Monday, April 22, 2013

Coalition Government Cure For what Ails Quebec

The PQ's inauspicious eight-month tenure as government hasn't exactly inspired a rousing vote of confidence from the public, even amongst supporters, who like the rest of us are somewhat dismayed by the amateur hour performance of those charge with directing the ship of state.

Watching Pauline lead a sad-sack, not-ready-for-prime time gaggle of under-performing ragamuffins, lurching from one disaster to another, has led Quebecers to wonder when their province will finally be afforded the competent leadership so desperately in need.

The PQ's ascension to power narrowly follows that of the NDP's Quebec federal election breakthrough and it neatly underscores the electorate's desperate attempt to try something new, anything new, that would potentially break this cycle of incompetence.

But Quebecers have been sadly dismayed to see that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  The NDP in Ottawa has done nothing to reverse the sad state of affairs engendered by the Bloc Quebecois during their tenure as Quebec's representation in Parliament, wherein the province's interests have been largely forsaken. The NDP has done nothing to advance Quebec's situation, remaining the petulant whiner, forever doomed to observer status, offering nothing more than empty threats and promises hurled from the peanut gallery, as Shakespeare so eloquently described as;
"Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing"

In Quebec, Pauline and her new PQ government have fared even worse. The province has endured eight months of disastrous improvisation, the result of ill-conceived policies and initiatives created by a cabinet composed talentless political neophytes, union hacks, also-rans and never-weres, all living in a fantastical world of make believe.

And so we witness the too often repeated cycle of the PQ government proposing one nonsensical initiative after another, most of them blowing-up rather messily, leaving to the government to beat an inevitable humiliating retreat in the face of overwhelming opposition.
One step forward, two steps back. Spin your partner and a dosey-doe.

Instead of trying to fix what is wrong with present day Quebec by repairing the basics, the PQ decided to initiate  a host new programs and initiatives built upon an unstable and failing foundation, akin to adding new bucket seats and a nifty tail fin on a clunker desperately in need of an engine re-build.

From tax reform to welfare reform to educational reform, the PQ has butted up against the hard truth that taking away long-entrenched entitlements from any Quebecer is easier said than done.
To make matters worse, the Harper government has cut the legs from under Employment Insurance, a program on which Quebec so desperately depends to keep the habitually unemployed inhabiting the boonies  'in poutine.' The PQ government has shown itself utterly without influence, totally powerless to reverse or even mitigate the decision by Ottawa and finds itself in the unenviable position of holding the dirty end of the political payback stick.
Those facing a chop in benefits are not amused and are holding the Marois government to task, since ironically, there are no Conservatives around to blame.   

And so in the face of so much failure, the PQ has fallen back on the old standard, the question of language, where cracking down on the evil Anglos and Ethnics at least helps shore up support in the base.
If the PQ cannot win on jobs or the economy, if it cannot win on education or government reform and if it cannot win on the sovereignty issue, at least it can appear decisive and effective in dealing with the petulant English by imposing more stringent language restrictions in the form of Bill 14, a device meant to deflect attention from what has become the most incompetent government in the history of Quebec.

Clearly the PQ must go, but how?

Voters remain divided and as of yet are unable to choose between the CAQ or the Liberals as a viable alternative.
A new election, would most likely result in a similar result as what we have now, something that the opposition parties are not willing to chance, leaving them with little choice but to grin and bear the hapless status quo.

But there is a third choice, a reasonable and viable alternative.....

Perhaps a coalition government, an idea which actually makes a great deal of sense, if one stops to consider it.

Why doesn't Phillippe Couillard have one of those secret tête-à-têtes with Francois Legault and come to a power-sharing arrangement wherein the PQ government can be defeated, replaced by a CAQ/Liberal coalition, all this without the need for an election.

All that is required is for the CAQ and the Liberals to defeat a government sponsored bill on an issue of confidence, while informing the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec that an alternative coalition government is ready, willing and able to meet the National Assembly in a vote of confidence.
It hasn't happened often, but is absolutely part of our Parliamentary tradition.

As for the voters, I can't think of a better solution, considering that we'd finally have a government that the MAJORITY of electors voted for.

The term of the deal could be predetermined, perhaps two years, a suitable period in which we can judge the performance of all the players involved and help us decide whether the new Liberals are trustworthy, whether the CAQ has what it takes, or whether the PQ is the best of a bad lot.

It is not a hair-brained scheme.

Mr Couillard by virtue of being the larger coalition partner would become Premier with Mr. Legault acting as finance Minister and deputy-Premier.
The cabinet would be composed of a proportional cast of ministers drawn from each party. Between both parties there is a wealth of talent and the addition of Eric Caire, Jacques Duchesneau Gérard Deltell and Sylvie Roy would do wonders for a Liberal-led cabinet.

The most important thing is that the new government would work on the real and basic problems of Quebec, things that they could all agree on.
  • Re-engagement with Ottawa on a non-confrontational basis in order to better secure consideration.
  • Fair and reasonable development of natural resources.
  • Educational reform including the rationalization of school boards and issue of university funding.
  • Welfare reform. 
  • Regional development without welfare or Employment insurance as the answer.
  • Re-establishment of linguistic harmony by abandoning punitive language policies.
  • Smart assimilation of new immigrants.
  • Re-organization of public institutions.
  • A freeze of new spending programs and entitlements.
  • Pension and civil service reform
The list goes on and on....
On the most pressing issues there is no reason to believe that both parties cannot find common ground as long as good intentions remain.

Most importantly, a coalition government would never have the power to put forward vanity or politically motivated legislation that panders to one special interest or another.
A coalition government could get down to the basics and work to solve the problems we have now, not ones we invent.

It is perhaps the most realistic solution to Quebec's lingering problem of governance and it's certainly worth looking at, nothing else seems to work.


  1. Strongly agree, but will Couillard and Legault prove Ignatieff-like in a potential refusal to share power with one another, in a bid to secure the whole pie for themselves?

  2. I was one of the many Liberal Quebecers who voted NDP simply to rid ourselves of the Bloc (successfully, I might add). I am very disappointed by their performance so far and don’t intend to vote for them again, unless it appears that they will again block the Bloc. While our earlier Liberal representative had no problem whatsoever communicating with their constituents in both French and English, the NDP have been more reticent, probably hoping to cling to their fluke victory.

    As for Quebec’s current government, surely it is the most inept and incompetent one we have seen since at least the 1960s, perhaps ever. I’d be curious to know if someone could identify a worse one.

    As for coalition governments, this is precisely the situation that Denmark has and which is clearly shown in their fantastic television shows “Borgen” and “Forbrydelsen” that were mentioned on this board a few weeks ago, which are perhaps a little difficult to understand for those of us accustomed to the Westminster tradition, such as in Quebec.

    1. "I’d be curious to know if someone could identify a worse one."

      sure! charest government was much worse.

    2. Nonsense. It was far better qualified than this bunch of flip-flopping amateurs.

    3. @equanimity

      oh! i fear you have not seen this website, mate: .

      come on, a government that tries to paint one of the country's best artist fred pellerin as a violent and intimidating protagonist in order to turn the idiots in the province against students protesting against a 82% hike in tuition fees and steer the same idiot's attention away from all the corruption scandals to get elected right before the big inquiry starts has to be the worst ever.

      or didn't you watch the news?

  3. Editor, sometimes you just make me laugh. Re-engagement with Ottawa? First thing former Premier John James Charest did was dupe $700 million from Stephen Harper for what should have been compensation for opted-out programs. We all know where that went.

    Charest didn't get a shovel in the ground re natural resources. Talked about it pretty good, but succeeded nowhere. You've written about this yourself in the past!

    Smart assimilation of immigrants? Trying to condition them that they've come to Quebec and not Canada is sub-moronic, i.e., it's beneath moronic. They should come to Quebec, speak French and turn into white Roman Catholics? There go my gag reflexes.

    You proposed: "Regional development without welfare or Employment insurance as the answer." Oh, God, puh-leeze! That will happen when pigs could fly.

    I cc'd you a proposal I sent to Harper last month on how to castrate Quebec's equalization balls and you haven't yet published it. Why is that? You've written countless times how Quebec is a something-for-nothing society and no governing party has had the gonads to stray from that.

    Couillard and Legault haven't been battle tested yet, but if the past is an indicator, all five party leaders, and I use that term rather loosely, are the Five Stooges. Quebec has been run by chimpanzees ever since the mass exodus of the minorities from 1970 through the mid-80s, and with the housewife leading the charge now, the pace has picked up again.

    I hear doctors are packing up stakes and leaving wherever they can. I hope many of them choose Ontario. Heaven knows, we can use them.

    Actually, I had a brainstorm again regarding equalization. The new Premier of Ontario (not yet elected, but replacing the resigned Dalton McGuinty) is Kathleen Wynne. She's now proposing means to raise $50 billion for public transit over the next 25 years. She's looking at gas tax additions, tolls and a variety of new tax measures.

    I propose we Ontarians have Stephen Harper revoke that $50 billion over the next 25 years from Quebec equalization and put it in the hands of this massive infrastructure investment. Beats the shit out of putting it in the hands of language zealots and other chimpanzees ruining Quebec. I think it would be a much wiser investment; besides, Ontario is increasing to 125 seats in the next federal election that Harper needs to win Ontario vs 78 seats in Quebec that Harper will never fill beyond a half dozen seats, if he's so lucky the next time around.

    Harper proved he doesn't need Quebec to win a majority, but he sure as hell needs Ontario as do the other parties to win a majority, so the truth of the matter is we Ontarians need to be appeased, not Quebec.

