Monday, July 16, 2012

Language Militancy Breeds Institutional Disrespect

This last month, several incidents involving the Société de transport de Montréal (STM,) Montreal's publicly run bus and metro operator, focused the spotlight on some pretty poor behavior by employees who disrespected clients based either on language and or ethnicity.

First there was the story of a bus driver being so frightened of a twelve year old black girl, who incidentally is cute as a button and looks about as menacing as Tinkerbell, that he called the police,

The young lady, who is slightly challenged made the mistake of insisting that the driver answer her question which she posed in English.
The police met the bus and boarded to find the girl sitting quietly at the back of the bus.
Their response?
Strong-arm the girl off of the bus on the say so of an obviously oversensitive and thin-skinned driver.
Obviously the police over-stepped their authority, after all, the girl was on the bus legally and was not doing anything wrong when the police intervened.
Of course we all know, that in relation to the police, 'Driving while Black' is a hazardous experience in Montreal. It now appears that  'Riding the bus while Black' is also an automatic determination of guilt by our supposedly colour-blind police. Read a frightening account of the story

Then there was a Montreal professional soccer player who Tweeted to his fans that Montreal was a racist city because of his harsh treatment at the hands of ticket sellers in the Metro. Link

"A Montreal Impact reservist is calling Montreal racist after problems with a city transit employee.
Soccer player Miguel Montano says in a pair of tweets today that he was unable to buy a ticket to ride Montreal’s metro system because he didn’t speak French.
The Colombian-born soccer player alleges that when he tried to converse with a ticket taker in English, he was told that he needed to speak French and his money was returned to him.
“They are so racist in Montreal,” he wrote Wednesday on Twitter, in Spanish. “They didn’t want to sell me a ticket to let me in the metro because I don’t speak French.” Read the rest of the story
Then this story, just last week.
"Michael Dunning told the QMI Agency that when he asked, in English, for an all-day pass at a Montreal subway station on Monday, the two employees behind the glass laughed and cursed him.
"They didn't say: 'We don't have to speak English,'" Dunning, 55, told the QMI Agency on Friday. "They told me: 'We don't serve English people.'"
Moreover, Dunning said he was dismissed on the phone when he called to register a formal complaint two days later. He said it was only when Montreal's English-language media reported on the story that he received a call from the transit authority's legal department. 
Read the rest of the story

Now I'm not going to tear into the above mentioned employees.
The vast majority of agents and drivers at the STM are polite, diligent and pleased to offer service in English if they can.

Like any large company with thousands of employees, there is a small minority of nasty,  jaded racists, looking for an opportunity to pass along their anger by dumping on the innocent.

But it is the company's responsibility to keep things in check, first by creating a positive culture and next by punishing employees who embarrass the company with racist and anglophobic outbursts.

So readers, blame the company.

Over the last year, we've heard of disgusting sexist behavior within the ranks of the RCMP, where many detachments have in large part degenerated into a hostile work environment for female officers and employees.

The problem was so serious that the government had to take extraordinary actions, by bringing in an outsider to run the RCMP in order to break the institutional culture of sexism that permeated the organization, up to the senior ranks.

While employees bear responsibility for their personal behavior, the RCMP hierarchy itself is almost completely responsible for the breakdown in discipline and the loss of moral compass.

Company culture at the STM, just like the RCMP is driven by management and so responsibility for the recent spate of poor behavior by rotten employees can be laid directly on the doorstep of management.

Unfortunately for us, unlike the RCMP which is going through a cathartic process of renewal and redemption, at the STM, it is the same old, same old, with nobody in oversight, the least bit concerned with the culture of hate and intolerance condoned AND PROMOTED by management.

The real question Montrealers must ask themselves is 'Who really runs the STM?"
There's little doubt that a timid and frightened STM management has abrogated its responsibility to lead, leaving a vacuum that has been filled by militant French language fanatics and union goons.

Every time a language or race incident occurs, management rushes to cover up employee malfeasance by dropping a cone of silence on the incident, conveniently claiming that an investigation is underway and that any public comment would be prejudicial.

Invariably these so-called 'investigations' go nowhere and those who complain about their treatment at the hands of STM racists and goons are put through an institutional ringer that lasts for years, the entire process expressly designed to sap the energy of the complainer and to serve up an example to others, sending the message that if you attack the STM, you will be tormented until you give up.
We are not fooled.
Readers  of this blog are sophisticated enough to understand that this rope-a-dope strategy is a disgusting abuse of the public trust.

In the incident described at the opening of the story, the young girl was painted in the most unflattering light by the STM spokesperson, leading one to conclude that no fair disposition of the incident can ever occur.
While the girl's identity and reputation was sullied, the identity of the bus driver and supervisor is kept secret.
Where is the transparency?
How on Earth is keeping the identity of the employee involved going to promote the public perception of fairness?
"Marianne Rouette, spokeswoman for the city's transit department, said it received Dunning's complaint and "an investigation is underway."
Rouette said the investigation into the two soccer players' complaints had been concluded, and the transit authority wasn't going to publicize the results, nor say if any employee had been reprimanded.
She said she couldn't speak to the specifics of either case, but said by Quebec law, the city cannot force its employees to speak another language other than French.
I find myself at a loss.
How do we tolerate a public corporation telling us, without any shame, that they concluded and disposed of an investigation into a complaint of racism, but will not reveal the result.

Can any reasonable observer come to any other conclusion but a coverup?

Then the idiot spokesman dropped this beauty, evidence that the company has completely sold its soul to language militants;
"Article 45 and 46 of Quebec's French-language law stipulates that an employer cannot reproach an employee for not being able to speak a language other than French. Nor can employers force an employee to speak anything other than French on the job, unless their specific duties necessitate them knowing another language"
Many government and quasi-government agencies, corporations and offices do offer English services and no, they aren't breaking any law either.
The STM excuse about Article 45 and 46 is hollow, dishonest and vacuous.
I cannot believe that the English media allows the STM to bluff their way with a lame excuse about the law.

All the STM has to do is to change some job descriptions for certain employees and voila, they could be required to offer service in English.
It is simply a question of either wanting or not wanting to provide service in English and clearly, enlightened readers know the answer to that question!

Would it be such a big deal to have one ticket selling window per station designated as bilingual with a sign indicating that English service is available?
Like I said, it's a question of motivation.

Now before I get a spate of comments about Montreal being a French city (which it is not) and that Montreal should be as French, as Toronto is English, lets throw cold water on this oft repeated fantasy.  
I imagine that in certain Metro stations downtown and on certain bus routes in the West island, the majority of passengers and/or tourists are English speaking, which cannot be said about French anywhere in Toronto or anywhere else in the western hemisphere.

That the powers that run the STM can ignore this English reality is a demonstration of the fact that they are afraid to challenge the union, which like almost all unions in Quebec, are anti-English.

The sorriest and saddest aspect to all this is the position taken by French language militants against employees being offered extra pay for speaking English, which would probably be a neat solution.

Their position is that this practice is discriminatory because it puts unilingually French employees in a poorer financial position than bilinguals, something that they consider unfair, if you can believe it!

This same argument was put forward last year in Sherbrooke and Hull where bilingual employees were offered a small increase in salary, if they were able to offer service in English.
There was a huge outcry by French language militants decrying the practice, leading both cities to drop the program.

How very sad, petty and oh so typical of what passes for fairness in Quebec!

And so the STM continues to foster the fantasy that it does not tolerate racism and anglophobia.
It isn't true.
The STM encourages poor behavior by refusing to confront the bullies within and by refusing to make some English service available.

It is time for a monumental shift in culture at the STM and the first thing needed is a dose of the stern medicine that was delivered to the RCMP.

Fire the bosses.


