Monday, January 21, 2013

Quebec Equality Party Re-Forming

Equality Party Facebook Page

It seems to be semi-official, the Quebec Equality Party is re-forming and plans to be up and running within a couple of months.

As the old party seems to have lapsed in the eyes of the Director General of Elections, it means starting over from scratch, collecting names and members and reconstituting itself with a new leader.

There are many reasons, in my opinion that Quebec anglos, ethnics and francophone federalists need the party, but before I go on I want to address all of you who believe that the party would somehow be ineffective and that vote splitting would cause more harm than good.

The reality is that we are up against the wall, all the provincial parties have in place policies that will see the destruction of our community, some sooner, others later.

As per-vote subsidy will come into effect soon, a vote for the Equality Party, even without electing anybody, could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in money that can be used to defend our rights.

An official party would get exposure and like it or not, television and radio stations would have to offer on air time that would let us rebut separatist propaganda.

But the Equality Party could be much more.

It could serve to organize legal resources for those facing down the OQLF.

It could create fundraising apparatus to challenge Quebec language laws all the way to the Supreme Court.

It could lobby Ottawa politicians to enact federal laws to protect English in Quebec via amendments to the Official Languages Act.

The Equality Party can serve, not only as a political party, but as a resource centre to counter the onslaught of French language/separatist militancy.

The Equality Party doesn't even have to elect anybody to be relevant, but if just one member was elected he or she could prove to be a powerful voice of dissent.

Remember that Amir Khadir stood alone in the National Assembly for years and who can doubt his effectiveness.
Today, Quebec Solidaire, with just two members remains a force in Quebec politics.

Lastly, the Equality Party should work to expose nationally those who oppress Anglo and Ethnic rights as well as the right of Francophones not to be treated as second class citizens as they are under Bill 101.

I have mentioned before that for English rights and personal choice to be preserved in Quebec, the fight must be taken outside the province.

For the cynics who say the Equality Party won't be effective, I promise them that they are wrong.
With the right strategies, an activist Equality Party can be devastatingly effective, but more on that later, it is not my place to speak for the party.

Temporarily, the Equality Party has a Facebook page up, but is preparing a full-scale website and membership drive. LINK
I certainly will be taking out membership and be making a political contribution as I hope you will as well.

Most importantly, for many of you, the Equality Party can be the vehicle you are looking for to get back involved in defence of our rights.

For the cynics, my advice is to stay on the sideline, the Equality Party is looking for men and women determined to stand up for themselves, their community and their province.

Are you that person?


  1. Sounds great, but unlike the first iteration that died in the mid-90s, it must be sold to disenfranchised Francophones who believe in federalism. There most be Francophones representing French-speaking constituencies, or it will again be perceived as a party of Anglo upstarts.

    1. Equality Party 2.0 - Parti Égalité 2.0Monday, January 21, 2013 at 9:41:00 AM EST

      Francophones were always part of and fully represented in the old equality Party.. they were just marginalized by the Media, so they went unnoticed!

      If you are or know any Francophones that want to get involved, just have them Click 'Like' on our Facebook page and they will be contacted. >

  2. FROM ED
    BEFORE I comment will repeat the answer I gave Sandy mcTire who is insulting contributors. I don't know why it was removed, so here it is.
    You're on the wrong track. It's obvious Sandy McTire is a man hating female. Her "I am more ingenious than thou" attitude is typical of rampaging feminism. She reminds me of my wife, cataloguing what people say to be twisted and used in anger. Her put downs of Cutie
    were needless and mean spirited. Mr.Sauga laughs at people like her. In his years he's seen many low life stinkers like her. You and I are being attacked for making constructive posts.
    I simply add her to the list of trolls who are there to annoy and disrupt. When I see her post I skip over it like the oher trolls. I know that people like her must live butI ask in the name of God, why? Ed

    1. "It's obvious Sandy McTire is a man hating female."
      "She reminds me of my wife,..."

      sandy is a shemale ed? you're demonizing again...!

    2. I've had many good reasons to disagree and argue with Ed, but I just can't see what you're getting at, student, other than flame baiting.

    3. @the quebec partition

      it was a joke. you remember, laughing?

    4. Except no one finds it funny. It's puerile really.

    5. @yannick

      "Except no one finds it funny. It's puerile really."

      i'd love to know what everybody thinks too. that's a great superpower you have there yannick.

      use it wisely.

    6. Nooooooooooobody takes shots at Mr. Sauga and gets away with it. »wink-wink!«

      Actually, I can take a low blow, but the Editor has made it unequivocally clear putting down another blog contributor/reader is not acceptable, and he will cut those comments out.

  3. Hello Mr Saugga,,either way we must be heard of our plight,,often things get done by just doing it..

    1. I didn't imply we shouldn't be heard, but in order to be more than a pro-minority party, it must be sold as a party for Francophones as well as opposed to 1989 where it was perceived as only a pro-minority party. No doubt the media, English as well as French, portrayed Equality as simply fed-up minorities rebelling against the mainstream political establishment. No doubt the French media will let history repeat itself, but if the English media does the same, the effects will be the same.

      Unfortunately, I find the English media has been as big a hindrance as the French. Actually, that fact makes an already bad situation worse.

    2. For sure Mr. Sauga - that's why everyone but everyone should bombard the English newspapers, Radio shows and Quebec English TV stations with fact sheets about what we are after. I hope all federalists on the blog get to work as soon as the Equality Party gets established.

    3. Comptez sur les médias Québécois,nous sommes tous derière vous.

    4. Student: that's a great superpower you have there yannick.

      S.R.: nous sommes tous derière vous

      Hey Student, S.R. has the superpower too.

    5. @laurie

      it may seem so, but since s.r is sarcastic, it doesn't count.

      i mean, maybe he also has that superpower (it apparently is quite common around here), but this quote doesn't prove anything.

    6. Laurie,je m'excuse...Radio-poubelle (trash-radio) devrait vous appuyer.

    7. Equality Party 2.0 - Parti Égalité 2.0Monday, January 21, 2013 at 10:02:00 PM EST

      @Mr. Sauga

      20 years ago there was No Internet, No Facebook, No YouTube, No twitter, No Google+ Hangouts.

      20 Years ago the mainstream media control the information channels... That was 20 years ago...

      Today, we have all those communities, plus blogs like this... Today the mainstream Media is struggling to survive.. today they No longer control the Information Channels or the Message....

      Today.. the People control the Truth... We control the Message... and the Message can no longer be hidden or distorted without repercussions!

      Today... We are the Equality Party 2.0 and we represent Equality and Freedom Of Choice...

      Today.. This is our Message... this is our Mission:

      “The Equality Party demands the return of our country to the Status of a Real Democracy, where Freedom of Choice is not ‘a privilege’, but a Basic Fundamental Right, and Equality is not an elusive concept subject to the whims of any majority, but the minimum due to All Residents, no matter their Religious, Cultural or Linguistic background or their Minority status!”

      Does anyone have a Problem supporting this ????

    8. Le mot clé est "mainstream".Les médias sociaux (trop épars et éclatés) sont peu fiables comme source d'informations solides car n'importe qui,même les plus idiots de notre société,peut y avoir accès et vous en êtes la preuve concrète.

      Au fait,avez-vous un nom?

    9. @Equality Party 2.0 - Parti Égalité 2.0

      so, bill 101? what do you propose? scrap? or status quo? or more stringent?

    10. @Equality Party - If you follow this blog closely you realize that this guy is just a troll so don't waste you're time.

    11. @cutie003

      wouldn't you be interested cutie003 in knowing what equality party 2.0 intend to do with bill 101 when they are elected?

  4. FROM ED
    Yes Editor I AM that person. I stand up for rights and equality but not by the formation of another party. IT WILL SPLIT THE VOTE, Do we not learn anything
    from the past. You say the fight must taken outside the province. I have been trying to do that but with trolls and anglo inertia my voice has been lost in the wind.
    The proposal by RESIDENT EVIL to create a booklet is good. Get the whole story at once by not just one but many angry Quebecers. You have supplied the information needed to do the job,so it is really a child of your creativity. Which ever way we go getting the story out is good but we don't need a new party to do it. Ed

    1. "You have supplied the information needed to do the job,so it is really a child of your creativity."

      you reckon editor "created" all this information ed? that's disturbing.

      "Which ever way we go getting the story out is good but we don't need a new party to do it."

      really? don't you think the liberals are too prone to giving your tax money to its donators ed? or did you have another party in mind?

    2. Vote-splitting is not a consideration if candidates are only presented in ridings in which there is a strong, traditional, Liberal or federalist voting pattern.

      Indeed, you can split the vote, literally, 15 times in, for example D'Arcy McGee and NOT elect the PQ. Strategically choosing which ridings the EP fields candidates is something they have done from day 1.

      Having said that, vote-splitting will always be perceived as a factor by many electors as they simply don't understand how electoral divisions are set up under our laws. Many, believe it or not, think it works like a referendum in which every vote province-wide counts towards electing the government. So it is a significant variable for consideration.

      There is also the consideration that it is the Liberals who split the vote from US.

  5. Hey guys,

    I'm not going to get a whole lot done on the project today because my Mondays at the office tend to be hell (like they are for so many of you guys too). But I just wanted to say thanks to those who got in touch yesterday and we do have something going.

    I do have a table of contents in my mind right now and will try to email you all a copy tomorrow.

    Also, Apparatchik is a reader on this blog who I have a great deal of respect for, I took some of his ideas into consideration. I think that we should move forward with the original idea of pointing out why Quebec makes for a bad investment option to foreign interests...

    ...but we should dig up policies, loopholes and other tidbits that could instruct foreign investors on how to strong-arm separatist policy-makers into waiving their ignorant anti-business bills. This way, you do not necessarily harm Quebec's economy, but you do render the separatist movement as impotent, making them look completely indifferent from the Liberals.

    Overall however, I do find it very important to stick with the theme of "separatist policies as an economic deterrent" as the pre-dominant theme of this project.

    1. "This way, you do not necessarily harm Quebec's economy..."
      "...instruct foreign investors on how to strong-arm separatist policy-makers..."

      oh! no hurting quebec's economy anymore? i left yesterday with the impression it was the cornerstone of your "strategy".

      ok, so you want foreign companies to invest in quebec, but you also want them to dive straight in costly confrontations with the government and the population they wish to sell their stuff to.

      that's what you'll propose instead of complying to bill 101 and translate their stuff in french for the business they conduct in the french speaking province of quebec?

      good luck mate.

    2. Keep going troll.

      Your lack of comprehension of the real world is the very reason this project will succeed.

      BTW, I have a feeling the real "Student" will be making an appearance today.

      Seems that everyone likes him a whole lot better.

    3. Diablotin a saisi l'âme des Québécois...Il est vraiment intelligent.

    4. @resident evil

      "Seems that everyone likes him a whole lot better."

      you should ask yannick if you want a definite status about what everybody thinks. he knows.

    5. Tu sais "student", personne ne t'as défendu... tu me sembles bien immature et belliqueux. Tu peux bien accuser les autres d'intolérance, ton propre ton n'est pas très conciliant.

    6. @yannick

      "Tu sais "student", personne ne t'as défendu..."

      so? since when is the number of "defenses" one gets on a blog a gage of anything? i have often seen on this very blog hate posts that get a lot of positive feedback and many of your very intelligent posts getting none at all. i wouldn't rely on that indicator if i were you. i certainly don't.

      "Tu peux bien accuser les autres d'intolérance,..."

      when did i do that yannick?

      "...ton propre ton n'est pas très conciliant."

      i agree. when i read a shi%&t argument i give the author a chance to precise, retract or whatever. hence my many questions. every time up to now the author does not take that chance and hangs himself by ignoring me, an insult rosary or other techniques from the sewer.

      i'm sorry if this modus operandi hurts your principles yannick, and next time you feel i should be more accommodating on a specific case please show up.

