Friday, June 15, 2012

Have some Fun this Summer

I'm going off on a short blog vacation and since my expat son and his family are returning to Montreal for a visit, for my wife and I, it will be a very satisfying staycation, spoiling rotten our very first grandchild.
Montreal weather for the next few days is sunny+ 30°, so it's a crime not to take advantage.

I know I promised a rebuttal piece on signage in downtown Montreal, but I've decided that it needs a lot more research and so I'll be pounding the downtown pavement over the next little while, preparing an exhaustive study which I believe will be more honest and instructive than that of the OQLF.

Whenever I go off for a bit of a blog vacation, I like to leave on a positive note, so don't expect any serious bitching and moaning today, rather the opposite.

I'll leave with a bunch of observations not necessarily good or bad, but typically Montreal, which is to say wacky and unbelievable...

How about those students going to court to try and overturn Law 78, which places restrictions on demonstrators and holds student unions financially responsible.
It reminds me of the old joke where a man who murders his parents asks the sentencing judge for clemency, considering that he is now an orphan!
Students and their associations have spit on the law, inflicting mayhem and disorder, treating the public to a sad demonstration of selfish self-indulgence.
They have displayed an utter disdain for the law, ignoring dozens of injunctions, but now are running to court to have the law come to their aid. How hypocritical!

The icing on the cake is that in part of their pleading to the court, they refer to their constitutional rights included in the Canadian constitution, a constitution that every one them would argue otherwise, doesn't not apply to Quebec because the province never signed on.  Ha!!

How sweet is it to see anarchists complaining that the police aren't playing fair, by 'socially profiling' them ahead of last weekend's Grand Prix.

It seems police subjected certain people to selective searches according to their dress, demeanor and whether they were wearing a red square, symbol of the student protest.

Despite the complaints, the police did mange to intercept a few people carrying weapons and assorted items to be potentially used in disturbing the Grand Prix. In fact nothing got through. Bravo. Link

Perpetual whiner and scoflaw himself, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the ex-leader of  the most militant student association, whined like a little girl at the unfairness of it all.
After all, if police don't play by the rules, how's an anarchist supposed to plan ahead? Read more 

Here's picture proof that the Montreal police were stretched to the limits last weekend. The cop in the picture on the right is gently directing a protester away. What's strange?
Check out the bars on his shoulders and the 'scrambled eggs' on the hat. I bet he hasn't been out on street patrol in ten years!

After being badly outplayed by protesters for the first few months, police have bounced back and retaken the offensive as best demonstrated by their interventions during Grand Prix week.
The arrest of Yalda Machouf-Khadir early in the morning sent a signal that its going to go rough for anarchists.

Police actually stopped a car in the middle of the highway to arrest a man they'd been looking for in relation to anarchist activities.
The car was taking the hapless dude to his sister's funeral.
Did the police care.. Nope, they probably had a good laugh about it.
As I said, it's getting rough.

Dany Villanueva
Ever since the incident where Dany's younger brother Fredy, died in a confrontation with police, Dany has been a target of police as payback for the trouble and embarrassment he and his family has put them through.
Dany is not exactly a mastermind or evil genius, just your average low-life criminal and not particularly bright.

His criminal career has finally got him a deportation order back to his native Honduras, thanks to a loophole wherein Dany never became a Canadian citizen. BIG MISTAKE!!

While he remains in Canada while his case is endlessly appealed, cops have a special place in their hearts for Dany and keep a sharp eye out for him.

The latest chapter in the Dany Villanueva saga is particularly amusing. 

Sharp-eyed cops saw Dany loitering with a group of fellow scumbags and rousted them as is their SOP (standard operating procedure.)
Dany gave a false name to police when asked to identify himself, apparently a crime, and so it led to a search which produced some cannabis. Read about his exploits
Poor Dany...
Did he really believe that there's a cop in the city that doesn't have his face imprinted on their brain?
I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't some sort of bounty paid to any cop arresting the unfortunate boob.
According to Dany's lawyer, a publicity hound named Stéphane Handfield, the arrest shouldn't affect his appeal because he had been told that an acquittal in another case wouldn't affect his deportation appeal either.
Does that make any sense? Probably...
Of course he was rushed before a judge for breaking bail conditions and was promptly released on $500 bail.
Does that make any sense? Probably not...

