Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Khadirs-Three Generations of Nutters

As police entered the home of the Amir Khadir family, in search of evidence against eldest daughter Yalda for her part in illegal radical activities, they couldn't help but notice a poster for a Quebec band, lying on the kitchen table, a disturbing and macabre tribute to the ego of Amir Khadir.

Fashioned after Eugène Delacroix's famous painting, Liberty Leading the People, this version has a Bananarchist waving a black anarchist flag, an armed Khadir himself in a top hat standing over a seemingly dead, half-naked and defeated Jean Charest. To Khadir's right is a masked demonstrator and to his left a riot cop bowing down.
When asked about the artwork, Khadir brushed it off, calling it a 'parody.' Link
When the story caught fire in the Press, Khadir threatened to sue the Journal de Montreal for printing the story of the poster, because it was...err......embarrassing.

There's quite an ego hidden under the usually calm and demure Amir Khadir, who in the last week or so, let slip his alter ego, comparing himself to Gandhi and Martin Luther King, after his own arrest for blocking a street, much to howls of laughter and derision in the Press.
Yalda arrested at home, in front of a sign calling for civil disobedience.

When Yalda was first arrested, Khadir told a public audience, that if she did anything wrong she would have to pay the price.
Now that he's had a chance to glimpse at the evidence, the realization that she could go to jail for her acts, he's changed his tune considerably.

For years Khadir has lived a double life, hiding his communist and anarchist affiliations, but no more.

In order to support his daughter, he's now publicly saying that civil disobedience is the route to take in the face of a recalcitrant government;.
"We call on all partners in society.... to disobey this law in a peaceful manner. "- Amir Khadir
At least it's refreshing to finally hear some honesty.

In a courthouse interview, he actaully defended his daughter's violent plan to attack the home of  the ex-cabinet minister.

It isn't any wonder that Yalda, at just 20 years old is a violent anarchist, she comes by her radicalism honestly, learning from her parents, who in turn learned from their parents.
From an early age Yalda was dragged to demonstration after demonstration, a hatred for capitalism, Canada, the United States and of course, the old standby, Israel, pumped into her inquiring and absorbent mind.
She is no doubt, the product of her parents radicalism and in some way reminds me of the product of parents who name their children after Hitler, as a salute to their white supremacism. You just know you're going to end up with one screwed up kid.

Jafar & Amir demonstrating. Like father, like son.
Just like his daughter, Amir was radicalized by his father, Jafar, a longtime communist bigwig who has been banned from entering the United States. He's someone always ready, willing and able to support radical causes, especially when it comes to demonizing Israel, the Khadir clan's favorite foil. You can catch him every now and then in front of the Le Marcheur shoe shop on St. Denis, protesting against the small merchant for selling Israeli shoes.

Grandma Khadir is quite the pistol too, comparing Yalda to poor Palestinian children, whose only crime is throwing stones at police.
In fact she compared the Quebec government to that of the regime of the Shah of Iran, from where she fled to the safety of Canada and remarked to a reporter that she considered Yalda a political prisoner, which made her feel "humiliated to be a Quebecer"

Grandma Farideh showed up to court arm in arm with  grandpa Jafar, so proud of Yalda, that they brought a bouquet of flowers, as if they were attending a recital or graduation.

  As I said in the title, nutters.....

Yalda's mom Nima, is another piece of work, a TRUTHER and self-important radical, she actually demanded that police remove their shoes before they conducted a raid in her home.
I bet you're asking yourself if the police complied...........nope they did not.

And then let's not forget Amir's brother who was arrested in France as a member of a terrorist organization (People's Mujahedin of Iran)  and who was released after a political campaign by Amir to get him out..

According to the Khadirs themselves, both of the two oldest daughters are militants. Daria hasn't been arrested yet, but if all goes according to plan, Grandma will be bringing her flowers very soon.

Quite the family.....
And you thought the Kardashians were one screwed up family.....

At any rate, since Amir has 'come out' in support of anarchism, questions are being raised as to whether he was involved or knew of his daughter activities.

Police are claiming that when they raided the Casa Khadir, alongside that poster found on the kitchen table was a plan to attack the residence of the Quebec cabinet minister.

So the question remains, what did Khadir know about the plan and when did he find out about it.
Inquiring minds want to know....

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  1. I'm going to keep this brief and then go back to Monday's entry. I have unfinished business with Sandy McTire; furthermore, the more I comment on this familial subject, the more I'm dignifying this clan of rabid animals.

