Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shafias- Please Rot in HELL!!!!!

Sorry for my rage, but I want to give readers an opportunity to publicly describe their feelings towards a family trio that represents all the evil traits that we do not want in Canada.

I was a bit worried that the jury wouldn't believe that these fanatics could actually murder their children and/or siblings because it is an act, practicably incomprehensible to Canadians.


I don't know if this is fair to say, but I hope they get a rough ride in prison.

I prepared this, just in case they were acquitted.

Readers, I cannot describe my hatred,  rage and contempt.... Can you?

How can we keep these fanatics out of our country?


  1. I am pleased with the verdict and proud of the way all the Kingstonians involved handled themselves (I live in Kingston, ON). Personally, I think each one of these monsters should have gotten 25 years per victim, making it 100 years behind bars, so they'd never be released and just rot in jail. Let's hope this sets an example for others thinking about such a heinous act. Not in this beautiful country of ours! I was afraid that this trio would get away with this crime, but thankfully, the jurors saw right through their stupid defense. At the end of the day, no amount of justice can bring back the victims, though. May they all rest in peace.

  2. Glad they were found guilty of first-degree murder and nothing less.

    At least with a 25 year fixed sentence, for the father, it really is a life sentence. When eligible for parole at 83 years, he'll be an old man at or near the end of his life. The mother will be a senior citizen at 67 years old, and the son well into middle age at 46 years old. They may even be locked up longer than that.

    1. 83, 67 and 46? NO! NO! NO! These are NOT human beings, they're rabid, barbaric animals! All of them, and they should be caged like animals until their dying days! This "honor" killing bullshit has zero place on this continent, let alone this country!

      The fact it's tolerated in ANY country on this planet is far beyond reprehensible! This is something out of the Dark Ages and the fact it goes unpunished anywhere is beyond reprehensible. This is one of a very few times I think the death penalty should be brought back, but then again, taking away their freedoms will allow them to pay the price and suffer the consequences for what they did, and hopefully for the rest of their lives, not just 25 years. Anything less than a life sentance is simply not long enough!

    2. Well for brutally snuffing out not one, but FOUR young lives, I completely agree they don't deserve to ever enjoy even one minute of freedom between now and the rest of their lives. Hopefully common sense will prevail and they'll never be paroled. Not ever.

      Forced to live out the remainder of your existence rotting in prison can be a fate worse than death. reminds of the Twilight Zone episode "Escape Clause" (just recently saw it coincidentally; it's about a man granted immortality, but in a twist of fate, has to spend life in prison).

  3. Yes a more canadian cultural trait would be giving women an excuse to murder their husbands and or boyfriends in their sleep and then claiming it was due to being afraid of abuse. Its called battered womens' syndrome defense.

    I love the double standards in this country.

  4. There was no way they would have got a fair trial in kingston. Remember media demonization when you compare it to the quebec media and their anti anglo slant. I am not saying they weren't guilty. On the other hand they were going to be blamed from honour killing from the start. No matter how they defended themselves. They would have been guilty by association of their afghan roots.

    Just as fair as a black or native defendent...

  5. And in another news a Quebec physician will be a free man soon after being in the system for a bit more than two years after killing his own two children.

    Where is the rage? Deux poids deux mesures?

  6. Fair trial? Fair trial? Now that's a lark.

  7. Editor: "practicably incomprehensible to Canadians"

    Yes. Canadians, like their western English-speaking counterparts (Americans, Brits, with the French occasionally helping out) do not understand such close range carnage. They prefer to do it without getting their hands dirty, by lobbing long range missiles or raining white phosphorous on people's heads. Or occasionally dropping an atomic bomb that evaporates thousands of people in a second. But that's all right. Because it's all done in good faith, right?

    You know where we are advanced over them? Not in values, customs, culture, and morality. We are advanced over them only in PR. When they commit crimes, you see some bearded hobo screaming into the camera about his God or what not. When we commit crimes, you see some well groomed douchebag in a perfectly tailored suit, speaking to us in perfect English. Public relations. We market our crimes better than they do. But that's about it. So let's not get on that high horse just yet.

