Monday, January 16, 2012

Fans Lose Faith in the Habs

A lot of players have turned their backs on the Canadiens.
The latest sad turn of events surrounding the trading of Michael Cammallerie in the middle of a game was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back, with Canadiens fans collectively throwing in the towel on the season and giving up on the team they so dearly love.

When Cammallerie called the team a bunch of 'losers' or as they say in French, 'loosers,' it set the stage for another desperate move by management dealing him off to Calgary without even bothering to poll other general mangers for a possible better offer.
It was a sad confirmation that the noble Canadiens organization had gone off the rails.

When my son, as loyal and dedicated supporter as can be, gives up on the team, it tells me that the Habs have lost the respect of its most loyal fans, a group that would forgive practically anything (even an English coach,) but not losing like this and not a sad sack management team that acts like a bunch of bumbling clowns.

I have never in my life seen fans so down on the Habs as now. It's shocking.

Talk shows, newspapers and coffee cooler conversations are largely in agreement that the Habs are toast and that it's time to blow up the team and look for a lottery pick.

Over the years decades, hockey and the Canadiens have given me more pleasure and enjoyment than I can describe, so I don't want to pile on and be negative, there's plenty of that going around.

I choose today to relive my top Montreal Canadiens memories;

10. Earliest Memories
Going to the old Montreal Forum on Sunday afternoon to watch the Junior Canadiens play. 50¢ got you into the door and bought a standing room place behind the barrier on an aisle that separated the arena midway up the stands. I must have been 13 or 14 years old. It was a pretty good view. I watched the likes of future Habs stars like Yvan Cournoyer, Serge Savard, Jacques Laperrière, Guy Lapointe, Jacques Lemaire start their careers. The 1969 team was perhaps the greatest junior team ever assembled, with at least a dozen future NHLers.

09. My first slap shot.  
They say that Bernie 'Boom Boom' Geoffrion was the inventor of the slap shot, but the first time I saw one live at a game, was in 1964 (I think) in a match between the Habs and the Chicago Black Hawks. Stepping over the blue line, the legendary Bobby Hull 'The Golden Jet' unloaded a cannon that whizzed by the seemingly stunned Lorne 'Gumper' Worsley.
By the way, how come players in those days all had great nicknames?

08. Best game watched on TV.  
In a 1993 playoff game against the L.A Kings, the Canadiens were already down in the series 2-0 and about to lose again when coach Jacques Demers asks the referee to measure Marty McSorley's hockey stick for an illegal curve. On the ensuing powerplay Eric Desjardins scored to tie it up and then scored in overtime to turn the series around.
I remember this game like it was yesterday because I was forced to watch on a tiny twelve television in a motel room in Chicoutimi, all by lonesome.
By the way, is that the recently retired Kerry Fraser doing the measuring?

7. Best playoff run 1993
The recording-breaking ten overtime wins on the road to the Stanley cup was easily the best playoff run ever.

6. My Uncles first Hockey Game
My uncle had come over from the old country for a visit and hearing that I had season tickets asked to attend a hockey game. His closest experience to hockey was soccer, which he knew pretty well and so he had a pretty easy time understanding the game on the ice, even the offsides.
What he didn't understand was the hoopla at the end of the game and why the fans weren't leaving, considering that the Canadiens had lost the game.
You see, I explained him, they were about to award the Calgary Flames the Stanley Cup.....

