immigration, which adds an average of 250,000 newcomers (roughly 0.8% of the population) each year. First-generation immigrants make up a bigger share of Toronto’s and Vancouver’s populations than in many of the world’s great cosmopolitan cities (see chart). Unlike many Europeans, Canadians believe that immigrants create jobs rather than steal them, says Jeffrey Reitz, a sociologist who has surveyed attitudes in Europe and Canada. This view is partly based on history. Modern Canada was built by successive waves of immigrants, first from Europe and more recently from Asia.
It is also a result of policies that since the 1970s have focused on admitting the most employable people. The government constantly tweaks its system of awarding points to prospective immigrants for languages, education and skills, in order to match them with labour-market gaps. Younger applicants currently have an edge. An array of programmes, many of them focused on the ability to speak languages, help immigrants to settle in. 


Here's a chart which doesn't really need a translation.
It shows the relative position of each province as pertaining to disposable income by family.
Quebec went from 4th place to 9th place in just four years.

For other depressing charts describing the Quebec model follow this link to "L'Antagoniste

For those who missed the latest video I put up on YouTube, here's a family of rednecks giving testimony before the Parliamentary committee looking into the Charter of Values.
It's a bit sad, but altogether funny
With Hard English subtitles.


Journal de Montreal Comment of the Week

I must say that of all the mainstream newspapers, the comments section in the Journal de Montreal is the most entertaining, with readers displaying that certain wry sarcasm which is the hallmark Francophone Quebec humour.
So I'd like to share my favourite comment of the week and perhaps it will be regular feature.

Today's comment is in regard to testimony by ex-FTQ union leader Jean Lavallée at the Charbonneau Commission, where he got a rough ride, accused of taking bribes and giving preference to the infamous Tony Accurso in relation to loans provided by the union's investment fund.
During the testimony it was revealed that the FTQ bought out an investor because he had alleged links to organized crime, which was a potential embarrassment. The union paid out $2 million dollars to buy out the position of that certain investor who had invested just $500,000.

Have a great Weekend

Bonne fin de Semaine.


  1. Editor,

    Now that you quote a comment comparing Toronto and Montreal, I would like to repeat the question that I wrote to you several days ago. I am not asking you to make an in-depth analysis like you did before. Just a one-line response will suffice. Thank you in advance.

    Some time ago you wrote a piece about comparison between Montreal and Toronto. It that piece you gave scores to a number of lifestyle aspects and the conclusion was that Montreal was a better place to live than Toronto.

    Just for shits and giggles, should you write that piece again today, with the knowledge that you have about Montreal, Toronto and the environment around those cities, what conclusion would you probably come up to?

    1. I am working on a piece like that, but it will be mostly humorous

    2. Troy, there is no comparison between Montreal and Toronto. Toronto is one of the cultural, prosperous, diverse cities in the world. Montreal on the other hand is essentially another Sarajevo. an example is the dorval circle, What is going on there anyway? I have been driving there for the past 4 or 5 years and nothing is getting accomplished. I don't think they know what they are doing. Why is it that The English can build a bridge like the Confederation bridge in the Maritimes over the Northumberland Strait (not talking about some little river like the St, Lawrence) in a couple of years and on budget but can't finish the entrance to the airport. Then I hear on the radio that it is going to take another 5 years. Soon I finish my English course and heading to Toronto.

    3. @Student

      First of all, I can hereby waive my no-responses-to-trolls rule because you've clearly come around.

      And you are right about Toronto...separatists can keep puking up the same stereotypes that Toronto is just some lame "capitalist" city where all people do is work, but if they ever left Quebec (which most seps never do), they'd quickly realize that they are merely talking out of their asses.

      The St. Lawrence market totally beats the Jean-Talon market.

      To date, nothing in Montreal compares to Kensington Market.

    4. You're probably well aware of it, but that is someone impersonating "student" - there will be a complaint laid in the next little while that the real "student" did not post that. There is no way on God's earth that that little robot dummy will ever make a sensible statement like the one made above.

      At the same time, I too would like to offer my sympathies to the friends and families of the poor people that perished in the fire. What a terrible thing to happen. I don't understand why there are no regulations, from all levels of government, in place to protect these poor people from such an event. My poor mother-in-law recently had to be placed in an old age home and I hope she is now not re-thinking her decision as it must be terrifying to think this could happen to you. The most vulnerable of our society, children and seniors, should be the most important items when regulations are written. That poor man that could not save his mother because his ladder was too short, will have nightmares for the rest of his life - more victims. Very sad.

    5. I know, Cutie, I know. But a man can dream, can't he?

    6. Anonymous Coward,

      To date, nothing in Montreal compares to Kensington Market.

      Nothing in Montreal ever compares to the intersection of Bay and King Streets - the MINT Corner.

    7. We are all aware of Rob Ford and his antics. He has certainly embarrassed some Torontonians but has this had an impact on Toronto's economy? I don't think so.

    8. I like to think that ex-Montrealers like myself have made Toronto a better place. There are a few delies here now that resemble Montreal deli, and the Bagel House is a franchise started by an ex-Montrealer who used to work at The Bagel Shop on St-Viateur. There is a club district in the downtown area for those who like to go clubbing.

      I'll grant you that Toronto still doesn't have quite the joie de vivre Montreal has, but being a money town, if it comes to Canada, it comes to Toronto first. Toronto also has its ethnic areas that show themselves loud and proud, with not language restrictions on signs. It clearly shows in no uncertain terms Toronto is not the WASP nest it once was; in fact, the demographics changed dramatically around 2000 where the number of non-whites exceed the number of whites.

      I've learned about a lot of different cultures and so I feel culturally enriched as a result. It's all good. It's not as if Montreal is not multicultural, but it doesn't appear as open as Toronto, especially with the language strictures on signs and other French expectations. This Bill 60 will smite the visage even more.

      I'm still a Habs fan, but loyal fans are having to go down with the ship. The better players, when they become free agents, tend to give Montreal a pass, and those who do sign tend to leave their families in other cities to avoid their children having to go to French school, and the prohibitive taxes. The French speaking players well know the media makes the place quite the pressure cooker at times. I don't see the Habs winning a Stanley Cup for sometime to come unless they get another Sam Pollock (they won't as there will never be another) to develop talent within the ranks.

      As for Rob Ford, I think what is happening here is his detractors are doing their darnedest to discredit him because he's trying to clean things up, and those who are profiting want him out anyway they can.

    9. I don't know about that, Sauga. I don't think Rob Ford's detractors need to do anything because he's doing such a masterful job of discrediting himself. As Napoleon said, " Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake", except in Fords case, he's self-destructing.

    10. Diogenes: That's your opinion. Case closed.

  2. To the person impersonating members of this blog, all I can say is stop.
    It's a little sad that you are taking the time to demean this blog considering that you are quite literate and can make these comment by yourself under your own alias.
    I'm respectfully asking you to stop, otherwise you force me to turn on moderation and if that's your goal, it's pretty pathetic.

    1. Don't be so hard on him/her, Editor.

      This reminds me of an episode of the Simpsons where it is discovered that Principal Skinner is not in fact THE REAL Principal Skinner. When the "real" Skinner returns, the general consensus is that the "fake" one is far better liked than the "real" one.

    2. @editor

      thanks mate. in my humble opinion the culprit is anonymous coward. but i might be wrong and it could be another one of his characters.

    3. Yes Editor, I agree with Anonymous Coward. It's the most lucid and readable post ever done under student's name. The format looked different but I thought it was just that she had finally figured out what the 'Shift' key is for.

  3. Great posting Phil. This trend to convert hotels is troubling. To myself, it's a sign of Montreal's decreasing significance and it's race to become just another "branch office city", where decisions aren't made but followed. Sadly, this infliction isn't relegated to Montreal only. The iconic Lowes Le Concorde Hotel in Quebec City in the heart of the tourist district is being converted into a seniors residence and it has the surrounding business owners up in arms;

    The one silver lining I can glean form this is that this residence will have a functioning fire suppressing system.

