Sunday, June 30, 2013

Howard Galganov's Misguided Rally of Rage

I didn't really plan on writing this piece, because many good people have made a great effort in attempting to organize a rally that they believe will shock anglophones into action in defense of their language, their freedom, their religion and their way of life.
But inviting Howard Galganov, the infamous firebrand who will lob his personal version of fire and brimstone, taking no prisoners and pulling no punches, is just plain and simple, a strategic mistake.

I like Howard Galganov for his passion and his patriotism, but politics is the art of getting things done and he's has chosen a dead end path that has no chance of success and every chance of exacerbating our situation.

I actually believe in most of the things he does, yet I'm mature enough to realize that baiting those who opposes us with vitriolic and hateful speech, meant to enrage, hasn't the proverbial snowball's chance in Hell of resulting in any tangible improvement in our current language situation.

I'm reminded of a scene in the "Untouchables' movie, when some dubious methods are employed by good cops to elicit a bad guy to talk.

For those who missed it, Sean Connery's character, in an attempt to get a closed mouth villain to talk, shoots an already dead villain  (unbeknownst to those on the other side of the window) demonstrating that he will go to all ends to get his way, even murder.
The crook soils himself in fear and sings like a canary, but the Canadian Mountie, cooperating with the FBI, is not amused and delivers one of my favorite movie lines of all time.

"MR. NESS I not approve of your methods!"

So too, gentle readers, I don't approve of Howard's methods, even though I believe in the principle he advances.
I've written before about his methods which in this humble blogger's opinion are too clever by half .
Revenge of the Galganov!
Howard Galganov- The Empire Strikes Back!

And so Howard will have his moment, he will call Quebecers and the Quebec government an evil naziesque entity, get his news blurb which will only convince Quebecers in the middle of the road and perhaps reachable, that the anglo rights movement is populated by unreasonable, angry and dangerous fanatics.

I'll pass.

Here's a letter I received on the subject from a reader, whose effort deserves to be published.
"As we gird for Mr. Howard Galganov’s next planned spectacle June 30th in Montreal, it is clear from the vitriol on social media and elsewhere that the suggestion that many in Montreal’s growing bilingual community who are less than enthusiastic about his return, are being miscast as somehow anti-Canadian or anti-anglo.

Far from it.

In the face of regressive language restrictions embodied in the upcoming Bill 14, and while we understand the importance of visibility on this issue, these ends should not come at any price. And most reasonable Quebecers - French, English or Allophone alike would consider a Galganov event a price too dear to pay.

In fact, it’s fair to say it would be difficult to imagine a more divisive figure and one more potentially damaging to the movement than Howard Galganov. His public statements, the vitriol with which he dismisses Quebec as a legitimate member and co-founder of the Canadian confederation and his decided location outside of the province, puts him in the unique position of possibly being the very worst representatives of Montreal anglophones or unity in general.

As we now see the promotional materials for Mr. Galganov’s rally being distributed, we are at once turned off by the imagery and frightened at what they suggest to be attitudes of anglo Montrealers or anyone who self-identifies as Canadian here in Quebec. We have come a very long way in the nearly two decades since the last referendum, but unfortunately it seems that Mr. Galganov hasn’t. While we would have hoped that his tack would have evolved to reflect the better wisdom of maturity, and even a cognizance and respect of the changing identities of all the people of this province, here he is once again, being “that angry guy”, at a time when Montreal and the province of Quebec least needs or deserves it.

In the very first line of the press release, Mr. Galganov states on our behalf “We are Canadians. We are not Quebecois” with the accompanying image of a Fleur de Lys being tattered and torn in the storming gale of his megaphone.

Clearly this isn’t just about a language rights fight anymore, but quite overtly an anti-Quebec rally. If there was one sure fire way to be certain that not a single legitimizing francophone would show up, this was it. How terribly, terribly sad that what might have been a clearly messaged stand against an unfair law (which a great many francophone Quebecers feel Bill 14 is), is dumbed down and turned negative at the hands of the guy with some money and clearly too much time on his hands.

At certain points along the path to a goal, be it protecting basic constitutional rights or nurturing a spirit of mutual celebration in place of enforcement, the players will naturally change as the movement becomes more inclusive and nuanced. While when it comes to language rights and the positive progression of Montreal to the promising bilingual city by the hill that it can be, unity is critical. However unity it comes not of a mere desire to have it, but as a bi-product of a truly inclusive, respectful and indeed visionary platform and cast of characters around which to unite.

Clearly, our complex collective of shared and overlapping identities as at once Canadians, Quebecers and Montrealers, however fragile, has come a very long way since 1995. One could go so far as to say that the last decade has represented our best example of a pax linguistica, coming to a head in the firm rejection of the Bloq Quebecois and overwhelming support of a true federalist voice of opposition in Ottawa. Further strong evidence is found in the Anglophone community, where bilingualism is the standard, and where the idea of being a Quebecer is no longer anathema to being proudly Canadian. This is the unique identity of the vast majority of not just anglo Montrealers, but Francophones and Allophones alike.

The sad irony in all of this is that if Quebec were finally cede (whatever the legalities), the blood of that amputation will be as much on the hands of likes of Howard Galganov as those of Mario Beaulieu, Pauline Marois and the unilingualist drones in the Parti Quebecois.

We hope with our growing collective hearts and spirit that true leaders will emerge to help us all move in a new direction that welcomes a more resonantly common vision for Quebec and Montreal.

In united bilingualism,
I know my position may be a disappointment to some, but in a free and democratic society, even those on the same side have differing opinions as to how to advance the same principles.


  1. To my dearest son John.

    If you could only see what is going on as I record this, John. In fact, if you send any of your men back in time, they would be seeing it for themselves.

    It almost feels as though the war has already been won.

    PQnet has suffered two massive defeats by way of the Pastagate crusades and the FIFA firefight.

    John, in my last message to you, I told you about the XenaDrones. PQnet is developing them ever faster...yet, they made a crucial mistake by creating the Terminator T100 Xenadrone known as Louise Menard.

    This Xenadrone touched off the IGA Breakroom Barrio Battle of 2013, which many believed would prove the final, fatal blow in PQnet's battle for supremacy.

    Having failed in embedded one of its Xenodrones in such a high-ranking environment, PQnet recoiled and has countered with its back-up army of Sepatroll model Xenadrones.

    The Sepatrolls are not actual existing robots at the time I deliver this message.

    They are still very crude programs and their logic remains very flawed.

    Some of the prime programs to watch out for, should you send any of your men back in time to prevent judgment day:

    S.R: The initials stand for "Standard Rhetoric." This Sepatroll has been programmed for non-stop 24/7 disruption. No rhyme, no reason...only deliberate nonsense.

    Student: This program has many faults, some of which include: A "francophone" who only writes in Victorian English, ends every three posts with "your argument is shit, to try again?" and for some reason, PQnet can't get this Sepatroll program to use upper case letters.

    Y.L: Frankly, I'm puzzled by what the initials to this program stand for - Yan Labanane. This program was designed only to spread racist rants against all non-pur lainers.

    Michel Patrice: Code name - wolf in sheep's clothing. This program was designed to appear as a moderate poster until a member of the resistance, "The Conquest" left a message that drew out the racism built into this Sepatroll program's core.

    John, I can repeat this enough about the Xenodrones. At the time I write this, PQnet is still a couple of years away from building a prototype suitable for high-rank embedding like the corporate world or politics.

    It's the sepatroll division that carries the most weight simply due to their high numbers.

    1. What did Michel Patrice say that was "racist"? I never saw him as a soft nationalist, but he appears to be more well-educated and les prejudiced than most separatists.

    2. Michel Patrice is assigned racism simply by association with the PQ. When I've pressed people who made the same accusation, the answer was always "how could someone not racist vote PQ? I don't care about anything he says, he is a racist".

      And therefore, communication is impossible.

    3. EDM,

      Sara Connor is refering to this considered racist comment :

      The comment was a reaction to a The Conquest's comment : "You mad that we conquered you, bro? :)"

      The reactions to my comment are interesting. The Conquest's comment was assumed to be a all in good fun teasing. My reply was assumed to be "so serious", it was assumed that he really got "under my skin", it was assumed that my "character broke", that it was true "bitter anger".

      Laurie felt that she had to tell me that The Conquest was probably "just mocking me". It was never assumed that my answer was just mocking a stupid comment.

      How one reads the intentions of another is interesting and often very telling.

    4. Michel Patrice will you be at the Rally today?

    5. No, I will not. Even if I wanted to, I live in Québec City.

    6. Lol. I love you Sarah Connor.

    7. Suffice it to say that this man speaks the truth. That is all I know and all I need to know. i would stand with Mr. Galganov anytime and anywhere. God Bless the true north strong and free!

  2. If MB-BM had the courage of his/her convictions, he/she would have signed their name.

    Howard signs his name. And he puts his money where his mouth is.

    Guess who has more credibility in my eyes?

    As for the "firm rejection of the Bloc Quebecois", it has only been replaced by a vote for the NDP who won that vote by passing and promoting during the election campaign the Sherbrooke Declaration which is a firm roadmap to independence should a separatists government win a 50% plus one vote while the NDP forms the government in Ottawa.

    One need look no further than the words "One could go so far as to say that the last decade has represented our best example of a pax linguistica..." to be convinced that Galganov's stance is not only justified but, if anything, does not go far enough. If living under the shadow of the race law/hate law Bill 101 is "linguistic peace", I'd love to see how many rights and freedoms will be violated under a linguistic war.

    More Howard, not less, please. He is exactly what Quebec needs at this time.

    1. It is not open to Quebecers. He says it himself in the promotional video: ''We are Canadians, we are not Québécois'' and later on Global:

      ''To hell with what the Québécois want to think, what anybody else wants to think. We are Canadians. We are all Canadians. We don't have to be Québécois.'' Howard Galganov, Global News June 28th.

      And he is right, since he is from Ontario and most of his attendance will be coming from Cornwell, Ontario.

  3. Anglo identity politics doesn't work.

    The rallying cry should be freedom.

    This is open to all, whatever one's background.

    This shouldn't be about language, but about being able to conduct one's affairs in one's language of preference.

    1. I think Suzanne has gotten it right, she's the voice of reason here.

      This is not about Howard Galganov, this is not about Language. This rally should be in support of "Rights & Freedoms". The End.

      Meaghan Moran stood up to an entire to Louise Menard and an IGA Chain, not because she was complaining about having to speak French. She stood up to them because they were subjugating her right to speak ANY LANGUAGE, English, Spanish, Chinese even. THAT is what she was standing up for. Please put this into perspective. The rally today is not about Howard Galganov or any ONE PERSON and it shouldn't be. It is about EVERYONE'S access to what is rightfully theirs...THEIR FREEDOM TO CHOOSE....WHO THEY ARE....WHAT THEY SPEAK....WHO THEY LOVE ETC....

      Banners and posters should read: "In defence of Rights and Freedoms" or "à la défense des Droits et Libertés" OR ...wave it in Korean if you like: 권리와 자유를 방어. This rally belongs to ALL CITIZENS...because it is the Rights and Freedoms of all Citizens that are under attack and have been for decades. AND THAT ALSO INCLUDES YOU...THE SILENT MAJORITY...YOUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS ASWELL.

      Get out there and stand up for what YOU believe in. March and Protest because YOUR DEMOCRACY has been vanquished. That is the only Theme here so please let's stop focussing on Galganov or any other distraction.

      “A freedom given up is not so easily regained.”

      Haven't we had ENOUGH of this?

  4. Thank you for publishing my appeal to Quebec anglophones. I understand that some of your readers are already eager to meet me in person, but they will have to just be patient until our little organization stands on it's two feet, which will not be long now.

    As for Howard Galaganov, although I agree that the community needs to become active and united, it should not come at any price and it should not be just the anglo-community. Radical politics breed radicals. On both sides. And if we are to defeat bill 14, I believe we will need the support of anglos, francos and allos to bring it down. I truly believe that this bill can be defeated only if the language radicals stop stealing the spotlight and the rest of us are strong and united.

    And I am very curious, which of Howards principles do you believe in? That one can't be a proud Quebecer and a proud Canadian?

    That French should accommodate and respect anglophones in Quebec, while officially bilingual cities like Russell in Ontario should not exist?

    Or the one about triggering the partition of Québec?

  5. Galganov and his followers have given me a crystal clear explanation as to why our community is so disliked here. I'm tired of having our community's spokespeople generalize all French Quebecers by the actions of a few ultra nationalists.

    I refuse to choose between being a Canadian and a Quebecer. And as far as I'm concerned angryohones who think we have to could take the advice we're given so often and move away.

