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French versus English Volume 81

Quebec hit with another international black eye.

You can't get much more international exposure than an article in TIME MAGAZINE and the following harrowing account of Quebec's linguistic crusade against English which served to embarrass Quebec internationally once again.
The article has received over 2,000 comments, so it isn't as if the piece went unnoticed.

 Read the story: Time Magazine
 Credit to the many readers who pointed out the story.

"Public hearings on Bill 14 create polarized debate"-CBC

"As the public hearings on Quebec’s controversial Bill 14 continue, there is no lack of opinion coming from all sides of the language debate.
Bill 14 proposes to amend Quebec's language charter by tightening restrictions around the use of English. If passed, the bill would give language inspectors the power of search and seizure, and it would allow the government to remove the bilingual status of some municipalities.
One of the province’s largest labour federations, the Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN), called on the government to send a strong message that French is the one and only official language of Quebec.
Jacques Létourneau, president of the CSN, spoke during Tuesday's hearing.
In order to highlight French's decline in the province, Létourneau pointed to Montreal, where people can work in English, shop at the local dépanneur in English and even be served at a café in English.
“The signal we are sending to the world is not only that in Quebec we live in English first and in French second, but also that, in the end, one can live here in English only,” Létourneau said."Link

"Quebec exporters call Bill 14 absurd" - CJAD radio

"Quebec's association for manufacturers and exporters is calling some parts of bill 14 inapplicable and even absurd.

"It's major. It's major," Audrey Azouley said about the bill's impact on business.

The director with the manufacturers and exporters of Quebec had some harsh words for the National Assembly hearing on the new legislation." Link

"Language hardliners titans embarrass PQ government

Quebec's most hardline pasta-chasers gave a news conference denouncing any form of English after having voiced their opinion before a National Assembly Committee on Bill 14, the son of Bill 101 that will further hinder minority language rights in Quebec.
"Members of Imperatif Francais later said that no English institutions, such as universities or hospitals, should exist at all in the province.
Jean-Paul Perreault, the organization's president, said that in a separate Quebec allophones and francophones would certainly not have the right to attend an English CEGEP."
But the most memorable utterance is this hilarious nonsense by melon-head Mario Beaulieu, Quebec's chief defender of the faith;  
 "... the language law is meant to be inclusive -- by forcing everyone in the province to use one, and only one language, for the common good."
He then went on to add more crapola, by stating that most states and countries around the world have similar legislation relating to a single, official language, without elaborating or naming a one. Link

The hardline attitude of Mr. Perreault even shocked one the panel members, Jacques Létourneau of the CSN who immediately piped in that he didn't agree that hospitals should become unilingual.
The presentation by Mr. Perreault and Mr. Beaulieu were so extreme that the Minister of Health felt it necessary to say something;
"I do not agree with this, my government neither, assured the minister briefing. Anglophone institutions should be supported. I told the English school boards that I am very sensitive to their concerns of potential school closures. " Link{Fr}
"Minister for anglophone relations, Jean-François Lisée, also piped in;
"He says Quebec’s English-speaking population is a valued part of the province’s culture and history.
“At the creation of the Parti Québécois there was a great debate, and René Lévesque was very clear that the anglo community in Quebec had rights, historic rights, that needed to be protected forever," Lisée said." Link

I daresay that Mario Beaulieu and Jean-Paul Perreault, Quebec's über-pastas-chasers are the best thing that ever happened in defense of English.

"Hugo Sheabbeare's presentation before Bill 14 committee


Watch Anglo MNA Geoff Kelly rip into him after the presentation.
Here's a reply from Mark Bergeron, leader of the Equality Party. Link

Extra credit reading

Universities in France want to teach some courses in English
The UPR claimed that the legislation would lead to the destruction of the French language and culture, and turn France into an American colony. We are being asked nothing less than to scupper one of the greatest world languages and to bray in the language of McDonald’s to satisfy the aims of ‘profitability’ of a global oligarchy which counts for nothing faced with the peoples and the history of the world,” it said." Yikes! Read more
 Conservative ministers in trouble over English only
"The office of International Co-operation Minister Julian Fantino twice issued a directive that all communication with his signature be in English only, even if the recipient was French-speaking.
Official Languages Commissioner Graham Fraser has agreed to look into the matter after a complaint from the New Democrats, who argue the order may violate the Official Languages Act." Link
"Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has joined his cabinet colleague International Cooperation Minister Julian Fantino under the microscope of Parliament’s language watchdog over separate “English only” controversies.
While Fantino is under investigation over a directive for bureaucrats to send him correspondence for review in English only, a new report by Official Languages Commissioner Graham Fraser said Baird’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade had violated its obligations under federal language legislation by printing English only business cards for the minister." Link

Probe called after book alleges Supreme Court interference into 1982 ‘constitutional coup d’état’
"The Supreme Court of Canada says it will investigate allegations that some of its members intervened in the repatriation of the Constitution. The high court’s decision came after urging by Quebec’s Parti Québécois government for Ottawa to “open its books” on the events that led to the repatriation of the Constitution by Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s federal Liberals in 1982.
The call by Quebec Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Alexandre Cloutier on Tuesday came after the publication of a book that alleges Supreme Court of Canada magistrates interfered in the political process and engaged in backroom discussions." Link
The National Coalition on Transfer Fairness attacks Equalization
"The Government of Quebec is like a person on Government assistance.  If they get a job their assistance goes down. If they lose a job their assistance goes up.  In Provinces like Alberta we need to realize that equalization is not something we do for Quebec – its something we do to them!  A model of producing more than you consume is sustainable for a society, but a model of consuming more than you produce is not." Link
 Should Quebec's nanny state train sex partners? Link

In Canada, French is a language of ambition, not decline- Graham Fraser
"In fact, we’re now in the unique situation that a majority of Canada’s premiers are bilingual. Why? They’re bright and want to understand the country as a whole. A former French ambassador once told me that one of the things that impressed him most about Canada is that French is the language of ambition." Link

C'mom Is texting  really a problem while driving?

 "Motorists who use their cellphones while driving will be targeted in a huge crackdown in the entire Montérégie area Wednesday.
The Sûréte du Québec – along with all the different municipal police south of Montreal all the way to the border – will be out in force Wednesday in a blitz aimed at discouraging the dangerous practice of talking on the phone and, more importantly, texting while driving"....hmm! Story:

Montreal potholes are really, really big.....


Anybody who has paid Montreal's Bell Centre or Toronto's Air Canada Centre prices for food during hockey games will be astounded at the prices charged for food at the Masters golf tournament.
BTW, the NHL's most expensive beer at over $10 is sold at the Bell Centre where a bottle of water is a staggering $4.50.
My favorite scam at the Bell Centre concession stand is the sign that lists a 'trio' price, consisting of say, a beer, a hot dog and a bag of chips. When you add up the posted prices of the three individual items, it's the exact same price as the trio! When I asked the guy behind the stand what gives, he laughed and said the trio price was just a convenience so customers would know the total in advance. Ha!!!

Have a great weekend!
Bonne Fin de Semaine!


  1. Separatists love to harp that Quebec’s “official language” is French (even though Bill 101 doesn’t say that it is the ONLY official language, because this would have been unconstitutional) and think they can use this as a hammer against the use of any English in the province, the presence of which has been a historical reality for the entirety of Quebec’s history.

    The list of countries which have only one official language is much shorter than the list of countries which have more than one official language. There are 206 sovereign states in the world and less than 75 of them (including microstates) have only one official language.

    In other words, the normal situation is for countries to have more than one official language.

    Therefore, separatists who claim “one language, one country” are blatantly mistaken. Please feel free to repeat this to them ad nauseam. Rinse and repeat. It still won’t sink in for them but nevertheless it’s the truth.

    It would be awfully nice if one day, any member of the Top Ten Pasta Chaser Hall of Shame would be honest enough to actually acknowledge this simple fact.

    1. ”the normal situation is for countries to have more than one official language”

      This is mostly due to colonial heritage. It's not more or less normal...You can basically make numbers say anything. Countries like Denmark and France are listed as having numerous official languages due to their overseas possessions, but technically in the mainland there is only one official language.

      Also I believe that an independent Québec would make the list of countries that have more than one official language due to the relative protection of First Nation's languages.

    2. Protection of First Nation's languages? Puh-leeze!

    3. This is mostly due to colonial heritage
      I agree. French and English have a presence here only because of this "colonial heritage". Our language policies, hundreds of years hence, need not favor one thieving colonial party over another. Being the heirs of two thieves means we should know the ways and have the mans of both, and not just one.

      In a place that is as diverse and organically bilingual as Montreal, there is no greater madness than claiming to be inclusive by advocating -- let alone forcing -- everybody to do it one way.

      It makes sense that countries, microstates, municipalities, and regions ought to have legislation that encourages their development. In our case, it's only right that such legislation not deny our true nature. Laws intended to linguistically engineer Montreal either into Saguenay or Moose Jaw belong in the rotting graveyard of history, and the admiration of such "engineers" as Camille Laurin and even Teddy Roosevelt right along with them.