    On another note, we just got news that another Montreal Anglo institution is biting the dust. Queen of Angels Academy, the girls private school in Dorval will be shutting its doors due to low enrolment. Typically the bulk of students at Montreal area private schools come from rich ethnic families finding a way to avoid Bill 101's reach which would force them into schools that teach in a language no one outside Quebec understands. Like a canary in a coal mine, this is another sign that Montreal is quietly losing more and more successful immigrants to other cities. A stellar private school like Q of A should be bursting at the seams with a waiting list of eager parents and students.

    1. It's too bad QofA has to go.

      The Quebec govt is obsessed with controlling indoctrination/education system.

      This is our new future. Regular closings of places in Montreal as people lose jobs and then leave for greener pastures.

      Tax revenue for the city is going to go way down fast.

      With the overall decline in retail (internet shopping etc) and nobody locating a distribution warehouse in Quebec anymore for obvious reasons. Quebec can no longer get any of these jobs.

      It's like an entire sector of the Quebec economy that will be hollowed out.

      We will lose the retail front end and have no chance to work the back end that replaces it.

      Quebec was always backwater but Montreal is sliding downhill fast. The barnacle on our back will die along with the host at least.

    2. Cornwall, about an hour west of Montreal, is expanding it's retail distribution sector. They have inexpensive land available as well as English/French workers.

    3. Was just about to post the story. Here it is from CTV News.

      Certainly another nail in the coffin for Montreal, this was a 125 year old schooling institute, destroyed by the separatists and their bureaucratic form of ethnic cleansing via language laws and restricted access to English schools. What's next, is McGill to fold up? Mind you, I shouldn't joke, McGill is no longer Canada's top university, what with the elimination of universal MCAT exams for medical students to coddle to Francophones. Or affirmative action putting a head master in charge based on their language (Francophone) rather than their qualifications. McGill should relocate to Toronto....

    4. The whole place is going to hell in a hand basket and every day the paper is loaded with nothing but bad news on all fronts. Implosion is inevitable. Sad that all of us are going to get caught up in the mess - we don't all deserve it. Our politicians have screwed this up big time.

    5. @theo

      that's awesome. cornwall seems to be amazing. maybe you should move there.

      @apple iigs

      "What's next, is McGill to fold up?"

      slippery slope argument. very commonly used amongst bad debaters. it's easy to spot, though.

      "Or affirmative action putting a head master in charge based on their language (Francophone) rather than their qualifications."

      please explain what "qualifications" the current "head master" is lacking.


      "Sad that all of us are going to get caught up in the mess - we don't all deserve it."

      you have been enticing readers not to spend any money in quebec, to do all the shopping they can in ontario or the usa. so of course you deserve to get caught in the mess, if there ever is one. why wouldn't you cutie003?

    6. By AnecTOTE

      "you have been enticing readers not to spend any money in quebec, to do all the shopping they can in ontario or the usa. so of course you deserve to get caught in the mess, if there ever is one. why wouldn't you cutie003?"

      And there you have it folks, proof positive why the trolls plague this blog: Shear desperation to defend the "quebec" brand. I say we keep it up and keep espousing the truth about the vicious Human Rights violations. In this province.

      That's your quebec brand right now, so much too be proud of.

    7. @hands off my hijab

      apart from your usual ridiculous spins, don't you agree with me that if cutie003 does her best to hinder quebec's economical health she then deserves a chunk of the resulting pain, if any? simple question. give it a try.

    8. By AnecTOTE

      The simple truth is you are troll who is paid to litter this blog with your lies always trying to deflect the truth and in a stupid attempt to defend and save the quebec brand. You wouldn't be here if this blog weren't garnering attention. You would simply ignore it if it's readership would be non-existent. You insist in manufacturing the truth and it reminds me of that commercial you see on tv of late.."any way you dress it up, a lie is a lie" .

      Stop lying.

      You want to save the quebec brand? Simple: stop infringing on people's Rights and Freedom. Stop hiding behind illegitimate reasons for safe-guarding your so-called Language and culture. I think back in the 30's they were trying to save and safeguard the Arian race with the same tactics.

    9. AnecTOTE: Fatal error #1: Fraternizing with the trolls. Say no more to these crack-pots.

      I went back to the previous thread where we had our misunderstanding. Maybe you're angry I split, but as I've written countless times before, I saw the writing on the wall and lack of willingness of the minorities to fight back seriously. A few years after I left, Howard Galganov proved me right as his efforts to fight the tide proved futile; in fact, I was at least as angry as you he stuck his neck out the way he did and faced ridicule not only from the French press as fully expected, but paradoxically from the English press as well. That he was so criticized by those who should have been toting his banner so high clinched my case for leaving. I have yet to be proved wrong for having done so.

      I know people who chose to stay, are stuck there, and are very, very worried about their futures. I confess I took the path of least resistance, but I was proven right as the community offered far too little resistance.

    10. By AnecTOTE

      Thank you for your post. I understand where you are coming from but here's the thing, all those who did leave delude themselves by thinking the problems here no longer touch them and it is a grievously false sense of security. Packing up and giving isn't leaving your troubles's giving Democracy the finger. People don't get this. Eventually there will be hordes of people leaving because it is a matter if time the economy here will tank, that is the writing on the walls these days, but even if I live anywhere in Canada, I will still have to pay for these deadbeats, you're still paying for them and lord help everyone if they win a majority government. They have done nothing but sabotage themselves and Canada and the entire population, and Ottawa sits and stares. Basically, what I am trying to say is Quebec is everyone's problem and will continue to be for a long time until it is reigned in. There have to be pressures and serious ones but no one gets it or they just don't give a crap.

      I have an opportunity to leave and even if I do, I do not consider I am saving myself...oh sure in the short run, and if I consider it is really all about the money. Thing is..I have worked too damn hard to see what I have built devalued overnight.

    11. @hands off my hijab

      "There have to be pressures and serious ones but no one gets it..."

      you should meditate this bit mate. if you think everyone else is crazy, well...

    12. Yes, successful immigrants like me how work in some of the biggest companies in QC are leaving or preparing to leave. It will all about welfare here in MTL in 5 yrs I think.

      But this is what the government wants, doesn't it?

    13. @w1ngnut

      "But this is what the government wants, doesn't it?"

      no it's not. hey that was easy.

    14. 'TOTE: After you leave Quebec, should you wisely choose to do so, you won't be able to possibly care less about Quebec. My lady left Quebec coming on five years ago, and she's much, much happier she did. Her children are too. Right now you're up to your armpits in alligators, so you have forgotten your original job was to drain the swamp, sort of the way the swamp called Quebec is draining Canada.

  4. Wait, wasn't Bixi always just a scam to send money to Devenci?

    1. I like how their website comes up in english first even tho they are a Quebec company from Chicoutimi.

      Somebody better file a language infraction. This is illegal.

  5. Story about Toronto real-estate (Opposite of wants going on in Montreal).

    One house. Thirty-two offers.
    And 33% over the asking price.

    1. "Opposite of wants going on in Montreal."

      of course it's not. you'll get that in montreal too if the asking price is below market value. that little editorial comment of yours is quebec bashing. which brings us to the core: why do you do this? any thoughts?

  6. And yet another speaks out about the mentality of quebecers:

  7. FROM ED
    I know somewhat the tragedy of fire. After my wife passed away I sold my duplex in LaSalle and split the $230,000. I got between my two srurviving kids who had married and were moving to Vancouver to begin new life. Being alone I decided not to be burdened with another property and have lived in rented homes here in Verun ever since. I have been burnt out 3 times. Each time started by somebody next door. Twice from smoking in bed. I have nothing left of family photos or remembrances so I know how the survivors feel.
    Fires have been caused by people sneaking a puff in the old peoples homes. I had a friend complain that he could not find a place for his elderly aunt who was being kicked out of her third residence for sneaking a cigarette in a stairwell and setting off detectors.
    A loud fire alarm is almost as effective as a
    sprinkler because it gets people up and moving instead of waiting for someone to knock on te door. Fire drills are not effective in nursing homes. First because of the transience of residents and secondly because fire drills in a retirement home depends on the participation of the denizens state of mind. Unlike an airplane or ship where passengers are in full control of their faculties.

