Monday, May 30, 2011

NPD- Quebec Voters Get a Case of 'Buyer's Remorse'

It hasn't taken long for a serious case of 'buyer's remorse' to set in among many of those Quebeckers who voted for Jack Layton and then were shocked at the number of NDP boobs they elected.

It's safe to say that nobody, even those who voted for the NDP in Quebec, ever expected what happened, to actually happen.

And so the morning after the federal election, Quebeckers woke up and found themselves full of regret, like a debauchee in bed with a complete stranger after a drunken night of revelry, someone who looks over across the pillow and groans shamefully at the pig they bought home.

While 'Smiling Jack' and 'Uncle Tom' try to paint the newly elected placeholders as ready, willing and able to serve, they cannot hide the fact that these merry men and women are neophytes and political zeros, a group that has as much chance of making a political impact as your dog or cat.

No matter, the truth is that while in opposition, sitting across a majority government in the House of Commons doesn't require much smarts or experience. The job consists mainly of frowning and shaking ones head side to side when the government speaks while nodding up and down happily, when Smiling Jack or Uncle Tom offers up those Ndp pearls of wisdom.
In other words-  bobbleheads.

The  Quebec Press and the the self-proclaimed intellectuals have been making mincemeat out of the public for electing these bobbleheads, but what the election actually proved, is that voters really do vote for the party and that the local candidate is not even an afterthought.

Quebeckers, both English and French were caught in the great Ndp swindle when they awoke to find that those who they elected were woefully under-qualified and equally unprepared.
Voters in the largely Anglo riding of NDG in Montreal were as shocked as voters in Berthier-Maskinongé  when they discovered that they elected a unilingual candidate who  couldn't communicate with most people in the riding! It's been suggested, rather tongue in cheek, that the French only speaking member for NDG swap ridings with the English only representative of Berthier-Maskinongé, the height of absurdity!

These Layton bobbleheads will serve as a four year humiliation and the Quebec press is in no mind to be generous about it.
For twenty years, the Bloc Quebecois benefited from a docile and somewhat fawning press. Quebec journos are mostly sovereignists and as such gave Gilles Duceppe and his minions a free pass.

Like the intellectuals, the Press is convinced that Layton perpetrated a fraud on Quebec voters and so, if the Ndp think they'll get the same gentle treatment as the Bloc, they are sadly mistaken.

In the press corps, Layton is now actually more hated than Harper and they are already out for his hide. They've already tripped him up and caught him in a blunder in which he was forced to do a quick 180° reversal over his position on the 50%+1 referendum question. Link

The whole question was an amateur trap that Layton fell into stupidly, something an experienced handler like the Prime Minister, would have dealt with expeditiously.
Instead of responding to the referendum question, Layton could have turned the whole thing around by declaring that it isn't his policy to respond to hypothetical questions, but telling the Press as well, that if Madame Marois were to publicly commit to a referendum in the next potential PQ government, he'd be happy to respond. CHECKMATE!

Mr Layton, like Gilles Duceppe has been accustomed to an accommodating press his whole career. As a leader of a small opposition party there wasn't much sense beating him up, it wouldn't be sporting or well-received.

But everything's changed. Layton, Mulcair and the bobbleheads are now fair game and a vengeful Press is out for blood. The aw shucks, "Smiling Jack" persona that got him elected will not work on these hardened and spiteful journalists who are determined to expose the Ndp as a fraud.

Layton has reacted by ramping up his support of Quebec nationalism, hoping to appease these journalists who are pursuing him as relentlessly as dogs on an English fox hunt. Link
Such appeasement will not work.

If  Layton doesn't learn how to stare down the beast, he will be toast by Christmas.


  1. I need someone to explain this to me. Why the 50%+1 question is still an issue? Why is referendum still an issue? Two referenda have been held, both have more than 50%+1 results. What else there is need to be decided?

    Like adski wrote some times ago, how many times must referenda be held until the result is satisfactory?

  2. Mississauga Guy, with the greatest of glee,Monday, May 30, 2011 at 1:23:00 AM EDT

    I tol' ya so!
    I tol' ya so!
    I tol' ya so!

    I called Layton's unexpected placements bodies. Editor chose to call them bobbleheads.

    To-MAY-to, to-MAH-to! Po-TAY-to, po-TAH-to!
    Let's call the whole thing off, like the old song used to say.

    Another song in the 1970s I heard recently on an oldies radio station goes "It's too late to turn back now"

    I believe
    I believe
    I believe they voted all wrong.

