Thursday, December 5, 2013

French versus English Volume 99

Too little English =Too much French.

It was quite amazing to see the virulent opposition in the French media directed at a protest at a shopping centre, located in the heart of Anglophone country in the western part of Montreal.
Activist Murray Levine organized the protest because merchants have given up posting signs in English even though the law allows for it.
The mall's clientele is mostly English and Levine is demanding that the mall and its tenants demonstrate a little courtesy;
"Is something rotten at fairview? I'm not sure, is something rotten with bill 101, I am sure! Yet all the same the fact still remains in an area of Montreal while still complying with bill 101, the retailers at fairview could make more of an effort to place English signs. With that said still, today I am buying new $200 shoes, not at fairview. With language disputes growing daily, I reckon protesting outside of fairview will continue to grow. Shame...Shame" -Murray Levine
Now I well expected some strong reactions from French language militants and ultra-nationalist lobby groups like Impératif français, who used the word 'supremacists' in a press release, but I didn't expect such a harsh reaction in the mainstream press, especially La Presse, where the headline read;
"Too much French at Fairview Pointe-Claire"
(Trop de français au Fairview Pointe-Claire?)
 "There is too much French at the Fairview mall. That at least is the view of a Dorval resident claiming to want more bilingual signs and to achieve that end and has called for a demonstration and boycotts. Link{fr}

Now any article that uses a sensational headline that is untrue and patently false  cannot be particularly impartial.
I don't know Mr. Levine personally, but have followed the story closely and never has he, to my knowledge, demanded a reduction in French signage.
To pretend that a request for English signage is a demand for the reduction in French signage is just plain dishonest.
Shame on journalist Louise Leduc for a garbage article.

Boisclair exiled to James Bay

"André Boisclair will be earning about double that of his predecessor in his new post as the president of COMEX, an environmental review board for the territory covered by the James Bay agreement.
Boisclair follows in the footsteps of Pierre Mercier, who was earning about $90,000 a year.
Now the Quebec government is prepared to pay Boisclair a total $172,000 per year for the same job.

Boisclair, the former Quebec delegate to New York City, was relieved of his functions in September amid allegations of his past cocaine use, following testimony before the province’s corruption inquiry. 
He asked to be relieved from his diplomatic post in New York so that he could fight those allegations.
Boisclair’s new job will involve heading up a committee that plays a role similar to Quebec’s Bureau d'audiences publiques en environment (BAPE), with a particular focus on Quebec’s north, in the region governed by the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement.
Boisclair’s status will also be different than his predecessor’s.
Mercier worked on a contractual basis and invoiced his services at a daily rate of $372.
Over the past five years, he charged the government for a total of 242 days per year, the equivalent of about 12 months worth of 35-hour weeks, with weekly earnings of $1,860." CBC
 Insiders are revealing that Boiscliar wasn't happy with the offer and dithered for a while before deciding that this was the best the PQ had to offer.
Clearly Marois wanted Boisclair out of public view, and so buried him with under the radar, 'busy work.'

Quite a downfall from the chic life in New York City to trolling around James Bay.
Boisclair will make his office in Montreal, even though the offices of COMEX are located in Quebec City, but it doesn't really matter where you are, when your major occupation is twiddling your thumbs.
Remember when I told readers that Boisclair's decision to sue Jacques Duchesneau would be disastrous for him professionally? Well it's even worse than I imagined, Boisclair has officially been declared radioactive, and this by his supposed friends.
Duchesneau has already won, destroying Boisclair's career in short order. Probably worth the $200k risk.

Why do I continue to use the pig face?
Because it is unconscionable to accept this type of payoff at the public expense.
Boisclair has turned himself into a cheap joke, a poster boy for government waste and entitlement.

Drainville shrugs off  renewed opposition to Charter, even from friends

¡Ay, caramba!

"Bernard Drainville, Quebec’s Minister of Democratic Institutions and point man for the Parti Québécois’ divisive charter of values, is becoming a master at shrugging off criticism. On Wednesday, it was news that the Université du Québec à Montréal — as PQ-friendly a campus as you will find — had joined a growing chorus of universities denouncing the charter’s proposed ban on conspicuous religious symbols." Read more

Another stab in the back from Gilles Duceppe
Duceppe joins the 'mothers-in-law club
"Gilles Duceppe, who led the Bloc Quebecois on Parliament Hill for 14 years, says a proposed PQ ban on religious symbols in the public service goes too far.
He made the comments Monday to QMI Agency's French broadcast partner, TVA.
Duceppe joins former Quebec premiers Jacques Parizeau and Lucien Bouchard, both of whom say parts of the bill are divisive." Read more

And so Duceppe joins the ranks of the 'mothers-in-laws', ex-leaders of the sovereignty movement so named for their meddling and unsolicited advice.

Signs of revolt mount as more French universities reject secular charter.
"The University  of Montreal  searched its human-resources files going back 20 years and found no incidents whatsoever involving conflicts over religious accommodations. Whatever minor incidents occurred were quickly settled by applying the university’s internal rules, a spokesman said.The university decided at a meeting of faculty, student representatives and administrators on Monday that the government’s legislation serves no purpose.
“It doesn’t respond to our needs,” the spokesman, Mathieu Filion, said on Tuesday. He said the university is not taking a formal position against the bill, and will present a brief at legislative hearings in the new year. Link

To make matters worse
"Bernard Drainville, the minister responsible for steering the highly contentious secularism charter, was in damage control mode in Quebec City this morning.
He was forced to answer questions about a position paper written in 1998 by the then-education minister Pauline Marois.
Back then, the current premier was defending the right to wear religious symbols, encouraging school boards to welcome diversity." Link

Functionally Unilingual English Hampstead mayor leads charge against Charter

'We will not comply with a racist and immoral law.'- William Steinberg, mayor of Hampstead
"Hampstead Mayor William Steinberg said the charter goes against fundamental human rights.
"We will not comply with a racist and immoral law," he said.
"In the event that the Quebec government passes this odious bill, which will force people to choose between their religious beliefs and their jobs, it will not be enforced in Hampstead." Link
Hampstead mayor, William Steinberg---No speekee dee Frenchee...

Hampstead is a tiny enclave in Montreal of monied Anglos and may be the most Jewish city in the world, outside of Israel.
Single family  homes range from about $1 million to $4 million.

Protest in Cote Saint-Luc over Charter
"The city of Cote Saint-Luc, the town of Hampstead and two french universities are all taking stands against Bill 60 and in favour of religious freedom.
Several religious leaders and hundreds of residents gathered in front of Cote Saint Luc city hall Monday to send a unified message to the Quebec government – that democracy means protecting the rights of minorities.
“I just think the law is so odious and I think that my residents were getting nervous. They were getting upset, some of them, even telling me they were considering leaving Quebec because they're made to feel unwelcome here,” said Cote Saint-Luc Mayor Anthony Housefather.  Read more

English School board defiant
"Quebec Education Minister Marie Malavoy says school boards won't have much choice when it comes to applying the secular charter, once it is passed.
At a meeting Wednesday night, the English Montreal School Board (EMSB), the city's largest English-language school board, passed a resolution that refuses to carry out key provisions of the Parti Québécois's secular charter." Link

Montreal General Hospital blasted for weak response to Charter
"Two physicians have blasted the leadership of the McGill University Health Centre for its “pathetic” response to Bill 60, the proposed Charter of Quebec Values that would prohibit health workers from wearing religious headgear on the job.
At Tuesday evening’s annual general meeting of the MUHC, CEO Normand Rinfret alluded to Bill 60 in his remarks to more than 200 people, warning that the ban on “conspicuous” religious symbols would make it harder to keep talented staff at the hospital network.
“I can assure you that the MUHC will be heard in loud volumes about the great needs that we have as an academic health-sciences centre to be able to retain our people and to be able to continue to recruit people across all faiths, all religions and all languages,” Rinfret said.
But two physicians — one currently practising at the MUHC and another who just retired — took Rinfret to task for not wording his opposition to Bill 60 more strongly.
“I find your remarks pathetic,” Dr. David Morris, an endocrinologist at the Royal Victoria Hospital, told Rinfret during question period.
“We have to be much clearer to the government about the impact of the application of such a restrictive bill would have on our functions.” Link

Coderre's first Blunder-Champlain bridge too far

I told you in past blog pieces that politicians don't have to be necessarily intellectual to be effective, but those who aren't rocket scientists are prone to gaffes when taking a simplistic view of issues.

Unfortunately, such is the case of Montreal mayor Denis Coderre, who pronounced himself on the issue of tolls on the new bridge being built by the federal government to replace the prematurely aging Champlain bridge, which connects Montreal to the south shore over the St. Lawrence river.

There is a growing chorus of entitlists from commuters and businesses on the south shore who are demanding that the bridge be toll-free because quite frankly, they aren't interested in paying if they don't have to.

The entitlists are putting up all sorts of arguments, including the fact that the other bridges joining the south shore are free and so motorists will flood those bridges causing massive traffic jams. Also business (like the massive Dix-30 shopping complex) are complaining that customer traffic from Montreal will be reduced because of the toll.

So let me explain some facts to the illustrious mayor of Montreal.

1. Making commuting to the south shore more expensive, encourages people to live in Montreal, mitigating to some extent, cheaper taxes and housing prices in the suburbs.

2. Montreal shopping centres and downtown will pick up any business lost by customers too cheap to pay the bridge toll to the shore mega-centres. And by the way,  Montreal has parking meters throughout downtown and expensive parking lots, which is why to some extent,  customers go to the south shore. So stopping Montreal shoppers from going elsewhere to spend money, may be a negative to businesses on the south shore, BUT a positive development for Montreal stores.

I've told readers before, the toll to enter New York City over and under the Hudson river via the tunnels and bridge is about $6.50 one way (They actually charge about $13, but only entering NYC.) See the tolls
It costs NYC car commuters around $3,000 a year to live in the suburbs and drive into the city each workday.
Montreal taxpayers  already subsidize suburban commuters via the subway, where riders from Laval and Longueuil pay ridiculously low fares, considering the fortune it cost to build the long subway tunnels under the river.

Here's the reality that Coderre should understand. I'll make it simple so he can understand.

Confederation Bridge
The more expensive or difficult it is to enter and leave the city it is for commuters, the more attractive it is to live within Montreal.
Mr. Mayor .......think, before you speak.....