Paybacks a bitch
I was glad to see my friend Jacques Duchesneau deliver some well deserved payback, having been treated ever so shabbily by his employer (the government) and the media. Link

In testimony before the Charbonneau Commission he unloaded on Sam Hadad, the Transport Minister who he accused of being disinterested in his investigation as soon as Jacques informed him that it was moving in a political direction.
Duchesneau was fired, but not before leaking his report to to the Press!

Read my blog piece:  The Assassination of Jacques Duchesneau

No election soon
Contrary to what the newspapers have been telling you over and over again about a Spring and now Fall election, it isn't going to happen and I've told you why over and over again.
Jean Charest cannot hold his own riding, the polling numbers aren't there. He only won the riding by a narrow margin in both the last two elections and things have gone downhill from there.
With his popularity in the toilet, it would be personal suicide to call an election this year.
If his numbers don't improve, he'll probably resign in the spring to save himself the embarrassment of losing his own seat.
On the other hand, things may improve, you never know, this is Quebec.
At any rate you heard it here before and I'm repeating it now. No election this year....

Canada's worst teacher 
You got to laugh or cry at the abysmal judgment displayed by a high school teacher that showed the murder and dismemberment video on Lin Jun to his high school class.
How bad was his judgment?
It made the Drudge Report, where only the weirdest and wackiest stories make the grade.  Link
Whatever happened to firing idiots and thieves on the spot?
Of course, that can't happen with a government job, where unions rule the roost.
The teacher has been suspended WITH PAY, until a hearing determining what the final outcome of his case.
I repeat.....with pay!

I spoke too soon, the teacher has been fired.....LINK

Finally, some good economic news

Quebec received some good economic news with unemployment falling to 7.8%, the same rate as Ontario's. Link

The Quebec engineering firm, Genivar  is mounting a massive takeover of a rival, three times as big as itself with the backing of the Caisse de dépôt.
Finally something positive from the Caisse, investing in Quebec companies on the move.

Private jet company NetJets Inc. signed a deal Monday to buy up to 275 Bombardier Challenger business jets that could be worth up to US$7.3 billion. There are 100 firm orders and options on 175 more. Read more
See not all the news is bad! 


To all of you who enjoy snickering at Quebec, I'll leave with my favorite story of the week; 

I'm off until Monday, July 2 but will moderating comments all the while. Please continue to email me with story ideas. See you all soon!


  1. First!


    Small correction. The rank of the SPVM officer in the picture is not Captain. He is a Commander (Commandant). As such, there is no Captain rank in the SPVM.

    As you pointed out, the police force is stretched dangerously thin, is it not time to seek for relieve and reinforcement?

    1. I used the term 'captain' because that is the English equivalent,rank-wise.
      Commandant or Commander is really not used in English ever, unless you are in the navy.
      Every police force in North America uses the term captain which is exactly what a Commandant is in the SPVM.
      Po-tay-toe, Po-ta-ta

      Years ago when Jacques Duschesneau was top cop and we were colleagues and friends, I knew many police 'Commandants' who I always addressed as Captain.
      I think they liked the term better.

    2. Editor,

      Very well. I guess your acquaintances with SPVM top brass gives you insights no other civilians have. The logical thing for me to do then is to send e-mails to the media informing them to cease addressing Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere (the officer responsible for Luka Magnotta case) as such and instead address him as Cpt. Ian Lafreniere since the Commander rank is not really used ever. After all, your knowledge is surely better than that of the mainstream media.

      Also, I need to inform SPVM that they put wrong information on their site. Their Commander rank must be changed to Captain as you informed above.

    3. I'm not going to argue the point.
      Of course you are right.

      I just used a term 'captain' which is more familiar to anglophones.
      Like I said "po-ta-toe"/"pot-tat-ta" or six of one or half a dozen of another.

      A Commandant is Captain and yes, it is wrong for the English media to refer to 'Commandants' instead of 'Captains.'
      In this case my knowledge is superior to the mainstream media and I'm sorry if that makes me sound vain.
      It is a case of language creep, where terms from French, replace terms in English. It also happens the other way around.