    I'm not going to support separatist rhetoric regardless of whether it comes from an Anglo or a Franco. If you want Quebec to leave Canada, Canada to give Quebec the boot, or Montreal to ditch Quebec for Canada and let Quebec crumble, you're part of the problem.

    1. Well said! Thank you

      I also feel like a Quebecer AND a Canadian and the insinuation that those two things are mutually exclusive is highly offensive to me, just like the one that a francophone can't be a proud Canadian, as many of my members are.

      It is unfortunate that the dividers who never felt at home here, never liked the majority of Quebecers and have moved away are now coming back and further linguistically divide our community and pretend they represent Anglo-Montrealers.

    2. Enfin,ça rassure un peu un tel discours...ont va faire de vous de fier québécois..;)

  6. For all those that wish to express they boycott Howard's divisive and discriminatory rhetoric:

    It's up to us to pull our own bad weeds out, before getting into the thick of it with the PQ on bill 14 this coming fall. We certainly can't afford to be viewed as ''unreasonable, angry and dangerous fanatics.''

  7. MB-BM you remind me of Neville Chamberlain. A useless politician full of hot air.
    What is the difference in the language wars of Quebec between 1976 and 2013?? NOTHING !! NOTHING !!!
    Sorry my mistake, it has gotten worse since 1976.
    Howard Galganov is a divisive man? He speaks the Truth that you don't want to hear.
    Howard said he left Quebec because of pansy anglos like the author of this meandering diatribe written above.
    Pray tell, in all your rallies, have you broken the 100 person attendance mark? How many pure laine have shown up to support this "lets all be friends" point of view? I can count on one finger how many have shown up.
    People like you in a separate Quebec will be cleaning the toilets for Marois and you will be loving it.
    Maybe after you have solved this 50 year old issue you can go solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict while you are at it.
    Galganov is a in your face guy. If he does not like the smell he will tell you it STINKS. But a pansy like you will say the odor is somewhat sweet. No right minded anglo should be listening to this baseless attack on a hero like Howard. You got plenty of useless time on your hands starting a Facebook campaign on Galganov while the Separatists are pulling out all stops for ethnic cleansing.

    1. I don't know Editor - Maybe Howard is not the greatest at getting a point across but what the hell do we have to lose anymore? Acquiescence for the past 40 years has not gained us not one damn thing except Bill 14 so again; what do we have to lose? There are many more people involved in the rally than Howard; Hugo and Keith Henderson are also going to be there. Can we not get a damn rally together without having this in-fighting which is doing much more harm than good. Please let's get it together for once and strike while the iron is hot so to say - pastagate, turbangate and Meghan have all shown what this crazy government is doing to our once vibrant community so now is the time to fight back! Boycotting our own rally is stupid and perhaps Hugo and Keith have asked Howard to keep the rhetoric to a minimum - how are we to know differently? Being "nice" gains us nothing - that's been proven so please everyone get out to support the rally and Canada!

    2. Keep living in a black and white world and wonder why you end up at the end of the bus.

      It is a matter of MLK vs Malcolm X.

      I don't need to defend the righteousness of the bilingual movement. You live in 1976, and I compare what I lived here for the last 15 years. The mentality has changed, but it will be getting radicalized by Marois' & Galganov's of this world - so if you fall for it - you are no better than the so-called "enemy".

    3. You will continue to dream of a bilingual Montreal but if you think you will ever, ever convince the separatists to accept this, you're the one living in 1976. They will have nothing to do with the anglo community and have proven that over and over. Silly to think that will change. We are all Canadians and should be supporting that fact - not the fact that we want one area of quebec to be bilingual but any area that votes for bilingualism is what the fight should be for. I live in Gatineau and I too would like bilingualism so you fighting for only one region also makes you part of the problem. What makes Montreal more special for this consideration than Gatineau? Go to the rally everyone and support Canadian values - this rally is not for a bilingual Montreal but for rights and freedoms of all quebecers.

    4. Cute is 100% right. Just because Mr Galganov set the rally up doesn't mean you shouldn't go if you don't agree with him. Hugo Shebbeare and Keith Henderson are there as well, as Cutie said.

    5. FROM ED
      Look who is criticizing Neville Chamberlain for being cowardly. The guy who hasn't got the guts to sign a name and hides behind anonymous. Ed

  8. enough Neville Chamberlain(s)!!!!!!! enough!!! with friends like these who needs enemies...

  9. Just to provide a little balance here, Howard Galganov is synonymous with marginal. Though it may sound and feel like a fight, it's not one that's winnable with people like him around. If Galganov sounds like Churchill to you, we don't have much to talk about. And just to note, Hugo is not on the ticket according to organizers due to infighting with him. Why is there so much infighting? That's a good question. My guess is because if you are planning to go to battle it's a good idea to look at your field generals, and then look at them again closely. Just sayin'.

    1. @spitfire

      Enough with the Galganov rhetoric, people need to get out there because there is a serious principle at stake here. it's high time people become visible and show disapproval for what is being perpetuated in this province light-speed. The overt display of Racisim has to stop. The denial of basic Rights and Freedoms has to stop.

      The rhetoric and tone of this rally has to change IMMEDIATELY and ....Galganov need to step aside. This is much bigger than you.
      This rally is NOT..about YOU or about YOUR Agenda. This rally shouldn't even be about Canada or Quebec or one vs the other. THIS rally should be about ..The People ....and upholding any territory.

      "DEMOCRACY NOW !!"

  10. Yes of course, why approach the problem firmly but openly? Everyone knows that divisive rhethoric can only be met with more divisive rhethoric, and that the side which is the most inflamatory wins. Everyone else is a Neville Chamberlain.

    1. Well said AnceTOTE: Dammit, when will enough be enough for the Canadians that reside in this backward society? Firmly but openly Yannick? How is that to be done if not done by now? What would you suggest we do to stop this outright discrimination against our community? How else but speaking out, rallies and supporting one another would you suggest? The Editor may not like Howard but at least he is leading a rally which is more than I can say anyone else is doing in this place for Canada Day. Why should our proud day go without acknowledgement by these separatists, again like we don't exist and have no right to exist? When someone comes up with better solutions to our problems, please post them so they can be evaluated and picked apart as we do to one another every day - that solves exactly NOTHING!

    2. @Cutie,

      Again, we're falling to the wayside. Please understand, this is not about supporting A COMMUNITY...nor should it be. THIS should be about getting behind the preservation of RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS FOR ALL. NOT about CANADA DAY or any other DAY...PEOPLE...JUST PEOPLE...getting out there defending what should be defended...HECK BRING YOUR CATS AND DOGS TOO....!!

      Get behind what Democracy is and should be in any civilized forward nation...the Freedom to be who we are and the Right to choose....anything else is noice.

    3. The speaking out, rallies, and supporting one another is definitely what you should do.

      The message that is being sent out at those rallies is what is so important.

      Picture yourself as a white southerner in 1970, you see two rallies. One of them have signs with "EQUALITY NOW!", the other has "DOWN WITH WHITES!"

      Which one do you think is more likely to increase support to their cause? In the end you have to convince Francophones, because they form 80% of the electorate. This is not a fight you can win by screaching and howling, however emotionally satisfying that may be.

      I want to see you win and I want Bill 14 to be struck down, and Galganov will prevent that from happening.

    4. Galganov's positions - that Anglos are Canadians, not Quebecers, that official bilingual townships outside of Quebec should not exist, reinforce the most basic fears of the Francophones who support language legislation like Bill 14. It encourages them to pass it!

    5. Sorry AnceTOTE - reading my own last post I can see where you think I lost the message but no, I agree with you 100% - the battle is for democratic rights for all quebecers and all Canadians in all of Canada - that should be the message and nothing else. And Yannick, as I said, it's not just Galganov that will be at the rally so hopefully that is not the message (your last comment) that will be taken away - we can only hope for the best and the best is that "democracy prevails" over everything else. I have to hope that the average francophone sees that our democratic rights are restricted in this province and in a free country, this is not acceptable.

    6. Sorry - but I agree with Yannick on the Galganov issue.

      I'm 100% against the separatist movement, but Galganov is giving our enemies all the reason in the world to feel weary.

      Seriously, if the Quebec political situation is a Christmas party, Howard's the drunken uncle coming over to drink all the booze, piss on the carpet and then leave.

      I'm seeing some of the comments left by separatists in regards to Galganov and for once, I can't say anything to them. He's feeding their fears.

    7. OMG...really?...The Francophones need to be convinced??? They should wake up...the 'silient majority' I keep referring to should come out of the coma...THIS IS EVERYONE'S FIGHT...RIGHTS & FREEDOMS are in danger for all and have been forever can anyone not see this? Not grasp this? Not seize and understand this?? And we call ourselves educated...evolved??...WE ARE ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL...ALL OF US ARE......EVERY last citizen of living here, one coast to the other.

      Honestly.. I don't get it. When that old lady came up to me and spit in my face... "ICI ON PARLE FRANÇAIS" wasn't that I was objecting to the fact that she was telling me to speak was that she was denying me what is rightfully MINE...MY RIGHT TO CHOOSE TO SPEAK SWAHILI ...IF THAT IS WHAT I LIKE....I thought people understood this. THIS IS THE REASON I POST HERE.

      This whole thing is broken up because People haven't quite understood what it should be about. If they did and really understood what is totally at stake ...they'd let go of the Fear and truly come together.

      Let's strip it of all the "sound and fury...signifying nothing". If we do that...maybe we stand a chance of succeeding...the whole bunch of US...The People.

    8. I think what you don't see, AnecTOTE, is that Galganov will be perceived by Francophones, from federalists to fence-sitters to separatists, will be similar to what that nasty old lady did for you.

      You think you have it bad now when separatism stands at a 30% support, the PQ's support is free-diving and all of their policies are unpopular? Wait until people think that Anglos think like Galganov. Should make Marois's personal approval rating go right up!

    9. I believe in standing up for my rights too.

      And I have been accosted for speaking my preferred language (English).

      AND, I have actually gotten physical about it - so you needn't worry about me not taking a stand.

      However, despite the fact that I am ready and willing to defend myself, there is something to be said about rubbing salt in the wound.

      The way we need to approach it, is by opening the dialog with "You're wrong, and THIS is why you are wrong."

      As opposed to "You're wrong...because you're a mental fucking reject."

      BTW, the dialog I speak of is directed to common Francophones who are largely indifferent to the plight of the non-pur lainers.

      I have no dialog to offer to separatists because well, you can't reason with machines.

    10. You might notice that when something like what happened to the IGA lady happens, Francophones dismiss it as a single event blown out of proportions, etc... and suspect that the real issue is that the Anglophones want to go back to the days where they didn't have to learn French and the onus was on Francophones to speak English to get jobs, go to the store, etc...

      You think that's ridiculous, perhaps. They certainly don't.

      Perhaps you don't care. They certainly do.

      When I said that "Francophones need to be convinced", I mean that they need to be convinced that this is a genuine concern that you actually have, and not some for-show anger over one of those one-time occurances that happened to a random person. Anecdotes fail to convince for that reason.

      They also need to be convinced that you don't intend to plunge them into an Anglo-only world, as ridiculous as that might sound to you. When someone comes here and posts all about how French is a dying language and we need to get rid of the OLA, it feeds into that fear.

      At least that's the only way that you'll alter public opinion, so far as I can see it.

    11. oh boy...this is gonna be a tug-of-war I can tell...

      Did you notice how in every single one of my posts today...i do not make any distinction about French or English ?? I talk about The People...because Rights and Freedoms touch and affect "The People"...regardles of who and what you speak. But thank you for proving my point...your post spewsssssss underline the problem of FEAR ...and thus because people AFTER ALL THESE DECADES...cannot get past that ....we revert back to the fetal postion....BACKWARDS.

      I say this without passion or prejudice but if we cannot get past this paralyzing fear we're doomed on a sinking ship. I mean...this entire country.....I'm calling out EVERYONE...not just the silent majority that sits in Quebec...EVERYONE...

      IF the entire population cannot understand that when Rights and Freedoms are threatened in one territory are everyone's problem...then Democracy is on a deathbed...THE END.

      AND now I have a 4hr drive ahead of me...AND AGAIN YOU'VE MANAGED TO PISS ME OFF...

    12. Yannick, I think we might be soulmates.

      It is francophones we need to reach out to, and allophones. Anglophones will come themselves, as the oppressed minority always does, plus they have plenty of experience.

