Wednesday, June 19, 2013

UPAC Leads Quebec Out of Corruption Wilderness

I wasn't surprised at the reaction to Monday's blog piece where I told readers that Quebec was well on the road to becoming the least corrupt province in the country.
Admittedly, it was a bold prediction that few are willing to entertain in these dark days of humiliating revelations and arrests of politicians in high places.

It's understandable that going from the most corrupt to the least corrupt province is a concept hard to wrap one's head around, but like the Montreal Canadiens who went from last place to first place in their NHL division, sometimes change happens virtually overnight.

There isn't any doubt that Quebecers have lived under the jackboot of systemic corruption ever since the Duplessis years and so it's hard to fathom that we can make such a fundamental shift so quickly, but we can, and sometimes change can only occur through a sudden and profound paradigm shift.

For those who believe that Quebecers are too complacent to demand an end to corruption I can only say that it is no longer the case.
Premier Jean Charest was forced into calling the Charbonneau Commission not because of pressure from the opposition parties but by regular voters and most importantly, members of his own constituency.

The public clamored for action and the government had absolutely no option but to acquiesce. When revelations about corruption surfaced in the Montreal suburb of Mascouche implicating the mayor, regular citizens invaded city hall and forced out of office what was a recalcitrant and stubborn mayor Richard Marcotte.
Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay was drummed out of office by public pressure as was the Mayor of Laval.
Every single mayor and town council in the province is under the strictest scrutiny by an energized public which has discovered that they can demand transparency and effect change.

Leading the charge is UPAC(Unité permanente anticorruption), the special police unit formed by the Charest government to root out  corruption on any level. Styled after the New York City anti-corruption unit, the Department of Investigation, UPAC employs 200 people and enjoys a budget of 30 million dollars a year.
After just two years, the unit has already taken down over 100 crooks, from politicians to construction magnates to professionals, politicians and public servants.
These results have been nothing less than spectacular and like shooting fish in a barrel, the unit has arrested and charged so many that heads are spinning.
It seems that these thieves were so blasé about stealing that they didn't even bother hiding their tracks effectively.
And so they fall like dominoes, bewildered and befuddled that their house of corruption has finally been brought down.

The  utter contempt that UPAC displays for those they catch was manifestly displayed at the humiliating arrest accorded to Quebec's most powerful mayor, Michael Applebaum. It speaks to the confidence that UPAC has in itself and speaks to the support that the public has for the work it is conducting.
In fact UPAC toyed with Applebaum, privately letting  him know that an arrest was imminent. He was clearly out of sorts in the days leading up to his arrest, in fact giving a disjointed and convoluted speech days ahead of his arrest.

It has sent a frightening signal to those not yet caught, underlining clearly that their time is soon up and that justice is coming for them in the not too distant future in the form of a humiliating knock on the door at six in the morning.
I can imagine that a lot of crooks are sleeping rather poorly these days.

I am reliably informed that there is a parade of confessors lining up before UPAC to cut a deal by ratting out  co-conspirators.
Plainly this has happened with Applebaum because while he was charged with corruption, his alleged partners in crime were not, even though their names have been publicly revealed.

I have also been reliably informed that government departments are sharpening their defenses and now independent department proctors are sitting in on planning meetings where details are discussed between construction companies and government officials.

We are going to witness many more arrests before this is over, but the tide has turned.

I don't believe that the most seasoned and cynical journalists understand what is happening, their experiences of the past, colouring their reading of the situation today.

The forces unleashed are unstoppable, politicians couldn't call off the dogs even if they wanted to, lest they become a target of UPAC themselves.

For we the public, it is a spectacle that we should sit back and enjoy, because short of sending the crooks into the coliseum to do battle with the lions, it's the best serving of revenge that we can expect.

Let's not feel bad or humiliated, let's feel empowered and brave.
While the rest of Canada may tut-tut, the truth is they have plenty of their own crooks to deal with and no political will or UPAC to do battle for them.

I know of a couple of Ontarto mayors that well deserve the UPAC treatment, including Mister Sauga's favorite mayor Hazel McCallion.

As one commenter in the New York Times wrote under a story describing Applebaum's arrest;
"At least they arrest their crooks"


  1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, June 19, 2013 at 5:54:00 AM EDT

    Scamming, lying PQ will fabricate report in which quebec loses $7 500 000 000 annually from Ottawa due to " doubling in every sector".

    Hopefully when the next elections are on the PQ can gain a clear 80% majority through its frauds and set a winning referendum on a lie.

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, June 19, 2013 at 5:59:00 AM EDT

      Same report in english:
      “We are going to see how much it costs Quebecers to have two levels of jurisdiction overriding each other.”

      Please go on your own, it is obvious quebec doesn't need Canada.

      Please refer the above two stories to We federalists that reside here already know these facts and would like them posted elsewhere from Germany where you reside. Join the separatist battle from their side please. We have our own problems. They can use this data for the cause and will appreciate your support.

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, June 19, 2013 at 4:06:00 PM EDT


      "We federalists that reside here..."
      YOU are not a federalist. You are a QUEBECOISE.

    4. I am like hell a quebecoise and never will be - I am CANADIAN and would never call myself a quebecoise under any circumstances.

    5. @cutie003

      "I am CANADIAN and would never call myself a quebecoise"

      in what province do you reside, mate?

    6. She's a Quebecer... and a Canadian as well, of course.

  2. DHockeyGuy

    While I have no doubt that progress is being made at the municipal level, I still don't see anything at the provincial level that would result in a tidal change in regards to systemic corruption in QC.

    Until such time as QC neuters the omnipotent unions, both construction and public service, I can't see how these recent events will change the landscape. I've been harassed by the CCQ on a number of occasions for doing work on a duplex I own, be it shingling or rebuilding a balcony. They'll walk right on to your property and confront you like a police officer (only less politely). Their aim is to strongarm small property owners into hiring their overpriced union lackeys for simple do-it-yourself jobs.

