Monday, July 23, 2012

Changes Coming to the Comment Section

I will be enforcing a new policy for the comments section which will eliminate anonymous posting and require a signup process for those who would like to  make a serious contribution to our discussions.

For most of you, this will come as no surprise, sadly the trolling has gotten out of hand.

I'm sorry that it has come to this, but much as I love writing my posts, moderating up to 200 comments a day, some of them nothing more than drive-by, one-line insults requires me to check in much too often.
I have a life as well, and weeding out a bunch of crappy and hurtful comments all day long, is not what I signed up for.

You will not be required to give up you anonymity, but will be required to become a member of this blog by becoming a FOLLOWER, which you can do by following instructions in the FOLLOWERS box in the right margin. It takes but a few minutes.

Starting next week, those who haven't signed up won't be allowed to comment.

I looked at different options, but in the end decide this is the simplest answer for now, it allows me to ban followers that don't stick to the rules.
I doubt if a troll would seriously go through the signup process over and over again, after being banned, just to say "Bang!" or "Pfff!"

The comments section remains an integral part of this blog and I am told over and over again, that much of the appeal of NoDogsOrAnglophones lies in the reader forum.

Last month we enjoyed over 55,000 pageviews with visitors from over 100 countries. 
People on both sides of the argument read what you and I write.
Those in the separatist movement keep a close eye on us and consider us a nasty thorn in the side. 
Notwithstanding what they say, they are extremely sensitive to what they conceive as negative publicity.
Twenty years after the Mordechai Richler interview on 60 Minutes, it still stings separatists like a bastard.
His casual mocking and insulting tone was  the ultimate humiliation. I still remember Louise Beadouin looking like the right fool.

Let's be inspired and concentrate on exposing the sad reality of the evil ethnocentrism of the French language militants/separatist movement.

If I, as well as you readers hammer at the truth, it will make a difference.

I ask you politely to make your comments count. Use your opportunity to be heard by so many readers, judiciously.
Many of you are doing so already and I'm very proud of the well-thought out missives offering up a wide body of opinion. Keep it up!

Here are the rules for commenting, most of them you are already familiar with.
  • You must be a registered FOLLOWER to comment
  • You may comment in English or French as in the past.
  • You may only maintain one profile and so, commenting to your own post under an another identity is not allowed.
  • You may not choose a screen name of any personality alive or dead. Be creative.
  •  You may express varying degrees of rage and anger, but gratuitous personal insults and ad hominem attacks are not allowed.
  • While rage and anger is allowed, racism, xenophobia, anglophobia, francophobia are not, but Quebec-basing and Canadian-bashing is part of the discussion.
  • Try to avoid one-liners at all costs. Most are just tedious.
  • Readers with  opposing views are encouraged to contribute to the discussion and should be offered respect if they make their arguments respectfully and cogently.  
  • This is a blog about the Anglo and Ethnic condition in Quebec. For those against us, please don't bother with tiresome quotes from Pierre Falardeau  or Pierre Bourgault or other assorted separatist luminaries. Save the  "VIVE LE QUEBEC LIBRE!" quotes for We aren't interested and it won't be published.
  • Spelling, syntax and grammar monitors are not permitted. If you see an error, grin and bear it. This is a blog of ideas and anyways it's hard to be perfect at 4AM or typing on those nasty little keyboards on smartphones. RESIST THE URGE!  The only exception is errors that fall in the main blog piece. If you come across an error, I WOULD appreciate a polite email so that I can make a correction.
Please help make this blog stronger by using this forum to make your point respectfully and articulately. 
In the end, the insult is forgotten or dismissed, but a good idea, comment, observation or opinion is something of value.
I look forward to your cooperation.

If you have any questions about signing up, or comments on this new policy please use the comment section.



  1. Okay Editor, Thanks.

    Let the unrestricted games begin!

  2. Editor,

    In the past, you called once in a while for a correction of some problems with the comment section. Usualy, the situation improved for a while but the effects were not lasting. If you post a "mise au point", your post is replaced and pushed further in a the older posts list as new posts come in.

    Perhaps your rules should appear in the right margin. Could new followers automaticaly receive an email reminding of the rules as a part of a welcome email? (Is there a function for that? I don't know.)

    Michel Patrice

  3. Cool, now here we go.

    Truthfully, I don't think this will curb the trolling entirely as the separatists on this board have proven that they are remarkably fickle and have very little else to do with their time, so signing up over and over and over again just to throw out zingers will serve as a mild cost of admission.

    After reading your piece, Editor, I fished up the actual 60 Minutes piece and though it aired many moons ago, the attitude has really not change much since then:

    Now let's get back to intelligent argumentation about why this whole movement is fundamentally wrong.

    Try as she might to deny the truth, Louise Beaudoin can't look any less hypocritical about her stance.

  4. Since I pointed out that little has changed since the 60 Minutes piece, check out how nothing changes in La Belle Province's electoral scene either:

    So much for that "viable" alternative we had to the Liberals. I'd love to hear your opinion on this one guys...

    Do you think this incident will polarize the CAQ out of the race altogether?

    Personally, I was thinking of voting for them in the beginning when they exhibited a right-leaning platform and vowed to put the big question on ice, but no chance in hell of that happening now.

    Hell, even before this incident they lost my vote by allowing too many "separacistas" into the fold.