  1. When I first read the story about the girl I wondered how can a twelve year old be considered so “arrogant“ that she needed to be escorted off the bus by the police? Then I saw her on Pulse speaking english and it all made sense.

    1. I just want to let you know that our "good" friend Yannick(the closet seppie) no longer comes on this blog because he finds it too "depressing" to his taste, Probably ever since you unveiled his true political nature and bombarded him with huge dosage of storming arguments. I happened to stumble across the Michel Patrice(a liar who denies the fact seppies are mostly responsible for the downfall of MTL)blog by chance and came across one of his comments stating which!!!!Both him and Michel are pathetic clowns who need to get over with themselves.

    2. This is happening while the Liberal government is in place; imagine if the racist PQists or CAQists were in power?

      There is an air of institutionalized racist entitlement in this province not seen, since darker, more tyrannous times.

      As I posted in the past, those employees must be legally charged personally along with their various QC regimes for their gross and deliberate racist actions.

      The only saving grace is that French Canadians are not, by nature, racists which enrages the QuébécoisSeparatists!
      Can we be shocked that the racist separatists like that neoTerrorists, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois tweet followers to watch the video of Charest dead in the trunk?

    3. Well, I guess having my conversation with Yanick about my experience in the Separatist Factory Québécois "French Schools" is mute now.

    4. He never had any real interest in hearing that story. He would have just dismissed it.
      The fact that he enjoys hanging with a racist like Michel Patrice is very telling.

    5. Close scrutiny should indicate that the comment in question was dated from january last year; I've obviously had second thoughts since then.

      Though the last few weeks' lack of civility and overall negativity are making me reconsider, they haven't been comming from the people on this blog for whom I have respect; you can expect to see me more when I come back from vacation.

    6. Then have a good one Yan, and see if you can sneak in here to taste an amazing dose of hospitality offered up by non-racists EleventhProvince Montrealers who have proudly embraced living in harmony with their French Canadian Brothers in, OurCountry, Canada!

    7. Thanks GensDenis :)

      James - perhaps I wouldn't change my mind, but I'd still be interested to listen. Listening to people with different viewpoints from ours is the only way to grow as human beings. I reserve the right to make my own opinions after listening, of course, though there's little chance that I'd remain unchanged from a powerful testimony.

    8. Anonymous8:42,

      "I happened to stumble across the Michel Patrice's blog..."

      You are probably the commentor whose name is "I coincidenlty came across your site and know from nodogs". Thank you for taking time to comment. I replied here :

    9. Sorry Yannick, I refuse to give consideration to racist, or racist apologist opinions even if they come with a please and thank you at the end.

    10. And I have no use for anyone who says that he would defend Nazis because of "intellectual integrity", refuses to apologize and withdraw his remark when offered an opportunity to do so and could not care less about those whom he offends. Note that the remark was not about defending someone who is accused of being a Nazi but defending those who ARE Nazis.

    11. Rupert,

      I understand this a very sensitive subject and I suppose I should expect to get bashed for saying this, but if someone were to say that “Nazis spread kitten marmalade on their toast for breakfast” and Yannick were to reply “Well, um, no, they didn’t actually do that”, this is not actually defending Nazis per se but simply telling the truth (or “intellectual integrity”, if you will). Similarly, if someone were to say that “Nazis were kind and wonderful people” and Yannick were to reply “Well, um, no, actually they weren’t”, again this would not be an example of defending Nazis but rather disputing lies against Nazis. I really don’t think either of these cases merits an apology or a withdrawal of the remark. He, I and everybody else all agree profusely that Nazis were the most despicable people on the face of the Earth but pointing out that a lie is a lie is not offensive in and of itself.

    12. Oui, exactement Le Chat

      Rupert le sais bien, aussi

      Mais il est irrité par Yannick, donc il fais des mensonges pour l'attaquer.

    13. @The Cat, Yannick said that he would defend Nazis if anyone said untrue things about them. Give me a real example of something untrue about Nazis that would cause someone to defend Nazis.

      @JBG, Yannick does not irritate me in the slightest. I just think that he lacks judgement and common sense in expressing himself. Do you think that a person who went on a blog where there were Armenian readers and said that he would defend Turkey if people said untrue things about the genocide that Turkey committed against the Armenians had judgement and common sense? Get real.

    14. It's "fascism" that is the illegal activity in Quebec not Nazi's. The Nazi's used propaganda as a tool to scare the people of Germany in order to organize the killing and torture of millions of people to please Hitler.

  2. This is why I pay for a monthly pass so I don't have to look or speak to their smug, uneducated asses.

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  5. Hoho!

    Pas d'élections pour Michelle Courchesne et Monique Gagnon-Tremblay

  6. Of course the STM uses the Bill 101 law (French is the only official language of Québec), it's an easy response to such a discriminating problem. Instead of scolding the employees for their lack of professionalism, instead of thinking about customer service, this province uses the "Must speak French cause this is Québec" as a means of trampling on their customers.

    So little is being done against people who are trying to force everyone to "Speak French or no service" and so little is being said by Canadian politicians that this type of behaviour will not end. These morons just don't get it. No, you don't have to speak to people in English but guess what, people don't have to speak to you in French either. He who holds the money wins. You as the employee loses and until bosses stand up for their customers, idiot employees will continue to disrespect their clients.

    The only place on earth where language rights supercedes customer service. A true recipe for success. NOT !!!

    1. Ce ne sont pas des clients mais bien des usagers...Grosse différence.

    2. What an idiotic comment. If they are "Paying" for the service, then they are a client. Millions are spent each year to get more "Clients" to use public transit. Article 45 & 46 clearly states that an employee should speak in English if the specific duty requires them to speak a different language. Well, anyone person who deals with the public, especially in the Montreal region, must be able to communicate in both English and French as the 2 official languages of Canada are English and French and the vast majority of languages spoken and understood are English and French.

      Wake up and smell the crap you're spewing.

    3. "must be able to communicate in both English and French as the 2 official languages of Canada are English and French and the vast majority of languages spoken and understood are English and French."

      Pourtant la dernière fois que j'ai pris le bus à ottawa...

    4. Je n'ai aucun problème si vous voulez déposer une plainte demandant que les chauffeur qui font la ligne entre Montréal et Ottawa sont bilingues. Eux aussi devraient être bilingues. Je suis d'accord à 100%.

      Dans chaque région où il ya un grand nombre de personnes qui parlent français et en anglais, alors il est logique que les employés qui traitent avec le public soient bilingues.

      As you can see, I am bilingual and fully capable of taking care of both clientele. It should be common practice that all employers who have employees dealing with the public be bilingual in order to get the job. If people can request a University degree, why shouldn't they also require bilingualism as a job requirement.
      Of course, to the French language militants, this is unacceptable. LMAO - What a bunch of morons. I'll bet NONE run their own company.

    5. Il y a des signes bilingues sur les bus à Ottawa maintenant, mais oui, je te conviens, il y a des conducteurs qui ne le parlent pas. Cependant on est en traîn de parler d'acheter des billets pour les prendre. Donc c'est seulement si les vendeurs ne t'a pas parlé en français.

    6. Most of the Greyhound/Voyageur bus drivers between Montreal and Ottawa are Francophones.

    7. I've had much experience taking the Montreal - Ottawa bus over many years and never experienced "attitude" problems related to language in all that time, either by bus drivers or by anyone working at the bus terminals. The service is always very civil and professional. Unfortunately this cannot be said of all the staff of the STM.

      Many of Montreal's bus drivers and staff on the Metro system have been very helpful and have a great attitude towards all passengers. Many though refuse to speak English or be helpful once they realise you are an anglophone - they only respond in French, and with an unfriendly tone - though you can tell that your request for a ticket or question has been fully understood.

