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French versus English..Volume 58

Separatists apoplectic over subsidy to Anglo groups.

Much to the chagrin of French language militans, the Canadian government has announced a $4.4 million subsidy to various Anglo groups, mostly centered in Montreal. See the list of groups receiving funding

The usual suspects in the French language militant movement went ballistic, calling the subsidies an affront to Quebec and the French language.
Interestingly, many of these militants offered up the idea that anglophones aren't a minority and don't deserve special protection in Quebec.
"The federal government, controlled largely by the English, does not hesitate to act in a discriminatory manner in favor of the Anglo-Quebecers, as recognized by a UN committee, which in no way constitutes a minority as long as Quebec is subject to the Canadian constitution" Link{Fr}
There is a term for taking two diametrically opposed positions, depending on the context.
It's called 'Sucking and Blowing"

So when is a minority a majority and when is a majority a minority? 
Dunno....ask Mario Beaulieu.

By the way the same department spends $33 million on French organizations outside Quebec. Link{Fr}
And just for your information, the NDP, our national alternative to the Conservatives, expressed outrage at the subsidies.
Speaking for the party, spokesman Pierre Nantel observed that the subsidies are "a form of contempt" Link {Fr}

Adding salt to the wound, Canada has quietly cut finding to an international Francophonie group, Link{Fr}

TSN Radio's English to French format change enrages loyal English sports radio listeners

 "When the news came out last Tuesday that Bell Media was going to convert TSN Radio 990 into a French-language radio station as part of its acquisition of Astral Media, the response was overwhelmingly negative from the anglophone community, with most people not sure who to blame.
That hasn't stopped them from doing so. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, which regulates radio stations and will hear Bell's application for the language switch at a hearing in Montreal on Sept. 10, has received more than 400 comments about it already, mostly from individual listeners." Link

Who is to blame? 
Methinks Bell is playing a duplicitous role by passing the buck to the CRTC very conveniently, because the change to a French format is extremely beneficial to it's bottom line.

After all, if you could own only one sports-talk station in Montreal, would you take the French license or the English license? 

Prediction....The CRTC will not play ball and will ask BELL to give up the frequency and open up a competition.

Best Tweet concerning the demise of TSN 990;

Pauline Marois buys some love

Every now and then, something comes along that bowls me over. 
Like the proverbial Black Swan, I never even fathomed that this existed, the ability to buy approvals on FACEBOOK.
For a price, a company will boost your FACEBOOK numbers artificially and that is what Pauline Marois appears to have done on her FACEBOOK page!

Unfortunately for Pauline, the maneuver is not untraceable, as you can see by the spike in graph displaying each day's new 'approvals.'
In a one week period, the number spiked almost a thousand each day. Well-played!

It seems that Pauline has kept up her position as a bone fide member of the Quebec politicians 'Liars Club'

Watch a hilarious video about it on YouTube

Quebec government adopts a policy of speaking English only when they want something from you.

It seems that just about the whole public service of the Quebec government has adopted a policy of dealing with clients in French only.
There are some exceptions, those agencies that want something from Anglos.
And so the Revenue department, Lotto Quebec and Hema Quebec continue a policy of offering English services.
The latest to remove English service is Quebec's Medicare provider, RAMQ.
"The Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec has a policy that promotes French at all costs in communications with its customers,  to the detriment of public safety, according to some social groups.  
The practice is qualified as "intimidating" by English speakers of Montreal.

When Jasmine Butterfly-Smith called the Insurance Board (RAMQ) this week, she was shocked by the greeting she received. "The Board informs you that it communicates with its customers in French first" A message that she doesn't hesitate to call intimidation.

Since January 2012, RAMQ has adopted a new language policy in terms of customer service.
"When we
begin a conversation, we do it in French, even if the person before us  addresses us in English, if we judge that the listener understands French, even if he does not speak it, "said spokesman  Marc Lortie, representing the RAMQ
. Link {Fr}

Best-selling exposé of Amir Khadir faces boycott in independent bookstores

It seems that the bestselling book, an exposé of Amir Khadir is practically unavailable in Montreal's independent French bookstores.
The book is subject to an unofficial boycott by leftists who are unamused at the shots taken at their exalted Dear Leader.
Don't try to find "Les faces cachées d'Amir Khadir"- ('The Hidden Faces of Amir Khadir') anywhere in the Plateau!
Listen to a radio show with a bookseller who spills the beans, in French Link{Fr}

Here's an excellent review of the book which in spite of the boycott sits near the top of the bestseller list in Quebec;
"Quebec playwright and novelist Pierre K. Malouf has recently published an explosive book on one of the most controversial and divisive figures in the Quebec political scene.....
The book also examines why Khadir has an almost fiery obsession with Israel while having remained practically mute about  Islamist dictators and the tyrannies and hypocrisies of the left.....
Malouf makes an eloquent and convincing indictment of Khadir who while ardently painting himself as a compassionate doctor at the service of humanity, has a much less flattering side of service to many causes that reasonable people would consider deliterious to a liberal, pluralistic society." Read the rest of the review

Re-districting in Montreal, likely to create new Tory riding

Liberal member of Parliament Irwin Cotler is up in arms over the redistricting of his Montreal riding, Mount-Royal, where according to the proposed plan, a very large neighborhood of ethnic voters has been replaced with Anglos further west. The largely Black Caribbean and Filipino voters removed from the district might prove disastrous, since they voted Liberal en masse.
Mr. Cotler can no longer count on the Jewish community, which makes up the bulk of the riding to assure his election. It seems that Tory support among Jews has skyrocketed in Hampstead and Cote-Saint Luc. There was a time that the riding was 90% Liberal. 
If Cotler, who still enjoys great personal popularity, decides not to run again, (He will be pushing seventy-five when the next federal election is held) the riding will go Tory.

By the way readers, what do you think of all the stupid names they've given to the new ridings?  Link

UQAM to host anti-capitalist symposium

I guess nobody should be surprised to learn that Montreal's UQAM university is hosting an anarchist anti-capitalist conference this month.

"In recent decades, capitalism has been reorganized (the so-called neoliberalism). It wants to consolidate the dominant patriarchal structures in subordinating women. They want to "restore order" in the workplace, especially for youth and stealing senior's pensions. They want to privatize public space and politics in favor of opaque networks by reducing public services in favour of  business. They want the good old tradition of "divide and rule" that can reinforce racial and national barriers against alternate groups. This neoconservatism is an assault not only against the achievements of recent decades, but also against all that our world contains values ​​of solidarity, equality, social justice....

