Thursday, April 25, 2013

SPECIAL POST: CAQ Drops Political Bomb on PQ and Its Language Law

Many were wondering what Francois Legault was up to when he refused to take Diane De Courcy's telephone call this week, in her effort to win the CAQ support for her language law, Bill 14.

Madame DeCourcy was hoping to compromise just a little, in order to get CAQ support, but instead was badly out-maneuvered by Legault who delivered instead, nothing short of a world of hurt.

Madame De Courcy needed the CAQ support to get the bill to the floor of the National Assembly and complained publicly that the CAQ was thwarting that effort. De Courcy foolishly followed a plan where Step 1 was to get the Bill to the floor and Step 2 was to get the Bill passed.

Had Legault refused his party's consent to debate the Bill, he and his party would have been cast as the bad guys, opposed to protecting the French language.

So Mr Legault's statement that the CAQ would support Bill 14 under certain circumstances was more of a case of the proverbial 'Greek bearing gifts
The hapless De Courcy had planned on fobbing off the CAQ with a couple of minor changes, but instead got socked in the face with a plethora of drop-dead demands that essentially guts the essence of Bill 14.
Well-played, Mr. Legault!

Nathalie Roy, the CAQ spokeswomen told a news conference that the CAQ now has more demands in addition to the three previous objections listed below;
  1. Opposition to the clause that took away the right of those in the military and posted in Quebec from choosing the language of instruction for their children.
  2. Opposition to the clause that would allow the government to remove the bilingual status of cities.
  3. Opposition to coercive measures against small and medium businesses in regards to French.
Madame De Courcy must have been cringing as she listened to Roy slowly and painfully deliver the price that the PQ would have to pay for the CAQ's support. A cost so dear that clearly it is out of Madame De Courcy's price-range.

And so Madame Roy noted that the CAQ's
De Courcy badly out-played
demands had expanded after considering the objections put forward at the public hearings held by a National Assembly committee reviewing the proposed bill, over the last six weeks.

The first 'new' objection is the backdoor approach that Bill 14 provides to limit access for Francophones to English cegep.
English students would be given priority over Francophones with the latter only accepted after all the qualified anglophones were admitted, leading to the  incredible situation where Francophones having superior grades would be denied entrance.
In practice it would effectively bar all francophones from elite and popular programs. If the rule applied to universities, the McGill medical school would see the 50% francophone component completely eliminated in favour of Anglophones, a step forward according to hardliners!

The second objection is the aspect of the law that would allow the OQLF to proceed with charges against businesses without notice (mise-en-demeure) which according to Madame Roy makes no sense since 98% of cases are settled to the OQLF's satisfaction after a demand letter. Instituting legal procedures immediately is, according to her, unnecessary and draconian.
Then there is the CAQ's objection to OQLF officers having the power of seizure, that is the right to remove anything from the premises of a business establishment that inspectors find objectionable, language-wise, another measure considered by the CAQ as overly coercive.

The CAQ also objects to the change in terminology in Bill 14 that replaces "Ethnic Minorities" with the term "Cultural Communities"  because the second term has no legal definition while the first has clearly defined historic connotations.

Finally is the objection to the amendment of the Quebec Charter of Rights and Liberties to include the right to work and live in French, with the CAQ preferring to see such a clause included in an amended Bill 101.


But the demands are more than the PQ can accept, that much is clear to Mr. Legault, Madame De Courcy and everyone else concerned.
The PQ has the unenviable choice of either withdrawing the Bill or have it go down to defeat in Parliament. They've been badly outplayed and must now make the proverbial choice between dying of strangulation or by the bullet.

The smart thing for them to do is to withdraw Bill 14 in a huff, telling supporters that in light of the position of the CAQ and the Liberals, only an independent Quebec or a majority PQ government can save the French language.

That would be the smart thing to do, but hey, who ever said the PQ was smart.


  1. The smart thing for them to do is to withdraw Bill 14 in a huff, telling supporters that in light of the position of the CAQ and the Liberals, only an independent Quebec or a majority PQ government can save the French language.

    I fail to see how that's necessarily a step forward. Fearmongering and vilification is what a lot of the language and constitutional debate has run on for the past half-century. And until recently, that strategy sold quite well.

