Friday, April 26, 2013

French versus English Volume 82

Corruption This Week

Just to keep readers from out-of-town apprised, this week saw a member of the Board of directors of the Quebec Construction Commission suspended because, what else, alleged corruption. The commission is ironically charged with keeping Quebec construction industry honest. Donald Fortin was outed by the Journal de Montreal which alleged that he built his home with free labour and materials provided by contractors buying labour peace on their job-sites. Link  Link{fr}

Meanwhile, the Charbonneau Construction Commission (looking into corruption in Quebec's construction industry) hit a brick wall when the two key witnesses, the alleged ringleaders of the collusion ring at Montreal city hall, stonewalled commission lawyers who tried valiantly but unsuccessfully to break them down.

Ex-mayor Gerald Tremblay--"I see Nutink"
Both Frank Zampino and  Bernard Trépanier (known as Mr. 3%) both gave the commission absolutely nothing, admitting to no wrongdoing before a frustrated Judge Charbonneau.
Unlike the other previous witnesses who rushed to admit guilt because it meant receiving immunity, both these men are already indicted and to admit guilt here would destroy their chances at acquittal at trial. 

The Commission knew this, the witnesses were non-cooperative and hostile, even refusing to be pre-interviewed. Alas the Commission proceeded anyways on the chance that the witnesses would crack.

Unfortunately, commission lawyers were badly outplayed and looked downright amateurish and desperate, reduced to asking the men to admit that they were crooks.
Questions as to whether anything more can be gained by prolonging the inquiry are starting to circulate.
It's time for the commission to get down to the question of political corruption at the provincial level and clearly, if they don't have squealers willing to spill the beans, then it's time to call it a day.

On Thursday, the former mayor of Montreal, Gerald Tremblay gave testimony before the commission, claiming that he 'knew nothing' and 'saw nothing' in regards to corruption at city hall, in fine tradition of Hogan's Heros- Sgt. Schultz!
Opposition leader Louise Harel denounced the mayor for not taking responsibility and remarked that he had to be aware about what was going on.
Harel's charge is a bit ironic, like the pot calling the kettle black, considering that she and her party were CONVICTED of election fraud in 2009!  Link{fr}

In the meantime, a subsidiary of the pride of "Quebec INC,' SNC-Lavalin has been barred from bidding on World Bank projects for ten years, because of its alleged corrupt use of bribes to secure contracts. Link
The humiliating story has been roundly downplayed in the Quebec media, where an alleged corrupt official makes front page news, but where the SNC-Lavalin corruption story is relegated to secondary coverage.
But the scandal is starting to have wider repercussions, as the Canadian International Development Agency (a federal government aid agency) has joined the World Bank in banning SNC-Lavalin from bidding on any of its contracts over the company's alleged penchant for bribery. Link

By the way, a sixth arrest, Yohann Elbaz, has been made in the alleged MUHC fraud case that surrounds the ex-boss of the Montreal English super-hospital, Arthur Porter and the alleged briber, who else but SNC-Lavalin, of course. Link

CAQ will vote to send Bill 14 for further study

"Coalition Avenir Québec leader François Legault says his party will vote to send Bill 14 — the PQ government's contentious proposed legislation to toughen the French language charter — for further study.
Flanked by the CAQ's critic responsible for the French language charter, Montarville MNA Nathalie Roy, Legault told reporters his party is giving the minority government a "last chance" to make changes to the bill."  Read More
Read my editorial post -  CAQ Drops Political Bomb on PQ and Its Language Law

Quebec Human Rights Commission tells govt that living in French isn’t a human right.

"Is living and working in French a human right?
No, according to Quebec's Human Rights Commission.
On Wednesday, the commission appeared before a National Assembly committee tasked with the Parti Quebecois’ update to Quebec’s language law: Bill 14. The new law attempts to make French equal to other fundamental rights such as free speech and gender equality.
“The words they use are ‘Common values,’ actually les ‘Valeurs Quebecoises,’ but there's danger in trying to put these things as add-ons,” said Gaetan Cousineau, speaking for the commission.

The independent commission believes Bill 14 puts new rights and new obligations in the wrong places. It says it's fine to make French a right, but that right belongs in the French language charter, not the human rights charter.
  Watch a news report and read the rest of the story

Bill 14 would strip Anglos of rights: Quebec Bar

"The Quebec bar association says parts of bill 14 can not be justified in a free and democratic society.
At a National Asembly hearing today, the bar's legal experts calmly listed a dozen possible ways the bill could break human rights protections, both in Quebec and Canada, and under international law.
Parts of bill 14 "threaten to unduly affect the anglophones and allophone communities," the bar association said in its written brief. Read more

Quebec Retail Council objects to Bill 14

"You might say the familiar “Bonjour-Hi” expression used in Montreal shops and malls was on trial.
And it was the retailers association that took up the defence.
Arguing that offering service in the language of their customers is not only a matter for the Charter of the French Language but also a question of respect for the customer, the Retail Council of Canada presented dramatic testimony Tuesday to the commission examining Bill 14.
And it concluded there may not be as big a language problem in Montreal as some believe.
While the retail council says there is always room for improvement in French-language services in Montreal’s shops, the government would be wiser to find better ways to help new arrivals learn French and train language inspectors to apply the charter more intelligently and fairly.
Coming down on small retailers — studies show 96 per cent of retailers on the island are able to serve clients in French — with Bill 14 is not the way to proceed despite pressure from language hawks, the retail council says." Read more

"Couillard: Our opposition to Bill 14 – a question of principal"

Here is an opinion piece by the new leader of the Quebec Liberal Party Philippe Couillard outlining the party's position on Bill 14;
"Quebecers, deeply attached to French, our common language, want to ensure that it continues to thrive in this corner of North America we have called home for some 400 years. A number of successive laws, leading up to the Charter of the French Language, have maintained the delicate balance between individual and collective rights. These initiatives have produced considerable, quantifiable results: French has become both the symbol and the reality of a prosperous, modern and confident Quebec that is open to the world. Read the rest of the opinion piece

"Quebec undergoing a Liberal revival, new poll finds, as PQ slump drags on"

"In an ever-expanding forest of positive polls for the Liberals, the latest CROP snapshot of Quebec public opinion stands out but not necessarily for the usual Justin Trudeau-related reasons.

Published on Wednesday in La Presse, the poll suggests that Quebec is undergoing a Liberal revival, with both the federal and provincial parties in first place in voting intentions at 38 per cent." Read more

"Écoeurer les Anglais" (Annoying the English)

Here is a translation of an excellent opinion piece written by Alain Dubuc for La Presse.
Full credit to reader 'R.S.' for a crackerjack translation. 
"The most amazing element of Bill 14, which proposes multiple changes to "strengthen" Bill 101, is the provision that would permit the removal of the status of bilingual municipalities where the proportion of English-speaking [sic; in fact it’s “English mother tongue”] residents dips below 50%.

This is not a big element of the bill, as are changes to the Charter of Rights or the idea of imposing the Bill 101 straightjacket to SMEs. But on the symbolic level, this measure, which is absolutely unnecessary and vexatious for anglophones, reflects a framework that is found throughout this bill that, directly or indirectly, implicitly or explicitly, attacking the legitimacy of living in English in Quebec.

Right from the beginning, we could have guessed that this bill is more political than it is linguistic; that it is meant to serve the Marois government in terms of identity politics rather than to find practical and effective solutions for specific problems that the French language may encounter. This downward spiral is fed by two specific lacks of understanding in the government's approach.

The first thing is the very analysis that would justify such urgent action, that which we foolishly call the decline of French in Montreal. What is this really all about? It’s about French-speaking Montrealers who move to the suburbs and the increasing number of immigrants, who speak their native language at home. These are not phenomena that indicate the strengthening of English but we mistakenly treat them as if it affected the balance of power between English and French.

The second is applying in the context of 2013 reflexes that we may have had in the 1960s, when the assertion of French-Quebecers meant fighting the privileges of an English-speaking minority, and where the battle for the French language had in part to do with battle against the English language.

But in 2013, the two major challenges, namely, the assertion of English as a lingua franca - the global language of commerce, tourism, mass culture, science - and the attraction that English has in an English-speaking continent, are not imposed by English Canada or by Quebec anglophones. And yet we continue to thump upon our anglophones who have nothing to do with this.

Removing the bilingual status from a few municipalities will not help the French language to progress whatsoever. However, it will affect the community life of anglophones and will reduce their collective living space. This measure has no purpose other than to annoy anglos. Along with a side message: in our efforts to strengthen the role of the French in the public space, we also wish to reduce that of anglophones. Behind which, let us not forget, are the ever present anglophobic and vengeful currents which, in the end, would prefer that anglos simply leave.

We have duties toward our linguistic minority. We too must preserve the quality of relationships with anglophones who have accepted the new rules of the game, who had sincerely believed that we had achieved a linguistic balance and who now wonder whether we really want them.

This risk of damaging our relationships with anglophones also affects our collective interests. Shattering linguistic peace is but another way of killing Montreal slowly. Montreal’s strength, what makes the city unique, it is not that it is multicultural - all major cities are - but that it is bilingual, the meeting place of two major linguistic communities. This meeting, with its difficulties and its creative tensions, also gives us an economic advantage and contributes to its soul and its cultural richness.

In order to avoid moving backward together, it is not simply a matter of eliminating some questionable items from Bill 14. It is the spirit and the overall logic of the project that must be challenged."
Read the original article in French 

"Private investment in Quebec has dropped 90% under PQ, says CAQ"

"Private investment in Quebec has plummeted by 90 percent since the Parti Quebecois has come to power, says François Legault's Coalition.
"Programs that have been put in place by the Parti Quebecois, they don't give results," says Legault.
The CAQ says it's tallied up the value of all the announcements made by the finance ministry and Investment Quebec for the past seven months.  Then, it compared it to announcements made over the same time period the year before." Read more

 You've got to be a shameless media hound to make reference to an insulting cartoon of yourself on your own website, but nobody ever accused Jean-Paul Perreault, of Imperatif-francais, of modesty. Link{fr}

Weekend reading....