      I have a family member who is a 'radiation oncologist' and is constantly referred to by English speakers as a radio-oncologist, the French term.
      It doesn't make it right.

      Make fun of me if you want, but my interpretation linguistically correct.

    4. Editor, Radio-Oncologist is by no means limited to the Province of Quebec where language creep is plausible. It's a fairly common contraction, even though the formal term remains "Radiation Oncologist".

    5. I hate to be pedantic but....
      'Radio-Oncologist' is not English...plain and simple

      The contraction 'Radio' exists in French and in many romance languages.

      I just asked my radiation oncologist family member again and he laughed at the term.
      In English, the shortened version is a 'Rad-onc.'

    6. Editor,

      'Radio-Oncologist' is not English...plain and simple

      I do hate to split hair, but a simple Google search of the term "radio oncology" gives me millions results in English. Are you saying then that all those sites are using the English term incorrectly?

      Most of those searches are translations from other languages, suffering from language creep.

      I'll give you a little experiment to do.

      Go to the website of any of these hospitals, which represent the best of the best in cancer treatment. In the search box on the hospital site, type the words 'Radio-oncologist'

      You will come up with nothing

      Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
      Princess Margaret Hospital
      Mayo Clinic
      Cedars Sinai
      Johns Hopkins Hospital
      Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

      As I said, it is language creep, not only from French but Spanish and German.

      Hard to believe, but radio-oncologist is not ENGLISH!

  2. "The icing on the cake is that in part of their pleading to the court, they refer to their constitutional rights included in the Canadian constitution, a constitution that every one them would argue otherwise, doesn't not apply to Quebec because the province never signed on. Ha!!"

    Your grammatical errors would suggest a certain agitation on your part. Perhaps you are still mulling over whether you should follow their example and apologize for using Nazi imagery previously in your blog to score a cheap point. What, Mr. Editor, is your problem?

    1. Are you still whinging?
      Why don't you apologize for insulting me on my own blog?
      At any rate, I don't even remember what you're talking about....

  3. Nazi imagery is thrown around loosely in Quebec as the student protesters can attest. Now that's a cheap shot, no?

    1. Indeed. Yet, the students had the honesty and courage to eventually apologize for this. Unlike a certain Mr. Editor.

    2. The chef of the student union apologized not the students..they acted like little ass holes and laugh about it . Hadn't any one said any thing they would use it every day..the jerks

    3. Please. How could anyone apologize for a group event unless he/she represents a group? How does that even make sense?

  4. Mr Editor:

    "At any rate, I don't remember what you are talking about..."?

    Maybe this will jog your failing memory:

    I re-read some of the comments your use of the Nazi cattle car photograph generated.

    Good grief.

    If you call me a whinger, you should call the CIJA and the historians at the Montreal Holocaust Museum whingers as well for criticizing the students' use of the raised arm Nazi salute.

    Honestly, your use of the cattle car photo was worse than what the students did.

    Agitation, memory loss, petulance. Enjoy your weekend with your new grandchild.

    On Monday, you should be calling for an appointment with a gerontologist.

    No shame in that.

  5. Note to adski if he reads this blog:

    My condolences.

    1. I assume you mean Euro 2012.

      No worries though. The key is not to have too high an expectation when it comes to these big tournaments.

    2. Hmmm. Euro 2012
      Longtime readers know my opinion of soccer. Boooooring!!!!

      This afternoon I was forced to watch a bit of the England/Ukraine game and within fifteen minutes saw a ball that clearly passed the goal line not counted as a goal.
      Is soccer in the 21st century or what?
      Two replay.

    3. adski,

      Indeed. Being a Polak and a football (that is how it is called in the rest of the world) follower, I believe you are rooting for the hosting team.


      Just by your statement I see that you did not see and enjoy the game and its excitement as a whole. That is because you saw the botched goal within 15 minutes of watching. That incident happened later in the second half. Well after one hour worth of playing.

    4. Yes, I meant rooting for my team takes low expectations, not the tournament as a whole. The tournament is excellent.

      Btw, you may be Hispanic so in your language Polak=Polish, but in English it's actually considered derogatory. No offense taken, just an FYI,

    5. adski,

      My apologies. Really, I am sorry. I thought that Polak meant a Polish person in Polish language. And my condolences is that being the co-host, Poland should go further than the bottom of the group. They did hold the Russians and the Greeks.