    Actually, I'm repeating myself from a few blogs ago, but the Khadirs aren't worth more than a rerun because they are a broken record that reruns, and reruns and reruns, so here goes:

    Pack the whole stinking clan tightly in a small crate barely fit for human transport (these are expendable rabid animals after all) and send them on a slow barge right back to where they came from. Let's see how much line the Ayatollah and that rabid animal dictator, Az-blah-blah-jad, are willing to give them. If Canada is so damn Allah-awful the way they portray it and govern themselves, why the bloody hell did they come to Canada (or Quebec) in the first place?

    1. Good morning, Mr Sauga. I just read your last response on the Monday blog. More of the same. You put it very well in your comment above : "I`m repeating myself from a few blogs ago." You repeat yourself in just about every comment you make and you rarely make a comment that adds anything of value to a given topic. Just more of your 1975 prejudices, frozen in time and larded with personal attacks. Hence Khadir and his family are a "clan of rabid animals" etc. Very persuasive. Then you pose the big question ``why the bloody hell `did they come to Canada in the first place``. Very simple - so they could enjoy the intoxicating freedom of an advanced western democracy. Probably exactly the same reason your wise forebears came to Quebec in 1914.

      Don`t worry about Khadir, Mr Sauga, he is harmless and becoming more so every day, by his own actions. If you disagree with him and perhaps feel he is threatening in some way then surely the best place for Khadir`s opinions is in the public square. That is where his views can be scrutinized and criticized by all citizens and exposed for the shallow pastiche of 1960s hip euro gauche gibberish that they are. Khadir has a short shelf life.

      And re your unfinished business with me on the Monday blog comments, I see you are under the impression that you are older and more experienced than me and that I have apparently forgotten much about democracy. Perhaps you feel that your seniority allows you to dismiss your critics with the back of your hand. False premise, Mr Sauga. In fact old Sandy is older and more experienced in the mysterious ways of Quebec than you are. I graduated from Grade 11 in Quebec, under the pre CEGEP regime, in 1968. Do the math old boy. And I don`t presume to lecture Quebecers from Mississauga - 500 km from the fray. As I stated in my earlier comment, you strike me as quitter. But you are still in some kind of personal pain because you don`t like that part of your personal history. You seem to resent the fact that you had to leave the battlefield under fire, all those years ago. What better way to assuage your guilt than to constantly replay the prejudices you had about Quebec society, a generation ago. You try and convince yourself that you were right, back in the 70s, and here is why - Quebec is racist, doomed, in debt, spoiled...blah, blah, woof, woof. So you must have been right, all those years ago, because Quebec is still doomed, racist, harboring clans of rabid animals etc. Right. This sounds familiar. But as a true democrat I respect your right to express your opinions - over and over again from Mississauga. Say, how do you think you would feel if a Montreal city councillor started lecturing the good citizens of Mississuaga about how they could run their backward little City more efficiently. Would you welcome those comments and assume that the guy from Montreal can teach Mississauga how they should behave? I know, dumb question, I`m sure you would welcome a lecture from Montreal. Sure you would. And keep on ranting in the free world, Mr Sauga, Perhaps we`ll have an opportunity to chat again - but only if you learn to respect your elders youngfella!

    2. Hey McTire,

      During Johnny Baptist festivals , parades, etc, etc, when the crowd chants "le Quebec aux Quebecois, Le Quebec aux Quebecois" they don't mean YOU.... Mr Sauga is exactly right...

    3. Land of Tazmandoo

      Je suis un pure laine doublé d'un seppie en plus et j'aime bien Sandy.

    4. Tazmandoo, I have no interest in what the St Jean Baptiste Society and their delusional accolytes think or what they mean when they use the word Quebecois. Those folks are romantic ethnic nationalists. They are out of step with the rest of Quebec society on most issues. Even Bernard Landry profeesses to be a "civic nationalist" these days. The St Jean crowd have great comedic value, however, and they also allow you to time travel. When you listen to their gabble it could almost be 1912, or 1960. They are frozen in time and they retread the same old prejudices to suit the latest news. Note how francophones are always the poor victims, anglophones dominate, exploit, menace etc. Toujours la meme rengaine.

    5. Mr. Sauga to Mull of Kin TireWednesday, June 13, 2012 at 9:58:00 AM EDT

      Good morning, Sandy! I can't thank you enough for that very humorous read. I needed a good chuckle before I started my 10-hour workday today. I have to get ready for work momentarily, so please excuse me for now, and I'll be sure to respond to you tonight, AFTER work, I promise, and I don't mean a politician's promise.

      In the meantime, please describe why Quebec and it's punishing debt, confiscatory taxes and fascist language laws don't seem to phase you. More ammo for tonight's rebuttal.