French EU elite abandons ‘defensive’ stance on language
"With the decline of French language in EU institutions now accepted by most as irreversible, French lawmakers and officials have started pushing a more assertive approach, based on the promotion of multilingualism and influence rather than language issues only."  Read More
Should English be the official language of the EU?
"In a keynote speech on the future of European integration in February, Joachim Gauck suggested English should become the EU's official language: "It is true to say that young people are growing up with English as the lingua franca. However, I feel that we should not simply let things take their course when it comes to linguistic integration." It was music to the ears of federalists and fiscal hawks: with English spoken in the corridors of Brussels, the EU would become more streamlined and more efficient." Read more

Former CTV anchor Lloyd Robertson appalled by Quebec language debate
"Former CTV chief anchor Lloyd Robertson reacted strongly to the latest outburst of language debate nonsense during a visit at Kuper Academy in Kirkland on April 10. Robertson said a French-language lobby group's proposal to rid the province of English hospitals hearings was unbelievable."Read more
"Merchant resists OQLF inspector: Strudelgate?"
"The Pointe Claire merchant who famously started selling "Pasta Salad Marois" in the days following "Pastagate" is again rebelling.
An OQLF inspector visited Swiss Vienna Pastry and Delicatessen and owner Harry Schick asked the man to leave.
The inspector pointed to several violations to Quebec's language law, Bill 101, and asked to take pictures. Schick refused. The inspector left and, according to Schick, said that he will be back. Read more

I snapped this picture of a woman walking in NDG! - Filed under -"I do what I want!"

Following the  Habs on the road.....

There's nothing funny about last week's investigation into the Boston

Finally, some words of wisdom for the weekend;


"Have a great weekend!

Bonne Fin de Semaine!


  1. You can't rebuc the article by Alain Dubuc. R.S., my compliments on your translation, too!

    Harry Shick: Way to shave the language police from your premises! More people should be throwing these SS out!

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYFriday, April 26, 2013 at 7:13:00 AM EDT

      "More people should be throwing these SS out!"

      Aaaah Mr. Sauga. Nothing like a jew to perpetuate nazi Germany!

      BTW I dont think quebecois are a master race aryan blood types. Tooo many different genetic codes from different backgrounds. Your anology is poor.

    2. Calgary: R U sick and tired of my analogies of Nazi Quebec? TOUGH!

      Like the Nazis, it started off with hateful rhetoric, then hateful laws, hateful unfunny practical jokes on radio, hateful property damage and confiscation, so what will the next step be?

      Oh, and for Ed Brown's consumption, who put the current laws in place? Not the PQ!

      So, Ed Brown, R U sill supporting the PLQ so dogmatically? YOU CAN HAVE THE PLQ! IT IS THE PLQ WHO CREATED THIS MONSTER, ED BROWN! WHAT IS IN PLACE IS THEIR LEGISLATION, ED BROWN! The PQ hasn't enacted their legislation yet!

    3. "R U sick and tired of my analogies of Nazi Quebec?"

      Pas seulement lui Mister Donut,pas seulement lui...

    4. You are right; the “quebecois” are anything but a pure race. They are a metis, a mixed race, a mongrel, a mutt…that’s it, that’s all. They are NOT French. This is all part of the big lie, the big scam. They are a joke.

    5. FROM ED
      Mr. Sauga, you bring back happy memories to me. Sitting in my bosses office at the Jewish owned paper company, listening to him shouting at his Father in the next office and the Father shouting back. He told me that Jews yell and shout but never get physical. After a while the Father would come in laughing. I wish you would drop the argument because I will not answer your tirade. I'm afraid for your blood pressure. Please let's drop it. Ed

    6. Ed: Fear not for my blood pressure for it is well under control, thank you. Yet again, you're following into stereotypical fallacies. Maybe this paper company mogul kept his comportment to voice raising and not hand raising, but I lived with one who raised voice AND hand, and I know others (Jewish people) who do/did the same. I'm sure his father was the same way and his father's father. It has adversely impacted my past, I can tell you; however, I thankfully had a mother who had to compensate for the beast she married, but she, my brother and I had/have at list 50 I.Q. points over the man. (Believe me, many an individual has approached my late mother and her sister asking how my father came to my mother, but that's not to be discussed at length).

      Thankfully I took corrective measures to prevent myself from perpetuating past behaviour, and I have never raised hand or voice to my son. If I did so, I'd be ten times the fool because I'm much smarter and better educated than he was, both at school and with a good parent, plus my own life experiences.

      I'll be the better man at this point, Ed, because too often a delegate or two is taken to represent the whole flock; however, I won't forget what you wrote on Monday. Glue exists to mend fine china that is broken in two, but the crack will always be there.

    7. FROM ED
      Interesting Mr Sauga, My grandfather was cruel . He whacked my father and brothers with a two by four. My beloved father would use a stick or the dog's leash to smarten me up. I used my hand to give my kids a whack . usually necessary hust
      once in their lifetime to let them know when you speak you mean it. My son on the other hand never hits his kids and they're beautiful.
      For the language legislation, Bourassa's bill 22 said basically that francophones could deal with the government in French a perfectly acceptable piece of legislation. It was created by the Union national under Premier Jean Jacques Bertrand `in a two year study.
      The school part came from a group of francophone parents in St. Leonard who wanted English Catholic kids be forced to go to French Catholic School. Italian parents (mostly immigranrts) along with Anglos said no. Bourassa decided that French Children would go to provincially certified school, breaking the Churches last hold on education.
      Bill 101 was written and enacted by the PQ under Rene Levesque. Pointing the finger at the Libs does not make them guilty. Ed

    8. Ed writes:

      "My beloved father would use a stick or the dog's leash to smarten me up."

      At last. Here we have the defining insight and explanation into understanding the twisted mind of a bigot and why he got to where he is today.

    9. Bigots naturally find a home in the Liberal Party of Quebec.

    10. Please Tony, people just beat their kids back then. Even the teachers in school did.

      Ed is a product of his time, let's not pretend he's some kind of monster.

    11. Agreed Yannick - Different times for sure - anyway Tony it's not like we're loaded with choices of who to vote for here in good old quebec.

    12. "I'll be the better man at this point, Ed, because too often a delegate or two is taken to represent the whole flock; however, I won't forget what you wrote on Monday. Glue exists to mend fine china that is broken in two, but the crack will always be there"

      @Mr. Sauga

      I often find that we are spared much hurt and anguish if we judge the 'intention' behind what someone says or does, rather than the words or the actions themselves. I think if you do that this case, you will find Ed meant no harm. I don't know Ed personally, but he strikes me as the type of individual who wouldn't intentionally hurt anyone...much less you...since more often than not ...he's in praise of you.

    13. AnecTOTE: Sorry, but no. The anti-Semitism rose to the surface, and as usual, it was an ugly manifestation. I found Ed's remarks last Monday way out of line. Absolutely unpardonable. Perhaps anti-Semitism is acceptable to you, but it is not to me. Maybe you see it as the norm, and we know what that led to 80 years ago.

      Ed made the situation worse by tightening the noose around his neck every time he wrote more about it. How about all the sabotage and vandalism of summer cottages owned by Jews just a few short years ago? The synagogue in my old neighbourhood was almost destroyed when some piece of work (and I'm being diplomatic) took the garden hose and stuck it where the heating oil is deposited. The oil sludge that poured out of the overflowing pipe just about destroyed the building's foundation and the building would have had to be demolished if not for a plenitude of donations to pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars it took to clean the environment up.

      Such vandalism takes place all the time. You have a nut-bar of a political leader in Iran who has verbally declared he'll take nuclear weapons to blow Israel into the sea. The Palestinians, until more recent years, had the destruction of Israel in their constitution. OK, it's not on paper anymore, but it's etched in their hearts and the minuscule brains of those who still feel what used to be on paper...and I don't just mean Palestinians.

      No, AnecTOTE, no! There will be no tolerance and there will be no forgiveness for anti-Semitism. Not in my book anyway. Not now, and never again!

    14. "Perhaps anti-Semitism is acceptable to you, but it is not to me. Maybe you see it as the norm, and we know what that led to 80 years ago."

      I feel quite bad that you would think of me in this light, Mr. Sauga. Then again, you don't know me from Adam...(or Eve). Anti-Semitism isn't acceptable to me and I don't see it as the norm. I have zero-tollerance for ANY KIND OF RACISM.

      'MY INTENTION' was simply to put in a good word between you and Ed. (I also, wholeheartedly, believe what I said). I just felt both of you were deserving of it....that's all.

      So much for Good Intentions...

    15. @anectote

      you write:

      "I have zero-tollerance for ANY KIND OF RACISM."

      you wrote to a french canadian:

      "I'd lay off the pepsi & may west..."

      "...sitting on your ass all day collecting BS and smoking your du maurier's."

      here's the game: can you spot the contradiction, mate?

    16. Wrong again pinstripes. I'll tell you the game I will play...the game of numbers ....since you're so fond of DATAZ...why don't you go dig up the figures and stats for which demographic collects the most BS in this province...AND drinks the most Pepsi...AND consumes the most may wests...

      Just plain facts pinstripes...just plain facts....let's not confuse facts with intolerance...

  2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYFriday, April 26, 2013 at 7:07:00 AM EDT

    What do third world countries have in common with quebec?


    1. Vous oubliez les "sell out" ugBSdc

    2. I wonder how it feels to be a member of a defeated nation. :)

  3. Now this is what I'm talking about:

    RE: Pasta Marois ---> Schick seems to be daring the government to take extreme action.

    "I will not pay the fine. What will they do? Put me in jail? Put 35 employees out of business by closing me down? I doubt it. Somebody is going to have to stop them."

    "If they want to minimize the cost and it doesn't have anything to do with the principle of the matter, then by all means just pay the fine, correct the problem and move on," Tyler told CJAD 800. "If you want to make a point of it, then by forcing the government to go far, you may draw attention to what you're doing."

    Pay close attention here --> Tyler said one likely outcome from not paying OQLF fines is for the government to seize bank accounts or other assets to recover the outstanding amount. They can also sell property at auction if necessary; "there are a number of recourses available."

    Now the thing with that last paragraph is this:

    The separatists who write these laws and the mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers (such as SR & Student) who support them are nothing more than impotent laame-ducks.

    THIS is precisely what all merchants should be doing in revolt and their threats of seizure? Let them try to come and get it.

    There is a lot of red tape involved and you could make one hell of a public spectacle before they can actually move into action.

    Just be sure to always have cameras ready at all times, record all phone calls and file all correspondence.

    The seppies in government are no more courageous than their trollish counterparts here on this blog. They're pretty damn tough with a keyboard in front of them, but when they face the object of their scorn in person, they cower.

    Happens every time.

    The only time it doesn't, is either because they confront you in packs...or it's those miserable old coots who are so tired of living they don't care what happens if they call someone on.

    BOTTOM LINE: Do not acknowledge OQLF agents. Kick them the fuck out, laugh at their threats and don't forget to remind them what a lowly spot on they occupy on the chain of human value.

    1. "I will not pay the fine. What will they do? Put me in jail? Put 35 employees out of business by closing me down?"