    Next election, Ontario will increase from 34.75% of the representation to a closer to realistic 37.87%. Ontario's population is still around 39% of the population. Quebec's representation will reduce from 24.35% of the representation to to 23.64% I still think Harper should not have given Quebec three seats. This reform will better reflect the proportional representation, but still too much for Quebec.

  4. FROM ED
    Harper better hang on to his money, he's going to need it. The Americans are going to revive the old S.D.I. (Strategic Defense Initiative)
    born In Ronnie's last term and almost bankrupted the country. Fortunately for them Bill Clinton came along and pulled them out of the hole. It didn't make much difference as George Bush came in and finished the job for Ronnie.. Today Obama is reaping the whirlwind
    that the Republicans always leave behind when they have had the Power. Very much like the Conservatives who always are followed by the Liberals that pull Canada out of the deficits that Tory's leave behind. This time Harper will be called on by the U.S. to participate fully because we are America's back door to North Korean sabre rattling. They will want protection in the NFLD. and B.C. areas. Ed

    1. Bill Clinton came in and not only eliminated the deficit, he created a healthy surplus. Bush 43, sadly, spent like a drunken sailor.

      But as bad as Bush 43 was in deficit spending, Obama has proven, in numbers, to be twice as worse. No president in history has been so reckless in spending.

      But to say that "Obama is reaping the whirlwind" in the same post where you write "Bill Clinton came along and pulled them out of the hole" is completely contradictory. If Clinton was able to correct the situation, so, too, is Obama...particularly since Obama in '08 promised on the record to cut the deficit in half. He didn't...he deficit spent in four years more than Bush 43 did in eight years.

      By saying what you do, Ed, you give credence to the claims of the GOP that Obama just likes to blame Bush for everything. Well, if that's the case, when exactly does Obama's administration start?

      But you are half right about the Liberals pulling Canada out of the deficits that the Tory's (read Brian Mulroney) left behind. However, it wasn't just Mulroney but Trudeau before him (hey, if you can go back as far as Reagan in blaming the GOP for deficit-spending, certainly you can go back as far as Trudeau in Canada -- Reagan's contemporary -- to apply the same standard).

      In my opinion, Canada's greatest Prime Minister is Paul Martin who -- even BEFORE he became Prime Minister, while Finance Minister -- balanced our budget and created surpluses to bring down the debt. We as a country are reaping the benefit now. We are, fiscally, the envy of the world...and we have Martin to thank for it.

    2. Oh, and Ed: SDI didn't "almost bankrupt" the United States. It did, however, almost bankrupt the Soviet Union. SDI and other actions that Reagan initiated (as well as those by people like John Paul II) are recognized far and wide as being responsible for bringing the Soviet Union down.

      And the world is a much better -- and safer -- place because of it.

    3. Be gentle Tony. Pierre Trudeau is the patron saint of the Canadian bond market. As much as he and Mulroney were fiscal disasters to the country, they made my career possible and for that I'll be forever grateful. It was with them that I realized (sadly) that if you bet on politicians to do the wrong/stupid thing, you'll be right far more often than not.

    4. @diogenes

      "As much as he and Mulroney were fiscal disasters to the country, they made my career possible and for that I'll be forever grateful."

      now that's a selfish thought.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Ed,

      "This is so typical of Jewish business practices. " WTF???? what kind of Racial stereotype was that???? Don't start sounding like Gilles Proulx

    2. Don't we have enough to argue about without bringing religion into the equation. Mr. Sauga is simply stating that he's sick of quebec receiving money from ROC and wants it to stop because they waste it. Who can blame him? I live here and I'm sick to death of how they rob Peter (middle class) to pay Paul (bums, students, social programs that we can't afford). Supporting a bunch that don't want any responsibility and want to live the high life. It's time the quebec population was given a shake and made to realize that money doesn't grow on their maple trees. On with a partition movement to rid us of areas that want to be socialist (communist) and live in a bubble. We don't need nor want them as part of our new province within Canada.

    3. Well, Ed, you just exposed yourself for who and what you really are, and I cannot rebuke what you wrote strongly enough; nevertheless, let me answer some of that hideous, heinous and purely racist diatribe.

      As Cutie touched upon above, I PAY for Quebec's largesse that is pure garbage doing absolute zero towards investing in Canada. Despite Ontario's financial woes, Ontario is still by far and away the biggest net contributor to the equalization program, and we in Ontario can no longer afford to do this.

      I'm proposing the money be used for a worthwhile infrastructure with a great return on investment--cutting the cost of economic waste through long commutes and other costs associated. Why not? Ontarians are paying taxes and getting no return, seeing it go to provinces that use equalization to pad their largesse, like $7 a day daycare. I'm OK with $7 daycare for those who need it most, not as a friggin universal program.

      I'm also not interested in federal money being used against the federal taxpayer. While I'd like to write a much longer rebuttal to your racist diatribe, Ed, I must leave for work. I have asked the Editor to review your little piece of infamy and remove it. You have violated the rules of this blog that the Editor established and made clear. I can tolerate you calling me little names around Mr. Sauga, but not rabid racism typical of Catholics like Lionel Groulx among a host of others.

      Finally, what I have against the Roman Catholic church is how they suppressed their flock, their parishioners and after filling the heads of the Quebec majority with ignorance, fear and a host of other bullshit, to the point where it took 200 years of this bullshit to finally realize it was suppressing, oppressing and in other ways damaging them. I don't have a problem with anyone on the planet for the sole reason they are Roman Catholic. Just don't try and turn immigrants who are not Catholic into Franco Catholic cloans. Leave them alone. This Jew didn't buy into that way of life as a born Quebecker, so don't try to inflict it on others. Have a nice life, Ed.

    4. Editor, I'm quite disappointed that you caved in to demands from one reader, to remove the comment of another.

      EDs comment was perfectly appropriate as a response to M.Sauga, who constantly insults all of us. I'm well aware that Sauga pays for my fancy life as a Québécois, is he paying for our right to post on this blog too?

      I'm curious to know why it was removed. Many people here don't have much issue insulting others based on race, language or religion. M.Sauga constantly brings up his and others religions, must mean he's interested in discussing it, no??

      I hope you'll give us all a reason for removing EDs post... Seems like there's some sort of double standard here.

    5. FROM ED
      Mister Sauga, since you prefer. I will substantiate my comment on Jewish business practices. I have nothing against Jewish people whom I have worked closely with for a decade. I love their devotion to our God and their families. I love the way Judaism is a way of life in their families. But the things you say remind me of the Jewish business practices.
      The best example I can give comes from a Jew named Harry Golden the Editor of the South Carolina Israelite. He brags about how on the East side of New york city............... using his words. "the Italian has a yoke on his shoulders carrying two buckets of water. for washing cups that are hanging on his belt. From a bottle of seltzer (carbonated water) he sells a drink of seltzer for two cents. For three cents he will put some cherry or other flavour in it. in Golden's words the Jew says, "Gimme for two cents plain." The Italian fills a glass and before he gets his money the Jew says "Put a little on top." The Italian knows he is not going to get the other cent but he can't put the seltzer back in the container so he does it. In Golden's words "'The Jew goes on his way thinking he made a good business deal." What Harry Golden and others don't admit is the Italian goes on his way thinking "that Jew fucked me." This is coming from a retired N.Y. columnist and editor and author of Jewish stories.
      Jews have been centured in every European country because of their business practices. Read 'The Culture Of deceit'
      by Jill Jacobs a Jewish woman.
      I personally l lived the most shocking example of what I am trying to express. For ten years I worked for a Jewish owned paper firm. The business was owned by a Jew in his late fifties who was a millionaire with orange groves in Israel.
      His son in his late twenties had graduated with an MBA and convinced the Father to by a small building and a paper cutting machine. He built the business over six years into to a ten million dollar per year enterprise. When the Father died
      he left the business to his wife and daughter and son having one third each. The daughter who had never set foot in the building was a runabout who enjoyed the night life got knocked up and had a boy about five yrs. old when I first joined the company. The boy grew up to also get an MBA coached, tutored and paid for by his uncle. One day the Daughter announced that her son was taking over the business. She and her mother had been to court to take control using their two thirds as power. I felt the shock with great anger. I had become close to the son enjoying Jewish holidays with his family. His kids saw me as an uncle, calling me 'Uncle Ed'. I loved building the sukkah each year and eating in it with them.
      I loved the man like a brother. When I asked his sister how she could do such a thing to the brother who had built the business from nothing and made them all rich. She answered, "that's the way it is with Jewish families Ed. You'd have to be Jewish to understand but I hope you'll go on working for us.. " I said, Mina, i could never work for someone that would do such a dirty thing to their own family. And so i left. I never went back to get the money they owed me.
      I still love Mina and her son because I came to see them as family members but have yet to get over the shock and hurt I felt at the time.
      For more on Jewish business practices Read harry Kemmelman's about a fictional Rabbi named David Small. It's an eye opener about Jewish life.

    6. For the love of God, Ed, you're taking something out of the anals of ignorance. Are you sure this Golden fellow is Jewish? I know non-Jewish Goldens, too! Sadly, there is no shortage of apologists or ignoramuses, so if you're one who thinks all Jews are "smart", I could introduce you to a plenitude of Jews who are total village idiots.

