Friday, January 18, 2013

OQLF Demands Descriptors, the World Laughs

When the OQLF tells us, with the rabid support of militant separatist organizations, that it is only 'natural' and 'reasonable' that companies operating in Quebec use a modifying French descriptor on logos and trademarks to pay respect to the francophone majority, it begs the question;

What does the rest of the world do?

And so we are fed the line that this demand for descriptors is one made all around the world and Quebec is no different from other jurisdictions that demand companies 'localize' their names.

I know this to be a lie, because the concept is utterly laughable, no sane government would ever demand that "Cirque de Soleil" change its name "Cirque de Soleil Circus"

Militant language groups have been front and centre spreading the misinformation (especially the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste) about foreign descriptors, mostly by repeating facts that are clearly  not facts and  propagating the falsehood that descriptors are commonplace around the world.

Here is an example of one of the outright lies being peddled by the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de la Mauricie (SSJB), a regional offshoot of the SSJB. Spokesmen Jean Breton and Guy Rousseau held a news conference to demand that companies which sound 'too English,' add a French descriptor to 'respect' the locals.
Toy R Us in Norway (above) and in Japan (below.)
"The OQLF requires merchants whose image is English, to add a generic term or slogan in French.
For example, "Toys 'R' Us" could become '"Toys 'R' Us Magasin pour enfants'" (store for children..ed)
"If you're in Norway, it is normal to display in Norwegian, likewise in Japan. Why would it be different here? Because we are only eight million? "Asks Mr. Rousseau. "We must stop denying our roots and show a little pride," he adds. Link{fr}
The reality is that in Norway and in Japan, contrary to what Mr. Rousseau tells us, Toys R Us does not use any descriptor, nor does it translate its name into Japanese or Norwegian.

In fact the one person who commented under the story, said this;

"Before commenting, Mr. Rousseau would do well to check the facts... It's funny, we spent 17 days last summer in the Scandinavian countries, including Norway. One thing that struck us was the number of Burger King, Subway, McDonalds we saw, all displaying the name in English. In Copenhagen we even saw the prestigious Royal Copenhagen - more English than that ... Also, I'm sure that Mr. Rousseau would be disappointed to learn that in all the shops we visited, staff were happy to serve us In English." Link{fr}

Not only does the chain not provide descriptors, nor a translation into Japanese or Norwegian, a visit to a Toys R Us store in Japan would give our language inspectors an instant heart attack.
Take this tour on Youtube and count the number of language infractions that would be found by an OQLF inspector if Japan applied Quebec rules to its retailers. YouTube

By the way France doesn't demand descriptors as well.

Interestingly, a visit to the Norwegian Toy R Us website (written in Norwegian) shows that packaging for many toys are in English only.  Link

Readers, come with me for a world tour where we shall investigate the world of descriptors. We don't need an airline or train ticket, we shall stay in the comfort of home, making use of this newfangled internet to visit those international stores around the world.

So here are a bunch of signs from around the world that would have Camille Laurin rolling over in his grave.
Attention OQLF, SSJB, this post is for you;

From France, here's an advertisement that will curl your toes. Also nooooo descriptor!

Subway menu in Hong Kong.

ISRAEL.....That's some Descriptor! 'Kosher 'in English and Hebrew! Notice the 'OPEN' sign strictly in English
Subway in PORTUGAL. Fresh and tasty, but no descriptor
Subway in Bulgaria. Notice the  "OPEN" sign
Subway in Romania

Now readers lets us not confuse descriptors with translations.
Some countries who do not use the western alphabet translate the business name into something locals can understand.

This is not a descriptor, just a phonetic translation which reads BURGER KING

BURGER KING returns to  Marseilles France.
 Whats on the menu at this new Burger King in France?
"Whopper, SteakHouse, Chilicheese Burger, Big King, Tendergrill.."...Hmmmm.  Link

Descriptors in  Italy?  Nope, just an 'OPEN' sign

Here's a Walmart in Mexico that does have a descriptor. I wonder if this is what Mario Beaulieu is talking about!

Footlocker and No Descriptors 

This is not a Chinese descriptor, strictly a translation of the letters K-F-C into Chinese, which is often the case where the local population doesn't understand the western alphabet.

In Quebec KFC is PFK, as for the rest of the world, KFC is KFC...

 It's catchphrase translated, but not a descriptor...

Walmart in Mexico City

Best Buy in Mexico

 Banana Republic in Paris

 Gap on the Champs-Elysées in Paris 

How about some menus and how the local language is respected

If this menu from the French website of KFC was offered in Quebec, there would be riots. 
The logo in the top left corner has an English catchphrase.
The buckets are not called 'Barils' as in Quebec and the name of the product is the completely English expression..."2'GETHER BUCKET"
Other products include "Hot Wings" and "Crispy Tenders"

How about this online menu in Italy, not much effort to Italianize anything. Anyone for a "Crispy Chicken Deluxe"?

and finally this;

It seems as highlighted above, companies go beyond what they do in other countries to accommodate francophone Quebeckers, but it seems that it is never enough.

All in all, this whole issue of descriptors seems to be a  'Quebec versus the world' thing.

While the entire world embraces foreign logos and trademarks, Quebec whines that they are a threat.

When it comes to descriptors, Quebec is just about alone in the civilized world in its demand that corporate names be localized.
It isn't normal or par for the course.

It is just plain hatred of anything English, pure and simple,

Descriptors aren't a matter of respect, they are a matter humiliation, something to be resisted at all costs and giving in to the blackmail is akin to allowing a petulant child get his way just because he will not stop whinging.

Next time French language militants make outrageous claims, let's call them out.


  1. The best way to call them out starts at the corporate level, I'm afraid. It's up to those companies to tell themselves, you know's not worth the effort, and so many already have.

    What I found most ridiculous was when the Quebec government called for movies and videos games to not only be in French, but Quebec French.

    One of the reasons I think a lot of these companies will continue to comply is that their very economic base here in Quebec are the people that the separatist movement appeals to most...

    ...the "Bougon" class.

    Example: go to Super C (any of of them) on hte first of the month (welfare day). What will you see?

    Shitloads of Bougons (and their little baby bougons) pushing shopping carts full of 2L Pepsi bottles and McCain's frozen pizzas.

    I'm not shitting you - go there on the first of the month, you'll see why things won't change.

    1. "you know's not worth the effort, and so many already have."

      many have left instead of adding a descriptor to their logo? which ones resident evil?

      "the people that the separatist movement appeals to most...the "Bougon" class."

      i'm just missing the link between being a bougon and the strength of the separatist movement's appeal resident evil. can you provide it?

      you're trying to denigrate separatists by associating them with poor people. why? what do you have against the poor resident evil?

  2. "It seems...companies go beyond what they do in other countries to accommodate francophone Quebeckers, but it seems that it is never enough."

    Hence my departure going on 28 years. Quebec is far more "distinct" than it likes to let on.

    There will never be peace over language in Quebec--NEV-VER! There will always be an apostrophe, an upper case letter, a transliteration (remember «La Ouéhâsse» for Mark's Work Warehouse, or Pepsi Déca for Pepsi Free (i.e., caffeine-free Pepsi)? I'm surprised they haven't crossed the Ottawa River to admonish a container rental enterprise, previously featured in this blog called Call in the Bin. How dare they ridicule the Québécois (not French) interjection «câlindebin»!

    As long as nobody stops Quebec society (it goes far beyond just the so-called anti-English language fanatics) from testing the limits, then the limits will continue to be tested.

  3. Getting off the topic (because this topic has been discussed and also disgusts to death, how about those Cirque de Soleil jobs, about 500 of them, disappearing in Montreal, or the several hundred jobs at Raleigh bicycles leaving Waterloo, in the Eastern Townships for Asia?

    Keep testing the limits, Quebec. Just keep it up and Waterloo, QC will be down to cultivating mushrooms, and even one day those jobs will go to Mexico or somewhere like that. In fact, I'm surprised the language fanatics are not attacking the mushroom business because of its name - Slack!

    1. "how about those Cirque de Soleil jobs, about 500 of them, disappearing in Montreal..."

      seems to be linked with international shows being cancelled. little to do with language laws mate.