      Amateur de cowboys que vous êtes,vous connaissez sûrement l'image de la pendaison sur la place publique.Rien de mieux qu'une image forte pour décourager les desperados.

    2. See what I mean about computer tough guys?

      First of all, this is very telling of our opponents for more than one reason. If SR actually took the time to read the Editor's piece (which we know he doesn't, his only goal is to come here and make a fool of himself), he would have known that the following quote is not mine: "I will not pay the fine. What will they do? Put me in jail? Put 35 employees out of business by closing me down?"

      Second, S.R just proclaimed that he longs to see Anglophones publicly hanged. This is all you need to know about the separatist movement right there. Day in, day out, they fantasize about bringing bodily harm to the non-franco/non-white communities.

      Anyhow, who's going to hang people like me, S.R?

      Are you going to do it?

      Oh yeah, that's right...

    3. La loi c'est la loi M.Résidu,conformez-vous ou quittez.Personne ne vous retient,ni vous,ni M.Schick.

    4. I'm loving this, one point after the other, Resident Troll is proving every one of Resident Evil's points.

      It's almost TOO easy.

      Cher petit peureux insignifiant, your laws are designed to give you the security blanket so many faceless, nameless plebes crave, but can't have...and for one simple reason...

      ...because they (and you) don't have the inner will to overcome your lack of insecurity.

      It's for this reason you long to see Revenu Quebec go after Cutie's friend over $3K. You need to feel that someone else's power is yours, and yet, when that power fails to produce results, you see your own lack of power reflected right back at you.

      Go ahead and wish harm on people like me and Mr. Schick all you want champ...we're busy doing while you're busy hating. If you had ANY idea how easy it is to outmaneuver your seppie government...

    5. BlaBlaBla ...BlaBlaBla ...Bla ...BlaBlaBla ...

    6. Arrêtez de parler et agissez!

    7. Well after reading all the comments about Harry and his fight, there seem to be more than plenty of people that are going to contribute money to help him in his fight against these bigots. Go Harry! Take them down and make them look like the fools they, and the whole separatist movement, are. Show the whole world what these language nuts like Perrault of IF consist of. They must be stopped from harassing honest citizens of this province that pay taxes and have a right to live in peace and prosperity! Hateful antagonists, the lot of them. Anyway, his business is booming.

    8. "harassing honest citizens"

      Votre amie vient de nous voler 3k peggy,vous avez déjà oublié?

    9. Arrêtez de parler et agissez!

      Already am - I'm making money from a business I built out of nothing while you type away in anger. I am sooooo close to quitting my job now. I'd ask you how you feel about your job S.R, but you make it pretty clear you don't have one.

      Arrêtez de parler et agissez!

      Excuse me bub, how many times did I offer to meet you in person for a one-on-one fight only to have you shrivel up in fear and try to apologize your way out of the situation?

      Arrêtez de parler et agissez!

      Way ahead of you - in case you missed it, I once mentioned on these boards that I registered my company in Ontario. While I pay income tax to QC, my corporation pays nothing to it. How do you like those apples?

      Arrêtez de parler et agissez!

      Can't do anything about what hasn't happened yet. But believe me, the day an OQLF agent sets foot in my business, his/her paradigm will be shattered.

    10. Une vraie de vraie "liberal" : Des voleurs à courte mémoire :)

    11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    12. Way to go Resident = don't give those thieves on penny that you don't have to. I'm all for keeping every cent I can from them.

    13. Que faites-vous au Québec M.Résidu? (ma question s'adresse aussi à Miss peggy)

      Rien ne semble vous intéresser ici,ni la culture,ni la langue, nos lois vous répugne et notre façon de vivre vous fait chier.

      Masochiste ou simplement le roi des emmerdeur?

    14. You and your friends are the ones that drove the lady out of the province and now you want her to pay you money? lol - she lived here all her life, paid her way and raised 5 kids in a bilingual environment that she and her family enjoyed and then along came you selfish, bigoted, racists and tried to make her life here more difficult in her senior years because she was a non-francophone but a widow of a francophone - all of a sudden her life and her contributions to her community meant nothing because of her LANGUAGE you ungrateful, spoiled, self-centered, maggots and she decided that living her last years in contentment meant more to her than living in an environment whereby she was vilified for being an anglophone. Good on her and she is much happier living with her family in Ontario where they all moved in the past few years. Guess what? Being bilingual in Ontario is looked on as something GOOD believe it or not unlike in this backward province. The quebec government has no power to go after her taxes in Ontario and she will not pay them. They can ask forever but she will refuse until she dies.

    15. It's actually none of your damn business why I reside here - that's another thing you separatists don't get - why any of us live here is not your damn business. I pay property taxes, this is my home not yours and why don't you go live in Haiti or France - This land is in Canada which is a bilingual country and does not belong to the minority population of quebec. Got it now. You move on - we'll go only if we want to not because you will push us out. This is Canadian soil - just because there are more of you than us in this particular part of Canada it does not make it your land!

    16. "This land is in Canada which is a bilingual country"

      Depuis quand?La dernière fois que je suis passé aux douanes canadiennes au N.B en provenance des É.U,aucun agent (fédéral) et je dis bien aucun n'a pu s'adresser à nous en français et nous sommes au N.B,je vous rappelle que c'est la seule province officiellement bilingue,imaginez maintenant le canada anglais.

    17. You're lucky that it's even federally bilingual the way you people treat every other Canadian, your own countrymen, is a disgrace and you shame the lot of us for ever considering your feelings on anything. I used to have sympathy for your cause but no longer - you have made it impossible for normal progressive thinking people to take your bigoted, selfish attitude on anything anymore.

    18. Le Québec ne t'appartient pas, S.R.

      Contrairement à ce que tu semble penser, ce n'est pas les Québécois qui me répugne, mais les maudits crisse de séparacistes.

      "notre façon de vivre vous fait chier"

      "Notre façon?"

      Ahem, M. Ontario, I was born're the fucking might want to keep that in mind. And your so-called "façon de vivre" is not the Québécois way of's the xenophobic, separatist minority way of life.

      So don't you ever let me catch you calling your way of life the Québécois way. You're from Ontario. If anyone should leave, it's you.

      YOU are the one who doesn't belong here.

      And if we really must speak in the collective (much as I loathe), YOU are the one who's not part of "us" ( that's how it feels).

      *****Different source, same argument...

      I got this from a blog I read daily, marketer named Ben Settle and what he wrote this morning applies to our little anti-immigrant/anglo/non-white cheerleading squad:

      “Useful idiots.”

      This term was used to describe people who blindly supported the evil murderous dictators of the various communist governments — as they committed one state-sanctioned atrocity after another against their own citizens, racking up a body count that made even Hitler’s rotting corpse jealous.

      Didn’t matter how bad it got, either.

      The Leftist “rationalization hamsters” sprinted tirelessly.

      (Some STILL do…)

      A dude I used to work with who escaped communist Poland said that, in some of those communist countries, when the useful idiots were no longer needed, they were often put out of their misery by the very dictators they propped up.

      Pretty nutzo stuff.

    19. And to make the story of my friend leaving even more interesting - the family that bought her home here (guy, woman and 4 kids) got a great deal on the home because of falling real estate values because of the separatists, worked for about 7 months, went on welfare and still takes the kids to daycare for $7.00 a day while he tours the bars at least two to three days a week. So your great policies got you where?

    20. "as they committed one state-sanctioned atrocity after another against their own citizens, racking up a body count that made even Hitler’s rotting corpse jealous."

      Je crois que vous devriez ajuster votre médication.L'Allemagne nazi et les communistes occupent un peu trop de place dans votre monde fantasmagorique et vos délires paranoïdes d'hyper libertarien n'aide en rien votre "cause".

    21. just a fun story.

      years back, a friend got a letter from the revenue minister that the name the business was registered under (name that was already approved 4 years before) was not compliant with the bill 101 (yes, it was from the minister of revenue, not crappy oqlf). The name was as such:

      descriptor in french - name of the business - descriptor in english. the problem? the presence of the descriptor in english.

      after talking to a lawyer, taking into account financial and time-consuming procedures, weighing the options (fighting in a court or trademarking), the name was trademarked as follows:

      name of the business - descriptor in english.

      i'd say things tuned out great

    22. Resident Evil ... Errr
      Votre pseudo en dit long sur votre mentalité tordue.

    23. haha Resident - you received a growl from the resident troll - are you shaking in your boots yet? lol

    24. "Anyhow, who's going to hang people like me, S.R?"

      Pas besoin de personne,vous le faites très bien vous-même.La dernière chose dont les Québécois ont besoin ces temp-ci est d'entendre les anglos se plaindre et c'est encore plus chiant lorsqu'il s'agit d'un francophone pro-globish.

      Presque hilarant :D

    25. Resident Evil, you make a valid point. I find it hilarious that the comments section gives a soapbox to both Mr Sauga, a self-hating Quebecer who fled to Ontario, and S.R., a self-hating Ontarian who fled to Quebec.

    26. "Je crois que vous devriez ajuster votre médication.L'Allemagne nazi et les communistes occupent un peu trop de place dans votre monde fantasmagorique et vos délires paranoïdes d'hyper libertarien n'aide en rien votre "cause"."

      I'd lay off the pepsi & may west, since your 'medicine' isn't doing a damn thing for you !!

    27. @Me

      I've read your "fun story" and raise you mine LOL

      The 20-something yr old friend of a young man I know was down this past march vacationing in Florida. While waiting at the gate for his flight back home, who does he see sitting not too far away from him....our very own provincial got it...the Queen herself. He approaches and says hello and after some brief chatter, he asks she would mind taking a picture with him, and she graciously agrees so he pulls out his iPhone and they take the picture. Afterwards, while he's thanking her and saying goodbye, he suddenly asks her if she as well..was vacationing in Florida during Spring break and she responds that...she was down to visit her kid...who attends school there. LOL LOL

      The end !!

    28. "Rien ne semble vous intéresser ici,ni la culture,ni la langue, nos lois vous répugne et notre façon de vivre vous fait chier."

      How is any of this relevant?

      He works, pays taxes and stops at red lights...He contributes, which is more than you do ...sitting on your ass all day collecting BS and smoking your du maurier's

    29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    30. "He works, pays taxes and stops at red lights...He contributes..."

      Comme moi et la majorité des gens mais contrairement à lui,je suis bien chez moi et je n'ai vraiment pas l'impression de vivre chez les communistes ou chez les nazis et si c'était le cas,croyez moi,je changerais tout simplement de pays.Et vous?