      Harry Golden doesn't speak for me. Somebody sent me a link with an orthodox rabbi who was an apologist to the Palestineans. Bobby Fisher's mother was Jewish, ergo HE is Jewish, yet he's so anti-Semitic you'd swear he was from Nazi Germany. Maybe his mother was not a nice person. I often talk about my uncle who took over my maternal grandfather's businesses and turned them around during the Great Depression. His little brother, another uncle of mine, was a total screw-up, who married an Irish Catholic woman, had five kids and for all intents and purposes ignored them. At least three of them ended up on drugs. When this uncle died, one of his kids (a cousin) said to an aunt of mine (the deceased uncle's sister) how good it is he's being buried with his own kind. Why? That uncle was an uncaring shmuck! I don't blame the love loss between him and his children, but it was still the wrong thing to say in front of our mutual aunt, but my aunt just let it go knowing what her brother was.

      Ben Bernacke, the Treasurer of the U.S. Federal Reserve, is a Jew born in South Carolina. Just because you read couple of pieces of literature by self-hating Jews, don't lump the whole lot of us with those elements. I've gotten pamphlets on the street from Jews for Jesus! Kooks as far as I'm concerned.

      On a final note, I'm not impressed with that "some of my best friends are Jewish" crap.

    7. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, April 22, 2013 at 5:15:00 PM EDT

      "the anals of ignorance"
      or the annals?

      "Bobby Fisher's mother was Jewish, ergo HE is Jewish, yet he's so anti-Semitic you'd swear he was from Nazi Germany."
      There goes Mr Sauga with Nazi germany again...

    8. FROM ED
      Mr. Sauga, I think you can read but I.m beginning to doubt it.. You're answer is so far fetched from what I wrote, I'm wondering about your absorbtion capacity. For god's sake learn about the Jews other than your family. harry Golden is one of the most famous Jewish authors. He publishes a Jewish newspaper called the Israelite. Why don't you google in his name and learn.
      Have you noticed that only one person on the blog spoke against what I said? That's because what I've said was fact and everyone except you admits it. Jews have been turned against by every country in Europe because if their grasping, grabby ways in business. (German rafsuchtig) Ed

    9. FROM ED
      Cutie, i don't need you to explain what Mr .Sauga is trying to say, he makes it clear. Why do you have to get between us. There is no law stating that you must post every time someone else does. Ed.

    10. Ed: I'm home from work now so I'll conclude rebutting your "some of my best friends are Jewish" rebuttal.

      Are the McCains of New Brunswick Jewish? You know, that frozen french fries and pizza empire at one time owned by brothers Harrison and Wallace McCain? Didn't brotherly love get usurped by a coup d'état...y' brother squeezing the other out of McCain's?

      So, Ed, it's only Jews who practice hostile takeovers, right? Why don't you readthis article. How about this one involving the un-Jewish Graves family?

      I hope Samuel Bronfman's ghost doesn't get you. After all, Samuel Bronfman chose an heir apparent - Edgar, Sr., not Charles, Marilyn or Phyllis. Edgar Sr. chose an heir apparent - Edgar Jr., and he had more than one child to choose from. The only family business in Canada I know that went six generations was the Southam Family, a media empire that finally was bought by Conrad Black when the Southams finally didn't have an heir apparent.

      So hostile family takeovers are typically Jewish, eh Ed?

    11. Calgary: Thanks for showing me the sky is blue and the grass is green. My bad for my typo. Yes, it is annals, thank you.

      Ed: I missed your last mini diatribe in my response above. Just acknowledging I saw it. To respond would make me the bigger idiot. You're obviously related to Mel Gibson, and if not, you could have fooled me.

      Oh, and I still stand behind my proposal to eliminate equalization payments to Quebec, now more than ever since Quebec has got you in it!

      Cutie: Right on!

  6. Not to do with the Editor's post but rather a response I gave to a separatist on the World.Time site:
    Cutie003 Yes, I admit it - I hate you separatists for the divisive, bigoted, language legislation that you have perpetrated against the minorities in Quebecistan. We used to live in peace, side by side, with our francophone neighbours, speaking in whatever language we could muster between us. We minded our own business and did not push our language on anyone nor our culture or beliefs. By the way, do not mislead the readers of the site to think that our two cultures are very different because they are not. Perhaps a few things in music and dance; that's about it. Nothing else that we couldn't share - we share much more than you let on. Now you have driven the province close to bankruptcy, our homes are practically valueless as are our businesses because no one wants to live in a "province" of a country that is free and harmonious and have no rights and freedoms to do business in a language they want, put their children into a school that they want, have all printed matter in stores and restaurants in a foreign language (french) and have government supported discrimination against anything and everyone that speaks english. You and your ilk have become nothing but a wart on the skin of Canada and must be abolished to the back woods of Quebecistan to live your lives in isolation so that the rest of us can go back to the normal life we had before you traitors came on the political scene of Quebecistan society. Partition of this province is the answer for all of us - democratic votes by federal district following Clarity Act Rules with a clear question and a clear majority and then your area can leave Canada peacefully. If you personally end up in an area that votes to remain within Canada, we'll be glad to help you pack and get on your way. I can't wait for this happen so I can have peace and tranquility in my life again in our new bilingual province within Canada. YES - Off with the crazies!

    Read more:

    1. Yes Partition is the way to go.
      Did you read Boisclair response?
      "Anglo-Quebecers enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the country and have access to a network of English-language medical, educational and social institutions. " Where is the documentation for this?
      "The Québec nation promotes inclusiveness." Inclusiveness means accepting other difference Boisclair. Bill 101 can't be defined as inclusive. Well, this comes from a failed premier who attempted to shift his loss on being gay.

    2. Liam - you should have seen the comments that were put on his website following that stupid statement. Check it out - not sure if they're still there but people were outraged. Not just gay but a coke head which I think was more of a downfall as far as the public was concerned. All these separatist leaders are slimy - don't trust one of them to think other than power tripping - they want the glory of travel, dealing with other countries, etc., all on the public dime that they see the federalists doing. Straight money and power - that's it that's all and don't care if they ruin a country or a province doing it. I said before and will say again, they will split at the first sign of trouble and have already banked public money to do it. Yes, we need a strong separatist movement for the federalists to get us out from under this umbrella that quebec has us cloaked under. We need it to get up and running quickly so we're ready to leave quebec when the next referendum is held which they are already working on. Bill 14 rejection is meant to stir up the militants about how the "federalists are not letting them do what's best for quebec" and off we go again.

    3. "8 million Francophones cohabit with more than 300 million Anglophones"

      Read more:

      What does the United States have to do with the language situation in Quebec? Is Boisclair suggesting americans are trying to assimilate franco.? Once again Boisclair is a master of false facts and irrevelant comparison.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. Yes all - see how well we're doing in this stinking province

      $256B and counting - no way to pay this as the socialists have taken the province hostage - unions, graft, collusion rampant in all levels of government, $7.00/day daycare even if you earn $200,000 a year (many people move here, rent, get the day care for their kids until they enter regular school and then move back to whatever province they like cause they don't like Quebec) empty buildings galore in a huge city like Montreal because no one wants to move here. The only people this government attracts are more bums because they collect welfare without a problem, no investment because of crazy language laws, boycott movement from all over the country to freeze Quebec out of confederation because they are impossible to work with, refuse to work with the other provinces in the country because "they are only interested in Quebec and not Canada" - if these are things you would like to be involved with and want to learn French (even then you won't be acceptable because you're not "one of them"), please feel free to move here. Plenty of homes for sale at rock bottom prices because no one can stand living this racist, bigoted, communist way of life. Political discrimination against anyone or anything English runs rampant here and the separatists bath in the glory of being "superior" to anything and anyone not pur laine francophone. Don't believe a word Eric says, check anywhere on line and you will find that what I'm saying is true. Only their "separatist" websites lie like rugs - try anything other than those sites (which you'll have to use Google translate to read) because nothing but nothing is in English deliberately freezing out "outsiders" (like English). Boycott Quebec so we can partition this place and kick them all to the curb that are not interested in remaining in North America!

      Read more:

  7. I'm all for a coalition government as long as the liberals DO NOT GIVE IN TO ANY OF BILL 14 DEMANDS from the CAQ. Working on other problems should be the priority for sure but no trades in the areas of our rights and freedoms are acceptable. Are you listening Dr. Couillard and Mr. Legault? Bill 14 must be rejected in it's entirety and let the PQ go for their demand for a referendum rather than giving in again to these racist bigots!

    1. I am against a coalition. If the Liberal and CAQ attempt to take power and reject Bill 101, the francophone majority will be angry. This might even lead to a resurgence of the PQ, to a majority. We need a referendum on partition. Let's get on with building our roads and bridges.

    2. Not talking about Bill 101 Liam - talking about adopting Bill 14 in any way shape or form. That Bill must not be allowed to go through and will not accept Dr. Couillard trading anything with the CAQ (separatist) party to pass that bill. We'll get rid of Bill 101 when we separate from Quebec, not until because you're right, touching Bill 101 would be a mistake right now.

  8. It would be great editor, but I don't see it happening.

    I see two possibilities with Legault, a man who's clearly willing to sell out his beliefs and convictions:

    1) This hardcore separatist and extremist left the PQ because he was power-hungry. People don't go into politics to help people, they have their own personal and selfish ambitions. Would Legault be willing to share the power with the Liberals? Highly doubtful, or he would have stayed with the PQ.

    2) More unlikely, but the whole CAQ thing could have been a smart plan to split the non-separatist vote, and get the PQ elected. Sure, it seems paranoid, almost like a conspiracy theory, but that's the result they achieved.

    Either way, I'm not interested in having an ex-separatist, language extremist, and a man who can barely speak any english in charge of the province in any way.

    Make no mistake, Legault will NOT do anything against Bill 14.