    Unless you're willing to posit that the Quebec electorate is less given to fits of moodiness today than it has been historically (think of the boost the separatists got post-Meech, or the Orange Crush wave of 2011), the PQ can and will play this up to all French-Canadian insecurities, real and imagined, that that party will be able to cook up.

    The real question is whether the electorate is fed up enough to express -- and openly demand -- a generational shift on the issue of language legislation.

    Although many components of the original bill 101 have been struck down over the past 35 years or so, I suspect we're still a few years away from a large-scale repudiation of the mean-spiritedness of the original 1977 law.

    1. Apparatchik,

      ...I suspect we're still a few years away from a large-scale repudiation of the mean-spiritedness of the original 1977 law.

      If ever.

    2. Troy, you're dreaming. There will always be racists behind this insanity. How about the deep south? The KKK still exists, there is still extreme prejudice against non-WASPs and the U.S. Civil War ended 150 years ago. «Ils se souviennent»!

  2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYThursday, April 25, 2013 at 6:42:00 AM EDT

    IMHO, the enactment of bill 14 will pass. Ottawa won't lift a finger to help anglos in quebec.
    Anglos in quebec will be left to their demise.
    Hundreds of pure laine leave quebec yearly because la belle province is a hotbed of Marxism and is run by unions and the artistes.
    Anglos should all the big picture now. If you stay, stop whining. Enjoy your life.
    If you leave do it now. You will also avoid a sad life of under employment, discrimination and futility.
    If you leave, aim for either Saskatoon or Calgary, two very vibrant and thriving communities. Skip Ontario. Good luck.

    1. Saskatoon ... ?


    2. GBS Calgary: Saskatoon has more hours of sunshine than any other city in Canada...that is, if you can stand being in a town of approx 200,000 in the middle of nowhere and excruciatingly long, cold winters. Calgary at least has the occasional Chinook zephyr in the winter, but again extremely cold, long winters.

      My guess would be, too, you better have a job lined up when you go there, or be prepared to be very, very patient.

    3. Hmmm....yep, winters (especially this one) can be long. On the other hand...fastest growing economy in Canada, only province
      with a balanced budget. Leading the nation in exports per capita. Home of Potash Corp of Saskatchewan. Likely the best premier in Canada. Jobs, BHP and other international companies are recruiting 600 people at a time at administrative and executive levels. Doubt any competent person would be without a job very long in Saskatoon.

      Guess winters arn't too bad when you can afford to take a winter vacation in the south:)

    4. Un gars' plan to prosperity :

      1. Avoid any area that isn't built on top of oil.
      2. Convince yourself that your prosperity and that of others has to do with your individual characteristics, and not to the fact that you live on top of oil.

    5. Anon: AB has a balance budget and no debt. SK is in good fiscal shape, but they do have debt. Balanced budget? A pro-NDP province? Hmmmm...

    6. Yannick - very self-centered individual with no thoughts for anyone but himself and his wants and needs. Hopefully not a typical french Canadian.

    7. Both provinces are also heavily into boom and bust cycle of commodities. Oil production worldwide is increasing in leaps and bounds. The bakken shale is only one of many new shale oil finds and/or developments that is creating a new supply of the ideal light sweet oil. Also just like in the aftermath of the oil shocks of the 1970s and 1980s a whole new fleet of fuel efficient and alternative energy cars will reduce demand growth for oil in the long term. IT was only in 2008 that the price of oil peaked to 147 a barrel and crashed to 35 dollars a barrel. Both Saskatchewan and Alberta have been through these cycles before.

    8. Yannick,

      I wonder how the GDP per capita of Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia can be bigger than that of Quebec without oil?

    9. Troy,

      Because Quebec's economy sucks, duh. It's not quite the worst in Canada, it still slightly outperforms the Atlantic provinces which aren't on top of oil (Newfoundland's newfound oil in the massive Hibernia offshore oil rig has moved it from dead last to #3, behind oil digger #1 and oil digger #2), but that's not very enlightening. The Atlantic provinces' economy is so depressed(or depressing), they did not even notice the recession because they were already in the gutter.

      I don't know my economical history well enough to tell you when Quebec's economy started lagging behind Ontario, to listen you lot it began the day René Lévesque won the election; for all I know Quebec's economy has been terrible since the 19th century like the Atlantic provinces. The point is irrelevant ; what is important is that the exorbitant taxes, lack of infrastructure and added linguistic hurdles are inimical to reversing that trend today.

