Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Quebec Liberals are the same-old-same-old

Listening to Philippe Couillard backtrack on the Liberal's previous position about unequivocally voting against Bill 14, it's hard to believe that the Liberals are any different from what they were before under Jean Charest.

After winning the leadership, Couillard told reporters that the Liberals will now examine Bill 14 clause by clause, and give it due consideration, maintaining the previous government's policy of appeasing language hawks.
"New Liberal Party leader Philippe Couillard is taking a softer line on the Parti Québécois' new language bill than his party took before his arrival...
...At his first news conference since taking over the party Sunday, Couillard faced a barrage of questions from reporters on a range of subjects.
But it was when the language issue came up that he made the nuance.
While explaining that the Liberals still oppose the proposed legislation — Bill 14 — they are nevertheless listening, he said.
"If amendments are presented, we have a responsible parliamentary team," Couillard said at the Liberal's Montreal headquarters on Waverly Ave.
"They will look at the amendments and study them."Link
It's a sad commentary that both Jean Charest and Phillippe Couillard, as committed federalists as you will find in the political ranks of French Quebec, consider that pandering to language militants still necessary.

It is not.

For too many years, a minority of militant separatists have shaped the debate of Quebec's future, framed on language and language alone.

The narrative, repeated ad nauseam, is that Quebec is threatened by English and that without heavy-handed constraints on liberty, the province is destined to follow in the steps of Louisiana, anglicized and assimilated, French to become a distant memory in but a few short decades.

It is of course utter and complete rubbish, but the language argument has been laced with so heavy a dose of guilt, that even a Jewish mother would blush at the shameful manipulation.

And so Quebecers have been told that seeing an English sign in public or learning how to order breakfast in English is a sin before the Gods of language purity, a betrayal of the clan.
The unremitting and relentless repetition of the mantra has left the majority of Quebecers cowered and afraid, so much so that they are afraid to speak out, lest they be ostracized as heretics.

And here we are.

Both Jean Charest and Phillippe Coullard were and are, simply afraid to challenge the militants on language and it's too bad, since they can win the public debate.
A solid federalist leader who would have the guts to say out loud what most Quebecers are thinking, that is, that Quebec's language reality is not what militants profess, would upset the tiresome debate.

Unfortunately we will not get it, the Liberals believe that pander they must, lacking the intestinal fortitude to challenge the paradigm and move away from the language issue and onto the problems that most Quebecers want their government to address.

Do I like the Liberals? Not particularly, but more so than the PQ.
If I had my druthers, I would wish them to defeat the PQ  and form a government, they are most assuredly, the lesser of two evils.

In that regard I can humbly offer Mr. Couillard some advice, advice which he will surely not heed.

New leaders of any political party enjoy a brief honeymoon that only the smartest of the newly appointed take advantage of.
Remember that Francois Legault reached about 40% in popularity after the creation of the CAQ. Had there been an election in the weeks following, he would have been elected Premier with a majority government.
Couillard is sure to benefit from a bump in popularity over the next month or two, enough of a bump to beat the PQ.
If the Liberals are smart, they'd quickly work to dump the PQ government, voting unreservedly against anything the PQ puts forward in the National Assembly, thus placing the pressure squarely on Francois Legault's CAQ, to either support the government like a willing 'bitch,' or trigger an election that the Liberals can win.
It would be, to say the least, a satisfying reversal of fortunes.

It appears that Couillard is seeking the safe route, plodding out an offend-nobody political strategy, pandering to language militants and biding his time, seemingly in no hurry to win his own seat in the National Assembly or to send the PQ down to defeat, triggering a provincial election.

As in life, the safe and expedient route is not usually the wisest course, where fortune and success favor the bold.

I am reminded of the lesson of Operation Shingle in the Battle of Anzio in World War Two, where the allies made a successful surprise amphibious landing in Italy. The commanding officer, a certain General Lucas, preferred to take the time to entrench his forces against an expected counterattack. The initial landing achieved complete surprise and the Germans were vulnerable, the road to Rome virtually undefended.
Instead of moving out and attacking, the general decided to consolidate his beachhead and marshal his forces, giving the Germans enough time to prepare and mount an effective counterattack.
The general was ultimately replaced, with Winston Churchill commenting that "I had hoped we were hurling a wildcat into the shore, but all we got was a stranded whale!" Link

I am very much afraid that Couillard is acting the beached whale, too timid to press the attack while the advantage is his.
Political strength like military strength is relative to that of your foe's. Although the Liberals could use some time to build up force, the PQ is actually more vulnerable now than later.
With the PQ about even with the Liberals in the polls, the potential Couillard bump over the next little while can provide the margin of victory.

But even if the Liberals win, Anglos and Ethnics should not be deluded that there will be an about-face in minority rights policy. Remember that the egregious Louise Marchand was a Liberal party appointee and she and the OQLF were allowed to run roughshod on their watch.

The language militants and separatists are reeling over the repercussions of 'Pastagate,' the latest agonized and funny-if-not-sad pronouncement by Gilles Duceppe claiming that Pastagate was actually an Anglo plot by restauranteurs to undermine the OQLF.  Link

I don't know how long it will take the hapless pasta chasers to realize they are absolutely right in believing that Anglos indeed launched an attack on the OQLF, we shamelessly stipulate to that fact.
It is called push back, something that the PQ and language militants have demonstrated an abject horror over.

Pastagate has proved that despite the odds, defending our rights is an eminently achievable goal.
We need to push back much harder, making the price of language oppression much too expensive.

The Liberals are better than the PQ, so I wish Mr. Couillard good luck, but if we want to preserve and advance our own rights, we have to do it ourselves.


  1. Ed...oh E-e-e-e-d!

    I told you so!

    1. Anyone think Couillard was going to save Quebec?
      Please call for an ambulance and have the driver take you to the following:
      Douglas Institute
      Reed Pavilion
      6875 LaSalle Boulevard
      Montreal, (Quebec) H4H 1R3

      Phone: 514-761-6131, ext. 2221

      Fax: 514 762-3045

      ...or drive yourself to Verdun.

      ie., Anybody who a few days ago thought the Libs were going to do a 180 is friggin NUTS!

    2. A Colossally Glee Mississauga declaresWednesday, March 20, 2013 at 12:21:00 AM EDT

      Ed, since you disclosed your age sometime ago, I'm going to respond to the following question in language you'll understand since you're old enough:

      Am I gloating about being right? Am I really, really gloating


    3. A Self-Righteous, Cocky, Ecstatic and Euphoric Mr. Sauga proclaims...Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at 12:31:00 AM EDT

      Hot diggidy damn, I love being right, and I'm right so darn often. I'm so delirious, I wrote Mississauga above. You have an elated Mr. Sauga on your hands.

      Ed and blog trolls: Do your worst to bring me down! Betcha buncha blintzes ya can't!!

    4. Wow-wee! Reading Editor's commentary for a second time is even more delicious than Schwartz's smoked meat piled as high as my perfect body along with a steak of theirs, a mile-high pile of fries, a jar of pickles and a barrel of black cherry soda! Oh, and then a hop over to Bar-B-Barn for a pile of rib racks and a heapin' slice of Dunn's strawr-berry cheesecake.

      OK, enough of me; besides, I have to head for bed as I have a full day of labour ahead this first day of Spring. After the above delectable editorial by our fave editor, I need some sleep, but I'll toast a St-Viateur bagel and slather it thick with cream cheese for the breakfast I'll be dreaming about, i.e., anyone who wants to think of derailing my comments. Simply put, YA CAN'T!

    5. oh, put a sock in it. one post would have been enough.

    6. @ts

      " post would have been enough."

      i think zero post would have been even better. bragging is so vulgar.

      many many contributors guessed the couillard turnaround just as right as sauga did and they won't make a smoky burnout to show it off.

      is it your different education or your bitterness at play here sauga?

    7. Mr. Sauga is NOT finished gloating...Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at 9:49:00 AM EDT

      TS: What's wrong? Can't stand the fact I'm 100% absolutely, unequivocally and completely right? SUCK IT UP!

      student: Meh! (Translation: Look who's calling the kettle black).

    8. Well, it's wasn't rocket science... and you know the old adage: "less is more".

    9. @Mr. Sauga

      Really Mr. Sauga, I am actually quite surprised you didn't respond to my post yesterday when I said you were right! That said, bragging and gloating are indeed poor form lol...(no one is surprised that the Liberals too dive). Everyone wants to be you Mr. Sauga, everyone wants to be you!!!!!!! lol lol lol

      Jokes aside...I get you don't want to pay for Quebec anylonger, crap...neither do I AND I LIVE HERE. Do you know that for the first time, because of this unfathomable debt I am considering leaving. I can't even wrap my brain around THAT, but it is true. At the end of the day, we need to face reality and make responsible decisions, if not for ourselves, for our children. Let's face it, this is farrrrr from an acceptable situation ($200+ Billion debt)and after this bill 14 goes through, it will keep growing and growing and in less than 5 years, WE ARE GREECE. That is the Truth.

    10. "I am considering leaving..."

      Vous songez abandonner le combat et tous vos amis anglos...Que vont-ils devenir sans vous?

      Vous n'avez pas de coeur ToTo!

    11. "Vous songez abandonner le combat et tous vos amis anglos...Que vont-ils devenir sans vous? Vous n'avez pas de coeur ToTo!"

      Ahhhhhhhhhh ben j’ai mon voyage!!!!!! On dirait que ça te rend triste? Tu n’arrêtes pas de nous dire de nous en aller. Bon …pour cette fois (parce que tu le mérite), je te réponds, et même en français.

      Je ne quitterai jamais pour une question de « langue » etc.…, mais une dette de 200$ billion+ ça, c’est une autre paire de manches. On ne paie pas ça du jour au lendemain. Je ne veux pas payer pour…et je ne veux pas que mon enfant le fasse non plus…désolée.

    12. @anectote

      so where are you gonna emigrate, mate?

    13. @Sauga

      Your first comment was very funny.
      The remainder made you sound like a suck-ass toad.
      And then some people claim that Mississaugans lack any class… how can it be??

    14. T.M.: Just couldn't resist. Indeed I went overboard, but hey...sometimes ya gotta indulge.

      Anec Tote: Don't get me wrong. It truly is a pity what has happened over the last 36 years, but it is what it is. My bitterness comes from the fact my grandparents came to Canada from Russia and Poland to escape persecution in those countries. They came with what they could carry, and little else. Next year marks a century that my maternal grandparents landed in Sherbrooke and decided to dwell in the Townships. Their prosperity grew due to hard work and gave others work in their community when many couldn't buy a job.