    1. First thing:
      CAQ is not a viable alternative to Liberals. If they'll win, it will be a minority gov. So, it will take them almost a term to be able to settle down the Brownian motion in the National Assembly...
      So another 5 years of fine "quebec politics" with no results, new corruption because I'm sure that CAQ has it's own clientele and so on..., infrastructure going to bits and pieces, nothing new for us.
      After first term, they'll become unpopular, because Quebec voter are very "sensitive"... and the game begins again !!! Probably the separatist feeling will rise again because neither CAQ or PLQ were not able to satisfy the voters needs, then it will be PQ time to come for a term.

      It's like a never-ending bad game. Unfortunately any other alternative for PLQ is just awful (PQ, QS, ADQ, CAQ,...) and we cannot place our votes just for the sake of it on them.

      Second thing:
      What about Bill 78 being condemned by Human Rights Commission? Isn't this wonderful? Everybody is so disgusted abit this, but we forget about Bill 101 ??? If THEY can defeat their rights, that means WE are cowards?

    2. Like a sick and injured animal, please do not prolong Quebec's pain and suffering.

      1) Vote PQ. Let them get a majority government in September.
      2) Vote 'YES' / 'OUT' in the upcoming referendum.
      3) Everyone leave this godforsaken rats nest (excluding the French separatists)
      4) Cut all ties with Quebec, including official bilingualism, etc.

      Sit back, enjoy. Watch Canada grow and prosper, and Quebec wither and die.

    3. "What about Bill 78 being condemned by Human Rights Commission? Isn't this wonderful? Everybody is so disgusted abit this, but we forget about Bill 101 ???"

      Yes. So many "civil libertarians" came out of the woodwork to voice indignation over bill 78...Yet not a single one of them even mentioned bill 101...Strange place we live in.

      Even stranger, the most progressive of them all, Parti Vert du Quebec, doesn't even have a webpage in EN. Google won't find it if you search "Green Party, Quebec". Very disappointing.

      They seem to take no stance on 101 (which is better than pro-101 PQ, but from a progressive party I would expect a stance against). Also, I was disappointed to find this buried in their platform:

      Jeux vidéo

      Financer une commission d’étude spéciale pour déterminer les impacts réels du jeu vidéo chez les jeunes de moins de 18 ans.
      Obliger les entreprises et sociétés à fournir des instructions et guides dans les deux langues officielles.
      Appuyer les programmes de crédit d’impôt et de subvention à la création de titres ludoéducatifs

      Seriously? The Green Party going the way of the NDP? So disappointing...

    4. adski,

      A bit of clarification. This is the Green Party of Quebec (PVQ), right? They have nothing to do with the federal Green Party of Canada, do they? The reason I ask is because with your sentence:

      Seriously? The Green Party going the way of the NDP? So disappointing...

      readers may think that you are writing about Elizabeth May's Green Party.

    5. Troy, I meant the Green Party of Quebec (Parti Vert). I am planning on calling them to ask about their stance on bill 101. I expect an evasive answer, given that they will hear my accent, figure me (rightly so) for a non-francophone, assume (rightly) my position on 101, and will therefore dodge the question as much as humanly possible.

      I haven't looked into the federal Green Party, but given that they are a contender on the federal scene, on the issue of Canadian identity politics I would expect no more than silence...

      As far as the non-Canadian green movement, I think it hits very close to the most crucial matters at hand. Unlike the new left...

    6. I wouldn't vote for them. Their leader is a "former" sepie.

      I rose by any other name is still a rose, if you get my drift.

  5. I am not surprised at all by this. Of course they let the guy go, he pretty much called the leader a racist.
    Since Argenteuil and Legault‘s constant copying of Charest‘s ideas, I believe he created the CAQ to cause vote splitting to help his good friends in the PQunt win power.

  6. I have question for the long time Quebecers on this site. By long time I mean has been in Quebec before the implementation of Bill 101.

    I had a discussion with a second generation English-allophone-Quebecer colleague on the weekend. She qualifies to be a long timer since she was born here in the late 1960s. She told me that most of the icons, the landmarks, the infrastructure, the institutions that make Montreal to be Montreal are established before 1977, the implementation of Bill 101. Examples are the Big Owe, Place Ville-Marie, Biosphere, Biodome, the four Basilicas, McGill, the highways, Canadian Grand Prix, the Canadiens and so on and so forth. Her argument is that after Bill 101, Montreal becomes economically, culturally, socially, and commercially stagnant. What the city has now are legacies from the old good times. What development the city has is practically reparation or catching up with the population.

    What do you think of this argument? Is there truth in it?

    1. (What do you think of this argument? Is there truth in it?)

      Troy, you ask that? Are you sure your ID wasn't stolen by a racist troll?

    2. I think this argument is right.

    3. GensDenis,

      Well, nominally I would say that it is right. However if you have been in this blog long enough you know that I am a relatively newcomer in the city. Thus, my knowledge is pretty much secondary as what I know I learn from different sources. I want to get acknowledgement from those who experience is first hand - our Dear Editor is a prime example - that Bill 101 really does impede the development, the progress and the growth of the province in general and the city in particular.

    4. I don't know. Let's think of icons around the world. The World Trade Center. The Empire State Building. The Eiffel Tower. The Toronto CN tower. The Golden Gate. London Big Ben. Statue of Liberty. All built before 1977. I tried to avoid adding such things as Machu Pichu and the pyramids of Egypt to my list.

      I can think of the Toronto Skydome built in the 1980s...Le tunnel sous la Manche...