      "several hundred jobs at Raleigh bicycles leaving Waterloo, in the Eastern Townships for Asia?"

      yeah right. i don't think language laws are the primary factor in the decision to move production to china or mexico mate. imho it has more to do with labor costs. and i think ontario has the same issues.

      funny guy.

    2. Did I write anything above discussing language? In addition to fanatical language laws, Quebec has the most fanatical anti-business pro-labour laws on the continent. Hey: When the dickheaded employees in Jonquière tried to unionize the Wal Mart, guess what? Wal Mart shut down and opened up about a half hour drive down the road.

      Shell had enough of endless labour grievances, so they shut their long-time East End Montreal oil refinery. Are there any refineries left in Montreal? There used to be a fortune of them! Electrolux is shutting down soon. While lower labour costs are a factor, the biggest pain-in-the-ass of all is endless labour grievances. Workers who want 80% wage increases for 80% less work. When you have global competition, sorry mate, that doesn't work!

    3. Why should we have to compete with $0.25 an hour Chinese in the first place? Maybe Canada should go back to protectionism.

    4. @sauga

      "Did I write anything above discussing language?"

      you're right mate. i wrongly assumed you had kept one tiny little link to the day's subject. sorry about that.

  4. Even more interesting than the continuing job exodus is the CTV News story where the PQ giving a musician $20,000 to develop and promote a song yet to soothe the savage beast between the languages, yet on the other hand is coming up with language legislation more stringent than that Great Charter of Charters, none other than Bill 101. Finally, the coup de grâce in the story was that superannuated statement by Princess Pauline about giving something to French Quebecers without taking away from the English. Hasn't that dead horse been flogged enough?

    1. "...continuing job exodus..."

      obviously, only mentioning job cuts will help you painting a "continuing job exodus". but to be fair, you have to compare with new jobs created. or unemployment rates. so, are you fair, mr. sauga?

    2. You're right on again Mr. Sauga - while we swirl the drain on unemployment and bankruptcy, the separatists selfishness continues - they just plain don't care and the editor is right on when he says it's all about humiliation not language. They show outright contempt for anything english and are not ashamed of being the bigots they are. The court case against these companies will be very interesting when it's shown that, all over the world, including France, these descriptors are not necessary and we, as taxpayers, are footing the bill for all this nonsense. I, as a taxpayer, highly resent this. Another stupid waste of money - $20,000 for a bilingual song - as if that makes up for taking away the bilingual status of a town such as St. Agathe that want to live in harmony with their anglophone friends and neighbours and don't want to stop providing services in English to their constituents but have to because of the bully language police. Two faced Mr. Lisee trying to reassure us that the anglophones are a welcome part of quebec society the same day they take away the rights of the anglophone community in St. Agathe. I truly hope I'm around to see them get their comeuppance.

    3. To Editor:

      I've been reading on and off in the last couple of weeks and seriously, I don't know what is your problem with the OQLF and its desire to add descriptors. What's wrong about that? Are you really telling us that we should feel threatened by the fact that we could see "Magasin de Jouets" beside TOYS 'R US signs? I'm asking everyone: "Who cares?!?" We would all still know what's inside...TOYS! (HELLO!) I just want to add that shouldn't we be proud to live in such a different society? You're showing us pictures of banners all around the world being all the same. Isn't this kind of dull? I believe we reside in a rich and colourful society and we should be grateful for that. And Mr. Sauga is right, probably some companies decided not to conform to Quebec Government rules and did their business some place else...Again: "Who cares?!?" Good for them. By the way, many pictures you showed are fastfood restaurants...Shouldn't we question ourselves about our neighbors weight problems instead?

    4. Before focusing on Ontario weight problem we need to focus on our own problem. Also, not every body that goes to McDonalds or any fast food is fat. I do not get your point, only 15% of the people are fat. Also, if you think it is dull, feel free to start your own business, actually compete against McDonald or Walmart.I am getting tired of the incessant whinning about Walmart. People go to to Walmart because they want to save money.

    5. To Liam:

      I didn't mean Ontario residents when I talk about 'our neighbors'...I litterally meant my fellow neighbors, here in Quebec. Again another proof of susceptibility of Ontario residents. Open your mind, we're not always talking about you guys...we have better things to do.

    6. Well Oracle you're new here so I'm going to presume that you're not another troll for a bit but adding descriptors that are unnecessary are expensive, stupid and serve no purpose. What is wrong with that? Don't you resent, as a taxpayer, presuming you live in quebec, that this kind of thing is a waste of our hard earned tax dollars? That having language police measuring sizes of lettering, etc. are a waste of money? I certainly resent spending money that could be used by our hospitals or ambulance services, e.g., for such stupidity in court cases that are not at all necessary. If you are a separatist troll, so state, so I won't bother responding to you and will ignore you like I do S.R. (unfortunately back I see) and student.

    7. The Oracle, I am not a Ontario residents, I was only saying that Quebec needs to focus on real problem like health care, schools, infrastructure, ambulance. Also, I do not think the government should be in the business of suing a private company, in a free market, start a business if you want a descriptor.

    8. The Oracle...It was pretty obvious from reading Liam's first post that he was NOT from Ontario, so perhaps before you start telling people to open their minds, you should open your eyes.

    9. OK, folks. Student is another one of these trolls not to be responded to. Like the Editor of this blog stated recently, the trolls continue to troll because anyone who responds to them is just fueling and fanning the fire. Student's response to what I wrote was completely irrelevant. Editor won't censor the trolls because he (and I, too) feel it is we who provide their fuel. My piece on this troll has now been stated, and I've given my last response to him, unless he comes up with valuable, cogent opinions. The rest is up to you.

    10. But Super Student is doing a great job of putting the little shit in his place - keep up the good work Super!

  5. I agree that descriptors are dumb and useless

    However, I'd rather have the menu wholly translated. Names like "filet-o-fish" or "2gether bucket doux" sound really awful!

    Wuz you want ze togedeur beuket?

  6. Editor,

    "Descriptors aren't a matter of respect, they are a matter humiliation, something to be resisted at all costs and giving in to the blackmail is akin to allowing a petulant child get his way just because he will not stop whinging."

    The humiliation part is unclear to me.

    By a matter of humiliation, do you mean something like language militants only do this to humiliate anglos? or do you mean something like language militants only do this because of the humiliation they feel?

    1. My take is the militants make complete humiliating asses of themselves and it reflects poorly on all Quebec society, humiliating the collective population.

  7. To me Michel it is to humiliate the anglophones again. Will wait to see the editor's response but that's how I see it.

    1. i don't understand why you would feel humiliated if toys 'r us adds les jouets to its banner. can you explain cutie003 or is this a secret?

    2. "...or do you mean something like language militants only do this because of the humiliation they feel?"

      In Quebec it has much more to do with the hatred of everything English. The citizens of France and other countries around the world don't appear to be humiliated by the lack of descriptors.

  8. To all readers: Check out Alliance Quebec 2 website to read their input of the consequences of Bill 14 which they plan to put forward at the hearings into this bill.

    1. AQ2:

      "Hey Montrealers!

      We haven't even officially launched our organization yet but we are confirmed to attend the conference in Switzerland in March 2013.

      If you'd like to know more about Alliance Quebec2 (not your parents' Alliance) then read our blog (our temp web space) [url=]alliancequebec2[/url]

      Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.

      We're taking our city back!"


      "We went through all this stuff 30yrs ago, ,nothing happened just like nothing will happen in your attempts to eradicate bill101 and the language police, its a given that allo/anglophones dont like the language laws of bill101 or the language police but its Quebec and its what the government and the majority of Francophone seem to feel is necessary to keep their culture alive,You may want to save yourself a lesson in futility and accept the fact that Quebec is French, rest of N.America is English.
      Get over it."

      Jambo:1 AQ2:0

  9. I agree with editor. Descriptors arent necessary. Global brands should be allowed to have a patented trademark uninfringed. If you dont like the brand, go somewhere else. Stop imposing your views on everyone else.

    Sorry about the apostrophe, I am typing on a french keyboard.

  10. You know editor, you are correct again, but sadly the Qlue, Qlux, Qlan members, the anti-English language Nazis of the provincial legislature who have run the province for several decades now don’t care. They just don’t care. No matter what party has been in office they continue to wipe out anything and all things with the English language on it.