    6. Thanks for the support. Have a great day! Anon: You couldn't add score if you counted on your fingers! Work time!

    7. "Those folks are romantic ethnic nationalists. They are out of step with the rest of Quebec society on most issues."

      I wouldn't be so definitive as to whether they are out of lockstep or not. And if they are out of step with the rest, how much out of step are they in terms of intensity of their militancy, and how much in terms of actual views? In terms of intensity of their views, they evidently are unique. In terms of the views themselves, maybe not so much.

      You're also overlooking how these "romantic nationalists" are mainstreamed lately. This is a very important issue. The mainstream media is not called opinion-maker for no reason - it does shape the opinion of the masses to a large degree by selectively promoting some views and filtering others out into oblivion. The fact that Quebec mainstream embraced the fringe means that the fringe cannot be brushed aside as easily as you'd like. In fact, it should be taken rather seriously.

    8. Sandy McTire said:

      "``why the bloody hell `did they come to Canada in the first place``. Very simple - so they could enjoy the intoxicating freedom of an advanced western democracy. Probably exactly the same reason your wise forebears came to Quebec in 1914."

      I say it was more likely to destroy democracy as he is clearly doing now with his violent acts. Amir Khadir is muslim and Islamic law is absolutely incompatible with democracy. Islam is a theocratic system with Allah alone at its head. Allah's law is interpreted by a ruling body of clerics. There is no room for a secular political system in which all people are treated as equals. If he was to enjoy freedom of democracy he would have clearly converted to Catholicism, the religion of the pure laine and of the population that voted him in.

      He has a hidden agenda which is why CSIS is on him.

    9. Amir Khadir is muslim and Islamic law is absolutely incompatible with democracy."

      So is Christianity, if people actually took it seriously. Granted, no one actually follows Leviticus, so that's how we can have a healthy democracy in spite of the bronze-age cult most of the population follows. Why coudn't Muslims do the same? Are they immune to ignoring large swaths of the Koran like their fellow deists?

    10. Mr Sauga, you are sleeping your life away! Old Sandy has been chipping away at his 10 hour day since 7 am. Does the sun rise that much later in Mississauga ? You young fellahs...tsk...tsk.

      Please take the day to foment further and better putdowns and slashing personal attacks. I have my steel helmet right beside me. Better still, let us have some more life lessons for Quebecois from Mississaugwah. You see, it almost rhymes ! Let's write a rap song Sauga and start a band. We'll call it the "Two Solitudes". Or how about "Les Quebecois Errants de Mississaugah".

      Adski, I am sure your perception of the danger of the St Jean nutters is perfectly valid for some kinds of stories that occasionally appear in the french language press, particularly Le Devoir. But if we look at the St Jean Society folks on a time chart I venture to say that their influence is minimal, and waning, compared to the currency of their views among the general population in the glory days of the 70s. Just look at their pale balding heads peering at you from the tiny crowds they still draw. Aging boomers, hopelessly lost in modern Quebec, clinging to the hope that soevereignty is still possible for their narrowly defined ethnic nation. And we poor anglos, always the villains. Don't you hate being typecast ? It almost makes you want to send the pathetic fellows a few bucks for coffee (french roast only). I said...almost.

      Bonne Journee

    11. Wow you must be old and on medication Sandy McTire, your ramblings are incomprehensible. Maybe your thoughts are lost in the translation from French to English?

    12. "some kinds of stories that occasionally appear in the french language press, particularly Le Devoir."

      This statement is false on two counts. One, the qualifier "occasionally" is in fact "regularly". Two, Le Devoir used to be the primary carrier of the nationalist slant. Not anymore. These days, La Presse, Radio Canada, TVA, Tele-Quebec, and other mainstream outlets (radio included) are fully on board.

    13. Mrs Sauga...? That explains a lot ! Say, have you ever considered writing stand up comedy as your next career ? No ! C'mon that's hard to believe Sauga. You could manage it in at least one official language.

      Adski, I'd have to see a detailed tracking of "nationalist" commentary that has appeared in the french language press over the last 5 years before I could accept your thesis. I read that press and I just don't see it. Maybe you have a more highly tuned BS meter than I do. But even if you were 100% correct, so what? Relax...separation and/or imminent ethnic warfare in the streets are not likely in your lifetime. I still think that the threat factor from the Saint Jean Baptiste Society is BUPKISS. They are marginal. Yes they definitely are part of the sovereignty spectrum, for sure, but they just repeat the same distorted view of Quebec society that one can find at Imperatif Francais, Vigile nad other low membership nationalist groups. Two or three small groups making identical points does not lead to revolution. This poor citizen is not losing any sleep over the ravings of Mario Beaulieu. I have to get up early so that I have a few moments every day to explain life in Quebec to Mrs Sauga.

