Monday, December 3, 2012

Quebec and Newfoundland Deserve Each Other

Watching the unfolding stupidity of Newfoundland's project to bypass Quebec and build its own underwater electricity transmission line at a staggering cost should have us wondering if the Newfies are cutting off their nose to spite their face.

It's hard to justify the staggering cost of the project estimated by the Newfoundland government at $6.8 billion dollars (which will probably balloon to $10 billion as experience teaches us) when there is a perfectly good alternate route through Quebec available at a fraction of the price.

There's little doubt that Newfoundland got the crappy end of the stick in the last deal they negotiated with Hydro-Quebec, the Churchill Falls agreement, back in 1969 and it's understandable that they remain deeply humiliated by the stupidity of the then Premier Joey Smallwood in selling out Newfoundland power at a fixed price without insisting on any type of an escalator clause.

The error was Newfoundland's, not Quebec's.
What would you think of the negotiating skills of a person who would agree to work for a salary that  would never increase, FOR THE NEXT 65 YEARS!!
"Let me explain how it was that the Churchill Falls agreement was arrived at in an unfair way. Geography made that possible. To get Churchill Falls power to market, it had to cross Quebec. But, Quebec in the 1960s said "no" to the free movement of electrical power.
Quebec said, you can sell the power to no one but us. You cannot "wheel" Churchill Falls power through the Hydro Quebec power grid. And, you cannot build a power line to reach markets in the US. We had no choice but to accept Hydro Quebec as the middleman.Once this was clear, Hydro Quebec could ... and did ... dictate the terms of the Churchill Falls agreement."
Brian Tobin, then Premier of Newfoundland
Ya think?
Why on Earth would Hydro-Quebec allow Newfoundland to use their transmission lines to get a competing product to market?  If you owned a fruit store, would you allow a competitor access to your shelves to sell his apples?
While Newfoundland claims that it was hoodwinked, it really has nobody to blame but itself.
It started building the project and invested $150 million dollars without having any way to get the power to the United States other than through Quebec.
Without an agreement with Hydro-Quebec, Newfoundland was looking at a bankruptcy and so was forced to sign the poisonous deal that gave Quebec almost all the profits.

Read a previous of mine, where Danny Williams savages Quebec over the deal: Danny Williams Bashes Quebec.

It's understandable that Newfoundland feels outrage, the $1.5 billion in profit that Quebec makes on Churchill Falls power every year represents 20% of the Newfoundland budget. I wonder how Quebecers would react if they were shipping off the equivalent of 20% of its budget or  $15 billion a year!

But no one can fault Quebec for keeping the money, no province in their right mind would re-negotiate the deal without a quid pro quo..
And so Newfoundland has decided to 'punish' Quebec by building an alternate transmission route for its new power projects, an utterly foolish gambit based on spite.

Quebec has offered to negotiate a 'fair' deal for the new power, but won't put the Churchill Falls deal on the table, a stupid error of its own.
Surely Quebec could have offered a change in the old Churchill Falls deal as long as it profited even more from the new deal, a sensible solution for everybody.
The money saved by not building the alternate route could easily compensate everybody.

Quebec's error in all this, is its failure to understand that Newfoundland needs to save face over Churchill and its refusal to open up the old deal actually works against its own interest over the long-term, if and when the new Newfoundland power comes to market.

And so the two feuding provinces are working to hinder each other, instead of working together for the enrichment of both.
Hence the title of this post... Quebec and Newfoundland deserve each other.

Now lost in all this is the fact that it isn't even certain there will be a market for all this new power, but let's save that discussion until later and return to the feuding provinces.

Stephen Harper made a campaign promise to offer a federal government loan guarantee for the project and fulfilled that commitment in a speech in St. John's last week.

This precipitated howls of protest from Quebec, which of course doesn't want Ottawa to aid a competitor to Hydro-Quebec.
The Quebec politicians were quick to complain that Hydro-Quebec never benefited from any help from Ottawa and so its help to Newfoundland is unfair competition.

Of course this argument is specious, Ottawa sends tons more money to Quebec than Newfoundland and this even on a per capita basis.
Its like your daughter complaining that you are unfairly favouring a sibling because you are paying his grocery bills, while not paying hers, this while she fails to consider that you are paying her rent but not his.
It's moronic.

Quebec politicians are screaming blue murder that Ottawa is subsidizing Newfoundland electricity, when in fact all it has done is provide a loan guarantee, which doesn't cost anything if the debt is repaid according to the loan agreement.
Quebec is arguing otherwise, that Newfoundland is in fact getting a billion dollar subsidy from Ottawa, which is hogwash.

Let me explain it simply.
Your daughter comes to you and asks for a loan guarantee for a car she wants to purchase. If you sign the agreement and agree to repay the loan if she defaults, the bank will give her a lower interest rate, saving her about $3,000 over the term of the loan.
Since you know your daughter to be trustworthy, someone fully able to make the payments because she has a good job, you consent to help her out.
Your son finds out about the loan guarantee and complains that his sister is getting a $3,000 benefit while he is getting nothing.
You try to explain to your mathematically-challenged son that it is not you paying out the benefit, but rather the bank and at any rate, if he would like to buy a car, you'd be happy to sign a loan guarantee for him as well.

NOT FAIR! claims your son and tells all his friends that he is being screwed.

If you think the above is a farce, listen to Quebec's Environment Minister Martine Ouellet, make the exact same argument, all with a straight face.


Either the minister is making a sad attempt to mislead voters or she is just an idiot, confusing the money Newfoundland saves, as money Ottawa spends.
I give a lot of credit to the Radio-Canada interviewer, who was trying hard to keep a straight face, attempting to explain how utterly stupid the minister sounded.

All this being said, there is one thing that the minister said later in the interview, that is true. The high cost of producing and transmitting the new electricity may make the whole project uneconomic.

North American electricity prices have collapsed as skyrocketing shale gas production has brought to market gazillions of cubic feet of cheap domestically produced natural gas.

It isn't at all a given that there will be a market for Newfoundland's expensively produced Hydro-electricity.

Let us hope that the Newfoundlanders and Labradorians rethink their project which will only be viable if the electricity is sent down the Quebec transmission network, which would seriously limit any risk.

I would hope that Quebec rethinks its hardass position over the Churchill Falls agreement, especially if giving a little means getting returned a lot.

I would hope that cooler heads would prevail, but alas, as readers probably suspect, it isn't going to happen.


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    I'm sure you are all familiar with the word verification device which is a bother, but unfortunately, now necessary.

  2. Editor, why are you getting your bowels in an uproar over this? The way I see it, electricity prices in Ontario ain't goin' down anytime soon. I'm hearing the cost of energy is expected to rise over the winter.

    Of course, Quebec keeps its hydro rates artificially low for Quebeckers because it's politically a positive thing to do, but furthermore, the artificial revenue shortfall is made up by equalization payments from Ottawa, a win-win proposition for Quebec. Because Newfoundland is now an oil-producing province, it brings in a lot more money thus no longer qualifies for equalization. At long last Newfoundland is able to pull itself up by its own bootstraps.