    Watching them spray paint the English part of street signs in Westmount last year just shows how low, how racist these language Nazis are.

    But keep up the good work, keep exposing how intolerant, how bigoted these people really are. We are watching and listening outside Kebec, and we boycott the province, we boycott any company with a head office in Kebec and spread the word daily.

  11. To me, all this harassment towards english-owned businesses isn't really about language.

    I call it the "Hydro-Quebec" syndrome, where they imagine that they can drive english business owners out of the province, and these people will simply hand their businesses over to "vrais Québécois". It's the only way most of these separatists and language nazis will ever have anything; if it's handed to them. God forbid anyone should have to do any real work here in Quebec!

    If they think the name "Toys R Us" is disrespectful towards their language/culture, why do they keep shopping there and supporting it? Why doesn't a Pure Laine Québécois start his own chain of toy stores? He could name it "Les Jouets à Jean-Guy" if he wanted to.
    The reason is simple: they have absolutely no ambition, they'd rather spend their time complaining instead.

    Why do the language extremists prefer to visit the little basement dépanneur run by an immigrant who has trouble with his english, rather than cross the street to visit the unionized Couche-Tard where the employees are all white french socialists, like them? Are convenience stores rare or something?

    If I operated a commerce that deals with the public, I'd simply refuse to serve anyone with language complaints. Not happy? Go spend your money somewhere else. That concept seems very simple to me, but I guess it's a complicated one for some people.

    1. "Not happy? Go spend your money somewhere else."

      Pas heureux dans un Québec francophone...Allez vivre "in ontario"!

      "That concept seems very simple to me, but I guess it's a complicated one for some people."


    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. And we haven't discovered a cure for that yet either! Damn, it was nice for a little while - I was hoping he was in jail or Iran somewhere.

    4. Now, now Cutie, you know how much he hates non-white, non-French people...what would he ever be doing in a place like Iran?

    5. Auriez-vous déjà attrapper ce honteux problème avec une Bougonne de SuperC...Diablotin?Dabord,que faites-vous dans les supermarchés jaunes les premiers du mois?Feriez-vous des écomomies sur le bacon en vrac?

    6. I love you dude...

      Don't ever change!

    7. I was kind of hoping that they'd take him hostage - maybe now that the suggestion is out there......

    8. @Quebecker of Tree Stump : Putting the language issue aside, it's really not easy for local businesses to compete with multinationals.

  12. I believe in the right of intellectual might and commerce defines intellectual might.

    Some might see me as elitist for having that point of view, but that is the way I see things.

    As I stated in previous posts, I've been working hard on a business of my own and I can tell you, even without government interference, the amount of crap you have to put up with is staggering (I once had a customer call my house at 3am to request a refund - which I solved by getting a 1-800 voicemail service).

    The problem with most of the seppies is that they aren't business owners.

    They can't empathize with the plight of he or she who sets out to create something from nothing.

    And they can't appreciate it when that something-from-nothing succeeds and starts to employ the province's people.

    Our troll wants to know what the correlation between the separatist movement and poverty happens to be.

    Simple - not all separatists are poor...I used to work in a law firm, I know.

    But in order for any political movement to truly gain traction, it needs to appeal to the majority.

    Throughout history, the plebes have always made up the majority.

    It's no different now in Quebec...only in Quebec the plebes (i.e,; les Bougons) want all the comforts that is commonly inherent in western civilization (A big mac with extra bacon and cheese, a jumbo Coke, drive around in a Toyota and watch the latest George Clooney movie).

    Trouble is, the PQ and other seppie numbskulls leverage these comforts by telling the plebes they should demand to have these comforts en Quebecois.

    This is where the plebe chooses to (attempt)to have his McCain frozen cake and eat it too.

    Just to give you an example of a fast food giant that didn't want to put up with seppie bullshit for a long time was Taco Bell. When they finally did open in Quebec, where did they start first? Yep, the West Island.

    Welcome to Fantasy Island kiddies!

    1. @resident evil

      "Just to give you an example of a fast food giant that didn't want to put up with seppie bullshit for a long time was Taco Bell."

      ok that could be one. can you provide a declaration from its managers or something about "seppie bullshit"? it's kinda mandatory to complete your argument.

      also, try to find another one that would make me think that quebec missed out on something nice. taco bell does not fit that criteria at all.

    2. @resident evil

      "Trouble is, the PQ and other seppie numbskulls leverage these comforts by telling the plebes they should demand to have these comforts en Quebecois."

      a quebecois government that provides comforts en quebecois to quebecois. oh la la! that's unacceptable!!

      dude take a pause and think your stuff through.

    3. Diablotin a des goûts aussi raffinés qu'un hilbillies du Dakota.

    4. editor - i find this comment offensive to all hard-working hillbillies - please remove. NOW.

  13. Editor: "Descriptors aren't a matter of respect, they are a matter humiliation, something to be resisted at all costs and giving in to the blackmail is akin to allowing a petulant child get his way just because he will not stop whinging."

    100% correct. Inflict humiliation, and justify your existence (funding) while at it.

    Chains should resist the descriptors, if only on the principle of standing up to bullies. And keep in mind 2 things: one - the recent challenge to descriptors by the 5 big chains did not affect sales, and 2 - acquiescing to the demand for descriptors will not close the issue - once settled, a new demand will pop up faster than you can think. This "protection of French" business is exactly that: a business. Organizations get funding for this purpose alone. It's in their interest to keep looking and finding new "issues" so the funding keeps coming.

    Student: dude, what are you talking about? are you insane? how do you know a new issue will pop up after descriptors are added? I need evidence. back up your claims with facts. I always do. i also need facts about your claims about this crazy idea of "institutional self-perpetuation". and what's your proof that they get funding? do you have a copy of the bank statements? i will need these before i consider your claims. and even if you have a bank statement, are you sure it's not a forgery? and if it's not a forgery, are you sure it was written up for real, and not as a sarcastic joke of a bored bank teller who was killing time? dude, please, i'm dying here for facts, and you don't deliver. i can't live like that anymore mate. please, give me facts.

    1. way to go adski - little punk with nothing to do with his time. I ignore him also but that was well done - thank you.

    2. @adski

      "how do you know a new issue will pop up after descriptors are added?"

      i never wrote that a new issue will pop up after a descriptor is added.

      "...back up your claims with facts."

      what did i claim? quote me please cause i don't know what you're on about adski.

    3. @adski

      or are you impersonating me?

      sorry about me previous reply if it's the case, i thought you were addressing me. hence my confusion.

      you are funny!

  14. Thank you James - any help in this tightening noose is welcomed by me, anyway, perhaps not all. I'm afraid I'm stuck on this sinking ship but I'll fight like hell as long as I can against these bigots. I was telling my son the other day, when I croak and leave him this property, sell both his house and mine for as much as possible and get the hell out of here. "The Anglophones are part of quebec society" BS that the PQ spout everyday is so freaking phony but the seppie followers swallow it hook, line and sinker and make our struggle harder. I wonder how they would feel if every other province deliberately froze them out of their own society. Again, quebec is working alone in North America and they must be ostracized by everyone possible outside of here to get the point.

    1. Good for you, just watch your back. These parasites, these language bigots are everywhere…you should see how bad it is in Ottawa. A lot of people don’t realize that these “French-metis’ bigots are doing the same thing outside kebec…its getting pretty bad outside kebec as well, especially when it comes to all government jobs. They are over represented in all government jobs, police, health care…the phony bilingual (french) job, hiring scam. What a mess.

  15. Rousseau: "If you're in Norway, it is normal to display in Norwegian, likewise in Japan. Why would it be different here? Because we are only eight million?"

    Editor: "The reality is that in Norway and in Japan, contrary to what Mr. Rousseau tells us, Toys R Us does not use any descriptor, nor does it translate its name into Japanese or Norwegian."

    And you know what the biggest problem is? It's the fact that something so easily verifiable is not done and raised by "serious" reporters in this province. A LaPresse or a LeDevoir "reporter" can be standing there at a press conference, listening to Rousseau, taking notes for his article, but he will not stick the photos like the ones collected for this post in Rousseau's face and ask: "Mr.Rousseau, you're saying this, but I have pictures that prove otherwise. Please explain". The article will not raise the challenge either. Instead, they'll report what Rousseau said, and technically, they're not lying because Rousseau did indeed say it. But they are lying by omission by not questioning the validity of what was said, and sticking to only what was said.

