Monday, March 18, 2013

The Rehabilitation of Paul Rose

It's always tempting, especially with the passage of time to rehabilitate those who acted barbarously in a cause that we otherwise support.

And so on the pages of and  l'Autrejournal the memory of Paul Rose is being raised to that of a romantic patriotic warrior, whose involvement in a murder is mostly beside the point.

There is little doubt that the FLQ would be branded a terrorist organization would it exist in present-day Quebec, but there is a reluctance in Quebec's media to use the term, because many in the media share the ideals of the FLQ, if not the methods.

Look at the headlines in Quebec francophone media including Radio-Canada and the reluctance to use the " T " word.

Le felquiste Paul Rose est mort

Exit le felquiste Paul Rose, complice malgré lui de Trudeau et de ...

La mort de Paul Rose, celle d'un doux guerrier

Le militant nationaliste québecois Paul Rose est mort

L'ancien felquiste Paul Rose est mort

I didn't cull the above headlines, they were the first that appeared in a search on Google News in French .

Now look on the English side;
FLQ terrorist Paul Rose, key player in 1970 October Crisis, dies at 69

A convicted murderer and an unrepentant terrorist, pockets of ...

It seems that in Quebec, as in many, many parts of the world, one man's terrorist is another man's liberator.

And so the death of  Paul Rose has awoken all those purs et durs who view Rose as a hero, including Quebec solidaire's Amir Khadir who proposed honoring Rose with a motion in the National Assembly.
"Amir Khadir, one of two members of the pro-sovereignty Quebec solidaire, promises to table a motion for him in the national assembly next week.
“This is someone who is significant to the independence movement,” Khadir told The Canadian Press when asked about Rose’s passing.
“You can share the reservations he had about his past in the FLQ, but no one can question his sincerity, his devotion, his integrity, his intellectual honesty.”" Link
It's too bad that after some reflection and a sea of bad Press, Khadir backed off the idea.  It would have been delicious to see such a motion presented and defeated with but one vote in favour and perhaps a few members, Rose sympathizers, fleeing the Assembly in face of the vote!

To Khadir, like many other hard-line separatists, Rose's contribution to the independence movement far outweighs the insignificant and pesky murder of Pierre Laporte and like Quebec's most revered writer, Victor-Lévy Beaulieu, the Laporte murder was just a bit of collateral damage;
VLB.... Laporte responsible for his own kidnapping
"In kidnapping Minister Pierre Laporte, the Chénier cell which included Paul Rose, highlighted something we forget all too easily today: Pierre Laporte was in bed with organized crime, as was the Liberal Party in which he was a minister, and that the members of the Chenier cell wanted him to confess to that fact." -Victor-Lévy Beaulieu Link{fr}
It seems that Mr. Beaulieu is one of the more literate and erudite proponents of violence in favour of Quebec independence.
"I've always thought that Quebec independence could be achieved much more easily by adopting the methods of Gandhi....
But in the late 1960s and early 1970s  we witnessed "liberators" favouring terrorism over civil disobedience. Quebec, acting similarly, had only to participate in the liberation struggle as practiced in the West."-Victor-Lévy Beaulieu Link{fr}
Like Victor-Lévy Beaulieu, there remains a dedicated cadre of separatists to whom Rose will always remain a hero and labeling him a terrorist or murderer is nothing more than a question of perspective.
"We note that the term "terrorist" is relative.
Paul Rose, committed terrorist acts, he was tried and convicted. He served his sentence and history has judged. But to call him a  "terrorist" within the bloody meaning of the term without considering the historical, political and philosophical context of October '70, it is intellectually dishonest. -Serge Charbonneau" Link{fr}
Defenders of Paul Rose put great stock in the fact that he wasn't actually present when the murderous deed was done, something that Rose himself refused to acknowledge, preferring to accept the collective guilt for the murder as an act of solidarity with his co-conspirators. Others proclaim that Laporte was killed by 'accident' a sad and convenient attempt to avoid culpability. Link
To Paul Rose, those defenders needn't have bothered massaging his reputation, he was never remorseful in the least and went to his death at ease with his actions.

At any rate, it makes no nevermind in the eyes of the law. The rule of felony murder which is upheld in Canada makes no distinction as to who is the actual murderer when a group participates in an organized crime.
"The rule of felony murder is a legal doctrine in some common law jurisdictions that broadens the crime of murder in two ways. First, when an offender kills accidentally or without specific intent to kill in the commission of a felony, the offender can be charged with murder. Second, it makes any participant in such a felony criminally liable for any deaths that occur during or in furtherance of that felony. While there is debate about the original scope of the rule, modern interpretations typically require that the felony be an inherently dangerous one, or one committed in an obviously dangerous manner. For this reason, the felony murder rule is often justified by its supporters as a means of deterring dangerous felonies." Wikipedia
To put it simply, a gang robs a bank during which one of the robbers shoots and kills a bank guard. The other members committing the crime, including the driver of the getaway car sitting outside the bank, are guilty of murder as well as the shooter and so in the case of Paul Rose, the argument of whether he was present or not is actually moot.

The other argument that Laporte was killed by accident, equally moot.

It's always romantic to view these murders as something other than what they are. To the families of those killed and injured by the likes of FLQ members, the differentiation is quite irrelevant.

To blowhards like those who defend Rose and other FLQ members, I wonder if their tune would change had a member of their own family been killed or crippled in the crossfire.

And so it's hard to accept that the murder of innocents in the name of a 'great cause' is acceptable and thankfully the vast majority of Quebecers are reviled by the characterization of Paul Rose as a hero.

How about Richard Bain's evil murder of an innocent bystander in his attempt at political assassination in favour of Anglo rights in Quebec?

Could anybody imagine a public figure, an esteemed writer or politician defending his actions as just some insignificant collateral damage in the heroic defense of Anglo rights?

Defend Paul Rose and you are justifying Richard Bain's action, it is that simple and there's no getting around it.

...After all, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.


  1. "Defend Paul Rose and you are justifying Richard Bain's action, it is that simple and there's no getting around it."

    A very powerful statement. Violence is violence, the justification is window-dressing. When there is an attempt to bypass the democratic process through violence, it's indefensible.

    1. It is reprehensible how separatists are trying to whitewash history and pathetic that people like Ojibwa are falling for their siren song.

      Paul Rose strongly believed in using violence to attain political objectives. Paul Rose was convicted for the kidnapping and murder of Pierre Laporte. A decade later, he was paroled after the Duchaine Commission found that he not physically present at the time of the actual strangulation of Laporte. As the Editor wrote above, the argument of whether he was present or not is actually moot. Rose was involved in the kidnapping of Laporte at gunpoint from his front lawn in St. Lambert, in the presence of his nephew with whom he was playing touch football. Rose was the leader of the Chénier cell of the FLQ that held Laporte hostage for a week before strangling him to death. Rose generously provided his car, in which Laporte’s corpse was dumped into the trunk for the police to find.

      The FLQ also kidnapped James Cross and held him hostage for two months, trading his life for safe passage to Cuba. The police also discovered unfulfilled plots to abduct the American and Israeli consuls in Montreal.

      Trying to revise history and make this abhorrent man sound like a romantic patriot, lily-white and pure, instead of the dangerous radical that he was, is disgusting.

    2. "As the Editor wrote above, the argument of whether he was present or not is actually moot."

      well no it's not. if you read the whole wikipedia article about felony murder, you will learn that if this provision was to apply, in canada, the prosecutor would have had to prove that paul rose kidnapped laporte knowing that it was likely [on an objective standard] to cause his death. this would have been impossible to prove i'm afraid.

      if he had been tried for what he was responsible for, he would have gotten a much lighter sentence.

    3. Much as I appreciate the fact that your post had some substance, you should know that the R. vs Martineau decision which outlined that subjective foresight of death has to be proved only occured in 1990 - well after the liberation of Paul Rose.

      Also, I found this lovely quote that he gave to La Presse : "I regret nothing: 1970, the abductions, the prison, the suffering, nothing. I did what I had to do. Placed before the same circumstances today, I would do exactly the same thing. I will never deny what I did and what happened. It was not a youthful indiscretion."

    4. @yannick

      my comment refered to the law prior to r. vs martineau. i.e. unconstitutional articles 229(c) and 213(a) of the criminal code. all in the wikipedia bit, mate.

      in my opinion paul rose didn't "objectively forsee the death of laporte as a result of the abduction" (213a) nor did he abduct the guy "knowing that it was likely to cause his death" (229c).

      in other words, i don't think killing the guy was part of his initial plan. so these requirements would have hopefully turned out to be impossible to prove.

      therefore he wouldn't have been tried for murder and the result is he did more time than he deserved, standing by his mates.

      i might be wrong; criminal law is not my bag of tea.

      but i'm sure i'm less wrong than r.s who claims that discussing the fate of paul rose, had his trial not been based on a false testimony, is irrelevant.

      check this document, it's the press conference held when the duchaine report came out.

    5. Riiiiiiiiight… so if Rose had attempted to kidnap you off your front lawn at gunpoint and you were to reply “no thanks mate, I’m busy playing football here with my nephew”, Rose would have answered “Oh, alright then… have fun, see ya later!” because by waving his gun in your face, he did not “objectively foresee your death” and killing you “wasn’t a part of his plan”… suuuuuure. Or as you would say, "Eww... that's very bad, mate. Try again."

      Separatists will twist themselves into such knots in order to defend the indefensible.

    6. @equanimity

      "...Rose would have answered Oh, alright then… have fun, see ya later!"

      of course not, you are being ridiculous. but he wouldn't have killed laporte. the intent was to kidnap him in order to apply political pressure. i'm not saying i'm cool with this. what i'm saying is it's not moot to consider that paul rose wasn't on the scene when laporte died. he didn't kill anyone. and i don't think the felony murder would have been possible to prove without a doubt.

      examine the national post headline. journalists will never write murderer or assassin paul larose, cause it wouldn't be true. they write "convicted murderer". it's not a lie but it conveys the same damage to paul rose's reputation in the average reader's mind. very very insidious smearing. you have to watch out when reading news from biased sources, mate.

    7. @Equanimity

      Don't you understand? Resident troll was right there, side by side that murderer and terrorist and lived every moment first hand and witnessed EXACTLY what went on and how Laporte DIDN'T die at the hands of Rose. I mean, imagine, he can tell you verse and chorus and in minute detail what and how it happened, because he was l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y there. So you must believe him.

      And by the way, he also sees dead people.

    8. @anectote

      what's wrong with you?!? and how can you say "murderer" when the guy wasn't even on site when pierre laporte died?!?

      i don't understand your comment, mate.

      i guess it's only to piss me off, but can you really go as far as smearing the reputation of a dead guy to piss off a random anonymous contributor on the internet? hum. maybe you can. eeew.

    9. @anectote

      "Resident troll (...) witnessed (...) how Laporte DIDN'T die at the hands of Rose."

      stop being ridiculous, mate.

      i rely on editor's words for this one! don't you?

    10. He was the leader of the cell. The cell executed Laporte. How can he not be responsible for his death, whether or not he was there?

    11. @yannick

      in fact he did take full responsibility. he produced a false testimony, incriminating himself, to make sure he'd be in as long as his mates!

      but that's not enough to be a "murderer". you actually have to kill someone, with malice aforetought, to be entitled to this infamous attribute.

      he did take upon him more responsibility than he was legally bound to.

      should not be that hard to appreciate for anyone, in my humble opinion.

  2. 1 of 2:

    Meh! Sorry Editor, but this topic is just a non-starter. Too many Francophone Quebeckers have a perverse view of crimes. Karla Homolka wouldn't dare move back to Ontario for nobody would want her as their next door neighbour. It has been said she has a MENSA I.Q., and she, in the wake of her intelligence, made a point of learning French so she could integrate inconspicuously in Quebec.

    Now, if you want a real topic with bite, how about the election of Philippe Couillard to the helm of the PLQ? My common law feels he's going to be the savior of English rights in Quebec. I though she fell off her rocker landing head first, and so I told her.

    Like his Goldilocks predecessor, Philippe Couillard, also like Bourassa in his second iteration of fearless Quebec leader, will say all kinds of things to appease the Anglophone community, and should he get elected, he'll do EXACTLY what Bourassa did the day after the election - FAGGEDABOUDIT!