      En passant,j'ai aussi ma propre entreprise et je ne fume pas :)

    31. @R.E.
      "So don't you ever let me catch you calling your way of life the Québécois way. You're from Ontario. If anyone should leave, it's you.
      YOU are the one who doesn't belong here."

      immigrant to Canada... immigrant to Quebec... too funny !!! Hilarious !!

    32. Vous tenez le discours d'un individu issu d'une minorité visible qui a été "brainwashé" par les angryphones locaux,mais je peux aussi me tromper.

    33. "brainwashé ???

      Lemme guess..Language purist??? LOL

      Before ramming your Language down everyone's throat, try actually...sticking to it !!

    34. Alors?J'ai raison ou pas?Minorité visible? :D

      Avez-vous subi votre lavage de cerveau dès votre arrivée ou plus tard?

    35. There you"lavage de cerveau" sure beats "brainwashé don't you think?

      Funny we're the ones that have to remind follow your own rules...LOL
      ahhh...I gotta laugh..!!

    36. oh and PS...don't you dare give anyone on this blog so-called "language lessons" in my presence ..ever again...okay...Mister "brainwashé? LOL

    37. PPS: oh and...remember moping around now.. cause you got caught with your pants down and we all got to see that you got a lil' pecker !! LOL LOL LOL

    38. @anectote

      "we all got to see that you got a lil' pecker !!"

      dude you really have a way to drag the level down you know. some here are discussing human rights and here you are with your dick jokes. sad sight.

    39. Ah pinstripes, you jealous? I can make fun of yours as well !! LOL

      Catch me if you can pinstripes...CATCH ME IF YOU CAN !!! LOL LOL LOL

    40. @AnecTOTE - Dude! now you're just giving too much away, tabarnak! Shhhhh!

    41. Calgary: Yo, cowboy! How do you figure I'm self-hating? You don't know the definition of the term!

  4. The Should English be the official language of the EU article is interesting. A while ago, I read some articles refering to eurospeak, it is an interesting phenomenon, one doesn't see the birth of a new lingua franca everyday. (The article also refers to esperanto. Unusual.)

  5. Typo : in Dubuc's article title, Écoeurer, not Écouerer.

  6. "Private investment in Quebec has dropped 90% under PQ, says CAQ"

    Good, get the hell out of Quebec and stay out of Quebec until they repeal the racist, bigoted anti-English language laws (bills 22, 178, 101…) and give us back our equal rights.

    Its also very wise to boycott all companies with head offices in Quebec – Bell, Quebecor, Sun media, Desjardins, Videotron, National Bank, Rona…

    Rot in hell scum bags or give us back our rights.

    Government won’t listen to us so we will do what we have to do.

    1. Kinda stuck with Bell James - Videotron and Bell are our only choices for computer and TV connections in this area of quebec. Traded Videotron for Bell (which is the least separatist of the two) but still stuck with using some of these companies.

    2. "give us back our equal rights"

      Jusqu'aux années 1960, les Francos et les Anglos avaient des droits "égaux" au Québec. Dans les commerces, l'Anglo ne servait jamais le Franco dans sa langue. Au restaurant, l'Anglo pouvait garrocher le plat du Franco, au lieu de le déposer. Dans l'espace public, l'Anglo pouvait dire au Franco « speak white ».

      C'est de cette égalité-là que tu t'ennuies, James?

    3. Y.L,

      Do you have any evidence to support whatever case you present as fact?

    4. @Troy,

      You know how they say..."Brown is the new Black"...and "Blue is the new Black"...

      Well...."French is the new SpeakWhite" LOL

    5. FROM ED
      Troy,of course he doesn't because it never happened. The expression speak white was an invention of an FLQ terrorist named Pierre Vallieres in his book, "White Niggers of America". When the book came out we were shocked at the use of the word nigger so much that no one paid attention to what the book was about. In the fifties and sixties Francophones went in for small businesses such as service stations, depaneurs and transport. Most English spoke enough French to get by and the product names were multi-lingual. Stores east of the main like Dupuis Freres were strictly French spoken. Anglos that didn't know French avoided the east end. All business west of the main was done in English only because English were busy forging ahead with their lives and had no time for what francophones may or may not be doing with theirs. Ed

    6. Ed- the use of the expression "Speak White" was documented by the 1960's Billingualism and Biculturalism commission who interviewed Francophones and Anglophones throughout the entire country. The book was published in 1968, which is after the Bi and Bi commission had finished its inquiry.

      Anglos, Francos, or anyone else under the sun tend to remember with the most vivacity the few people who have exhibited racism towards them. It only takes a few bigots for a phrase like "speak white" to enter the community memory, and it can also mean that the majority of non-bigots don't even see it going on.

  7. And here's more proof of the government sanctioned ethnic cleansing in good old quebec:
    As if we didn't already know what they were up to for the past 40 years. Doesn't matter that you own a business that employees citizens allowing them to contribute to society, doesn't matter that you pay your property taxes and all those other add-on taxes that quebec has on every damn item in the store, doesn't matter what kind of volunteer work you do for the community as a whole, doesn't matter that you have learned to speak french, nothing matters except pur lain francophone desires and wishes for their own little country - bankrupt one at that.

  8. FROM ED
    Cutie, I am so sorry to hear that an old person felt so hapless they had to leave. I think it's terrible to keep a home all your life and have to leave it at the end. I feel her pain and it troubles me. If anyone else feels that way they should ask their CLSC to send a social worker. Their wonderful program (created by the Liberals Mr. Sauga) is designed to help old people stay in their homes. These caring people have involved me in a day care program for elderly at Manoir Verdun, in Verdun. I go every Friday and operate a sing along with sheets of lyrics and music to play for them. I sometimes work on shows in other retirement homes which this connected me with. It's good for them and me. I love to hear people singing happily around me. Also, those over seventy are eligible for a tax rebate for seniors staying in condos, retirement homes and private houses. It gives me around seven hundred a year which I throw onto the Hydro bill after the long winter. Cutie, you have my email, if you know someone who needs support (especially in the Verdun area where I can get to them) please let me know. Ed

    1. Thank you Ed but it had nothing to do with her health (she is still very healthy and comes out here to play darts every week) it was the fact that she was finding it harder and harder to do her shopping here and finding a doctor is next to impossible. She wanted to get away from the discrimination and that's what she did. Going shopping at a few stores here in Gatineau is very difficult unless you have a francophone friend with you or you're lucky enough to get a clerk that doesn't mind talking to you in English. The separatists like us to feel bad having to ask for a clerk's help every time we want to know what the labels say, etc. Makes them feel good about being superior to us I gather. Anyway, that's the reason I shop in Ottawa most of the time and will continue to do so until they start respecting my language the same way I respect their right to speak their language. Stores here only started doing this garbage when the IF headquarters moved here a couple of years ago - before that they complied with Bill 101 and had the two languages just the french larger print than the english. Anyway don't know anyone in your area but thanks for the offer and continue to do as much good works as you can - helps everyone (even if that makes you a good citizen only in the eyes of the english). Wouldn't matter to the seppies - only what language you speak matters to them.

    2. "ask for a clerk's help every time we want to know what the labels say"

      Incroyable...Pauvres commis.

    3. @cutie003

      what about learning french, mate? wouldn't it be convenient for when you do your shopping in quebec?

    4. Here's Eddie Izzard's funny take on learning French:

    5. La langue française n'est pas à la portée de tous les cerveaux,c'est une langue complexe et aussi précise qu'un scalpel tandis que l'anglais s'apparente davantage à une hache mal affûtée.

    6. By the way, I will never again shop in quebec and even if I knew 20 languages I would not support this racist society with one red dime as long as I have the power not to. Learning french does not matter to the pur laine francophones - that's not good enough - it's been proven time and again so stop suggesting that people learn a language that is still not acceptable to the separatists that reside like rats within this society.

    7. S.R Friday, April 26, 2013 at 6:24:00 PM EDT

      "En passant,j'ai aussi ma propre entreprise"

      --Sorry, gloryholes don't count.

    8. @cutie003

      "Learning french does not matter to the pur laine francophones - that's not good enough..."

      totally besides the point. if you knew french you wouldn't need a clerk to read every label to you when you shop around in a province that is mainly populated by francophones. wouldn't that be an improvement to your quality of life?

    9. Nope - still wouldn't shop here, go to the doctor's here (even if I could get one), wouldn't help this economy at all in any way, shape or form that I don't legally have to - got it? Hate you separatists for creating enough hate and bitterness against you that every federalist feels this way - we will freeze you out to die in your own little country before we're through with you - a little piece of land for a little bigoted, racist society to live by themselves and away from civilization - that's where we want you. Is Val D'Or a nice enough area for you to live? Off you go. We'll help you pack and provide transportation - an offer you can't refuse.

    10. @cutie003

      well you're making it difficult for me to feel your pain, as it seems you're doing everything you can to make your life even more difficult...

      first thing i'd do though is let go the hate. it's a deadend, mate.

    11. Have to admit that Cutie is just full of hatred. Not sure why she bothers..honestly the best thing you could do is just pack up and leave. You already do all your shopping in Ottawa..why not just make it official. Again there are many areas outside of Ottawa with very affordable housing. There is no problem being served in english in the west island of Montreal..I have rarely had issues..on the other hand I speak french fairly well which also goes a long ways. Have to admit that there is a certain amount of arrogance required to live in a francophone province and not speak any french.

    12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    13. Il faut comprendre que peggy est actuellement victime d'un "Big bang" hormonal,produisant une rage qui doit déferler sur quelqu'un et les seppies semblent être les heureux élus.Ma mère connait le même problème et les ventilateurs industriels arrivent à peine à diminuer sa température de quelques degrés.

    14. You know what complicated - I really wish you would stop commenting on me and just come out and say "I'm a separatist and proud of it" - no one here gives a shit and quite frankly we don't need your type of personality in our corner. Bend over and take it all you want - just because we've had enough and say so and will not accept any more abuse from these separatists makes us bitter after 40 years like any normal civilization and unlike you that will kiss their asses forever and tell them how they were wronged so it's OK to bankrupt everyone to make them feel better. You will be more than welcome to live in their new little country, when they have it, and the faster that happens the better for the rest of us and then they will turn on you also. And STOP TELLING ME TO MOVE YOU CLOSET SEPARATIST - it's none of your business where or why I live here! It's people like you, SR and student that have made me come to hate you - you bloody well reap what you have sown for the past 40 or more years. People have had enough of your hated language laws and your outright disgust for anything english. Start reading and see how outraged people are and how much hatred the separatists have created.