  11. If anyone thinks there are just a few Francophone radicals you're living in Camelot! One third of this province supports these groups and their endeavors to exorcise other cultural and linguistic influences from their Quebec, and leaving the federation is the only tool to achieve this end. Another 40 to 50% are a bit softer especially about leaving, but agree with the cultural and linguistic aims. This group is relatively quiet. This is where elections are lost or won. The 20 to 30% who are opposed to cultural and linguistic supremacy can never give credence to the values espoused by these other factions,because here it is seen as a complete lack of conviction. That is why it is absolutely necessary to fight fire with fire. Being understanding and open to compromise has failed for forty years, because that middle group is impressed with the conviction shown by the radical third of the population.

    1. You can show conviction without being a radical. Like MB-BM said, it's the difference between Martin Luther King and Malcom X. No one would disagree that he had conviction, but few could say he was a radical. Malcom X on the other hand...

    2. LordDorchester

      Excellent point Ronh. There is no apatite among mainstream Quebecois society to facilitate life anywhere in Quebec for English speaking citizens. English elementary schools, high schools, McGill and the MUHC Superhospital are viewed as black marks on Quebec. They still foster a French colonialist attitude that views Quebec as theirs and theirs alone. Anyone else is just a guest or a visitor regardless if your Grand Parents are buried here. Separatists routinely use the 8% total population figure (number of British descendant Anglophones) to minimize English Quebec and paint us a the world's best treated minority even though there are a million English speaking citizens here. Allophone English speakers are a sub-human category apparently. All of Quebec's major political parties are in favour of a French only Quebec, even the Liberals. Robert Bourassa in 1985 was the last Quebecois politician to promote a bilingual Quebec (something he reneged on in 1988). Since that speech there has been ZERO talk of a bilingual Quebec by any Quebecois politician and those that dare question the holy law Bill 101 are quickly and severely tarnished by the talking heads (ie. Maxime Bernier, Stéphane Gendron). No one is willing to stick their neck out for English Quebec and so we are treated as political orphans within Canada even though we are the only reason this country is still together. Bilingual Montreal (BM), I respect your opinion and think your goal is a noble one but until a high profile Quebecois leader signs onto your idea, it will not resonate and will not go anywhere. Until English speaking Quebec is viewed as a partners and not an enemy to be vanquished, no Quebecois leader will go to bat for us. That's the harsh reality.

    3. do you think the MLK approach has improved anglophone's status in quebec, yannick?

    4. I don't think there's ever been an Anglo MLK. There's been people who murmur the right things, and people who scream obscenities. What you guys need is someone who speaks loud but without insults.

      It's not the energy I have something against. You guys keep bringing that up when I say Galganov won't improve anything. It's the message - "You Quebecers are wrong and we will beat you!" Well guess what, there's four times more of them, you can't beat them. You have to convince them that doing what you want is the right thing and ultimately benefits them.

      For instance, you're hardly likely to convince them that relaxing working language constraints is a good thing if you tell them that the only reason they can work in French is because of 101. That might sound like a "101 is artificial" to you, but to them it'll sound like "101 is very effective". Just not gonna work.

      Same energy, different message would have more success. But by all means, do whatever you want. I'm a neutral outsider after all.

    5. If you read any books on negociations, they will stress that it is key to understand your opponents' motivations and interests. As someone who read nodogs and francophone blogs, it is something I notice almost no one does.

      The anglos take their position and the francos take theirs, both mutually exclusive, and it becomes a game of who will shout the loudest. The problem is that it's you who is trying to change to prevent them from doing something that is entirely within their power, and you are not dangling any carrots. Instead Galganov is calling them Nazis. Is it any wonder it's not working?

    6. Absolutely.You must fight fire with fire. We must defend our "inalienable" rights and freedoms as passionately as the enemies of truth and justice do. Comprise = Failure when you are talking about sacred principles.The glass cannot be half-full without serious consequences and we have passed that point. I absolutely agree that we should not rub salt in the wound (if that has even been the case here) but not be so overly-concerned about the sensitivities of those who unabashedly trample upon our freedoms,that we fail to act.We must make our position crystal clear: that we do not hate anyone or anything but injustice and in doing so, we are standing up for them too by clearing away the wire-mesh of ignorance and fear. Many of them are also oppressed for being continually lied to and manipulated into believing that "we" are the threat to their survival when the real ogre lies within their own camp.

      We must stand up now for our rights and freedoms or fall into the depths of a deeper angst (or dispair) once Bill 14 is passed and comes to fruition. There are different leaders and members involved in this movement but they all stand united for a cause that they believe is greater than any one of them: the restoration of our individual liberties. When we stand up for equal rights for Anglophones within the province of Quebec, we are standing up for the rights of all Canadians and people around the world. As MLK once said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".

  12. I've read many of the pro-Howard and anti-Howard comments so far.

    Who really cares?

    In the final analysis, anglos/federalists will, massively, vote for the Liberals anyway. All it will take is the Liberals whispering in the ears of the federalist voters: "If you don't vote for us, the PQ will get in" and they will all flock to the Liberals who will, once in power, introduce and pass their own version of Bill 14.

    So you might as well let Galganov do his thing. It won't move the decisions at the ballot box one centimeter.

    1. I really have to agree with you, Ronh. We have sat on our tails and hoped that each almost unbelievable change had to be the last. Well, we know what has happened since the Liberals of Robert Bourassa passed Law 22. We have to be heard, and the louder the better. We have a court system for a reason, and our money talks when we choose where we want to spend it. As for Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, no one can deny the role Malcolm played in civil rights, especially after he came to grips with his own hatred. We need to speak, in a LOUD voice.

    2. Again Tony - who do we vote for? We never hear piss all from the Conservatives - I don't know why - this would be their golden opportunity to step in and make some kind of stand on these matters. They obviously don't care about our votes so we have no stinking choice in this province. The EP 2.0 is not even up and running as of now so ...........

  13. FROM ED
    EDITOR, Yesterday they were calling me dotty for saying what you are saying today. Galganov is doing this for free publicity so people will buy his vitriolic books. Tree stump preaching never changed anything. We do not need to reach anglos. Galganov is preaching to the choir. We need to reach the francophones who are not separatist. He will only aggravate the French and help convince them separatism is right for them. The many francos I talk with very day are separatists but most are losing their trust in PQ and I have convince at least half a dozen we can rebuild our land with the Liberals. They especially seem to like Dr. Couillard as a leader.
    The girl who filed a complaint accomplished nothing. The French I speak to say
    "She knows French, why doesn't she want to speak it." They see it this way because the that's the way the French press played it.
    The people we must reach are the 66% Francophones some Federalist and others struggling to find the right answer. We will win through an election.
    Yannick is absolutely right. EDM is on the right track. But people like CUTIE and ANECTOTE who think that the longer and louder you cry
    are only making things worth. They thing support means everybody shouting in unison. It's not volume or aggressiveness that will win,
    t's common sense. Ed

    1. You're right. The Liberals have large support in the francophone as well as anglophone communities. They bridge the gap between our communities. Dr Couillard promised to get Quebec's signature on the Canadian constitution by 2017. There is no reasonable justification to vote for an Equality MP instead of a Liberal MP, especially since the Liberals have a chance of forming a government. This could be the one chance. Splitting the vote is too dangerous. Unity is essential.

    2. All this talk, all the time, and no damn action. And no wonder nothing will change in this place - everyone complains and does exactly nothing when the time come for action. Other people take action and most on this blog criticize the action but do absolutely nothing. Good luck with that! This is a total waste of time.

    3. Want some action?

      Come celebrate Canada Day in the Old Port of Montreal with members of MB-BM, so we can develop our future actions and discuss what the best strategy would be to bring down bill 14. We have two months left. Let's get on it!

      P.S. regarding Francophones. It is of utmost importance to reach as much of the 80% of the Quebec population as possible and MB-BM helps reconcile the two solitudes. I can assure you that the group is diverse, including some separatists, who understand very well that bilingualism and Quebec anglophones would become MORE important, not less, if they were to ever separate. Also, many of those who voted for PQ were really voting against PLQ and are now pulling their hair out. While I am firmly for Canadia Unity and Bilingualism, I do not discard people with diverging views, provided they do no stereotype and debate in a respectful manner.

      Montréal IS bilingual. It is a unique city in a province unique in Canada. All we need is to make this reality officially protected, so that we can end linguistic segregation in our city.

    4. I am amused that MB-BS uses the term "linguistic segregation" to describe Montreal and yet he rains down his disdain upon Howard Galganov for using blunt terms.

    5. "But people like CUTIE and ANECTOTE who think that the longer and louder you cry"

      Really ED??? Do you even understand what it is to defend RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS?? I'm crying???? Wow...well at least I am not whining about what I can't control and how things WERE and the golden age of yesteryear...which AIN'T COMIN' BACK incidently. People have fought and died to preserve the ideal of Democracy. Your acquiescence spits on those graves. At least be quiet, cause from where i'm sitting I see one thing and one thing only. You are an Enabler. You are living in a fantasy land if you think or imagine things are going to go back to how they were 40 years ago, as long as you keep the peace. IT AIN'T HAPPININ' matter how much you cow.

      Lastly, you're completely delusional if you think these people, who you insist on appeasing and not pissing off....give on I-OTA about you old man, so please, GET REAL. I'm just telling you what you need to hear.

      You're welcome.

    6. And I just wanted to thank Ed for the initial comment, a great analysis of our current challenges.

      We need to beware of politicians and media that divide us. We need to start by our own garden, before we barge into someone else's.

      I think Canada is chosen be many immigrants and enjoys 1st in the world rank for a third consecutive year for a reason: it is viewed as uniting and tolerant. And bilingual. Our dear city, Montreal, is a shiny beacon of bilingualism in Canada.

      According to Don MacPherson, the city was officially declared unilingual only in 2008. I will try to find that article.

      But we, Montrealers, know that is not the reality. Bilingualism makes up our beauty, our uniqueness, our charm and welcomes everyone. Rare is a Montrealer that would wish to rid the city of it's bilingualism, no matter his genetic roots.

      Let's not let them shut down that flame.

    7. FROM ED
      How dare you tell me I spit on the graves of my buddies. In Korea I watched them die beside me and killed men before my eighteenth birthday. You think fighting is having a loud mouth, if it's worth fighting for I'm there.
      You can knock off the old man shit too. You're trying to make it look like my age discredits my thinking. I have said nothing about fourty years ago. You're the one who keeps bringing that up.
      You think putting me down because of age makes you look better.
      Have you noticed how pleasant it is today without you playing with the trolls. Just solid serious posts.

    8. A big mouth is 'de rigueur' at this time. Do you imagine that Pastagate, Turbangate and IGAgate would have happened if people hadn't had a big mouth to speak out against these unjust situations?? These 'Loud mouths' as you put it, are who you need to thank for the PQ falling in polls of late and the Liberals regaining oxygen. It certainly isn't the passive, the indifferent and the resigned that have helped create the 'push-back'. It's those who have spoken up and taken a stand.

      Try it sometime ...does wonders for the soul, ...better than praying.

    9. Letter writing campaigns are worthless and a huge waste of time and effort, as Ed suggests. They just don't care and their hands are tied because they're damned if they do and damned if they don't. If we had a strong federal government willing to take a chance for a change, perhaps they could convince the 65% that are not interested in separation to vote for the proper representation. No one has the guts to stand up and do that; everything goes to the courts which hangs us up further for another 40 years. By then there will not be one Canadian left in this stinking province to fight back anyway.

    10. The beauty of turbangate, pastagate, and igagate, was that none of them was accompanied by anti-Quebecer rhetoric. Unlike Mr. Galganov.

      And that's why they were successful.

    11. And to you Bilingual Montreal proposer: Why is it that you don't get together with the other groups and fight for a bilingual quebec - why are the Pontiac and Outaouais left out of your proposal? At least Mr. Rapport includes all our areas in his "language" free zone idea. Why not go with that one? Seems to me that all your groups could get some common ground if you just sat your asses down, forgot your own agenda and worked for all quebecers!

  14. FROM ED
    It's interesting that the loudest mouths like Galganov and Tony Kondaks don't live here. They ran away and try to tell us what to do from a safe distance. Tony tells us the Liberals will pass a new version of bill 14. That's what's wrong with your books Tony: less
    fact and mostly you're twisted imagination.
    Anectote and Cutie, see if you can comprehend this. We get the anglos together. From every corner of the province. We amass in a place that big enough for all 800,000 people.
    We march together chanting, "Anglo rights, anglo right; we're tired of oral fights.. We want anglo rights. But when we get to where we're going, the voting station, it hits us that we are only 20%. We need francophones. We will not get them by anger or radicals like Howard Galganov.. Ed

    1. Both methods have an affect. If anglophones simultaneously raise awareness of their movement with demonstrations and also try to get francophones on our side, it will work well. I don't think it needs to be one or the other.

    2. EDM: The number of Francophones you get on your side will never be close enough to what`s needed for success, far from it. What do you propose to get the Francophones on side? Talking the talk, but no walking.