    1. You're last sentence is what makes the whole thing impractical. If he allows that stinking bill to pass, I want nothing but nothing to do with him (not that I did before anyway) but you're sentence 2) could be very true. Everyone underestimates exactly what the separatists are up to but I do not in any way underestimate their thirst for power and the destruction of this province will not stop them. They will cater to the lowest level of people residing here that think their whole lifestyle will be supported by the government to the most fervent militants in order to gain control of the province and they don't care how they get there, how they look on the world stage or how much they piss everyone in the ROC off. Their open-ended tickets for exit are already purchased and they will be gone at the first sign of civil war and/or military on the streets in quebec and leave us to clean up the mess as best we can. People like Ed may think this will end sometime soon but they are totally wrong. They are massing the troops as we speak and will stop at nothing to cause outright chaos before we take the wind out of their sails. I sincerely hope that the federal government stops them from immigrating to anywhere else in Canada when they take flight from here. If France is smart they will also block them from residing there. Troublemakers wherever they go and we no longer want them anywhere in Canada to start more trouble.

    2. FROM ED
      I'm hoping some of the more honest of the CAQ might cross the floor to vote with the Liberals instead of the CAQ party.
      Duchesneau is an 'Order Of Canada" recipient. How could he in good conscience vote nationalist? Everyone except
      Vigile is fed up with the PQ and if CAQ members want to get reelected next time they have to think about what they do now. Do you know whether crossing the floor is allowed in Quebec politics? Ed

  9. It would be nice to see almost anybody defeat the PQ. Political ego's always get in the way.

    What's the point in saving the province if no political party can get it's own yellow star. there are no prizes for compromise and doing the right thing in politics.

    Bill 14 like all language legislation in quebec. The moderates let the extremists propose the policies. Then the moderates don;t have to taint themselves with the whiff of racism and intolerance.

    By conveniently arranging for missing members in the vote the politician play all the games they want.

    When that doesn;t work then they leave the riding juristictions with sizes that are against the law.

    Every 10 years when they look at adjusting ridings, over and over butt fuck nowhere quebec is left with riding controlled by fewer people allowed by law. At the same time the West Island ridings are completely overpopulated and oversized according to the law.

    Institutional Corruption at ever step in the system.

  10. Quatre donateurs du PLQ épinglés

    1. Est-ce M.Tomassi aime les "pasta" ?

  11. Le PQ se fait épingler:

    1. Just hate to have to buy a new keyboard when "control C and control V" lettering disappears from all the upcoming quotes about donations to our separatist parties come to light! Ooooooh $500.00 - wonder if the seppies have their little calculators ready to see who comes out ahead in the upcoming "scandals". They all did it - not just the butler!

  12. Wonder where this will lead:
    We don't have enough going on I guess.

  13. LD
    I'm not saying the PQ are a bunch of racist Québécois, but if I were a racist Québécois, I'd vote for them. Montreal needs a new Government in Quebec City, pronto!

  14. I think a coalition might work. But I dont think either the Liberals or CAQ will be interested as its too dangerous politically. If the CAQ joins the Liberals then they could be accused of being just another pawn of the Liberals. The Liberals would be accused of working with seperatists even though many CAQ are not seperatists. The PQ would likely use this coalition as evidence that neither the CAQ or the Liberals can be trusted and all they want is power. This could push enough people to put the PQ in the majority in a future election.

    I find a lot of people on this forum really dont seem to understand the francophone point of view at all..its all seen through the lens of the anglophone. Hence many of you here are just as much the problem as the franco-extremists. I read person after person stating that french is not under threat and its overblown and so on. But again thats from the anglo point of view. Most francophones I talk with are worried about english taking over..they are tired of seeing english signs everywhere. They are tired of not being served in french and it still happends from time to time in Montreal..I have seen it with my own eyes. People talk here as if the francophones are completely brainwashed and have no basis to complain and so on. Obviously in the past there was a lot of resentment from the francophone community towards the growing presence/arrogance of english in this province and hence Bill 101 came into place. I think Bill 101 is fine in its current state..Bill 14 is just mean-spirited.

    The editor and many here literally foam at the mouth when its suggested that the anglophone minority may be among the best treated around. Yet the facts support this at least in Montreal. Its surprising to me that an english super hospital of the same size as the francophone one is being built when the anglophone population is so much smaller. Its surprising to me how many english media outlets there are with such a small anglo surprises me how many english schools there are and english universities and cegeps again for a fairly small anglo population. Once again try being a francophone anywhere else in will not find francophone will rarely get any service in french..good luck even working in french..very few french media outlets. And there are countless examples of francophone towns and communities which have disappeared in this country over the years so yes the threat is very real to francophone Quebecers. But through the narrow lens of many anglo-Quebecers it is not.

    Cutie tells me she got along with francophones in the past..maybe she was happy with the situtation in the past because she could be served in english wherever and whenever. There are many older francophones who told me they kept quiet but they were quite angry and insulted by the anglos indifference to their language. How many times do I still see a couple anglophones in a group of mostly francophones and invariably the francophones switch to english. Yes more anglos are bilingual but there is still a stubborn tendency for many to expect the francophones to adapt towards the english..and we see this arrogance all over the world. Anglos expect to go anywhere and be served in their shouldnt be this way.

    Once again I look at the current conflicts between the two solitudes and I have to say that at least half the blame falls on the anglo community. This forum really in the end is just a meeting place for frustrated anglos to whine and complain to others who think exactly like them. This province will never accomplish anything until BOTH sides are willing to change.

    1. Here we go again - THERE ARE TWO OFFICIAL LANGUAGES IN CANADA - FRENCH AND ENGLISH - no one, and I repeat, no one has the right to bully the other for speaking either language or insulting one another by putting up a sign in a language that the other should find disgusting - how sick is that? No sign in french is repulsive to me and if it is to you, there is something mentally wrong with you. If you don't want to speak to the other person and you have the ability to do that, JUST DON'T. This is how normal people live their lives in North America where we are supposed to be free to speak whatever we like. One side taking away the other side's right to speak whatever they wish is just TOTALLY WRONG! Just because this is quebec does not mean that my right to speak my language is subject to some kind of discrimination from the majority of the population. No one in the ROC advocates removing the rights and freedoms of the francophone population which is the minority in Canada so why is it alright for quebec to do so to their minority population that has been here from the beginning of time? What are you thinking complicated? If you feel this is right, then the ROC should stomp down on quebec for maintaining a language that most of them don't understand. What is the matter with you that you don't see the fault in your on-going apology to quebec from the english community. Don't apologize for me, ever, as I never did anything to anyone to remove their right to live as they see fit and speak whatever language they wish. After we partition this place there will be peace on both sides because their areas will be out of Canada and they can live in the isolation they are so begging for. And I didn't "get along with francophones in the past" - I still have many francophone friends who do not care that I'm anglophone; they appreciate my friendship because I'm a good friend not because of the language I speak. In fact, just yesterday I told one of them that I would leave this province if I could afford it and she said "that doesn't say much about the francophones that live here and our friendship". And I had to say it was due to the politics, not my francophone friends. Why should I have to apologize to my francophone friends for the viciousness of the politicians that make sure we feel this is no longer our home? No one is deliberately trying to erase their language nor culture. Why is that you people always seem to find something about someone else to pick at. I probably wouldn't like you as a person because you make excuses for bad and disrespectful behaviour from "the majority". Just like an injured animal that is down and out and the vultures are circling - you are part of the flock of vultures. MY LANGUAGE DESERVES AS MUCH RESPECT AS THE FRENCH LANGUAGE NO MATTER WHERE I RESIDE IN NORTH AMERICA BUT ESPECIALLY IN CANADA! We will never accomplish anything as you say until they stop using language as a tool to break up the country and people like you make excuses. THIS IS NOT ABOUT LANGUAGE IT'S TO BREAK UP THE COUNTRY! Language is the tool being used by the separatists to accomplish to stop talking about it being a problem of language - it's not! Just a way to rile up the misguided souls who think they will have loads of money when they leave Canada and keep the $50B paid in federal taxes each year. Anyone with a brain can see how this money will go down the shit hole with the rest of the money the PQ pay out in graft, corruption, and social programs.

    2. Stop shouting peggy,not good for your blood pressure.

      Désolé de vous apprendre qu'il est pratiquement impossible de se faire servir en français dans la plupart des commerces au canada.

      Vous n'avez pas plus de droits que nous en avons ...Désolé.

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, April 22, 2013 at 5:19:00 PM EDT

      "peggy" m'inquiete vraiment ces jours.
      Elle est ici 24/24 et semble bien trop fru, j'ai peur que sa sante soit negativement affectee.
      Elle persiste a vivre en anglais au quebec, ce qui est son droit.
      Malheureusement, le quebec ne peux pas plier pour lui plaire. Elle doit demenager de l'autre cote de la riviere outaouis et arreter d'etre affolle.
      C'est une triste situation.

    4. Comptez sur nous pour le respect de "ses droits".

  15. And so it goes:

  16. Cutie - The reality is that its much more difficult for a francophone to live in english canada then the other way around. You have far more services in english than the vast majority of francophones do in the rest of Canada. So why dont I ever hear you and the other anglos on here defending the rights of francophones elsewhere. Total many times have I seen francophones having no choice but to speak english all over this country because there just aren't services in french. The editor then uses one example..that air canada provides french service on most flights..whoopdy doo. I have been on flights from Canada to Paris where the announcements for the boarding were in english only. I have seen francophones going through customs and not one person speaks a word of french..even though by law all border crossings are supposed to have bilingual staff. So please spare me your melodramatic temper tantrum Cutie. You are another angryphone who only sees everything through your narrow anglo lens..who expects to be treated better than francophones are treated elsehwere in Canada.
    Your partition fantasy is just that..another desperate fantasy. If you really were open about working with francophones then you wouldnt be bringing up the partitions talk every 5 seconds. In your narrow little mind the only satisfaction you will get is if you can turn Gatineau into an anglo-only are the exact opposite of the compromise. Sorry Cutie but you exemplify everything that is wrong with many anglos attitudes in this province and your stubborness and arrogance are a huge part why we have so many problems.

