Monday, June 24, 2013

Letter to Quebec's Language Police

Dear OQLF,
You are my last hope, business is down and I'm not sure I can make it through the summer.

My store sells sports equipment and clothing and it is harder and harder to compete with the big box American retailers, unfair competitors who have set out to overwhelm and conquer Quebec merchants like myself, using their massive buying power to undersell and by offering an unfair selection that in no way can I duplicate.

I've written to the department of Industry in the hope that they could limit competition or fix prices as they do in the dairy industry.
When I suggested that minimum prices be enforced on important items like running shoes or hockey sticks, they told me that they couldn't or wouldn't do anything because these products aren't manufactured in Quebec,
They did say that in order to qualify for any 'price protection' like the proposed minimum price for French books, it would have to be a question of 'national importance', whatever that means.

I also asked why no law is being proposed to keep all these damn foreign retailers out of our province as they are gobbling up our Quebecois business at an alarming rate, sucking out profits that should deservedly stay here.

The agriculture minister has bravely proposed a new law limiting those creepy Chinese from buying up our farmland, so why not sports retailers too?

How come the government acts selectively,  as in the case of 'Rona Hardware,' where it wisely interfered to keep 'Lowes' from snatching this Quebecois pearl, but it does nothing for the little guys like me.
Are we chopped liver?
I asked for relief from the tax department, help from the economic development department, etc.etc. All to no avail, so you are my last hope.

I read with interest those media stories about the OQLF forbidding certain products in certain stores which caused quite the media storm, like in the case of 'pastagate,' and now 'spoongate.'
What a fantastic boon to these businesses as the outpouring of support translated to big bucks in new business .

So I'm begging you, esteemed OQLF, please raid my establishment and find me guilty of some offenses and if it isn't too much trouble, can you lay a complaint over something ridiculous or trivial, something that can capture the imagination of journalists.

I've gone out of the way to provide you ample reason to raid visit my premises and I've even gone so far as to submit my own complaints.

I hope they violate your sense of justice and that you make the right decision to put an end to my tomfoolery in presenting stuff in my store that is clearly offensive to sensibilities of all good francophones.

If it isn't too much to ask, could you provide me with one of your nastier inspectors so that the effect of the raid will be amplified.
And one last thing, a request that I understand will be very hard to fulfill.

Could you come this week?

Yours truly,
John Q. Merchant


  1. Funny, Editor!

    Hey, what happened to the Love it, interesting, hate it check boxes?

    1. I think "cheque" only refers to bank cheques.

    2. You can also write bank checks, especially when you aim to spell it in a particularly American way.

    3. Remember those boxes you could click below the article that said "Love it", "interesting" and "hate it"?
      Would calling those cheque boxes be an incorrect spelling?
      I liked being able to rate the Editor's articles (I always clicked "Love it", though).

    4. I removed the 'check' boxes because not many people used it, but I guess I could put it back. BTW 'Cheque' is Canadian and British spelling as in 'cheque book.'

      A Check mark ' is used when you tick off a 'check box'.

  2. It's not just the OQLF on a mission to remove all traces of English, I encountered another facet of this travesty in a place I thought safe from all this nonsense: A court room!

    Well, a court room at the Regie du Logement (Quebec rental board) in downtown Montreal. My neighbor took the landlord to trial over a vermin problem and asked if I could be a witness. I should mention he's a visible minority from the middle east (visiting Canada temporarily to work at McGill) and doesn't speak a word of French. The judge, who is French, really tore into him for not understanding spoken French, actually putting him down like he was flawed or defective. She spoke in a very condensing way about his lack of French.

    So the landlord, her witness and the judge are all perfectly bilingual and speak *fluent* English without batting an eye. Of course the case had to be conducted in FRENCH ONLY (with the judge vaguely translating in summary fashion every so often). The only reason I could see this was to intimidate the guy, it's very uncomfortable to be in a court room and not understand a word being spoken about you! I also found the judge was not impartial, even though it was an open and shut case considering the circumstances, history and evidence, she acted like it was in her best interest to side with the French landlord no matter what. Some things said made me wonder if she wasn't bribed, seriously.

    The cherry on top was the flag next to the judge's bench: A QUEBEC FLAG--nothing else. NO Canadian flag to be found anywhere in the room. That in itself spoke volumes.

    I can't speak for a regular court of law in Quebec, but if its anything like this, I'd worry. Apparently nothing is sacred in this province.

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, June 25, 2013 at 6:08:00 AM EDT

      "The judge, who is French, really tore into him for not understanding spoken French, actually putting him down like he was flawed or defective. She spoke in a very condensing way about his lack of French."
      French speaking or French national? The judge is quebecoise, I am sure...

      Do not be so shocked about business being conducted in french only or the presence of quebekistani flags only; it is quebec standard operating procedure. You being shocked at all this is juvenile behaviour from you at best. We know how it works in la belle province, what you described is normal.

    2. The scales of "lady justice" are not blind in Quebec.

      It's exactly this ignoring the spirit of the law that has gotten Kebec to where it is today.

      The "rental regie" isn;t a real court of law. It's just a kangaroo court version of a process. Basically it's not a legal court of law as you would think. This allows Quebec to get away with ignoring fundamental rights and harassing people over language when they are really there to rule on the housing.

      The fact the Quebec justice system is shutting down any publication and the due process for R Bain that shows Quebec is getting worse at bending and making up the rules as opposed to a better less corrupt place.

      The politicians feel a few lies to "protect us" are needed. This is the ideal morally flexible playground for organized crime to flourish as we have seen.

      A kangaroo court is "a mock court in which the principles of law and justice are disregarded or perverted"

    3. @apple

      Not really surprising is it, that a French judge in this province displays such obvious bias towards immigrants?

      Just this morning in the paper they mentioned how the “ethnic” mother of the two little girls, who were killed in their Laval home a few years ago, supposedly at the hands of their mother, was convicted of the crimes when there was no clear direct or even circumstantial evidence linking her to the scene of the crime in the first place. They convicted her based on a hypothesis really, since throughout the case, the prosecutors couldn’t prove that she had actually committed the crime by physically placing her at the scene of the crime. Guy Turcotte however, the cardiologist who murdered his two kids and the evidence was indisputable to that effect, walked!!

      A French name saves you every time in Quebec.

    4. In small claims court unilingual judges tell non francos to bring an interpreter. I wish to understand how Quebec judges are appointed and what bill 101 says about rights in court, thought Blaikie in the supreme court case established this. Does anyone know the answers

    5. In principle Federal and Provincial courts of law in Quebec are supposed to be available in both French and English.

      There's a huge difference between theory and practice, though.

    6. That's true Yannick - that guy should be able to sue because of that alone unless this was a civil court and may be exempt.

    7. I suspect it might be according to the choice of the defendant.

    8. You first should get your landlady to move to Ontario, and then you can sue her.

    9. As soon as the judge refused to provide court English or provide a translator, they could have requested that the case be postponed until English was available. It is your constitutional right to be served in English in ALL COURTS throughout Canada.

      We have a constitution to protect us. USE IT !!!
      If the judgement went against this guy, he may be able to appeal based on the lack of English provided so long as he requested it and was refused.

    10. MikeB sorry but you are right but yet wrong.

      It's true you have a right to english in a "court of law".

      It's just that the "regie de rents" is *NOT* a court of law so those rules don;t apply.

      Lets all remember how 1 francophone in Western Canada that doesn;t get a "ginger ale" in french on a plane can get "restitution" for the language oversight etc.

      Meanwhile in Quebec there is nothing even close. Good luck trying to get any scumbag lawyer to help you sue the Quebec govt to get the same rights.

      The francophone out west has more of a right to get a ginger ale in english then an anglo in a hospital bed in Quebec has to get a diagnoses in English. Now that's fucked up for a province that constantly tells itself they are "progressive". Retarded maybe!

      This is just another typical day in Canada. A francophone who wants a gingerale and spoken to in english is in all the newspapers, goes through the court process and gets rewarded with $20K for doing it.

      Anglophones go through this every single day in Quebec with *IMPORTANT* issues like healthcare or court of law (even the kangaroo versions) and it's just a huge silence.

      The Gazette doesn;t even bother.

      they will spend more column inches on the Francophone in Alberta with the trivial issues like the soft drink, meanwhile they will *COMPLETELY* ignore actual serious issues like healthcare and language in their own market.

      The gazette has so completely lost it's way they actually think they should be marketing to the francophones and not offending them as opposed to supporting the anglophone community like the gazette did for the first 250 years of it's existence.

      It's hard to think of PQ culture and the province of Quebec as anything else then spoiled children.

      Constantly demanding things in "fairness" for francophones yet not in the least bit interested in following up on anglo/immigrant people human rights or charter rights.

      Typical seppie one way street.

      In any other culture/province the "judge" would get fired. Imagine if she was in Alberta harassing some Chinease person abotu not speaking english? It would be a cut and dried issue over in 5 minutes.

      She's a racist, not doing her job, using the bench as a her own political tool and should be FIRED! she should be lucky not to get charged with violating the rights of the Chinease person.

      Contrast that with what happens in fucked up Quebec.

      The politicians circle the wagons and "hi five" each other for their xenophobic, racism attitudes and preen that the ignorant population "supports them".

    11. The judge presiding over this court room was obviously a separatist, and unfortunately, being a "separatist" usually encompass values such as bigotry, lack of compassion for anyone non-Quebecois, and close minded pettiness.

      In this case I saw French being used as a weapon of intimidation. I've known the landlady for close to a decade, and believe me, she reads, writes and speak English fluently and flawlessly. She also very well knows the tenant doesn't understand a word of French, but away she went, cross exam questioning him in French while he gave looks of confusion and blank stares. She hoped not being able to understand or respond would invalidate him. BUT you'd think the judge would ask that she address him in English and stop using this unfair tactic? No, she went along with the game too (as did their witness) of playing this smoke screen of French. Her summarizations of what was said were so vague and left out so many important details, it was painful to watch. It certainly put this guy at a disadvantage. It was like watching some cats batting and playfully toying with a defensiveness little mouse! Stunned and paralyzed!

      And the corruption doesn't start here. A file with the City of Montreal was opened, an inspector sent, and the building ordered to do proper exterminations. Did they? Nope, they blatantly ignored the orders and the inspector, after finding enough violations in the building for this thing to go public in the papers or TV news, suddenly vanishes. Like he's forgotten or too busy to follow up! This has been dragging on since January. Either this guy is completely incompetent, or, was bribed with a large envelope of cash. I wonder if the judge was too, I couldn't get over how slanted things were. My conclusion is there is no functional support system in place should you need the city, government or any level of help in this province! That is, unless you have large brown envelopes stuffed with cash (being pure lain Quebecois also helps too, sadly).

