Friday, November 30, 2012

French versus English Volume 69

PQ minster drummed out of office, humiliating Pauline in the process.

Bon débarras!

Back in September, when Pauline Marois first named her cabinet, I told you that Daniel Breton, the new environment minister was lying to the public in claiming that he had no association with a certain environmental group.
"In another case of skeletons in the closet, Minister of the Environment Daniel Breton denied being a member of the lobby group 'Sortons le Québec du nucléaire' despite his name being listed as being a member of the advisory board on the group's website.

Within hours of the controversy, his name was removed from the website, but not before I grabbed a
Before/After screen shot."
Read the post
At any rate, it seems that the little tidbit above, isn't the only thing Mr. Breton lied about, his past indiscretions were exposed by the media who did a little checking on their own, discovering a litany of past offences.
"According to newspaper reports Breton has a string of criminal convictions dating to 1988 for defrauding the unemployment insurance system, and as recently as 2007 was fined $400 by Revenue Quebec. La Presse also reported that Breton was convicted in 1997 for driving without a license.
Meanwhile TVA reported that Breton was evicted from his apartments in 2005 and 2009 for non-payment of rent. Photographs from his landlord show hundreds of empty bottles of wine left in the apartment Breton was forced to leave."
Read the rest of the story
One of his speeding tickets was for driving 275 kph on Highway 401 in a Porsche, which is a bit strange for an environmentalist.
What I'd like to know, is what kind of person who can get his hands on a Porsche, lives in a $450 apartment and gets evicted for non-payment of rent?
By the way, he was also convicted of driving with a suspended license after losing it because of numerous driving infractions.
And lastly, what does it say about an Environment Minister who doesn't recycle 500 beer and wine bottles, leaving them to the landlord to deal with upon his eviction.
Come to think of it, what kind of pig accumulates 500 empty booze bottles in an apartment?

It didn't take long for Breton to become the butt of many a joke.

Mr. Breton's resignation sparked opposition charges of incompetence, after Pauline first defended Mr. Breton, her communications director assuring reporters that she was well aware of his past.

That changed the next day when Marois threw him under the bus, claiming that she really didn't know about his past.
When reporters asked about the contradiction between her statement and that of her communication director, Marois brushed it aside saying that her aide 'thought' Marois knew about the past. Ha!
Perhaps it was all a dream, like the reappearance of Bobby Ewing on 'Dallas'

Now questions are being raised over the vetting process, after all, candidates are supposed to be screened by the party before they are even allowed to run for office. Also on the hot seat is the provincial police, the SQ who are also supposed to vet potential cabinet ministers, lest they embarrass the government with past foibles.

One thing I can tell you, this could never happen in the Liberal party where potential candidates are given a thorough vetting, which includes voluntary disclosure about criminal convictions, lawsuits past and pending, unpaid debts, alimony payments, investments, etc. etc. The courts are also consulted for convictions and lawsuits and a credit check is performed.

As for Mr. Breton, the most cursory of investigations would indicate that he is defiantly R9 material, so don't be surprised if other stories emerge about other unpaid debts or obligations in the near future.
It's my experience that deadbeats cast a wide shadow. 

Quebec Crime Commission embarrasses itself

Joël Gauthier, reputation besmirched by crime commission
It seems that the Charbonneau Commission, charged with exposing crime in Quebec's construction industry has run up against a brick wall, out of witnesses and plagued by a spate of key resignations.

And so France Charbonneau put the commission on hiatus until the end of January in order to develop witnesses and lines of attack.

That being said, the last witness heard was a doozy, an investigator for the commission itself, whose testimony has brought down a  firestorm of criticism because it may have besmirched the reputation of some innocent people.

The commission investigator read into the record a bunch of names, people who had met at the hitherto hoity-toity and very private Club 357c in Montreal. The list of names was developed from the log book of the club, which notes the time, date and participants of anyone meeting or dining at the club.
Some of those meetings interested investigators, who suspected that the participants weren't discussing the Beef Wellington, but rather matters of corruption.
Certainly the majority of meetings, like that between city of Montreal employees and indicted construction magnate Frank Catania were suspect, but others not so much.

The main criterion for having a meeting flagged by investigators is that one of the participants be someone that the commission has strong feelings about and that the other be related to the construction industry or government.