    If I understand the YouTube piece by that liar of a minister, the entire National Assembly, i.e., the PLQ and CAQ members also agreed Quebec is getting the short end of the stick. The minister said the vote was unanimous! That makes all the MNAs s**t disturbers! Quel surprise!

    Considering the SRC is made up of separatist lefties, I'm shocked the SRC reporter made the minister look like the jackass she really is, but good for her.

    I don't blame Newfoundland for wanting to bypass Quebec as there was no intention for Quebec to give Newfoundland a break in the 60s, and there is no intention for for Quebec to give Newfoundland a break now. I hope in the end Newfoundland will get a good return on its investment, or at least honour the loan on its own.

    The world population is growing, so any decrease in electricity rates will not likely be that long-lasting; furthermore, even shale oil is a limited resource. I remember fracking was discussed in the 1970s during the Energy Crisis of 1973, but back then it was not economically feasible to do it even when the spike in oil prices took place. I imagine technology has reduced the costs of fracking plus oil prices are high enough now to make fracking feasible.

    Quebec can take advantage of this, but I imagine it's keeping its natural resources untouched as a backup plan should separation take place. I see that as a conspiracy.

    Finally, and interestingly, a CBC show called The Passionate Eye ran some hypotheses about interruptions in the flow of natural gas and how easily a terrorist group can cause paralysis, an oil shock and massive death in one fell swoop.

    To transport natural gas now, it's supercooled to reduce its volume for transport by sea. Where these ships enter busy ports, like in Boston or through the Panama Canal, terrorists can blow up just one ship causing the gas to expand to superhot temperatures killing millions of people in a relatively small radius and disrupting plenty of commerce for an extended period of time. Scary stuff.

    Again, I don't see reductions in electricity prices lasting all that long. The demands are ever increasing especially as underdeveloped nations are starting and increasingly industrializing. I hope I'm wrong as I could really use a break, but then again, there is plenty of debt to be paid back for prior projects not yet fully paid.

    Mr.Sauga, Thank you for clearing up some things I wondered about. I have read your posts for a long time now and am always fascinated by your knowledge. I also appreciate the clarity with which you explain things. Apparently your wisdom annoys some people but that's probably because it's over their heads. Please continue to post, I look forward to reading you. Ed

    1. I intend to, Ed. Thanks for your compliments.

    I know there are oilers that come down the seaway bringing oil to Montreal refineries. Does anyone know if there are ships that go down river to the sea carrying oil. Ed

  5. Québec screwed Newfoundland in the 60s and Québec going to screw Canada every day of every week until someone with balls as a leader stops them.

    Good for you Newfoundland pushing back that's enough of this crap and it's time , and Québec will lose this fight finally, they are ripping off Newfoundland's economy and i can only see it as absolute extortion.

    Every dollar made from Hydro while showing Quebec the finger is Newfoundland's finest hour I await the day

    PS a very valid point about sub market pricing of Hydro causing bumped up transfer payments. Add lower tuitions to that screwing of Canada list though.

  6. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, December 3, 2012 at 8:17:00 AM EST

    Matters not, friends.
    "Quebec’s gradual withering is primarily due to its hostility to business, exemplified through one of the harshest personal and corporate tax regimes in North America."

    "Quebec’s businesses pay 26 per cent more in taxes than the Canadian average business and nearly twice as much as their American counterparts."

    "Companies and workers will go where they have the greatest advantages and the best prospects for success and growth."

    " It is all but guaranteed that none of the Canadian GDP growth for 2013 will come from Quebec."


    Raise all taxes. Tax on gas, on income, the TVQ, business, etc.

    Tax this and tax that.


  7. Don't blame Newfoundland one bit. Quebec, again, could have worked with Newfoundland to compensate them for the bad deal made years ago, but being quebec, refused to consider anyone else but themselves. They never, ever, try to work with any of the provinces just to make their political statement of being a separate entity, and, better than, everyone else. Disruptive SOBs that they are and will continue to be until we partition this province and get rid of the ones that don't want to be within Canada.

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, December 3, 2012 at 9:13:00 AM EST

      "Disruptive SOBs"

      Someone's bitter. Just move out of Quebec if you don't like living there...
      I did.

    2. "Just move out of Quebec if you don't like living there..."


    3. Malheureusement cutie croit qu'il est plus simple (dans son délire) de changer le Québec plutôt que de déménager vers l'ontario qui n'est,en passant, qu'à quelques kilomètres de son bungalow actuel...Étrange.

    4. Listen Calgary guy - stop telling us to move - for most of us there are reasons this cannot be done easily which have been discussed previously on this blog. Besides, moving is exactly what the seppies want us to do as you can see from the above seppies comments. Stop repeating it. It may have been easy for you but we're not all in your circumstances.

    5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, December 3, 2012 at 12:11:00 PM EST

      In which case "cutie 003", zip it.
      Besides you'll live longer if you worry less:)

    6. You "zip it" - you don't even live here anymore.

    7. Les Newfies ne sont pas reconnus comme un peuple de bâtisseurs,ils devront forcément laisser leur orgueil de côté et faire appel à l'expertise de nos ingénieurs spécialisés.Ce projet d'envergure risque de se transformer en catastrophe si ils essaient de le réaliser sans aide extérieure.

    8. Expertise from Quebec? - lol. You people are beyond belief in your conceit. Millions of Canadians and North Americans period, will glean work from the project but quebec will be the last place that Newfoundland will look to for any kind of expertise. HA HA HA

    9. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, December 3, 2012 at 1:05:00 PM EST

      Cutie003 is an enigma. She lives in Quebekistan but bashes her own land.
      She ridicules the government in place. She mocks her citizens.
      A tad too masochistic to me.
      It's like returning to the same restaurant again and again while being served crap food.
      Wait a minute. Isn't that the definition of insanity? Cutie?
      Meanwhile in Alberta, my own situation is so much superior to what I had after the HEC.
      As a proud franco I now know that opportunities in Alberta are much more than in Quebec.
      Sad. I may go back one day... on a vacation. Maybe.

    10. You can think what you like but you have no business telling the anglo and allo residents here in quebec how to feel or act in any given circumstance. I mock the SEPARATISTS AND THE SEPARATIST GOVERNMENTS IN THIS PROVINCE which is my right and the reason this blog was created - anglos to talk about their problems in this province. Not interested in your bragging about being much better treated in Alberta than in quebec - as I said, we're not all in your circumstances but if you like, move back here and start paying your fair share of the outrageous taxes and loss of your rights as a Canadian citizen. If you think we should all move because you did, perhaps you're on the wrong blog. That is not the purpose of this one!

    11. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, December 3, 2012 at 3:11:00 PM EST

      "move back here and start paying your fair share of the outrageous taxes and loss of your rights as a Canadian citizen."

      I see, cutie003 is a martyr? The anglo resistor in Queerbec?
      Need a medal?
      Again, you're a tad masochistic.