      Surprised, no. I've seen it enough on the news, it just hits home harder when you experience this Quebec style corruption in person.

      This poor guy kept telling me how terribly a country Canada is, and that he never should have come here and can't believe how broken the medical system is, the roads, the courts, the landlords, city, etc. Sadly, I've had to explain this is NOT Canada, it is Quebec.

    12. Apple II

      This is the most important point.

      "I've had to explain this is NOT Canada, it is Quebec."

      It's important for immigrants to know that the people that hate them are francophone quebecers not the country in general.

      Explain to the immigrant that PQ Quebecers hate everybody "not like them". They hate you, me everybody. It doesn;t matter how nice a person you are. It only matters what language you speak.

      A criminal that speaks french is high rank citizen then a educated non francophone immigrant.

      Make sure the immigrant talks to all his relatives back home so they understand the difference between first world canada attitudes and third world Quebec with it's ethnic and language hangups and discrimination.

    13. Vous êtes donc daccord avec nous sur la nécessité de diminuer le taux d'immigration afin que nous puissions mieux les intégrer?

    14. "Make sure the immigrant talks to all his relatives back home so they understand the difference between first world canada attitudes and third world Quebec with it's ethnic and language hangups and discrimination."

      What seppies cannot swallow, is this rejection of everything Quebecois that immigrants display, even after they get here and begin a life for themselves. They remain true to their own culture and identity. One has to wonder if the truth is that there is probably very little in the Quebecois culture worth adopting?

    15. We should have a "like" button on this blog.

    16. @anctote

      "One has to wonder if the truth is that there is probably very little in the Quebecois culture worth adopting?"

      your latest crap hypothesis is that english culture is worth more than french culture. now how does that not make you a vile anglo supremacist?

      i urge you to carry on. there is still a bit of space lower. you are great entertainment.

    17. @cutie003

      you like reeking comments?!? why?

    18. @Cutie

      Don't ya love how we got under this idiot-troll's skin? LOL He's obviously wounded by what he's reading. Well ..if he don't like it...he can always pick up AND LEAVE!!! ..LOL LOL !

    19. @anectote

      why don't you answer the question about the relative values of french and english cultures? you brought that up, mate. wrap it up! it should be easy for a superior intellect like yours.

    20. Les anglo-Québécois seraient donc des citoyens de deuxième classe dans un pays du tiers-monde?

    21. .....pays du tiers-monde? That be...a third-world "PROVINCE".. indeed !!!

      Yep...we definately hit a nerve LOL...My job here is done !!!! hehehehehhehehe

    22. @anectote

      "My job here is done !!!!"

      your job is to hit nerves?!? isn't it what trolls do?

    23. nah pinstripes...but suddendly're like a used up decrepid toy you just keep kickin' around for pure shear fun of it.....hahahahhahaha

    24. "if he don't like"

      if he doesn't*

      Please respect the English culture

    25. Apple: I thought by now your plans to leave Quebec were in place and ready to be implemented. You mentioned this several months ago after your embittering experience with your late father`s illness and the insurance forms that needed to be filled out.

      Were you at this Rental Board hearing? If so, you should have, after this case, hopped out of the courtroom to show what a kangaroo court the place is.

      On a more insulting note, I got a letter from my Conservative M.P. in Mississauga South. Besides canvassing for $$$$ (I contributed once...ONCE! a few dollars to the Conservatives a few years ago (won`t again), but it`s not as if I`m supporting the arrogant shmuck Jr. Trudeau and certainly not to Mulwhats-his-face who`ll hand the keys to Quebec. Insult of insults! On Sept 19th, a $500-a-plate fundraiser will be held in my constituency or thereabout, and the scheduled keynote speaker will be none other than the Dishonorable John James `Goldilocks`Charest. Referred to as a `proud Quebecker and Canadian who many believe saved Canada in the 1995 Referendum`. Talk about audacity! The fundraiser should also include his twin, Jean-François Lisée! The ol`iron-fist-in-the-velvet-glove trick!

    26. Je viens de retracer AnecTOTE...Hmmm,jolie jeune femme.

    27. AnceTOTE - always a pleasure to support you and your comments - we think very much alike and if that bothers the ghosts that haunt this blog tough titty.

    28. Mr. Sauga: Leaving Quebec is still one of my top priorities, hell, make it a life long ambition I'm looking to fulfill in the near future.

      I spent a good several months slowly emptying my mother's home of 40 years in Chomedey, and as of January, the house has been sold. I'm proud to say we no longer own property in Quebec, the only permanency left here is the grave of my late father, grandparents and other relatives buried in this province (hopefully the separatists don't pass a law to remove English gravesites, wouldn't put it past them). My brother and his wife just bought a home in the west end, though after everything that's been stirring up I think he's starting to regret it.

      Regardless though, whether I have family here or not, I can't stand to live in this cesspool any longer. It's draining me in every sense. Believe me, leaving is on my mind.

      Yes, I was at the rental hearing. I was called as a witness (maybe a minute or two of questioning) and then had the option of staying in the room to observe afterwards. I did out of curiosity, but told not to speak. There was crap said by the judge which disgusted me, it was pretty difficult to stay silent. I honestly felt like I was watching one of these old films or TV shows with one of these corrupt backwoods county sheriffs and judge. Funny you should mention walking out, because another witness did just that, out of disgust!

      The judge has yet to render her decision incidentally. I'd like to see how this turns out... I'll eat my words if she rules in favor the tenant!

  3. Replies
    1. FROM ED
      To Sebastien


    2. "En français svp!"

      End franchised soup?


    3. Ed, I don't think the OQLF gives a damn about a letter written in English.

    4. It takes some cheek to barge into someone else's personal blog to tell them what language to use. No wonder they're such perpetual losers.

    5. Not the blog, the letter.

  4. Not surprising: they have been indoctrinated to believe to be the center of the world, special, rare, unique, genetically chosen to lead the pure race, spiritually superior to everything. Of course, when you don't know anything else other than your own small parallel world, you think to be the center of the world. Basically they see the world (or a distorted projection of it) through French and Bill 101. That's why they barely travel and function in the real world.

    "En français svp!"
    You made my case: French as a weapon to fend off and exclude the others, and bury yourself in your supremacist world.

    1. @Apple - and where did I hear the words "we are an open and inclusive society"? Another black eye for our separatist's insular society. The poor man - I hope they are proud of themselves. Shows what kind of society this would be should they ever separate from Canada. A country completely cut off from the real world that surrounds them. Talk about a ghetto.

    2. Cutie, this will never happen as they are a minority, a loud, vicious and uneducated one for sure, but always a minority. The best way is to ignore this minority and what it says (for fun, go on some separatist newspapers, read the comments and you will soon realize they are desperate for attention, they cannot cope with the real world other than spewing out their usual monologues - "we are special", "we are distinct", "one day we will have our promised land", "if you are not like NOUS, you are different from NOUS, ergo bad"...count how frequently they use the NOUS and you will understand they are slowly sinking by lashing out at the others).

    3. Good one, you are bang on.These people are the most racist, bigoted, corrupt, xenophobic people in all of North America. If the world only knew what was going on in Canada, what the French were really up to…along with the racist anti-English language laws in Quebec a la bills 22, 178, 101…they have bragged about taking all of Canada and everything seems to be going as planned…”first Quebec, then the rest of the country…one step at a time…” PET, “how to take over a country through bilingualism…” SD

      Quebec has been robbing Canada blind for decades now. Since Trudeau and his gang of “French” bigots from Quebec arrived in Ottawa in the 1960’s, they have been funnelling billions upon billions into Quebec every year…an absolute disgrace. And how do they say thanks in french? Well try decades of anti-English language laws like bills 22, 178, 101…nice eh?

    4. Europe: "they are desperate for attention, they cannot cope with the real world other than spewing out their usual monologues - "we are special", "we are distinct", "one day we will have our promised land", "if you are not like NOUS, you are different from NOUS, ergo bad""

      I don't know about coping with the real world since it can mean many things, but as for desperate for attention, that's for sure. Yesterday I was flipping through channels and I paused on MAtv (I believe) for a segment called "Nous" which was speeches by various people (some unknown, some know like loco locass) about... the "nous". What struck me was not xenophobia or racism, but (almost childish) pleas for attention, recognition, and prestige.

      Europe: "if you are not like NOUS, you are different from NOUS, ergo bad"""

      One of the points of the Roman Code was: "Rome will respect the cultures of conquered peoples. All people are free to worship their own gods, as long as they bow down to Cesar as well. Indeed, Rome will incorporate the gods of conquered peoples in its own pantheon".

      A similar logic is the cornerstone of Quebec's so-called "interculturalism". In contrast to Canadian multiculturalism, Quebec prefers to follow multiculturalism with a twist - inside every culture that exists on Quebec's soil, there has to be a sort of deference to Quebec and the Quebecois.

      What is this deference? It's hard to pinpoint and the threshold of reaching it is high because the Quebecois are very insecure. In my understanding, this deference should involve some repudiation of Canada, preference of French in everyday use, showing of a democratic "spirit" by being open to voting for the PQ even if once a while (not the PLQ every time), occasionally displaying concern for the French culture and adhering to the Left's dogma in this country - French is threatened everywhere in this country, and English is supremacist everywhere in this country (I happen to be left-of center on social matters btw, but the Left's PC = political correctness - on identity issues, in this country and others, prevents me from being anything more than a very critical supporter of the Left, and supporting it from the sidelines only).

      Knowledge of English is generally allowed but only as back-up, not a primary form of communication, e.g. using English to help an American tourist with directions in Montreal is ok, but helping a Quebec anglophone in English is not - the QC anglophone should be instructed in French. The biggest no-no however is to use English as primary language for communication with allophones or immigrants, because one such irresponsible interaction might roll back years of efforts of "francisation" of the poor allophone soul.

      Generally, knowing French, even knowing it very well, is way below enough. If you know French but only use it as back-up, you are not welcome.

      But the point is that to be accepted as "Nous", you don't necessarily have to come from the Nous stock. It is possible to be labelled "good" if you're not the Nous, but the catch is that the bar is set very high and may involve difficult personal concessions, including a repudiation of yourself, your own culture, your own experiences and the notions that come with these experiences, and your history.