      BTW, I am not Hispanic. I am Asian.

    6. Troy, no worries. Polak does mean a Polish person in Polish, but it's also a pejorative word in American English, like Wop for Italians and Mick for the Irish. I have no idea how it came to be that way, but that's the case.

      And yes, we should have beat the Czechs. But whoever advanced from group A is likely to be beaten by a tram from group B. We'll see in the coming two days.

    7. Editor,

      I understand that you are not crazy about soccer. In fact, this is what you wrote two years ago during the World Cup.

      Soccer suffers from some very basic and fundamental flaws. First and foremost is its LACK OF SCORING. Last Friday's opening World Cup matches yielded a grand total of two goals between the two games - not very exciting.

      Because of that, how do you enjoy the NBA Finals so far? Heat beat Thunder 104-98 last night. Even as the Thunder lost, Russell Westbrook booked 43 points. Surely the high-scoring game is to your liking, is it not?

  6. Really quiet this weekend...

    This is a video of a 'legal' march through the neighborhood in the East End. This is the kind of march I like, much better than the student protest or the SSJB ones.

  7. The Editor writes:

    It made the Drudge Report, where only the weirdest and wackiest stories make the grade

    Actually, it is more fair to say that although the Drudge Report often includes links to the weirdest and wackiest stories that is only a small part of the stories they feature. The site has the kind of stories that are not featured or shown in the main stream media but are, at least according to Matt Drudge, of great importance.

    For example, he recently featured the launch of the book "The Amateur", a biography of Barack Obama that quickly went to #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list. This despite the fact that virtually no one in the main stream media had a story on it. The title of the book is a quote by Bill Clinton.

  8. The Drudge Report is is entertaining to read but never has anything positive to say about Democrats. It likes to play up stories that are absurd such as anything a birther says and the nonsensical bombast of Donald Trump. Never a word about Romney groveling for votes.

    1. I agree with your analysis, Jonah.

      But Matt Drudge makes no bones about his site being anything but a partisan affair. I once saw him interviewed on, I think,C-SPAN in which a caller to the show lambasted Drudge for only publishing articles in favour of the state of Israel. Drudge's response: "if you don't like it, start your own website".

      I don't think he feels it is his place to show balance by putting in stories in about Democrats; indeed, I think he feels that the Main Stream Media is so biased in favour of the Democrats and Obama (a sentiment I totally agree with) that by skewering his choice of articles to the Republicans that it is he that is providing balance.

  9. it is one thing to be partisan, it is another thing to disregard any sound idea in the interests of partisanship or to twist anything no matter how minor into a cataclysmic event.

  10. Editor,

    I know that you discussed this issue here, but I want to bring it up on this recent thread so that it can be discussed fresh.

    You wrote:

    In the thirty-five years since the introduction of Bill 101, the OQLF has bound over in the neighborhood of 2,000 files for prosecution in relation to recalcitrant violators of the language law.
    NOT ONE of these prosecutions has ever been undertaken in relation to a company using an English trademark without a French modifier appended to its trade name.
    In thirty-five years, no company, to my knowledge, has ever received a 'mise en demure' (demand letter) from the OQLF demanding that it add a descriptor to its trademark.

    Apparently it is not the case anymore. According to Le Devoir, the OQLF did send companies asking them to add French generic modifier to the name of their businesses.

    À la suite de leur réunion du mois de mai dernier, les membres de l’OQLF ont décidé d’exiger formellement de certaines entreprises qui utilisent dans leur affichage seulement une marque de commerce en anglais, à l’instar de Home Depot, Canadian Tire ou Starbucks Coffee, qu’elles y ajoutent un nom générique, comme quincailleries, magasins ou cafés. Quelques dizaines d’entreprises ont reçu une lettre qui leur demande de corriger la situation d’ici le 20 juin (aujourd’hui) ou de prendre des engagements avec l’OQLF, a indiqué hier le porte-parole de l’organisme, Martin Bergeron. Si les entreprises fautives n’obtempèrent pas, elles s’exposent à perdre leur certificat de francisation et à écoper d’amendes. Pour l’OQLF, il ne s’agit que d’un début ; plusieurs autres entreprises devraient recevoir un avis leur enjoignant de changer le nom de leur commerce.

