Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Threaded Comments...Enfin!

Threaded comments.....Yes, readers, it was as big a surprise to me, as to you!
Blogger finally sprung a useful update.
Friends,  I think it's a great improvement.

Tomorrow, F versus E #43....don't miss it, it's a good'un...


  1. Threaded comments! Yeah!
    It was a pain sometimes scrolling back and forth to reply to messages.

    1. Haïti chérie dit:''I want the City of Ottawa to hire a competent, professional police chief and I do not care if he can't speak French. His job is to communicate with his team; the public communication requirements are met by his spokespersons. If there are so many French speaking police officers who must report to the chief and are unable to understand him or her, then they should find another job or just take English language training (not at public expense).

      If the French language is under threat, it is merely because in the 21st century, it is irrelevant as the language of diplomacy. And, I dare say, since it is still thriving in a Canada that started with a small number of French-speaking residents, I can't see what threat it faces in Canada.

      Time to stop this drive to make Canada a French "nation" - one step at a time! '' Extract from the wonderful litterature The Ottawa Sun blog !

      Quel grande ouverture d'esprit !

    2. Anonymous,vous n'êtes pas sur le bon fil de discussion :D