    Bourassa promised upon election he'd give Anglophones proportional representation in the civil service.
    Bourassa promised upon election he'd ease up on the sign laws.
    Bourassa promised upon election he'd ease up on the English language provisions.

    Bourassa was elected premier for the second interation of his political career on December 2, 1985 and by December 3, 1985, all those promises made to start being carried out. Right?

    1. 2 of 2:

      John James "Goldilocks" Charest, Captain Canada, the Great Savior of federalism with his invitation for all to attend the great Montreal love-in that took place mere hours before the October 30, 1995 Referendum somewhere along the dropped the ball on Canada.

      John James "Goldilocks" Charest got elected, THEN told the Anglophone community he was not going to change a comma of Bill 101;

      John James "Goldilocks" Charest got elected, THEN told the Anglophone community, and the world for that matter, that 50% + 1 votes for separation is sufficient for separation;

      John James "Goldilocks" Charest got re-elected, THEN told the Anglophone community he was going to form the Bouchard-Taylor Commission costing about $5 million because John James "Goldilocks" Charest couldn't deal with the can of worms opened by the collective village idiots of some hicktown called Hérouxville and their country bumpkin decree of what Muslims can and cannot do in their little jerk berg.

      John James "Goldilocks" Charest got re-elected, THEN told the Anglophone community he was going to replace Bill 104 with Bill 104.1, i.e., make every effort possible not to let Anglophone children have any chance of slipping through the loophole of being able to go to English school, and he did it just as zealously as any other Quebec party would do it.

      John James "Goldilocks" Charest got re-re-elected, THEN told the Anglophone community he was going to put in a new chief of language police who was a zealot, encouraging shopkeepers to answer in French even when foreign visitors came to Quebec, esp. Americans who generally speak zero French. The big kick in the head was how she was recently thrown under the bus for doing her job by the party that should have been cheering her efforts the loudest; but alas, she embarrassed the government and became their scapegoat, their sacrificial lamb.

      John James "Goldilocks" Charest got re-elected, THEN took over $700 million from the federal government that was supposed to support various Quebec programs and instead betrayed the federal government and used the money to make himself the big hero and give Quebeckers a $700 million tax cut instead at the expense of the taxpayers of the RoC.

      John James "Goldilocks" Charest got re-re-elected, THEN told the Anglophone community he was going to do sweet f--k-all to prevent the various government departments from refusing to serve the public in anything but French.

      I really don't see Philippe Couillard changing a thing. At best, he'll talk the talk like most politicians do, make outlandish promises like his predecessors and then forget about them the day after the election.

      Philippe Couillard is NOT the savior of the English.

      Philippe Couillard has his feet in the ideal plane as the leader of the opposition, but will quickly move them over onto the real world should he become Quebec premier.

      Philippe Couillard will NOT change a comma of Bill 101;

      Philippe Couillard will NOT change a comma of the policy of not serving the minorities in English;

      Philippe Couillard will NOT change the policy to hire more Anglophones in the civil service.

      Philippe Couillard will NOT be your savior.

      Mark my words. Ain't gonna happen.

    2. Vive Philippe Couillard!

    3. Mr. Sauga: your post on Charest was one of your best ever.

      I've bookmarked it under "How the Liberals continue to fuck the anglos" for future reference.

    4. Tony, thanks for the compliment; however, what about Bourassa? Wasn't that well written as well? I'll bide my time and wait to see what Couillard does, but as I wrote to Ed below, I'm very skeptical. In my much earlier life I studied accounting and auditors have to be wary if not skeptical...oh, yes, and conservative. BTW, I haven't balanced a ledger in about 15 years now.

    5. oh and one last thing before I go:


      I suppose it must be a drag always being right! lol

    6. The Bourassa stuff was fine...but I was familiar with seeing it. The Charest stuff needs to be seen more because it's fresher.

    7. Very well, Tony. Understood.

  3. FROM ED
    Good Lord Sauga, what a bitter man you are. Guys like you give us oldies a bad name. Talk about being stuck in the past with a single thought. You've transferred you're hatred of Charest and the Liberals to Couillard and you know nothing about the man except that you hate him.
    I don't like to use the word hate but you have made it clear with such vehemence that hate is the proper term. As you mentioned many times CHAREST GOT ELECTED. If Couillard can do that he will solve our biggest problem. You never stop to think what it would be like now if the PQ had got in instead of Charest. Every point you made, I could counter with common sense but I have been trying to lay off the blog to concentrate on my writing. However when I see such an obviously one sided article, I feel compelled to answer. My God, if Dr.Couillard sees your words he'd probably say, "why bother, these English defeat themselves. No wonder Howard galganov couldn't do it, they convince themselves it's impossible before we can even try."
    To the other contributors, I ask you forget the past. Open your minds and think positive for the sake of our future. Mr.Sauga sounds like he's hoping we don't have a future but it's alright for him he's not here facing the music. Dr. Couillard has promised great
    changes for our home in Quebec. Work with him. I suggest you check what groups like CRITIQUE and ALLIANCE say. Ed

    1. @ed

      sauga and un gars bs de clagary have the same issue. somehow life has brought them away from quebec and since then they keep trying to convice themselves how better they have it now. and they're lazy so they take the easy route: gratuitous bashing.

      "Dr. Couillard has promised great changes for our home in Quebec."

      you forgot to precise what promises couillard made to you, mate. anything more explicite than "great changes"? can you provide a few examples of what exhilarates you?

    2. Ah yes, proof that Student is indeed a paid troll.

      Your first post and it has NOTHING to do with the Editor's piece.

      You immediately zero-in on a few of your favorite targets and start flame-baiting.

      Now...last post I issued you a challenged that you failed (don't be too hard on yourself, we know you do that alot and we're used to it.)

      I will issue it to you again.

      We want your comments on the following statement: "Defend Paul Rose and you are justifying Richard Bain's action, it is that simple and there's no getting around it."

      And I know this is tough for you, but make your reply as bullshit-free as possible.

    3. Firstly I am pleased dr Cuillard won the leadership of the Liberal party. Unfortunately, I am forced to agree, that it represents "jack s@&t " to the anglophone community. The Quebec realpolitik makes it impossible for any provincial party to do anything for the non-francophone communities. If they tried that are immediately vilified by the mainstream francophone media and are branded as TRAITORS to Le Nation. Let make myself crystal clear here, I honestly believe many Quebec politicians, especially the Quebec Liberals, truly dislike many of the provisions in the language laws (Law 101 and Bill 14).

      I've said this before, we in the non-francophone communities need to organize ourselves a non- francophone provincial party and start electing a few members to the provincial legislature. We even have a template that we can model ourselves upon, I am thinking of the PQ (provincially) and the BQ (federally). Once a few members elected the provincial Liberals will be forced to sell themselves and their policies to the Francophone majority without the anchor of being labelled and Anglo-loving ,and financed, party . Given time the Liberals, or any other party, will be in a minority position and then those few non-frnacophone seats will all of a sudden become very important. At that point we can start asking for stuff such as

      1. Easing up on the language laws in certain regions of quebec
      2. Allowing a certain percentage of immigrant children access to immersion French immersion programs in English schools
      3. More money for Anglophone school boards
      4, etc...

      You know, reasonable stuff that an able Francophone politician can sell to the reasonable Francophones, and most Francophones when given a decent explanation are reasonable!

    4. Ed: You're not being fair as to what I wrote. Actually, I thought Couillard was a good guy, but that's before he became a Quebec political party leader. I had limited access here to his stewardship as Health Minister living in Southern Ontario but he came across as a congenial fellow.

      I've heard he is quite the federalist, but wasn't Goldilocks until he became premier. To me he did a 180 when he became premier. Bourassa made promises that were forgotten the day after he became premier for the second time, and Claude Ryan and Daniel Johnson Jr. left bad enough alone as well.

      I have faith that Couillard will fight Bill 14 because, let's face it, this bill is bad for commerce and Quebec doesn't need to lose anymore commerce and the tax revenues therefrom. While 50,000 net new jobs were created in Canada in February, Quebec had yet another net loss, a big one. QUEL SURPRISE! Good for Ontario!

      Nevertheless, don't expect a comma of Bill 101 to be changed under the good doctor as well. Maybe in light of this Bill 14 merde, getting the Bill defeated will be reward enough. I don't consider this a reward, but boy, will this guy play it like he did the Anglos a big, big favour, just you wait and see. He and his spin doctors will play it to the hilt making the abolition of Bill 14 SEEM like a reward. Hmmmph!

      See, Ed? I'm not bitter, but I am very, very skeptical that Couillard is going to make anything better. At best, he'll go back to the status quo where Goldilocks left off. Case closed.

    5. @resident evil

      "Your first post and it has NOTHING to do with the Editor's piece."

      that bit is for sauga, mate. buried in that blurt there's agood chance he oversees it. you should repost it with a proper address.

      "We want your comments on the following statement: Defend Paul Rose and you are justifying Richard Bain's action, it is that simple and there's no getting around it."

      I think it is ok to praise paul rose's dedication, solidarity, friendship, idealism and patriotism. that's what the editor's picks do: lanctot, dubuc, etc. i don't see an occurence where one "defends" more than he should the violent means paul rose chose to endorse. remembering, alongside people who knew him well, paul rose's qualities when he dies is fine with me.

      consequently, as you point out resident evil, i also have to "defend" dick bain for his qualities. fair enough. problem is i don't know any. was he a good fisherman? did he have a great sense of orientation? is he punctual? i don't know. bring up good sources that will show me his brighter side and i'll acknowledge.

    6. My point exactly.

      You're a hypocrite through and through and so are your employers/friends.

      Rose = murderer

      Bain = murderer

      No excuses.

      Once again child, you lose.

      But I'm sure you're very used to that. ;-)

    7. @Ed

      You live in la la land man. Work with him... are you fucking kidding? This shit has been going on before the P.Q. even existed. I lived in little Italy then moved to the plateau area growing up. We used to listen to story's that are parents told us on how they were treated in the streets as well as work. When I headed home after school we had to walk by several houses that had Quebec families living in them. I lived on St. Urbain at the corner of St. Viateur, sorry about the spelling, Mr. Sauga would probably remember the area. Anyways every chance the Quebecoise kids had they would spit on us from the stair way while their parents looked on & smiled. It was the Journal de Montreal that conducted & published couple of surveys in the past that showed the French Quebecoise to be the most racist out of all the groups living in this province. You can't teach a scorpion to be a rabbit plain & simple. I work for an American company & we discuss what goes on in Quebec from time to time. The American's say it all the time, never ever trust the French.

    8. @resident evil

      your brain seems to work on a binary mode, mate. i'm sorry for you.

    9. @fts

      "I work for an American company & we discuss what goes on in Quebec from time to time. The American's say it all the time, never ever trust the French."

      really?!? dude your mates are hardcore anti french bigoted racists. thank god most americans have a better education than your friends.

    10. @Student...

      ...One other little detail to point out.

      You declared yourself as "non-violent."

      Which of course is all good.

      But like so many other "non-violent" little seppies, you have
      no trouble with the concept so long as others carry out the violence.

      Not only does this make you a hypocrite... makes you a coward.

      If you're anti-violence, you are anti-violence pure and simple.

      When comparing you to Paul Rose...I can say a few things in Paul Rose's favor. (yes, it's true!)

      1) Paul Rose HATED anglos (just like you) and wanted to hurt them (just like you). Difference is blogging didn't exist so he did what he felt necessary to express himself.
      You on the other hand will always be a 2-bit Internet troll.

      2) Paul Rose went to jail never admitting to his crimes (even though he was clearly guilty). That's one plus I can give him. You on the other hand stink of rat. Given the same situation, I would bet $5K you'd crack like a bitch.

      3) Paul Rose was a washout pinko in his final years, and clearly left all notions of economic progression far behind him, meaning the only option for his cause is more violence. Can you provide us with facts/figures/charts that prove the seppie movement can thrive without FLQ-style violence?

    11. Ed writes:

      "To the other contributors, I ask you forget the past."

      How does that famous saying go? "Those who forget the mistakes of the past are condemned to repeat them?"

      Mr. Sauga's litany of Charest "sins" is something that should be put in every single federalist's mailbox during the next Quebec general election.

    12. @resident evil

      dude i'm sorry this last reply of yours is too shitty. now you distillate it and come back with another version.

      i won't answer a post that has "you hate and want to hurt anglos" as a premise.

      sorry mate.