      The ingratitude shown by Quebec society is more than I can stomach. Yes, I've written this before, but between creating an environment that has compelled hundreds of thousands to leave because they aren't of the majority's ilk. Maybe the extermination of their detractors hasn't taken place, it's still ethnic cleansing, and we real Canadians should be embarrassed to be associated with this connectivity of bigots. Oh, and the Quebec public debt is over ¼ trillion dollars, not just $200 billion.

    15. I’m not sure what a suck-ass toad sounds like, exactly, but I believe it.

      You do realize that Marois snuck in with under 32% of the vote, right? In other words, over 68% of Quebecers did not vote for her. You think that’s ingratitude? Now that turns my stomach.

    16. "Quebec public debt is over ¼ trillion dollars, not just $200 billion"

      TRILLLIONNNNNNS OF $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ??????? When the hell did it become TRILLIONS??..

      You have to be kidding me...."Data me Data"

      My eyes just popped out of my head in good ole' Mr. Furly fashion.

    17. "Data me Data"… Hahah! Good description of the Borg-like studious one that is paid to hang around here.

      But Mr. Furley!? As in Don Knotts from “Three’s Company” days? Hahah… little would I have expected such a reference on here! Hilarious…

    18. @equanimity

      "You do realize that Marois snuck in with under 32% of the vote, right?"

      no only her. all recent quebec government have been elected with a majority that voted for something else. it's the british electoral system that makes such a situation possible.

      how do you propose to change it equanimity? maybe something more similar to france, with a few rounds? or a bunch of bonus seats for who wins the election like in italy? it's easy to decry, now you need to start thinking, mate.

    19. @anectote

      dude! when you decide to move out because you don't want your children to pay quebec's debt, where will you go? another province or another country? which one?

    20. Le royaume des "pasta",l'Italie?Ou encore pire,chez les amerlocs?


    21. AnecTOTE, it's not "trillions" (yet), it's in the $254 billion ballpark... like he said, over ¼ trillion. Watch it increasing here:

    22. Tote: ¼ trillion = $250 billion, and Quebec crossed that mark sometime ago.

      Equanimity: So only about 1/3 of the popular vote was PQ. So what? It's not as if it hasn't been over that amount for some time. What is more important is what the Editor of this blog wrote, i.e., that it really doesn't matter which party in Quebec is in office, the Anglophones face oppression.

      John James "Goldilocks" Charest certainly didn't do the Anglophones any favours. He replaced Bill 104 with Bill 104.1 to show the separatists he has machismo like the haters of everything not of their ilk. The mantra of "we have to protect French in an English sea of North America has been done to death and beyond. French was never in danger before Bill 101. How can that be when the language has been spoken for centuries by generations and generations of Québécois «pur laine»?

      How can that be when an attempt was made in 1839 to assimilate French speakers and it failed miserably? If that was tried today, it would fail much, much faster with several means of instantaneous communication to get the word out in fractions of a second. Resistance would happen within hours, if not faster!

      Notwithstanding the security that the French language in Quebec is alive and well, oppression was being inflicted on the minorities by the very party that gets all the votes from the minorities they supposedly protect, yet they don't do so. Do keep in mind that the minorites make up 20% of the population, but 40% of the revenues raised by the Quebec Ministry of Finance.

      I'm hoping at long last the minorities will get together and do what they can to stop the flow of cash. Let's see how well that goes over with Quebec's fiscal position in dire straights. Too, why shoud RoC tolerate and pay for it?

    23. @sauga

      "Do keep in mind that the minorites make up 20% of the population, but 40% of the revenues raised by the Quebec Ministry of Finance."

      please back this up.

    24. « Le royaume des "pasta",l'Italie? Ou encore pire, chez les amerlocs? Héhé! »

      Héhé ...soooo droleeeeee! Are YOU a betting man S.R.?

      I will bet you that Quebec will crash and burn way before Italy does.

      "The Roman Empire fell and Italians are walking around with nice shoes on" (Charlie LeDuff)

      chew on that for a while.

    25. @anectote

      dude you just wrote you're on the verge of leaving. where would you go?

      where do you imagine you'll be happier, mate?

      go to alberta, maybe you will become fully and completely happy inside the total harmony of life like un gars bs de calgary!

    26. "But Mr. Furley!? As in Don Knotts from “Three’s Company” days? Hahah… little would I have expected such a reference on here! Hilarious"

      The one and only!! This is for you Cat!

  2. Lord Dorchester

    Academics rarely become successful politicians, especially in Quebec. Smiling hucksters fair much better. Don't need to go far back into history to see that, think Dion or Ignatieff. Dr Couillard, a brain surgeon, isn't exactly Mr. Saturday Night and doesnt sound very inspirational when he speaks. He seems very methodical and analytical in his responses so far. He'll need to step up his game and become a retail politician that can connect easily with voters if he hopes to unseat the very discipable Mme Marois (with voter dissatisfaction edging close to 70%, that shouldn't be too hard). First task, reel in voters from the sticks. How? The language card and Montreal bashing is always an easy sell. Either way, he has his work cut out for him.

  3. If the non-francophone population doesn't understand that the Liberals are not their friend after all these decades, I don't know what will. They're the ones who put MArchand there and hires more language cops, even though there was a hiring freeze in all other government departments. Maybe some day they will learn that pandering to the ethnocentric nationalists gets them nowhere and will not get them more nationalist votes.

    Our community has many options available to us. We can 1) vote with our feet and leave 2) support other political parties (namely the CPQ) 3) civil disobediance and a general tax revolt like Baryl Wajsman suggested 4) we can organize more protests in the future (this seems to be a mute point, since our community doesn't seem to be believe in that kind of activism) 4) make our voices heard on the federal scene. Remember guys, the separatists like to constantly remind us that we're the majority in Canada and if we can't make use of that fact, of the fact that the vast majority of federal politicians are English speaking, than we really are really dumb.

    1. You speak as if the CPQ can assist us - we hear nothing from them at all. Does anyone have any information on them? I sent them an e-mail and didn't even get a response. What is their platform? Why do they not contribute to this blog with their message?

    2. You guys should really check out the Parti conservateur du Québec ( Sure they have the word conservative in their name however they are nothing like the federal brand of conservatives. This party wants to fix the ballooning debt issue, slim down government and treat everyone equally. They are a federal party who wants Quebec to work with the federation in all its aspects. example: Eliminate Revenue Quebec and file only one tax form to Revenue Canada. I find it very odd that the editor to this blog consistently avoids talking about them when they are far more legitimate to protecting out rights that the CAQ or the "its never gonna work" Equality Party. My best guess is that out dear old editor is biased towards the ideological right. Cheers!!!

  4. FROM ED
    EDOTOR, I cant believe it. You of all people, you sound like Cutie, hear a few words and go off half cocked like chicken little. I expect this from sauga. Right now, he's competing with Une gars to see who can sound like the biggest asshole. The PQ asked Dr.Couillard if he would look at some proposals and he said yes. Of course he wants to see what they're up to he has to deal with whatever it is.
    He has not agreed to anything yet and we might do him the decency to wait until he does instead of accusations of teachery on a man simply trying to do the job he was voted in for. Gorbachev told Reagan, "We are here in a friendly way because we believe in keeping our enemies close." Couillard is possibly doing the same. I've heard the expression angryphone but what I'm seeing here is more of
    a phobiaphone. With this kind of loyalty all politicians would be in their right to turn their backs on us. Ed

    1. Tony, don't be a hustler. It wouldn't be a fair bet. It would be an investment, even if you bet him 100 to 1.

      Ed, I can taste that buncha blintzes now! You can't keep a good gloat down!

  5. FROM ED
    I've always had respect and love for you Mr.Sauga but I've certainly lost it now. For the first time I realize you are no better than the trolls or Une Gars who, like you is praying that things will go bad for us. I accept your malicousness with disgust. It is always a pleasure to be able to say I was right. but to enjoy a man's downfall is not. I think of the word to "No man Is An island"
    "Each man's joy is joy to me, each man's pain is my own."

    1. You love and respect all those who unconditionally agree with you. A while ago I came to the conclusion that you (as a member of the anglophone old guard who surrendered unconditionally without even putting up a fight) are a part of the problem, not a part of the solution, in spite of being in receipt of the same abuse from our common adversary. The problem is: you don't want a solution, you want YOUR solution delivered by a person of YOUR choice or else you might as well have the status quo. Enjoy the status quo: there's always another great white hope who'll deliver your dream when all the previous ones never really even wanted to. Or the one after that. Or the one after that...

    2. Dear Ed: I'm sorry you feel that way towards me, but when it's all said and done, it's really no skin off my nose one way or the other.

      Perhaps you're not wrong about my bitterness. I guess I am bitter. You'd think the whole Quebec thing should be no skin off my nose and water under the bridge because I left the godforsaken cauldron of racism. Sadly, it's not, because right now Ontario is in fiscal trouble right now (nowhere near Quebec's fiscal place, mind you) yet we're still contributing to Quebec's equalization payments. I'm not interested, and I don't want to contribute to a self-destructing, hateful loser society. Why shouldn't I want Quebec to separate? Here is a link everybody should look at.

    3. As soon as I see the excessive use of capitalization and of 1-2 sentence paragraphs throughout the text, my eyes glaze over and the message is tuned out. This is exactly the style of writing that born-again Christians use.

    4. True Montrealer,

      I think that's more a function of the poster not knowing how to use the html protocol, which can be quite instead of going through all one has to in order to italicize a word, they capitalize it. I am familiar with html but I get lazy and resort to capitalization sometimes myself.

    5. Mike

      Mr.Sauga, I've never seen such a biased misrepresentation of Obama save fox news and hardline right wing blogs. It wasn't that blog entry but an earlier "Over The LEFTIST Cliff" & "OBAMA’S TRIFECTA OF SELF-HATING AMERICANS". He's not a leftist at all. His major "socialist" policy Obama-care was a huge gift to corporations, allowing them to set whatever price they like. The federal government has no right to negotiate, and his policies in general all like that, huge corporate gifts on the backs of the middle class. The Supreme Courts decision in Citizen United opened the doors for corporate America to donate unlimited funds and effective buy politicians legally. America has two parties and they're both coporatists.