    15. Don't talk to me of arrogance - it takes separatists all the arrogance in the world to insist that not one other language is to be seen or heard by their poor precious eyes or ears just in case their eyes burn out and their ears fall off. They are determined not to learn the language of the 300M that surround them and the real height of arrogance is that they expect everyone else to speak french to suit them plus and want laws to ensure this - see - we can all turn the tables bigot! The shoe also fits on the other foot so until you realize that individual freedom to speak what the hell language people want to speak is accepted by this racist society, there will be no peace - you can be guaranteed of that. Time to let those areas that vote to leave go on their merry way - we want our rights and freedoms back because these people cannot be reasoned with and are only out for revenge from a war 250 years ago! Get out of Canada! Municipal or Federal District Referendums and we can all live without each other - we will be much, much better off without you!

    16. "La langue française n'est pas à la portée de tous les cerveaux,c'est une langue complexe et aussi précise qu'un scalpel tandis que l'anglais s'apparente davantage à une hache mal affûtée."

      Oh brother...big make it sound like French is brain surgery. It's a Latin Language big speak 3 of them.....FLUENTLY...not that difficult to master. You want a challenge...try Mandarin...and Good Luck.

    17. --"Sorry, gloryholes don't count."

      Hey should change your name to 'gloryhole' ..hahahahhahahahahahahha

  9. Cutie, sorry I didn't answer you concerning last post of the editor. You had ask for proof that the city owned the IF building. Well here is a link:
    "La Maison des patrouilleurs, sise au 46 chemin Eardley appartient à la Ville de Gatineau, qui offre gratuitement un espace à Impératif Français". The building hasn't been sold to private company, since 2009.

    1. Thanks Liam - but if they are paying rent to the city for the building I wonder where the rent is coming from? Will write to Stefan and ask him how this works - could be interesting. Let you know.

    2. The city doesn't charge them rent Cutie, they have a free office.

    3. Wow - just noticed that - Going to write an e-mail for sure to the city - that pisses me off - why is there not free rent for a federalist side of this debate? Also going to go to the Bulletin to see if they want to pick up on that - can't get over it - well for sure now we know that Bureau is a separatist - I should get your private e-mail address Liam because we live in the same area and lots of readers are not interested in our particular problems. If you have a general one without your real name can you give it to me and I will contact you privately about some of these matters if you like. And thanks again.

    4. Actually Liam you can get my e-mail address from the Editor if you like - that way it's not posted. It's OK to provide it to Liam Editor.

    5. FROM ED
      Cutie, watch what you walk into. I have often said one reason he Libs did not change 101 is because no one asked them to.
      You could have the same situation here. Did any Anglo sk for free rent? Ed

    6. @cutie003

      "why is there not free rent for a federalist side of this debate?"

      there is. every year your mate charest was given 75k under the table. that's good rent money.

    7. Ed - to be quite frank I have no idea who asked for what - I do know that if our city council was unbiased they would not have provided free space to an overtly outright separatist group that are infamous for causing trouble wherever they go. How and when this was approved by City Council and who voted for it is something I intend to find out and have the information published wherever I can - citizens that vote are entitled to know these things before the next election in the fall. I have already contacted my city councilman and he is to get back to me early next week. I will ensure that I get the names of every councilman who voted for this and, even the mayor, published if at all possible. Believe me, as a taxpayer on my own property, I resent carrying property taxes for any separatist organization operating in this province. I would love to see these people booted out of our whole region. We had no trouble until they came on the scene now their faces are everywhere shit disturbing as much as they can.

    8. @cutie003

      by jove are you weakly informed cutie003. here you go .

    9. Cutie, I emailed the editor. I don't think the councillor will give you the information. An Access to information request will be needed to get to the bottom of this story. We need to get at the bottom of this story since I too resent the use of property tax money going to this group.

    10. Crikey Dudent! I love the "mates" and now a "by jove" gets thrown in to the mix. It's interesting to me that an obvious seppie uses an obviously British idiom. Will it be tea and crumpets after cricket? Or perhaps bangers and mash down at the local, wot? Is Parizeau your role model? Are you his 'Mini Me"?

    11. Doesn't say a damn thing about it being illegal - if you can prove that it's illegal, you should put your name into the Charbonneau Commission as a witness against the liberal party - I'm sure the will welcome your help as they are not gaining information from any of the crooks they are interviewing as of last week. I will expect to see you testifying up there very soon. Don't forget your dunce hat!

    12. Hi Liam: This shouldn't need a "Request for Information" act - it should have been voted for out in the open at one of the Council Meetings. Stefan says he is checking into it for me and will get back to me next week. What Editor did you contact? The one at LeDevoir? or the Editor of the blog? for my e-mail address. To be honest, even if I have to send a "Request for Information" paper, I damn well will. Can you imagine the outrage of the federalists in this area when they hear this? Promotion of the French Language bullshit that they espouse is a pile of trash and everyone knows it. They are out to destroy and drive out the anglophones that reside here so they can claim this land as theirs should they vote to separate and we all know it. Meanwhile they don't care if they bankrupt this whole area in their attempt to steal federal land. Boy, I'm so sick of them and I can't wait for one of them to accost me in public for speaking english. I hope you too are practicing your english when out and about - this really pisses them off. They have managed to scare a lot of businesses into blanking out anything english in their establishments and I would love to see them kicked to hell out of here before they do any more damage to this area where we were quite happily getting along before they came on the scene. Wow - I still can't even imagine how this has happened but it shows we are all vulnerable to their hateful practices.

    13. Sorry Liam - should have asked if you went to the editor of Lapresse not LeDevoir - Thought maybe they may have further information on how this free rent came to be. Getting a little worried about our new "group" in Gatineau also so if you get my e-mail address from our editor I will let you know what I've learned.

    14. By Jove, Diogenes, my good man, what a knee-slapper that is! Bloody hell, next thing you know, he’ll be having Marmite on toast for breakie, cucumber sandwiches with no crusts for elevenses, bubble and squeak for tea, strawberries and Pimm’s at the Royal Ascot and a G&T at cocktail hour with a bowler and a brolly for good measure.

      Incidentally, I believe you’re right about the affectation of “By Jove”. Parizeau is partial to its use owing to his days studying at the London School of Economics in the 1950s and both of them seem oblivious to the absurdity of actually using it today.

    15. @R.S

      Que pensez-vous du mot "royal" et de sa surutilisation au canada ... Encore en 2013?

    16. Long live Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and the rest of the Danish Royal Family!

      The Danish Royal Family enjoys remarkably high approval ratings in Denmark, possibly ranging from somewhere between 80% and 90%. (link)

      The Queen’s daughter-in-law is Australian-born Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat. She met Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, in a pub during the Sydney Olympics. Since Frederik is the heir apparent to the throne of Denmark, this means that at the time Frederik inherits the throne, Mary will automatically become Queen consort of Denmark. A ROYAL fairy tale come TRUE!!!

    17. Long live Her Majesty Beatrix, by the Grace of God, Queen of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, Princess of Lippe-Biesterfeld, etc., etc., etc., who graced us with her presence during WWII, when she received her early ROYAL education in our beloved Canada!

      As she will be abdicating the day after tomorrow, we also wish long life to His Royal Highness The Prince of Orange, Prince of the Netherlands, Prince of Orange-Nassau, Jonkheer van Amsberg, and soon to become His Majesty The King of the Netherlands!

    18. Long live His Majesty Juan Carlos the First, By the Grace of God, the King of Spain, King of Castile, of León, of Aragon, of the Two Sicilies, of Jerusalem, of Navarre, of Granada, of Seville, of Toledo, of Valencia, of Galicia, of Sardinia, of Córdoba, of Corsica, of Murcia, of Jaén, of the Algarves, of Algeciras, of Gibraltar, of the Canary Islands, of the East and West Indies, of the Islands and Mainland of the Ocean Sea; Archduke of Austria; Duke of Burgundy, of Brabant, of Milan, of Athens and Neopatria; Count of Habsburg, of Flanders, of Tyrol, of Roussillon, and of Barcelona; Lord of Biscay and of Molina de Aragón; Captain General and Supreme Commander of the Royal Armed Forces; Sovereign Grand Master of the Order of the Golden Fleece and of the orders awarded by the Spanish state

    19. Long live His Imperial Majesty Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan. The Japanese monarchy is the oldest continuous hereditary monarchy in the world!

    20. Long live King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit of Thailand! He is the world's longest-serving current head of state and the longest-reigning monarch in Thai history. He is especially beloved by the Thai people and I even got to see his ROYAL Majesty at the ROYAL Palace in Bangkok myself in person once!

    21. Long live His Majesty the King Mohammed the Sixth of Morocco, Commander of the Faithful, may God grant him victory! May he continue to perform his ROYAL duties, which included amending Morocco’s Constitution to grant equal official status to the Berber language and to protect and preserve the Hassānīya language and all the linguistic components of the Moroccan culture as a heritage of the nation.

    22. Long live Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Sa'adul Khairi Waddien, the Sultan of Brunei! He is also Commander in Chief of the ROYAL Brunei Armed Forces and Admiral of the Fleet of the ROYAL Navy.

    23. Long live His Majesty the King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, who is also Admiral Supreme Commander of the Swedish ROYAL Armed Forces (and whose mother-in-law was Brazilian!).

    24. Long live His Majesty Albert II, Sixth King of the Belgians! Formerly of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, he is the head of the ROYAL Belgian Family and the uncle of the current reigning Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Henri.

  10. From the outside, we appear to be a rat-lab experiment gone bad.

    Thank you Mr. Berken for your well-thoughout opinion piece and sharing with us.

    1. "Instead of vilifying the cultural traditions of its non-francophone inhabitants, the PQ should devote its energies to improving education, health care and commerce, and to creating a free and voluntary bilingual society."

      I keep mentioning this...can we pleaseeeeeeeee focus on the $256 Billion debt...rather than wasting precious money on junk, i.e: Bill 14

    2. "can we pleaseeeeeeeee focus on the $256 Billion debt..."

      you do, mate, you do. check the economy section of your favourite paper next time. there's loads of talk around the zero deficit thing. it's quite surprising you have overseen this. it's all over the news! french news that is. maybe english media prefers to see you guys trapped in this single issue. what's your hypothesis anectote?

    3. my hypothesis is that you're an idiot pinstripes, a pure and unadulterated idiot! But don't take my word for it...ask around ..LOL

    4. @anectote

      no i meant your hypothesis about why you weren't aware the the quebec government is trying hard to get to a balanced budget. any idea?

    5. Oh, he's aware that they're "trying" [read: lipservice], he just doesn't care to hear about someone "trying."

      Like the rest of us, he wants to see some "doing."

      He wants results.

      He wants an ROI on his taxes (the highest in North America).

