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French versus English Volume 93

PQ's Andre Boisclair accused of steering contract to friend

André Boisclair: You've got a lot of 'splaining to do!
In a revelation at Quebec's Charbonneau crime commission, an entrepreneur, Paul Sauvé, who had ties to the Hells Angels revealed that he received the go-ahead for a $2.5 million contract by his friend, the then PQ minister André Boisclair, just four days  before the provincial election that would see the PQ defeated by Jean Charest's Liberals. Link

What's wrong with this?
Once an election is called it is traditional for ministers to act as caretakers and refrain from making any new undertaking that would bind the future government.

When the CAQ got a hold of the letter confirming that the subsidy to renovate a historic downtown church in Montreal, all Hell broke lose with the CAQ's Jacques Duchesneau accusing Boisclair, now Quebec's delegate-general in New York, of directing a lucrative contract to his friend in the dying days of the PQ government, a government that at that point was trailing badly in the polls and was sure to lose the general election to be held a few days later.

But Duchesneau went farther, questioning publicly if Boisclair's admitted cocaine use had anything to do with his decision to grant the contract. He then made a dubious connection over the fact that the entrepreneur was connected to the Hell's Angles.

It was a classic smear attack, framed in the innocent 'I'm just asking' context' which may or may not have backfired because it gave Boisclair and the PQ a different set of talking points.

An indignant Boisclair fired off a legal letter to Duchesneau threatening legal action for defamation, but Duchesneau seems unperturbed, he doesn't threaten easily as demonstrated in the past.

Boisclair really didn't have any choice but to react forcefully, but the prospect of a lawsuit  would be devastating to him and his office. Any  subsequent lawsuit would revisit his cocaine use in painful detail, something he has never done. Boisclair has admitted using cocaine while a minister but has successfully put that chapter in his life behind him.

Taking the witness stand, facing an aggressive cross examination by a shark lawyer over his cocaine use would be humiliating and possibly ruinous.

Here's the type of questions he might expect.
"How many times did you do cocaine?"
"Describe the circumstances"
"With whom?"
"Who was your dealer and how much was your habit costing"
"Were you ever blackmailed or threatened by anyone relating to your addiction?"
"Did the entrepreneur in question know about your cocaine use and did you give him the contract to shut him up?"
"Tell us about the people you did cocaine with?"
Readers, you've seen enough TV court room drama to understand that Boisclair would be dragged through the mud, very publicly,  guilty or innocent. The process would be devastating.

Duchesneau displays letter confirming subsidy
The truth is that Boisclair wants to shut down the debate and nothing does it better or faster than a lawsuit.
Once the lawyers get involved, litigants are forced to cease debating the issue in public and if in a year or so Boisclair drops the suit, it will have served its purpose.
Let us remember the infamous Tony Accurso and how he used this exact strategy to shut up Radio-Canada reporters who he also sued for defamation.  Link

In a desperate and utterly pathetic move, Boisclair started an online petition denouncing Duchesneau, urging citizens to support him.

In the back of everyone's mind, is the fact that  Duchesneau has made some pretty outrageous accusations in the past, for one, claiming that 70% of political donations were 'dirty,' a shocking allegation at the time, which ultimately turned out to be completely true.

Duchesneau has been the go-to guy for whistle blowers, a political version of Claude Poirier, Quebec's most famous crime reporter.
If there is dirt on Boisclair, (and I'm sure there is) Duchesneau knows of it or will know of it.
For Mr. Boisclair, all I can say is be afraid, be very afraid.

Late developing.....
It's started already, Eric Caire a member of the CAQ is demanding that Boisclair reveal who supplied him with cocaine.
"Me, I went shopping to Métro yesterday and didn't see any cocaine on the shelves, so I imagine that if one wants to buy cocaine it has to come from an illegal source, regardless of whether you're a minister or a junkie.. Link{fr}

Why did police really visit Liberal leader Philippe Couillard's home?

I've thought long and hard about publishing this piece of speculation, because I very much want the Liberals and the Philippe Couillard to succeed.
But in the end, it would be hypocritical to hold back and so here goes.

I don't have any inside knowledge about fraud, influence peddling or the culpability of any members of the Liberal party or the attendant entourage.
The only political personality I can comment upon is ex-Premier Jean Charest who will never be implicated in any question of corruption because he wasn't corrupt.  I know this personally and from my experiences with him.
You can believe me or not.

Now recently we heard about UPAC raiding the Quebec Liberal party headquarters and so there is little doubt that some sort of investigation is going on.
Leaks in the press indicate that certain ex-Liberal MPs are under investigation, including ex-minister Nathalie Normandeau.
Last week UPAC, the anti-corruption unit met with Marie-Ève Ringuette, the directer-general of the Quebec liberal party.
The interview took place  at the offices of the Sûreté du Québec in Montreal, which is significant because it tells me that Madame Ringuette is not the subject of the investigation and is providing background or explanations about how things work within the party.
How do I know this?
Because targets of criminal investigations aren't usually called in, they are surprised at their homes, usually early in the morning by investigators who don't want to give the suspect time to consult with a lawyer or cohorts in order to get their stories straight.

And that readers, is exactly what happened to Phillippe Couillard, who had a visit to his home, early in the morning, not by UPAC investigators, but by two policeman attached to the 'Marteau Squad' the police arm attached to UPAC.
Mr. Couillard described the visit as 'a disagreeable human experience' I would imagine it was... Link{fr}

Given the fact that Mr. Coulliard is a new leader and that the supposed investigation he refers to hearkens back to a time when he was out of politics, (he retired in June 2008,) one can only speculate on exactly how Mr. Couillard can help police with the current investigation.

It is not unfair to speculate that the visit actually had to do with another investigation, that of the famous Arthur Porter/SNC-Lavalin affair, where it is alleged that the engineering firm paid about $22 million in bribes to hospital officials.
Given Coullard's very close relationship with Porter at that time and his position as Minister of Health, it would be remiss of police not to interview Couillard.
I earnestly hope that Couillard is as innocent as a jaybird in all this, but ignoring the fact that he was interviewed aggressively in his home, cannot be ignored or passed over as trivial.
So that's all I'm saying.

Arthur Porter could make a lot of people happy by dying quickly

Reports in the press indicate that Arthur Porter won't live out the year, so serious is his metastasized cancer.
If the reports are true, and he delays his extradition for a couple more months, he will never see the inside of a court room and believe me, a lot of people are crossing their fingers for exactly that to happen.

The players involved are charged with offering and accepting $22 million in bribes allegedly paid by engineering firm SNC-Lavalin  to Arthur Porter and friends, in order to secure the contract to build the billion dollar super hospital, presently under construction in Montreal.

It was revealed this week that Riadh Ben Aissa, the SNC-Lavalin executive who is the alleged facilitator in the deal is to be returned to Canada from Switzerland where he has been in detention over the affair for the last 17 months.

"Canadian investigators allege that Mr. Ben Aissa “orchestrated the transfer” of $22.5-million from SNC-Lavalin to a company called Sierra Asset Management in the Bahamas, according to a police affidavit. Investigators suspect the money was used to bribe public officials in order to win the hospital contract." National Post

Those charged along with Arthur Porter, the former chief executive of the MUHC, were Yanaï Elbaz, the former MUHC executive in charge of the real estate deal, as well as former SNC-Lavalin CEO Pierre Duhaime and SNC-Lavalin, executive Riadh Ben Aissa.
As well as the above gentlemen, Jeremy Morris, believed to be a principal with Bahamas-based Sierra Asset Management was also arrested when he voluntarily returned to Canada to face charges as did Arthur Porter's wife Pamela, charged with money-laundering.

But central to the investigation is Arthur Porter who like the proverbial keystone, holds everything together.
If he dies the case will become infinitely harder to prosecute and these sophisticated players are not likely to crack.

Quebecers across the entire province are going to the polls this November to elect local city councils and mayors.Of course the long shadow of corruption is casting quite the pall and many of those mayors under investigation for corruption are actually running for office once again.

There are 55 current investigations of sitting and former mayors underway and of these, of the 27 mayors that are still in power, 16 are re-running for office again. Link[fr}
Perhaps they can use this campaign slogan;

"Vote for me, I haven't been convicted yet!

The strangest case of all is that of Guy Landry,  the head of the Parti des Lavallois, running for mayor in Quebec's third largest city, Laval.
Mr. Landry is accused of accepting welfare payments illegally, between 2005 and 2009. He is contesting the $40,000 that the welfare department wants back. Link{fr}

Ritalin use in Quebec skyrockets

In 2010, Quebec children consumed 35% of all the Ritalin (attention deficit disorder medication.) prescribed in Canada.

It seems that this trend is only getting worse, with usage up by 25% since then, from $25 million worth of pills in 2010 to $30 million in 2012, rising a staggering 12% and 13% in the last two years.

Why the increase"
According to an expert, quoted in the article,  it's all caused by video games... Link {fr}

SSJB launches mobile app to fight English in stores

" If you've ever wanted to know which stores and businesses in town are considered "franco-responsible" — well, there's an app for that.
Montreal's Société St-Jean-Baptiste has launched a mobile app called "Moi, j'achète en français", which identifies businesses the group says does its business in French." CJAD


Employer Council publishes dismal 2013 report on Quebec prosperity

"For the fourth consecutive year, the Employers Council has released its Report Card on Quebec Prosperity, which aims to evaluate and compare Quebec's economic positioning in terms of prosperity and wealth creation.
At today's press conference announcing details of the 2013 Report Card, Employers Council president Yves-Thomas Dorval, appealed to members of the National Assembly - from every political party - to act diligently, in tandem with businesses and other vital forces in society, to help Quebec meet the many challenges it currently faces, in a concerted effort to improve the province's economic performance.

"As clearly noted in the 2013 Report Card on Quebec Prosperity and in many other more recent economic indicators, as well as in some of the news headlines of late, there is an urgency to collectively combine our efforts so that Quebecers can aspire to a better long-term future," stated Mr. Dorval. "Courageous and responsible decisions must be made today to ensure sustainable prosperity for future generations, enabling them to continue to enjoy an unequalled quality of life. Accordingly, we believe attacks against business investment projects, or adopting moratoriums or holding debates that aren't a priority should be avoided. Instead, there should be an encouragement of constructive action, whether it pertains to manpower, taxation, or business environment regulations. Quebec also needs to implement a business plan that would enable the province to excel in the global market." Link

Odds'n Ends

A Montrealer, Alexandre Paul,  has been arrested in Russia in relation to a Greenpeace stunt meant to embarrass Russia over drilling in the Arctic, by scaling a drilling platform. Link{fr}
The Russians don't take kindly to these efforts and have charged him along with others with piracy and I don't mean downloading Lady Gaga illegally.
Piracy as in 'shiver me timbers,' which carries a penalty of up to 15 years in jail.

Mr. Paul should have realized that the Russians have no use for Greenpeace and that they would deal as harshly as they have with the organization.
Check out this Moscow arrest;

The Canadian Press has erroneously reported that the activists were sentenced to two months in jail, when in fact they were ordered held for two months, while prosecutors mulled piracy charges.
It was an amateur mistake for a national news agency.

Russian photographer Denis Sinyakov was remanded
Canadian Press;
"As of noon Thursday, Paul had yet to be seen by a judge, but seven other militants and members of the Arctic Sunrise environmental team had been judged by a tribunal and each sentenced to two months in jail on charges of piracy." Link

New York Times:
A Russian court ordered on Thursday that 10 Greenpeace activists, including an American ship captain and a photographer who was accompanying the group, be held in custody for two months while the authorities investigate whether a demonstration at an offshore oil rig in the Arctic was an act of piracy. Link

A Russian court has remanded 20 activists from a Greenpeace ship in custody for two months for allegedly trying to seize an oil platform.
 Under Russian law the prosecution can ask a judge to detain people pending further investigation...
...The charge of piracy carries a prison term of up to 15 years in Russia. Link

RT (Russian news service)
Eleven people who were aboard Greenpeace’s ship Arctic Sunrise will spend two months in pre-trial detention, a Murmansk court ruled. The ship's crew faces charges of piracy for boarding an Arctic oil rig.
In addition, five activists are to be held for three days ahead of a new hearing.
The 30 defendants in the dock include four Russians and foreigners from 19 countries, including the US and Canada. Link


The Canada Revenue Agency is acknowledging that it “incorrectly” sent a $382,000 tax refund to mob boss Nicolo Rizzuto in 2007, vowing to crack down on any wrongdoing inside the tax-collection agency.