    The same thing happened around the time the issue of descriptors was raised. LaPresse reported what was said by the militants, without actually looking into 101 to check if descriptors are really required by law. NoDogs Editor did some digging and found 2 provisions in 101, one which loosely indicated that descriptors are encouraged, the other that stated strictly that trademark names are protected from modification by international law. Why wasn't it reported as such in the press and the news...the law is ambiguous at best, and at worst it's leaning in favor of no Mr.Beaulieu, please address it...

    Student: dude, you make conjectures on how the system works, but I will need a document that proves an agreement between the SSJB and LaPresse and the government...and how do you know it's not a forgery?

    1. @adski

      "...but I will need a document that proves an agreement between..."

      mate, you're making fun of me because I ask for basic material before believing stories written by anonymous contributors to a anglo rights blog.


      should i laugh or should i cry?

    2. I would go with option 2. He's making fun of you because you have no credibility dude. LOL, the World Laughs!

  16. Replies
    1. yep. you need to mate. don't be shy.

  17. Les angryphones du Québec prétendent avoir perdu leurs droits...the World Laughs

    1. Not enough ambulance in Quebec, so people have to go to Ontario... the World Laughs
      Crumbling infrastructure and collapsing overpass...the Worlds Laughs
      Substandard highway to connect major cities...The World Laughs

    2. Just another separatist troll Liam - don't bother, it just encourages him to put in his inane remarks. 99% of us just scroll on by his stupid comments. You seem to be new here so thought I'd let you know.

    3. @liam

      s.r tries to ridiculize anglos who claim theiy lost some rights.

      you don't respond at all when exposing other unrelated problems quebec has.

      a good come back to his line would contain a proof that anglos have lost some important rights.

      try again.

    4. Le monde extérieur s'intéresse d'avantage à nos indiens (les vrais avec des plumes) qu'à nos enfants gâtés d'angryphones.

    5. If the real Indians are the one with feathers, I guess the fake ones live in India...

    6. Les plumés sont plus colorés donc plus impressionnants,ils touchent l'imaginaire.

    7. Génial ton superman trisomique,student.

    8. @editor

      someone posted (2:31:00) under the nickname i chose for myself. i assume that's against your rules. can you delete it please?

    9. “s.r tries to ridiculize anglos who claim theiy lost some rights”

      “a good come back to his line would contain a proof that anglos have lost some important”

      Seriously? LOL!!, We don’t even have to go too far for that one. We only have to go as far the commuter lady who asks an STM deranged metro booth attendant for assistance in English, (a constitutional right in CANADA), and finds herself violently assaulted in a headlock by STM deranged metro booth attendant.
      Duhhh....DOES THAT F#$%ING QUALIFY MATE????

    10. "...and finds herself violently assaulted in a headlock by STM..."

      Hahahaha! Excellent mais l'histoire de l'anglo qui a reçu un sandwiche à la tomates (right in the face) est quand même dur à battre.

      Les Québécois se réveillent!!! MDR!

    11. "...DOES THAT F#$%ING QUALIFY MATE????"

      Hoho!On dirait bien que la vie n'est pas aussi belle que vous le prétendez.

      Votre container n'est pas arrivé au bon endroit?On ne peut plus se fier aux boussoles "made in China".

    12. En passant…es tu une peau rouge? Type…« nos indiens (les vrais avec des plumes) » LOL
      Tu te promènes avec une petite carte qui indique que tu ne payes pas de taxes? Non ? Réveilles joujou, car tu n’es qu’un petit immigré comme tous les autres et je crains que cette petite odeur, c’est ta propre !!

    13. La vie EST belle, et j’ai l’impression, I hit a nerve tonight, R.E…you takin’ notes ?? LOL..not that you need to. LOL ah, the World Laughs!

  18. FROM ED
    It's btter not to abswer the trolls, they're starting to come back. Everytime I see a scene from that show my Grandson watches, where the Zombies are walking with tongues hanging out greedy for blood they make me think of separatists. Mindless bodies except their moaning speaks more eloquently than a separatist troll.

  19. CTV News Montreal has a question on line: Do you believe Lisee can building bridges with English speaking Quebecers? I just responded "no" and it's 91% no so far. Go to their website and respond if you have time - results will be on the news tonight at 6:30 or so.

    1. The political analysts on the show seem to think that the English community is falling for the BS of Lisee but the poll shows differently. They feel that they've been ignored by the liberals for so long that they seem to appreciate any effort on the part of the PQ to appease the Anglophones but again, the poll shows differently. Plse respond to the poll and we will see what the analysts say next week.

    2. can't find the poll.

      shouldn't it be on this page somewhere?

      can you post the link cutie003?

  20. FROM ED
    Mr.Sauga. SDpeakingof job loss, The PQ has a way of reporting figures that the St. Jamers street experts can'y understand. reporting a spurt of 20,000 jobs in one month does not click with the fact that the economy frew only one percent which is damn near depression rates. Also replacing 20,000 part time jobs with a loss of 20,000 full time does not calculate. Chech this link.

    1. Ed, I take job numbers from StatsCan with a huge hypertension causing grain of salt. Governments skew the job stats so ridiculously in their favour making the stats a sick, sick joke, and I don't mean just in Canada. There are so many "hidden" unemployed left off the charts, it's ludicrous. Welfare recipients don't count. Some should because some people are on welfare simply because their EI benefits run out and they turn to welfare. Of course, those who cannot work or are able, but do not want to work shouldn't count.

      Similarly, some people simply give up looking, and they don't count in the numbers. They should, but they don't. Others take a breather and take courses, hopefully to modernize and upgrade their skills, or eventually to better their careers later, but these people don't count as well.

      In all fairness, it's hard to differentiate welfare recipients who able to work, but choose to be on welfare vs those who don't want to be on welfare, or are genuinely unable to work. By throwing all welfare recipients and those out of work but constructively retraining themselves or upgrading their skills makes the numbers "look better" than they really are, and every government wants to partake in "looking better". This is absolutely nothing new. The nature of ALL politicians is to blame other people or circumstances when the chips are down, but take the credit just the same when the tide is going THEIR way, i.e., the circumstances are favourable.

  21. editor, a fake "student' is trying to claim my pseudo, but he has no proof to back up his claim.

    without sufficient data, he is simply complaining without focusing on the truth.

    i fight for what is right, so please do not allow youRself to be tricked by this evil impostor, mate!

    1. @editor

      me again. i'm so sorry to use up space to fight this character, but i would prefer if this comment (2:42:00) was deleted. thanks.

    2. @fake student - your tyranny of trolling has come to an end.

      please stop begging the editor for mercy.

      it is beneath you.

  22. Le "faux studen"t nous rappelle à tous le fairplay des anglophones lors du référendum de 95.

    1. i was sent from the planet qurypton to stop evil...and if we're talking about fairplay i will use my special powers to make life fair for all fo quebec's people...francos, anglos, men, women, white people, black people, gay people, straight get the hint, right mate?

    2. OMG - The complete and utter tripe of these seppies is just beyond belief - Editor: Pretty soon there will be no room on a thread for the federalists.

    3. They are still our space!

    4. I meant stealing! STOP STEALING OUR PROPERTY!

    5. Yes and since '95, I still breath Quebec air and still travel with my CANADIAN passport! Ah..SUCKS TO BE YOU! LOL! La vie est belle.. quand même !

    6. "La vie est belle.. quand même !"

      where's your proof mate? you don't have any hard facts to back that up.

      right now 353 million anglos are happy while francophones march in slavery with their heads hung in the agony of cultural degradation.

      next time get your back-up before making vague statements.

    7. Êtes-vous conscient que nous sommes probablement le seul pays au monde à maintenir les anglos au second rang au sein de notre société?

      La vita es bella :)

    8. Je pense que c'est l’inverse joujou !!

      C’est « les autres » qui paient pour vous tous!!! Dans mon entourage, ..famille, amis, je ne connais personne sur le BS. Je doute que tu peux dire la même chose, n’est CE pas?