      What I'm confused is what does that have anything to do with anything? I was in no way being a Quebec apologist by the above statement.

    10. Yannick,

      My point is to point out to you that indeed, [Because Quebec's economy sucks, duh.]. I get the feeling that the fact that other provinces have oil is being used by Quebec apologists to justify the fact that Quebec is not performing well for a province this size with this kind of (other) resources.

    11. Actually what irked me was Un Gars's snide "Skip Ontario". It had nothing to do with Quebec.

      Ontario is also not blessed with the magical liquid that makes everyone rich for being part of a province where it is being pumped out of the ground.

    12. Speaking French is not a human right and does not belong in any charter. Anonymous complaints accepted by the OLF is non democratic, in hard times the cost of the OLF and the Conseil de la langue francais is obscene. They have declared publicly for years that they are a race (untrue) and practice Racial Supremacy with no shame.

  3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYThursday, April 25, 2013 at 6:44:00 AM EDT
    "Because Leaving is Accepting"

  4. François Legault holds all the power right now. He is enjoying it, playing it to the max and giving the PQ just enough rope to hang themselves.

    Same goes for the Feds. Some are complaining that they are not intervening but why should they at this point? If they intervene they will only add fuel to the PQ fire and, as one can clearly see, the PQ are quite capable of screwing things up, so no need for intervention.

    1. More like he is seeing whats coming. A massive implosion for PQ support and a Quebec Liberal Landslide. With Quebec Solidaire and Option nationale eating into the PQ vote bank, the CAQ has chance to become the official opposition. The PQ could end up like the Federal Progressive Conservatives under Mulroney. If the Equality party fields candidates in only the safe seats here there is no chance of CAQ, QS or PQ to win the seat and wins 4 or 5 seats. The equality party can hold the balance of power.

  5. FROM ED
    Laurie, You're right on. Dr.Couillard willl most ikely keep his word and vote against the bill entirely. He doesn't want to anger the francophones any more than he has to. He needs their votes come election time. Legault is having a ball and he deserves it. If he's willing to risk votes, God bless him. I'd like to hear your sensible thinking on the Equality party and the vote splitting issue. I remind
    everyone once again, a seat for any party but the Libs is a seat less for the only party capable of getting rid of the PQ. Ed
    Back to work.

    1. Well Ed, I`m not completely convinced about the vote split not affecting the final outcome. I agree too that one less seat for the Liberals could make a difference in the big picture. I am also hoping to be convinced otherwise because I would like to vote for the EP2.0.

    2. Can the Libs get rid of the PQ? Really? After all these years of trying? It seems to me that, in order to get rid of the PQ you need to get rid of their alter ego, also known as the Libs...

    3. WRONG, Ed! MNAs, at least in theory, are supposed to represent their constituents. Unfortunately Canada, somewhere along the way, lost sight of this, and we reverted back to the days of Maurice Duplessis. When Duplessis said "jump" his perfectly trained seals responded "how high"?

      Anglophones don't want restrictive language legislation. There may be some sympathy, mostly by apologists, but had I still been living in Quebec, which I most thankfully don't, I would not want my political representatives supporting what most of my fellow constituents don't want. I don't think many people are happy with the PQ now, esp. if they raise university tuition or reduce tax credits for education, cut welfare, and take away $7-a-day daycare.

      John James Charest is gone from the political scene, and I think the last election was a get-rid-of-Charest-or-else vote. If you don't want anymore anti-English language legislation, at least in your constituency, you vote EP2.0. Case closed, Ed!

  6. I wouldn't get overly excited about all this. He changes his mind depending which way the wind is blowing and how good or bad the air smells at any given hour on any given day. What he's saying now can be completely different next week, next month or next season.

    1. I agree with you on this one. Legault sits back and checks the voter pulse before making decisions.

    2. I've never understood this kind of opposition. Is a politician supposed to be an ideologue or a representative of the people? If the latter, you would expect them to, you know, represent the popular opinion.