    1. Erratum. I should have written:

      ...the OQLF did send letters to companies asking...

    2. Enfin,ça commence à bouger...

    3. "Or, la résistance s'organise en coulisses et un recours légal est envisagé. Le Conseil canadien du commerce de détail (CCCD) a obtenu un avis juridique favorable à l'affichage des marques de commerce en anglais seulement."

      It'll be interesting to see the result.

      "Du reste, l'OQLF «a toute la latitude requise pour aller de l'avant», même si cela implique une nouvelle bataille devant les tribunaux, a-t-elle fait comprendre."

      So how much is that going to cost us? I understand that there's a lot of useless people working for the OQLF that need to justify their salaries, but I'd like some numbers. It would be interesting to look at how much the OQLF is going to spend on this witch hunt and compare it to the increase in tuition fees. Perhaps we'll be able to find a better way to finance our universities.

    4. "So how much is that going to cost us?"

      Beaucoup moins cher que si on se laisse envahir.

    5. Troy, sending letters of "formal demand" is not charging someone with an infraction and commencing a lawsuit. Sending a letter (like holding endless press conferences) only shows that they do NOT have a case. Otherwise, lawyers and not Post Canada would be involved.

      What is a "formal demand" anyways? You either have a case and go to court, or you don't have a case and save money on postage.

    6. adski,

      I do not know the wording of the letters, of course. But please remember that OQLF is a government body with "punishing authority". Sorry, I do not know the correct legal term. What I mean is OQLF has the authority to determine whether an infraction occurs, and to act upon it, including to render punishment in the form of fines. Therefore, the formal demand by the OQLF is not something to laugh about.

      Point is, it is suppose to be a very serious matter for OQLF to do that, considering the powers vested on them. Should they do that only for making political point without valid legal justification, it is a serious abuse of power and the Office itself needs to be penalized.

    7. The OQLF has punishing authority as much as the police does - in the end it is bounded by the law. When a ticket is issued by the police, it can always be contested, something I've never done, but people I know who did had a high rate of success in getting the "infractions" overturned. Just like regular cops, the language cops target smaller fish hoping for conformity. They avoid bigger targets knowing that it'll be harder to get conformity.

      Knowing full well that big enterprise can easily lawyer up, the OQLF is afraid to go to court. It's as simple as that. They simply don't have a case. Going to trial would be lose-lose for them. Losing the case (almost a certainty) would expose the OQLF as a weakling. Winning the case would be even more interesting (I'm actually hoping for it) - it would bring international attention to the practices in this province, as cases would be contested in international courts.

    8. Another piece of information.

      OQLF actually threatens non-compliant companies that it may revoke their francization certificates. I believe that the certificate is required for business with employees over 50 people, but OQLF can also issue waivers (e.g. Bombardier).

    9. The Racist Office de la langue Francais has NO LEGAL AUTHORITY to require french modifiers!! There is NO requirement in the Trademarks Act or BILL 101 that a modifier be used if the tradename is a English! This is BULLSHIT!!! THEY ARE TRYING TO PULL A FAST ONE ON THE ENGLISH ONCE AGAIN. F*CK THEM!

      I tried to register a company in Quebec and to avoid the Language laws you can make up a word under the law (because then they can't come back at you and say you have an english name because it doesn't exist in any language) i.e. Evenco. Surpise Surpise, I get an automatic rejection from the Corporations Quebec saying my name in not in French. No shit! It's not even a word dumbasses! So I automatically lose my 300$ application fee. Good thing I'm a lawyer, so I call them up to complain and then they are like, well you have to get approval by the Racist Office de la langue Francais that it is acceptable. You idiots, pick up a dictionary and look it up! You will not find it in there!!