    Over the years QC has empowered these unions with legislation to the point that they pretty much answer to no one. I'm sure we'll get to see how these unions deal with any non-compliant construction workers during this current strike. The thugs should be out in force given that their physical intimidation tactics have never gotten more than a light slap on the wrist in the past.

    The only way out is to curb the unions by drafting new legislation, opening up the province to outside construction companies, and cracking down full force on union thugs and leaders who attempt to employ intimidation tactics to maintain the corrupt status quo.

    1. Couldn't agree more but it's to get someone to take that action and no one is prepared to take on the unions. Before complicated pipes up, the CAQ said they would but who has faith in the party to do that? I have no faith in any party currently vying for office in quebec politics right down to our cities reps much less our provincial reps. Must admit that this is a difficult job because they are very militant and could become violent at the drop of a hat. How this is ever going to be stopped is beyond me.

    2. The monkey in the room is PRIVATE individuals and companies are STILL left with dealing with these engineering companies and unions.

      Sure the govt biz might have gotten "investgated".

      Every single day hundreds of private individuals are still being raped by organized crime and the unions through construction projects.

      In calling around for quotes to have some renovations done recently the contractors would warn you on the phone. "Has xxyy company already been there?" "Hey buddy, we arn;t going to get beaten up for your job, you know?"

      These are several well known construction companies that use these tactics every single day even now in Montreal.

      It's just the govt doesn;t give a shit about private people or private companies. They don;t care how they get strong armed or otherwise ripped off.

      This is another way you know Quebec isn;t really serious about cutting down on much of this.

      The major corruption/fraud will just shift to private construction for a few years.

      Perhaps this is the deal the govt will make with the construction unions/mob in the current "strike".

      Back off public projects and we will never ever go after you for ripping off companies and home owners.

    3. Lets even give another example of how it will happen to somebody else reading this..

      You call Gaz Met because your furance isn;t working.

      They recommend a plumber. They plumber guy comes over, sees the furnace and says it needs to be changed. Nothing strange yet. The furnace is old, it does need to be replaced.

      The plumbers says, "Oh that insulation is asbestos, I'll get a company to remove it specially, it will be $1000 to do". You happily agree to be getting rid of the carcinogen in your basement.

      A few days later 2 "workers" arrive. They have not a single bit of protective gear, glasses, masks, suits or anything. They have 2 garbage bags.

      In the space of 1 hour they rip down all the asbestos and stuff it into garbage bags, drag it out to their truck and disappear.

      The next day the plubmer comes back and asks you for the $1000...

      Now you say to the plumber that *Gaz Met* supplied the name of. "but they didn;t do it properly, they used no equipment and I have asbestos dust all over the basement. I'll pay you $250 for that part"

      The plumber very nicely explains that the $1000 removal fee isn;t "negotiable" if you don;t want to have your arms and legs broken by the nice "asbestos removal contractors".

      This scam happened a couple years ago. It's probably happening still every single day.

      Environmentalists think asbestos is being disposed of properly but in fact the entire Gaz Met asbestos removal contractors is just an arm of organized crime.

      $1000 for 1 hour work. Good if you can get it!

      You have to pay up if you don;t want you house burnt down.

      Charbonneau? It won;t help us with these kinds of fraud.

    4. Yes and as a private citizen here we run across the "collusion" all the time. Just try to get three quotes to replace your furnace e.g. from three licenced companies. The difference in price from the three companies would be like $100.00 so there is really no competition at all. The companies make up their own bids and make sure that all are ripping you off. The prices are established for work before you call any of them and they are all part of it. The only difference would be is if the price went up for some reason; it would never go down. And the asbestos racket was one of the worst ones and you're right; it's probably still going on along with the "mold" racket.

    5. Cutie what you didn;t realize when you called for the quotes was that your street was "owned" by one of the contractors already.

      The companies divide up the city so they know just by the address who is going to get the job. Organized criminals make sure that everybody keeps to their "zone" and take a cut for protection and policing.

      This is normal Quebec business.

      The moment a new small contractor starts to move into an area and change the pricing, the mob moves in to "talk" to them so they understand the "delicate balanace" required to keep the PQ/Lib in power.

      The average Quebec citizen or company is no better off after Charbonneau. In fact the companies have to make more of their profit from private business then before. They will have to double the scams on the private side to keep up.

    6. Cutie, if you want to know the names of companies to avoid just look at any company involved in snow clearing.

      If you look at the small number of West Island companies that do snow clearing, the price of snow clearing and the signs they use to show what their clients it's immediately obvious what's going on.

      The price of snow clearing is unrelated to the cost of snow removal or equipment. It's like in Laval they would buy a new fleet of snow equipment every single year. Keeps the prices high and the equipment mfg's happy (they were in laval also).

      How long can "Abdul snow clearing" last when he puts his sign up next to a contractor that "owns" the street.

      First the company that "owns" the area will suggest they leave the area, suggest they raise their prices etc. After that the violence starts.

      How many times do we see dump trucks and snowplows set on fire this winter? It's always reported but the media never bother to link it all together or highlight the fact it's mob related. Perhaps the mob can sue them for slander. The legal system is that fucked up.

      If UPAC were the least bit interested they could easily do a drive around of the WI and build up the stats.

      Lets just say the companies that win the business arn;t necessarily offering the best price or the best service.

    7. It's so seldom I agree with complicated but I too think that illegal activities are looked on as something to be proud of by quebecers for some unknown reason. It's been accepted for so long that I too don't think it will ever change despite what the Editor says. No ethics and no pride in being good just for the sake of being a good human being. Strange.

    8. @cutie003

      "illegal activities are looked on as something to be proud of by quebecers"

      total rubish. extremely racist comment. shame on you. just swap quebecers with chinese or eskimos for a better view of your shittiness.