Now the entitlists on the south shore are mounting a petition to stop the feds from creating a toll bridge, all in vain, because all  major bridges that Ottawa is responsible for are PPPs financed through tolls including the Confederation bridge linking New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island and which costs a whopping $44 to use.
"The curved, 12.9 kilometre (8 mile) long bridge is the longest in the world crossing ice-covered water, and more than a decade after its construction, it endures as one of Canada’s top engineering achievements of the 20th century.
.....After four years of construction using crews of more than five thousand local workers, the Confederation Bridge opened to traffic on May 31, 1997, at a total construction cost of one billion dollars. Link
Whaaat???? Let's compare;

Confederation Bridge 
  •  13 kilometres long 
  • Four years to build
  • 1 billion cost ($2 billion in present dollars)
    $44 toll
Replacement Champlain  Bridge
  • 3.5 kilometres long
  • 5 years to build....
  • 5 billion cost
  • $??? toll (probably under $8)
Anybody care to comment?
By the way, the new bridge connecting Windsor to Detroit that Ottawa is building will also be a PPP project including a toll, so no matter how many names are placed on that petition, a toll-free bridge ain't gonna happen. 

I had to laugh at the story in le Journal de Montreal where Richard Martineau took his readers to task for protesting the toll.
"A petition is circulating against the toll on the Champlain Bridge ...
Is it not  normal that motorists who use the bridge pay to use it? Why should a taxpayer in Chicoutimi who never uses the bridge pay as much as one who uses it every day?...."
A taxpayer from Chicoutimi?  

ARE YOU KIDDING ME, Mr. Martineau! .......How about taxpayers in Vancouver or Toronto? Hmm.......

By the way, I'm glad to see Coderre adopting a new brand of politics at Montreal city hall;
"In his first council meeting as mayor, Denis Coderre faced criticism over an appointment that some consider a prime example of political patronage.
Coderre announced Tuesday his intention to make former journalist Philippe Schnobb head of the STM.
Schnobb ran for city councillor as part of Equipe Denis Coderre in Ville Marie’s St. Jacques district, but lost by 36 votes to Projet Montreal leader Richard Bergeron. Bergeron was among the critics of Coderre’s decision, saying Schnobb, a former Radio Canada journalist, doesn’t have the experience to run the organization, which is trying to increase its ridership and is dealing with a predicted deficit of $60 million for 2014.. Link
Hmmm...... Jobs for the boys?

Will higher book prices lead to more book-buying?

"In an attempt to protect Quebec’s dying small bookstores, the Parti Québécois government is drafting a new law to impose price controls on new releases.
The government announced on Monday that booksellers will be banned from discounting books more than 10 per cent in the first nine months of sales, limiting a tactic big-box stores such as Wal-Mart and Costco have used to take a big piece of the market." Link

 As the old saying goes......"The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions"

"I'm not sure making Quebecers pay higher prices for French language books will have beneficial effects either for the industry or the readers.
Quebec already suffers low readership and I'm not unconvinced that the already high cost of books is the problem.
Because of the limited runs, as compared to the English market, French books always cost considerably more;

Maybe that is why this French teacher went for the English version.....
Hey... is he in class???....oops.

Les 50 nuances de mon prof… FAIL

The lighter side

My Allegory of the week, 18-wheeler= PQ, Tow truck= us

The Champlain bridge project

Credit Ygreck
Minister Lebel ": We hired the best architect in the world!

Premier Marois:I would have preferred a sub-ministerial committee of the Environment department, presided over by a union comrade who could put together a hearing...blah.blah..

A Quebec Kippa

Don't you wish your child  had this kind of  drive and determination? 

"A good pirate never takes another person's property!
 I've spent hours and hours watching this Disney Pirate cartoon series with my four-year-old grandson. I never thought much about the idea celebrating child pirates, until l saw this posted online, a page from one of the associated books.

Is this the fantasy we're teaching our kids????
If so, Disney should consider other shows with similar optics.
How about a group of cartoon teenage drug-dealers who don't sell drugs and run a re-hab?
How about a group of cartoon teenage shoplifters who steal and then return the articles?
How about a group of cartoon teenage bullies who are kind and polite to all?

Too many French in Plateau 


Have a great weekend!

Bonne fin de semaine.


  1. Editor,

    It costs NYC car commuters around $3,000 a year to live in the suburbs and drive into the city each workday.

    Who does THAT? I shudder at the thought of actually drive to work in Manhattan every day and park the car there.

    1. Troy, it's just the point that a cheap New Bridge toll won't even come close to the Manhattan bridge and tunnel tolls. If anybody reading this blog is expecting me to pay for that bridge, you're way off your rocker, and I recommend seeing a doctor at the Douglas in Verdun!

    2. If you work in NYC, you earn NYC money.
      $3,000 is less than one month's rent of a small NYC apartment, and a year's rent at that price is going to be less than a third of your income if you are a skilled employee.
      As for driving, yeah, lots of New Yorkers have cars and drive them every day. The idea that everyone takes the train is a myth, easily dispelled by looking out the window at a bridge or highway.


    3. By AnecTOTE

      They should put Tolls on all bridges as far as I'm concerned. You want to live off-island but still have the perk to work in the city and earn a better salary, then pay for it. Otherwise move back on the island and pay Montreal city taxes. I have no prob paying for the bridge either the few times I use it.

    4. @anectote

      "They should put Tolls on all bridges as far as I'm concerned."

      i was really under the impression that you thought taxes were already high enough for the average dude. oh well i was wrong. anectote is proposing a new tax. fair enough.

      "I have no prob paying for the bridge either the few times I use it."

      ah! it's an egocentric point of view you're sharing! i should have guessed. you got me again as i thought you had put in a bit of brain work this time around instead of only gazing at the vicinity of your navel once again.

    5. By AnecTOTE

      Once again, the seppies want something for nothing, total vintage seppie!

      When will they ever learn that..Things cost money, Education costs money and Health-care cost money and yes, Infrastructure costs money. As far as Infrastructure is concerned especially, had OUR tax dollars, (The money WE ALREADY PAID into the system) been used for it's intended purpose originally, perhaps we wouldn't be in the mess we are in when it cones to this province's crumbling bridges and broken roads. But Alas, the money has gone to pay people running the seppie Unions and Mr. 3%.

      Yes navel gazing indeed is also the seppie way!!!! Just love how I am constantly given the opportunity to call out bullshit when I smell it...somebody get us some air freshner.

    6. @hands off my hijab

      "...had OUR tax dollars, (The money WE ALREADY PAID into the system) been used for it's intended purpose originally, perhaps we wouldn't be in the mess we are in when it cones to this province's crumbling bridges..."

      err... you realize it's federal tax money that we are discussing here? hopefully you do. then i can't do otherwise but to agree with you and conclude it has been mismanaged. but then why do you mix "seppie unions" and mr. 3% in this? you are confused mate.

    7. Its high time that people stop expecting the government to pay for everything. Remember the government is spending our money and is borrowing money from the banks to pay for all these things. The more the debt climbs the more screwed we are..the debt is sky high here in Quebec. Even the feds have a hefty debt. The era of free rides is coming to an end. If people want to have it have the good job in Montreal but live cheaply off-island..well its time to make these leeches pay their fair share. A toll is the perfect way..the people who use the bridge pay for encourages car encourages people to live close to their provides a reliable stream of money to maintain the bridge so it can last more than 50 years. Its a win-win but for people who are always trying to get something for nothing then its a big problem..

  2. Is anyone really surprised at the hatchet job La Presse (Louise Leduc) did on Murray Levine's protest for some LEGAL English signage in Fairview? If she actually reported the facts he would come off as a reasonable guy making a reasonable request. But no, Mme Leduc has to perpetuate the fiction that Anglos are out to kill French thus they must be portrayed as rabid angry franco-phobes who's very existence pose a threat to the French culture in North America. This charade has been ongoing since the 70's to buttress Bill 101's raison d'être. It keeps the ignorant francophone voters distracted from what's really going on in Quebec economically. Having Bilingual signs in stores is not against the law, it's makes good business sense. These retailers clearly either don't give a shit about their English speaking clients or are just too lazy to make a request for bilingual signs from their clueless Masters in Toronto. Just another reason to shop online or in Plattsburgh/Burlington as far as I'm concerned.
    As for Coderre and him pushing for a No-Toll bridge. It boggles the mind why he would back such a foolish notion. A toll would a) pay for bridge maintenance and upkeep (see GoldenGate bridge in SFO), b) bring in added revenue for the city (see London UK), and c) stem the tide of people moving off Island into ugly bungalows in Brossard. Off island commuters paid less for their homes and pay less municipal tax yet enjoy the advantages of having a big city a stones throw away. If they don't want to pay, they can use a free bridge. If they value their time at home with their family, they can pay to get home quicker. Time is money after all.

    1. Good points, L.D.

      That Leduc dame is just another in a long, long list of journalists who fabricate (read, LIE) about the truth because this reaches the Evil Axis of the Ignorant with what such ignoramuses want to read, hear and believe. Josef Goebbels would have envied what the French Quebec media broadcasts and writes, and how they pummel the messages, especially to the lowest common denominator, a.k.a. the Evil Axis of the Ignorant.

      I heartily encourage all minorities who have cars to do their shopping in Plattsburgh. I know one Jewish fellow who keeps strictly kosher at home that goes every Sunday to Plattsburgh to pick up much cheaper chicken and other foods (a paradox considering the Jewish population of Plattsburgh is minute compared to Montreal's). Considering what highway dairy products cost in Quebec (regulated by the government yet), between the much lower cost of various food items and gasoline, the trip practically pays for itself.

      I'm making a point of going to Niagara Falls/Buffalo more often and I have two disadvantages over the rest of you: (1) I have to pay a toll (GASP a toll; arrrrugh...(A TOLL!) to cross a bridge, and (2) from my home to the bridge it's an even 100km. For you, it's barely that right into Plattsburgh and shopping, save if you live in Laval or points north, but even then it's not so bad. Regular gas is about 98¢ per litre and even 93 octane is only about $1.03. I don't know about Montreal where prices are worse, but here in Toronto, at the recommendation of my auto mechanic, I get super (91 octane) at almost $1.45 per litre. The price spread between 91 and 93 octane in the U.S. is a measly 2¢ (per gallon...not litre...GALLON! At the Walmarts in Niagara, a 4Q jug of milk (3.78L) is $2 vs $4 for 4L in bags. 2L cartons of milk in Ontario are only about 60-70¢ cheaper than the bagged milk. Butter is half the price in the States and is better quality. The subsidies to farmers here is far too much.