      Perhaps the time period from 1977 to 2012 simply is not long enough to become an icon.

      Perhaps the 1980 world economic crisis was a era less favorable to huge and expensive projects, the same for the 1990 economic crisis. The "trente glorieuses", a western world period of unprecesseded economic thrive, ended in 1980s, maybe it has something to do with it.

      Perhaps it has something to do with the explosion of public indebtedness in the whole western world in the last decades.

    5. I can think of 10 downtown towers that won‘t get built if the racists win in September.

    6. M. Patrice,

      Strange that you mention Toronto. What about other skyscrapers in Toronto? With the distinct exception of the CN Tower and the First Canadian Place (the headquarters of the Bank of Montreal), majority of those 71 buildings are built way after 1977. Same with New York and London, not so much for San Francisco. But even then, San Francisco is better than Montreal that sees that 12 of its 20 tallest buildings were completed before 1977.

      Or perhaps you have examples of Montreal building more landmarks and icons than those cities since 1977? I would really like to see and learn.

    7. “AFTER 1977” is “an era” where the amazing spirit of unification and mutual respect of Canadians was raped and slaughtered by the PQ, which continues to act like the political wing of the Terrorist FLQ. The torch has been handed now to the NeoTerrorist and RacistQuébécoisSeparatist Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois!

      Toronto beat out Montreal simply because it continued to accept people on the basis of merit rather than, on what damage they could help the RacistQuébécoisSeparatist with, in the fuelling of their CanadaSabotageMachine.

      There is so much more to tell here, but M. Patrice has a blog where he constantly spews in his racist manner, his hate for OurCountry Canada, all the while returning to NoDods to monitor for his NeoTerrorist and RacistQuébécoisSeparatist friends, the sentiments of Franco, Anglo, and Alo Canadians. Not to pitch his blog, but one visit there shows anyone what a hate speech and Landa-like troll he really is!

      Well M. Patrice, we know what you’re up to and the LandaGame you’re playing but remember, you’re the one putting the symbol of hate on your own forehead.

    8. Troy,

      I was thinking icon. Most icons I can think are old (Eiffel Tower, CN Tower, Statue of libety, etc). My point being that something doesn't become icon overnight, hence most Montréal icons would be old since most icons are old.

      "[...]majority of those 71 buildings are built way after 1977."

      I could not name from memory any of those 71 buildings because they are not icons, landmarks, etc. If you mean that Toronto is growing faster than Montréal, of course it is, it has been for the last century.

    9. M. Patrice,

      And my point from the original post is:

      Her argument is that after Bill 101, Montreal becomes economically, culturally, socially, and commercially stagnant.

      Care to comment on that?

    10. M. Patrice will keep on reiterating the same bullsh*t, no matter what anyone writes - that Bill 101 and QC separatism had nothing to do with Toronto surpassing Montreal.

    11. In his twisted and sick opinion, anglos only talk about the good old days because they were the ruling class back then. He is a delusional racist.

    12. Troy,

      I said that I thought that the "icon argument" was wrong, nevertheless, I agree to some extent with the conclusion : Montreal is stagnant, or at least, it is definitely not doing as good as it should.

    13. Anonymous7:31,

      "M. Patrice will keep on reiterating the same bullsh*t [...]"

      The same action will cause the same reaction. If it can be of any comfort to you, I am probably as tired to explain my idea than you are tired to hear about it.

    14. James John,

      It is a simplification of what I wrote, but you get the picture.

      The Quiet Revolution benefited francos greatly ; anglos, not so much. So, francos view more positively the evolution of our society in the last half century than anglos do. I fail to see the racism in this observation.

      (Perhaps the fact that I name social groups is in itself racist? Us and them again. But I fail to see how I could explain socio-dynamics without naming social groups.)

    15. Troy,

      About icons again. The idea was that Montreal is stagnant since 1977 since, of course, bill 101 wrecked everything.

      Afterward, I thought of another icon that is interesting in many ways. Manic 5.

      It is not only iconic, it is mythical, most quebeckers haven't even seen it, yet they all know about it and they are proud of it.

      It is of course pre-1977. But it is the produce of the economic nationalism that supposedly wrecked things. Francization is supposed to have wrecked things too, but Manic 5 was built in french, by francophones, francophones who were then thought to be uneducated porteurs d'eau. They built something greater than anything the anglo runned electric power companies ever achieved. They built something that was then thought impossible : carrying electric power over such great distances. Not only did they built it without the anglos, they built it despite the opposition Montreal financial trust (that's why they had to seek financing in New York).

      Economic nationalism, the Quiet Revolution and the awakening of francophones created this icon.

      What does it mean? I don't fully know. But it challenges some ideas and it is something to think about.

    16. M. Patrice,

      Hydro Quebec in general is a symbol of Quebec economic independence. Is Hydro Quebec enough to carry independent Quebec? Nobody knows for certain, but I strongly think not. In any way, I have problem with this sentence:

      ...but Manic 5 was built in french, by francophones, francophones who were then thought to be uneducated porteurs d'eau.

      The sentence implies that francophones alone built that dam. Was Daniel Johnson, Sr. a francophone?

      But let us go back to the original topic. You said: "Montreal is stagnant, or at least, it is definitely not doing as good as it should." Does this opinion include the fact that the stagnant is more obvious since 1977, the year Bill 101 passed? Even your own blog shows a sharp turn on 1977 mark. Coincidence? Or does Bill 101 have something with it?