  3. And again we show just how classy and "unique" we are in quebec:
    will the embarrassment ever end for this province. If it isn't one thing, it's another.

    1. Quebec culture is "Voleur chez nous" right now.

      Maybe they though it would be fun to mix things up and go after tourists raising money for cancer.

      Perhaps this is the turn from corruption and crime the editor hopes for. Quebecers will start to target more tourists and immigrants and stop stealing from themselves as much.

      It's hard to top the construction unions here tho. You can;t "out steal" that group. They have a lock on many crimes.

    2. Nope - can't beat the construction workers right now. No wonder no one in quebec wants to go to school - What a culture - proud to raise our little ditch diggers to make a fortune at the taxpayer's expense. They want 10% over 4 years, no Saturday work ever and double time for overtime no matter how much overtime is involved. Stay and eat supper then work until 7:30 pm and get paid an average of $66.00 /hr.

    3. Some Hamilton guy got robbed in Montrel? Wow. How am I not shocked.
      The quebecois - including cutie - are truly distinct...
      Only the Quebecois would rob a charitable organization, so corrupt to the core.
      Didn't help as an attractive target that the car had an Ontario plate: target les maudits anglais.

      P.S. why is cutie so angry living in Quebec? Maybe she should move away.

    4. Because she has as much of a right to live as a free and equal citizen of Quebec as anybody else.

      She shouldn't have to move.

      The govt should stop harassing the untouchables and creating different classes of citizens.

      As we see with the Charbonneau comission. Such thinking has become "normalized" in Quebec.

      Just as a seppie lost the ability to distinguish right from wrong with criminality and corruption, the average Quebec citizen has become "normalized" to the idea that anglo's should "leave" and the language laws are "acceptable" and "settled".

      Totally lost perspective.

      As we saw in South Africa with Apartheid. Can;t see the forest though the tree's. when you are white in South Africa most believed in Apartheid. Similarly most PQ Quebecers don;t realize how retarded and backwards their thinking is.

      Seppies are surrounded by some much anglo hate they don;t realize it's abnormal.

    5. Thank you cebeuq - couldn't have said it better myself. Just read his comment and was deciding if I would bother to reply but no need - you handled it just fine for me. It's terrible that people can't seem to understand why these confrontations and the right to make our own decisions on language anger us. I guess you have had to live it for 40 years to totally get the aggravation these things cause people.

      Like just yesterday I was walking in a park with my dog on leash and carrying a doggie bag to clean up should he make a mess and some guy said to me that I wasn't supposed to be walking my dog in that particular park and because if I did others saw me and they too walk their dogs, some off leash, and don't pick up after them so I shouldn't walk there anymore as he has a house that borders on the park. Mind you, I was on city property and not on his property so why should I have to answer these people - it's not his property but people in quebec seem to think they have a say in what everyone does for some reason. In our area there are no places to walk our dogs except the streets even though we have requested it many times from the city. If I owned a property that bordered a park I would not consider the park part of my property but then again I would mind my own business. Distinct society it surely is. Can't explain it. Just weird. Of course they have park authorities, police and a dog catcher to watch for people like me but the citizens seem to think they have the right to police others personally.

    6. This wouldn't be the first time cross-country charity organizations were robbed in Quebec. Do a bit of Google searching and you'll find several other cases, even in recent years. There's also cases of vandalism for showing Canadian pride; back in the early 80's Terry Fox had Canadian flags ripped off his van while driving through Quebec!

      Robbing charities, abusing and murdering animals, fascist language laws, breaking the International Covenant on the UN Human Rights Accord. All the things that make Quebec and Quebecois a distinct society. This province is a cesspool, nothing less.

    7. Cutie, you should ignore Quebec laws and rules as much as possible.

      You probably break the law with Bill 101, 5 times by lunch already. You are already a criminal.

      Do what you want and just deal with the consequences (of which there are few to none in Quebec). Guy Turcotte anyone?

      The govt has it's hands full trying to avoid putting half of the political class in jail.

      Quebec culture is about breaking laws. You are protesting when your dog shits on the grass, you just didn;t know it.

      If you ever get caught or have to pay a fine etc you just plead innocence, stupidity etc.

      If "members of the bar" (ie lawyers) can get on Charbonneau one after another having stashed safes full of cash in the basements and say things like "following the law isn;t my job" you have nothing to worry about.

      Kebec law is lots of bark and no bite even when it's enforced.

      Next time somebody stops you for your dog, tell them your dog feels victimized in other parks. Make up nonsense and apologize and claim stupidity. They won;t know if you are being serious about "dog rights" or you are just another crazy person. They will leave you alone tho.

      Ignoring laws works for everybody else in Quebec.

      The only people *EXPECTED* to follow the laws are immigrants and anglo's.

      Don;t help them keep you down!

    8. Good idea - tell them I'm protecting my "dog's rights and freedoms" by taking him to the park - lol - who's to say there isn't a stupid law somewhere that gives my dog rights? Just making the point that everybody seems to be involved in everyone else's right to do what they feel is suitable for them - why can't people in this province just live and let live and stop trying to make everything their business. It's just beyond me where the intrusion stops and starts here and it gets worse all the time. I guess I wouldn't have any luck finding a lawyer to fight my cause for me because most will be in jail or should be.

  4. Bob Rae just resigned his commons seat and Jean Martin Aussant just resigned from Option Nationale. More to come on these resignations I guess. Wow - this place is just buzzing.

    1. That's too bad. I liked Aussant, I wanted his party to become stronger; he probably could have gained a seat in the next election. Now Option Nationale will be gone.

    2. I certainly hope so - one less separatist party to worry about! We need a new strong federalist party for an option not more separatists Yannick

    3. Good riddance to Bob Rae.

      "first Nations Negotiator"?

      Does he have the same solid skills as "Cynthia Vanier". She's either the dumbest person on the planet or just another socialist ready to lie when it suits her.