      However, its not Its very difficult to communicate when buying a metro ticket, even if both the passenger and ticket agent are not good at each other's language, and in places like Paris, China, Japan, one is never given an attitude by transport staff - usually there is a lot of good will and service. So why is this not the case in Montreal? Yes there are some very friendly helpful staff, bus drivers, etc., but unfortunately there are also many staff with attitude issues towards English speaking people, and to English speaking people, both residents and visitors. I have never observed the STM try to change the attitude of their staff, so silence on the subject is de facto acceptance/complicity of such behaviour. It is not necessary for all STM staff to be bilingual, just simply to be respectful of all passengers whatever language they speak or don't speak, and to provide a good service to all, to treat everyone the same way you would like to be treated yourself. As always, while the guy at the bottom is often blamed, its the management of the STM who should deal with this, and require all staff to provide good service, and not simply shrug their shoulders as if they have no responsibility. Perhaps Montrealers should campaign for the STM management to ensure that all their staff provide respectful service to all.

  7. Tout serait si simple si la minorité anglo avait le courage de s'adapter aux nouvelles réalités de Montréal.

    1. Peut-etre que c'est toi qui devrait s'adapter aux nouvelles realite de Montreal, vue qu'il s'anglicise d'avantage!!

    2. On dirait bien que ce n'est pas le cas.Je ne suis pas le seul à refuser de me faire imposer le globish dans ma propre ville.Voyons la suite...

    3. Ta propre ville?!? LOL!!!

      vous devenez de moins en moins nombreux a refuser cet realite du "globish", CE QUI EST LE CAS!

    4. Globish, Shlobish..

      Just as Democracy belongs not only to Greeks, so does English belong to the world.
      If you seps are worried about the sea of 300+millian English speakers around you, stop acting like the hateful Language Taliban. Allow parents to teach their own children how to swim!!
      Basic water treading technique begins with English…

    5. Veut, veut pas, la réalité que vous refuser d'accepter, c'est que Montréal n'est pas une ville unilingue. Reveillez-vous !! C'est une ville qui doit accommoder au monde autour. Aime, aime pas, une partie parle français et l'autre parle en anglais. Il y a une partie qui sont bilingue mais ce n'est pas le cas avec tous.

      Nous devons respecter tous les clients et non seulement une langue.

    6. On pourrait même dire que les francophones qui ont chialer que leurs directeurs anglophones les a demandés d'utiliser l'anglais au travail doivent s'adapter aux nouvelles réalités. Mais, voyons que non, ils avaient chialé, en disant qu'ils étaient opprimés.

      Voyons que Montréal était toujours une ville bilingue au Québec, mais elle est une seule île d'anglais dans toute la province, et ce qui y habite et n'accepte pas la réalité et l'histoire que l'anglais et le français sont les langues de la ville, ils doivent s'adapter. Sinon, ils devraient partir de la ville pour trouver un village plus unilingue francophone.

    7. ...le globish dans ma propre ville.Voyons la suite...

      Ouate da phoque?!

      Le Globish, c'est une forme d'anglais avec du vocabulaire très limité. En quoi les anglophones Québécois ont-ils un vocabulaire anglais plus restreint que ceux du reste du Canada, des États-Unis, ou d'autres endroits où l'on retrouve du monde de langue maternelle anglaise?!...

    8. 15 000 mots : Beaucoup plus que ce que l'on peut observer sur ce blogue.

    9. Désolé,un 0 de trop.C'est 1 500 mots

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  9. Un bon canadien-français est celui qui parle anglais...(?)

  10. Un bon canadien-français est celui qui n'est pas un rasiste Québécois!

    1. Nous serions donc plusieurs racistes à vouloir être servi dans la langue officielle du Québec.

    2. You know that is not what it’s about!

      You want to rid yourselves of all that is English because you control the QC French media and if you continue to scare and force Francophones to not exercise their right to teach their children any other language, you, With your RACISIT PQ and CAQ will get your "winning Conditions" for yet another round at racist roulette.
      Hopefully Canada will ignore your crap this time.
      This is Canada!! My no place to hide racist friend!!

    3. "if you continue to scare and force Francophones to not exercise their right to teach their children any other language"

      C'est nouveau?Je ne savais pas qu'il existait une loi qui interdisait l'accès à d'autres langues que le français.Je vais faire quelques recherches...(sarcasme) :)

    4. To be fair, the other 9 provinces have almost the same laws, give or take a few details, as Quebec regarding school.

      The parents of N-B were very surprised to learn, for instance, that they were not allowed to enroll their children into francophone schools when Shawn Graham threathened to take away early French immersion.

    5. For me this is the question of proportion. Will a child schooled in BC's "official language" (EN) and a second language neglected or taught poorly (be it FR, Spanish, Mandarin, whatever) feel "trapped" in BC after finishing school? Conversely, would a child schooled in QC's "official language" with the second language (EN) neglected or taught poorly feel trapped in QC at the end of his educational cycle? In this sense, there is way too much to lose for one child and not that much for the QC should be much more serious about ESL than BC or AB is about FSL. And being serious about ESL might involve loosening restrictions on access to EN schools for those who want it...

      Also, this post is about the STCUM, probably the only public transit system in the world (surely amongst all the cities I've been to) that is steeped to this degree in politics, and associated with arrogance and hubris instead of, errr... getting people from point A to point B in a timely fashion... I think we should stick to the topic (GensDenis, by bringing these other topics to the discussion, you give others a chance to change the subject).

    6. How about taking up Trudeau's challenge and letting those who wish to be bilingual become so?

  11. Editor: How on Earth is keeping the identity of the employee involved going to promote the public perception of fairness?
    Answer: Quebec is not about fairness. Quebec is a one-track-minded fascist state.

    Editor: The real question Montrealers must ask themselves is 'Who really runs the STM?"
    Answer: No Editor. The real question Montrealers must ask themselves is 'Who really governs Quebec?" Quebec is a one-track-minded fascist state starting from its leader on down.

    Editor: Bilingual employees were offered a small increase in salary, if they were able to offer service in English. There was a huge outcry by French language militants decrying the practice, leading both cities to drop the program.
    Answer: Think of Quebec as the Mississippi or Alabama of the North. The red lights flash, the gates come down, the bell rings loudly, but the train ain't coming, even in reverse, i.e., how Quebec society thinks.

    Editor: How on Earth is keeping the identity of the employee involved going to promote the public perception of fairness?
    Answer: Ask the STM if they care.

    And finally, the coup de gras from our fearless Editor (who keeps his identity a secret):

    Editor: I cannot believe that the English media allows the STM to bluff their way with a lame excuse about the law.
    Answer: EDITOR, WAKE UP! But thank you for mentioning the worst problem of them all. The English media. Yes, the English media is the worst enemy of all. They berated Howard Galganov, probably the most ardent activist the English speaking community ever had. Galganov woke up one New Years Day morning to hear Gordon Sinclair Jr. on CJAD stating Galganov had to be Montrealer of the year, but for what Sinclair stated as all the wrong reasons.

    Heaven knows I'd come into Montreal periodically to visit my girlfriend (who now lives with me, and has ZERO desire to return to Quebec as I said she would once she moved here, and the same goes double for her daughter) and all I'd hear on CJAD at their lunchtime feature, Free-for-All, is constant and endless bitching about how the Quebec Government is not the government of the minorities. I'd come in and it was as if I never left--same old s--t, different day, bigger shovel. You'd have Sinclair, Melanie King, Andrew Carter and Tommy Schnurmacher bitching, bitching and more bitching about the same old, same old.