      Shut the f...up and be humble, hasn’t goodwill taught you ANYTHING???

      Mais pour nous...La vie est belle !!! And the World LAUGHS!! LOL

      LOL Rock-ON!! LOL

    9. "Dans mon entourage, ..famille, amis, je ne connais personne sur le BS. Je doute que tu peux dire la même chose, n’est CE pas?'

      you get +10 superstudent points.

      keep on rocking in the free world.

    10. @ToTo le clown

      "Dans mon entourage, ..famille, amis..."

      Êtes-vous arrivés tous en même temps dans le même container?

      Ça sent le discours d'immigrés "brainwashés" à plein nez ;)

    11. +20 superstudent points for anectoto!

      you just made the evil man from the eastern townships explode with racist rage.

      i know this because i am using my superstudent x-ray vision and can see right through him (right now). you have any proof to back up your claims?


    12. Et par cette réaction plutôt amère joujou, je soupçonne que, en effet, toi...t’en connais du monde comme ça, n'est CE pas? LOL !!! LOL

      So easy to get a rise outa him, especially when we’re tellin’ the Truth ! And the world Laughs..LOLOLOL

    13. @AnecTOTE - definitely took a note on the welfare one. In the past I wrote a couple of missives that clearly enraged S.R as his response was devoid of any attempt at humor and was just pure bile and hatred.

      And let's face it, you hit the nail on the head perfectly with your (proven) allusion that either S.R or members of his family/entourage are on welfare.

      Well played sir!

    14. Diablotin méprise les gens démunis...Comment peut-on descendre aussi bas dans l'échelle de la compassion.


    15. "Diablotin méprise les gens démunis...Comment peut-on descendre aussi bas dans l'échelle de la compassion.


      Translation: "I'm poor and therefore take offense to Resident Evil's disdain for people who don't make a greater effort to improve their lot in life

      There you have it folks, twice in one thread, S.R confirms the truth about his soci-economic status.

      First with AnecTOTE and now me.

    16. “Oh no you dint”....but since you insist on going there...LET’S GO! We’re not ‘misunderstanding’ or even judging people here, nor or we challenged for a sense of compassion. We just, tellin’ the truth.

      A large percentage of people on BS in this province shouldn’t be. We make choices in life. Some of us choose to become better human beings by grasping that we have an obligation in the world to evolve by contributing and we go out there and we do everything in our power to succeed in that. WE GET OURSELVES SOME TOOLS. Put all the chances on our side to ensure we are successful. One of those tiny necessary tool is an Education, and an important ingredient of that happens to be bilingualism, especially to function job-wise in this country. Like it or not, all the laws you enact in Quebec won’t make that go away. SO DEAL!. And this is available to ALL. There are great government programs in place for people to take advantage of this. These are but a keyboard stroke or phone call away. I hope Editor allows the plug, but the NDT industry is desperately looking for Inspection technicians because they are a dying breed. Certificates can be obtained at the CEGEP level and the starting salary is very attractive. And that’s just one case of the OPPORTUNITIES that are out there. How’s that for compassion! I’m even providing the roadmap for how to achieve this. Again, be grateful.

      But no, an incredible amount of people in Quebec choose to sit back on their a&&es and count on a handout. (Ce n’est pas du monde “démunis”, c’est du monde paresseux et c’est cette réalité qui est P-A-T-H-É-T-I-Q-U-E). Heaven forbid they should actually take the initiative to try to figure it out. There are some valid reasons why perhaps “some” merit being on government assistance; but in this province, it’s a chronic decease and it’s a staggering percentage that’s on it. I would welcome anyone to provide the figures for that, as I just cannot be bothered to do so and be depressed the rest of the day.

      Speaking for myself, and perhaps the majority, given the choice, we wouldn’t want to sit on our behinds with our hand out, that’s not natural to us. I think we’re better than that, I know I was brought up to think I am better than that. I think we are all better than that. I want to want to contribute. That’s how I’M built and because I am, and many others are as well, WE PAY FOR YOU.

      Et cela joujou c’est de la vrai compassion! Ne t’inquiète, même pas besoin de dire merci.

      And the world Laughs.

    17. ALERTE!

      Anectoto = Lucien Bouchard

    18. "ALERTE!

      Anectoto = Lucien Bouchard"

      Translation: Lucien Bouchard knows how to make money and made something of himself. I am completely incapable of taking responsibility for my actions and doing what he did...and so therefore, I hate him."

    19. @resident evil

      "There you have it folks, twice in one thread, S.R confirms the truth about his soci-economic status."

      why this fixation on s.r's money?

      let's say at some point he admits and writes "i'm poor". what will you have proven apart that he's poor? it's not important mate.

      same if you write "i'm rich". only possible intelligent reply would be "so what"?

      let this one go mate. you're going nowhere with it.

  23. Le Cirque du Soleil*
    So what if people say "beugeukigne" instead of "roi du burger". As long as important stuff like what's on the plate is translated, it's alright. French from France just like to use English words for everything but in a French pronunciation. I wouldn't like to translate everything for my parents or friends just because they didn't learn English. With all the ads and brainwashing of those companies, you know since you're able to speak what they are.

    Qu'est-ce ça fait que le monde dise "beugeukigne" à la place de "roi du burger". Tant que les trucs importants genre ce qu'il y a sur le menu est traduit, c'est correct. Les Français adorent utiliser des mots anglais prononcés en français. Assez incompréhensible si vous voulez mon avis lol. J'aimerais pas ça traduire toute pour mes parents ou des amis qui n'ont pas appris l'anglais. Avec toutes les annonces et le siphonnage de cerveau de ces compagnies, on sait depuis tout petit qu'est-ce qu'elles sont.

    1. "French from France just like to use English words for everything but in a French pronunciation."

      And? Do you have a point? After all it is the true home of the French. Do we forget that even though French is a Romance language, and English is Germanic, they share a lot of words that are not false friends

      ps il sera toujours le week-end (-; ;-)

  24. FROM ED


  25. This may be slightly off-topic; I’d still like to share WITH.

    True story: I spent the last few days at a sales symposium with a fellow colleague from BC. While taking a call from a QC colleague Wednesday afternoon, I received another call from someone in our Toronto Head office, shortly after that, my kid called. In a small space of time, I went from speaking French, to English to my mother tongue. The BC guy was in Shock & Awe. Then he asked me how I did it: speak 3 languages in less than 5 minutes in such an effortless and natural way. I replied: “Practice”...”despite the detractors, there is a great value in the power of Languages, the more you know, THE MORE YOU KNOW!

    Then he asked me if I believed things happen for a reason. Turns out he and his wife have been in heated discussions what to do later this year when his son starts school. His wife kept insisting the kid go to a bilingual school but he didn’t see the need for it.

    Ahh..because of a small insignificant fleeting moment of language acrobatics, a kid will probably live a very different life, the rest of his life.

    I suppose I’ve done my good deed for the year!


    1. Tu es awesome Anec,je suis really impress par your facilité à speake trois langages with three different personnes en the same temps.

      Bravo signore!

    2. only one good deed a year?!? try to aim for a couple every day, mate.

    3. JouJou comment va ta mère?? LOL

    4. @ Student
      Take your own advise, if we're taking a poll, you probably have lots to make up for!

    5. in being SUPER STUDENT i do more good deeds in one hour than fake student does in a whole year!

    6. It makes so much sense - too bad the seppie followers of quebec would not see such an advantage. My sons being bilingual has made their lives so much easier than mine. What a waste. Even the leaders of the seppie parties have enough sense to send their kids to learn english but don't bother telling their followers that they do this in the best interest of their children.

    7. Love the getup SUPER STUDENT - Keep up the good work

    8. all in a super-hero's day of work cutie.

    9. @cutie003

      you endorse identity theft on blogs? really? you who has always supported this site's netiquette? i'm not impressed.

      wait a second...

    10. what do you think about this?

    11. "you endorse identity theft on blogs? really? you who has always supported this site's netiquette? i'm not impressed.

      wait a second..."

      Oh, I get it - so now that you've been "out-trolled" and the attention has been taken away from your deliberate attempts to flame this board, the rules are suddenly important to you, huh?