      And his criticisms of Obama are childish and uninformed, a lot of drivel about school records and a skeet shooting photo and nothing of substance. Where is the informed criticism on drone strikes, America being able to execute American citizens on foreign soil etc. Bonus points for pulling out Hussein, that always adds a nice racist tone to the discussion. Very disappointed in what I read from Galganov, the little bit that I could stomach.

      As far as I'm concerned Critiq is the way go, new province of Montreal!

      Oh one more thing, he claimed "leftists" don't want a strong military, America spends as much as the next thirteen nations combined. Most of whom are allies. No bid contracts to private Blackwater(which still exists but has been renamed) contractors and unneeded projects like the failed F-22(it's a terrible fighter, this coming from the America military) and the various other areas of bloat in America's economy are the biggest contributors to America debt. Reasonable people want the pork spending cut back!

    6. Mike

      The gift being pricing of drugs. Forgot to specify.

  6. So let's see. The Parti Quebecois has concocted Bill 14, something with both feet solidly planted in the third world--straight out of a communist or religious fundamentalist regime. Something so potentially dangerous that it violently rips this society out of western civilization.

    The PQ is for it. The CAQ is for it. And now, the wolf-in-sheep's-clothing (aka Quebec Liberals) are for it. When I say "for it", I mean accepting Bill 14 in ANY FORM. Something this warped and morally twisted to its core has to be rejected in its entirety, it is all or nothing. Yet some here are thinking it's harmless for the Liberals to "look at some proposals"?! This is akin to looking over Hitler's "final solution" proposal and saying it just needed some tweaking and modifications to have been made OK. You have to be utterely brainless to think otherwise.

    Undoubtedly, Bill 14 will go through in some form. And that, my friends, seals Quebec's fate. It's not about language, it just crosses the line and takes Quebec out of civilized world. It certainly shows what Quebec nationalism is all about. I'm sure the rest of the world will take notice and it will be the downfall for this miserable, rotten, horrible place we call Quebec. Perhaps that is what Mr. Sauga is gloating about?

    On a side note, I'm glad to see the editor has started posting stories of animal abuse rampantly taking place in this province. Any society that treats animals like dirt is fundamentally flawed. It's all linked, the racism, corruption, etc.

    1. Lookup the Conservative Party of Quebec. They are 100% against Bill 14.

  7. FROM ED
    What would you say Editor if you were editing a large newspaper and a man whom you had barred from publishing said he had something that would make things right between you and benefit the public asked that you look at it. Would you look at it? You're dam right you would. That's all Couillard has promised.
    Bill 14 cannot be rejected outwardly. It will pass in Parliament item by item. How would the Liberals look prepared to vote down an item and they are told, "We're not voting on that. We dropped it, didnt ' you see the porposals we sent."
    It seems to me that a while back, you or someone posted bill 14 for all of us to read. Well if we can read it, why the hell shouldn't the man who has to deal with it? Ed

    1. Ed, Ed, Ed....We've turned on each other, and this is no good. In fact, I think this is why there has been too many years of inaction. Equality came and went quickly, Alliance Quebec came and went a little more slowly, and this brings us to today. As I've stated before, Bill 14 represents the differences between the PQ first language legislation, Bill 1 (March 1977) and the final product of compromise, Bill 101 (August 1977). Bill 1, at least at that time, was seen as too stringent, even by the French speaking establishment.

      As the Editor stated, with endless repetition of the mantra of French is in danger, an English North America will smite French, and all the other assorted B.S., the rest of Bill 1 is now coming full circle. Well, with all the infighting, what do I need this crap for anymore. I've turned my back on you, the minorities because of this endless infighting. Howard Galganov went to great personal expense and sacrifice to fight the cause, and sadly he has now given up. He got too little support, was attacked by his own community, and he's done now. Like me, it's just no skin off his nose if Quebec separates or not.

      Turning to former MNA Reed Scowen's book, he discusses a good friend of his, Marcel Côté who insists he is as staunch a federalist as they come, with Scowen embellishing how Côte would argue with you strenuously if you said otherwise. In the meantime, Côté authored a book you can examine on this portal link. Côté discusses the great cost of separation in his book.

      Getting back to what Reed Scowen wrote of M. Côté in his book, he mentions Côté wrote that "Our [Quebeckers'] first voice is the Government of Quebec." Ask any Canadian living outside Quebec territory which government is their first voice and I'll betcha 'nother buncha blintzes they'll state the Government of Canada. Again, as Scowen emphasized, they don't get anymore federalist than Marcel Côté. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have a problem with Marcel Côté's view on that subject. I'd question his federalism until we're both Quebec flag blue in the face!

  8. Unfortunately Editor you are right. All Couillard had to do was stick to his guns and say outright - "No amendments to Bill 101 will be accepted by the Liberal Government - enough divisive language legislation" - What would it take to say something like that? The hard line that the language militants take continuously manipulating the public opinion, should be denounced at all costs. And Ed if you can't see that nothing has changed in the mentality of the liberals, something is definitely wrong with your thinking. Bring on the Equality Party 2.0 so we have other options in the next election. Other than that, democracy is dead in quebec.

    1. FROM ED
      Cutie, For God's sake read Quebecer of the tree stump down below and read what I"M saying here. Bill 14 will not be voted on in it's entirety it will go down item by item. If the PQ wishes to cancel or retract some of the items before hand Dr.Couillard needs to know. He has said nothing damaging, only that like any judge he will listen to both sides. Why can't you give him a chance to do that before you start singing, "Let's get the Equality in and split the vote so the PQ can get a majority for four years. You need to think for yourself don't losten to the doom sayers. Try to remember this is not apartheid we are the minority and we don't rule. he cannot turn his bck on the majority and expect to get elected. So if you wnt EQ 2 with it's four do nothing seats to split the vote. do it but don't come howling when the Libs lose to Marois for 4 more years Ed

    2. Jesus Ed - You just don't get it! Couillard, before his coronation, said the liberals would vote totally against Bill 14 - he's already backing down to the language militants! What does it take for you to realize that nothing but nothing will change when he is in power! He will do just as Charest did - pander to the militants to get the soft nationalist vote! How does this help us in any GD way? If you people don't get it this province will just keep going bankrupt just at a slower pace! There is no way on God's earth that any business or any family wants to live here if they want to thrive and grow as long as they keep denying rights to their population. Stop thinking in terms of splitting the vote and get on board with a party who will be willing to CHANGE things! Other than that, we will just keep sinking albeit at a slower pace under the liberals than the PQ but sinking just the same. All you're doing by voting for the liberals is delaying the death of the economy of this province for your grandson to live with rather than you.

  9. This is a little off topic, but worth mentioning.

    A friend of mine in Toronto...another 50/50 was in a bar and overheard the French accent on a man's English.

    "T'est Quebecois?" he asked him, and that started a conversation between the two.

    It didn't take long for this guy my friend met to start into tirades against the Anglos.

    Remember, my buddy is a 50/50 and speaks both languages without an accent, so this asshole automatically starts talking in the "we" and trashes "les osties d'Anglos" at every turn.

    I just don't get's one thing for these twerps to do what they do inside of QC's borders, but what the hell are they doing bringing this shit into Toronto?

    Seriously what is this, the Antiquated mindset roadshow?

    Alright, that's it.

    1. this thinking will spread right across the country.... Why? because we elect politicians and not statesmen....

    2. Most Quebeckers hate Toronto. Especially in Montreal, where their is nothing but contempt toward Toronto.

      By the way, Ottawa is just a speed bump for most. An obstacle to reach Highway 417 and Montreal. They speed all over King Edward Avenue with no sense of respect and bitter disdain towards resident.

    3. I think what's most disturbing was that the separatist guy was being really friendly to the regulars in the bar (the Anglos) and then he'd switch over to French and totally debase Anglophone culture.

      How many of you would have just stood up and yelled out "Hey everyone, this guy is a separatist and he's talking shit about you right now!"

    4. Most Quebeckers hate Toronto. Especially in Montreal, where their [sic] is nothing but contempt toward Toronto.


      By the way, Ottawa is just a speed bump for most.

      By extension, I’ll take that as bullshit as well. It appears that you have a chip on your shoulder.

      @Rezzie: So what did your friend actually do when listening to this crap?

    5. "So what did your friend actually do when listening to this crap?"

      Just got up and walked out on him.

      Personally, I would have gotten up and yelled out to the bar that a seppie was talking
      shit against them and then sit back and let social gravity take it's course.

    6. @resident evil

      he just walked out?!? dude your friend is impressively spineless don't you think? do you also have higher quality friends that do stand up for their community resident evil?

    7. And there you go - you contradicted yourself once again.

      As for my buddy, if you met this guy, I'd love for you to call him spineless to his face.

      Oh yeah, that's right, you're "non-violent" long as you're not the one getting your hands dirty.

    8. @Student actually, you know what? Since you believe you have the right to call strangers spineless, why don't you publish the exact (and REAL) address from where you're spamming this blog from?

  10. The closet approximation to Quebec right now is South Africa in the 1950's.

    Remember back in the day when you would read about apartheid in the international press as a child. You could not quite wrap your brain around how this was possible in the 20th century still in some part of the world? Everything said it was wrong.

    To the people inside they could not care less, were part of the system and internalized the values or were the oppressed themselves.

    Apartheid would not have ended it international attention was able to be drawn to a irrational cause from the last century before first world countries thinking moved on.

  11. Duceppe, I've always said that he was one of the worst deceiving liars of the separatist movement.
    I can still hear him saying that the unemployment inssurance money is in Ottawa and that Ottawa steals from Quebec's workers...while Ottawa is pumping 800M$ each year into Quebec.

    1. The man is a disgusting pig who cares naught about the population of quebec; the same as all of the other rich separatists that will vacate this province as soon as the shit starts to fly. Watch the "Great Escape" as soon as the trouble they all promote starts on the streets of this province! Bunch of cowards that are banking the big bucks to run as fast as rabbits when the bubble bursts and bankruptcy hits us head on.

    2. Don't keep a cent in this province - transfer any money or investments you have to Ontario or any other province that is stable. I always tell people not to invest anything here in quebec as you are liable to lose it sooner than later.