    13. Tell you what winner, we`ll come back when you learn how to spell...

      ...and formulate an actual argument in place of trolling for Imperatif Francais for you UQAM money.

      Hope I didn't hurt your feelings Child.

      "i won't answer a post that has "you hate and want to hurt anglos" as a premise."

      TRANSLATION: I won't debate the truth.

    14. @ our bright-eyed student

      "I think it is ok to praise paul rose's dedication, solidarity, friendship, idealism and patriotism. [...] remembering, alongside people who knew him well, paul rose's qualities when he dies is fine with me."

      replace paul rose with, say, bin laden, mohammad sidique khan or some other terrorist of choice in the above statement. let's take a moment and remember their qualities as well, non?

      an act of terrorism overrides any person's love of puppies or friendliness with the grandma next door, y'know...? your 'praise' it's just a feeble attempt to conceal the unpleasant truth; it's whitewashing, simple as that. well, whatever floats your boat and lets you sleep at night.

    15. FROM ED
      Tony Kondaks still working hard to see our provinc crash so he can write a one sided book about it titled "I was there and I know it had to be the Liberals fault because the rest of us didn't do anything.". Ed

    16. @resident evil

      "Tell you what winner, we`ll come back when you learn how to spell..."

      oh! so you're leaving? so long, mate.

      last time you posed as a spokesperson, as you do here, cutie003, r.s and anectote confirmed you represented them. are they leaving with you?

    17. Man, Cat & Yannick are right, you really are an unworthy adversary, you don't understand anything we write. No wonder you want a uniligual state - it's simple for the selfish fact that you don't want to force yourself.

      As for my friends, unlike you seppies, they can think for themselves.

    18. Ed,

      How do you feel about recent media reports that your beloved saviours, the Quebec Liberal Party, is likely to vote for Bill 14?

    19. So far Tony, they've said they will look at amendments to Bill 14 - I have to hope so far that they will reject it totally as they said they would before his coronation. Still hoping we get a chance to vote for another party before the next election!

    20. @resident evil

      "As for my friends, unlike you seppies, they can think for themselves."

      why did you use first-person plural then in your comment before: "we'll come back..."?!?

      i think you should just stop imposing yourself as some spokesperson. you may seem to have a lot of support when you give it to yourself this way, but it's artificial, mate.

    21. Ed, congratulations on producing one colossally long thread, but Editor's March 20th commentary is now in the books, so break out the Peptobismol and take a couple of spoonfuls. Bad indigestion comes from eating your own words, and in just a mere 48 hours. If you don't have Pepto, there's Maalox, Eno, and Alka Seltzer (also good for headaches).

      I still love you, Ed, but I love being right even more. Best.

  4. Wow..ED..Dr.Couillard promised great changes..well then I guess we will all be fine. Thats all I need..a promise from a politician. I mean it doesnt get much more bulletproof then that..politicians always keep their words right. Couillard is another in a long line of useless Liberal politicians that promises positive look out for the anglophone community..yada yada yada.
    And you dare ask why so bitter and actually have the audacity to tell Sauga that he is stuck in the talk about the pot calling the kettle black. If anybody on this forum is stuck in the past and in some sort of time warp then it is you ED. You exemplify the typical old anglo-quebecer who has never changed their mind in 60 years or more..who continues to support a corrupt, dishonest, useless political party out of fear of trying anything new. It doesnt matter to you that the Liberals have added as much debt to our shoulders as the PQ, that they enacted repressive language legislation and did nothing to repeal Bill 101, that they generally ignore and lie to the anglos here, that they are probably more corrupt than any other political party in the country, that they talk out of both sides of their mouth, that they have done nothing to make this a better place to live. No lets ignore the facts ED and continue to sing your sad delusional tune..the Liberals are the only hope we pathetic does that get.
    Meanwhile there is a third alternative..the CAQ..and time after time all I ever hear from you is that Legault was in the PQ and he is a seperatist. It doesnt matter to you that he has promised no talk on constition for 10 years which is more than enough for me..that he is the only person seriously talking about reducing waste and the debt, the only one who will challenge the unions and tackle corruption. Yes he might fail..believe me I have heard enough lying politicians in my lifetime..most of them lawyers..but the Liberals have had more than their fair share of time to fix things in this province and its clear by any measure that they have been a total unmitigated failure. Yet even with those indisputable facts you continue to support the same gang of thieves..that sounds like insanity to me.

    1. Ed: What complicated said.

    2. If the CAQ don't reject Bill 14 in its entirety, they are dead to me.

    3. @student/seppie

      If my friends are hardcore anti french bigoted racists... what are you? That's the pot calling the kettle black. What... running out of material?

      Your right most Americans are educated including my colleagues. Unfortunately we can't say that about you working for than 9.50/hour.

  5. Just issued a challenge to our paid troll, but I want to extend it to all sepatrolls on this blog.

    Two questions:

    1) What is your take on the following statement: "Defend Paul Rose and you are justifying Richard Bain's action, it is that simple and there's no getting around it."

    2) Why is it that the deaths of Pierre Laporte, Wilfred O'Neill and the other victims are marginal in light of the "liberation" movement, yet Bain's murder of Denis Blanchette is a despicable and heinous crime?

    1. My take is simple, it is a double standard established by the Quebec Nationalist dominated media.

    2. You're exactly right. That's what it is, plus the nationalists at large. Bigots always look for scapegoats upon whom they exact their revenge. Remember the movie To Kill a Mockingbird? If not, look it up in Wikipedia, or elsewhere.

    3. Resident Evil, you know perfectly well by now that separatist trolls don’t pop in to this board to actually engage in a discussion with anyone here. They come here to nitpick over inconsequential details, police comments, make fools of themselves with stupid one-liners… anything but engage in intelligent rebuttal to arguments they disagree with.

      Still, your questions do point out the fact that they are avoiding your questions.

    4. @R.E

      "Still, your questions do point out the fact that they are avoiding your questions"

      Equanimity makes an excellent point. They won't touch it with a 10 foot poll, just like they won't touch the one about the Habs coach speaking English to the players in the locker room.

    5. @Equanimity - I know you're right. However, I had to put it out there just for argument's sake. Also, given that this is the Internet, and that all of their idiocy is on permanent record, we can hereby hold it against them.

      We've hereby asked them to explain how they can justify the FLQ murders and none of them can give a straight and/or legitimate answer.

      And it`s all on record.

    6. Interesting to mention the American literature classic, Pulitzer Prize-winning “To Kill a Mockingbird”, a scathing condemnation of injustice motivated only by racial prejudice. I’m curious whether francophones are able to give the French name for either the novel or the film (answer below) or whether they ever caught the reference if they ever listened to the bands Atticus or The Boo Radleys.

      I don’t know whether it was ever taught or even mentioned in Quebec’s French schools (where the indoctrination of children as to the benefits of sovereignty has been proposed). Imagine if Marie Malavoy ever gets her wish to “improve” (wink, wink) teaching:

      (PS: The answers are: « Ne tirez pas sur l'oiseau moqueur» and « Du silence et des ombres », respectively.)

    7. We read it in New-Brunswick. Also : 1984, Brave New World, Anthem, Night, Lord of the Flies, Flowers for Agnemmon.

    8. @the cat

      "I don’t know whether it was ever taught or even mentioned in Quebec’s French schools..."

      dunno mate. but i would expect quebec teachers to focus on french and quebec literature instead.

      it is possible however that students get to read your suggestions in a cegep english class, for example.

    9. C'est tout ce que j'ai pu trouver, the Cat.

      Que lisent les jeunes au secondaire?
      19 novembre 2011

      En tant que professeur retraité de l'anglais au niveau secondaire supérieur, j'ai trouvé cet article instructif.

      Je me souviens d'enseignement certains romans, pièces de théâtre, de poésie et d'histoires courtes.


      9 e année - To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee

      10 e année - Lord of the Flies - William Golding

      Niveau 11 - A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens;

      ou Les Misérables (Jean Val Jean) - Victor Hugo

      Plays : le théâtre de Shakespeare

      9 e année - Roméo et Juliette - William Shakespeare (c'est ce qu'ils disent)

      10 e année - Julius César - Shakespeare

      11e année - Macbeth - Shakespeare

      Histoires courtes:

      ... Assortis des histoires courtes, qui comprenait à la fois l'histoire de Ruth et de l'histoire de Samson de la Bible comme strictement literature


      J'ai toujours essayé d'inclure un poème qui traite de la horrorrs de la guerre, et la bonté de la nature humaine ...


      Indépendamment de l'âge de ces adolescents ont été, ils aimaient à avoir une histoire lue à leur ..... comme quand ils étaient petits ....

      Chris Eustace

      Apparently they do (or did) read To Kill A Mockingbird in Quebec, but perhaps this commenter on La Presse was a teacher in a New-Brunswick School?

    10. Quoi que lire Les Misérables en Anglais, c'est assez loufoque. C'est comme faire lire Shakespeare dans une classe de Francais...

    11. Hahah! I know Mr. Eustace; he was an English teacher at MY English high school in the West Island of Montreal.

      Now retired, he often has his letters regarding Quebec's education system published in The Gazette. I didn't that know he also contributes to La Presse.

    12. It was too much to hope that Francophones read some quality books in Quebec, was it?

      Why is it we could handle it in our 100% Francophone high school in Moncton N-B, I wonder. If it's not inherent inferiority of the Quebec education system, it has to be because English isn't taught as well.

    13. @yannick

      when you evaluate the quality of a french high school program, i hope you have other criteria then the presence or not of to kill a mockingbird on the mandatory book list...

    14. I don’t quite remember the reading list we had in literature classes but I do remember that it included The Merchant of Venice, Romeo and Juliet, The Lord of the Flies and 1984. In advanced French class, we studied several novels although I don’t remember their names right now. At CEGEP (i.e. Grades 12-13) I remember about Fahrenheit 451, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Catch-22, The Epic of Gilgamesh and dystopian short stories by Ursula Le Guin and Ayn Rand. Not Flowers for Agamemnon or Night, though. Not bad for someone who went into Engineering.

      I see that at least one separatist has been taught to find it quite natural that franco-Quebecers should not be exposed any of these non-Canadian world classics of the “foreign” tongue and bubble themselves up solely in French-language literature…

      +1 to New Brunswick’s school system!

  6. It became confusing to many. It's hard to believe information weather its true or not.

  7. Amir Khadir says about Paul Rose:

    "You can share the reservations he had about his past in the FLQ, but no one can question his sincerity, his devotion"

    Not being able to recognize somebody with a mental deficiency as a doctor just shows how mercenary his lies are. Truly he fits the adage "If his mouth is moving, he's lying"

    Clearly Khadir has never visited a mental institution where patients spend 16 hours a day locked in the same short repetitive sequences, like banging their heads against the wall while wearing a helmet.

    Khadir misunderstands Rose interest in violence and his massive obsession with separation as anything more then a more sophisticated manifestations fo the same mental illness.

    He has wiring in his brain wrong if he see's Quebec separation and oppressing others language rights as something to advocate and commit murder for.

    Not only did he have these whacked ideas, he was *obsessed* with it 24x7.

    Seppies don;t seem to understand. Just because you can find somebody else to echo your views, that doesn;t make it any better an idea.

    I wonder how quickly Magnotta will be able to negotiate the Quebec "mental health care system" and be out the door. That's a scary though. Hopefully he won;t be able to pull the same crap as G Turcotte.

    He's an anglo immigrant from a foreign country Canada. Every time he opens his mouth he'll be violating the linguistic rights of the prison workers.

    Better to let him out on the street then to subject the security guards to working in an "galloping english" environment. The union heads will be all over it.

  8. La passation

    Excellent artcle...Comme toujours

    1. She's a nasty piece of work for sure.

      She's just the kind of person the comes to mind when I think "Joie de vivre". NOT.

    2. Josee Legault is an complete and utter self centered bigoted bitch - no less

    3. Funny thing about Legault is that she's actually disliked by quite a few separatists. Yup. That's how much her personality sucks - her own peeps think she's an uppity know-it-all bitch and no tears were shed when she lost her bid as a PQ candidate back in the day.