      Anybody else finding this entire situation completely hilarious?

      Personally, this is yet another instance in which separatists believe the rules apply to everyone but themselves.

      Look up in the sky!

      It's a bird...'s a plane...

      ...NO! It's the "Student" that people on this blog actually want to hear from and talk to.

    12. Anyone that has been reading this blog since just before the election will know the difference between your tripe and my opinions so I do not worry about such trivia. Super Student will take care of your usual inane and contemptuous remarks so I will sit back, read, have a good laugh and enjoy the show. I already gave you the link for the survey dumb dumb = CTV News Montreal. 89% do not believe anything Mr. Phoney Ass Lisee says or pretends to say - same as all the separatists out there; they lie through their teeth and twist the truth until no one recognizes it any more. That's politics in this insane province. Lie, lie, and lie some more. The better liars get government jobs and you stupid asses pay them to lie. Why don't you listen to some who have gained common sense like your past hero Lucien = even he has turned against you all - try to get your head screwed on straight.

    13. Le légendaire fairplay des anglos...Pathétique besoin de mettre des bâtons dans les roues faute d'argumentation.

    14. @Cutie

      That's a great post Cutie, everyone should read that post! Nice to read the Truth once in a while. Thx for posting.

    15. I like how the French translation for "fair play" is "fairplay"! Tells you something, doesn't it?

      héhé :)

    16. @cutie003

      "I already gave you the link for the survey dumb dumb = CTV News Montreal..."

      i can find the ctv website, but not the survey. do you know what a internet link is cutie003? just copy and paste the address of the survey page in a comment please.

      "Why don't you listen to some who have gained common sense like your past hero Lucien = even he has turned against you all..."

      last interview he gave he said he was still a separatist. are you sure he's the one french canadians should listen to cutie003?

    17. @resident evil

      "...the rules are suddenly important to you, huh?"

      they always have been, mate. please quote me if you think i infringed one of them. i'd appreciate.

      so that false student trisomic superman was you? haha! that was so cheap. why don't you answer the questions instead?

    18. You can ask Super Student who he really is, but as a former comic book collector, I'll tell you right now that super heroes don't reveal their true identities just like that.

    19. @resident evil

      actually i don't mind if you spoof me, mate, but can't you rename your guy super student? thanks.

    20. A separatist that thinks you're all spoiled, under educated, used to living on the dole and, by the way, he's a little out to lunch himself (losing it) so I wouldn't brag that he's still a separatist - it just shows your mental capacity. This province, should it ever separate, and following partition with Canadian Troops on the streets again, is going to be so ignored by the rest of the world, including the ROC, you'll all be living in tents.

    21. @student

      Don't you ever ask me for favors.

      The jacking will remain in place as a reminder of your ignorance.

      Live with it or leave.

      Simple as that.

  26. A Naughty moose.
    Ed: I believe the difference between all those countries mentioned in your post and Quebec is the insecurity Quebecers feel about their own culture. The French, Italians, Japanese etc. all have such strong traditions and cultures that they don’t feel at all threatened by some English words on a fast food menu. I think, until that day that Quebecers are able to embrace their own culture without denigrating other cultures and traditions; we will never have linguistic peace.

  27. Replies
    1. "One of the best comments of the day."

      Disons que la barre était désespérément basse aujourd'hui.

    2. Michel - cheap shot for a man of your intelligence even if you are a separatist.

    3. Mmm..oui MP..surtout quand le discours nous ne convient pas! LOL

    4. @editor

      what is your policy about posting under another contributor's nickname?


    5. @(FAKE) Student

      In case you didn't catch my post to you above, you're done bub. The reason your calls to the editor continue to be ignored is simple - you never brought anything positive to this blog.

      Your only intent from the start was to antagonize people and attempt to enrage them and now you've been been at your own game.

      Here, let me help you, go to ---> http:///

      They will LOVE you there. That site is littered with other people who share your limited view of the world and there are plenty of racists and xenophobes you can make lunch dates with.

    6. @resident evil

      "The reason your calls to the editor continue to be ignored is simple - you never brought anything positive to this blog."

      how do you know the reason? editor called you?

      "Your only intent from the start was to antagonize people and attempt to enrage them..."

      false. it always has been to underline crap arguments, contradictions and baseless claims. and come up with my point of view when sollicited.

      "They will LOVE you there. That site is littered with (...) plenty of racists and xenophobes..."

      you imply i have written racist and xenophobe comments. that's a very cheap attack resident evil. you'll have to quote me or retract that last bit mate.

    7. "The reason your calls to the editor continue to be ignored is simple - you never brought anything positive to this blog."

      how do you know the reason? editor called you?

      "Your only intent from the start was to antagonize people and attempt to enrage them..."

      false. it always has been to underline crap arguments, contradictions and baseless claims. and come up with my point of view when sollicited.

      "They will LOVE you there. That site is littered with (...) plenty of racists and xenophobes..."

      you imply i have written racist and xenophobe comments. that's a very cheap attack resident evil. you'll have to quote me or retract that last bit mate."

      Translation = I got my ass kicked by the better troll and I'm pissed!!

      Hate the game son...not the players!

    8. @resident evil

      yeah sure.

      but about racist and xenophobe comments i would have written resident evil? any meat?

  28. FROM ED
    It goes deeper than that ANONYMOUS - until the Francophones learn to love their children more than they hate Anglos they will never get ahead. Ed

    1. "until the Francophones learn to love their children more than they hate Anglos they will never get ahead"

      Ed, that's really good! Can I use that?
      I'm not poking fun, I'm being sincere. I'm serious.
      anyway...thanks for reading my post.

    2. Actually, AnecTOTE, Ed plagiarized, but I shan't admonish. He paraphrased a statement made decades ago by the late and great former Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir, who stated "Until the Arabs learn to love their children more than they hate us [Israel], there will never be peace [in the Middle East]". The brackets are my embellishment to indicate the subject she was addressing in her words.

  29. You had it yesterday straight from the horse mouth. Asked if French is in danger if Second Cup is not Deuxieme Tasse Paralisee literally said "we want this to have a French face". An admission French is not in danger but we want to show you who is in command here. This is ethnic cleansing and fascism-by-the-act. Same fundamentalism as Talibans dynamiting Budhas. And Trent was all wet Paralisee is "engaging". Hey Pete, being rich does not grow you a set, you have to be born with. Hats off to Huntington.

  30. And that's exactly it and what was said. Everyone keeps saying that Lisee is a master communicator(read manipulator) but the survey on CTV News Montreal shows that around 90% don't believe he's out to build any bridges with the Anglo community. so he may think we're stupid enough to fall for the BS, but he's totally wrong again. When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn!

    1. link to the survey please! second time i ask. or did you make it up?

    2. Don't ask me for this kind of stuff again - I gave it to you three times. It's on the first page on the right hand side.

  31. On the subject of the PQ's $20,000 funding of a bilingual song aimed at the English community... the image of sheep being serenaded to, while on their way to the slather house, came immediately to mind!

    It's an interesting deception strategy. Strike at the English community with nothing less than a lust for xenophobic hatred, vengeance and eradication, while at the same time praise and reassure us. Who is Jean-Francois Lisee supposed to be deceiving, the local English community or the outside world? Either way, it's all pretty transparent and no one is being fooled.

    The more that is spewed from Quebec with each passing day (be it language crap, corruption or abuse of animals), the more I realize I'm being too subtle when I refer to it as a third world society. Let me change my wording, it is no longer merely a third world society, it is a hillbilly society. Crude, ignorant, unintelligible and completely backwards.

    1. Jean-François Lisée charme le maire de Westmount


    2. Apple, my analogy paralleled yours as I was thinking of the Jews and other undesirables of the Nazis who were sent to the gas chambers on the concentration camps while the likes of Joseph Goebbels were showing the West phony examples of how well the Jews were being treated (ghettoizing the Jews, smashing their storefronts, etc. etc. etc.)

  32. How ‘bout that Lance Armstrong?!?!...completelyyyyyyyyy off-topic now, I KNOW, LOL. And yet not so much! How does that Viva-La-Vida /Coldplay song go?