    14. Political separation is one thing. Ethnic warfare is another. And I didn't make any comments on the two so I'm not sure why you're throwing that in. Ethnic warfare would be terrible yet there are forces which continue to stoke the language tensions. Political separation would be awful, yet political status quo with Quebec growing greedier and greedier inside Canada might be even worse.

      I was talking about the media and the volume of nationalist commentary in it. We can differ on whether that commentary is "occasional" or "regular" since that's a matter of opinion on how often is often, but that that commentary spilled over to all major mainstream outlets beyond Le Devoir is not even a matter for debate. It's a matter of fact.

    15. "...Old Sandy has been chipping away at his 10 hour day since 7 am..."

      OK, just as I're a troll, or at least simply condescending. I'm on break now, and I start work at 10am as this is when my services are required, but I do prefer a little more sleep in the morning anyway, so it's win-win for me.

      Yes, in the summer, the sun rises about ½ an hour later in Mississauga than it does in Montreal, but long before I wake up for work. I've had 7am starts in the past, but I like to watch a little TV in the evenings. Very little as most shows absolutely suck now.

      You're a shit disturber, but you do give me a chuckle. Later.

      "...if you learn to respect your elders youngfella..." I respect people who earn and exude respect.

    16. What's with this pissing match, anyway?

      Sandy has a point, Sauga, in that you probably don't need to repeat your life story on every thread of this blog. I pretty much know it by heart by now.

    17. My day at the office has just about wound down, so I'll get an early jump and start my rebuttal, but I think it will be shorter rather than longer because I think you're a shit-disturbing troll and I don't want to overdignify your entries with long rebuttals. By holding off, you proved you're more of a troll than I first thought.

      You: "Just more of your 1975 prejudices, frozen in time and larded with personal attacks."

      Prejudices? Absolutely, but not mine - BOU-BOU's! ...and French Quebec's society's. It was HE who was responsible for the tabling of Bill 22 and passing it into law! It was HE who created the first iteration of language police with La régie de la langue française du Québec, the forerunner to L'Office de la langue française and now L'Office québécois de la langue française.

      BOU-BOU also came up with school examiners who failed children for making one mistake on their English language proficiency tests. This was such a catastrophic project conceived by the Liberals that the PQ, for a long time, did away with language tests and even did away with each child qualifying on his/her own merit. Once the oldest child was deemed elegible for English schooling, younger siblings automatically qualified. Eventually that automatic pass for younger siblings was scrapped by the PQ and the Liberals reinforced it when Bill 104 was challenged, not in 1975, but just a year or two ago! Not MY prejudices!

      You: " [the Khadirs] could enjoy the intoxicating freedom of an advanced western democracy. Probably exactly the same reason your wise forebears came to Quebec in 1914."

      My rebuttal: Thank you for reading and paying attention, and same for the others who have read about my forbears as well. At least they came and did something constructive. Build their businesses from the ground up, take NO jobs from others and in some cases PROVIDE jobs FOR others, including in the mid-30s and help preventing themselves and their families from otherwise starving to death with no jobs and no money. What have the Khadirs done? Wreak havoc on small shoe stores because they don't like Israeli shoes or Israel altogher. Notice how they don't DARE picket and demonstrate in front of stores owned by Jews, including Judica shops? Why don't you suppose that is? A big part of THEIR merchandise is from Israel!

      Seems the Khadirs want to harm innocent individuals, including politicians they don't like and damage property, public and private. Demonstrating and picketing are a means of exercising one's democratic rights; damaging ANY property, public or private, is a means of exercising public mischief and anarchy! Is that enough for you, Tire?

    18. One more for the road re your recent posting: "Sandy has a point, Sauga..." My rebuttal: Yeah, it's under his hair!

    19. EXACTLY Montreal Canadian Kadir has a hidden agenda ! Muslims have the highest infant rate on the planet ,between 5 and 7.5 children..for a culture to sustain it self 2.3 is required ..Quebec has 1.5 ratio ..long ago Quebec had 10+ ,the biggest in north we have baby making programs at $5000 for the first child

    20. It is not their fault that our birth rates are low. It is our fault from the way we structured our society and drove women to the workforce (I don't blame them for wanting to run away from the "atmosphere" we males created for them at home). Also the fact that all these Muslims and "third worlders" are here and are having their children here and not over there is also our fault. We pillaged their countries for centuries, and then opened our borders in the 1960's to bring them over as cheap labor (France went for the Maghreb, UK for the Commonwealth, US for Latin America,, Germany for Turkey, etc...). So we're reaping the harvest we have sown. And we so deserve it.