This symposiun is given to unite the indignant, activists, workers, intellectual from academia and the street, in short, for all those who want to think outside the box."    Link{Fr}

Your tax dollars at work! 

Retail Council of Canada takes position against descriptors and French appliances

The Retail Council of Canada has written to the Quebec government to oppose the proposed law forcing appliance manufacturers to add French to the machines.
The Council underlined that it would cost a fortune and in many cases would lead to many products being removed from the Quebec market  Link{Fr}
The RCC has also let it be known that they have received a legal opinion that the OQLF's demand that companies using English trademarked names be forced to add French descriptors is not founded in law.

OQLF statistical fantasy

I bet if the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) sent out a press release saying that the number of Anglos sprouting horns had increased by 11% over two years, there'd be many a newspaper that would print it, unchallenged!

Some of the stuff coming out of the office is pure unadulterated NONSENSE!
According to the OQLF;

"Bilingual greeting in the shops of downtown Montreal jumped in two years,  from 1% in 2010 to 13% in 2012" Link{Fr}

Are they on drugs! 
Can anyone believe that something like that can change statistically by 1,300% in two years?
Think about it....
If shop clerks offered 10 million bilingual greetings in 2010, that figure would have jumped to 130 million in just two years, Utterly ridiculous.
Then there is this;

"According to the latest findings of the OQLF, 43% of Francophones do not ask to be served in French when first addressed in English in the stores. Link{Fr}

That's a little strange because only 33% of Quebecers can carry on a real conversation in English
It's likely that the survey deals with stores in Montreal where the rate of bilingualism among francophones is higher, but still only about 40-45%.
According to the OQLF, that means that every single francophone who is bilingual, will respond in English when greeted in English.
Hmmmm.... I don't think so.

Separatist loses court case

The Conservative government's decision to pull out of the Kyoto Protocol was legal, and it wasn't obliged to consult Parliament before doing so, the Federal Court has ruled.
Daniel Turp, a former Bloc Québécois MP and former Parti Québécois member of the province's national assembly, went to Federal Court to challenge the government's withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol. Link


Jewish Hospital told to dump patients

 "In a new plan being rolled out this week to control the volume of patients, people seeking medical care at the Jewish General Hospital who are from the West Island or off-island regions are going to be told to consider getting care closer to home.
While hospital officials insist no patient will be turned away and patients requiring specialized services not available elsewhere will certainly be treated, the hospital says it is under pressure from the government to reduce the number of patients it treats so it is asking doctors to encourage patients to seek treatment closer to home if it won’t compromise the quality of their care.
And while the hospital says it hasn’t been told specifically how many patients to cut, it’s been told to work within government budgets and help spread out the patients. And despite its insistence that no patient will be turned away, the reality is it can’t continue to treat the same number of new patients each year." Link

Hmmm... Is it case of "Do as I say, not as I do?"
If patients from Laval are being told to make alternate arrangements, what about the politicians from all over the province who flock to Quebec's best hospital in time of need.

Paging Mr. Parizeau, paging Mr. Parizeau!

By the way, here's a follow-up to my post about English doctors being forced out of Quebec;
Quebec's policies are chasing MDs out of the province
On Saturday, I had the pleasure of hosting a small gathering of graduates of the McGill University School of Medicine. It had been some time since they had seen each other, and they wanted to rekindle the wonderful bond they had formed at McGill. Since I live in Montreal and one of the graduates was one of my children, I offered to host the party.
Here is the main thing I can tell you about the seven grads at the gathering: Not one is currently practising in Quebec. They are all practising in the rest of Canada – and not necessarily by choice... Read the rest of the story

Short Stuff's most prolific racist reminds us once again that there are too many ethnics on Quebec television. Link{Fr}

David at Republique de Bananes reminds us with two charts that Quebecers are at the bottom of the list when giving to charity and donating their time. 
Quebecers on average donate $147 compared to Albertans $470 and donate 47 hours to charitable work as compared to Nova Scotians, who donate 111 hours. 
See the charts, you don't need French to understand. Link

Here's a hilarious spoof in French that describes the illness known a 'Separatist Fever.'
I wish I had time to translate the article and if anyone would do it,  I'd gladly print it.  Link{fr}
Thanks to Frank for the link.

And now, just for fun;

Now to those who accuse me of being a fan of hockey and hockey alone, I offer this evidence that I am a fan of the CFL and the Montreal Allouettes in particular.

Here's a video taken from the last CFL football game played between Calgary and Montreal, where the referee has a horrible time making himself understood.
I didn't put it on YouTube, because I didn't want to embarrass him too much and I hope he understands that it is all in respectful good fun.

How Canadians deal with road rage!

And finally, completely off topic, but the funniest thing I saw on the Internet this week;

Please have a great weekend!
Bon weekend à tous.


  1. The NDPQ is absolutely revolting.

  2. Speaking of physicians and their compensation, Ontario Minister of Health said that some Ontario doctors are paid too much.

  3. RE: Mario Beaulieu and his griping about the Federal subsidies...

    First, here's a picture that speaks a thousand words about man -

    In case the thousand words don't jump out at you right away, here's what the pic is saying; Mario would like to re-christen the Second Cup chain as La Deuxième Tasse. Apparently our boy is so busy chasing after trivial matters that he never started his own business. He also never went to the exhaustive trouble and expense of setting up a trademark.

    Further, Frank O'Dea, the founder of the Second Cup used to be a homeless alcoholic who lifted himself off the street to build this Canadian institution, which means is officially superior to separatists in each and every single way. Go to the Second Cups on the Plateau and tell me what language you get served in...that's right - la langue de Molière.

    So in closing on the whole anti-super Mario story here is my challenge to Mario: Start your own business, employ thousands of people and in doing so contribute to the economy, lose some weight to show some form of self-control and then, maybe...just maybe we might listen to what you have to say.


    RE: Pauline Marois buying friends

    Can't blame her...she has no other options...


    RE: Quebec government adopts a policy of speaking English only when they want something from you.

    The nurses in this province are no different than the bus drivers that were talked about two posts this comes as no surprise.

    After all, when you're going to implement an indoctrination campaign, you always have to start with the lowest denominator.