    4. “Normal” means conforming to the norm, and the norm is indeed that countries have more than one official language.

      I may be mistaken but it sounds remarkably much as if GL expects an independent Quebec to make First Nations languages official but outlaw one of the world’s most important languages, which has been spoken in Quebec for over 250 years and which has been an integral part of making Quebec what it is today.

      Quebec and its culture is not and never has been cultivated by francophones alone.

    5. We are arguing on rhetoric...I don't know how R.S amounted to 75, but if you click on the link, you'll see that a bunch of countries are listed because they offer protection to "regional" languages without making them official languages.

      Ideally in a independent Québec, French would be the official language, however Native's Languages would be offered some protection and bilingual municipalities/cities would keep their bilingual status.

      Hopefully, that's good enough to make R.S' honor roll ;)

    6. Sometimes you get a real gem here; a keeper.

      It's rare that you get two in the same posting. Apparatchik did it above with the following two:

      "Our language policies, hundreds of years hence, need not favor one thieving colonial party over another. Being the heirs of two thieves means we should know the ways and have the mans of both, and not just one."


      "Laws intended to linguistically engineer Montreal either into Saguenay or Moose Jaw belong in the rotting graveyard of history, and the admiration of such "engineers" as Camille Laurin and even Teddy Roosevelt right along with them."

      The difference between French and English in Quebec is that one is a successful colonial, imperialist power and the other isn't. That doesn't mean that one isn't any less colonialist or imperialist than the other. English isn't as successful a colonialist, imperialist power as French is in Africa where there are over 44 countries (last time I counted) with over half having French as an official language. I don't think French is an aboriginal language anywhere in Africa.

  2. Thanks to the recent TIME Magazine article, greater awareness about petty Quebec government harassment against small-business owners (but not big-business owners, naturally) is gaining tremendous traction.

    For example, the owner of five Liquid Nutrition franchises talks eloquently about his negotiations with the OQLF wanting him to cough up $10,000 to add an E after the D to create a fake French name (Liquide Nutrition is not at all proper French) against head office wishes not to change the trademark name, just like those of Future Shop and McDonald’s.

    This has absolutely nothing to do at all with protecting the future of the French language in North America and everything to do with revanchism. Franco-supremacism has gotten out of control.

    You be the judge and watch for yourselves:

  3. Remember Jaime Blumenthal, the owner of La Bicycletterie JR? He is the owner of a bike shop in the Plateau, where many anglos live, who covered up novelty signs in his store with flip-up signs (including even a decorative souvenir bicycle poster from Cuba in Spanish!) stating “WARNING Non-francophone sign underneath. Read at your own discretion” in order to conform with OQLF harassment aimed at socially re-engineering Quebec into a French-supremacist state.

    The OQLF actually told Mr. Blumenthal to remove stickers he put in French, English and Spanish on his “Now Serving” number board because anyone could see the number and they didn’t need to be told what it means. Not even George Orwell could have come up with this real-life situation that now exists in Quebec.

    Once again, this is not in Matane or Sept-Îles but right in downtown Montreal! The man is not anti-French at all; everything in his store is available in French. This has absolutely nothing to do at all with not respecting French or protecting the future of the French language in North America and everything to do with pure and simple revanchism. Franco-supremacism has gotten out of control.

    Please have a listen to his story, especially his feelings towards the end (and “Like” it if you wish).

    1. His name is Jaime (pronounced: Hymie) Rosenbluth. What this man has gone through is complete infamy. Too bad he doesn't just pack up stakes and conduct his business in Toronto, or Ottawa or Vancouver.

    2. Oops! I don't know why do you think it's too bad, though. You are such a quitter, Mr. Sauga!

  4. I daresay that Mario Beaulieu and Jean-Paul Perreault, Quebec's über-pastas-chasers are the best thing that ever happened in defense of English.

    This ludicrous pair, with their desire to ignore Quebec's history and alter it into a French-only state, are harming their own cause not only by ignoring Quebec’s historical reality but also its contemporary reality. They are indeed the friends of not only anglos and allos but indeed of all reasonable francos as well, with their sheer lunacy and extremism.

    1. Whatever happened to forbearance and reason?

    2. App: Whatever happened to fiscal responsibility? Work ethics and productivity? Respect for all? Human rights?

  5. I was very impressed with Mr. Shebbeare’s presentation. He certainly has a lot more guts than I do, I must say.

    If he is reading this, there is one small critique that I would like to make and which is based on the lesson that I learned from Irwin Rapoport’s earlier presentation, which is to say that if one wishes to make a presentation in English, then it should be made in English (and this despite any institutional intimidation). I’m fairly certain that presentations made at the United Nations are done in one language only. There is no shame in using English in Quebec’s National Assembly and including some words in French in a parliamentary presentation in order to indicate one’s bona fides doesn’t actually send a strong message about the vitality of the English language in Quebec but perhaps the opposite. Be that as it may, I was glad to see that at least this time, Mme. De Courcy had some sort of comment to make about your presentation, as opposed to what she did following Mr. Rapoport’s presentation.

    In any event, I stand in awe at your dedication and applaud you, sir!

  6. I watched Hugo Shebbeare's presentation to the Assembly and I have two words for him: WELL DONE! Unlike Irwin Rapoport's frank presentation that was as bland as Passover matzo albeit true and honest, Hugo's was far more impassioned, especially describing the resistance he faced from the Caisse de dépôt when he was contracted to improve their IT facilities.

    If Geoffrey Kelley wore a beanie cap, I think he would have taken off like a helicopter the way he was bouncing around during his rebuttal of what Hugo presented. No doubt Hugo wanted to go on and on, but he had 600 good seconds to get his passion and ideas across. I see Geoffrey Kelley as a traitor, nothing more, nothing less.

  7. More BS from the separatists about the Time article:

    1. It's deplorable that the "Comment" function doesn't actually function because I would most certainly like to be able to respond to Mr. Boisclair's PQ propaganda. Clearly it's there just for show.

    2. Boisclair: "Anglo-Quebecers enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the country and have access to a network of English-language medical, educational and social institutions."

      What is missing is this at the end of this sentence: "...despite our ongoing effort to interfere with and put an end to this 'standard of living'."

    3. FROM: Boisclair in TIME: “It’s disinformation,” says an English group
      HUGO PILON-LAROSE April 12, 2013

      The Director General of the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), Sylvia Martin-Laforge, accuses André Boisclair of spreading "disinformation" and feeding the “myth that the English-speaking minority in Quebec is rich, as in wealthy fat cats.”

      The former Parti Quebecois leader, who was appointed last November 7th as Quebec's Delegate General in New York, wrote to TIME magazine in response to one of its articles about Quebec being “at war” against English.

      “The standard of living of Anglo-Quebecers is among the highest in Canada. They have access to a network of educational, medical and social institutions in their language”, Mr. Boisclair notably wrote.

      The QCGN strongly denounced these words, calling them false.

      "This type of disinformation worries me enormously, especially when it is published in a magazine that is read as much as TIME is. In the English-speaking community, the unemployment rate is 33% higher than in the Francophone community. What is even more disturbing is that this rate is even higher among young people. If nothing is done to reverse the trend, these young people will simply leave the province,” says Mrs. Laforge.

      "A bilingual Anglophone who masters both languages receives the same salary as a unilingual francophone, on average. A bilingual Francophone, on the other hand, may in turn rely on a salary about 12% higher. This is the sad but true reality,” says the Director General of the QCGN.

      André Boisclair’s excursion in TIME magazine is not a first for a delegate general of Quebec. While he was in office, his predecessor in New York, John Parisella, maintained a blog where he wrote about political and social news and responded to articles published in the United States about Quebec.

      Mr. Boisclair's office declined an interview request with La Presse.

      Bill 14: "Our young people will go"

      The QCGN made a presentation about Bill 14 to the parliamentary committee in Quebec City yesterday, which seeks to refresh the Quebec Charter of the French language.

      “Often, young Anglophones speak French but do not write it well enough to find good jobs. They get stuck in positions at the bottom of the ladder. If you do not see a future somewhere, you leave. This is what would happen if Bill 14 is passed, by reinforcing the perception among the English-speaking community that we are not welcome,” said the executive director of the organization, Mrs. Martin-Laforge.

      “The new limitations proposed by the bill will have a significant effect on English-language institutions. Bill 14 introduces new penalties and restrictions that are useless and draconian. They may provoke a new exodus of the community,” says Michael Bergman, the lawyer who represents the QCGN and has often defended cases against Bill 101 by the anglophone community.

      In parliamentary committee this afternoon, the Quebec Bar expressed concern that the new measures planned by Bill 14 "(affect) inordinately anglophone and allophone communities."