    21. Mr Sauga, in all sincerity I am glad to see that you are not afraid to speak your mind and that you still have a passionate interest in your old province, even though your views are sometimes rather negative. You also seem to be a little obsessed by the minutiae of Quebec's language legislation. I notice this is a common concern among former Quebecers. It's not so bad, however, if you actually live in Quebec. I speak French and enjoy doing so but in general I operate and do business in English and, trust me, there is NO government official or ministry that can change my behaviour or anyone else's in that regard. Once you get past signs and schools the government of Quebec has very limited authority to intrude in people's lives and tell them how to behave - including what language they use day to day. That, in my view, is why there is often a "What are the silly buggars up to now ?" theme running through the Editor's posts. Yes, it is a rather poor use of tax dollars but that is not unusual at all levels of government. Good tax planning is about the only defence these days.

      Say - the significance of the word "troll" is lost on me. Is that an old Peel County expression ? Or perhaps you are engaging in one of those personal attacks again? You are incorrigible. No matter. If I could paraphrase Don Corleone : "it's not personal, it's just the blogosphere".

      As for the Khadir's, I have no time for them. Just one stunt after another. Old fashioned slogans, anti Israel wackiness, confused ideas about Quebec and how our economy works etc. I confess that I much prefer productive immigrants like your ancestors to the Khadirs of this world. But the process is imperfect in free societies because we never quite know how immigrants will turn out. Free will and all, you know. But political creations like Khadir are their own worst enemies. He is the product of protest votes and parked votes. You should read the Quebec Solidaire platform. It was almost certainly drafted by someone living on the planet Saturn. QS has no traction in Quebec and never will. Khadir will soon crash and burn. In the interim, he can't do any damage except to his own cause(s). One difference between you and me is that I have much more faith in the common sense of Quebec voters. How do you think Khadir and his ilk play in Ste Marie de Beauce?

      Keep up the good work you are doing informing us all on Quebec as viewed from Square One. It's much closer than Saturn.

    22. 1 of 2:

      Sandy: My interest is the RoC, and I consider myself a loyal Ontarian now that I've spent over half my life and practically all my working life in Ontario. I look at what's good for Canada and what is detrimental to Canada, and I don't like it when Canada is held back by detractors.

      A lot of what I've learned about the French speakers comes from speaking French to Quebec from outside. There are many, many rude dogs amongst them. Not all, not even the majority, but more than is comfortable for me, and the other 350,000-or-so of us who chose to pack up and leave.

      I work in a phone center, and they don't only give Anglophones a problem, but most of my French-speaking team are from outside Quebec, mostly from Africa. Egypt, Ethiopia, Algeria, Morocco, le Côte d'Ivoire (illegal to call it the Ivory Coast, hint-hint), Rwanda, Congo, Mauritius and others. Also a few French and Haitians. I'll hear conversations where the Québécois try to tell these other well-educated people they speak an inferior French, and most of them learn to dislike the Québécois quickly.

      I'm glad you have been able to integrate with greater ease than the 350,000 of us who chose to leave, but I found the language legislation extremely racist, but not only that, the overt policies of the first péquistes that encouraged it. The tongue troopers are bullies, and of course they pick on the most vulnerable--the small potatoes of the businessworld. Many years ago, in a business course I was taking in U., the CEO of CP Rail mentioned how the tongue troopers were trying to muscle in with their policies. The CEO then called Lévesque, told him to ensure they stay away from his sight or they'll move their HQ away. Lévesque apparently complied, but CP moved its HQ to Calgary eventually anyway. Remember the cavalcade of HQs that moved anyway, starting with Sun Life?

      Face it, Sandy, life is too short for all this bullshit. Who needs this crap? It hasn't really helped Quebec. As (former MNA) Reed Scowen wrote in his book Time to Say Goodbye, Francophones are enjoying a greater SHARE of the economy's wealth, but it's the lion's share of a much smaller economy.

    23. 2 of 2:

      Outside Quebec, we walk a path of less resistance. No language legislation, no overblown protests (except the G20), no construction corrpution, at least nowhere on the scale it is in Quebec, no motorcycle gangs (or certainly fewer residing here), lower taxes, and the weather here is better, too. Winters are way shorter and less harsh here, spring comes sooner and autumn finishes later, and we have 2/3 the precip Montreal has and more sunshine.