    Then you have that rag, the Montreal Gazette where most of the writers either graduated high school with remedial English or English is their fourth or fifth language. Heaven knows I can write better than ANY of them, save the Old Guard like Red Fisher and Josh Freedman. Written by the minorities, for the majority. Once Conrad Black sold that paper to the impotent Aspers, that was the end.

    In summary, the minorities get what they deserve. The media does nothing, there is skeletal activism, like when Hugo S. has his anti-Bill 101 marches with a couple of dozen sympathizers (if that many) and so on and so forth. The minorities sit with their thumbs up their rectums, so what do you expect?

    Like Galganov, I agree that efforts should be made by Canadians to throw Quebec out of Canada. This does not reflect true Canadian values, and if they want an all-French state, get your fucking sorry asses out of my country!

    1. You need to learn that the minority are the racist Separatists. Stop trying to partition my country by painting us all with the same racist brush. If you love your country, you can start by separating the racist Separatists from the rest of us!
      Those racists are so few that even if Montréal became The EleventhCanadianProvince. They would still not be able to win a racist roulette referendum.

      Sauga, you make good points for the most part but just because you've left our BellProvince don't mean you have to sling racist crap from your end.

    2. Agree with GensDenis on this Sauga. You make valid points and you call the separatists what they are, RACISTS, and then you throw it all out the window by saying Quebec should be kicked out. You are playing the separatist‘s game. Some even write polite blogs where they gloat that all it takes is one hick stepping on their segregationist banner aka fleur de lys, and they will win the vote. The leaders and wannabe elite know exactly what they are doing. Don‘t help them, theres many of us who want to stay in Canada.

    3. "Don‘t help them, theres many of us who want to stay in Canada."

      Et dire qu'il existe 9 provinces anglophones au canada.Vous êtes vraiment très malchanceux.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. I'm sorry, but racism and Anglophobia in Quebec is far more wide spread and deeply rooted among the GENERAL PUBLIC in Quebec than you might like to believe. How so? Literal brainwashing and slanted education (even in text books) from the time of grade school. I'll never forget my Quebec grade 10 "History of Canada" text book, the way it vilified the English right up to present time. You should see some of the exams given to French children, much of it borders on hate material (for a refresher, see the 1997 exam given to grade school children I shared on this site; the Editor had it in one of his articles).

      Then add decades of government sanctification discrimination, hate and laws which clearer proclaim racial superiority of the majority over the minority.

      In the past few years it's really started to explode. I've encountered discrimination first hand right here in Montreal, including the rest of my family (who have denied it ever existed and called me crazy for years, until recently that is when they got a taste of it). Can't tell you the number of times we've been told by people in a customer service position that we have no right addressing them in English. The all too familiar "This is Quebec, you speak French!" and then being denied service.

      Crap with the STM (among other organizations) getting clean away with racism and discrimination just feeds the monster. It sends a message not only is it OK, but encourages others to follow in their footsteps.

      I agree with Mr. Sauga completely. Hah, I was having an argument with one of my close friends (an Anglophone herself) about the state of Quebec and how backwards things are with preventing children from attending English schools or disallowing English on signs, etc. What is her response? Very loudly and angered with me, she yells "IT'S THE LAW!" (and going on to tell me you cannot disobey the law!). And if that wasn't absurd enough, then going on to tell me these laws are justified because the French were persecuted by the English for years ago, and that their culture and language is threatened, so she sees nothing wrong. This is from an ENGLISH CITIZEN. Not only are some of us afraid to stand up to these bullies and racists, but some actually agree them them! Perhaps, I suppose, feeling if they agree and follow the majority rule, they'll be accepted into the Quebecois society with open arms.

      At any rate, racism is so deeply rooted in this province it would take decades, if not longer, to undo the damage at this point. I see too many parallels with Quebec and other fascist states throughout history. All this is engineered, brainwashing a society to hate, it didn't happen overnight. The frightening part is where this will all end.... I do not want to live here any longer to find out.

    6. Soooooo....don't like the way I slap the paint all over all of you?


      Your federalist hero, Premier John James "Goldilocks" Charest, replaces racist Bill 104 with a law that is a carbon copy of Bill 104;

      Your federalist hero, Premier John James "Goldilocks" Charest, goes out and hires 26 new language police;

      Your federalist hero, Premier John James "Goldilocks" Charest, is given help by Canada's prime minister, for $700 million to cover various government programs, and then turns it into a gift to Quebec as his own generous tax cut on Quebec income taxes;

      Your federalist hero, Premier John James "Goldilocks" Charest, regularly, like every premier since René Lévesque, blame Ottawa for all its woes yet endlessly and relentlessly demands money money money from Ottawa.

      Worst of all, your collective society sit with your thumbs straight up your collective rectums and just let "the few separatists" do what they do without consequence. That goes for too many Anglophones as well as Francophones.



      Finally, to Apple IIGS, thank you as usual for your support.

    7. "Worst of all, your collective society sit with your thumbs straight up your collective rectums and just let "the few separatists" do what they do without consequence. That goes for too many Anglophones as well as Francophones."

      And it's NOT just language and discrimination. Far more sinister activity thrives and continues unabated in the Not-So-Belle-Province. RAMPANT ANIMAL ABUSE! It was recently stated by a journalist, and for very good reason, that Quebec is the BEST PLACE ON PLANET EARTH if you wish to abuse animals without consequence. Quebec has the most lax laws against animal cruelty and abuse, certainly in North America and quite possible in the civilized world. You can kill, torture and abuse cats and dogs, and face about as much consequence as a parking ticket. What the hell is wrong here? Why isn't this the number one propriety to fix?

      Just this week a cat was caught (and suffered for days) in a steel hunting trap some Quebec monster placed under their balcony, just to kill stray cats. I won't even try and talk about puppy mills in this province, it just puts me in a rage. No shortage of abuse in this disgusting province:

      Not only are there no laws, no inspectors, or consequences, but ONLY IN QUEBEC are animals considered abandoned property like furniture in the law. Move away on July 1st, throw your cats or dogs in a dumpster to suffer and die, and it's the same as if you threw away a table or sofa. For the man who shot those dogs in the head with a nail gun, the Quebecois judge let him get off scott free.... yes, you heard right! Less than a slap on the wrist! Disgusting.

      Then there is asbestos mining in Quebec, which Charest just funded and reopened with millions in tax payers money so they can continue poisoning and killing people in the third world. Does anyone in Quebec give a damn about this or torture of animals? NO -- but raise student tuition fees by $300 or hire an English hockey coach and there are literally riots in the streets. SICK SICK SICK SOCIETY QUEBEC IS.

      You're all not only guilty for your apathy, but an embarrassment to the human race. Yes, ALL of you bastards in Quebec who've abandoned animals when it's moving day, thrown out like garbage and left to suffer and die. No other province has record numbers of abandonment like in Quebec. What the Fu*k is wrong with Quebecers?!

      "You can judge a society by how it treats its animals" -Mohamed Gandhi
      That about sums up Quebec perfectly and says it all--everything wrong with Quebec.

    8. So you are saying we should just give up the province to this very vocal racist minority?
      And Mr. Sauga, nobody claimed Charest to be their hero, he is just less bad than the fascist, racist PQ.
      And Apple, I‘ve encountered that attitude in many an anglophone. Just last week I was warning people about the drop in price of their property if the PQ wins and they denied that would happen.
      Doesn‘t mean we should just give up or do what the racists tell us to, take the 401

    9. "Doesn‘t mean we should just give up or do what the racists tell us to, take the 401"

      Pour un raciste de votre espèce,je ne vois malheureusement aucune autre alternative.

    10. Please point out racist comments I have made.

    11. Combien de "racistes" Québécois vont voté pour le parti Québécois aux prochaines élections?

    12. Apple IIGS

      Your submissive Anglo friend is an idiot!