  12. Once again, the Liberal Party of Quebec proves that they are delusional and incompetent. Anyway, The Liberal brought you Bill 22. Jean Charest himself increased language cops. Quebec itself is in a state of being with an crumbling infrastructure and a delusional sense of paranoia. Pontiac, Outaouais, and Western Laurentien need to separate. Northern Quebec might want to separate too.We are tired of being in this incompetent province.

  13. Je crois que je vais voter Libs aux prochaines...

  14. I'm glad to see that all the non-separatists will be splitting their votes during the next election once again.
    I'm sure the PQ appreciates this, and they would like to thank you for it.

    The Liberals are our ONLY chance of getting the separatists out of power. There is no other alternative. They are the only party who can challenge the PQ in terms of support. I guess language issues are more important to most of you than the economy.

    Bill 14 won't matter much once nobody has a job.

    And by the way, a majority of the population of this province are french. It's only normal for ANY political party to cater to the majority. Not doing so would simply be idiotic on their part.

    You guys are starting to sound like the hippies that vote for Quebec Solidaire, thinking they're making a difference in the world.

    1. Quebecker of Tree stump = I disagree with you totally that the Liberals are the only chance. Its the CAQ that actually posed the most serious challenge to the PQ in the last election..finishing second to them in many more ridings than the Liberals did. Its the francophone vote outside Montreal that really determines the winner and the CAQ are far more competitive there than the Liberals. Its the stubborn Liberal vote that ironically cost the Liberals the last election. I know this sounds crazy..but I looked at the results riding by riding and as noted the CAQ were a close second in many more ridings than the Liberals to the PQ..hence a few thousand more Liberal votes in total swinging over to the CAQ would have easily given the CAQ another 10 seats or so..which would have reduced the PQ total by 10 and by default the Liberals would have messed up is that.
      Of course Couillard and the Liberals wont oppose Bill 14 because they are pandering to the majority francophone vote. Like it or not there is still pretty strong support for strengthening language laws amongst the francophone population. You can all condemn Bill 14 all you want on this forum but many francophones like it and the Liberals/CAQ know this so do you really think they are going to sacrifice the votes from the critical francophone sectgr to pick up a few votes from anglophones..especially give that the Liberals already have the anglophone vote locked up. Its exactly your statement that the Liberals are the only hope that precents any real change from happening in this province. The only possibility for real change is to elect a new party..the only new party that has any hope of winning is the CAQ..these are facts not fantasy world.
      But hey I know I know..I am talking to a wall here..we must vote Liberal..must vote Liberal..they are the only hope we have..they will save us anglos..Couillard is different..he really is..he said that he wouldnt ignore us so it must be true..Charest helped us so much too..keep on doing the same thing folks and nothing changes..its as simple as that..

    2. I find it really strange how people are willing to vote for the CAQ, a separatist party with a timeline, but a brand new party nonetheless and yet are not even willing to look at another new party, the Equality Party with federalist leanings and with a plan for the economy. There's something wrong with this picture on a supposedly "Federalist" blog. They discount the Equality Party without a second glance but are willing to park their votes with an unproven separatist party. Does anyone even give this party a look without making up their minds in advance? I find it all very perplexing. You doom them before they even have a chance to defend their platform and yet want us to vote for yet another separatist party. Sick.

  15. "It's a sad commentary that both Jean Charest and Phillippe Couillard, as committed federalists as you will find in the political ranks of French Quebec, consider that pandering to language militants still necessary."

    It's totally to be expected once you understand what "Quebec federalist" means in political terms. And it does not, never did, and probably never will mean what you want it to mean.

    Sad or not, it is just a fact of life. A Quebec federalist is someone who is as nationalist as a Quebec separatist, only that the federalist sees a point in staying in Canada for pecuniary reasons. But that does not change anything in the federalist's stance on Quebec internal matters, his culture, ideology, views on social relations and hierarchies. In these internal matters, the political federalist is no different than a separatist. It is time people finally get this and stop being surprised when it hits them, stop being sad as if it were some exception not to be expected, and stop rationalizing it away that Couillard is constrained by realpolitik and is doing it with a heavy heart. Constrained he and his party may be, but don't discount the fact that there is a will in it too.

    1. adski,

      I think that you are right, a Québec federalists are most often as nationalist as separatists. Many of them (if ot most of them) see themselves as quebeckers first and they think of what is best for Québec first. It is a mistake to think that they see themselves as canadian first.

      This explains why the pourcentage of quebeckers seeing themselves as quebeckers first is much higher than the pourcentage of separatists.

  16. "The language militants and separatists are reeling over the repercussions of 'Pastagate,' the latest agonized and funny-if-not-sad pronouncement by Gilles Duceppe claiming that Pastagate was actually an Anglo plot by restauranteurs to undermine the OQLF"

    Earlier this week I heard that those behind ‘Pastagate” are now working on what appears to be a brand new initiative whereby they’ll be hunting down and gathering all possible pejorative and unflattering commentary being published in the media both domestically and internationally about the province and then re-releasing it and posting it on this new ‘soundbite’ format apparently and citing sources thereof. It seems they’ll also be inviting participants to relate incidences of blatant racism they’ve encountered locally. (Mm...could this possibly be in retaliation for the buonanotte boycott by that FB bunch?...Methinks...tit for tat perhaps? but has anyone else heard about this?

  17. Aaaaargh! Why do you keep doing this?

    The "lessor of two evils" is a person who is renting out two evils for a fixed period of time.

    The "lesser of two evils" is an evil that is smaller than another evil.


    1. Language Nazi,

      If your last word is meant to be "Do you understand?" it should have been written as capiche. Just FYI, you should also check Muphry's Law.

    2. Thank you, Troy and Language Nazi. C’mon, good people! I know that it’s part of the rules of this blog not to bother with typos… except that these are not typos but rather blatant MISTAKES. Not only that, they are the harbinger of the complete disintegration of our entire society! :-) And even I had never heard of Muphry’s Law before, so thank you so very much for that, Troy.

    3. Chock-full of spelling and grammar mistakes... but funny nevertheless!!!

    4. Apparently, we Quebecers were ahead of the curve when it came to the abolishment of the apostrophe in the late 70s and 80s in order to protect and promote the French language (does anyone know where all those annihilated apostrophes are being kept?). Per tonight’s CBC show “As It Happens”, the absence of apostrophes has now become something of a worldwide concern, witness the Apostrophe Protection Society, dedicated to the prevention of apostrophe abuse.


    6. OMG! I remember when “Eaton” used to be “Eaton’s” and “Simpson” used to be “Simpson’s”!!!

      Thank goodness that we have gotten rid of those horrid businesses in order that we may preserve the future of the French language and culture in North America!

    7. Never mind that… I remember when the signs for the famous Ogilvy’s department store actually said “Ogilvy’s” on the brass plates outside the store on Ste. Catherine St. When the PQ got elected, they immediately succumbed to the franco-supremacists and rubbed out the apostrophe S on those brass plates… another part of Montreal’s history that people born since the 80s weren’t aware. Bravo! Thankfully, at least the noon-time Scottish bagpiper and the traditional Christmas window display are still permitted with all the restrictive laws that we are subject to... for now.

  18. Whatever the case and whoever is in power in Quebec the minorities will never get equality. All Couillard had to do was vote down bill 14 along with CAQ. There was so much momentum against Bill 14 that no support would have been lost to either party for voting against it.

    Anyway there is no hope for the minorities as long as they are in the Province of Quebec. Only a partitioning of Quebec where the vast majority of Minorities are no longer in the control of the Quebec govt will bring in linguistic and economic freedom. The municipalities that are minority dominated can start the ball rolling by organizing their own referendums.

  19. FROM ED
    I thought the ones behind 'Pastagate' were the PQ and OQLF. Not intentionally of course but they sure are the ones wgo started it. ED
    QUEBECER OF TREE STUMP, Thank God, a voice of reason. You are right on. Getting Couillard and the Libs elected gets marois unelected. It's that simple. I've been preaching it for 6 months and
    they label me a "Liberal Lover" like getting rid of the PQ is a bad thing. Dr.Couillard is going to tour the pprovince for a few months most lkely to build up his following in the outbacks.
    I have 100% confidence and if he lets me down it will hurt but I will not villify the man. In the meantime he deserves more than 1 day and one press attack to speak his mind. Ed

  20. As long as we keep voting for the liberals and PQ nothing will change and will only get worse. People thinking things will change under either of the above regimes are daydreaming. The liberals have cut our throats a thousand times and you still insist on voting for them. Next time I'm voting for the Equality Party 2.0 and/or the conservatives come hell or high water and come what may. This is ridiculous - the only choice we have for a truly democratic party and even a chance to get our rights and freedoms restored in some format is to vote against the liberals and the PQ but if people like Ed and Quebecer of Tree Stump insist on voting for the liberals, nothing will change and you reap what you sow. Of course, it may split the vote, but dammit guys, at least we will have a choice if we start looking at the platforms of the other parties to see what they offer. You know what the liberals and PQ offer and neither one is anything we can live with. Should Dr. Couillard prove me wrong, I will apologize on this blog but not until he starts by outright rejection of Bill 14. And complicated, don't even bring up the CAQ if they let one amendment to that Bill through the NA.

    1. FROM ED
      Godammit Cutie, WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE LIBERALS OFFER. You haven't given them a chance. Wake up and smell the coffee. There's new leader that is like a breath of fresh air. Tree stump is right on. read his post and think. You and complicated are a perfect match. Two minds, one thought, half wits. Use your whole mind THINK ABOUT The FACT THAT SPLITTING THe VOTE GOT US WHERE WE ARE. Do you actually think people will email all those urls. have you forgotten that when we asked posters to send one email each, nobody responded. Stop banging your head against the wall. If you campaigned as hard for the :iberals as you do for Equality we might have a chance, something Couillard doesn't have with thinking like youirs. Ed

    2. Cutie, I understand that you have lost faith in the Liberals, but right now we need to be pragmatic, and think of what's the best choice for the province.

      I don't want to support the Liberals, I simply want to get rid of the separatists.

      Would you rather have the PQ stay in office for the 10 years it's going to take to figure out who will represent the anglos properly?

      Like I said in a previous post, lets get the PQ out of office, then we can worry about shopping around. If another (non-separatist) party magically reaches a support level where they could be a threat to the PQ, I'd gladly give them my vote. I don't see that happening anytime soon.