    1. Yep - it's all my fault, stupid, unapologetic, narrow minded, uppity anglophone that fights for her rights and freedom to speak any language I wish, send my children to any school I wish, work in the language that I want to and not government dictated language that they want - THIS IS CANADA - we are all equal in this country of CANADA - except for quebec where the majority is more equal than the minority. The francophones in this area also want away from you nuts - they are FEDERALISTS BECAUSE THEIR LIVELIHOOD DEPENDS ON THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF CANADA. The vote to leave quebec may not be 87% any longer because they have managed to drive out quite a few anglophones up to this point but I`ve no doubt it would still be higher than 70% to separate from quebec. If the separatist movement can be strong for breaking up Canada it can be as strong to break up quebec. Again, you`re a separatist and just play on this blog to pretend you care about peace and equity for all. Reading your posts for the past 9 months or so proves it time and again. I find people like you the most two faced of all - you play both sides against the middle for your own amusement. And I want to turn Gatineau into what it should be legally all over - bilingual - the way it was until the separatists took over the agenda from the sane people in this province. Shame on you.

    2. There`s good old Marois - going to be rich from the oil quebec produces - funny, it`s not `bad`` oil when it comes from quebec - Said long ago, they want to separate so they can keep all the money they make from their natural resources and piss on the ROC now that they`ve bled them dry. Oh so pitiful!

    3. You're right Cutie, many francophones from Gatineau are working in Ottawa, not only for the feds but for Corel, Mitel, and others. They are proudly bilingual and would want to partition this city.
      Sorry Complicated your anecdotes are not convincing. Ontario is much more accommodating. Right beside Ottawa, the United Counties of Prescott and Russell have a huge numbers of francophones. The majority of those french are federalist and who'd never dream to be returned to Quebec. Some stores have french-only labelling. No Ontario government employee to come after them. They have good jobs, low income tax, good hospitals. They aren't annoyed by the Ontario Legislature with stupid laws, every now and then. Also, Hull and Pontiac were historically anglophones, but the United Counties were not. The Government has core services and regulating languages isn't one of them.

    4. All the above true and accurate Liam - we need to get out of quebec for our own survival - we don't need any more ethnic cleansing from them. As one of my francophone friends said yesterday "if you all leave in the end they will win and we all lose our friends and family" - she's worried about the way the area is changing also.

    5. "ethnic cleansing" ?

      Ils ont quitté,personne ne les a chassé ... Trop difficile d'apprendre le français,je suppose.

  17. I don't see any way out when I read some of the anglo-extremist garbage on this forum and then of course the franco-extremist garbage in places like vigile. Both are equally at fault in my opinion. There is no middle ground with either position so we go nowhere..which is pretty well where Quebec has been going for decades now.

    The bilingual francopshones you talk about and many bilingual open-minded anglophones are not the problem Liam..its the extremists on both sides. I am sick and tired of many anglos here placing all the blame on the shoulders of the francophone side when they are just as stubborn and pig-headed with their own views. Again it takes two to tango and its pretty clear that the only thing that would make many anglos here happy is partition which in effect is asking for a civil war.

    I guess in the end I dont see this site being any different than the site..this site is just taking the total opposite side..every post on here is an attempt by the editor to demonize the evil seperatists. And as I have made clear..I cant stand hard core seperatists..but the hard-core angryphones are just as destructive. Eveything on this site is so obviously biased..its like watching Fox News..its so obvious that everyone is going out of their way to find fault with everything the seperatists do..just as Fox News goes out of its way to find something wrong with the Democrats..or Sun News attacks the left-wing establishment. I mean if one was really fair..for could also point out the obvious failings of the Liberal party and point out how they have racked up just as much debt as the PQ. Or how rampant corruption was under Liberal rule. Instead all we hear is every single thing wrong the PQ does but the Liberals always come out smelling like roses. Or maybe just maybe you could try and hear what many francophones do worry about..their language and stop pretending that nobody is concerned about it except the seperatists.

    1. dude stop making sense subito; you're disrupting the harmony here.

    2. Complicated is clearly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

    3. Et vous durham,vous souffrez de quel syndrome?

    4. What I am saying is that many of the extremist views here are as damaging as the views of many extremmist francophones. Of course an extremist never accepts that they have extreme views hence again my opinion will fall on deaf ears. I hear people on here talking about partition all the time which is a pretty extreme point of view..spouting all sorts of paranoid propoganda..makes the PQ out to be tbe equivalent to the Nazis..and so on. Some of the statements made here are borderline racist..not sure how people on this site expect to win over francophones with that kind of talk. In the end we need the moderate francophones on our side otherwise we have no hope as the anglophone community is just too small here to have any real political impact.
      Am I saying that I like the PQ and the seperatist I think they are incredibly destructive..not just for the anglophones but for the francophone population. But there are too many anglophones on this site who are speaking on behalf of the francophone population and who have no real idea of what they are talking about as its filtered through the eyes of the anglo. There are real valid reasons why many francophones are worried about their language disappearing..just look across the country..many francophone communities have vanished and there was a time here in Montreal when english was clearly taking is cause for concern if you are a francophone and its time that most anglophones at least acknowledge it instead of going out of their way to dispute it.

    5. Let me say that pulling ALL of quebec out of Canada is a lot more likely to cause civil war than if just a few areas were allowed to go. THIS IS STILL A DEMOCRACY AND I WILL NOT HAVE SOME GUY UP IN LAC ST JEAN DECIDING WHAT COUNTRY I WILL BE A PART OF - THINK AGAIN EVERYONE - a lot less chance of all out civil war if we let those areas go that want to start their own country than if they try dragging all the federalist areas with them! Only makes common sense - go by vote by municipality or federal districts to decide it - much fairer to all concerned. Not saying there won't be trouble but still a lot less than the whole province being forced out.

  18. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, April 22, 2013 at 7:53:00 PM EDT

    "I am sick and tired of many anglos here placing all the blame on the shoulders of the francophone side when they are just as stubborn and pig-headed with their own views. Again it takes two to tango and its pretty clear that the only thing that would make many anglos here happy is partition which in effect is asking for a civil war."

    Describes ED, cutie and S.R. all in a nutshell.

    Meanwhile in God's country -Alberta, all is great!

    1. Alberta = La plus grande catastrophe écologique planétaire

      Une très bonne raison d'être fier.

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, April 23, 2013 at 6:25:00 AM EDT

      Tu devrais visiter l'Alberta. Ton manque d'info de base dans tes commentaires carrement biaises te compare bien a cutie. En fait de discredit tu gagnes la medaille d'or, mon grand.
      De toute facon, moi j'ai habite au bien petit quebec socialiste et maintenant en Alberta, cette grande province d'entrepreneurship a succes. Choix facile a faire: Alberta la grande gagnante.
      S.R.: petite question pour ton petit cerve lave:
      Pourquoi les etudiants albertains ne sont jamais en greve?

    3. Je ne savais même pas qu'il y avait des étudiants en alberta.

    4. @ugBSdc (alias le petit génie)

  19. Un Gars - Sometimes you make me laugh and sometimes I shake my head. I do miss Alberta in the sense you talk about..language was never an issue. Unfortunately in Quebec everything is complicated and both sides are miles apart.
    Trying to knock sense in either side is literally like banging your head against the wall..both sides are so entrenched.

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, April 23, 2013 at 6:40:00 AM EDT


      I agree fully. Maybe I should stop talking about the great success story that Alberta is... before student or S.R. moves here. Most be crappy to be cheap pizza delivery boys to drunken Bougons customers after a while!!!
      When I say that I can't wait for quebec to leave Canada and that I have started a small movement that would pressure Ottawa to draft a referendum for canadians to kick quebec out is that I want to see quebekistan go down the drain and become the second third world country after Haiti in the northern part of the Americas. First there are high taxes, followed by widespread corruption (that now is a cultural trait of most quebekistanis - to include work under the table), a "nation" wide infrastructure that is almost beyond repair AND beyond means to fix.When future 24 June comes, no cause for celebration.
      Hopefully ma tante Pauline's fraudulent pitch of "L'independance, c'est payant" will hook every pure laine. Pauline should exploit her own oil and cancel the transfer payments but she won't; she knows better.

  20. I would like to direct a question to the francophone contributors.

    What exactly is a Quebec anglophone extremist? What qualities differentiate a Quebec anglophone moderate from an extremist?

    - I believe that language, culture, religion, and race do not define each other.

    - I believe that language is only a tool to facilitate communication.

    - I believe that attachment to language, culture, and religion comes from within and is a personal choice.

    - I believe in freedom of speech and the freedom to choice my attachments.

    As an anglophone Quebecer:

    - I believe it is my right to choose which languages I prefer to speak and to master.

    - I believe that if you choose to speak neither french nor english, that is your right as well.

    - I believe in freedom to choose my target markets, and communicate with those markets, in public or private space, in any language I deem important to the health of my business.

    - I believe in collective rights as long as they do not restrict choice of language, religion, or culture.

    - I believe that when any government passes laws that assert a majority's political aspirations and economic interests above those of its minorities, is it a flagrant violation of universal human rights.