      Student, if you actually traveled the rest of Canada, I think you'd have a very different perspective on the way things are run in Quebec (and by that I'm also including the Liberals).

    6. @resident evil

      what do you mean the rest of canada? oil producers, bankrupt ontario or underperforming maritimes?

      but i totally agree the liberals didn't run things well. good observation, mate.

    7. Attention student,M.Résidu va t'offrir de le rencontrer pour des échanges physiques d'homme à homme dans une ruelle du "Chinatown" mais attention,je crois que c'est un autre amateur de Chardonnay.

    8. Believe me, if I were gay, the likes of Student (and you S.R) would be the last on the list. And Student, from what I've seen written on public bathroom walls, S.R's "entreprise" (read: gloryhole) is more of an underperformer than the maritimes.

    9. En quelque sorte un "Gai tapant".

    10. I detect someone who feels colonized and impotent. MDR! :)

  11. @Editor

    "There's nothing funny about last week's investigation into the Boston"

    I concur ....BUT wouldn't you say that the "overzealousness" by that FBI agent may have nearly cost him the jewels ..mmm....
    makes ya' think about..."overzealousness"...doesn't it?

  12. I read the French EU elite abandons ‘defensive’ stance on language article above. I find it funny and ironic that the representative of La Francophonie who objects to France's changing stance about the French language is a Quebecer (albeit with Italian ancestry).

    This reminds me of an article from some time ago on Imperatif francais. There they blame the French (of France) for the decline of the French language and accused that the French are 'anglicized'.

    So what now, Quebecers are the defenders of French, more than the French themselves?

    That brings me a question. Let us say that France is completely assimilated and the people there speak other language(s) on daily basis. Could Quebec then still claim that it is 'un pays francais'?

    1. "Could Quebec then still claim that it is 'un pays francais'?"

      quebec doesn't claim that. it claims to be a francophone country, and that the bulk of its people is of french origins. and yes if france turns english or german or whatever quebec will still be ok to carry on with these claims.

      but why do you think this is an interesting question troy?

    2. Troy, I would have thought you knew by now that seppies believe they're more French than the French... Marois actually went to Paris after the election to hector the French to be more French!

      Seppies don't understand that the rest of the world doesn't live with this chip on their shoulder nor with their colonized view regarding language "purity", with their chiens chauds and hambourgeois...

    3. I still want to correct the statement that quebec is a country - quebec is not a country, will never be a country with the borders intact and just because they say so does not make it so. Thank God - As if we need a racist, bigoted country inside North America

  13. FROM ED
    Anectote, I thank you for your kind words. Please ignore Tony Kondaks, he hates me because I showed him up for pretending to know more than he does. A few people on line hate me because I tell it the way I see it. Of course I don't mind people putting down the Liberals except when they do it to spite me for no reason. I love people of all races including some separatist families on my street. Their teenagers come to sit on the gallery with me. I enjoy the company of these beautiful kids. Their parents are good friendly people.
    In my work over the past 60 year at the Salvation Army Men's Hostel; St.. Willibrord's soup kitchen/ clothing center and rescue service. ( helping people find lodging after being burnt out, have held in my arms men, women and children of all sizes and colour and never asked their nationality. When someone makes a win on a loto ticket or the Price is right, I am happy for them. I don't care if it's an obese black woman or a skinny Asian man. I'm delighted to see the smile on their face and I smile along with them. I could never do what Mr. Sauga did, asking that money which had been granted to someone else be taken back and given to my cause. Such jealousy, I could never do it. I make no apology for the comment I made about Jewish business practices and before any one disagrees with me they should go to my source which is the internet. There's a myriad of essays many written by Jews themselves such as "When The Slumlords Are Us" or "Culture Of Deceit." You might also try Harry Golden's "Only In America'" and "For Two Cents Plain" Golden was a panelist on TV shows and a columnist for the New York times. He was considered an expert on Jewish life. Ed

    1. Ed writes:

      "I make no apology for the comment I made about Jewish business practices and before any one disagrees with me they should go to my source which is the internet."

      I see. It's there on the internet. Well, if it's on the internet, it must be true.

      If you make no apologies, why did the Editor remove your post? Perhaps you can repost it here if you have nothing to apologise for. Or, if you're afraid the Editor will remove it again, put it on another internet page (that alone will make it "true") and provide a link so that we can read it.

      Ed, you're a bigot...and a nasty one at that.

      I, too, call it as I see it.

    2. FROM ED
      Tony writes "why did the Editor remove your post? Perhaps you can repost it here if you have nothing to apologise for. Or, if you're afraid the Editor will remove it again,"
      I did repost you idiot, that's what your answering. You're so wrapped up in hatred you didn't even read it. The EDITOR removed the post because Mr. Sauga took it personally. I was happy he did because I knew it would make Mr. Sauga feel better and I do care about the man. If you would write something objective Tony, instead of just trying to anger me I would be interested to read your posts. As it is I am neither angry or interested. Ed

    3. OMG, Ed: So you've chosen to believe what Harry Golden wrote as "the gospel" on Jewish business practices? What do you have to say about organized crime that originated in Italy/Sicily? All Italians are mobsters, or at least they have a moblike attitude?

      Ed: Very often Jews were confined by the dictators in the countries they lived to certain means of making a living. Moneylender was a favourite because the dictators could proclaim a decree by their word alone that loans to Jews were forgiven. Even that great document that was the foundation of democracy, the Magna Charta, decreed the forgiveness of Jewish loans. Aside from the Israeli banks today, name me a Jewish CEO of a bank.

      The Merchant of Venice was a Shakespearean play that in the end stuck it to the Jew, Shylock. Ha ha ha, the Jew got burnt. Over 3,000 years ago, it started with Hebrew slavery in Egypt, the Great Exodus, and it has been going on ever since, yet we've survived. How? Why? There is no shortage of anti-Semitism through the ages, so you're just another who sees it as the norm.

      Yes Ed, I requested the Editor remove your diatribe from the blog because the Editor normally doesn't tolerate racism, and I'm surprised he didn't catch it earlier, or I beat him to reading it. You're just another in the billions who have and currently inhabit the Earth that accept all the anti-Semitism that has been decreed into law and literature as the norm. Hitler was responsible for killing six million Jews, 2/3 of the Jews of Europe, but he also was responsible for the death of over 30 million other people, the permanent injury (physical and mental) of millions more, and throwing the almost three billion inhabitants of the world into total disarray for six years.

      Think about it.

  14. student,

    On Tuesday, 23 April you wrote:

    "I’d be curious to know if someone could identify a worse one."

    sure! charest government was much worse.

    Now you can read the article above:

    "Private investment in Quebec has dropped 90% under PQ, says CAQ"

    Care to comment on your previous statement in light of the above mentioned article?

    1. i don't think it's relevant to compare current amounts with those generated during a pre-electoral period. how does current private investment levels compare with longer term averages?

      i don't believe the 90% number. in my opinion it's just an attempt by legault to win quote of the day.

      i tried to look for more info on this on ctv, globe and mail, national post, gazette, etc. and i couldn't find anything. are all these separatist outlets?

    2. Troy, I don’t believe that you were actually expecting a serious reply to your earnest question from Mr. “DATAZ! I NEED MORE DATAZ!!! Your DATAZ are not good enough!! What are your SOURCES?? I don’t like your sources! I don’t believe your sources! Give me more SOURCES!” and so on and so forth…

      This time, you got the “It’s not relevant… In my opinion… I don’t believe it… “ treatment. Now there’s a compelling argument if I’ve ever heard one; it’s called the “magic wand” argument: “POOF! Your argument is invalid because I don’t believe it.”

      Even though that person is able to find the most obscure DATAZ whenever it suits his own point of view, he suddenly claims that he was unable to find any more info about the CAQ’s claim. Oh my, what are the odds of this happening? Especially when there is more info available about the CAQ’s claim right there on the CAQ’s very own website:

      And they have also provided a video report on YouTube (I know, it’s a very obscure website, rather hard to find):

      In any event, thank you for pointing out his hypocrisy. More of his bafflegab is undoubtedly on its way here shortly.

    3. Also, the Editor’s link (which was published 10 days ago) states that in reply to the CAQ’s data, the PQ finance minister’s office would produce its own numbers on the subject “by the end of the day”. And yet, here we are, 10 days later, and the PQ still have not provided any contradictory data denying the claim.

      It was exactly the same thing with the PQ’s shameful Bill 14 military proposal recently. Perhaps you remember this story:

      Military exemption stats not public after eight days

      The PQ says its statistics on children with a military exemption is still not complete, more than a week after Diane De Courcy declared that the majority were doing all their schooling in Quebec.

      On March 20th, the language minister stated in both a press release and an information sheet that the PQ's observations led it to believe that most of these children were not in Quebec temporarily. "The majority will end their schooling in Quebec," said De Courcy's information document, tabled in a National Assembly committee hearing. The minister's press release went further: "In the majority of cases...their children will do all their schooling in Quebec."

      CJAD has spent the past 8 working days calling and writing to the minister's press secretary, and the education ministry, requesting access to the information the minister used to come to this conclusion. In particular, CJAD is asking what percentage of these students complete all their schooling and graduate in Quebec, and how this is measured. However, this information has still not been disclosed.

      Today, the press secretary for the Education minister, Mathieu LeBlanc, told CJAD that the ministry's information in this area is "still incomplete", but that he hoped to be able to produce an answer by the end of the day.

      Sound familiar?

      Unfounded pronouncements by the PQ against the CAQ and the children of military personnel…
      Unfulfilled promises by the PQ of providing DATAZ to support their claims…

      Notice any pattern of duplicity starting?

    4. Awesome.

      Not only has Student (once again) been defeated, he's been outclassed.

      I keep saying it, and they keep denying it: "I've never met a separatist with an ounce of integrity in them."

      Case in point.

      I think if you got most separatists drunk, they would admit that most of their points and arguments are nothing more than horseshit. They only care about achieving their goal of sovereignty...

      ...and getting rid of "them."

      I've never seen another special interest group produce so many one-sided arguments and cherry-picking their S.R always pointing out Liberal corruption, yet remaining quite mum when proven cases of PQ corruption come to the surface.

      Anyhow, I wanted to paraphrase our dear Ed Brown to explain why some knobs in Quebec insist with making trouble while others are succeeding and leading happy lives: "All business west of the main was done in English only because English were busy forging ahead with their lives and had no time for what francophones may or may not be doing with theirs."