    7. Well, hope that's working for you then.

  6. If it's going to be a new party that's going to try and be perceived differently than the equality party 1.0, it would be helpful if they had chosen a different name.

    1. Equality Party 2.0 - Parti Égalité 2.0Monday, January 21, 2013 at 9:47:00 AM EST

      A new Name means starting totally from scratch without any legitimacy at all... by retaining the Equality Party name we not only retain an instant recognition factor that is hard to buy cheaply, but also serve to remind our voters and potential Supporters that we won 4 seats once.. and can do it again .. How Soon is up to YOU!!! The added 2.0 indicates that it is an updated and re-booted version! :)

      It is NOT a Party without YOU !!! Click 'Like' and support us on our Facebook page... invite your friends >

    2. FROM ED
      Right four seats less for the party that can get rid of the separatist party. the recognition you will retain is of an anglo party for anglos elected by anglos. Ed

    3. Geez Ed even if the PQ get in (and that would be a shock after the mess they've made this time), this isn't a referendum so what else can they do to us? We are so oppressed now that a few more tweaks to Bill 101 is not going to make a difference - we're still going bankrupt and losing our rights daily. The liberals are not going to change anything in our favour so we have no choice but to get out and support another party. Even if they decided to call a referendum, they would not win it and they know that.

    4. FROM ED
      Jesus Cutie, which side are you on. "Even if the PQ get in what can they do to us. A few more tweaks to bill 101 is not going to make a difference." You're dead against the Liberals but the PQ is ok. If that's the case what the hell are we all doing here. Ed

    5. @Equality Party 2.0 - Parti Égalité 2.0

      I have a question and a comment.

      Is this the official party name now?

      Secondly, if it is the official name, though I understand the valid points you make for keeping the name as is, I can honestly tell you, that ED is right. The past party uniquely represented Anglo Rights, at least that was my perception of it. If I’d be someone out there with no clue and simply heard the name being circulated again I am not sure that I would pay that much attention to it. It reallyyyyyy needs to be marketed properly if it will attract any Anglophones, or Allophones and lastly, Francophones, and what would be offer them? They are, for the most part, well represented by what’s out there already. The separatists have the PQ, and the like. Those who are not for separatism but still expect to milk the system (Canada), anyway they can and line up even more powers for Quebec, in the process, will vote Liberal. Finally, those who are fed up with everyone ...perhaps CAQ???

      Also, the first version of the E. Party ended badly, and that left everyone who supported it with a bad taste in their mouths. The marketing for this party has to be extremelyyyyyyyyy well thought out. These are simply observations, not criticisms. But I wonder about these things.

    6. Equality Party 2.0 - Parti Égalité 2.0Monday, January 21, 2013 at 10:21:00 PM EST


      Your comments are well thought out and are not being ignored.. a lot of lessons have been learned since the early days.. especially about who to trust and how to control our message.. but like I just commented in another post above.. times have changed, and Brands can and are rehabilitated everyday.. and so will the Equality Party.

      And YOU can help us do it.. join up and contribute.. bring your friends.. Allo, Franco.. native.. We are an open party and all are welcome to participate.

      I can't discuss specific plans or strategies here and now.. things are still evolving.. but in answer to your worry about attracting the multitude of non-PQ supporting Francos.. Let me remind you that in Education.. it is not the Anglophones who have the raw deal.. it is our fellow Quebec citizens the Francophones and Allophones who are discriminated against the most.. they are the 2nd class citizens... They are the ones frozen out and denied any high level exposure to an English education which also effects their ability to grow and compete in business. An adequate English education denied in the formative years can never be recovered at a university level. And MANY, MANY francophones and Allophones know this.. and they are getting Pissed Off...

      ONLY the Equality Party 2.0 promises Freedom of Choice in Education... ONLY the Equality Party 2.0 is a path to Economic recovery, Jobs and free Immigration and Investment... without Linguistic impediments.

      And who can be against that???

    7. "And who can be against that???"

      Moi car ce n'est qu'un fantasme d'angryphone acculé au pied du mur :)

    8. Actually, you are correct when you say that “Quebec citizens the Francophones and Allophones who are discriminated against the most.. they are the 2nd class citizens...”. I think it is starting to dawn on them and some Francophone colleagues have actually reproached me for the fact that, I got to choose and they didn’t.

      A very close colleague has a daughter who dropped out of school young and then had 2 kids, she has been unable to secure a full time or part time job for the longest time; it’s a difficult life for her. I suggested that since I have connections in the garment industry. I could help put her in touch with people who run a chain of clothing boutiques, even close to where she lives in the south shore, and she can get to work easily, without a car. But then she told me that her daughter doesn’t speak any English at all, and the retail, you have to be at least functionally bilingual.

      I think I have stated this many times on this blog, and I will repeat it. I feel that people’s ‘Rights and Freedoms’ have become a joke in this province, a joke backed up by Ottawa, I’m afraid to say. In acknowledging this fact, I often wonder why it is I haven’t become a separatist myself. Ultimately, I still hold out hope that the answer is in remaining instead of leaving!

      Sign me up I guess!

    9. The other thing I forgot to mention is that another collegue who is originally from BC but works in our QC city office said to me last week, that he doesn't understand why everyone from Montreal, (since most of us are completely bilingual, not to mention, a great deal speak additional languages), why we don't all flood the Quebec City job market and pilfer all the jobs from the unilingual Francophones! He doesn't write a word of French, but he can talk up a storm in French and because he speaks English he's been able to earn a living for the past 14yrs in La Capitale Nationale doing exactly what he loves !! I love QC City, but they've been known to have snow in bloody June !!! LOLOLOL

    10. Joujou, ...repeat after me… R-O-S-E-T-T-A S-T-O-N-E

      Ce nouveau parti est tout-inclusif, Franco, Anglo et Allo !!!...Un concept un peu difficile pour toi a saisir, mm ..n’est pas ? (ohhh…n’est CE pas ? ) ..MdR !!!!

    11. Ed - I'm trying to make you understand that there is not much difference between voting for the Liberals or the PQ anymore. The liberals are not standing up for the anglophone community and all they manage to do when in power is keep the rhetoric to a minimum. If we have the chance to vote for a new party that has our interests at heart, we must be ready to support the change. These bigots will not be stopped by the liberals - they had 9 years to do something to prove they were ready to make changes and did nothing but go along with the same proposals as the seppies. Bill 101 in federal buildings in quebec is what turned me around - I was so disgusted with Charest when he said that I want to puke. All he had to do was say "NO!", enough's enough, and I would have been with you on this one, but no longer.

    12. @cutie003

      "Bill 101 in federal buildings in quebec is what turned me around - I was so disgusted with Charest when he said that I want to puke."

      what's up with that? is bill 101 enforced in federal buildings in quebec cutie003? if it is, what is so wrong about that? thanks.

    13. FROM ED
      "and who can be against that"
      Anyone who hears the name 'Equality Party' They wont even read your literature because they will remember what happened back then was a total disaster. In the end you ran 24 candidates and not one could get elected. Less than one percent of the vote.
      A new party needs a new name. Ed.

    14. @ student,

      There are many Ontario Anglophones who work at the federal buildings in Gatineau and they don't want to be forced to work in French only (Bill 101). Do you think Quebec Francophones working in Ottawa would like to be forced to work in English only? I don't think so.

      @ Ed,

      Give us a break with the Liberals. They implemented some of the discriminatory language laws over the years. And they hired more language inspectors for the OQLF in their last term. They also set up the thoroughly racist Reasonable Accommodation hearings. They have demonstrated that they have very little respect for Anglophones.

    15. Were the hearings themselves racist, or were the people who testified at the hearings racist? Big difference.

    16. Many people testifying were racist and the government took no action to cancel the hearings once this became evident.

  7. I too would have preferred a change in name but be that as it may, I will also join. The more I read the standpoint of the liberals, their last proclamations (like insisting on Bill 101 in Federal Government Buildings in Hull) and their tacit disapproval of legislation striking down some of the language laws in Quebec from the Supreme Court, the more I realize that the Editor is right - all of the parties that now compete for our votes in this Godforsaken place have deserted the spirit of the Canadian Constitution and don't give a rat's ass about our rights and freedoms. The only difference is the PQ are more outspoken about it. Behind the scenes, the liberals are just as bad as all the separatists and have us between a rock and a hard place. I understand Ed's point of view about splitting the vote but this has to stop and if we keep voting liberal it will just go on and on. They know we have no choice and therefore don't protect us, at all, from these language bigots. We have to get the word out that we've had enough so I'm on board.

    1. " insisting on Bill 101 in Federal Government Buildings in Hull..."

      last time i checked you had not read bill 101 cutie003. have you done your homework this time?

      assuming you did, you should be able to tell me which "rights and freedom", including examples, would bill 101 take away from anglophones when enforced in hull's government buildings.

      i'm humbly asking you to share your knowledge with a student.

    2. I may have had my disagreements in the past with Yannick, but he's a far more conscious and constructive contributor to this blog than you are and that goes double for his willingness to open himself to different positions.

    3. @resident evil

      mate, i wouldn't ask all these questions if i wasn't open to "diferent positions".

      it's up to you to provide intelligent answers.

      ant not "your lack of comprehension bla bla..." of course i don't comprehend mate, i'm asking a fuck%&' question!!!

    4. Yannick (si j'ai bien compris) est un Acadien donc très difficile de définir qui il est,où il niche politiquement et culturellement.Pas facile d'avoir le cul entre deux chaises.

      Les effets pervers du bilinguisme officiel je suppose.

    5. @s.r

      i see.


      do you consider yourself assimilated, or on the way to be assimilated? what about your children? and their children? what about your neighborhood? what is the trend around you? do you think french culture has a great future in acadia or is it not on a highway to folklore?

      do you think a law steering immigrants towards french and another one forcing businesses to use french in their public communications would have helped in preserving new brunswick's french?

      do you think quebec should copy the new brunswick model, bilingual and no bill 101?

    6. @Comme je l'ai dit à S.R. une fois déjà...

      I read French books, watch movies in French, wake up to French CBC, my entire extended family is Francophone-only (mis à part une ou deux alliances), I was educated in French exclusively from kindergarden to my B.Sc., though my M.Sc. and Ph.D. were obtained in English. Tu peux me dire à quel point je suis anglicisé.

      Currently I'm living in Calgary, where the French presence is nil, but I don't expect to live here forever. In Acadia it will remain for quite a while - retention rate is 90% - but eventually it might disappear, yes. But given the access to Francophone schools, hospitals, universities, government services, and given the high commitment to bilingualism (at least on paper) from the province, I feel like almost all of the efforts that can actually be made *are* being made.

      As for 101, I support some aspects of it - guaranteeing service in French in local commerces, non-anglophone immigrants going through the Francophone system, bilingual signage.

      I don't support forcing a company of 10 anglos to talk to each other in French and install Windows Vista in French on their computers, forcing kids from anglophone families from placing their children in the francophone system, pushing service in English at the very back to "press 8", defending governmental workers when they act with hostility towards those who don't yet know French, forcing the French on signs to be 50% bigger than the English, or forcing Starbucks to put "Les cafés Starbucks" in front of its normal logo.

    7. All of the above makes sense Yannick but, as you know, it's been pushed far past that in this place. If the PQ have their way, they will abolish english altogether and that is ethnic cleansing in it's highest form. The anglophones have been more than cooperative with Bill 101 but the separatists won't leave it at that and try to create trouble whenever they can - such as Bill 14, and we all know this is not to preserve the french language but to promote separatism and that's what we have to make the francophones understand. They are lying through their teeth when they call it "preservation of the french language". I honestly feel they are getting the message now but it must be broadcast from every rooftop. Thank God for the computer age where people can find out what is really going on.