    FUN FACT: A Montreal nurse (supposed 20+ year veteran) once stuck a needle in my arm the wrong way so bad blood started squirting out on the floor. When I looked at her with anger in my eyes her response was "Aye, c'est pas ma faute."


    RE: Amir Khadir

    How many times can you call a bullshit artist out and not get results?

    I really am looking forward to seeing how this man fares in the next election. Personally, I don't understand how any 14-year-old man can make his way into the national assembly, but this has got to be a first.


    RE: UQAM to host anti-capitalist symposium

    Everybody now!:

    While one set of young North Americans gripe that "life ain't fair" another group will be building their own lives --->

  4. In other news, the NDP is leading in the latest EKOS research poll. I guess NDP support is lasting and growing beyond what anyone expected.

  5. Har har har.... Harvey Dent, I love your comments about Mario Beaulieu. I read Frank O'Dea's book about his alcohol addiction and homeless days, and how he straightened out his life and started a business empire. Quite inspirational. Can't say the same about Mario who simply flaps his gums.

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  7. "Your tax dollars at work! "

    Sorry Editor, but I don't mind my tax dollars spent on this UQAM symposium, especially given the fact that the symposium statement you quoted in your post is, to me, totally uncontroversial.

    You know what I would mind my tax money going to? Bailing out Wall Street and banks. That would be an unacceptable allocation of my tax contribution.

  8. Ah yes, the poor little French separatist. It's like listening to someone scratch their nails on a chalk board. People only do it to iritate.

    Don't blame the English for kicking your sorry asses hundreds of years ago. Don't blame the English for taking control of Canada after France decided that it was better to have guadalope. Don't blame the English for making English the International language of business, International language of aviation. Don't blame the English for showing respect to your French community after kicking your asses then giving you the ability to maintain your French Churches, Schools and community.

    Instead of getting on your knees and thanking the English, you chose to see them as your worse enemy. Wrong, you are your worst enemy. You have been the culprits who have systematically killed the economy in Québec and made this province the most taxed, most indebted region in all of Canada. If it wasn't for the kindness of other Canadian provinces, you would have already gone bankrupt.

    Now shut the hell up and learn to live with your English neighbour in peace.

  9. Vive les amerlocs!

    1. It reminds me of the mass shootings/murders at the National Assembly and the Ecole Polytechnique in Quebec.

    2. Bien sûr,les armes à feu sont des objets de culte pour les Québécois.

  10. Re: new electoral district names-Renaming Berthier-Maskinonge after Gilles Villeneuve? Are there not more worthwhile figures to name a constituency after? Wonder if its current MP Ruth-Ellen Brousseau can pronounce Villeneuve the French way? :-)

    1. There is no more worthwhile Canadian and Quebecker than Gilles Villeneuve! After him, the choice is only for THIRD PLACE!

    2. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!? They're giving Gilles Villeneuve a new constituency name before Maurice Richard? BOY! To jilt the Rocket!...

    3. The "Rocket" is also getting a new riding named after him in Montreal.

    4. A riding should be named after Mordecai Richler. However that's only if you consider intellect, honesty and integrity to be worthwhile criteria. Then again, if a street name was changed to Rene Levesque, who referred to a substantial percentage of the population as "les actress" the likelihood is remote.

    5. Should be autres, not actress. Perils of an Ipad

  11. So I do need to offer my sincere apology to the Editor for thinking that he does not care about any other sports than ice hockey. While I like hockey and support the Canadiens, I can not help observing that in Canada ice hockey gains attention from the public disproportionately compared to the other sports.

    Regarding the game which the Editor put the video in the post, it is yet another evidence that nothing in the CFL is guaranteed. Games can change drastically during the last 3 minutes. Therefore, never leave a CFL game before the coaches shake hands.

    Having said all that, can I still have hope for our Editor and the Montreal Impact? ;-)

    1. Perhaps when the separacist symbol on the Montreal Impact uniform, he will. An inclusive sport with an exclusive emblem. gross

    2. Perhaps when the separacist symbol on the Montreal Impact uniform goes, he will. An inclusive sport with an exclusionary emblem.
      Gross, and gross!!!

  12. The conservatives can do all the redistricting(gerrymandering?) they want in Montreal. They will not even win one seat. Whatever goodwill they had across Canada is lost once they got this majority government. Hypocrisy and arrogance has gone to new levels with this current government. Adscam will seem like peanuts when current wastage will get calculated. That being said, I hope when the conservatives realize they won't win the next election they decide to take their frustrations out on Quebec and decide to get rid of some discriminatory official languages related educational rights.
    Especially to put the oncle Tom led NDP on the spot. I still can't believe anglos voted for the NDP in much higher numbers then even allos.

  13. @anon 6:38

    There is a new NANOS poll showing liberals with 26.5% support in Canada with current leader Bob Rae. If a known liberal candidate gets the leadership or even Justin Trudeau, the NDP will be sunk and become a party dominated by Quebec MPs. Alot of the pro bill 101 positions of the NDP are being hidden from the rest of Canada. I would love to see the NDP exposed on this.

  14. Les Québécois aiment Tommy et Tommy aime les Québécois.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Comme Les Québécois aiment Khadir et Khadir aime les Québécois?

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. It's all Greek to me! It seems like you were hoist by your own petard! Or rather: many Shakesperian terms have entered common parlance, so I don't see why the Editor shouldn't use them.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. That suggestion from the Jewish General Hospital and the provincial government that patients from the West Island and off island find other facilities sounds very interesting. More down right rotten.

    1 - The reason most people go to that hospital is because it's a good hospital.

    2 - People who need English services will go to Hospital's classified by the government as being bilingual.

    3 - When dealing with a English services doctor, they are usually affiliated with one of the English Hospitals. So they usually refer you to that Hospital for further testing and follow ups. Example...if your Doctor is affiliated with St-Mary's, they'll suggest you go their for required test. You don't have to of course. But, it probably would help you because they can access your file much easier.

    So, the bottom line of this request is that people who need to access English language medical services at a Hospitals are being told to not go there. Is there a English (bilingual) hospital in Laval? How about the South Shore? Sure this is one very over crowed one in the West island.

    They point out that the Jewish General Hospital's budget can't handle all the patient overflow. Well, my are hospitals budgets not related to the number of patients they get? If the Jewish General Hospital has that many patients, it's probably because it provides a service that patients believe is better than most other hospitals.

    I would suggest two things for the Quebec government.