    5. @r.s

      you are very funny. all your extra data sources are the same: the caq. yes the political opposition. probably the least reliable form of objective info out there.

      come on now get real and answer this: why didn't any of the federalist news outlet picked up this thing? yes that's it you're right this time: cause it's bullshit. bravo, mate.

      p.s. i think poking fun at honest contributors for the sole reason that they don't consider a politician's latest line enough data to make a judgement is damaging your credibility.

    6. student,

      Your family and friends must feel very safe travelling with you as you are a big airbag.

    7. @troy

      are you a humourist, mate?

    8. By jove Troy...I believe you've touched a nerve, mate. Douché, old chap, douché, I say.

      Great scott, wht else could you have in store Student?

      By juniper's beard, the possibilities are endless...this poppycock can rabble about for days and days.

    9. Would a drop in private investment even bother a separatist?

    10. L'humour canadien est souvent très douteux.Pas surprenant que le festival de l'humour,Juste pour rire,soit réalisé et produit au Québec.

    11. DATAZ! LOL

      too funny !!! I think I'm gonna change my name to that !!!!...LOL

    12. "I've never met a separatist with an ounce of integrity in them."

      Vous devriez sortir de votre ghetto de temps à autres.

    13. “Douché, old chap, douché, I say.” LOL!

      And “By Juniper’s beard” is another good one. I’m pretty sure it’s Jupiter that has the beard, though, rather than the coniferous plant.

      For a moment there, I thought you might be naughty and were about to use the favoured expression from “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”!! (Warning: NSFW!)


    14. Spencer the Spineless PorcupineSunday, April 28, 2013 at 2:57:00 AM EDT

      For those who are interested the PQ did eventually respond to the private investment drop.

    15. FROM ED
      A comment of yours jumped out at me; - "I think if you got most separatists drunk, they would admit that most of their points and arguments are nothing more than horseshit. They only care about achieving their goal of sovereignty..."
      I say you're absolutely right about that. Do you also have a feeling that they don't know why. Ed

    16. Spencer: Did you read the last bit of the linked article?

      Show me the numbers

      The CAQ is demanding that the PQ release a list of all the investment projects it used to produce its statistics, but Zakaïb says that will only become public when Investissement Quebec tables its annual report.

  15. FROM ED
    The other day as I sat on a bench outside the clinic I go to, a bunch of the 'little ducks' all roped together with a teacher in front and one in back passed close by. One little girl looked at me intently probably wondering who I was and why I was smiling at her. When I said allo she seemed more puzzled and looked to the one behind her. The other four year old said cheerfully, "Cette une anglais, ca."
    They smiled lovingly and the little one touched my hand then moved on contented as if another great puzzle in their lives had been solved. They left me feeling wonderful. Pleased and proud to be part of a city where very young and very old can love each other in two different languages.without a word of communication. Ed

  16. In Toronto right now, watching people traffic and noticing many happy, mixed race couples strolling about.

    Why can't Quebec be more like this? Terminal racism, thats why.

    Times like these one has to wonder if the French language really is worth preserving.

    1. Times like these one has to wonder if the French language really is worth preserving.

      If it's any consolation, I'm pretty damn sure there are many interracial couples strolling in Paris, unless someone more knowledgable about that city wishes to contradict me.

    2. @R.E

      "Times like these one has to wonder if the French language really is worth preserving."

      It is...just not at the cost of EVERYTHING.!

    3. That's right guys - it's cost way too much now and it's time to end it. All we're doing is dragging out the misery for a further period of time. They must be cut off all aid, power and investments because the more they receive the more encouraged they are to continue the blackmail. Along with that brings a more isolated quebec where we are all paying the price for 30% of the population - way out of proportion and we will never change the mindset of those 30%. They are just enough to wreck everything we try to achieve in the way of advancement. They have to be kicked out of Canada

    4. FROM ED
      Resident, Quebec is like that. You're too full of anger at Quebec to see it. I don't need to go down town to see it. It is right in front of me. I'm on a busy street for joggers and walkers because of the park at the end. I see happy couples of all races passing my door with a cheery hello, going and coming from the park. Humans are the same every where separatists can't take away our love for each other. Ed

    5. @Resident Evil,

      Look carefully at the statistics provided by these two stat canada pages to see the extent of our terminal racism.

      Toronto is the capital of mixed unions because there are more people from visible minority communities in Toronto. The probably of mixed match is higher.

      From these statistics, you will see :

      In Toronto, visible minorities = 42%
      Mixed unions = 7.1%
      Mixed unions / visible minority pop ratio = 0.15

      In Montreal, visible minority = 16%
      Mixed unions = 4.4%
      Mixed unions / visible minority pop ratio = 0.27

      As Mr Ed pointed out, you are blinded by anger at Québec. But, you know, if there is terminal racism in Québec, it can't be you.

      @ Mr Cunningham

      When someone writes something so full of prejudices and when then you reply something like "oh yes, this is so true" (especially when we know that you don't live here yourself), you do not look very clever.

    6. @Patrice

      "Toronto is the capital of mixed unions because there are more people from visible minority communities in Toronto. The probably of mixed match is higher."

      Exactly - and you know why the numbers got that way? Because your camp drove so many of them out. While here in Toronto, people ask about where I'm from, you get the same response...

      "...Montreal is so much fun to party in and Quebec City is so beautiful...BUT..."

      So thanks for that Michel (and all you other seppies). You guys really have a talent for turning everyone against Quebec.

      "As Mr Ed pointed out, you are blinded by anger at Québec."

      Angry? Yup, you bet. See the line above for reasons why. Blinded? Nah, I can see quite clearly through your bullshit...

      ...Especially yours Michel. For the longest time, you've been coming on here trying to brand yourself as a moderate, diplomatic voice for the separatist movement until The Conquest got you to rattle off a very angry, anti-Anglo tirade and revealing your true colours. You might want to check yourself before firing off your little missives bud.

      "But, you know, if there is terminal racism in Québec, it can't be you."

      You're right - it can't. I'm not the one supporting neanderthal policies like Bill 101 or voting for parties that promote the "accommodements raisonnables."

    7. For sure Resident - there are a lot of us that are now very angry with the latest political attack from the PQ to destroy every good relationship we have had with our francophone federalist friends and neighbours. They never expect us to fight back - just go on their merry way to try to rob us of everything we own and we're never to be upset or tell it like it is. That period of peace is now over and we can no longer go from bill to hateful bill from these quacks. They must be stopped before they drive us to total civil unrest with their bigotry and hate. Give them 30% of the land mass of quebec on which to reside and the Indians and the rest of us get rid of them once and for all.

    8. "...the PQ to destroy every good relationship we have had with our francophone federalist friends..."

      Si vos relations sont réellement bonnes avec vos amis Québécois (qui vous parlent en globish),aucun parti politique ne détruira vos "liens" d'amitié.

    9. @cutie003

      " destroy every good relationship we have had with our francophone federalist friends..."

      what's wrong with your francophone federalist friends?!?

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. Resident Evil,

      I know the tune. Big bad separatists drove immigrants to Toronto. Nevertheless, you comment was about mixed unions and these unions are not abnormaly low in Montreal but you could not see it, because of your prejudices.

      Readers interested in seeing my "true colors" can look at the comment that you are refering to and make up their own mind :

      This comment was a reply to The Conquest's comment : "You mad that we conquered you, bro? :)"

      Given the inflammatory nature The Conquest's comment, is it unreasonnable to think that someone would rub the mighty conquerer's nose in it? I don't know. I would like to know what readers think about this.

      Let's say that someone said to a black man in Louisiana something like "why don't go back harvesting cotton where you belong". The black man would probaly not answer with something nice. Would it make him some kind of racist? I don't know. What do you think?

      I also, who brought up the past? I (who, as everyone knows, lives in the past) or The Conquest?

      Someone noted that I use "we" refering to something that occured centuries ago. Did anyone spot the "we" and the "you" in "You mad that we conquered you, bro? :)"

    12. @michel patrice

      haha! you're not leaving too many options for resident evil, apologizing being the only noble one i see.

    13. "I know the tune. Big bad separatists drove immigrants to Toronto."

      Well yeah....they kinda did. I hope that Torontonians wake up every day and light a candle to René Lévesque. He's done more for Toronto than anyone else has.

      "This comment was a reply to The Conquest's comment : "You mad that we conquered you, bro? :)" Given the inflammatory nature The Conquest's comment, is it unreasonnable to think that someone would rub the mighty conquerer's nose in it? I don't know. I would like to know what readers think about this"

      Right there...THAT IS THE can't move on. That is the reason you've destroyed this province. That is the reason you are destroying yourselves. Crappppppp can't you see it? All your "sound and fury" in that one statement.

      The rage and vindictiveness have been killing you for 40+yrs now and will continue to do so until you FINALLY...let go it go.

      LET IT GO. It's quite easy you know. This is how you do wake up one morning...and YOU make the decision never to associate with it EVER again. Try it...pretend it's a new diet'll go soooooooo much further without the weight of all that Bile!

    14. Oh, I can see it, Michel. The point isn't that there's no mixing in Quebec - it's just that there is considerably less of it. And yes, it is because of the "big bad seppies"

      "Given the inflammatory nature The Conquest's comment, is it unreasonnable to think that someone would rub the mighty conquerer's nose in it? I don't know. I would like to know what readers think about this.

      Let's say that someone said to a black man in Louisiana something like "why don't go back harvesting cotton where you belong". The black man would probaly not answer with something nice. Would it make him some kind of racist? I don't know. What do you think?"

      ---->>>> What do I think? You got bent out of shape over someone being cheeky. Nothing more than that. What the Conquest wrote was perfectly timed and elicited exactly the same reactions S.R attempts to get with his little Franco-supremacist barbs. The difference S.R and The Conquest are pretty clear. First of all, Gloryhole is nowhere near as good as The Conquest was with delivering barbs, but he genuinely believes Francophones are better than everyone else, while The Conquest was clearly just joking around.

      "Someone noted that I use "we" refering to something that occured centuries ago. Did anyone spot the "we" and the "you" in "You mad that we conquered you, bro? :)"

      ---->>>> Once again, it was a fucking joke, Michel. If you really want to dole out justice why don't you take Gloryhole to task for saying that the death of a 5-year-old girl is justified on the basis that her parents were Anglophones who had trouble communication with the medic in French?

    15. Resident Evil and AnecTOTE, you are both spot on. It was too easy.

      Their butts still hurt because we conquered them and they are a people conquis. :) MDR!!!

    16. @ Mr Cunningham

      I'm disappointed of you. Let me remind you that you're American, not English-Canadian. You should never put yourself at their level. You worth more than that.