      SOOOO i have to call up the Racist Office de la langue Francais and they said I had to meet some "Compliance Officer". So I said listen, here is the law (i brought a copy) and this is my name Evenco. It is made up! I had to then justify to her how I made it up. Finally she says ok, I can give you approval BUT you have to use a French modifier like "les ordinateurs Evenco". I said what!! Where does the law says that I have to use a modifier??? She says, its a policy! POLICY DOES NOT EQUAL LAW. THE Racist Office de la langue Francais is gouverned by the LAW AND REGULATIONS AND NOT BY WHAT YOU DECIDE TO MAKE UP. They can make up all the policies they want but until it goes to court, they can basically do what they what. BULL POOO! I knew these arseholes would give me a hard time so I sais oh ya sure! Ill put a modifier. BUT I went back to Corporations Quebec and said it was approved but did not put a modifier! So had to reapply (another 300$) and wait for a refund, which by the way took 3 months to get back, and waste all this time and money to travel to the Racist Office de la langue Francais headquarters.

      Do you see how the Racist Office de la langue Francais is trying to slowly erode anglos rights? So eventually we lose our rights one step at a time. Next step they would do is say, oh look everyone is already using modifiers, lets legislate that. Then after that they say, NO ENGLISH WORDS AT ALL!!!

      They are another reason Quebec SUCKS economically!!! They stiffle ENGLISH ENTREPREUNEURS. If I did not know the law, I would have to spend probably 900 bucks for a lawyer to get my name I have a right to!! In addition to all the other application fees and the name research fees I did before hand.

      FU Racist Office de la langue Francais. You are going to make my life and the anglos of montreal lives tough, I'm going to kindly reciprocate!!!


      Très bonne idée.

    11. OQLFThursday, June 21, 2012 10:22:00 AM EDT


      Très bonne idée."

      Aren't you embarrassed you understand English? hehe

    12. Troy: "OQLF actually threatens non-compliant companies that it may revoke their francization certificates."

      What is it but another extrajudicial attempt at bullying? Press conferences, formal letters, retractions of "francization certificates"...What's next?

      My question is: why not go to court? If you're a pseudo-law enforcement institution, it doesn't project well on you if you avoid trial and plead your case publicly instead of in the courtroom. Imagine the FBI fighting the NY mafia by endless press conferences cirtical of the mafia, formal letters of complaint sent to the dons in New Jersey asking them to conform to the law, and retractions of a "good citizen" certificates issued previously...FBI as an institution would be laughed out of the room. Therefore, the FBI collects evidence quietly and when it does have enough it goes to the DA. When it doesn't have enough, it keeps its mouth shut.

      With every non-court attempt to get the businesses to conform to their spurious and impulsive demands, the OQLF loses its legitimacy and looks more and more like the ministry of silly walks.

  11. Yet another STM employee who believes his job involves teaching people what language to speak rather than serving the public respectfully...

    Montreal Impact player files racism complaint after metro dustup

    1. It will be interesting to see if the French language fanatics on this blog have anything to say about the incident described in the link. Come on, let's hear from you as the absurdity ditch gets dug deeper and deeper.

    2. J'aurais fait exactement la même chose.

    3. Well, several years ago that happened that a woman STM bus driver refused entry to a Pakistani exchange student after he asked question in English. Agitated, she ended up throwing all the passengers out altogether.

      STM always uses the excuse that under Bill 101 it does not have the obligation to serve the customers in English. While it may be true, I think there is no excuses whatsoever for rude and discriminatory behavior. Those employees involved could have easily said, "No anglais. Francais seulement. Desole." But refusing to provide service, that is malicious.

    4. I have nothing against a private company using whatever language they want, you can always go spend your money elsewhere if you're unhappy with the service.
      In this case however, that doesn't apply, as the STM is essentially a monopoly.

      What if the passenger in this story was a tourist, from outside the country? Would we expect them to be fluent in french also before using our public transportation system? How would that make us look? Are you separatists/language extremists also against tourists visiting our province and spending their money here?

      Just like Troy said, refusing to serve someone in their language because you can't speak it is one thing, refusing just because you're an a**hole is quite different. That's not protecting our language and culture, that's racism, plain and simple.

    5. Tree Stump,

      What if the passenger in this story was a tourist, from outside the country? Would we expect them to be fluent in french also before using our public transportation system? How would that make us look? Are you separatists/language extremists also against tourists visiting our province and spending their money here?