    3. Yes Yannick - "represent the popular opinion" has a whole different aspect in this hate filled society that we have to live with in quebec politics - that's why it's time to let those areas of quebec go that wish to leave Canada and feel they are better off without a federal government. What's wrong with that? It will resolve a lot of the problems we face here as a nation - they think they don't need us and we now feel we don't need them. Let's finally resolve it and have a face off whereby they can leave peacefully and those that don't want to go will remain part of Canada. Let's end this here and now - we've all suffered enough misery trying to get along and it's obvious neither faction will give in - end it.

    4. @yannick

      "Is a politician supposed to be an ideologue or a representative of the people?"

      you suggest it should be the later and tehrefore that there is nothing wrong with a leader "changing his mind depending which way the wind is blowin..." (sauga).

      i disagree. a political leader should be one to follow, not one that follows. he should be intelligent and change his mind sometimes. he should represent the people but not try to represent the people. it has to be a natural thing.

  7. There is no point in CAQ falling on the language sword for the PQ just yet. They probably also hope to never have to vote on Bill 14. This way the CAQ will never have to open their true position.

    If the Lib and the CAQ can find another way to get rid of the PQ in the next 6 months for something else then they never have to actually come out as supporting human rights in a way that will "offend" the language crazies.

    Kicking the can into the future.

    It highlights the problems in Quebec. The moment you support human rights 30% of the Quebecs think you are "hating french people" and they vote PQ.

    At least at the end of the day the CAQ knows what a company is for and the benefit for the Quebec economy. The PQ see companies as something to exploit for the benefit of their union voters.

  8. I hope all of those who in real tin-foil-hat faschion had predicted that the CAQ were separatists in disguise and would cross the floor and give the PQ a majority, or enable the PQ to enact legislation as if it were a majority, are now eating their words.

    Chew them good, swallow well. They'll hurt even more coming out the other end.

    Thank you.

    1. What makes you think that anything has changed Yannick? They are still separatists in disguise except that they know that quebec can't leave confederation right now because of the massive debt and financial trouble they're in. That doesn't change who they are. That's why he wanted that ten year time span to clean up the economy and then have a referendum. Nothing else. He also realizes that Bill 14 would impede his goal of making the economy better. Only reason he didn't jump on board.

  9. LordDorchester

    If the PQ gives into the CAQ's demands, what was the point of Bill 14 in the first place? The PQ may capitulate and pass a watered down law which can then be picked apart in the courts through challenges or they can stand their ground, let it fail and then start crying about how they are the only true defenders of the faith err language. Either way, it doesn't help them politically and only adds to their woes in the eyes of the electorate. No one likes to back a loser. With the failure of Bill 14, atleast Montreal will avert the economic Atomic bomb damage previous language laws had inflicted. This is, yet another defeat for the Separatists.

  10. "Then there is the CAQ's objection to OQLF officers having the power of seizure, that is the right to remove anything from the premises of a business establishment that inspectors find objectionable, language-wise, another measure considered by the CAQ as overly coercive."

    And to think that some pequistes and pro-pequistes would ask with a straight face and no hint of irony what it is we don't like about bill 14. Student asked a variation of this question a few times on this forum. "What's the problem with bill 14, mate?", "Name one provision of bill 14 that is coercive, dude?"... about the provision that would give the OQLF the power to seize property that they deem to be in "violation" of the language law?

    1. FROM ED
      Adski, that would never work anyway it would open up the OQLF to all kinds of lawsuits for 'illegal seizure. Ed

    2. The separatists have proven time and time again that the "laws" of civilized society mean nothing to them. Bill 14 was just another example of this. The CAQ are trying to fence sit and win votes for the next election making sure that they appeal to the mind set of the complicated's and the soft nationalists plus trying to win over most of the anglophone votes that currently go to the liberals. Few of these politicians ever bother with the rule of law - they just go on their merry way putting out the most outrageous things they can think of to get rid of "no" votes, keep people in fear of the next Bill they can introduce, meanwhile driving out the anglophones unabated. It works so why not? Many people that are commenting on facebook and other spaces are saying they are leaving quebec and so if it ain't broke why fix it? Same old, same old, well thought out political ethnic cleansing. Human rights and freedoms are a huge joke in quebec. Why this sort of thing does not get more publicity in the ROC is beyond me.

    3. Mr. Brown,

      Adski, that would never work anyway it would open up the OQLF to all kinds of lawsuits for 'illegal seizure.

      That is the thing. Bill 14 will make that those seizures be legal.