      Your agreeing with Mr. Sauga telling us all that we’re guilty shows your intellectual laziness. Before you call for a civil war, how about using your newfound freedom in the RoC to expose the racists in this God Forsaken Province?

      You think because the racists made of our CanadaDay a day to move and dump little helpless animals, we’re going to give up on our brethren? What utter ivory tower crap!!

      We are alone here, exposing our identity with every post so that the soft-spoken neo Terrorists like Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois can sick his Taliban friends on our families!!! Who the fuck are you to act disgusted from afar. If you believe in democracy and in OurCountry, grow some balls and gather up your friends and families to move here so we can outnumber these racists monsters!!

      And Mr. Sauga, John James "Goldilocks" Charest, as you call him, is far better than the Taliban alternative. Get your Asses back here and help us take on the disgusting runaway institutionalized racism whose prior clone caused the death of more than 70 million!!!

      You want a better Canada? Do something everyday to expose the hate that resides in this part of OurCountry!!

      Help us weed out the racist scum, or help us form

    13. Aa a dog owner I take a personal interest in the care of dogs. Quebec is notorious as the puppy mill capital of North America. There is nothing amusing about this fact. It is a gruesome repulsive situation, about which the Quebec government to its shame has done nothing.

    14. PQ, LPQ or CAQ. Same brand, same flavor...different outside packaging. One-track minded, fascist, obsessed with French language and the removal of English from province.

      What can I say, to borrow the tagline from a mediocre sci-fi B-movie I once saw, "Whoever wins we all lose". That is the situation were facing come this fall's election.

      Quebec is never going to change, at least not in my lifetime, and I'm still young. The sad thing is I have wasted a good chunk of my life (15-20 years!) debating whether or not to leave Quebec, hoping that somehow the situation here might change. Not gonna happen. Life is too short to waste it in a place like Quebec, seriously.

    15. If this place wasn't worth fighting for, then nothing is!! To borrow from a masterpiece record I once heard
      "you've let the worms eat into your brain"

      Apple IIGS,

      I didn’t know you were still here. That is a good thing. Now join in on the weeding out of racist scum.

      Just because there's trouble, don't mean we let evil win! And besides, look at the prize we get by ousting the racists.


    16. Simmer down there Sauga, I agree with almost everything you say except for your conclusions. I especially agree with your interpretation of the weak ass anglo media.
      We‘re all on the same side here.

    17. Mr. Sauga, you fled rather than try and make things better.


    18. @True Montrealer

      + 1 000 000 000.

      At best, Sauga, why don't you move back and vote OUI, if you really want us out?

      "You can judge a society by how it treats its animals" -Mohamed Gandhi
      ROFLMAO @Mohamed Gandhi. Would he in any way happen to be the nemesis of Mahatma Ali Jinnah?

    19. Well...seems like a fire storm has taken place since my last contribution to this thread.


      First, please bear in mind the following prayer:

      "God grant me the serenity
      to accept the things I cannot change;
      courage to change the things I can;
      and wisdom to know the difference."

      I also refer our readers to Proverbs 26, especially verses 4 and 5.

      So let me begin to address the stinking lot of you (with AppleIIGS most of all excepted):

      True Montrealer, the foregoing applies mostly to you.

      James John: Do you join Hugo Shabbeare when he holds his anti-Bill 101 rallies? If not, why not?

      GensDenis: What are YOU doing "to expose the racists in this God Forsaken Province?" (All I did was cut and paste the words in quotation marks).

      Re the Francophone «Québécois pur laine» society in general: As Reed Scowen wrote in his controversial exposé Time to Say Goodbye several years ago: The laws stand intact because the Francophone majority wants it this way.

      The rabid racist rhetoric sowed and perpetrated by the PQ starting in 1976 is the product of Quebec society today. This is nothing new, but it's growing and happening everyday, several times a day, esp. outside Montreal, but not given much attention the further one gets away from Montreal. How about that runner trying to raise money who gets arrested and has his Canadian flag torn off his vehicle? That's one that got attention.

      Mahatma Gandhi probably would have felt right at home on that Route 16 bus that vexed the passengers who witnessed the little 12-year-old girl manhandled like something out of 19th Century Mississippi. Mahatma Gandhi was bodily thrown off a train in Apartheid South Africa after paying for a first class ticket and refusing to move to third class for the sole reason he was of colour.

      Apparatchik: "...why don't you move back and vote OUI, if you really want us out?"

      Pay my income in confiscatory taxes to a rabid jurisdiction that doesn't serve me? I can't thank God profusely enough for giving me the courage to move away from family and friends to a better place. My son had challenges in school that the Quebec government NEVER would have invested in THEIR students. The motto at my son's school board is "No Child Left Behind." He is now absolutely flourishing in school and is taking a summer program with only 20 placements for all of Ontario! THAT, Mr. is how society BENEFITS from investing in its future instead of lumping remedial and other special needs children into dead end, neglectful "special ed" (read bobo) classes to endlessly struggle and rot out the rest of their lives.

      No, Apparatchik, I want you and those of your ilk out right from where I sit so Canada can focus on becoming a perhaps smaller, but better country.

    20. Aппара́тчик,

      In all seriousness, referring Gandhi as Mohamed can get one killed in some parts of India. As well, referring Quaid-e-Azam as Mahatma can certainly get one killed in Pakistan.

    21. Mr. Sauga, you fled rather than try and make things better.


      Excuse me, guilty of WHAT exactly? Of wanting to better his life, and that of his son and girlfriend? Of wanting peace, freedom and prosperity? Of wanting to live in harmony with other Canadians, and not having to be ashamed of considering himself and family (gasp!) equal citizens with equal rights? Of wanting to live in a place where roads, bridges, overpasses, buildings and hospitals are safe and reliable?

      Guilty? On the contrary, he is something a lot of us are not. BRAVE. Yep, brave enough to up root himself, leave his home, family, friends and job behind, and risk starting anew, in a new place. That takes a lot of courage and determination. It is not easy, trust me, I still haven't quite got there myself after all these years, but damn it, I'm pretty close now. As a matter of fact, since my father passed away 3 years ago (and I'll never forget the torment; not just from his cancer, but the bastards that put myself and my family through added unnecessary hell over language-law crap when he needed a medical care and I needed a leave of absence from work), and my mother finally deciding to sell her house after 40 years, I now have little reason to stay. My mother finally admitted she doesn't want to own any assets in this province, this is not a place to be rooted.

      And you know, anytime I talk about the problems of Quebec to most friends and family, I'm told "You're being too negative", "If you can't do anything to change things here, don't complain about it", "If you don't like it here, move". Complaining about the inequalities and injustices is, uh-oh, Quebec bashing. Better yet, if I dare say English should be allowed on signs or allow parents the choice to send a child to English school, then I AM LABELED A RACIST. I AM ANTI-FRENCH. Christ, question the logic of Bill-101 is literally blasphemy in this province, it is like the bible. Though shalt not speak, read or think in English.

      But I digress, no one is guilty for leaving this province to have a better life, anymore than someone who escaped over the Berlin wall, or smuggled themselves out of the USSR, or late 1930's Poland. No we're not quite there yet, but not that far off either.

      The only GUILTY ones are the politicians who have abandoned us. Jean Charest and his Liberals cowards, or the current Conservative government in Ottawa who allows this crap in Quebec go on. The government should step in and put a stop to this nonsense once and for all, Quebec IS a part of Canada. Of course they won't, and so, what are you supposed to do? Sit here and suffer, be miserable, stressed out and oppressed until the day you die? You can try and fight it, like I have, but in the end nothing changes. The only solution, at this point, is to kick Quebec out of Canada.

    22. God grant you the serenity?
      When you left, that’s not what you were thinking!!
      Now you use it as rationalization.