    4. "Bill 14 may violate human rights: Quebec Bar Association"

  8. Diane DeCourcy : "...Malheureusement,nous ne pouvons que constater que nos positions sont profondément éloignées..."

    Ça part mal mon Hugo :(

  9. In response to Hugo Shebbeare’s presentation:

    Nathalie Roy, CAQ: “Pour nous, la langue anglaise n’est pas une langue étrangère, soyez-en assurés. […] Il faut aussi protéger les droits de notre minorité anglophone. Et ce, pour nous, c’est important, sachez-le. Il y a déjà des irritants dans la loi […] pour lesquelles nous demanderons des amendements pour protéger vos droits. »

    “For us, English is not a foreign language, rest assured. […] We must also protect the rights of our anglophone minority. Do know that for us, this is important. As it is, there are irritants in the bill for which we will request amendments in order to protect your rights.”

    Well, let us see what becomes of this.

    Good job, Hugo!

  10. Hmm, have any of you heard about this American teenager who can speak 23 languages (so far)?

    I wonder how many times this means he can be “assimilated”…

    1. I speak french and english and I haven't been assimilated. One fo my nieces speaks french, english, much better spanish than I do, she forgot most of the wolof that she learned because of lack of practice and she now speaks russian better every day. Yet, she has not been assimilated.

      I met francophones in the ROC whose children can barely mumble french. The child of my italian friend speaks french and english, they understand italian but can no longer speak it. This is assimilation : the loss of one's native language.

      So, assuming that this speaker of 23 languages young teenager still speaks his native language, he has not been assimilated.

      The next question is, of course, are we, francophones, in danger of assimilation in Québec. Of course not.

    2. Strange.

      You appear to lament assimilation on the one hand, and support it on the other, as long as it’s in French.

      Since francophones in Quebec are not in danger of assimilation, as you agree, then surely you must be against further restrictions in favour of what is already the most regulated language in the world with Bill 14, correct?

    3. One the one hand, you appear to lament assimilation, and on the other, you seem to resent those who don’t wish to be assimilated.

      So which is it?

    4. I don't lament on the assimilation of the francophones in the ROC, I simply note it without much emotion.

      This being said, if I saw differently the assimiliation to english and the assimiliation to french in Québec, would it be such a big surprise for you?

    5. That sounds rather heartless.

      Not surprising, but wrong.

  11. LordDorchester

    First off, three cheers for Hugo. His briefing and his exchange with MNA Geoff Kelly afterwards was brilliant. Kelly, should at this point just cut off his own balls and store them in the attic. Clearly he has no use for them.
    The Time Magazine piece was a great read and really encapsulated what has been going on here since the PQ's election. Now it's out there for popular consumption for millions to read FOREVER. Time is a magazine of record. The 2000 or so comments were fascinating to read, especially those that tried to defend taking away rights of minority citizens under the laughable guise that the French language was being threatened (sea of English, yada yada yada...). One of the more enlightened comments came from a writer named Kavoski. I'll paste his entry below;

    1. Kavoski (Comment from Time Magazine article April8th,2013)

      "For anyone not from quebec, who hasn't lived inside the tortured and bizarre world of linguistic politics, this must all appear very stupid.

      At it's core, the most important thing for anyone to understand is that the French Canadian culture and certainly the French language (at least, the mauled version spoken by Quebecers) is not now and never has been under threat. In fact, the entire French language culture of Quebec is rock solid - witness the star system, music industry, celebrity, theatre, and most certainly, television. (Ironically, much of this is subsidized by the Canadian federal government, but if Quebec wants to bite the hand that feeds it, so be it).

      What this is really about is racism and xenophobia. Make no mistake - there is venomous hatred for the English among a certain core population - the bourgeoisie, the managers and upper middle class who wish to supplant all the English leadership in Quebec with their own. Unable to do so through traditional means - success, business development, etc., these government bureaucrats resort to sham politics - to masquerading as culturally threatened - when the de facto reality is that they crave control above all.

      Few know the history, but this goes back to the initial and rather ruthless separation of business and commerce in Quebec following the treaty of Utrecht. At one point, the entire merchant class of the province was English, and French Canadians were compelled to become educated in the letters of law, philosophy, etc. And of course, the church - the racist, entirely twisted Roman Catholic church in Quebec which dispensed venomous hatred for Jews and ethnic minorities for years - a term well articulated by a long-ago deposed separatist leader, Jacques Parizeau, when he lost a referendum on taking Quebec out of Canada and blamed "money and the ethnic vote". And more transparent statement could not have been made. This was racism at its very finest.

      These people are evil, and they are sick. They will do everything they can to destroy the province and to displace the few remaining anglophones who pose absolutely no threat whatsoever. Their twisted politics will ruin the place, and Quebec will end up looking like a third world country. This has already begun, because the immigration and language policies of the regime ensure that all the more sophisticated immigrants to Canada who understand that North America is largely English move to Ontario and points west. Only the disenfranchised poor and downtrodden - the Indonesians, the Haitians, the Muslims, move to Quebec now - because they are forced to educated their children in French.

      This is all a great tragedy. Quebec is a magnificent place - rich with a history of peaceful cohabitation. The Montreal of my childhood was a bona fide polyglot of cultures - French in the majority, Italians, Greeks, Armenians, Jews and so many more, living in harmony, in agreement that they were in one of the greatest places in the world, happy to share their enthusiasm for their home teams, for their neighborhoods and for their lives. This has all been ripped asunder by the Parti Quebecois.

      They are a divisive, ruinous, evil group of people who will most certainly send Quebec back to the stone age. They even want to lower the voting age to 16, in order to enlist rabid support from those French Canadian youths too young and too ill-informed to vote with understanding and context. A clever strategy, but oh so twisted.

      I pity those who remain, and I mourn for my once great Province."

      Read more:

    2. At its core, the most important thing for anyone to understand is that the French Canadian culture and certainly the French language … is not now and never has been under threat. In fact, the entire French language culture of Quebec is rock solid.

      The “threat” to French has been paraded about as justification for stomping on English for so long without a shred of evidence other than “Louisiana!!!” that some people take it as gospel. Quebec is not and never has been in the same situation as Louisiana. Trying to exterminate English from Quebec is not only regressive but trying to shelter itself from it does not help French to survive either. Claiming that French in Alberta is the same as English in Quebec is harebrained. The OLA has always been about providing government services in both languages, not about having wall-to-wall bilingualism.

      What this is really about is racism and xenophobia. Make no mistake - there is venomous hatred for the English among a certain core population - the bourgeoisie, the managers and upper middle class who wish to supplant all the English leadership in Quebec with their own.

      This is absolutely the truth of the matter about that core population and trying to pretend otherwise is completely delusional. It’s certainly not the case for the majority of francophones but for the minority in the PQ and its more extreme version, the QS, there would be no need for their anti-English policies were this not the case. They simply don’t want to co-exist equally with anglophones.

      These people are evil, and they are sick. They will do everything they can to destroy the province and to displace the few remaining anglophones who pose absolutely no threat whatsoever.

      Hello, S.R!!! *Wave*

  12. I am just finishing listening Mr Sheabbeare' presentation.

    He quoted a figure that I heard a few times lately but I can't find where it comes from. He says (quoting Beryl Wajsman I believe) that the 20% non-francophone part of the population pays 40% of all taxes (or something like this...). Does anyone know where this figure comes from?

    1. I have never quoted or used this 20%/40%'fact' in this blog because I never (after considerable effort) have been able to track down its source.

    2. I too would like to thank Mr. Shebbeare for his great presentation and if it sounds angry, so what? I'm angry - I'm sure most of us are. And Mr. Kelly, should you be looking at this blog, be aware that all the votes you receive are because we have no other choice in this doomed province and not because you liberals are doing a great job of protecting us from these on-going attacks rather you have been complicit in the extermination of our heritage and our rights and freedoms under Canadian Law. Why do you guys keep pretending to be federalists anyway? Why aren't you standing up for Canada which is your job, supposedly? Do you want to see the destruction of Canada? Looks that way to me! What happens if quebec separates from Canada? Do you think that they (ROC) are stupid enough to keep on supporting bilingualism? Start acting like you are Canadians all you liberals out there! There are many francophones that are federalists and a lot more would be if you stop pandering to the demands of the IF and SJBS bigots by putting forth these crazy and downright discriminatory laws. If you make a strong stand for what's right about Canada and stop playing politics, you will realize that we can win this battle honestly and not with sitting on the fence "to get elected" policies! Francophones are not stupid; they just think we, as federalists, are weak, and so far they are correct! Start speaking out for Christ's sake - Canada has a lot to be proud of - brag about the good things that are Canadian - there are plenty of good things about Canada but mainly that we support and understand their desire to retain their language and culture. Canada is not denying this to them and in fact are encouraging it. Make this clear! No wonder Mr. Shebbeare sounds angry - Dammit get your act together!