Now this investigative method is a valid tool, but should never be entered as testimony unless the corruption link is confirmed with other evidence.

This was not the case and the commission in effect, read names into the record without having any other evidence as to the nature of those meetings.

Club 357c
Now one person so-named, Joël Gauthier, the ex-president of the AMT, a regional transportation agency was livid at the cavalier manner in which he was outed for his meeting with the infamous Frank Catania. Link{Fr}
Mr. Gauthier went on the offensive appearing on all the news channels to defend his good name and offer his side of the story.
Mr. Gauthier claimed that the meetings were 100% kosher, an effort to settle out of court, a case where Catania was suing the AMT, the agency he ran, over a piece of land.
The fact that no settlement was achieved and that the case proceeded, more or else proves Mr. Gauthier's contention that he wasn't being paid off.

An ex-minister in the Charest government,  Line Beauchamp, was so upset with being named by the commission that she was brought to tears in a radio interview, defending her honour.

    If you don't speak French scroll to the last 30 seconds of the interview where she breaks down and cries.   Read the story

After the list of names was read into the record, a bunch of politicians, from all parties, including Pauline Marois were quick to go public with the information that they too had meetings in the club.

It seems that the good will the commission fostered is gone with the media treating the Commission harshly for it's McCarthy-like 'guilt by association' tactics.

As for the exclusive 357c club itself, it's likely to become a lot more exclusive in the future, after all, what public figure or businessperson of good reputation, would want to be caught dead in it.
Perhaps Mr Catania will resign his membership, advising the club of his decision using the old Groucho Marx quotation;
At any rate, what is glaringly obvious is that the Commission has not made any headway in linking the former Premier Charest's government with corruption.
Perhaps there is no headway to be had.

It isn't a case of saving the best for last, the commission has admitted that its cupboard is bare.
Perhaps it's time to pack it in?

PQ backs off election promises

Fearing a parliamentary debacle, the PQ is backing off almost every election promise it made.
First it was the Health tax that was off and then back on again and now we are hearing that the PQ will shelve plans to increase mining royalties.

As for applying Bill 101 to cegeps and daycare, thus barring allophones from attending, both those projects are off the table.

Concerning Pauline's plan to use the Caisse de dépôt  (Quebec's public  pension fund manager) for political purposes;
"As Premier Pauline Marois was setting out an ambitious blueprint for Quebec's economy Friday, two major bond-rating agencies issued a warning over one of her election promises.
 As outlined in its election platform, the newly-elected Parti Quebecois government may seek to broaden the Caisse's mandate to further contribute to the development of Quebec's economy and enterprises, which could test the independence of the Caisse."
I guess that plan is also out the window.

The PQ government has also backtracked on the proposal to withdraw funding for private schools if they fail to accept an increased amount of students with learning difficulties.

And of course its plan to remove the Canadian flag from Parliament also fell by the wayside.

So far the PQ has actually achieved nothing, except bringing in a budget that raised taxes. Well-done!

The company you keep

Another contest eligibility rules for "The BARE The Adventure Contest"
Take a look at the company we keep... sheesh!
"ELIGIBILITY: The Contest is open only to individuals who are eighteen (18) years or older at time of entry and scuba certified (must provide copy of certification card). Excluding residents of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, the province of Quebec, Sudan, Syria, and any other jurisdiction where this contest is prohibited.  Employees of Bonnier Corporation and its parent companies, subsidiaries or agents, their immediate families (defined as parents, children, siblings, spouse and grandparents) and those domiciled with any of the foregoing are not eligible." Link   (thanks to David for the link)

French dominates at small companies

"New studies on the language of work in Quebec suggest a Parti Québécois proposal to extend francisation rules to businesses with less than 50 employees, to protect Quebec’s official language, might be unnecessary.
A study based on polling of 4,357 Quebec residents from January to May 2010 by Léger Marketing found that companies with less than 50 employees “generally operate exclusively in French.”
The study found that for companies with 50 employees or more, which are required to have a francisation certificate attesting they operate in French, 86 per cent used French most of the time; while at companies with fewer than 50 employees, not regulated by Bill 101, 88 per cent spoke French most of the time." Link