    12. You again, have no right to judge me or anyone else contributing to this blog when you no longer live in this province and left because you can make more money. That was your option - I sir, do not have that option and would appreciate it if you kept your unwanted advice to yourself. You are another troll as far as I'm concerned because the only advice you seem to offer is to leave. That is what the trolls offer as a solution to all the feds also.

    13. Finalement le gars de Calgary t'es un peu plus sympathique mais
      malheureusement j'ai la vague impression que cutie va terminer ses jours dans un pays qu'elle déteste,faute de moyens matériels ou...d'imagination.

  8. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, December 3, 2012 at 9:11:00 AM EST

    Think that the PQ is anti-business?
    Quebec Solidaire would kill businesses....
    "Québec Solidaire denounced the Parti Québécois as an “establishment” party for not raising mining royalties in its budget".
    Wow, that's full on socialism and very radical.

    Read more:

    Speaking of the PQ, Jean-Francois Lisee wants to focus Quebec's business opportunities with the BRIC countries. If you have not heard of the BRIC before, it is an economic group formed by Brazil, Russia, India and China. In a nutshell, two of four countries are dictatorships while Brazil has suspicious relations with countries such as Iran and Venezuela.
    More here:

    1. I would hope that all those countries want to work in french - otherwise quebec will not be willing to work with them - right seppies? I can see China opening up french language training schools right now!

    2. Un peu de littérature pour cutie:

    3. Wow - staggering statistics - 100,000 out of l.5B are taking french - just amazing!

    4. 100,0000 personnes qui font des affaires avec des pays étrangers,comme la France et le Québec.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. How many of those Chinese are learning English? I'd bet a lot that's it is certainly more than 100.000

    7. Actually smart move to deal more with the BRICS..the future is there. We need to diversify away from the collapsing USA empire. India and China are clearly going to be the next leaders of the world. The US dollar will become esentially worthless at some point as they Yanks keep printing money out of thin air.

      Dont think that the USA is such an innocent country many thousands of innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan have died at the hands of the US military and for what?? How many countries have the USA invaded for dubious reasons. The USA is essentially contolled by Wall Street..look how well Wall Street has treated everyone.

    8. Cutie003,

      "I would hope that all those countries want to work in french - otherwise quebec will not be willing to work with them - right seppies?"

      In fact, we already trade with other countries, about 50% of GDP is exported, and most of this trade is done in english. This picture of a unilingual Québec unable to trade with the outside world because of a language barrier is laughable.

      And about second language learning, of course, there are more people worldwide learning english than people learning french. Nevertheless, one out of four second language teachers teaches french. And more people study french as a second language than, for instance, spanish.

    9. Then why do you support the separatists ideal of a french only quebec?

    10. Cutie003,

      Not french only, but french first. But let's not nitpick, I understand your question.

      Wanting french to be the common language in our society and using english for pragmatic reasons for international communications when we have to are two things not mutually exclusive.

    11. Funny then, how you'd elect a leader who up until very recently couldn't even string together a coherent sentence in the English language even now her pragmatic English skills are severely lacking especially when dealing with people who speak English natively. Do you not view this as a major shortcoming on the World stage or when you're trying to negotiate a deal in which you don't get taken to the cleaners?

    12. There is an article in todays Globe and Mail entitled "Dangerous moves in the East China Sea" which is about the tensions between China and Japan in that area. One of the accompanying photos shows two ships cruising side by side. On the first one, it says "Japan Coast Guard" with no Japanese characters while the second one says "China Marine Surveillance" in large letters with much smaller chinese characters near the bow (possibly a translation of the ships name). What these countries have learned that the brownshirted Quebec language zealots haven't, is that if you want to communicate with the maximum number of people, the english language is essential.

    13. French first I understand - deliberately eliminating all languages other than french is what I don't get and continuously demonizing english is causing all the problems. Francophones should have the choice as to what language they wish to speak and write - this does not threaten their culture in any way - it's just equality under the constitution. Taking away the rights of citizens to make their own choices is just wrong - period. All their posturing and calling it "protection" does not change the facts. We have to get rid of those areas that want to go it alone. A vote for partition has to be held and let those areas go that wish to go.

    14. Geoffrey P,

      Ms Marois doesn't speak much english, yet she managed to carry on a political carreer that led her to be minister of health, minister of finance, minister of labour, etc.

      François Legault doesn't speak english much better. Yet, he managed to create a airline company.

      And I will repeat what I have said : we already trade with other countries, about 50% of GDP is exported, and most of this trade is done in english. This picture of a unilingual Québec unable to trade with the outside world because of a language barrier is laughable.

      Perhaps you over-estimate the importance of english. I speak english for pragmatic reasons, I speak it because it is useful, I speak it for many reasons. But do I think that speaking english is the ultimate form of emancipation and the ultimate form of evolution? No, I don't.

    15. Cutie003,

      I feel like I have had this discussion a thousand times.

      So I will give the short answer : indeed francophones should have the choice as to what language they wish to speak and write and they chose french and, in 1976, they elected a governement that voted a law that gave a concrete expression to their will.

    16. "But do I think that speaking english is the ultimate form of emancipation and the ultimate form of evolution? No, I don't."
      Perhaps not, but I wouldn't find totalitarian-style restrictions on freedom of speech to be emancipating, either.

    17. Sorry but I disagree. In 1976 they voted for a Bill that the current government is still using to brainwash them with the idea that french is all they need to survive and thrive in this world. This is no longer 1976. With your excellent english skills, why do you think that any bill is needed for french to survive and thrive within a bilingual community? French will never die in quebec and no bill is needed to support the french language. The choice should be up to the citizens as to what language they wish to educate their children in, not dictated by a government that is using them to split up the country. Power hungry politicians are responsible for the mess that quebec is now in, using language as a weapon through the voters. They are hogtying their own population and making it practically impossible for them to leave the safe haven of quebec but the youngsters see through this. They know to be mobile they must learn english and that is the choice they will make by the droves as this province becomes more and more unstable. Not only are they driving out the anglophones and allophones, they are driving out their own children and grandchildren. Anyone that wants to become ever mildly successful will not stay within the borders of quebec. Stupid idiots.

  9. Its interesting to see Quebec waking up to the prospect of lost revenue due to Newfoundland-Labrador bypassing power transmission around Quebec. One assumes that after 2041 that Churchill Falls power will also bypass the province. Quebec's shafting of Newfoundland-Labrador since the 60s is shameful, not robbing a rich province such as Ontario, but the poorest province in Canada till recent oil discoveries, so why is it surprised. NL tried for years to achieve a more equitable agreement in the 60s but ultimately signed the only deal on offer. Quebec was not a bystander to the negotiations, far from it. The trouble now is that the revenue is very significant for Quebec and it will have to raise taxes or power rates to offset sharing of revenue from Churchill Falls. I agree with the Editor a better deal should be possible between Quebec and NL, and I suspect the fed govt is simply plainly expressing to Quebec that if you don't make a decent offer, including renegotiating early the current agreement, then Quebec's future generations will receive the results - significant lost revenue post 2041. If Quebec wants a game changer with NL, they will have to make a more attractive offer to negotiate than their current position. NL have little to lose with their current position, QC has a lot to lose. One would like to hope common sense prevails.