    Amir Khadir it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. He would like to bring in Sharia law. Under Sharia his daughter would be stoned for the trouble she caused. Mostly because she is a female overstepping her place in society.

    About your piece on AVAILABLE REVENUE. The reason revenue in Quebec is shrinking is simple. The seps on welfare have been there for years. While it costs more to survive the welfare has not gone up enough to meet inflation. I have the same thing dealing with my pension. The landlord's annual rent increase is more than my income graduation.
    As I explained in the previous blog , by not educating the people it ruled the church created a nation of mummified souls who will never amount to anything more than they are right now. They will however go downward.
    To those who complain that Montreal sucks or Toronto is better than Montreal, you have my sympathy. I'm sorry for you that you can't see the beauty of our city. Who gives a shit what Toronto does? This is my world and I'm happy with it. I'm happy that my children and grandchildren are here. I'm happy watching kids play baseball and other games at the local park. I'm happy when i see the faces of immigrants when they see the great selection of fruit and vegtables in the supermarkets.and know they are in a great place where they can survive as a family and see their kids grow up with a smile not a look of fear. They know and understand the political situation but they are willing to tough it out because it's better than what they had. I'm also happy that I'm living here. Kep smiling. Ed

  8. FROM ED
    I can't help wonder if the money wasted on Bixi would not have been better spent on lowering mass transport costs. Never mind air conditioning or seating comfort, the most important thing to commuters is the cost and it's availability. ASt least it's funcional year round.
    When you say Mayor Codeere sjould have warned that it ((Bixi) would probably fail you are being toyally unfair. He was thinking as a private citizen at that time and had no right to interfere. He is doing a great job let's support him.
    I can imagine there is all kinds of speculators planning what they could do with the Queen of Angels property. I wonder if there has been a clandestine plan to invest and build. It would create a lot of condominiums. Ed

  9. I would like to make a comment regarding hotels in Montreal downtown and student housing, based on my experience at McGill dealing with facilities.

    Unlike the model of many major universities, McGill University does not actually have "dormitories", that is purpose-built student residences located on-campus. The exception is of course its Macdonald Campus. The good examples for the dormitory model are Harvard and Oxford where undergraduates are not only guaranteed a place, but also strongly encouraged to live on-campus. McGill had limited number of residences (that is now growing) and it lets students to look for place themselves, mostly on McGill Ghetto.

    Lately, McGill has been buying hotels in and around the Ghetto. It started with Hotel du Parc then Four Points and Marriott Courtyard. Looking at the business model, I was surprise to learn that McGill made good investment off those former hotel. Looking further, it made sense. Occupation is guaranteed 100% for 9 months a year - including food and beverages and it has much lower overhead. In fact, the summer period when the residences are available commercially yields pure profit. Really, the cash flow the residences generate is an investor's wet dream.

    So, if one owns one of those hotels, is it so wrong to re-purpose the properties into something more guaranteed-profitable?

    1. no it's not. good thinking troy. watch out you're venturing off the beaten path here. don't push too positive otherwise cutie003 and apple iigs will start wondering if you're a separatist.

  10. More from Drainville and his intolerence:

  11. On the other hand, many separatists - including the ones haunting this blog - are in the opinion that the province of Quebec being French-only does not badly affect its tourism industry. Their argument is that tourists that come to Quebec (including Montreal) look for the uniqueness of the French culture and the more French the province is, the more tourist will come.

    Now with the closure of hotels in Montreal and Quebec City, that theory is proven to be false. While I did write about student residences above, if Montreal is indeed flooded by tourist those conversions are certainly not needed. Developers would instead develop new private residence halls. One thing that I do not write up there is that while student residences yield more guaranteed return than hotels, profit margins in hotels are noticeably higher than residences.

    So I am glad, I am really glad that a separatist ate my first note hook, line and sinker without realizing and understanding the whole situation. In conclusion, is separatism - including language and ethnic discrimination - bad for the province's tourism industry? Absolutely. All evidence point that way.

    Does Quebec still need to be independent? Of course. The jurisdiction can not grow further without being burned to ash first.

    1. Tourism stats:

    2. @troy

      "Their argument is that tourists that come to Quebec (including Montreal) look for the uniqueness of the French culture and the more French the province is, the more tourist will come."

      yes that is obvious.

      "Now with the closure of hotels in Montreal and Quebec City, that theory is proven to be false."

      no it's not. it might prove two things. first it could prove that tourists are looking for cute bed and breakfasts instead of anonymous hotel rooms in quebec and it could prove that montreal is loosing its distinct french flavour. in quebec's case well it's a non-issue, and in montreal's case measures to ensure it remains french must be put in place.

      "In conclusion, is separatism - including language and ethnic discrimination - bad for the province's tourism industry?"

      of course not. i don't think a tourist won't come because the host population is a proud bunch. quite the opposite mate.

      "Does Quebec still need to be independent? Of course. The jurisdiction can not grow further without being burned to ash first."

      good boy. and another yes vote.

    3. "no it's not. it might prove two things. first it could prove that tourists are looking for cute bed and breakfasts instead of anonymous hotel rooms in quebec and it could prove that montreal is loosing its distinct french flavour. in quebec's case well it's a non-issue, and in montreal's case measures to ensure it remains french must be put in place."

      Time to give in to the English mate, we aren't going anywhere. 40 years of promoting French at the expense of others. Many areas of the city still prefer speaking English, now that is telling.

    4. @anonymous

      "...we aren't going anywhere."

      really? but cutie003 apple iigs lord dorcehester and troy keep repeating there is an exodus and people are fleeing away because it's so bad in montreal? are you saying they are bad contributors on a basic fear mongering mission? why don't you root them out with me? is it because you approve fear mongering strategy?

    5. @Troy - your view that Quebec must be reduced to ash before moving forward is a sentiment I share deeply.

      Just this past week alone, we've seen what few options we have, politically speaking. The Liberals and PQ and both a mess.

      The sovereignist movement has crippled the economy and corruption is deeply entrenched in the province's culture. Another odious aspect of Quebec culture is to "just take it easy, man."

    6. By AnecTOTE

      "really? but cutie003 apple iigs lord dorcehester and troy keep repeating there is an exodus and people are fleeing away because it's so bad in montreal?

      Business is fleeing, and that's why you insist on trying to save face by defending the quebec brand and manufacturing lies and falsehoods. You could give a crap making an argument for regular citizen's fleeing.

    7. By AnecTOTE

      "Another odious aspect of Quebec culture is to "just take it easy, man."

      And yet another one is.."just take what you want man"

    8. @hands off my hijab

      what's wrong with keeping cool mate? and what's wrong with sharing?!? you do sport some weird value kit mate. i wonder where you would fit in if you value stress and greed.

    9. @AnecTOTE - maybe you can help we with this one. WTF is a "value kit?"

      Is that something you pull out when one of your values goes flat? Am I supposed to pump air into a "deflated" value?

      Someone will eventually have to step up and provide some Student-to-English translation.

    10. By AnecTOTE


      Everything she posts is to try and save quebec's face. Defend defend defend, deflect deflect defect,..deny deny deny.

      I don't have a freakin' clue what a "value kit" is and I earn a living with words. It's her friends and acquaintances that just take what they want, when they want. This much incriminating evidence we've seen AND she keeps defending unions and those running the circus at the moment, but hey..What's the motto again? "We'e'll talk to Pauline" ! There ya go, that's their "value-kit"!!