The Minister of National Revenue, Kerry-Lynne Findlay, refused on Thursday to directly address statements by retired CRA officials who said the cheque raised questions about the integrity of the tax system, and questioned the CRA’s decision to shut down a unit that specifically audited criminal figures. Link


A report from the Canadian Institute (CIHI) states that a quarter (24.9%) of the approximately 75,000 doctors in the country earned a doctorate in medicine from abroad. Saskatchewan has the highest in this area with 46.5% of the actual proportion.
Physicians practicing in Quebec, but trained elsewhere, come mainly from France (411), Lebanon (156), Vietnam (126), Egypt (109) and United States (91).

Quebec with 18,990 doctors, has a proportion of only 10.9% of foreign trained doctors. In the 1980s, the proportion was about 16%. Link{fr}

I wonder why?


Quebec City may step in over Bixi money woes

Here's two strange ones;

Mouvement Québec français denies supporting the Charter of Quebec values

Former SSJB president slams values charter

Seen at a pro Hijab rally:

"My veil ...or welfare"...yikes   More pics here

Finally Some good news..sort of!

"Montreal's subway system may end up with one the most advanced wireless networks in the world, equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows commuters to use cellphones, laptops and tablets.
Four major telecom companies announced jointly on Wednesday a $50 million project to provide wireless communications for the Montreal subway, including in stations and tunnels, within seven years. Read more:

Seven years....really?

I bet the average techie could set up a WiFi router in an afternoon.
How about contracting out to  the Geek Squad?

Some real good news:

McGill students win $1-million prize for idea of using insects to battle hunger

"..a team of MBA students from McGill University has won a $1-million dollar prize for trying to advance this idea. The Hult Prize, handed out Monday by former U.S. president Bill Clinton, is the culmination of a year long social-entrepreneurship competition involving thousands of students.The McGill team, consisting of Mohammed Ashour, Gabe Mott, Jesse Pearlstein, Shobhita Soor and Zev Thompson – won for their plan to produce and promote insect farming for food consumption in urban slums.."  Read more

Some real good news:

Breakfast television hits Montreal

We are so used to seeing things leaving Montreal that it is refreshing to welcome the  new Montreal  TV affiliate of CITY TV in Montreal.

I particularly like the newest version of Montreal's version of Breakfast Television with ex-Olympian Alexandre Despatie and veteran Joanne Vrakas.

Vrakas sparkles, exuding that certain sophisticated Montreal dry humour, playing off straight man Despatie. It works!

Here's a bit of unsolicited advice, lose the orange juice or take a sip now and then or alternately spill a bit out off camera. ITS CHEESY, but perhaps necessary.Try to be a bit more subtle with product placement.
Also a bit more content would be nice, but I imagine the show is a work in progress, but one  which I give an enthusiastic thumbs up.

I particularly like the music at fade in or out, but I would recommend a bit more caution on the part of the musical director.
Sitting at the breakfast table with BTV playing on the TV in the background, my daughter eyes lit up.
"What the Hell is that !" she asked.

She grabbed the remote control, rewound a bit and sure enough the explicit lyrics of a song by Mackeore & Ryan Lewis' "Thriftshop" boomed out over the airwaves.
"♪ ♫ This is F**king Awesome!" ♪ ♫ "


Final laugh of the week

..and the moral of the story in this picture?.....

Have a great weekend!

Bonne fin de semaine!


  1. The SSJB app is actually a good idea. How often have you guys said that the answer to businesses that don't provide French service wasn't 101 but market pressures? The problem with market pressures, is how to know which businesses provide French services and which don't?

    This is finally an information-age answer to that problem. I wish there was one for Moncton.

    1. I think it is a good idea, up to a point. I am just uneasy that the organization behind the idea is the SSJB, which I consider a radical group. It is actually based on an idea that Jean Charest had.

      I would support the idea 100 percent if they were to get rid of Bill 101. Market forces should decide and with an app that's what would happen.

      One of the potential problems is that the SSJB will promote vigilantism, although they won't come out and say it. There should be no petitioning of people's stores, threatening, breaking windows, putting feces on people's windows as was done to a depanneur owner in Verdun. As well, if you find 9 perfectly speaking French individuals in a grocery store for example, and one who speaks an accented French in the same place, is it going to be a rated a failure for French service? I'm sure for some radicals, it will be.

      To expand on this, there should be an app to find where services can be had in English. Maybe the "Office de la Langue Anglais" can get working on that.

      I think in theory it is a good idea. It just remains to be seen if in reality, it would be.

    2. "Ithink it is a good idea, up to a point"

      This is what I think: FiX THE BLOODY ROADS, that should be the priority.

    3. Yannick,

      The SSJB app is actually a good idea. How often have you guys said that the answer to businesses that don't provide French service wasn't 101 but market pressures? The problem with market pressures, is how to know which businesses provide French services and which don't?

      Following your argument, then there is no need for Bill 101 - and its OQLF goons - is there? I agree with you completely if that you mean. Let the market decides, and let those unable to swim in this economy sink.

      To extend your logic further, there is also no need for OLA. Plenty of modern countries go along well without legislating official language. Australia, United Kingdom, United States to name a few.

    4. Yes Troy, I totally meant that the development of an app by a bunch of fanatics will fix market force inequalities forever. Not.

      Don't yank my chain, please.

    5. I concur that the app is TOTALLY acceptable if it were to replace Bill 101 entirely.

      Just as I believe everyone has a right to speak the language of their choice, I also believe that a simple-minded lingo-bigot has every right in the world to try and sway the public away from an entrepreneur.

      That's what a true Quebec Libre is all about, non?

    6. Bill 101 will never be repealed in its entirety. Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

    7. Don't be so sure, Yannick.

      There was a time when Quebeckers never thought the omnipresence of Catholicism within their culture would ever go away.

      You're intelligent enough to understand the concept of critical mass - Quebec is on an unavoidable destiny with it, propelled largely by the spirit of Bill 101.

    8. For 101 to be repealed in its entirety, either Francophone demographic weight would have to severely diminish, or they would have to change their views on it.

      Francophone demographic weight has been stable over the past while, it's mainly been anglophones being swapped for allophones in Montreal.

      Francophones are also not any less interested in French service than before.

      I can see individual aspects of 101 being altered - for instance, the language of work provision, but I don't see Francophones abandoning many of the other provisions.

    9. "I don't see Francophones abandoning many of the other provisions."



      My mother however, was raised during "la grande noirceur" and told me what it was like.

      The church pontificated over "the little people" much the same way Bill 101 does and in both cases, they obeyed the creeds and directives.

      The church used to tell the Quebecois NOT to use condoms.

      Today, Quebeckers couldn't be bothered with procreation.

      To step away from politics and religion, we only have to look at the health/vegetarian rage that consumed the public just over a decade ago.

      Then, the public grew tired of diet-dictation and gave themselves permission to go the opposite way and be fiercely indulgent (Epic Meal Time comes to mind).

    10. Perhaps you're right. Time will tell. I am skeptical, though. It's been what? 30 years of 101 by now?

    11. Please compare the actions and events of the times:
      to the state of affairs today.

      Critical mass.

      Societies, when measured collectively, tend to reject policies that ultimately harm the common good as well as curtail economic progress.

      Take the German attitudes to Nazism, 1930s vs. 2010s.

    12. If a critical mass is going to develop it's not going to be any time soon. Most francophones either actively or tacitly support the language laws for two reasons, either they don't negatively affect them, or because most of the laws of them are just common sense things (some of them are onerous). The only part of bill 101 that would have caused contention within the Francophone population would have been not being able to send their kids to English school, however English education has improved in the French system and if it continues there would be no reason for the demand for access to the English system. The only critical mass I could see developing is anger over the economic failure of the province due to the language laws, but that would only happen when it's starts effecting individual people directly but with the federal government and equalization payments it might get bad, but it'll never get terrible. The other problem is there is no way to directly link the language laws to the economic health of Quebec, I'm sure economists could make the case but it's just not an A to B story that will resonate with the everyday person.

      I think the market should decide what languages a merchant speaks, but I can't imagine the market would be favorable to the French language, before bill 101 the market chose English over time and that's why it was introduced. Though times have changed, perhaps the market would choose bilingualism, though this would still infuriate language zealots on either side of the debate.

    13. Thank you for your most succinct yet astute summary, thatguy. I believe you point out the 'problem' quite accurately.

      How do we move on from here, in a way that isn't a simplistic "Francophones must surrender" naive position? That is the question.

    14. Speakin' of app's, here's one we could ALL useôte+launches+citizens+report+problems/8970278/story.html

      We need one for the entire island.

      Which brings me to my next point...very very pleased to see the Montreal City-State idea is catching on FAST!!!! Yesterday, the Letters section of The Gazette was flooded with support for the movement.

      Support Montreal-as-a-City-State! Click 1 for LIKE

    15. Yannick,

      Being a francophone yourself, what do you think is the ideal, yet fair, solution for all - franco, anglo and allo - in Canada?

    16. The only people who should weigh in on this are those who live and pay taxes in the 514. The sooner we rid ourselves of the leaches who suck our blood the better. Montreal is the only distinct society in Quebec because Multiculturalism lives here. If the powers that be can't accept it then they need to go their own way. We need to put this city back on the map and it will not happen while we are carrying this albatross of a loser province. This city belongs to those who pay taxes here and only we should determine our destiny. Montreal City State !

    17. I think the first step to solving the problem is better language education across the country. In a bilingual country it's crazy to me that you have non native speakers teaching English (in Quebec) or French (ROC) to students, whose grasp of the language is only passable. I'd like to see a cross country teacher exchange were last year university student teachers or recent graduates, have the option to do their stages in another part of the country, with travel and housing covered or subsidized by the government. It would be great for the kids as they're receive a better quality of linguistic teaching, they'd also be exposed to someone from a different part of the country and learn a bit about where they're from etc. It would also be good for the teachers, they get valuable experience teaching, as well as get to travel, see the country, be exposed to new things and improve their second language through immersion. It would be an interesting bridge building experience, the best way to get rid of preconceived notions about a group of people is meeting them, and most people do not get the opportunity to travel across the country.

      Improve second language education in both systems here in Quebec to the point where graduates are fantastic in both languages and will be able to out perform unilinguals students. Eventually the two systems can be merged (saving money) when their language education is essentially on the same level with the assurances no idiotic policies like no English spoken on the playground will ever be instituted.

      As to the language laws keep those that guarantee people can receive service in French, bin all of those that do not allow the use of other languages as well even if a company/person/municipality want to. It is possible to strike a balance between insuring everyone gets service in French and not removing the freedom of people to use or receive service in other languages. Attacking businesses for having welcome in 5 different languages of the same size, or having a complaint from a zealot customer about an employee sign being in English, or having to essentially take and fail a French test to get service in English from the government are not necessary, and just smack of pettiness.

      Finally try the carrot more than the stick. Encourage people to learn French, offer more free french classes, at different hours. 49% of people in Quebec are illiterate, we need to improve that, and I'm sure many of those people would like to learn but they can't afford it, or classes are offered when they have to work or far away from where they are. Maybe offer funds or tax subsidies for individuals who successfully complete French classes; give businesses subsidiaries for giving French training to employees that need it. You can get the money for these programs out of the OQLF budget. Develop accessible entertainment in French that people will want to watch/ take part in. Encourage more community events where people come together and interact with other people.

    18. Perfectly legitimate advice and well thought out that guy - I agree with you on all of the above. The hammer doesn't work well and it would be so nice to see free lessons in both languages for those that can take advantage of them. I would also suggest that these courses be offered on a Saturday/Sunday so that people that work can attend. Imagine how many thousands of people would be interested in doing some of the things you suggest. Probably within 50 years most of the country would be bilingual and would love it instead of having it rammed down their throats with threats and job losses if you don't speak the "other" language. You should send this off to the liberal party for action - never mind the rest of the parties but they may be interested. Thank you.

    19. Nice if you can get it...But you can't get it....don't u figure this would have happened already after all this time? C'mon quebeckers are not interested in any solutions. Ontario is pushing bilingualism with all it's might starting with building bilingual schools. I know this because someone near and dear to me teaches in Toronto and everyone wants their kid to be bilingual because of what the opportunities can be. Sensible people understand that being bilingual is win win...but then you have those who don't value it, not only that..have made it their life mission to suppress it...subjugate it, because they are so afraid so fearful...of their own dam shadows. It can't work sorry and in life you have to know when to burn a bridge...Quebec thinks that breaking away is the answer for them...this is the bull rock they've sold now to these imbeciles. Montreal needs to recognize it is far better than what it has settled for and also reds to break away, otherwise u are looking at another 40yrs and the fate of Detroit is in your's a fact.

    20. I can pretty much repeat what thatguy has said.

      If you want to know what I want that is realistic, I would want the status-quo except in what touches the aspects of 101 that try to remove other languages rather than guarantee a minimum of French. I am in favour of the aspects of 101 that guarantee a minimum of French, from a consumer rights perspective, but I don't see why we should measure fontsizes, obsess over which came in first, etc...