5. Best comeback
The 2008 Rangers game where the Canadiens overcame a 5-0 lead. Watch highlights on YouTube

Ken Dryden's legendary pose
4. All time Favorites players
Most gentlemanly player - Jean Beliveau, plus he was my favorite captain.
Best fighting matchup - John Fergusan versus Toronto's Eddie Shack
Best nickname- Yvan Cournoyer -"The Roadrunner'
Most exciting  player- Guy Lafleur
Favorite goalie- Gump Worsley (style wise- the Tim Thomas of his day)
Favorite tough guy- Chris 'Knuckles' Nilan- Worst enforcer- Georges Laraque.
Favorite coach- Scotty Bowman
Best play-by-play broadcast team- Danny Gallivan and Dick Irvin.   Worst-Bob Cole plus anyone
Best French announcer- René Lecavalier
Best Brother team- Frank and Pete Mahovolich (I was too young to recall the 'Rocket' Richard, but I do remember his younger brother, Henri, the 'Pocket Rocket')
Favorite quirks -Serge Savard's 'Spinerama' move. J.C Tremblay's lobs from center ice that bounced three feet in front of the goalie, scaring the crap out of them and actually scoring a couple of times.

03 Biggest disappointment
The 1967 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs in the Stanley Cup final. The Canadiens were a better team and favored (at least in Montreal.)

03. Best Hockey food
The everlasting Forum hotdog (even in the Bell Centre), perfectly cooked with a grilled bun, with a slap of mustard.
Cheap & simple perfection. Still love it.

02. Most drama
Patrick Roy telling general manger Ronald Cory that he'd played his last game in Montreal  after being pulled by Mario Tremblay after a humiliating performance,

01.Greatest Habs memory
This is a no-brainer. It was the seventh game semi-final against the Bruins in the old Forum in 1979 overtime. Trailing by two goals in the third period, the Canadians mounted a comeback and when the Bruins took a too-many men penalty, Don Cherry jumped up on the bench and mocked the crowd, intimating that it is they that influenced the referee. That sequence is memorialized each week on Coach's Corner.
After Lafleur sent the game into overtime, late in the game with a blistering slapshot from just inside the blue line, Yvan Lambert scored the winner in overtime, eliminating the Bruins.  It was the most dramatic game I ever witnessed.
I met Lambert twenty years later and kidded him that he had kicked the puck in the net. (I swear he did, I had a pretty good view) and he got furious at the accusation. I met him again last year in the old-timers VIP lounge in the Bell Centre when I was talking with Jean Perron and he interrupted our conversation to remind me once again that he didn't kick the puck in the net. Ha, I guess he's still sensitive about it!

Well I feel better just thinking about all those Habs memories and I bet you've got some fond memories of your own as well.
Let's hear it in the comment section, What is your GREATEST Habs memory!

At any rate, having the Habs perform so poorly this year really sucks.
Its a bit depressing in the frigid dog days of January, looking on at even less hospitable February, where all we sports fans want nothing more than to hunker down in front of the TV set in anticipation of another Habs win (0r at least a competitive game) with hockey players who we can be proud to cheer for.

Alas it is not to be....

Maybe next year......

By the way, if I'm wrong on some facts or figures, so be it. I wrote all this from memory, so gimme a break......


  1. > [...] if I'm wrong on some facts or figures, so be it. I wrote all this from memory, so gimme a break......

    But what if you're wrong about something even more fundamental?

    You'll find this extremely petty of me but I'll say it anyway. For a self-described Habs fan, I can find no word more absolutely melodramatic, no single term to more poignantly convey my dismay than "mépris".

    Yep, Editor. you (twice!) misspelled Michael Cammalleri's last name. Truly a day on this blog which shall live in infamy!


    1. Another thing I just noticed... the timestamp on the comments seems to be in the wrong time zone. Instead of displaying in ET, all times are in PT (i.e. 3 hours "earlier").

      Looks like a Blogger setting... low-level stuff, but it used to be correct until a few days ago.

    2. "Yep, Editor. you (twice!) misspelled Michael Cammalleri's last name"

      Cammalleri n'est pas sa seule victime,j'ai remarqué beaucoup d'erreurs dans les noms qui n'ont pas une consonance anglaise.

    3. I don't know why everyone is getting on the editor about misspelling Cammalleri's name!

      On radio, I've heard him called "Calamari" lol

      That's much worse!

  2. Habs win 4-1. Ca scent la Coupe! :P

  3. Replies
    1. Ed, my opinion, if I may: before or during each canadian game, you should write an article about how much they suck. :P, maybe it works also next time ...