      Either way, she isn;t qualified to manage a lemonade stand let alone "advise" anybody on anything.

      Bob Rea will be in good company. She's a shining example of "negotiators" and the back door dealing they really get up to.

    4. What a loser.

      I bet he will return to the PQ to see matante Pauline.

      Anyways I always got the impression that guy wasn't too smart. He seems younger than most politicians, and to actually believe in separation at his age.. something must not be right in his head.
      Probably a UQAM graduate.

      Good riddance to useless garbage.

    5. Perhaps Aussant realized he didn;t have a way to finance his new party anymore now that corruption and bribery are in the newspaper so often.

      The entire seperatist cause falls apart if the govt can;t direct work to their favorite companies in the future.

      Decisions might start be made based on qualifications, competence or even pricing.

      Separatism is pointless if you can;t reward your voters and union members. They won;t vote for them again.

    6. People who voted for ON are likely to vote PQ now Cutie - if you're not a separatist, you want the separatist vote divided and for that there must be as many separatist parties as possible.

      As for aussant, he has a business B.A. from Laval and a M.A. in economic analysis from the university of Monteral - both French universities, so I guess they must suck right? Damn frogs can't do anything well after all.

      In any case I watched his videos. He did not appeal to separatism based on identity politics, but simply on pragmatic terms. He did not pretend that it would be beneficial to Quebec in the short term, but he thought it would be in the long term.

      For instance, he once said "Even if we were to improve federalism, it would mean that we would improve our ability to be governed by others. Where's the advantage in that? Let's learn how to govern ourselves instead."

      One could almost become a separatist listening to him.

    7. Well Yannick it worked for 80,000 voters, mainly kids. And they should learn to govern themselves except maybe start with a little business or at least a town but you don't throw and the whole damn province and country to learn to govern themselves. Boy, was Charest right when he said "the Black Hole". I don't want to be a part of any such experiment thank you. That may be fine for others but I'm a little too old to jump off the cliff with the lemmings.

    8. and please don't put words in my mouth, Yannick - I never said such a thing about "frogs" or francophones doing things well - I simply don't want these people to drag me with them on their way to whatever the hell they think they will gain by leaving Canada, thank you.

    9. Yanik, you are teasing us.

      Most of the people on this board would vote for separatism if the new govt was committed to capitalism, freedom of language, freedom of association.

      Ditch the unions across the economy. Remove all language laws. Endorse a free market economy instead of a soviet bloc style statism.

      Shit, EVERYBODY would vote for separation then.

    10. For instance, he once said "Even if we were to improve federalism, it would mean that we would improve our ability to be governed by others. Where's the advantage in that? Let's learn how to govern ourselves instead."

      I don't think that's a valid argument, because it could be applied at any level.
      Maybe my municipality sees things differently than the provincial government, maybe we should govern ourselves at a municipal level?
      It's always *someone else* making the decisions for us.

      "We want to make our own choices" is always the argument separatists fall back on; it's the same as saying "because we want to". Nobody can really argue with that, but you can't always get what you want. Problem is in Quebec, we're too used to getting everything we want.

      If he was really intelligent and honest, he'd address the 8 billion dollars that we receive from Ottawa every year. Does he claim we'd be better off without it?

    11. "Ditch the unions across the economy. Remove all language laws. Endorse a free market economy instead of a soviet bloc style statism.
      Shit, EVERYBODY would vote for separation then."

      You've got my vote!
      Vive le Québec libre (pour tous)!

    12. Cutie : The frog comment was directed at this one "Anyways I always got the impression that guy wasn't too smart. He seems younger than most politicians, and to actually believe in separation at his age.. something must not be right in his head. Probably a UQAM graduate."

      As for Aussant on language : well, he wanted anglophones to have equal rights to english services that francophones had, but only anglophones. He would see immigrants forced into French daycares and Cegeps by extending 101 there.

      It's the kind of position that would make enemies of both and nodogs types.

    13. Aussant's another Quebec politician that sees rights in a hierarchy.

      Human rights are human rights.

      He's not the least bit interested in the actual people. He's just interested in finding a line he can draw in the sand to get people on his side.

      No wonder he bailed out.

      He totally misunderstands anglophones if he thinks anglo's are interested social engineering like the PQ is.

      It's called, leave people alone to live their own lives. It's not a matter of what crap you are forcing down the immigrants throat's.

      The big issue is most people dont agree with the government doing social engineering AT ALL. Thats seppie thinking.

    14. Just to clarify Yannick I did not make the comment "Anyways I always etc." and I will always be Canadian no matter what happens to this province in the future. I am proud to be Canadian even if the feds do things I sometimes don't like - all politicians at all levels will always make some decisions that I will not like - that is part of a democracy. So the failure of a separatist party bothers me not in the least. And anyone that votes for the PQ after this past disaster of a year of them in power, really needs their head examined.

    15. Cutie, facts and logic don;t influence a true PQ supporter.

      There is no level of incompetence that will see the core of PQ supporters abandon the PQ.

      They only "vote with their heart" not their brain.

      An illogical attachment to "symbols" and the ability to ignoring facts and logic is what got the PQ to where they are now.

      Their supporters arn;t going to be changing their behavoir..

    16. "He did not appeal to separatism based on identity politics, but simply on pragmatic terms.

      For instance, he once said "Even if we were to improve federalism, it would mean that we would improve our ability to be governed by others."

      A claim to being governed by others is an appeal to identity politics. Who are these "others"? They're not us. We are us, and others are others, and they rule over us.

    17. Taking down and simply arresting people, when UPAC charges start sticking and people do some actual time I'll start patting them on the back. If they are so vindictive as to harass suspects by taunting them with a possible arrests the author mentions, their zealotry and unprofessional behaviour may lead to trumped up charges and cases thrown out due to sloppy police work. Right now all I know is there have been a 100 arrests at the cost of 60 million+, or about 600,000 for each arrest. I'll say that's money well spent when this province isn't falling down.

