Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Housekeeping- Trolls

As regular readers might have noticed, I've unfortunately had to crack down on one-line insults that bring nothing to this blog

It serves no purpose to go through 200 comments where 50-75 are pure trash, with no redeeming value. I'd rather have 10-15 well thought out contributions, than 200 idiotic and insulting posts.

By the way, I have the ability to delete comments without leaving a trace, but as of now will continue to show readers where and which comments are blocked.

I do not moderate comments on an hourly basis so it's possible something obnoxious is up for a while, try not to respond, I'll take it down ASAP.
If you see something that should be taken down, let me know, but do not quote the offensive material, just provide the date and time. There's no use propagating trash by repeating it.

As for Trolls, I will not take down your comment just because they are meant to incite, as long as they don't violate decency standards. Please try to be witty, if you are trying to provoke.

What is offensive?
You're all literate and can pretty much can guess what will be taken down or not.

English or French, federalist or sovereigntist, the rules are the same and everyone will be treated respectfully and equally, but please don't test my patience with trash talk.

I repeat that I will not suppress contradictory views to mine or those of most readers, healthy discourse is an integral part of this community, but to those tho just want to disrupt our conversations with banal insults, please go away.

Here is something important;
You can always delete your own comment by clicking on delete. Obviously, you can't delete other people's comments.

If you change your mind about what you've written either because you were tired, drunk or made some embarrassing typos, here what you should do;
Delete the original post and write a new one.
In your new post use the word REWRITE on a separate line, at the beginning or the end of the post and I'll completely remove any trace of the original.

Finally, you might notice that the time stamp on your comment is three hours early and unfortunately, I can't do anything about it as it is a BLOGGER problem that they are supposedly working on (although I cannot fathom how they haven't corrected this so far.)

Thank yo for your support and your contributions.

This January has been our busiest month ever with almost 50,000 page views and 12,000 different visitors.

Most of the success of NDOA lies in reader contributions and I pledge to police the comment section more assiduously, making for a better read and a better debate.

Best  regards....


  1. Bravo, Editor! There is too much trash posted, and if it gets laborious to read, I give up, and for the better contributors, that's not fair. I do hope you'll keep it up. I was in a testy mood a week or two ago and I almost wrote a vulger term that I think you would have culled. Actually, I did write it but modified before posting; besides, it wouldn't have reflected well on me.

    1. Dito to this, I commend you Editor.

      It'll undoubtedly make for healthier debates.

    2. Good idea. I don't mind reading opposing views as long as they are intelligent and well thought out and presented in a respectful manner. Too many Trolling remarks, I lose interest and don't read the rest of the comments....I just don't have that much extra time on my hands. Your blog is an eyeopener and tbh, being far removed from the turmoil in Quebec, is a good way to keep in touch with what is going on in the rest of the country. Thank you for the open forum you provide!