      It's not perfect. Housing is pricier and so are restaurants. It's easier to find cheaper eats in Montreal, good smoked meat is hard to find, but not impossible. I've grown too old for joie de vivre, so that's not a big factor for me anymore, and Toronto has improved. Bars can stay open until 2am legally now, and you can always find out where the after-hours places are if you're into that. You have to go to Brampton for the best strip clubs, plus one or two near the airport. I'll admit good home-made fries are hard to find, like La Belle Province, Lafleur's, most other "hot dog" restaurants and even the BBQ chicken places, best being Chalet and Côte-St-Luc BBQ. Bagels? A Montreal ex-pat started the Bagel House, a growing franchise and they carry lots of missives from Solly's and Montreal Kosher.

      Finally, I'm highly principled, so I don't like having French shoved down my throat or being told what language to speak or what language to post a sign and rude customer service people who don't like to be addressed or respond in English, public or private sector. I've seen Chinese-only signs in Markham, a Toronto suburb of the northeast. The merchants still help out if I frequent their shops for products. They're newcomers, so let them integrate at a slower pace. Their children will deal in English as they'll grow up with it.

      It's not the English who were cruel masters, it was the Roman Catholic Church who kept the French folk in line. They perpetuated ignorance and the constant bearing of children, and I often quote my ancestoral newcomers the way I do because they made very positive contributions to their communities...nothing heroic, but they pulled their weight without handouts from government, and helped their communities along the way.

      Like a cruel parent who physically and/or mentally abuses his children. the child then grows up and abuses his child because he can't get even with the cruel parent. The Québécois finally ran away from the Church, but found new scapegoats like the parent who abuses his children. The minorities, far more successful than the abused majority, felt a sense of vindication beating down those who are superior to them (and in effect still are) by making scapegoats out of that community. Sadly, they won't win, because, as the author of this blog has pointed out time and time again, bilingual workers are still more valuable than unilingual ones, even amongst the majority, and the minorities strive harder for success through better education and a work ethic that preaches work hard and prosper, not one that preaches it's OK to be the "small bread" of society as the Roman Catholic church did to the lost souls who were duped for 200 years...and we're now 50 years past that hour!

  2. Only the Plateau would elect such a radical.

  3. Who are these Khadirs? Definitely not pure laine, rather Amir was born and raised in Iran. So why is he a sovereignist? What is his stake in an independent Quebec? Is he using this illusion of being a sovereignist to gain political power? Is he an agent of the Iranian gouvernment to create instability and immigration entry points for Iranian agents seeking a launching point to the western world for their Jihad?

    1. "Is he using this illusion of being a sovereignist to gain political power?"

      I would say that this is exactly what he's doing. Of course, that's what all the soverignist elites in Quebec are doing. None of them want sovereignty (they know they could suffer a huge loss in status and wealth) but they are happy to trumpet its cause in order to gain personal power in Quebec.

    2. There is no other conclusion to draw because not being "pur laine", the fanatics would kick the Khadirs to the curb after they finished using the Khadirs for their purposes. They're glory seekers.

      Anybody with half a brain wouldn't let that racist sonofabitch touch them with a ten-foot stethoscope.

  4. The grandmother is embarrassed to be Quebecer? Well that makes two of us!

  5. Les vrais racistes sont en pleine forme aujourd'hui :)

    1. Exactement quel aspet de la discussion est raciste S.R.?

    2. Here are your racists:

      "Jewish groups decry Nazi salutes at Quebec student protests"

      Read more:

    3. Évidemment,vous ne comprenez pas les réelles intentions de ces gestes posés par nos étudiants.Quel rapport y'a-t-il entre le conflit qui nous intéresse et la montée du nazisme des années 30 en Allemagne?

    4. L'intention des Nazis etait de preserver leur race et leur culture manifesté par les memes gestes pose par les aka "etudiants".

      Les étudiants sont évidament influencé par des forces qui supporte la préservation de la race et culture québécoise. Je comprend clairement leurs intentions qui sont présente dans plusieures aspets québécoise, par example dans l'esprit de la loi 101.

    5. Même les organizations juives reconnaissent que les étudiants ne font pas le salut Nazi par respect envers les Nazis, mais bien pour traiter les policiers de Nazis. Ça reste mal, mais c'est entièrement différent de ce que vous avancez.

      Restez intègres dans vos débats SVP.

    6. "Exactement quel aspet de la discussion est raciste S.R.?"

      Si les gens insultaient Khadir uniquement à cause de ses idées, ça serait une chose. Mais des gens commentent sur son origine ethnique ainsi que sa religion et ça n'a rien à voir.