      At the national level I understand that trying to adult anglophones enthusiastic about learning French is as attractive as pulling nails, except where such middle-class luxuries as immersion schools are concerned. If I was an idealist, I would want better education in French at all the levels. As a realist, I'm content with what we have in the OLA.

    21. " I am in favour of the aspects of 101 that guarantee a minimum of French.."

      You would say that, long as YOUR Rights and privileges are protected you don't give a crap either way. NewsFlash, that is not how Democracy works mister PhD. If you are in any way for 101 then you are for tyranny, there is no way around it, sorry. It is like saying ,I'm a little pregnant. NOT. You either are or u are not. You either are for the ideal of Democracy and all it entails or you are not. There is no way around the preservation of Rights and Freedoms. It can't be done partially or just to suit you.....gees, You, don't understand that? You either defend them for ALL, OR stay home.

      In any event if Montreal is going to survive this crisis, a crisis that has plagued and gripped it for decades, and doesn't want to become ....Detroit-the-next Chapter, it has to disassociate itself from the ROQ. I say this from a purely academic perspective. When you have something that hurts and try everything at your disposal and it still hurts...decades later, it is basically Insanity to keep trying the same thing. You have to take drastic measures to get better. This city has half a chance to survive and it needs Chemo and it needs it NOW.

      We don't need another political party, we need a Movement. There are plenty of people with a lot of money in this city who can provide the kind of financial backing it needs for a rocket launch. Time to put that money to a worthy cause!

      It is about self-preservation...that's it. Let's recognize this, acknowledge it...and get on with it,

    22. That's just utter nonsense. Reread yourself and tell me this: is it really against democracy to demand that commerces be able to serve their customers? I don't think that it is any more anti-democratic than requiring truth in advertisement, complete lists of ingredients including all allergens beyond a minimum level, full disclosure of side-effects on medication, or availability of all of the above in all of the languages spoken in that polity.

      All of those things fall under consumer rights. In Quebec, because of their unique situation, this takes the form of requiring that businesses be able to serve customers in French. I see nothing wrong with this.

      Where I disagree with people who are pro-101 in its entirety is where instead of assuring a minimum, the law imposes a maximum - its not enough to offer bilingual services, you have to offer French first/only. It's not enough to have French on ads, it has to be on top and twice the font size. It's not enough to allow employees to communicate in French amongst themselves, you have to make sure that most employees do, regardless of individual preferences.

      Kindly take your head out of your ass and start using it, please.

    23. And yes, I have nothing against the idea that in Montreal businesses and government services be forced to provide both, as much as you would love to paint me as a hypocrite.

    24. You would think that is where my head is since you've obviously spent your Life sitting on your brain. You have declared some real doozies while on this blog when you stated that if one is a lowly nurse in this province or low level anything...he/she doesn't need to know English...yeah remember that one? Brain hick-up right?

      People like you cause the most harm because you come off as credible but you never stand for anything, you want to sit on both sides of the fence and it just doesn't work that way. When it comes to issues where principles are involved, standing up for them is non-negotiable, you either do or you don't no matter how uncomfortable it is personally for you. You never admit that what is wrong ....IS WRONG. So again..doesn't all that fence-sitting, day in and day out, ever get uncomfortable? Even humpty-dumpty couldn't do it forever.

      I never painted you as anything btw, ..but hey...if the shoe fits.

    25. Exhibit A

      "Where I disagree with people who are pro-101 ....."

      Where you disagree????

      It is bloody WRONG....can you articulate that? Too uncomfortable?

    26. AnecTOTE you really need to understand that the world isn't black and white, yes or no. Yannick, nor I, are sitting on the fence, we have made very clear what our opinions are as to what should be done concerning the language laws. We might not have said complete repel or full enforcement, but those are not the only two options available and to think they are is an extremely dogmatic way to see the issue. When did compromise and cooperation become dirty words? To take a stand and not meet someone halfway is not noble or even helpful. Look at the situation in the united states where both parties refuse to compromise on anything and stick 100% to party lines, it isn't helping anyone and nothing gets done at all. Removing the right reducing, confrontational or illogical aspects of bill 101 should be the focus, you'd have a lot less push back on that than wanting to repeal the whole thing including the aspects of it that are just common sense and should be done regardless of the law. You need to be willing to make compromises in life, and see things from other people's perspectives, if you are going to get anywhere with your initiatives.

    27. @thatguy

      Omg really? Where have 4 decades of "compromise" gotten us? Mmm...lemme see...oh yes ..the newly introduced bill14 and the charter of no values. After 40 years of doing as we are told, now they want to basically put the nail in the coffin of this province. Life IS black and white actually, the gray you are alluding to is just an excuse to have an excuse. Had we been proactive and in their faces from the get- go we would not be here today. The generation past should have been hitting the streets 40 years ago IN DROVES when bill 101 was total defiance. But they were made to feel guilty and repentant like they owed somebody something...and that made them completely vulnerable and passive. We can't go back, but we can move forward. Now it is our turn, I would never want future generations and especially the children of minorities to think it is okay to be violated and abused in this way. No one and no government has the right to do that. Sorry, there is a lot more at stake here and EVERYONE needs to get with the program.

      The strategy has to change since compromising and understanding has gained us the forfeiture of our Rights and Freedoms for decades. When someone keeps showing who they are over and over and over again, why would you believe they are different? We're all talked out. But you go ahead and continue to be understanding if that's how you want to be, the rest of us will try a slightly different approach this time around.

    28. Yes our strategy has to change for sure. This whole thing is getting worse and worse and we have to think of ways to democratically get us to hell out from under these nuts or we'll all sink. I'd rather get out now when we have a chance at recovery because before much longer there will be no way back from the brink. There must be a huge partition movement to get this over with. If Canada is divisible, so is quebec - isn't that the famous line? Time to start the division of this province.

    29. @AnecTOTE
      You seem to be under the impression that you live in a world where you can shout your way to getting what you want. In a democracy you need to win over the majority to get what you want and shouting at then with exceedingly one sided rhetoric is not going to do it especially when 80% of the population is Francophones and the population of Montreal is only 20% of the rest of Quebec, and you really think they'll let their cash cow go?

      Your separation of Montreal from Quebec necessitates the separation of Quebec from Canada, as there is no even vague possibility of it happening without the former, and even if Quebec does separate (unlikely) the chances of Montreal then being able to separate is also a minute chance. You are willing to destroy the country for a snowballs chance in hell of obtaining Independence, and what will more likely happen is Montreal be at the mercy of the new Quebec nation, unbeholden to the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms, if you thought rights were violated before, let the games begin. You are playing a dangerous that will most likely end in more heartache than anything else.

      If you can't see the grey areas in life you need to get your vision fixed, because you are missing out on much of life's complexities and it will end up with you running head on to a problem without considering all of the ramifications and factors at play, and it's going to hurt. Case in point you conflate the charter and bill 14 into one argument against compromising on language laws, you also think the language laws were a compromise, they were going to be passed no matter how much or little anglophones protested them, the majority francophones had made up their minds and came out in support of them. Also who is the "they" you keep talking about?

      Softening the language laws might be an unlikely goal, but not any less likely than partitioning Montreal and a heck of a lot less destructive.

    30. @thatguy

      I admire you for your conciliatory stance, for your optimism, but I'm way past it because I realize that those in-power, who happen to run things, do not have my best interests at heart. As a matter of fact, they r hell-bent on wiping me out. And I would like to think I'm very vocal and forceful, (apologies if you think it is shouting...I'm what u call..?.Animated! Lol), now ...finally, because I spent many years in a political coma.

      Everything was fine and dandy, till one day I was out shopping with my daughter in an east-end Mall having, what I thought was, a private conversation...and some Hag stuck her face in our space and told us we had to speak French. At that moment, a switch went off... and I was on auto-pilot. Yes, I let her have it, and it wasn't pretty, she ran out of the store. The shop keeper apologized for the unfortunate event. It was a pivotal moment because suddenly, it made me take stock, of exactly where we were at, in this province, socially and especially politically. I remembered I was part of the minority, because someone had reminded me. And I came out of the coma, and out of the 'grey'.

      I suppose we all have our opinions about this issue of Partition, and about what the possibilities are and can be, but I have no expectations that anything less than cutting our losses and getting the hell out of this province, will save the city I live in, which is the economic engine that makes the whole thing run. It can't survive another 40years in dire won't, and no amount of..."talking-nice" can save it. In a year the PQ has done immeasurable damage, c'mon now, let's tell the Truth. And you still believe in the virtues of compromise? And discussion...with these guys? Really?

      I think something different has to happen now. I don't want the generations that follow, to ask me, "So what did you do, other than stand around and make nice conversation, ....what did you do save this city?"

      We have a real opportunity here to finallyyyyyyy do something about it, it has to be more then mere words cause 'talk is cheap". We need action, concrete action, so that no one screws with us anymore. We have people willing to march in the streets AND fight for what is rightfully theirs....this is no small thing. There is wind in that sail...let's ride it.

      Lastly, you are dreaming if you think language laws will be relaxed in this province, in any way shape or form. The recent Bill 14 and this charter are a clear indication that there is no compromise to expect from their end....NONE.

    31. Except neither Bill 14 nor the Charter have passed or are going to. This is invisible to you of course, the only thing of importance was that an impopular government even proposed them in the first place.

      If there was really no compromise to expect from their end, Phillip Couillard would not be leading the polls with a strong stance against both Bill 14 and the Charter.

    32. "Except neither Bill 14 nor the Charter have passed or are going to. This is invisible to you of course, the only thing of importance was that an impopular government even proposed them in the first place. "

      Do you feel better now Yan...getting your little jab in?

      Nothing is invisible to me... pour ton info. This isn't about an unpopular government,,blah blah....unlike you I'm not that petty. You think I give a rats ass that this bill or charter probably won't be passed? But yeah, I do care that such obscenities were proposed in the first place, that THEY even dared to go there...and they keep going there. I am more interested in curtailing this bad habit of going THERE...savvy? Or is that notion invisible to you?

    33. @anectote

      you care if a bad bill is proposed, but you don't care if it ends up passing or not? i detect incoherence. care to rephrase?

  2. what is the moral of the picture of the baby?

  3. Sounds like the CAQ is desperately trying to stay relevant taking a page from the Bloc Québécois election play book. Call a Hail Mary and see if it sticks. If an election were to be held today, they would be wiped out according to the latest polls. They squandered their shot at the big leagues by A) becoming the PQ lite by agreeing, sort of, with everything the PQ has been suggesting and B) failing to launch any concrete new proposals with any traction. Their Plan St Laurent (River) for a French silicone valley was doomed from the very beginning. It's next to impossible to get people to be interested in politics here, you need to be bold. Talk to me about slashing the bloated civil service, reducing taxes to the North American average, eliminating duplication with Ottawa, eliminating un-nessesary red tape for small and medium sized business. Then maybe you might raise an eyebrow, otherwise you're just more noise and hot air and will fade away which is exactly what will happen to the CAQ.

  4. I hope that Boisclair and his fake "embassy" are wiped off the map and he is found guilty of the charges. What a damn waste of money that office in NY is. Put the money to good use for heaven's sake.

    As for an app to single out, yet again, anglophones that speak french with an accent, is what'll be reported by these language zealots - having citizens run around judging what language "others" are speaking and how well, is indecent and is sure to cause confrontations - doesn't anyone care about that? It is like living in a nightmare wherein people are running around spying on other people. God, don't we have important things to worry about?

    I sincerely hope that Couillard walks away from this with clean hands - if not, this province is definitely screwed for any future with the choices we will have left to vote for come the next election. I fail to understand why he would run for office if he knew he was guilty of anything to do with the hospital because there was an investigation going on at the time of the leadership battle. Surely a man of his intelligence would know better than to leave himself open for charges and still run for public office.

  5. Cutie - This province is "definitely screwed for any future" regardless of who the next premier is. Couillard and the Liberals will not improve anything in Quebec..other than push the language debate a bit lower down the list of prioirities..however the economy will continue to stagnante..taxes will rise and the debt will grow. Just look at the past record of any previous Liberal government and you will see they are as bad for the economy as the PQ are.

    All the whining and gnashing of teeth on this forum about language is really a waste of time..the real problem are debt, taxes, and mass corruption. None of the political parties other than perhaps the CAQ want to really deal with this. I am a bit disappointed with the CAQs tepid response to the charter but on the other hand they need rural votes and rural voters like the charter.

    It amazes me time in and time out how anglos cling to the silly idea that the only hope in this province is having the beloved Liberals in power. This party has been in power for much of the past 50 years and time in and time out they continue to prove they are incapable of managing the economy of this province. More corruption happened under their watch than any other government, the debt has increased more under their rule - the PQ were actually the only government to balance the books!