    8. "Thank God for the computer age where people can find out what is really going on."

      C'est justement en tombant sur ce blogue,par hasard,que j'ai commencé à trouver les angryphones sympathiques.Les anglos doivent vous apprécier à titre de journaliste professionnelle car vous rendez un très grand service à votre communauté.

    9. @yannick

      if i take out everything you don't like about bill 101 that is actually in bill 101, we are left with french being "markedly predominant" (not 50% bigger) over english on signs.

      so in your honest opinion should quebec stick with it or go the new brunswick way?

      and congratulations for successfully resisting assimilation.

    10. @cutie003

      "If the PQ have their way, they will abolish english altogether and that is ethnic cleansing in it's highest form."

      who are you trying to impress cutie003? you're using words that are too big for you.

      "The anglophones have been more than cooperative with Bill 101..."

      you repeat on a daily basis that bill 101 should be scraped. and you call it "more than cooperative"?!?!?!?

    11. "...and congratulations for successfully resisting assimilation"

      La lutte pour leur survie est permanente...Malheureusement.

    12. @Student : Read bill 101 one of these days.

    13. @yannick

      will do.

      and i dare ask you the same question a third time:

      so in your honest opinion should quebec stick with it (bill 101) or go the new brunswick way?

    14. The answer is neither. Quebec should modify 101 so that it provides the minimum desired by the francophones, but without stopping people who provide that minimum from living their lives the way they see fit.

      If that's sending internal memos in English in their international industry, then they should be allowed to. Quebec shoots itself in the foot by forcing every internal documentation to be in French only.

  8. Rule #1 -- Never, EVER fuck with Turkish Politician Ahmed Dogan:

  9. Moi je dirais : Ne vous fiez jamais à un pistolet fabriqué en Turquie.

  10. "But the Equality Party could be much more.
    It could serve to organize legal resources for those facing down the OQLF.
    It could create fundraising apparatus to challenge Quebec language laws all the way to the Supreme Court."

    I sure hope you're right editor, but I just don't see it happening.
    Politicians, trying to actually do something to help the people? Unless there's a large amount of money involved, I don't see it happening. People don't go into politics to help people, as far as I know. People go into politics for their own selfish goals, and to make "contacts" so they'll be set for the rest of their life.

    I'm sorry if I seem pessimistic, but in my lifetime, I haven't seen any Quebec politicians who actually worked towards helping the population. Have you? Maybe Equality Party members will be the first, I somehow doubt it, there's money to be made after all!

    Politics is just another business, and their funds aren't coming from the general population. At this point, I'd be surprised to even find an honest person who wanted to go into politics. It's not the first field that comes to mind when you think of honesty and integrity, now is it?

    "Today, Quebec Solidaire, with just two members remains a force in Quebec politics."

    1. You're right Quebecer but I'm not going to waste my vote so it's a matter of who we vote for. We all know this is a business for most people but I think everyone has ideals when they start out so let's hope for the best.

  11. To be successful Equality Party needs to be more than a single objective party. It needs to find issues that affect regions with strong federalist voting records. For example, Outaouais region with strong federalist tendencies is always forgotten by the Liberal once in power. It should promise to stop shovelling money in Quebec city and Montreal for votes. who in this province needs a new symphony hall, a new arena, a new "national" library, when hospital are underfunded, schools are deteriorating. Equality between regions could be a strong voting record.

    1. Good points Liam - this is (or was) a federal stronghold and the liberals and separtists have ignored us big time and this is beginning to show in that the IF is changing the whole landscape of the area with their on-going harassment of businesses and weekly letters to our town's newspapers complaining about the anglophones residing here that have the nerve to speak english. Unfortunately, this has depressed our whole region in that no one is interested in moving to Gatineau any longer. Now they are objecting to it being part of the NCR (the words Ottawa/Gatineau being offensive to them; of course all part of the plot to achieve separatism) and not one politician is standing up to be counted by we who reside here. It's got to be stopped but to get publicity on the matter is very difficult because even our town paper hesitates to publish letters on this fight against the language bigots. We desperately need to shine the light under the bush in quebec to get anything going and we need support from the media to accomplish our goals. The economy and the paper that Resident Evil are producing will help push this movement along.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Wanted to bring this forward from the last thread as to how I feel about the "laws" in Canada that protect these bigots:
    That Canada practices discrimination that is condoned by "law" only shows me that the Supreme Court of Canada has been infiltrated by separatists and/or our Constitution is so poorly written that the spirit of it is undermined by politics. Our Constitution should be so worded that no one, no province, no politician, no majority opinion can challenge it through the Supreme Court and be able to win the case. Also the "Notwithstanding" clause should be removed to ensure that the same rules apply to all provinces and citizens. Plain and simple and I don't give a damn what anyone else thinks about that!
    Just listening to the candidates for the liberal leadership of quebec and they all seem to agree that quebec should be part of Canada BUT it's OK for it to deserve special treatment. Can't count on them to stand up for our rights and freedoms - that's clear and nothing will change except for the worse. We have to support a new Equality Party for anything good to come for the future of this province. A whole cultural shift is needed and the economy will not recover until the population understand that they can not survive in isolation.

    1. "Our Constitution should be so worded that no one, no province, no politician, no majority opinion can challenge it through the Supreme Court and be able to win the case."

      some kind of an ideological jail that would fit your ideology, right cutie003?

      you make an allusion to a party winning a case. can you be more specific?

      "Can't count on them to stand up for our rights and freedoms - that's clear and nothing will change except for the worse. We have to support a new Equality Party..."

      that new equality party cutie003, should it repeat your "rights and freedom" mantra like you do, or will it actually state wich rights they are after?

    2. "or will it actually state wich rights they are after?"

      Law bestows concrete rights. Culture provides a consciousness of rights. What I consider a right, 101 might not. If I owned a store and got raided by the OQLF, my cultural understanding of rights as what to do in my own place of business would collide with the government's definition of the limits of that right. So everytime the culture clashes with the law, the supporters of the law can invoke the "When in Rome..." argument. I won't speak for Cutie, but my culture shaped me to view many of 101's provisions as far reaching, and some unacceptable, even if they don't affect me in my daily life.

      More importantly, I oppose 101 not for what it does to me, but for what it does to you. Back in the 1970's, an argument could have been made that the franco supremacist overtones in 101 were necessary to pump confidence into a population degraded by years of neocolonialism. Fine. But in 2013, 101 does not instill any new confidence, instead it nurtures the delusions of grandeur already present in this "distinct" population. Nationalism as a force to rally people against a system is one thing, nationalism to shore up a system is another.

      Without being able to name a specific right that 101 takes away form me, I nonetheless see its rotten effects on culture and attitudes in this province, as well as its legitimatizing effect on the social structure that favors some over others (e.g. jobs in the civil service and in the public sector, with the private sector, which is more competitive and less secure, left for allos and anglos).

    3. "Without being able to name a specific right that 101 takes away form me, I nonetheless see its rotten effects on culture and attitudes in this province, as well as its legitimatizing effect on the social structure that favors some over others (e.g. jobs in the civil service and in the public sector, with the private sector, which is more competitive and less secure, left for allos and anglos)."

      Ditto !

    4. @adski

      "...but my culture shaped me to view many of 101's provisions as far reaching, and some unacceptable..."

      which provisions?

      " nurtures the delusions of grandeur already present in this "distinct" population..."

      distinct, in french, only means different, or apart. nothing there about delusions of grandeur.

      "Without being able to name a specific right that 101 takes away form me..."

      thanks for answering, mate.

      "I nonetheless see its rotten effects on culture and attitudes in this province, as well as its legitimatizing effect on the social structure that favors some over others."

      yo mean french speakers are favored in 80% french speaking quebec? to me it seems natural, mate. i would expect not to be favored if i was a francophone looking for a job in ontario. not you?

    5. "i would expect not to be favored if i was a francophone looking for a job in ontario. not you?"

      In ON, if your English is good enough and you have the required qualifications, you're more or less favored as much as everyone else, whatever your background is. In QC, not so much for those who do have knowledge of French and the qualifications. Your background comes into play. QC is an ethnic state after all. Primacy of one "culture" (read: ethnicity) over others written into its "founding" charter of 1977.

      Get my point, mate? Or do you need video footage of an event that would give credence to my point?

    6. @adski

      you're saying french canadians are generally more "racist" than ontarians.

      so yes i'll take anything you can bring to support that huge statement.

      a video of an event won't do it as i don't take anecdotes as proof of anything.

    7. Nope. French Canadians as individuals, if we talked to every one of them, would probably turn out out as prejudiced as anglo Ontarians, anglo Quebecekers, or Americans, Brits, or Frenchmen for that matter. All would demonstrate the same degree of white western arrogance.

      I was talking about systemic differences between ON and QC. The New Quebec is only 35 years old, so the edifice of the system has not been shaken up yet as much as it has been in Canada, the US, UK, or France, where some concessions had to be made. That's why systemic ethnocentrism in QC outdoes systemic ethnocentrism is other parts of the "West". The nativism of QC system reminds me of the nativism of the 1920s US. Which doesn't make American Anglo Saxons any more tolerant than Franco Quebeckers. All it means is that their supremacy has undergone decades of challenges which necessitated some concessions. In QC, that road is still ahead of us, and we might be seeing the beginnings of the journey in the Equality Party 2.0. Who knows.

      Having said that, I must note that systemic (institutional) discrimination has not been rooted out even in the longer-existing Western regimes. I recently read a New York Times article on how Latino and Black cadets, allowed into the police academy because of decades of collective civil rights struggle, as weeded out at the "second level" - they quit due to the bullying they endure in the academy at the hands of the white colleagues, all tolerated by the brass who knows about it.

      Same thing in the UK police force. Here's a video on discrimination in the London Met:

    8. @ student,

      "i would expect not to be favored if i was a francophone looking for a job in ontario. not you?"

      Francophones are overrepresented in the Ontario civil service with respect to their percentage of the population (as they are in the Federal government), but there are hardly any Anglophones (or Allophones for that matter) working in the Quebec civil service. And no, I won't provide you with a link to the statistics. You can easily look them up yourself.

      By the way, are you really a student? You seem to have a lot of time on your hands, i.e. not much time spent at school or studying. Are you just another Quebecois welfare case?

    9. For a fact = the federal government is impossible to enter unless you are bilingual (which are mainly the francophones) so don't give me any guff about that - I know, I lived it.

  13. FROM ED
    "Francophones were always part of and fully represented in the old equality Party.. they were just marginalized by the Media, so they went unnoticed!"
    Bullshit. It was an anglo party all the way. Four Anglos were elected in anglo districts by anglos with less than 4% of the vote. It lasted one term. After that they gotlesss than 1% of the vote.
    Gordon Atkinson (1989–1994)
    Neil Cameron (1989–1994)
    Robert Libman (1989–1994)
    Richard Holden (1989–1992)
    Election results
    General election # of candidates # of elected candidates % of popular vote
    1989 19 4 3.69%
    1994 17 0 0.29%
    1998 24 0 0.31%
    2003 21 0 0.11%
    2007 0 - ----
    2008 0 - ----
    2012 0 - ----
    Any party bearing any part of this name will be remembered in the same way, an anglo party for anglos.
    I'm sick of hearing people like Sauga and Cutie saying the Liberals did nothing. Do you actually think this will be better. Ed

    1. The Liberals did LESS than nothing, Ed.

      And they are worse than the PQ.