    5. Vous devriez vous informer sur les traitements disponibles pour les angryphones atteint de paranoïa.

    6. I know, Adski, to be accepted by them you will have to erase your own identity and constantly bow before them (=veneration of their Ego) and their alleged superiority (=ethnocentric, egocentric, childish, emotionally immature behavior typical of those who count nothing).
      Why does the world bow before QC?

    7. What struck me was not xenophobia or racism, but (almost childish) pleas for attention, recognition, and prestige."

      It is difficult to act like a grown-up society especially when you are not. They are rather an immature and juvenile bunch aren’t they?

      It reminded me a little of that teeny bopper singer-heart-throb kid turned bad boy recently, who at an award show not long ago, while accepting an award on stage, rather than doing so humbly, began ranting, stamping his feet and insisting that the music industry finally take him seriously as an artist. It may have worked too, had he just kept his mouth shut in the first place. Clearly he will never get that respect now. It's a little like that I suppose, for these guys.

    8. "Why does the world bow before QC?"

      Bowing before QC would imply QC is respected. This is hardly the case.

      It is less about bowing before Quebec and more about giving in to the annoying and irritating kid by handing him the pacifier even after he is no longer a toddler, so that he'll shut the hell up and just go away. Effective in the short run but in the long run you end up with a ill-mannered, spoiled, and ill-tempered dysfunctional adult who sits at the dinner table screaming, yelling and complaining that he wants dessert first.

    9. Respected? LOL - we are the laughing stock of the world and a pain in the ass to the ROC - and you're absolutely right about the spoiled teenager - I hope the feds get some balls and tell quebec to stuff everything but everything they suggest whatever it is and stop supporting these racist bigots in their ethnic cleansing of the province. Speak to hell up about what is going on and tell everyone why you are not going to support these animals any further Mr. Harper! Everyone in the world and the ROC want to hear it and so do we federalists in quebec. Govern the damn country like you're supposed to!

    10. Stephen Harper en visite au Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

      Pour fêter avec nous...Les vrais Québécois :)

    11. Les vrais Québécois=Separtists. LOL

      It's okay, I'd rather be a real Canadian.

    12. "But the point is that to be accepted as "Nous", you don't necessarily have to come from the Nous stock. It is possible to be labelled "good" if you're not the Nous, but the catch is that the bar is set very high and may involve difficult personal concessions, including a repudiation of yourself, your own culture, your own experiences and the notions that come with these experiences, and your history."

      I was born and raised here and I am perfectly fine with not being part of the NOUS (The Seppie NOUS). Actually, I really don't want to be part of the nous. I want to go to work, earn a living, live my life, raise my family, enjoy my life...AND BE LEFT THE F...ALONE AND IN PEACE. There is absolutely nothing I want to borrow or adopt from these people. For the most part, there has never been anything they offered that is worth emulating or immitating. I realize that what I am saying may seem hurtful to some, but it is the honest to god truth and I am sure I am not alone in feeling like this. It is my opinion and I am entitled to it. And I am completely within my right to feel this way and keep living here as I see fit.

    13. @anectote

      "I want to (...)enjoy my life...AND BE LEFT THE F...ALONE..."

      that's not gonna work, mate. you can't enjoy your life alone. it's been proven one reaches happiness through relationships. you should update your methodology.

    14. YOU have nothing to impart to anyone pinstripes, now go home and go update your own "methodology". (shmuck)

    15. A Franco-Ontarian patting himself on the back for being a "real Québécois" is analagous to a drag queen who takes pride at being a "real woman". S.R. must pass every September 25 in pop-eyed terror, for fear lest he should unconsciously raise a glass to Franco-Ontarian day and have his Quebec friends suddenly catch on to the stench of "wannabe" in their midst.

    16. @europe

      "...they have been indoctrinated to believe to be the center of the world, special, rare, unique, genetically chosen to lead the pure race, spiritually superior to everything."

      dude you suffer from an inferiority complex.

      the good news, your are not alone. the bad news, intelligent readers see your arguments through that filter and can't give them all the consideration you may have hoped for. more bad news: lesser gifted readers that suffer from the same ailment may think you're super clever and unfortunately strengthen your complex. it's up to you and your family to get you out of that loop.

    17. " analagous to a drag queen who takes pride at being a "real woman"."

      Je pourrais vous en présenter une ou deux dont le subterfuge est totalement ahurissant.

    18. @calgarian in montreal

      "A Franco-Ontarian patting himself on the back for being a "real Québécois" is analagous to a drag queen who takes pride at being a "real woman".

      or maybe it means that the nous club is not that exclusive and that it's up to you to join it or to miss the party.

    19. Why would we want to be in this so-called "nous" club? Blechh! No thank you, I'll pass. I prefer associating with people who embrace different cultures without trying to impose their ancient grievances on everyone else.

    20. @r.s

      cool. but then why the incessant laments about this nous being super exclusive to quebec pure laines? it sounds hollow when you see ontarians gladly join it and anglos quebeckers refusing the offer. see europe's comment for a reference.

    21. "that's not gonna work, mate. you can't enjoy your life alone."

      If she lives in Montreal, then wanting to be left alone by the seps and having a social life are not mutually exclusive. See, I keep hearing that "Montreal s'anglicise". Even though the seps blow this fact out of proportion and use it to push their political agenda, there is a lot of truth in saying that Montreal does offer quite a wide range of non-seppie alternatives.

      "it's been proven one reaches happiness through relationships. you should update your methodology."

      It's also been proven that collectivism and group-think are very bad for your health. They produce deleterious effects for both individuals and communities.

  5. Editor,

    HA...HA...HA...HA...!!! Bravo, just in time for Just for Laughs Festival. Oh, je m'excuse, la Festival Just pour rire.

  6. Enjoy, a new video exposing what these french bigots are really up to. Nothing but the facts folks.

  7. I don't think the OQLF will bother reading the letter if it's only in English...

  8. Les actions québécoises surpassent celles du Canada en 2013

    Hmm...Pas mal du tout :)

  9. FROM ED
    I closed off the last thread with a question, I would like to ask again. Perhaps some one here has some knowledge of this.
    It seems from many angles the majority of French Quebecers
    are for Federalism. From all appearances it is a dead issue.
    Since the PQ's whole platform is built on separating the Province from Canada and a poll was taken proving this; would not that give the Liberals the right to demand an election. When a party can serve only one third of the population surely there must be another way. Ed

    1. Unfortunately to demand a new election, the current government must be defeated. For that to happen, the CAQ would have to be able to benefit from the election. Right now, an election would give a Liberal majority, so the CAQ won't do it.

      An unfortunate product of our system. Harper has been ruling this entire country with about 1/3 support and 2/3 disapproval rate.

    2. The only way for parliament to force an election is with a non-confidence vote by the majority of the members of parliament. This means that the Liberals would need the CAQ's support in order to request the vote of confidence first. Then by getting approval to have the confidence vote, they must obtain enough votes between then to then force an election.

    3. Unfortunately will never happen - the CAQ have nothing to gain by the polls so they are not interested. Besides, none of the parties have enough money for another campaign right now especially the liberals. We have to hope that the CAQ are not interested in Bill 14 and will pull it apart enough that it will be a non-bill. It is a hateful, detestable, racist piece of legislation that will drive more business out of the province and make it an even less desirable place to live, if possible at this point in time. Don't know how many more blows this place can take and still be a viable place to reside. Taxes, language laws, strikes, unions, corruption, bribes, and the list goes on.

    4. Espérant que la Loi 14 sera l'élément déclencheur afin que vous retourniez au canada.

    5. FROM ED
      Is it not true that a government can be defeated on a budget bill and isn't there a law that a government must produce a budget once a year at least.

    6. Cutie, SR is communist.

      He's waiting for you to leave you house that you can;t sell for even $1 so he can squat in the living room for the rest of his life.

      That's the only acceptable life for a seppie artist. They don;t earn money and buy things like you and I.

      They need angst and danger for inspiration. His ultimate fantasy is to have Westmount destroyed a la "sarajevo" (that's for all the people that don;t think first world cities can destroy themselves with racial violence). Then he dreams about pitching a tent in the middle of the "mansion" and writing separatist fiction.

      They feed the govt poems/movies and other cultural crap that nobody ever watches. The politicians hand them money in grants. Repeat forever.

    7. "movies and other cultural crap that nobody ever watches."

      Comme le "cinéma" canadien?Mdr...le cinéma canadien héhé!

      Puisque vous parlez de fiction,les angryphones rêvent-ils toujours d'un Montéal bilingue?

    8. S.R unlike you I don;t diffeentiate between one kind of TV from one country or another.

      I don;t give a shit about "canadian tv',"American TV" or Quebec TV".

      It's all crap to waste time watching.

      Anglo's arn;t hung up with the idea "canadian tv" is better then "american tv". that's just your own stupid hangups with your culture.

      Anything worthwhile can be downloaded off the internet and watched online. Thankfully the seppies have no way of enforcing the language on the internet.

      Quebec TV will just die out as people go online. 99% of the content online is english vs french.

      Poor SR might be out of a job. Nobody will be buying up the crappy screen plays that you pump out.

    9. "Espérant que la Loi 14 sera l'élément déclencheur afin que vous retourniez au canada."

      How would that work, since she's already in Canada? (cretin)

    10. FROM ED
      There is no way we can get rid of trolls as long as people like Cebeuq, Anectote and Une Gars keep encouraging them. Too bad you guys are not democratic. Ed

    11. S.R. et al have been coming to this blog for years. They are on it all hours of the day (and night!) the only way to stop them is to ignore them. Everyone knows the typical pathetic arguments they keep rehashing are just that, pathetic. We don't need to point it out by replying to their posts. If I see the fleur de lys, I just skip the comment.

    12. ED,

      SR Student etc are *PAID* to be here.

      Not answering them won;t make a difference. No PQ supporter hangs out here for years simply to "understand" anglo's or to "convince us".

      They are here because it's part of the seppie "social media" strategy and they get paid per post.

      This blog should be honored that the seppies actually discussed this board in meetings and felt it was necessary to have a resident troll.

    13. @cebeuq

      "SR Student etc are *PAID* to be here."

      no i'm not. on the other hand your steady posting pace suggests you are. are you?

  10. If the Liberals need the support of the CAQ to topple the government, but CAQ is likely to lose seats or even official party status should an election be held, then aren't we facing a stalemate?