      Ed, you`re merely an idolator. You continue to think that the Liberals (PLQ) are the solution, the salvation, when time and time again they have stepped on the throats of the minorities. Bourassa did it with Bills 22 and 178; Charest did it by replacing Bill 103 with Bill 103.1 or Bill 103 Lite or whatever the hell you want to call it. Next thing he does is put an extreme zealot in charge of the OQLF and hire 26 language Gestapo to further stand on the throats of those who are vulnerable and cannot defend themselves. Dr. Couillard right now is on his honeymoon. Let`s see how he does when the crunch comes. I`m very skeptical and not optimistic Couillard will do anything to disturb the status quo for the sake of so-called linguistic peace.

      I listened to the Galganov speech on this YouTube link. I can appreciate where some will disagree with his stating you are not Québécois, you are Canadian. For those who are proud of their Québécois heritage, that`s fine. I for one have renounced my Quebec identity. I`m embarrassed to be associated with what Quebec has become. I am an Ontarian. While I was born in Montreal, it is what it is. I can`t change that, and it will always dog me on documents such as my passport and birth certificate as that falls, unfortunately, under provincial jurisdiction.

      Back to Galganov. He`s right about Quebec needing Canada more than vice versa. The $10+ billion Quebec chisels out of the federal coffers for equalization proves this. The minorities in Quebec who make up 20% of the demographics in Quebec make up 40% of the tax base. Some of what he stated was old hat like the French school boards in Ontario not wanting thei<r kids to share the buses with English speaking kids, publicly funded clinics not welcoming English speaking patients and other examples still don`t disprove what he says. There is little Howard said that I don`t agree with. I think he`s just tired of the complacency by the minorities in Quebec. Who can blame him?

      Ed, the PLQ has not been, is not now and unlikely will ever stand up for the minorities beyond lip service and maybe simple acknowledgement.

    3. I certainly should hope that the French schools get their own buses! For crying out loud, how many pennies are you going to squeeze in the Francophone education system?

    4. Unfortunately Yannick, the Ontario government`s recent budget projects our debt to hit $300 BILLION in the next couple of years. Sadly, Dalton McGuinty has proven to be a wreckless spendthrift (but the new premier, Katherine Wynn (as big a loser, in my humble opinion), will hopefully be danced out of office, possibly as early as August 1st). With five vacancies and a minority position, she`ll likely want a fresh mandate.

      Quebec wastes money on language police, but Ontario wastes money on cancelling power plants that pisses taxpayers`money against a wall. Even so, our debt-to-GDP ratio will still be better than Quebec`s but nothing to brag about. I`m confident the PQ will find better ways to piss billions against the wall.

      As for school buses, Yannick, is it really that bad a thing for kids to share buses and save school boards some money? One full bus is cheaper than two half empty ones!

    5. I don't expect you to empathize with this Sauga. But I will give it an honest try.

      The idea of French schools is to preserve the French language in French communities in Ontario and elsewhere. It does little good to place the French kids in environments where their peers do not know their language and must then socialize entirely or mostly in English.

      Parents who enroll their children in the French stream presumably want to encourage their children to learn French and retain their culture, and for that it needs a place where it can express itself. It is the same reason why shared French/English schools are not as effective as separate schools.

      Placing French and English kids together in the same bus is like placing a young sappling next to an old tree. This is not Quebec, Sauga - those kids are surrounded by English day in and day out, if we parents don't want them growing up thinking that French is something to be spoken only behind closed doors, it's essential that they have an environment where speaking French amongst each other is normal.

      Perhaps you will answer to me that if that is the case, then the French language deserves to disappear from Ontario and other ROC francophone communities, and that the pennies to be saved from the school buses are more important. That is your prerogative. But the Francophone parents will oppose it for the above reasons.

    6. To give more context for the above, the kids in question may very well come from mixed marriages which, because of lower bilingualism amongst anglophones in the ROC, will more often than not see English as the language spoken at home. In that situation, Francophones often see the French schools as a way to get their kids exposed to more French language than they can get at home. I know I've seen it and it's often a perfect compromise solution when a partner feels like it is too difficult to learn a new language.

    7. @Sauga: The Premier of Ontario’s name is Kathleen Wynne, you ignoramus, not whatever you said it was. Your humble opinion is quite humble indeed. (Nor is there an H in Mordecai, incidentally.)

      @Yannick: I don't know why you bother responding to Sauga nor expect a serious answer from him. Nevertheless, it sounds like you favour keeping franco kids sheltered from anglo kids on buses and such. I presume this is because you think they need to build up a certain base of confidence before being exposed to the real world, with its “inexorable” treadmill of assimilation (yourself excepted), and thus it is better to prevent contact with their community. Is that correct?

      At first, I thought that you might be making assumptions based on your own experience in NB, that transfer is strictly a one-way street, but for all I know, you may be quite correct regarding the RoC. In my experience, which is admittedly in Quebec, it was a two-way street and even if we spoke English on the bus and French in school, it meant we were all bilingual, and certainly not assimilated. Is it really true that there are no anglo kids who are interested in franco culture in NB?

      I have a genuine question for you that I hope you will answer seriously: why do you think that franco-Ontarians, franco-Quebecers, Acadians, Brayons, and other French-Canadians have not yet been assimilated into this giant “sea of English” that is so feared and used as a separatist pretext, even after so many centuries?

    8. Hi the Cat.

      I do not except myself; I went to a French-only school in French school buses where they would tell us to speak to each other in French during recess. I saw this as normal in the context of NB - though I agree that the one of Quebec may be different. I also obtained my B.Sc. in French, not even having applied to any English institutions barring McGill which I was told allowed the writing of exams and assignments in French at need.

      I did switch to English after that, but that was due to the circumstances and not because I made a point to obtain an English education.

      You are quite right, I am drawing from my experience of NB and of ROC Francophones that I have had the pleasure of meeting over the years to draw conclusions that transfer in the ROC is almost only a one-way street. I understand this is not the same in Quebec, and for that reason I usually do not comment on this subject when it concerns Quebec. I feel that I am in my area of expertise, so to speak, when the ROC is concerned though.

      My experience in NB is that there were indeed none or few anglo kids who were interested in franco culture. Even in Moncton, where the population is 33% Francophone and where interacting with a Francophone is easy, the Anglophone self-reported bilingual rate is only 25%. Despite the employment advantages to being bilingual in New-Brunswick, bilingualism remains mostly a one-way street.

      I must point out the exceptions to the rule that I know. I had two friends in my B.Sc. who were anglophones studying in French at the Université de Moncton. One of them was from an assimilated Acadian family and wanted to retrieve his roots, the other was a bona fide british-descendant anglophone with no Francophones in her family, but who was genuinely interested in learning the language. The exceptions exist, but the fact that I can count the ones I know should tell you that they are uncommon.

      In the end I'm ok with bilingualism being a one-way street on the condition that we can retain our institutions and operate them like we want to. This means running our own schools and hospitals, at least in New-Brunswick where the numbers definitely warrant it. In practice these French institutions are fully bilingual, while the Anglophone ones are mostly English-only.

      As for your very serious question, I will be glad to attempt to answer it. However, the way you phrase it begs the question. In fact, I believe that urban francophones in the ROC have in fact been assimilated, and the francophones that exist are those who were spared from assimilation, mostly from rural areas where they would have been in isolation in a pre-globalization world. The reason for this high assimilation rate is the lack of French education or institutions for urban Francophones until the 1960's. Rural francophones would have benefited from a lack of an organized public education, which meant that they were free to set local curriculum according to their own needs rather than the province's, and hence they survived.

      Even today, the areas where Francophone communities have remained are areas in New-Brunswick with very few Anglophones, or tiny pockets in Nova Scotia and PEI. There are none to speak of in Newfoundland. Areas bordering Quebec and Northern Ontario are where you will find most Franco-Ontarians, many of which immigrated for the lumber industry in the 19th or early 20th century. This leaves a smattering of small villages in the west, many or most of which are no longer French (For instance, Bonnyville Alberta now 10% French, with 3% using it at home)

    9. Since there were no social or economical advantages to learning French, few Anglophones did. Because of that, and because of the lack of French schools, mixed-marriages led to assimilation wherever there were small communities or where francophones were spread out in a large anglophone population like the urban centres.

      Today the francophone communities in the west are growing due to inter-provincial migration from New-Brunswick and Alberta; the "native" so to speak population has a retention rate of less than 50%. That is, less than 50% of native French speakers in the Western provinces succesfully transmited their knowledge to their children, presumably due to inter-lingual marriages where the right-bearer did not enroll their child in a Francophone school.

      With the passing of the Official Languages Act in the 1970's, and the provincial equivalent in New Brunswick the situation has increased tremendously. We now have access to French education coast-to-coast, and language retention is no longer reserved for particularly obstinate parents of mixed marriages or those who preferred to marry other francophones.

      Take for example former Prime Minister Paul Martin - his paternal grandfather was a Francophone, but his parents did not speak to him in that language. However, he was fortunate enough to have privileged parents who enrolled him in a private French middle school (pre OLA, remember) to teach him that language. A child from a less fortunate family would have been assimilated.

      While before our problem was the lack of access to education and institutions, today we face challenges from the globalized world - where the linguistic pressure of the past was only from one's neighbours, today it is from the entire globe. I don't know where it'll go next. I suspect the communities will change and become more cosmopolitain. In the near future, urban francophone communities will continue to be able to use the education system to preserve their language for the next generation. And while globalization brings a lot of attraction to switch to English, it's not a zero-sum game - it also allows the greatest exposure to other languages the world has ever known, including French.

    10. I hope you will see this candid yet honest response as an expression of my true thoughts on the matter, and not as criticism of yourself or RoC anglophones past or present.

      As far as separatists are concerned, I think they want to use the situation outside Quebec as it was 100 years ago as a cautionary tale to galvanize their own supporters, and not out of any concern for us. The one who had concern for us was Trudeau and he is despised by the separatists as a traitor to his people.

    11. Ah, but Yannick, Trudeau was also despised by the separatists as something else: a half-breed. Remember how the name "Elliott" was used as a smear during the 1980 referendum. Too Scottish, like McGill, Dawson, Redpath and all those other "Anglo-Saxons" who had by then been demonized by separatist historiography.

      To make matters worse, being concerned for the fate of les FHQ whom Lévesque had dismissed as "dead ducks" probably seemed like an insult to separatists, as infuriating to them as pirouetting behind the Queen's back was to conservative English Canadians.

    12. Thank you for your sincere, intelligent response, which is such a refreshing change from the typical, uninformed separatist commentary that we are usually subjected to here.

      Consequently, however, should I assume that you believe that all francophones who are perfectly bilingual are “assimilated”? What about all the perfectly bilingual anglophones, are they too also “assimilated”?

      Does being “non-assimilated” mean not knowing English?? I still don’t see how it is possible for the Brayons or the Fransaskois have continued to exist under this supposed juggernaut of cultural genocide.

      This term has taken on such proportions that I’m not sure what “assimilation” even means anymore. After all, a super-extremist like S.R is demonstrably bilingual… So, is a bilingual francophone like him “assimilated”? Is a bilingual anglophone “unassimilated”? The term seems to have become meaningless.

      After all, 99% of Danes are fluent in English yet they don’t consider themselves to be “assimilated” to anything whatsoever but rather consider themselves to be engaged members of the world community. The sorry attitude amongst the small number of Quebec separatists who wish to distance themselves from this is quite perplexing…

    13. Now that is interesting Calgarian. I was aware that he was a "half-breed", but I didn't think the Quebecers held it against him. Trudeau was too franco for the angry anglos and too anglo for the angry francos huh?

    14. The Cat: The brayons live in 95-99% Francophone environments. They were the ones "spared" by isolation.

      The bilingual belt, by proximity to Quebec, has avoided assimilation. Communities in Nova Scotia, PEI, Maine, the "little Canada" of the Quebecer emigration to New England, they are almost all gone now.

      The assimilated are the people of francophone families who cannot speak French. Not bilingual. ROC Francophones are nearly all bilingual. I understand how separatists use the word "assimilation" - they use it for people who live in English more than in French.

      That is not how I use it. I use it to signify the cultural loss when culture is not transmitted to a new generation.

      Example: A Francophone man marries an Anglophone woman. She does not speak French. He is not very involved with his children, and they grow up speaking on English, because that is simpler. They are the assimilated.

      As such I see assimilation as something that happens to you, not something you chose but something your parents choose (or "choose").

      As it represents a loss of diversity, I feel it is a net loss to the world when it happens.

    15. OK, so speaking hypothetically, let’s agree that a loss of diversity is a net loss to the world when this happens. Factually, this wouldn’t be the first time nor the last time that it ever happens. Therefore, is this acceptable or unacceptable?