    Build new English (bilingual) hospitals in Laval, South Shore, and the West Island. Or, adjust the money allocated to hospitals based on the number of patients. If more patients go there due to the good service, then more money is sent there. And the Hospitals that people are staying away from due to bad service should have their budgets cut.

    1. The Cité de la Santé in Laval would let you drop dead before they speak English to patients. To answer your question about hospitals serving patients in English in Laval USED TO be yes, but it was not a general hospital. The Jewish Rehabilitation Centre is a convalescent hospital located near Notre Dame and Chomedey Boulevards.

      I know it well because my late mother, MSRIP, was a nurse there for 22 years, the first 22 years of its existence. Today, however, it's a French hospital, demographics being what they are plus government intervention. Too bad, too, because Jewish community money was largely responsible for its having been built.

      The South Shore? I honestly don't know, but I doubt there is a hospital there offering English services. If any readers out there know better, please advise.

    2. Get that on video it would cause a national uproar of EPIC proportions. Lord knows the CBC doesn't give a shit a shit about the fascist conditions for Anglos in Quebec people have to start recording factual cases of discrimination.

  18. And here with go again with the public unions over-stepping their boundaries:

    As for the students...they might hate la loi 78...but they sure love to apply the very same principles of that law themselves:

    BTW, does anyone else see the irony of seeing bill 101 supporters oppose la loi 78?

    1. That's a startment that has been used already. Somehow here in Québec, it's ok to have English language rights diminished but don't you ever try to take away a Frenchman's right to bitch and protest - LOL !!!

    2. Harvey Dent needs a drink...are you buying?Friday, July 20, 2012 at 1:36:00 PM EDT

      See this is why I believe there should be a button in the comments section that makes that wah-wah-wah sound from The Price Is Right.

      Also wish there was a button that zapped away anonymous seppies from the comments section...oh wait...[That's you cue Mr. Editor].

    3. Effectivement très agréable comme sensation : Appuyez sur le bouton 101 pour zapper un anglo:



    4. Harvey Dent,

      Not to be two-faced (har-har) about it but the Editor is considering possibly using the Disqus discussion add-on, which among other things would allow readers to vote up intelligent comments and vote down stupid ones, as well as mute obnoxious ones, which as we can see from the previous comment would be a very desirable feature.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. Harvey Dent says: The Price is WRONG, Bitch!Saturday, July 21, 2012 at 1:10:00 PM EDT

      En effet, PIR c'est une référence Américaine. Si ça te derange autant...get the fuck off this blog - pas mal simple. Great...ever since the moderate sovereignist band Les Cowboys Fringants took notice that the forum on their site was loaded with KKK-brand separatists and shut the forum down, these little parasites are taking their racist "pur laine" bullshit anywhere they can.

      Must really suck being an ignorant, unilingual loser stuck in a largely open-minded world.

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  19. Excellente pub...Je partage sur face de bouc.

    "BTW, does anyone else see the irony of seeing bill 101 supporters oppose la loi 78?"

    En retard dans les nouvelles mon Harvey ?

    1. The reason you are not en retard dans les nouvelles mon Anon 1:03:00 is because you know English. now go out there and save young minds!

      Let there be knowledge, let there be English!

    2. "Let there be knowledge, let there be globish!"

      Vous n'avez certainement pas participé au dernier sommet des pays francophones à Québec :D

    3. It was an event that went unnoticed in the real world.

  20. On the riding changes and claims of gerrymandering:

    Cotler's (my MP) point about community history is weak. The towns of Hampstead, Côte-Saint-Luc and Mount-Royal have much in common and can reasonably said to form a community for the purposes of electoral subdivisions. Indeed, these are three affluent, largely english-speaking and suburby sectors. However, the riding also includes the Montreal district of Snowdon, and parts of the districts of Darlington and Côte-des-Neiges. Those are multicultural, generally low-income and very urban sectors, that don't quite belong to the same "community" as the three aforementionned towns. These towns do belong better with the middle-class, suburby, english-speaking Dorval, as the new map proposes.

    Now, deciding riding borders in a city like Montreal, where cultural and economic constrasts are strong and occur over the span of a few blocks sometimes, is a challenge. In the previous map, Côte-des-Neiges was chopped up between three ridings, that all had nearby affluent sectors as their actual "core" (Outremont, Westmount, and Mount-Royal). So much for that community, uh ? Meh, who cares, it's just a bunch of poor immigrants, right !?

    Besides, many of the riding changes make sense to me. Detaching Westmount from downtown to fuse it to NDG and Montreal-West is a no-brainer. Once again, there is continuity between these areas. They are largely english-speaking, generally high-income areas (not all portions of NDG fit that description, I agree - city contrasts I told you). It makes more sense that way. Lachine and NDG are two different worlds. Lachine will now be with Lasalle, which go naturally together. Heck, before the 2002 municipal fusions, Lachine and Lasalle were actually negociating a merger (Lachine had just merged with the town of Saint-Pierre) because their realities and interests were so close.

    I hate the idea of having conservative Saulie Zajdel grab Cotler's seat, but if that's what democracy dictates, that's the way it is.

    On the appliances story:

    As we say in french, that's a storm in a glass of water. The solution to this is simple. Editor already mentionned it. Have the appliance companies include peel-and-stick thingies in their packages, and it should be good. That's how my microwave oven was, and I sticked the french version on the english ones, and voilà ! The same could have been done for my stove, but it wasn't, and god forbid, I still bought it. Interestingly, I have a counter-top toaster-oven from the 1970s that's entirely billingual. Go figure.

    1. Interestingly, I have a counter-top toaster-oven from the 1970s that's entirely billingual. Go figure.

      Moi aussi, des années soixante. :) Et j'aime qu'il est bilingue.

  21. On the anti-capitalist even organized at UQAM:

    Editor, that's low.

    1- UQAM ain't organizin' nothin'. It's the "Nouveau cahier du socialisme", a fringe group of leftist intellectuals who do this on their own time. UQAM is *leasing* its premises for the event. If they had organized at Le Crystal in Saint-Laurent, would you conclude that the owners of the Henri-Bourassa boulevard reception hall are communists ?

    Universities, with their many classrooms and lecture halls, are just convenient premises for this kind of events - it's a summer school, BTW. You have no idea how many of these sorts of events take place in *all* universities in Montreal. Most are not organized by leftist fringe groups. Companies, for example, like to organize training sessions in universities. Are you claiming then that our tax dollars are subsidizing corporate training ? No, you're not, and for very good reason :

    2- Our tax dollars are not paying for this, people pay to attend, and as I already said, the event pays UQAM to use its premises.