    “I used to rule the world /
    Seas would rise when I gave the word /
    Now in the morning I sleep alone /
    Sweep the streets I used to own”

    Word to the wise and to the not-so-wise!! Never EVER bite off more than you can chew!
    Ya hear that, OQLF?

    Language Descriptors, hahahahah, ....ahhhh.

    How can the world not Laugh? LOLLOLOL

  33. @Apple IIGS

    Puisque vous aborder le sujet (backward) vous seriez pas intéressé de passer sur OS X mountain lion?

    1. S.R - Nope. Try GS/OS.

      If you don't get my alias, you're probably younger than I thought. :)

    2. Cat - where are you? Haven't seen any comments from you on this post. Always love to hear your take.

    3. Cat - where are you?

      Dans un pet shop?

  34. FROM ED
    MR SAUGA, Thanks for labeling me a plagarizer. I knew I had heard the expression somewhere but I couldn't remember where. If I could remember I would have said so since I would never want to steal another person thunder. Ed

    1. No Worries, Ed. It was a good adage on her part, and it stuck.

  35. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM RESIDENT EVILSaturday, January 19, 2013 at 12:11:00 PM EST

    Guys, I don't believe in protesting in the streets.

    I honestly feels it accomplishes so little.

    As an entrepreneur and someone who believes in the marketing maxim of presenting benefits, I want to make a very big announcement.

    I've self-published in the past and with that being said, I know how the process works.

    I know all about marketing...and working the press.

    Since we've had so many talks about co-ordinating an effort to stop foreign investors from setting up shop in Quebec, with no progress being made, I have something new to propose:

    We collaborate on a book (or whitepaper) called 101 Reasons NOT to Bring Your Business to Quebec.

    In collaborating together, we can assemble stats, references and case studies to put this guide together very fast.

    I'll be happy to spearhead the project.

    If you all are interested, we should have Editor act as a go-between for communications.

    Once this thing is ready, I'll have it published on Amazon and Barnes & Noble...and even have it set up so that entrepreneur around the world can download it for free.

    If you want to help with this project, we can collaborate to spread it virally together just as quickly as we can build it.

    What do you all say?

    1. too good to be true...I smell a rat just observe his writing style. Further investigation beckons! R.E beware as he addressed you specifically.

    2. No, it's me - that message was from me and I stand by it.

      If we can put this book together, just my efforts alone would help greatly given my background, but also because I have something the seppies don't... contacts ALL OVER North America.

      If I ask them to help me distribute this thing, they will.

      See, I have to admit that S.R is right about one thing...the Non-Separatist movement does leave something to be desired as far as mobilization goes.

      So let's put our money where his separatist mouth is and flood the media with this book!!

    3. I support the idea. I also suggest researching a way to avoid paying the Qc tax. If I could pay tax to Ontario or another province would be great.

    4. Evil: Yabba dabba doo! Translation: To quote Jason, brilliant idea! Genius! Heaven knows there are volumes of sources to draw from, like Mordechai Richler's , Oh Canada! Oh Quebec!, Reed Scowen's Time to Say Goodbye, a wonderful out-of-print publication by Franco Ontarian Michel Gratton, a former press secretary in the PMO during the Mulroney years entitled French Canadians: An Outsider's Inside Look at Quebec, American university professor Marc Levine's The Reconquest of Montreal: Language Policy and Social Change in a Bilingual City. Oh, and lest we forget fellow blog contributor Tony Kondaks and his Why Canada must End. I even wonder if there are archives for the defunct Montreal Star out there. So far, I can't find that.

      LET'S DO IT!

    5. Very suspicious indeed... it sounds like student is miffed at SuperStudent and so is trying to out-student him.

    6. No, R.S - it's me (Resident Evil) and just to prove it, Editor has my email address. Anyone curious about confirming that it's me need only send an email to the Editor.

    7. Why would we want to harm our economy even more than seppies have already done? It doesn't make sense. And if we learned anything last year, it was that the PQ will pander to whatever loudmouths protest in the streets... dunno why you say it accomplishes little.

    8. Loudmouths that compliment their cause.

      BTW, I decided to use an official Blogger account for the Resident Evil brand.

      From now on, when you see Ash from Evil Dead's bloodied're hearing from the real deal.

    9. Why harm our economy? Simple...if you sit and do nothing (except grumble and complain amongst ourselves--the only thing we do) things will slowly continue to get worse, including economy. Constructive action NEEDS to be done to make make these separatists understand there will be consequences to their actions. More so to punish them for infringing on basic human rights and freedoms, that the world will NOT turn a blind eye to the injustices going on here. Call it an embargo of sorts if you will.

      Until Quebec changes its ways and acts like a civilized society, respecting rights, freedoms and equality for all people living here, it needs to be hit where it hurts--its wallet! I'd be willing to suffer short term and damage the economy to stir up change here. And even if we can't, well, Quebec does not deserve business and support from the outside world in any case. No more than Iran.

    10. "Very suspicious indeed... it sounds like student is miffed at SuperStudent and so is trying to out-student him."

      haha! way to go resident evil. you managed to fuck up your own credibility by posting under my nickname. that's a good one.

      so? lesson learned mate?

    11. R.E. if it is you, then I'm in, I think you would take us to some very interesting places! I can assist in many ways, (I'm not too shabby with the pen). So Editor, how bout it?

    12. "lesson learned mate?'

      Yup - you want to repel a troll, send Super Student after him.

      Whatever dude, you've got zero clout on this blog and everyone here sees you for what you are...a joke.

      And you're entire movement's a joke and I would love for you to keep taunting me about what we'll do with this because it'll keep me motivated to keep this project running.

      Look how many people are already jumping on board.

      You'll see my little friend, this thing will be all over the major online book sites in a few weeks.

    13. Apple is absolutely right - we have to hit them where it hurts and that's the economy. I know it's bad for all of quebec but, dammit, we can't just keep on letting this stuff go on and on. It will never end until we're so down and out that we will never recover. At least if we start now, we may have a chance to turn this mess around. Grumbling and no action is getting us f--- all nowhere. All the letters I've written to these politicians, have garnered two responses - from my own city councilman and exactly one from Penashue for the Prime Minister. Not even my own MNA (liberal) has acknowledged the two or three e-mails that I've sent her. Shows how much disdain they have for our plight, and, frankly Scrarlet, I'm sick to death of it. Ed: stop worrying so much about splitting the vote and let's vote for a party that is interested in getting our rights and freedoms back. You can't tell me that the liberals thought we were happy - I've sent them e-mails also including Charest, that he never bothered to acknowledge either. Bankruptcy is facing us anyway so let's do something!

    14. @resident evil

      "everyone here sees you for what you are...a joke."

      how can you know how everyone sees me mate? i think you should write for yourself and that's it. you have not been chosen as a spokesperson as far as i know.

      "...this because it'll keep me motivated to keep this project running. Look how many people are already jumping on board."

      yeah it's great. at least four people i'd say. and top quality. good luck with the book mate.

    15. Resident Evil,

      Great idea about the book.

      An example that immediately springs to mind is the Monty Pythonesque complaint to the OQLF about the English speaking parrot in the pet store near Montreal. So all foreign pet stores and pet store chains should be warned about setting up shop in Quebec unless all of their parrots are French speaking.

      Apparently the huge 'Petsmart' chain has already got the message about Quebec. They've opened up stores in B.C, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Ontario but none in Quebec. There are several Petsmart stores in Ottawa but absolutely none just across the river in Gatineau, QC.

    16. You're right - two on one street in Ottawa alone. One thing they do do, though, is take in our animals (mainly cats) from our "no kill" shelter here in Gatineau, to their stores in Ottawa for adoption. Can't thank them enough for that.

    17. I missed a few. Petsmart also has stores in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and PEI, so they're in every Canadian province except Quebec.

    18. @ Cutie,

      I'm not surprised...the Quebecois mistreat and abandon animals in droves and some of them are taken in by kindly souls in Ontario. I've also heard of adoptions of dogs by Americans from the few puppy mills in Quebec that are busted.

    19. "yeah it's great. at least four people i'd say. and top quality. good luck with the book mate."

      Thanks kid.

      Now sit back an enjoy the show.

      I'll personally see to it that your little paradigm gets completely crushed:

      It's time for an open-hearted movement to take over and give Quebec back to those who are actually building it.