    4. Every one in Canada has the right to be protected by unreasonable search and seizure, as protected by section 8 of the Charter. Anything seized would be inadmissible in Court.

    5. Liam,

      The same Charter also says, "The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society."

    6. Unfortunately the same Charter also has the "Notwithstanding" Clause for these miscreants to use to beat the system - this clause must be taken out of the Charter so quebec cannot keep abusing it for it's own selfish reasons.

    7. Actually Cutie, I don't think the Notwithstanding Clause applies against section 8. Only section 10 through 15, if I remember correctly.

    8. God Liam you may be right - we've discussed this stuff so often now I'm sure I'm not the only one that gets confused. I'm frankly sick and tired of quebec's refusal to adhere to the constitution the same as the rest of the country. I still say the only way to end this misery is by democratic vote in the municipal or federal districts. Just think how quickly we could all return to a normal life (the areas that vote to remain Canadian) and the others would be so busy dissecting themselves from the rest of us (just imagine the red tape involved in all that - will take a 100 years to straighten themselves out from banks, posts offices, airports, ports, etc.) that we could sit back and watch them self-destruct from a distance. Our lives could just go on except we're automatically rid of the PQ, CAQ, all the separatist parties and we could then have a normal political system again ie conservative, liberal, NDP, that think about other things than language. We could even use a carbon copy of the other provincial laws, such as NB, whereby they are bilingual, no bill 101 and people could go back to living their lives without all the hassle that these political parties have brought down on us. To sleep to dream.

    9. It would be great to have Left-right political debate rather then separation-federalism. Yes, we could have bilingualism like NB. I agree that the Notwithstanding Clause needs to be removed.

    10. Yes we can all dream about how wonderful it would be if we could all get exactly what we want. But then there is cold hard reality..dreaming wont get us anywhere people. The reality is that we need the francophone moderates on our side to get rid of the PQ. The rest of Canada could care less about the anglophones in Quebec. I have to admit that the CAQ might as well oppose the entire Bill..they keep adding new changes for the Bill..after all their amendments will there be anything to this bill?? Legault is playing some politics here..but his main concern is appealing to moderate francophones hence he has to show that he is willing to stand up for the french language. Whether or not you care or not most francophones want protection of their language in Quebec..not sure they want Bill 14 but they certainly want Bill 101. So dont expect the CAQ to come running too quickly to defend the minority anglo group..why would he..he doesnt have much to gain from the anglophone vote but he has much to gain or lose from the francophone vote. Once again anglos will be nice little sheep and vote for the Liberals even if it means more incompetence and indifference...

    11. @adski

      "Student asked a variation of this question a few times on this forum. (...) Name one provision of bill 14 that is coercive, dude?"

      i never asked that. stop shoving your own quotes into honest contributor's keyboards. it's bad manners. weren't you raised properly, mate?

    12. @liam

      "It would be great to have Left-right political debate rather then separation-federalism."

      i agree. you have two options to attain this goal. you can either vote yes or intensify the assimilation of french canadians.

  11. FROM ED
    I happy to see that the one who will come out the worst in this is the one that deserves it. The creation of all the hatred comes from the stanic mind of Diane De Courcy. Under the Liberals Louise Marchand used 101 to keep the Francophones happy but that wasn't good enough for the PQ so they put the English hater De Courcy in charge. You can smell her hatred on every item of BILL 14. She will have to take the heat for whatever ensues and deserves a good, swift kick with a boot as wide as her ass.
    Remember; a seat for any other party is one less seat for the Liberals, our best chance to get rid of De Courcy and the PQ. Ed

    1. Fawning sychophantically at the Liberals won't make them instantly honest, capable or even just decent: most of the votes the PQ got this time, they got them because of the intergalactic scale of the Liberals' douchebaggery. End the Liberal party now!

    2. Must be another seppie - No reply as yet. They would love if there was no opposition (which there barely is now anyway).

  12. Un autre "liberal" épinglé (J'adore ce mot)

    CUSM: l'UPAC épingle le frère de Yanaï Elbaz pour corruption

    1. Le PQ épinglé (J'adore ce mot)

      "Mines: Le PLQ accuse Marois d'avoir fait une «publicité trompeuse»"
      "Mme Marois promet qu'elle trouvera «la meilleure solution pour enrichir les Québécois et préserver notre économie»."
      LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus de taxes???????????????????

      la meilleure solution pour enrichir les Québécois et préserver notre économie??????