    Too many of your posts ressemble Journal de Montréal's demagogic frontpages. Please be more serious, diligent and rigorous in your work.

    On the Kyoto ruling:

    Another JdeM-like headline, Editor. You couldn't resist the urge of writing "Separatist loses", could you ? You know very well that Turp's being a separatist is completely beside the point, but you still had to write it that way. You might as well have called it "International Law expert loses court battle" or "Environmentalist loses court battle", which would have made more sense. But nourishing the anti-separatist sentiment is more important that the actual news itself. You gotta feed the beast, 'cause it's what's keeping this blog alive.

    On the lack of doctors in Montreal:

    The author of that letter to the Gazette identifies PREM (a system intent at sending more doctors to rural Quebec) as the source of the problem. Alright then. If PREM is the problem, you'll have to propose a way to solve the issues PREM was designed for before you abolish it. Good luck, gérante d'estrade.

    1. If UQAM rented out space for a white-supremicist symposium, would you make the same argument that they're not responsible for the content and that they're only making money?
      Every time the university rents out space you can be sure that the powers that be look closely to whom and what they are allowing into their buildings.

      Daniel Turp is no great ecologist, his court case was meant to embarrass Canada, something all good sovereigntists enjoy doing and so let us call a separatist ploy what it is, a separatist ploy.

      As for PREMS, I wasn't the author, but let's face it, the gov't's handling of licenses is disastrous.
      Do you know that there is actually no doctor shortage in Quebec, yet 25% of people don't have a family doctor?
      Yup, Quebec has 224 doctors per 100,000 people as compared to Ontario's 186, yet their rate of people without family doctors is less than half of what it is in Quebec.
      So how about copying Ontario's policy.
      There's the solution that you have asked for, while intimating that there is no solution.

    2. Editor beat me to it, but the truth is worth repeating:

      Maybe Editor said it that way because Turp being a separatist, is completely the point!
      Turp’s raison d'être is to push his RacistQuébécois agenda. No one believes that he cares for the Kyoto accord except in the damage it is designed to cause to the apologetic West while China, India, and Russia continue to ignore environmental common sense.

      And btw Turp, being an International Law expert, as you state, has no problem with RacistQuébécois systematic ethnic cleansing and even though he knows that RacistQuébécois separation is illegal, he continues to sabotage Canada ad nauseum.

      Now that he’s lost this case, he’ll have time to team up with Unlce Tommy and Kadir in the name of Canada bashing as usual.

    3. To be consistent, shouldn't Turp now sue the province of QC for the asbestos mines?

    4. There was no legal basis to Turp's action and he knew it. He was only interested in publicity and enhancing his self perceived image.

    5. You wrote "[Twurp] knows that RacistQuébécois separation is illegal...". How is separation illegal?

      As a proud Quebec-born Ontarian, I'm all for Quebec separating, and so is Howard Galganov and I'm sure of at least half of the RoC. Quebec is nothing but an expense, so what is to stop Quebec from democratically voting for separation, or Canada from throwing Quebec out of confederation through a democratic referendum?

    6. I’ve written many times on how separation is fueled by racism, yet separatist from all sides take a shortcut to declaring that separation is the only way, which creates the fervor of hate the RacistsQuébécois need for their project. I refuse do believe that you or Howard are racists and thus, for now at least, offer Bob Rae’s piece written for the 30th anniversary of Our Repatriated Canadian Constitution.

      I must remind you that creating the Eleventh Canadian Province is legal, not treasonous and far easier. Following the creation of Our Eleventh Canadian Province, the RacistsQuébécois separatist will still not be able to win an NDP/PQ style referendum, let alone a real one. This is why we insist that the RacistsQuébécois are few and do not represent FrancoCanadians. It is we, the submissive and dumb Canadians, who help the RacistsQuébécois bullies seam relevant by playing along in their Racist Roulette Referendums.

    7. Bob Rae Part1

      Prime Minister Harper said in Chile that the patriation of the constitution was so controversial he couldn’t celebrate the Charter.
      What nonsense.
      Patriation happened after an exhaustive national discussion. A separatist government in Quebec was never going to support bringing the constitution home, with or without a Charter. It would have meant admitting a federal Canada had a real existence.
      Patriation was not an exercise in partisanship. Neither was the Charter. The origins of the desire to “bring the Constitution home” go back decades. The quest for a better protection for individual and group rights can be traced to all three major parties of the day – the NDP, the Progressive Conservatives and the Liberals. John Diefenbaker, Ellen Fairclough, Gordon Fairweather, Tommy Douglas, David Lewis, and Ed Broadbent were just as much authors of the Charter as Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chrétien. I was proud to fight for it then, I am proud to fight for it now.
      The draft that Mr Trudeau presented to Parliament was changed in many fundamental respects by the Special Committee of Parliament – by aboriginal groups, by women, by those representing multicultural communities and the disabled, by the legal community and many individual presenters. It was improved as a result. Let’s give credit where credit is due.
      Two Progressive Conservative Premiers – Bill Davis and Richard Hatfield – were early supporters of the Charter and Patriation. Once the Supreme Court of Canada told Parliament that more consensus was required to respect the federal principle, long and protracted negotiations brought the other seven Premiers onside.
      Quebec members of parliament and the Senate supported the principle of patriation and the Charter, but René Lévesque did not.
      Would he have ever accepted any such package? Not in a million years. The mythology of a “conspiracy” and the “night of the long knives” is a separatist concoction designed to discredit the idea of Canada itself. It bears no relation to reality. The notion that one province had a veto over patriation or the acceptance of the Charter was specifically rejected by the Supreme Court of Canada when Quebec appealed unsuccessfully right after patriation.
      Another myth that should be blown to smithereens is that the Charter is a “centralizing” document. Canada today is the most decentralised federation in the world, and the Charter does not give any additional powers to the federal government. Rather, it limits the powers of all governments.
      This has been reaffirmed countless times by the Supreme Court of Canada in countless cases since 1982. If parliament or provincial legislatures aren’t prepared to recognise individual rights, the courts will step in, not in the name of either level of government, but in the name of freedom.
      I also campaigned hard for Meech and Charlottetown, honourable efforts at improving the Constitution. But that in no sense implied that the Charter was a mistake or something that required an apology. The constitutional door is always open, and constitutional business is always unfinished. But the gnashing of teeth about the Charter and patriation has to stop. It is unworthy and unnecessary.