    4. Can you just see her in a position of power? Christ - My imagination cannot even carry me that far! She is an uppity know-it-all bitch and she used to be on CBC News shows at night speaking English as well as anyone and running down the English population on a regular basis. Can't even tell you how my blood would boil when I listened to her. Thank God I no longer hear anything about her other than the occasional editorial. Dislike her as much or more as Marois and that's saying a lot!

    5. I despise her worse than Marois actually. Marois has many, many faults, but if there's one positive I can say about her is that hatred isn't one of them.

      Josee Legault on the other hand is a particular brand of seppie. She has mastered the English language and speaks it very eloquently and she believes this gives her some kind of golden ticket to hate on "les autres."

      I once wrote a letter to the Gazette demanding to know why she was being paid by that fucking "newspaper" to write editorials in which she'd "extend a hand" to non-Francos and speak to them in a very passive, moderate tone...

      ..;only to slag the living shit out of all non-Francophones just days later in her editorial in Voir.

      Mondays: lick Anglo anus in the Gazette

      Thursdays: proverbially burn "n****r" ass in le Voir

      Of course the editor of La Gazoo never replied or published my letter.

      In effect, Legault is the Ann Coulter of our area...

      ...except Ann Coulter's kinda hot.

    6. lol except that you have SOMEONE you can call Hot = I on the other hand, cannot say the same thing about Legault!

    7. Josee Legault is the human equivalent of a pork-pie. She had nothing to offer the PQ, nothing to offer the Anglos, whose language she learned...

      ...which means she amounts to that segment of KKK/Separatists who are part of the movement simply because they're massively pissed off and can't get over their own shit.

      She hates herself more than anyone else.

      Ann Coulter on the other hand is a player.

      She's in it because she's working it.

      If Ann Coulter ever approached me and told me "Hey Resident, I need you to get Evil on me"...the answer...despite her typical Republican diatribes would be a definite yes.

      If the same were to come from Josee Legault, it'd be something along the lines of, "Sorry Queen BigMac... 'ol Evil never got his rabies shot. Try me again when reincarnation kicks in."

    8. nice circlejerk, resident evil, cutie003 and cebeuq.

      when you're done try to bust what she wrote. if you can. which i doubt. very much.

    9. Isn't that cute? Our little Mcminimum wage troll is now using terms he didn't understand just a week ago (read: circle jerk) and is now applying them to us...

      ...yet is was just last week that he used the term "tergiversate" like it's a term we just spit out in a bar conversation.

      I'm excited...our little troll is growing up so quickly.

      Just pour Labatt 50 on his head and bullshit magically grows!

    10. @resident evil

      what is your point, mate? you're trying to mock me cause i learn?!? if you were clever you would have expected this from a student.

      if you are lacking ideas, read josée legault's analysis and tell me what you think. try to be less shallow than usual.

    11. "Josee Legault is the human equivalent of a pork-pie"

      I actually stopped reading The Gazette for a while when they insisted on publishing her. I never cared for her point of view and I certainly didn't care to read it in the paper I subscribed to .

    12. @anectote

      "I never cared for her point of view..."

      ah? then maybe you are part of the problem, mate. if you did care about what french canadians think maybe you could be part of the solution. up to you.

    13. @AnecTOTE - our little (or should I say big) pork pie's almost done.

      The money necessary to keep her and the other phobic pundits is starting to dry up.

      No wonder she keeps writing with a bent on that "uptopian Quebec" where money is a concept of the past...she's almost of it of it.

      Welfare Warriors Unite!!

    14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    15. "The money necessary to keep her and the other phobic pundits is starting to dry up.
      No wonder she keeps writing with a bent on that "uptopian Quebec" where money is a concept of the past...she's almost of it of it"

      My dear R.E. the problem is also that they're headed for one deep dark black hole and they are taking everyone with them.

    16. Much as I find his posts uninspiring, it does not follow that Student is an anglo hater or any of the other things you accuse him of being. You guys are not being a credit to the Anglo Rights movement by that behaviour.

      I suggest you do like me and simply ignore the posts devoid of content.

    17. student + $1

      You should not need to work while at university. Pocket change is a dirty capitalist idea. Beer will be free soon.

      You should focus on your BA in Quebec Studies with a minor in Barrista studies. There are many exciting career opportunities in the civil service ahead.

    18. I concur with Yannick. Responding to the trolls’ pointless remarks only generates even more of their blather.

      Resident Evil and AnecTOTE (and sometimes Cutie), this means you. That is why you are the main objects of their nitpicking and bickering. You are helping them to achieve their objective of sidetracking the discussion of the Editor’s posts and dragging down the general tone of his blog whenever you respond to their obvious provocations.

      I know it scratches an itch, but please stop.

    19. And now cebeuq too. Your withering putdowns are witty but ultimately unproductive. Better to stick with more productive pursuits.

      And yes, AnecTOTE, I noticed the transparent way that he casually conflated one’s opinion of “Josée Legault” with that of all “French Canadians”. It’s a classic diversionary tactic used by rhetoricians when trying to bait people (or when they don’t a genuine point to make). Not even worth the bother…

      Here’s an Ignore switch that you can flip as necessary: [Ignore].

    20. I was actually hoping for a more insightful blog piece from her.

      Instead, here's what she verbosely laments:
      - 80 percent of francophones don't vote Liberal (over, and over, and over, and over); how can Couillard rattle the linguistic and constitutional cage to bring them in?
      - how can Couillard change this party's arrogant, corrupt, intransigent ways?

      I should have gone with my gut and past impressions of her analyses. I want the last 10 minutes of my life back now.

    21. "Resident Evil and AnecTOTE (and sometimes Cutie), this means you. That is why you are the main objects of their nitpicking and bickering. You are helping them to achieve their objective of sidetracking the discussion of the Editor’s posts and dragging down the general tone of his blog whenever you respond to their obvious provocations."

      I beg your pardon? I have been ignoring this asshole forever, and with all due respect CAT and Yannick, you have, also responded to the twit as well on various occasions when he targets your specific posts, so please spare me the lecture.

      What I am beginning to find tiresome and particularly unfair is that we all know and we are all aware of what he (student) does and what his purpose is here. And yet Editor let's his posts stand but removes ours. Personally, I finding this offensive. If you won't censor this useless piece of crap, please do not censor the rest of us. Moving forward if this continues, I will have to rethink posting at all on this blog.

    22. FROM ED
      Yes cat and Yannick I'm with you 100 %. I've been bleating the same words for months, even going to the extent of counting and pointing out the number of posts wasted. Today we have only ten in a total of 112 because less people are conferring with them. It's much less tempting to answer if you don't read them in the first place. Whenever I see a piece by any of the trolls, S.R., student, anonymous or une gars de calgary, I know it's only a time waster or a put down of anglos and anglo Quebecers. I suggest we all pick and choose who we think is worthy of the blog and act accordingly. Ed

    23. Word Ed.

      I think Cat said it best when he said "it scratches an itch". Sometimes that's not healthy.

      As for Anectote, well I had some hope for him in the past. I'll engage with him again in the future if the posts have anything in them. I suggest we all ignore the ones full of questions which cannot be answered.

    24. # Yannick

      "As for Anectote, well I had some hope for him in the past. I'll engage with him again in the future if the posts have anything in them. I suggest we all ignore the ones full of questions which cannot be answered."

      Please don't engage with me at all. I find you particularly lackluster, and your constant flip-flopping gives me a bellyache.

    25. I was addressing you, concerning our studious friend.

      I love you too, buddy. :)

    26. @Cat - I'm glad you said "sometimes" when referring to me because I've intentionally tried to ignore him (student) forever even when he gets under my skin. I'm with AnceTOTE - I wish the Editor would block his comments totally from the blog because he, SR, and Un gars contribute nothing but irritation to the conversation but "student" is the worst of the lot!

    27. @Yannick

      That's not how it sounded and I hope you gained insight.

      Also, I'd do something about your sense of smell...'buddy'

    28. What I am beginning to find tiresome and particularly unfair is that we all know and we are all aware of what he (student) does and what his purpose is here. And yet Editor let's his posts stand but removes ours.

      Agree. I had a post censored once because it was in another language (when we were discussing said language); meanwhile, griefers and other disruptive nuisances who delight in causing mischief and only ever come here with malicious intent are allowed to post with impunity. The Editor has chosen this policy for his blog so we have to live with it.

      AnecTOTE, Yannick’s comment to you was ill-phrased but I understood that he meant it was addressed TO you (about the schoolboy) and not ABOUT you. I too hope you won’t reconsider posting here; I find all your other comments very interesting.

    29. @cutie003

      "...contribute nothing but irritation to the conversation but "student" is the worst of the lot!"

      likewise, mate.

      @the cat

      "meanwhile, griefers and other disruptive nuisances who delight in causing mischief and only ever come here with malicious intent are allowed to post with impunity."

      you're wrong. i have good intentions: bust shit arguments and learn.

    30. If that's so, you're doing a dreadful job of it. "Mala fides" (bad faith) includes self-deception.

    31. @equanimity

      "'re doing a dreadful job of it."

      you think? well i'm disapointed. don't hesitate to counter when you feel i'm wrong, and be supportive when i'm right. i'll do the same with you and we'll both improve.

  9. The FLQ was so radical that even the Soviet Union denounced the FLQ's kidnapping of Cross and the murder of Laporte, and refused to recognize it as a national liberation movement and instead designated it as a "terrorist separatist organization". (Canada in the Soviet Mirror: Ideology and Perception in Soviet Foreign Affairs, 1917-1991. Carelton University Press, 1998. P. 266.)

    1. According to Christopher Andrew's and Vasili Mitrokhin's book based on the Mitrokhin archive, the USSR's KGB probably established contact with the FLQ. The KGB was concerned that the FLQ's terrorist attacks could be linked to the Soviet Union. It designed a disinformation campaign and forged documents to portray the FLQ as a CIA false flag operation. A photocopy of the forged "CIA document" was "leaked" to the Montreal Star in September 1971. The operation was so successful that Canada's prime minister believed that the CIA had conducted operations in Canada. The story was still quoted in the 1990s, even among academic authors. (link)

    2. Distrustful, insincere, and disingenuous, that is an apt description of Amir K. Mostly, he’s just a ‘Player’, hoping to win favor with the most extreme seppies for THE VOTE ....NEXT TIME. He’s a little twit and because g-d forgets no one, the seppies more than deserve him.

      All I can say is that if anyone holds a position of power in this province and wants to revere a terrorist and murderer, let them. They would be simply be inviting more international ridicule for Quebec.

      If you're up for that, then be my guest!

    3. @R.S.

      Never read about Mitrokhin archive. Guess I have found something to read. Sounds interesting.

  10. FROM ED
    I can't stop laughing. I was thinking this morning when I answered Mr.Sauga, "What's wrong with my old friend Sauga, he sounds like Complicated. Only complicated would villify a man because he is a Liberal." Then sure enough bang, here you are true to form with all the doom and gloom you can muster. Comp, you say "if anybody on this forum is stuck in the past and in some sort of time warp then it is you ED. " Read your post and then go back and read every other you have out up. Your tunnel vision would allow you to copy and paste your old scripts to get what you've written above. CAQ CAQ CAQ led by a man who actually applauded Paul Rose.
    Resident Evil asks the question "We want your comments on the following statement: "Defend Paul Rose and you are justifying Richard Bain's action, it is that simple and there's no getting around it." Give us your take on that and why we should follow a man who condones murderers. You constantly refer to the Libs as thieves and corrupt even though nothing has been brought out against them except by people like you and Sauga who feel why let proof stand in the way, if you want to destroy somebody, just do it (Karl Rove). When Jesus was asked which weapon is most dangerous, he said "The poison tongue. He went on to say beware of the scribe and the pharisies and Complicated." I may live in the past but my mind is still open and I won't villify some innocent person. I also will not follow the man who applauded Paul Rose. My grandson tells me they discussed at college in political science class why
    CAQ is bad for Quebec. The consensus was that as long as the fear of separation was alive, whether now or ten years from now, companies will not come to Quebec. My God Complicated, if a bunch of kids can see that, why can't you? Evil also asks, "Why is it that the deaths of Pierre Laporte, Wilfred O'Neill and the other victims are marginal." Do you feel that their deaths don't matter? When Francois Legault will admit this was wrong instead of preytending it never happened I will listen until then don't waste your time. Unlike you I prefer clean, decent people like Dr.Chouinard. Legault wil get votes from Rose's family and you. Great company to be in. Ed

    1. If anyone has tunnel vision it is surely you ED. All we ever hear from you is how great the Liberals are despite their obvious failings. If you are comparing the Liberals to the PQ then perhaps the Liberals come out looking good but only on matters of seperation. But thats like comparing horrible with disastrous..both parties have failed miserably over the past several decades.