      But again, as I stated above, I am soliciting opinion. Whatever the way you answer is fine with me. I just want to get opinion from those who experienced it first hand whether Bill 101 is indeed a major cause of the stagnancy of Montreal.

    17. Michel Patrice is an okay guy who has a separatist opinion and viewpoint.

      He's clearly not a troll or a jerk; actually he's pretty polite overall.

      The comparison to Toronto is weak, however. Obviously, Toronto has seen a SURGE of growth (including many more "icons" than he seems to be able to think of).

      I love TO tho I do regret the BILLIONS AND BILLIONS spent in TO on development wasn't spent in Montréal.

      Montréal has been robbed of its full stature and potential by separatist politics, plain and simple.

      Many or most separatists claim that separation would be "painless". Obviously not (look at Greece, which isn't even "separating").

    18. BG,
      You say:
      He's clearly not a troll or a jerk; actually he's pretty polite overall?

      I say he wants to destroy OurCountry!!

      As stated before:

      There is so much more to tell here, but M. Patrice has a blog where he constantly spews in his racist manner, his hate for OurCountry Canada, all the while returning to NoDods to monitor for his NeoTerrorist and RacistQuébécoisSeparatist friends, the sentiments of Franco, Anglo, and Alo Canadians. Not to pitch his blog, but one visit there shows anyone what a hate speech and Landa-like troll he really is!

    19. Troy,

      The father of Daniel Johnson Sr was english, his mother, french. He studied in french. He wrote a book titled Égalité ou Indépendance. In my view, his political action is part of the economic nationalism movement. That is father was english is irrelevant, our nationalism isn't about blood, it is about belonging. (Brace yourself, here come the racism accusations...)

      The nationalisation of electricity and the buildings of the Manicouagan and Baie James dams really kicked in with Jean Lesage. He called an election on this project. René Lévesque sold the idea to the public.

      The dam was not built by francophones alone. Many joined in, english, irish, italian, you name it. But it was a project supported and lead by francophones and a project that gave opportunities to francophones. They were unhappy with their economic situation and they started a project by themselves for themselves and they succeeded.

      One who understands the myth will better understand our society.

    20. TRoy,

      "But let us go back to the original topic."

      You pretty much know my opinion about this. Toronto outgrowing Montréal because of separatism is simplistic. Separatism, bill 101 and so on played a part in this, but it is a factor among many others.

      This is a rational arguments that doesn't touch francophones much. I wrote about this here, you have probably already read it :

      The graph that you refer to is tricky, the axis is divided in four quarters, but the first quarter represents three decades and the next three quarters represent more or less a decade. So the slope is too steep in the beginning (I know, i know, it means that the decline wasn't that worse in the beginning...) True, Toronto grows faster after 1977, but the graph shows that Montréal's decline is about the same as Vancouver and Others who weren't affected by separatism.

      There is another thing that challenges ideas, it is from Mark L. Levine's The Reconquest of Montreal :

      “The decline of Montreal would fundamentally alter the relationship between English and French… As long as the English of Montreal remained in control of the Canadian economy, their position was secure and unassailable. However, as Montreal’s English-speaking financial elites became the executors of decisions originating outside the province, their situation changed dramatically… It was inevitable in this context that [French opinion leaders] would begin questionning the role of the Englsih community in the management of the provincial economy.” (The Reconquest of Montreal, p.43)

      From this perspective, Toronto did not outgrow Montréal because of separatism, separatism rose because Toronto outgrew Montréal. Interestingly, René Lévesque giving a speech at the foundation of the Parti Québécois and advocating for independence, stresses the fact that Québec is falling behind worldwide and in Canada, and francophones remaining behind in Québec. (I could find back the speech). So one of Lévesque's motivations was that Montréal was falling behind, separatism because of the rise of Toronto over Montréal... The reality is not that simple, but there is something to it.

    21. Troy,

      I am getting ready to leave for a few days, I will not be able to follow this interesting discussion but I would like to get back to it later if possible.

      Also, you, as a self described relatively new comer, interest me, I would like to know more about you. (And more about this story of you and your french teacher in francization class... :) ). Maybe sometimes after the holidays, it could be a discussion that would make an interesting blog piece. A kind of interview. I'll get back to you later with this idea.

    22. BG,

      Thank you.

      "Many or most separatists claim that separation would be painless."

      I don't exactely think that separation would be painless. I simply think that remaining in Canada would be more painful in the long run.

    23. Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.

    24. Perhaps living in XXth century Germany gave him this impression of nationalism.

      Perhaps if he had lived in India under the british empire rule, he would have had Gandhi's vision of nationalism : "Nonviolent nationalism is a necessary condition of corporate or civilized life."

    25. Tell that to the FLQ and the MPQ.

    26. and, while we are at it, Nelson Mandela was a nationalist too...

    27. FLQ was not non-violent. The problem with FLQ was not its nationalism, it was its violence.

      "Between violence and cowardly flight, I can only prefer violence to cowardice." Gandhi again...

    28. Editor,

      Would you do something to Prof. Einstein above?

    29. M. Patrice,

      Sorry to break the news, but ex-President Mandela is very much alive.

    30. I have now seen it all, racists peuples conquis comparing themselves to Nelson Mandela and Mahatna Gandhi. Incredible.

    31. William Johnson comes from a similar background to Daniel yet it matters that his dad was Irish. Same with Charest‘s mother despite being born, raised, and educated in Quebec he still gets John James thrown back in his face. How Gandhi-like.

