Sunday, November 11, 2012

Housekeeping Volume 8

Recently SPAM has reached an unbelievable level, with as many comments consigned to the SPAM folder as are legitimate comments.

BLOGGER has some pretty sophisticated algorithms to determine what is spam and what isn't but sometimes, legitimate comments are wrongly designated as SPAM.

Fishing out and publishing these comments means wading through dozens of cleverly worded advertisement that give the impression of being legitimate comments, that is until you scroll to the end of the comment where a website is being touted.

Here's a legitmate comment that explained some of the rationale BLOGGER uses to direct certain comments to the SPAM  folder.

"Hey Ed,

It sure has been nice, hasn't it?

But what makes me laugh is being ignored seems to have no effect - when seppies want to be heard they'll bang their heads into a wall, despite the result.

Anyhow, here's a little message for any and all separatists who showed even a glint of agreement with what's happened with the metro workers, the ambulance driver who was ready to let a little girl die over language and who thinks Nadeau-Dubois got an unfair shake:
If you end your comment with a website address, BLOGGER will send the comment to the SPAM  folder automatically.

So keep website addresses within the body of your comment and make sure there is some text after the address.


  1. There seems to be a glitch. SPAM with the keywords "S.R" seem to get through constantly. Can we fix it? It's not even readable most of the time, it's in some foreign language I don't recognize. Maybe Marie Malavoy knows what it is...

    The way to fix this is don't answer him. Act like you haven't even read his post. Let's see if we can get through this thread without argueing with him. Ed (Gotta go, Church bells calling.)

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    This morning as I sat in Church looking at our three members (all in their nineties) who had been on
    the beach during the big invasion. I noticed how all three stood and saluted while I played the last post. The sadness on their faces told me they were all remembering fallen comrades. We can only imagine how hard it must have been but one told me about his neighbour's son. When the boy enlisted his Father said "for God's take care of him for me Tommy, with my wife gone he's all I got." When the medic's were trying to stop his blood from spilling, I could only think how I was going to tell my old friend. After I got home, I went to see him. I sat down beside him on the porch close enough our shoulders touched. We sat like that for an hour not saying a word but sensing the courage we gave each other. Finally he said "time for supper Tommy" I invited him over to have supper with us. I said, "the wife will have enough for ya Bert. He said, "I know Tommy, she has made me supper every day since you both were gone, we talked every night about the two of ya been over there" I'm over it now. But, I knew he wasn't really. Ed

    I like Spam but it's not much different than Kam.
    It's very good fried but I don't know for the life of me how someone could email it. Do you send it before you fry? I typed Spam and Kam into an email and sent it to myself. But when I printed it out all I had was a piece of paper with no flavour at all. All five sheets tasted the same. I'll try again, perhaps with coffee. Ed

    Really Editor, How much can one seriously say about spam? With todays spam filters they are no problem, at least not to me Perhaps the whole thing is over my head but I don't see any one else prosing oratorically either. Ed.