Bits'n Pieces

The OQLF doesn't like the term"Vélo boulevard" because it is a direct translation of "Bicycle Boulevard" used widely in the USA.
It wants a new Quebec-made French term... Link{Fr}


"Adam van Koeverden found himself up a creek without a paddle after overreacting to his McMaster Marauders getting spanked on the football field.
Everyone who uses social media has posted, Tweeted something regrettable. Like a lot of people in Southern Ontario, the four-time Olympic kayak medallist got swept up in cheering for McMaster, his alma mater, to defend its Vanier Cup title against the colossus Laval Rouge et Or. " Link

Here's another picture, shot at that same football championship game.

Gilles Duceppe was cleared of any legal responsibility by the House of Commons after an investigation was launched over paying his Bloc  Quebecois political staff out of his office budget.
While the committee found his behaviour unethical, there was nothing in the rules against the practice, which will henceforth be banned.
A beaming Duceppe told a reporter in an interview that "everything that is not illegal, is legal!"
Talk about "Two Solitudes," look how the French media and the English media covered the story
"Former Bloc leader misused House resources, secretive Commons board says"  Globe and Mail
"Gilles Duceppe blanchi"  Journal de Quebec

Here is what a Quebec 'Subway" shop claims, (as the sign says)  is a "HEALTHY BREAKFAST"

"Un poutine avec ça, Madame?" 

IT seems that TVA, Quebec's most popular TV network has climbed on the bandwagon in claiming that proper names that sound English, are illegal without descriptors. For Shame!

Talk about irony,  Eric Lindros married a francophone Quebecer and had the wedding ceremony in Montreal.

"Lindros is probably the most hated athlete in Quebec City after refusing to play for the Nordiques after they selected him with the No. 1 overall pick at the 1991 NHL entry draft."  Link .



You heard it here first.

Remember the story of Officer 728, who was suspended after a video was released showing her abusing a couple of musicians in the Plateau neighbourhood in Montreal,  a short while back?  Link

Well, the police never dropped the phoney-baloney charges against them, no doubt to hold it over them in exchange for not suing the heck out of the Montreal police.

The intimidation didn't work and the four have secured the services of one of Montreal's best and most expensive criminal lawyers, who is none too amused by the police shenanigans.

He is planning a major attack against the police case next week, I was promised a blockbuster announcement.

Have a very good weekend !
Bon fin de semaine!


  1. Boycott TVA. Those punks shouldn't be advocating this racist descriptor garbage. If my last name is Johnson, and I decide to call my company Johnson, I need a descriptor, but apparently if my last name is Tremblay, it's not necessary at all. Racist is the correct word.

    I hate politically biased media.

    1. Boy, EDM, you're in the wrong weed patch!

  2. Lindros marrying a Québécoise...ain't that a kick in the head! Serendipity gone wild!

    Hopefully smaller businesses will be left alone after all, but I'm skeptical.

    I remember your capturing Daniel Breton's name on that list before then after it was removed. Good catch, and it looks like it has come back to bite him in the ass!

    Sorry, gang, no diatribes at this time, but there are always respondents to rock the boat.

    Contributors, please ignore S.R. et al.

    1. Consult a Latin dictionary.

    2. They were married here in Montreal, but live in T.O. btw, my friends were at the wedding last weekend :)

  3. Dear Mr. Editor... C'mon, tell me you weren't writing and laughing the whole time you were typing up the bit on Daniel Breton!!!


    The PQ are such a bunch of low lifes...

  4. If Breton is hungry, he can always eat a portion of the biggest poutine ever made.

  5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYFriday, November 30, 2012 at 6:24:00 AM EST

    It matters not anymore for Quebekistan.
    No need for specific event, rule, law,Pauline, personnalities, etc. Quebec did it to itself.
    Quebec is now on a downward spiral towards a morally and economically bankrupt society.
    They are truly distinct. Quebec's reputation abroad is not good at this time; this will inevitably lead to less foreign investments. Socialism leads to a society's ruin...
    Bottom line: if you thought things in Quebec are not good right now, well, it's gonna get a whole lot uglier soon.
    Whoever live in Quebekistan - regardless of franco or anglo - should seriously consider leaving.