  7. Les balles sifflent à Toronto

    Le canada anglais:De plus en plus de violence et pourquoi?

    1. The worst school shooting in Canadian history happened at Montreal Polytechnic with 14 fatalities. The culprit is a Quebec-born francophone.

    2. Marc Lépine est un cas d'exception. De plus, les Québécois n'ont ni meurtriers en série ni meurtriers sadiques. Contrairement aux Américains et aux Canadiens-Anglais.

    3. There have been plenty of Quebecois murderers. These people have been displayed prominently along with a variety of other criminals in the tabloid rags called "Allo Police" and "Photo Police," and in the mainstream media.

      Quebec also has a higher proportion of mafia activity and biker gangs than the rest of Canada, which helps explain the high level of corruption here.

    4. Le cas le plus honteux pour eux est certainement celui de Russell Williams.Pas plus patriotique que lui dans toute l'armée canadienne et presqu'un intime de la reine,surpris en flagrant délit portant les dessous féminins de ses victimes...Non mais.Liz est-elle au courant?

    5. Montreal experienced 105 murders in 1977. Toronto has yet to hit 100 murders in a year, and Toronto's population has grown like a weed since that time, and the murder rate has still not hit 100. Ontario, compared to Quebec, is still the land of milk and honey.

      Eat your heart out, Nutt-bar!

    6. Troy, Anon 1:34, S.R., Nutt Bar and Mr. Sauga

      On the one hand trying to muddy the waters with the nationality of a monster and on the other trying to equalize it with more nationality, for me, reeks of the kind of divisiveness that Separatists depend on to fuel their hate full project. Lets see if this unifies you on at least this topic, and perhaps shed some light on alternatives for us all.

      You know Marc Lépine as a Quebec-born francophone because the agenda driven media made it so. This monster’s name is Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi whose father was abusive and contemptuous, instilling in him an utter disrespect and hatred toward women. The media, disregarding how vulnerable unarmed populations historically have always been, chose to have him known as a white FrancoCanadian. First reason, to avoid discussion of the hate for women some cultures keep, and secondly, to keep this monster’s heinous crime only about gun control, even though his hate for women, could have afforded him other ways to kill.

      The race sensitive media, which is always ready to be insulted, turned a deaf ear and went for the race angle over the truth, witch was the twisted culture of hatred for women that Gamil Gharbi’s Algerian-born father beat into him.

      The myth continues to this day. We are now arguing about the abolishing of all weapons even though we, Canadians possess more of them per capita than do Americans.

      Why? For even MORE Gun Control, and as speaking out against the Racist Bill 101 is deemed blasphemous, so it is for people who know that freedom must be protected to speak out against an overzealous long gun (unconceivable rifles, not hand guns) registry.

    7. “We are a civilized society and for the first time we have a complete and effective gun registry. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient and the world will follow us into the future”.

      These are the words of Adolf Hitler.

      We should always remember that the main reason Hitler caused so much carnage was because he carefully crafted his plans for a national gun registry, which he then used to confiscate all weapons from his people so that he be unopposed. With a mere 12 thousand goons he was able to force 70 million Germans to follow the Nazis!

      Why would a free society want to follow the path that Hitler set for his people?

      Why would a government of a free society need to register the unconcealable long guns?

      Why would a population want to facilitate criminals to easily choose witch homes to rob or invade based on the knowledge of who has a gun from easily hacked digital archives?

      Why would a peaceful society want the criminals who will never register weapons, and the cops who answer to politicians be the only ones with guns?

      Our military is small and our borders immense. Should Canadians not be allowed to help the military when would harm come to us?

      Hitler took Greece rather quickly as he was advancing at a rate of about one country a day yet he got his ass kicked at The Battle Of Crete because Cretans were armed and fought him for 10 days. The Battle of Crete was unprecedented because it was the first time invading Nazi troops encountered mass resistance from a civilian population.

      Why is this important?
      Because a population must never divulge to its enemies, foreign or domestic, what resistance it can employ!

      Do you think Hitler could have ever caused the death of so many, if Germans had a way to oppose him?

      The scariest thing about Canada is that Canadians think that there will never be trouble on their soil. Well, as evidenced with the radical anarchists teaming up with the neoTerrorists to help the PQ in the so called, student rallies has shown, should the government not restore peace, are we to quietly follow a very tiny minority toward the destruction of OurCountry?

      To those who think this is about hunting, think again!

      All political parties who believe in freedom must agree to scrap the LONG Gun Registry!

      I’m sure I speak for many of us offering condolences to those who were lost to us forever in this recent Colorado massacre.

    8. Wikipédia révèle dans la rubrique List of serial killers by country que 9 Canadiens-anglais et 1 Québécois sont répertoriés comme tueurs en série. Dans la version française de l'article, il y a 15 Canadiens-anglais et 1 Québécois.

      Le calcul est facile à faire. D'un côté on a une société américano-canadienne portée sur la guerre et d'un autre côté on a une société québécoise portée sur la paix.

      Ce n'est qu'en préservant sa langue et sa culture française que le peuple québécois se gardera de devenir une société arriérée comme la société américano-canadienne.

    9. GensDenis to the fake Gens-DenisMonday, July 23, 2012 at 6:30:00 PM EDT

      You obviously have completely missed my three points but seeing you found a way to troll my GensDenis handle, I'm not surprised.

      peuple québécois? That handle Harper gave you?

      une société québécoise portée sur la paix?
      As your Taliban neoTerrorists threaten the lives of members of our legitimately democratically elected government?