    11. @hands off my hijab & @anonymous coward

      "I don't have a freakin' clue what a "value kit" is..."

      it's possible you have never heard of values. it would actually explain a lot of your bad contributions.

    12. When your values are infested you need a Flea and Tick "Value Kit".

    13. @theo

      if you don't mind coming back towards relevancy theo don't you agree that riling against motos like "take it easy" and "take what you want" signals a wacky psyche?

    14. First "value kits" and now rilings.

      Funny how the very people who are "riling" against the English language are the ones who could use a few lessons in it.

    15. @ Hands off my Hijab By AnecTOTE

      If you translate "ensemble de valeurs" you get "set of values" which one might say as "value set" or "value kit".

  12. True story re: hotels from an American reader

    Sometime either in the late 90s or soon thereafter (sorry...memory fails), my wife and I stayed at what was then The Renaissance. Upon checkout, the young woman running reception refused to speak to me in English (remember, I'm a tourist visiting from another country). Refused.

    Upon returning home, I contacted the parent company (if I recall correctly the HQ was in Ontario somewhere?) and a few weeks later we received a letter of apology and two nights' stay at a location of our choice.

    And that, folks, is what I think about any time I hear/see Renaissance Hotel.

    Any connection between that young woman's tribal, closed-off and financially suicidal attitude and/or the Park Avenue hotel shutting down and/or the province's economy tanking...well, that is coincidental, correct?

    1. Renaissance Hotel? Check all the comments on that hotel (or apartment-suite as the PR Manager claims) here.

    2. "Upon checkout, the young woman running reception refused to speak to me in English (remember, I'm a tourist visiting from another country). Refused."

      that's just plain impossible. or is it possible that prior to her refusal to address you in english you had been a dick?

    3. Dear student,

      There was nothing unusual about my wife's or my behavior and even if we had been unpleasant (which is what I believe you refer to when you use obscene language), it would not be an appropriate response to refuse to address paying guests in their preferred/native language and then refuse to speak to them at all and transact business in silence (and with an intense glare). This is but one example of what it is like to be a non-French-speaking tourist in your city.

      I write this having traveled in France and other French-speaking countries (not that Quebec is a country) without such ridiculous abuses.

      Good night.

    4. I hope that kind of unacceptable behaviour is not on its way to becoming normalized in Quebec. It would be a terrible shame.

      It’s worrying to see that bigoted, redneck xenophobes like the Pineault-Caron hillbillies from the Saguenay are not only unembarrassed about their insularity, but they actually feel entitled by the current PQ government to broadcast their idiocy all over the internet, on display for the world to see.

      We saw the same thing with STM bus and metro employees in 2012. They seemed to think that the public is there to serve them rather than the other way around. It seems that management has thankfully decided to clamp down on that embarrassment.

    5. The funny thing to me is, that in France and all over the EU, is that there is a push to increase English language knowledge and fluency, as a way to unite us. It also would allow us to conduct business easier and with more convenience to everyone. Yet from my reading here Quebec seems to want to go in reverse.

    6. Welcome and thanks for joining us; always glad to hear from the international community.

      You probably don’t realize how your earnest comment sounds inadvertently humourous to the local community because yes, of course, it is plainly obvious that you are obviously right!

      The irony is that Canada already has the flexible type of confederation that Europe is seeking to create. But, Quebec is shooting itself in the foot with its social engineering attempt to create a brand-new, French-only society.

      Unfortunately, this is the reality that we have had to deal with for several decades now, since the first election of the PQ in 1977, which by pure coincidence (according to the minority separatists) corresponds exactly to the economic decline of not only Montreal (which had been the metropolis of Canada for three centuries previously) but also to the whole of Quebec.

      These minority separatists have never digested the historical fact that France lost the colonization war and were abandoned by you (well, the French, that is). Since the “Quiet Revolution”, they unshackled themselves from the chains of the Catholic Church but in order to assert themselves, they have felt it necessary not only to abandon all of the French-Canadians outside Quebec but also to impose their culture on everybody else within Quebec with coercive laws, which has resulted in this artificial French-only façade we see today.

      As a pretext, they use of their fear of “assimilation” while they themselves are hypocritically quite happy to eagerly assimilate every other culture in sight with Borg-like determination.

      To my thinking, it’s not possible to feel any pride in oneself by putting down everyone else around you, but that is precisely what the minority Quebec separatists are doing.

  13. By AnecTOTE

    I wanted to share this with all of you.

    Tonight I ran into somebody who lives a few streets down. He spent the entire summer organizing his move to Ontario, or so I thought. I ran into him while filling up so I asked him how come he is still here, thought he'd gone by now, he yelled back: "Quebec is the abusive marriage I can't seem to give up."

    1. @anonymous

      well if you're positive you weren't a dick prior to described behavior then i don't believe a montreal hotel clerk has refused to speak english. sorry.

    2. By AnecTOTE we're calling people liars to defend the "quebec" pathetic and desperate. Any way you slice it...this is an abusive place, and it's about to get a lot worst.


    1. I see the STM continues to live up to the name sake I've given them, Separatist Terror Militia.

      You realize, much like the ticket booth worker who put someone in a head lock and starting punching them, for what else, speaking English....or the bus driver who threw someone off the bus for asking what time it was in English and called the police.... or the ticket booth worker who continuously put up a political sign about refusing to communicate with English persons....or the ticket booth taker who refused to allow that soccer player to enter the subway because he was black and spoke English.....or the bus driver who refused to answer a question about the direction the bus was going because a 12 year old girl spoke English and was black, and then called the police for "harassment" and remove her from the bus...for the ticket booth takers who told a priest that do not serve English people (not because of what they speak, but who they are!).....etc...etc...etc...

      ....they'll get a pat on the back from their union bosses and told to carry on with their good work. OK, maybe told to keep it up, but try and avoid getting in the public spot light about it. They should just give these bastards a Quebec Charter of Values medal to wear! What a pathetic bunch, no wonder tourism is dying in Montreal.

  15. The article in The Link mentions that Bill 14 would be re-introduced if the PQ gets a majority government. Francophones would be prevented from learning English in high school and CEGEP. If they become part of the business community when they enter the workforce, how would they communicate with businesses in the ROC and the USA if they can't speak their language?

    1. "Francophones would be prevented from learning English in high school and CEGEP."

      that false. first because francophones are already prevented from attending english high schools. second because they would not be prevented from learning english but prevented from attending an english cegep. today, most francophone who attend a french cegep end up being bilingual. oh my god how did they do that?!? forcing francophones to french cegep would not èrevent anyone from learning english as you claim but it would prevent some francophones to assimilate to english culture. it is debatable of course, but please you need to get your facts straight and focus on the relevant questions.

    2. Yet another reason I don't debate with these tools.

      "Cousin It" has just written a statement that contradicts itself three times in one remarkably poor English, no less.


    Maybe this will wake the PM up.

    1. Le problème est que vous n'êtes pas minoritaire,puisque vous n'êtes que l'extension en sol québécois des 355 000 000 d'anglophones Nord Américaine.

      Quel idiot aura l'audace se lever au nom d'une fausse minorité déjà fort bien tratée?

    2. By AnecTOTE

      "Quel idiot aura l'audace se lever au nom d'une fausse minorité déjà fort bien tratée?"

      Yes, Canada treats the French speaking population in this country spectacularly well, especially when you think it made this country officially bilingual when it really didn't have to. I agree, you are an idiot.

    3. @AnecTOTE

      Is it just me or has none of the separatists here owned up?

      Many of the federalists on this site have admitted that the PLQ is both impotent and corrupt - we've never tried contesting what is a flat-out fact.

      Why is it then that no separatists can do the same, with such glaring evidence?:

      I guess Le Devoir is "Quebec Bashing" huh?