      Get the point, folks? Do your darnedest not to shop in Quebec. Think of this boycott as what black people living in Montgomery, the state capitol of Alabama, as detailed in the 1990 movie The Long Walk Home. When upwards of 20% of dairy product consumption does not occur in Quebec, the farmers will be screaming for even greater subsidies to make up the losses. The black population went through an exhausting process to boycott the buses, and as the majority users of the buses, the city was losing a plenitude of money driving nearly empty buses going up and down the streets of Montgomery. Quebec will miss the gas tax. It may mean some more time out of your weekend (or day off), it may put some wear and tear on your cars, but if you want to show you will not tolerate the Charter of Hate, not to mention the ridiculous taxes, you should consider the sacrifice. In effect, the savings on the gas and food price differentials almost pays for itself. There are savings on other products, too, so look for bargains and save! Now that it's winter, you shouldn't have problems with perishable foods, and taking a cooler would help even more. I know. I do it!

    2. I stopped shopping at grocery stores that refuse to offer service in English. We have options now of stores run and owned by ethnics that have no problem saying HELLO or THANK YOU. I'm talking about stores like Adonis or Sammy Fruits which by in large, don't hire Unilingual Québécois people with a chip on their shoulders.

    3. Way to go JF - everyone should do the same. I know I do.

    4. I'm getting ready for a regular trip to Alexandria/Hawksbury for xmas wine and gas fill up.

      It's the triple advantage

      Deny Quebec tax revenue
      Save yourself money
      SAQ wine selection is 95% from mothership France with BC wines listed as "Autre Pays".

      Trip easily pays for itself and Quebec is denied hundreds of dollars in tax revenue that would be used against anglophones.

      It's the patriotic duty of every Canadian (even within Quebec) to help bring Quebec to it's "economic understanding" faster.

      Everybody agree's that we are bankrupt. The politicians will argue about "who done it". The answer is of course "All of them".

      The important outcome is bankruptcy. No Quebec politician at any level is capable of making the decisions necessary to steer Quebec out where it's going.

      The citizens must stop standing around and just accepting.

      We have 2 major hospitals and universities publicly talking about civil disobedience. Why should civil disobedience stop with the charter of pants and scarves?

      Bill 101 is another. Just fucking ignore it. Do what you want.

      The Quebec govt has shown us over and over they don;t deserve respecting.

      Even if one politician is actually working for something other then his own rezoning scam the parties together are dysfunctional. Lots of history on that.

      The nice part is Quebec will be told what decisions it needs to make after bankrupcy. Quebec will be similar to PIGS (Portugal Italy Greece Spain) in Europe. The EU is in the process of taking away their own powers every time they come back for more money.

      Look at Italy. Totally unable to change it's course. Really to describe Italy over the last 20 years is only to say one name. Berlesconi. Nuff said. That's why they need to be told what to do.

      That will be Quebec. Told by Canada how to run things. The power is shifting as Quebec goes farther and farther into debt.

      It's the duty of all good people to avoid paying Quebec taxes. Remember Harper just made interprovincial transport of PERSONAL alcohol legal. Kisses to our silent supporter in Ottawa(that's for all the people that say I hate Liberals).

      It's now LEGAL to goto hawksbury and buy a years worth of wine and drive home. Even do-gooders can get in on the act now.

      Do it. Save yourself a ton of money and deny Quebec the money needed to keep citizens on the social engineering treadmill.

    5. @lord dorchester

      please help me. i read leduc's article and i can't find the bit that makes levine look like a "rabid angry franco-phobe". of course there is no such bit.

      my personal opinion is you're loaded with bad faith and hope no one will double check what you blurt. sorry mate, i did.

    6. cebeuq,

      If one wants to save real money (with the exception of alcohol), go to Plattsburgh. Even after paying duties, big item purchase is still cheaper there.

      Having said that, now that winter is coming, one can really save big on winter tires by purchasing them online in the U.S. and having them sent to an installer in Plattsburgh or Burlington.

    7. Sans indiscrétion,pourquoi vous n'allez pas vivre aux É.U troy ?

  3. FROM ED
    Why would they need an architecht to rebuild a bridge. There was nothing wrong with the design of the present bridge. Just build a new structure to connect the approaches that are already there. Ed
    Incidentally Editor, I asked on the last thread if you would direct me to where you talked about macroeconomy. I'm proofreading David's paper for college and i understand it more now. Ed

    1. Ed, you're old enough to remember those stupid Quebec government propaganda commercials in the mid-60s when Jean Lesage was premier, aren't you? The narrator would begin with his voice heard in the background proudly reciting"KAYBEC KNOWS HOW!" all the while you'd be watching some kind of building project going on while the narrator describes the outstanding achievements they have done (well...allegedly), and at the end of the commercial, the narrator would again, with the greatest of pride, again sing out "KAYBEC KNOWS HOW!"

      «QUÉBEC SAIS FAIRE!»...if only it was true.

      "KAYBEC KNOWS HOW!" screw up at every turn!

    2. ED you're off your rocker.
      The current Champlain Bridge was designed before road salt was used on highways, which is one reason it failed.
      We've learned that concrete and salt do not mix. Hence we need a new design.

    3. @ed

      "There was nothing wrong with the design of the present bridge."

      at least you're coherent. vote for the liberals again thiking this time they'll be good. build the same bridge again thinking this time it will be good. coherent but still you're stuck in a rut mate.

    4. FROM ED
      Kevin, how does road surface require an archirtect? They simply need to change theroad surface product. The old bridge took three years fior the approaches to be built. The approaches are good. Changing them means a needless rermap of the area. New piles and foundation is probably not needed. The reason the bridge is failing is twofold. First it was not kept protected and second it was never meant to handle today's traffic. Ed

    5. @ed

      how would "changing the road surface" prevent concrete beams from fracturing ed?

    6. By AnecTOTE


      Ed is off his rocker Kev, he is old and senile and half the things he says don't make sense, pay him no never mind, I certainly don't, scroll right past his posts...will save you time trust me. His constant rants about the Liberals are enough to send you screaming out in the street yelling mommyyyyyyy. They are no better than the PQ, and we have to keep listening to the same Litany day in and day out, at this point the CAQ is looking better and better, think about it.

    7. FROM ED
      On the CTV news tonirght they reported that a Leger poll shows the Liberals well ahead of the PQ. They also say that support for separatism has dropped dramatically in the outlying districts, which is exactly what Couillardn has been promoting in his travels. Apparently the CAQ is at it/s lowet level and the hanfwriting is n the wall.Wonderful news. Ed

    8. @ed

      it's nowhere on the ctv news front page mate. can you provide a link to your story? if the link leads to your brain never mind, i've already gotten that one.

  4. The fact that the French (from France) who live here are worried that there are franco-Montrealers who are worried about there being too many French (from France) living here is awesome. It makes me love being a Montrealer through and through for so many generations even more than I already do.

  5. FROM ED
    Jesus Christ cat, pardon me for being alive. I made what I thought was a good suggestion. I never pretended to be an engineer ir any thing else but myself. I have never said I was smarter thannanyone, you have been soaking up Cutie's venom. How in the name of hell could my request to the EDITOR set off such a rant from you. I apologize profusely to the EdITOR who is probably still shaking from the upset my request caused and i apologize to every person in every country that reads this blog who spilled theit tea or coffee because of me. For your information I did google in what you said and i couldn't find it amongst the crap that came up. Incidemntally what I know about the bridge is what I see on the news and papers. I've never seen anything of what you're talking about. I didn't know you are an engineer but now that I do I'll be more respectful when I post. Like asking your permission first. Suggest you take a valium and setytle down. Ed

    1. Don't you dare blame me because of the problems you encounter when you post your condensing comments Ed. It's comments such as this "Suggest you take a valium and setytle down." and "it shows women know nothing of politics" that bring on the anger you reap. Try talking to everyone with respect instead of just "engineers" and "lawyers" and "people that agree with you" and you may see a change in their attitude towards you. I may sound angry with the politics in this damn province and I sure as hell am but am willing to listen to people when they make good points rather than shutting them down with condensing attitudes and "know it all" comments simply because I don't know it all by any means and don't profess otherwise!

    2. @cutie003

      "...simply because I don't know it all by any means..."

      i totally agree. good analysis.

    3. By AnecTOTE


      Anyone who disagree's with Ed is read the riot act, we are not allowed to have an opinion it seems. Just ignore him, he really ain't worth the trouble always attacking Legitimate contributors it's sickening. And talking about him IS a real waste of time.

    4. sorry - should have read "condescending" comments - I'm sure everyone realized that but just picked up the typo

  6. FROM ED
    Cat, since you removed your post I would like to remove mine but I don't know how. Ed.

    1. Because you have chosen to post as "Anonymous" rather than registering a username, you don't have the option to delete your comments once they have been made.

      However, if you wish, you can always privately email the Editor ( and he is able to delete/tidy up any of your comments for you as per your request.

    2. yes ed do like the cat says, ask the editor to remove your posts.

    3. FROM ED It.s been made clear to me that I shouldn't be bothering the EDITOR. Ed

    4. come on ed. it's for a good cause. ask him to remove your posts. everyone will benefit.

  7. If the merchants on the south shore don't want a toll on the new bridge let them offer to pay for the bridge. The other option is to give all the cars registered in Mtl. a free pass on the bridge, but anyone else is $25/ trip. See which plan they prefer.

  8. Nursing federation supports Charter of Values


    1. "The FIQ did not disclose how many of its 62,000 members were surveyed, nor when the survey took place.
      Sociology professor and polling analyst Claire Durand said that unless FIQ was willing to reveal the methodology of the survey and its response rate, its claim for support from members was "absolutely worthless.""


    2. The position in favour of the charter by the FIQ was taken in regards to a poll taken at a meeting of union organizers. It was the 600 delegates that voted in favour of supporting the Charter.
      I'm not sure it is representative of the rank and file.
      In fact, I'm sure it is not.