    3. Just another reason why I could never vote for the Lieberals. They have had more than their fair share of chances to clean up this province and to help the anglophone community and they have done neither..yet the anglos keep on voting for them with the same old tired excise that they are the only option. Give me the CAQ anyday over the Liberals.
      I also would like to know where this 20/40 percent stat comes from..I have never seen a source for it. Perhaps someone looked at incomes of anglophones and found their incomes are generally higher hence they pay more taxes. Its true that the only anglophones left here are those with good jobs or retired people..otherwise why would you want to stay in Quebec??

    4. I am trying once more to find where this 20%/40% figure comes from. I tried reddit :

      I started dialogue de sourds but got nothing interesting as a source. I was given this as a source :

      An interesting broad picture of the situation, lots of statistics, but nothing conclusive to me.

    5. FROM ED
      Michel, This figure is a rough guesstimate from the very old days. The English paid income taxes. The French gave their money to the Church and received a whopping donation slip in return. this carried on long past the sixties. At the time English merchants like Timothy Eaton and James Ogilvy paid more tax than an army of Francophones. The only one I ever heard refer to it was John Turner, a brilliant economist and strictly honest man. No one has ever disputed it. When you consider the business and industries the English have built compared to the French, it pretty much goes without saying. Ed

  13. So while Quebec bans the English language (bill 22, bill 178, bill 101…), wipes out its real BNA, UEL history, while ethnic language cleansing is going on in Quebec, the rest of the country is forced to fund whatever the French (metis) demand. This is going on in every province. Go check.

    Whats really going on in Canada?

    Until the charter is repealed and we go back to our original constitution, the BNA act, this country will continue to be divided, will continue to further and further into debt, will continue to live the lie of being a bilingual country, and all the spin and propaganda that has come with it, yes the linguistic duality lie, the 2 founding nations lie, the french only Kebec lie…See what he really did? We have lived this lie for 30 years now and its about time someone starts speaking the truth openly about what really went on in regards to the forcing of this mess, Trudeau and Kebecs charter of rights and freedoms. We have fewer rights and less freedoms now because of this hoax, this fraud.

  14. Hugo Sheabbeare's tone was not angry. It was emotional and passionate. Madame de Courcy's tone was self-serving and condescending as were Mr. Kelly's comments. Showing empathy for the person or group that feels threatened (and Mr. Sheabbeare obviously can speak first hand to that)is a minimum requirement for any politician. Thanks for coming and have a good trip back was very condescending and anything but a proper response from Madame Courcy.

  15. This interview absolutely made my day yesterday. Listen to two French commentators tear apart Mario Beaulieu for his lies and pettiness, it will make your day too, I promise. The entire episode is in French.

    It is encouraging to see that the contemporary Québecois francophone finally sees past the deception (i.e. bullshit), they are happy and confident living side by side with other languages and cultures and openly mock the brainwashers.

    Here is an article from the Journal de Montréal by journalist Johanne Marcotte, a very interesting read if you`re okay with reading French. Gue-guerres linguistiques et gros christie de niaisage.

    1. Delusional Mario Beaulieu says that Montreal will soon be building an “anglophone metro line”, whatever the hell that means... @ 0:55

      He is so arrogant that he thought he would be leading the interview without even being asked any questions first, before being corrected by the interviewer.

      He denies that Montreal is a bilingual city! @2:30

      He says that since francophones don’t get the same services out West, he wants the same thing to happen back here in Quebec. “If there is one city that mustn’t be bilingual, it’s Montreal”, it “anglicizes” everything and so on and so forth.

      What a joy it is to hear French radio DJs mocking this nincompoop!

      Pasta Chaser #2: You are a loser and an embarrassment to Quebecers!!!

    2. Laurie, thanks for the article.

      I've decided to post it here just to make sure our seppie friends don't miss it as it drives a stake right through the heart of their utterly pointless movement:

      Gue-guerres linguistiques et gros christie de niaisage

      Et dire qu’il y en a encore qui doutent de la radicalisation du Parti québécois… La dernière en date nous est rapportée par le chroniqueur J.-Jacques Samson dans sa chronique de ce matin:

      “Une nouvelle directive formelle a été donnée à tous les membres du conseil des ministres du gouvernement Marois : ils sont dorénavant tenus de s’exprimer exclusivement en français dans les rencontres et les discussions fédérales-provinciales.”

      “De René Lévesque à Bernard Landry en passant par l’indépendantiste pur Jacques Parizeau, aucun premier ministre péquiste n’a préconisé un repli de ce type, même dans les moments de très fortes tensions, au cours des périodes pré et postréférendaires.”

      Non mais c’est-tu assez fatigant! À la guerre comme à la guerre avec la “gouvernance souverainiste”, nous proposent les souverainistes du Parti québécois.

      Après le Pastagate de l’OQLF, le projet de loi #14 nettement discriminatoire à la fois contre les jeunes francophones ET les anglophones Québécois, Gilles Duceppe sera l’amiral d’une consultation d’une parfaite inutilité ne visant qu’à mousser la haine et la colère contre un gouvernement fédéral qui, en passant, agit (au moins sur l’assurance-chômage) dans une de ses compétences.Que les péquistes gouvernent donc! On vivra avec ou on les clairera à la prochaine élection!

      Mais non. Il faut perdre son temps à mousser des illusions, à construire des barrières entre Québécois et entre Canadiens, à s’en prendre à tout ce qui bouge côté développement économique.

      Dites-moi, souverainistes – oui, c’est à vous que je parle – comment faites-vous donc pour continuer de voter aveuglément pour ce lot d’irresponsables et d’illuminés? Comment faites-vous pour être fiers de vos représentants élus? Oui, oui. On le sait tous. Peu importe ce qu’ils feront, peu importe la merde dans laquelle ils nous enliseront, vous continuerez de voter pour ce parti aux politiques complètement bordéliques. Votre noyau dur de 30 quelque pourcent est-il si déconnecté de la réalité? si insécure? N’avez-vous jamais envie de vous sortir de votre paradigme de colonisé?

      Et si vous avez vraiment à coeur votre projet, ne vous rendez-vous pas compte que tout ceci nuit extrêmement à votre cause? Même pas? C’est ça votre idéal de gouvernance souverainiste?

      En entrevue pour la promotion de son livre, votre digne représentant, l’ancien ministre péquiste Garon disait quelque chose du genre à propos des anglophones: “Vous avez tout le reste du continent pour aller vivre en anglais!” La belle affaire. Il considérait les Québécois comme des “pissous” parce qu’ils ont refusé à deux reprises la souveraineté tout en justifiant que le terme était à l’origine une façon péjorative par les Anglais de nous appeler des “Pea Soup”. Or, un ami Facebook a fait la recherche. Il n’en est rien (voir historique du mot plus bas). Mon ami FB a raison. Je le cite:

    3. PART II:

      Les études sérieuses sur l’historique de ce mot nous apprend qu’il vient plutôt du mot ‘pisseux’ auquel on donnait le sens de ‘peureux’ dans le langage populaire des francophones depuis longtemps. M. Garon nous offrait simplement une autre petite pointe malicieuse à sa façon contre les Anglais.

      Pire que ça, la première fois que les supposés méchants Anglais ont utilisé le mot “pea-soup”, c’était tout à l’honneur des Canadiens français.

      Elle est d’abord signalée, chez les anglophones, au sens de« Canadien français », mais sans connotation péjorative, si on en juge d’après la première attestation du mot en anglais canadien : « Weleft in bark canoes early one morning, and were paddled up to Dow’s great swamp by Canadian voyageurs, hardy fellows who can accomplish 100 miles a day, onpea-soupand pork… lighten their labours with their simple boat songs. » ( Craig Early Travellers, 1833, p.82. DictCan ).

      Non, mais c’est tu assez fatigant!!!


      Pissou, attesté comme terme d’injure, est connu en québécois depuis la fin du XVIIIe siècle, mais il remonte probablement au début du Régime français, si on tient compte de sa vitalité en français standard populaire, de même que dans les dialectes français du Nord-Ouest( v. ci-haut ). Encore vigoureux chez nous, le mot est bien signalé par nos glossairistes depuis Dunn ( 1880 ). Pissou nom, masc., « lâche,peureux » a longtemps été considéré comme une adaptation phonétique de l’anglais pea-soup. Il faut cependant voir que pissou, avec la même acception, précède de beaucoup l’appellation anglaise pea-soup. Elle est d’abord signalée, chez les anglophones, au sens de« Canadien français », mais sans connotation péjorative, si on en juge d’après la première attestation du mot en anglais canadien : « Weleft in bark canoes early one morning, and were paddled up to Dow’s great swamp by Canadian voyageurs, hardy fellows who can accomplish 100 miles a day, on pea-soup and pork… lighten their labours with their simple boat songs. » ( Craig Early Travellers, 1833, p.82. DictCan ).

    4. LordDorchester

      Mario Beaulieu is a pimple on a horse's ass. None of my Francophone friends listen to what that clown has to say and I dare say no one under 40 gives a rat's ass about him and his quest. Only frustrated white haired old crows seem to take stock in anything he spews. What's his issue anyway? Why the need to control others and tell people how to live? Has he a complished anything noteworthy ever?