    8. Bob Rae Part2

      Another myth floating around is that Quebec has the unilateral right to secede from the country on the basis of a question controlled by the provincial assembly, in an election controlled by the assembly, and with the support of 50 percent plus one of the population voting.
      This approach has been specifically rejected by the Supreme Court of Canada. Quebec is not an oppressed minority, Canada is not a dictatorship, Canadian federalism, democracy, and the protection of minorities are all real things. A “clear vote on a clear question” would trigger discussions, not secession. The fantasies on this issue, now being fuelled not just by the Parti Quebecois but by the NDP in their “Sherbrooke Declaration”, have to be understood as pandering, an appeasement defies logic and constitutional reason.
      Let’s celebrate the Charter and the fact that the constitution is ours, without apology and without wringing our hands. Let’s have a government prepared to celebrate the Canadian constitution without qualification.

    9. I was going to respond first to your first response to my last entry, but what you took from Boob Rae has to be responded to first:

      "If parliament or provincial legislatures aren’t prepared to recognise individual rights, the courts will step in, not in the name of either level of government, but in the name of freedom."

      What Rae recited is utter BULLSHIT! That directly contravenes what Claude Ryan wrote months before he died in the 2004 PLQ manifesto otherwise known as Liberal Values in a Contemporary Quebec. Right in that manifesto he wrote that collective rights trump individual rights! His former boss, Robert Bourassa exercised that Grand Canyon of a hole in the PE Trudeau Manifesto, a.k.a. The Constitution 16 years earlier when he used Section 33, a.k.a. the "Notwithstanding Clause" to trump the Supreme Court decision that forcing commercial signs in French alone is unconstitutional. That was Bill 178.

      Like I have said about Bill 178, coupled with Bou-Bou Bourassa's other law, Bill 22, he screwed the minorities, especially English 100% x 2. 178 + 22 = 200. This one, however, caused three outstanding cabinet ministers, all Anglophones, to resign en masse. As far as I'm concerned, Clifford Lincoln, Herbert Marx and Richard French were the last three politicians in Quebec to show integrity. One standout who didn't join those three wise men was John Ciaccia, but he can go f*ck himself.

      Today, Premier John James "Goldilocks" Charest has managed to net himself quislings such as Kathleen Weil, Yolande James and Geoffrey Kelley and a few others who to me are tantamount to a Hebrew named Dathan who turned on his own people to please Pharoh Ramses. In the end, Dathan was forced to leave Egypt on that same pharoh's order along with the other Hebrews.

      Sorry GensDenis, but taking what Boob Rae states as the gospel shows great naïveté on your part and it's not attractive. I can go on about Meech Lake as well, but I'll just state that was a concoction of Brian Mulroney's attempt at one-upmanship to top Trudeau by his futile attempt to bring Quebec in to sign the Constitution, something Trudeau could not accomplish, and NO federal politician ever will...unless, of course, they're willing to sell their soul to the separatist devil.

    10. Now to your remark at 10:44PM: "[You]’ve written many times on how separation is fueled by racism, yet separatist from all sides take a shortcut to declaring that separation is the only way, which creates the fervor of hate the RacistsQuébécois need for their project."

      I'll repeat my rebuttal since you don't seem to get it after all this time: It is not I who is caving into the's your so-called federalist government who time and time again fight the minorities in Quebec to do appease one of two groups:

      (i) the ardent separatist elite you believe to be few in numbers; or (ii) the majority of Québécois «pur laine»

      I simply find it too hard to believe Premier John James "Goldilocks" Charest is naïve enough to cater to the former which would prove unequivocally the tail does indeed wag the dog, so I choose to believe it is what the majority of French speaking Quebeckers want. I'm rebelling against the majority of Quebec society, not just the small elite. The silence of the majority on the issues against alienating the minorities speaks volumes, and so this majority is guilty by association, just like the German people of the 1930s and 40s who threw their arms up in the air stating "we didn't know [about the extermination of the Jews and other undesirables of the Nazis].

      Uhhhh...yeah...they knew. This silent majority in Quebec today knows much better because the government rhetoric is overt and blatant, and the media reports on it openly and regularly. Case closed!

    11. Where the nazis had all the weapons and the population had not a one, it was easy for Hitler to crush opposing views (can’t ever forgive those who could have done something, but chose not to). In this Province, the weapon is unilingual "French" QuébécoisRacistSeparatistFactory "schools" that keep a high number of Franco Canadians believing they are part of the NewQuébécoisRace.
      How racist do you have to be to renounce your country, Canada and your French heritage in place of a NewRace? A question unilinguals can never even have posed to them let alone answer.

      Believe me, mon cher Sauga, this is not in any way meant to minimize the irreparable damage the nazi machine drenched the world with, nor is it to minimize the hate that drives the QuébécoisRacist Movement, but the truth is that more that 98% of bilingual Francophones in QC are not Separatists while in the unilingual Francophone camp, they are split.
      This explains why the Racist PQ never gets more that 34% of the popular vote even when they have majority govs. It more importantly explains how more that 98% of those who voted yes in ‘95 were unilingual Francophone. And further to that, there were the more than 32% of ‘yes’ voters who thought they were voting on an already in place deal between Ottawa and Quebec City.
      None of this can heal the pain the nazis did to so many of us, but I urge you to not fall for the Separatist propaganda that has you believing your FrancoCanadian Brethren is against OurAmazingCountry!

      More on that another time, because the wounds of RacistMovements in human history don’t heal well and because too many people need a break from such terrible memories.
      For now, enjoy the many FrancoCanadians who will proudly join Canadians of all backgrounds in draping themselves with OurBloodSoakedFlag in London

    12. Well...on the one hand, I'm not surprised you didn't answer my question by pussyfooting around the issue with more stats on how it's a minority within Quebec who are ardent separatists, but I wanted to be optimistic you'd answer my question, yet you didn't fail to disappoint.

      Your evasiveness then speaks volumes: The tail is still wagging the dog.

      Sorry, but I cannot accept after now decades of stories how the tail wags the dog. The PLQ has been at the helm of government enough years since 1985 when the PQ finally lost after two mandates and nine years at the helm of government. The PLQ has been the governing party for 2/3 of that time, and John James "Goldilocks" Charest became the first premier in many decades, maybe ever, to win three mandates in a row. (Too tired to do a history check). It's certainly the first time in my lifetime, and probably that of most people on the planet today.