    4. Désolé pour les fautes de frappes...Je ne suis qu'à mon premier café.

    5. @anonymous coward

      the ledevoir article you propose is factual. i don't see which part could be interpreted as quebec bashing. help me please.

    6. "officially bilingual when"

      Je vous suggère d'aller passer une semaine à toronto avec un francophone.

    7. By AnecTOTE

      I do many times you? You have no clue how much it is changing on the bilingualism front in Toronto especially now that Anglos are putting their kids in French Immersion schools more and more. Also if the Francophones have it so bad in Toronto, why don't the move to quebec? Cause they don't have it so bad, that's why, so knock it off with lies, common sense will tell you that is bull crap. I just came back from spending a week there and I spoke French the entire time and I do this intentionally to gauge and see...but that is not what we were talking about. You made a statement and my commentary to that statement is undeniable. Today Canada is officially bilingual, and though you keep insisting it doesn't work, it works more than ever...but the main point is...Canada didn't have to convert this entire country into official bilingualism but it did so to accommodate YOU. Whether you are acknowledging of it is your business, but Canada has met you halfway and has been highly accommodating to you, and how do you respond? By treating it like shit and showing it now respect. Gee, I wonder how you would really react if it treated you with the same disdain quebec treats it's minorities?

      This is the truth s.r. and in some deep dark part of your soul, I know you're admitting I'm right, that'll have to be good enough for me.

    8. Jeremie Patrick Sammon

      85% of bilingual people in Canada live in Quebec . Im for bilingual for all Quebecers but here the language of work is french . Or we will finish like Manitoba and who was 50+ french and New brunswich who was most french and now ... most English ... By assimilation , Because it was illegal to speak french into Canada except into the Quebec .. If I want to talk french in Toronto I will be turn off really quick !! 2 side of the medal .. at the beginning of hydro Quebec , 2 french worker was forced to write a report in english because the boss was english .. its a non sense for a french .. ok and you billingual its good , but English Canada is 15% only of the billingual over the country

    9. By AnecTOTE


      I get what you are saying, my point is bilingualism was almost non existent outside Quebec and now not so much. You cannot get a government job in Ottawa at the Federal level unless you are fluently bilingual, spoken and written. Imagine that the majority in this country who is English-speaking have to become bilingual because the government of Canada saw fit to accommodate its French -speaking minority, in order to qualify for a government job, THAt'S my point and it is undeniable.

      I would have respect for the separatist movement if it said..look, Canada is the best country in the world and it has treated us well and respected us and has made great efforts to accommodate us, but we just feel we need to try it on our own. We would like to be our own nation even though Canada has been spectacular in our regards, we are not ungrateful.

      But no, the separatist do nothing but diss and disrespect this country lying about how bad they have it and this is why they want out. tHAT is what makes the entire thing..illegitimate.

    10. Jeremie Patrick Sammon

      In Vancouver The number of french is here to open school in french but the city refuse it . I remember the law when the french was illegal in all the English Canada . Manitoba was 50+ french now assimilated . Same with New brunswick . What is disgusting is your ignorance

    11. Yes AnecTOTE - and here are the Canadians proving once again that we are not petty and are generous - money raised in record time for the victims of the fire - $200,000 in a few days from all over Canada. I'm so proud to be Canadian! Way to go Canada - Thank you.

    12. @cutie003

      "...$200,000 in a few days from all over Canada. Way to go Canada - Thank you."

      you trying to put your dirty hands on what is obviously a quebec fund raising effort is what's petty here mate.

    13. By AnecTOTE

      "Manitoba was 50+ french now assimilated . Same with New brunswick . What is disgusting is your ignorance"

      Have you ever heard of Saint Boniface? Get a map out and look it up. It boast the second largest French-speaking population in Canada outside Quebec. I was just offered a sh*t load of money to move there ..because of my bilingualism. I have already said no once and they just tabled another offer. It doesn't sound to me like you know much about what you're talking about. The thing between your ears is a head and that's where the brain lives. Try using it sometime, that's what it is there for. Also...stop drinking the seppie juice, it's bad for you.

    14. And just look at the insulting insinuation that all the funds raised came from just Quebec when they just said on TV that it was raised from 'ALL OVER CANADA' you ungrateful little jerk! Nothing sinks as low as you - go place yourself in the sewer where you belong!

    15. ^

      What She said!!

      By AnecTOTE

    16. @cutie003

      "...they just said on TV that it was raised from 'ALL OVER CANADA'..."

      of course donations came from all over the world. in what proportion though? until you hold that info please assume the bulk was lifted in quebec, and distribute your praise acordingly.ù

      but then, who am i to argue with what your tv told you.

    17. @Hands off my baklawas

      Saint-Boniface est un quartier de la ville canadienne de Winnipeg dans le Manitoba au Canada.
      Sa population est évaluée à 65 000 habitants.Ce quartier est le foyer principal de la communauté Franco-manitobaine et soutient les autres communautés francophones de la province du Manitoba.

      Mais elle y est, cependant, minoritaire et constitue moins de 30 % de la population du quartier. De plus, une partie non négligeable des membres de cette communauté s'exprime principalement en anglais, du fait de l'assimilation importante que subit toute communauté très minoritaire.

      Je présume que vous savez lire entre les lignes.

    18. @s.r

      "Je présume que vous savez lire entre les lignes."

      there are many assumptions you can safely make regarding hands off my hijab. this is not one of them.

      by the way, s.r, who do you think is the worst contributor to this blog? i change my mind every other comment i read. do you have a firm opinion on this?

    19. The worst?

      Hmm...Bonne question mais je dirais que cutie,Ed et homh mènent une lutte sans merci afin d'acquérir ce malheureux titre.

    20. By AnecTOTE

      Oh wow..we touched a nerve there didn't we s.r.!! Yes...that community is so minute, so assimilated and so insignificant, they are willing to pay me six figures to move there...all cause ilil' ole' me kicks ass in French. That's a shitload of money to pay to someone for a language you deem is inconsequential in dem 'dthere parts.

      Also s.r. I have refrained from disrespecting you, (though as you well know, I am not above it), you and I are not friends nor are we familiar..keep your distance. As for your deadbeat friend..lose her...she makes you look worst than you do already, and you can tell her ..her little campaign to save quebec... on this blog is can't be saved..ANYWHERE.

    21. "...they are willing to pay me six figures to move there..."

      Parlez-moi d'un bled de dégénérés,c'est pire que je l'imaginais.Au fait,nous devons bien vous traiter pour que vous refusiez une telle somme.Aussi,combien manque-t-il exactement pour que votre grand départ vers ce lieu de rêve devienne réalité?

    22. Jeremie Patrick Sammon,

      If the quality of your written English is any indication, it will be a long time before Francophones in Quebec are assimilated.

    23. @durham

      "If the quality of your written English is any indication..."

      it's not. cheap shot from a petty contributor.

    24. By AnecTOTE

      "Parlez-moi d'un bled de dégénérés,c'est pire que je l'imaginais"

      Jealousy and envy is also another thing seppies are well known for.

      Au fait,nous devons bien vous traiter pour que vous refusiez une telle somme.Aussi,combien manque-t-il exactement pour que votre grand départ vers ce lieu de rêve devienne réalité?

      You would think money IS everything.. immersed in this culture which knows no bounds when it comes to greed. And I'm completely fine thank-you-very-much.

      As for when I leave...(or if I leave), that's for me to know and you to stew.

    25. student,

      Frankly, the quality of your written English isn't much superior to that of Mr. Sammon, but at least he knows how to capitalize letters.

      As far as cheap shots from petty contributors go, you're very adept in that respect. You frequently insult most of the regular contributors here....and you called someone a "dick" yesterday. You need to take some classes in basic etiquette student.

    26. @durham

      "Frankly, the quality of your written English isn't much superior to that of Mr. Sammon, but at least he knows how to capitalize letters."

      so what?

