Sunday, October 9, 2011

Housekeeping- Comments Not Working

It's been a frustrating week, trying to restore commenting to the many users using INTERNET EXPLORER as their browser of choice. It seems that changes in BLOGGER's anti-spam filtering has rendered these users unable to deposit comment.  This applies only to Explorer.

But 35% of readers of this blog use IE as their browser and so it is an unpleasant situation for them as well as all readers who are deprived of the comments that are an integral part of this blog.

I've tried on my end to apply the recommended tweaks, to no avail and short of re-doing the whole blog template there is nothing more for me to do.
BLOGGER has promised a fix shortly and I'll give it another week to see success, otherwise I'll take more drastic measures.

However EXPLORER users can take matters into their own hands to restore comments, it's easy!

The first advice to readers is to make sure that your browser is allowing third party cookies to be accepted.  If that doesn't work, you might be advised to used the FIREFOX or  CHROME browsers to read this blog.

There isn't any problem with running two different browser on your computer and its easy to install. It takes about two minutes to download and install the whole thing and you'll probably be pleasantly surprised at how much better these two browser are as compared to Explorer.
You can easily import your bookmarks and saved pages if you choose to make the new browser your permanent choice, or you can just use it to read this and other BLOGGER  blogs.
You can keep two browser open at the same time, they won't interfere with each other.

One reader who downloaded FIREFOX reports that he's much happier with the new browser which runs much faster!
"I downloaded Firefox, made sure that all cookies, including third party cookies were enabled, and it worked!!!  It appears the problem may be with Explorer.
As an added bonus, Firefox is much faster for me than Explorer."

Your trusty editor has been using FIREFOX on his Mac for over a year and prefers it over Safari, Mac's native browser. The features and add-ons are outstanding, especially the interactive Canadian spelling checker, without which I'd be in trouble.

As you write your comments, this add-on, underlines in real-time, words you've misspelled and with a click of the option key offers the correction. It's genius!!! and it uses Canadian spelling. Eh!

Click below to start the process, it's dead easy.

Watch an instruction video and then download FIREFOX

or download Chrome.
Download Chrome

I sincerely hope you'll make an effort to get back into the comments sections. Most readers will tell you  that the comment section is what drives them to this blog!


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  2. Who the hell uses Internet Explorer in this day and age anyway? It is more full of security holes than swiss cheese, and anyone using it is just asking to have their machine infected by viruses and malware. It's not just a mediocre and obsolete browser, it is UNSAFE.

    The very first thing I do on any computer I set up, after installing ant-virus software, is add Firefox and make it the default browser.

    There is no excuse for still using IE today (and yes, even older machines will run Firefox).

  3. Good riddance to pierre fartadeau and Jack layton