      P.S. I'm sure that if this season will be a total disaster, it will be Randys's fault :) ... the "angryphone" coach de merde.

    2. @ Editor:

      Well, if not this year....then soon! (as usual) lol
      We're in a rebuilding phase right now.
      It's the (I think) 9th year of Bob Gainey's 5 year plan...haha
      But seriously, though, I like the way Cunney is coaching and if somehow
      Gauthier is no longer GM, we will do well.

      If we make the playoffs, it's good because that means that Cunneyworth knows how to get the best out of this team. If not, then we will get a high draft pick. WIN-WIN

      Right now, for me, the players that I enjoy watching play are Deharnais, Cole, and Pacioretty...awesome line. We should see how Eller develops as well as Subban. And Emelin is a monster. I also like the size the team is starting to show, with Moen, Kostitsyn, Bourque, and that other guy whose name I can't remember right now...oh yeah..Blunden.

      So, as long as the team is as entertaining as Sunday night, win or lose, I'll be happy.

      Go Habs Go!

  4. Over time, I still feel my best Habs moments were from playoff Game #2 on April 8, 1971: Montreal 7, Boston 5. The game took place at Boston Gardens. Montreal was down 5-1 late in the 2nd period, and managed to score two more before the period ended. They came out in the third and scored 4 unanswered goals. Boston was heavily favoured that year, scoring a record 399 goals (Habs were second in the League with 287, i.e., 112 fewer goals for). Espo scoring stats were 76-76-152. Johnny Bucyk scored 51, the first time a team had two 50+ goal scorers. Boston also scored records of 57 wins, 121 standings points, and missed fewest losses by one with just 14. I think Bobby Orr scored 46 goals that year (not sure). Despite all that scoring talent, the Habs won, and also took Chicago on in another exciting 7-game series including the come-from-behind Cup clincher. This was only my second season following the Habs, and Dick Irvin also considered the 1971 playoffs as the most exciting, including that fabulous run in 1993 with ten straight overtime victories in that one playoff season. It, too, was a great run as again the Habs were not favourites to do as well as they did. The McSorley stick incident was dramatic and proved to be the turning point of the Finals that year. Can't thank McSorley enough for THAT one!

    Sadly, I haven't been to a Habs home game since 1982 at the ol' Forum. Are the hot dogs still as good as they were back then? Last dog I ate at a game was in Memorial Auditorium ("The Aud") in Buffalo in 1991 when I drove down to see a playoff game. Sadly, the Habs lost the game 5-4, but they went on to win the series. Oh, yes, the hot dog? Awful by any standards, never mind comparing it to those gourmet delights they used to have at The Forum. To compare them would be a gross insult. I attended a Habs-Leafs game a few years ago at the ACC (Habs lost in OT), but the dogs were selling for such an extortionate price, I didn't even bother to get one--not even the kosher ones they carry as well! BTW, Dick Irvin wrote in his books that the Forum hot dogs were the best in the League. The worst food he ever ate was where the Islanders play (Nassau County Coliseum). It marked the only time he ran during a game out of the broadcast booth to---well---you know!

    On the topic of hot dogs, the best packaged ones, between Toronto and Montreal, are, believe it or not, sold in Toronto. The brand is J. Kwinter, and they are damn good! The Blue Jays were promoting, believe it or not, LESTER'S hot dogs at the games. I couldn't believe it! Lester's first foray into the Toronto market was through the ball team, but they started selling them at the grocery stores in Toronto as well, with a big label "Official Hot Dog of the Toronto Blue Jays". I bought them on special, but Kwinter's are still the best I've had in both cities.

    1. That was a really good game.
      I remember at the start of the 3rd period, before the puck dropped, the Bruins were actually laughing and kidding around, so sure were they of the cakewalk.
      I think it was Peter M. who put an end to their joviality....