  16. Hi Cutie. I just moved to the plateau and i'm looking for a english doctor or clinic. Do you know of any?

    1. Thanks Liam - Can't say how many times I wish I was bilingual - I miss out on so much. Damn - to turn back the clock - and please all, don't make any silly comments like "it's never too late to learn" or any such shit. None of you know my circumstances. Just to let everyone out there know that to learn two or more languages is a blessing and it's perfectly great to be knowledgeable in anything in life! Will use Google translate for the newspaper item.

    2. Sorry - Above should have been to Laurie: Thanks Laurie.

  17. Hi anonymous: Just to let you know, the Editor of the blog wants everyone to adopt a "handle" to post on his blog - Instructions on the top of the blog I believe. Anyway, which plateau are you referring to? The one in Montreal I know nothing about or are you talking about the one in Hull?

    1. I'm referring to Plateau in Hull

    2. I know you won't have any luck getting a doctor, let alone an anglophone one, in this area of Quebec but if you check in the phone book you will see there are many Appletree Clinics in Ottawa, just over the Champlain Bridge, on Merivale Road I think, and they take the Quebec Medical Card. Many of our people that live here have to do just that because the list for a family doctor is an average 5 year wait. I know it's disgusting but that's the last news I heard. Anyway, those clinics and some family doctors in Ottawa will take our card. If you check also online and put in "family physicians in Ottawa that take Quebec patients" or something to that effect you may get lucky but don't count of it. Appletree is your best best. Good luck.

    3. Yes, Appletree offers good services. Just remember you will have to pay up front and then Quebec will only partially reimburse you the fee, some health insurance will cover the difference. Here is Appletree website for Quebec patient, including the documentation to send to the Quebec government
      Here is the list of clinic with wait times
      The Merivale offers great services and is bilingual.

    4. Liam - sorry I was under the impression that they accepted our cards without having to pay up front. If that's the case most doctors will do that. I didn't think that was the way it worked Anonymous - sorry about that. Let us know how you make out.

    5. Common enough mistakes, a friend of mine tried to show the QC card but they told him that it was not accepted. Appletree has a great service and I like that you can see the wait times online. The webpage for Quebec patient is especially useful plus a part is french. The Merivale clinic is good plus only 10 minutes from Aylmer.

  18. Dommage,j'aurais aimé comprendre ce que M.Shebbeare raconte lorsqu'il s'exprime en français.

  19. FROM ED
    I am very sick and badly unable to breath so I am writing just one post on this subject, then going into the Hospital.

    The TIME WORLD article is a mountain of opportunity. It's success depends on what you do with it. You can send the link to other newscasters to let them know it's true. George Strombopoulous and Anderson Cooper both their offices told me they were gathering material for a story on Quebec. Send letters to TIME WORLD to use for follow ups. Most important lay it on heavy at the prime Ministers door. Don't be afraid to call him a coward and remind him if Pierre Trudeau were P.M. he would never let this happen, even if it meant the War Measures Act. tell him he should take action or resign. Pray to God he does the latter. Ed

    1. Good luck, Mr Ed. I hope you are well soon.

    2. Yes Ed, I hope you are well soon. Good luck and let us know when you return.

    3. The Time World comments are now up to around 3400. Big big publicity as this is a US site and I'm sure it's being monitored by all kinds of influential people. What about you Mr. Harper? Taking notes - can you see what is going on with the Canadian Citizens in this province? Are you going to start stomping down on these radicals? Isn't this part of your job as PM - protecting Canadians wherever we may reside?

    4. FROM ED
      Thanx for your good wishes.
      I'm still home. Urgence came and put a mask on my face. (Don't blame them, wrinkles are ugly) Anyway it helps me breath.
      They are wonderful people, both talking to me in English and so concerned for my comfort. Apparently with a lot of accident's tonight, hospitals are overcrowded.
      I wrote the Gazette, If a few more do it they will make a special section of our letters. Stress the bad points of bill 14, always an attention getter. If we ever get a break from the f*%(^@* weather. (Hope I spelled that right) We''ll all feel better. Ed

    5. Glad you're feeling better Ed - Perhaps you should start oxygen all the time?

  20. OMG! Beryl Wasjman vs Mario Beaulieu (in French obviously)

    Unfortunately, there is no pause, rewind nor fast forward button so you have to suffer through this story of a Belorussian guy that was killed by a beaver.

  21. Have your say to the lying Mr. Boisclair on this Facebook page. Seems to be the only place we can comment.

    1. Thanks for that Cutie.

      Nice to see this cokehead have his ass handed to him.

      Here are a few select shots:

      I'd like to point out a few things about Andre Boisclair...

      1) as one Facebooker pointed out, while an MNA, Boisclair was out coking it up all night then showing up at the assembly to legislate the Quebec population into good behavior

      2) He is yet another example of a dogmatic proponent of Franco-assimilation, and yet attended and Anglo-American university

      3) Despite the fact that the PQ positions itself as a champion of environmental awareness, it chose to work with Boisclair who was hired by Questerre, a CALGARY-based energy company in 2011.

      4) Not long after quitting politics, Boisclair even stated that he no longer sees any validity in the sovereignist movement

      No integrity whatsoever.

      Flip-flop artistry at it's finest.

    2. As soon as they turn against the movement, like Bouchard, the separatists turn on them but this guy gets a plum NY job (where coke flows freely) and everyone listens to the BS that he spouts. God, I hate them!

    3. @cutie003

      "God, I hate them!"

      stop exhibiting such blasphemy. it's uncalled for cutie003. show some respect please, at least for god.

    4. That gawd guy ain't getting no respect.

    5. Heheh… that Facebook page was full of pretty banal information and minimal interest until Boisclair wrote his letter and now… whammo!

      At least now, we learn that Cascades has a plant in upstate New York and New Yorkers learn that their English poster would be illegal here. They could have put French twice the size out of solidarity, franchement!

  22. Here is a letter that was sent to Boisclair re: his comments about the article in World Time
    Great response to these language zealots. Horrible, miserable lot that they are!

  23. What are these french bigots really up to?

    Wake up people and don’t think the government will help you, they are the problem.

    Please watch the clips and pass it on…

  24. And here is some more conspicuous separatist bullshit no seppie has succeeded in explaining to date:

    1. @resident evil

      really? i'll explain it to you: they are quite rich.

      you jealous mate?

    2. Jealous...nope, besides Student I make more in one year than you do in 10.

      And unlike Marois and her douchebag husband, I earn mine HONESTLY without siphoning anything out of the public purse.

      So let me ask you (pointlessly) again: Where did two douchebags with their backgrounds get the cash?

      C'mon hypocrite...pull up the proof.

    3. That's their whole plan - make our properties worthless and then buy them up so they can all live in their ivory towers. You're right - where the hell did they get all the money in the first place? Unlike the rest of us that have to save like hell just to get by in our senior years. Pricks - nothing but.

    4. @resident evil

      "...besides Student I make more in one year than you do in 10."

      how is this relevant with anything, mate? you seem to be addicted this kind of crap lines. why don't you want to access level two of online debating? are you scared of having to find real things to write?

      "Where did two douchebags with their backgrounds get the cash?"

      well if they both have been on 100k+ salaries for the last forty years, and if they invested wisely in the nineties, it could explain why they can afford a condo today. plus they may have family money helping? i'm also aware of the zoning trick they used on ile bizard. this has helped as well.

    5. @cutie003

      "That's their whole plan - make our properties worthless and then buy them up so they can all live in their ivory towers."

      advanced paranoia.

      also check the meaning of ivory tower. it has nothing to do with your property i'm afraid.

    6. @Student

      well if they both have been on 100k+ salaries for ----> the last forty years <----, and if they invested wisely in the nineties, it could explain why they can afford a condo today. plus they may have family money helping? i'm also aware of the zoning trick they used on ile bizard. this has helped as well.

      Try again. For a guy who accuses others of not being good at this game, you're doing a pretty miserable job of things right now.

      C'mon Student, you can do it...put down your red square and "gimme, gimme, gimmie" placard...put out the joint and focus.

    7. @resident evil

      i don't know what you mean, mate. in my humble opinion i came up with a realistic scenario that explains their wealth. isn't it what you asked for, mate?

    8. No, your approach was littered with unsubstantiated assumptions.

      Marois' income was limited from the start, though her income as an MNA did help improve things, but not to the tune of double digit millions.

      Blanchet on the other hand got involved in higher-paying jobs but if you carefully trackback, you'll notice that the pushes forward he got stem from Marois' influence in the National Assembly and that he also got a few helping hands from facets of the Federal government.

    9. @resident evil

      "...your approach was littered with unsubstantiated assumptions."

      your's is much worse than mine, as here you assume their income is into the double digit millions. which is farcical. at least i didn't write anything farcical.