      "As far as cheap shots from petty contributors go, you're very adept in that respect."

      is that how you justify your pettiness?!? that's weak mate.

      "...and you called someone a "dick" yesterday."

      no i didn't. i asked someone if he had been a dick. can't you catch this obvious nuance?

    27. "Jealousy and envy is also another thing seppies are well known for."

      Jaloux (ou envieux) d'une communauté francophone en train de se faire assimiler à vitesse grand V ?

      Ben oui...

    28. Jeremie neglected to mention that at the time it joined Confederation, the original province of Manitoba was a square 1/18 of its current size centred around Winnipeg/St. Boniface and was known as the "postage stamp province". Manitoba grew progressively, absorbing land from the Northwest Territories until it attained its current size in 1912.

      At the time of the purchase of the North-West Territories by the federal government, the Red River Settlement had 5757 francophone Métis, 4083 anglophone Métis, 1500 Canadians and 558 Amerindians (link), thus francophones represented slightly less than half of the population. In addition to immigration from Ontario, over the next decade, 4000 French Canadians moved there from Quebec. There was the issue of the Métis rebellions led by francophone Louis Riel (and his summary execution of Thomas Scott, who had in turn rebelled against Riel’s rebellion) that halted much francophone settlement and expansion westward.

      None of which, of course, has anything to do with the contemporary situation of francophones in Quebec.

      In the 19th century, Quebec City was almost half Irish (i.e. anglophone). The Simons clothing chain family are descendants of Scottish immigrants. Today, Quebec City is 98.5% francophone. Its anglophone population has almost all been assimilated or chased away. It has become an insipid, homogeneous city that separatists apparently want to emulate everywhere.

      Oddly, though, I don’t detect a note of sadness, commiseration or sympathy on the separatists’ behalf about the active efforts to extinguish Quebec’s 300-year-old anglophone culture.

  17. @Editor - I just thought I'd point out why some commentors choose to impersonate Student and why everyone here likes "fake" Student more:

    "well if you're positive you weren't a dick prior to described behavior then i don't believe a montreal hotel clerk has refused to speak english. sorry."

    And let's not overlook this little gem:

    "good boy. and another yes vote." - reference to Troy's statement: "Does Quebec still need to be independent? Of course. The jurisdiction can not grow further without being burned to ash first."

    The separatists who litter this blog are always quick to request the courtesy and respect they'd never dream of giving others.

    1. I also like how the non-fake student thinks that he’s making a difference by responding to almost every comment (which tellingly indicates that this website is indeed important, certainly much more so compared to the separatist blogs that have zero comments) when in fact, what he is really doing is highlighting the flimsiness of PQ dogma, as well as revealing his own ethnic chauvinism.

      Go, go, Energizer bunny!

    2. @the cat

      "I also like how the non-fake student thinks that he’s making a difference by responding..."

      if i were to use your own logics, i would conclude that you consider my contribution "important" and that you think you're making a difference. but i wouldn't do that cause i prefer to use robust arguments.

  18. Et une de moins :)

    Queen of Angels Academy high school to close at year's end

    1. @anonymous

      that's a hainous comment mate. haven't you read the blog's rules? you are not welcome here.

    2. I see a lot of hateful insulting comments from you student

      What about S.R.'s glee about the closing of another English school? Is that not hateful? Why don't you call him out on it?

    3. @anonymous

      oh the editor deleted your hateful comment. i'm sorry for you mate. you'll have to find somewhere else to spit your rage. so long.

    4. student, that has to be the most entertaining thing you've ever posted : YOU telling someone they're not wanted here.
      BTW, YOU should re-read the rules, particularly where it says " gratuitous personal insults and ad hominem attacks are not allowed."
      Sorry to interrupt, Pot, you were telling us how black the kettle is.

    5. @diogenes

      please quote me. so we understand what you're ranting about.

    6. Why don't you answer the questions directed at you at 3:53 PM, student?
      Is it because you're comments here are made in bad faith?
      Is it because you're an insincere participant?

    7. @anonymous

      oh! sorry mate. here's my answer: no i don't think s.r's comment is hateful.

    8. @student Thank you for clearing that up for myself and everyone else who reads this blog! The responses that you and S.R. spew out simply reinforce my views towards separatists and strentghen my conviction that Montreal needs to separate from Quebec! Cheers mate, thanks for the good work! Keep it up!


  19. Well done Quebec...another example of the hate coming form the french community in Quebec....well done...

    Woman who asked to be served in English told to leave hospital AND province...

    1. Probablement une infirmière Québécoise qui a déjà passé une semaine dans un hôpital au canada.

  20. This just in:

    U.S. military giving troops more leeway for religious clothing, beards

    (Reuters) - The Pentagon took steps on Wednesday to give individual troops greater latitude to wear turbans, head scarfs, yarmulkes and other religious clothing with their uniforms ...

  21. Editorial: Were We Just Marois’ Pawns?

    Students suspect they were used by the PQ. Really? The unions are in bed with the PQ. The unions backed the student protests. The PQ manipulated their way into power. These students have a lot more learning to do.

    1. How shocking - they must have been astonished when one of their leaders was hired by the PQ right after the election! Makes you wonder what they are studying and smoking.

    2. Leo Bureau-Blouin is a PQ MNA, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois works for the CSN labor union, Martine Desjardins works in media. Not surprising, with a Liberal Arts background one doesn't usually end up in a private sector company where one has to fend for themselves. My guess is that they smoke whatever they can get their hands on! Some of them get to brag that "CEGEP was the best 8 years of my life".

    3. @theo

      "Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois works for the CSN labor union..."

      false. he did a stint with them but now he's a student.

      "...with a Liberal Arts background one doesn't usually end up in a private sector company..."

      quebecor is a private sector company.

      you got one out of three mate. that's kinda poor. ignorance or a go at misinformation?

    4. Théo vient officiellement de joindre ed,cutex003 et homh dans l'écurie des "worst" :)

    5. @s.r

      you're hard on theo. he tries his best but i think he's not evil enough to ever hope of reaching the coveted podium. maybe one day, with chunky doses of galganov poison, he might get rid of his remaining morals and compete with the worst.

    6. "galganov poison"


    7. HaHa! It's hilarious reading statements from dumb and dumber.

  22. Being spread around the USA - more bad publicity for us:

    1. the word is getting out, i love it...people power...the politicians won't listen, we can do ourselves...

    2. Seppies don;t care about "universal human rights". Laws can be changed to fix problems like that in their world. Whatever the majority currently wants no matter how dangerous we go that way.

      This is how the National Socialist Party came in. Give them what they want. No matter how ugly. The population ignore the laws when it comes to certain classes of people.

      Seppies are obsessed with their "pride" however. Publicity making fun of them, exposing the faults up here, language harassment, corruption etc.

      This is gold.

      Most seppies will never be able to read any of this. They can only explore "Quebecweb" the self imposed Francophoen internet.

      The but of the joke doesn;t have to be in on it for it to be funny tho.

  23. Oh my fucking God - NOW I've finally seen it all:

    Love the reference where separatists are compared to the Jews of WWII.

    I don't think that one can be topped.

    1. By AnecTOTE

      Very telling is that they mention 2016 as the year they win the Refendum. Also telling is that cell phone...from how long ago? Not to mention the inference that they have inside people and these same are f...them over...mmm. I loved how the terrorist name is Paul Belanger, I guess they were trying to go somewhere with that?

      Very entertaining...very revealing. Ottawa should pay attention to that little video. Imagine if the Anglos produced something similar here, inciting such violence and terrorism. They arrest people for far less these days, don't they?

    2. @ Couillard anonyme

      Je comprends votre étonnement. Pour ma part, j'ai apprécié la tension dramatique et le revirement final.

      @ Handjob my Hijab

      La seule chose qui pourrait intéresser les fédéraux est de ficher les artistes et artisans qui ont participé à cette fiction. Puisqu'il faut être indépendantiste pour jouer dans une telle mise en scène. Mais comme on est plus dans les années 1970, cela ne les intéressera probablement pas.