      Your mind is open..oh really are delusional. Your only solution seems to be to support the Liberals who we have tried over and over and over. All of the liberal premiers over the past 40 years have only made things worse..economically, language relations, etc. Your solution is for more of the same and hope this time it turns out differently. Couillard, Charest, Bourassa it doesnt matter..its the same corrupt gang who will once again tell us what we want to hear and then quickly ignore us for another 4 years.
      Companies are still not coming to Quebec..even under the Liberal rule..the economy was still underperforming pretty well every other province..and that was during one of the strongest growth periods Canada has seen. The Liberals were unable to take on the unions, was unable to cut waste and unable to slow down the debt - a big FAIL.
      You may want to focus on what happened back in the stone age..yes Legault was a seperatist..yes he was in the PQ..and he may still have some feelings towards it. But he is a succesful businessman and is the only one talking about fixing the real problems in this province. Am I expecting miracles from the CAQ..of course not..but there is no way I am going to waste my vote on a party that has proven over and over and over that it is incapable of running this province and that has dirt all over its hands.

    2. Ed: "The consensus was that as long as the fear of separation was alive, whether now or ten years from now, companies will not come to Quebec."
      The only way the fear of separation dies is if all separatist parties disappear. A Liberal government with a PQ opposition will still keep the fear alive.
      Your post at 6:30a.m said "To the other contributors, I ask you forget the past. Open your minds and think positive for the sake of our future." So, everyone should forget the Liberals transgressions but remember Legault's. I dunno Ed, seems inconsistent to me.

    3. I'm not very fond of the Liberal party but I will give Philippe Couillard credit for supporting and defending the construction of the English super hospital when he was Health Minister. The SSJB and Pequiste bigots like Denis Lazure wanted the project to be cancelled. In a press conference, Dr. Couillard stated that that those opposed to the hospital along linguistic lines made him feel "ashamed."

    4. Complicated - you keep saying Legault "was" a separatist - damn it man you're stubborn - HE'S STILL A SEPARATIST AND I WOULD VOTE FOR HIM IN A MINUTE IF HE WOULD AGREE THAT HIS PARTY WILL ALLOW PARTITION OF THIS PROVINCE JUST TO GET THIS DAMN STALEMATE OVER! Get him to agree to that and I will gladly vote for him - until then he is still a separatist and will scare off any investors in either businesses or homes in this province.

    5. @cutie003

      oh! with capital letters! you must be right then. that was the missing argument for sure. complicated must be convinced by now.

    6. "oh! with capital letters! you must be right then. that was the missing argument for sure. complicated must be convinced by now."
      Brilliant repartee, Archy the Cockroach. I think we're all grateful that you shared it with us. Unlike yourself, at least Cutie003 has successfully demonstrated that she knows knows where the "Shift" key is and when to use it. Grow up.

    7. Oh my, Ed. I think you somewhat missed my point. It doesn't matter what Philippe Couillard's political affiliation is, he will not change a comma of Bill 101, and I am doubtful he will do anything to ease the way for the minorities. The language policies will not be eased for the minorities, the service providers in the Quebec government won't start talking English to the minorities again and very few will be hired in the civil service. He'll just be another Quebec premier, even if he was the leader of a no-name party, similar to cheaper no-name products sold at grocery stores, he'd be just another Quebec premier who welcomes the minorities with open arms during election campaigns and forgets they ever existed the day after the election is over. Bourassa showed us his mettle, or the lack thereof.

    8. @diogenes

      "Grow up."

      right. so when i grow up, like cutie003, i will learn to SCREAM in order to render myself more credible? can't wait, mate. it will be easier.

    9. Dudent, pretty much anything you could do to improve your credibility is worth a shot because right now you're flat-lining. The other contributors seem to think that you're either a troll, a paid seppie flunky, an idiot, or some combination of the three. As for rendering yourself, you should probably go a rendering plant. Things like that are best left to professionals.

  11. George Washington was also a "T" word...

    You only call him a "T" word because he did not cater to your own petty interests.

    1. Washington was certainly wanted by the British, as were all the people who signed the Declaration of Independence or who sought to oust British rule. This was a colonial uprising, and the British crown saw these people as traitors. But George Washington and the colonial armies fought British soldiers; they did not use terrorist methods. And while some methods of warfare may have been unconventional at the time (the colonial army was not as well organized, but were largely a militia), I would not say they were at all "terrorists" in the way that term is properly understood.

    2. Why you're right Jean, Washington was indeed a "T" word...a in Slave Trader/Owner.

      Given your fickle sovereignist movements hatred and disdain for non-Francophone/non-white citizens, I think you help solidify our point.

      So what's the temperature over in your cave today, Johnny boy?

    3. Washington faced both risk and opportunity. Risk that if he failed, he would have been hanged. Opportunity that if he succeeded, he was in control of 13 colonies that could potentially be turned into a world contender amongst states, having the vast continent around them, the British beaten back across the ocean, and the French easily beatable in America since most of their military engagements were in Europe.

      In the case of our provincial "freedom fighters", there is neither risk nor opportunity. Since the definition of a "freedom fighter" in Quebec is someone who supports a strong state, not opposes it, the risk for "troublemakers" is not of ending up on the gallows, but ending up on Tout Le Monde En Parle. The opportunities are lacking as well. Quebec is surrounded by 2 strong states with strong economies and strong militaries. Any ambitious Quebec leader will have to settle for winning domestic battles with immigrants refractory to francisation. Victories will be counted in the number of immigrants taught how to speak French in addition to English, and not measured in acquired land, fame, glory and prestige.

    4. Washington attacked military targets.

      Paul Rose and Bin Laden attacked civilians.

      Vois-tu la différence?

  12. The world is a better place without Paul Rose and Richard Henry Bain is a crackpot who should be behind bars.

  13. The FLQ is not active today because it was replaced by the Parti Quebecois. The PQ is nothing more than the political wing of the terrorist FLQ.

    1. I hear the PQ kill puppies and drink the blood of virgins too.

    2. In fact, the FLQ was an independent Marxist-Leninist paramilitary organization, responsible for the bombing of the Montreal Stock Exchange building in 1969, among others. Like Al-Qaeda, they were a loose association of various cells. Some of their members received guerilla training from the PLO in Jordan. From 1963 to 1970, the FLQ committed over 160 violent actions, including bombings, bank hold-ups, kidnappings, at least three killings by FLQ bombs and two killings by gunfire. (link)

      Retired SQ investigator Claude Lavallée, who was involved in illegally recording Paul Rose’s confession, recently confirmed that they were in fact “amateurs” (as opposed to professional terrorists).

      The PQ, on the other hand, was formed in 1968 as a merger of René Lévesque Movement for Sovereignty-Association and the right-of-centre Ralliement National. Pierre Bourgault’s left-wing RIN was later disbanded and joined the PQ in order to unite sovereignist forces and three elections later, the PQ finally won its first election, with historic consequences.

    3. Also, the federal NDP was outraged when Paul Rose was nominated as a by-election candidate for the former provincial New Democratic Party of Quebec (NDPQ) in 1992. The federal NDP denounced its former provincial wing, severed ties and sought their change of name. Paul Rose worked for the CSN trade union and became the leader of the NDPQ, which changed its name to the Party of Socialist Democracy (PDS) and later merged with the Communist Party of Quebec (PCQ), the RAP and International Socialists to form the Union des Forces Progressistes (UFP), which itself merged with the feminist Option Citoyenne in 2006 to become today’s Québec Solidaire (QS).

      So, if anything, it is QS that has a past that can be remotely linked to the FLQ.

    4. Letter: Amir Khadir’s proposal to honour Paul Rose ends my support for Québec solidaire

      It was with considerable pride and a sense of “audace” that I cast a vote for candidate Françoise David of Québec Solidaire in the most recent provincial election.

      The feeling of pride came from the satisfaction of participating in an election that featured a party whose policy positions included a commitment to free higher education, a complete ban on natural-gas fracking, and a minimum monthly income of $1,000 for the impoverished. These positions did and still do speak to me as real and desirable possibilities that are within our reach as a society, and it felt great to exercise the right to advocate for them.

      The sense of audacity came from a feeling that to vote for Québec Solidaire was not only to vote from the heart, but to commit that vote to the possibility of doing things differently. A risky choice, to be sure, and not just politically — voting for a party that advocates upheaval and openly wants to change our society is a choice that brings with it the risk of ridicule and anger from our friends and neighbours.

      So it came as a slap to the face when I read that Québec Solidaire — defenders of the environment, champions of the poor — were planning to table a motion honouring the late Paul Rose, convicted kidnapper and killer.

      Have Québec Solidaire collectively forgotten that there is nothing more devastating, more ruinous to individuals, families and communities, than violence?

      Regardless of their retraction of the motion, labelling it “unwise” — a pathetic aside of its own — the fact is Québec solidaire have now advocated the use of violence as a means to attaining political objectives.

      And that, for me, is where I draw the line.

      Nathan Munn


      © Copyright (c) The Montreal Gazette

    5. "I hear the PQ kill puppies and drink the blood of virgins too"

      Funny...I hear the same thing! lol

    6. "drink the blood of virgins too"

      You know...

      ...ahh never mind.

    7. "I hear the PQ kill puppies..."

      In a way they have, indirectly, by failing to enact stricter legislation regarding puppy mill operators in Quebec - the puppy mill capital of North America. There should be more animal health inspectors, with greater fines plus jail time for offenders.

    8. Anyone that voted for QS to start with is soft in the head thinking.

      I'm glad Nathan finally figured out that QS is full of shit. Nathan is probably not yet caught up with the real world that the population lives in.

      Nathan is super busy these days. Not at a job mind you. He's protesting the oil sands pipeline. The best most qualified politicians reviewed the technical documentation and it's all bad (BA in Poli Sci baby!). Al Gore said so too, he invented the Internet and he's smart.

    9. C'est fantastique.

      Quelqu'un écrit que le PQ est l'aile politique du FLQ.

      Yannick lui répond que le PQ tue aussi des petits chiots. Seuls les plus abrutis ne verront pas le sacarsme.

      Et alors, cette perle qu'on n'aurait su inventer: ce même quelqu'un lui répond, collé au premier degré, que oui, littéralement et au sens propre, le PQ tue réellement (bien que indirectement, on garde le sens des nuances...) des petits chiots.

      Ça ne s'invente juste pas.

    10. @ M. Patrice,

      I was well aware of the sarcasm in Yannick's post about puppies and only an idiot would fail to see the equally sarcastic nature of my response about puppy mills...

    11. In your case, Durham, I have to invoke Poe's law. You sounded entirely serious in your reply, one has to wonder why the PQ would be any more responsible than the PLQ concerning animal cruelty laws in Quebec.

    12. Quelqu'un d'autre sent-il le besoin de préciser qu'il a bien vu le sarcasme dans la réponse de Yannick?

    13. Well, I was being sarcastic (and tongue-in-cheek), but I suppose the Editor is correct in stating that sarcasm doesn't always work well in writing.

    14. Le sarcasme peut fonctionner à l'écrit. Le sarcasme de Yannick, par exemple, se saisit relativement bien parce qu'il tranche avec ses commentaires habituellement sensés.

      Par contre, le sarcasme, lorsque noyé au travers d'énormités comme "nettoyage ethnique", "franco-suprémacistes" ou "le PQ, aile politique du FLQ", est plus difficile à saisir. Il est plus difficile à saisir parce que l'énormité dite avec sarcasme n'est pas très différente des habituelles énormités dites le plus sérieusement du monde en se croyant soi-même.

    15. @MP
      "Quelqu'un écrit que le PQ est l'aile politique du FLQ. Yannick lui répond que le PQ tue aussi des petits chiots. Seuls les plus abrutis ne verront pas le sacarsme."

      Many will argue that the PQ is a legitimized FLQ.