  6. I still can't understand why Daniel Breton didn't leave the Assembly, other than the fact that he can't part ways with his $100K salary.

    And of course, Pauline Marois went back on her word for the 31st time in two months and kept Breton on board, despite tarnishing the validity of her campaign and almost assuring she will crash and burn in the next election.

  7. I wonder if Cyrille the Spoonman that plays in front of Ogilvys' downtown wouldn't mind becoming a Parti Quebecois minister, I don't think he can do any worst.

    Like Orange Julep Cyrille is also a Montreal Landmark and like Julep they tried to get rid of him but he is still around.

    I think he is still around because there were listed youtube videos from even 2011.

  8. Driving without a license, a $400 fine by Revenue Quebec, non-payment of rent, leaving behind a stack of wine bottles, working while on EI, bullying independent agencies. Crimes of the century.

    Amazing what nonsense they'll dig up on you if you try to get in the way of profits.

    New rule: environment ministers will henceforth be chosen by Canadian Oil Sands Limited. That way, only upstanding citizens will ascend to the post.

    1. adski,

      You do realize that with that kind of dirty laundry one may not likely pass the background check normally done by companies for their recruitment, do you not?

    2. Many companies also require credit checks just to get a job. It wouldn't have been so bad had Breton not been so anti oil sands, when he use to floor it on the highway and burns up all that extra fuel.

    3. "You do realize that with that kind of dirty laundry one may not likely pass the background check normally done by companies for their recruitment, do you not?"

      That's why I said: only upstanding citizens will ascend to the post.

      Pierre Duhaime should apply.

    4. Oh, come Adski! Digging up dirt is the way of the media, always has been, always will be. This is why the National Enquirer, E! Talk, Entertainment Tonight and other shows and tabloids exist. How about that one in the U.K. that went bankrupt last year for going much too far?

      Nevertheless, this Breton clown is a dirt bag. Maybe he didn't commit major crimes, but he commited a string of petty crimes. Fraud is fraud, and this douche bag has a pathology.

      The Mayor of Toronto was deposed for influence peddling for just over $3000, a rather petty amount, but he was advised on six occasions what he was doing was a conflict of interest and he chose to ignore the advice. He was talking on his cell phone while driving, and that's against the Ontario Highway Act, i.e., it's against the law! He knew it, but chose to break the law.

      If these guys made a slip-up, that's one thing, but both have developed a pathology for ignoring the law. They both know right from wrong, and if they don't, they should be put out of politics. They're not major crimes, but both seem to be the type that like to test the limits. Being in politics (even if not), they're bold and cocky to begin with, so with the privileges of politics, they have a propensity to indulge given the opportunity.

    5. If Mr. Breton was not a dirt bag he would have paid his landlord the rent he still owes him rather than driving around in a Porsche - just another socialist bum who believes that he has the right to screw other people out of their hard earned money. They certainly have advisers who tell them what is acceptable and not acceptable if they are uncertain of what is ethical and what is not = Mr. Duceppe also knew what he was doing was not ethical but shows a complete lack of judgement. Just because they are politicians does not mean they can do whatever, whenever they like. Wow - the socialist, privileged, lifestyle is alive and well in quebec politics, be they provincial or federal.

  9. Jamais vu Madame Marois pleurer...Ça c'est une vraie politicienne.

    1. Yeah, put it to violin music.

      The name of our Province is Quebec, not Quebecistan. It's a good healthy place to live. We have a temporary government that is out of control but they and their followers are a minority of people. The rest of us (French and English)are simple down to Earth citizens that are going through a hard time because we believe in Democracy and obey the law. In the meantime, until things get better we live every day free from fear and hardship. We do not advocate leaving
      because this is our home. This is where our families settled. In our Churches we sing, "Faith of Our Fathers." because in may cases we sit in the same pews our grandparents did. We do not run away and we hide like Zoot-zooters did during the war. We stand on guard for our homes, our families and our rights. We have opportunities through this blog to fight back. The most important is education. We must educate the francophones that are being lied to. Let them know the truth by passing on information to whatever French media we can and let the Anglos know they are not alone through the English media.
      This cite gives us a great opportunity to act. We can't waste it with sillines and SR. Ed

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYSunday, December 2, 2012 at 3:45:00 PM EST

      You are blind.
      The province of quebekistan, ala la belle province.