    3. @Editor can you please hang yl's above comment the same way our beloved English ancestors hung his loser French ancestors after beating their socalled army?

      @yl - why is the guy on your flag walking around with a gun? Last time I saw him he had a nice thick rope around his neck and there was shit running down his pant leg. Is that really what you want as a hero?

    4. @sylvain raciste

      how can you hope of ever inspiring relevancy when you ask the editor to remove a comment you are responding to?!?

    5. Do you even know what it is you're talking about? Why are you even here right now? Shouldn't you be getting gangbanged by the male member of the Jeunes Patriotes? Heh, our little bukkake princess?

    6. @sylvain raciste

      ??? why are you doing this to the editor mate?

    7. You mean remind him that he treats pieces of shit like you and s.r. like you were actually human and worthy of dignity when he should just delete your negative asses?

      Is that your question?

    8. no. my question was why do you trash his blog like this? what did he do to you for you to retaliate so hard?

    9. By AnecTOTE


      Pls see comment at 4:54pm on this thread, it merits removal. Thank you.

    10. @hands off my hijab

      " merits removal."

      you forgot to explain why it does so in your humble opinion.

  24. FROM ED
    "Many of the federalists on this site have admitted that the PLQ is both impotent and corrupt - we've never tried contesting what is a flat-out fact."
    Aonoymous Coward that is a treacherous vilification of the Liberal party. You claim to be a Federalist but would defeat the only peopel that can save us from this hell that we're in. There has never been anything produced saying the Liberal party is corrupt. I'm sure you know this but if you feel you have some evidence bring it out or shut to hell up. Slandering innocent people is scandulous.
    It was infamous lies about the Libs that cost us the election and brought in the devils from Hades. For some reason, you and others like you are working to reelect the enemy. At least be honest and say nothing if you can't at least post the truth. Ed

    1. haha! ed thinks is a news website.

    2. I guess all of that 200,000 dollars for the red cross came from anglo/allo Canadians and not from the cheap ass francos.

    3. Mr. Brown,

      This time the Quebec Liberals and Philippe Couillard do fumble the ball and the PQ recovers it and runs it deep. It is still to see if the PQ will be able to make a touchdown, a field goal or if the Quebec Liberals will be able to get the ball back.

      Now, football analogy aside (it is a week to the Super Bowl anyway), the LPQ had very high lead at the beginning of the Charter affirming the values of State secularism and religious neutrality and the equality between women and men, and providing a framework for accommodation requests debacle. They managed to position themselves as the party of economic progress and the PQ as a party looking for election issues. The poll was at its peak when Dr. Couillard stated "Over my dead body".

      Since that time, instead of pushing the economic issues harder, the PLQ took a step back and got mingled in the Charter affirming the values of State secularism and religious neutrality and the equality between women and men, and providing a framework for accommodation requests polemic. They then flip-flopped their positions instead of making a strong stance about it. And what is unforgivable for me is that they abandoned the economic issues even though the current situation is completely on their favor. Basically, the LPQ let the PQ get them to dance on PQ's music.

      One may put the blame on Fatima Houda-Pepin on this. However, if Dr. Couillard is such a strong and decisive leader, he would not have let one single member derail the direction of the whole party. He would have made Ms. Houda-Pepin choose her conviction without expelling her from the caucus. If they should part their ways, let is be Ms. Houda-Pepin's decision, not the party's, an error that the BQ made.

    4. FROM ED
      TROY, I think Dr.C did the right thing with HoudaPepin. To eject her would have had the female voters up in arms. He also gave the decisiojn to the whole party. He is not Marois. He is not a ruler, he is a leader amalgaming the thoughts of others in the party. His supposed waffling has done well for us. It's because she sees him as ineffective that she might call an election. Three points is nothing As McPherson says the Liberals always seem to be underpolled. The poll of Jan.21st shows the PQ only one point ahead. People will remember the peace we had only 18 months ago. The folks on the outbacks are not stupid they know their welfare comes from Canada. Couillard knows not to start electioneering until an election is called. Disputing the PQ now would b a waste of ime it would only bring about denials by the ton. When the election is announced Dr.C wil be at full strength and we can get behind him and squash the PQ out of excistance. Ed

  25. GB : une fratrie musulmane tente de kidnapper une « salope blanche infidèle » [Vidéo]

    GB : a Muslim Brotherhood trying to kidnap a 'infidel white bitch.

  26. Ukraine is a model for Quebec now.

    They stormed and took over the union headquarters first (just like Quebec).

    They accuse the govt of abusing it's power (sound familiar).

    The parallels go on and on.

    What people need to remember is how quickly situations can change. When peaceful people are forced to defend themselves it will happen quickly.

    The PQ are just fanning the flames that will end up partitioning the province, "balcans" style .

    1. "When peaceful people are forced to defend themselves it will happen quickly."

      Allez-donc manger un...Donut,ça vous calmera les esprits :)

    2. By AnecTOTE

      You really do have a fixation with donuts, don't you s.r. You probably enjoy them more than you'd like to let on. You like to belittle the posts from cebeuq, but you always seem to pay particular attention to them I've noticed. LOLOLOLOLOL, Insomnia? Lol

      It's scary sh*t ain't it what he describes? You're on a slightly different scale from pinstripes, (operative word being slightly), I think you are really bothered by that post.

      If you actually do get to see another Referendum during your lifetime and the seppies win it, I think you know the shear strife you will live through. You prefer not to think about it. You are so inebriated by this gleeful ideal vindicating you, you have completely abandoned your sense of Logic. Pride and arrogance prevail. I hope they feed your tummy when you're broke and starving. No one will come to rescue you, especially since are being played, not by those who run Canada, but by those who run the so-called "nation". (Oh can't be! )

      But, what if I am right?

    3. @Hands on my St-Boni face covering

      Pourquoi les angryphones sont incapables d'organiser une manifestation?

    4. By AnecTOTE


      Grow a pair and answer the question: What if I am right?

    5. Nous allons mourir dans la faim,le feu et le sang sous le regard amusé des canadiens.

    6. By AnecTOTE

      Without a doubt, it is what you will deserve for the ingratitude you show this country, who bows to your every whim, except no one will be amused s.r. It is so unbelievably sad that you perceive Canadians (RoC) to be such a sadistic crowd.

    7. @hands off my hijab

      "But, what if I am right?"

      if you are right it's going to be hell mate. thank god you're so wrong all the time.

    8. By AnecTOTE

      "Pourquoi les angryphones sont incapables d'organiser une manifestation?"

      Now, to answer your question, we live in a technologically driven world. Sure, we can organize marches and protests and who says we won't, but we shouldn't discount the benefit and advantage of blogs sites such as these and-the-like. We communicate with the entire world right from our homesteads. And it is much more effective. By yourself, s.r, you give us immeasurable attention!

    9. Croyez-vous que le printemps érable aurait eu autant d'impact si il s'était produit exclusivement sur le web?

      Êtes-vous consciente de la quantité d'absurdités et de demi vérités pour la plupart non fondées qui circulent sur les médias sociaux?

      Pour l'instant l'intervention des anglos (bashing) dans les différents médias (sociaux ou non) à eu l'effet inverse de celui escompté,c'est-à-dire un appui massif pour la charte des valeurs ainsi qu'une remontée des Péquistes vers une majorité.


    10. AnecTOTE

      Bull crap, the resurgence toward a possible PQ majority (maybe) is because fundamentally all French Canadians in this province have a tendency towards separation, and it lurks underneath their very being ALWAYS, they just needed a trigger, and the charter was indeed the thing. Your PQ chiefs know this and they astutely used it. It has nothing to do with Anglo social media...please. Now, just because they are for the charter, does that mean they will throw caution to the wind and recklessly vote in a PQ majority? And even if the PQ get elected as a majority government, who is to say they will make good on delivering another Referendum? They know full well the hand that feeds them, they have lived 4decades blackmailing this country and it's worked out perfectly for them, they have their cake and have eaten it too.