    You really think the Liberals are innocent..that the SQ going to Couillards house is meaningless..of course they are..keep clinging to your silly beliefs based on fantasy. The anglos who support the Liberals year after year are just as guilty of promoting the mass corruption and mismanagement of this province than any Quebecois seperatist. In fact I would argue that the anglos are even more responsible because at least some seperatists change their voting habits from time to time wheras the anglos never matter how incompetent, corrupt and dishonest the Liberals are. This continuous voting block for the Liberals makes it next to impossible for any other political party to win in this province. We need a new poltical party to govern in this province. Until then anyone on this forum whining about how things need to change should just be quiet because nobody here is really willing to change things. Keep on voting for the Lieberals..

    1. Jesus complicated - I do NOT love the liberals but I hate them less than I hate the sovereignists - that is all. I think they are all crooked for heaven's sake and I've said it time and again. You still insist that the CAQ are the answer to some of the shit that is going on but they have not taken any stand, so far, that I can see will do us any good. They support the Charter (some aspects), they support Bill 14 (some aspects) all of which will continue to sink this province! Voting for them is no different than voting for the PQ so stop telling everyone that the liberals are the worst of the bunch - nonsense - they are far from great but still the best of the worst that this stinking province has in the way of parties to vote for. If the CAQ has stood up against Bill 14 and the Charter, all aspects of it, I would have considered them as something to vote for but they have proven they are not capable of making and standing by decisions that would help the economy of this place. So again, you vote for who you think is fit and the rest of us will have to do the same. But don't bother telling us that the liberals are worse than the CAQ because it's simply not true. What they have shown so far is that they really don't give a damn about the economy although they are always talking about it.

    2. Cutie - The bottom line and I have said this over and over. You and most on this forum refuse to acknowledge the facts. The facts are that the Liberals when in power have been as or even more responsible for the mass corruption, the huge debt, the high taxes, the crumbling infrastructure and weak economy that we have seen in Quebec. These are facts..go look at the debt numbers for the 9 years Charest was in power..another 70 billion or so was added to the debt and this was in pretty decent economic times with the federal government pumping billions into Quebec. Its pretty clear that systemic and mass corruption was ongoing in Quebec during the Charest reign via the Charbonneau commission. Whether or not the Liberals were directly or indirectly involved is a moot point..they MUST have know it was going on and did NOTHING about it. Or if by some miracle they did not know it was going on then they must be incredibly incompetent and out of touch with reality which again is not flattering.

      So please once again explain to me after all these facts how anyone with a straight face can once again tell me that the Liberals are the only hope. Its beyond pathetic and its total cognitive dissonance.

      The CAQ are far from perfect but we dont have time to diddle with another 5 years or so of either the PQ or the Liberals. Both parties have proven over and over that they cannot run things. Could the CAQ be worse..sure its possible but highly unlikely. And for all that think the CAQ are in cohoots with the PQ..why would Duchesneau rake Boisclair through the coals if they were on friendly terms with the PQ? Why would the CAQ constantly slam the PQ on their economic performance? Why would the CAQ essentially water down Bill 14 to the point that there was nothing left worth keeping?? Bill 14 is effectively dead because the CAQ stripped away anything of significance from it.

      People whine incessantly on this forum about how we need change..we need change. And yet they are unwilling to vote for change so its completely contradictory. Its time to fight your hysterical fears that anyone who was a seperatist is going to destroy the anglos and this province. I will say it again..give me a competent ex-seperatist or a competent neutralist anyday over an incompetent or immoral federalist.

    3. By the way, your vote last time around has helped cause the mess we are in now with Bills 14 and the charter. And he is not an ex-separatist, he is a separatist with an agenda and a time frame. All are incompetent and crooked - I can't see where he would help the situation at all so there is no sense arguing about it.

    4. @complicated

      You say the Liberals do nothing but have you even taken a drive on THE BRAND NEW HIGHWAY 30 or have you driven by BOTH BRAND NEW SUPER HOSPITALS? What about the dozens of overpasses all over Quebec that the Liberals have rebuilt? Nothing indeed. You Sir are clueless.

    5. JF - The Liberals built Highway seems to me that a private company from Spain built it and thats why it was done on time and on budget. And dont you think there was a fair bit of federal government money in these also??

      And the super hospitals..what a boondoggle that is turning out to much are they going to cost us in the end..likely each will be a billion or so over budget. Is this something you are proud of..the fact that nobody wants to build anything in this province unless there is taxpayers money behind it..thats why the Liberals added 70 billion to the debt over their 9 years. They couldnt manage a lemonade stand. Keep on voting for the Lieberals who have proven over and over that all they can do is increase our debt exponentially, keep corruption rampant and keep the economy stagnant.

    6. Cutie - People like you have no right coming on here day after day whining incessantly about everything wrong in Quebec and yet are not prepared to change your ways. If you continue to do the same thing we will end up with the same results. Keep voting for the Liberals and we continue the decline in Quebec..the Liberals never have and will improve things in this province. They cant balance the books..they are corrupt and they could care less about the anglophone community.

      What a hopeless delusional paranoid bunch most of you are on this forum. Its really beyond pathetic. The constant whining..and complaining..and in the end no realistic solutions offered. All I hear are we need the Liberals which is more of the same so no improvement or then we get into the wacko ideas like partition which will never happen and if it does it will mean total chaos here for decades.

    7. Bill 14 is dead according to the PQ.

    8. I have as much right to my opinion, on here and everywhere else, as you do. And who's to say my ideas are any more "wacko" than yours which is to elect another separatist government with ideas that will hurt the province even more than the liberals. Total chaos here would be better than the insufferable sovereignists that we have in power that keep removing more and more rights from the citizens of this province. They are the ones pushing the chaos, not the partitionists - we just want the hell away from them so why don't you put your energy into fighting back against these abuses instead of supporting them and the parties that believe this is the right way to take a province in Canada? You are part of the problem not the solution to anything.

    9. And by the way, exactly what has improved in this province since the last election? The CAQ hold the balance of power and to say that things are 10 times worse is an underestimation.

    10. The CAQ has no ability to push forward any of its plans. Why..its pretty obvious..they only have 20 seats..there agenda is much more to the right than either the PQ or the really think either of those parties would support cutting waste in the government or lowering taxes..or tackling corruption??? The CAQ needs to at least have a minority government and preferably a majority to accomplish anything. How you can blame the current affairs on the CAQ is beyond belief..the charter and Bill 14 is all from the PQ?? The CAQ watered down Bill 14 so much that the PQ gave up on it..if the CAQ were really seperatists as you claim then they would have supported Bill 14. If the CAQ were so PQ friendly why would they be blasting Boisclair right now. The CAQ have given the PQ a much harder time over the past year than the Liberals have. But you know what Cutie..facts dont matter to made up your mind up decades ago..all you know is that seperatist bad and federalist are beyond reasoning.

      The CAQ..again are not seperatists..their agenda is to not talk about constitutional affairs for 10 can they be a threat Cutie?? Do you really think they will come in and suddenly decide to have a referendum?? Their party would be destroyed if they did that..a new party cannot afford to blow their first chance at power and contradict everything they stand for. Use your common sense for goodness sake!

      Your ideas about partition are extremist ideas..they are essentially declaring a civil was here..I am not willing to put up with that for the next 20 years or so. If you think life is awful here now it would become much worse and for a lot longer than you think. I propose that we TRY to elect a different party..a party that HAS a realistic chance of winning if people gave them half a chance. But alas once again all the grumpy old anglophones start throwing the seperatist tag around and terrifying everyone anf once again its the good old Liberal boys who get elected. Then after 5-8 years we find out they did a horrible job again and they get kicked out and the PQ get in power.

    11. There you go with the CAQ again. The only reason they even offered to water down Bill 14 was because they were inundated with e-mails and petitions from the unity groups. They even said that they were disappointed that the PQ scrapped the bill because they believe the Bill 101 needs to be upgraded after all these years so don't tell me they saved us from anything - they are still a dictatorship just like the PQ and do not deserve to be in power for even 1 year. If they stopped fence sitting and really applied their logic to fixing just the economy and not being assholes, they would have retained at least the same number of seats next time but when you read what people say on line, because of their stance on Bill 14 and the Charter, they will not make anywhere near as many seats last time. I only have one vote so I have nothing to do with their continued downslide so stop making it seem like I'm the only one that doesn't see them for what they really are.

    12. So they are damned if they do and damned if they dont. You condemn for listening to people..what dictators they are.. If they were really dictators then they would do as they pleased. Again you come on here day after day whining about Quebec..what is your realistic solution..and I am talking reality not some fantasy partition. Something that we can improve within the next year or two..all you come up with essentially is that we have no choice but to support the same losers who time in and time out over decades have failed us.

      You epitomize eveyrthing that is wrong with how anglophones in this province are viewing things. Paranoid, borderline hysterical, stubborn, arrogant, and offering nothing new. Its the same old which means that you can expect Quebec to continue to decline..stop whining if you have nothing concrete to offer now.

    13. I don't consider what I have to say to be "whining" - only separatists call us "whiners" so, if you're not a separatist, don't use the same terms they do. It accomplishes nothing and I will post what I want to post whether you consider it concrete or not. The only reason we are not sitting on Bill 14 full blown and the Charter full blown is due to the "whining" of the unity groups - nothing to do with the principles of your precious CAQ. As I said, if they did not have the public after them, they would have fully supported the PQ especially on Bill 14 so don't even talk about the fact that they are not dictators. They would be if given the chance. I admit we are between a rock and a hard place but your CAQ are no better than the PQ - wolves in sheep's clothing. And you are free to jump over my "whining" posters anytime you luck as is everyone on this blog!

    14. Sure things didn't markedly improve under the Liberals but they won't improve under any government because of the instability due to the ongoing separatism debate and the language laws, companies see both of those things and avoid Quebec like the plague. Until we can convince companies that Quebec is stable and our laws won't be onerous to the point of hurting their business they won't risk an investment here. Until they do we won't have the tax dollars we need.

      The PQ only balanced the budget by making huge cuts from essential services including paying healthcare workers to retire regardless of the long lasting effects, and to an extend the healthcare system here has yet to recover. What do they do as soon as they get into power? Repeat the same mistakes, huge unfocused cuts to almost all sectors regardless of the consequences, and hey if they can cut their spending in sectors where they can increase taxes of people but it not show up on the PQ's budget all the better! Only targeted cuts are effective and only when the industry knows about them ahead of time, cutting universities budget halfway through the academic year? How are they supposed to budget for that?

      I'm getting real tired of people making the statement that the Liberal government was hugely corrupt, they've been saying it for almost a year and a half now, but what evidence has really come forward? How many people have been charged and is it really that much worse than every other party and what they've been charged with? Let's face it the PQ and Liberals ran in the same doner circles and both are probably as dirty as each other. Could they have been hugely corrupt? Maybe, and you'll be free to say as much when it's proven, but until they stop saying it like it's a proven fact.

      The anglo voting base is so small you can't blame them for the Liberals getting seats. They're about 8%, assuming that every single anglo voted, and only for the liberals, there's still 22% who voted Liberal to be accounted for. The sad fact is there is pretty much only one federalist party in Quebec, if you form a competent, federalist party, with a strong economic background, that has a commitment to protecting individual rights, I'll vote for you tomorrow, until then everyone is stuck with the same political spectrum in Quebec with most parties on the left and most being separatists, if you don't support either of these you party selection is limited. Though I can't imagine this is a uniquely anglo thing, how many separatists do you think vote PQ because they think it's the most likely way to bring about separation but tend not to agree with their other policies?

      This province needs new political blood as it's become exceedingly stagnant, and I don't mean taking the old players and slapping a new party name onto them, that's what the construction industry is doing and I hope it's not fooling anyone.

    15. " am a bit disappointed with the CAQs tepid response to the charter but on the other hand they need rural votes and rural voters like the charter. "

      I am starting to think you're related to someone in that party Complicated...such ferocious likely for Family..and such...but whatever. One little comment on your quote above, basically, it is all about them chasing their tail and not really about doing anything concrete...? We expect this from the Liberals and definitely the PQ, but now we also have another blood-sucking party is basically their to serve themselves rather than what is Just, Honorable and Decent...oh yeah I forgot..I'm dreamingggggggg

    16. AnecTote - Here is where I am at and I have tried on many occasions to explain this. I have no connection to the CAQ and am not in awe of them either..they are far from perfect. But when I compare them to the Liberals or the PQ then in my mind they are offering something much closer to what I would like to see. Now that doesnt necessarily mean that they will deliver on their promises.. in fact I know they wont on all of them.. no political party ever does.
      But I know and this is indisputable..the PQ and the Liberals have run this province into the ground over the past 50 years or so. I am more concerned about their economic performance as in the end all else is irrelevant if your economy falls apart and we are in the early stages of this. The Liberals have racked up just as much debt as the PQ..they have done nothing to bolster our competitiveness nor the tax burden nor the corruption nor the infrastrucutre..they typically ignore the anglophone community even though the anglo vote en masse for them. The Libs have had decades to fix things in this province and they have clearly failed. The PQ..obviously are the worst choice..I dont need to tell you all why.
      So what realistic option do we have now to possibly produce some positive change in this province??? The only option I see is a CAQ government..give them a chance. Yes they may fail us but so have the Libs.
      If the only thing people are proposing is the Liberals then stop your bloody with it. Or leave the province. Or vote for a new party.