      Average weekly earnings in Alberta: $1,099.77

      Average weekly earnings in quebec: $833.71

      Average for Canada: $908.87

      quebec has 28% lower wages than in Alberta AND 10% lower than Canada.

      Enrichissons les quebecois en les taxant?????????????????? Pi les unions??????????

    2. I have met so many here in QC with old money, or who gleefully work under the table, or as artists who are not obligated to report income or those making $ for the mob and report NOTHING at tax time while making barrels more than anyone I knew in Alberta, so when I see those generalized figures I laugh.

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYThursday, April 25, 2013 at 5:29:00 PM EDT


      Interesting point you make. I agree that all the corruption and undeclared work force has deprived Revenu quebec from $millions.
      However not everybody lives a shady life. Those statcan figures, nontheless, imply the financial divide between highly taxed folks from low taxed individuals.
      Let me explain. If I pay less taxes I have more disposible income. I spend more therefore I stimulate the economy. I am aware that on average average incomes are higher in Alberta, but why? It can't all be due to taxe deductions from the source, right? Or is it...
      Bottom line taxes kill jobs and also negate economic stimuli.
      At least if taxes would pay the debt... quebekistan is 10 years away from major, but major trouble. Need insight about quebekistan in 2023? Look at Greece, Cyprus and Spain.
      The future national sport of quebec will not be hockey. It will be demonstrations, protests and general civil unrest.

    4. Its true..the average wages reported in Quebec are grossly too low because of the rampant use of cash. I have never seen so many people accept cash to avoid the tax. Most carpenters, plumbers, service people will take cash and actually encourage all this talk about lower taxes and wages in Quebec versus Alberta is somewhat midleading. Quebec likely has by far the largest cash economy in this country.

    5. Yes, I too will pay under the table anytime I can keep money from the government of quebec. I pay way too much taxes and they don't want to provide me with any services anymore (if the IF had their way) so why should I give them any money at all? If one of the larger groups find a way to keep taxes from these thieves legally, I will jump on that bandwagon also. They've made it very clear that we're not welcome, bitch about everything they provide to us and wonder why we support the underground economy without a second thought - I will be glad to tell them. Until they stop vilifying me, I will pay them only when I have no choice. I had a friend that moved to Ontario and when they sent her her tax bill from quebec for $3,000 she told them to stuff it. All the guy said was "don't ever move back here or we'll go after you for the money" and she rightly said "move back to quebec? You're putting me on". I told her I totally agreed with the whole thing. If I leave here you can bet it will be on New Years Eve and they can stuff it trying to catch me on anything I owe them.

    6. Impossible,Québec va récupérer ces taxes d'une façon ou d'une autre,vous pouvez compter sur eux.Votre amie est évidemment une autre honnête libérale.

    7. cutie003: one proud thief.

      and by the way why don't you move to ontario like your "friend"? isn't happiness worth a few square feet to you?

    8. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYThursday, April 25, 2013 at 10:23:00 PM EDT

      cutie hates quebec but lives there.
      cutie hates separatists but encourages them
      cutie is an average quebecois
      cutie encourages quebec to turn into quebekistan
      cutie is also a fraud

  13. And SNC Lavalin - one of the PQ favourite companies to support is involved in this scandal - how shocking!

    1. why wouldn't you start making sense for a change, mate?

  14. LD

    FYI, The Yankees are coming. NBC feature on McGill University and it's dirt cheap tuition. See link below.

  15. Jean-Paul Perrault, leader of the radical Imperatif Francais, is not happy about Legault.
    "une étude du professeur, Charles Castonguay, qui démontre, qu'en gros, « le régime de libre-choix a profité au cégep anglais à hauteur de 120 000 nouveaux inscrits, contre 10 000 au cégep français." Sorry but french CEGEP aren't to good.
    Pontiac will never be french, not with the link with Pembroke. It is time for Mayor Bureau to stop paying for this guy rents. Sorry, J-P get a job. Actually work for a living, and sorry monitoring french language isn't a real job.

    1. Hi Liam: Tell me, what makes you think that the mayor is paying for his rent? Boy if that's true, they're going to hear from me you can believe that! I thought it would be picked up by the PQ?