    1. JP: The words "common sense" and Quebec cannot be used in the same sentence, unless the word "not" is installed between those two terms. Quebec seeks deals that are only good for Quebec, and nobody else.

      Too, if the deal is as bad as the Editor thinks, why are the feds guaranteeing a loan that, based on the Editor's judgment, is not a good idea? If it's to spite Quebec, that's fine with me. The feds can't deal severely enough with Quebec based on all the fed bashing I endlessly heard in the 70s while I was living under a PQ regime. The fed bashing was nauseating and endless back then, and now it's déjà vu all over again!

    2. Im not sure the Editor thinks it is a bad idea to guarantee the proposed power line, its just that this will cost billions more to construct than simply using lines running across Quebec. It would be far more sensible economically to have an equitable deal with Quebec, but if Quebec does not show serious interest to play game, then NL has no choice but to build the expensive bypass. This will also resolve the Churchill Falls problem. While the profits may be 30 years away, at least in the long term NL will not be trapped by Quebec and its economic blackmail any more.

  10. I haven't read up on the carrying capacity of the proposed line, but a good reason for doing the undersea line is to offer an alternate route for the Churchill Falls power that could be used when the current agreement finally ends. If there is no alternative to the trans-Quebec corridor, NFLD would be in more or less the same bargaining position as they were the first time: Lots of power but no way to get it to market. Go Newfoundland!

  11. Well, Editor, just a dozen comments on line so far and already nobody is on your side. Quebec acted every inch the advantage taker, and now that Newfoundland has turned the tables, you seem miffed about it.

    If the feds didn't think this was a wise move, I'd like to think they would have discussed the issue with Newfoundland, but they're backing Newfoundland. I'm satisfied this is a good proposal.

    1. My initial thought on why on Newfoundland would bypass and avoid Quebec was NOT about logistics, an economic factor or failed negotiations. No. Just one word, and one dirty word only..."QUEBEC".

      Quebec has become a rogue province, one that cannot be trusted. It is rotten to the core: a corrupt, unstable, potentially volatile region, unfortunately filled with a largely bitter and nasty population due to decades to brainwashing of one culture/race is superior to another. It is bad enough enticing companies to set up businesses and offices in this province, no one even wants to have any assets physically passing through it! I wouldn't want to have anything to do with this province long term, it makes as much sense as building your home on the rim of a stirring volcano.

      And speaking of assets in this province, my mother finally sold her home in Chomedey, Laval, after being in our family for nearly 40 years. Main reason she gave? She does not want to own any property or assets in this province any longer. Not wise, not safe. Understandably if things get any worse in this province, she would not want to be tied down and can just pick up and leave overnight. Sad it's come to this, but can't say I blame her. Or other property and business owners who abandon this sad excuse for a Canadian province.

    2. Apple IIGS: I hope the house fetched a good price.

    3. Mr. Sauga: Well, something within the ballpark of a fair price, but certainly not its true market value. When the Parti Quebecois regained power in September, the housing market took a hit. As a matter of fact, in the weeks leading up to the election MANY home buyers put their offers to purchase on hold (or even the thought of buying at all!) until after after the results.

      Honestly, the fact a separatist government came into power, even a toothless minority, caused her to lose a good $30,000 to $40,000 on the final price. Once they have a majority though, I expect a mini-crash of the housing market in'd be lucky to sell your house at all.

      Still sad though, it's the house I grew up in (I was only 2 years old when my parents bought it) and there are so many memories attached to it. I just have to let it go, much like everything else in this province; as mentioned, I plan to leave.

    4. This is the problem with the re-election of the PQ, and I think the housing market is going to get worse before it gets better. The "better" will be the defeat of the PQ, whenever that comes.

      When the PQ was last in power, i.e. the mid 1990s to the early 2000s, residential real estate just didn't move. I don't think it will come to that this time, unless the PQ wins another election and gets a majority mandate; nevertheless, there will be price suppression, and even worse decreases when interest rates start to go back up. Thankfully, not yet.

  12. Best of luck to NFLD. I hope their project takes off, and the Americans will start buying electricity from the Maritimes.

    1. Je crois que nous allons intervenir dans ce projet coûteux et compliqué qui n'a aucun sens,il est clair que les newfies ne possèdent aucune expertise en matière d'hydro-électricité.

    2. S.R.'s ignorance in energy and financial matters is palpable.

    3. Le mieux que les newfies étaient capables de faire avant de pomper du pétrole, c'était de pêcher des poissons.

      Entreprendre des activités de production d'hydro-électricité, de transport et de vente représente pour les newfies ce que représente la conquête de l'espace pour les Américains.

    4. Les Newfies ne sont pas reconnus comme un peuple de bâtisseurs,ils devront forcément laisser leur orgueil de côté et faire appel à l'expertise de nos ingénieurs spécialisés.Ce projet d'envergure risque de se transformer en catastrophe si ils essaient de le réaliser sans aide extérieure.

    5. The government of Newfoundland should hold back payment of the taxes it sends to Ottawa that would end up being forwarded to Quebec as equalization.

    6. How I love hearing SRYL calling Newfoundlanders "newfies" but going totally apeshit the minute terms like "Frenchie" "frog" or "hotdog eater" get slung around.

      Anyhow, SRYL, take John Krug's advice and please refrain from discussing these matters (the ones surrounding economy, trade and finance). You clearly spend more time absorbing Loft Story and Star Academie than you do the Wall Street Journal and the Globe & Mail.

      What I'm saying is, do yourself a favor and stop embarrasing's really sad to read and I'm sure when your son grows up and needs to rely on Google Translate to understand English he'll be pretty shocked to read your missives.

      BTW, for all those who doubt SRYL are the same person, just check the time stamps...barely ever more than 15 minutes between posts.

    7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. I am stunned that nobody commented on the video of the minister who is a shockingly out to lunch.
    Saying that the loan guarantee is costing taxpayers $900 million clearly defines her as a liar or a fool, or both.

    Talentless incompetent fools, dicking around with our lives.
    When the editor wrote that the PQ caucus was devoid of talent, he understated the problem.

    Remember that all these years whether PQ or Liberal Newfoundland has been dealing with the Francophone mind. I'm all right Jack, f@#k you. A closed mind is impossible to work with. When the industry started leaving Quebec they could not get Rene Levesque to see the amount of money it would cost us. He had only separation in mind at any cost. Imagine lost revenue on 100,000 jobs every year. It's staggering but Marois goes after the businesses and industries like they were our enemies. Ed

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYMonday, December 3, 2012 at 12:20:00 PM EST

      " It's staggering but Marois goes after the businesses and industries like they were our enemies."

      Bang on, sir.