      I’m glad you found a way to help your kid, but your asking what I’m doing to expose the racists is out of line!

      If you’ve been listening, you know that we have one hell of a Canadian kickass network that is growing daily.

      I have between three to five conversations with Francophones a week about OurCountry. Teaching as much as possible, the story of OurBloodDrenchedFlag and how it’s the opposite of the pre revolutionary cross dressing monarch’s banner that the racists worship!

      I created the Stick It To Them Campaign, which encourages non-racist to stick a Canadian Flag beside any separatist one in order to render the segregation flag inclusive.

      I am the author of the manifesto that is fast becoming the fail-safe antiracist vehicle!!

      I thank Editor, Hugo Shabbeare, James John, Apparatchik, Adski and others for their efforts, which to you may seam small Mr. Sauga, but they matter!!

      And there is more!!


      Apple IIGS, I’m glad you’re pissed, but you’re wrong.
      Leaving is easy!!!

    23. GensDenis, where can I and other readers find your information on all these activities you're doing? I'd love to read them.

      Furthermore, it's not for you to judge whether AppleIIGS finds leaving Quebec hard. While I confess I left Quebec feeling triumph, I also was disgusted to leave family and friends behind because my family when they immigrated did enormous good contributing to the greater good of their Quebec communities. I've written about this many, many times as some of our fellow readers can strongly attest, to the point where some of my detractors wrote I was cutting and pasting my stories (though I never did) probably to make a point.

    24. Sauga, well said. If some people want to beat their heads against the wall for 50 plus years, that is their choice. What I do know is that every anglophone whom I know in Quebec has told me that they regret not having left. You can only live once. Why throw your life away living in an inhospitable place?

    25. Mr. Sauga to Rupert, GensDenis and AppleIIGSTuesday, July 17, 2012 at 5:54:00 PM EDT

      Rupert: Ditto. Equally well stated.

      AppleIIGS: As usual, thanks for your support, and your last contribution was well stated as well.

      GensDenis: I'm still waiting, but I'll try to be patient.

    26. No answer, eh? I think I've been patient enough. Big talk, no action.

    27. GensDenis to Mr. Sauga

      You trying to set the agenda for my answer to you is out of line. If you've been on this post for so long you’d know a lot of what we've done so far. Return to this post later when I’ll have reposted some of the info.

      You can try to help the racist by exposing our movement, from afar, before all our security is in place but remember that we live here and will make our move when WE ARE READY!!
      Have you heard of Dr. Roopnarine Singh?

      And wtf right do you have to act like some drill sergeant when you have no skin in the game?
      I’m willing to bet that Apple IIGS will not leave once our campaign is unveiled!

      You've been patient enough? You think maybe if your self-importance were quelled a little, you’d have stayed here to fight rather than flee?

    28. Moé itou, je partage la curiosité de M. Sauga a propos de ces activités et ces idées

      Pour moé, je trouve le nationalisme dangereux. J'ai un différend avec les séparatistes, mais je ne suis pas nationaliste canadien, et je suis sûr qu'aucun séparatiste ne changera ses idées par "NotreDrapeauTrempéEnSang"... il n'aime pas le drapeau (haha en fait moi aussi, je n'aime pas aucun drapeau).

      C'est intéressant, tes idées, peut-être on entendra plus éventuellement.

    29. OK, I'm not going anywhere, so I'll wait. I don't know Dr. Singh. Should I?

      As for your "no skin in the game" crack, if that was the case, I wouldn't be contributing one syllable to this blog if that was true, let alone read it. Why shouldn't I object to the goings-on? Quebec gets about $10 billion more in federal goodies that Quebecers contribute to it. Maybe I'm wrong for believing one shouldn't bite the hand that feeds that one, that's all.

      Self-importance? HEY!...Gotta look out for #1!

    30. Okay, we call it a draw. We'll get back to this soon enough, but for now, we deal with the racists..

      You are right that it's not for me to judge whether AppleIIGS finds leaving hard, but at the same time I think you can see why so many of us Franco, Anglo and Alo Canadians don't accept your telling us that OurCountry kick us out because of a racist MINORITY.

    31. PS
      Yes, Sauga! You should know Dr. Roopnarine Singh. All of us should...

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    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Pourtant, nous bénéficions de la péréquation, et mon passeport dit bien que je suis Canadien... le vôtre aussi, d'ailleurs.

  13. *Soyions

    Je sais,le français est une langue complexe qui exige toute notre concentration.

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  15. I asked the same thing last time, what happens with tourists who can't speak french?

    Does Monsieur Le Séparatiste think they should "learn to adapt to the reality of Montreal"? Or maybe you think they just shouldn't come here?

  16. "I asked the same thing last time, what happens with tourists who can't speak french"

    Ils n'ont qu'à visiter que des pays anglophones.Problème réglé!

    1. Well I have to at least thank you for being honest in your reply, at least you're not hiding your intolerance.

      I guess the only tourists we should accept are those from France or Haiti then?

    2. Non,ceux qui acceptent de découvrir d'autres cultures donc d'autres langues.N'est-ce pas le but premier des voyages?

    3. So, when you visit Japan you'll learn Japanese?

    4. 私は長年日本に住んでいたと私はそれが訪問者のために学ぶための簡単な言語ではないことを伝えることができます。

    5. @A nonymous 8:49

      So how many languages have you learnt?

    6. The question of mastering multiple languages is an intellectual trap, I think. Most of Americans and Australians (but not British) speak only one language. Yet they are fine in travelling the world.

      The sad reality is that English is the single most commonly known language in the world, bar none. So I think it is harder to expect an English-speaking person to speak other language(s) than to expect a non-English speaking person to speak English.

      Fair? Certainly not. But that is the way the world works. I have lived with that reality since when I was very little in Asia. So much so that mastering English is just the way to go in Asia.

      For Quebec case, the province still wants growth and prosperity, I suppose. With its geographic location, it simply just an impossibility to try to shield itself from the "damn English". It is really a futile exercise, IMHO. For every single good consumed in Quebec, there is someone on the background down the supply chain working in English to make it happen.

    7. Troy,

      Nihon-jin ja nai demo Nihon ni sunde ita koto ga arimasu. Anata wa?

    8. Anonymous@11:29,

      Você tem certeza que não quer dizer "cuatro"? Onde aprendeu o português então?

    9. Аппаратчик… I like that! Трой, you may call me Кошка. ;-)

    10. Υποθέτω ότι δεν μιλάει κανείς εδώ Έλληνες?

    11. أنا لا افترض أي شخص يتكلم اللغة العربية هنا؟

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. ?אני לא חושב שמישהו פה דובר עברית

    14. 是否有人在这里说中国话吗?

    15. यह बहुत दुर्लभ हो सकता है लेकिन किसी को भी हिंदी बोलते हैं?

    16. Điều này sẽ rất hiếm nhưng không ai nói tiếng Việt ở đây?

    17. Bloody hell, at least someone tell me they speak Strine!

      (That's what they speak in Melbourne, in case anyone is wondering.)

    18. "The question of mastering multiple languages is an intellectual trap, I think."

      I never agreed with it as a political project, although I do think that multilingualism does enrich a person, opens horizons, stimulates the mind...It's just that when something (anything) becomes an object of identity politics and a tool of distraction and division, it does begin to stink...

      Also, I am almost certain that if the French language ended up being the lingua franca, not a single QC nationalist would ever utter the phrase "linguistic diversity". This combination of the two words would not even be in his/her vocabulary.

    19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    20. El Gato,

      While Трой is how you write Troy in Russian, I would prefer Тро́я. That is Russian for the ancient city of Troy, from which the pseudonym is derived. Or the original name in Greek, Τροία.