    16. Intellectually, I would say that it is regrettable but that we can't "save them all" so to speak.

      On an emotional level, I just want to protect what is already there for my own community. Is this so wrong? I mean, you feel the same way about the Anglo Community, yes?

    17. It's not wrong... being half-and-half, I too am distressed by all this nonsense. It irritates me to no end. Grrr...

      Did you hear about the University of Ottawa with their French-only sandwiches? Misère...

    18. I don't condone the decision of hiring French-only staff in what is supposed to be a bilingual university, but I can't help but feel that the commenters are looking for a bone to pick rather than displaying genuine anger at the situation.

  15. Yes, he is not a politician but the time for politics is long gone. Galganov is right in that we are in a Nazi country. You fail to recognize for what it is because they do not have (para)military parades in brown shirts and they do not discriminate by race - xenophobia is much more subtle, especially when sanctioned by language laws that the federal keeps ignoring because the fate of the federation itself is at stake. So here we are: PQ=nationalism+socialism=national-socialism. Much like apartheid, this regime will not crumble unless it is denounced loudly for what it is. But that means taking risks and it seems Canadians are so very money hungry as to forgo their dignity. Luckily there are Jeanne D'Arc teenagers to save you...

    1. Not only sanctioned by language laws, but a government that overtly legitimizes racist attitudes towards those not of their ilk.

      The fact the editor of this blog rebukes Mr. Galganov`s actions to me is hypocritical because hans written the many, many times how the government has run roughshod over the minorities from anti-Semitic slurs and actions, how the police antagonize and intimidate people of colour living in Montreal North, and a barrage of other racist tactics. There has been too much complacency in the minority communities, and all Howard is trying to do is perhaps rile the `cultural communities`as the PQ puts it, to do more than the passive resistance that has failed to produce anything positive.

  16. Your one-stop shop for all the info on the Canada Day activities in Montreal this Monday, down at the Old Port:

  17. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSunday, June 30, 2013 at 10:02:00 PM EDT

    From Germany, I wish all Canadians on this blog a happy Canada Day!
    De l'Allemagne, je vous souhaite tous-tes une joyeuse fete du Canada!

    It's when you're away from Canada that you really miss it the most.
    How sad some persons hate Canada...

    1. Thank you Un Gars and Happy Canada Day to you too, so far away ...and to all contributors.

      Canada to Quebec.


  18. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSunday, June 30, 2013 at 10:29:00 PM EDT

    Let's all boycott BEST BUY:
    "Best Buy's latest promotion has provoked an angry response on social media, but the company is defending its decision to recognize what it calls the "Moving Day holiday" in Quebec."
    More here:

    1. Outrageous separatist ad. Not buying anything there anymore!!!

    2. I bet he'll go to Future Shop instead...

  19. How did the rally go? I wish I could say I attended it.

  20. FROM ED
    It occurred to me that I should add something to my last post where I left everyone standing at the ballot box.
    Yes We are only 20 % but that does not mean we can't win. We lost the last election, ( when I say we, I mean the Liberal party that at least kept the province Federalist.)
    There were three reasons that caused the PQ to get elected;
    1. The rumors that the Liberals and Jean Charest were corrupt which we since
    found out is not true. Anglos believing this voted CAQ.
    2. The CAQ splitting the vote with the help of a cowardly English press.
    3. We were so sure we did not align ourselves with Francophone Federalists.
    So, before we get to the ballot box
    1. If you want to get rid of the PQ vote Liberal. I don't care if one of them pissed off your grandfather, if you see someone making unfounded remarks like Tony Kodaks in his post above object and tell the true story. Tony says the Libs will bring back bill 14. There is nothing anywhere that could give a man such a crazy idea except perhaps in a capitalistic mind.
    2. The CAQ will be known as a separatist party by supporting bill 14 and are already starting to pay for it. Don't replace them with equality party to split the vote again. A vote for anyone but the Liberals is a vote for the PQ.
    3. This is the most important: reach out to Francophone, federalists and those we can cinvince to back us.

    We won't win Howard's way. It will only build resentment among the Francophones. Some of my sep neighbours have asked, "What does he want, I thought we were friends." Not going to a Galganocv rally will win us more support than going there. Ed

    1. I agree. Dr Couillard wants to get Quebec's signature back on the Canadian constitution by 2017 for Pete's sake. Why Equality instead? There is too much at stake.

    2. FROM ED
      Dr.Couillard has said he would dump bill 14. Bill 101 would be taken down bit by bit. First, he can point out that to bring self supporting tax payers from other countries their children must be allowed a school of their choice. To bring in business, the executives must be able to educate their offspring in what they feel is the best school. The problem of not being able to speak English at work or in private will disappear the day he is elected. He has promised this. The signs on advertising we will have to wait and see. All we need is an election, surely something will break by fall. Ed

    3. "Dr.Couillard has said he would dump bill 14. Bill 101 would be taken down bit by bit. First, he can point out that to bring self supporting tax payers from other countries their children must be allowed a school of their choice."

      Please post the link where he says he will take down bill 101, cause I think I just entered the 'Twighlight' zone.

      Bill 101 will NEVER be dismantled, EVER. Building blocks will be added to it for sure, as we've seen with bill 14, you can take that one to the bank, UNLESS brave people with big mouths step forward and curtail those attempt.

      But please send me that fairytale book your reading from, I could use a good laugh.


    4. Bravo AnceTOTE - Oh so true to our detriment as usual. I don't know where Ed gets all these magical things that Couillard said - all in his mind. The only thing he has said so far is that he would like to sign the constitution by 2017 - since then not a word about it - probably received death threats to him and his family. If all our groups would get together, the Unity Group, Put the Flag Back, New Canada Party, EP 2.0 party, Committee to Stop Bill 14, Bilingual Montreal, CRITIQ and on and on - all these splinter groups would have some clout with a common cause called 'RESTORATION OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS IN QUEBEC" or something of that nature and had a decent leader with only the one purpose, we may turn things around. Other than that, I'm with Apple, quebec is finished as a free and democratic society and should be kicked out of Canada. No more money, no more exceptions, kicked to the curb. I can't blame anyone in Canada for feeling that way. Francophones all over the ROC are treated with dignity and respect and we anglophones in quebec are treated like shit. Time to make them either sign the constitution and live under the same guidelines as other provinces or they do not deserve any more consideration.

  21. Well, I attended the rally. I wonder though, was I was the only one from nodogsoranglophones?

    The turn out was much smaller than I expected, and I don't know, just seemed lack luster overall. A few speeches were made (and NOT by the people I expected, Beryl Wajsman refused to speak at all), there were a handful of vocal people in the crowd to cheer Galganov on, some guy was selling 'Anti-Bill 14' buttons t-shirts. Very few, if any, people my age. It reminded me somewhat of the Equality Party information session back in April, a mostly embittered elderly group and with a lot of focus on fund raising going on. Maybe it was just me, but I felt somewhat out of place. Too few people, no one I felt I could relate to.

    I gave a quick 'Hello' to Galganov just before he left. Gave him my support and told him to try and ignore the negativity he gets from so many out there (sure he's blunt, maybe even extreme at times, but sadly he's the ONLY one willing to speak the ugly the truth about Quebec!). Heh, he actually told me he enjoys the negativity. I expect it's a good motivator and inspirational tool. Good for him!

    Interesting to be there (my first English rights rally), but I don't think it will amount to much. There just isn't enough interest or support in fighting for what amounts to basic human rights in this province. People are either too apathetic or too afraid. Whatever the reason, it won't matter in the end. I don't see any future for Quebec.

    1. FROM ED
      The reason Beryl Wajsman didn't sperak was because he knew Galganov was wrong. galganov's anger is the opposite to whar we need he said on TV coverage later. Why do you say he's the only onespeaking the ugly truth about this province? Have you read nothing on this blog. If you don't see any future in Quebec it's because you have let yourself see the downside only. Take a dep breath and ask yourself what of the restrictions actually affect you. Patience, when we see things all coming together that will make it all worth while. Ed

  22. Happy Canada Day, and while he wasn't Canadian, I hope you take heart in the words of American patriot Samuel Adams: “It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

    1. Dear Mister Cunningham

      As you're American maybe you don't know that in Québec it's rather Moving Day. Indeed people who have to move, have to do it 1st of July. English-Canadians don't like it at all. This situation is very ironic indeed.

      Maybe you don't know either that until the mid-19th century in Canada there where Canadians, those using French, and British. To identify themselves, British began to use Canadians. So real Canadians became French Canadians, later with Quiet Revolution in 60's, they became Québécois.

      Maybe you don't know either that the june 24 1834, French Canadians gave to themselves a patriotic emblem, the maple leaf. And the june 24 1880, French Canadians gave to themselves a national anthem, Ô Canada.

      Now these two strong symbols of national identity are English-Canadians. Can you believe it! A nation that take the identity symbols of another nation. It's unbelievable. Only in Canada. You Americans, be careful that they do not steal your TV programs!

      That said it's always a pleasure to discuss with a distinguished American.

    2. Y.L., do you know what's ironic, actually? the fact that St Jean baptiste day is one week ahead of Canada Day, and a LOT of people are moving that week-end. Never in my life have I moved on July 1st. It was always around June 24 - after all, it's a statutory holiday. And if you think I am an exception, hardly. From everyone I know, friends or colleagues, very few actually moved on July 1st. I actually know only one family that moved on July 1st, only because the previous owners moved out on 24 or 23 and they had to clean and paint the house before moving in.

      Now THAT's what I call irony.

    3. Mr Cunningham - please remember that what YL is saying is again coloured by his separatist mentality. We have a few trolls on this blog and he is one of them. All the Americans can do is support Canada and be there if help is required because of the length of the border between our two nations. By the way, I never do get an answer to this but what do you think Obama would do with a rogue state? How do you think the US would handle this? Just curious.

    4. Mr. Cunningham,

      I prefer Thomas Jefferson myself, and among others of his my favorites are:

      > Christianity neither is, nor ever was, a part of the common law.

      > We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with inherent and inalienable Rights; that among these, are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness...

      > The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

    5. @R.L. I didn't write my post for you.

      @Cutie. Don't think there will be a serious threat of secession in the U.S., so at least on that count Obama has nothing to worry about. Personally, I don't know what is more disenheatening---that Obama thinks it's OK for the NSA (which my late father worked for) to eavesdrop on Americans' phone call and read their e-mails without warrants---or that a large number of Americans think it's OK since "their guy" is in office. (Conversely, a portion of the people protesting this would be silent if Mitt Romney were President. Don't know what time it is in Canada, but over here it's 1984 and the clocks are striking thirteen o'clock.

    6. @ Y.L:

      Go eat some donuts at your local Tim Hortons restaurant. After all, Quebecois like yourself are their most enthusiastic customers. It will be an excellent way for you to celebrate the national holiday.

    7. In our case Mr. Cunning we have to hope it's 1984 here in some ways. Probably the only way to track some of the nuts I'm sure are out there in the separatist movement. Underneath all this political BS, I'm sure there's still shades of the FLQ so we have to have some control federally somehow.

    8. @P. Darwinopterus : They want to make sure to have tim to celebrate Canada Day?

      @Durham : Everytime, I go to Time Horton (waiting for my anglo friend to get some coffee), I don't hear much French being spoken, it's basically English and foreign languages.

    9. @ Sebastien:

      Which Tim Hortons do you go to? It may be in a predominantly Anglophone/Allophone district.

      Check this out:

    10. Le "Donut Day" est une fête anglo.Jamais entendu parlé de La journée national du Donut.

    11. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, July 2, 2013 at 5:36:00 PM EDT

      Bon, S.R. le fier Embassadeur de 12 ans representant un futur quebekistan decide de fabuler sur un dit "donut day"... Meme si ce jour "ferie" (he he, les zunions aimeraient;))serait veridique il n'aurait besoin d'aucune subventions du federal...

    12. There should be a "journee national du Donut" in Quebec because they are very popular here. There should also be journee's national du poutine, pepsi, gateau May West, tarte au sucre et sirop d'erable.

    13. I agree with Durham, we in Canada don't eat all this junk!

  23. Galganov's voice is a necessary and welcome element in this debate. It reflects the anger and frustration we Canadians feel in this province. It demonstrates how much the PQ has alienated and divided our society. The Nationalists' objective is the balkanization of Canada. Anger and unrest are always part of that calculated strategy. French Canadians who support separation should not be sheltered from this reality. They should be made to feel uncomfortable and question why some people here are so fed up. We have lived under the stress of fear and humiliation for decades. They have to be made to feel the same disturbing emotions. Galganov is simply holding up a mirror to the sovereignists so they can gaze upon their own stark and ugly reflection.