      In a day & age where countries compete for jobs and economic opportunities, well, the geniuses in charge of la belle province do squat to make the Quebec corporate environment attractive.
      Quebec is sitting on proven nat gas and oil reserves that are latge enough to turn the entire province around. Pay off the debt, receive a better credit rating, lower taxes and open the doors for foreign investments and full employment. Somehow this common sense makes no sense to the powers to be in la vieille capitale.
      Too bad:(

      I only see my big brother about twice a year. He's been staying at a friend's place in Hamilton for quite a spell as he developed either bronchitis or pneumonia for several weeks. He came over for supper last week. After living his whole life in Montreal including a 32-year career in the Quebec parapublic service, he confessed he's getting fed up with Montreal, mostly because of the ever increasing taxes (esp. on his property) and what little value he's getting for his tax dollars. Unlike me, while he votes without fail in elections, he's pretty apolitical, again, unlike me.

      I found his confession a shock, a downright revelation! On the other hand, he was able to retire very young as is possible with the lucrative RREGOP pension benefits available to older public and parapublic servants. He goes to Florida for the winters now every year without fail. A few years ago he though he'd never do that, but I guess with age, the Quebec winters get tougher. He rents a house in Florida with his Hamilton friend every year, and they're planning to do this for sometime to come. I think spending more time in Ontario and Florida has opened his eyes as there is a better life to be had outside Quebec. Certainly my life partner feels this way and I told her that her eyes would open if she lived outside Quebec.

      She learned that lesson fast! She took to Ontario immediately, and has never had much of a desire to return to Montreal, even for visits (even though for family reasons we have had to). I have found good places for smoked meat and bagels in the Toronto area, so those missives are not the problem they used to be. Her children too don't miss Quebec one iota either.

      There was a related story about a couple that had a business in Toronto for 37 years, and they decided to move back after a 37 year hiatus. I won't be surprised if they leave Montreal again. By their own admission, it's not the same place they left, and once the political crap sets in along with the longer, harsher winters, I think they'll leave again. Oh, and the medical care will be worse too, a service they will increasingly depend on with age. Will they find a doctor? Unlikely, as there is a dire shortage of doctors in Montreal. I give it two years.

    3. I have a feeling that there will be a flood of houses for sale in Montreal next spring as many anglophones come to the same conclusion. The time to sell was last year..prices will likely drop 10 percent from last years levels due to the glut of houses.
      I have lived here 11 years and I am so sick and tired of the english french tensions..I cant imagine livng here an entire lifetime and putting up with the constant fighting. What bothers me even more though is the incredible level of corruption and incompetence in government in this province and in Montreal. Its breathtaking..I could never have imagined that there could be so much dishonesty and poor management anywhere in Canada. There is nothing even remotely closeo to this anywhere else in Canada.
      I could possibly seriously listen to arguments made about seperation being good but when I see how mismanaged everything is then it becomes a total farce. The provincial and municipal governments cant even manage a lemonade how could they possible run a country??
      Alberta I could see becoming independant..they ran a tight ship for many years..not so much now but still light years ahead of Quebec..they have proven that they can run their own ship and do very well..Quebec has proven the exact opposite. And yet even with these glaring faults there are still 30 percent of the population who think that seperation would be good..obviously totally brainwashed and delusional people who have very poor math skills.

    4. Because you've been here only 10 years is the reason why you don't understand the anger behind having our language exterminated by these language bigots and this has never really been your home as it has been ours, some of us for hundreds of years. Year after year, they have made it more and more difficult for anglophones and allophones to live our lives the way we want to without harassment from the militants in this place. 10 years is not long enough to understand how we feel about the rape of our language and our rights by the separatists. If you had lived here for the past 40 years, you would have a different view of the whole matter.

    5. Cutie - Yes you may very well be right. I was quite happy the first 2-3 years here..then bit by bit I noticed the constant fighting between the anglos and francos. Then the widespread corruption, dishonesty, poor work ethic, poor attitude in general of a lot of pepole here. It wears you down after awhile. Another 10 years of this and I might be as angry as you..I really dont know. I do know that I am seriously considering leaving this province because I just dont see how things get better before they get a lot worse. There are too many people who are totally out of touch with the real students, seperatists, government workers, politicians, etc.. that I just dont see much hope here. I sympathize with people like you who are stuck here because ideally this is not a welcome place for anglophones or anyone who is not a pur-laine quebecois..

    6. Yes complicated you now see how it is! Congratulations on the discovery that we are angry for good and legitimate reasons. If you have a choice, which I don't at the present time, go somewhere else in Canada that appreciates your attributes and your compassionate ways. This is not the place to be, at the present time, for a person who has a way out of the pressures involved in living here. Give me a lottery and I will be out also with friends and family right behind me and they can stick it where the sun don't shine even though that is exactly what they want from all of us. I hate living here any more because they make sure that we no longer feel "at home" even though it is, and was, our home for many, many years. They do not want anyone here that they don't deem pur laine so what's the point of trying to get along? We have to let those areas go that vote to go - I hope it happens within the next year or two so we can get on with our lives.

    7. Lets not get too carried away. Yes there is reason to be angry but maybe not for quite the same reasons. I am not so upset about the language situation here as I am about the corruption, poor management (especially fiscally), lunacy from the students and other special interest groups. Bill 101 in its current form I can live with..I understand and sympathize to some degree with francophones fight to preserve their language. But this fight is being carried too far with the PQ and some zealots..there are more important issues than the chronic whining about language. We need to really once and for all clean up the waste, corruption and union-centric province.
      I dont hold up much hope that this is indeed possible wihtout a Greek style crisis..the CAQ has offered some hope on tackling these issues but not convinced even they can do it. Partition is a fairy tale which wont happen before everything falls apart.

    8. It may fall apart first but partition will happen if they keep pushing and pushing. There are far too many federalists in the province for anything but partition and Canada will be there to back up their citizens - there will be no choice in the matter. When it happens (probably not in my lifetime) the seps will be forced to accept it because it will be done democratically - either by municipality or Federal District but it will be done. My advice to you remains as above, don't stress yourself out by staying here if you don't have to.

  15. I wonder if Quebec will back down. That tunnel will mean an end to their monopoly for transmission. Eventually the Churchill Falls deal will end as well and Quebec will not get transmission tariffs either. Common sense indicated Quebec should make a fair deal with Newfoundland and also offer the maritime provinces access to the Quebec transmission network. It would be in everyones interest. I don't fault Newfoundland for not trusting Quebec. Also there is much work on the hydroelectric projects that Hydro Quebec and other Quebec companies can get a piece of. I have a feeling at the last possible minute Quebec will back down and offer the Quebec Electricity transmission network at more favorable terms to Newfoundland.

  16. As far as I'm concerned, Quebec has treated Newfoundland Labrador, more Labrador as it's own colony. Even the recent Plan Nord graphic had Labrador within the graphics' borders. Quebec even has a electoral seat which overlaps into Labrador. Just look at a Quebec election map, and you'll notice a very different border when it comes to Newfoundland Labrador. Quebec has used Hydro-Quebec as a colonizing entity to control Labrador. Much in the same way the British used the Hudson's Bay Company hundreds of years ago to control parts of North America.

    Newfoundland Labrador needs to stand up to Quebec, and get the politics of Quebec out off its territory. Removing Hydro-Quebec is a first step. And getting this new electrical line from Newfoundland Labrador to Maine is the best option not only for Newfoundland Labrador, but all the Atlantic provinces. Quebec politics puts Quebec first, and the rest of Canada as a very second. Canada only matters when Quebec wants more power and money. The rest of the time Canada is a enemy.