    18. @yannick

      "I wanted his party to become stronger..."

      how can you be a federalist and wish success to a separatist?

    19. "Most of the people on this board would vote for separatism if the new govt was committed to capitalism, freedom of language, freedom of association." a new york minute...especially since lately...some of us aren't too crazy 'bout the Feds. Love love for the Feds...

    20. "how can you be a federalist and wish success to a separatist?"

      "Federalist" is just a word.

      In Quebec, it often means supporting separatists to extract favors from Canada. It also means pushing for a referendum only to vote No in it.

    21. "Love CANADA"


      En passant,Bonne fête nationale à tous et à toutes (même les angry) :D

    22. Thanks SR.

      I don't know about other angryphones, but this angryphone wishes you an eventful, neurosis-filled SJB day.

      Fill up on "fierté" and recharge your batteries for the upcoming battles in defense of your language.


    23. Yannick,

      As for aussant, he has a business B.A. from Laval and a M.A. in economic analysis from the university of Monteral - both French universities, so I guess they must suck right? Damn frogs can't do anything well after all.

      For the life of me, I can not understand why the word "frog" is used as a derogatory term for a French-Canadian. It is a proper term for the French (of France) of course, they do eat frogs. But why French-Canadians? French-Canadians do not eat frogs as often as the French do. Compare to us Asians, the amount of frogs French-Canadians eat is negligible. In fact, here in Montreal, the only restaurants that serve frog legs are those of French (of France) cuisine.

    24. Don't ask me, ask the people who use it to insult people. In the 18-19th century, the French equivalent for insulting the British was "rosbif".

      I also heard pea-soup to insult French-Canadians more specifically.

    25. @Adski: I would say that I can like Aussant despite being a RoCanadian in the same way that I liked McCain as a republican even if I wanted Obama to win.

      Simply said, there are ideological opponents that one can work with, and others that one can't.

    26. Yannick,

      Calling the British rosbif is 'appropriate' as they do like their roast beef and even celebrate it in a song. However, calling French-Canadian "frog" is just like calling Canadian or American of British descent "limey" or, well, "rosbif". Totally miss the target. The burden is on the French-Canadians, though. Why do they feel offended by that?

    27. "One could almost become a separatist listening to him."

      Once I heard him say that "province" is what the Romans called their conquered territories, so why would Quebec want to be a province. He forgot to mention that Ontario is also a province, so is BC, so is Alberta, etc...By that logic if Quebec is conquered, so is the rest of Canada. But by who?

      His tricks are cheap and appeal to emotion. They're recycled PQ cliches spun by a skilled speaker. You have to be a teenager or a young adult to fall for his stuff.

    28. I only saw one or two videos, and they seemed good. I'll defer to your expertise if the rest is nonsense.

    29. @Troy: Why do black people get offended by the word "nigger"? After all it is only an anglicization of negro, which is Spanish for black, and they seem to tolerate "black" well enough, comparatively.

      It's because the offensiveness behind a racial slur is in the intention of the wielder, not the slur itself. When people call French Canadians Frogs, they are doing it with the intention to demean, and that is what is offensive, not the word itself.

      Likewise, if a black person calls another "nigger", it is not at all the same thing as when a white person yells it in anger.

    30. Other examples: Acadians used to refer to the British as "les Goddams", presumably because that was the only word they could make out of their speech. Likewise, I'm told Quebecers are known as "Los Tabarnacos" in Cuba.

    31. Yannick,

      I guess YMMV. At times, I had been called 'chink' or 'chinkie'. I just laughed and said, "Guess again, I am not even Chinese." Or being yelled 'Jap' once. For me, the joke is on them. I have no connection with China and Japan, why should I care about those ignorami?

      Why do black people get offended by the word "nigger"? After all it is only an anglicization of negro, which is Spanish for black, and they seem to tolerate "black" well enough, comparatively.

      I know somebody of African descent who thinks that Epson is racist. The reason? There is the word "negro" on the box of printer ink. She even knows that "negro" simply means black in Spanish but she insists that Epson should not print that on the box, find another word for that or not sell with that packaging.

      Kindly tell me whether that is justified.

    32. adski,

      Once I heard him say that "province" is what the Romans called their conquered territories, so why would Quebec want to be a province. He forgot to mention that Ontario is also a province, so is BC, so is Alberta, etc...By that logic if Quebec is conquered, so is the rest of Canada. But by who?

      I dislike separatists who try to replace attribute "province" with "state" for Quebec. What does that really mean? For me, there is really no substance in calling Quebec as a "state". In the relationship with the federal government, Canadian provinces in general are more autonomous than the states of the United States.

    33. Troy, I think your pedantry is getting the better of you in this case. I think it’s simply a matter that “French” and “frog” both start with FR and therefore provide alliteration.

      According to the Racial Slur Database (yes, it exists! Who knew? The things you learn here… it’s at, local variations include “frozen frog” and “snowfrogs”, though I must admit never having heard either of these myself. The more traditional slur is “Pepsi”, since Quebec is the only place in North America where Pepsi outsells Coke (or, more naughtily, because “they’re both empty from the neck up”.) Now you see the irony in naming places the “Pepsi Forum” or the “Pepsi Coliseum”… because they’re for pepsies! ;) (well, not the Forum anyway… just kidding! Sheesh! Some people’s children…)

      PS: Perhaps you’ve previously heard in the news about the poor reactions of some vocabulary-challenged people to the perfectly fine and upstanding word, “niggardly”…

      PPS: You ought to tell your Epson friend that’s she’s out of control. Altering the Spanish language for her is not justified in any way, shape or form.

      PPPS: I’m sure you realize that the use of the word “state” (invariably capitalized) by separatists is similar to their use of the word “nation”. Both terms have a variety of different meanings, but the one that they are implying to their supporters is meant to be tacitly understood with a wink and a nod.