    3. 600 delegates is not enough?!? how many do you need mate?

    4. The FIQ was very careful to poll nurses in Quebec city, backwater quebec etc.

      Polls can easily be manipulated when you have and name,phone number and address of the people "randomly selected".

      The bias is in the way they selected the 600 people and the conclusions that flow from that.

      The distribution is chosen to make sure the outcome goes the way the PQ want.

      You are dealing with people that use gobbledegook confusing questions when they want to do things like separate. Anything that they can come away with a press release, no matter how much fraud went into it they pat themselves on the back.

      There was a great study that had recently been done to show that the farther left you are on the political line the more willing you are to lie for your cause and see the final outcome as more important then the methods to get there. Some google time in the future.

      The is exactly what we see in Quebec. The socialist PQ don;t see fraud, harassment, fake polls, misleading questions important as long as they "win" and it's for their side.

      Imagine if the hinterland Quebecois put as much energy into bridging the gap between themselves and north america (ie pulling themselves up ) instead of pulling everything down and creating endless social discord and strife.

      Why is it that Quebec schools don;t seem to teach that endless social discord and conflict eventually leads to violence and the destruction of the society.

    5. Yes, I was reading a lot of sites on line on FB and none of the nurses that made comments about the poll were ever asked how they would vote on it. There were about 8 or so, from two different unions, and they were quite upset with their union reps voting yes for the charter.

  9. "A petition is circulating against the toll on the Champlain Bridge ...
    Is it not normal that motorists who use the bridge pay to use it? Why should a taxpayer in Chicoutimi who never uses the bridge pay as much as one who uses it every day?...."

    I am not sure about this argument for the tolls. I am not against tolls, but why only the Champlain bridge, why only this piece of infrastructure? Why shouldn't we have to pay tolls on all highways as well?

  10. I don't think that tolls with help Montreal at this point.
    What Montreal needs to do is to attract families with young kids and having tolls will not help with that.
    We looked at the possibility of moving back to Montreal and, each time, our decision of not doing so had nothing to do with the cost of the commute. It had to do with schools, daycare and other family oriented services.
    I also have more and more of friends, engineers as I am, getting jobs off the island.

    1. How can you not find good schools and daycares on the island? Unless you're limited to french public schools that is...

      Yes, a house is more expensive at the moment, but add in your loss of time and amortized expense of car replacement and on-island living makes much more sense -- unless you are working in the 'burbs.


    2. The condo's that are being built all over montreal don;t have any family friendly places in them. They are all "optimized" to sell 1000 SQ 2 br places.

      They usually don;t have enough parking, no nearby schools and the local parks have needles in the sandbox and adults hanging out smoking crack (there is one around my place. Daddy, what's that glass thing in the mans mouth?)

      Quebec has rules for every microscopic part of our lives(language!) yet when they need to create a rule to control the mob/FTQ run construction industry there is fuck all.

      The moment a rule in this area is proposed the threats and violence will start.

      They could create a rule in a few days that 25% (whatever popuation ratio) of condo must contain apartments fo 200SQ or 3 bedroom or whatever.

      The city could do lots of things to serve the population. The point is that Mntreal isn;t run for the population. It's run for the benefit of the FTQ, PQ, etc etc.

      The population of Montreal is just supposed to "suck it up" and throw off money no matter what idiocy goes on around us.

    3. Sorry, I don't understand what your saying.
      "They are all "optimized" to sell 1000 SQ 2 br places." How is two bedroom not family friendly?
      "They usually don;t have enough parking" Why build too much parking when the condo is beside a subway station? The deeper the constructor have too dig, the more money it costs.
      "They could create a rule in a few days that 25% (whatever popuation ratio) of condo must contain apartments fo 200SQ or 3 bedroom or whatever." Why? The market won't support those unit. Why build them?
      "The point is that Mntreal isn;t run for the population. It's run for the benefit of the FTQ, PQ, etc etc." This isn't just a Montreal thing. In Toronto, most of the units are one bedroom, and those units sell the quickest. I thought it was a trend in most cities. I'm not the one usually defending the PQ, but why would they involve themselves with Montreal municipal affairs?

    4. @liam

      "I'm not the one usually defending the PQ, but why would they involve themselves with Montreal municipal affairs?"

      liam there's a pattern to follow: identify a problem and then find a way to blame the pq for it.

      just like you just did up there with gatineau unemployment rate inching up last month!

      do you understand now?

  11. Well even if it doesnt help Montreal then at least the people using the bridge will be the ones paying for it. I am a little sick and tired off people working in Montreal and then buying houses off island to save money and save on property taxes and then on top of it they want all of us to pay for the bridges they mainly use.
    Many people live off island so they can have the perfect new house..they dont want a smaller older home on the island..they want it all now..sorry but the least those peple can do is pay for the bridge that is used mainly by commuters.
    I think its shameful that everyone is whining about tolls..its not up to all Canadians to pay for a bridge that south island commuters will use.

    1. Actually, the one you want to keep the most can afford a house in Montreal but choose to live off the island for other reasons.
      And having an old house is not that bad compared to a school that falls apart or having to drive to the daycare.
      And it is a little simplistic to say that one doesn't contribute to Montreal simply by not living on the Island. Montreal doesn't have the workforce to staff the jobs on the island.
      Rather than complaining that people leave, Montreal should act to make them stay and, so far, I haven't seen much effort.

    2. Yeah I think a lot of the people you are talking about want it all now. They want a huge house with a double garage..they want it brand new..the jacuzzi tub..they want a huge lot. I know they can afford to live on Montreal island but they would have to lower their expectations somewhat. They also dont want to pay their fair share of taxes but have no problem working in Montreal and taking advantage of all the cultural activies Montreal offers. In my experiece its typically people who want it all now.
      And for your information Montreal has among the most affordable housing of any major city in Canada. Try moving to Vancoouver, Toronto, Calgay or Efmonton..all these cities have higher housing prices downtown.
      At the very least off-island commuters can pay for the bridge they use.

    3. I'm not saying that there are no people that want it all.
      But people like me who can actually afford it have other priorities. I live way below of what I could afford and it is the case of most of our friends. What counts for me is the quality if life for my family and I'm not basing it on the size of the house I own. As for the fare share of taxes, believe me that I already share enough.
      Also, don't worry, you don't have to say things for my information, I'm already pretty well informed.
      What you're saying are mostly the usual hearsay in the discussions between the island and the suburbs.

    4. I am sorry.but why should people on the island of Montreal pay way more in property taxes as off island people who use Montreal services often as much or more?? I live in the west island and I still have to pay 60 percent of my taxes to Montreal..yet someone across the river doesnt?? Why should I have to pay through my taxes the same amount for a bridge I never use than someone who uses it 5 days per week. On top of it the person using it 5 days per week purposely chose to live off island to pay less taxes and get the perfect house. Environmentally its horrible too..all these cars stuck in traffic..the vast majority with one person inside..all because they dont want to sacrifice anything. I personally think the city of Montreal should only hire people who actually live in the city of Montreal..likewise to all the other cities. Otherwise find a job off island if its so great there.

  12. "They also dont want to pay their fair share of taxes but have no problem working in Montreal and taking advantage of all the cultural activies Montreal offers. In my experiece its typically people who want it all now."

    "At the very least off-island commuters can pay for the bridge they use."

    Again, I have to disagree with this argument. Up until I moved to the South Shore in the summer, I was living downtown and got around on an old bicycle. Yet, my taxes were also paying for the billions being spent on highways (and a whole number of other government services I do not use). Why shouldn't we have tools on every highway as well?

    I am not against tolls, but in this case, I don't see why this one particular piece of infrastructure should have tolls, but not almost every other kilometer of road in the province.

    1. it shouldn't have tolls because the current one doesn't have a toll. it's a federal thing, it's broken, they need to replace it. that's it that's all. if it's going to be paid by quebec commuters they should have a say in its function, design, features, etc. in other words let mayors and quebec mna's come up with a solution. federal dudes coming up with a bad idea and having users pay for it is the least logical scheme.

    2. Do you know how expensive it is to build this bridge and then to maintain it?? We are talking billions to build..then millions and millions each year of maintenance. Its high time that the people who use the bridge pay for it. Just because it was free before does not mean it should remain free. Are governments swimming in cash student?? Have you seen the debt levels of the federal and the quebec governments?? Its not the 1960s anymore..we are approaching bankruptcy. So now its time for the users to pay. It will encourage people to live closer to will encourage people to will make people aware that their is a cost to infrastructure and that they cant expect the government to provide it all to them for will make the off-island people pay a fairer share of the costs involved with their commuting. Its a very fair way of dealing with it. I would put tolls on all the bridges..even 2 or 3 dollars each way would go a long ways. I am sure people could afford another 50-80 dollars a month given the amount they are saving on housing costs and property taxes.

    3. @complicated

      ok, then if locals pay for it locals need to decide on design, features, capacity and so on. locals meaning montreal and south shore mayors and provincial government. right now ottawa call the shots and they will send the bill to commuters. doesn't add up. don't you agree? the way it's setup right now is like if a farmer dug a backroad in his field and then asked ottawa to pay for it. nonsense.

    4. There should be tolls on the bridge as the ROC should not AGAIN have to pay for something that only quebecers use. Of course, should they ever separate, they will try to say it belongs to them even though they don't want to/can't pay for it. Only to the separatists is this logical thinking. Hand out after hand out - that's the way they want to live. Bums.

    5. "ok, then if locals pay for it locals need to decide on design, features, capacity and so on. locals meaning montreal and south shore mayors and provincial government."

      If that happens then the bridge will be as much a failure as the Olympic Stadium. It will probably collapse within 5 years, Lol!

    6. haha! durham you are so funny. it will collapse after just five years!! very good one mate. just like the olympic stadium!! haha. oh my. enough mate. haha.

    7. Everything for the past 40 years has been a failure in this Godforsaken province. They have learned nothing, don't intend to learn anything and have no desire to learn anything. We're stuck in the 1800s - that's where they want to live. Damn fools - think this is a village and not a province with 7.5M people. Just like a child with autism - they don't comprehend what's going on around them. Thank goodness there is hope for some of the children but hope for quebec is another matter. When the little babies grow up, if ever, they will see that the world has passed them by. And for good reason - the are totally unreasonable.