    I can only see two outcomes then: Either the CAQ stands its ground and keeps the PQ minority in power indefinitely for the next 4 years. Or....and a scary thought, they merge with the PQ to form a majority government. Hey, why not, they are essentially the same party, and it's better alternative than vanishing altogether.

    As for Bill 14, I fully expect the CAQ will support the bill this fall. Maybe a watered down version of it, but they will not reject it (they haven't so far!). I also predict that once it passes, the PQ will just re-add all the clauses that were removed later down the road.

    1. CAQ are caught like the Liberals used to be.

      They don;t want to say anything to piss off the racist Francophones that might vote for them, at the same time they want to appeal to logical pragmatic voters (ie liberal voters, anglo's immigrants).

      The problem is no political party can actually get up and say "immigrants and anglo's are not second class citizens and we will have no more laws to keep them down" without losing 40% of the most racist voters. This is the elephant in the room with Quebec politics.

      At the same time their inability to commit to protecting minorities etc prevents them from gaining any more votes on the other side.

      The CAQ strategy would have been to get into power pretending to go along with the most racist of Francophone intentions and then once in power to avoid bringing up the issues to a vote.

      Unfortunately they didn;t get enough votes to get in and now they are stuck in the middle with Libs solidly holding the "common sense" land.

      The CAQ will likely implode over the next year. It seems unlikeyl they will be able to commit to one strategy or another and get the votes to make it happen. Unable to make a decision they will just lose voters to the Libs and the PQ as their voters gravitate toward common sense (libs) or racism (quebec history and the PQ)

    2. They may merge Apple if Legault wants to be party leader after they kick Miss Piggy to the curb. And you're right - it's a scary thought and I see by some of the comments in the newspapers and other areas that a lot of people are packing up to leave this stupid province. Who can blame them - we're on the eve of destruction no doubt.
      @cebeuq - yes, communism is certainly on the rise in quebec society but they'll wait a long time before they steal my home - let them sit and suck their thumbs in some other poor artist's digs in the worst part of Montreal and to hell with them.

    3. At the rate things are presently going with the PQ's traditional voter base, it looks to me like Quebec Solidaire stands to pick up some serious ground at Marois' expense in the next elections....which I'm not sure will be good or bad.

      Good: The PQ will finally suffer the death it's deserved since its inception. The separatist movement will now be represented by who are so clownish in nature they actually make shitheads like Marceau look credible and serious.

      Bad: Though the separatist threat is over, it's root cause (communism) will now have more representation. Though I can never see QS taking the reigns, I see them having enough clout to block important votes in the chamber. (Example: voting against bringing the Nordiques back to Quebec when all those "poor, unfortunate" welfare cases don't have enough money for cable and cab rides home from the bar).

    4. @anonymous coward

      "Though the separatist threat is over, it's root cause (communism)..."

      explain how communism is the root cause of quebec's political independance movement.

      now that's going to be funny.

    5. @apple iigs

      "but CAQ is likely to lose seats or even official party status should an election be held, then aren't we facing a stalemate?"

      yes. the current balance is quite rigid i'm afraid.

      "...keeps the PQ minority in power indefinitely for the next 4 years."

      nice contradiction.

      "...they merge with the PQ to form a majority government. Hey, why not, they are essentially the same party..."

      sure. one is left-leaning separatist, and the other is right-leaning federalist. what a shit call, mate.

      "I also predict that once it passes, the PQ will just re-add all the clauses..."

      ?!? wtf? how would they do that?

      all together a very feeble comment, apple iigs.

    6. FROM ED
      If the CAQ and the PQ merge it would be wonderful. The separatist voter base is still only 36%.. Descheneau and a few others would never join them. Ed

    7. I also predict that once it passes, the PQ will just re-add all the clauses that were removed later down the road.

      This cynical ploy has already been confirmed by the foolish Diane De Courcy: “De Courcy says she's ready to drop the section on military exemptions in Bill 14. Though, she says she'll re-introduce it in a different bill.”

    8. "If the CAQ and the PQ merge it would be wonderful. The separatist voter base is still only 36%.. Descheneau and a few others would never join them. Ed"

      I don't agree want them to remain separate from one another and weak. It drives the PQ crazy to know that they cannot own their entire movement completely. At the end of the day, the PQ is the most moderate of all the other seperatist parties put together. They like to blow smoke up everyone's ass but ultimately, they know the truth behind becoming independant and they are most aware they are not up to the job, Quebec is not up to the job. So they scream the loudest they can and it's all 'sound and fury signifying nothing'. It's marketing really. Those in power like their cushy jobs and they like all the money the get from the ROC to keep running this deadbeat province. Their strategy is to keep threatening the ROC so that they keep grabbing. And the others are only too happy to indulge. They need to be given a swift kick in the ass BIG TIME. But those who sit in Ottawa are incapable of that and in the end that's just too bad especially for the citizens in the rest of the country who keep paying for the 'disenfranchized' of this province. Mmm

    9. @ student

      "sure. one is left-leaning separatist, and the other is right-leaning federalist. what a shit call, mate."

      Ever heard the expression "A wolf in sheep's clothing"? That...mate, sums up the CAQ. They may claim otherwise, but there is no difference between the CAQ and PQ. Belief in French supremacy, check. Belief in hate laws, check. Belief in eliminating all traces of English and ethnics, check. Belief in sovereignty, check.

      All Legault wants is to be leader, and if he couldn't do it from within the Parti Quebecois, he figures he could do it from without. I could see him merge back into the PQ and then try and take Marois' place.

      "I also predict that once it passes, the PQ will just re-add all the clauses..."

      ?!? wtf? how would they do that?

      R.S saved me the trouble of looking it up, but may as well re-print the quote twice to rub it in:

      “De Courcy says she's ready to drop the section on military exemptions in Bill 14. Though, she says she'll re-introduce it in a different bill.”

    10. @apple iigs

      how does caq (or pq) manifest their belief in "french supremacy"? what "hate laws" do they believe in already? and when did caq claimed to believe in "eliminating all traces of english and ethnics"?

      as for sovereignty, the party is full of weird queen lovers. that's one of the reasons why it should be avoided, but you might like it.

      but apple iigs don't you believe in sovereignty yourself?!? why not?

    11. "All Legault wants is to be leader, and if he couldn't do it from within the Parti Quebecois, he figures he could do it from without. I could see him merge back into the PQ and then try and take Marois' place."

      I think he's waiting for Matante Marois to get booted out after the PQ's next electoral defeat, at which time he will rejoin the PQ and make a push for the leadership.

      You will also see J-M Aussant rejoin the PQ.

      The PQ isn't about a social cause, it's about POWER (and everything that comes with it). They will do anything necessary to get it.

    12. That's exactly what I've been saying from the start about Legault - he wants Pauline's job and he will get it in the end because they have to reign in spending whether they like it or not and at least Legault talks about it. Miss Piggy is on her way out and Legault will step up and bring his minions along with him.

    13. You know its many people come on here day after day whining about how Quebec is falling apart..infrastructure crumbling...huge debt..economy sucks..corruption and unions. Yet when we finally get a party who is focused on those issues people start demonizing them and calling them seperatists. In the end even with the anglos the only thing that really matters is the same old language issues..who cares if the province goes bankrupt..who cares if taxes go higher..who cares if property prices collapse..who cares if more and more bridges atart falling the end the only thing people care about is language.

      The CAQ could have very easily joined forces with the PQ by now..they have been the biggest thorn in the side of the PQ. They need the francophone vote..pretty obvious..which means they cant come out and start making statements that the anglos would love to french is not under threat and we dont need more protection. Many francophone do believe their language is threatened so deal with it. Deal with the fact that in politics you have to make your largest voting group happy otherwise you have no chance of getting elected. Do you really expect them to defeat Bill 14 right away..if they do so the PQ will say they are not defenders of the majority in this province and they will lose a lot of votes. The anglos even if they defeated Bill 14 still would likely not vote for them so what do you people really expect?? Most of you are so darn cynical and bitter and twisted that you cant even think straight..its the same old mindset that ensures more of the same decline in this province.

      Once again the anglos are going to vote for the same losers who have done nothing to improve things in this province over the past 50 years. They are going to do the same thing they have done over and over expecting somehow things to improve dramatically..honestly all of you here who are in this category please do me a favour and stop your chronic whining and bitching because you are as much the problem as anyone else out there. The Liberals had decades to improve Quebec and they never did..they increased the debt..they participated or ignored mass corruption under their rule..they ignored anglos but gladly took their vote..unions remained all powerful and defiant under their rule..infrastructure crumbled under their rule..students mocked us all under their rule. So go ahead vote for your precious Liberals who will once again live up to their consistent record of incompetence.

    14. Complicated, nobody is praising the liberals.

      We're putting down Legault for his past associations. When you applaud at murderers and terrorists, which Legault did for the FLQ, I don't think that should be forgotten so quickly.

      I definitely agree with many of their ideas (and at the same time, many things that you say), but I think they need to get a new leader if they want a fighting chance.

      I believe what I said about Legault, I think this man only wants power and he will stop at nothing to get it. Perhaps you disagree, fine.

      As for the Liberals, that's an entirely different issue, and personally I think you are 100% correct in some of the things you say.
      However the reality is the same as the last election: a vote for CAQ is a vote that helps put the PQ in power. You cannot argue this point, as we are currently living it. Maybe you need to put aside your hatred for the Liberals and consider what would be best for all of us, in the real world.

      No, the CAQ aren't going to be elected, and not just because I'm saying so right now.
      So which is it? PQ or Liberals?

    15. Why is a vote for the CAQ a vote for the PQ?? In the last election a vote for the Liberals was more often a vote for the PQ. The CAQ were much more competitive with the PQ in the francophone ridings..they finished a close second to the PQ in many more ridings than the Liberals did. What that means is that the stubborn Liberal vote in these ridings prevented the CAQ from beating the PQ in 5-10 ridings..which ironically could have easily given the Liberals a razor thin is that for weird. Give me the CAQ anyday over the PQ..their policies are night and day. Have you actually read their platform..its more to the right than the Liberals or the PQ by far. How could anybody possibly think the CAQ and the PQ could join up..the only simplistic reason is that the CAQ has some seperatists but in terms of policies there is no similarity. It would be like the NDP and the Concervative party joining up when the only thing they have in common is that they are federalist?? Do you see how everything is filtered through the seperatist/federalist lenses. How do we move forward when thats all either side focuses on??