  14. If you read what I said above Ed, it is obvious that the liberals are still going to play footsie with the separatists so they are of no use to us to regain our rights and freedoms. All the candidates said the same thing - and yes, perhaps when the liberals realize that there are more choices out there for the federalists, they may start standing up for us. If there is no competition for our votes we will have more of the same and we'll keep getting picked apart one bit at a time. Sorry - I understand your thoughts but am tired of the same old, same old, BS from the liberals - saying one thing and kicking us in the ass with the other foot. Time to change the game and the players.

  15. If Jean Coulliard gets the Liberal nomination I hope that he gets a clear majority in the next election. That being said, A few Equality Party contestants in seats where Liberals win by huge majorities would be a good idea since it does not split the vote for the PQ to get a chance to win. It might even be good to have a candidate in heavy PQ ridings areas, where Liberals don't have a chance to win at all so that a per vote subsidy can be attained out of those ridings. I am assuming the per vote subsidy is based on vote cast all across the province and not on a constituency? For example in East End Montreal ridings such as Saint Marie Saint Jauques, Mercier, Gouin, Rosemont, Bourget and Pointe Aux Trembles. While these ridings with vote overwhelmingly for the PQ or QS solidaire. Instead of voting for Quebec Solidaire, the minorities can vote strategically for the Equality Party there by guaranteeing the per vote subsidy goes to the Equality party instead of the Liberals or Quebec Solidaire.

    1. "If Jean Coulliard gets the Liberal nomination I hope that he gets a clear majority in the next election."

      thanks for giving away yet another example of an anglo that would blindly vote for the liberal guy, whatever his name is, no questions asked.

      no wonder they take you guys for granted.

  16. Actually after thinking about it, maybe a majority short of 3 seats and where support of 4 Equality party MLAs might be better. IF Jean Couillard needs to the support of 4 possibly elected MLAs to form a government.

  17. I personally believe that this party must abandon any pretext about standing up for rights and freedoms and eliminate ANY mention of Bill 101 in its policies.

    It should be a one-issue party.

    Nay, a one-sentence party.

    No, make that a one-word party: Partition.

    That should be its sole raison d'etre.

    Indeed, once it has its official recognition under the Election Act it should, pursuant to section 51 of the Act, petition the Chief Electoral Officer for a change of the name of the party.

    The party should be called "PARTITION!" in block letters with the exclamation mark as part of the name.

    Bill 101 and rights is a non-starter (assuming the goal of the party is to obtain electoral success; if not, great, go with the human rights angle) and will only get you a few thousand votes, at best, per riding.

    "Fear", however, is the factor that will get you, easily, 30-40 seats. "Fear" is what has motivated anglos/federalists to vote Liberal yea these past 40 years and "fear" is what will get you votes. Make the choice between "PARTITION!" (stay in Canada) and "Liberal Party of Quebec" (risk separating with the rest of Quebec, borders intact, which is the Liberal position) and you have all the motivation the voter needs to vote for you.

    And the PQ never enters into the equation. Indeed, there must be a strict rule for members and candidates never to be allowed to mention the words "PQ", "Parti Quebecois", or "Pauline Marois" upon threat of being penalized.

    1. I would love that Tony but every time I mention partition on this blog everyone gets paranoid. I feel partition is the only way out of this mess and let those areas go that vote to go - we get rid of the threat always and forever hanging over our heads and people that really want out of Canada will be allowed to take the land that they democratically vote to leave with. The remainder of us will form a new (bilingual) province within Canada or go with N.B. or Ontario. What a shake up that would be but it would be final after 40 years of torment from these language bigots.

    2. Why everytime I mention partition...The world laughs?


    3. Wow Tony, that is excellent idea. A Partition Party aka Parti Partition would be so direct and to to the point. I to believe that there will be no way to abolish bill 101 in Quebec. Partition is the most likely or only way to abolish bill 101.

    4. The reality is that Montreal is too well connected to partioned, it is like saying Toronto should seperate from Ontario, it is just not possible. The only option is Eqality Party. Over time most quebecers will come to understand that eqality is the way forward. Also, the party needs to try to stop the myth that Quebec is french. The reality is that many communities in Quebec were founded by anglophones including Hull. Also, anglophone contributed to development of the region including the North Shore with Clarke city. Over time, if the eqality party plays the card right, quebecers will come to realise that the francophone can live side by side with anglophone without fear and both contribute economically to the province.

    5. It's possible if they vote for it. That's all it takes = ask the seppies and their referendum strategies to take the whole province out of Canada with a 50+1 vote and half the province wanting out of quebec. That's democracy - a referendum for Montreal to remain in Canada.

    6. Wait a minute Cutie, all I am saying is that we can not have a border between West Montreal and Eastern Montreal. also, all of eastern Montreal is primarily francophone, I doubt they will want to join the province of Montreal. it is just impossible. Also, what are we going to do with the trudeau international, both side will want to control it. i still think eqality is the only way forward.

    7. I think that if the whole island was polled you would find that it would be more than 50+1 to remain Canadian. There are many francophones in Montreal that are federalists and more than you think that would vote to remain part of Canada. As for the airport, I guess it would be their loss but perhaps a Quebec passport could allow them to use it. Stranger things have happened and I don't rule anything out. No stranger than pulling a whole province, along with the St. Lawrence Seaway, out of Canada and the seppies don't seem to have a problem with that.

    8. All right Cutie you have convinced me. Partition Party!

    9. @TK...You're Radical ! And that's the dark side almost worth considering!!

    10. "No, make that a one-word party: Partition."

      While words like "language" or "culture" would be frowned upon. I don't want a party that is pro-English or anti-French. I want a party that is language-neutral, that considers language a non-issue, that doesn't play culture wars, whether on language, race, gender, or sexual orientation (these days the bourgeois elites distract us a lot with the so called "gay rights", an issue engineered to incite and distract from relevant stuff).

      Also, it would be nice to vote for someone who you feel shares your experiences, as a Montrealer, an ethic of whatever background, even an occasional immigrant fielded in a riding or two. Choosing between an Outremont-bred franco from the PLQ, an Outremont-bred franco from the PQ, and an Outremont franco from the CAQ, you know that none of them shares any of your experiences, and their attitudes to you, shaped by 35 years of 101, range from indifference on the PLQ side to contempt on the PQ side, with the CAQ in the middle.

      Like the Quebecois who voted for the Bloc knowing that the BQ could never wield power, just knowing that other parties were Canada-based and probably indifferent to (and some even contemptuous of) Quebec, they went with a local bloke. It's the same principle for us. We need blokes like us to vote for so we never again have to vote for some geezer from the Outremont-clique just because he's not as bad as another geezer from the Outremont-clique. And to be fair, I don't want a choice between Anlgo geezers from the Westmount clique either. So I'm hoping this new Equality Party is not some elitist Anglo party either.

    11. I knew I liked you Adski, set it up, I'm with you !!...He is right, for once, I would vote for someone who actually...represents ME!

    12. "I would vote for someone who actually...represents ME!"

      Même sans connaître son nom?Des anonymes?Une secte secrète?...Wow!

      Bravo champion!

    13. Liam writes:

      " is like saying Toronto should separate from Ontario, it is just not possible."

      Perhaps not. But there is a movement afoot in Toronto to do just that. Now, whether it has a snowball's chance, I'm not competent to say. However, take a look at the following site:

      Toronto secession movement

      What I found fascinating in the discussion at the above link was the argumentation surrounding the following passage:

      "The Secession Reference case is a template for secession. The particular facts in the case dealt with Quebec’s desire to separate from Canada. However, the principles are not limited to Quebec or to provinces. The court defined secession as '…the effort of a group or section of a state to withdraw itself from the political and constitutional authority of that state…' (Note 2 – par 83) The court used broad language capable of being adapted to an analogous situation such as a city separating from a province."

      So! The Supreme Court did not limit the parameters they outlined regarding secession to a province but to a "group or section of a state" (such as a city). This puts an entirely different spin on the whole shebang, particularly in light of the amending formula of the constitution which on a first reading would suggest that it requires the approval of a province (in addition to the Feds) to change the boundaries of a province...or create a new province. The above passage suggests otherwise.

      And, as well, in the Secession reference there is the requirement that a clearly stated democratic desire to secede by the group or section would require the state entity to negotiate.

    14. "Même sans connaître son nom?Des anonymes?Une secte secrète?"

      Oui, même sans connaître leur noms et même s’ils sont d’une secte anonyme provenant de l’espace, OUI OUI OUI!

      S’ils sont prêts à travailler pour moi et représenter MES intérêts, je les appuierai complètement et même je serai prête à faire du bénévolat pour eux. Ceux au pouvoir, présent et passé, n’ont jamais fait quoique ce soit pour moi. En plus, ils ont toujours volé… mes droits et mon argent…TO THE LEFT TO THE LEFT…EVERYTHING YOU OWN, IN A BOX…TO THE LEFT…!!...compris joujou?

      Tu mérites une facture le petit, je continue à t’instruire.

  18. FROM ED
    I was thinking a good idea would be to enlist the aid of a superhero that would appeal to francophones like
    carey price, while chcking i fouind this on VIGILE.
    y PAUL SCHNEIDEREIT - Parti Quebecois MNA Pierre Curzi apparently knows a lot about imbeciles. He even knows how to sound like one.
    In case you missed it, the PQ’s critic for language issues last week accused the brain trust running the Montreal Canadiens of shunning francophone players as part of a federalist plot to ensure the storied hockey club cannot be a symbol for the nationalist movement.
    "The people who are federalists and the people who don’t wish Quebec to become a country, who don’t wish French to flourish, they know very well that you must take over a certain number of symbols of identity," Curzi told a television interviewer on Télé-Québec. "And me, I believe there’s been a taking possession by the federal power over the Canadiens club.
    Well, there you have it. Ottawa’s secret weapon in la belle province has been outed. Either that, or Monsieur Curzi’s Don Quixote-like obsession with battling imaginary threats to his beloved pure laine language has erased his ability to reason.
    Even Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois sees menace in those hockey stick-wielding windmills, urging a "correction" in the number of Quebecers playing for the federalism-boosting Habs. Strange,
    These plucky Canadiens are like sovereigntists, she told a cheering PQ conference in May, underdogs who keep fighting because they believe in their goal and themselves.
    But, as Habs team president Pierre Boivin — a francophone, mon Dieu ! — recently noted, tongue firmly planted in cheek, "when the team’s name is Canadiens, we start perhaps with one strike against us."
    There are three francophones on the Canadiens’ likely opening day roster. The 20 other spots are evenly divided between anglophone Canadians and players from Europe and the U.S.
    Habs’ fans, regardless of which language they speak, would be up in arms if the team decided roster spots based on a linguistic quota system. They want a winner, not some politically correct — according to Curzi — symbol of Quebec nationalism.
    And what if there were more Quebecers on the team, but they were federalists, not sovereigntists ? Would Monsieur Curzi demand further litmus tests beyond sending pucks flying into the net — or stopping them ?
    Besides, Montreal has certainly tried to add some big francophone hockey stars. Former Habs’ player and coach Mario Tremblay was recently quoted, in regard to the Curzi controversy, pointing out the team desperately tried to land Vincent Lecavalier in a trade, and went hard after free agents Daniel Briere and Martin Lapointe. All opted to play elsewhere.
    Now we know the reason. The PMO got to them. Ed

    1. I have seen worse in a Franc Tireurs show. There was a rapper claiming hockey should not import foreign players because "only Quebecers know how to win the Staley Cup". If this is not fascism then I do not know what is it. Obviously, the "journalist" was in awe of this logic...

    2. @ED

      The Quebec boys don’t want to play for the HABS, not their first choice from what I hear. “Why live in a fishbowl apparently when you shouldn’t have to and make twice the money”. They play for American teams, make US$ and when they walk down the street in the local town with their families, no one recognizes them and no one bothers them. This was straight outa the month of a Quebec born player during a casual conversation in a Las Vegas elevator. He plays for an American Eastern Conference team.