      As for you, I would say you’re thick and you’re slow. Your little pal’s sarcasm was lost on no one, but it was fun nailing it, turning it around and making a point....the other way. (shmuck)

    16. It's pretty sad that everyone except cebeuq completely glossed over the detailed, factual information that was provided in response and chose to focus on the silliness instead.

    17. Good information is very interesting, but sometimes does not spark responses. I personally was thrilled to read R.S.' piece.

    18. I'll bet Michel Patrice drinks the blood of virgins. Sarcasm and mockery intended, LOL!

  14. FROM ED
    Diogenes says;-
    The only way the fear of separation dies is if all separatist parties disappear. A Liberal government with a PQ opposition will still keep the fear alive.
    Your post at 6:30a.m said "To the other contributors, I ask you forget the past. Open your minds and think positive for the sake of our future." So, everyone should forget the Liberals transgressions but remember Legault's. I dunno Ed, seems inconsistent to me."
    Diogenes, we 've had a Liberal government with a separatist opposition for many years but under the Liberals the companies came. Wal-mart, etc. All the ones fighting the PQ right now. Which of Dr.Legault's transgressions are you referring to.Is it the factb that he was a good health minister as the press reports. Is it the fact that he promises to give rights to the English or are you one of those you likes to use guilt by association given his work with Arthur Porter.
    Nothing Couillard did has hurt us economically or language wise. Legault's very presense as a separatist causes uncertainty.
    Take your choice! Ed

    1. I've gotta say, I agree with Ed on this one.

      The first priority right now should be getting rid of the separatists, and splitting our votes isn't going to help. Let's get them out of office first, then we can consider shopping around.

      The Liberals may not have helped the anglo cause, but we had quite a few years of relative peace and a growing economy.

      As for the CAQ, I lost all hope when they took in Rebello... How can anyone have faith in a group of people who apparently have no convictions whatsoever?

    2. Ed: "Which of Dr.Legault's transgressions are you referring to." Ed,are you confusing Legault with Couillard? I thought Legault has an accounting/business background. I can't see anything to suggest he is any type of doctor.

    3. FROM ED
      My apologies to Dr. Couillard for confusing his name with Mr.Legault. They tell me I'm in the early stages of alzheimers and errors like that are to be expected. Fortunately for us Dr.Couillard's mind is clear and I'm glad to know that when I'm gone our homeland will be in good hands for my granchildfren to live in. You were the one referring to Couillard's transgressions. Was it that with Porter he got the super hospital off the ground. They wanted to wait for the French hospital so catch up so both could open at the same time but the French team were letting themselves get tied up with minor arguments so he gave the OK as health minister to go ahead. Before he went into business with Porter he had left politics four months earlier. Ed

  15. Here we go again - Couillard back tracking on his support against Bill 14 - now willing to look at amendments put forth by the PQ. GD - will we ever learn - BRING ON THE EQUALITY PARTY 2.0 - I want a legitimate choice in this rigged province! There is zilch democracy here!

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 18, 2013 at 6:17:00 PM EDT

      Save yourself some big time aggrevation cutie. English is dead in queerbec...
      Move across the river to ontario.
      You're so pig headed...

    2. If everyone who leaves this province turns out like you, I have no desire to leave. I don't need nor want any opinion from you - ignore my posts and I will do the same for you. Wish the Editor would stop you from posting because you offer nothing of any worth to this blog and insult separatists and federalists with the same inane stupid remarks. Take the advice of your girlfriend and stop wasting everyone's time.

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, March 18, 2013 at 7:19:00 PM EDT

      Well, in that case, we part; I wish you what you so desperately seek: an unhappy life where you hate to live.
      We all make decisions in life...
      Have fun with your fellow quebecois S.R & student, one big happy and french quebec family...
      all of you and Ed.
      I'm so glad to live in Alberta, where there are no trivial quarrels such as in quebec.
      You people, being introverts will never see the sanity of a normal cohabitation. Let the balkanisation begin...

      From a french Canadian.

    4. True, english is dead in Quebec. Only Pontiac, Outaouais, and Western Laurentien have sizeable english communities. I agree Alberta, and Saskatchewan for that matter, look so stable compared to Quebec and Premier Wall is so much better than Premier Marois.

    5. English isn't dead in Quebec any more than French is dead in the rest of Canada. There's still English speakers all over Quebec and most of all in Montreal. English was the main language in Montreal for hundreds of years until very recently, and it could be again if the French flight off-island continues. I remember reading on here that there are 2.5 million anglos in Quebec. 2.5 million isn't a dead community.

    6. The issue is that we should not be obsessing with language to this level.

      Life is certainly more complicated and rewarding then can be achieved by constant and unending language strife.

      This is what life beyond Quebec is about. Having French in our lives is a good thing, the language obsessions that manifest themselves through the PQ/QS have shown themselves to be destructive over 50 years. It's unfortunate that Quebec can;t get up to date with a "European style" approach to languages. IE more is better. Language is a tool. Have more tools in your basket.

      Unfortunately this kind of thinking doesn't fit here.

    7. @edm

      "I remember reading on here that there are 2.5 million anglos in Quebec."

      i don't think you should believe everything you read here.

    8. 2.5 million is incorrect..that would be 30 percent of the population of Quebec. At most there might be 1 million but its probably less than that with most of them in Montreal. I predict that we will have one more final exodus in the next few years..with the number dropping below 500,000 within 10 years.

  16. Le projet de loi 14 est sur la bonne voie...Merci M.Couillard ;)

  17. @ED You do love your Liberal parties, blindly may I add. A little something on Martin , didn’t he place his money off shore and transferred all the federal debt to the provinces but you already knew that. Which ever way you look at it I have to pay.

    Something on the Gomery commission
    2004 February 11 — Prime Minister Paul Martin orders a Commission of Inquiry into the Sponsorship Program and Advertising Activities. The Commission of Inquiry will be headed by Justice John H. Gomery. Martin fires Alfonso Gagliano from his post in Denmark. Martin asserts that he had no knowledge of the scandal prior to the Auditor General's report.
    2004 February 13 — The National Post newspaper publishes a 2002 letter leaked to it by an unidentified third party, between the Liberal Party's then National Policy Chairman and Paul Martin, urging Martin to stop partisan financial abuses in the Sponsorship Program, thereby casting doubt on Martin's defence of personal ignorance
    Did you read “he had no knowledge of the scandal prior to the Auditor General's report”. feb.11 and then what happened on feb.13.
    Did you give me a tongue lasing about not checking the net. Here I will help you check.
    You love Paul Martin because he is Irish? Be careful, the other half is French

    Oh and by the way “The bitch”
    a Readers Digest poll listed her as one of the top five most trusted Canadians. I will let you look that one up.

    1. FROM ED
      My God WAC , what are you on about. This has to be the greatest project of dirt digging I've ever seen. You are obviously obsessing on that which is not healthy either for you or your country. Get some help. I'm not interested in your dirt pile and who the hell is the bitch and what does she have to do with me. Ed

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, March 19, 2013 at 6:42:00 AM EDT

      Crazy Ed wrote: "You are obviously obsessing"

      LOL. NO. You are and everyone else in quebekistan is;)
      You folks need to chill. I am a Franco living in an english world. You dont see me bitchin' like a quebekistani...

    3. @Ed Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 9:14:00 AM EDT you wrote
      “The bitch knew what she was doing and she knew why“. You where referring to Sheila Fraser were you not.
      You are aware that the first thing to go is the sex thing(in my case a god sent),then the mind.
      I love you too Ed. Be safe.

    4. FROM ED
      Hi WAC, since I see you are sincere I will answer you. The sponsorship program was created by Jean Chretien to help Quebers see that the Federal Government worked for them not against. This was to counteract the feelings which led to the impending referendum of '95. Chretien set millions of dollars money aside to win Quebec francos. The problem was he kept no control of it handing out money to his cronies who did next to nothing for it. This is why Chretien made Martin wait a year after he retired before he would step aside. As Finance Minister Paul Martin in the meantime was working to get Canada out of debt. It took him two years to balance the books. The first balanced budget Canada had seen since 1967 when John Turner quit as Finance Minister under Trudeau because he refused to take the country into deficit spending. Chretien took his place and spent us into 200 billion debt. In only 3 short years Martin went on to pay 100 billion on the 584 billion that Mulroney had raised the debt to. He brought the debt to below 400 billion. Shiela Fraser, the cunt wanted Harper elected and brought out the five year old scandal that Chretien had orchestrated, blaming it all on Martin's Liberals just two weeks before the election. So thanks to the bitch we have Harper who has raised our indebtedness to over 600 billion with nothing to show for it. You know WAC when people say I love the Liberals they don't understand that I love my homeland and the Liberals have the best chance of ridding us of the separatists. Why can't people put aside past differences and help get us out of the hole we're in. Phillippe Couillard is the best chance we have right now but so many want to destroy him before we know wwhat he can do for us. Ed

    5. ED - Paul Martin effectively transferred billions from the EI surpplus and made huge cuts to transfer payments to the provinces..thats how he balanced the books. More accounting trickery and the downloading of debts onto the provinces..nothing grand there. Martin was also blessed with the one of the biggest booms in US History from the late 1990s into 2007..where an epic property bubble formed which made economic growth seem much stronger than it really was..essentially it was a debt Ponzi scheme but while it was building it boosted the economy..again nothing to do with Martin or Chretien..they were in the right place at the right time. Sheila Fraser is one of the most honest and upfront people that I can remember..thank goodness she was there to oversee the government waste..her failing in your eyes was that she told the truth on how things really were run uneder the Liberal government.
      Harper and Flaherty though have been equally incompetent..maybe even worse..they cut the GST which meant tens of billions of dollars in lost revenue..they lowered the corporate tax rate to crazy low levels which again cost billions in lost revenue..effectively the debt we have now is because corporations are not paying their fair share and the lost GST revenue. They could have cut a lot more out of government too..instead they have grown government like crazy..surprising for a PC government.
      So sad - your blind faith in Couillard. I bet you said exactly the same thing about Charest 10 years ago..that he was going to change everything in Quebec for the better..captain canada. How did that work out for us..we are 60 billions dollars further in the hole, anglos were still ignored/marganalized, corruption reached record levels under the liberals rule, the economy continued to underperform every other province, the infrastructure crumbled even further. I cant find anything that positive the Liberals did under Charest - the only positive thing is that seperation was off the table.
      Its time for real change which means a new party focusing on the real problems in this province. But you ED want to hit replay and play the same script that you played before Charest was elected.
      Cutie - I am sick and tired also of your ad nauseum commnets that Legault is a seperatist..he was a I think he is neutral and he has publicly stated so..he wants to focus on other issues.
      Its funny how so many anglos here come on here and go on and on about how Quebecois should move on and stop focusing on language and seperation. Yet these same anglos only focus and want to talk about language issues. I am sick and tired of talking about language issues..lets move on and deal with the real problems..the house is burning down and everyone here is still debating on how to rearrange the furniture. Somehow though I think I am talking to an empty room here..

    6. Jesus complicated - the whole problem with the damn province is the problem you keep going on about - our economy is being ruined by the SEPARATISTS AND THE DAMN LAWS DISCRIMINATING AGAINST EVERYONE BUT PUR-LAINE FRANCOPHONES - you are the one that goes on ad nauseam about Legualt who has only said that he would not vote for separation right now because quebec CANNOT AFFORD IT. HE WANTS TO FIX THE ECONOMY SO THEY CAN AFFORD IT! Dammit, that makes him a separatist! What is the matter with you? You can't put aside the matter of language - THIS IS WHAT IS CAUSING THE WHOLE F---ING PROBLEM! THAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND AND REALIZE THAT THIS PROVINCE WILL KEEP SINKING UNTIL THEY SMARTEN UP AND REALIZE THEY CANNOT LIVE OUTSIDE THE REST OF NORTH AMERICA WITHOUT ISOLATION WHICH MEANS NO FU----- ECONOMY! WOW!

    7. Cutie is right.

      He (Legault) wanted a 10 yr moratorium so that he could fix the economy as much as possible, put the house in order so to speak, and then when he was in a good place.. Financially, he’d sell Independence and probably be successful, if it were packaged and marketing the right way, it’s sure to sell.