  13. And by the way, the tolls, I don't care. I just don't like it being used as an urgument that it will keep people in Montreal.
    It is not enough.
    Montreal is not attrictive for families with young kids and it needs a lot work if it wants to become attractive.

    1. Again, I don't know how you can say this unless you are limited to public French schools.
      I don't know anyone with even modest income who sends their children to CSDM or Marguerity Bourgeoys. If they are not allowed access to an English School they pick a private French school.
      The public French school system is pathetic and falling apart, no denying it, but don't pretend it's the only option.

    2. The most important thing is that your children are educated in perfect english so they are not limited to living and working in Quebec.

      Having children that would be trapped in Quebec for their lives without options would be no better then toothless "Pauline".

      Even if Quebec doesn;t separate, economic opportunity in Quebec is almost non existant. The Quebec state wants all of the population to grow up as mindless obedient bus and metro drivers.

      If you have ambition and drive, you don;t fit the Quebec model of lowest common denominator.

      Seppies don;t know what happens in the rest of the world, and the PQ likes it that way.

    3. @cebeuq

      "The most important thing is that your children are educated in perfect english so they are not limited to living and working in Quebec."

      false. you don't have to have "perfect english" to be able to work elsewhere. fluency is good enough.

      "...economic opportunity in Quebec is almost non existant."

      that's false:

      "The Quebec state wants all of the population to grow up as mindless obedient bus and metro drivers."

      false. pure quebec bashing. fantasy grade.

      "Seppies don;t know what happens in the rest of the world..."

      false. they do know other nations have become politically independant and enjoy it.

      mate yours was a bad comment wasn't it?

    4. AnecTOTE, please don't engage.

      Student has once again proven herself to be a less than worthy adversary. The proof? She tried offering this article: as a counter-argument to your statement that economic opportunity in Quebec is almost non existent.

      Someone who can't discern the difference between opportunity and capital risk should not be bothered with.

      Another reason to leave Student hanging is for the comments she made about Nelson Mandela below.

      They actually compare his plight to that of the uneducated beer-bellied poutine slurper from Hochelaga.

      If Mandela got a look at the Charte Des Voyous he would have been completely disgusted.

    5. By AnecTOTE

      I don't engage, but they follow me around like little lost seppies, lol. I can't help it that I get under their skin. Lol

      One thing is certain, I will not stand for them using my comments, twisting them around so they can manufacture some fake version of the Truth. They must be called out on their BS, and the Lies they spread, since ultimately, they post in some vain attempt to save quebec's face with international community who visit the blog,

      You know...YOU as well, have been known to engage when they so the same with your comments. In any event, as a favor to you, I will keep it in mind.

    6. @Hands off my dish cloth

      "I can't help it that I get under their skin."

      "manufacture some fake version of the Truth"


    7. "@Hands off my dish cloth"

      Way to go Separatist Raciste. Great way to lower the level of the debate.

    8. Le hijab n'est qu'un accessoire de mode,non?

    9. FROM ED
      Anonumous Coward, give it up talking tp Anectote is like talking to a billiard ball. She has made it clear she doesn't care about your feelings or the feelings of any one but herself. She seems to be low mentality because only a person with very low I.Q. would think that arguing with a robot is good sense. What galls me is that she and others do the same and blame it on the EDITOR for not deleting the trolls, after they have made so many posts that it's inpossible to do. What a low brow thing to do. Ed

    10. "@Hands off my dish cloth"

      Is a dish cloth a " un accessoire de mode"?

    11. Il s'agit d'une question de temps...Certains designers sont plutôt créatifs.

  14. Pauline Marois Government actions: Unemployment up in Gatineau, down in Ottawa.

    1. Please stop bashing Quebec.

      You can;t compare a free society like Canada to a nanny state like Quebec.

      You are comparing apples to oranges.

    2. @liam

      how is pauline marois responsible for the 0.6% change from october to november in the gatineau unemployment rate mate?!? i don't see this info in the article you supplied. you must have read this somewhere else. or is it another one of your gratuitous anti-pq rants liam?

    3. The province is responsible for setting up an atmosphere to attract business. The Marois Government has hurt Quebec competitiveness. Here is another example that the Marois Government has hurt Quebec economy:
      Le Parti Quebecois is working on Quebec's interest that's for sure!

    4. @liam

      right, so everytime a business opens or expands it's thanks to pauline marois?

      your logics liam can be used to prove one thing and its exact opposite. find something else you engaged in a dead end again.

    5. Total deflection, Student. I said the province has a responsibility to setting up an atmosphere to attract business in the province. I never said the government created the jobs. It's you that engaged a dead-end, and you know that Pauline Marois is hostile towards business.

    6. @liam

      "I said the province has a responsibility to setting up an atmosphere to attract business in the province..."

      exactly and to prove it doesn't do so you point at the gatineau unemployment rate that inched up. it follows that unemplyment rate inching up will prove the opposite: marois government succeeds in attracting business. and since unemployment rate actually went down in quebec last month, it follows, always according to your criteria, that marois is doing great.

      of course it's not a good criteria to evaluate the government. i'm just out to prove your argument is shit.

      "I never said the government created the jobs."

      and i never said you said so.

      "... you know that Pauline Marois is hostile towards business."

      i sincerely don't think she is at all. you are a victim of anti-pq hate speech liam.

    7. No source to back up your statements. I made my arguments and backed them up.

    8. @liam

      oh sorry! here is the source to back my argument up: .

    9. Again another great deflection. Way to go troll.

  15. Couillard affirme qu'il ne changera pas de style

    Tant pis pour lui...Il l'aura cherché

    1. he should adopt the good politician style as far as i'm concerned. he must have another strategy. what he's up to is quite cryptic.

  16. By AnecTOTE

    Until this hateful bill 60 is struck down and defeated, I will be known by this new alias.

    In true hypocritical seppie fashion, popo ordered the Flags to fly at half staff at the National Assembly Today, in honor of Nelson Mandella. In one breath she states that "Mandela's fight changed the history of a continent", with the other, she promotes the Charter-of-Hate, which is everything Mandela would have stood against (may he R.I.P.).

    His entire Life, Nelson Mandela fought to uphold Rights and Freedoms, to uphold the ideal of Democracy, and was described by Obama as "the arc of the moral Universe towards justice", so one has to wonder what he would of thought of this "Charter of Values". Mostly, we wonder what he would have thought ..of both Marois and Drainville?

    1. the dude led an oppressed majority to being "maitres chez nous". yes i wonder who he'd side with on quebec matters.

    2. Effectivement,je crois que l'évidence a encore échapée à notre ToTo nationale.

    3. I don't recall that after he led the Black majority to Freedom, that he oppressed the minority Whites and subjugated their Rights and Freedoms. Mandela preached "Tolerance and Inclusiveness" so you are way off base if you think he'd support the seppies on "quebec matters".

      Please ...have some Sense of Occasion right now and shut the hell up.

    4. @hands of my hijab

      "I don't recall that after he led the Black majority to Freedom, he (...) subjugated their Rights and Freedoms."

      of course he did, he ended apartheid! weren't you aware? if that's not taking away rights from whites i don't know what is.

      not only that but minorities are not oppressed in quebec, so that's a second reason why your analogy is shit.

    5. Les anglos du Québec oppressés ?

      Ça commence à chauffer sous le hijab,je crois.

    6. "Ça commence à chauffer sous le hijab,je crois."

      Again great way to lower the level of the debate

    7. By AnecTOTE


      My point exactly, there in black and white for the entire world to see!

      The more racist and xenophobic comments are made the more the look bad and bring shame to this sorry province. The don 't have to make such comments but the do. It is a hate filled society and the must be exposed. I am just facilitating that.

    8. "It is a hate filled society and the must be exposed."

      Comme la lapidation des femmes et les crimes d'honneur?Comme les mariages forcés de fillettes de 13 ans ou la mutilation des gais?

      Le monde est branché sur Youtube pas sur ce blogue.

  17. By AnecTOTE

    No he didn't. He wouldn't be the Hero and Icon he is if had behaved in a Fascist and oppressive way with the South African minorities as this present provincial government is dealing with ITS minorities. And minorities are not only oppressed in Quebec, there is an active campaign to pretty much..annihilate them, but then you know this don't you Pinocchio.

    Other than Hypocritical, seppies are Liars too. Wow nice going.

    1. By AnecTOTE

      "Qui sera votre Mandela Totte?

      Well that one statement has just validated the fact that Minorities here are, in fact, oppressed and need to be liberated!

      They say 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". This blog is that step. With any luck, it shall be the flame that spreads!

    2. Ben oui,c'est certain... " the magic blog " : L'outil qui a été essentiel à l'ANC

    3. By AnecTOTE

      "Ben oui,c'est certain... " the magic blog " : L'outil qui a été essentiel à l'ANC"

      Says the troll who is so paranoid and fearful that Minorities will start their own "quiet revolution" he practically lives in here, which beckons the question: Do you pay rent at least? Lol

    4. "...Minorities will start their own... "

      Des nuits d'insomnie...

      Le problème est que vous n'avez aucun leader,aucune organisation,pas de cohésion,pas de but précis mais surtout un manque de courage évident.Rien que de grandes gueules inoffensives.

      Un seul a mon respect et c'est M.Levine

    5. By AnecTOTE

      For those who falsely imagine 'The Cause' has no breath or Leader, think again.

      If we consider that we are the Minority, we sure are making a dent Our Way.

      AND the whole idea behind Montreal as a City-State was discussed here first! On this blog. Then it found itself to mainstream News and now we have our illustrious Mayor who has indicated he will go to bat for it. Lol. Now that's Power!

    6. Je sais pas quel âge vous avez mais ça prend actuellement 10 ans et parfois des débats sans fin pour seulement changer un nom de rue à Montréal...Alors.

  18. "Joanne Scullion

    This is the time in our history as an anglophone community to come together. Petty fiefdoms have only served to fragment our community.. An event is an event. It does not matter who organised it. Events can be used to talk about other events. If we continue to act like divas or lord and master we will flounder.Name calling is appalling ."

    Tiens tiens...Zizanie chez les individualistes :)

  19. Barry Wilson’s Postscript for this week: Quebec, where up is down and left is right.

    Once again, the long arm of the nanny state is reaching into your life.