    21. Трóя (or トロイア),

      Hai, wakarimashita. Domo arigatou gozaimashita. *bow*

    22. Трóя (or トロイア),

      Hai, wakarimashita. Domo arigato gozaimashita. *bow*

      (Grrr… Blogger keeps eating my comments. I hope the Editor will opt to use the Disqus add-on soon!)

    23. Anyway, all of that up above was merely to point out that Anonymous@8:49 might find that actually learning other languages might be just a little more difficult than ordering a cerveza in Cuba.

  17. The west Premiers promised Quebec they'd let her "Freeze to death in the dark" It seemed like an absurd punishment at the time in retribution for Quebec's fractious relationships with all other provinces, the details you are more than aware of....Big shocker! It's come true, a frozen people stuck in paranoid 1939, Ignorant beyond Canada's wildest imaginations. Thank god the EXIT signs are well visible

  18. Actually it was the entire east.

  19. Just discovered this blog. Don't know why it took me so long, but I am so on board now and ready to unleash some common-sense fury on the separaciste masses.

    1. Have you met Michel Patrice?

    2. Just googled him. I see his game right away. No matter what approach these guys take, it always leads back to their fundamental essence - pure ignorance. Patrice is just another p'tit patate with equally small ideas (if you can even call them ideas).

      Let the games begin!

    3. Mr Dent,

      Welcome to this forum.

      I am Michel Patrice. It has been said that I am a bigot, that I am a hypocrite for writing in english on this forum, that I reek arrogance. I has also been said that I expose my ideas with rational arguments and that I rarely engage in personnal attacks. It has also recently been said that I speak english to the point of eloquence which is highly exagerated and ce qui met indûment à mal ma modestie.

      I have initialy known of this forum almost a year ago because of Yannick who brought my Toronto Outgrew Montreal because of Separatism post. I also had the pleasure to discuss (argue, be insulted by...) with Mr Krug here and elsewhere once in a while.

      Again, welcome to this forum. Nice to meet you.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. Welcome Mr. Dent..

      Before you form an opinion on the racist and separatist Patrice, please read the posts in Editors blog Of Thursday, July 5, 2012 “French versus English Volume 57” And his blog of Monday, July 9, 2012”Should English Canada Subsidize Radio Canada?”

      If you don’t come off wiping your hand in disgust and feeling like George Bailey after he shook the hand of Mr. Potter, I’ll eat my Maurice Richard Tuque.

    6. Oh shit...that definitely isn't good, GensDenis.

      I see that he's very obsessed with the 49% OUI vote in the last referendum.

      Well, here's the thing - the majority of the Québécois (and by this, I'm talking about both federalists and separatists) are fickle.

      That 49% figure brings to mind how one vote, the Québec almost voted the ADQ into power.

      What happened only two years later? The ADQ was put out to pasture by those same voters.

      Those same fickle 49% of voters dumped their beloved Bloc Québécois for the NDP, just because NDP took a few pictures of Jack Layton drinking beer with factory workers and watching Habs games in small town bars with the locals.

      That same 49% voted out Lucien Bouchard. And then Bernard Landry. And then André Boisclair. And then they tried it with Pauline Marois.

      About 7 months ago that 49% was ready hand Québec's leadership to the CAQ. Today that 49% got bored and turned away.

      Eventually every separaciste has to do what the alcoholic/drug addict who's lost EVERYTHING must do:

      ...Look him/herself in the mirror and say "this is all my fault. I made things this way. It was my separatist movement that has led to Québec having the highest tax rate in North America. It was my sovereignist movement that lead to the proliferation of the mafia (don't believe me, check out Russia) in this province. It's my desire for independence that led to the insane level of corruption within the public unions. It was my desire to make everyone else just like me (Bill 101) that crippled the province's economy for two solid decades."

      Shall I continue?

      Fuck, why not?

      "It was my decision to vote Oui that has created an unheard of sense of entitlement in Québec (RE: student strikes). Due to my insistence on separation, I am contributing to the polarization of an entire people and as a result, generating a persecution complex that manifests into racism and xenophobia. This racism and xenophobia manifest into the belief that those who are not like me are inferior and therefore deserve to have their rights abrogated (Mouvement Montréal Francais / SSJB)"

      Oh and once last thought going through that 49%'s minds:

      "If Bill Gates were a Québécois like me, who would be nothing today. Not because he'd be a francophone, but because his attitude would never have allowed him to create Microsoft. When Bill made a mission for himself to create a killer operating system, he in turn created a job for himself, which eventually turned into thousands of jobs for people all over the world (including Québec). Me, I can't even begin to fathom creating a business and thereby contributing something constructive to the province I purportedly love. Nope. I hate my job (after all, as a Québécois, I work to live, not live to work like those stupid Anglos), but at the same time, capitalism is a crime against humanity. I think materialism and the pursuit of riches is disgusting but at the same time, I don't shy away from contributing to the statistic that Québec has the largest amount of lottery players."

    7. Good post Harv..

      "I work to live, not live to work like those stupid Anglos), but at the same time, capitalism is a crime against humanity. I think materialism and the pursuit of riches is disgusting but at the same time,"

      you forgot to add.

      But also I don't mind taking unearned wealth from those that subscribe to the other work ethic. To the tune of about 10 billion per year. :)

    8. And then demonize and insult them to no end. The reason no one really screams about the east taking equalization is because they haven‘t made a career out of insulting and slandering Canada.

      Welcome, Harvey, great first post!

    9. Thanks guys - I thought blogs like these ones were all dead. I just feel bad that I'm so late to the party. You guys got to talk about peeps like Parizeau and Falardeau and I didn't get a chance to chime in.

      I just wanted to add something else to that previous post I made. I'm no fan of Mathieu Bock-Côté. He's a separatist and exhibits a lot of xenophobic traits in his columns, but at least he's opposed to the pseudo-socialist mentality that powers the sovereignist movement. In a recent post, he wrote the following and it echoed my thoughts:

      "Le Québec dégage souvent l’impression d’une province bureaucratique et endettée. C’est l’effet pervers de la social-démocratie. « Ne te demande pas ce que tu peux faire pour ton pays, mais les services sociaux que tu peux demander à ton État. »"

      "Don't ask what your "country" can do for you, but what social services you can demand from the country."

      And there is my personal challenge to the average sovereignist.

      Before blaming Canada, Anglos and whoever else for the "intolerable living conditions" that make you yearn for separation, ask yourself, what have you done for your society?

      Have you created a business that helps generate jobs for your fellow citizens?

      Did you ever establish a foundation that would commit to eliminating cancer in your fellow citizens?

      What about the ROC? Have you ever taken the time to visit "the other side" and determine how you can improve relations between the two solitudes?

      If French is so important to you, why aren't you volunteering your time to teach newly-arrived immigrants and refuges at community centers?

      I really would like to have a separatist tell me that...what have you done for this province?

    10. The right wing separatists are a thing of the Bouchard era but they‘ve really come out hard against the student movment. Another guy who has ridiculed them to no end is Richard Martineau. Let us not forget the letter signed by Lucifer himself supporting the hike. I hope it splits their racist movement.
      The new type of separatist hides behind the label of a “progressive.“ why fascist? Who, me? They believe that they can escape that label by being left wing. I‘ve seen their work on twitter, the most close minded, intolerant, with us or against us people since the W Era.

    11. Mr Dent,

      I was arguing that true democratic debate is possible only when both (all) parties recognize the legitimacy of the others, in other words, the other's right to tell his ideas. So a democratic debate is not possible when one keeps calling the other monster, nazi, racist, or whatever (without adressing the ideas that supposedly makes him a monster, a nzi, racist or whatever).