      Yes, they are. I know that this example is rather weak. I read somewhere that now I can not find, that a tourist promotion office in one of the city / region was censured by the separatist group for publishing their guide in English.

    6. "While it may be true, I think there is no excuses whatsoever for rude and discriminatory behavior"

      As I said, the biggest problem with 101 is how it affects social norms and perceptions. For example, harassing immigrant-owned businesses becomes a normality - after all, all we want is "respect for the law".

      The "spirit" of 101 is currently a much bigger problem that the actual letter of it.

    7. Enough. I'm going to start my own experiment in Montreal in English only.

    8. Speaking Spanish and English, 20-yr-old Montano already speaks twice as many languages (and probably earns ten times as much) as a unilingual francophone, unionized, metro booth attendant/robot.

      I’ve lived in many countries on several continents and never have I encountered this type of “language attitude” by public transportation employees anywhere in the world. On the contrary, if there’s no common language, they invariably go out of their way with body language to be helpful and accommodating. Only in poor old Quebec with its perpetual insecurity have I ever heard of such intolerance. What a disgrace. There is even an Anonymous here on this blog who dares to defend such reprehensible behaviour! (PS: Get real, no one uses Berlitz books to travel, you dingleberry… although you should give it a try sometime.) Not only is this on the news all across Canada but it is also on the Major League Soccer website now. Another black eye for my hometown and home province, sadly. I know Anonymous is so “nombriliste” that he doesn’t care but as for the rest of us:

      Montano’s original tweets (in Spanish) here.

      Major League Soccer article here.

      Metro News article here. (As per CRARR, visible minorities are often treated dismissively by transit workers in Montreal.)

      Compare the plethora of comments at the Globe & Mail
      with the dearth of such (in fact, none at the moment) at Le Devoir.

      Thanks for embarrassing us once again, insecure language extremists!

    9. The Cat,

      Your link to the Globe does not work.

    10. Le félidé est fébrile ?

    11. L'autre jour j'ai aperçu chat qui déambulait sur l'autoroute 401 vers l'Ouest et je me suis écrié: Quel bon chat!

    12. Vous etes vraiment malade. Les gens comme The Cat sont vos alliers contre les M. Sauga de ce monde, et vous préférez leur cracher dessus parce qu'ils sont moins extremistes que vous.

    13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    14. "Je suis Montréalais depuis maintes générations"

      Vous êtes un très vieux Montréalais.

    15. One thing I like about the incident is the separatist groups can not demand that the Impact recruits mostly francophone or Quebecer players, like they did with the Canadiens. Why? Simply because the resources are not there. Nobody can say, "à talent égal, des Québécois" here, simply because it is a tall order to find enough French-Quebecers who are good enough to play high level of soccer.

  12. Au Québec,c'est en français,point à la ligne.Bonne occasion pour les touristes d'utiliser leur petit livre de traductions...Comme partout ailleurs.

    1. Peut-être, mais à Montréal c'est bilingue. Habituez-vous à la réalité.

    2. "Partout ailleurs", on peut voyager en anglais. C'est la langue commune du monde.

      Croyez vous qu'ils vous refusent un billet d'autobus à Madrid car "no hables espanol?"

    3. "Peut-être, mais à Montréal c'est bilingue. Habituez-vous à la réalité."

      Nous travaillons présentement sur ce dossier.

    4. Travailler sur la réalité? Non mais tu es complètement malade. N'as-tu aucune honte?

    5. Aidez nous à conserver le visage français de notre ville.

    6. Hey Racist OQLF, you guys should be working on teaching the French how to have sex because when it comes down to it, Non-French are having more babies than French and guess what these new babies will speak? NOT FRENCH! Get used to DEMOGRAPHIC REALITY!! The french don't even get married any more hahaha they can't handle the responsibility. You wage a war of attrition on the Montreal Anglos and we are waging a war of attrition on your racist ways!! Can't you see you are rocking the boat now? Go back to France and whine about their english signs there!!

    7. "NOT FRENCH! Get used to DEMOGRAPHIC REALITY!! The french don't even get married any more hahaha they can't handle the responsibility."

      Une mentalité des pays pauvres.

    8. Une mentalité des pays pauvres.

      Perhaps, but at least they won't be on the edge of instinction in the near future...