  24. Les angryphones tournent en rond comme de petits animaux sauvages paniqués.

    Une seule issue possible : La 401

    Vous êtes cuits.

    1. Happy Canada Day!

      We are not leaving, because you separatists would miss us too much!


    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, July 1, 2013 at 6:13:00 PM EDT

      Top 50 most respected and admired countries in the world... Canada is at #1 three years running!!!

  25. FROM ED
    Now that the EDITOR has been proven right, Galganov's voice accomplished nothing, can we get on to some common sense. Let's try to find ways to reach the francophone population. Separatists are only a handful of people there's 5 million we can get to if we can get around the road blocks. I will have some suggestions after I eat. I will be back with ideas, I promise. Ed

  26. FROM ED
    Here are some positive ideas to help the English rights cause.
    Alain Dubuc is a journalist and an economist from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is a columnist for Montreal's La Presse, Quebec City's Le Soleil and five other dailies in Quebec. He is a notable advocate of center-right fiscal politics and the Quebec federalist ideology.

    1. Alain Dubuc is a columnist for La Presse and six other French dailies. He has a degree in economy and is an officer of the ORDER OF CANADA. I'm having trouble finding his email address but perhaps the EDITOR can help with that as he didn a piece on Alain not long ago.
    Write to him. Give him material he can use and tell him we need bilingualism. He's all for this. Give the man some ammmunition.
    2. Write to your Federal MP. If Harper would even just suggest that transfer payments will be cut off, the francophones would panic knowing welfare would be cut which so many depend on. If enough of them cry out it could force an election. Write to Harper as well.
    3.Talk to the French neighbours in your area. Approach them in a friendly way and let them know we are not their enemy. We want to help them keep French alive and that's why we learneed the language and so often use it.
    4. Write to your Provincial member of Parliament
    (Especially if they are conservative) Ask them to cross the floor to the Liberals side since they are going in the right direction. Tell them they would be helping save Quebec.
    %. Organize rallies downtown. Call rthem freinship rallies. No politics, that will happen naturally. We could organize a hot dog and corn roast for late September. I'm sure we could find someone to sponsor it. Possibly the Liberal party.
    5. Write to Archbishop Lepine and Bishop Dowd (English). Ask them in this year of Faith would they instruct priests to encourage brotherly love
    to all parishioners. make it clear no politics, just understanding.
    6. Let's see what other ideas you can come up with. Be gentle; win hearts, you'll win votes. Win votes, you'll win Rights. Ed

  27. Ed - I don't agree with blanket statements that all French Quebecers are anti-English or intolerant, however there is a general apathy from the Francophone community when it comes to Bill 101, Bill 14 and other government sanctioned hate against the English and ethnic minorities.

    The spirit and vigor ARE there, look at all the Francophones who protested against the government slightly increasing university tuition fees. Months of non-stop violent and aggressive protesting on the streets in order to say "No!". I don't agree with the cause, or the method, but again, the spirit and determination are there. So, Ed, where are these Francaphones when it comes to telling the government "NO" to Bill 101, "NO" Bill 14, or "NO" to banning turbans? How about even "NO" to completely lack and ineffective animal protection laws, which have essentially made Quebec the animal abuse and torture capital of the civilized world (I do not say that tongue in cheek, it's a factual statement, sadly).

    I'll tell you, Ed, the vast majority of French Quebecers are OK with Bill 101, Bill 14 and banning turbans. Reaching them? Do you think they would vote for a government would would abolish these laws? Or allow equal and fair treatment of ethnic minorities? They knowingly turn a blind eye to what is going on, they've been taught these laws are necessary and there to protect them. Decades of brainwashing.

    I don't know what to say, I am just honestly looking at the situation in Quebec and at a loss on how to solve it at this point. You would need the federal government to abolish these racist hate laws, to appoint a neutral government from OUTSIDE the province (rather like what the United State did for Iraq) and then wait likely a generation for the brainwashing to wear off. Of course this is pure fantasy, nothing like this will happen, it's just the same old shit repeated over and over as the last 40 years.

    The only solution, unfortunately, is to pack up and leave this province. If you want peace, if you want equality, if you want a normal, happy and stable life, you WILL NOT GET IT IN QUEBEC. I've wasted half my life waiting and hoping for Quebec to change. Not only has it not, but the situation continues to get worse.

  28. FROM ED
    Apple, you are letting negativity control your thoughts. There is an undercurrent againt the English
    yes, but it is driven like everything else by the PQ's hatred When they are replaced bt the Liberals things will change. The French look to a leader to tell them what to do. (Think about De Gaulle They obeyed him until France wasv bankrupt." When they have a leader Like Dr. Couillard they will listen
    to him. Bill 14 will die with the PQ. It will be easy to change the schools ruling, they will have the power to do this. Language problems will die naturally. he will rescind the lang.
    law to facilitate investment and immigration. The French will see the sense in it and cooperate. Ed

    1. Ed - There has been an undercurrent against the English for a good 40 years now, this is not something recent, and it has been getting worse (to the point it is starting to fester from bureaucratic discrimination and harassment to outright violence).

      How would the Liberals under Couillard be any different from Jean Charest? I've heard his stance, and his party policies, they are identical. They wish to continue appeasing the French majority while sacrificing the English. Please, feel free to tell me how they plan to change this. I'm all ears.

      Bill 14 is still alive and well, thanks to the CAQ. I see no reason they will strike it down. They may ask for some modifications (much like Bill 1 was modified into Bill 101) but I don't doubt that it will go through. There is a general apathy from the French community, they either don't care or see nothing wrong with it. They've been blinded by the false guise and fear it's there to "protect" them!

  29. Totally out of topic:

    Did anybody watch Canada Day Celebration from the Parliament Hill this afternoon? I think Marie-Mai performance was better that Carly Rae Jepsen. Also, from my male POV, Marie-Mai was easier on the eyes than jepsen. So, one more time, why is it than Jepsen is much more famous and popular than Marie-Mai in such shorter career time?

    Despite her talents, Marie-Mai can never achieve super stardom as long as she remains _____

    If you follow my previous comments you know my position and you can easily fill in the blank.

    Happy Canada Day everybody!

    1. This is an interesting topic because given the same information people will draw different conclusions.

      You are saying "Marie-Mai can never achieve super stardom as long as she remains a French-only singer".

      You are saying it like you expect someone to disagree with you. I don't think you can find anyone who will argue with you that Marie-Mai could not improve her success if she started to sing in English.

      The question is : does that imply that "Every artist, everywhere, from now until infinity, should sing in English only because it is a bigger market"? Therein lies the problem.

      The French market is a niche market - it is smaller, and there is less competition. Someone who clearly outdistances their rival can rise to prominance there in a way that is difficult elsewhere.

      I am sure there are many English artists that are better than Marie-Mai who will never get noticed because there are too many other singers to compete with her. Anyone who's worked in acting, singing or modeling that I've ever seen talk about their trade has admited that talent does not correlate with success - it is merely a prerequisite, and even then marketing, connections and the such are much more important.

      So I wouldn't be too quick to be condescending towards an artist who prefers (for now) to be the biggest fish in a small pond than a small fish in big pond. Her options are still open for later - after all, that is how Celine Dion managed to get popular in English - she was already grounded as a serious artist in French.

    2. Even singing in English is not necessarily a guarantee for a francophone artist that they will enjoy a massive success in anglophone Canada (let alone the USA, UK, etc). The Pascale Picard Band, francophones from Quebec City, have released two albums whose lyrics are entirely in English, but they still enjoy most of their success in Quebec and in France.

      Sometimes singing exclusively in French can actually be an asset for francophone artists in achieving crossover success chez les anglophones. Béatrice Martin (Coeur de pirate) has a substantial audience among young Canadian and American hipsters who fetishize a certain kind of retro-French cool (Gainsbourg, Birkin, Bardot, etc). Martin speaks English so fluently that she could easily write her lyrics in English, but for her anglophone audience at least, the "coolness" of the French language is stronger than comprehensibility, hence her perhaps unexpected level of success with this audience.

    3. @Troy

      I think you got a bit of a crush there Troy LOL.

      Jebson has the entire J. Bieber machine behind her with Scooter Braun at the helm ...need we say more? Perhaps this is not what Marie M. envisions for herself. Perhaps she doesn't believe in that old adage,... Go Big or Go Home !! LOL

    4. I hope everyone's Canada Day was superb. Mine was almost ...except I wasn't able to fly the usual maple leaf today as I do every year. My daughter took our huge Red & White with her to Europe so she could celebrate with it today, ...abroad ...and feel closer to home :(

      Although she is having a blast, sightseeing and visiting some of the most breathtaking places on earth, she told me this afternoon,... there is no place like home, there is no place like Canada!!

      Ain't it wonderous what getting on a plane and going to faraway places will do sometimes?!?! LOL

    5. Just a few and no so serious thoughts :

      I don't know, maybe Marie-May just like to sing in french? Enjoying singing in your own native language, weird isn't it?

      When everyone knows that the only market that matters is english, would you believe that some people still sing in corsican, catalan or romanian? What is wrong with these people?

      I wonder how Raoul Duguay would translate his famous La Bit a Tibi?

      Perhaps Mes Aïeux could achieve greater succes by singing Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil in english, but who, outside of QUébec, would be interested in this song that tells about the villages scattered across our territory?

      Zachary Richard sings both in english and french. I don't know much about his english career, but he is well known on the french scene.

      Damien Robitaille deliberately chose to song in french. What is wrong with him?

      Instead of producing a TV show in french, one should produce a TV show in english. The producers of LOL, sold in 38 countries since 2011, had a another idea : the characters don't speak, the show is speachless...

      To what extent is Radio Radio's originality and, hence success, due to the fact that they sing in french in a music style in which you just don't expect french? (And not only french, but their own local and uninhibited flavor of french.)

    6. I guess that you don't like people who want to force french down your troat. So I find ironic your obsession with stressing the fact that there is no possible meaningful success without english in showbusiness, business, science, etc.

      English is like swimming. Being able to swim is useful and important, swimming is fun too. I am able to swim and I want my children to be able to swim to. Yet, we don't like to be pushed into the pool nor do we want to live our lives in water.

      So, you know, you don't have to speak french nor do you have to listen to french music. It is OK, Troy. If it is ok with you, I enjoy living in french.

      Also, yes Troy, english is the world lingua franca. I hope this makes you feel better.

      (P.S. I remember that you once told about your francisation class teacher who was getting on your nerves. I would like to hear a little more about it sometimes if you have time.)

    7. No one is forcing English down your throat or saying that artists shouldn't sing in French, and no one is saying that you cannot be successful singing in French - or any other language. They have just stated that even greater success on the international level can be achieved by singing in English as well.

    8. No one has said it, Durham, but it is what Troy (and others) implied.

    9. Many artists are successful on their own, including artists who were french first.

      But my tax money shouldn't go to fund Loco Locass's drug filled lifestyle. Many artists use the french language in order to receive government grants, by crying out that the "culture" needs to be protected (aka heavily subsidized).
      If it weren't for that, there would be much less french artists; the amount would be more proportional to the french population.
      A larger percentage of them would be successful, and it would cost us less.

    10. M. Patrice,

      I remember that you once told about your francisation class teacher who was getting on your nerves. I would like to hear a little more about it sometimes if you have time.

      I can tell you that story, of course, but I am not sure that we will have the time to do so. Remember that you always have to go some place after you make your post.

    11. Yannick,

      Wow, putting word to my mouth - or rather, my fingers - much?

      I never say that Marie-Mai should stop singing in French. I never, ever write that. Also, I never write that she must start singing in English if she does not like to. And I certainly never write, "Every artist, everywhere, from now until infinity, should sing in English only because it is a bigger market."

      Your handling this discussion with emotion and prejudice and not the facts presented really surprises me. Considering, you know, your experience in high-level research.

      This started some time ago when the question arose why youth francophones are not very familiar with the works of Marie-Mai than English-language artists of her genre. My premise was (and remains) that Marie-Mai is a talented artist with attractive look. She has what it takes to be successful. However, the situation of the world is such that she will never achieve such mega-success if she does not _____. Look at all the artists that she shares the stage with: Avril Lavigne, Natasha Bedingfield, Carly Rae Jepsen.

      If Marie-Mai chooses to be a big fish in a small pond, good for her. If that is her choice, it is her life and neither you or I can say otherwise. However, if that is her decision, nobody can blame her or the community for the lack of her popularity. That is my issue. A number of people on the separatist side keep on blaming the youth, the English media, community for her being not very well known. For the fact that Rihanna concert at the Bell Center broke the box office many times than Marie-Mai concert. For the fact that Paul McCartney's and Madonna's respective concerts broke any records of attendance on the Plains of Abraham - including the one with French and British troops there.