      Perhaps someone should convey that to Mr. Curzi...HIS BOYS DON’T WANNA PLAY FOR THE RED/WHITE/BLUE ! That’s basically the reason in a nutshell.


    3. Forget trying to find a francophone superhero.

      We have always been, are, and will always be Two Solitudes.

      And what, I ask, is so bad about that? We -- anglos, allos, and federalists -- have a distinct worldview that is different than that of the Quebec Nationalists. I am happy with my worldview. And I say: let francophones be happy with theirs. Trying to mix the two by finding some sort of compromise is (as has been the case for the past forty years) a recipe for disaster.

      And I for one do not want to compromise on certain values, such as the primacy of individual rights. Quebec Nationalists, for the most part, do. And that's why they should have their own country.

    4. @an importation

      "There was a rapper claiming hockey should not import foreign players because "only Quebecers know how to win the Staley Cup"."

      the first part of that sentence sounds more like don cherry and the second quoted part sounds more like a joke.

      probably the loco locass guy. is this bit on the internet? i'd like to see it.

      i don't think it's "scary" cutie003.

  19. How paranoid can they be? Just amazing = as if the fans care in what language the players speak to each other. It is really disappointing that the PM has gone to all this trouble and not told anyone - lol. Imagine the makeup of a team that had to hire players due to their last name or the language they speak. Crazy fools. Anyway, when partition happens, the Montreal Canadiens will still be allowed to play in the NHL but what if Montreal votes to leave Canada? Are the NHL then expected to make room for them when it's only the US and Canadian teams that are in the league? That alone would garner votes for the federalists. Some pretty rabid hockey fans in Montreal.

    1. paranoid really?

      hum... in my humble opinion, i don't see what is so far fetched in assuming a federalist businessman would not want his business assets to become heros for separatists. i wouldn't want that if i were him. now would you cutie003? remember maurice richard?

      it's even less far fetched when you notice that quebec players are plenty and talented, that the team is rich and that it managed, for the last ten years or so, not to have enrolled any big french canadian name. almost absurd when you think about it.

  20. Facebook is good but not everybody has an account (me included). Not that I could not open one, but there are people that are not tech savvy enough. What do we do with these?

  21. The only "anglos" with legitimacy in Quebec are the ones that came to Montreal at the time of the American independance. The Giovanni, Hatzidis and cie are neo-quebecers and never had English as mother tongue. All immigrants that come after 1867 in Quebec have no ancestral rights.

    Quebecers never accepted the bilingualism of Trudeau, Quebecers never signed the 1982 Constitution and the Canadian chart. You, the Richard Henry Bain and O'Brian (with Irish roots and pround to have the Queen of England as chief of State) can go to hell thinking that you can have "Equality". You will always have you ancestral rights respected in Quebec, you can keep being mad, sip your afternoon tea thinking pretending you don't understand French, but from now on you know that Québécois are not going to play your game. You will see that more and more of my generation know the history well enough, we also speak and read English, as well as several other languages (like in my case) and we are strong independantist. Good luck anyway! S. Racine

    1. All immigrants that came after 1608 to Quebec have no ancestral rights. That includes you Mr. Racine.

    2. Merci pour votre commentaire S.Racine,très éducatif et surtout très pertinent.

    3. English are the worst when it comes to respect the first nations rights. Francos fought along the amérindiens against the English. Thomas Mulcair said this week that Quebec is an exempel for the melting absurd pot canayen.

    4. We saw how well the Natives were treated by Francophones during the Oka Crisis, where they tried to obliterate the Natives' sacred burial grounds by extending a stupid golf course.

      For your perusal, here's a Youtube video from the time posted by the Indians themselves. It's titled: "Racist French tried to Stone & Kill Indians."

    5. That is not ALL Québécois. I don't give a shit of golf, and I respect, like the majority, the ancestral right of the natives.

      You think you're smart coming here calling yourself "Durham"?

      Go read this article instead

      The time where Québécois had a complex towards the English language is OVER. I don't mind arguing with you in English. I actually feel powerful and I could argue with you in Spanish, Italian and Swedish, choose yours.

      This is over the time you use details to generalise. This time is over where you make believe immigrants that we are mono-lingual narrowminded racist fascist French. We are not 65 and 70, we are 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, we are an army of smart, well educated independantists and votre heure where you could play the victims has come. Look just a few names who give to, like Nino Gabrielli, Margaret Murray, you think they are "de souche"?

      Count on me, the real game has just started :)

    6. Anonymous, let me be the first to welcome Sylvain Racine who has notched up an impressive 168 posts on Vigile. I see you made the same pronouncement about pre and post 1967 anglo Quebecers in your January 20 post on Vigile, with a little less vitriol. You wouldn't want your fellow travelers to know how much of an anglophobe you really are, would you ? Sylvain, after you read this tomorrow morning in Sweden, your home for the last 6+ years, if memory serves, perhaps you could favour us with another rant explaining why the opinion of some guy in Sweden has any relevance to what happens in Quebec. Do you miss the sound of English on Ste. Catherine Street?

      I see that your years in Sweden have not improved your knowledge of modern Quebec. There isn't a lot of afternoon tea sipped by anglo Montrealers in the last 100 years. Personally, I prefer espresso. You will have to work up the quality of your attempted insults and sarcasm if you want to play on NODOGS. Say, from your perch in Stockholm how do you manage to anoint yourself with the authority to speak on behalf of "Quebecers" ?? And then you pronounce that "Quebecers" have never accepted the bilingualism of Trudeau (we were bilingual here, Sylvain, long before Trudeau was born) and repeat the old souvrainiste canard that you never signed the 1982 constitution. Sylvain, the signature of the Quebec government on the constitution is legally meaningless. A purely symbolic fiction that's only value is as some kind of emotional rallying point for frustrated souvrainistes. You may have noticed from Sweden that Quebecers, including franco - Quebecers, have no hesitation about using the 1982 Charter to advance their personal rights. Sylvain, try and meet some anglo Quebecers the next time you are visiting from Sweden. You might learn something. Sure, some anglo folks may be attracted by the idea of the Equality Party, but so far its just a dumb idea on Facebook. But a fellow like you already has a choice among a spectrum of nutbar ethnic nationalist parties/mouvements that have been in existence for years. I know you are familiar with the "new" (but so old) mouvement Generation nationale that proclaims itself "open pluriethnic and non-multicultural". Wow, talk about squaring the circle!Perhaps your membership application is already on its way. For you, its a natural fit. And, Sylvain, I'm glad to know that you can speak and read English. Please keep it up as you will need it if you ever decide to leave Sweden and return to Quebec. Let me know when you are visiting next and we can get together for a cup of tea.

    7. Anonymous writes:

      "Quebecers never accepted the bilingualism of Trudeau..."

      ...Yet, at the ballot box, Trudeau consistently got more votes in Quebec than his counterpart, Rene Levesque.

      Anonymous further writes:

      "...Quebecers never signed the 1982 Constitution..."

      No, they didn't. But any little merit that meme may have had (and it was very little, particularly in light of Levesque's abandonment of the eight other provinces during the whole "Night of the Long Knives" incident), completely disappeared when Lucien Bouchard's government participated in and passed an amendment to the constitution regarding section 93. The amending formula was part of the 1982 constitution and Bouchard's participation in using it signalled the end of that silly little argument.

      As for "ancestral rights", well, this son of a Greek immigrant will not dignify that with a response.

    8. “The only "anglos" with legitimacy in Quebec are the ones that came to Montreal at the time of the American independance. The Giovanni, Hatzidis and cie are neo-quebecers and never had English as mother tongue. All immigrants that come after 1867 in Quebec have no ancestral rights.”

      Ancestral rights? Really?? Do you live on a Reserve anywhere in this country? Do you have a little card that says you pay no taxes..OF ANY KIND? NO? Then guess what, you’re probably renting land like the rest of us and I don’t give a rats a&& if your ancestors sailed the “ocean blue” 200 years before anyone else’s...YOU’RE AN IMMIGRANT TOO!..

      Ancestral rights...yeah okay!...Come over here so I can flick you on your forehead..! LOL

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  23. Anglophones fear the day the PQ and the OQLF stop make the laws stronger because they won't have arguments to brainwash the immigrants. Trust me, LOT of independantists understood it and the PQ will stop soon. Instead, we will do pedagogy. The first nations are much better of with the Quebecois than with Stephen Harper. You will see, Anglos with imaginary dogs. After all, the English are actually seeing the immigrants as dogs, they are just using them in order to brainswash them againt the Québécois. I'll make sure that you orangists stop treating the immigrants like dogs. Enough.

    1. Anonymous, if you are going to live in Quebec please allow me to offer some free advice - work up your English syntax.

      Tell me, if the first nations are better off with the Quebecois - and I assume that you mean franco - Quebecois, Anonymous, then why do so many of them speak English and vote NO when there is a referendum on sovereignty ? Probably insufficient pedagogy. Why don't you photocopy your personal copy of "Why I am a Separatist" by Marcel Chaput and distribute it to your many first nation friends? Yes, that's correct, the English translation. You'll want to know that there is some chance that they will actually read it. Then you can promise them that Hydro-Quebec will promise never to reverse any more pristine river systems and will stop flooding their land just to sell hydro electricity to southern Quebecers at less than cost. Here's some more free advice : when you give that lecture as part of your pedagogy tour bring a steel helmet and a kevlar vest. And Anonymous, please don't ever delude yourself that "Anglophones fear the day..." You are making a mistake. We have real dogs, not imaginary ones. One last question - what the heck is an orangist ?? Someone who likes orange juice? There is something lost in translation here. See my first point, above.

    2. Anglos brainwashing immigrants?
      Anglos playing the victim?

      You sure are entertaining...

    3. Anonymous writes:

      "The first nations are much better of with the Quebecois than with Stephen Harper."

      That may or may not be true.

      However, what is true is that the only time First Nations individuals in Quebec were asked to give their opinion about the separation issue, they voted something on the order of 90%+ to reject the separation option.

      So, Anonymous, if you are eager to pursue the separatist option, be prepared to see 2/3rds of your territory remain within Canada once the break is made.

    4. "if you are going to live in Quebec please allow me to offer some free advice - work up your English syntax". This is what I will remember of my discussion here.

      You so misread me! I'm against strengthening Bill 101, against the OQLF make waves, because I know that it feeds you and you need it to do your bashing. Take my word, this is changing. This leverage of yours is not permanent.

      I know facts, I know which Francos voted no in 1982 and 1995. You have put it as if they were the ones openminded and bilingual, but you are wrong. Lot of them call themselves federalists, live in the rest of Quebec (outside Montreal), you will never meet them, and a lot of them want to shut the immigration door and still call you square heads. Those are you "allies". Come on, wake up!

      The Francos you see as your allies because they vote CAQ and LPQ can switch being federalists in the morning to independantists in the evening.

      Again, your rapport the force is only on you bashing when the Bill 101 is raised in the media, so you use it towards me with immigrants.

      The more Quebecers like me travel and learn English, the more we are independantists. I understand you might find hard to believe, but that's the case.

      Just wait and see! They are natives members and traditional anglophones that are also independantists, open your eyes.

      You are the ones here on No dogs or Anglophones living in your bubble. Montreal is not much different then other big European cities today, we hear English, there are signs in English and town and government websites are also bilinguals, trilinguals.

      over 85% of people living in Quebec has French as mother tongue, and this is not gonna stop. You are the ones living in rage as narrowminded tourists.

      Again, wait end see. I will fight side to side with you so the Bill 101 and the OQLF keep a very very low profile. I'm not alone. Just watch!