  13. A former Montrealer who has a Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Rochester, is a former faculty member at the private, Ivy-League Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, who is currently an adjunct professor in Linguistics and Psychology at the University of Calgary and a blogger on the Language Log at the University of Pennsylvania weighs in on the “Bonjour/Hi” courtesy one sometimes encounters in Montreal and which is currently being vilified by the OQLF:

    Much ado about Montreal greetings

    1. It's an amazing read. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Thanks for your reply. Incidentally, I absolutely love federal parks so referring to the article, the disgruntled francophone who wrote to Le Devoir to complain about his travels to Nova Scotia must have gone either to Kejimkujik or (more likely) Cape Breton National Parks. Having been to both, I don’t recall any language controversies at either. However, I do recall tempting fate while entering Banff National Park in Alberta with a “Bonjour!” and being served in French… so delightful!

    3. I'm used to travelling quite a bit. Most airports I visit offer the "hello/bonjour" without actually offering french service. I usually just use english to make everyone's life easier, well aware that by that act I am artificially undermining the demand for French services in federal institutions. I believe (and have witnessed) most francophones do the same.

      I'm rather conflicted about it myself.

      I found the same about Alberta's parks, by the way. :) Of course it was weird since I was there with my unilingual French mother and my unilingual English girlfriend so the park employees were really confused as to which language to adress us in, as I'd need to translate either way. ;)

  14. "Enough. I'm going to start my own experiment in Montreal in English only."

    Attendez-vous à faire demi-tour subito presto si vous entrez dans mon commerce.

  15. "C'est la langue commune du monde."

    Pas chez nous,désolé!

    1. Quelle petitesse d'esprit. Vous voulez vraiment cracher sur des touristes car ils n'ont pas appris la langue locale avant de venir visiter?

      Quand vous allez dans un resort à Cuba, apprenez vous l'espagnol? Voyons donc...

  16. "Vous voulez vraiment cracher sur des touristes"

    Si Montréal n'était pas française,il n'y aurait pas de touristes.

    1. Vite! On a besoin de sels! Il y a un patient qui délire!

    2. Effectivement. Les gens vont également a Barcelone car elle est espagnole, mais sans vouloir se faire insulter car no hables espanol.

    3. Yannick,

      In Barcelona, in the context of Quebec vs Canada, French vs English, maybe the better example is "No parlem català."

    4. "Vous voulez vraiment cracher sur des touristes"

      "Si Montréal n'était pas française,il n'y aurait pas de touristes."

      More bullshit from our resident Franco-Fascist retard.
      Montreal had plenty of tourists before Bill 101 was passed and the face of the city was bilingual.

    5. It was even a contender who competed with major cities like New York, london, Paris.

  17. Anglos,préparez vos chèquiers...KacchhhLinggg!

  18. Hello Quebec, you've done it again. Congratulations! Referendum anyone?

  19. Referendum anyone?

    Sans aucune hésitation!

    1. Nobody wants a referendum OQLF.


      It's a waste of money and no one will vote Yes.


      Because Quebec is filled with more intelligent English and French Canadians.

      Your time is up. It was up 20 years ago. There has been a second quiet revolution. Smart Quebec knows it is better off not being a racist culture, but rather an economic, prosperous one and unified one with Canada.

  20. Because Quebec is filled with more intelligent English...

    Impossible,ils ont tous quitté en 77

  21. Yup, they sure did leave, and now are coming back to buy up real estate and businesses with all the money they made in Ontario

  22. "...and now are coming back..."


    1. to threaten the existence your endangered specie currently put on a line

    2. We come back because we love quebec, we were born and raised here, our roots and traditions are here and now that everyone speaks english again and the terrorist FLQ are all dead we can live ours lives again.

    3. I grew up in, work in Senneville; live downtown, and I have seen first-hand huge influxes of Ontarians coming back to Montreal. Want to know why? Because your precious separatist sentiments are dying in the general population. The only people still supporting the movement are mostly on their death beds at this point. The general Quebec populations couldn't care less about the PQ and wont vote them in in next election. We haven't done it for 13, going on 14 years, and we won't do it any time soon. Separatism is dying, and the sense of Canadian identity just keeps on getting stronger.