      Despite your statistical machinations, I still accept [former MNA] Reed Scowen's answer as to why nothing is done to change the anti-English laws of Quebec: It's because the majority of French speakers WANT it that way. Those who you believe don't think that way are sitting on their hands; besides, how many Francophones in Quebec are bilingual, aa you see it?

      Meh, don't bother answering. All you'll give the readers of this blog more of your merde on how the tail is wagging the dog.

    13. About 40% and counting, but I can see you're hell bent on your personal rasionalisations to give a damn

    14. And I must add that I now believe you are either, too pissed to care, too lazy to separate the separatist from the FrenchCanadian, or you’re just a Canada saboteur!

    15. Actually, GD, I think you're stringing me and our fellow readers along [read: TROLL]because I draw my conclusions on how Quebec is morphing into a less tolerant society with CSST and now RAMQ doing their darnedest not to address clients other than in French, and I'm sure with each succeeding year, one more department won't address the public in English, at least within Quebec.

      I neither know what the definition (YOUR definition, really) of what a Canada saboteur is, nor have I ever been accused of such a thing.

      Me, a saboteur? Fa-a-a-a-a-r from it! I'm simply fed up with a crybaby, spoiled society that endlessly tried to milk ROC for all it's worth, and I don't think those of us outside Quebec should have to put up with the bickering that will NEVER end no matter what, unless we sever Quebec from confederation. Quebec is ever increasingly alienating its minorites and immigrants, and this goes against our mainstream values.

      If you want to condition yourself it is only a small minority causing all the grief, then believe in that old cliché "one bad apple spoils the bushel". All it took was a few dozen terrorists, if that many, to shake the world and forever change airport security for the worst; similarly, remember how much upheaval a dozen terrorists or so caused such angst in Quebec back in October 1970. It doesn't take many to cause the upheaval, so what the hell are you going and Quebec society in general going to do to stop all this upheaval? After about a half century of this, I think sweet F.A.! Why not? For the umpteenth time, because the majority wants it this way!

    16. Sauga,

      I can tell by what you write that you are as hurt as I am, but deep In your wounded heart of hearts, wouldn't you rather have OurCanada remain proud and free from coast to coast with its new ThirteenthCanadianProvince of Montreal?

    17. GD, to answer your question, given my drathers, yes I'd prefer a coast-to-coast[-to-coast] uninterrupted border on the U.S., but the reality is not that way and there is no indication Quebec will be adopting mainstream Canada's pluralistic values anytime soon.

      When it comes to alienating the minorities in Quebec, the screws just continue to tighten. The CSST last year abandoned communication in English, RAMQ this year, so who's next for 2013?

    18. Come on Sauga, I asked you a direct question. EleventhCanadianProvince of Montreal choking the racists, out or not?

  22. The story about CONFEJES (the francophonie group) makes me shake my head. Really, what is the largest francophone economy in the world? This is not a trick question and the answer is really France.

    France has GDP of 2.2G$ and 90% of its population speaks French. Canada has GDP of 1.4G$ and 23% of its population speaks French. Therefore, France has 1.98G$ of "French-language economy" compared to Canada's 322M$. That is a factor of 6. Therefore, if Canada contributed 31% of CONFEJES budget, does this not mean that France should contribute 186%?

    Well, it is simple impossible, is it not? My point then, Canada was simply over contribute to the organization. And so, why nobody calls France (or other francophonie powers) out for that?

    1. Oops...

      The numbers I quoted above are wrong by the magnitude of 1000. Therefore the second paragraph should read:

      France has GDP of 2.2T$ and 90% of its population speaks French. Canada has GDP of 1.4T$ and 23% of its population speaks French. Therefore, France has 1.98T$ of "French-language economy" compared to Canada's 322G$. That is a factor of 6.

  23. Reading the Editor's piece again, this gem get my attention. From MQF website: constituent d'aucune façon une minorité tant et aussi longtemps que le Québec - et c'est bien évidemment le cas - est soumis à la constitution canadienne. Yet the same organization over and over again states that the since Quebec never sign the Constitution of 1982, it is implemented without the consent of Quebec: reine Elizabeth, qui a entériné le rapatriement de la Constitution de Londres à Ottawa malgré l'opposition presque unanime au Québec.
    La constitution canadienne de 1982, signée sans l’accord du Québec...

    On, some of the authors even state that since Quebec does not signed the Constitution of 1982, it is not valid in Quebec and its invoking - particularly by the Supreme Court in ruling against parts of Bill 101 - is actually illegal.

    So which one is it? Is the Constitution for or against Quebec's interest? Is it the law or not? Suck and blow at the same time indeed. But I think for them it is not suppose to be an issue. After all, C*ck sucking and blow j*b mean the same thing, right?

    1. Quebec is a lot like Russia. They're pro-West and anti-West when it suits them. like supporting Syria's Assad because they are a big buyer of Russian weapons and other commercial deals.

      Way back in 1998 when 60 Minutes did the language war segment in Quebec, Louise Beaudoin, the Minister of Tongue Troopers and forcing French down English throats, hid behind the Constitution by stating how the Constitutional interpretation by the Supreme Court allows for French mandatorily appearing on commercial signs with limited exceptions. Than again, in that same segment, Beaudoin stated she "really believes" in diversity...of course, as long as that diversity is all in French. Fascists like Beaudoin, Beaulieu, Twurp, Marois and the rest of them support the Consititution when it suits them, and yap about how they didn't sign it when they choose not to comply, or do their best trying not to comply.

    2. Sauna, kudos to you for coming up with Twurp. Henceforth he should be known by that name.
      A small point. Numerous Syrians have studied in Russia resulting in many inter marriages so that there are unique ties between Russia and Syria. This is not to say that the commercial ties between the Russian mafia/relatives of Russian leaders is not the dominant factor but it is interesting.

    3. Rupert, thanks for the incite. I have zero respect for Russia for my ancestors were alienated and eventually exiled by Russia. I don't have much respect for Syria for its having attacked Israel in 1967, but were quickly sent back by the Israeli Army.

      On a corollary note, this is why I have no respect for Obummer, who as U.S. president was foolhardy enough to state Israel should go back to their pre-war borders. I'm hopeful the American voters will throw him hard under the bus this coming November, but I doubt it.