    Now, Quebec just loves telling you how to act, what to do, and how to do it... all, of course, for your own good. So the government -- in one of its more brilliant moves--- thinks it can control the price of reading. And, in an even bolder plan, it thinks it can control the internet by taking on Amazon and other online book providers. That’s essentially what is behind this ludicrous idea.

    The bill would ban book discounts of more than 10 per cent for nine months in all Quebec stores and online. It’s another PQ attempt at social engineering to protect and promote Quebec authors (well, read: French authors) and help Quebec bookstores to survive, but it won’t work.

    Here’s what would happen: it would mean more expensive books, so Quebecers would buy fewer of them. Quebecers, who already do not set any world records for reading, would just read less. It’s just another misguided effort to try to artificially protect something that needs no protecting. And, in Quebec we know all about that, chapter and verse.
    Well, it’s just like the increasingly troubling debate over the charter. Here’s what we found out this week: the number of accommodation requests made to 11 Montreal hospitals in the past three years – one. The number of complaints in the City of Montreal – zero. You see, there is no problem, and that’s the point.

    The PQ is trying to divide Quebecers and even threaten social peace for a few more seats in the National Assembly. It’s a debate that’s based on bigotry and lack of understanding or acceptance of difference. And Madame Marois received a perfect 5.0 for a backflip in the “Eating Your Words” competition this week. You see, back in 1998 when she was the PQ’s education minister, she signed her name to this document on diversity in schools, and here’s a quote:

    “Schools, school boards, CEGEPs and the Education department must concern themselves with representing the ethno-cultural diversity among the staff. It is one of the grand goals of our society to aim for social equality and to battle against exclusion and discrimination in all its forms.”

    We really have fallen through the looking glass in Quebec, where up is down and left is right.
    Well, the pequistes finally found a job for André Boisclair. Our erstwhile delegate-general to New York has been sitting on the shelf for a while now, collecting $172,000 of your dollars. He has been named to oversee an environment committee in the far north and will earn about twice what the last holder of the job was getting.

    Boisclair left Broadway to launch a messy lawsuit involving allegations of cocaine use and granting a contract to a longtime friend. From the Great White Way to the Great White North… hope he packs a parka.
    Finally, our leaders could learn a thing or two from Nelson Mandela. We should all take some inspiration from his life with his lessons of justice, equality and inclusion. And as we approach the Christmas season, Mandela’s message is one that will resonate now and through the ages… a message that hope always triumphs over hate.

    1. By AnecTOTE

      “Schools, school boards, CEGEPs and the Education department must concern themselves with representing the ethno-cultural diversity among the staff. It is one of the grand goals of our society to aim for social equality and to battle against exclusion and discrimination in all its forms.”

      Yes, that was back in the day when she needed Minorities and there were no political rivals for hard-line seppies, like CAQ and QC Soildaire. Which really rams the point home about how disingenuous she is, as politician anyway. Today she worries about the 'balance of power' and the very survival of her political party and her political career, hence this odious charter. I hope it keeps her up at night.

  20. Folks, I just caught up on the comments here and just wanted to pipe up about the trolls. Why do you guys keep getting sucked in?

    Why are you waiting for the Editor to zap their comments and clean up the comments? That's not his fucking job.

    The Editor does enough by leading the conversation with his pieces, why should he spend his time watching over the sandbox?

    The trolls have never, ever read the Editor's pieces and engaged in discussion over the content. They come here solely for the purpose of baiting readers here into pointless banter.

    Now, I know they'll still come here if everyone ignores them, after all they've proven their sociopathy on more than one occasion.

    Folks the first step to burying their movement and putting their legacy of segregation behind us is to ignore them and keep them sitting at the kiddie's table while the adults discuss how to get things back on track.

    1. dude trolls are the only thing you seem to be interested in posting about lately. it's becoming unhealthy. try to address anglo rights topics as well from time to time. you would instantly become more relevant. or less irrelevant should i write.

    2. Anonymous Coward, We have to call the troll out, especially when they start an insulting anglophones or lying about Premier Marois.

    3. Liam,

      Why? It is not as if they care about your calling them out, nor do they show any awareness when their lies and flaws are exposed to them.

    4. Troy,

      Most of the trolls comment are frankly unacceptable or insulting. And ignoring them will make them even more annoying.

    5. FROM ED
      No Liam you DON"T have to call the troll out. That's exactly wbhat he wants you do to. My God man, how much brainpower does it take to understand that he is there to dsipute everything you say. HE IS THERE TO INSULT ANGLOPHONES to make them angry enough to tell him off.
      Is anonymous coward the only one that can see this. Are there others out there that feel the same way? Speak up so the EDITOR will have an idea of what he is up against. Is he going to get any backing from us or not?. Iiam, I thought you were on our side. Ed

    6. @ed

      "...he is there to dsipute everything you say."

      in liam's or anectote's cases it's true. with others less so. it depends on the falsity rates they use.


      woah! capital letters! like sauga. he also does it when he's not convinced of the strength of his arguments. and that's not why i'm here at all. it has more to do with a study of mine.

      "Iiam, I thought you were on our side."

      you are not very cunning ed. liam has always been on his side.

    7. Liam,

      Imagine this situation. There are dogs whose barks irritate you. You come to those dog and try to reason with them. Looking at your communicating with them, they become excited and bark some more, which in turn irritate you more.

      So, what do you think you should do in that situation? Talk to them even more or just walk away?

    8. @troy

      yes, except i'm not a dog.

      by the way you had never sunk so low troy. what's up?

    9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    10. Ed, respectfully if the editor wants me to stop posting, I will stop. Regardless, until then, I will speak out against the troll.

    11. FROM ED

      Liam, the EDITOR has already asked us several times asked to stop trolling.. Does he have to gwet on his knees.
      How can you not see that what you are doing is working against the rest of us that are ignoring the trolls? ED.

    12. @ed

      "...the EDITOR has already asked us several times asked to stop trolling..."

      so you do consider yourself and liam as trolls then right ed? and all this time i thought you guys were refering to s.r and me as trolls! it all makes sense now thanks ed.

  21. Le financement illégal coûte cher au PLQ


    1. it seems to be difficult for the liberal party faithful to be honest. ed do you copy?

    2. Honnêteté et PLQ sont des mots qui vont aussi bien ensemble que Rob Ford et sobriété.Mdr!

    3. Keep trolling Separatist Radical. I would take Mayor Ford over any Quebec mayor any time. At least, Mayor Ford doesn't always talk about increasing taxes and supporting Union thieves, like Pauline and her friends.

    4. La police de Toronto fait les frais du scandale Rob Ford

      De plus en plus de voix s'élèvent à Toronto pour réclamer non seulement la démission, mais aussi l'arrestation du maire Rob Ford.

      Effectivement,à la hauteur des bons "liberals".

    5. Keep trolling Separatist Radical. Mayor Ford is a great mayor. But you would rather have a mayor friendly with the union The police don't have anything to charge Mr Ford, nor do they have anything to charge Mr. Charest, nor any Liberal. But way to go on you're endless trolling.

    6. "Mayor Ford is a great mayor"

      Lorsqu'il est sobre? Lorsqu'il est complètement saoul ou gelé au crack?

    7. Mayor Ford is the best mayor. He is in City Hall for one reason and that's to control spending. Now, I know you like Union supporting Tax and Spend Mayors, but Torontonians will re elect a mayor that will control spending, if that's Ford, so be it.

  22. Wow, only in Quebec can you find problems trying to sell energy of all things:

    The PQ's plan to have their ultra-racist Charte des Voyous divide minorities has's now dividing white, French-speaking Quebeckers from one another:

    A little bit of English reading for our little amis colonisés who need a little bit of time out of their cocoons:

    What I like most is point #3...

    I do agree that the Charte des Voyous is good in that it has separated the wheat from the chaff. Anyone who supports it is little more than a common racist, so it's nice to see who all the closet bigots are.

    1. Surveillez le "trend" cowy,pas les détails insignifiants.

  23. I can not understand why there is so much controversy over the toll on the new Champlain Bridge. There is a toll on the Serge Marcil bridge on Autoroute 30 , the ring-road highway. There is a toll on on the Olivier Charbonneau bridge on Autoroute 25, bridge to Laval over Riviere des Prairies. So why it needs be different with the new Champlain Bridge?

    1. there's a better argument for tolls on new infrastructure. for replacement it's another story. should there be a toll on the 640 to 15 new overpass? should there be one on the new turcot thing when it's done? should there be a toll whenever new tarmac is laid somewhere? no. same for new champlain. it's a replacement, a big one but a replacement nonetheless. federal government fucked up the design? fucked up maintenance? whatever it is they should fork the money to solve the issue.

    2. @Troy I totally agree with you. Since the Champlain bridge had tolls up until 1990, I don't see what the bid deal is in having tolls, whether permanent or temporary, on the eventual Champlain replacement. I guess people will find something to complain about regardless what they decide.

    3. There should be tolls on every bridge into Montreal. I believe strongly that the people who use them should pay for them. Why should all Quebecers pay for bridges onto this island?? Plus environmentally its a disaster encouraging people to live further and further away from where they work. And many of these people are not paying their fair share of taxes but they have no problem working in Montreal and participating in all the cultural activities. Plus this would motivate people to carpool more..its ridiculous how many cars are on the road with only one person in them. Money is a great motivator.

  24. Editor,

    I find your pie chart referring to the percentage of Anglophones, Allophones and Francophones living in Quebec to be a bit misleading. Although people can be categorized as Allophone, they tend to carry out their lives either in English, French, or both. It would be false to say that someone born in Italy in 1950 is still living exclusively in Italian to this day.

    I have looked at the figures from the 2006 Quebec portion of the Canada-wide Census regarding language origins and have come to a reasonable conclusion that Quebec's Anglophone population is actually higher than what most people would believe. Please click here for the source data on Wikipedia Language demographics of Quebec

    Based on the following assumptions:
    1% of Native French speakers use English for the most part and have become Anglophones (it's probably more like 10%)
    25% of Arab speakers use English for the most part (it's probably higher)
    80% of Italians use English for the most part (it's probably more like 95%)
    80% of Greeks use English for the most part (it's probably more like 95%)
    The rest of the language groups are not that significant but I have assumed that those from Asia (Philippines, India, Pakistan, etc. where English is taught as a second language) are in the 80% Anglo sphere while Eastern Europeans are at 60% (it's probably higher as they learn English before coming here).