      Yeah. Copy my name all you want, you're still a racist troll!!!

    10. "Quebec also has a higher proportion of mafia activity and biker gangs than the rest of Canada"

      There is even a town in Quebec where the local French Catholic priest blesses motorcycles one day each year. There are several biker gangs - the Rock Machine and the Hells Angels - that own buildings in the area, so no doubt the priest blesses their bikes too. There have also been biker weddings in the local church.

    11. @ Jean-Denis at 5:57 PM,

      You labelled Allan Legere as an English-Canadian, when in fact he was a Francophone New-Brunswicker. Your incomplete, crappy lists also neglect to mention Quebecois spree killers such as Marc Lepine and Denis Lortie.

      Then there was the terrorist FLQ, which was responsible for bombings, kidnappings and the murders of at least 8 people.

      Quebec also has another group of violent nutbars who form the "Milice Patriotique Quebecois."

      Peaceful Quebecois?...Hardly.

    12. Nous ne sommes pas encore assez racistes pour découper un chinois en petits morceaux et d'expédier ses membres par la poste (canada) au quatre coins du pays.En passant,le FLQ,ça fait 40 ans et comme vous dites "Get over it".La MPQ,elle, n'a encore commis aucun méfait,alors arrêtez vos procès d'intentions.

    13. The FLQ hasn't completely has just gone dormant. A few years ago, individuals representing themselves as members of the FLQ threatened Anglophone businesses on the West Island of Montreal.

      Like someone else mentioned on this blog, the Parti Quebecois is simply the political wing of the FLQ.

      The police are also keeping a close eye on the Milice Patiotique Quebecois because they are potentially dangerous as well.

    14. "the Parti Quebecois is simply the political wing of the FLQ."

      Alors le PLQ serait l'aile politique de la mafia montréalaise.

    15. Serge Provost, the leader of the Milice Patriotique Quebecois, was arrested and charged with making death threats last year. He has been prohibited from owning firearms of any kind.

    16. The Montreal mafia interacts a great deal with Quebecois of all political stripes.

    17. Qui a été arrêté par les autorités pour avoir menacé de pendre Madame Pauline Marois sur son site web?

    18. Col. James Brown was never charged with anything. He was just told to remove the offending statement from his website. He isn't the leader of an armed militia either.

  8. L'ombudsman de Radio-Canada, Pierre Tourangeau, rejette la plainte du Parti libéral (PLQ)

    Pierre Duchesne au PQ: pas de conflit d'intérêts

    Plutôt une bonne nouvelles pour nous,séparatistes.

  9. Pink Floyd rocked Quebec City this weekend, played on the Plains of Abraham, yet not a word of denunciation or condemnation from the militants (a British band soiling the sacred grounds, I would have expected a reaction).

    Editor, any idea why?

    1. They get tired and jaded, perhaps?

    2. Harvey Dent rocking out in his underwearMonday, July 23, 2012 at 11:55:00 AM EDT

      Oh you didn't hear?

      Bill 96CKOI has exempted the following Anglo bands from 101 and even embraced
      them as honorary Québécois, meaning you can be the most intolerant, discriminatory
      Anglophobic separatist and STILL rock out without the bullshit-caller going off:

      Pink Floyd
      Led Zeppelin
      Iron Maiden
      Paul McCartney

      Ah, hot, sweet sovereignist hypocrisy...I don't even need to say anything more, Uncle Claude's got me covered:

    3. Premièrement,ce n'était pas Pink Floyd mais bien un des membres fondateurs du défunt groupe,Roger Waters.Deuxièmement,quel est thème du spectacle "The wall"?Troisièmement Québec a été une des premières ville d'accueil en amérique du Nord pour Pink Floyd et bien d'autres formations de rock alternatif britannique de la même époque (Yes,Genesis,Supertramp,etc.)

    4. “Bill 96CKOI has exempted the following Anglo bands from 101 and even embraced them as honorary Québécois“

      It's rather interesting how some English-related stuff gets “exempted“ and some doesn't. On the surface it seems random, but maybe it isn't: the “exemptions“ are usually granted when the object of “exemption“ is too powerful or too popular.

      Look how the Quebecois politicians grovel for Washington, but how refractory and belligerent they are towards Ottawa...

      Power is what they respect.

    5. Backward FLQ Occupier,

      Interesting how you know so much about that list of bands, from witch list you missed Stix, ELP, ELO, Nazareth and Black Sabbath, yet you ignore the underlying message that exists in every one of their albums because it is the exact opposite of your QuebecoisRacist one

      And btw, it was Montréal more than the Great Quebec City that adorned them first.

    6. Dissing Pink Floyd is suicidal.
      Don't know how many fans showed up, but it must of been a shitload.
      Separatists are smart enough to understand that when Loco Locass goes against Pink Floyd it is a massacre.
      And so, they choose their battles....

  10. Harvey Dent, The People's ChampMonday, July 23, 2012 at 2:47:00 PM EDT

    Charest's chances of locking in a majority are pretty damn thin, but let's say
    he pulls it off and gets in with the numbers in his favor.

    We all know that it's almost completely impossible that he and the Liberals will
    stay in power in the 2016/17 election which means that they have NOTHING to lose.

    With that being said, here is the Machiavellian approach Charest should take...