    2. I don't remember the cockiness of the Bruins as you describe it, and I think it was Jean Béliveau who scored those two late second period goals to bring it within two. The tying goal was scored by Jacques Lemaire who had a breakaway from centre ice, roofing it on Eddie Johnston, John Ferguson scored the one that proved to be the winner in a goalmouth scrum, and finally Frank Mahovlich scored one similar to Jacques Lemaire. That was the last time Harry Sinden, then coach of the Bruins, alternated game after game between his goalies, Cheevers and Johnston. The latter was bench warmer the rest of the series.

      I remember Danny Gallivan mentioning during the series how Ken Dryden was writing final exams at McGill U. between games. How he kept focused on both tasks was truly a marvel! He is still the only NHL player ever to win the Conn Smythe Trophy AND Stanley Cup before winning the Calder Trophy, and with six games of NHL regular season experience. INCREDIBLE!

      The only goaltending feat to rival Dryden's was Patrick Roy, the rookie goalie, in Game 3 of the 1986 Conference Finals against the New York Rangers--13 miraculous saves in nine minutes of overtime. The rangers threw EVERYTHING they had at Roy, and he stopped it all! Then Claude Lemieux, with only about ten games of regular season experience, scores. He also scored in game seven O.T. in that razor-thin narrow escape against the Hartford Whalers. I thought both Lemieux and Roy should have tied for the Conn Smythe that year!

  5. Can someone please, for the love of god, tell me what the hell is so good about Mike Cammalleri???? What does he get paid, 6-7 million? For what? 25 goals and 30 assists??? Or do you still have a hard-on for that fluke playoff run of two years ago?

    Cammalleri wouldn't even rank in the top 50 Habs players of all time, he'd barely crack the top 100.

    As for you Habs homers and giving up hope; you should have given up a long time ago, say when #33 left town. The day when the NHL lifted that farcical "French player rule" was the day the Canadiens died.

    1. ..,to Mr. Marco. Cam made $5 million/year, but so what? Albatross Gomez is making $8 million for ZERO return! Gainey was a fool to take him in that big trade with the Rangers, and I'm sure Slats was whistling dixie over that big fast salary dump.

      That old "French player rule" I think you're referring to was an ingenius machination of the late and great Sam Pollock. Even with that rule that only lasted a couple of years, they picked up Marc Tardif, Réjean Houle and goalie Phil Myre--they did way better picking up Guy Lafleur through wheeling and dealing in the conventional draft. The next time the Habs had a #1 pick was in 1980--Doug Wickenheiser. The best player in that draft was Denis Savard, picked 3rd by Chicago. Getting the #1 pick that year was another Sam Pollock machination, trading John Van Boxmeer about three years earlier for the Colorado Rockies' #1 pick three years hence.

      Sam Pollock was the master of the GMs, and most of that was hard, hard work. Where most GMs in the League worked 8-10-hour days, Pollock worked 16-18 hour days, sometimes 20 hours, studying every intricacy of the League and evaluating the players, prospects and the human resources on other teams. He was the best, bar none!

  6. Mr. Marco,

    Some people are still relieving the 2010 playoff when Cammalleri was the hero (in addition of Halak). Alas, his performance was just falling from there. Even though most of the players remain, that playoff team is gone and will never come back.

    1. Troy: You're right about too many mediocre players getting too much money, but this was a Gainey thing again. John Ferguson Jr. in Toronto committed too many players to too long contracts and they had to payoff some players to leave. The biggest bonehead contracts are DiPietro's 15-year contract on Long Island and Ovetchkin's 12 or 13 year contract in Washington. Contracts should be limited to 3 years, and that's that! Those other two can slack off for years before having to play for their next contracts...IF there will be a next contract.

      I think a performance-driven clause should be put into contracts so underperforming players take pay cuts for substandard play. I suppose that would be too hard to measure, but there is just too much substandard play from premium/star players. The League and NHLPA came up with a formula where 1/8th of the players' salaries are held back and placed in escrow depending on the financial performance of all the teams. I think another 8th should be pooled in another escrow account where better performers on a team should get a bigger portion of that money and lesser performing teammates get less of it. Too many overpaid lacklustre performers.