    The best advice I can give the government of Newfoundland Labrador is to get somebody in government assigned with translating what both the Quebec government and the Quebec media says about Newfoundland Labrador. That alone will tell you what they think of you.

    To UN GARS - Let me iterate this is not Quebecistan, it is Quebec. It is beautiful country with good people that are going through a rough time due to nefarious leaders elected through ignorance of a low educated populace. When these people are turned around Quebec will thrive again. We do not need out of towners like you running down our home.
    APPLE IIGS - How dare you use the term 'nasty population' when you say rotten to the core. You are talking about us. WE ARE THE CORE.
    When WE speak of corruption we refer to the government. We do not slander innocent people.
    Neither fo you live here so stop telling people to leave, we do not need your discouragement.
    Those like Cutie and myself have the guts to stay here and fight for improvement. We do not run to safety and throw stones from another world. Ed

    1. Mr. Brown,

      Let me iterate this is not Quebecistan, it is Quebec. It is beautiful country with good people...

      Quebec is (still) not a country (yet).

    2. Ed, I'm under the impression you're getting up in years, so the chances of your seeing improvements is not good. I don't think I'll see improvements either, but I left Quebec for good when I was 26 years old as I felt I would have had to at least double my efforts to succeed in Quebec as opposed to Ontario. I've now lived a little more than half my life in Ontario, certainly the majority of my adult life, and as time goes by, all the fears I had when I left Quebec are unfolding.

      Over time comme ci comme ça French is no longer acceptable. Interim Mayor Michael Applebaum is facing criticism for his heavily accented French. While Reed Scowen wrote in his book that Anglos born pre-bill 22 would be entitled to live out their lives in English, this is becoming less so with RAMQ and other government agencies refusing to deal with Anglophones in English unless communication in French is impossible (and sometimes even then). The city transit company as well is showing increased hostility towards English as well, and this will continue to catch fire in other public companies.

      Trying to fight for improvement in Quebec is like trying to hold back a tidal wave with a shovel. Too much of the minority population is complacent, and so the probablility of change is slim, certainly within your lifetime and mine.

    3. Unfortunately Mr. Sauga you may be right. Trying to mobilize the minorities in this province is very difficult as no one wants to cause any problems for these xenophobes. Unfortunately, they seem to think living under this repressive regime is OK and until they are personally affected somehow, they will remain untouched by the extremists that reside here. We would probably be OK and manage somehow if we did not have the likes of IF, SJBS shit disturbing all the time. It's these militants that have caused all the problems. I wish we had militant groups like that fighting for our rights - If they exist, I haven't found them. Looking back I now wish that I had backed Galganov and Bill Johnson but I never saw this coming - naive as I was. I figured we'd live and let live but that's not how it's turned out. I will do what I can while I can and hope for the best.

  18. FYI Mr. Ed Brown Cutie is racist.
    Nice of you to associate yourself with her. Very revealing actually:)
    BTW yes it is QUEBEKISTAN. So funny that you can't see how bad you have it there.
    Do not get me wrong. I am a french speaking born in Quebec city quebecois. However I left because socialism and xenophobia, for me, sir well, we just do not get along.
    Alberta makes so much $en$e.

  19. Don't you call me a racist you ignoramus. We are fighting for our rights as Canadian citizens in our own country and you are calling us names for standing up for ourselves. We do know how bad we have it here and are trying to fight the damn xenophobia - that's what we are fighting about. Go away and leave us alone if you can't offer any better advice than to leave. Thank you Ed - boy, some people have nerve!

    1. "...for standing up for ourselves..."

      Sauf que vous récoltez l'effet inverse,je n'ai jamais autant détesté les angryphones depuis que ce bloque existe.En passant,je sais faire la différence entre un angryphone raciste et un Anglo-Québécois progressiste.

    2. Support from the separatist voters has always been anti-anglophone so don't give me any BS about not hating anglos before you came to this blog you xenophobe. Do you honestly think that any federalist has sympathy for the way you people exterminate the english language from every sphere of life in this province and never shut up about how you are afraid of losing your language? What a two-faced bunch of traitors. Every other province tries to promote both languages but not you idiots. God it never ends, whine, whine, whine,,,,,,,,,,,and, by the way, it's you people that created this cold war, not the anglophones so don't forget it!

    3. Inutile de vous énerver,tout le monde sur ce blogue ont compris que c'est les personnes de votre espèce qui sont les racistes xénophobes : Vivant sur un territoire officiellement francophone mais refusant obstinément de communiquer en français.Heureusement que vous ne représentez pas la majorité anglo-Québécoise qui s'adapte de plus en plus à notre société.Vous êtes une espèce en voie d'extinction cutie.Point à la ligne.

    4. French territory my ass. This is Canadian territory and you are the minority and refuse to communicate in english because you are ignorant and not because you can't. That's a major difference.

    5. "French territory my ass"

      Nous possédons un grand territoire mais pas à ce point :)

    6. The only territory you will have is what portions you vote out - the faster the better!

  20. The people that you name "Newfies" are very bright and intelligent. The project have been under construction for a very long time.

    Fact is, many people from the East Coast, we don't give a damn about Quebec province. Quebec is not part of the big picture. You decided to betrayed the Canadian country, now is time to pay. Live happily as a country of your own, but leave us alone. Leave the spirit of this country intact and go do the fool play someplace else.

    The Churchill project is there to create richness for the Maritime provinces. It hasn't been planned to pass on Quebec territory. Your f bunch of clowns, you won't be getting anything out of this!

    Revenge has come.

    1. "Newfies" are very bright and intelligent.

      Pas si intelligents si on regarde le trajet des lignes électriques de leur projet,un détour qui va coûter combien à l'ensemble des citoyens Québécois et canadiens?

    2. He made it very clear that they don't give a damn about you separatists and I hope he's right. It's time you voted yourselves out of here and/or we do it for you. You don't want to live with us, live without us. We no longer care how you feel or think about anything and I don't care how we partition this place but areas that want to go have to be allowed to live without the rest of us. On with a vote to partition this place!

    Troy, How typically you read half a post and miscomment on it. I did not say Quebec is A beautiful country. I said Quebec is beautiful country because it is, If you open your eyes and look around you can't miss it. The Laurentian mountains are totally flora, not full of rocks and pine trees like the Rockies. Alberta and B.C. mountains are awesome but will never compare with the beauty of Quebec. I repeat Quebec is beautiful country. Ed

    1. To Ed,

      There are plenty of pine trees and other conifers in the Laurentians and a lot of rocks too. They're part of the Canadian Shield after all. While I agree that the Laurentian hills are beautiful, I don't think they can compare to the Rocky Mountains, which are far more striking and majestic.

    U I left because socialism and xenophobia, I am sorry to hear you had to leave because you were Zenophobic. It is hard to socialize when you have that condition. I am glad you chose Alberta since they seem to have a lot of Zenophobics there so you will have company, maybe even learn to socialize.
    Good luck. Ed

  23. Why would you suggest, U, that Ed and Cutie are "racist"? Because they disagree with you politically? What a ridiculous claim.