    Mr. Charest, as your attorney I advise you to:

    1. Abolish Revenu Québec: Originally conceived as part of a foundation for a possibly
    sovereign Québec, it has long since outlasted its use and now only serves to shameless
    bilk hard working Québecois citizens of their hard-earned money.

    Mr. Charest, as your attorney I advise you to:

    2. Now that you've crushed Revenu Quebec, it's time to bury the $7/day daycare subsidy.
    After all, now that RQ is out of the picture the average tax payer will have more free
    cash to pay market rate for this service.

    Mr. Charest, as your attorney I advise you to...

    ...sink to the level of the sovereignists and feed them their own divisive pablum.

    3. Implement the repatriation bill. See, we have students polluting our streets with the
    noxious fumes of glorified entitlement. So let's give them what they want...on one condition...
    that they go study in France or Belgium. Right there we'll be sending away boatloads of
    pseudo-socialists and separacistas and not heearing from them again for 3 to 4 years...or
    ever again for that matter.

    Mr. Charest, as your attorney I advise you to:

    4. Extend the repatriation bill to non-students. Australia & New Zealand have programs in place
    to have their citizens visit the UK to re-discover their roots. The result? Well, when I was
    living in the UK, I had more Aussie and Kiwi friends than British ones. By offering to help the
    average seppie go to France to "re-dsicover their roots" we are chipping away at the sovereignist
    base here on the homefront.

    Mr. Charest, as your attorney I advise you to:

    5. Dissolve Bill 101 and introduce the charter of "community fellowship and mutual goodwill" and
    finally eliminate the one-sided nature of 101. In doing so, the province of Quebec will have a
    mandate to provide full protection of both French and English and also ensure that all residents
    are fully respected.

    Mr. Charest, as your attorney I advise you to:

    6. Create the "human decency 78" bill. With this bill, all public services offered in La Belle Province
    must not only adhere to the charter of "community fellowship and mutual goodwill", but any violators
    will be faced with a doozy of a fine upon first infraction (we're talking $5K)...third infraction will
    result in jail sentence of no less than 18 months. So what this means is, the next time some monkey in
    the STM calls you a filthy anglo and refuses to service you, you can report them and that goon would
    be broke and potentially incarcerated and therefore, customer service would improve incredibly fast.

    Mr. Charest, should you seek further counsel on these matters, feel free to reach my offices at:


    1. Actually you are wrong, leger marketing and others are projecting him as very close to a majority, 3 or 4 seats off. Jaggi Singh is inviting all his anarchist friends to help block the kids who want to go back to school in August. Ad to this the campaign has yet to start and Charest only goes up as an election goes on. In February, he was going to get completely obliterated by the Racists and now hes in striking distance of a majority. He has all the momentum on his side. The only thing against him is the separatist controlled QC media and even they have been unable to spoon feed this student “strike“ to the brainwashed majority.
      My prediction? Comfortable PLQ majority.

    2. Ugh, how could anyone even THINK of re-electing Charest for a 4th term??! Talk about your classic Stockholm syndrome. The man is a total sleaze ball, he's screwed us over so many times and in so many ways in the past 10 years, I've lost count.

      It's inconceivable anyone could want him back in, yes, even with the PQ and CAQ as the only other alternatives. Wow, how sad and pathetic if he got back in power.

    3. How sad and pathetic that you would prefer hate, division, revenge and racism. Only in Quebec are the other options so HIDEOUS that we will vote in a tired, old, corrupt government yet again. Blame the PQunt, not the anti-racists.

    4. John James, I hope you are right

    5. Dude, Jean Charest is the Anglophone community's worst enemy. Tell me, how is he ANY different from the PQ or CAQ? Oh, referendums....big friggen deal. Even without calling a referendum, Quebec's social, economic and structural fabric continues to crumble and tumble towards rock bottom.

      Who gives a damn at this point, let's finally stop this endless cycle. Vote PQ, Vote Oui, bye bye Quebec. Done, over and out. I do not want Quebec as a part of Canada, it is a cancer! Stop this suffering!

    6. Sorry, unlike you I believe in Canada.

    7. John Henry is Dead,

      You wanting this, even though you know there are at least four million people here who love OurCountry , makes you likely as racist as the QuébécoisSeparatists!!

      Thanks for your love of Country...

  11. "community fellowship and mutual goodwill"

    Si tu commençais par donner l'exemple en arrêtant de poster des âneries sur ce blogue?Si tu n'est pas heureux de vivre au milieu d'un des deux peuples fondateurs de ce pays,pourquoi ne pas retourner à tes racines chez les british avec tes amis kangourou ?

  12. Harvey Dent - Taking names and kicking ass for the greater goodMonday, July 23, 2012 at 3:06:00 PM EDT

    "Si tu n'est pas heureux de vivre au milieu d'un des deux peuples fondateurs"

    Ahem: DEUX peuples fondateurs, mais le respect n'est pas égal sou la loi 101.

    "pourquoi ne pas retourner à tes racines chez les british"

    Née a Levis, QUEBEC - alors...why not take the repatriation you're being offered to discover the people who abandoned you in the war that decided the way things were going to be from that point on.

  13. Je savais que la région de Québec fourmillait de petits droiteux mais je trouve de mauvais goût les petits plaisantins dans ton espèce qui seraient prêts à américaniser le Québec afin de se payer une troisième bagnoles et de passer d'une piscine hors-terre au modèle creusé.Un de ces jours la nature vous remettra à votre place,pathétiques petits surconsommateurs.