    5. We are part of a new generation of independantists. Look at Jean-Martin Aussant's backgroud.

      "Aussant was born in Nicolet, Quebec. He has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the Université Laval (1993) and a master's degree in Economic Analysis from the Université de Montréal (1995). He started Ph.D. work at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Spain, but left in 1997 to work as a consultant for Barra International, now a unit of MSCI.
      Aussant was a research director and portfolio manager at Addenda Capital from 1999 to 2003 and a vice-president at Morgan Stanley Capital International/Barra in London, UK from 2003 to 2005.[2] Returning to Quebec in 2005, he was a manager for Canada's Public Sector Pension Investment Board for two years before starting a private consulting practice. He was also a founding director of the Montreal divisions of both the Global Association of Risk Professionals and the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association."

      This is one of this new generation. You know, the kind you have always thought that would be strong believers in federalism because they would learn English and travel? Remember?

      I'm sure you start understanding the point I've trying to make so far.

      Please, keep the blog "No Dogs or Anglophones" running!

    6. Anonymous, if J M Aussant is an example of the new breed of sovereignists you are in trouble. First he leaves the PQ in a narcissistic huff, then forms a new political party that crashes and burns. Yeah, he is doing just fine. He is a one man band. I give him one more election and then, with his resume, he'll be gone. Perhaps Andre Boisclair can help him to find a job in Toronto.

    7. Where do these slugs come from? Wow - talk about ranting. Go back under the rock - no one here needs to listen to this tripe. Can't post under Anonymous so the Editor will take out your posts thank goodness.

    8. Aussant is the perfect example of a politician who is completely disconnected from reality, and who is probably thinking only of his own selfish ambitions.

      Polls have clearly shown that a large majority of Québécois aren't interested in separation, and yet that is his main focus. I'd sure he'd love to tell us all what to think and what to do.

      This guy was probably bullied by some anglophones as a child and he's still trying to get his revenge. Not getting elected in his own (and only) riding (and home town) must hurt his ego, even more than the fact that he only beat the liberal candidate by 140 votes the last time around. All this in a 100% francophone area... Ha!

      At least now he can count on Parizeau's support, so we can be sure the party will be representing the most racist and xenophobic separatists!

      Either way, I love anyone who tries to split the separatist vote.

    9. You are hilarious! You wanna know who is clear picture of your "friends" Québécois who are not séparatists? They are the kind have barely completed high school, who went to Montreal maybe once in their life, and rant about the "maudits anglais" and "maudit chinois".

      The poll says that they don't want a referendum, but it doesn't mean they give a shit of you. Just wake up. Quebecker of Tree Stump wishes that Aussant is just temporary. We will see :) Seriously, you might have a little idea of who I am, but now you also need to realize that I am also against the PQ.

      Just consider all of you lucky that I come to warn you of what the rest of the decade will look like. You will all wish we never learned English and travel. Now, look at you who are the peasoups. On and other blogs we have no shame in signing our name. I can't tell the same about you here. You will all be exposed for who you are. Say hi to your colleague Richard Henry Bain. And make no mistake, loin de moi l'idée to generalize. The Richard Henry Bain do exist in Montréal, but they are a really tiny small minority. And I have no problem thinking they hang out here and on your sister site

    10. "...look at you who are the peasoups. On and other blogs we have no shame in signing our name."


    11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    12. "What a nut! - lol and hehehehe". Classic argument coming from a narrowminded anglo. Next time just add a smile face to it.

    13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    14. I don't mind if she is fat or thin. She&he might as well be a travelo. As a matter of facts it can be Eric Duhaime or some kind of Elvis Gratton's second generation we find in the country side who spend all days wishing he was born in Alberta. Seriously, wo cares !

    15. Your arguments make no sense whatsoever so they can't even be called "arguments". is a great gathering place for you people so please limit yourself and your rants to that outlet and do everyone here a favour. Wow.You should be seeking some kind of help for your delusions of grandeur:). And just to show that I'm fair, I added the "happy face".

    16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    17. Elle est pétrifiée par la peur que nous francisions davantage sa région,l'outaouais.

    18. Cutie003, to be fair, I don't need to sign my name here since no one else do, not even the editor. But I can share it with you, if you can read French.

    19. hahahaha - troll thinks I'm fat - love it - I weigh a big 130 lbs soaking wet. Just to show how wrong he is in sooooooooo many ways. And to you anonymous - to pretend that you really care about anglo and native rights is really misleading - all you've done is say what we've been saying all along - that this pretense of "protecting the French language" is really BS and it's all about separation. You are saying nothing that we have not been saying since all this wrangling started 40 years ago. All you're doing is confirming our beliefs so thank you for that. Now if you could just get the PQ, CAQ, QS all to admit it, we'll be off on an honest battle for remaining within Canada but like Tony Kondaks, says be prepared for partition, including the natives voting to remain within Canada where their best interests lie. You may try to fool them with your promises of a better deal within quebec but these are very experienced and strong people and will not swallow the BS you try to tell them.

    20. "troll thinks I'm fat"

      Grosse dans le sens de "thick".

    21. "Anglophones fear the day the PQ and the OQLF stop make the laws stronger because they won't have arguments to brainwash the immigrants. Trust me, LOT of independantists understood it and the PQ will stop soon. Instead, we will do pedagogy."

      You know anon, as an immigrant, I do not need any Anglo to interpret things for me. I can form views on my own, and most of my negativity about QC comes from my own analysis, backed up with feedback from allos, not anglos.

      Saying that the resentment the immigrants may feel is because the anglos brainwash them is a convenient excuse. First, it absolves the PQ of any wrong doing (it assumes that the policy is not so bad, it's just that it's misrepresented by the anglos). Second, it paints immigrants as people who don't have brains of their own, so they have to be educated by us (I suppose this is where the "pedagogy" comes in), or they will fall prey to the anglos. So it's a binary situation. There is no third option - where allophones can actually maintain their culture while drawing from the other two, becoming essentially tri-cultural. That option hasn't crossed your pequiste brainwashed mind, I assume.

      Also, there are 2 falsehoods in your post. One is that the PQ will stop soon. It won't. The momentum is in the direction of speed ups, not slow downs. Second, the "pedagogy" is not something that will be tired later. A "pedagogic" reeducation is an ongoing phenomenon, both in class d'acceuil for immigrant kids in secondary schools, as well as the FSL programs for adult immigrants. It might not be as effective in terms of political persuasion as it is in terms of conferring functional knowledge of the language, but it doesn't mean that it's not ongoing.

    22. Cutie003, you can't read French. The change of paradigm is only possible if Quebec is a country, because francophones are the minority in Canada. Quebec is not a country, it is a PROVINCE. So you have to choose, either we are a minority in Canada and we need the bill 101, either you are a minority in Quebec and we make you a Bill. I think this is clear enough. The frontier of Quebec province is imaginary. You can't say that you are a minority in the only country that exists at the moment, which is Canada.

      I have no problem having Anglos having a Bill to protect their historical background in a Quebec country. This will happen one day or another, stop thinking of a possible bilingual Quebec mur a mur and that we will sign the Constitution. That is in your dreams.

    23. Well troll make yourself clear - even your fellow separatist friends do not understand what you are trying to say - perhaps you could all learn to communicate better within your own group before you start trying to communicate with anglophones and allophones, No wonder we want rid of your ilk.

    24. And you think that you are going to convince federalists in this province that they will have more protection if they vote to leave Canada and this is your message to convince us to vote for separation. Again, nothing new here - WE DON'T WANT TO LEAVE CANADA! This will never happen - partition will be our option - not to leave Canada. Good luck with that. Tony Kondaks is right - we need a partition party to get this over with.

    25. adski,

      As an immigrant, what is your problem with the PQ, which is not racist and have no plan to shut the door of immigration?

      I've been in Sweden for over 5 years, I learned the language of the majority and live in that language. Still, the proof I am still Québécois, I am here today and I am writing in Québec. I also speak English, Spanish and Italien, now learning mandarin. So why can't you integrate with the majority in Quebec ?

      In Sweden there is a minority of Finnish (Finland), I would have been totally unrespetcful to only learn Finnish and go around to be served in Finish, calling the Social democrats racists because they don't want me to be server in Finish while I live in Stockholm. I mean, If I had wanted to live in Finnish, I would today live in Helsinki. So, if you wanna live in English, don't you think Canada is big enough ?

      But again, I don't blame you , Quebec is a province, and you are in Canada, and you can decide to live wherever you want. I am not a fanatic. But I am proving you with my experience that it is possible to.

      I go to school with Swedes born in abroad, or second generation immigrants, I never use a word of English with them, and they are obviously much more Swedish then me.

      So, adski, explain to me, and forget the Bill 101 since it doesn't apply to you since you said yourself that you are an immigrant, why you don't like the PQ?

    26. "You can't say that you are a minority in the only country that exists at the moment, which is Canada. "

      This contradicts the view of the "founding fathers" of the New Quebec. C.Laurin stated clearly: "English-speakers had best learn to see themselves as a minority, not as the QC wing of the English-speaking Canadian majority"

      You peqistes need to resolve your contradictions.

    27. adski, you could not have less Pequiste than me. And personnally, I don't see the Anglos in Quebec as a minority. The only country is Canada at the moment, and the figures don't lie about who is a minority.

      The Bill 101 is not against Anglos, is for Francos. And you could not even answer my question.

      So, for some reason, you prefered integrate the Anglo community. I come frankly to you. But in the opposite of what you tell me, I won't judge all immigrants on my experience with you and your unfounded préjugés. I have always had friends of color and from immigrants roots, and lot of them are also separatist.

    28. "In Sweden there is a minority of Finnish (Finland), I would have been totally unrespetcful to only learn Finnish and go around to be served in Finish"

      This statement would make sense only if I said: immigrants to QC do not need to learn French. In fact, I said something opposite, and most allophones in QC do speak French, and many anglos do as well.

      I don't ever recall a statement made on this blog by anyone that people living in QC should not know French. One of the issues raised sometimes is the opposition to living in French, but not to knowing French. And I hope it's a pretty reasonable demand: as an immigrant I should be held up to knowing French, but anyone who tries to suggest that I should live in it is going too far.

      Also, The Swedish/Finnish relations in Sweden do not correspond 100% to the situation in QC. If I went to Sweden, I would recognize that Swedish is numero uno, and Finnish a supplement. However, if I saw that the Swedes treat the Finns to some Swedish version of 101, I might drift towards the Finns in solidarity, even though Swedish would still be a language I'd learn. But in solidarity with the Finns, I would also learn Finnish. Also, if Sweden was not a country of Sweden, but a province of Sweden inside a Finland 4 times its size, and next to another Finnish-speaking nation 50 times its size, my seriousness about learning the Finnish language would jump up 50 fold.

      Also, English is the world's lingua franca. Finnish is not. So even in places where English is spoken by 0.1% of the population, you better get cracking to learn it. In places where Finnish (or Danish, Norwegian, Ukrainian, or Swahili) is spoken by 0.1% you can pretty much ignore it.

      So I hope I sensitized you to the difference in an immigrant's to Canada view of the French and English languages in the country...err...province of QC, versus an immigrant's to Sweden view of the Swedish and Finnish languages in the country of Sweden.

    29. *50 times in size population wise.

    30. Donc, comme tu me dis avoir appris le français, pourriez-vous le réécrire en français, pas pour moi, mais pour mon père, par exemple, qui ne peut pas lire l'anglais?

      Et concernant "I should be held up to knowing French, but anyone who tries to suggest that I should live in it is going too far.". Quand je parle de vivre en français, c'est d'aller à l'école en français, en particulier. J'ai vécu "en anglais" 3 ans à Montréal avec ma blonde, mais je n'allais pas au dépanneur du coin ou acheter des billets de la STM en anglais juste pour faire chier le vendeur e tester son niveau d'anglais.