      Besides, were things really so bad over the past ten years?

    3. Ed - There is no sense in arguing with you - you see everything in the length of a term of office and I am looking to change the future of this damn place. I SMELL THE COFFEE - YOU HOWEVER DO NOT - You will keep voting for the same damn party that has doomed us before and will doom us again! SPLITTING THE VOTE should stop being your main concern damn it! Getting our rights and freedoms back instead of having them cut again and again should be your concern but it's not. If you think I will campaign for the liberals, they had better smarten up because until then they will not get my vote. And I forwarded the information on from CRITIQ due to the fact that THEY ARE TAKING ACTION AND WE SHOULD BE DOING ALL WE CAN TO BACK THEM UP. If even two people on this blog followup, then it will have been worthwhile! Screaming on here for the liberals does not do any good - Only you and Quebecer of Tree Stump agree that they MAY do something while the rest of us see the writing on the wall. The decline has only begun - The whole damn liberal party are soft nationalists whether you like it or not and are already pushing Couillard to make no changes. You seem to be a bright enough man but you just can't see it even though it's poking you in the eye! If Couillard decides to hold a referendum on whether or not he should sign the constitution the way it stands, then he will have my respect. Backing down to the language militants is no longer an option ANY OF US CAN AFFORD! Stop thinking short term for God's sake and think about your country!

    4. Are you for real Quebeker?? Things were really that bad over the 9 years of Liberal rule..third world crumbling infrastructure, third world levels of corruption directly and indirectly supported by the Liberals, an addition of 60 billion dollars in debt to the already huge debt load, continued indifference and borderline disrespect towards the anglophone community, subpar economic performance compared to anywhere else in Canada, continued highest taxes on the continent, one of the worst health care systems in the country, and so on and so on..yes things were really that bad. The only thing we didnt have to hear about was seperation..but everything else was bad. Was it not the Liberals who appointed Mmme Marchand to the OQLF and increased the number of language inspectors, who passed Bill 22, who continued to totally ignore the anglophone community and pathetically we continue to vote for them en masse and you are trying to rewrite history and tell us that "you know what it wasnt that bad really was it". Next you will tell me that there is corruption everywhere and its no big deal.
      Lets call a spade a spade..the Liberals failed in every category. Its the CAQ that finished second to the PQ in many more ridings than the Liberals..notably the critical francophone ridings outside of Montreal. It is the CAQ that has the real chance of making a breakthrough. Ironically if 5-10,000 more Liberal votes had swung over to the CAQ in the last election the CAQ would have likely won at least 5 more seats from the PQ which would have given the election to the Liberals. So yes lets stop splitting the vote..lets support the party that has a real chance of winning..the CAQ. And a party that might actually change things in this province for the better..the Liberals have had way more than their fair share of chances to improve things and they have FAILED miserably..francophones are fed up with them and I dont blame them. The anglophones continue to be cowering in the corner refusing to embrace any real change because they are so worried that the CAQ really are the PQ in disguise which couldnt be further from the truth.

    5. If the CAQ rejects Bill 14 in its entirety, I'm in!

    6. @complicated

      dude i don't agree that the caq is the best vehicule for quebec to go forward; how many kamal lufti hide in there?!?

      but your logic here is bulletproof. your team has much better chances of bringing down the parti québécois than disgraced liberals.

    7. Has anyone else noticed that El Studento has never denied being anything other than a paid agent provocateur?

  21. Jarry and Liam are also correct - we need a partition movement to get rid of those areas that want out of Canada. I hope the Equality Party will make it a strong part of their platform when they get their paperwork in order.

    1. Isn't ironic that "those areas" you are referring to is principally the original Canada?

    2. People are too tired and feel too powerless to become political on huge issues such as partition. I don't see anything as radical as this happening in the future. What I'm content with is the civil disobedience that many people practice and will continue to practice, the changing demographics, as well as an economic crisis that will one day hit Quebec so hard as to change the issues on the agenda (people will no longer settle for distractions, they will want action on important issues).

      That diversions such as the French language, gay rights, right to abortion, the transgressions of the Catholic Church 50 years ago, dominate the discourse is the success of Quebec's bourgeois class, made possible by the robust PR system of mass communication at their disposal, their control of education, and by the more or less decent economic conditions that allow people a certain level of comfort that is conducive to mindless distractions.

      A serious economic crisis that is coming will sweep these diversions away once and for all.

  22. What's so bad about feeling optimistic?

    1. Read my lips..200-Plus-BILLION-Dollar-Debt! That's what Quebec is on the hook for.

      Transfer payments outa Ottawa will get curtailed substantially and very shortly, (you can bet gramma's dentures on that one). Harper is just dyin' to stick it to us. Bill 14 is sure to go through, now that the Liberals took a dive. Once passed all you'll hear is the shake-rattle-and-roll of the zoom zoom racin' down that, me and INDUSTRY!!

      Show me the silver lining in that...please..!

    2. What good does it do to worry? You don't know that those things will happen.

    3. "What good does it do to worry? You don't know that those things will happen"

      It does no good to worry and all those things will happen!

      Just on tonight's news, Harper rewarded Ontario (w/contributions) and shafted Quebec (w/cuts). I'm sure if you google it you'll get all the details on how this happened. Bill 14 will go through because those in charge at the National Assembly in QC city are your garden variety of seppies, one and all. You've got the Jr. seppies (Liberals), Intermediate seppies (CAQ), and the Senior seppies (PQ & co.)

      But yeah....why worry?

  23. Request to all federalists from CRITIQ: Important - please pass on:
    PART 1

    CRITICAL to all members,
    We must renew our efforts against the CAQ and now must aussi include the Liberals in our request for 'em to vote down Bill 14 in Entirety icts.

    Select and copy all of the e-mail addresses and the post below.
    Paste the addresses in your "TO:" field of a new e-mail and paste the post into the body.
    Send the post with the subject: "STOP BILL 14" or anything relevant.
    Forward this email to your contacts. Spread the word!
    Thank you.

    CRIT members,
    We must renew our efforts against the CAQ and the PLQ include in our request to vote against Bill 14 in its entirety.

    Copy all courrielles address and message below
    Put the addresses in your case 'a' to a new address. If the addresses are separated by semicolons do not work for you, please copy the addresses separated by commas.
    Send the message with the subject: Stop Law 14!
    Send this email to your contacts to get the word out
    Thank you very much.
    ----------------------------------------------- -----------

  24. PART 2
    Comma-separated Addresses (If above does not work)
    / Separated by commas (If the above does not work.), rbachand @,,,,, ybolduc @,,,,, lcharlebois @,,,,, edubourg @,,,,, shamad-lohe @,,,,, clecuyer bridge @ assnat .,,,,, pierre.moreau cat @,,,,, pparadis @,,,,, gsklavounos @,,, marc.tanguay-lafo @, ,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,, rdutil @,,, depute.chambly @, ,,, dave.turcotte-saje @,, dratthe-blai @ assnat .,,,,, ministre@tourisme.gouv.qc . ca deputee.cremazie @, institutions.democratiques @,, Minister @ MAPAQ .,, ministre.deleguee @,, ministre.famille @ ,,,, amaltais.tasc @, ministre@finances.gouv .,, depute.chambly @, ministre.cabinet @

    Hello, Please vote against Bill 14. Bill 14 is not good for business or for Quebecers. Do not Increase social tensions. Do not destroy a Montreal That we love. Please do what is best for all Quebecers and vote against Bill 14. Sincerely, ****************************** **** ***** Hello, Please vote against Bill 14. This law is bad for business. Do not increase the voltage levels. No not destroy the Montreal that we all love. Do what is good for all Quebecers and vote against Bill 14! Regards, ----------------------------- ----------------------------- CANADIAN RIGHTS IN QUEBEC QUEBEC CANADIAN HUMAN 514.360.3236 | | Facebook | Twitter PO Box 32513 in 2445 Chemin Lucerne Mount-Royal, Quebec H3R 2K0

    1. I sent an e-mail but some of the addresses didn't work. I tried to fix them myself but it didn't work for all of them. It sent to most of the people, though.

  25. People who vote for the Equality Party are vote splitters and bubble people.

    The Quebec Liberals are at an all time low among francophone voters at 21%.

    They have lots of charming to do on all fronts, not just with anglos in MTL. They must retake Quebec City, parts of the 450 and the Beauce away from the CAQ. And they have a big uphill battle in rural areas that vote PQ.

    Yes, they should not take anglo votes for granted but the even conceive a majority they need a big charm campaign to convince francophones to vote for them. Or else it is perpetual minority governments for years.

  26. FROM ED
    Anonymous, You're right the anglos are low with 21% among Franophones. That's why Dr.Couillard is going to tour the province building support amongst the french people. He cannot win with only the English vote. Cutie thinks her and the English are so important he should ignore the majority. Editor wants him to force an election. Paul Martin made that mistake. An election should be called when the people are ready. If you want to win give it time. Ed

    1. NO kidding ED - he cant win with only the anglophone vote - I guess you do have basic math skills. The francophone vote are the smart ones..the Liberals are so low in popularity because they deserve it..they allowed rampant corruption to infest the government and did nothing to stop it. The francophones produced the perfect result..they punished the Liberals who deserved it..they gave the PQ a pathetic minority and they gave the CAQ a big vote of confidence for a 1 year old party.
      The francophone vote has already moved big time towards the CAQ. Its the CAQ that has the numbers and momentum to take seats away from the PQ in the french ridings not the Lieberals. It was the CAQ that finished a close second to the PQ in many more french was the stubborn Liberal vote in those ridings that gave the PQ the victory. The huge irony is that if the CAQ had won 5 more seats the Liberals would have won the last election..

    2. Quebec governments have been corrupt since well before Maurice Duplessis. Anybody who thinks that corruption suddenly appeared under the Liberals must be a snot-nosed twentysomething.

    3. @me

      dude. nobody ever claimed that the liberals invented corruption. nobody. what i think is they pushed it to untolerable levels. hidden salary, wtf? asking 100 000$ a year from ministers, wtf? breakfast with mafia boys, wtf? the list goes on, as you well know.

      the quebec population, like any other, can tolerate some corruption. liberals just went over the limit.

      your perspective here is like claiming eating crap from mcdonalds everyday wasn't such a big deal since bad food always existed. not valid.