    16. @quebecer of tree stump

      "When you applaud at murderers and terrorists, which Legault did for the FLQ, I don't think that should be forgotten so quickly."

      so quickly?!? more than three decades have passed since!!! what year do you live in, mate?


      you're pretty good at spotting inanities too. keep it up.

    17. It drives me up the wall how someone can come on here and say something like "I am not praising the Liberals" and then proceed to vote for the Liberals. So what the heck are people really saying..actions speak a lot louder than words..if you vote for the Liberals then you support them. I am sick and tired of this bi-polar disconnect that most anglos have..they criticize the Liberals but in the end when it counts all they do is vote for the Liberals. How bloody demeaning that is..its beyond pathetic. How are the Liberals ever going to learn to respect the anglo community when they get away with bloody well anything and continue to receive overwhelming support?? If you never punish bad behaviour it will continue..guaranteed.

      You people are so blinded by the whole seperatists paranoia that you continue to filter everything through those lenses. Yes Legault many many years ago may have applauded for some killers but he was pretty young at the time..we all do some pretty stupid things when we are young. He may well still have some feelings towards Quebec being a country one day..I honestly dont give a damn. What I do care about is having a psrty in charge who will finally take a real stand against cleaning up the mess we are in and focusing on the real issues..they are not language. We all know what they are..corruption, economy, debt, powerful and corrupt unions, infrastructure and so on. Legault is a successful businessman which is a big plus for me..we need someone who knows how the real world works..who knows how to get the economy moving..who is committed to focusing on the real problems. I dont see any other party out there who gives me the same options. The Liberals under Couillard are just the same old same old tired useless party.

    18. Man you are quite stubborn.

      You can make all the assumptions you want, but I don't consider myself an anglo. With your rude judgements, your refusal to even consider another point of view, and your use of "You People" to group what you believe to be "anglos", you're starting to remind me of a separatist.

      First, you keep reminding us that anglos are a minority, and thus will not receive special treatment from any government because they serve the majority. I completely agree with this point. But then you go on to ask: "How are the Liberals ever going to learn to respect the anglo community when they get away with bloody well anything and continue to receive overwhelming support??"
      So I answer: They don't have to respect the anglo community in particular; they have to respect the majority of Québécois, and the majority of Québécois are not for separation or racist language laws. The reason they keep receiving such "overwhelming support" (not really, if you look at the last election results) is because there is no one else to vote for.

      Now you want to punish the Liberals because the separatists have convinced you that the liberals are corrupt (even though there is no evidence linking them to more corruption than any other party), fine. I personally want to punish Legault for his past (and present in my opinion) racism/separatism. Remember, "if you never punish bad behaviour it will continue..guaranteed"!

      "Yes Legault many many years ago may have applauded for some killers but he was pretty young at the time..we all do some pretty stupid things when we are young."

      You might want to read up on politics a bit more, as most politicians are held accountable for everything they've done in life. I guess supporting murderers and terrorists is not so bad for some people, fine.

      "How do we move forward when thats all either side focuses on??"

      First we get rid of the separatists, who are currently the biggest threat to our province. That will probably mean making some sacrifices elsewhere (like electing the useless Liberal party) - nothing is free. THEN once the separatists are well out of the way, we can look into the next problem to solve.

      If the CAQ would get a new leader, I'm sure that would increase their support. The interesting part is that more support would lead to more power and a better chance in the next elections, which would in turn lead to even more support (from people like me).

      Send Legault back to the PQ where he belongs, to grow old with the Parizeaus knowing that his racist dream will never come true.

    19. Oh brother..anglophone, allophone..the bottom line is anybody in Quebec who uses english frequently. I know many here are allophones but obviously the allophones here use english frequently. The following statement is such a copout..its so defeatist..its always the same pathetic argument.

      The reason they keep receiving such "overwhelming support" (not really, if you look at the last election results) is because there is no one else to vote for.

      Keep rewarding the same bums who have zero respect for the anglo community..who are encouraged by the anglo community to treat them like dirt. Heaven forbid an anglo/allophone think of voting for anybody else but the Liberals even after decades of mismanagement, indifference, incompetence and criminal tendencies. No we must vote for the Liberals because they are the federalists and there is no way we could ever consider voting for anybody who is/was a seperatist, or talked with a seperatist, or is married to a seperaist, touched a seperatist. The over-riding concern is whether or not the party is 100 percent federalist..we would rather vote for a useless incompetent FEDERALIST party then try a new party that actually wants to focus on the real problems. Why..because we could never fathom dealing with anybody who at one time was a seperatist. Its the same old pathetic argument..but go on and vote for the Liberals and we will see in 5 years if things are any better in Quebec..I dont need any more time to decide for myself.

      B.S. about them getting a new leader..even if the CAQ had a new leader most anglos/allos would still say they have people within them with seperatist ties or that Legault is still running the show. Most anglos/allos are just too terrified and paranoid to think straight.

  11. More on topic to the OLQF:

    People please grab some forms, fill them out for random companies and mail them into the OLQF.

    Send the OLQF to 100% francophone companies even.

    Simply having a visit (even if you are in 100% agreement with the law) and having them "audit" you for it feels dirty and invasive except for the most hard core PQ.

    Many companies and business leaders don;t ever have the OLQF come in before. It adds a nice feeling of a police state to the province.

    Nothing helps cut down on thing slike the language police then to have citizens faced with the real result of their actions.

    The OLQF is all fine when they are digging in anglo closets and harassing anglo biz. How about regular constant audits of the francophone companies by sending in a stream of regular forms.

    These companies have just as many offending english microwave ovens as anyone else.

    Having the OLQF come in and raid is a great sense of government intrusion and breaking your privacy that francophones need to experience also. IT's kind of like the invasion of privacy you feel when you been robbed. Upsetting, disturbs the day. Makes you wonder what kind of province you live in.

    A province that can investigate anglophones with a presumption of guilt and send inspectors without warrant. I'll bet organized crime wouldn;t be nearly as large a business in montreal if the givt put the same resources into it. Why is it anglo's ca n be investigated by private "tips" yet we have criminal elements operating opening in the city with full protection of the law and judicial process? IE ignore them.

    Imagine the problems in society that could be solved if the govt was willing to short track and get things done like this. Gangs a problem? we'll just do sweeps of all the apartments in the neighborhood.

    Anglo's/immigrants lets go look for them! The OLQF have a rumor some are living freely.. I have an anonymous fax that says so!

    I've preached this before but it also has the added benefit of tying the OLQF up and never finding the real anglo "problems".

    They have a limited (if large) budget. The have to take every complaint seriously and do an inspection. That's the beauty of Quebec bureaucracy.

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, June 25, 2013 at 6:00:00 PM EDT

      Get the language gestapo to go to Ericsson's new digs as soon as it opens.

    2. There won;t be anyone there. It's a data center with security guards.

      All the enployees actually using the data center wil be around the world.

      The only reason they are doing this is the cheap power in Quebec and the fact Quebec is buying more business.

      Revisit the Quebec kicks google out but one year later gives a massive data center deal to OVH. Then a few months after that they sweeten the OVH deal if they "spend" more then 300 million.

      Ericsson is just getting in on that subsidy.

      Remember "google isn;t the kind of company Quebec is interested in" according to that idiot Charest.

      The real problem was google isnt; interested in payola to get the deal. Imagine the construction waste and scams that can go on with something like that.

      Google isn;t super interested in paying "tony soprano" to make them a data center for 50% more then any other city or country in the world.

  12. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, June 25, 2013 at 5:58:00 PM EDT

    Just bought airline tickets online to go to Montreal to visit my parents in mid August.
    If I could only go to some Alouettes game...
    Im probably going to spend most of my time in quebec city.

    1. Ha ben...Quasiment intéressant.

      C'est tout?

    2. @un gars bs de frankort

      who's your intended target readership, mate?

      or are you turning this blog into your personal diary?

  13. (From previous post. We were talking about Americans being on the sides of separatists in Quebec)
    Here is an example, Mr Durham I scrolled through some of the comments made by Americans and found they are very supportive of language laws and very unsympathetic to anglos living in Quebec. I have also read some of Mr Kondaks' articles about Quebec on a website called Huffington Post and the Americans commenting were very pro-Bill 101. I saw some more significant examples, but I forgot where they were.

    1. If my compatriots were really that supportive of Quebec language laws, then how come they have not been flocking to Quebec since the PQ came to power? I believe the absence of American tourists who used to visit Quebec speaks greater volumes than those people commenting on the CNN message boards.

    2. Pretty much all I see on the the CNN website now is that there is a separatist who is monopolizing what is meant to be a tourism piece with his own political point of view, and this with an extreme, born-again Christian/Jehovah's Witness-type fervour meant to convert people who aren't interested to his cause.

      Most Americans are barely able to identify American states on a blank map of their own country, let alone identify foreign countries (never mind sub-areas within foreign countries), let alone be knowledgeable about political considerations in areas outside their own borders.

    3. @R.S

      The Americans are quite insular that way. Reminds us of another little society that lives very much in their bubble...doesn't it?

    4. Oh, don't worry, I know what you're saying. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

      Those pesky Torontonians!

  14. @EDM

    If Americans support Quebec separtists it is because the whole movement weakens Canada. Americans could care less about Quebec. Americans care about what is good for Americans and if it means that they have a weaker Canada north of the 49th parallel that they can manipulate and control, that's all they give a sh*t about. More power for the Americans, means less power for everyone else, ...and yes...evey YOU les seppies. I pay very little attention to the American rhetoric on that front, they are very self-absorbed and single-minded in that respect. Right now they have their own kettle of fish to oversee as they've been internationally embarassed by the NSA leaks. I doubt they're giving the seppies or Quebec any thought whatsoever right now. Not that I think, they ever do, regardless of what they write.

    1. Yepper Dipper.

      And then they wonder why most of us don't give a flying fuck that their marathons get bombed.

      It only takes a visit into the history books to see that much of what the US has funded by way of third world contras makes what happened in Boston pale in comparison.

      Much like the weak minded little separatists of Quebec's only wrong if something happens to THEM.

      Example: If you showed the average American what the FLQ did within the first two weeks of the Boston Marathon bombing, you'd garner shitloads of sympathy.

      Republicans = Quebec separatists. No difference.

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, June 25, 2013 at 8:20:00 PM EDT

      "Republicans = Quebec separatists. No difference."
      You're messed...

    3. Nevermind...the Democrats are fast becoming the new republicans by the looks of it.

    4. The spying of citizens and the NSAgate has happened under Obama, not the Republicans and you would think that something like that is most worthy of the Republicans, ...hardly the Democrats.