    Based on these numbers, I have come up with an Anglophone population in the 15% range in Quebec, which puts the absolute number at 1.15 Million.

    As a stand-alone language group, this represents a population larger than that of any Atlantic Canadian province, as well as Saskatchewan, while approaching that of Manitoba.

    1. MTL1973,

      But, but, but... According to Imperatif-francais, anglophones make up only 3% of the population of Quebec.

    2. @troy

      what part of "unilingue anglophone" don't you understand?

    3. "what part of "unilingue anglophone" don't you understand?"

      La partie en français je suppose.

  25. Somebody needs to explain to me this.

    Why is it not acceptable for those who work with public to wear ostentatious religious symbol but it is acceptable for the publicly-elected Members of National Assembly to sing obviously Christian hymn while in the National Assembly in official capacity?

    1. C'est un chant traditionnel du "temps des fêtes' Treuil.

    2. elected officials are a different deal. they are not expected to be "neutral" in all aspects as civil servants are. if the people vote for a religious dude in garb to sit as mna i don't expect him or her to take it off. i don't think marois and co to sing adeste fideles is incoherent with their charter project. i admit to a lazy eye it can look that way though.

  26. By AnecTOTE

    That Don Macpherson cracks me up!!!ée+Boisclair+chat/9256297/story.html

    Hilarious !

    1. C'est connu que les nazis et les musulmans détestent les gais.Les frères musulmans ont d'ailleurs leurs racines chez les nazis.

      Les Frères musulmans, c’est le nazisme et le communisme réunis

    2. Achtung!!...Hands off my Hijab


    3. @Editor

      By AnecTOTE

      The above two posts have nothing to do with Quebec's political reality and are completely irrelevant to the discourse, far removed from subjects at hand. I move to strike.

      Thank you.

    4. La vérité fait mal,n'est-ce pas Totty?

    5. S.R., you have just quoted a blog with no references. Great source.

    6. The Nazi/Muslim Brotherhood Connection

      Les Frères musulmans : qui est vraiment Hassan el-Banna, leur fondateur ?

  27. By AnecTOTE

    I suppose this is why everyone is bitching about Tolls on the bridge...

    per The Gazette: "Utility's biggest increase since 2006 could cost average homeowner $120.00 more a year."

    I smell Lay-off's !!! Yes Indeed!

    1. i approve your nickname change mate.

      i wish you a happy virtual experience under hands off my hijab. may you have learned from the misfortunes of ruined anectote and offer a better contribution from now on.

  28. Tut!v Tut! Tut!
    I've been away from this blog for six hours and I come back to a virtual food fight...
    Doesn't anyone have anything to say on the half dozen stories and issues that I presented in this piece?
    ...just asking.

    1. Two ways street, Phil.

      The trolls have been indulged, and while it is very true that you have better things to do than to police the comments 24/7, a little more militancy could help in the deletion department.

      S.R and Student have relentlessly violated the rules you declared in your "housekeeping" post....and totally gotten away with it.

      If you need help with comment moderation, I'd be happy to volunteer 30 minutes a day.

    2. FROM ED
      EDITOR, if you want serious discussion the trolls have to go. The two worst offenders are Liam and Anectote with about 95% of troll bait between them The answer is simple get rid of them and the trolls will be nothing. If you delete them until they wise up the blog will improve 95%. If you don't we all have to live with the consequence of your inaction. .They jhave both said they will not stop. So, it's up to you. My fighting against the trolls is only making me disliked and getting me in too useles argumentss. Ed

    3. @anonymous coward

      mate the editor directly asks you to focus on the day's subjects and you reply with a comment on trolls? the exact very thing he wishes you not to do?!? i dare you to ask the editor who he thinks the trolls are...

    4. @ed

      i agree with you ed. zap anectote and liam. it will be a good step towards healthier debates.

    5. Again I disagree with Ed - if you get rid of anyone may I suggest you get rid of student especially as she has a comment every 3 seconds. SR is nowhere near as prolific. Thank you. We need both AnecTOTE and Liam as they are federalist and very intelligent people - the separatists we can do without.

    6. @cutie003

      " she has a comment every 3 seconds."

      what is the minimum required lapse between two comments mate? i didn't know there was such a constraint.

      "...the separatists we can do without."

      haha. this longing for the great circle jerk will always be fascinating.

    7. Looks like time to make a choice, Phil.

      Respectful separatists like Michel Patrice bring logical, coherent arguments to the table, while the you-know-whos add deadweight.

    8. @anonymous coward

      you think michel patrice's arguments are logical and coherent? why aren't you a separatist then? what more than logics and coherence do you need to be brought to change your mind?

    9. By AnecTOTE


      Thank you for having my back and for calling a spade ....a Spade.

      Ed would have me censored and spends all kinds of energy coming after me when I am not the enemy. He fails to see that the trolls hang around cause they are grievously worried of the momentum we rev up on this blog. Again ..what people fail to grasp is that they are not here for me or you and will use ANY comment to bounce the ball in order to protect the FAILED 'quebec' brand. That's it. For them, it is about saving face, and protecting A else can they keep the the ignorant, brain-dead population who follow them in the dark and keep the Lies going? Clearly they feel this blog is a real threat, this blog opens people's eyes and reveals Truth and Reality ....I really wish people would see that.

      Now, Editor being the democratic person he is let's everyone have a say...I say..Go with it....cause you know what people, with all the criticism he's been getting from the Lot of you lately, it is a wonder he doesn't shut the Comments section down altogether...AND THAT'S exactly what the SOB trolls want.

      But you go ahead and keep bitchin' whatever...those assholes are lovin' this...

    10. "this blog opens people's eyes and reveals Truth and Reality"

      Why Do Muslims Hate Everybody?

    11. By AnecTOTE

      "....Respectful separatists like Michel Patrice bring logical, coherent arguments to the table,...."

      Really? Mmm doesn't he have a "Brand" to protect as well? And keeping that in mind, who would be surprised if he is the puppet master behind the scene driving these idiot trolls?

    12. My sole purpose on this blog is to fight the separatists AnecTOTE - It is my pleasure to have your back as well as Liam's - Ed is again after the wrong people - I don't bother with the trolls myself but each of us has the right to do as we see fit - one of the few "rights" in this province that haven't been removed yet - keep fighting the battle in any way you wish - people can scroll past if they like - that's what I do. As soon as I see "student" on anything my eyes glaze over!

    13. By AnecTOTE


      I completely agree, scroll over it if you have a problem, not sure why this is such a challenge. When trolls fabricate manufacture or distort Truth they must be dealt with. Why? Because we have a responsibility to do so for the sake of international visitors to the blog. Which is why these assholes hang around and keep trying to sugar coat the untenable situation that this province has become, ....well not on our watch. And the more creative they become with their insidious attempts to disrupt and deflect the conversation, the more proof we have that they are freakin' running scared and fearful we're accomplishing something and having an impact. I say..use their ball to bounce you're ball, then it isn't a gratuitous comment or a wasted one and you are feeding them rat poison.

      Don't Feed The Trolls, ......but if you have to, then serve them a Rat's Special!..LOLOLOLOL,

      We won't be silenced...Fist Up!

      Thanks again Cutie

    14. @hands off my hijab

      how can you "completely agree" with cutie003 when she admits not to read my comments and your proposed strategy is to "deal with me"? you two are miles apart. you don't agree at all.

    15. "you two are miles apart. you don't agree at all."

      Comportement typique de la minorité anglo.

    16. FROM ED
      Cutie, as usual your on the wrong side. We do NOT have the right to do as we see fit. This is not our blog. It belongs to Phil Berlach. Do you feel you also have the right to take his car against his wishes. I was right when I said women can't understand politics, you and anectote prove it. Troll kissers show no respect for anyone but themselves. Ed

    17. By AnecTOTE need to keep very quiet now, cause you are treading water big time. That misogynist comment is unworthy even of you and how fucking dare you, ...your utter ignorance is only superseded by your complete uselessness on this blog. You don't know me, and you have no clue who I am. You should shut up if you don't know what you're talking about. Let those of us who f...ING know what their doing do what we do and kindly shut-up. No wonder we are where we are today politically in this province with airheads like your bread going to the polls and voting Liberal all the time, rolling over and playing dead. Here's a Twoonie..go buy a clue.

      Ps..this is the last time I address you so no response warranted..are we clear old man? I never want to have this conversation again. Now F ..Off.

    18. @hands off my hijab

      "You don't know me, and you have no clue who I am."

      really? both of them? well if this is true it means you have been posing as someone else since the your first post. it would mean there is a chance you are not a freak in real life. thanks for giving me hope mate.

    19. Folks why are we fighting amongst each other when we should be getting our hands on S.R and student's addresses and feeding them to our dogs?

      Think my pup would love some seppie stew for Christmas.

    20. You just never know when to back off do you Ed. IT'S NOT YOUR BLOG - STOP TELLING PEOPLE WHAT TO DO. IT'S THE EDITOR'S JOB TO RUN HIS OWN BLOG! Damn, you're a pain in the ass with your "know it all" comments - AnecTOTE could run circles around your ass big time and she being a "woman" as I am. Did you ever think it's you that has the problem with women? I feel sorry for what your wife must have had to go through living with someone that thinks he's God's brother! When you want to blow off smoke, direct your comments to the trolls and leave the rest of us to hell out of your stupid condecending remarks!

    21. By AnecTOTE

      " would mean there is a chance you are not a freak in real life. thanks for giving me hope mate."

      Says the seppie troll who secretly wishes I were battin' for THEIR side, as I have already been told by certain "indépandatistes" in the past.

    22. @hands off my hijab

      it's not a secret. i'd like everyone to bat for my side. don't you?!?

    23. By AnecTOTE

      Nope, I wouldn't want 'Everybody'. I wouldn't want you, because I don't want stupid people.

    24. @hands off my hijab

      right... i don't think you realized this but by a logical deduction it's possible to show that you acknowledge stupid people bat for your side. are you fine with this? if you are, did you have one of your batters in mind? ed? troy? ...?