      BTW, a major part of the reason why Côte-St-Luc and Hampstead voters are more Conservative than Irwin Kotler would like is because Harper is pro-Israel.

  24. I never got a chance to conclude a statement I made on Wednesday (18th) @ 6:34pm. I mentioned that, save for a few needles in the big Francophone haystack that all Francophones are separatist, and never got to qualify your disagreement.

    FYI, I was being fecitious, to a degree. I stated that because no matter which type of political party is governing, whether federalist (so-called) or separatist, they are all supporting the anti-English/anti-ethnic sentiments. There was an NFB film I saw on YouTube split into four parts called The English in Montreal.

    In the last part of the documentary, there was clear disdain for the English. The historical home of Wm Van Horne, the GM of CP Rail during the building of the Transcontinental railway, was torn down unceremoniously in 1973 under the government of Robert Bourassa. A slew of other historic sites, English ones, followed, especially after the PQ took over in 1976.

    The documentary also disappointingly showed young people who took French immersion and became fluent in French leaving because they are second class when it came to applying for the better jobs, esp. in the Quebec government. If all this isn't vindictive on the part of Francophones, I don't know what is.

    Now the various departments of the Quebec Government, one by one, are setting new policies not to speak English to those asking to be served in English. Heaven knows here in Ontario services are available in French, and there are far fewer Franco Ontarians than there are Anglo Quebecers.

    When [former MNA] Reed Scowen wrote Time to Say Goodbye, he pointed out that in 1991 (I believe based on the census that year) there were 419 French schools in Ontario and only 305 English schools in Quebec. In the 21 years since, that disparity has grown evermore. Despite immigrants learning French, they are still second class for jobs in Quebec even though more of them are bilingual than Québécois «pur laine». If that isn't a separatist spirit, I don't know what is, so while it's not reasonable to call all Francophones, especially the «pur lain-ers» separatists, the spirit is there, and the deteriorating courtesy and increasing tyranny being shown by the majority in the collective society makes me think it's getting worse.

    I think Quebec should be removed from confederation by the RoC on the basis Quebec is becoming an expense, and a menace for not supporting pluralistic values that the RoC at large supports. They have made an unequivocal point they have coming to have zero respect or tolerance for two official languages, and so why should the RoC support a society that doesn't embrace the pluralistic values the RoC does? I think it's high time a new political party is necessary to force Quebec to declare they are either with pluralistic Canadian values, or against them.

    1. And you act just like them when you disregard or refuse to acknowledge that there is another way'


    2. Mr. Sauga to GensDenis and other interested readersSunday, July 22, 2012 at 3:42:00 PM EDT

      I don't care for people whose "other way" is making scapegoats and then conveniently forget those who were the builders and contributors of a better country, especially including Quebec, who then turn and bite the hand that fed them.

      Your ilk rightfully left the Church a half century ago after you at long last realized they were your dupers and con artists who conditioned you to be forever ignorant and pregnant. There were carpetbagger politicians in Quebec who like the vermin they were (and still are as far as I'm concerned) fed off your collective naïveté and deflect it on the real job providers in Quebec.

      Because your majority collectivity has s**t for brains, the likes of GM, Shell and Electrolux and their well-paying jobs have left for less hostile climes, so go apply for a job at your Chien-chaud vaporisé stand or dépanneur and try to make a living off of that!

      With all the RREGOP benefits that have to be paid to early retiring Baby Boomers at the Gouvernemama, young workers now have to take part-time positions that cut the work week a day, and pay no benefits. Vive le Canada libre!

    3. "...the likes of GM, Shell and Electrolux and their well-paying jobs have left for less hostile clime..."

      Ontario ? ..... :)

    4. GensDenis to Mr. Sauga

      And just who do you think we, the three or four million people who'll form LA PROVINCE CANADIENNE DE MONTREAL, are?
      Could you be basking in your decision to leave to unempathetic degree?

    5. I'll respond to that question when and if the time comes.

    6. Okay, but I'd rather hear you say, you'll join us...

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. You can buy a lot more than 3 donuts at the 500 Tim Hortons locations in Quebec. The franchise really caters to its Quebecois clientele. It even dropped the apostrophe 's' from its name.

    2. Fellow readers and contributors, when you see a trollish remark, the best thing you can do is ignore it and not respond. In this case, the Editor had the decency to remove this troll's crack. Trolls are looking for you to give them a wall to bounce their ball.

      The Editor of this blog is very diligent in reviewing the contributions and removing the droppings placed by the trolls.

      Respond and they'll bounce their ball. Ignore them and they disappear fast, often with the Editor breaking out his shovel to finish the job.

  26. Mr. Sauga to all our loyal readers and contributorsSunday, July 22, 2012 at 10:59:00 AM EDT

    It is with great joy, glee and downright jubilance that I bring you the following portal link to read:

    Apple IIGS , amongst others, I hope you take the time to read this portal link!

    1. As we've been saying, separate the RacistsQuébécoisSeparatists from the Franco, Anglo, and Alo Canadians.


    2. Stick around and watch your racist ways be band by FrancoCanadians.
      Did I say Stick around? where the hell els could you go?

    3. "racist ways be band by FrancoCan******."

      Pourquoi vos amis imaginaires ne sont même pas en mesure d'interdire une tâche aussi simple que de freiner l'augmentation des agents de l'OQLF?Et vous seriez en mesure de créer une ville-province?Pourriez-vous nommer les étapes de ce processus?

      Allez-vous entreprendre votre révolte avant l'élection du Parti Québécois au prochain scrutin?

    4. Keep on wishing, you Racist NuttBar.
      The time for honouring yourself will soon be at an end!!

  27. CAQ: un candidat traite les souverainistes de racistes, Legault l'expulse


    1. Damn, imagine being expelled for speaking the truth

    2. Another point against the CAQ for me.

    3. This only makes me want Charest to win even more ;-)

    4. Interesting reader comments:

  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  29. Ou de dire que tous les anglos ont voté "liberal" au référendum de 1995?

  30. Jean Charest poursuivi... par ses propres avocats!

    À ma connaissance,du jamais vu au Québec.

    1. Nothing is more wrong than a place where the alternative political parties are racist.

  31. What a thoughtful posts. It was enough to get me to browse through your earlier posts. I'm really glad. You've created a great spot to visit and I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day.