    20. @resident evil

      earlier you wrote:

      "Don't you ever ask me for favors."

      and now:

      "It's time for an open-hearted movement to take over..."

      so you're not gonna partake in the open-hearted movement or can i now ask for favors?

    21. BTW, we live in a wired world and there is a camera with every phone. Why not tape these OLQ in action when they ask parrots to speak Joual, or when they ask shop owners to change radio station; or when clients get beaten by STM employees. Then post that on the net.

    22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    23. Too late S.R, I've got a screen cap of that one - and will gleefully bring it up as a reminder of your true nature.

    24. Pas besoin de me le rappeller,je connais ma vraie nature et surtout ma capacité de distinguer les bons anglos parmi les mauvais.

  36. FROM ED
    I don't knoiw how many times I have said, "Don't overthink." You talk about getting rid of the seppies, electing the Liberals will do that. What could be easier to understand. I don't care if the Libs hate us. get them in gets the PQ out of power.
    How they govern will depend on what kind of press they get and that is up to us. If we don't press it the press will do nothing and so will the Liberals. I've said before that the :Libs did nothing because they figured Anglos were contented.
    the Anglo press gave every one that sense and believed it themselves. Instead of a new party to split the vote again, just........

  37. FROM ED
    If super stupid thinks he's doing us a favour, he's not. He's exactly what the trolls want, more time and space wasted. We were rid of the trolls until Resident and Anctote started talking about them and with them. Now they are back in droves like the crawling creatures on a space movie. What does it take for you to realize you are doing exactly what they want. THEY DON'T CARE IF YOU SHOOT DOWN THEIR ARGUMENTS. THEY WANT YOU TO DO WHAT YOU ARE DOING, WASTE TIME WITH THEM. Ed

    1. such is the plight of the superhero!

      you try to do good and still, some of the people who you try to help hate you.

      my hero, clark kent went through the same thing.

      it's ok ed, i forgive you.

      up, up and away!

    2. Ah Ed, I am disappointed really, and a little hurt frankly, that you underestimate us this way. Do you actually imagine that we speak back to the trolls for their benefit? The world is watching ED, the eyes of the world are upon us on this blog and when they visit and read the Bullcr*p that they are attempted to dish out and that’s posted by the trolls, but not any argument against it, they may actually interpret that it has validity. Where I come from, Silence=Approval. I don’t tear down their arguments because I want to convince or persuade them of anything. The trolls cannot be saved; we’ve established this if we look at where we’re at in this province, socially, economically etc. So let nature take its course I say, seldom do I engage any troll I run into out there, on a one to one basis ...ever. I have much better things to do with my time. Plus, they don’t want to be saved and so be it. But I won’t have them come here and pretend to be victims or have a leg to stand on. The buck stops here and people visiting from greater parts of the world will know that. So in essence, it is in their best interest to remain quiet rather than risk being engaged and revealed for the absolute scumbags they are. BUT if they do engage, myself and people like Resident Evil, (since you specifically mention us), will tear them to shreds and have them for breakfast twice! Why do you think I have been repeating Editors, caption since posting this week, “The world laughs”. I want them to. I want them to come here and witness what an absolute joke the trolls are, and they will never have any credibility. They are defenceless, because the Truth ISN’T on their side.

      I hope that cleared it up for you ED. I post for visitors, ALWAYS AND ESPECIALLY, when I respond to the trolls. It’s an opportunity ED, for us ALL. LOL

      And the world laughs!

  38. Hey Resident - I think a book is a great idea for all of us. Let us know what kind of input you would like and I'm sure most of us will be able to contribute somewhat. I have plenty of letters that I've written and stories about the small businesses that have been harassed by the IF group, including our own town council, and so on. Perhaps we can collaborate and get the word out to the press. Check out the Alliance Quebec website - they say a new group is setting up to withhold taxes in escrow if we decide to stop paying our taxes until we get our rights back as Didi was saying the other day. I'm for anything to stop the on-going abuse and settle this matter once and for all. In or out I say - sick to death of 40 years of pissing and moaning about nothing from these seppies.

  39. Cat-Didi - you guys can help with this project big time. Any interest?

  40. Dear Friends,

    S.R, as I've mentioned, is right - we could do a much better job in our attempts at mobilization.

    Just to prove that I put my money where my mouth is, I've just purchased the domain,

    Whether you like the name or not isn't important, because we're only going to use this site as a production hub and if any of you see fit to get a better name once the project is complete, then we'll go ahead and do just that.

    Folks, whether the ideas and conversations here on this blog have been constructive and positive...

    ...or the opposite of such, one thing is certain - we're wasting time.

    I'm guilty of it myself...we all are.

    We clearly have passion, energy and determination.

    So why are we wasting it by:

    A) preaching to the choir...


    B) arguing with trolls?

    Both exercise won't get us far.

    As a project manager and marketing coordinator by trade, I pledge to spare the time and energy to see this project come to reality.

    Student and S.R think we're a joke.

    The onus is on us to prove us let's stop trying to do it by arguing with them.

    For instance, if "Student" really is a student, let's hurt his believe in sovereignty by making him watching his tuition go up by $3000 a year.

    As for S.R, whom I believe is perhaps on social assistance, let's prove to him that we're not a joke by seeing to it that Quebec's social safety net gets the scissor treatment.

    These separatists are counting on us coming here and chewing the fat, instead of getting shit done.

    Well, this is the digital age folks, no need to hit the streets anymore. Now anyone, regardless of age, size, race, background can rage against the machine without having to worry about crowd size.

    I'll try have a site fully built by tomorrow night and with that, I'll set up a contact page that you can communicate with me through.

    It seems you guys are ready, so let's make it happen. No Dogs is an AWESOME site, but we should no longer see 250+ comments per post anymore...

    1. @resident evil


      "The jacking will remain in place as a reminder of your ignorance."

      and now:

      "I've just purchased the domain, (...)No Dogs is an AWESOME site, but we should no longer see 250+ comments per post anymore..."

      you admit of trolling no dogs and then you announce a competing website.

      what do you think editor will think of all this?

    2. I think this is a tremendous initiative we need more such (evangalist) blogs/websites spreadking the good news and message. We won't stop coming here. Editor, to his credit is quite the closet journalist (I mean that in a good way), though I do not know him I suspect he did that as a trade at some point. I want to thank him again for being and continuing to be a fair, decent and honorable host. He is constantly reminding us to become ACTIVE as players against injustice and so R.E. is simply taking him up on his very good advise. If anything R.E's initiative is a compliment to NO DOGS, it's hardly competition. I see it as Twice the delight! Gimme more!!

      @R.E you say when 'mate' lol! Sleek lookin' so far, can't wait till you get it done !!

    3. For me the point is more about creating a report that can be very widely distributed to the business community than a blog.

      As for Student, well, he clearly doesn't understand the culture of this blog and that there is only competition when there is profit to be had.

      No Dogs and this new initiative is not about competition - it's about making a point.

    4. @resident evil

      ah ok.

      i just assumed editor didn't like it when a contributor steals another contributor's identity to wreak havoc on his site and i also assumed he liked to have a lot of comments.

      but maybe you're right and he's fine with it.

  41. Les angryphones ont atteint un niveau de désespoir jamais observé jusqu'à présent...J'adore :)

    1. “Angrophones”
      Joujou...tu ne sais pas que: “The English don’t get mad, they get even”? ..And for the rest of us: Revenge is a plate best served cold?...LOLOL....t’adores ça..oui? LOL

      And the world Laughs!!

  42. Alright folks...

    Until I get the time to complete the site, I have a preliminary page up where you can get in touch:

    Quebec Investment Facts

    1. Ça fait pas très sérieux ton site "mate",quoique ma fillette de 5 ans aime bien le graphisme et les couleurs "gaies".

    2. That's it?

      That's the best you've got?

      Oh yeah...this is you we're talking about.

    3. That's the best he can do, LOL, Big difference LOL! Be in touch 'mate'

  43. FROM ED
    THANK GOD, what a breath of fresh air you bring us.
    I hope you have better luck than me trying to get people to write. I will help anyway I can and if you give me an idea of anything special you'd like me to
    work on, I'll do it. Ed