    2. Pollack? Again, I don't think so.

      12-team league, a rule in place guaranteeing Montreal has dibs on all Kweebeckers's quite easy.

      Best GM, he's there right now. That guy in Detroit that wins ALL THE TIME with 7th, 8th, and 9th round picks.

    3. First, Mr. Marco, that "privilege" didn't last long. Secondly, as I wrote, Pollack was twice the GM his cohorts were because he worked twice as hard. You're right about Detroit, they have an excellent front office, from owner down to coaches. Philadelphia has had success over the years as well. Scotty Bowman is helping his son in Chicago and they have had success over the last few years. Boston hasn't been doing a bad job either. Serge Savard was fired in 1995 and all they've had for GMs are an assortment of clowns and toadies, like Réjean Houle, André Savard, and now Pierre Gauthier (who doesn't live in Quebec). I had hopes for Gainey, but he ended up doing idiotic things like taking on Sather's albatross, Scott Gomez. He started lousy and has only gotten worse. Nobody else will be stupid enough to take him on.

      Anyway, today's GMs definitely do have to has a good mind for numbers (dollars) and not just the quality of hockey. Hard to say if Pollack would have done well in today's NHL, but then again, who then from that era would have done well today?

  7. Editor, I turn to the Patrick Roy bruhaha. Who's to blame? Houle and Corey, with the latter taking the lion's share. Corey, as club president, pulled off a desperate Hail Mary. Tremblay and Cournoyer had ZERO coaching experience and Houle had ZERO GM experience. The fact they played in one of the best hockey dynasties of the later 1970s had NO correlation with their ability to work the front office.

    Worse yet, Mario "the seppie" Tremblay and Roy had a confrontational history to begin with. Tremblay was harshly critical as a broadcast analyst of Roy's play at times, and the moron seppie Tremblay decided to exact revenge on Roy in a most undiplomatic and imbecilic way. The result was truly catastrophic. Roy was traded in a fire sale and hearing where Roy went, Corey handed Pierre Lacroix and the Avalance the Stanley Cup. A goalie like Roy was their only missing ingedient to a golden opportunity to win the Cup and in return they didn't get all that much. Was Roy really shopped around? I don't think so. I think had he been properly shopped around, the Habs may have picked up an impact scorer...well, maybe. Knowing Roy demanded out of Montreal reduced his market value, but with 20 or so teams desiring a top-tier goalie, it may have led to a much greater reward. Serge Savard was the best Habs GM since Pollock, and even he got fired No matter to Savard for he had his other enterprises to tend to. Look at that...Savard was a better part-time GM than all the others the Habs have had combined working full-time--two Cups and another appearance in the finals (1989).

    1. Speaking of Patrick Roy and the Avalanche, what do the Colorado Avalanche and the Washington Redskins have in common?

      They are the only sports franchises in North America that won championships immediately after moving to a new city. In the case of the Avalanche, from Quebec City to Denver and in the Redskins' case from Boston to Washington, D.C.

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  9. Off topic, but there is an interesting article about minority language spending in the Ottawa Sun today:

    The population of Francophones in Ontario is smaller than the population of Anglophones in Quebec, but Ontario spends more than seven times more per capita than Quebec does on minority language services.

    1. Tout à fait normal si l'on considère qu'un Québécois a en moyenne 5 fois plus de valeur qu'un anglo.Le canada est aussi guidé par la loi du marché.Les Québécois sont les seuls véritables bilingues dans ce pays,une denrée rare et précieuse dans laquelle il faut investir.C'est un investissement,pas une dépense.

    2. Me too I have a off topic. It's about Corsa Concordia. The ship sinking in Italy.

      The first two days I thought it was Concordia University sinking. I was very sad.