  8. When you ask people to rage, you create homegrown fanatics.

    I assure you that I have no sympathy whatsoever for these people's worldview or their actions.

    I also have no sympathy for outrage porn. Pumping yourself up with indignation may feel good, but it does not lead to a mindset that will actually any save anybody in the future. Neither does inciting others.

    If you care about those victims, or about victims to come, you can best show it by thinking about how to prevent future atrocities. That requires ice cold reason. Find the discipline to apply such reason. Rage is the weapon of your opponents.

    If you must feel an emotion, feel grief.

  9. Lorsque l'on regarde ce qui se passe en Europe, on peut juste réaliser que le problème s'en vient ici. Tout ça découle de l'islam, qui est la religion mais aussi la culture et la loi des gens venant du Moyen-Orient. En Europe le problème devient si grand qu'il y a même des Sharia Zones à Londres et plus de mosquées dans le sud de la France que d'églises! Les études disent que dans 40 ans, si nous ne faisons rien, la France sera un état islamique... À faire frémir n'importe quel occidentaux.

    Malheureusement, la plupart des Canadiens ne voient pas la menace qui s'en vient. Heureusement, notre premier ministre Stephen Harper le sait et l'a même dit en entrevue (facilement trouvable sur YouTube). Heureusement aussi, plusieurs groupes commencent à se former autant au Canada qu'aux États-Unis pour éduquer les gens. Act for America, Act for Canada, SIOA (Stop Islamisation of America), SIOC (Stop Islamisation of Canada)...

    Plus près de nous, il y a des sites québécois francophones qui sont très instructifs tel que:

    En anglais, Sun News avec The Arena - Michael Coren parle très souvent de ce problème. Tellement que Coren reçoit régulièrement des menaces de mort!!

    Il y a des sites anglophones aussi comme qui en parle souvent.

    Il faut s'informer car ce problème ne fait que commencer, malheureusement.

  10. We should be restricting the number of Muslims immigrating to Canada. If even one out of 10,000 has terrorist proclivities, that is one too many.

    That said, Michael Coren is a far right wing crackpot.

    1. Racist immigration policies will not fix anything. Media fueled hype and fear are not the best ways to construct policy. 99% of murders carried out here are done by non- Muslims, ergo we should ban Muslims from immigrating here? This was a case of a sick Bastard that killed his own daughters. A criminal act of murder for which he will suffer the rest of his worthless life.

    I wish to correct a misapprehension about the sentences the Shafia's received. THEY GOT LIFE.
    There is no reason to believe that they will be paroled when they become eligible in 25 years.

    Like Charles Manson who has been up for parole many ain't going to happen.

    Perhaps the son...but the older Shafirs will die in prison.

  12. Adski, are you suggesting that bombing a country for oil or leading a "war on terror" is the equivalent to a father murdering his own children and wife because his daughter had the audacity to have a boyfriend?

    1. Marco, I was speaking about the moral posturing that usually accompanies these contemptible acts. The "we are purer and holier than them" rhetoric, especially when it's coming from members of the most murderous and kitschy culture in the history of the world - the western "culture". Note that the crime committed by the doctor mentioned by Troy did not lead to the condemnation of the entire western "civilization" but was put down to some mental defect. But when someone that doesn't look like us does it, it immediately gets extrapolated to values and morals.

      Does Islam pose a problem? Yes and no. It does get a bad rap for more than it should, but we do have to make sure that the radical elements of this religion (like the sharia laws) do not become commonplace in our society, and any attempts to impose them should be nipped in the bud. I also think that some rituals should be banned outright, like Islamic circumcisions of teenage boys (circumcisions of infants practiced by the Jews should be banned as well). But I do not think that honor killings are driven by religion as much as they are by mental instability with a significant contribution of the macho culture, which is not solely limited to the Arabs.

  13. Ha la loi du retour!!! Ces trois la ont creer la terreur ben qui seche en prison et en esperant que certains prisonnier leur fassent vivrent toutes la souffrances qu'ils ont fait a leurs filles et la premiere femme. Ils ne sont que des sales Menteur et menteuse de la pire espece... trou de bitch.... psychopathe....