      ...that is how Celine Dion managed to get popular in English - she was already grounded as a serious artist in French.

      Do you realize that you just support my position? Celine Dion will not be Celine Dion that we know now if she remained singing in French only. In cinema, it is even worse. Roy Dupuis, Caroline Dhavernas, Karine Vanasse are few examples.

      But I think it is not just for artists. I think there are out there francophone professionals who choose to leave their French-language roots to study and to work in English, maybe even completely in English as it is more rewarding that to do so in French. I can not come with an example, but I am rather sure there are French Canadians out there who left their home to study in Ontario and then to work in Alberta, all completely in English to achieve bigger success than they may achieve unilingually in French.

    12. M. Patrice,

      I guess that you don't like people who want to force french down your troat. So I find ironic your obsession with stressing the fact that there is no possible meaningful success without english in showbusiness, business, science, etc.

      The fact of life is that English is much more accepted globally than French. Those who want to live in French only, fine. They can do that with their lives, just like people in my home country who do not speak English. But please do not disallow those who want to.

      Please do not complain that McGill and Concordia are ranked better than UdeM and UQAM. Please do not complain that MUHC super hospital have more resources than CHUM super hospital; or MUHC and CHUM themselves for that matter. Please do not complain that HEC, FSA and ESG offer MBA in English. Please do not admonish Arcade Fire and Sugar Sammy to perform in English.

      English is like swimming. Being able to swim is useful and important, swimming is fun too. I am able to swim and I want my children to be able to swim to. Yet, we don't like to be pushed into the pool nor do we want to live our lives in water.

      But what about those who wants to swim, and wants to do so on Dara Torres' level? Are they allowed? No, they are not, are they? Otherwise, they will be allowed to learn swimming since very early age all the way until they are ready to compete at the highest level.

    13. "Remember that you always have to go some place after you make your post."

      I have to tell you that I am now at work. : )

    14. Troy, when you say "However, the situation of the world is such that she will never achieve such mega-success if she does not _____." it implies that the end of that sentence is "sing in English".

      It's the beginning of an argument that I have heard often. Anything that you can achieve in French, you could have done better in English. So why should Anglophones learn it? Why should Francophones learn it, for that matter? Why don't we all just start living in English and leave French behind? Let French die it's good death, we'll weep a tear of sorrow and carry on our (English) lives.

      You might not have come out and said it. Hell, you might not have even thought it or meant it, but it started like an argument I had heard a thousand times, so you will forgive my reaction.

      What I was trying to say is that it is not an immutable law of nature that English > French. True, Celine Dion would not be the most popular pop artist of all time had she sang only in French, we agree on that. What I am saying is that she would not have been anything at all had she started in English.

      French and English are different markets. English is much bigger, and obviously that means more people will be successful in it, and the most successful English artists will be much more successful than the French artists. But I don't know of any businessmen that would argue that because one market is the biggest, the other markets are not worth pursuing.

      In short I am not disagreeing with you, but I am saying that there is more to it than the simple "However, the situation of the world is such that she will never achieve such mega-success if she does not _____."

    15. “No one has said it, Durham, but it is what Troy (and others) implied.”

      Gee …I wonder whom he meant by (and others)??…Mmm

      Seriously, where do you get off stating, “it is what Troy and others implied”? You seemed to have, yet again, read something in my comment which clearly wasn't there and Durham who is so wonderfully astute and always on the ball, clearly put things into perspective, underling the impartiality of the comments we made. What he explained is exactly what I meant. There was no need to "imply" anything or put words in our mouths. With his last post, Troy had to practically draw you a picture. We were not judging. You were putting your own spin on things, (as usual), we were simply stating that if this local singer decides to keep singing in French only, chances are she will not achieve the commercial success of a Jepson or Dion. Simply stating the obvious. I love the Buena Vista Social club, and though they were a classic Cuban band in their time, and still now are world renown and internationally acclaimed, they never became The Stones or The Beatles. And why? They played a certain type of music, IN SPANISH. That is all Troy and I were attempting to convey. But notice however, how you’re totally ‘wired’ to think the worst. It is like you are physiologically conditioned to interpret whatever we say in a negative light. Pay attention to that please, it is highly unpleasant. You should consider tweaking that automatic defense mechanism that is so obviously ingrained in your DNA.

      BTW…you are hardly capable of being objective or...a "neutral outsider”, just sayin’

    16. First I'm a fence-sitter, next I'm incapable of being neutral, which one is it? I don't know what my own objectives are AnecTOTE, I apparently need you to illuminate me.

      In any case I do not believe that the observation that Marie-Mai would be more successful in English is entirely innocent. If it was, what would be the point of pointing it out? It is as you said, self-evident - something that I agreed with Troy on immediately.

      It's true that I am defensive. Perhaps today I have been told once too many times today that French is useless and that we need to get rid of the OLA and french schools to save on school buses and bilingual cereal boxes.

      Finally, I hardly hold the monopoly on misunderstanding. I have flat-out agreed with Troy a number of times in the past and he understood the exact opposite. I apologized for the failure to communicate and moved on.

    17. “English is like swimming. Being able to swim is useful and important, swimming is fun too. I am able to swim and I want my children to be able to swim to. Yet, we don't like to be pushed into the pool nor do we want to live our lives in water.”

      So if I understand this correctly, as a French Canadian, (Quebecois), you object to English being shoved down your throat, correct? Yet, you have no objection, I imagine, to the PQ and other nationalist provincial parties shoving French down our throats, the citizens of Quebec, in the name of Language Preservation of course, do you? That’s a little hypocritical don’t you think? But just imagine, if all of a sudden the ROC felt that the English language is in peril these days because there is a prevalence to hear more of the Arab language, more of Spanish, more Hindi, more Chinese and yes…more French on the streets of the ROC these days and would start behaving like Quebec behaves and starts legislating the English language in order to preserve it throughout Canada, where we all would be?

      Think about it for a so tough when the shoe is on the other foot

      But there's a strategy ...Canada, SHOULD start acting like the English is in jeopardy and adopt the same measures Quebec does,…Let see how far it would get without Quebec screaming bloody murder and denouncing the injustice..!!!

    18. "First I'm a fence-sitter, next I'm incapable of being neutral, which one is it?

      You're mostly humpty dumpty, especially when it's convenient. But when they strike a nerve, then fangs come out….there…is that enlightening enough for ya??

    19. Yannick,

      I agree that I mean to write:

      "Despite her talents, Marie-Mai can never achieve super stardom as long as she remains singing in French only."

      However, I never wrote - nor I ever implied - that French artists should stop performing in French if they do not want to. All I am saying is that without performing in English, Quebec artist can never reach super stardom. Period. Stop. Do not read more than that. Therefore, your writing:

      No one has said it, Durham, but it is what Troy (and others) implied.

      is one patently false accusation.

      And like I wrote, it is not just in arts. Just give me time to find a francophone professional who gets his/her education in highest level and work in a highly technical domain fully in English and then lives his/her personal life in a very much English locale with those who do not speak French because doing his/her profession in the said English locale is much more rewarding than in French locale.

    20. Alright Troy, I apologize for jumping to conclusions. I was wrong.

      Nor can I disagree with the latter - the academic world is English, and all publications have to be done in that language or be mostly ignored, whether or not one lives in an English locale.

  30. FROM ED
    Sorry Apple, I can't help you. You are one of those negative peole like Tony Kondaks or Cutie that will dream up all kinds of things the Lib are going to do. Whe you bring up Jean Charest, I realize you don't want better, you're hoping things will stay the same so you'll have something to complain about.
    You mention lea`ving Quebec; it probably would b best for you and for Quebec. Ed

    1. OMG Ed - what is the matter with you? Apple is down in the dumps enough without you trying to tell him to leave - we have the seps doing that. There is no one NO ONE on this blog that has the faith in Couillard that you have! We all agree that at this point the liberals are our only option (outside of complicated that is) but none of us have on the rose coloured glasses that you have about him doing away with Bill 101 or even touching it. You keep quoting him saying things that only you seem to have seen somewhere sometime. None of the rest of us have seen anything like it! He said he would aim to get the constitution signed by 2017 and that all quebecers are equal - that's all he can be quoted as saying for heaven's sake. You have to stop thinking that this man will change this whole province once in power - he will never do that; his own party members will not allow it.
      Apple - do what you think will be best for you and your family given the stupid circumstances that are going on in this place right now. Hopefully we will get a large enough group together that we many be able to make a difference but right now things are pretty well scattered all over the place with everyone having their own agenda. That's all any of us can do but things look pretty bleak right now, I agree with you on that much.

  31. FROM ED
    Cutie, Apple is depressed because he wants to be depressed. I gave him some ideas how to worry less but how could you expect him not to be depressed when he has downers like you to hrlp him along. I gave everyone a list of 6 things that could be done to set our thinking on a positive and hoopefull frame of mind. You have ignored them completely and start imagining things that Couillard won't do.
    Stop reading naysayers like Anectote and pay attention to the positive thinkers like Yannick / EDM Quebecer of the Tree Stump / MB BM You must be ignoring these people because you say I'm the only one but they all agree with me about Dr.Couillard. Where do you get off speraking for the rest of the posters here. You say there is NO ONE on the blog that agrees with me. Where the hell do hget the right to post for them Another figment of your imagination. We cannot go on your negative imagination Cutie, if you can't come up with something positive that will help for Christ Saake shut to hell up. Ed

    1. Don't you tell me to shut up you silly man. Who do you think you are telling everyone on here what to say and who to reply to? Open up your own blog if you feel you have the right to speak to people the way you do. If anyone wants to correct what I'm saying, they have the right to do that but you do not have the right to tell people who to talk to and what to say. If the Editor doesn't want people to post things, that is up to him, not you. Having tea and crumpets with the separatists, like you suggest, is not going to change one damn thing in this province and I'm sure Michel will inform you of that. All the suggestions you post have been tried and proven not to do anything to further the cause of the anglophones in this province and neither have the liberals. If there is one reader out there that agrees with you that Couillard, or any liberal, will change one damn thing in quebec, like removing Bill 101 I'm sure they will be more than happy to agree with you in writing. You are the one that is speaking for others so correct yourself before correcting me.

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, July 2, 2013 at 9:31:00 AM EDT

      cutie.... as insulting as ever. Typical quebecoise. Poor bitter old lady has lost all her friends on here...
      Only thing left is to sell all your possessions in kijiji and move across the river:)

    3. Please quit this arguing. It's going nowhere.

    4. Cutie - You know how I said I truly felt sorry for S.R, that it wasn't his fault for his way of thinking because he's been exposed to years of brainwashing by teachers, parents and government? Well, I feel sorry for Ed in the same way...

      You see, Ed, is suffering for physiological term called dissociation. It's a coping mechanism, a way of detaching oneself from reality. I'm not saying this to be vecious, it is just stating things for what they are. He has obviously lived in Quebec most of his life, this is his home and he's attached and rooted here. He doesn't want to accept the problem at hand, so, even on an unconscious level he sees what he WANTS to see, believes want he WANTS to believe. So to him, the Liberals are his friends and protectors of good government. Quebec isn't falling to pieces, everything is fine and dandy. If there is any trouble stirring, it's minor and can all be resolved with a few messages of warmth, song singing and hand holding. It's not really his fault, it's his way of dealing with the harsh reality here. Pretending things are okay when they're obviously not. Many living in Vienna, Poland and other European countries just before the war did the same, they were blinded and had false hope, and unfortunately ended up in death camps as a result.

      I have a friend who thinks like Ed. She denies anything is wrong with Quebec, and tells me if I have nothing positive to say about the province, then don't say anything at all. Or simply says if I'm not happy here, I should move. I've talked to her about it, she finally admitted as she's going to continue to live here, she doesn't want to dwell on any of the negatives. You cannot change things and it just will make her unhappy. To me that is just putting your head in the sand, trying to hide from the problem. You can only ignore a problem for so long before it catches up with you!

      You and I know the reality of things. Sadly Ed and S.R are stuck in their realities and getting them to wake up is going to be next to impossible. Though that is why I see no other solution than to leave Quebec, and I will. I don't see change from either side. The separatists will not back down (in fact they want to gear things up several notches higher!) and the Anglophone appeasers want to continue hiding their head in the sand, or worse, continue putting their rights and freedoms on the sacrificial alter in some misguided hope the separatists will eventually make friends and play nice.

      Seriously, it's like living in a mad house. The only thing to do is GET OUT, like Mr. Sauga or countless others former Quebecers. Ask them, do they miss Quebec? Do they regret their decision to leave? I think not.