      La loi 101 n'oblige personne à parler français à la maison ou entre vous, franchement. Si c'est ce que tu crois, il faudrait que tu la lise. Tu es peut-être un peu brainwashé après tout.

    31. "And personnally, I don't see the Anglos in Quebec as a minority. "

      That still contradicts the view of people who drive the policy, starting with Laurin who got the ball rolling. The opinion of policymakers supersedes that of the bloggers, in that policy may have direct effects on us, whereas the opinion of bloggers won't

      "The only country is Canada at the moment, and the figures don't lie about who is a minority."
      "So, for some reason, you prefered integrate the Anglo community. "

      First of all, I agree with your and not Laurin's viewpoint. Second, you really need to resolve your contradictions. If your consciousness of Quebec is different than that of the New Quebec founders, in a sense that you think that in the country of Canada QC is just a province and French is a minority language, then you should not wonder as to why I "preferred to integrate with the Anglo community". No?

      And btw, I did not "integrate" with any anglo community. I just learned to speak its language.

    32. I don't care what Camille Laurin said or no. I am talking facts here. Quebec is a province, FACT, in Canada FACT, and the majority speaks English. Come on, it has nothing to my do with "consciousness of Quebec".

      And yes, If I were an immigrant, let say from Iran, I would integrate with the English minority because I would see Quebec as a province in Canada. That's all my point. It just happens that sites like No Dogs or Anglophone make sure of it, that's it. And trust me, they know what they are doing. This is why Quebec has to become a country, otherwise it will always be 2 solitudes, you will always have some Richard Henry Bain and some Francos racists who wanna close the border to immigration, and the result is not going to be nice. You still have about 50% of certain separatists in Quebec, and this is not going down any soon, and a part of the other 50% don't care much about Canada. Come on, "autonomist", see the CAQ, they are the one who want to close the borders to immigrants. If I were an immigrant in Quebec, I would so jump in with the project to make a country. Yeah, I do pedagogy. I don't know if I'am persuasive, but I try, and it is not my mother tongue.

    33. "La loi 101 n'oblige personne à parler français à la maison ou entre vous, franchement"

      Its spirit does, and it's enough for Lisee and Perrault to imply exactly that. And once public figures make such insinuations, parts of the population react to it. Lisee knows well the effects of his statements. The behavior of people like the latest STM workers outbursts are linked to statements made by public figures, when statements fall on a culturally conditioned ground. (Student, sorry, I don't have a document that proves it).

      "Donc, comme tu me dis avoir appris le français, pourriez-vous le réécrire en français, pas pour moi, mais pour mon père, par exemple, qui ne peut pas lire l'anglais? "

      Je vais pas reecrire ce que j'ai deja ecrit, mais si ton pere nous rejoint, ca sera mon plaisir de lui ecrire en francais. A condition qu'il ne soit pas un troll comme SR.

    34. Canada is a decentralized federation - fact. Quebec is a semi-autonomous province - fact. QC has control over immigration - fact. QC has full control over "integration" of immigrants - fact. QC can pass its own laws - fact. Only a few of these laws are held back in the supreme court - fact.

      2 can play this "fact" game.

    35. Anon ,what about my analysis of Swedish/Finnsih in Sweden and French/WEnglsuh in quebec.

      Did I make good points or what? You see to have fallen awfully quiet on this.

      As for whether QC independence will change anything, first of all, note that I want QC to seprate, not because I wish it well, but because I don't like the way it functions like a trojan horse inside another country. So for me, it's fairness to Canada that makes me a QC separatist. (And yet, I will never vote for the PQ. I want QC to separate through the PLQ, or through Ottawa's initiative)

      Secondly, the demography of North America, the wordly status of the English language, and a chunk of the population inside the "independent" QC who prefer to live in English (or at least not in French) won't change for the next few generations. These 3 factors will always weigh heavily and offset any attempts to make QC a place where French language is, so to say, unequivocally "respected", and a first choice for everyone living in this province/country/whatever. My guess is that the French language will never reach the level of "respectability" that "proud" QC nationalists see appropriate and deserving for it. And again, Student, I don't have a scientific proof of that. Sorry.

    36. The FACT that erases all your facts is that Quebec hasn't signed the 1982 constitution, and Anglos don't want to go into making us signing it because they know we it is not gonna work out. I don't believe in State bilingualism. The only bilingualism possible is Quebec FRENCH and the rest of Canada ENGLISH. Even Stephen Harper see it that way. And that is a FACT.

      You decided yourself what is the "spirit". Jean-François Lisée just gave 20 000$ to finance a song that is 85% in English and promote it in Quebec. I don't agree with him, I think it should have been in your mother tongue, Italian, Spanish of Arabic, etc.

      Just forget the PQ and them. I am not them, I wrote dozens of text against them, you can see by yourself.

      Even the first Prime minister of Canada was Francophone and said Canada the way Canada was created is a mistake. The Anglos screwed us the first day.

      Read this, if the Ed doesn't erase it before:

      "Laurier had, in fact, been involved in politics ever since he finished university. In August 1864 he had joined with the Liberals of Lower Canada, both radicals and moderates, in denouncing the proposed confederation. They argued that it would give too many powers to the central government and lead to the annihilation of the French Canadians, who should at least be consulted. He took part in a study group that published a devastating critique of the scheme, he spoke at several public meetings, and he wrote articles for L’Union nationale. It was all in vain. On 10 March 1865 the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada approved the plan by 91 votes to 33. In November 1866 Antoine-Aimé Dorion invited him to replace his recently deceased brother Jean-Baptiste-Eric Dorion* as editor of Le Défricheur in L’Avenir. There Laurier would find the opportunity to pursue both his struggle against confederation and the drastic treatment – fresh country air – essential for his bronchitis. He left Montreal for L’Avenir on 18 November, but it was in Victoriaville, where he published Le Défricheur from 1 Jan. 1867, that he wrote his finest articles opposing both the union of 1841 and confederation. On 7 March 1867, when the plan was under discussion in London, Laurier wrote scathingly: “Confederation is the second stage on the road to ‘anglification’ mapped out by Lord Durham [Lambton*]. . . . We are being handed over to the English majority. . . . [We must] use whatever influence we have left to demand and obtain a free and separate government.” Rouge and separatist, this was the position taken by the man who some 30 years later would lead the country whose creation he was now trying so hard to prevent. On 21 March, however, Le Défricheur had to shut down, a victim of the editor’s illness, its heavy financial problems, and the opposition of the local ultramontane clergy, who labelled Laurier a liberal revolutionary. On 1 July confederation was officially proclaimed. At the age of 25 Wilfrid Laurier suddenly had to reorganize his life."

      Nothing has change. Quebec was a nation, is still a nation, will always be a nation and should not be subordinate by the majoriry of the anglos in the ROC. It doesn't matter if it is decentralize. It is not decentralize enough since Quebec is stuck with the Canadian Chart that it hasn't signed and not represent them. The only way Quebec could be in Canada, is if Quebec has as many seats as the total of all the other provinces put together in Ottawa. But yeah, this will never happened.
      Laurier became the first Prime minister by mistake.

      And as long as Quebec is a province, Canada will never go forward. I mean, make no mistake, I travel the world, and Canada has totally lost its reputation of Casques bleus. I have to tell I am Francophone and from Quebec to not face negative critics, wich I have no problem.

    37. "Did I make good points or what? You see to have fallen awfully quiet on this."

      No, not really. I don't see the point. It's different figures, but still...

      And me too I want Quebec to separate for the sake of Canada. But what you call a trojan is really the Anglos in Montreal that have created it just before 1867, not my ancesters. As I wrote earlier, Sir Wilfrid Laurier tried to avoid this trojan.

    38. @ Anonymous aka S. Racine,

      "Even the first Prime minister of Canada was Francophone and said Canada the way Canada was created is a mistake."

      "Laurier became the first Prime minister by mistake."

      You really need to get your facts straight. The first Prime Minister of Canada was Sir John A. Macdonald and he was an Anglophone. Most elementary school kids know that! He served from 1867 to 1873 and from 1878 to 1891.

      "...Canada has totally lost its reputation of Casques bleus. I have to tell I am Francophone and from Quebec to not face negative critics, wich I have no problem."

      The Canadian passport is still the most valuable in the world. And I disagree about the popularity of Francophones. My friends in the United States think you're jerks.

      Getting back to the Indians, the James Bay Cree were prepared to go to war to remain in Canada if the 1995 referendum on Quebec separation had succeeded. I don't think their views have changed since then.

    39. “So, adski, explain to me, and forget the Bill 101 since it doesn't apply to you since you said yourself that you are an immigrant, why you don't like PQ”

      adski, can I pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee answer this one? PLEASE!

      Now let’s see....Why wouldn’t an or prefer the PQ...mmmm......WHY WOULDN’T AN ALLOPHONE NOT LIKE THE PQ?? I’m completely at a loss ....(NOT)

      EXHIBIT A: «C'est vrai, c'est vrai qu'on a été battus, au fond, par quoi? Par l'argent puis des votes ethniques, essentiellement». Monsieur J. Parizeau, October 30, 1995.

      I don’t know adski….nothing comes to me either !

    40. "WHY WOULDN’T AN ALLOPHONE LIKE THE PQ??" EDDDDD Take back your defective keyboard, backspace button don't work LOL

    41. Well, Sylvain’s contribution has certainly been one of the more entertaining ones lately. Anyone who uses the term “orangist” in this day and age is most worthy of a facepalm.

      For the reference of the 99.9% of us who probably have no idea what Sylvain is talking about, I presume he is actually making reference to the Orange Order and the Troubles between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland! It is astounding to know there are some people living today who are so mired in the past that they are still rehashing ancient grievances, and yet that is what we are faced with by hardline separatists in Quebec today.

      I shudder to think that seppies’ victim mentality causes them to think that anglos somehow influence whatever allos may think. Not my fault, adski! You express your own point of view most eloquently without my help, of course… I don’t know what to say about people who have such an attitude.

      What is especially mind-boggling is that seppies like Sylvain insist that all minorities should assimilate to the franco-Quebec culture… while minority franco-Quebecers pride themselves on having resisted assimilation in North America for centuries! Sylvain is completely denying the fact that not all francophones are Quebecers and not all Quebecers are francophones.

      As for his comments regards anonymity on the web, he is fortunate to benefit from the antipathy federalists have with regards to the felquiste tendency towards using violence and intimidation. His very confused understanding of Canadian history (such as Wilfrid Laurier being the first Prime Minister of Canada) is most unfortunate. And repeating ad nauseam that Quebec hasn’t signed the constitution while it happily avails itself of its provisions (such as the Notwithstanding Clause) is most distasteful indeed…

    42. Vidéo tournée en 2011

  24. FROM ED
    I agree with you. Obviously ther has to be a reason why there is only three francophone players here in Quebec. So many of the greats were francos; Richards
    Conoyer/ Beliveau/ Geoffrion etc.
    By the way when you sign off please don't do it with
    Lots Of Love. people are beginning to talk. Ed

    1. LOL...we figured out I'm female, ya lil' devil !! Intuitive ED +10..LOL ahhhh let'em talk!

    2. FROM ED
      Beautiful, I'm still laughing. Ya made my night,I'm going to bed happy. LOL Ed

  25. “Make no mistake. Canada is not a bilingual country. In fact it is less bilingual today than it has ever been.”

    Stephen Harper


    2. All that proves is that Canada is throwing money into something that will never work because the francophones refuse to leave their own province of quebec. At least they are trying to move the project forward to help the situation but with no reciprocation from our francophone friends, the project will die a painful death.

  26. Hey Student, where are you with your usual questions for Anonymous…

    « Anglophones fear the day the PQ and the OQLF stop make the laws stronger because they won't have arguments to brainwash the immigrants.” How do you know this for sure? Please provide statistics and links.