      I know you’re a fan of his, (Legault), and that is your prerogative. The way I see it, all the parties in the National Assembly in Quebec City are all separatists...who to a greater degree, who to a lesser. But they all are. As I have stated before, no party ..other than the extreme seppies, like a PQ, would put forth a bill 14, but now that it is out there, and the heavy lifting has been done, they will ALL naturally support it, Liberals, CAQ and the rest. This is the reality I think everyone needs to acknowledge. As part of a minority, I would love to see a party, like Equality 2.0, go in and sweep up THE ENTIRE ETHNIC lovely that would be, they would probably have no real power, but it would be so much fun to see them cause havoc.

    8. You know AnceTOTE anything's possible if people would just vote with common sense and vote for a party that would truly represent them but, as it stands, we are so afraid of splitting the vote, that we always vote for the lesser of the two evils. Next time around, I'm voting for what I believe in and the hell with it, come what may. We are being slowly killed off by ALL the parties, just a matter of the extremes of each of them. Death by a thousand cuts or a complete slit of the throat is our choice - I prefer to die quickly next time. Who knows? Whoever thought that the Bloc would be decimated for 5 years anyway? Next time, I'm sure they will win at least 20 of those seats back but at least the NDP (not that I like them) shook up the scene for awhile. Perhaps the Equality Party 2.0, with the right representatives, can pull it off. Again, I dream, but unless Dr. Couillard stays true to his word about Bill 14 and turns it down in it's entirety, I am putting my vote behind a party that will represent Canada and makes it a solid part of their platform. Sick to death of these lying politicians.

    9. @anectote

      "...put the house in order so to speak, and then when he was in a good place.. Financially, he’d sell Independence and probably be successful..."

      and at this point, i mean when the house is in order and you can't lie about quebec's economic potential anymore, what will you tell french canadians in order to scare them away from the idea of launching their own country? do you have a plan b?

  18. Part 1: Québec solidaire’s dubious ‘courage’

    MONTREAL — I lost an irretrievable amount of respect for Québec solidaire and, perhaps more specifically, QS MNA Amir Khadir last week.
    While I have not always agreed with the party’s tactics and do not align myself with the nationalist project it advocates, I have always held that QS is a party of integrity and honesty, genuinely dedicated to the principles of equality, social justice and solidarity.
    But its actions in response to the death of former Front de Libération du Québec leader Paul Rose have cast a shadow over the esteem I had once had.

    On its website, QS posted a statement offering condolences to Rose’s family and friends. It said that throughout his life, Rose remained convinced of the necessity of fighting for national liberation and the social emancipation of the peuple québécois. The statement goes on to say that after the “dramatic events” of October 1970, he chose to pursue his activism across the terrain of democracy and civic engagement (my translation).
    Although I recognize this was a statement of condolence requiring respect, it was nevertheless astounding to see the “dramatic events” being referenced — events more widely known as the October Crisis — blanched of any real meaning.

    Rose was a lifelong labour activist who fought for French language rights and Quebec independence. He was a supporter of QS in recent years. He may have chosen a less violent path for his activism in his later life, but back in 1970 Rose was the leader of the Montreal-based Chénier cell of the FLQ. The group engaged in bombings, kidnappings and robberies in its pursuit of a socialist and independent Quebec.
    Rose was instrumental in the abduction of deputy premier and labour minister Pierre Laporte and British trade commissioner James Cross. Two weeks after Laporte’s abduction, the FLQ executed him by strangling him. His body was found stuffed in the trunk of a car. Cross’s release was negotiated in exchange for safe passage of his captors to Cuba. Rose was convicted of the kidnapping and murder of Laporte, and spent 11 years in prison. He was released on parole in 1982.

  19. Part 2: Québec solidaire’s dubious ‘courage’
    Québec solidaire made no mention of any of this on its website.

    The statement of condolence was one thing. But the promise by Khadir to table a motion in the National Assembly to honour Rose was something else entirely.

    In his comments to the Canadian Press on Thursday, Khadir declared that other sovereignist parties lacked “courage” in not offering public condolences for an “important figure in the Quebec independence movement.”

    Courage. Truly.

    Khadir’s stance on Rose was disturbing, particularly for a member of a party that claims to advocate pacifism.

    The next day, a QS spokesperson (not Khadir himself) announced that Khadir had changed his mind and would not move to recognize Rose in the National Assembly out of respect for the families of Rose and Laporte, and to avoid further controversy. But are we left to assume that QS’s unofficial stance is still that Rose was an honourable national figure?

    That QS has opted to pick and choose — selectively — what is remembered and what is left out of Rose’s life story demonstrates a spurious approach to solidarity.

    Even if we agree with QS that all Quebecers share “a” singular history (and for the record, I don’t), real dedication to equality requires a sustained and critical attentiveness to the different kinds of relationships that various groups and people have had with the history of the majority population.

    Rose’s legacy will be a complicated one, tangled up as it is with a tumultuous period of change in Quebec. Some will see him as a patriot and working-class hero.

    To others, he will always be a terrorist and murderer. And some will — as Patrick Lagacé tentatively ventured in La Presse on Friday — remember him as both.

    Either way, surrounded by his family, who recited poetry at his bedside, Paul Rose died peacefully in the Sacré-Coeur hospital on Thursday. He was 69.

    --->>>Pierre Laporte was 49 when he was seized from the front lawn of his home in the presence of his nephew and later assassinated by the FLQ. Had he lived, he would have been 92 this year.

    It is out of respect for the intricate nationalist history of Quebec, and in solidarity with all the people it has touched in different ways, that I am left with no other way to conclude except this: Je me souviens.

    1. Rezzie, I’m glad that you provided that article. However, it’s appropriate to give proper credit by citing its source, in this case Celine Cooper, a new columnist at The Gazette (who is a Montrealer and a PhD candidate in sociology and equity studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto):

      Cooper: Québec Solidaire’s dubious ‘courage’

      PS: The famous photo of Paul Rose at that link, following the killing of innocent people in order to attain his political aims, might be a useful reminder for “student” to keep in mind when acting as an apologist for Rose and discussing his friendship, idealism and so on. “Je me souviens” indeed…

  20. Couillard is just trying to get more French Canadians on his side. I think even some federalist French Canadians support Bill 101, I really have no idea why they would, but apparently they do, and Bill 14 will probably have the same sort of reception. I think that since mendments are being made to the bill, it will end up being so waterred down it will have almost no effect at all should it pass. The new votes it might create might help the Liberals win the next election and get the PQ out of power. I'm not happy about this news by any means, but at I will at least try and see a bright side in it. What do you think, Mr Ed?

    1. "I think even some federalist French Canadians support Bill 101, I really have no idea why they would, but apparently they do..."

      omg. you are narrow-minded. similar to cebeuq. dude! protecting french culture and separation are distinct matters. of course most of the time a separatist will support bill 101, but why wouldn't a federalist agree that protecting quebec french needs a legal frame?!?

      of course your comboy movies are easier to understand, but hey, this is real life.

    2. FROM ED
      EDM Yes my friend obviously Couillard has to get Francos behind him but I think he's the man who can do it. He showed that when they couldn't get the super hospital started because the French hospital was being stalled by nationalism disagreement. Couillard talked with the Francs and settled things right away. Arthur Porter stepped up and took the credit for this. The french would never have listened to him, they had no idea who he was. It was Couillard that got it going. He was out of government four months before he went into business with Porter and folded it up as soon as he saw what kind of man Porter is. We have to wait for bill 14 now to see what's going to happen. He has agreed to look over the proposals that the PQ has asked him to. Nothing wrong with that, you need to know what the other fellow has in mind. As Gobachev said, "Keep your enemy close." Ed
      Yes WAC the sex thing is the first to go. Unfortunately the brain doesn't know it for a long time. When I see a sharp body the star at the top of the tree lights up but the rest won't go on. Ed

  21. FROM ED
    A poll by ERSKOS in early march shows the PQ with 32.2% and the Liberals with 30.!% the CAQ at 20.1% Thsi is before the Liberals had a leader. I'm sure it will change soon. It can be found at I tried to bring the whole thing up but could not move the images. Ed

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, March 19, 2013 at 6:45:00 AM EDT

      "I'm sure it will change soon"

      Yes, Ed. It will change just bacause you said so.
      Keep living in your wonderland make believe world that quebec is.
      Everything is amazingly possible in the magical land of $7 daycare.
      Take your carte soleil out and seek a psychiatrist. Sad.

  22. FROM ED

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    Friday, March 15, 2013
    Friday update: Quebec, PLQ leadership, and Labrador by-election
    For the past few weeks, I have been doing updates to the site on Fridays, taking care of any new polls that need to be added to the By-Election Barometer and updating the Liberal leadership endorsement rankings. I haven't posted about it on the front page, but going forward I will change that and use Fridays to quickly go over some of the polls and topics I haven't had a chance to tackle throughout the week, as well as shed some light on the updates to the other parts of the site.

    This week's Friday update includes a look at the latest poll from Quebec, the endorsement rankings for this weekend's Quebec Liberal Party leadership convention, and updates for the by-elections in Kent and Labrador.

    Close race in Quebec continues

    A new poll by Léger Marketing released earlier this week via Le Journal de Montréal showed that the Parti Québécois held the narrowest of leads over the Liberals, with 31% to 30% support. The Coalition Avenir du Québec trailed with 20%, while Québec Solidaire (9%), the provincial Greens (5%), and Option Nationale (4%) brought up the rear.

    The poll also included some details on the PLQ leadership race. Philippe Couillard remained the favourite of the three candidates, and the only one who could apparently keep the Liberals competitive with the PQ.

    I wrote about the poll for The Huffington Post Canada. You can read that article here.

    The Léger poll showed very little change from their last survey from early February: the PQ remained in front among francophones and in the regions of Quebec, while the Liberals had the advantage among non-francophones, in and around Montreal, and in Quebec City.
    With the results of the Léger poll, the Parti Québécois would increase its seat total from 54 to 61, putting them just short of a majority government. The Liberals would win 53 seats, up from 50, while the CAQ would drop from 19 to only eight. Québec Solidaire would take two seats and Option Nationale would win one.
    From ed:- Now the Libs have a leader this will change. Couillard is goint to travel the province supposedly o build up the party. You can bet he'll be campaigning all the way. He said on news tonight he will oppose cities needing permission for English. he desscribed it as a nuisance nobody needs. Ed

    1. You can see this train wreck miles away. This is rehearsed theater in Quebec.

      PQ accuse Liberals of not supporting French
      Liberals say they support French but want to accomidate others

      Wait 2 weeks

      Liberal polls show Francophone support plunges
      Liberals release new policy
      Bill 101 is needed to protect, new measure can be considered..

      This is a well rehearsed dance.

      In step 1 anglo's flock to the Liberals as their possible saviour (this is the stage we are at now) thinking the Liberals have a renewed support for fairness and common sense.

      In a few weeks after the PQ have been beating on Couillard about his language stance and the immigrant hating backwater PQ supporter has been "polled", the Liberals will yet again start to backtrack.

      The most amazing part is watching the immigrants and anglo's profess their love in stage 1 before the rejection.

      We already see this with Coulliard. Last week Bill 14 was all bad, not going to look at it. Now after he's leader "We hae a responsability to look at it and consider changes".

      The Liberal backtracking already has begun!

      This all fits under "reference the file". Quebec is doomed to repeat the same path over and over again.

    2. "This all fits under "reference the file". Quebec is doomed to repeat the same path over and over again."

      Yes it is theatre (All the worlds a stage, and such and such), mostly, no one is sincere. None are interested in doing anything...good. No one has the conviction to stand up and tell the truth, whatever the consequence. NOPE, what they are interested in, is serving their own personal agenda. They want to coast through for as long as they can in the job they’ve got so that they can retire with their little pensions and move to Hollywood FL. I suppose it wouldn't be so infuriating if we could kick their behinds, but the populace with real power in the province, the majority of Francophones are nwilling to see the light and do right ...themselves. And so the charade goes on.

      “And it was night and it was morning” or something like that, Sauga says it better.

  23. Have a listen to Part 1 of this report on Quebec’s language situation that was broadcast tonight on CBC and NPR. For those who don’t know, Public Radio International (PRI)’s global news radio show, “The World”, is co-produced by the BBC World Service (the world’s largest international broadcaster) and WGBH Boston.