  10. Have to admit that Line Beauchamp is acting like a big baby. God I hate when people resort to having a crying fit to try and drum up sympathy for themseleves. There are too many examples of leaders playing the sympathy card in stead of just accepting responsibility for their actions. She is the same coward who ran away from the student crisis. But in general in our society nobody takes responsibility for their actions..its always someone elses fault. Its the blame game sans arret..too many self-righteous people.

    Complicated, Right on. Notice that the people who were down on her suddenly come to her defense after.
    Unfortunately it works. None of the PQ leaders have accomplished anything but none have apologized for their inaction. I think they are afraid to do anything because they know they're liable to get it wrong. The opposition parties were right not to force an election because every one of them (PQ) would blame the English for an unwanted election. We need to ride it out. Our day will come.
    In the meantime life goes on. I have had some bad breaks because of separatists but it's no big deal. I feel life is not so bad. I can pay my bills and eat well. I can walk the streets in Verdun at any time of day or night without fear. My grandson will always run to the all night store at 3am without a thought. (I don't mean he is always without a thought, although with young people...........) Ed Ed

  12. You are right ED. For all the issues we have here most people still live very well in Quebec. But of course we are able too because of all the borrowed money that keeps the game going. Mathematics at some point will change many peoples lifestyle quite suddenly..math doesnt some point the money wont be there and things will be forced upon people.
    But I agree that the PQ are doing a great job self destructing..if they can keep it up for another year or so then I would leave them in power. Plus the economy will likely be in rough shape within a year because of the usa problems. Hence they will end up being blamed for all the economic I say leave them there until the spring of 2014.

    Having reread my last post,I realize I will be bombarded by tirades from young people. All I meant is that young people often rush into things without thinking where as
    we old timers always know exactly what we are d

  14. Have a look at this article about the pathetic state of our schools in this province..

    Love this statement by Legault..he has it exactly right..
    «Pour mieux gérer nos écoles, on n’a pas besoin d’un comité de plus, on a besoin d’une structure de moins», a plaidé le chef caquiste François Legault, qui reproche également au PQ de manquer de mordant envers les commissions scolaires.

    It seems that the solution to any problem at least via the PQ or the Liberals is to create another committee to study the problem. We are over burdened with bureaucrats twiddling their thumbs and making big salaries while the front line workers get crumbs and no support to do the real work. We know what the problem too much money going to lazy useless administrators and poor oversight and work ethic of many janitors.

    School boards are another waste of money..get rid of this useless level of administration and put that money directly into the schools. Get rid of the unions for janitors and use private contractos to clean the schools. I know personally of many janitors who do a horrible job in cleaning schools..they do the absolute bare minimum because the union protects them. Meanwhile the teachers end up doing much of the cleaning themselves and they also are among the lowest paid teachers in Canada.

    Another fine example of the incredible inefficiency of the government in this province. And once again both the PQ and the Liberals created and supported this monster. Its high time to cut the fat..the only party that is talking about this is the CAQ.

    1. It seems that the solution to any problem at least via the PQ or the Liberals is to create another committee [...] while the front line workers get crumbs and no support to do the real work. We know what the problem too much money going to lazy useless administrators and poor oversight and work ethic of many janitors.

      And there's the rub. Isn't the very point of forming a committee to spread the responsibility around so that no individual person needs to take the blame -- or, more properly, bear the responsibility -- for anything?

    COMPLICATED, You are right that there will be a day of reckoning. I just live each day and try not to think about it. Two things that make it easier for me is first that with my age and physical condition, I probably won't be here having to face it. Second, I feel secure that most of my pension comes from Ottawa. I wonder how separatists can get their cheque each month from a country they loath. What hypocracy. Ed

    1. "I wonder how separatists can get their cheque each month from a country they loath."

      I guess they feel that it makes up in part for having to send a part of their money to a country they loath...