      Fortunately a friend call me (a farmer established in Saskatchewan with his family, that is to say his sister and the children they had together, a true canadian family) and he explained to me it wasn't Concordia University sinking but Corsa Concordia, a ship.

      Thanks God!

    3. Ontario does alot to support billingualism in Canada. We should thank Ontarians for doing so much to help this country.

  10. I overheard two old gents today at timmies, lamenting about the good old days. I was both surprised and not surprised at the same time.
    Firstly, they were upset at Molson for trying to fool them, yet again, by getting a french named player who spoke no french. They were too smart and could see right
    through that charade. LOL . They were also dumbfounded how such a person like Bork would drop his french culture just to fit in to the English one.
    Secondly, one complained that there is much more English speakers who attend their chuch now a days, compared to when they were younger. Again, sounding frustrated. I really wanted to say "whats with the long face and bad attitude"', but quickly realised I actually felt quite sad for these two. Just let them lament, no harm there.. Its too late for them to see that the world is passing them (and their ideas) by very rapidly. Too bad, Soo sad.

    Sorry if this is a little off topic, bit I'm just following suit.

    1. Funny story. Were they speaking jouale?

      And did they know they were having donuts at a Canadian institution?

      Mostly francophones of the 60's and 70's are supporters of separation. If you ask youngsters today, they couldn't care less. It used to be the younger people were the strongest supporters of the option. If younger people don't support independance, it's dead.

      Like you said, too bad, so sad :)

    2. Nous voulons des chiffres monsieur Roger le lapin,des chiffres!Ou vos sources d'information.Quoi?La Gâââzette?...Désolé : Source non fiable.

    3. Roger Lapin,

      Of course they were speaking Joual, what else would it be...
      And yes, donuts at a Canadian Institution. By the way, are there any Quebecois Institutions really, or just some in name only?
      I do agree, from all the people I run into, more and more younger ones are not listening to the tired rhetoric that English is/are bad for you.

      Just give it a little more time. They are dying sure enough.. Have you heard of the short life expectancies!!! LOL

    4. "They are dying sure enough..."

      Aussi rapidement que la fermeture continuelle et ininterrompue des écoles anglos du Québec,en particulier celles de la région de Montréal?

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. @ Seppie at 6:45 PM,

      It's funny to see you respond to your own comments, i.e OQLF at 6:38 PM, LOL! It just goes to show that there are fewer French language Nazis posting to this blog than you are trying to make it seem.

    7. Malheureusement,je suis un des seuls nazis à connaître ce blogue,les autres (les plus nazis que moi) travaillent sur de nouvelles lois.

    8. Engineer,

      Well, it's funny but I think most francophones think that Bureau en Gros is a Quebec institution. Some have no idea that is an American company, Staples, but haha joke's on them for having their sign laws.

      Younger Quebecois really have no interest in the old ideas of their parents. Most Quebeckers actually answered a poll that was published in the Gazette, whereby something like 64% were happy to be BOTH Quebecois and Canadian.

      So, it is an outdated thought, and that's why most francophones turned away from the BQ to support the NDP, and why they are turning away from the PQ to support the CAQ.

    9. "Well, it's funny but I think..."

      I think you think too much.Nous savons que la merde à PFK vient des states...stupidos!

    10. Prise 2: La CAQ est un parti souverainiste latent et le NPD sont les derniers à vouloir angliciser le Québec.

  11. "Aussi rapidement que la fermeture continuelle et ininterrompue des écoles anglos du Québec,en particulier celles de la région de Montréal?" least we can live with our children learning in french or private schools. Bilingualism will be their finest skill. But you cannot live with the fact that you are a dying breed: less children, less life expectancy...

    Not even your one line stupid answers can hide the fact that you are veeeery frustrated :)

    There is a difference between us: we do not live for trolling others on this blog. I choose to read this before going to bad, and to have a laugh with my wife...nothing from what you write here is affecting us, or the english/allo comunity in Montreal.
    One liners prove that the seppies are frustrated, nothing more.