    And everyone stop telling people to leave the province if they don't like the way things are. It's ridiculous to think that simply voting with one's feet will make everyone's life easier. Maybe it did for you, but whether you understand it or not, Quebec is a home, and moving away from one's home is not the choice everyone wants to make. People should be able to live inside or outside of Quebec whenever they feel like it, without being subjected to judgement.

    Mr. SAUGA, I think when the Liberals are back in the government seats they will make a deal with NF.
    They haven't in the past because there was no need. When they see the new proposition, they will realize that Qc. could be on the losing end. I have a feeling the election will come in the spring. In the meantime the best we can do is your suggestion that we get letters to the media outside Quebec. This is what Cutie is doing but the anglo trolls who are only there to be belligerent call her racist because it pleases them to anger her and for no other reason. They bash Quebec with every sarcastic
    phrase they can come up with. It matters not to them that their animosity is directed at the homes and people we love. Most do not even live in this province. Their intelligence belongs on CL 'rants and raves'. Anyway, I spend my time sending emails to news agencies (63 so far) and if we could get some who write well in French to write to the French papers (even the rags, whatever French people read) we might be able to educate a few Francophones who would vote with us next time. Unfortunately,
    most bloggers don't want to act, they just want to talk about it. (I hear ya, Howard.) Ed

    MR.SAUGA, PS I'm glad you found happiness out of QC.but it not so easy for others. My beloved grandchildren are here. I would not think of leaving my family. My other two kids are in B.C. for fourty years now. As a long distance driver I did not get to see my own grow up. When my children were having a birthday I was often in a Kenworth somewhere, hundred of miles away earning money to buy a house and educate the kids.
    Since my son and his wife both worked I raised their two as tots living with them.
    My heart is here and it is happy here. in spite of the disgruntled anglotrolls who to tell me to move. Ed

    1. Unfortunately, my marriage ended not too long after my son was born so I know what feeling like the outsider parent is all about. At least you're now getting your chance to do what you missed initially and I'm sure your kids are welcoming your input. Since your grandkids are now the lion's share of your world, I guess that makes it easy to tune out the political B.S. in Quebec.

      Enjoy life, and continue to keep Quebec in the background. I was just starting out on my own when I left. Different time, different place.

  26. Pathetic re-defined:

    Where do I even begin with this?

    1. another Reason why Radio-Canada should be privatized.. Canadian taxpayer dollars should not be funding ignorant Seppies...... They want this garbage then let them pay for it.....

    2. Agreed! Another petition is needed to get rid of our monetary obligations to Radio Canada in quebec - they are always pandering to the separatists and taking money out of our pockets to do it.

    3. LoT, it's a great idea, however it won't accomplish much, unfortunately. There will be tons of federal money pumped into it, like with anything, even remotely tied to 'culture'.

  27. Ho canada

    Séparons-nous de ces imbéciles le plus tôt possible

    1. Vous êtes une honte au niveau international...Vous êtes perçus comme étant de réels attardés.

    2. Funny, I feel the same about you........ but I wouldn't resort to insulting the mentally handicapped......

  28. You know they're not too bright if they think they would be immune to climate change if they separated from Canada considering they're right in the middle of it. Stupid is as stupid does.

    1. Votre niveau de français est impressionnant.La majorité des Québécois ne veulent pas être associés à la politique canadienne en matière environnementale...Entre autres.

      EDITOR, I agree that it would be costly but at least it would open up another power grid.
      too much energy controlled by one group of people here in N.A. is not a good thing. Ed

  29. Of course not - you think that you can control the climate over quebec if you leave Canada? Dream on. The air, or lack of it, will be the same no matter if you're part of Canada or not. You just don't want to have to pay for any change - you want everyone else to support it through their money, not yours. Blood sucking society that you people are - As I said "stupid is as stupid does"

  30. Hors propos mais...

    Est-ce que la disparition des "twinkies" affecte l'humeur de certains canadiens?Pourquoi ce produit chimique industriel n'était pas distribué au Québec?

  31. To the Feds - If Miss Pee proposes changes to Bill 101 this week, we should all make a concerted effort to boycott products made in quebec. I'm going to and will suggest this to all who will listen. We have to start hitting them in the pocketbook to get our point across.

  32. The comments on this particular post suck.

      cUTIE, Boycotting Quebec products would only hurt Quebec manufacturers and workers. not the government. We should try to find another track. Ed

    2. The news just came in yesterday about the pregnancy of Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. So I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate S.R, his alter-ego Y.L, and Michel Patrice on the conception of their future monarch, whose realm will include the provincial territory of Quebec. :)

    3. "The comments on this particular post suck. "


      SRYL keeps prodding Cutie and she keeps going after the bait.

      Here let me sum the whole conversation up in one quick swoop:

      1. Newfoundlanders have more to offer than any sovereignist
      2. Quebec swindled NFLD out of its own energy
      3. Quebec MUST recognize its need to exploit its resources or face imminent collapse, with or without Canada
      4. S.R & Y.L are the same person
      5. Twinkies, not matter who you are and what culture you belong to are seriously bad for you

      Happy everyone?

    4. Durham,

      Catherine Middleton is pregnant. Poor Charles, grand father and still wainting to be king...

      How did you feel about prince William's speech in Québec City when he called us "vous, québécois"?

    5. To Foremost and Resident Evil - Sorry guys - sometimes they just piss me off and I have to respond - will try to curtail my anger in the future but it's difficult when they leave so much opportunity to whack them!

    6. Hi Ed: Disagree = hurting the manufacturers hurt the government in that they don't get back the same amount of tax revenue that they use against us all the time. Agree that it could hurt the workers but aren't they part of the problem? Just saying.

    7. Michel Patrice, do you not have a better way to spend your time than to analyze the speeches of Prince William?

      Why not instead spend time improving your English by practising with your daughter who is attending an elite school where she studies in English, just like Bourassa and Parizeau did, while the rest of the suckers go to French only school thanks, according to your sovereigntist view of history, to a vote in 1976?

    8. Prince William reconnait le Québec comme Nation?Wow!Je suis agréablement surpris.

      Bravo Willy!

    9. Hi Mr Krug,

      My daughter doesn't attend what I would call an elite school. She attends a regular public school in which a "programme d'études internationales" is available. Many public schools offer this kind of program and the "rest of the suckers" can enroll in this program too if they feel like it. Those who do not opt for such a program will not have spanish classes or have as much english, but they will nevertheless have english classes.

      Unlike what you think, second (and third) language learning isn't forbidden. Quite the contrary, it is promoted.

    10. M. Patrice,

      How did you feel about prince William's speech in Québec City when he called us "vous, québécois"?

      For me, it is as if he was here in Toronto and said, "You, Ontarians." It means he greets the people of the province using their demonym.

  33. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, December 4, 2012 at 4:35:00 PM EST

    S.R. and his friends trample the Canadian flag:

    1. Québécor ont enfin réussi à rendre intéressant leur simili-fox news.En regardant rapidement les premières images,je croyais qu'il s'agissait du costume du père Noël.