      Mathieu Bock-Côté, who, interestingly, you seem to read, elaborates on this idea when discussing the left-right debate.

      I refered to the 49% yes vote as a sign that separatism is a legitimate political option for a large part of the Québec population. The hypothetical fickleness of Québec voters is beside the point.

    12. I refered to the 49% yes vote as a sign that separatism is a legitimate political option for a large part of the Québec population.

      Pas vraiment quand on pense que beaucoup de ces citoyens/électeurs s'était trompé a propos de la relation avec Canada apres séparation. Quelle drôle d'idée, qu'on laisserait les "souverains Québecois" a utiliser des passeports canadiennes, ou tous ces autres niaiseries et conneries.

      Oui, un souverain Québec serait libre a utiliser le dollar canadien -- comme tous les pays sont permit, avec n'importe quel argent des quatre coins de monde.

      Mais un souverain Québec qui utilise le dollar canadien n'a aucun décision a faire a propos du Banque du Canada, etc etc etc

      Ça veut dire en autres mots que le Québec serait *moins* souverain qu'avant.

      Drôle d'idée :D :D :D :D :D

      Aussi, une drôle d'idée que tu pense que 49% des citoyens voulaient la souverainété.

      T'as raison, Michel - c'est bien légitime être séparatiste, comme toé! Mais c'est faux, affirmer que 49% ont voté pour ce que tu veux.

    13. Patrice,

      You know it was nowhere near 49% and it was not a separation referendum.

      And anyone who has read the hate you spew on your post, can only conclude that you are a racist!!

  20. La Marois posted her pre-election video today. From my FB friend Steve Théberge:

    Elle lance trois idées aux Québécois: «rassemblons-nous, soyons fiers de nous, affirmons-nous».

    Je n'ai pas l'habitude de parlez ainsi sur FACEBOOK mais le premier mot qui m'est venu en tête est : BULLSHIT ! Oui, je me répête: Bullshit Mrs Marois !

    RASSEMBLONS-NOUS ? A vous entendre parler, vous ne voulez que nous diviser, entre nous.

    SOYONS FIERS DE NOUS ? À vous voir agir dans la rue avec des chaudrons et dire des niaiseries de la population, l'autre population québécoise, je me pose des questions.

    AFFIRMONS-NOUS? I am a proud Quebecer so are my anglo friends qui sont eux aussi des Québécois de souche !

    Alors si vous parlez de séparation, rien ne vous empêche de vous séparer du reste de l'autre Québec.

    In English:

    She introduces three ideas to Quebecers: "Let's join together, let’s be proud of ourselves, let’s affirm ourselves."

    I do not usually talk this way on FACEBOOK but the first word that came to mind is: BULLSHIT! Yes, I repeat, Bullshit Mrs. Marois!

    LET’S JOIN TOGETHER? To hear you talk, all you want is to split us asunder.

    LET'S BE PROUD OF OURSELVES? To see you act up in the streets with pots and pans and say stupid things about the population, the other population of Quebec, I ask myself some questions.

    LET’S AFFIRM OURSELVES? I am a proud Quebecer so are my anglo friends who are also old stock Quebecers!

    So if you wish to talk about separation, nothing prevents from you separating yourself from the rest of the other Quebec.


    If you really wish to “join together, be proud of ourselves and affirm ourselves” and if you so desire, do feel free to vote and/or comment on her YouTube video:

  21. L'asiatique qui travaille au dépanneur au coin de la rue a commencé à nous servir en français,en 2 ans,c'est la première fois que je l'entend prononcer une phrase toute entière sans erreur.Aurait-il entendu parler de l'histoire du dépanneur de Verdun?Peu importe,je l'ai encouragé à progresser dans la bonne direction et j'irai plus souvent y acheter du pain et du lait.

    Bravo Linh!

  22. When you invite Linh to your home for dinner, let us know.

  23. Yannick n'est pas un "Nazi", il n'aime pas les Nazis, il a dit seulement qu'il dirait la verité a propos des Nazis si on les accuse d'avoir fait ce qu'ils n'ont pas en fait fait, qu'il défendrait n'importe qui, même un Nazi, contre les mensonges. En disant cela il a dit implicitement aussi qu'il n'aime pas les Nazis, qu'il les estime comme malfaiteurs, mais même un malfaiteur a droit a être estimé en la vérité, pas en la mensonge, pas en ce qui est faux.

    C'est incroyable qu'on veut lui attaquer pour avoir dit ça... clairement il a dit seulement la pensée souvent attribué a Voltaire: même s'il n'est pas d'accord avec vous, il vous défendra a dire, penser, et sentir ce que vous voulez dire, penser, et sentir.

    Je serait vraiment triste si Yannick était chassé de ce blog par la négativité.

    1. Oh please. Stop making up things. No one accused Yannick of being a Nazi or of liking Nazis. It is the sheer repulsiveness of his willingness to defend Nazis that is offensive. Yannick has shown a lack of common sense by refusing to withdraw his comment when offered an opportunity to do so. He has no sense of how hurtful his comment is to those of us who had relatives murdered by thevNazis or who were forced to witness the murder of their parents in front of their eyes. He has never met the survivors who always ave a haunted look in their eyes. Anyone who invokes his willingness to defend Nazis to make a point is not thinking clearly. Yannick is no Voltaire. Voltaire said he would defend the right of people to say things, not that he would defend mass murderers if people said untrue things about them. The Nazis cannot be defended. They stand condemned by history as monsters. What untruths could someone say about Nazis that would result in someone leaping to their defense. The mere thought of it makes me cringe.

    2. Yanni stands by his words and thoughts. If he defends Nazis then he must be sympathetic to the cause.

    3. Rupert, you are obviously, clearly trying to stuff words in Yannick's mouth, and everyone knows and everyone can tell.

      He never said "he defends Nazis", he said "he would defend them against lies and mistruths".

      You are making things up to attack Yannick because you have nothing intelligent to exchange with him.

      Yes, he's a separatist sympathizer. So what? To a certain (minute) extent, so am I. Yell and scream all you want, nobody except anonymous trolls are buying what you're peddling... and the trolls are just trying to provoke you into wasting more of your life and time yelling malicious (though totally ineffectual) slander.

      (I've already wasted enough of mine on your hogwash, it seems)

    4. @JBG, it does not require an intellectual tour de force to understand what I wrote above. However, you prefer to impute motives to me that are irrelevant to my comments about Yannick. If Yannick is indeed a separatist sympathizer (your words, not mine), so what? What does that have to do with anything? Yannick probably has a beef with you now as he probably thinks that you insulted him.

  24. Great post Editor, and thanks for the support from those above. Honesty, I was pleasantly surprised to see so much support, just hope you guys show up for our next Anti-Bill 101 rally (replace it with a revised Bill 199) in August (same place, OQLF Camille 'the bigot' Laurin statue - reasons behind this Anglo Rights here:

    Thanks Editor for the STM write-up and rightful dedication of a whole post to it, and continued dedication! We know this story too well, and denouncing the linguicism, racism, xenophobia by everyone whether committed against high-profile Soccer players, Ministers of Faith (Michael Jennings) or the regular person just trying to get from A to B in this City, is essential to forcing the change we so desperately need here.
    Furthermore, speaking of the STM, I joined CJAD regular The Tommy Schnurmacher on his show last Thursday the 12th regarding the 'Quebec Welcome', you can listen here:
    The Tommy Schnurmacher Show Podcast - Thursday July 12, 2012

  25. Of bed we all couple, that in traffic to the guard, 'Swing spell Dim' is a unsafe change in City.

  26. STM is a public service institution. So just one question... Do only these french quebecois pay taxes here or also everyone else? If anglophones also pay taxes they also have the rights to have the same benefits from public services. This is so clear!!!