    - I believe that francophones should bear full, individual responsibility for mastering and keeping french alive. Television, radio, newspapers, internet, educational facilities, libraries, community groups, theater, cinema, music - these are the tools that can bring people together and keep the french language alive and flourishing, from BC to NFLD. And yes, governments should provide financial support.

    Am I a moderate or extremist?

    1. You are a normal person that doesn;t believe in unbridled socialism. For a seppie you are an extremist. You communicated in english. That disqualifies you from Quebec society.

      The insistence on the individual! The PQ will have to revamp the indoctrination of school children in this province if you arn;t "naturally" accepting of this crazy point of view imported from communist europe of the second world war.

      If something doesn;t suit the seppie mind you just re-define it.

      Like human rights. The defininition is good for the entire planet except for Quebec of course. They need rules to create second class citizens here.

      Remember english is an international conspiracy perpetuated against Quebec, not just a language.

      It's the national socialist party all over again. Rights are rights, except for the jew in the camps obviously. They are sub human by their govt definition of human rights.

      The "modern approach' to collective governement (nothign collective about it unless you are PQ) lead to the German population thinking the jewish population were "taking over the country".

      Quebec now is Germany pre WWII in thinking.

      The Quebec govt isn;t happy as long as the population is thinking for themselves. They must put all indivudual thought and judgment aside. The PQ govt knows all. You are powerless to resist the PQ govt that knows better.

      It's only a few steps for the PQ to convince the population that it's finally time for OVERT cleansing of the population.

      Collective rights for all. Just slowly removing all rights for anybody except pure blood francophones here.

      You can see how the PQ/QS see an english conspiracy behind everything.


      She described Quebec’s collectivist approach to human rights as more “modern” compared to Canada’s “classic” approach, with its insistence on individual rights.

      Read more:

    2. An anglophone extremist is one who basically believes an extreme solution is the only option to improve things in Quebec. For example - the whole partition fantasy that some keep harping on - to me that is an extreme solution. These people essentially are saying that no dialogue is possible and the only way they will be happy is if they break away from Quebec and turn this new territory into a province like the rest of Canada. It seems to me that this type of proposal would be met with fierce resistance from most francophones and very likely result in total chaos and likely civil war..hence an extreme solution. Yet anglo-extremists would prefer a civil war breaking out and total chaos than some sort of compromise solution.

      An anglophone extremist believes that all seperatists past or present are stupid, racist, xenophobic, and evil. Basically there is no redeeming value whatsoever if you were or are a seperatist which again is a pretty extreme view..believe me many people here do believe this. I am not a fan of seperation but there is some basis for this movement and to put all seperatists in the evil box is pretty juvenile and not useful at all.

      An anglophone extremist believes that the anglos are being persecuted to the point that its literally comparable to apartheid, the Jews in Germany in WW2, and many other minorities under serious attack. When you point out how much better anglos in general have it in Quebec compared to francophones in the rest of Canada well then you really blow the anglo-extremist fuse..even though by any standard francophones do have far less services in their language in the rest of Canada except perhaps some parts of eastern Ontario and New Brunswick. But even then I am sure there are far more anglophones essentially livein english only lives in Quebec than francophones living french only lives in the rest of Canada.

      An anglo-extremist refuses to consider a party like the CAQ because some of the members were or are seperatists even though many of the members are not..even though the entire platform of the party is about as far to the right as we have seen in generations. Again through the eyes of the anglo-extremist all seperatists past or present are not to be trusted and listened too..its still better to vote for the useless Liberals who have failed this province and the anglophone community time in and time out or to waste your vote with the Equality party that has no chance of winning any seats any time soon.

    3. You are right on cebeuq and Two Cents Worth - all tied up in a nutshell and very clear. It's funny how we federalists are considered extreme because we want a "separate from quebec solution" but that's extreme - what's not extreme is that the movement to remove quebec from Canada by people like complicated even though the whole country has been made into a two language country for the sake of the francophone population. Nothing can ever appease these language militants but complicated thinks removing right and freedoms from the minority population inside a free country is OK. Anyone find this odd other than myself? A little shake of the head might be due there complicated - stop making excuses for the "extremists" of the separatist movement and try having a look at the trouble this is all leading this province into because they don't know when to quit pushing the envelope and stop blaming us for fighting back against this on-going harassment of the separatists against the Canadians - because that's exactly what it is!

    4. The narrative in Quebec is if you don;t support the PQ or the Liberals you are a traitor to the province.

      How can you take people seriously that talk about redefining and interpreting human rights to fit their own current political needs and goals.

      Human rights advocates all over the world fight to make sure human rights as they are written are honored and supported.

      Quebec like Libia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea think that human rights are something that can be "interpreted" as opposed to being absolute.

      This is dangerous thinking.

      When supporting human rights unequivocally is considered an extremist then sign me up!

      You got my number, human rights supporter, Quebec extremist!

      That's a badge of honor. Kinda like being against apartheid while all your neighbors still think it's a great idea. (Hint hint hint PQ Quebec)

    5. Cutie - Once again you are putting words in my mouth. Did I say anywhere that I support the seperation movement?? I said that your partition fantasy is equally extreme as the seperation movement. Both are equally extreme..both are on polar opposites..which means that basically there is no hope of any middle ground between the anglo-extremists like yourself and the franco-extremists such as those who frequent vigile. Where did I say that removing rights from a minority population is ok..again your words. Where is your outrage over the lack of francophone rights in much of Canada..apparently we are a bilingual country but you would never know in the vast majority of this country. Try living in french only in Toronto or Calgary or Vancouver and then try living in english in Montreal. You will find its much much easier living in english in Montreal and in the outskirts of Ottawa. From your anecdotes it still sounds like you speak in english at all the businesses in your area Cutie..most francophones in Canada dont have that luxury.

      It would help a lot if the anglo-extremists could open their eyes just a bit to see why so many francophones want to leave this country. Its because they dont feel like they are part of this country because as soon as they leave Quebec everything is pretty well english only. I know many many people in Montreal who basically work and live in english only. Not too many francophones can do that in the rest of Canada. Until you understand where the seperation movement came from then I dont see any hope. All I hear time and time again from you is that you have the right to be served in english..what about the rights of francophones in the rest of Canada..when they have the same rights and privileges as anglophones do in Quebec then you will have a point Cutie.

    6. Working in French only in BC should be a right?

      Quebec is the only part of Canada (except minor parts of sask, ontario, NB) that have a historic french communities outside of Quebec that did not get assimilated into the USA.

      The "canadian deal" is bilingualism. You let english people in montreal alone and the rest of canada does bilingualism. Each group was able to go on living in peace as close neighbors.

      Fast forward to today. Canada is supposed to be bilingual and Quebec now wants Quebec French only.

      In seppie logic Quebec has the right to destroy anglophone culture and institutions that have existed for hundreds of years all because in Fort McMurray 1% of the population isn;t able to work in 100% french.

      So 1% being "disriminated" in their minds means in an area that has never had much (any) of a French population and where we will go BANKRUPT enforcing such rules somehow justifies destroy hundreds of years of institutions on the other side of the country where 50% of the population was anglophone at one point.

      It makes no sense.

      Even if one was to agree with seppie logic, didnt your parents teach you "two wrongs don;t make a right?"

      Seppies just can;t get past their petty attitudes.

      The quebec school system graduates one generation of "victims" after another.

    7. Correct again cebeuq - that's all they have to throw in our face day in day out minute in minute out "I can't get service in B.C." translates to we'll fix you so you can't receive english in quebec even though it's part of your history. Read complicated's posts and you can see why these separatists feel it's OK to stifle anything they don't like - government sponsored discrimination and hatred - that's it, that's all but you're right - the brain washed separatists see nothing wrong in their logic which is why we must get rid of them now before they kill all goodwill in Canada. That is happening very quickly now with the internet and their hatred is out there for all to see.

    8. @cutie003

      "It's funny how we federalists are considered extreme because..."

      not all federalists are "extreme". you are. nuance.

      dude think about it, you're the loudest freak on the blog that attracts many abrasive anglo-supremacists and quebecophobes.

      and you'd be a "moderate", in your humble opinion?!?

  21. The most logical thing here is for the CAQ to form a collation government with the Parti Quebecois! It would be more like a reunion than a collation!!

    Best of all, it would give the PQ a majority government and allow them to pass bill 14 without anyone's approval.

    1. Yep, See-a-PQ - wouldn't surprise me in the least. Bill 14, for all it's malicious, ill-conceived, illegal proposals, is just what quebec needs to do itself in in the international community and start all kinds of civil unrest here in quebec. You people are sick in the head, have no pride in yourselves as human beings, disgusting creatures that should be put out of North America to reside by yourselves. I'm glad to see that our society has spun such a nice race of human beings (sarcasm). Makes me proud to live here - you betcha!

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, April 23, 2013 at 6:46:00 AM EDT

      "You people are sick in the head, have no pride in yourselves as human beings, disgusting creatures that should be put out of North America to reside by yourselves."

      Cutie has finally totally lost it!

      Take your prozac cutie. Then grow a spine and move to Ontario. Start a new life.
      Excuses and ranting are for losers. Cutie against quebec? LOL!
      Result: quebec 1 cutie 0

    3. The PQ and CAQ are radically different, the CAQ actually supports business for a start. And Calgary guy, I have explained to you the housing market in Ontario and the rest of Canada, many can't leave the province. We have individual rights and it isn't the governments to regulate languages.

    4. Les canayens veulent tellement être des amerlocs qu'ils s'inventent des complots terroristes:

      Complot terroriste: allégations «ridicules», dit Téhéran

      God bless canaya!