  34. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, December 4, 2012 at 6:46:00 PM EST

    Non S.R. c'etait des gens comme toi, et non le pere noel. Tout comme toi ils se sont caches la figure pour ne pas etre identifies... pas de couilles ces "patriotes" quebecois.

    1. Nous avons suivi les conseils (de bande) des mohawks.Auriez-vous les couilles pour aller leur dire la même chose les yeux dans les yeux (Ça me rappelle une certaine image)?
      Combien de feddies dans les rues de la ville dernièrement afin de défendre leur drapeau?30,40?

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, December 4, 2012 at 7:39:00 PM EST

      Pas grave ti-coune.
      Ces patriotes quebecois sont des laches.
      Ils ont manque de respect envers le drapeau national des canadiens. Ton drapeau, SR.
      De vrais cons et c'est le fun car ces cons sont des separeux, comme toi, donc t'es un con.

    3. J'ai du mal à concevoir qu'une institution telle que les HEC accorde des diplômes aux illettrés.

    4. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, December 4, 2012 at 8:35:00 PM EST

      Pas fort comme come back, mon drop out.
      Tes patriotes quebecois sont des imbeciles.
      A tous les jours que tu vis, tu est au CANADA.
      Tu es canadien.

    5. Et pour les calgarians,tu es et restera à jamais un frenchie Québécois,de surcroît originaire de Québec (le village du bonhomme carnaval):Plus frenchie que ça...

  35. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, December 4, 2012 at 6:54:00 PM EST

    Quality of life:
    Montreal way behind Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa.

    I wonder how much corruption was into consideration.

    1. Fort relatif à votre niveau de culture,certains même ne jurent que par mississauga,c'est tout dire :)

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, December 4, 2012 at 7:42:00 PM EST

      Et pas grand monde jure que par Montreal, c'est tout dire:)

      "Fort relatif à votre niveau de culture"
      Au moins ma culture n'est pas subventionnee comme TA culture.

      Montreal est en ruine, des routes toutes defaits, l'echangeur Turcot en miette, un maire corrompu, c'est vraiment beau ta ville.
      Montreal= Port au Prince Nord

    3. Continue à prendre tes informations chez Fox et Sun news et reviens nous donner des leçons au sujet du brainwashing...Pathétique.

      Montréal est (peut-être) en ruine mais cette ville a une âme contrairement à "Call Gary" capitale nationale du "pick up truck" et du mauvais goût.

  36. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, December 4, 2012 at 8:29:00 PM EST

    Ta perception des choses et evenements est bien enfantin.
    Sun News c'est PK Peladeau, un bon petit quebecois comme toi.
    Je prends mes info de La Presse "le plus grand quotidien francais d'amerique".
    Montreal a aucune ame. C'est la ville de la corruption.
    C'est la ville des grevistes et la ville qui est la plus anti business en Amerique.
    Montreal est une ville de B.S. Montreal avec ses rues toutes detruites, ses ponts croulants et son manque de fonds, son stade olympique qui perd des morceaux est la capitale du mauvais gout.
    Montreal est la capitale des taxes, des chauffeurs de taxis trou du cul, des embouteillages, des dechets partout, des mafieux, des putes partout, le paradis de la drogue, des telemarketers frauduleux, Montreal a les prix de l'essence les plus eleves en amerique, un taux de chomage eleve, des Bougons partout, des enverdeurs...
    Toronto est la capitale culturelle et financiere du Canada.
    La seule culture a Montreal est la culture de la corruption, celle des subventions, des unions et des taxes.
    Ca parait que t'es jamais surti du Quebec pour croire que c'est le nombril du monde!!!
    Les seuls gens qui visitent en touristes sont des francais tres chiants, qui par ailleurs detestent les quebecois. Vous n'avez aucuns peuple qui aime le quebec.

    1. Quelle rancoeur,un vrai petit M.Sauga :)

    2. I couldnt have said it much better myself. After living most of my life in western Canada and having visited much of the USA and even much of Europe I have to admit that Montreal compares very poorly. At least in France the food is fantastic, the people in general friendlier and more polite, and the work ethic much better and a hell of a health care system too.
      Montreal is a disaster..a city crumbling and a cesspool of much of the worst traits of humanity and most people here just shrug their shoulders and try to get their piece of the corrupt pie..

    3. Malgré tout,la population anglo ne cesse d'augmenter...Des explications?

    To a guy very simple from Calgary. If you want to converse in French with the troll. Do it on another site. We are asked to remember this is an English site about Anglos. Find someone in Calgary that wants to hear your bullshit. We need posts that are informative and helpful. Ed

    1. actually ED I find their tete a tete quite entertaining.... secondly the SR's of Quebec would not take any of Calgary's valid points from any Quebec Anglo/ethnic anyhow... The SR's are so ethnocentrique , that they would rather accept other French Canadians calling them "Village idiots" then an Anglo or Neo -Quebecer level the same insult.. Only your brother can tell you the truth.... then a stranger....

    2. Perfectly fine responding to S.R. Very enjoyable seeing people expose his inanities.

  38. The editor writes:

    "Why on Earth would Hydro-Quebec allow Newfoundland to use their transmission lines to get a competing product to market? If you owned a fruit store, would you allow a competitor access to your shelves to sell his apples?"

    That's not the whole story.

    Under the constitution (in place at the time and BEFORE the provisions on provincial control on energy were put in the constitution by Trudeau in '82), this was a matter of federal jurisdiction as it concerned matters that crossed provincial borders. But Ottawa -- ever the practical one when it came to Quebec with 10 times the population of Newfoundland and 10 times the MPs -- refused to get involved.

    Yes, Joey was an idiot for not indexing the price of electricity sold to inflation (Newfoundland sells it to Quebec for about 0.2 cents per kilowatt hour) and Joey was even MORE stupid for tagging an extra 20 years on to the deal (Quebec didn't ask for it; Joey gave it to them).

    But the whole question of Churchill Falls and how much Quebec gets and how much Newfoundland doesn't get may be moot. Why? Equalization. If Newfoundland GOT the $1.5 billion a year, they'd get less in equalization (at least in those years that they qualified for it); and Quebec would get that much more.

    So it's all an accounting slight-of-hand in the end.

  39. Ah, the hold hateful Joey Smallwood french-hating demons of Newfie…

    When Newfoundland wanted to develop Churchill Falls, the only people who had the expertise to do so was Québec. This is why Newfoundland could not get any financing at all, not in Bay Street, not in Wall Street.

    But when Québec offered to develop Churchill Falls, Wall Street, as usual, rolled-out the red carpet (Hydro Québec is Wall Street's darling. And why shouldn't it be, with it's green, sustainable power generation facilities that, unlike nuke or coal plants, can be shut down or restarted instantly to meet demand, and it's pristine infrastructure, down to each power pole???) treatment, and supplied the dough.

    If it's normal for an english company to get a fair return on it's investment, why shouldn't it be normal for a french company to do so???