    34. Yes, I have to say it's a special kind of idocy and anglo-centrism that thinks that the Spanish ought to change their way of communicating amongst themselves because a word they use sounds a little like a word that White Anglo-Saxon Protestants use to insult black people in the USA. If you're not insulted by Chink, all the power to you, but I know that personally I would be offended that someone was trying to insult me solely based on my genetics.

      As for the word state, it means "country" in this case- as in nation-state. Most federations have provinces, not states, but the USA doesn't because all of the original states started sovereign and willingly entered a partnership - like the states in the European Nation. Some other federations call their subdivisions states after the US.

      In the end, however, etymological squabbles over the word "province" are petty and meaningless.

  5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, June 19, 2013 at 4:03:00 PM EDT

    Wallet found in TORONTO with $700 returned to owner:

    All the while a Hamilton man's car broken into while on charity work in quebekistan.

    Honesty runs in the ROC while EVERYONE in quebec is corrupt to the core.

    1. FROM ED
      Why is a Hamilton man working on charity in Quebec? Souunds fishy to me. Ed

    2. On a cross country tour Ed for breast cancer. Nothing fishy about it.


    1. "I know his parents. I’ve seen the way he was brought up. I’ve seen the way he treats his family. And in my opinion there’s no way he’s done anything wrong."

      she is funny.

    2. as naive as the laval aunties who don't think vaillancourt is guilty of anything cause he looks so neat. difference is that clarke air head is a city councillor. was she part of the liberal party montreal branch, aka union montreal? of course she was. she needs to bite the dust too next time around.

  7. I would never, ever, in a million years vote for a separate Quebec. No matter how economically prosperous the final outcome wouldl be. I am loyal to our Queen and will never vote for a republican party. An independent Quebec being a Commonwealth Realm would never happen.
    I wouldn't even care if they made English an official language. As a proud Canadian, I will not advocate the split up of my country and further isolation from the motherland, the United Kingdom.

    There are even French Canadian loyalists.

    (There are comments on the article by other French Canadian loyalists, as well.)

    The separatists do not speak for the people of Quebec No separatists do.

    1. FROM ED
      EDM as a young girl of 19n years old our Queen drove an ambulance onto the battlefield to pick up wounded and dead soldiers.
      She has more experience in international affairs than any politician living today. She always tells it like it is and she leads he Church on a path of honesty and integrity.
      Her father was an admirable man He did his stint in the navy as a young man. His tactical skills with other countries were amazing. At one point Eisenhower asked King George if he could stop Churchill from coming on board the ships when they launched 'Overlord" He said, "We're all expendable except him. Other countries that are with us because of the power of his leadership might give up if he were lost.
      It's his words and show of strength that has empowered several nations. The King knew he had to be careful. How could tell an old Navy man who had fought to the end that he could not go into battle. He knew Churchill would obey him but did not want tovmake this great man feel cowed. The King called Churchill in and asked, "Winston, I hear you are going on the mother ship when they sail, is that right. ?" Churchill answered, "Yes, your majesty, I will be quite safe, I will be with the lord of the Admiralty. " he King asked, "Winston, what would you wear on a trip like that.?" Winston said, " The usual naval battle clothes your Majesty, the war office will supply me with one." The King said, 'That's good Winston, ask them to prepare a set for me." Winston said, "But your Majesty you can't go, it's not safe." The King said,"If it's safe enough for you, it's safe enough for me, get me the clothes. " Churchill knew he'd been out manouvered and out of the great love for his King never mentioned it again.
      Members of the Royal family have led Britain decently and trusfully for centuries and deserve the respect of us all. Ed

    2. I agree wholeheartedly. God save the Queen.

  8. FROM ED
    The R.C. Church was never Facist or nazi. The reason young Quebecers stayed away from the Waris because the Church told them don't fight a n English war. French men being uneducated as to anything the Church hadn't told them didn't know Engkand was fighting to free their Mother Country, The Church didn't want young catholics goint war with anglos and learning bad things like freedom.
    Before George Bush II countries obeyed international law which stated no war against another country unless you have been attacked or threatened.
    The U.S. had not been attacvked until 1917 When the Lusitania was sunk by a Germsn u boat.
    In W.W.II Churchill had created with Roosevelt the Land-Lease program which gave land in different countries of the British Empire to set up American bases in return for weapons. Roosevelt was able to get the congress to agree to this even though he himself wanted to enter the war he obeyed internatonal law. when a few british and American ships carrying American passengers were sunk by Germany it gave him the right to declare war. Ed

    1. Mr Ed,

      You are older than I am and I respect your old age. I think that you do not have an once of meanness but, at the same time, you can write things that are so full of prejudices and so full of contempt. You are fascinating.

    2. FROM ED
      Michel, I'm confused. Could you please tell me wha I've said that is predjudiced or contemptible. Ed
      Pardon the typos. I need new glasses. Hoping soon I can afford them. Ed

    3. Ed,

      If I recall correctly, it was Germany that first declared war on the United States after their ally Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in World War II.

      There is also evidence that the Roman Catholic Church helped Nazi war criminals flee from Europe to South America after the war ended.

    4. "The U.S. had not been attacked until 1917 When the Lusitania was sunk by a German u boat."

      The Lusitania was actually sunk in 1915. The United States entered the war in 1917 after the British forwarded it an intercepted telegram from Germany that urged Mexico to join the war as its ally against the U.S.