    17. "So what realistic option do we have now to possibly produce some positive change in this province??? The only option I see is a CAQ government"

      The only option I Montreal going its own way. It is the only part of this province that stands a chance. I say this sincerely, I see this now. We have suffered for 40 years and these idiots aren't the wiser. They are about moving forward their agenda and Montreal needs to push forth it's own. This city has a chance still to make it but it has to let go of what is weighing it down. It has to go LEAN. Quebec is always reminding the rest of Canada how they r soooo different, we'll guess what...Montreal is different than the rest of Quebec. Here we don't look like the pur-laines..nor do we have the same values...we r different and we need to recognize this. We deserve our own status. This city needs to push its own Agenda and look after it's own interest...this is the boat...and it is sailing...u wanna sail with...u sail according to our speed. Enough

    18. I agree AnceTOTE - once again, these areas that are dragging us down have to be cut loose to go their own way. There would a corridor from east to west to maintain the country, the Outaouais, the Eastern Townships, the Pontiac and Montreal are not a part of the quebec that wants these language laws and/or a special charter. We just want to remain a part of Canada and live in peace with our francophone and allophone friends and neighbours - time to cut us all free. Enough is right!

    19. The CAQ may have kept their promises but that's because they've been rather non forthcoming on where they stand on things (how they would pay for their promises). It's easy to keep promises when you make few and are not in a position to keep them. The true test of any political party is what they do when they have real power, the PQ has completely failed that test, instead or putting forward legislation that could help the province they've stuck to side show after side show in the hopes of gaining more power in the future.

      The CAQ is supposed to be a right side political party with a focus on the economy, and yet on every topic they fall between the PQ and Liberals trying to find the sweet spot of public opinion. A right party should not be supporting increased government intervention into people's lives, they should be very against it, but the CAQ would have supported bill 14 and extending it to medium sized businesses. How would this have helped the economy or business? How many large businesses left when 101 came into effect and started effecting them, how many more will leave or downsize so that they don't fall into the medium business category? When they said this they betrayed their focus and showed their true colors. They've show their stance on issues with their actions and votes, when selecting a party I imagine what they would do with a majority and based on their actions, it would not be a majority party I would like to see. Which is a damn shame because they do seem like the party to most work on corruption, but supporting more language laws is not how to get the economy back on track.

    20. I am talking about realistic solutions. The partition solution is fantasy and very would result in total chaos..we would end up with a civil war which wouldnt be resolved for decades. I dont want to spend the rest of my life living in a place where I need to watch my back every minute or where the economy totally collapses. Do you want to live in a war zone??
      If you think the francophones are just going to had over southern Quebec including Montreal to an anglophone entity then you are dreaming in technicolor.
      That is not a realistic solution which means that we will end up with the status quo of the Liberals and PQ for the next 20 years which will run this province right into the ground..good luck with that.

    21. "People whine incessantly on this forum about how we need change..we need change. And yet they are unwilling to vote for change so its completely contradictory. Its time to fight your hysterical fears that anyone who was a seperatist is going to destroy the anglos and this province. I will say it again..give me a competent ex-seperatist or a competent neutralist anyday over an incompetent or immoral federalist."

      We don't need another political party, We need a Movement!

      Montreal City State.

    22. "I am talking about realistic solutions. The partition solution is fantasy and very would result in total chaos..we would end up with a civil war which wouldnt be resolved for decades. "

      Really? Then I guess that independence is a fantasy for seppies as well? But guess is one they won't let go of EVEN 40 years later.

      You know what....Montreal losing the ROQ is the only REAL solution this city should be working on. We have been enslaved to your nonsense for 4 decades now...40 damn years of going no place except down down down. WE DESERVE BETTER! We are the engine of this province and we can dictate if the car moves or not and IN WHICH BLOODY DIRECTION!
      Let's start acting like it.

    23. There should be no damned discussion anymore and I wouldn't trust any attempt by the seppies to back off because it wouldn't be permanent and before long they would be up to their old tricks, again, they have not let up in 40 years and they want to make things worst still with their recent stabs of Bill 14 and this charter thing.

      You can't teach an old dog new tricks and you have to know when to put it that it's misery and YOURS ends.

      Montreal City State!

    24. Again, how can you call this a democracy if the majority of Montrealers and our areas vote to leave quebec and the separatists say no even though the population(s) of these areas have voted to leave quebec? No more unreasonable than them claiming the whole province. We're back to the same solution - referendums for the areas that want out from under these separatists because they won't take "No" for an answer even though we have said "No" twice before. If they don't want to work with us then piss on them - I want out of quebec along with my area that have voted to leave. 87% of our area voted "No" last time - I don't think it has changed all that much since 1995 - some perhaps but I'm positive it's still around the 75% mark to get the hell away from these maniacs that don't want to live with us - we no longer want to live with them ruining us any longer!

    25. And who is the "they" that won't let us leave if we vote to go anyway? Just exactly how do you think "THEY' will stop us from leaving if we vote to leave? What a pile of trash. That is what a democracy is: people making the choices for who is to represent us and we no longer want anything to do with this racist, bigoted, incompetent government so WE WANT OUT! People make these decisions as the government is supposed to represent the "people" and we "people" want a whole new system to represent us - not the separatists.

    26. I dont want to live in a civil war zone for the rest of my life. All you people pushing the partition plan are being incredibly naive..its essentially declaring war on francophones in this province. Look at all the crap that happened when the FLQ was running around..bombs going off and kidnappings. An effort to partition would cause even more radical violent francophone groups to form..look around the world..any attempt at taking land from a group of people is met with firece opposition.

      The seperation movement has much more support than a partition movement..a good third of Quebecers support it and at times it gets close to 50 percent. The partition movement would likely garner at most 10 percent of the population.

      I think many of you proposing this have no clue at how bad things could get..a lot worse than they are now believe me. You and a small group of anglophones may want this but you will never get serious support for this and the legal/constitutional ramnifications will mean this process could drag on until most of us are dead.

      Sorry but I think electing a new party to this province that wants to tackle the real issues makes a lot more sense to me and is much more attainable and realistic goal.

    27. And the above ladies and gentlemen is the reason nothing will change in this province for the foreseeable future! The separatists count on the people like complicated to keep us in line and down under and continue to turn this place into a communist, fear fed province that will never rise above anything. Mistaking francophones for separatists is the biggest bunch of BS - there are many, many francophones that are Canadian and want out from under these crazy language, power hungry, racist, crooked politicians also. This province will never get back on it's feet with these separatists calling all the shots and the CAQ would be no different - nothing would change with them in power either.

    28. You have no way of knowing that unless you give them a chance. Thats just your paranoia hysterics doing the are not thinking rationally.
      If you propose partition then you will turn most francophones against us wheras now perhaps only 30 percent of so of francophones are against us. Partition will be seen as another attempt by the anglos to take power and for the most part it is exactly that.

  6. Word is that it was Marois who leaked the news about Boisclair's cocaine use when they were competing for the leadership of the PQ. This woman is devious and if this is true, I am so happy that it has come back to bite her in the ass.

    1. Let's face it - she is so transparently under-handed, it's sickening.

      Though I have NO sympathy for Gilles Duceppe, she did the same thing to him when it looked like he was going after the PQ leadership.

  7. Bang on – ‘the real problem are debt, taxes, and mass corruption…’ they are all the same…its all about high paying government jobs for the French, inside and outside Quebec…just go check and see how grossly over-represented they are in Ottawa, TO, NB…one big debt ridden mess…

    On the take - When Trudeau and his gang of cronies arrived in Ottawa, our debt rose from 18 billion to over 200 billion by the time he left office, a compete disaster for the country. Their was a reason a francophone was never allowed to be finance minster. When this corrupt scum bag Marc Lalonde took over, the country went further and further into debt every year…they funnelled billions upon billions of dollars into Quebec, and it has gone on ever since…if the public only knew how bad things really are in Canada…how much of our money has been funnelled into Quebec, they would be shocked…we will never know exactly how much money Quebec has stolen from the rest of the country…the truth will never come out…just pathetic.

    French-Canadians have no loyalty or concern for Canada. Never have. Never will. They are the ultimate assimilation fail. They see the country as simply an endless shakedown bonanza. They play the game well. The real question is why the rest of Canada doesn't play tit for tat. Or better yet, move to eject Quebec from the Canadian confederation.

    Slime, sleaze, corruption…it is the french way…Quebec is screwing the rest of the country in any way it can. It milks us dry through equalization, grants, subsidies…and much more…if the public only knew how bad things really were, if they only knew…

    Its all about the money when dealing with the french. In Quebec, Ottawa, NB, Ontario…they are a disgrace to the country, crooked to the core...

    1. You don't get tired of copying and pasting the same BS over and over, do you?

    2. Did he hit a nerve Rabbit?
      The truth hurts...don't it ?

    3. As if. James Wolfe keeps copy-pasting his crazy conspiracy theories time after time after time. No one takes him seriously.

      The man is an avowed racist and a complete nutjob. It used to be fun to poke fun at him, but now it's just tiresome.

    4. On this blog, I post in support of rights in general and ango-rights in particular but I am not anti-francophone. I am not francophone myself but I consider it in very poor taste what James wrote. I can refute every one of his points but what really bothers me especially is his last two paragraphs where he really piles it on: "slime, sleaze, is the french way" and "they are a disgrace to the country, crooked to the core" etc. BTW, there are hardly any "French" in Quebec. You can mostly find them in France.

    5. Yes Roger - that's why most of us don't respond to James' posts. I don't think 99% of the people that contribute to the blog are anti-francophone. We are anti-separatist and anti-Bill 101, Bill 22, Bill 178 etc. but that has nothing to do with being anti-francophone. Most of us have francophone friends and relatives and it is only the extremists that are causing the problems.

  8. I read Boisclair's petition. Is it not ironic that the petition is formed on an English-language website?

    1. He's hoping to get signatures from the US where he resides - they are all the same the PQ - anything for a buck including speaking that hateful language called English. I wonder if he could pass a drug test now that he resides in NY? I would love to see him busted down there for cocaine use - that would close his stupid, useless office for years to come.

    2. I never liked Mr Bosclair, I especially did not like his reply to the article Quebec’s War on English: Language Politics Intensify in Canadian Province in his reply
      he starts by saying "Starting with its inflammatory title, your article “Quebec’s War on English: Language Politics Intensify in Canadian Province” contains several misleading and biased statements concerning Québec’s language policies". However, he never goes on to explain which comments we misleading and which statements were biased?
      I could not believe they published his reply since he never addressed his accusations to the writer of the article. I guess the reason he could not offer any substantial defense to the article is because the article was 100% accurate and true

      I don't know if he is a cocaine user and I never like to persecute a person on here say or with out a trial. However, if he is indeed a user, I hope he is picked up in NYC for possession where the penalties are stiff for cocaine possession.
      In fact with all the press coverage and the spying police state the USA has become they are probably following him now!

      I assure you if he does get picked up it will not be a Rob Ford deal where he can bribe his way out of it. The police in the USA love attention and that would be a big attention getter for them.

      So we wait and see, couldn't happen to a nicer guy :-)

    3. FROM ED
      Editor, I don't understand all the excitement about Boisclair.he is such a nothing. He is out of our way in New York and he is harmless there. The American business men see through him like a glass of water. Leave the little guy alone, someday he might be useful. I'm sure he must have plently on Pauline to get the cushy job he has. Like the old saying 'keep you're enemies in sight.'. Ed

    4. I'll tell you why Ed - because I'm sick and tired of paying money to these A$$holes for doing work in other countries that amount to peeall but cost a fortune. He and his bunch in NY have their rent paid, their salaries paid, get to mingle with the high society of the U.S. but don't do a damn thing to earn one cent of the money that is wasted. What does quebec need an office in NY for? He has the job because he's a friend to Miss Piggy and a separatist but nothing else. I resent my tax money being paid for these idiots and you should also.