    5. Open letter to everyone:

      You want to beat Quebecois Separatist/American supremacy?

      It's easy.

      If you really (and I mean REALLY) have to have kids....

      1. Adopt foreigners. Bring a nice little Vietnamese orphan and tell him/her it's perfectly ok to focus on their native tongue

      2. Start dating interacially - Every time you breed with someone who doesn't share your skin colour, a separatist dies. It's science.

      3. After eating at a Mexican buffet, buy a Quebec flag and wipe your ass with it when those tacos come looking for payback. not only is it great for your colon, it'll do wonders for your self esteem. (once's science)

      4. Work for a living. Paychecks are fucking kryptonite to separatists. Work hard, support the right lobbies and before you know it, no one gives a shit about construction worker strikes. (PS - notice how Quebec construction workers get 2 week "summer holidays" that no one else does?)

      5. Order third world alcohol - every society needs alcohol...and the societies that need it most happen to make the best stuff. No more Jack Daniels or Fin du Monde for you...start ordering directly from the Bahamas.

    6. FROM ED
      Anectote Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. The republicans have burnt the Dems so many times. The Dems are waking up. ed

    7. Mind if an American butts in here?

      I don't know which web sites or message boards EDM, AnecDote, or Anomynous Coward have been visiting, but I do not believe that a majority are in favour of Quebec secession, and I believe that even fewer support a provincial government who--regardless of whether Quebec becomes independent---is determined to make their native language less understood and more unwelcome in Quebec.

      Now if you want to complain about what the PQ is doing in Quebec, that's fine, but don't lump my people into it because of something you read on a comment board.

    8. Edward,

      Seppie logic is a house of cards that they can;t get that many people to believe. They are looking for signs in the tea leaves of support.

      In the seppie mind 1 single thread somewhere out on the internet is proof of that the USA supports them.

      It's just an extension of the PQ racist logic internally in the province.

      That's how they get from "I heard english once in the street" to "lets make a law", or
      "turbans are a safety risk" etc.

      Anything, no matter how small becomes some kind of validation to celebrate.

      The statistical concept of an outlier doesn;t mean anything to a socialist seppie.

    9. Sorry. I'm not a separatist. Don't misunderstand the comment I made earlier today (Notice I accented the E in my name and wrote it in French). I was making fun of the weak arguments the separatists use. I just find it frustrating that English-speaking Quebecers have so little international or even ROC support anymore. People seem indifferent to clearly discriminatory laws like Bill 101, and nothing seems to have been accomplished in over 35 years. Now with Bill 14, they're wanting to take even more of our rights away. We need help from the outside if anything is to be accomplished.

    10. EDM,

      You may have never spoken to Americans about the situation in Quebec but I have. My American friends and acquaintances think the language laws and language police in Quebec are ridiculous.

    11. I remember reading a comment on here about an article being posted on CNN about language laws, and I was hopeful that it would cause some American readers to learn about the situation and see how it's unfair to anglos, but I was disheartened when the effect seemed either indifferent saying the likes of "I go to Quebec on vacation all the time. A little French goes a long way." or some other comments that seemed to be outright attacking the anglo community. I've seen other articles like this as well. I know it's not particularly accurate to analyse the opinion of an entire country just by few web pages, but you can't help but get that feeling sometimes.

      You know better than I do about how Americans feel about the situation, and I'll take your word for it that they are against anti-English laws.

  15. Anonymous Coward -

    1. “Fleur-de-lis toilet paper” That’s funny, I love it.

      I was thinking maybe you could ad the Swastika before it, like the Swastika fleur-de-lis toilet paper, sold in Quebec. You get a discount if you are “French, pure laine"...da English must pay more for da French toilet paper… Just about perfect now. Lollllllllll

      Coming soon to a store near you, The Swastika fleur-de-lis toilet paper...that’s all its good for. Lolllllllllllll

    2. Saviez-vous que nos ancêtres se torchaient littéralement le cul avec des feuilles d'érable?

      Si vous tenez vraiment à attaquer des symboles,regardez ceci:

    3. I would rather get a PQ logo version. Quebec is a beautiful province with a beautiful history and the separatists don't deserve the right to hijack its identity.

  16. Of course, what is the Editor is pointing out with his funny piece is that the OQLF has lost its legitimacy and authority with the continuous growth of foolish infractions that it is concerning itself with as a result of its anonymous complaint policy. It is now reduced to investigating dangerous plastic frozen yogurt spoons as being “threatening” to the French language and culture in North America (meanwhile not investigating illegal “Fly Emirates” slogans at the Grand Prix), which shows how much it has exhausted its reason for being.

    Every year, the Quebec government spends $25 million of our money to bully and harass small businesses with spoons, pasta, on/off switches, hold/redial buttons, WC signs, Guinness mugs, liquid nutrition, steak/bifteck, bike-shop souvenirs from Cuba, Swiss Viennese pastries, chill-out cafés, caffè cafés, and so on. This amply demonstrates how they serve no purpose anymore but are simply trying to justify their gravy-train budget.

    Jack Jedwab, executive director of the Association for Canadian Studies, said the recent controversies show the Parti Québécois government is going too far in its zeal to enforce the French-language charter. “They’ve crossed the line and there’s a pushback,” he said. Jedwab said the focus on tougher enforcement of Bill 101 has created an atmosphere of fear among people who work with the public, who are afraid to speak English lest they be targeted by the Office. “They’ve created this very unhealthy climate in terms of the day-to-day, free-flowing interaction in English and French that really defines Montreal’s downtown area, which is really sad,” he said. Jedwab said overzealous enforcement of the language law could exacerbate tensions. “I think it’s coming to the point where there’s going to be civil disobedience by merchants if this continues.” Jedwab said he didn’t think that would be a helpful solution.

    BY TOM KOTT, 26 February 2013
    The OQLF must investigate the most absurd cases they receive if they want to keep receiving their yearly $25 million budget and keep their 248 jobs. Creating new divisions among Quebecers is a profitable business for them.

    The Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) has put itself on an inevitable journey to self-destruction in the last two weeks. The enormous list of absurd judgements from the province's language police that have come to light are a sign that the Office has gone off the deep end with power. The resulting social media outcry has put the OQLF on an irreversible and unintended path to its own demise. While they have acknowledged that perhaps they went too far in some cases, the damage has already been done and any legitimate authority the OQLF ever had has now vanished.

    And why wouldn’t it? “Pastagate” started when a Montreal Italian restaurant was told that the term pasta violated the Quebec Charter of the French Language as it was not a proper French term. The reasoning is that French should be the normal everyday language of Quebec, and the Italian term pasta is not understood by everyone in the province. Apparently, Quebecers are too stupid to understand what an internationally recognized dish eaten for nearly a millennium means on a menu.

    The first news of this was indeed shocking. Every subsequent new allegation since pasta broke the ice has been treated as a farce. Most notably, a Plateau-area bike shop owner who was told to modify a number of decorative pieces because they contained foreign languages on them protested the agency's ruling by covering each sign with a note saying: “Warning. Non-French poster or sign underneath. Read at your own discretion.” A brilliant tactic for turning the tables on the OQLF and showing the stupidity of such a ruling (one of the offending pieces appears to be a child's drawing.) And while this has not yet been an issue, my own research has found that every movie theatre in Quebec is at risk of a language complaint: popcorn is not allowed, only the terms maïs souffléé and maïs éclaté are approved by the government for use.

    The office was created in 1961 to protect the French language and ensure than French is used predominantly in the province. And while I’m a proud bilingual Canadian, I recognize the need for French predominance in many aspects of public life in Quebec, yet that shouldn’t come at the destruction and harassment of other languages, particularly when the offending words have such little consequences to society.

    Instead of pursuing its original goal of making sure every Quebecer can get services in French, they have taken to bullying businesses for the most insignificant uses of languages other than 'the chosen language.' On/off labels on switches are no longer acceptable, even handwritten lists used only by chefs in a kitchen – away from the public’s eyes – can only be in French as well. These cases themselves are violations of French Charter, which assures a “spirit of fairness and open-mindedness, respectful of the institutions of the English-speaking community of Québec, and respectful of the ethnic minorities, whose valuable contribution to the development of Québec it readily acknowledges.” This government agency has no room for open-mindedness. Why else would they seek to find an alternative name for Quebec City’s vélo boulevard only because it’s a literal translation of the English term ‘bicycle boulevard’? Everything is a threat to them, and only an iron fist can cure it.

    1. I have a theory as to why these benign fears over language are flourishing in Montreal. Montreal has come to a point where language barriers for Francophones are no longer a major issue. The city has come a long way from the 1960s where the minority Anglophone community controlled much of the commerce. Most Anglophone business owners today have come to accept the provision of Bill 101, such as having French signage and speaking French to customers. As they should.

      Yet, the fewer legitimate claims of language violations the OQLF receives, the more they have to pursue weak cases and go digging through restaurant menus. The OQLF must investigate the most absurd cases they receive if they want to keep receiving their yearly $25 million budget and keep their 248 jobs. Creating new divisions among Quebecers is a profitable business for them.

      Their eventual demise comes from the fact that the OQLF has increasingly received harsh media criticism, from both Francophone and Anglophone news sources. With the media and people on social networks forcing the agency to admit their inspectors were “overzealous”, by backtracking on their opposition to the term 'pasta', and the continuous growth of foolish infractions, the agency has lost their legitimacy and authority. These cases have looks bad for them, and the more this happens, the less business owners will take them seriously. Also, as the number of legitimate claims of language violations fall, there is no longer a need for the government to intervene in language cases. If people are truly upset about a language issue, they can take it upon themselves to boycott the offenders or write a petition. That is how normal societies operate.

      This is also a message to the ruling PQ minority that Quebecers are fed up with these pesky language issues. On the heels of new anger over the proposed Bill 14, which will strengthen language laws in Quebec and give the OQLF new powers, the OQLF has created a backlash that could affect support for the PQ. While the PQ and OQLF are not the same entity, they have ideologically similar goals and the PQ’s rhetoric may have inspired the OQLF to go beyond their mandate in the past, creating this whole mess in the first place. The OQLF's actions will make it harder for Pauline Marois to legitimize giving them new powers under the proposed law.