    17. Mr. Cunningham - don't think that because you received a response from one of our resident trolls, that all francophones in quebec are like them - thank God they're not all crazy like the separatists that treat breaking up a country like a vote for a student body change at one of their practically free universities. 99% of the separatists hate the Americans just about, if not more, than they hate the English Canadians. Most even refuse to visit the states on holidays preferring to visit places that speak only french and make no bones about it. Visit some of their websites and you will see this is true - they, on their own, will never make good friends and neighbours of the Americans - they will insist that you people adhere to their crazy rules for imports and exports, not the other way around. They will go bankrupt trying to prove a point without a second thought to their own demise. These are scary people that are totally selfish and think only of what's best for their own race (language freaks) and of no one else. He's just trying to suck you into a discussion that he would never admit is fruitless for them. Plus, first time he posts in English so you can see that he can speak and understand it but would never show us the respect of posting in the language that most of us here work and communicate in - totally selfish as I said.

    18. "haha! you're not leaving too many options for resident evil, apologizing being the only noble one i see."

      Ohohohohoho! Ohhhhhhohohoho!

      Little man...little man.

      I'll give you an apology AFTER you apologize for the following:

      1. Handicapping the QC economy

      2. Empowering the corrupt public unions (read: FLQ, CSN, CSQ)

      3. Engineering $7 a day daycare on the non-child bearing class (as a means of promoting your ethically perverted agenda)

      4. I don't believe in marriage, believe even less in taking your spouse's name in marriage, but I believe in freedom. Therefore, you are to apologize for your sad attempt at social engineering by banning the adoption of surnames by marriage

      5. Duplicating all federal bodies (example: Revenu Quebec) and driving up taxes, then having the nerve to insinuate, that the Federal government is the one duplicating these bodies

      To Student, Michel Patrice, Y.L and Gloryhole...

      ..When you all are done lying to yourselves, then and only then will you be worthy of opening up dialog with us.

      Until then, you remain the un-prestigious bottom rung that insists on dragging the whole of society down with your inherent lack of vision and potential.

      So sorry.

    19. I’m beginning to get the hang of using this seppie “we” talk. Like you, R.E., this exclusionary language felt weird at first, but I guess that’s all our PEUPLE CONQUIS have left to hang onto. So sad! :)

    20. @resident evil

      "I'll give you an apology AFTER you apologize for the following..."

      thanks for acknowledging you owe an apology.

      it's quite cheap to try to peddle it for higher value items like michel patrice's honor, or mine.

      you're cheap, mate.

    21. Cutie, I just made a search for you on Google translate. Before I comment further, I would like to know how said "caniche hurlant" in English. Is it "poodle howling" or "poodle screaming"?

    22. I detect someone who feels colonized and impotent. :)

    23. I should not be so colonized than that, because I can make the difference between a first-class anglo-saxon (British, American) and a second-class anglo-saxon (Australian, English-Canadian).

  17. Le Québec moins à risque d'un défaut de paiement

  18. Another example that Quebec wants to be more French than France.

    I watched the Impact game this afternoon against Chicago Fire. There was an ad for AT&T on the electronic sideline board. That ad was presented in both languages. Remember that AT&T does not have consumer business in Montreal, Quebec or Canada.

    Now go back to the quarter-finals of UEFA Champions League when Paris St-Germain played at home. The ads were in English, including Ford's "Drive to Wembley" and FIFA's "Say No to Racism".

    To close, I apology for the Editor for using his blog but...

    Go Impact!!

    1. your example only shows france is not culturally threatened by being surrounded by 2.6 billion anglophones.

    2. Un élément de l'équation non négligeable lorsque nous comparons le Québec et la France.

    3. Well Mr. Cummingham - I, for one, am always happy that people from the US follow the blog and the daily undertakings of the separatists to overtake the land of the province from the Canadian people. What is you opinion of what the federal government in the US would do in the case of a rogue state like quebec is within Canada?

    4. Denmark is not culturally threatened by 2.6 gazillion anglophones and neither is Quebec.

    5. @r.s

      in quebec's case the cultural threat is coming from approximately 350 million anglophones, mate.

      i don't know why you bring up denmark, though.

    6. Vous avez tout à fait raison Conquistador,cependant vous ne pouvez contredire les chiffres :)

  19. FROM: Language - Couillard: 1; Legault: 0

    In a minority government, there are times when it is quite healthy for the Opposition to nip a government initiative in the bud. It is not a question of being radical nor of being anti-democratic. And no, Mr. Legault, encouraging a dialogue at all costs and letting the government do what it wants when one can guess perfectly well all the perverse effects of its policies is not a matter of "doing politics differently."

    In the case of Bill 14, you should never have "given the government a chance to propose amendments that would make the law acceptable.”

    For one thing, it never will be acceptable, and for another, if it ever were, it would have been flushed of all the futilities/rattles that the government would have inserted there in order to please the language zealots . Add to this the electoral point of view and I would bet that the next poll will tell you that you have lost the greater Quebec City region.

    Let’s just say it. The CAQ leader has embarrassed his party and its members. He had set some preconditions to start off with and (surprise!) Minister De Courcy showed herself to be conciliatory, ready to soften and even back off on some controversial aspects of the bill.

    Oh but how it mustn’t have been pleasant at the CAQ caucus this week. Now that the tactic has failed, what should we do? Let’s add some more conditions! Yeah. And then after having wasted the valuable time of our elected representatives to analyze a disembodied bill item by item, what will you do?

    Legault couldn’t say no to his old friends. This is the root of the problem. Politics, after all, is based on trust and human relationships. François Legault’s roots are pequiste, his vision of Quebec nationalism is pequiste and his interventionist reflexes are pequiste. No doubt this was why he received such extraordinary media coverage at a time when he had not yet even formed his party.

    In this case, Couillard [Note: that links to an article about Couillard defending bilingualism] is merely expressing the feelings and opinions of the majority of parents and of Quebecers who consider that giving their children the chance to become bilingual is something that is absolutely essential and not reserved only for the children our own elites.

    This rewinding of the language issue is now leading to excesses and is maintaining resentments from another era that separatists love to rehash. (Click here to see what is going on in academia). [Note: that links to an article about the Mouvement Québec français setting up a branch on the campus of Laval University in Quebec City in order to act as a “guard dog” for the university’s policy on the use of French.]

    Le Devoir reports that, according to minister De Courcy, the CAQ has avoided a "catastrophe". I would bet that the real catastrophe that the CAQ will not have avoided is its own electoral death throes.

    1. Note that De Courcy’s efforts to appease the CAQ by appearing to be flexible on amendments to Bill 14 are phony, false, bogus, fake and a sham. She has already indicated that she intends to simply re-introduce those amendments at a later date.

      [/sarcasm on] Great job, CAQ! [/sarcasm off]

  20. Thx for the info R.S. - you know what I find really strange is that we've heard not one word from the Conservative Party of Quebec - if they were really interested in making a bid for seats in the next election, they should have had something to say about Bill 14. Makes me think they are not really contenders for our votes. If anyone has seen or heard anything from them on this, plse provide a link. At least the Equality Party 2.0 are trying to get some publicity and so is Couillard.

    1. here you go:

      of course if you swap from nodogsoranglophones to national post all day you'll miss out on loads of stuff, cutie003. try to include french outlets in your roll. oh you don't understand french? learn it, then. one day you'll thank me.

    2. but here's a better analysis, if you're interested in better things cutie003:

  21. Dudent: "one day you'll thank me."

    If you'd stop being such an obnoxious waste of space, we'd thank you today.

  22. "oh you don't understand french? learn it, then. one day you'll thank me."

    Why would anyone want to waste their time learning a dying language, that's only spoken in one civilized place (France) on the planet? Yeah, how about traveling to Congo, Algeria, Haiti, Rwanda, Niger or Quebec for a nice visit, or relocating to those places to live. No thank you.

    The Quebecois do not even speak French, it is Joual. Not only are the words and vocabulary as mangled and invalid as Ebonics, another wannabe so-called language, it is the most harsh and sounding ever. I was just having supper at a restaurant in Montreal last night, listening to a group of people speaking Joual. It is like having insects buzzing in my ears. They sound like hillbillies, and loud and ear piercing ones at that. It sounds almost angry they way they speak, not at all soft and pleasant like some other accents. I know that is offensive to anyone who speaks Quebec Joual French, but the truth needs to be told.

    European French is pleasant sounding by contrast. I don't want to rip my ears off everytime I hear it, I can enjoy it and wow, actually understand it!

    With all this Bill 14 stuff going around I will no longer make any effort to speak French. I will only speak English now. Unless someone really and truly cannot understand English or struggles with it, my new policy is English first and only.

    1. "Why would anyone want to waste their time learning a dying language, that's only spoken in one civilized place (France) on the planet?"

      a quebec province resident complained earlier about the drag it was to call a clerk everytime she needs to read a product's label. that's why.

      do you have higher quality questions you'd like to ask?

    2. With all this Bill 14 stuff going around I will no longer make any effort to speak French. I will only speak English now. Unless someone really and truly cannot understand English or struggles with it, my new policy is English first and only.

      You’re not the only who feels that way, teacher. We are more and more people who feel the same way. Our learning French has been not enough for the people that we colonized, it’s simply the thin edge of the wedge.

      Appeasement and being nice has done nothing but embolden the people that we conquered (you and I, personally) and led to ever-more draconian language laws like Bill 14. Time to change tactics.

    3. Je crois que "teacher" n'aime pas le terme "globish" :)
      Avez-vous déjà écouté un groupe de Chinois qui s'engueulent en globish?
      En passant,personne ne vous a jamais empêché d'utiliser cette langue.

    4. Teacher, your student hasn’t learned his lesson on how to answer questions coherently. I think you should give him a detention.

    5. "a quebec province resident complained earlier about the drag it was to call a clerk everytime she needs to read a product's label. that's why.

      do you have higher quality questions you'd like to ask?"

      Fair enough. That is why the Quebecois should learn English and be spoken to in English, so they can understand the international language spoken by the world. That clerk should be able to read and understand the English on the product's label on their own. If they cannot, they are functionally illiterate. A person who cannot speak French on the other is fine, they can function anywhere on the planet (except Congo, Algeria, Haiti, Rwanda, Niger...oh boo-hoo).

      Screw bilingual packaging. It is just clutter that makes it more difficult to read a DVD cover, books, restaurant menus, etc. Make it English only, like in the States. It is so clean and neat! We don't need French on cereal boxes so someone Quebecois dude traveling to Vancouver for a day can be accommodated. NOT when English people are not accommodated in the very place they live, work and breath. Treat Quebecois like royalty outside Quebec, English like garbage inside Quebec. If I were Harper, I'd abolish official bilingualism before the next election.