    5. @cutie003

      "...but don't do a damn thing to earn one cent of the money that is wasted."

      how do you know?

      "What does quebec need an office in NY for?"

      business developement. public relations. liberals had it too. you didn't complain then. i must conclude you are gratuitously bashing something that you wrongly assumed was pq related. sorry.

      "I resent my tax money being paid for these idiots..."

      as a poor retiree, i don't think you pay much taxes mate. stop pretending you do.

  9. There is no way that Andre Boisclair wants any light touching his drug use. After his electoral defeat (perhaps you remember he was no where to be seen for a few weeks afterwards) he went on an epic drug binge and was not particularly discrete about it.

    1. I see where he is on "paid leave" now - granted by Lisee - must be nice - travel back to quebec and get paid for his time by we tax payers. If he is found guilty of any of this BS, he should have to refund every damn cent back to the province.

  10. James Wolfe -

    We agree on a couple of things..whats important and yes Trudeau did totally mismanage finances in this county. But the rest of your statement is really pure racism.

    You say that there has never been a french finance minister since Lalonde because they spend like crazy. How do you explain Michael Wilsons dismal performance..year after year he missed his deficit seems to me he was an anglophone. Oh and how come under Jean Chretien we had years of balanced budgets. How come the current conservative government who is supposed to be fiscally conservative have added such crushing debt to the country in only 5 years. Why did the current PC government throw out a 100 billion dollars in stimulus funding in a 2 year period..obscene..a prudent government would have spent far less and spread it out over many more years. Why is the UK and the USA in such a debt mess since they are run by anglophones?

    Why are there so many more francophones in the federal public service? Is it because so many anglophones wont take the time to learn french and that most francophones have no choice but to learn english? So because the anglos are lazy and stubborn somehow thats the fault of francophones?? Why dont you tell the truth that francophones get served far less in their language in the ROC than anglos get served in english in Quebec?? Why the total misinformation and propogande in the kilroy videos..its pure racism. If you want a cushy job in the public service james then just learn some dont even have to be totally bilingual..a level B is generally enough??

    But you are right about the corruption here in Quebec and the debt isses in Quebec..but making racist comments and spewing out minsinformatio and hateful comments is not the way to adress these issues. You really need to grow up James or whatever your real name is.

    1. a level B is generally enough??
      Have you ever seen what is considered a "level B" for a francophone's English is in the Federal Gov't? Sorry sugar plum....comment on what you dog can get a level B in English and be better understood...It is downright embarrassing....... everyone knows the English test is a farce for french speakers and even they (francos) are glad they don't have to do the french test..they admit it is too hard even for them.....load ur mouth before you shoot it off !

    2. You're absolutely correct - I remember that when I worked in the public service. Not a francophone in there wanted to take the french test - they admitted they couldn't pass it.

    3. Oh I see now you are saying that the test is easier for francophones than anglophones. The reality is that most anglophones are too lazy and/or stubborn to learn french and many francophones have no choice but to learn english. Thats why the federal public service has more francophones than anglophones in it. A level B in french is really not difficult to get and I do know what I am talking about here.

    4. yes! very astute of you to figure that out! The level B in english is much easier to obtain for a franco than the level B in french for an Anglo...not a question of laziness...just a fact ! Go ask any franco in the Gov't and you will see! They (francos) admit that testing in french is much more evidenced by just how crap their english is ! Seriously...get out there for yourself and see !

    5. Why is that anglophones are lazy and/or stubborn when it may be that they just don't a shit any longer about appeasing the franco-supremicists and the demand that everything be done for them in french and with priority over the anglophones? Time to drop all the pretense about it - the francophones want special treatment and special consideration over everyone and everything now because they believe they are "entitled" to it. The federal public service has more francophones because far too many positions have been made mandatory bilingual than are actually needed or required. My guess is you would not have been part of the "resistance" movement in France during WWII.

    6. We have two official languages in this country and that is why many jobs in the federal government require some level of bilingualism. I worked at the federal government for many years and it was not difficult to get a level B in french..seriously you aren't trying to hard if you cant get a level B. A level C is much harder but it can be done if you work hard enough over 2-3 years. Many francophones have level B or C english because they had no choice but to learn english.

      The reality as Cutie pointed out is that many anglophones think its not important to know french..they dont give a crap..they are stubborn pigheaded and arrogant. They think its ok to impose english on all the francophones across the country..its ok for francophones not to be served in their language even though its one of the two official languages in the country. Its called a double standard..there is one standard for the anglophones and another for the francophones. And its a pretty typical anglo-saxon attitude around the world. The Yanks and the Brits are just as arrogant..they expect everyone around the world to speak their language and put little effort in speaking any other.

      Oh and back to the WW2 are such a stereotypical old and bitter angryphone cutie. Being bitter and twisted is not healthy..

    7. Before the PQ came to power I was not "bitter and twisted" as you feel you have the right to call me even though you are far from a fair judge of character. You are one of the most confused people I've ever communicated with - on one hand you think that anyone that is not willing to fall in line with what these Nazi sovereignists want which is clearly to split Canada up and walk away with territory that belongs to all of us are lazy, arrogant and stupid but the francophones are all entitled to everything over and above the majority of the population throughout the whole of North America. You are a sad example of what is fair and reasonable in a free society when you think it's fine for the majority to bully the minorities but with the shoe on the other foot, you think it's just fine that 5M or so people think it's OK to demand that they come first always. No one outside of quebec imposes anything on the francohones - only here in quebec are the majority allowed to put laws into place to freeze out portions of their own tax paying citizens. You are one mixed up dude! Minority rights are protected in all the other provinces except quebec so you tell me it's fair and reasonable that the francophones can bully and put laws in place to discriminate against WE TAXPAYERS that are supposed to be represented by our own government. I also worked in the federal government for 35 years and favourtism is practiced outright for the francophones over the anglophones all the time. I couldn't get promoted for many years because of their bigoted policies and francophones were promoted over me many times even though I knew how to do the job much better than they did so don't lecture me about what goes on in the public service. I knew some francophones that were more qualified than I but many were not and were promoted anyway. So don't give me the BS. Thousands of those jobs do not require any french and I know that also.

    8. "it's fine for the majority to bully the minorities"

      Nous représentons la minorité et les anglos,la majorité.Sur quelle planète vivez-vous peggy?

    9. But SR you are always going on about how immigrants and anglos should learn French because French is the majority language and the minority should assimilate into the majority culture. Now you're saying English is the majority? So I guess now you're advocating for francophones to assimilate into the majority Canadian culture and all speak English? Well either that or you seem to be very confused in your train of thought.

    10. Les Québécois forment une Nation.

    11. complicated,

      They think its ok to impose english on all the francophones across the country..its ok for francophones not to be served in their language even though its one of the two official languages in the country.

      What if I write this:

      They think its ok to impose french on all the anglophones across the province..its ok for anglophones not to be served in their language even though its one of the two official languages in the country, in which the province is a part of.

      Would the situation be acceptable?

    12. Montrealers form a City-State!

    13. One Letter-writer had a brilliant idea, in order to distance ourselves from Quebec and quebeckers we should simply refer to ourselves as home and abroad. Click 1 for LIKE.

    14. Of course Troy - that would be perfectly acceptable to complicated. He totally "understands" that but does not "understand" that the CAQ is just another stupid sovereignist party or that the ROC is getting sick of cow-towing to these language nuts..

    15. "Les Québécois forment une Nation."

      Perhaps one day, but if that ever did happen then anglophones would be a minority within the country they'd live in. Until that day you need to make up your mind, should minority rights and culture be respected (Quebec and French protected within Canada; Anglophones and English protected within Quebec) or should minorities assimilate into the majority (Anglophones take on uniquely Quebec language and culture; Quebecois take on English and ROC culture)? Failing to take a stance on one side or the other makes your logic a hypocritical, contradictory mess, as the two ideologies are completely at odds.

    16. Troy - My point is that anglophones are often served in their language within the province of Quebec..much more often than francophones are served in their language in the rest of Canada. if you dont believe me just try walking down the street of any city in canada and speak french..try walking down the street in montreal and you will have generally no problem being served in english. There is a clear double standard. Even federal government services are often not provided in french in the rest of many time have I heard francophones tell me that they were not served in french by customs or other functions.

    17. Cutie - You really have twisted my words in your last post. You really think nothing is imposed on francophones in the rest of Canada. They have no choice but to speak in english the vast majority of the time..even getting government services in french is shaky at best. Meanwhile anglophones here are still served in english by the quebec government..I have spoken to many people in various quebec government departments in english with no problem. I speak english all the time in Montreal..once in awhile I run into someone a bit more stubborn but its pretty rare.
      All you had to do was learn french cutie but again you were too stubborn and arrogant to do so like many anglophones. Its ok to impose english on francophones and strip away their rights all across Canada but heaven forbid you are asked to learn some french. There are valid reasons for many federal government positions to be bilingual..many are at a level B and level B is pretty pathetic french. So any anglo who has problems getting a level B is really not trying and likely doesnt care. If thats the case then work somewhere else.

    18. "here are still served in english by the quebec government..I have spoken to many people in various quebec government departments in english with no problem. I speak english all the time in Montreal..once in awhile I run into someone a bit more stubborn but its pretty rare. "

      That hardly rings true you know..I can't see u ringing up the provincial gov...and the first words out of your mouth are English? Like on purpose? Mmm...I am more likely to think the first words out of your mouth are in the language u are comfortable when I call them up...I speak English...mostly just to piss them off and on several occasions they have simply hung up on me, without even greeting me or acknowledging me.

      I am not saying u are lying but your story doesn't ring true. Also, a very good friend of mine works for a provincial agency in Qc city...she is their token minority and they never make her forget it...till they need her to translate something for them...then they're grateful and friendly...the ignoramuses. So pls go sell you bill of goods elsewhere, as we live here and we know EXACTLY how it goes down.

    19. complicated - name me one place in Canada where francophones have had their "rights stripped away". And not everyone can easily learn a second language even though you profess to know that this is so - they are either lazy or arrogant - who are you to speak for everyone else? There is not a francophone that I know that does not admit that french is very difficult to learn at the best of times and most of them would rather work in english - that comes from them, not me. Stop presuming you know everything as you obviously don't. And it is getting more and more difficult to receive english services from OUR OWN PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT THAT I PAY HUGE AMOUNTS OF TAXES TO and deserve respect and service in one of the official languages of Canada!

      Another thing, if the federal government kicked out all the separatist francophones from the public service, and sent them to work for the government of quebec where they should be working, there would be no shortage of jobs for the few anglophones that would like to work in their own language and not in french because language zealots insist that this be done! Why the hell should the anglophones have to look for work somewhere else when the public service of Canada is loaded with rebellious traitors that should not be allowed to work there! They too should be kicked to the curb with the areas that want to leave Canada! 40 years of this BS - 40 GD years! Enough of the stranglehold.

    20. FROM ED
      Cutie, t's no use arguing with Complicated. I have never seen anyone that could create pointless argfuments the way he does. One minute he's aerguing against you and the next he arguing against himself. Give it up or he'll turn you're gray. Ity makes no more sense than arguing with S.R. he makes as much sense as a troll Ed.

    21. Frank @ complicated did you tell your French friends to move back here ?

    22. Francophones not being able to get service in the rest of Canada is unfortunate, it really is, more people should be bilingual to the point where they can service someone in two (or even three) languages and if our schools are not churning out bilingual students they are failing us. That said comparing anglophones in Quebec to Francophones in the rest of Canada is kind of disingenuous, they are two completely different situations. In the rest of Canada there aren't enough people who speak French in order to offer service in that language (again unfortunate), however here in Quebec there are, but they choose not to or are told not to offer service in English. One isn't offered out of necessity, the other just to be piety (so far as I can tell), they are two completely different situations. That said I've only had a few situations where I had trouble getting service in the province, though I do usually speak in French anyway.

      The one time I wanted English service just because I wasn't familiar with the industry specific lingo in French was from the RAMQ. They do not offer an English option AT ALL. The only way you can get English service is if they decided you are not capable of continuing the phone call in French. What kind of a system is that? I'm pretty sure an individual is better able to gauge their language ability than a government worker. That aside the worker has no impetus to decide the person can't speak French, then they'd have to switch to English. Anyway so I'm on the phone and doing it in French, just fine and then I get stuck on a word, just blank on what it is in French, so I ask if she knows what the English word is, she just completely ignores the whole sentence (dead silence) So I asks if she is still there. Yes. Oh, so I repeat myself thinking she just didn't hear me, she asks if I can say the word in French. No I just said I can't remember it. Oh well I can't respond to something unless it's in French. Um ok. So then I get stuck playing verbal charades for around 3 minutes with her dropping hints as to how to explain it, except she knows full well the word I'm looking for but won't give me the point until I describe it close enough. They just seemed to be unhelpful fro the sake of being unhelpful, I'm not sure if she was just being difficult or they strongly enforce the French only policy. All I needed was a bit help with one word but instead of a bit of help the employee made both of our lives more difficult. When we stop helping each other we all lose.