      The OQLF is on the wrong side of reality. Despite the rhetoric of the PQ and other sovereignist groups, the status of French in Quebec is secure. A study by the OQLF themselves found that 97% of Montreal businesses can provide service in French to customers, while an astonishing 93% can do the same in the most Anglophone part of the city. In the rest of the province, the number likely hovers over 99%. Wouldn’t the OQLF’s budget be better put towards French-language education? Something that would actually increase the use of French in the province?

      The OQLF is no longer needed in Quebec. The 1960s goal of francization has been mostly achieved, and any remaining non-assimilated aspects of society are a sign of our multiculturalism, not a threat to the French language. Any more ridiculous citations given out by dictionary-yielding government bureaucrats will only threaten minorities in Quebec.

      In consideration of all the media attention it has received lately, the OQLF has announced that they will review their complaints procedures to improve the quality of their services. In an ideal world, this would mean they’ll dismantle themselves completely.

    2. FROM ED
      R'S' "I have a theory as to why these benign fears over language are flourishing in Montreal." If you have a reason you're luckier than the French. Many that In talk to. Don't seem to know the reason. The ones I've spoken to say they don't know why but they feel they'll lose something if they give in. they don't know what but they think there' something...............
      Thee fear was built into the words of Levesque and the other mind twisters. Ed


    Shhh, dont; tell the seppies

    For every anglo/immigrant physicals/chemistry/computers/pharmacy/medical student that leaves there is a poetry writing tire burning student demonstrator to replace them!

    1. cebeuq,

      It is a rather sad statistics, I think, because Montreal has the highest percentage of university student population. If your article and my article are both right, it can only mean that significant number of university graduates from Montreal eventually leaves the city, much more than those coming in.

    2. Well Troy I can;t comment on your classmates but when I recently checked into my high school class (85% left the province).

      In university the numbers are at least as high from my class.

      Most people left right after university since jobs were much better outside Montreal. (Not the red square type obviously, they are still in university 20 years later)

      Many others drifted away over the years.

      I know somebody that left Toronto 20 years ago to move to montreal. Moving back to T now. Realized the destructive quebec mentality will never change.

      It's funny but at the time the students used to be clued in enough to know how the world works "We will move to San Fran, make money there, pay US tax rates and then retire back to Canada with a nice bank account for free healthcare". Best most interesting career (ie not backwater quebec industry), make more money and be able to retire where you want. Then you can take advantage of all the free things in Quebec.

      The nice part is you won;t have paid any tax in quebec but will get to draw on the free healthcare when you need it.

      That was the plan for lots of people in university.

      Many will never both to return to canada obviously. Once you are older the southern climes are nicer anyway. Witness Quebecers (even the PQ ones) hanging around Florida.

      Probably what the survey shows as you say is the number of educated people that leave while the number of uneducated PQ types grows.

      I met somebody from Toronto that had moved to Montreal a few years ago. They recently got fired and told "their french wasn;t good enough". It's aweful funny to see an ontario liberal that always thought Quebec was a fair place to get smacked down so badly.

      Quebec makes everyone into an angryphone. It's just a question of how long you lived here.

    3. Hope you're paying attention to the above comment "complicated" - it's oh so true - the longer the more angry.

    4. Troy,

      Quebec is better off without all these capitalists anglo students, immigrants and other trash.

      What good are a bunch of educated university students good for anyway? They won;t go work for the construction union and vote PQ.

      We don;t need none of them new ideas here. The ideas and values people from France brought hundreds of years ago are still the best way to live. If these students wont; submit to the Quebec lifestyle then they should be cast out.

      This is only fair and normal for a people with a destiny like the proud people of quebec.

      Sometimes sarcasm is hard over the keyboard!

    5. FROM ED
      EDM, it's not what you said. to me it's the fact that you said it to a troll and in French yet. What happened to ignore the trols. Why shouldsome of us try while others don't? Ed

    6. I was saying it to Troy. I wasn't writing it in French so the trolls would read it, I was writing it in French as mockery. If it caused them to react, it wasn't intentional.

  19. I have a question, maybe a rhetorical one, to the long-time Montrealers in this blog - including the Editor of course. Imperatif francais wrote an open letter to the PQ government. There, among others, they wrote:

    ...Montréal n'est pas et ne sera jamais une ville bilingue?

    Does anybody have fact-based arguments against this kind of uncorroborated statement?

    1. En dépit d'être un état souverain, le Canada n'est pas une nation. Même votre premier ministre préféré, monsieur Harper a reconnu le Québec comme nation. Toutes les nations ont le droit de protéger leur langue majoritaire, mais pas le Québec???

    2. EDM's true colours are really showing. He starting to remind me of the other seppie trolls.

    3. I was just joking. It's this kind of argument that the seps use all the time and I was just satirising them.

    4. I thought it would be appropriate because this article by the article was humourous. I guess it wasn't. I'm sorry if I offended or confused anyone.

    5. I'm with Durham, those are really your true colors

    6. Come on guys - EDM apologized and sometimes it is very difficult to joke or be sarcastic from behind these keyboards. He has never displayed any sympathy for the separatist movement on this blog, at least not that I've ever noticed. Boy, sometimes we jump on people for silly reasons but let's be a bit more humane. We are all (mostly) federalists and frustrated as hell so let's give one another a break.

    7. I understand why it would upset some people. We're all sick of hearing this kind of crap on the blog. It wasn't a good idea. I get it. Those aren't my "true colours", though. I may not agree with most people on this blog on every political issue (not everything is about language, is it?) but I'm definitely a federalist and I would never vote for a separatist party. Not even the CAQ or QS. Trust me.

    8. This would be a pretty boring blog EDM if we all agree on everything but, as I said, we're all mainly federalists and that's why we're here. Been a long 10 months of this shit so it's hard to retain a sense of humour about anything that goes on in this province because it's usually so negative.

    9. EDM - Well thank god you will only vote for the only true party out there..the Liberals. Where would this province be without the Liberals in charge..they have done such a phenomenal job while in power..they cut the debt..they made quebec competitive..they dealt with those nasty trade unions..they fixed our infrastructure..they dealt with those unruly students..they protected anglo rights..they got rid of all that corruption between government and business.

      Heaven forbid you would even consider any party that has any seperatists/former seperatists/someone who was sneezed on by a seperatist..I mean that would be the end of all of us really. We all know seperatists are as evil as they get and federalists wouldnt harm a fly.

      I am so glad you confirmed that you are indeed a federalist..some people here were starting to worry and gossip and get scared. We cant have anyone on here who is not 100 percent federalist..all solutions are only possible from people and parties who are 100 percent federalist. There is no possible way anybody who is or used to be a seperatist should be listened to or could be of any possible they are completely hopeless..but federalists thats a different story. No good can come to this province unless federalists are in charge completely..they know how to run things well and they are as honest as it gets. Nobody will ever criticize a word you say now that you have made it clear that you are a 100 percent believe only in 100 percent federalist parties..because anything less would be sacrilege.

  20. Recul du français comme langue de travail au Québec

    Un + pour la Loi 14...Et par ricochet,pour l'OQLF :)

    1. SR your opinion really is meaningless.

      You have a financial interest (that's what we call a conflict of interest, but most quebecers don;t understand what it is) in seperation. The govt needs to push "Quebec culture" and what better way then to order up regular "culture" from artists like yourselves.

      Back in the real world we have something called "statistically insignificant".

      Again you would need to goto university to appreciate such concepts. They would interfere with your enjoyment of the fantasy land quebec you have built up in your mind however.

    2. No problem SR, in welfare industry, french is the always the "langue de travail".

    3. cebeuq,

      Please do not underestimate the threat that French language suffers in Quebec. Based on that statistics, 94.3% workers work in French in 2006 and 93.9% in 2011. Assuming that the rate of decline is constant, Quebec workplace will be anglicized - that is only 49% of workers speak French - in the year 2573.

      The numbers do not lie. Anglicization of Quebec is real and imminent.

    4. By then Quebec will have been taken over by our alien overlords and they'll be more worried about Martian than English.

    5. I agree with anonymous, there are no Anglos and Allos on welfare. We built this country and the lazy frenchies are trying to take it away from us.

    6. Somewhere in the poutine stand that the PQ calls home base there is a "social scientist" and "pol sci" major that just got this book translated for the "La Presse" reporter that wrote the article.

  21. I'd like to dress my kids as OQLF officers for Halloween. Any advice?

    1. Don't let them bathe or brush their teeth in the month of October. Might as well include September as well, just to be extra accurate.

    2. Plus facile de trouver des turbans...Votre enfant aurait la cote avec un costume de joueur de soccer sikh.De plus,si vous ajoutez un kirpan,son sac de friandise devrait s'emplir rapidement.

    3. Be sure to also strip them of any sense of self-worth, and (even though they're kids), have them smoke two packs of cigarettes a day.

      Oh wait, one last thing - call up your kids' friends and tell them to stop hanging around. There you go.

    4. Phil,

      We can only hope they come up with a little seppie OLQF uniform like the "green onions" etc have.

      Its going to make it that much easier to poke fun at them and make fun of quebec internationally.

      Since they don;t have a uniform yet, you might want to look at things like "Mel brooks" would wear.

      S.R, Mel Brooks is a jew that speaks english. That's like being from the moon for you, but for the rest of us, he's one funny guy.

    5. I bet they would only want candies with French names.

    6. Innocent until proven guilty

    7. The best way to have them resemble OQLF officers would be to dress them in brown shirts with jackboots.


    928 charges for the biggest "construction entrepreneur" in Quebec.

    SR and Student you must be so proud right now of the businesses that unions and the politicians support.

    Remember, better end the enquiry before Accurso and Pauline husband comes up. That's one angle you don;t ever want to allow to be researched.

    1. Ça manque de Seppies à la commission d'enquête Charbonneau ... Non? Accurso,un Péqiste?Err


    2. Innocent until proven guilty

    3. @cebeuq

      accurso's latest kit of accusations is for shit that happened between 2005 and 2010. who is it that handed out public contracts and handled his taxes during that period cebeuq? that's it. federalist liberals. i don't understand why you imply i should be proud of any of this. are you?!?

  23. FROM ED
    The reason it appears that many stayed in Quebec until they got their education then left has more to do with Rene Levesque and the PQ
    When the companies were forced to move west they took their brightest and youngest with them. Kids out of school that had spent 3 to 4 years with a company like MacDonald Tobacco for example were just what they needed to restart and train new employees. Top managers were of course included. Ed

  24. On the CTV Montreal news, a 17 year old bilingual anglophone girl was working at a grocery store and, even though she is bilingual, was told by her supervisor that even on break, when talking with her friends, she was to speak in french only. She feels that this is going too far and is thinking of filing a complaint to the Human Rights Commission. She has the conversation recorded. I hope the kid follows through. These people are way out of control and are imposing their views on others at an ever increasing rate.