    5. Liam - I agree..the CAQ is much further to the right than the would be complete political suicide. Everything that legault claimed his party stood for would be deemed false..there is no way that would ever happen. Once again through the filter of the anglo-extermist mind one only sees black or white..was someone a seperatist or not..if they were a seperatist then they are bad and evil forever and nothing else in their eyes the entire CAQ party is evil because some members used to be in a seperatist party. It doesnt matter if the CAQ platform is completely different than the PQ..that the CAQ focus is on the economy..that the CAQ promises no language talk for 10 years..all that matters is that they have people with seperatist ties.
      This notion that people cant leave Quebec because of house prices is false. House prices are actually holding up quite well in much of Quebec and there are many smaller communities around Canada which have cheaper real estate. Again thats a cop-out..sounds like greed to me. How much money do people need to get for their real estate? In fact just look at how cheap real estate is east of Ottawa or around can find houses under 150K.

    6. You're wasting your breath Liam - complicated is forever an apologist and doesn't believe in equality of rights and freedoms - the PQ government is not being mean and spiteful - they are just protecting their language at the expense of every other language and religion in quebec. He has no idea that he is conflicted about everything that is going on - can't grasp that we have as much right to reside here as any one else and no idea of what this is all about. Another one that advocates "moving" rather than fighting back against the bullying that we put up with. We are to leave our families, our neighbours, our friends and uproot ourselves to satisfy a bunch of bigoted language militants that control our lives. Good thing these people weren't around during our strife of the second world war or we'd all be speaking German now, those of us left alive that is. Hope you've joined some of the organizations that are available to us out there Liam - we are not alone and we feel the same as many others about starting our own movement to get out of quebec before they bankrupt all of us. The un gars and complicated's will not stop me from fighting back against suppression.

    7. complicated,

      This notion that people cant leave Quebec because of house prices is false. House prices are actually holding up quite well in much of Quebec and there are many smaller communities around Canada which have cheaper real estate. Again thats a cop-out..sounds like greed to me. How much money do people need to get for their real estate? In fact just look at how cheap real estate is east of Ottawa or around can find houses under 150K.

      I think you are comparing apricots and papayas. If you want to make an honest comparison, compare the conditions between urban areas, not urban and suburban.

      You can see here that among Canadian major cities Montreal indeed has the lowest prices for housing.

    8. @S>R>

      "Les canayens veulent tellement être des amerlocs qu'ils s'inventent des complots terroristes:

      Complot terroriste: allégations «ridicules», dit Téhéran"

      S.R. is even stupider than most here can think. Anyone who believes what comes out of Iran is obviously a blind moron, perhaps suffering from mental retardation.
      That S.R. is all that and a quebec separatist kinda closes the file on him/her.

    9. "le gouvernement extrémiste canadien a une politique d'Iranophobie" Iran calling Canada extremist is the funniest thing I have heard for a long while.
      "Nous sommes contre tout acte terroriste" Why does Iran support Palestinien terrorist then?

    10. Troy - Well from what I see prices in Montreal are as high or higher than most Canadian cities except Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. Remember too that most anglos in Montreal live on the west side where prices are generally quite a bit higher than the Montreal average. So unless you absolutely need to live in those three cities there are plenty of choice of places to move to. I dont think its the house prices the real issue..its the fact that people have lived their whole lives here and they dont want to leave their home and that I understand but the price of housing is not the issue for most people.

    11. Liam - Iran supports Palestinians because the Israeli terrorist army treats them like dirt and second class citizens. My guess is this whole link with Iran is a bunch of bs..methinks that Harper and his gang are trying to get Canadian support for eventual military action against Iran..we all know the USA wants to invade them sometime in the next few years. A few more false flag events blaming Iran should get everyone all worked up. They have to keep us scared of the evil terrorists to justify all the military spending. The mainstream media has done a stellar job of brainwashing Canadians and Americans..the whole hyped up Boston bombing media event was many days of coverage did we have on an event that killed 3 people and injured a hundred or so..meanwhile the US military has killed thousands and thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan and the media stays quiet. It just shows you that some human beings are worth so much more than others at least accoring to the mainstream media.

    12. complicated,

      Troy - Well from what I see prices in Montreal are as high or higher than most Canadian cities except Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

      I am not sure if you and I are looking at the same document since the one I have states that housing prices in Montreal are lower than those in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and Ottawa. Montreal is only more pricier than Edmonton, when we are discussing major population centers. Surely it is not a very valid comparison if you compare Montreal with Saskatoon, for example.

    13. Why do separatists bring up other countries all the time to make points concerning rights and freedoms in quebec? Don't get it. And why should I bloody well have to move because of these language bigots? Is this blog not about rights and freedoms for the anglophones residing in quebec? Why would complicated still be taking the part of the separatists after the introduction of that nasty, dirty, hateful piece of legislation called Bill 14 and telling us that we should be more understanding of the plight of the francophones even though the whole thing is against the anglophones yet again? Only a separatist would ask us to be more "understanding". Sorry no other answer.

    14. Well Ottawa is about 25,000 higher on average which really in the scheme of things is not much different. Again most anglophone areas in Montreal have prices much higher also than the Montreal average hence in the end would have little problem affording a nice house in Ottawa.

    15. You so don't know what you're talking about - I live here in Gatineau and I know the difference in the price of housing and related costs between here and across the river so please stop telling us to move. Everyone here has their own reasons for not leaving and no one has the right to tell anyone to move. I really have to wonder whatever would piss you off? Nothing seems to irritate or anger you in any way. If anything should tick someone off, it's being bullied but you have no emotion at all about any of this - you are such a pacifist that you would have walked into the lion's den and thought there was nothing wrong with the situation at all. Sad, really but you have no backbone whatsoever. Thank God everyone's not like that or we would have lost our country long ago.

    16. @cutie003

      haha! good one. being a pacifist is now a bad thing. and you wonder why you're badged as an extremist. the time you did in the army left deep scars in your brain, cutie003. or maybe it's something else.

    17. Cutie - You are truly are so desperate and paranoid that you only see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear. You put words in my mouth all the time that are totally untrue to suit your own pathetic storyline. I look at facts and numbers..the average price of a home in the greater montreal area is 325K and in Ottawa its 348K..not much of a difference. And again the prices on the west side of Montreal where the vast majority of anglos live are higher and above the Ottawa average. I never said that prices in Gatineau were comparable to Ottawa..again you seem to have a problem with reading skills just like ED. Read what I said and please take your time so you really understand it. I know for a fact that housing just east of Ottawa is much cheaper so again if you really wanted to move and find a cheap house it is doable..there are many of them in smaller communities just east of Ottawa and probably south and west also. My point is I dont think its the price thats the just dont want to would rather moan and groan and exaggerate ad nauseum than to get on with your life.

      Once again you never address the points I made in my earlier come on here all the time talking about how awful it is to be anglophone in Quebec but meanwhile ignore the fact on how much more difficult it is to be francophone outside of Quebec. Anglophones can still more or less live in english in much of Quebec without too much problem..I see it all the time..its rare that a francophone can do so elsewhere in Canada.

    18. Yep complicated - I'm now an extremist and damn proud of it. The separatists have made quite a few of us into extremists since their return to power last election. No longer are we going to sit back and take the shit that these bigots push on us. It's time for push back and a lot of people have had more than enough. You a$$holes weren't happy with Bill 101 ruining a lot of business and immigration for us you had to go even further with the old hateful Bill 14. Time to push your asses to the curb in the backwoods of quebec to reside alone but you're not dragging the rest of us with you so you'd better think about what you're doing to yourselves and this province. Off with the lot of you! Being a pacifist is only a good thing when one is dealing with reasonable people not when one is dealing with hateful, resentful, extremists that want to break up a country because they are self-centered idiots. So complicated, get ready to move on to a more peaceful area in Canada - it's you that I suggest move rather than telling all the federalists that reside here to move. You obviously aren't worried about the value of your house so Cornwall sounds like to good place to go. We need no more pacifist federalists living here - we need people that are willing to fight back against tyranny. Long past time we put a stop to their dream of leaving our country with our homes, businesses and our land. No more BS from them. It's over.

    19. Cutie - You sound like a total paranoid nutcase. Again maybe if the anglos had tried just a bit of understanding back in the 1960s and 70s it would have gone a long ways. No instead the anglos acted as if they could go anywhere and anyplace and expect the francophones to always address them in english. They expected the francophones to be the ones who switch to english time in and time out..I know far too many anglos who grew up in Quebec and who barely speak a word of french..I find that pathetic and shocking. Obviously most anglos could care less about the majority francophone population to even have the decency of trying to learn a bit of french. Francophones got sick and tired of seeing more and more english taking over the largest city in Quebec..they saw french communities dying across the continent and decided the only way to stop this was to protect the french language..hence Bill 101 and the whole seperation movement.

      Let me be clear as I have before..I cant stand Pauline Marois and the PQ but I understand where the anger and frustration came from which led to the birth of this movement and a lot of the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the indifferent and disrespectful anglo population. And even to this day the anglos still feel its their god given right to be served in english anywhere in Quebec even though francophones rarely get this privilege elsewhere in Canada. I can tell you in Montreal even in 2013 there are francophones who are not served in their language and I have seen it. Its rare that I am not served in english but it happens from time to time and I can live with it because I accept that many francophones dont speak english very well. Do I support the PQ and Pauline they are franco-extremists who wont be happy until they drive every anglo out of here but the anglo-extremists like yourself are just as bad. All you will do is pour more oil on the fire and we will end up in a worse situation. If you think a civil war is the way to go then you are completely bonkers..