    10. You want farcical?

      OK, check out how your KKK honky brothers are looking now:

      This is what we refer to as BUTCHERY - your ignorant cross-burning lynchmob is now getting hung out to dry...and I'm loving every moment of it.

      Sweet dreams my little nazi-in-training.

    11. @resident evil

      "You want farcical?"

      nope. but i'm afraid you will keep offering a steady supply.

    12. "well if they both have been on 100k+ salaries for the last forty years, and if they invested wisely in the nineties, it could explain why they can afford a condo today. plus they may have family money helping? i'm also aware of the zoning trick they used on ile bizard. this has helped as well."

      40 years ago marois was in het twenties. so you're basically saying that *probably* marois got fresh out of school earning 100k+. 100k+ in the 70s in not 100k+ in the 2010s. You can use a calculator to find the relative value of a dollar amount. I found that (for US, but i'm sure you have the time to find for canada as well) 100k+ in the 70's is $579,000.00 ins 2010s using the Consumer Price Index. same applies for her entrepreneur dude. try to think before writing.

    13. @anonymous

      i know that, mate. my point is her and her husband have been on very high salaries for the last forty years. it makes perfect sense they can afford a 2.5 millions condo today. and that is without considering family money, if any.

      therefore resident evil's comment that this is "conspicuous separatist bullshit" is proven to be just another shit throw.

    14. @Student...

      How fucking thick are you?

      Did you not read his post? Further, their casa was worth $17million alone.

      You're a biased competitor dude. And that's why you've lost.

    15. @resident evil

      "their casa was worth $17million alone."

      totally false. they struggled to get 6.7 millions. the house has been on the market for four years. and now they just borrowed to buy the condo. it's in the article you posted yourself, mate. and here .

      but i agree the way they acquired the land there doesn't seem legit. not a reason to lie around like there's no tomorrow, mate.

      i suggest you try not being ridiculous one time. you might like it.

  25. OK, ok...stop me if you've ever heard A THOUSAND glue-sniffing little separatists puke up the following crap:

    "Les québécois sont des colonisés qui veulent disparaitre et qui veulent se faire assimiler. Les commentaires lus ici ne sont pas surprenant venant d'un peuple à genoux devant la minorité anglophone du Québec. Les québécois sont des peureux !!! INCAPABLE de réclamer ses droits et de se défendre. Les québécois semblent aimer se faire dominer par les Anglos qui leur font faire tout ce qu'ils veulent. Les Anglos n'ont juste qu'à dire NON et se plaindre et les pauvres québécois se mettent à genoux ! Petit peuple.... assimilez-vous à la majorité canadienne !!!"

    Cutie, honey, can you go get me my violin...

    1. why woud she fetch anything for you, macho man?

    2. That's it, huh? That really is all you have?

      Not surprised.

      With all the shit coming out about you idiotic movement the past few weeks, there's nothing you can say in your defense...nothing.

      Congratulations on kicking your own asses!

    3. Yes, I can give you a violin - where did you read that above BS? My God, these separatists have really lost it! They kneel before us? - lol - Jesus what planet are they from?

    4. Close to 2700 comments on the World.Time site now - Boy, opinions are fast and furious.

    5. Most of the comment are sympathetic to english rights in Quebec

    6. @liam

      ...and most are from anglophones. big surprise.

      try to avoid the unvalid argumentum ad popolum. i see you are tempted.

    7. "Most of the comment are sympathetic to english rights in Quebec"

      Nooon!...Quelle surprise!

  26. Can anyone comment on how it went for the Equality Party 2.0 meeting? I would like to hear about it if you made it there. Thank you.

    1. Hey Cutie, I would also like to know how the meeting went.
      I would now want to address commute in Aylmer and Ottawa. This is concerning Eddy bridge. Write to mayor Bureau and ask to invest money to twin Eddy bridge. Then the Feds could invest money to twin Chaudiere Bridge. The City of Ottawa has already twinned Booth street, including Booth bridge. Ottawa knew to invest money in this important link.
      This will help Hull and Aylmer commuter by adding more lane for this important car and truck commuter route. Mayor Bureau has not pledged money for this bridge and this is unacceptable.

    2. @cutie003

      why didn't you go? you're the party's number one supporter on the number one anglo rights blog!

    3. FROM ED
      Equality Party.........GRRR.

      However on a more pleasant note; many ask why the bill 101 was not overturned at the beginning.................

      Well it was written to quell the violence of the FLQ, ..........which it did.

      It was demanded by the Protestant school board to stop french students from flooding English schools. ...... Which it did.

      Men like Mayor Drapeau promoted it to give the city a French face which was good for tourism..............And it did.

      The business men accepted it, the schools were happy, the Church was happy and folks got used to the billaphant in the room and simply lived OK with it..

      So from the mind of Vonnegut "and so it goes"

      Peace reigned over the valley. The lying (contractors) laid down with the lame brained (politicians) and we all smiled.

      Then a hurricane came along to destroy all peace, Hurricane Pauline was so powerful it moved the rock that it came from under and blew away all happiness and delight. People danced no more in the street except when shots were being fired. Pauline and Madam de curser attacked English with venom, whoever he is. These two bundles of c harm were the original slaughter house wives and dreamed of fulfilling the images n their minds. However, the English bodies they envisioned were
      not dead and not about to lie down and surrender.
      So the nasty English played a game called 'Nike Up The Hole' Hurricane Pauline died like an empty windbag and the only casualty was some 14 year old called BILL.
      THE MORAL of the story is use your Nikes where it does the most good. Put on your running shoes and write letters. .....(that makes no sense at all.) Ed

    4. @liam

      "I would now want to address commute in Aylmer and Ottawa."

      everybody would like the government to invest in their own little commute, mate. do you think you are special a deserve a more customized attention from authorities to your daily routine?

    5. Student, I am talking to Cutie.

    6. @liam

      sure. and i'm "talking" to you, mate.

    7. @Liam - As long as we have a separatist mayor nothing will be done to connect Ottawa to Gatineau. He cares nothing about forming a closer relationship with Ottawa and the snotty IF back him up to the hilt. Hopefully, we will get a mayor that cares about our community and our problems commuting but you can believe that the separatists will scream bloody murder when any idea comes up concerning our relationship with Ottawa (of which we should be totally ashamed). Perhaps if Marcel Proulx runs for office things may change. I'm pretty sure (although we never know for sure because some of them are so underhanded) that he is a federalist and I know when he was in office we at least were received bilingual correspondence.

    8. Yes, Marcel Proulx would be a great mayor for our city. He at least is a federalist.

  27. Georges Stroumboulopoulos was on Télé-Québec. Very good interview, you can also hear Anne-Marie Wittenshaw talking about growing in a bicultural household. They also invited Boogat, a guy from Québec city who raps in Spanish.

    However there will always be some people that gets mad because they here a few minutes of English (and even Spanish...) on francophone TV.

    À #125MarieAnne, un invité unilingue anglophone et un petit gars de Beauport qui chante en espagnol. Les bobos,donc, c'était pas une blague.

    C'est donc #ChristianeCharette qui (est colonisé). Elle aurait dû lui demander de chanter en français.

    1. Wow! That was a cool interview. Now THIS is typical of the Montreal that I know! Not the people who want to live in a bubble.

  28. I have been working, traveling and vacationing. Every time I return to this city (Montreal), I feel depressed. I look around and I see a city that has become a Ghetto. It’s almost as if there is a silent conspiracy to sabotage & intentionally drag it down the toilet; and flush it into oblivion. The graffiti on the walls is on the rise and there doesn’t appear to be any real urgency to remove it. The failing infrastructure is just rhetoric at this point because it is abundantly clear that no one give a sh*t. We’re left to worry each time we drive over a bridge or under an overpass. The ‘general (depressing & hopeless) scenery’ of this city has become a dreadful eyesore to withstand, not to mention explain especially to those whom, on occasion visit, but don’t live here. On several trips abroad now, people have raised questions and made comments about our rampant corruption and the fuss over the word "Pasta". As a Canadian and a Quebecer, I sincerely felt awkward and very embarrassed when the topics came up. I have never ever felt this way in all my years of travel …and I have travelled substantially.

    We obviously cannot change what has happened, but going forward, we need to seriously get off this Language kick because it conveniently distracts us from focusing on the BIG PICTURE. If we are going to have ‘hearings’ on anything in this province, then they should be legitimate hearings on legitimate problems such as crumbling bridges & overpasses (and fixing these expeditiously) and/ or the 260+ Billion dollar debt this province is carrying like a massive albatross. We can all agree that with these real challenges afoot, Quebecers do not have the luxury to waste more energy, more time, AND MORE MONEY on the absurdity of language in menus and inane language bills.

    We should be outraged to be played so frivolously. I commend the people who have gone before the committee to express utter and complete displeasure with these idiotic language bills, but I would like to see someone go and command their attention to what are real problems are: THE ECONOMY for starters!