      I honestly didn't make you out to be this naive ...mmm but good luck with that!

    11. Support for the Charter does not mean automatic support for the PQ party and all their policies nor does it mean automatic support for a referendum and an independent Quebec.

  27. Central casting could not have chosen three better specimens of the PQ Quebecer.

    Editor, when do we get an article called.

    "These 3 idiots have as much voting power as 5 west islanders".

    Pervert democracy. Steal and cheat, just like at Charbonneau. That's why the riding's look like they do.

    It's not honest and it breaks the rules they setup but they won;t redress the riding's.

  28. 69% of francophones support Charter of Values

    The other 31% of francophones, names will be removed from the list of pure-laine voters/citizens the PQ keeps.

    1. Watching those "home grown" quebecers on tape was so embarrassing for quebec! Talk about looking like a bunch of hicks. They should never travel and be like the rest of the separatists in this place - they made us all look ignorant and stupid to the rest of the world.

    2. By AnecTOTE


      The fact that the "hicks" were even allowed to present is proof positive seppies (in particular) are being played by the powers-that-be. Obviously these people were interviewed beforehand, those who allowed them to present were well aware they are hicks...they put them on anyway...cause at the end of the day...the Hearings are nothing but a PR moment for the PQ. They are chasing the "hick" vote..ok, we know this...but omg, what does this say for them, miss piggy and company, insulting the French Canadians of this province by showing off such a "provincial" and backward model of a Quebec family, for the world to see. Don't we usually hide these types of relatives away from the general public? Lol

    3. Yes, I guess we should feel sorry for them being so blatantly sucked into the dirty politics that is quebec. Most people, though, would have seen through this sham and refused to go before the hearings and make fools of themselves. Doesn't say a lot about either party - them or the politicians that made them look like country bumpkins all over the world. Such is the disgusting politics of the PQ party and of the quebec mentality.

  29. Surprise - the hotel industry is in crisis in quebec. Boycotting quebec is gaining in popularity. They want to live by themselves and not be bothered with "others"? They should be proud: it's working.

    1. Cutie,

      Sounds right to us. Why would people want to visit the beautiful but otherwise toxic province of Quebec?

      rude people
      signs you can't read
      strikes and protests

      Instead you can take the kids to a real world class city. NY, LA, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver etc.

      No business conferences here of any consequence or size. Removing large hotels just kills pretext of being able to compete in that world anyway.

      The more Quebec reinforces it's arrogant french brand the less tourists want to come here.

      What a surprise. France learned this years ago and the people stopped being as hostile.

      Quebec is always old recycled France. Like a worn out tire.

    2. "Like a worn out tire."

      Vous ne manquez pas d'air.


  30. Just announced:

    Anthony Housefather, Mayor of Cote St. Luc is to run for parliament as a federal Liberal replacing Irwin Cotler who is due to retire.

  31. L’audace du désespoir

    "Oh boy!"

  32. Charter ‘Philippe-flops’ erode confidence in Couillard

    Moi je dis,merci M.Couillard

  33. the dread

    Better hope for a Mtl referendum, otherwise we're in big trouble!!!!

    1. Well time for a referendum and then we can legally split the province into the pieces that deserve to be kicked out. 40 years of them holding us back from economic success and happiness is enough anyway and considering that the federal government has ruled that partition can only happen after a referendum, then it's time to get them on their way. Can't live with them but we sure as hell can live without them and live a much better life than we have now with everything falling apart at the seams. Their dream of keeping the borders intact will soon be abolished.

    2. Pourquoi les angryphones sont incapables d'organiser une manifestation?

      @the dread

      Vous y êtes déjà dans le trouble et vous ne bougez pas.Qu'attendez-vous?

    3. @Editor

      The dread vient de nous attaquer personnellement moi et mes rats,alors que j'ai simplement posé une question pertinente concernant l'activité et l'efficacité des différents groupes d'angryphones.

      Comportement inacceptable!

    4. Oh!!!Did I hurt your and your little friends' feelings, you poor little thing!!! Need Mommy to make you feel better!!!

    5. That's what these guys do. They come here, and throw a few nasty names and dirty words around to the others on this blog (including the Editor himself), then the minute anyone here raises the back of their hands to them, they go running to the Editor.

      They're just like their conquered ancestors - weaklings who have no chance of victory. What can you do? It's just one of those things that happens when you come from a long lineage of haybailing hillbillies.

  34. And more on the corruption of the PQ Miss Piggy and hubby:

    1. Cutie, that's only unethical to us.

      To the unions and politicians in Quebec this is allowed.

      Culturally the ideas of theft of funds is different in Quebec. The locals have been taught to ignore it when they see it.

    2. Lying, cheating and stealing is part of the Quebec value kit.

    3. Here's an older article about all the generous political contributions that come from the Marois-Blanchet families.

    4. By AnecTOTE

      The words value(s) and quebec should not be used in the same sentence. I can't keep a straight face.

    5. I hear that Patof is a political advisor to the PQ.

    6. By AnecTOTE

      Now that explains everything!,, hahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahaahhahahah

    7. J.F. Lisee can't say I am not knowledgeable about Quebec culture. Some of the best clowns come from Quebec!

  35. You know a piece of PQ legislation is wrong and foul when even hardcore seppies refuse to support it:

    Very surprised at one of the names in that group - but it shows that there is hope for some.

  36. i do not know why your half-wit premier is in my country all the time sucking up to us. I don't understand her francais, some kind bush language to me. I wish your leader could speakie the English but sounds like a retard speaking the English with grade 9 education. I learnie the english because I want a good job and want to be part of the good culture. please tell you leader to stay in chicoutimi and we want to do the business with the real country , the Canada. merci

  37. I'm presuming this comment comes from France where we want her to go and live and take those bunch of malcontents with her! I guess you don't want Parizeau owning land over there either? Can't say we blame you for either of those thoughts. The only good thing is when she goes to your country, we don't have to look at her ugly face here; the downside is she costs us a lot of taxpayers' dollars with her high life style while she runs around playing "Queen of quebec". I must apologize for her English though; most bilingual francophones speak much better English than she does and most of them are sane thank God. Good luck with her next visit which will probably be in a month!

    1. Ask him to write some sentences in French :)

  38. Here's a little good news on the union front - looks like they're losing clients in Quebec - except in the public sector.

    Les unions, qu'ossa donne?

  39. By AnecTOTE

    Well, well well...not all seppies are twits.

    1. Malheureusement,la majorité des fédérastes le sont.

    2. By AnecTOTE

      For being the enablers of this deadbeat province and still sending it transfer payments while it continues to disrespect them, I can't say I totally disagree with you.

  40. Here's how to get around taking the Language Nazi's test for professionals. A working nurse took an intensive program that gave him a Quebec high school diploma, making him exempt from the OQLF exam.


  42. While the rest of Canada evolves, which is the natural order of things, this province stays stagnant.
    It's still the Pepsi's and Tete Carre's fighting like we did back in the day - except now we're adults and
    the world has moved on - and all we do here is rehash the same old same old - there hasn't been a break
    in it for many many feels like we're still standing outside the local hockey arena
    hurling insults at each other. The embarrassment of this alone should stop any and all debates about
    language - it's enough for fuck's sakes. New York, Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco, London, Paris, multiple
    languages spoken everywhere - not one Politician or representative of those wonderful cities is standing
    on a soapbox screaming about language even though many languages are spoken in each of them. We're living in another era - and once you travel to any of the above mentioned cities you realize how redundant this province has actually become................a joke - a bad joke - on the world stage. The problem with the walls that the Quebec government keeps building - is that not only will they keep people out - but they will keep people locked in as well.................a virtual prison.