    1. Harvey Dent is Intellectually Ripped For Your PleasureMonday, July 23, 2012 at 3:35:00 PM EDT

      Oh, I'm sorry, I hurt your feelings. I didn't realize you're 19 and still in that whole
      "capitalists are the new AIDS phase."

      Here, got a little link for ya, it'll put a little hair on your chest:

      ...Et encore une autre fois:

  14. Editor,

    Although I completely understand your decision in forcing people to sign up to leave comments, I see one major problem with it.

    I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that certain people might not want to use a public account to comment on this site.

    We're dealing with extremists and fanatics here, the separatists and language freaks aren't known for being peaceful and respecting other people's opinions. These are the same people who sent threatening letters to those who contributed to the liberal party.

    Call me paranoid if you want, but I wouldn't want the resident troll(s), or any other separatist group that keeps tabs on this blog to have any kind of access to my personal information.

  15. Be at ease,

    You can sign up with an alias and omit anything personal.You don't have to give a real email address, your real name, or anything that can identify you.

    All the information you enter can be bogus, but the signup process takes time, something that Trolls won't invest in because they will be banned immediately and will have to go through the process over and over again.

    Try it out, you'll see that your personal integtregy is safe.

  16. Racism, also called racialism, is generally defined as actions, practices, or beliefs that reflect the racial worldview: the ideology that humans are divided into separate and exclusive biological entities called "races".

    The sepies are using "language" to carve out their actions, practices, and beliefs. They can get away with this RACISM against the English because language differentiations does not usually fall within the traditional Racist definition.


    1. Separatists are bigots, not racists.

  17. Funny

    1. Voici le vrai visage du racisme:

      Merci à l'armée canadienne!

    2. Actually, that was the act of one psycho, not the canadian army, don't group them. Here is the real face of racism: many QuebÉcois racists against the natives,

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. S.R,

      The Somalia Affair is indeed a tragic and shameful incident. However, now that you brought that subject up, did you realize that two of those involved, officers nonetheless, are French-Quebecers?

  18. I would like to join but can't ghet past your stupid password / name operation.

  19. I am 76 . I don't know the difference betweeen twitter / blog / google / tinyurl. I just want to post with my identity. Ed Brown I only have one password for everything so I know my password is right. I have used it for tenty years. I do nor forget it Ed

  20. Ed it s really easy.

    Click on "JOIN THIS SITE" in the margin on the right.
    Next at the bottom of the page (You might have to scroll down) CLICK.....

    Enter your email address in the box provided and fill out the rest of the boxes...that's it

  21. Who cares if Quebec leaves Certainly not less than about 60% of the ROC could not give a shit what happens to Quebec. I am one of the 60%. Quebec is nothing more than a Pain in the Ass to the average taxpayer in the ROC. Bunch of paranoid racists whose sense of entitlement could fill a CP boxcar. Guess I might have to sign up after this.

    The Westener.

  22. I was bored so I decided to visit
    What are these people smoking? Because I want some.

    According to Bernard Landry:

    "Si M. Landry a fait valoir que la « dignité collective » primait l’économie dans le projet souverainiste, il s’est longuement étendu sur la santé financière de Québec : « Le Québec compte parmi les 30 nations les plus riches du monde. Mais quand on ajoute au PIB la répartition de la richesse, la culture, la sécurité et les chances d’accéder au bonheur, je n’ose pas le dire, mais nous dominons le monde. »"

    I was worried, with all the big corporations closing up shop, our crumbling infrastructures (thanks PQ 1994 to 2003), our lack of public services (thanks Pauline Marois ministère de l'éducation et de la santé) and our enormous debt.

    But hey, according to Landry, we're #1!
    Landry also happens to think that tuition fees should indeed be free, while corporations could pay more taxes to make up for it.

    Don't delusional old people get placed in a nursing home or something?

    I also love this link (which the editor posted in his previous post)

    Finally, a separatist who's not holding back! He's not pretending to be open minded like the rest of them, he just says what the separatists and language freaks are thinking; you don't belong here if you're not white, french and catholic.
    Here's a quote:

    "Toutes ces tentatives concertées tentent de nous faire accroire que les allophones se sont intégrés et se sont ralliés de bon gré à la culture québécoise ; rien de plus faux et de plus trompeur ! Un sur cent le fait. Les Québécois de l’île de Montréal le savent mieux que quiconque dans leurs rapports quotidiens avec ces étrangers qui font tout pour le rester."

    The rest of them can pretend, but we all know this is exactly how they think.

  23. Just followed this blog. I look forward to not having to tell "Anomynous" from "Anomynous." Thank you very much, Editor!

    1. To Anonymous: - "Who cares if Quebec leaves. Certainly not 60% of thr ROC. They don't give a shit about Quebec." Well here's a bulletin - Quebec doesn't give a shit about them. And since you feel the same we don't give a shit about you. You're a racist troll throwing dirt a whole Province.
      Incidently,EDITOR I use the anonymous profile because I'm having trouble with registeration but I always include my email address for identification..

    2. We must have Mr.Charest for another term. It has nothing to do with French/English. We need someone who can spabblize the Province. Looking at the video of Pauline Marois banging pot lids tells us what a disaster she would be. Even a purlain must be put off with that. Mr. Legault has never told us anything apart from the fact that he wants to be premier. The only place I see common sense is Jean Charest.