    7. Have you read the post?

      Khadir supports Charquoi, his brother is a Jihadist operative, he obviously supports militant action against the government, his daughter is a a borderline terrorist..., not to mention she looks like a criminal.

      C'mon, where there is smoke there is fire!

      Origin and history play an essential part in the thinking and ideals of a man. Religion is a choice and goes a long way to characterise a person's beliefs. Obviously this holds true for Amir.

      This guy is not helping Quebec. Rather he is helping Quebec turn into an anarchy state.

    8. MTL CAN.. maybe Kadir is a disposable front man for the Nationalists

    9. "C'mon, where there is smoke there is fire!"

      Perhaps. I find it distasteful to bring up. Kind of like if someone brought up Bernard Madoff and the first few commentors decided it would be relevant to bring out that he is Jewish.

      Surely Amir Khadir is enough of a nut on his own merit that links to jihadism don't need to be made?

    10. Perhaps. I will digress and agree that the nutty actions of a person will speak louder than words.

    11. Yannick, if you find it distasteful, why did you mention that Madoff is Jewish? Out of all the examples you could have picked, you found it necessary to pick one involving a Jewish person. Interestingly, out of all the countries in the world, Khadir just coincidentally picks on a merchant selling Israeli products. In his case, he does not picket or complain about any muslim countries where true evil exists (glad to provide a list if you want)or any other country where ongoing murder of men, women and chidren takes place. The only possible explanation for Khadir's behaviour is that he hates Jews and that he does so because he is a brainwashed Iranian shiite extremeist.That is why his religion is relevant to bring up. That is also why CSIS has informants in as many mosques as possible and none in churches or synagogues or other houses of worship. If you think that Khadir is just some left wing adventurer you are deluded. There is an enemy within and it is so dangerous that political correctness needs to be set aside.

    12. "why did you mention that Madoff is Jewish?"

      Out of all allusions to ethnic origins, the one that is most widely recognised as distasteful is to allude to someone's jewish origins. People are extremely sensitive to perceived anti-semitism, in part due to the horrible event of the Holocaust. I thought it would work best to illustrate the point I was trying to make.

  6. Can there be any more indicators, red flags, blaring horns, omens, that it is time for Montreal to go its separate way from the rest of the province? We need to start taking action for an independent province of Montreal, stretching from the island to Ottawa. Let Quebec go its own way into its spiral and when they start going after the unfortunate minorities that are left within their territory, send in the army to beat down the anachronism of racialized politics for humanitarian reasons.
    What we see on the streets of Montreal, nazi salutes, is not an expression of a minority of Francophones, but of entire generations raised on the politics of racial right and hate for others.
    Those of you, like the editor, who have political backgrounds, have to get the ball rolling. Complaining about a disorganized community is a waste of time when you're in a position to begin organizing your beleaguered community.

  7. Quebec's love of revolution has been a cozy incubator for this heinous group of false Canadians.

    The federal govt looks on in pleasure that the very law Quebec created to insulate itself has left it in a room full of terrorists.

    Why are Quebecer's not taking them to court for committing treason of the highest order.

    When Kadir's are singled out, they yell about the rights and privileges they have Kadir's knew the loopholes before they set foot in Canada.

    It's the elephant in the room, this group chose Quebec to yell across the valley at enemies without getting killed.

    Any other province would of shut them down and sent them back.

    1. Re your last sentance: Probably.

  8. Yannick, your comments are utterly ridiculous and insulting. To suggest that the students are giving the Nazi salute because the police are Nazis is absurd. I have little doubt that the students are abysmally ignorant of history and that Hitler is some vague name in the past to them, but they are emulating in their own minds the Israel bashers so prevalent in certain circles. Here is a link to the Nazi salute: company, eh?

    1. It's not MY suggestion, it's taken directly from that article that was shared by anonymous 12:40 -

      "While the gestures are meant as an insult to police — and not as any expression of support for Nazism — B’nai Brith Canada says that’s no excuse."

      "“The actions of these protesters, whether for the purposes of deriding Montreal police or drawing attention to their cause, defile the memory of the Holocaust and remind us just how quickly anti-Semitism and the manifestations of hate can venture their way into our public discourse.”"

      "The province’s more hardline student group, which has rarely been critical of protesters, implored people late Tuesday to cut it out: “Even if they are jokes, references to the Nazis during (protests) must stop,” the CLASSE said on Twitter."

      "The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs says the decision to use the Hitler salute, in the Montreal protests, is not an act of hatred — just one of ignorance.