    1. To add to the misery these people are causing, my five year grandson had to be pulled out of the Gatineau soccer league because the coaches wouldn't even speak english to the kids. He is now playing in a league in Ottawa. I hope you bigots are proud of yourselves for your intolerance and meanness to a little kid. May you all rot in hell.

    2. Nous sommes très fiers mais le travail n'est pas encore fini...À suivre.

    3. Here is the link to what happened at an IGA store; stories like this are great at making francophones look foolish and intolerant:

    4. Hahahaha!Speak white!...J'aime ça! :)

    5. It turns out that the owner of that IGA at St-Lambert, Louise Menard, is the same one as the IGA at Complexe Desjardins. I went to that one very often. Now I know to avoid that IGA whenever I am back in Montreal.

    6. Who was it who was telling me that "this doesn't happen in Quebec"? Hmmm....

    7. I can’t believe than an adult Quebec francophone would even think of comparing the flight safety requirements of air traffic controllers worldwide, who are required to be competent in English, with that of a teenager on a summer job in a suburban grocery store. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic…

      Quebec nationalists are a very, very ill group of people.

  25. @edm

    mate you got yourself in a bumpy ride today, right?

    first you posted a few humoristic comments. you were in a good mood i'd say. first joking about apple iigs's landlord, then about "Those pesky Torontonians" and finally you even cracked one about aliens. not very funny, but your intent wasn't malicious i think.

    but at 10:51 you made another joke than changed the course of your day on the internet. you ironically took the piss at a separatist classic argument. unfortunately for you, durham and john johnson can't appreciate irony and despite your very thick history of proper quebec bashing they emptied a bucket of shite on your head.

    at this point instead of ignoring minds that are stuck at first comprehension level you somehow felt you needed to suck your way back in. here is the fascinating part. did you make fun of their crassitude? did you carry on with the irony to confound them even further? no! you made the bad choice of diving in the mud and came up with the lamest comments of the day. yes the one about kids not bathing in order to look more like oqlf inspectors. and then another one about wiping your arse with the pq logo.

    and then they greet you back in.

    isn't it fascinating? the little dreamer that tried to elevate himself a little, gets a crooked look from down there, and quickly bows down to standard mediocrity, fearing the (virtual) friendship he was about to lose was too big a price to pay for a few original posts. and creativity was repressed. nice example of herd mentality. thanks guys. love this blog.

    1. Je crois que EDM est un "Acadian" bien dompté...Couché j'ai dit...Couché!

  26. I suggest anyone who takes offense at this anti-English policy, call the IGA Saint-Lambert store in question and give the manager a piece of your mind, tell them you're boycotting their racist store. Here is their address and contact information.

    Here is their phone number: 450 923-9399

    1. Not only that, but there are a number of IGA Louise Menard, all are owned by the same person: another one in St. Lambert (Victoria Ave.), one in Complexe Desjardins, one in Place Dupuis and one in Nuns' Island.

      If one wants to boycott, boycott them all.

  27. "I often have my groceries delivered from there. The man who usually does the delivery is extremely friendly. He is an obvious francophone, but speaks to me in English. When he sees me in the store, he greets me in English."

    -Nina Smith-Connolly

    Mentalité d'anglo suprémaciste de merde.C'est le genre de connasse que je sortirais de mon commerce à grand coups de pieds au cul...Dehors l'anglo!

  28. La Première ministre au Mexique

    Où est le drapeau du Canada?

  29. I was going to ignore the topic as usual, but then a couple articles of interest that were published in French came up regarding francophone discomfort with June 24th. Obviously, if the PQ were going to rename the St. Jean Baptiste Day for French Canadians to something else, it would have been preferable to rename it “Quebec Day” (“Fête du Québec”) in order to demonstrate its openness and inclusivity for all Quebecers. Alas, no, the PQ chose to show their true colours by renaming it to the National Holiday (“Fête Nationale”), thus using partisanship to deny a great many Quebecers who would otherwise wish to participate in what would otherwise have been an inclusive holiday that represents all Quebecers. For example, you will recall the incident in 2009 when bands singing in English were excluded from the celebrations, as pointed out below.

    1. The National Holiday Belongs to All Quebecers
      By: MARIE-ÈVE PELLETIER, June 24, 2013

      Today, thousands of Quebecers celebrate the national holiday to express pride in their homeland. However, as happens every year, I feel a certain discomfort with this celebration. In Quebec, it seems to be almost impossible to celebrate Saint-Jean-Baptiste as a federalist. These festivities seem to be reserved for the separatists. But why? Can one be federalist and embrace the pride of being a Quebecer? I think so! All the same, federalist Quebecers are few and far between during the national holiday so as not to offend sovereignist supporters. In my opinion, the national holiday should be a celebration for ALL Quebecers.

      Exclusive holiday?

      The national holiday is an ideal opportunity to bring together Quebecers of all origins. Unfortunately, the official website of the national holiday ( is not available in English. It is unfortunate to see how the English population seems to be forgotten in the festivities. Since 1984, the Government of Quebec (being the PQ at the time) has delegated the organization of the national holiday celebrations to the National Movement of Quebecers (MNQ). One should know that the MNQ is an organization that fights for the promotion of the French language and Quebec culture. On their official website, it says that their goal is to make Quebec a French and democratic country. Given such a remark, it is not surprising that an organization that is openly sovereignist excludes Anglophones from its programming.

      We all remember the controversy surrounding one of the performances of the national holiday in 2009. Two English bands were removed from the festival’s programming, called "The Other Saint-Jean" in Rosemont. The show’s organizers had received many complaints about the presence of two anglophone groups in the programming. Therefore, the organizers very simply excluded these two groups from the show. According to them, the national holiday must promote the French language. But isn’t the national holiday a holiday for ALL Quebecers? Many Quebec Anglophones have lived in Quebec for years and they are just as proud as a francophone to be part of the province of Quebec.

      In Quebec, there is a festival that is dedicated to the celebration of French music, it is called the Francofolies. This festival offers francophone artists the opportunity to perform on stage while sharing their French songs. One must not confuse the desired goal of this festival with that of the national holiday. The Francofolies are to promote French music, while the national hay is about the celebration of a province.

      Politisation of the national holiday

      There is no doubt that it is important to celebrate our cultural heritage, it is important to celebrate Quebec culture. Be that as it may, in 2013, the cultural face of Quebec has changed. The national day should include these changes. At shows and events, the crowds proudly display the flag of Quebec and of the Patriotes. But when does one see a Canadian flag? Never, since this would be perceived as a sign of betrayal because the separatists have appropriated the national holiday. Why couldn’t we celebrate our beautiful province while being proud of our country? As Jean Lesage said it well: "Canada is my country, Quebec is my homeland." The Quebec flag and the national holiday do not belong to separatists only. This symbol and this party belongs to all Quebecers regardless of their beliefs, their origins and ideologies.


      The Political and the National Holiday
      BY: FREDERIC BOITEAU, June 24, 2013

      The St. Jean Baptiste holiday is an opportunity for all residents of Quebec to celebrate. I remember several St. Jean holidays, from my childhood to adulthood, and they generally consisted of evenings spent having fun with family and friends. They say it is a celebration of Quebec and most of the time, this is true. From kids wearing makeup who run around to youths who drink themselves into a stupor, St. Jean is a day that allows us to let go of daily stress and to "let loose", as they say.

      However, there are some people - especially among our political, artistic and cultural elites - who think that this festival is an opportunity to promote the independence of Quebec. Instead of letting everyone celebrate as they wish, they grab the mike and criticize the federal government before their audience, right there on the show site and in front of the television cameras. Rather than calling for the gathering of all Quebecers on this festive day, they try to divide the population by advocating for the strengthening of our language laws, without regard to the English-speaking population that also helped to build our province. They appeal to Francophones’ sense of belonging in order to remind them that they are but a small minority among a sea of anglophones. What I am saying is not new. I would be surprised if I were to have taught anything to anyone so far.

      The starting point for the subversion of this celebration comes from the Parti Québécois. In 1977, following their first election, they decided to rename the St. Jean holiday in order to erase its religious origins. It then became the "Fête nationale du Québec". The name change is not so bad in itself, but it has led to some people publicly rephrasing the name to "Fête nationale des Québécois." The problem is that the definition of who is a Quebecer, for nationalists, has changed since the time of René Lévesque. A Quebecer is not someone who lives and pays taxes in Quebec, but rather a person of French descent. During the national holiday, English music, even that of our own local artists, is prohibited.

      Last year, Mario Beaulieu of the SSJB began his speech [link] with divisive rhetoric. After having asked the crowd whether they were proud to be Quebecers, he added "That’s what the national day is. It’s about taking the time to feel proud of what we are, in honour of those who bequeathed this culture, this language, this way of life that defines us today and that is our starting point toward the future, to the world." It seemed to me that the national holiday was about Quebec and therefore, that of all those who live here, but not for Mr. Beaulieu. Once again, they are trying to make people believe that culture and language are inseparable. We are no longer in 1834, when francophones wished to emulate the Irish who celebrated St. Patrick.

    3. As mentioned above, the St. Jean Baptiste holiday is no longer a celebration of being French-Canadian, but rather of being a Quebecer. Following such statements as made by Mr. Beaulieu (and a plethora of other ultranationalists who are handed a microphone), must one assume that to be a Quebecer, one must be a francophone? We know very well that ultranationalist movements such as the SSJB and the Mouvement Québec Français are campaigning for unilingualism, withdrawal, and the hatred of English and those who speak it. We also know that the SSJB organizes the celebrations in Montreal.

      To quote Nathalie Petrowski, in an article from La Presse on the subject of language of performances at the Saint-Jean of 2009 [link]: "Any old newly-arrived singer in Quebec whose mother tongue is Wolof or Tagalog has a better chance to sing at a St. Jean show than his neighbour who is an anglo-Montrealer who goes back eight generations here."

      It's a shame, but it is increasingly difficult to refute such an assertion.

  30. I noticed half the comments S.R. and Student have made have replies to them. Why? I have never replied to one of their comments before, and I never will. They will leave as soon as we start ignoring them. It has happened with others in the past.

    1. instead of getting your mates to stop answering valid comments, why don't you have them stop posting incoherent, hateful and senseless things? easier task for you and i'd be gone in a snap.