    It includes a review of Pastagate (oops, sorry, I mean “Barrière-aux-pâtes-alimentaires”… how did the OQLF ever let that one pass?~!) and its new director, extended interviews with completely opposite views from Huntingdon mayor Stéphane Gendron and Jean-François Lisée, as well as views from an anti-English anglophone, a Jewish woman in Côte-St-Luc (which stands to lose its bilingual status) and a slideshow of restaurant signs that may be “threatening” the survival of French in North America… Part 2 with Sugar Sammy is coming up next week.

    Is French Still Vulnerable in Quebec?:

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Don’t blame me for this! Not to be outdone by the “Boycott Buonanotte” Facebook bunch, this time it’s Gilles Duceppe himself who is still going on about Pastagate… finding it to be an anti-Bill 14 plot by restaurant owners!

    Pastagate: the restaurateurs’ “plot”
    March 15, 2013. Posted by: Don Macpherson

    Another week, another conspiracy theory in Quebec politics.

    This week’s comes from Gilles Duceppe, former leader of the Bloc Québécois who’s killing time until his next attempt to overthrow Pauline Marois as leader of the Parti Québécois by writing a column and blogging for Le Journal de Montréal.

    On his J de M blog on Wednesday (Pastagate : les pâtes étaient rouges!), Duceppe implied that the recent Pastagate affair was a plot by (taking a deep breath here) restaurant owners who are sympathetic to the Quebec Liberal Party and are in cahoots with the Evil English Media to discredit the PQ government’s proposed language legislation, Bill 14.

    As evidence, he cited the “facts” that five Pastagate-related incidents all began under the former Liberal government, and implied that the restaurateurs involved kept quiet about them until after the PQ was elected last Sept. 4.

    After reading this, I decided to confront Massimo Lecas, the owner of the Montreal restaurant Buonanotte, whose Italian menu was the subject of the complaint to the Office québécois de la langue française at the start of the chain of events that became known as Pastagate. Lecas told me that the first he heard of a complaint to the OQLF about his restaurant was when an inspector from the language-law enforcement agency arrived at Buonanotte last Sept. 5–the day after the election. He gave me a copy of a letter that he said the inspector handed to him. It’s on OQLF stationery, printed except for the date Sept. 5, which is written by hand. It says the inspector was at the restaurant to “verify” a complaint about an unspecified “infraction” of the language law, Bill 101.

    Lecas said that after the inspector completed his “verification,” he didn’t hear from the OQLF again until he received another letter, dated Feb. 14–five months after the PQ government took office. The second letter, a copy of which Lecas also gave me, informs him that the OQLF had received a complaint about Buonanotte’s menu and wine list, which violated section 51 of Bill 101 because they contained Italian words that were not translated into French. Attached to the letter were photographs of the menu and wine list with offending words such as “pasta” and “bottiglia” circled.

    It wasn’t until Feb. 19, five days later, that Lecas made the affair public on Twitter. From there it was picked up by the media, first by Dan Delmar of Montreal radio station CJAD (admittedly, part of the Evil English Media), then by columnist Sophie Durocher of Le Journal de Montréal (where Duceppe has his column and blog, and definitely not part of the Evil English Media), and then by media around the world (Evil English and otherwise).

    And it was only then that other restaurants, in Quebec City as well as Montreal, came forward with their own, similar stories about the OQLF. So much, then, for the restaurateurs’ plot against the PQ and Bill 14. Anyway, everybody should know by now who’s really behind Pastagate. [Ed: This last note refers to the idea of it being Macpherson himself who really started Pastagate!]

    1. The Pasta-Gate deniers are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel huh? They can't fathom that their beloved OQLF could ever abuse its authority.

  26. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, March 19, 2013 at 7:04:00 AM EDT

    Surprise, surprise...
    Corrupt to the core SNC Lavallin meddling in "dirty" oil sands:

    Pretty sad when a criminal company - a powerful symbol of what queerbec stands for - gets that oil sands is ethical.
    All quebecois will soon be up in arms:
    "Les compressions budgétaires assenées par le gouvernement conservateur à la fonction publique fédérale se font au détriment du bilinguisme et du droit des francophones de travailler dans leur langue."

    About fucking time. Official bilingualism rapes my wallet dry yearly!!!
    Soon with more news like this Ed and Cutie will find themselves in Haiti-North aka quebekistan. Yes, all quebecois will vote for ma tante Pauline's new referendum, even Couillard will vote YES, because voting YES is totally what all quebecois should do.
    Get your own country ASAP and leave the rest of Canada alone. No more money from us.

    1. Un québecois contre le bilinguisme officiel? J'ai honte.

  27. Anybody paying attention to what is happening in Cyprus?

    Here we have a country finally forced to see the un-sustainability of their society. The inability of politician to act properly over all the years finally has an imposed solution.

    Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Italy. The list will grow longer and longer. The only reason Quebec doesn't make the list is that it's inside Canada and gets $ to prevent this kind of massively built up debt.

    This is a PQ fantasy. They can "balance it out" by applying it 20% to Montrealers, 10% to Lavel and nothing in the rest of the province.

    This is why when separation comes you will need to keep all your cash outside the "country" or under your bed in gold bars (na this is Quebec, micro flakes).

  28. @cebeuq

    Since you mention it,’s an interesting read, a piece published a few months ago in the Economist.

    I suppose if we continue to do idiotic things politically and socially in this province, desolation and despair ARE inevitable. It will be slow and painful, but there is no escaping it and here’s why: $200,000,000,000+ debt. I can’t stop thinking about it. With another eminent exodus (in Industry especially), if bill 14 goes through and a dwindling Quebec population, low birth rate etc..etc.., who’s going to pay for this ...really?? I would never leave this province because of stupid language issues per say, but at the end of the day, (and if I am not wearing a name tag, no one is the wiser), but I will leave to avoid paying this kind of debt and most especially, I will leave to ensure my kid doesn’t pay for it either. Honestly, I curse every time I gas up or purchase something and notice what I’m paying for QST.

    On the upside, once the province implodes (and it will), it can only go one way, ...UP, as in Rwanda’s case. Then we can all move back, right Sauga? lol.

    1. But the main point here is look at how far Rwanda had to fall before they embraced real change. A genocide which killed 20 percent of the population in a few months. Total collapse of the economy. Yes things would change for the better here in Quebec if we ever fell that low but does anyone really want to go through that kind of suffering?? And do you know how many decades were lost going through the whole process. How this can give anyone here any hope is beyond me. Eseentially you are saying that Quebec has to literally completely implode..civil war break out..people economy..and then well it can only get better. Sorry but I dont want to live through anything like that. Do I think that Quebec could fall that it can fall a lot further from where we are..and I dont think too many people here are prepared for that.

    2. @complicated

      "Essentially you are saying that Quebec has to literally completely implode..civil war break out..people economy..and then well it can only get better."

      Yes exactly, do you honestly think it can happen any other way? These idiots are $200 billion in debt and 'Reason' still hasn't occured to them. How far down the hold do you have to go? At this point, I'm thinking all the way down...

      "Sorry but I dont want to live through anything like that."

      Who does?

      "Do I think that Quebec could fall that it can fall a lot further from where we are..and I dont think too many people here are prepared for that."

      Nope they I'd bet my last buck they are not. I what I am saying is, I intend to bail way before. Speaking for myself, I don't have to put up with this, in no way shape or form. I'm not unilingual French and thus NOT STUCK HERE.

    3. @complicated

      Apologies, not sure why, buy it seems words and letters jump around when you write in the box provided, perhaps it's a glitch. I hope you can still make sense of it. lol

    4. Quebec's days of problems are coming in the next year.

      One the transfers are cut back Quebec will be adrift without a cash supply.

      At that point it's going to get interesting! The PQ will have to break even more campaign promises.

      The socialist fantasy board game won;t be some much fun anymore.

      Marceau said Tuesday there are also rumours of "billions" in cuts to federal infrastruture transfers.

      Read more:

  29. When will the Quebec Government move to twinning Highway 50? When will the Quebec Government create a link between Highway 50 directly to Highway 40? A direct link to Montreal is needed and not via Laval and Highway 15 which is painful to drive on. I have written to the Ministry of Transport and have received no answer. Demand answer from the MPP. The development of Highway is critical for Quebec economy. Jobs are leaving this welfare province for Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario as we speak. Demand responsibility from your MPP. Get rid of the OLF, art funding for artist, welfare program, unsustainable regions (do like Newfoundland and close small outports), cut more jobs in Hydro-Quebec, Cut MPPs to 75, reduce unions power, get rid of subsidized daycares.

    1. @Liam
      "When will the Quebec Government move to twinning Highway 50?
      When will the Quebec Government create a link between Highway 50 directly to Highway 40?"

      Are these trick questions?? lol

    2. Liam: Sweetie - all of us agree with you but you're preaching to the choir here (except for the socialist seppies which are more abundant that we would like). I, for one, have tried to put these matters across to our MNA but nothing seems to shake these people and will not until and when we are in total ruin. They read nothing about other countries it seems and ignore what is happening to the countries that are already in bankruptcy because they were too socialist. It's the old adage - they will not face it until it hits them full in the face and as I've said, they are going to drag all of us down with them unless we can get a partition movement going to save at least some of us from the disaster that we're headed for.

  30. FROM ED
    The Quebec govenment can't afford any roads. They can't afford to repair the ones we have. They are saving for a statue of Marois ouitside her Palais. Ed

    1. During the previous 10 years of PQ rule (1994 - 2003), there was zero investment in infrastructure. Not a single large project, no new highways, no new bridges, and some of you probably remember how bad our roads and highways were back then.

      Once the liberals got in, we started seeing slow improvements. Our roads are in a much better condition today then they were 10 years ago, and thanks to a wise decision by the MTQ under the liberals to switch from asphalt to concrete for major arteries, they should stay in a good condition for quite some time.
      Highway 30 has been completed, Turcot got started, and we even got a new bridge for Montreal, which is already generating profits for the provincial gov. (separatists hate PPPs don't they?)

      Meanwhile, after only a few months in office, the PQ have already announced that many planned infrastructure projects will be postponed or cancelled...

      With Champlain coming up, I'm worried. I can imagine the PQ forcing the federal gov. to build it out of wood, to support the forest industry. Or maybe it'll only have 2 lanes in each direction, to encourage public transportation.

  31. I would so have a dream fulfilled and put an end to 40 years of strife and ruin. I know, I know, before anyone jumps all over me but I can dream for a night:

  32. @ED

    Her palais is gaining dust as we speak, and who was it that she and her husband screwed over to get their little grubby hands and that land? But oh noooooooooo....nothing corrupt ever occured on the PQ watch. Next thing you know they will solicit the new pope and nominate her for sainthood.

  33. The Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network is hosting the official launch of their “Mapping the Mosaic” website at the McCord Museum this evening. People are invited to share their memories and historical knowledge about all areas of the Greater Montreal area at this website.

    Check it out at:

  34. @Cutie....$200,000,000,000+ Billion in Debt is not Fiction.

    If people do not know it is not a lie then they are living under a rock. This should freakin' scare the hell outa everybody. It cannot be paid off with how things are going, it can't even be paid down unless the people elected to power in this province are sincere about doing something about this monstrous and overwhelming debt....(FAT CHANCE). I, and I am sure many otheres, won't stick around to help Quebec pay it off ...BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE TO...Luckily, we have bothered to learn several languages, especially in my case, I can move anywhere I damn well please in the world...and that's damn powerful if I do say so myself. Those of us not shackled to this province will hit the road so that our pocket books stop bleeding and future generations have secure Futures.

    "Make your bed (don't learn a second language -ENGLISH), LIE IN IT....marde! LOL"

    1. @Cutie, my response just now belongs on a thread way above.

  35. Mr Couillard could finally put an end to this autonomy imbalance that the Canadian provinces have. I'm glad to hear he's in favour of working toward getting Quebec's signature on the constitution. He's beginning to look like a true federalist politician. I would love to see him as premier one day.

    1. "Mr Couillard could finally put an end to this autonomy imbalance that the Canadian provinces have."

      do you mean he's likely for get other provinces to up their autonomy, or do you think he's likely to decrease quebec's autonomy?

      if it's the later it will make weird electoral slogans: less freedom! less autonomy!

      good luck with selling that to french canadians.

  36. "Look at the headlines in Quebec francophone media including Radio-Canada and the reluctance to use the " T " word."

    It's about time some wake up and smell the coffee it's not "including Radio-Canada", it's more: "especially Radio-Canada.

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