    4. Has anyone else noticed that El Studento has never denied being anything other than a paid agent provocateur?

    5. @estoy un estudiante

      dude if i claim that you're not a normal contributor but a huge lawn mower, are you gonna use up a comment to deny it?

    6. ??? OK, now he's officially lost the plot.

    7. Don't be silly... everyone knows that ice cream has no bones!

    8. @estoy un estudiante

      another question to help you understand why i don't "deny" tentatives to smear me:

      would you believe me if i wrote i wasn't an "agent provocateur"?

    9. Student said: "the quebec population, like any other, can tolerate some corruption. liberals just went over the limit".
      I disagree. A functioning society needs a zero tolerance approach towards corruption. We know there will always be some, but it's like cockroaches: if you tolerate any, it'll be everywhere. That's why it's so rampant in Quebec now. Failed states fail because they're corrupt. They're not corrupt because they failed.

    10. Come on Diogenes - you know it's only the liberals that are corrupt - complicated and student and JR all say so so it must be correct - lol - idiots. I can't remember when quebec wasn't corrupt and I'm old - the whole province has been corrupt since the beginning of time and under every administration. At least Charest started the Charbonneau Commission which is more than the stupid PQ did all the times they were in power. Calling only the liberals corrupt is just plain stupid but what else can we expect from the rebellious province such as quebec. It's not only the economy that's in trouble - it's the total morals of quebec society from lax animal cruelty laws to bribery all of which quebec seems to think is OK.

    11. I think the level of corruption under the 9 years of Liberal rule reached new heights..seriously..if you arent outraged at the antics that went on under Liberal rule and at times involving Liberals then you are completely in denial. So do we reward bad behaviour again Cutie..are the nice anglos going to run out like little sheep and vote for their favorite Liberals again..the sad truth is probably. All you anglos who are so terrified of trying anything different are helping to maintain the status-quo. I am not surprised at all that so much shenanigans went on under Liberal rule..when you allow any enrity to treat you with such disrespect and indifference then you create a monster. The unwavering support of the Liberal party by anglophones is an absolute disgrace and embarassment IMO..the anglophones are in large part responsible for creating the monster called the Liberals who felt they could get away with murder. No matter what they did the anglos will keep on voting for them..and there is also that hard core francophone vote also that will vote Liberal no matter what but finally the francophones are seeing the light..but not the anglos.
      Fear is a powerful emotion..the most powerful really..and its blinding fear that has the anglos stuck..continuing to vote for the same bums over and over..its like Stockholm syndrome..I think anglos seem to like the abuse from the Liberals. I guess I havent lived here long enough..I didnt live through the terror of the 1970s. Its 2013 folks and there is only one viable political alternative other than the two usual parties..

    12. Excellent comment;
      How about a few line breaks?

    13. Perhaps so Editor but doesn't excuse his deliberate rejection of the Equality Party and still promoting CAQ - nothing will ever convince me that's the way to go in this province - ever.

    14. @cutie003

      "...nothing will ever convince me that's the way to go in this province - ever."

      how do you know?!? you already detain the truth?

    15. Complicated: "The unwavering support of the Liberal party by anglophones is an absolute disgrace and embarassment IMO..the anglophones are in large part responsible for creating the monster called the Liberals who felt they could get away with murder"

      Exactly. The Liberals treat you guys like dogs, regularly hitting you with a rolled up newspaper and yet every election you come grovelling back with your votes, wagging your tails and hoping that this time you'll get treated better. While you guys are chained out in the rain, your masters are wining and dining the seppies, who will never vote for them. The seppies can't lose because both the Liberals the PQ are trying to out-pander each other for their votes, and the Anglos can't win because the PQ are trying to wipe you out and the Liberals know they have your vote no matter what they do to you. Until you guys decide to take a good, hard chomp on the Liberal ankle expect more of the same. For decades the Conservatives got the same treatment from Quebec in general. I'm not a huge fan of Harper, but he's smart enough to know Quebec was playing him for a sucker and turn his back on it. When are you people going to say, "Enough!"?

  27. You're so right "Me" - I am so tired of all this corruption being blamed only the liberals. Quebec is rife with corruption throughout every level and complicated keeps putting all the blame on the liberals. The whole place has been corrupt since forever and every damn party is involved, not just the liberals by any means. I am disgusted with the liberals because of their political stance on federalism, not because of corruption. I hate that we have no choice but to vote for separatists in one hat or another. The rest is just part and parcel of quebec society.

    1. @cutie003

      "I am disgusted with the liberals because of their political stance on federalism, not because of corruption."

      really?!? to you the "vieilles chicanes" about the constitution are more important than the spillage of your tax money?!

      i agree quebec needs to find a way out of the constitutional dead end, but i think decreasing the waste is a little bit more urgent. with charbonneau in and charest out quebec is on the right track.

    2. Has anyone else noticed that El Studento has never denied being anything other than a paid agent provocateur?

    3. Well, he did just contradict himself just there...

    4. That wouldn't be the first time...

    5. @resident evil

      please expose the contradiction.

      @soy estudiante

      please expose the first time.

    6. Sorry pal, unlike you, no one is paying me to go back through hundreds of bullshit posts. But believe me, you did just contradict yourself in that last post.

      If you can't maintain your own integrity, don't ask Soy Estudiante and I to do it.

      Man, will these separatists ever get over their addiction to having everyone else take care of everything for them?

  28. Can anyone ,some one tell me the purpose of going to see jf lises. (on our hands and knees, kissing his a$$). Just tell him to send us a memo and direct us to where and when the beheading will be held.

    On a serious wane. The alphabet (a,b etc) and the numbers (1,2 etc) are they French

    1. WAC, get back to us whenever you come back down to earth from wherever it is you are flying and become coherent again.

    2. WAC I understood you perfectly...

    3. You mean french script? Like a 7 with a cross through it? Watching the oqlf try to ban every offense would would be hilarious to read and futile on their part. And the ensuing media reaction would be an awesome sight!

  29. Had a good sleep and seeing that I haven’t come down ,still flying another thingy.
    The vehicles that we drive does not have French words, will we be fined(I mean taxed).Let your imagination run away with you.
    @ME forget your imagination, in my option, you have none and no sense of the ridiculous. Which Quebec is becoming (ridiculous).

    @Sauga glad to read you didn’t choke on all that delicious food. I preferred the bagels from Bernard St. but they are not there, so 2nd best will do (The Original Fairmount Bagel Bakery). Pumpernicks on Cavendish was my favourite. Not many Jewish folk out where you live, they seem to be doing fine here(mayors of Montreal & Cote St. Luc are Jewish). You must miss us, that is why you are giving us such a hard ride.
    Sauga it is a Canadian problem, last time I looked, Quebec is a part of Canada. What’s that saying(they came for the mentally… etc. then for me and nobody was left) of all people you should know. What happened down south “patriot act”. Coming soon to your nearest depanneur(sorry convince store). Be careful and thoughtful.

    Quebec’s debt $254,290,000,000.00, the last 8 zeros are moving to fast. Quebec debt clock.

    A thought “The only thing that is constant on this spaceship "earth" is change“.

    1. I check in on the debt clock quite often myself, and every time I do, I ask myself, will there ever be a time when the separatist movement realizes that they will have to compromise or just lose their society altogether.

    2. I always wonder when will someone set up a clock to keep track of Québec GDP growth. Seeing both clocks on beside the other would put things in perspective.

    3. For once Michel, we agree...but not for the reason you think.

    4. "I always wonder when will someone set up a clock to keep track of Québec GDP growth. Seeing both clocks on beside the other would put things in perspective"

      Someone near and dear to me (and who is an Accountant by trade): always says:

      "It's not how much you earn, it's how much you spend!"

      To that I'd like to add: It's not how much you grow, IT'S HOW MUCH YOU SPEND !!

      Is that enough perspective for you? Up to now, you've spent $254,290,000,000.00, a debt that keeps inflating by the second.

    5. @anectote

      "...a debt that keeps inflating by the second."

      it's fortunate that quebec's deficit is also decreasing by the second.

    6. You hit it on the head, TOTE.

      The difference between seppies is that their entire movement is based on fantasy and theory...

      ...not reality. They want to focus on the positives...but fail to realise those positives
      Are outweighed by the negatives.

      Separatists lost the plot ages ago in the ethics department...

      ...but they''ve been failing at economics simce the dawn of Quebec's inceptont.

    7. @Student: "it's fortunate that quebec's deficit is also decreasing by the second."

      I want proof - where's your data?

      Your answer was shitty and requires correction - please correct.

    8. @resident evil


      it's also good to know that the debt to pib ratio is going down too. it's a much more relevant figure than your iedm fear clock resident evil.

  30. I find it really strange how people are willing to vote for the CAQ, a separatist party with a timeline, but a brand new party nonetheless and yet are not even willing to look at another new party, the Equality Party with federalist leanings and with a plan for the economy. There's something wrong with this picture on a supposedly "Federalist" blog. They discount the Equality Party without a second glance but are willing to park their votes with an unproven separatist party. Does anyone even give this party a look without making up their minds in advance? I find it all very perplexing. You doom them before they even have a chance to defend their platform and yet want us to vote for yet another separatist party. Sick.

    Cutie - The Equality party has ZERO chance of governing we agree there Cutie..ZERO. Its simple math really..the only people who will vote for the Equality party are anglophones who are a clear minority in this province..again you cant dispute this. Even in the rosiest of scenarions..lets say most anglophones vote for the equality party which frankly will never happen..but even in that case they might win a few in the end we could very easily still have the PQ in power.

    The only other party right now that has a chance of winning the next election other than the usual two parties is the CAQ..again nobody on this forum can dispute that. The Liberals have had decades to improve things here in Quebec on a number of fronts - they have failed miserably and I sense even you Cutie are starting to fioally see the are willing to admit they have done a horrible job. They deserved to lose the last election. The pQ are the worst option..we all agree on this. Hence the only other party that has a chance to govern is the CAQ..they have never been given the chance.