    5. FROM ED
      Durham, You're right about the Lusitania. There was another boat sunk in the North Atlantic, I can't remember the names of either one. The one in 1942 was sunk off the coast of Scotland JFK as a young man just out of school was visiting his father the Ambassador in London at the time and his father sent him North to take care of the American survivors. The American lives lost gave Roosevelt the power to declare war on Germany without congressional approval. They had held him back until then. The way I learned it Hitler was not stupid enough to take on the U.S. U boat captains had been told to avoid American shipping. Apparently the Captain that hit the U.S. shio got into a lot of troble. Hitler never declared war ion America, he had his hands full in Europe, Ed

    6. You may be confusing the sinking of the Lusitania in WWI with the sinking of other ships in WWII.

      Hitler definitely declared war on America despite having his hands full in Europe. Here are a few links:

  9. Editor: It's on, bitch!

    So you wrote: "While the rest of Canada may tut-tut, the truth is they have plenty of their own crooks to deal with and no political will or UPAC to do battle for them." OK, you pointed out that Winnipeg Sun article, and nobody ever suggested that Quebec has a monopoly. So some scattered examples were offered up in the Sun article. If you think it's rampant outside Quebec, substantiate or exculpate!

    Re "I know of a couple of Ontarto mayors that well deserve the UPAC treatment, including Mister Sauga's favorite mayor Hazel McCallion." LOL! Don't fret, Editor, a judge last Friday reamed her out but good, but no arrest. I do agree with you, however, she was fast and loose with giving her son a handicap.

  10. I hark back to my youth when us kids ran free in the streets and lanes it was the frenck kid Marcel who took money from the milk bottles outside their doors. Itv was M b]arcel the French kid who stole a chicken from the bakery man. the English boys talked about how wrong it was but never squealed. The Frech kids wouldn force their way into the back door of th bus to save the 7 cent fare. I was shocked at how two French brothers 14 and 15 would play on Mr.Lanctot. One keeping him busy while the other stole merchandise..When I started driving in the 1950's it was well known that if the police stopped you for traffic fault, you handed them you licence in your wallet with a five sticking out. This only worked with French cops. I only knew one guy who tried it and he was proud of himself until next morning when he checked his wallet, it was empty $ 115.00. The damn fool went to precinct and complained. When he came out he was shaking and white. Decided to drop the cae. Ed

    1. LordDorchester

      Ed, you reminded me of something that happened to me when I was growing up in Granby in the 70's. I was 5yrs old and was friends with two French boys about the same age as me. I recall one day hanging out with one of them, the other was away with his family. The kid I was with wanted a dinosaur toy that was in the other boy's home. I watched him lift a sliding window and screen and break into the other kid's house! I was quite amazed but shocked as well. I moved a year later and lost touch with them. I'd bet my bottom dollar he's in jail now.

    As if this is going to work to entice people to come to this province. Another waste of my taxes - this government wastes so much money it's ridiculous.

    1. @ cutie
      Another waste of your taxes? Just move then...
      There are at least 1,000,000 anglos in Quebec and only a handful bitch and complain.
      There are 999,990 happy Quebec anglos that thrive here - and well integrated, possibly all bilingual - and the 10 unhappy ones on this site do not do any justice to the overwhelming majority of nice anglos.
      You lose, cutie.

    2. Prenez la 401 peggy...Asap!

    3. DHockeyGuy

      @First Time Poster: Your REALLY think that 99.99% of QC anglos are happy about what the PQ does every time they're in government? 99.99% are happy with the générations long, rampant corruption that costs all of us $$$, runs down the infrastructure, and increases our taxes? 99.99% of anglos are "happy" with initiatives like Bill 14?

      I don't know any anglos who are "happy" about having the PQ in power, nor do I know any who are "happy" about Bill 14 or the the tradition of corruption in this province. I'd also guess that not many francos are happy either (PQ is running at 25% in this week's poll).

      I'm guessing you're not a QC anglo as you seem completely oblivious to the overiding sentiments of the community. If averyone who complained about a governement wasting taxpayer money had to move, the entire world would be renting trailers.

      Your comment is dumb.

    4. @dhg

      I am a Montreal anglo and I have no issues whatsoever with living here.
      I am bilingual and enjoy Dorval.
      Tell me why:
      a) why won't you move out of Quebec
      b) why all other anglos could not be bothered with coming to this site
      c) maybe you're the one who's dumb

    5. I'm with you dhockeyguy - first time poster is just another troll and a separatist that's come to the site to annoy us. Treat him as you would SR, YL and student. Ignore his posts - he is obviously a liar that he is an anglo and if not a liar, then lives on another planet. And for the first and last time first time poster: Go to hell and don't fu--ing tell me or anyone else to move. Why don't you move? We have a right to our opinions and if you don't like them, screw off. And you are dumb!

    6. DHockeyGuy

      @First time poster

      I stated that your comment was dumb. Whether or not you are is irrelevent and not for me to speculate on.

      I am also a bilingual anglo Montrealer, born, raised, and educated here in Mtl.

      a)why won't you move out of QC?

      Why should I? You seem to imply that anyone who dares complain about anything about our government (language policies, taxation, corruption, etc..) should just leave the province if they're not happy, a sentiment which is pretty much the party line of the seppies in regards to any QC anglo who disagrees with the PQ agenda. If one day, the cons of living here outweigh the pros, I'll move.

      b) why all other anglos could not be bothered with coming to this site

      So what? This is a small blog authored by the editor, not some international website that spends money marketing itself. Like most blogs, it has a small following of people (both federalist and separatist) who exchange opinions, rant, rave, agree, disagree, etc.. Debate and dialogue are healthy and no one HAS to visit the site if they don't like it.

      c) maybe you're the one who is dumb

      Occasionally. I once made a drop pass when I was the last man back. That was dumb. Rode the bench for the next 2 periods. Didn't invest in Apple stock when it was at rock bottom before it's resurgance. That was also dumb. Aside from these isolated instances, I is a brane...


    7. @ first time poster,

      "why all other anglos could not be bothered with coming to this site"

      This blog is busier than you suggest with over 75,000 page views per month from people all over the world. The unacceptable behavior of Quebec nationalists/separatists is being exposed. That's why they are so upset about this blog and why some seppie trolls are doing their best to sabotage it.