    1. FROM ED
      Anectote, I always thought you were more with it than what you write above. There is no work being done on infrastructure because we have no money. You and Liam don't get it. The public purse is empty. Any funds they have are being used for the super hospital. Lowering taxes should be next so people can eat and pay for heating. Next comes health. If the roads fail take another route or park your car. In our present fiancial condition, infrastructure is not a priority. Changing the government is. Ed

    2. "...then they should be legitimate hearings on legitimate problems such as crumbling bridges & overpasses (and fixing these expeditiously)..."

      while you were away, they started the charbonneau commission. it's looking into public construction work corruption. check it out you'll be happy to see authorities are serious about improving the situation, although it hasn't been easy to bend charest into creating this needed inquiry. also, during your vacation, the new turcot interchange and the new champlain bridge have been launched. also great news for infrastructure passionates like you.

      "...and/ or the 260+ Billion dollar debt this province is carrying like a massive albatross."

      also, while you were "substancially travelling", the parti québécois has been elected. well you will be happy to learn that they are on target to eleminate the budget deficit. great news for debt phobics like you isn't it?

      check out the last posts as you seemingly missed a lot during all those years of travel.

    3. First of all Ed, government has three core priorities: Health, education, and infrastructure. Anything else is secondary. Make deep cuts to any agencies that doesn't improve core priorities.
      No student, the Parti Quebecois is not on it's way to balance budget, any delay in infrastructure project results in a infrastructure deficit. For example, if you own a house, and need to repair do you delay the work, no. Also, the PQ delayed necessary hospital, a hospital that needs to built. The new Champlain Bridge is the federal government responsibilities.
      Our Prime Minister understands the situation and this is the reason we have more money for infrastructure, because to have a strong economy, we need a strong infrastructure. If Quebec can't handle it's responsibilities assigned to it by the Constitution of Canada, namely Health, education and infrastructure, it is time it partitioned.

    4. @liam

      how can you brush me off when i intervene in a "talk" between you and cutie003, like you did earlier, and then intervene here in a "talk" between anectote and me?!?

      i'm fine with your intervention, i just wonder how you can pull such incoherence without suffering too much.

    5. @student aka blog troll:

      There is no “talk” between you and AnecTOTE since AnecTOTE does not accept illegitimate commentary from illegitimate contributors. AnecTOTE has no use for your…’pinstripes’


      I’m glad to see you are well again and providing commentary. I’d like to take this opportunity to respond to what you wrote. I consider that I’m very much “with it”. You aptly state that we have no money since the public purse is empty. If this is the case then you are obviously enforcing what I am saying. We are bankrupt and thus we should not foolishly be spending money on unnecessary commissions and hearings. It’s like the guy who lives in a house where the roof is leaking, the foundation is cracked everywhere, the floor is imploding …but hey…he is overly concerned about the window dressing matching the sofa coverings. Are we kidding????? This is outlandish and obscene. All discussion on Language should cease and desist at this time. The only ‘hearings’ we should be having are how we solve this deficit ($256,000,000,000.00) and how we get the economy rolling…that’s it …The End.

      As far as the Charbonneau commission goes, I have a bone to pick with that as well. I don’t need to hear it daily that people stole outrageous amount of money, WE KNOW THIS ALREADY. Either bring these clowns to justice, get them to pay the money back or knock it off with the “how” the “when”, I don’t give a rats ass, about details. I WANT RESULTS. They stole the money, that should have gone to serve public interests in the first place (this has bee established) and now they are again stealing from us by having this Charbonneau Commission. WTF.

      I mourn for this province and I mourn for the city I live in. People will be forced to leave because it offers nothing right now and if it continues on this NOWHERE path, it will have nothing to offer future generations. This is the Litany from young people I hear ALL THE TIME.

      The focus should be on one thing and one thing only at this time and that’s THE ECONOMY …end of story. We (the public) have only ourselves to blame for the fact that there is no call to order, since we are not sending a clear-cut message to the powers that be to knock off the stupid and useless charades of language hearings and corruption commissions which has served its purpose already….PEOPLE STOLE …so now what??

      This province is in deep sh*t…THAT IS THE TRUTH. No amount of drivel will drive that away.

      ONE item alone should be on the Agenda right now: THE ECONOMY.

      @ Liam
      well said!!

    6. AnecTOTE - Couldn't agree more but with these bills that the PQ keep insisting be put in place, the language debate will not cease and the political instability will continue. As long as we have this hanging around our necks this province will continue to sink because no investment will be made and our property values will keep dropping. Now that Laundry is pushing the independence button yet again, we have months and months of less and less coming up. Bankruptcy is inevitable if these separatists stay the course. God, I hate them. Where the hell is that lottery?

    7. FROM ED
      Hey Anec, Keep one thing in mind always when discussing what government should do. We are not dealing with a rational government. I doubt there has ever been a more inept government since Louie and Mary Antoinette were voted out. There is no way to build bridges and roads without money. In 2003, after many years of PQ mismanagement the Liberals borrowed fifty billion to rebuild infrastructure in 2003 to repair decades of neglect by the PQ. Unfortunately it was not enough to repair the work done by amateur pur laines when Rene turned the roads etc. over to the unions and dismissed English contractors like Dominion bridge and other experienced companies. Infrastructure spending under PQ does not exist except for projects begun before they came because the money had been set aside..
      I agree the Charbonneau commission has done it's job and should close. No one will try to cheat under present conditions. Contractors know now that the gravy train has run out. Ed

    8. FROM ED
      Liam, I was going to answer but since you're busy arguing with a troll, i won't waste my time. Ed

  29. Are you happy with the status quo, Ed? I agree with you in your support for the Liberals, but are you really happy with the way things are right now? Wouldn't you like to see Bill 101 repealed? Its effects aren't large on a personal level, but the damage it has done to our community's influence in Quebec is astronomical, right? It's re-branded Quebec as a French-only province. If I read your comment correctly, it's main purpose was for the benefit of the anglo community. But since the FLQ is dead, would you agree it's worthwhile to seek its repeal, at least in the long run?

    1. FROM ED
      Good morning EDM,
      Most definitely we must rid ourselves of all encumbrances put on us by the PQ. At the same time we have to realize that will be a tremendous culture shock to the francophones. Those people have tremendous egos, (think Charles De Gaulle)
      so we must do one step at time. We have become accustomed to living under 101 so let's concentrate on the death of bill 14 for now.
      The most logical way to start is to change the government. It will kill the PQ party once and for all since after this no one would ever elect them again. Until 1976, this province and all it's people had lived in peace under Liberal and Union National governments (46-lib/22-UN) and 18 years more since then under the Liberals. Unfortunately, the 18 years under PQ has created a festering sore that oozes pus to infect even decent thinking folks who just want that seemingly distant peace. It has created poverty , hatred and oppression.
      The Francophones, who we must remember have the majority voting power. are ready to vote out the ineptness of the PQ out but certainly not bill 101. They have become engrained in it's security for 40 years. It makes them feel untouchable.
      It soothes their egos and makes them feel superior. Since the French are not noted for high intelligence we must move slow on bill 101. remember we need their votes.
      It all seems so simple, elect another party. The most electable party is the Liberals. The French trust the Libs and have proved it by keeping them in power 80% of the last century. The leader has promised English rights and they have proved best for the economy. Unfortunately, we have those who never learn. They are promoting the CAQ that split the vote last time and elected the PQ. As if that's not enough they want another party (Equality) to ensure a PQ majority government for the next four years. Until the amateur pundits are able to get past the "Anyone but the Liberals" syndrome we might have to live a long time the way we are now. Ed

    2. Not my place to intercede here but EDM you're right. We cannot go on the way we are because we live from four years to four years all the time. The head of the snake never dies and the liberals are not doing their job at all by allowing Bill 101 to remain in place long after it's needed. Even if they don't want to change Bill 101 they must stand up and say that there will be no more revisions to this Bill as long as they remain in majority control. No more little sneaky attacks against the federalists - this must be made perfectly clear - if not they are doomed to split the vote come next election because there are many, many of us that have had enough of tinkering with our life all the time. I certainly hope that Couillard catches the message but other than that we are doomed to relive this nightmare over and over until after every contributor on this blog is long dead. Quebec is no longer a democracy in North America.

    3. @ed

      why don't you use the time you have left to build bridges instead of showing off your hatred of the french on the internet? your brain stinks, mate. or you are just a provocative troll. which one will it be?


      "Quebec is no longer a democracy in North America."

      i agree with you, and it's mainly due to the press belonging to a few individuals. independant outlets are to be supported massively.

      which juridiction in north america has a healthier democracy than quebec in your humble opinion?

    4. Ed writes:

      "Those people have tremendous egos, (think Charles De Gaulle)..."

      This comment borders on racism. Quite inappropriate.

      No wonder people like Sandy-de-souche -- who believes that only those with 200 year pedigrees in Quebec and who live in certain locations -- have the right to comment on Quebec's situation. And, not surprising, praises Ed.

      Birds of a feather...