    My logic again is that they are the party who are focused on the most important issues..those issues are not revolved around language. They are the economy, the debt, corruption and crumbling infrastructure. They are the only party that has come out and said this will be their focus. They are not a seperatist party..that is fear-mongering from a paranoid anglo community who are so blinded by fear that they close their ears and eyes to anybody who had any ties to the PQ and/or seperation. There are many federalist candidates in the CAQ..Duchesneau being among the most well known. The CAQ is on record as stating that there will be no consitutional issues for at least 10 years. I say bravo - lets stop the fire in the house first..we need to get Quebec in order here. There is no way in hell the CAQ are going to come in and within a few years launch a referendum campaign..that would be complete political suicide..there is no way they are going to join forces with the PQ as again its political suicide..they are diametrically opposed in almost every respoect from the PQ platform..they have the most right wing policies of the three parties. Its very encouraging to see how much support they are getting from francophones as it shows many francophones want the government to stop talking about languages issues and get to work to fix the real problems. It also shows that most francophones are rightly disgusted with the rampant corruption that existed under Liberal rule.
    Again I live in the real world..not the fantasy world that so many here reside..there are three viable parties that can win..CAQ are the only ones who have never had a chance..the other two have had many chances and have failed miserably. The CAQ are not a seperatist party..they would be wiped off the map if they ever came out and pushed sovereignty at this point. I say if they can fix this place up then in 10 years I really dont care what happens. Because if we dont fix things now then we will end up like Greece which is actually a far worse fate.

    1. Complicated:

      First of all, ok, let's assume the CAQ isn't a separatist party. Let's forget how many hardcore separatists are members. Let's forget that Legault was an extreme hardcore separatist/racist/xenophobe who openly supported the FLQ and its terrorist actions.
      In that case, it means these people have absolutely no convictions whatsoever, or they're willing to sell out these convictions for a bit of time in the spotlight.

      Come on now, they recruited Francois Rebello, a hardcore separatist and union supporter. This from a party that's supposed to be "right wing"? Hahaha...

      Oh, so they "claimed" there would be no constitutional issues for 10 years. (Politicians say a lot of things by the way, there's a huge gap between that and what they actually do). Great! But hey, with the liberals, there will NEVER been any constitutional issues. Not in 10 years, not in 20 years. They don't even have to announce it, because people don't doubt their beliefs. The CAQ on the other hand, being a bunch of ex-seppies, need billboards to announce it.

      And finally, you bring up corruption and make an immediate link with the PLQ. This is where you lose all credibility, one of those "corruption was invented by the liberals and Jean-Charest!" people... Maybe you should stop believing what le Journal De Montreal tells you.

    2. Your statements just reflect the typical anglo paranoia..once again anybody who used to be a seperatist or was involved in the PQ is totally demonized. You fogot to mention that Legault has horns hiding under his hair and he has been from time to time blowing fire and brimstone from his mouth. How come people like you never mention all the federalists in the CAQ or that Raymond Bachand was a member of the PQ. You focus on one guy Rebello that you dont like..I am not a fan of his either but when I look at the whole package and look at the optiona and look at how many chances the Liberals have had its an easy decision to support the CAQ. Would I prefer that the CAQ was 100 percent federalist..of course..but thats not the cards we were dealt with.
      Everyone throws that word Federalist around as if it really means something. The Liberals apparently are Federalist..if that mean hiring someone like Mmme.Marchand, increasing the number of language inspectors, iontroducing Bill 22, doing nothing to water down Bill 101, talking about making Bill 101 tougher, ignoring the anglophone community time in and time out while the anglos sheepishly keep voting for them..if thats was a Federalist party is all about..then give m a neutral party like the CAQ who is willing to attempt to clean things up in Quebec and is willing to try and fix the real problems in this province.
      You need to use some common sense as you really think it would be an advantage for the CAQ to suddenly bring up consitutional issues within 10 years if its one of their core campaign promises?? Think about you really think that the people who voted for them would stand for that?? It would be political suicide..again your paranoid anglo brain is working in over-drive again and your logic has disappeared. Do you really think the CAQ would ever collaborate with the PQ on anything..the CAQ is about as far to the right as we can ever hope for in this province..they are still quite leftist but they are more to the right than the Liberals or PQ.

      I never said there was no corruption in the PQ but if you cant admit that the level of corruption over the past 9 years is about as bad as has been seen in this province and in this country then you really are delusional. How many more stories do you need from the Charbonneau commission..I suspecy you have cotton balls stuck in your ears and blinders on your eyes then. And the Liberals had 9 years to change the way thiings work in this province..if you cant see that they failed in every possible way then again you are completely living in a fantasy land where the Liberals can do no wrong. Do I believe the CAQ will be 100 percent corruption free..of course fact no political party is 100 percent corruption free..but I do believe they will be better. I am willing to give them a chance because the Liberals have had more than their fair share and the anglophone community is a big reason why they have had so many chances. The anglophones continue to reward horrible behaviour by sending their votes to a oorrupt and incompetent party that treats them like dirt. Go back and cower in your corner and drawing horns on Legault..

    3. No matter what, I simply cannot trust Legault and all his other other separatist friends. Maybe you could explain to me how such a hardcore separatist, who even defends murder in the name of his ideals, can change sides so suddenly? Did he suffer a stroke? At his age, I guess it's possible.

      I can tell you that it would take *a lot* for me to change the basis of my beliefs when it comes to the issue of separation. Nothing special has happened over the past 10 years that could justify such a radical change in thinking.
      That leads me to believe that he's either still a separatist, or he's willing to sell out his principles very easily. Either one doesn't seem very encouraging for a provincial leader. Does Bachand fit into the same category? Perhaps. Except he didn't switch sides to form his own party, it seems less opportunistic to me.

      To be honest with you, I was excited and interested in the CAQ at first, until they got Rebello. To me, it's like if they took in Mario Beaulieu. It's around that exact period of time that the CAQs numbers started to drop, so I guess I wasn't alone. I cannot support a party whose members support or have supported racism and terrorism in the past.

      You're right, maybe it's just paranoia. I'd rather not take that chance, there's a lot at stake. You believe they could be better than the liberals, I don't. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

      Here's a question for you: The CAQ's first priority is supposed to be the economy. In today's world, how will that be possible when their leader can't even communicate in english?

      As for the corruption issue, I've heard a lot about the city of Montreal so far, but not so much about the Liberals. Maybe I missed it?? And for everything we find out about the liberals, turns out the exact same corruption exists in the PQ. You're right, the liberals didn't to anything to improve the situation, but neither did anyone else in the past.
      You really need to stop listening to PQ/separatist propaganda and think for yourself. Get over the "Liberal corruption" thing, it was a ploy by the PQ to get elected, nothing more.

    4. Quebecer of Tree Stump is absolutely correct - complicated can't point out more corruption in the liberals than in any other party in this province. Nothing that the Charbonneau Commission has yet come out with gives the liberals any more of a black eye than any other party in this corrupt province. Until and when it's proven that they are worse than the others, I, for one would appreciate the big push for the CAQ stop because we know that it contains separatists - there is no doubt about that. There is doubt about who is the MOST corrupt - liberals, PQ, and every politician in every level of government. Until then, the CAQ, which is too new to be proven politically corrupt (but not some of the members of the party) but have proven they are not federalist which is good enough for me to NOT vote for them and I don't give a damn about their platform. As to the Equality Party, which is not even off the ground before they say that no one will vote for them but anglophones, complicated pushes them aside without even a second glace to see exactly what their platform contains. No wonder there is no democracy left in this place. Only militant francophones have a chance to get elected in quebec - wow - some future we have to look forward to.

    5. Do you seriously expect large numbers of francophones to suppor the Equality party?? You seriously believe that is possible..thats even more delusional. Why would francophones support a party whose main focus is strengthening the rights of anglophones..francophones really in general could care less about anglophone rights and the many of them are not against making Bill 101 more restrictive. Again mathematically the equality party has no chance of governing..anyone who says otherwise here is certifiably mad. Even getting a few seats would take a minor miracle.
      Who was in power for 9 years while all the corruption was at record levels in Montreal?? The Liberals were..and yes there was likely corruption under the PQ as well before but the worst of it was under the Liberals rule. If by some miracle they werent directly involved they were still in charge of this province which means they were either grossly incompetent and/or turning a blind eye to the rampant corruption or actively involved in it. Either way they failed us miserably and they have failed us so many times over the past few decades. How time after time again you can support such an incompetent and immoral group who treat anglophones with such disrespect and indifference is beyond me..again its paranoia and fear about the evil seperatists.
      Once again the Liberals are federalists then who needs enemies..seriously. This Federalist label in my opinion is highly certainly doesnt mean defender of anglo rights..thats been made pretty clear time in and time certaibly doesnt mean that anglos are listened too and certainly doesnt mean that the province is well run and that corruption is not tolerated. What does it really mean in the end..its a word that anglos trot out time in and time out as the end all be all..its meaningless at least as exemplified by the Quebec Liberal party.
      If being a federalist is acting like the Liberals have then give me a neutral party any day. Of course I would love it if Rebello wasnt in the CAQ..I would love to see the CAQ coming out unequivocally against seperation..but they have created a party which is trying to appeal to both sides and to people who dont want to talk about language issues anymore. Even Lucien Bouchard..the evil seperatist..has made many very sane comments on how Quebec needs to clean up its act. I really dont care if Legault still has seperatist tendencies if he can clean this province up and start fixing the problems that really matter. I think we all need to throw the language issues on the backburner including the anglophone community. Lets fix the real problems then we can talk about the constitution. And what exactly are you all so terrfiied about the you think they will quickly take us to a referendum..what is the big fear?? I just dont get could they campaign about being neutral and then switch over to the dark side without a huge backlash. It would be total political suicide..why would they do that..what are you all so terrified almost sound more scared of the CAQ than the PQ which is incredulous..

    6. You have no excuse to keep pushing the CAQ without reading and/or finding out more about the Equality Party which represents RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS FOR ALL QUEBECERS - NOT JUST ANGLOPHONES - They are promoting the Canadian Constitution - not separatist policies and it pisses me off that you keep saying the party is for anglophones only which is an outright lie. Smarten up.

    7. Cutie - As I have said over and over and over..I am in the real world not your fantasy world of partitions and anglophone parties winning elections. Anybody on this forum who is not delusional knows the equality party has no chance of winning let along even winning a few that doesnt help us at all.