    8. "and the 10 unhappy ones on this site do not do any justice to the overwhelming majority of nice anglos. "

      Doing "justice" to "nice" anglos is not our prerogative.

      "Nice" anglos have Christopher Hall doing them "justice" on the pages of JdeM. I suggest you go there.


    9. "There are 999,990 happy Quebec anglos that thrive here - and well integrated, possibly all bilingual - and the 10 unhappy ones"

      I don't know many anglos. Are proportions really this swayed in favor of "nice" anglos? I don't think so.

      And if proportions are really this skewed, then I'm glad I don't know many anglos.

    10. I had never even heard of Christopher Hall until today (thanks to adski), although apparently he is a “humoriste Anglo-Québécois” that I’ve never heard of (did I mention that?). It appears that he’s popular with separatists though, since he plays the role of sympathetic anglo. It turns out that his stint at the Journal de Montréal lasted only 6 months last year. One thing is for sure, he is definitely lacking the mordant wit of one Sugar Sammy. Well, who knows, perhaps next time, they could pick Bowser and Blue for their lackeys?? Just kidding!

    11. Oh boy, is this guy ever funny! From his French Wikipedia article (surprisingly, he appears to be unknown on the English Wikipedia):

      On September 9th, 2006, he created controversy by mocking the deaths of five Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan:
      “Five more soldiers are returning from Afghanistan feet first ... But there is an upside: we’ve finally found a use for all those Canadian flags that Sheila Copps bought in the 90s. Plus, with all those coffins, it will help to revive the timber industry. So let’s support the war, we oughtn’t hurt the morale of the timber industry!”

  12. Corruption?
    How about state-sponsored corruption?

    The unions are by far the biggest donators to the PQ. These are the same unions that are supposed to represent government workers. Does nobody see a huge conflict of interest here?

    Who funded last years student riots, which were a big help to the PQ in the following election? The unions did.

    So, is this whole strike business all a big show, just so that the unions can get a bigger piece of the pie in the end? You decide.

    Until we get rid of the unions, I say let the mafia run the construction industry. They're less violent, and they get more done.

  13. Tree Stump you are absolutely correct.

    What's going on now is simply political theater.

    The PQ owes the union. This is the last time the PQ will be in power for many years.

    They all need to pretend there is conflict before the PQ just give them more $$ and whatever else they want.

    The union members are happy to turn there 2 week vacation into a month long vacation this year.

    Really the taxpayers and citizens are winners. They should stay on strike forever. they barely work and arn;t capable of fixing anything anyway. Traffic is so much better.

    The major work on the construciton unions is repaving the same streets over and over based on what the mafia and the construction firms want.

    The things that need to be fixed never get fixed.

  14. FROM ED
    First time poster is absoltely right. Most anglos are happy here. it's our home and we love it. C'mon hockey guy. he never said Anglos were happy with what the PQ does.Why do you twist his words?
    Cutie, where do ypu get off listing the man as a troll because he speaks for us Anglos who don't whine al the time.. he was answerering an attack by Hockey guy and had every right to do so. Why do you put your nose into it. you do not have to answer every post.
    I agree with him wholeheartedly. Most of us here discuss the situation and the history that created it but you prefer to be in the group that can nwver see anything good in living here. I find your posts are awful downers. Ed

    1. Hey Ed- he attacked me first and foremost - make sure you check the posts before commenting - most anglos don't love living here anymore - check out other areas of information and find out how wrong you really are. And if you find my posts downers don't read them. You are not obliged to do so. When I find something really good about living here, I'll be glad to report it. All I see is it getting worse and worse for the anglophones all the time - you live in the past but I live here and now and see the degradation of our standard of living and our way of life disappearing every day. I also find your posts very negative and pejorative about the francophone community and religious beliefs which verge on insulting sometimes. There - are you happy now? I called the guy a troll because he is saying and doing exactly what trolls do: Tell us to move and then tell us all other anglos are happy and nice that live here except those of us that speak out against the separatists. Garbage.

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTThursday, June 20, 2013 at 5:24:00 PM EDT

      Ed, I concur with you.
      I am objective; that first time poster made a good comment.
      When I lived in Montreal there were/still are an overwhelming majority of very nice anglos that were fully integrated into quebec's life. Politics apart, understandably.
      As far as cutie goes she is a hot head. Not sure why she calls herself "cutie". Insulting others is far from "cute". More like bitter...

    3. Objective my foot - you're the craziest poster on here and offer nothing of value to anyone except the separatists. You insult us every time you post. You don't even live here and have no idea what you're talking about. You just want to kick quebec out of Canada and don't give a rat's ass about the Canadians that are caught in this political nightmare: you just want to keep the money in your pocket rather than give any to other provinces.

    4. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTThursday, June 20, 2013 at 6:17:00 PM EDT

      please choke on your food.

  15. FROM ED
    Durham, About the Catholic Church helping Nazis. It's pretty much understood that Hitler made a deal with Pope Pius XII that the Vatican would be protected from damage in return for vital info such as daily weather reports. All through the the war a scrap dealer here in Montreal, Richler scrap on Duke St. sent boatloads of scrap iron to Argentina where it was being made into weapons for Hitler. Ed

    1. @ED Where did you get these stories. Hitler had Mussolini until 1943 by then Italy was occupied by the Germans. Canada had scrap metal drives. Canada would not let boat loads of scrap metal leave her ports when Canada needed this metal. Another tall story.

    2. FROM ED
      For your informatio WAC Mordechai Richler mentions in one of his books, I believe it's St.Urbain's Horseman that his family carried the shame of this an rarely spoke about it. When the offending uncle was in the room things got very cold. I never mentioned Italy or mussolini so i don't know what the hell you're talking about. In future you should just give youir version without calling someone else a liar. Just because you don't know about it doesn't mean it didn't happen. Ed