    2. Typical "everything for nothing" attitude of the seppies. Tear it up if you don't want to cash it. You think you will have better financial administration in this province if it separates? Watch the news every night and see where your money is going - to line the pockets of ALL OF YOUR POLITICIANS AND CROOKS IN THIS PLACE, municipal, provincial and federal Bloc members that you elect to represent you and your cause. God, smarten up - they play you guys like a violin, get you all riled up about nothing and pocket the money you're putting out with the most outrageous provincial taxes in all of North America. Loath Canada or not, the rest of the provinces don't have anywhere near the same amount of graft as this place.

    3. "Tear it up if you don't want to cash it."

      If we don't take any more money from the federal, do we still have to send money to Ottawa?

      P.S. You understand that I used the word loath to paraphrase Mr Brown's question, do you?

    4. Quebec gets most of the money it sends to Ottawa back in the form of goods and services plus billions of dollars more in transfer payments.

      If Quebec stopped sending money to the feds and stopped receiving any money from Ottawa, it would quickly become bankrupt. It's already the fifth or sixth most indebted jurisdictions in the world.

    5. The seppies know that Durham they just like to squawk about nothing. I wouldn't care if they separated, with all the land, if they resided on one of the coasts - unfortunately they are in the middle of a great country and this is why they have gotten away with all the blackmail for the past 40 years. You can bet this would have been settled long ago if they all lived in Labrador, for instance. When we partition this place so that there is a corridor through quebec for the rest of the country, I hope those areas that vote to start their own country are not allowed to use the ROC for anything. No trade, no way out except through their own airports, no use of our highways, nothing, for at least 100 years. Let's see how they make it on their own with their own budget. What is really laughable is that they seem to think they would be able to keep the taxes they pay to the Feds when their own crooked politicians will pocket that money for their purposes, not for the good of the lambs who have followed them to the slaughter.

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    COMPLICATED, I know you like the CAQ but in all fairness we should wait until the next election and decide then which one seems to have done the best during that time. Ed

    1. Fair enough..I certainly am not hiding I am a CAQ supporter. I wish there was a party even more to the right that had a chance of winning in Quebec..the CAQ is as good as we will get as far as I can see. I would like to see them have a chance to govern..will they solve all the I think they will slowly steer the ship in the right direction. The tough part is for them to get will be hard for them to convince many to vote for them as they clearly will cut positions in the government and challenge the unions..there are so many government and pseudo-government workers in Quebec that you lose a lot of the vote. As well once again most anglophones are going to stick with the Liberals no matter what which I find very frustrating but its the reality we have to live with. Perhaps a Liberal-CAQ coalition would be a good option..a Liberal or CAQ minority with these two parties working together.

      There are rumblings that the QS and ON will work more closely with the PQ so that they dont split the votes in certain ridings. If that happens then we are in danger of a PQ majority in the next election.

  17. Replies
    1. Pourquoi pas? Ce serait comme une sorte souveraineté-association parmi deux des partis prônant... la souveraineté-association. Droite nationaliste mariée à la gaugauche socialiste...

      Ça sent tellement le réchauffé...

    2. La CAQ c'est du réchauffé aussi. Pis les Libéraux, pire encore, c'est passé date.

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYSunday, December 2, 2012 at 3:47:00 PM EST

      Donc, tous les partis sentent le rechauffe sauf le PQ?

  18. Dear Readers,
    Due to the mounting level of SPAM, some of which is not being picked up by filters, I have been forced to add a CAPTCHA device that the comments are not coming from a bot.

    I am sure you are all familiar with th word verification device which is a bother but unfortunately now necessary.

  19. Like adding a lock to your door....

    1. I wanted to spam but I failed

    2. I find spam a perfidious scourge of the internet and the french also, but while fighting spam is difficult the french are less troublesome. Visit to find out how the french menace can be removed from your life.

  20. wow- a post that mister sauga did not get to be the first responder to! Slow on the trigger I guess. I don't know about you but I am getting pretty tired of his rants. We get it already- you're glad you moved to Toronto.

    I am sorta wondering why he doesn't just start his own blog.

    1. Il n'a jamais totalement quitté le Québec.

      true north If Mr.Sauga bothers you perhaps you should find another blog. He's been here a lot longer that you and always made sense to me. His worldly experience is informative. He has done nothing that deserves your attack. Ed

  21. Yo, true_north: I can't improve on Ed's response, so let me ice his cake with just a one-word response to you: MEH!