    5. Sadly Apple I have to agree that things are not going to get better anytime soon and perhaps it is better to leave if you have the opportunity and I hope you do. I too am going to have to think harder about my options and perhaps come to the same conclusion. I too spoke to a francophone friend yesterday about all of it and sadly they understand the "necessity" of following these discriminatory laws because the "government" must be telling the truth about the french language being fragile. This little girl (I call her that because she's about 17 years younger than I) is not the brightest person I've ever had as a friend (not to be insulting but too true) has all the advantages in the federal government because she earns very good money for the work she performs and which has happened only because she is bilingual. She is bilingual because she was born here in Gatineau and had to deal with both languages from the time she was born therefore it makes her a "perfect" federal government recruit - so why should she complain? Unfair as all of this is, to these people, they expect to be treated "better" because of an advantage she had given to her strictly by accident and place of birth. Nothing will change that mentality in the near future. They have been conditioned to expect more because of the fact that they are French and know English - not that they are better employees or brighter than an anglophone but there it is. Aw well, time to leave for anyone that can I guess - the rest of us are too disorganized to get anything real done.

  32. Photo prise à Burlington aujourd'hui (Fête du canada)

    Je me sentais presque chez nous,de plus en plus sympathique ces américains...

    1. "Ils l'ont tu l'affaire, les américains!" - Elvis Gratton

      Personnellement je ne regarderais pas vers les États-Unis pour un modèle à suivre.. Je crois qu'on peut faire beaucoup mieux.

    2. Vermont's state flag hoisted alongside their neighbour's provincial flag... ooh la la! What a sad, sad life our poor, conquered separatist leads, finding joy from such an insignificant triviality... :)

  33. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, July 1, 2013 at 9:57:00 PM EDT

    Top 50 most respected and admired countries in the world... Canada is at #1 three years running!!!

  34. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, July 1, 2013 at 10:07:00 PM EDT

    Will cutie ever become the last anglo in quebec?
    She may have something in common with Zebulon Simentov:

  35. It,s dumbfounding how the Media identifies Galgonov as a radical,a firebrand, a provocateur etc. On the other hand Gilles Proulx is merely called an activist or a nationalist, but the venom that he spews along with complete misinformation makes Galgonov sound like a choirboy.
    Of course when the high school dropout rate is 40% in the French sector the Proulxs, the Societe St. Jean Baptist, and those other groups have a trapped audience who lap up emotional reasoning, not understanding anything else. This in large measure is why so many here have accepted lowest common denominator living as being the price of cultural identity.

  36. Pictures from today’s Canada Day celebrations in Montreal… a happy, inclusive celebration for *everyone*, not just for the angry, frustrated nationalists who have stolen our provincial holiday.

    Montrealers celebrate Canada Day:

    And by special request, “La fête du Canada à Sherbrooke”:

    1. Favourite comments from the Journal de Montréal:

      ouin à lire les séparatistes, toute la cause tient à la haine et au mépris.
      votre lavage de cerveau à assez bien marché.
      vous nous avez voler notre drapeau, la saint-jean, notre pays, etc....
      vous pouvez pas décrocher juste une journée dans l'année.
      c'est rendu une maladie mentale votre affaire.
      peut importe votre haine, le Canada demeure un maudit beau pays, mon pays.
      En t k , tanné en stie de vous autres!!!!!!

      "Yeah well reading the separatists, their whole cause is based upon hate and contempt.
      Your brainwashing has worked quite well.
      You have stolen our flag, the Saint-Jean, our country, etc…
      You can’t even let go for just one day a year.
      It’s become a mental illness, your thing.
      Regardless of your hate, Canada remains a damn fine country, my country.
      Anyway, I’m freaking tired of you people."

      Bonne fête à vous....Je viens d'arriver sur ce site pour vérifier les activités dans le vieux port pour la fête du Canada.. .Je suis étonnée de l'intérêt que portent cette gagne de souverainistes frustrés...j'espère qu'ils n'auront pas l'audace de goûter au fameux gâteau....hhhhaaa..Ce n'est qu'insultes, et accusations...pas très vendeurs comme pays...vive le CANADA............

      "Happy holiday to you all… I just came on this site to check the Canada Day activities in the Old Port. I’m amazed at the interest that this gang of frustrated sovereignists has for it. I hope they won’t dare to taste the famous cake… hhhhaaa.. Nothing but insults and accusations… they’re not selling their desired country too well… long live CANADA………"
      Incidentally, from reading the separatists’ comments, this mocking of people’s names appears to be an absolute fetish amongst Quebec separatists and has reached epic proportions. It really does appear as if this simplistic, low-minded humour is the apex of the sort of lofty humour that they are capable of producing.

  37. On a related note, I was amused to see this on Twitter:

    "En cette fête du Canada,la bave du crapaud séparatiste n'atteint pas la cheville de ma fierté Québécoise et Canadienne.!Get a Life" [Christian Dubé, CAQ Finance critic, to J-F Lisée]

    1. Hilarious! Poor JFL...

      "On this Canada Day, the drool of the separatist toad does not reach the ankle of my Quebec and Canadian pride! Get a Life."

  38. Bigoatry still alive and well as can be observed by some of the comments following the article by 97 year old Kirk Douglas:

  39. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, July 2, 2013 at 3:03:00 PM EDT

    "Bigoatry still alive and well" kinda contribute to it.

  40. FROM ED
    For the past month I dropped everything else I ws doing and decided to study what 9if anything) might help our cause for English rights. Since it is obvious hat the only way to get rid of the PQ is an election and the only ones that can beat them in an election for now is the Liberal Party, I studied the last eight elections in Quebec and fund that the Libns won in the old days is because the English voted heavily Liberal and the French voter turnouts were always low. So, one might say it was the English that elected the government.
    Liberals usually carried it until 1962 when the Church turned against them for the reforms of 1960 by Jean Lesage and encouraged the French to vote in Duplessis's Union National.
    Rene Levesque changed all that. In 1976 His rhetoric gave the French a reason to vote en masse. Rene ruled for nine years during which massive damage was done to the Quebec infrastructure, bridges and enjoyment of life. His words created hatred. He put power in the hands of the unions, thus was born corruption en masse. Robert Bourrassa took it back to the Liberals for nine years. In 1994 Jauques Parizeau won it away from Daniel Johnston who was a strongly disliked man. Parizeau rhetoric was excellent in French and English and he built a strong following that almost won the 1995 rferendum.In 2003 The Liberals won again and we had peace until 2013. The Liberals lost the last election because n of lies about corruption and the option of the CAQ.
    What do I gather from this?
    In order to win the Liberals need strong English support. They will also need help from Federalist and non-separatist Francophones. I believe they can do it.
    For the last month I bought La Press and La Journal. I studied the columnists and got a feeling that the majority of francophones are not behind the PQ. For the first time (thanks to the internet) they realize the danger Quebec faces.
    I looked into the Catholic Church since they still have a strong influence on those who attend and I noticed the new pope is up for change. I spoke to two French Catholic friends who are on the board (churchwardens in English) of a large Church. They informed me that the priests are falling in line with the new pope's world wide care for the poor and brotherly love. An ideal time to reach out. I asked them to bring out at their next parish meeting that they should reach toward the English as we were for centuries back. The agreed to try.
    I had a meeting with my local MPP for this area, Henri Gautry. He tells me the best way to get attention
    is for an Mp or MPP to get three or four letters on the same subject from different people.

    Putting all this together I posted a list of 6 SUGGESTIONS that can be USED to fight for English rights. No one responded except a crazy lady saying I'm telling people what to do and a complicated type who refuses to hear anything positive.

    After all this I believe galganov is right. Your a bunch of loud moputh bullshitters who say you want English rights but you wont even open a door to see if they're on the English side. I say fuck you all, I will not waste anymore time on theis blog talking to drones. Ed

    1. DHockeyGuy


      While I agree that the vitriolic approach won't bring any gains and is more likely to galvanize moderate francos against the anglo community, I don't see any QC government touching Bill 101, be it the PQ, the CAQ, or the Liberals. While it might be the 'right' thing to do, there is absolutely no political gain in it for any of the parties. The PQ, of course, would rather bring in more restrictive legislation, the CAQ has shown itself to be PQ Light, and the Liberals have our vote regardless and only risk losing moderate franco votes with any overtures to us.

      Anglo rights that have been lost won't be coming back anytime soon. Our situation is kind of like a tie-wrap. Once yanked, you can't reverse it. As such, the best we can hope for is the linguistic peace that existed pre-Marois. If we're lucky, the OLFQ inspectors will continue to make so many boneheaded moves that the govt might do a complete re-haul and establish a body that promotes instead of punishes.

      Beyond that the idea of fully equal rights for Enlish and French in QC is not a realistic aspiration. QC francos will not give up what has been gained in the language arena.

      I'd be more than happy to get the PQ out and simply go back to the peaceful balance we had with the Libs in power.

    2. Ed - So your solution to everything is a majority Liberal government.

      So tell me, what bridge building have they done? What positive things have they do for the English community?

      Oh right, they increased the QOLF's budget, hired MORE QOLF officers, and appointed that hardliner bitch and monster, Louise Marchand to run it! Then they promised if re-elected, they would extend Bill 101 to blanket ALL federally run institutions in the province (banks, post offices, hospitals, etc). Plus tons of other anti-English measures that would make the Parti Quebecois blush, such as closing the loophole that allows access to English schools, forcing the geographical separation of a family because Charest's refusal to permit a young boy with learning disabilities into the English school system.... but then I guess your memory is short term. An absence of the Liberals for 7 months or so wipes your memory clean, huh?

      Though please do, tell me what positives have the Liberals have done for the English community. No sarcasm intended here Ed, this is a debate (or I would hope) and if there's something I've missed, share it with us.

  41. Ed - So your solution to everything is a majority Liberal government.

    So tell me, what bridge building have they done? What positive things have they do for the English community?

    Oh right, they increased the QOLF's budget, hired MORE QOLF officers, and appointed that hardliner bitch and monster, Louise Marchand to run it! Then they proposed if re-elected, they would apply Bill 101 to all federally run institutions in the province (banks, post offices, hospitals, etc). Tons of other anti-English measures that would make the Parti Quebecois blush, but I guess your memory is short term.

    Though please do, tell me what bridge building the Liberals have done in the past.

  42. Did anyone mirror the comment and the Editor's reply to SR's nasty comment about veterans suffering PTSD?
    The thread seems to have diasppeared..

    1. Yes, I did.

      S.RTuesday, July 2, 2013 at 9:30:00 PM EDT
      This comment has been removed by the author.
      EditorTuesday, July 2, 2013 at 10:02:00 PM EDT
      Of all the post that I've ever let S.R post this one saddens me the most.

      There's a lot of good humored political debate, but making fun of those who served and now suffer is beyond the pale.

      My brother is a supporter of the veterans hospital in St. Annes and he tells me of the sad situation of young men permanently scarred by their war experience. It is not something to make light of.
      There are Anglos, Francos and Ethnics in that hospital all suffering form PTSD.
      THEY ARE F**CKED up. Some won't recover.

      You may oppose the war, but making fun of these soldiers is very cruel.
      I'd ask you to remove the comment in light of this response, the choice is yours.
      Anonymous CowardTuesday, July 2, 2013 at 10:06:00 PM EDT
      Why ask him to remove the comment?

      It only proves who and what they (the separatists) truly are.

      They have nothing to argue about and this is the best they can do.

      It’s a shame that the Editor has chosen to provide a public platform even for the mentally-unwell like S.R, for the sake of being open-minded and exhibiting the faultiness of separatist argument for all to see.

      On the other hand (since he has declared himself to be in favour of the maxim “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” -Oscar Wilde), he ought to let the world know what S.R's reprehensible comment was, in order for us to see the truth behind the mask, as he advocates.

      One way or the other, Editor, your commitment to free speech is a sham, especially now that you have deleted the whole thing. I really wish you would commit to one or the other opinion and stick with it, rather selectively permitting the unwell to comment.

    2. DHockeyGuy

      I had seen SR's comment and it really did reach a new low in douchebaggery. In regards to freedom of speech, I think all opinions should be welcome but in the case of SR, he is a classic troll who never has anything of substance to contribute beyond little one line barbs meant to irritate. In his case, just delete and don't respond. Eventually he'll find a new sandbox to play in.

    3. Unfortunately I am not surprised by S.R's attack on veterans suffering from PTSD.

      An Anglophone friend of mine served in the Canadian Army and was a United Nations peacekeeper in the Golan Heights during the 1980's. He dated a woman a few years ago whose father was a Quebecois separatist. My friend told me that her father mocked his military/peacekeeping service and gloated whenever a Canadian soldier was killed in Afghanistan. I don't know how anyone could be more vile.