  30. Up to 3200 comments on World.Time and still going strong - the Americans are getting an earful on what's going on in this stinking place. Go Time Magazine!

  31. FROM ED
    So Speaking of amateur pundits. Cutie, what you are saying is that if Couillard doesn't come out and say publicly what you want to hear, you and others like you will destroy him and the Liberals chances of getting elected. On the hand you realize that if he does come out and say what you want to hear publicly it most likely will destroy his chances of getting elected. How many times do you have to be told he cannot depend on the English for total support, he needs the French that you want to piss off before they can vote for him. Why don't you just campaign for the PQ? it comes to the same thing. Ed

    1. There's a difference between the PQ and the Liberals?

      Who was responsible for Bill 22, 178, 103-4, and -- most notoriously -- Bill 150?

  32. Geez Ed - you keep excusing the liberals for NOT speaking up for FEDERALISTS - for the last time, the federalist francophones have no voice (any more than we do) in this province. If the liberals start showing respect for federalism and stop kissing the asses of the separatists, they have a much better chance of winning this stupid game that the seppies play all the time on our backs. They will never, ever win the separatist vote but they can win over the francophone federalist vote by standing up to the separatists and standing up for FEDERALISM. Right now they stand up for nothing - they have to get off the damn fence - if they don't next time I will not vote for them - I will find some other party to vote for because I'm sick of them playing footsie with the separatists. The federalist voters see them as weak and they are because they stand for nothing! And stop saying silly things like "campaign for the PQ" - we must have other options out there that will finally give us a democracy back - I'm sick of the same damn game every four years and the liberals must start taking stands instead of counting on votes from us and the swing votes from the francophones. The swing votes are what's killing us here. Give them a federalist platform to vote for for Christ's sake.

  33. Hey guys, I'm putting a few finishing touches to a draft on the Time article.

    I've lifted the comments made against Boisclair on his Facebook page, because let's face it, when they get back to work tomorrow, you can bet those comments are getting zapped!

    What I need from you...

    Every detail that demonstrates the most oppressive points of Bill 14. I already have a few down in an infographic, but I don't want to leave anything out.

    Further, if everyone can help me dig up the dirt on Boisclair (there's a fuck of a lot of it), so I don't want to leave anything out.

    I don't think the separatists have ever looked so dumb and fickle on the world stage, so let's do our part and finish these fuckers off.

    Let's get the #1 position on Google!

    1. Am going out this evening Resident but will try to help you out tomorrow by doing some checking. Boy that Time blog is humming. Around 3,500 or more and 50 to 75 coming in every time I look at the bottom of the screen. People are really pissed. Will get back tomorrow - Bill 14 and the Quebec Office of the English Language should have some really good points on there - will try to copy some. Thank you for your hard work.

    2. Désolé de vous apprendre qu'il y a plus d'américains qui regardent ce site tous les jours depuis des années et ils semblent bien nous aimer ... Gardez espoir peggy :)

  34. And to add to that Ed - you watched the video of Hugo Shebbeare's presentation to the NA? What did you think of that idiot Kelly's response? Another liberal - disgusting. Instead of being compassionate and/or even understanding of our plight against Bill 14, he had the nerve to tell Hugo that he sounded "angry" - what kind of a jerk is he? And he represents our so-called saviour Liberals? Something is terribly wrong within that party for him to not even pronounce his disgust with Bill 14 and support Hugo. Stop pretending that the liberals are our salvation - they may be our only choice so far but they are far from being our salvation at this point in time and have not helped us in the least for the last 10 years. Bring on the Equality Party 2.0 - I want more choices to vote for come next election. They have already stated that they will run people only in strategic ridings but you just refuse to give any other party a chance. You and I will probably be dead within the next 10 years but what about your grandson and my sons and grandsons. Do we not want their lives to be better than ours and to live in an environment that accepts them as equals rather than 2nd class citizens. Unless you take a good long look at the history of the liberals and see if they are willing to FINALLY MAKE CONCRETE CHANGES TO THEIR PLATFORM, this battle will continue for another 30 years or more and nothing but nothing will change except for the worse. STOP AND THINK - THIS IS A BATTLE OF FEDERALIST VS SEPARATIST - NOT FRENCH VS ENGLISH. THEY MUST GO AFTER THE FEDERALIST VOTE AND START TALKING ABOUT THE GOOD THINGS OF LIVING IN CANADA OR WE ARE DOOMED - Ethnic cleansing will go on unabated and you, as a voter, have a responsibility to try to stop this before we are both dead!

    1. I am curious to know which riding Ed lives in.

      Would he care to tell us?

      More likely than not, he lives in a predominantly English-speaking riding or a riding that has a historic record of overwhelmingly voting Liberal. If that is the case, then one would have to split the vote, literally, 10 times to elect a PQ candidate.

      For example, in the D'Arcy McGee riding, the PQ doesn't get over 10% of the vote, historically. One would have to split the vote 10 times in order to elect the PQ. So there is ZERO risk of voting for the EP 2.0 for someone like Ed.

      But maybe Ed doesn't live in a predominantly English area. Judging by his rather overt negative and biased comments directed towards French people ("[francophones] have tremendous egos, (think Charles De Gaulle)", perhaps Ed lives in a predominantly francophone area and feels he "knows" francophones, thinks them inferior to himself, and is afraid that francophones will overtake him with what he believes is their oversized ego.

    2. Not sure Tony but do know that the Equality Party are already aware of the "splitting the vote" issue and have no intentions of leaving any riding open to a PQ victory.

    3. FROM ED
      Cutie, Tony Kondaks is only looking to start a fight. He would love to see the Liberals lose even if it meant a PQ win. he doesn't live here so he could sit back and laugh at our torture for four more years. Just ignore the obnoxious shit disturber. I don't read anything he writes and I feel better. Ed

    4. Ed writes:

      "I don't read anything he writes and I feel better."

      Ed, if you don't read anything I write, then how did you know the subject of the conversation or that it was me with Cutie was conversing with?

  35. Hey guys,

    With Monday just a few hours away, I have to focus on my business stuff, but wanted to add this to the new site:

    It's a little rough, but I just wanted to make sure we captured all the comments from Boisclair's Facebook page, because it's almost guaranteed they will delete it tomorrow. Think of it, these guys get an email every time a comment is posted.

    Boisclair's secretary has her work cut out for her tomorrow.

    1. FROM ED
      Cutie, You seem to judge everyone by yourself. What tells you the Federalist Francophones have no voice. They made enough Liberal votes that the Libs came within four seats of winning in spite of the Anglos crying foul and voting CAQ. The Liberals are a Federalist party but they are NOT an English party. They don't have to win over the Federalist Francophones (where did you get that idea?) Their French voters are loyal to Les Liberales. When I campaigned here in Verdun last election, I went door to door on seven streets, only two out of every ten Francos were not Liberal. You have no right to speak for Francophones, you don't even know them. You are guessing wrongly that the Liberals do not plan to equalize the rights even though Dr.Couillard has said he will. You want him to say it over and over again until the Francos get the idea that he is only for the English and turn on him. "If Liberals don't start singing the praises of Federalism, we are doomed.?" In upper case
      yet. C'mon luv, you're looking at the dark side and seeing it as if it was really happening. It's not going to. If we don't split the vote, we'll get everything we want.
      Don't pay any attention to Geoff Kelly, a typical politician sucking for a better position in parliament. At least he holds a seat for Liberals, THE ONLY PARTY THAT HAS A CHANCE OF BEATING THE PQ, so far.
      Fighting for my grandchildren and the rights of others is the only reason I'm on this blog. I see it as prime importance for them.
      you mention ten years, the Doctors think I'll be lucky to see one more. Every word I write they are on my mind. I don't have time for four more years of PQ. For God's sake get behind a party that can beat them and stop supporting vote splitters. Ed

    2. Ed - my friend - Will you please, please try to understand what I'm saying? The Equality Party 2.0 will NOT RUN CANDIDATES IN AREAS WHERE THERE IS A POSSIBILITY OF SPLITTING THE VOTE- Simple - If there is no Equality Party candidate in your riding you vote liberal - if there is, vote for them because they will not split the vote. They know and understand this - This is what they used to do and will do again. I wish we had given them the opportunity to do something before now because it's very obvious that if we don't get different parties into power in the NA, our rights are going to continue to deteriorate with the liberals in power or not. THEY MUST START SUPPORTING FEDERALISM - OTHER THAN THAT THE SWING VOTE WILL MOSTLY GO TOTHE CRAZY PQs. Make it CLEAR they support Canada - that's not too much to ask from them after 40 years of silence on the matter. Watching Kelly the idiot it is more than clear that nothing has changed - they are not ready to do their job and the reputation that they now have as crooks (not that there's any proof of that) is going to lose them a lot of the swing votes to the PQ. Dammit, if I'm going down, I'm going down fighting these bigots for all I'm worth and you should feel the same way. Instead of voting for more of the same, try to make a change and a difference if you get the chance instead of voting away more of our rights and freedoms!

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