    23. complicated,

      Troy - My point is that anglophones are often served in their language within the province of Quebec..much more often than francophones are served in their language in the rest of Canada.

      Really? Have you tried asking direction in English in Chicoutimi?

      There is a clear double standard. Even federal government services are often not provided in french in the rest of many time have I heard francophones tell me that they were not served in french by customs or other functions.

      Really? Have you compared the level of services in English by the Quebec government and the level of services in French by the Ontario government? Is there any restriction in receiving French education in Ontario?

    24. Troy - Take a francophone anyday and put them in any city across Canada and check out how many people will serve them in french. I bet its easier to get service in chicoutimi in english than french in most major cities of canada which is really telling. Then come to Montreal or even Quebec City or most of southern Quebec and check out how difficult it really is for an anglophone to get by on english. I have gone to Quebec City countless times and have been able to speak english the vast majority of the time. Montreal..I can count on one hand the number of times I have had issues.

      I can tell you I have never had a problem being served in english by the quebec government. I have always been served in english at any hospital I have been too..even in Trois Rivieres. Even the evil STM has served me in english most of the time.

      You people come on here pointing out every isolated case in Montreal where somebody isnt served in english. Francophones in the rest of Canada dont run around whining about the countless times they are not served in their language even though its one of the two official languages of this country. Francophones even have problems in their own province..right here in Montreal.

      Most of you are a bunch of flipping hypocrites..its ok for the francophones to not be served in their language on a regular basis but the anglophone must be served in their language all the time.
      Here are some anecdotes I have personally seen in the rest of Canada:
      A flight from Toronto to Paris. with a majority of francophones on board. The airline spokeswoman telling people in english only that the flight will be delayed..many francophones not understanding what she is saying.
      A close family member who is francophone on many occasions not being served in french on flights going to and from Montreal on canadian airlines.
      Countless francophone friends arriving in Canada in Vancouver or Toronto and asking for a customs agent who speaks french and there are none.
      Crossing the border into Canada and the border agent doesnt speak any french..many times.
      Francophones as we speak not being served in french right here in Montreal..I have seen it with my own stores, restaurants, and even in a clinic.
      Francophone parents sending their kids to a francophone school in the west side of Montreal who volunteer at the school and then realize that most of the meetings are conducted in english..because the volunteer women in charge are anglophones. Anglophone parents sending their kids to francophone schools in Montreal and then whining because the documentation they receive are in french only???
      A friend sending his son to music lessons in Montreal and again being served only in english.
      On many many many occasions..a group of francophones and anglophones together..francophones clearly outnumbering the anglophones..and the francophones all speaking in english even if the anglophones have some basic in Montreal.
      Tour group from France visiting Niagara Falls..not one effort made at the hotel in Niagara Falls to speak french to them.

      And on and on and who really should be complaining here??

    25. Let's face it - there are 30M people that speak English and about 5M that speak French - Just the way it is. You keep forgetting that the English are one of the founding people of quebec and have been here since the beginning - we are not strangers nor immigrants in our own province. Not so with the francophones that don't venture outside their enclave of quebec so to compare is not justified. Had they started new villages or towns outside of here, and worked at keeping their language alive, it would be alive. There are many francophones that REFUSE to speak English just because they've been told not to - not because of an inability but because of vengeance for a war that happened two hundred years ago. Stop making excuses for this - it is inexcusable. And as I have been reminded, many times, Canada is only bilingual at the federal level, not the provincial. The francophones that have left here and started new lives outside of quebec, in Ontario, Alberta, N.B. etc. are encouraged to keep their language alive while here they are actually told to kill off english as much as they can. Two different attitudes and the one that stinks is in quebec - not in the ROC.

    26. Actually the english arrived in Quebec a good 200 years or so after the french did. But of course lets not forget the true natives that were here for thousands of years but thats another story.
      The french explorers and many settlers spread out all over north america before the english. Manitoba used to have a very large french community..but wave after wave of immigrants from Europe and discminiation by the anglophones made sure there numbers became insignificant. The french in the rest of Canada have had to fight tooth and nail to preserve their identity..over and over the anglophones have tried to assimilate them and in large part many francophones have been assimilated. There are millions of people across North America with francophone last names who do not speak any french..I know many personally..they did leave Quebec and had no choice but to adopt english and they have and in the majority of cases do not whine and complain nonstop about it.

      The francophones in Quebec have every right to protect their language..they have seen what has happened outside and even within their own borders. Time in and time out the onus was on them to just learn english and abandon their lnaguage even when they were in the majority. I still see it to this day right here in Quebec..stubborn anglos who refuse to make any effort to speak french but expect the french to speak to them in english.

    27. ". I couldn't get promoted for many years because of their bigoted policies and francophones were promoted over me..."

      why didn't you learn french then? you want a job, it's in the requirements that the applicant knows french, well... how come you never figured this one out? plus it would have been useful for you in your everyday wherabouts, since you happen to live in a french province and you have mentioned earlier that it is a drag for you to look for people to translate stuff for you when you run your errands. yeah, complicated's right. arrogant and stubborn. eeew.

    28. How's this for bigoted policies? Me and my friend both applied from the same program into the same program at the Université de Montréal. Both of us had the same courses, except I had internships, scholarships, and a better GPA. He was accepted instantly, I was offered an interview 5 months later, soon before the beginning of the term. Both of us had "pure-laine" names.

      The only way his application could be perceived as better? He was from Quebec, I wasn't.

      And let's not get into the hiring practices, where most of the postings are done internally so that they are not placed in an embarrassing position vis-à-vis Human Resources, as they tend to throw the better CVs in the garbage to hire someone they know instead.

      I won't generalize for the entire economy, but as far as what I've seen of the education and public function, Quebec operates on a nepotist rather than meritocratic basis.

    29. This whole province is based on unions Yannick so for sure it is nepotist. My separatist friend went to apply for a job with the post office and didn't make the list to be interviewed for a senior translator job. I said to her "did you mention that your husband is a postal worker?" and she said "No" so I said next time a competition comes up, put that information on your application. Within 4 months she was offered a top paying job and had come in first in the competition. Unions!

    30. God if I was ever interested in learning to speak french, and I was at one time, all this BS from these separatists would have turned me off faster than a light switch. Didn't miss the little p---- when he was gone for a few days. They don't even realize that just because an anglophone can speak french, if they don't have the family heritage and have an english name, they are not welcome here anyway so what the hell would the point be learning to speak their language? Idiots and bigots - top notch. We must get rid of them and move on without them. Partition this place and let them go!

    31. I'm not necessarily anti-union, and I don't think they are necessarily nepotist, but in Quebec it certainly seems so. I've never heard a good story about public unions there.

    32. Its pretty obvious that the Quebec government and likely many municipalities practice discrimination against anglophones. All you have to do is look at the numbers..0.9 percent of Quebec public workers are anglophone..pretty pathetic. Look you wont get any argument from me about discrimination in the quebec public service..however I would say there is far less of it in the federal public service..its just a reality that many jobs there require a certain level of bilingualism.

      I have noted in my municipality in which 70 percent of the population is anglophone..I would say 70 percent or more of the staff are francophone which I find really odd. But of course you could never bring something like this up as it would be considered racism. It does seem like the unions in Quebec go out of their way to keep anglos out even in areas where the anglos are the majority.

    33. And just how much longer are we to be pushed around? Does it ever end? They won't stop pushing and we have to draw the line by getting our act together and saying we've had it with their agenda! Partition is the only way to get away from them before we have real physical problems on the streets.

    34. That they are Racist is a given, it is the OVERT Racism now, that is completely unacceptable. It reminds me of children pushing the envelope, if parents aren't there to monitor them and correct negative behavior, the kids will keep pushing to see just how far they can go and get away with. This charter the same thing. After all no one ever peeps a word when they enact unjust laws or are the receiving end of A SHAFT. I mean just look at us, after this latest "commission" into this provinces corruption..NOT ONE BLOODY protest or public outrage to really get the message across and put back every damned last penny...or we are withholding taxes..EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. Something ...ANYTHING to convey that as a population and as citizens of this province we mean business. So yes, the children who run the house keeping pushing to see HOW MUCH they can still...get away with.

    35. Partition will just turn the majority of francophones against the anglophones. It will be seen as another attempt by the anglos to seize power and control from the francophones and it essentially is what would happen. Your dream cutie is to have an area where the anglos more or less have control. If partition is seriously pursued then radical francophone groups will form and violence will erupt against the anglophone will be worse than the FLQ that really what you want?? Its easy to sit here and write all your bravado but I doubt very much you and many here would stand living in an area with violent protests going on where they live.

      The CAQ is frankly my last ditch hope for saving this province and I can see that its becoming less and less likely. What will happen is that the Liberals will win the next election in 2014 or 2015..probably a minority government. The economy will have deteriorated a lot by then..we will be in the beginning phases of the collapse of the real estate bubble..the USA will have serious budget problems..essentially all of North America will be heading into crisis mode again. The Liberals will increase the debt as they always do and at some point the economy will tip into such a big recession that they will be blamed for all the economic woes here in Quebec. Quebec solidaire will gain traction as they will promise more help for all the for students and other fairy tale will resonate as many seperatists will be fed up with the PQ. Hence another election will be held in 2016 or 2017 in which Quebec solidaire will become a force..they will win 20 seats and will form a coalition government with the PQ. Then we are really screwed.

      Thats why I see the CAQ as the only hope..they are the only party that seem to be willing to tackle the real problems..debt, taxes, corruption. The Liberals as they have shown over and over will be incapable of dealing with a collapsing economy..and we are going to end up with something worse than the PQ. Then you will see another exodus of anglophones who will once again get totally fed up with living here.

  11. One can only imagine what the separatist justification for the following will be:

  12. And so this is the next stage of their hateful agenda:

    1. Even if you are for the charter, what business of it of yours to attack a private businesses, which isn't even covered under the bill? I hope this isn't just the start of things to come like the firebombing of second cup stores, to threaten daycares? Enough is enough, hopefully this is just one loose nut and the police will set him straight.

    2. Wouldn't the charter affect those that are operated by the quebec government program of $7.00 a day? Wouldn't they be considered "public servants" under the same restrictions? Not sure but would think so. Anyway, we have a bunch of sick people running around the streets when they threaten day cares no matter who is operating them. These are kids for God's sake.

    3. FROM ED
      That's an interesting thought Cutie because I see a lot of woman wearing hijabs leading the day care groups of little children in the streets and I see it all over Montreal. Ed

    4. It depends, if it is a wholly owned government daycare (the kind that Marois is planning to create many more of at the expense of Private daycares) they would be subject to the charter, if they are Private daycares they would not be forced to apply the charter, if they are private daycares subsidized by the government so that they only cost 7$ a day, the government (as you said) would have coercive power to enforce it as since they receive government money and are there for quasi governmental services. So they would probably have the option of enforcing the charter or stop receiving subsidiaries.

    5. That's what I thought also. And that's why these day cares are fighting against it Ed = they have many women wearing hijabs that work with these children.

  13. "The veil or welfare"
    i guess we'll have to cut their welfare benefits.

    1. I'd rather see your separatist movement rendered illegal under anti-sedition laws and your right to "free speech" muzzled under the charter of common sense.

    2. "seperatist movement rendered illegal"
      "free speech muzzled"

      You sound worse than hitler!

    3. @Vive le Québec

      Funny you of all people should say that. I distinctly remember YOU writing in a previous post that the new charter is INDEED discriminatory, but that's fine with you.

      So if someone threatens to strip you of your rights, it's fascist, but when you guys do it to immigrants, it's somehow in the name of justice and nobility?

  14. Dan Delmar: Quebec’s language police, now available for Android

    All characters in the videos seem to be more proficient in French, yet for some reason they initiate conversations in English; a scenario that makes absolutely no sense. The naughty merchants who address customers in English are also played by Francophone actors with heavy accents. Is the SSJB so contemptuous of Anglophones that they preferred hiring Francophone actors to play the colonial oppressors, even though they couldn’t pull it off? And if the video demonstrates that citizens frequently have cordial interactions in English, isn’t that a tacit admission that Quebecers want to embrace the language more than their paranoid elites? But Beaulieu and other nationalists are more enlightened; former PQ MNA Pierre Curzi once told me that English is a “seductive form of expression.” Thankfully, the SSJB exists to combat this opiate of the masses."