      The only three parties that can win are the PQ, the Liberals and the CAQ - those are the facts. We have had the PQ and the Liberals running this province into the ground year after year for decades now..yes the PQ are even worse. The nightmare scenario for me is a PQ majority as it would be for many people here. The Liberals proved beyond a doubt that they are immoral, incompetent and show utter disrespect for the anglophone community that in large part elects them election after election. Hence there is only one alternative left that can win..the CAQ..are they everything that anglophones want..of course not..but no party is in the end..we all have to make compromises to some point when we vote. Yes it would be great if the CAQ came out federalist and made a clear stand on where they stand and it would be great if their leader didnt use to be a seperatist. But I have an open mind..I know people change their ways and thinking..I certainly have. The CAQ are responding to a desire from many francophone voters who dont want a party focused on language issues at least until the main problems in this province are fixed..there are many francophones and anglophones who are sick and tired of the non stop debate on language and they want a party that will stop talking about this issue and fccus on the economy, the debt, corruption, infrastructure, health care as Quebec is failing miserably in all these categories.
      So for me and for many Quebecers the CAQ is giving us an opportunity to get a party in power that will do just that. Am I expecting miracles from I expect they will do a better job than either the PQ or the Liberals and if they dont then they will booted out on their butts and may never recover again. Its not in their interests to screw up if they do get into power as they will pay big time given they are a new from a political standpoint I think they will stick closely to their script.


    This is the most disgusting statement ever by the Parti Quebecois. Basically, she is saying that some members of the Canadian Armed Forces join the military only to sign their kids to english school. This is unacceptable. All members of the Canadian Armed Forces have served their country proudly and will continue to do so, accepting many sacrifice including being send to the front-line. Good for CAQ to vote against the amendment.

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYThursday, March 21, 2013 at 5:39:00 PM EDT

      quebec and its joie de vivre.
      Cant blame the PQ to be who they are.
      I served 4 years in the reserves (Regiment de Maisonneuve) and most of my peers at the HEC told me that I was a traitor to quebec for enlisting and thus being a tool of fascism. I cant make that stuff up.
      Absolutely everything from quebec reeks s%it anyway. Except hot girls of course...

  32. @Mike You mean french script? Like a 7 with a cross through it? Interesting that you would say that.
    Have a look,"where do numbers come from"

    1. I knew about the Arabic origin, but the angles in 0-9 is the first time I heard of it. Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

  33. @Student... Not sure where you are as far as answering my challenge earlier goes, but I recommend you scroll up.

    1. oh yeah! right. you want my address to prove i have a spine.

      hum. i'd give it to you mate but i don't trust cutie003. i think she's a separatist.

    2. And I guess we've now seen who is truly spineless.

      Choose your words more carefully in the future, child.

      You have no idea to what extent you appear both cowardly and hypocritical...

      might as well go grand and throw in foolish while we're at it.

    3. I confess, I'm a separatist - I want to separate from the separatists. Nothing wrong with that.

    4. @resident evil


      but coming back to your best friend in toronto, don't you think he's spineless? i mean, a racist separatist bullshits his whole community and culture and he just "walks out"?!?

      your other best friends, would they have stood up? or is it a characteristic you look for when choosing your mates?

  34. FROM ED
    From the CROP poll
    Whereas the Parti Québécois has hardly budged, the loss of Jean Charest has nudged the Liberals down a notch. They have been equal to or below the 31 per cent of election night in every poll since the election, but seem to be on the upswing since the new year. While the party was averaging about 28 per cent support in the last months of 2012, they have managed 30 or 31 per cent in every poll since.
    The CAQ has also taken a bit of a tumble since the election, and scored only 20 per cent support in the last poll by Léger Marketing for Le Devoir and the Gazette. Shaky compared to the more established Liberals and PQ.
    Elsewhere, support has held relatively steady. The Liberals lead in and around Montreal with 33 per cent, followed by the PQ at 30 per cent and the CAQ at 21 per cent.
    The end of the Liberal leadership race could blunt any gains the PQ makes. The perceived frontrunner, Philippe Couillard, has the potential to improve Liberal fortunes considerably. The latest polls suggest he is Quebeckers’ favourite of the three candidates (former cabinet ministers Raymond Bachand and Pierre Moreau are the two others) by a large margin, and that he could vault the Liberals ahead of the PQ in provincial voting intentions.
    This could leave Mr. Legault and the CAQ in the lurch. Already Mr. Couillard has stated that he hopes to bring as many CAQ supporters as possible back into the Liberal fold, an absolute necessity if the Liberals are to regain favour among Quebec’s francophones. If he is successful, he may be tempted to bring the minority PQ government down at the first opportunity.

  35. FROM ED
    1, Forget partition, it will never happen. The referendums needed on each territory would take years to work out. Both sides getting court injunctions for delays to get their arguments out . The cost of
    leagal fees alone would be more than any one can afford.
    2. Forget separatism. In the last referendums there was money galore but it is gone now. Back then there were no transfer payments, nothing to lose in the French thinking. French have smartened up and see the transfer payments as a life line. They do not want to separate from this money.
    3. The only logical way to solve English problems is getting a Federalist party elected. This automatically puts the PQ out and likely for good.
    4.The only Federalist party that declares itself Federalist and has a chance to win is the Liberal Party. (read the polls)
    5. The Liberals are not a corrupt party. The dirt of the Charbonneau commission has pointed totally to Municipal leaders. The facts about election funding point to all three parties accepting money. The party leaders have little to do with funds. They depend on the underlings to finance their needs.
    Nothing has been brought out against the Liberals.
    6.We know nothing about dr.Couillard's plans so stop talking as if you do. If you read the poll results above tou wil see that Liberals are ahead in Montreal but down in the outer regions.
    That is why Couillard is going to tour those regions, a much needed strategy.
    7. We will have the PQ in charge for a few months but things will change. People interviewed on the street say changes are a must. If they can see this do you think Couillard can't. Editor says he should force an election. Jean Charest and Paul Martin both made this mistake. Call an election when the time is right.
    8. The CAQ has little chance with Legault as leader. He carries too much baggage. They would do better with Duchesneau at thier head and drop the separatist label.
    9. I ask everyone to hink about facts and decide for themseves. Some of the loudest posters here do not use facts. Like the old saying, "Them that can, does and them that can"t tries to reach others. I refer specifically to Complicated and Cutie trying with closed minds to push CAQ and Equality parties. The CAQ got us in this mess by splitting the vote but Complicated is perfectly wiling to promote them again. With a leader who has applauded the murderer Paul Rose they will garner enough vote to split and reelect the PQ but never enough to win.
    Cutie does the same pushing Equlity party. A do nothing, go nowhere group of bland individuals. She surmises that Couillard is going against his promises to the English rights and goes of calling for another party.
    PLEASE EVERYONE THiNK. Be pragmatic. What will work and what won't work. Ed

  36. Yes, everyone, keep voting liberal vs PQ, PQ vs liberals, on into infinity and keep watching the erosion of our rights and freedoms following each and every election. Don't give any other parties a second glance; let's just keep the misery going with no end in sight. Every party in this stinking province promises the same thing - the destruction and devastation of the Canadian Constitution bit by bit and piece by piece. No democracy, no individual thinking, let's just keep on going the way we have for the past 40 years. That's definitely the way out of this mess. All said sarcastically of course.

  37. ED says - The CAQ got us in this mess by splitting the vote but Complicated is perfectly wiling to promote them again. With a leader who has applauded the murderer Paul Rose they will garner enough vote to split and reelect the PQ but never enough to win.

    You continue to make false statements like the one above backed by nothing but hot air. I have given you actual numbers..riding by riding results..which clearly show it was the CAQ that was much more competitive with the PQ in the last election. The CAQ finished a strong second to the PQ in many more ridings than the Liberals did..hence it was the stubborn old school Liberal vote which ironically cost them the election. It wouldnt have taken too many Liberals in 5-10 ridings to move to the CAQ for the CAQ to pick up enough seats to push the PQ to second place. The CAQ have the strength and momentum in the critical francophone ridings. The Liberals deserved to lose the last election...they let rampant corruption flourish in this province..there is no way they can claim ignorance on this..they knew what was going on..and if by some miracle they didnt then they are just as guilty by being totally incompetent.
    Why ED supports a dishonest morally bankrupt party which has done almost every thing wrong over and over again is beyond me. Look at the facts folks..the Liberals added another 60 billion dollars to the debt in 9 years..they apparently didnt know about the record levels of corruption going on under their watch..they watched over another 9 years of pathetic economic performance compared to any other province..they did nothing for the anglophone community but gladly took our votes.

    And you think Mr.Couillard is any better..this is the man who resigned just days after changing the rules which made it easier for private clinics to flourish..and then jumps over to such a private clinic. Sounds like a man of real integrity..sounds like a true Liberal.

    ED continues to support a party full of liars and cheats..a party that treats anglophones like dirt..a party that pretends to be federalist but does little to promote federalism.

    Its time for real change which means a new party..the only other viable option at this point is the CAQ.

    1. To you it's the only other viable option - Let the people decide for themselves if it's the only viable option - more separatists in power is not a viable option to me, thank you. You and Ed both presume to know better than every other person on this blog as to the viable options we have. Just because you guys want to take the best of the worst doesn't mean the rest of us have to agree. We each have our own options and opinions. You condemn the Equality Party and the Progressive Conservative Party before you even look at their platforms. If either one of them can offer better than either your separatist bunch or Ed's soft separatist bunch, I will be voting for one of them.

    2. Its basic mathematics cutie..the equality party will never appeal to more than a handful of francophones and even most anglophones will dismiss them..they have no hope of getting any numbers that are meaningful..they have no hope of resonating beyond the anglophone extremist vote.
      The CAQ resonates to many many francophones because there are so many of them sick and tired of the PQ and Liberals..and they want a party that does not concern itself with language issues..a party that will focus on the real problems..a party that is made up of both sides..that resonates well with many people. The Equality party will be see as a fringe group of angryphones who just want to whine about language issues ad nauseum..people are sick and tired of hearing about it. Most francophones have little to no sympathy for anglo rights..they have more important things to worry about like employment, health care and hoping a piece of concrete doesnt fall on their head.

  38. Sorry cutie - I inadvertently typed your name instead for the last posting..gave me a good laugh though thinking of you writing those words..:)

  39. Does this sound like a party full of seperatists?? Where is the outrage from the supposedly federalist Liberals?? How come the CAQ is the only party that seems outraged by the banning of english education for military families?? Read the words below..the CAQ MNA is saying that the PQ are trying to appeal to the harldiners..the caribour..doesnt sound like a statement coming from a seperarist..