    20. Boy here we go again. I'm GD not going to apologize for something that I had nothing to do with 50 years ago. I have minded my business, paid my taxes, been a good friend and neighbour and that's all anyone can expect in this life. If you think that we will avoid civil war by letting them run off with a province out of Canada of which at least 50% of the people don't want to go then you are the one that is crazy. What the hell are you thinking? Letting areas go that want to go peacefully is much smarter than what you suggest and there is no dealing with the crazy people - they have proven it over and over again. Anger and frustration is not just what THEY FEEL it's also what WE FEEL. You sound like you just can't make a GD decision as to what the hell you are standing up for - you picked your handle for this site and you are making sure we all know why. There is nothing complicated about this any more - you're either federalist by now or you're not. Simple - Out with those areas that want to leave peacefully and live their lives away from the rest of us - tell me what's wrong with that? How is your plan to let them take the whole province with 49% of the population not willing to go going to avoid civil war? Answer me that - you are the one that is not seeing that what I'm saying makes a lot more sense than what your saying so tell me how that is acceptable? And I'm not interested in hearing any more BS from 50 years ago - it's no longer pertinent!

    21. The problem is that if you cant accept or understand where the seperation movement comes from and why it lingers then there is no hope of any meaningual dialoggue between the two sides. Believe me your black and white way of thinking is just way too simple..the real world just doesnt work that way. This fantasy idea you have of a peaceful partition is total will result in total chaos. Do you really truly believe that most Quebecois will just stand there and say..go ahead anglos take the areas you want and we will keep the gotta be kidding me!!!?? You have literally completely lost your are literally seething with hatred..why are you so it because a few people spoke to you in french only?? Because your house price isnt as high as you hoped..sorry but its you that needs some therapy.
      And another note..using swear words and capital letters is not going to make your points more makes you sound like a raving lunatic. You say the seperatists are crazy and irrational..then who exactly have you become?? You are acting exactly as you describe the seperatists.

      Do you really believe that Harper and the rest of Canada is going to defend the few anglos here in Quebec if chaos erupts?? I dont..I think most Canadians will say we deserve it..we should have left years ago and they will want Quebec fact many Canadians already want Quebec out of the country. We have little support from Canada and the only real hope we have is that the francophone moderates come to their senses and boot the PQ out of office.

      Frankly the more I listen to your raving the more I think you need psychological are going to blow a fuse at some point..and if you are so upset then just leave. For gods sake why put up with all the is not going away anytime soon. The partition idea at best would never have a chance for at least another 10-20 years..will you be alive by then???

    22. Well it's again obvious that you really and truly think that if quebec happens to win a majority vote they can walk out of here with everyone's property and homes and there will be no civil war. You are the one that sounds like a lunatic - anyone in their right mind would know that this is not ever going to be possible. I may sound like I'm raving but it's people like yourself that make the extremists from the separatist movement believe all this BS that they spout all the time and have for 40 years like a referendum will allow them to walk away with federalist land and no one will say a word. The trillions of federal dollars invested in this lost cause is reason enough for the federal government to be totally involved in what's going on here. If your type of personality is in the federal government then they will be granted their wish but I know that this kind of outright thievery by the separatists of Canadian territory will never, ever be allowed by any federal government in any country in the world let alone in North America. Every vote in this country counts even the federal votes in quebec and even though the separatists seem to think they call all the shots, the federal government has an obligation to protect our property and their property in quebec. Anyway, considering that you think that because I'm crazy anyway, there is no sense in having any further discussions with you. You are obviously brain washed by the separatists into thinking that they hold all the cards in the future of this country, but let me warn you, this is not true by any means and I would not want to be a part of any country that would not back up their own citizens wishes against blackmailers and political manipulators. You underestimate the power and control that the federal government has of it's own interests and you can bet your bottom dollar they will be there to protect us in the event that the separatists try to remove us by force from our own country. I'll even go so far to say, again, that partition is a lot easier than what you are proposing wherein we will all end up in civil war rather than just some of the areas of quebec should they ever win any referendum to leave Canada. You have listened to their BS for so long that you honestly believe it. And stupid statements like "someone spoke to you in French" is really a silly argument - for the last time, this is separatist against federalists - not language. How many newspapers have you read in the last year that you still don't get it? Last comment from me to you.

  22. TOP 10 Startup Ecosystems

    1. Silicon Valley (San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Jose, Oakland)
    2. New York City (NYC, Brooklyn)
    3. London
    4. Toronto <------ Uh, where's Montreal? NOWHERE, that's where.
    5. Tel Aviv
    6. Los Angeles
    7. Singapore
    8. Sao Paulo
    9. Bangalore
    10. Moscow

    I mean, who the fuck would want a vibrant, thriving startup scene in La Belle Pro, when English is required to have one. Stick that in your pipes, you cross-burning honkies.

    1. entrepreneurialism is an english conspiracy to take over Quebec.

      We only want $50/hr no show union jobs.

      Startups arn;t going pay that. Who needs em.

      The best jobs are with the mindless bus drivers and metro takers and other easily replaced by machine workers.

    2. Yep = and the crooked unions will ensure that this goes on forever into the new little country of quebec. We must get out of here to save our necks.

  23. I have missed the post that Ed has allegedly written about "Jewish Business practises". I assume that this is one of the "this post has been deleted" posts under the "Anonymous" authors?

    Ed is lucky I missed that one. Of course, my response would have, again, no doubt be responded to by Ed claiming I was a troll.

    This confirms my thinking about Ed's fellow traveller, Sandy-de-souche, who has written here how he just loves Ed's posts.

    Birds of a feather...

  24. Liam - Not sure if you joined Equality Party 2.0 but part of their platform is the partition of quebec (or better yet a separatist movement on behalf of the federalists in quebec to separate from quebec. If they can have a strong separatist movement, no reason we cannot). This is now becoming increasingly clear that it's the way out for all of us with the least amount of trouble and the least disruption to the population of the province. Less chance of outright civil war and a way for us all to become the newest province in Canada (or join N.B. as part of their province). Hoping they will have a candidate in our area soon. Will ask and keep you up to date.

  25. FROM ED
    Complicated, it's almost good to have you back. You make us laugh.
    To prove that real estate is high you say., "sounds like greed to me. How much money do people need to get for their real estate? In fact just look at how cheap real estate is east of Ottawa or around can find houses under 150K."
    That's exactly what people are trying to tell you. The value of housing is too low. People with no money must get at least enough to cover the mortgage or stay and continue paying it. In one paragraph you completely contradict yourself. God bless your hairy little heart. Why do you try to explain things that are over your head. Ed

    1. ED - Wow..your post made basically no sense at all?? The value of housing is too low..really..Canadian real estate is probably among the most over-valued in the world right now even here in I have no idea what you are talking about. Montreal real estate is cheaper than perhaps 3 cities..the notoriously expensive Vancouver and Toronto and the boomtown Calgary. Otherwise its quite comparable or higher..

  26. Looking at this poster, does this mean that the MQF admits that it believes in coercion?

    1. no. you misunderstood again. it means the mqf believes couillard won't do shit about refreshing language laws.

  27. Ed:

    I have now had time to read more of your ramblings on your observations of Jews.

    Sad. I wish I could say that it confirms everything I suspected about you but I never imagined you to be as bigotted as you obviously are. I just thought that you were a misinformed Liberal/Justin supporter.

    After your first, silly post on Jewish business practises, you should have just apologised and moved on. Instead, you kept digging that hole deeper and deeper...

    You and Sandy-de-Souche, your mutual admirer and fellow traveller, should get together for lunch some time at one of those exclusive golf clubs that used to display signs such as the name this very blog was inspired by for lunch. You know, "No Dogs or..."

  28. Je m'en doutais mais voilà la confirmation :

    Canadian Provinces with the Highest IQ Scores

    1. The website doesn't provide documentation nor credible source or university for the ranking.

    2. if y'all have such high scores, why y'all not show it?

  29. @ugBSdc

    L'entreprise PFW choisit le Grand Montréal pour établir son siège social en Amérique du Nord

    Les Allemands arrivent ...

  30. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, April 23, 2013 at 8:50:00 PM EDT

    "PFW compte créer une centaine d'emplois au cours des trois prochaines années."
    +/- 33 jobs par annee?
    C'est une nouvelle majeure, S.R.?
    C'est tout? 100 jobs????

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, April 23, 2013 at 9:21:00 PM EDT

      "C'est un début ..."

      Bin oui. Trop triste; personne voulait venir investir au bien petit quebec avant...
      Peut-etre que le loyer est cheap vu que personne investit la.

  31. Les étudiants pourront voter dans leurs cégeps et universités

    Excellente nouvelle

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, April 23, 2013 at 9:26:00 PM EDT

      Oui, excellente nouvelle!
      Le PQ et ma tante Marois savent tres bien qu'en faisant les jeunes impressionables voter pour eux suffisamment et qu'apres ils peuvent tous-tes voter massivement OUI!
      Les vieux savent que la separation c'est des conneries. Mais les jeunes, eux, non. Facilement brainwashables.
      Moi et le reste du Canada vont celebrer le depart du quebekistan, cet invite qui sera rester trop longtemps chez son hote et aura exagere en s'empiffrant comme un gros cochon.
      Vivement l'independance du quebec pi criissez moi votre camp!

    2. Nous travaillons sur ce dossier depuis des décennies mais les fédéraste demeurent notre obstacle majeur et merci d'avoir prit le chemin des hillbillies,c'est toujours un de moins.