    So good night seppie. Be sure that allos will continue to adapt to english faster and better than to french and the fact that anglos will not leave any more. So with or without your stupid language laws, your war is lost.

    Nighty-night ...

    1. "There is a difference between us..."

      Excellent sens de l'observation,bravo! :D

    2. "I choose to read this before going to bad"


    3. "your war is lost."

      Préparez-vous,elle ne fait que commencer...

    4. "One liners prove that the seppies are frustrated, nothing more."

      It also proves they are stupid and have no valid arguments.

    5. What am I reading? It's YOU anglos who are having less children. Not only are most babies born in QC Francophones (reminder: there is more than Mtl to QC and the latter clearly has a French-speaking majority), our birth rate has increased in recent years and it has increased more than the anglo birth rate. Anglos may not leave as much as they did before but there are still more leaving for other provinces than entering. I checked on and I rather trust data from governments than some guy named Froggy talking out of his ass. If there is an endangered people, it's anglos outside of Mtl. Doesn't look like a war being lost when comparing the situation today to the past, when there were more anglos. There will never be an anglo majority. Didn't happen in the past 250 years, will not happen during the next 250 years, whether independent or not.

    6. Très inté vais jeter un coup d'oeil sur ces stats.Merci

    7. "There will never be an anglo majority. Didn't happen in the past 250 years, will not happen during the next 250 years, whether independent or not"

      So you have a crystal ball and can predict the future? A lot can happen in 250 years. Quebec could be invaded by the United States or could become a part of the U.S. by some other means, in which case Anglophones could easily become the majority.

  12. The hockey players were so happy to get out of Quebec City that they won a Stanley Cup in Colorado! LOL

    1. Of topic...

      Editor, maybe you should write an article about how and it's readers are supporting Syria's Bashar al-Assad.
      Take a look at this:

      No wonder that, in their small minds, this is a story fabricated by USA ... and that all media is manipulated. The only true info's are provided by Le Devoir, cyberpresse , Vigile, Beaulieu and PQ statistics.

    2. Froggy, if you think that only Quebec media are manipulative, but the US ones aren't, then I would call you a small mind.
      All media are manipulative and work closely with the power centers to help maintain the status quo. See, dictators like Assad bludgeon people into submission. "Democratic" leaders like Harper, Charest, Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, etc...cannot do that, so the must resort to more subtle methods.
      Speaking of the the Daily Mail article in particular, it could well be a story made up by US propagandists, which doesn't preclude the fact that Assad is an ass clown. The fact that Assad is a dictator (and occasionally brutal) does not mean that the US/British media won't smear him. These two things can occur concurrently and are not mutually exclusive.

    3. Daccord avec vous adski!

    4. Thanks Juste un trou d'eau, but I have to disappoint you: Le Devoir, Beaulieu, Josee Legault, or JF Lisee are propagandists too. They work closely with political elites, and may well be funded by political groups.

  13. J'aime ma Nation!

  14. Oh, I just noticed that the editor asked for our greatest Habs memory. That's an easy one, December 2, 1995. One of the best nights ever.

  15. Pour ceux qui affirment que les Québécois sont racistes regardez de quoi sont capables les amerlocs.

    Bienvenue aux asiatiques!

  16. @Juste

    "Préparez-vous,elle ne fait que commencer..."

    LMAO's ongoing for 40 years, so it's not starting, it's ending and you are the losers...again.

  17. "LMAO's ongoing for 40 years, so it's not starting, it's ending and you are the losers...again"

    Alors,pourquoi ce blogue?Si vous avez gagné,pourquoi tant de revendications?

    1. Don't get me wrong ... didn't say "WE" won 'cos we didn't.
      We both loose.

      ...Quebec is in deep shit, Montreal declined, or infrastructure is gone ... all the money that were spent during this stupid game were thrown out the window. It's a shame that you don't see this.

  18. Interesting article about hockey:

  19. As a Washington Capitals fan, hopefully my greatest Habs memory will nr TONIGHT! >:-)

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