    “ The first nations are much better of with the Quebecois than with Stephen Harper. “ Please provide proof of this statement, we can`t take your word for it.

    “After all, the English are actually seeing the immigrants as dogs, they are just using them in order to brainswash them againt the Québécois.” How do you know it`s dogs and not something else? We need proof of this.

    “Instead, we will do pedagogy.” What does that mean? That the separatist factories are in full brainwash mode?

    “I respect, like the majority, the ancestral right of the natives.” How do we know this is true and that you are not lying? We need examples.

    Anyway folks, you get the idea. Student only has questions when he doesn`t agree with the poster. This Vigil reader is just the same old, same old angry and frustrated hater.

    Watch your blood pressure Anon, you are just too full of venom, hate and threats. You said: “You are the ones living in rage” Are you sure WE are the ones with rage, here is what you have said so far:

    you think you're smart…
    Just wait and see!
    Again, wait end see.
    I'm not alone. Just watch!
    The time……is OVER
    actually feel powerful
    Count on me, the real game has just started :)
    You will see…
    I'll make sure that you…
    I will fight…
    Just consider all of you lucky that I come to warn…
    You will all be exposed for who you are.

    And the best one, after all that rage: “I am not a fanatic.”


    1. "where are you with your usual questions for Anonymous…"

      i was away for a while. you know, real life and stuff.

      but anyways i don't really have any questions for anonymous. his speech is quite clear, and adski is doing a good job at challenging him. so no need for me.

      he has got a great point in bringing forward jean-martin aussant. young, studied, traveled and full on separatist. limpid speech, friendly, open minded, inclusive, he's got it all. quite far from the pepsi drinking welfare bougon that is the blog's prefered separatist stereotype.

      "Student only has questions when he doesn`t agree with the poster."

      false. i ask questions when i don't understand.

    2. Great post, Laurie! I'm still chuckling. And you even elicited the first post from student (or sudent) without his "questions-mitraillette"... grats!

  27. Laurie,

    Instead of picking pieces of what I wrote, you should use your French skills and Google.If I go through all the posts and comments on No dogs or Anglophone, you know that the picture would not be very beautiful. Look at this pics, coming from people like you

    Autochtones: Harper doit s'inspirer du Québec, estime Mulcair

    Above all, I come here saying openly that I'm not with PQ, I don't want more 101, but instead a Bill for you Anglos in an Independant Quebec. Still, you are not happy.

    This is my last message and you won't see me here anytime soon. :) Keep ranting guys!

    1. "a Bill for you Anglos in an Independant Quebec"

      Quelle formidable idée! Abolissons la Loi sur les Indiens et promulguons la Loi sur les Anglos.

    2. Another reason to laugh - brag you're from quebec and you'll get more respect than if you say you are Canadian - lol

    3. I guess our guy from Vigil still doesn't get it = we just want to be treated the same everywhere as everyone else in this country under the same constitution = not under any special "bill" prepared just for us. Wow - it's hard to get through to some of these guys = adski did a great job but he still didn't get it. He makes separation sound a lot better than the PQ though - gotta give him that. I guess he wants to be President of the new Country of Quebec.

  28. FROM ED
    When discussing language the accent is important. I remember my
    high school French teacher telling me, "You're accent is excellent, now if you learn more words we'll know what your talking about." The U.S.has many different accents, not just Spanish and english.
    I remember asking direction so f a traffic cop in West Virginia as to where a certai car dealership was. He said, Welll now, yall gawn strayt on down tha'ill. At the botm ya gonna bar rite. Ya gawn down to bar swamp corner an bar rite agin. Ya gonrun rite smak dab int'it. Americans have it worse than us. Even if you don't speak the other language there are ways of making yourself understood. Texans have trouble understanding the Bostnian.

  29. Good job Laurie = boy these guys are tiresome. Anyway, listening to the car radio on my way home from Petsmart today and I hear Lowell Green saying that the PQ Government (with our taxes) paid a consulting company to do a survey in Montreal and see how many store clerks bid people Bonjour/Hi when serving customers. They found that this insult to the french had increased by 13% in 5 years. For this survey they were paid $150,000. God it's nice to know that our hospitals, ambulances, road structures etc. are all falling apart but that we spend this kind of money on this kind of junk. We have to get rid of these people - partition party quickly please!

    1. Cutie, that “Bonjour/Hi” issue, such a grave threat to the survival of French in multilingual Montreal, came to light last summer, actually. This political scientist put it this way on his blog:

      There is a secret code for folks shopping in Montreal: when in a store, the clerk will often say Bonjour-Hi. And then you pick in which language the rest of the transaction takes place. At first, I tried to do these transactions in my poor French, but that just caused confusion and frustration. So, I just would say hi and move on in English. This is pretty cool for a city where people speak multiple languages.

      Well, unless your job is to enforce French supremacy. Don Macpherson has a piece today about how the language police office is upset that 13% of transactions in downtown Montreal begin with Bonjour-Hi. Worse, the Liberal language rep is "concerned." Oh, please. This is all just posturing for the language nationalists. That sales folks want to make customers feel comfortable by operating in their language of choice, 13% of the time downtown, that is, is something to be concerned or irritated about?

      Ah, the joy of misplaced priorities…

      For your reference, our friends at have kept a copy of Macpherson’s piece online:

      The latest threat to French : ‘Hi’

      The language critic of the official-opposition Parti Québécois is “very worried” about the latest sign that Montreal is being overrun by English. The head of the government’s language watchdog agency, the Office Québécois de la langue française, sees it as at least a possible “irritant.” And the minister of culture in the Liberal government is “concerned.” So what is the problem against which these people have united ?


      That’s it. That’s the problem – that informal little English word “Hi,” when it’s used to greet customers in downtown Montreal businesses.

      And not even when it’s used instead of “Bonjour.” No, the people who are in charge of Quebec’s language policy, or might soon be, are concerned even when it’s used in addition to “Bonjour,” as in “Bonjour/hi.” That’s the greeting that, in Montreal’s unique linguistic etiquette, is intended to let the customer know that he or she can be served in either French or English.

      A new report, one of five published by the OQLF last Friday, shows an apparent rapid increase in the extending of this courtesy. The agency hired a private firm to send observers into 398 retail businesses in downtown Montreal this year, pretending to be ordinary French-speaking customers. These undercover shoppers, or “mystery customers” as the report calls them, dutifully noted the languages in which they were greeted and served as well as those of all the signs, even the smallest ones. Their observations were then compared to those made in visits to the same businesses in 2010.
      The OQLF reports it received 4,067 complaints last year about alleged infractions of the language law, an astonishing one-year increase of 46 per cent, mainly about commercial signs. That’s one reason its head, Louise Marchand, said the agency will soon send out its intrepid inspectors into downtown Montreal to search out infractions “street by street, business by business.”

    2. But such a dramatic increase can be due to the efforts of a few zealots. For example, in April three individuals filed a total of 850 complaints. Also, the OQLF’s report contradicts a widespread impression that the use of French in downtown Montreal is in decline. It says the observers found 18 per cent of the businesses they visited to be breaking the sign rules. But that could mean that all the signs but one in any given business were legal. And of the businesses breaking the rules, 63 per cent were violating an obscure 19-year-old regulation on business names that the OQLF itself ignored until recently. It requires a business to add a description in French to its signs if its name is a federally registered trademark in another language. Compare the consequences of that relatively small rate of non-compliance with those of what the government’s auto-insurance corporation says is a majority of Quebec drivers who endanger lives by exceeding the speed limit. The OQLF’s observers also reported that even in downtown Montreal, French was available in 95 per cent of the businesses they visited, if customers requested it (which, another of the OQLF’s reports showed, only 57 per cent of French-speaking consumers did).

      There had been a slight increase in the proportion of businesses where they were greeted in English only, from 10 per cent two years ago to 13 per cent this year. But – aha ! – the proportion where they were greeted in French and English (“Bonjour/hi”) had jumped from a suspiciously low one per cent only two years ago to 13 per cent this year. That is, in 87 per cent of businesses in downtown Montreal, customers were greeted in French.

      And as the head of the OQLF admits, it’s always been legal under the 35-year-old language law to greet them in English as well. But apparently it’s preferable that the customer be ignored than greeted with the courteous “Bonjour/hi” that the head of the OQLF finds so potentially irritating to French ears.

      Because apparently even when it follows respectfully behind “Bonjour,” the word “Hi” sends the wrong message. It says Montreal is becoming “anglicized” – a myth, since the proportion of Montreal Island residents who most often speak English at home has remained stable at about 25 per cent.
      And it says that it’s still okay to use English in public in Quebec – behaviour that is apparently to be discouraged.
      Twitter :@MacphersonGaz

    3. Catttt you're back !!! And Always...with great posts!

    4. OMG Cat - what in the world are we coming to? Thank you for the informative post again but the more I see of the things that are going on here the more I wonder how we are going to put an end to these silly, silly shenanigans of our provincial governments. They all seem to be incompetent and ignorant about what's important and what isn't. Boy, bring on the Equality Party and hopefully we will get some sanity back into office.

  30. A few thought re: the new party:

    1. I think it must explicitly try to repeal certain provisions of B101 if you want to rally the immigrant vote. At a minimum strike down the restrictions that forbids our children go to English schools. A near native command of English is a must for them to be able to land a decent job and we all want the best for our children. No English = no future.

    2. Not to be perceived as an Anglo party. I do not see what is the problem really. If this party does not cater explicitly to Anglo & Allo specific needs then what is the purpose of it? No party does that currently. Liberals are trying to avoid being supportive of our needs because they want the volatile Franco vote. So that spot is already taken, with no good results for us. Plus, I really doubt it will ever get much Franco vote, if any, no matter what the program will be.

    3. Partition. This idea has a lot of punch and I think it should be stated clearly in the program. I do not believe it will be well supported currently by Allos but, if separatists continue being aggressive, it will rally the Allo vote.

    4. About all this B14, bilingual status and the new PQ xenophobic push: I think Mardois is just the front man and the real mastermind behind this is Paralisee. He probably sees himself as the new sovereignist leader/pope/ideologist but likely is not well supported in the PQ and has to hide behind Mardois. I cannot stop thinking he wants to get from us enough reaction to undercut the Anglo/Allo vote for Liberals. He probably thinks the vote split will benefit PQ. That being said, I still see a big need need being filled by the new party; we just have to be very smart.

    Unrelated: I make a principle not to feed the trolls. But today I am making an exception. I see our Franco-fascists that have infested the blog lately are still enjoying the benefits of a Canadian passport property of the Queen. Principles are not that strong when it comes to equalization money, federal jobs and passports. Eh?

    1. "No English = no future."

      Pas de fraçais = Pas de Québec

      Merci! :)

    2. Interesting comments from the allo point of view. As you can see from the nonsensical, delusional comment above, there are a few mindless, blinkered people with a colonized mentality out there trying to ruin Quebec...

      Thanks! :)

    3. Va t'enrichir en globish ailleurs R.S

    4. "No English = no future."

      "Pas de fraçais = Pas de Québec"

      NO QUEBEC = World peace, happiness and a utopian society

    5. @R.S. of the bright red maple leaf.....was wondering about you too!

      @S.R Pufnstuf...hahahahhahahahahahhahahahah....ah so related to R.E.? That's something he would say !! PUFNSTUFF...u guys remember the movie...omg...I can't stop laughing..

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. I've said this before and I'll say it again = If they fired all the federal public servants that are separatists (and don't even try to hide the fact), Ottawa's unemployment rate would go down to 0 in a flash. It has always bothered me that these parasites don't mind getting paid big bucks from ALL Canadians but can't wait to break up the country. Pisses me off really. If they had any ethics, they would apply to work in the provincial government of quebec but it does not seem to bother them (at least the ones I worked with).