    25. By AnecTOTE

      The real question you should be asking pinstripes, is why I think you're stupid. I have been described as Federalist, but the truth is though I love and believe in Canada, I don't always believe in those running Canada, see the diff? You on the other hand love quebec AND believe in those running it, to add insult to injury, you believe in the worst bunch who have the reigns of Power at this time, drinking THE JUICE and never asking yourself what's in It. THAT'S why I wouldn't want you battin' for our side.

      Now go play grand theft auto on your XBOX pinstripes, you've wasted enough of my time. Oh and a message for your side, those at IF, tell them you're not up to the job and to send someone slightly more sophisticated than you. As a troll, you're makin' look bad.

    26. @hands off my hijab

      "The real question you should be asking pinstripes, is why I think you're stupid."

      no, it's not "the real" question. it's just another question put forward as an obvious diversion. but i'm used to it.

      "I have been described as Federalist, but the truth is though I love and believe in Canada..."

      why the opposition?!? you are a federalist. there's no buts.

      "I don't always believe in those running Canada, see the diff?"

      of course, it's obvious.

      " believe in the worst bunch who have the reigns of Power at this time..."

      why do you say they are the worst bunch?!?

      "...drinking THE JUICE and never asking yourself what's in It."

      that's false. i always ask myself what's in the juice. in my humble opinion it's federalist freaks like you, cutie003 and ed who make the equation pq = evil without ever wondering why so many people agree with what they propose. you couldn't even list five positive pq achievements if i asked you. proof that you don't even wonder if what they do is good or bad. cutie003 even readily admits she doesn't want to hear about the separatist's point of view. so who is it that doesn't check what's in the juice mate?

  29. By AnecTOTE


    What is with the quebec flag kippa? Seriously why do we keep appeasing the seppies? AS IF...they even care it's their precious quebec flag worn as a scull cap...THEY DON'T. If anything it enrages and aggravates them even more because the racist xenophobes disapprove of those wearing it. .....Wait a minute, aggravating and pissin' em off is a good thing LOLOLOLOLOL..Never mind then....Carry on!

    1. how can pissing off someone be a good thing mate? what core value of yours motivate this weird behavior? is it evilness? or hate? or ignorance?

    2. By AnecTOTE

      Says the racist bigot who backs the Charter of Hate and has spewed the most venomous comments towards women of Muslim Faith. If you are so worried about the "quebec" should try tolerance and inclusiveness, allow people to live their lives rather then oppressing them and telling them what to wear. Why women who wear hijabs told to remove them but women in low cut tops and fishnet stockinks allowed to parade in their form of...ostentatiousness? Just askin'?

    3. @hands off my hijab

      i don't think "low cut tops and fishnet stockinks" are accepted as work outfits in government offices mate. your question is therefore irrelevant.

      mine was relevant, though. why don't you try to answer? afraid of what you could uncover?

    4. "Why women who wear hijabs told to remove them"

      Parce qu'elles sont les enseignes publicitaires représentant une religion qui est profondément incompatible avec la mentalité Nord américaine ou occidentale,de façon plus générale?

    5. FROM ED
      I managed to get one of those Kippahs from a Jewish friend. i wear it around. So far have some bad looks especially at Wal Mart. Riding around on the little scooter i know one teen had plans on snatching it but when I started to growl he backed off. I learned the growl from John belushi on SNL. It's very convincing. I wil wear it until the PQ backs down. Ed

  30. Pierre Bergeron: Dogme a 7$

  31. FROM ED
    My friend Paul; operates a book store in LaSalle. The mothers have a book club where they select books in English for their children to read and learn English. The women say they are learning English the same way. Educational textbooks in French are getting hard to find.
    The people in West island should do the same as I do. As i ride around the store i pick up any signs that are in French only. I keep them on the scooter until I cash out and I give them to the cashier. I tell her "Give these to the manager and tell him they have mistakes on them. They need English. She usually calls the head cashier over and gives the signs to her. As I leave they look kind of dumfounded. Last week i turned in 12 which is my highest ever. Ed

    1. very cute ed. old christian dude with a kippah shows up riding his scooter and takes down the store's furniture. i'm not sure you're making the point you wish to make there ed.

    2. Un détestable


  32. FROM ED
    I think the best way to deal wit the charteer is to bide our time..The priest at a large R.C. Church here in Verdun tells me that when the thing first came out. people were selfishly saying, "Yeah, Yeah let's get rid of the Hijabs." But after a meeting of local priersts and the Bishop Tom Dowd they were told to remember if the government controlled religion it controlled them as well. The priests have been told to promote secularism as the new pope has commanded. This wil be helpful in the backwoods. it also explains why the charter is losing ground. Ed

  33. By AnecTOTE

    Thought I would share this with everybody:

    Earlier this year a Friend took her son to the employment office to get a S.I.N., hoping he would get a job over the summer. Knowing my stance on the whole issue of Right and Freedoms, she brought me back The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on this beautifully textured paper. Apparently they have them out for people to take. It is really a gorgeous document, esthetically I mean..and it gave me an idea. This year, all my nephews and nieces will be getting a framed copy for Christmas (you can pick up some really nice inexpensive frames if you look around). For the Teenagers especially, it is a really important gift I think, to remind and sensitize them to what our country, Canada, is really all about; for the times we are living, in this special province. Mostly, I am hoping it will result in some thought-provoking animated Christmas Eve dinner conversation, over Scampi and Lobster Spaghetti' lol.

    1. mate your teenage nephews will be thrilled.

    2. I love the idea, AnecTOTE.

      Though I think that with you in their family, your nieces and nephews are open-minded enough.

      The teenagers who'd need your gift the most are those who are cursed with shitty parents (like Student for instance), who are raised to hate Canada and accept only white francos as true Quebecois.

      Still, a very inspiring gift indeed.

    3. @anonymous coward

      "...who are raised to hate Canada and accept only white francos as true Quebecois."

      that's false. i think ed is a true québécois. whoever claims to be one is a true québécois in my humble opinion. are you a true québécois anonymous coward?

    4. AnecTOTE,

      Christmas Eve dinner with spaghetti? What happen with the traditional roast turkey, ham or beef?

    5. I hope the teens pick up on how important these things are AnecTOTE and I'm sure you will be rewarded with some thoughtful comments.

    6. @Cutie

      Yeah about that?...(Sicilian)..what can I say....the relatives don't know it yet...but I am thinking of introducing...Raclette this year,...just to throw them a curve ball...lolololololololololo...meat is a big NO-NO for us Christmas Eve. For your ears only...I grew up with a father, very militant union man .....practically a separatist himself, and a mom who thought René L. was ALL THAT since he acknowledged people with physical disabilities and introduced Laws to accommodate them. My sibling and I grew up listen to hockey games, the weather and the News 24/7, at the time I thought it was Hell, today, I think it was quite the Education. You had better had something interesting to say at dinnertime, subscribed to La Presse, you had better have read it cause you were gonna be quizzed come dinnertime, so you better know what you were talkin' about. It made for an interesting childhood. Dad always said his preference would have been to send us to French school, as things turned out, we went to English school instead and learnt to think for ourselves. I am married to a man who thinks I am the Cat's Meow, he keeps telling me I could be PM or an Astronaut or whatever, I am completely fulfilled doing what I do and bringing up my daughter, who I want to render the world's complete individual...self-assured and fulfilled to be a Women...the rest is ...inconsequential! We do the best we can do right? Heh...have a Happy you and yours.


  34. An interesting development.

    A recent Leger Marketing poll indicates that support for the provincial Liberals is picking up while the support for the separatist government is dwindling down. What make it interesting, I think, is that the decline is thought to be caused by the debate around the Charter affirming the values of State secularism and religious neutrality and the equality between women and men, and providing a framework for accommodation requests.

    It curious for me to see what will happen in the spring when the support to the government continues to go down to the dangerous level and it is discovered that the divide over the Charter affirming the values of State secularism and religious neutrality and the equality between women and men, and providing a framework for accommodation requests is not the winning formula for the election? Will the PQ continue defending its position or will it make an awkward about-face and leverage what then Ministry of Education stated in 1998 that:

    “Schools, school boards, CEGEPs and the Education department must concern themselves with representing the ethno cultural diversity among the staff. It is one of the grand goals of our society to aim for social equality and to battle against exclusion and discrimination in all its forms.”

    To be fair though, it is equally curious to see how the provincial Liberals will react. This is after "Over my dead body" and "Only for those with 'coercive' power."

    1. All these parties will go into a backroom and discuss what each is willing to give the other so that the separatists AGAIN get some of what they want. That is the unfortunate problem we have in quebec = no one stands up for what they truly should be standing for and that is EQUALITY for everyone in the province - true EQUALITY - not bits and pieces. This is how the liberals trade off some Canadian values each time they are in power and the separatists go snicker behind their hands because they continue to erode what are true Canadian values. Chip away bit by bit and no party to stop them! No wonder this province continually goes down the tubes - none of them have any real principles. The "Over My Dead Body" has already been compromised - Too bad they never see how they are being played = they walk into the trap every time. No respect for any of them.

  35. FROM ED
    Cutie's now leading the fight for the trolls against the serious members of the blog. talk about a hypocritical traitor. You will not get me to shutup to please you three selfish individuals.
    I know that women are as smart as men You probably figured out that I only said that to piss you off and apparently it worked.l
    Let me make it clearv that thretts will getb you nowhere, however you are right about one thing, it is the EDITOR'S blog so
    t's up to him now if he doesn'tmakle a decision one way otr the other, I'M out of here. Since most of the serious writeres have already lefthe will be left with you three (Liam, CVutie and Anechole) troll kissers. Sorry Anonymous Coward, you're on your own. Ed

    1. @ed

      "...I'M out of here."

      so long ed.

    2. Well Ed since I joined this blog you have managed to insult Jews, francophones and women - was it all done to piss people off? There are many good contributors on this blog but you feel it's just fine to tell them how to act, what to say and whom to speak to. Start your own blog (just a suggestion) and I can assure you I will not be a contributor. Until then, let the Editor do his own job and take what actions he wishes - believe it or not he doesn't need your help - there are also, I'm sure, blogs for blind quebec liberal supporters that could use your "they're going to save our necks" theory which you still haven't bothered to explain to anyone here. Meanwhile, enjoy your life and do what you do best - play the piano for the old folks at the homes and participate in the sing-a-longs. You will be much, much happier than having a stroke on here every time someone answers a "troll".