    1. Wow, that video is too good. I'm guessing they couldn't find (or didn't want to pay) any actual anglo to take part in it. If an employee responds to a customer in a language other than the one they're addressed in (English/French/Chinese if the employee speaks it) by the customer, there is probably something wrong with the employee that has nothing to do with language. So after saying sorry and speaking to the customers in French do you think they still rated the place a 1/10? Did Fous Truck only take past because the SSJB said they would stop harassing them about not being called Fous Camion? :P

    2. they are so worried about English that they can't see the forest for the trees......none of the people in these videos is a threat (read Anglo) to their precious pure laine vision..... they are the new faces of quebec.......latinos, sure as hell isn't going to be English u'll be worried about seppie dolts.......look sure ain't English OR French ur hearing these days......

    3. They will always try to find a reason to fight with the ROC so they can keep the money they pay to the feds every year. That's always their end game and they don't care if they push us to the brink of civil war to get their way. All for power and money and nothing else matters. They have to have something to push their agenda so it was anglos, now allos, next God only knows. Partition is our answer to get of these misfits and get our lives back! If they want their pure laine francophone only people to live in the new country of quebec, consent to partition and stop all immigration. That's the only way they will get what they want and then they can live in isolation and everyone will be only french and nothing else. They'll all be gone in 100 years but that's the price they seem to be willing to pay for power and money right now!

  15. I can't access the actual ritalin article as it's behind a pay wall, but to blame videogames is ridiculous. The cause of more prescriptions is the increase of over diagnosis of ADHD in children. This is mainly at the expense of boys and has been caused by a number of things. The largest problem is that boys are not like little girls, they like to learn in hands on ways and always need to be doing something, the problem is the school system is basically kids sit in class all day and listen, this will be abhorrently boring for most elementary school boys. The other problem is the general decrease in physical activity at home and in school, is it any wonder boys are filled with so much energy in the classroom? They never burn it off these days. There are some children that do have behavioural disorders, but these could be fixed through behavioural modification (aka parenting) but a pill is always easier. The child, instead of learning self restraint and beneficial ways of channeling their energy uses the pill as a crutch. Of course now ritalin is being pushed not just for children but for those with ADHD ritalin is prescribed for the teenage years and beyond.

    Parents and educators don't want to deal with the high energy of the children because they don't have the patience for it, so what do they do? Stick them on ritalin to melow them out. There is a viable use for ritalin, but it is being way over prescribed.

  16. Pauline, new idea from France that you can relate to.

    Sure to "help build a consensus of social employment" (isn;t socialist doublespeak gibberish fun?)

    Anyway the best part is it will hurt Montreal. Stores in the burbs except gas stations and dep are closed anyway.

    Please Pauline, don;t you have pride for the workers?

    1. After reading that article, I can see where Miss Piggy gets some of her crazy ideas. Those poor business people can't do anything to conduct their business the way they see fit. The government and the unions obviously have their nose in places where they don't belong. What a farce!

    2. @cutie003

      why do you call marois miss piggy?!? is it because you are immature?

  17. And the natives weigh in on the charter debate. Our separatist friends always swear that the natives will be treated better by a separate quebec than they would be in Canada. Looks like they've ignored them again also:

  18. Quebec sends duplicate welfare cheques

    1. lol - good luck with trying to retrieve money from the people that these were sent to. What are they going to do to them - put them in jail or withhold the next cheque which would be even more of a hardship on these people. The instructions to destroy the first batch must have been sent in English to quebec and they decided that they couldn't read it so they ignored it. Wouldn't surprise me in the least. Our check and balance system does not seem to work very well lately.

  19. Attention francophone readers
    I am translating an article and am having trouble with this line;

    "Mais nommez-moi un pays où les femmes qui refusent de se déguiser en poupounes risquent le fouet, la prison et la mort. Il n’y en a pas.""

    I always thought 'poupoune' was a 'bimbo' or a 'chick' but that doesn't seem to make sense.
    Can someone offer a nin context translation, please?

    1. Name me a country where women that dress attractively risk getting whisked, going to jai or death. Their are none.

    2. Just another thing, in this context, déguiser en refers to dressed as. This would mean that the women is dressed like a chick or dressed attractively.

    3. Cette phrase n'a aucun sens

    4. Agreed. The person who wrote this made a mistake. The sentence is incoherent.

    5. That was my first impression. I translated it to what I taught the sentence, since I do I not have the context.

      Saying: Name me a country where women that refuses to dress attractively risk getting whisked, going to jail or death, didn't make sense.

    6. I do not understand what "getting whisked" means. I've never heard that term, except in the context of a "whisk broom," and I don't think that's what is meant here. Thanks. :)

    7. Just realized: That should be "whipped," not "whisked."

    8. Yes you are right. My mistake.

  20. By the way everyone = if you live in the area try to get out to the protest tomorrow at 1:00. Everyone is participating in this march against the charter and other causes. The more people that can attend the better.

    1. I am glad that the allophones are standing up for their rights. It's something that we as the anglophone community should have done more of (and I am including myself in this). It seems that the big protest against the parti quebecois charter is taking place at the Place des Festivals (located near the corner of Jeanne Mance and St. Catherine Ouest) - Place des Arts metro, in case anyone wanted to know. As Cutie003 wrote, it's at 1pm.

    2. Thanks Roger - should have stated the location - my oversight.

    3. No prob. You post alot of interesting links (even the Journal de Mourreal lol) so that more than makes up for it :)

  21. Let me give you all an example how misdirected the actions of the language zealots (including SSJB) are.

    Since when we were in Montreal my son plays junior football. The labels of his specialized equipment are unilingually in English. From the compression shorts, the pants (including the padding), shoulder pads, jersey and helmet are labelled in English only. Something that bothers me in particular is the warning label on the helmet:

    No helmet system can protect you from serious brain and/or neck injuries including paralysis or death. To avoid these risks, do not engage in the sport of football.

    That warning is not available in French. Go to Sports Experts or to Jacques Moreau, all helmets they have have that label in English only. Therefore, unilingual francophone players - and their unilingual parents - may not understand the warning. This situation is quite dangerous, IMHO.

    Why does this happen? There are only two gridiron football helmet manufacturers in the whole world, Riddell and Schutt, with Riddell has the bigger share. Those two American companies are quite content with their American market and therefore do not care enough to comply with Canadian bilingual requirement. Canada can not do much about them since they and only they produce football helmet, for all levels of gridiron football.

    Now, where is the rage from the language zealots? I would think that this is a more real issue than having restaurant employers talk with each other in Vietnamese. Why there is no rage? Simply, there is nothing they can do about it. There is no way that they can organize boycott against Riddell or Schutt.

    1. Yes, you are totally right. Although, a seperatist will you only american that play football, adding "Nous au Quebec, on joue au Hockey". I once meant a separatist, who asked me why I played soccer, saying only immigrants play it.

    2. I suppose then the rest of the world are just a bunch of immigrants..cause it's played EVERYWHERE on the globe. Hicks

    3. @anecdote

      you meant hick probably mate.

  22. Hanging drawing and quartering for Alexandre Paul - very unpatriotic for a Canadian to opposing miners. We need no environment.

  23. For all that can make it to the protest today. Published on the Unity Group FB page:

    Members and friends of The Unity Group-Quebec civil rights. Please meet up with us today at 12:40 pm outside Metro St. Laurent and we will go to the site together. Bring your banners, flags, kippas, hijabs, turbans and crosses! See you there!

    1. @AnceTOTE - especially for you to note.

      Mélanie Joly supports special FINANCIAL STATUS for MTL.
      Mélanie Joly réclame que Québec accorde un statut particulier à Montréal en terme de financement.

      Not Distinct Montreal yet but we are slowly getting there, a step in the right direction

    2. "Bring your banners, flags, kippas, hijabs, turbans and crosses!"

      all bigots welcome!

    3. Either you are willfully ignorant of what the definition of bigot is or you've given up making any sense at all. To aid in your education here is a definition:

      "Bigotry is the state of mind of a bigot: someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats other people with fear, distrust, hatred, contempt, or intolerance on the basis of a person's ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, or other characteristics.".

      To imply that a multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic, multi-religious rally, whose goal is free religious expression for everyone of being a rally of bigots is the height of stupidity.

    4. Je crois que student souhaitait la bienvenue aux angryphones qui sont incapables d'organiser eux-même une manifestation anti-Québécois.

    5. Oh so he was just generalizing and calling a group of people bigots, rather than everyone at the rally bigots, can't say I see that as being any better.

      Having a rally that is denouncing a proposed bill by one political party, support for which is clearly divided in Quebec, is not anti-Québécois. Much like denouncing language laws in and of itself is not anti-Québécois. By that logic anytime anyone criticizes anything about Quebec they are anti-Québécois, and that's just silly.

    6. No no, that's "quebec bashing" - every time there is a criticism of what goes on in this province.

    7. @thatguy

      my definition of bigot is this one from oxford concise: one who holds irrespective of reason, and attaches disproportionate weight to some creed or view.

      dudes who think the right to show off what legends they believe while working for a secular state is of paramount importance fit that definition. don't you agree? or, like most anglos, do you just dislike whatever come out of the parti québécois regardless of value?

  24. Exactly....thx Cutie. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    Now let's define the terms of what this means so that it is not just...Lip Service.

    You can start with the admission that Montreal is a Bilingual, Multicultural City with all the rights and privileges that comes with, etc...etc...etc...

    Back off OQLF. We are open for business.

    Montreal City State.

    Has an incredible ring to it...I must say!

    1. As I said AnceTOTE - Many people feel as you do and that's what it takes to create change - the people willing to back it up with their votes.

    2. You might also be interested in this from CJAD Radio which shows 90% feel that Montreal is different than the ROQ:

    3. 100% des Parisiens sont différents du reste de la France et 100% des New-yorkais sont aussi différents du reste de l'état de New-york...Quelle surprise :)

    4. 100% of stats cited by SR are completely made up...what a surprise :)

    5. @cutie003

      "...which shows 90% feel that Montreal is different than the ROQ"

      you needed a poll to figure out that montreal is the only big city in quebec?!? you haven't done your homework mate.

  25. This time I have to to give my compliment to the PQ government. They have done the thing not even U.S. President since Carter has done, namely making peace between Muslims and Jews. Today there was a mass demonstration in downtown Montreal with thousands of participants. Particularly in this demonstration, there were large contingents of Muslim and Jewish communities.

    So it is demonstrated that this separatist government managed to bring Muslims and Jews to unite and to march together without any violence.

    Brava, Mme Marois ! Tres bien fait !

    1. Take it easy there..Troy...I'm sure she didn't mean to. Lol

    2. Around 4,000 or so I heard. Too bad there were so many other charity races going on on the same day or the number would have been much higher I'm sure. Anyway, good for them!


      What we need is a Movement!

      "Rights for All, or Rights for no one"

    4. Er, I'm not sure you want to give them the option of "rights for no one" they might just take it!

    5. Let me know when these events can draw a crowd of 100 thousand or more. For all the anger against the charter most people in the end cant be bothered to protest. Just another example of how people deserve the government they get..most people are so bloody apathetic..they cant even be bothered too vote but they whine day and night about the government.

    6. Were you there? Cause you do your fair share of whining as we'll.

    7. "Er, I'm not sure you want to give them the option of "rights for no one" they might just take it!"

      If they do they will have to live with no Rights either...It includes them too.

    8. Come, come, now, you can't be so naive as to believe that those in positions of power have to follow the rules like everyone else. Big companies don't have to follow bill 101 because they are powerful enough and look at the Charter of "values" the government has to follow it, other than the MNAs who are making the laws.

    9. I believe enough people in the street protesting is enough to embarrass the sh*t out of them and they can do without the bad press. Pastagate taught us that. I think that keeping that kind of pressure and vigilance will make them take note of the line in the sand. It is time we pushback and NOTHING, as far as I'm concerned should be off the table.

    10. @anectote

      are you also pushing to repeal the ban on politicaly charged outfits for civil servants? coherence has never been your bag so you probably don't, but i was curious anyways.

  26. Sorry but I am just an amateur when it comes to whining compared to many on this forum. I suppose you were there anectote..just like everyone else here.

    1. 3,000 to 5,000 attended the rally complicated. Not the 100,000 you wish for but a pretty good demonstration number. This province will never thrive again until they stop with these stupid and illegal bills that they keep bringing forward to divide the people. They break their own language laws for over 60 companies and keep these places afloat with our tax money but don't admit that their own bills are what's bankrupting this place. What a bunch of hypocrites.

    2. I attended the last one, and will surely attend the next one. There will be many...MANY more...before this is even remotely over. Butt allow me to point out that YOU, my dear, are far from being an amateur when it comes whining, wink.

  27. Une garderie oblige les enfants à manger 100% halal