      “These are clearly not support for Nazism or intended as anti-Semitic displays,” said spokesman David Ouellette.

      “It’s much more a function of the ignorance about history and the over-heated rhetoric that has plagued the current crisis in Quebec.”"

    2. I will repeat my self. Please have some integrity while you debate. Review the fact first, react second.

    3. "To suggest that the students are giving the Nazi salute because the police are Nazis is absurd"

      What's absurd about it? I think it's pretty much right on the money.

      You don't think that a motley of anarchists and socialists are doing nazi salutes because they harbor nazi sympathies? Because that would be absurd.

    4. I agree with Yannick on having a cleanish debate :)

  9. Just a thing about Communists in Iran in relation to all the accusations of khadirs being Jehadis. Prior to 1979 the Communists in Iran collaborated with the Anti Shah Islamists to overthrow the Shah of Iran. Like the Bolsheviks did in Russia in 1917 to the other members(menshaviks, social democrats etc..) of their anti czar alliance the Iranian communists were going to have a temporary alliance with the Islamists to take over Iran and then wipe the islamists out. Instead the Islamists wiped out the Iranian communists and the Khadirs had to move to Canada.

    Now the Khadirs might be having an alliance with the Ethno Quebecois nationalists thinking they can create a new socialist paradise. I have a feeling he will probably get put on a "tapis volant" instead.

    1. At least Khadirs fight for what they beleive in. not like losers like you kissing up to Israel and US who planned and executed coup against DR.Mossadegh in 1953. Khadir has made Quebec his home but backstabbbers and traitors like you have no home you are homeless kissup losers

  10. I wonder, does Yalda even go to school? If so, which school does she attend, and what program is she in?

    Being the daughter of Amir Khadir, you're going to tell me that she needs student loans to pay for her tuition?
    If she is getting government help, at least we know it's not going towards personal grooming!
    I guess her student loans probably went towards paying her bail?

    Yalda will now have to reside at her parents or grandparents house, and she cannot approach a cegep or university unless she's a student there. She also can't participate in any illegal (read: all of them) protests.

    So, how long until she's back behind bars? Any guesses?

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. In the whirlwind of lowbrow spats between the various regulars on this blog, methinks we've lost sight of the bigger picture.

    I'm not so sure the golden nugget in this post is specifically about Yalda, Amir, or even the ever-shifting daily PR spiels the media dutifully collects from various Khadir family members.

    Has anybody followed the paper trail back to the band and seen who Mise en Demeure has "artistically" targeted next, and how?

    1. The whole wesbsite is also littered with anarchist images, like one of a protester throwing a molotov cocktail into a line of identical policemen, and so on.

      I guess they support street violence against the authorities.

    2. Pardonnez mon jupon partisan qui dépasse, but very often I get to thinking the street violence extremists don't really have a serious cause...

    3. Are you implying that I think the group has a serious cause? I think it's just provocative imagery myself, but it makes it no less disturbing.

    4. Agreed. Their "grievances" are First-World whining. Trivial compared to what's going on in a large part of the world.

  12. Somewhat off point, but in anticipation of your impending weekly roundup, Mr. Editor, I note that Quebec student groups have apologized for using Nazi salutes directed towards police during protests:

    Now, when can we expect you, Mr. Editor, to apologize for using an iconic Holocaust photograph showing Jews being put on cattle cars to protest the actions of certain Laval French language purists?

    The Touchy One

    1. This is the province where swastika graffiti appears on synagogues and Jewish homes on a regular basis. The home minority scapegoats for lost referendums, the province of the Quebecois and the 'autres'. A quick scan of nationalist literature will yield countless conspiracies of a 'jewish cabal' undermining the French language. Anyone offended by allusions and comparisons to nazism and the racial inspired political ideologies of the twentieth century, should take a long hard look in the mirror and see if their Fuhrer mustache has started to grow in. Quebec is an intolerant, xenophobic society that lets bombers such as Real Mathieu go free after being caught planting bombs as recently as the early 2000s. Quebecers don't need an apology, they need the Canadian army to make target practice out of their 'national' assembly.

  13. One of the things that I am not pleased with the Nazi Germany government is their using of classical symbols and perverted those symbols. Take the salute and the swastika as examples. The salute is Roman salute. It has been in use for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Worse yet is the use of swastika. In Asia in particular, the swastika / manji / wan is a traditional motif with religious and philosophical connotation. The perversion of the symbol brings shame to its usage today, even in the context that has nothing to do with politics.

    1. Also the skull cufflinks in the SS uniform. What is one to do today if one wants to wear little skull cufflinks? :(