    Too late, suckers! Now you're all Parasite's proverbial lobsters trapped in a boiling pot and you have NOOOOOOOOOOBODY to blame but yourselves!

    Smiling Jack and Uncle Tom may be all dressed up but they have nowhere to go! Too, they'll look even more like Larry and Curley when they constantly fall over those other stooges who are more green than a seasick stowaway!

    I'm SURE those Franco pseudointellectuals that call themselves journalists have already filed down their fangs and nails to sabre sharpness, and have already licked their chops ready to pounce.

    Editor, I look forward to four years of bellyachingly funny postings you'll pick from this motley crew that proclaims themselves journalists...with the greatest of glee!

  3. “how many times must referenda be held until the result is satisfactory?”

    Until the Yes gets their 50+.0001%. From then on – no referenda allowed! The government of Quebec will henceforth strike the concept of a referendum from the law.

    Given the circus we’re dealing with here, the referendum question is rather irrelevant. The 2 questions that have been asked to date were ridiculous enough, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the next one read: “Do you agree that Quebeckers, the most special people in the world, distinct in language and superior in culture, should be entitled to unconditional reverence and admiration by the remaining 80% of citizenry of Canada under the penalty of 100$ for each lapse in admiration, the level of admiration to be judged by the agents of the Office de l’Admiration des Quebecois dispatched to every Canadian province, Yes/No?” The question to be formulated with the help of JF Lisee and Josee Lagault, of course.

    Appealing to the vain and insecure masses this way, the creative Quebec establishment stands a chance of getting the 50%. And once they get their 50%, they can rationalize it any way you want, for example by demanding that the UN grants the status of endangered species to the Quebecois nation, and a few billion $$$ in transfer payments from the rest of the world for the “épanouissement” of the said nation.

  4. The Federal liberals have 4 to 5 years to rebuild. All they need to do get their votebank is just shut up and try not to say anything stupid. By Default they will take back the ground lost to NDP and their scum leader Layton and Oncle Tom.

    Anglos in the Montreal area collectively committed suicide by letting in the Bloc Quebecois incarnate. Hopefully the NDP rub off badly on Anglos more then on the francos.

  5. Bobbleheads, fools, clowns... indeed.

    Whats really sickening is that we have to pay these clowns $157, 000 a year for nothing. They can’t do a damn thing. They are in opposition and the conservatives have a majority, so they won’t listen to these 59 clowns from Kebec.

    This clown Layton, Mulcair and all have already blown it and showed how racist, how bigoted the party is. The first thing out of their brain dead mouths is to “strengthen” the anti-English language laws (bill 101) of Kebec. You fools, you ignorant racisr morons.

    Sadly in Kebec that are all Klu Klux Klan language Nazis. Every party, proudly racist, proudly bigoted, proudly supporting decades of anti-English language laws (bill 22, 178, 101…).Poor Kebec, what an expensive ghetto you have become. Kebec, the laughing stock of Canada. You got what you deserved, no one forced you to vote for these clowns. Now go cry in your pee soup clowns.

  6. Totally with you Troy, Mississauga Dude and Adski.

    As I have mentioned on Crackbook several times since hearing Jacko open up this dead issue (unless you are on the sore-loser side):
    Whatever the case, I believe that such a major change has to be obtained by Qualified Majority (at least 2/3), and never a Simple Majority. Internationally, precedence is from across the European Union with respect to any decision at this level (only slightly an important subject of breaking up a country here, not just a representative vote) with the requirement of two thirds of EU parliamentary or Council representatives in Brussels (see )
    Not seeking a qualified majority for a succession question means we are treating this as a Simple change, and would be the equivalent of a totally immature democracy in my opinion. And yes, I have a degree in this stuff dammit - but that is unimportant, the importance is in the international precedence and our own 2 phracking painfull decisions already been taken (lâche votre cause les mauvais perdants péquistes au nom de la province et son futur voyons, isti!).

  7. Anonymous 12:00pm said "Whats really sickening is that we have to pay these clowns $157, 000 a year for nothing. They can’t do a damn thing. They are in opposition and the conservatives have a majority, so they won’t listen to these 59 clowns from Kebec."
    True, but it's all relative. I'd rather pay them to do nothing than pay the same amount to the treasonous Blockheads so they can try to break up the country.
    The consolation for taxpayers is that if the new crop of Quebec Dippers get blown away in the next election, at least we won't have to pay them a pension.

  8. Hi Hugo,

    While I agree with your argument about clear majority, my concern is more fundamental. So which method do the separatists want? Simple majority (50%+1) or clear majority (2/3)? Obviously, the discourse now is about simple majority.

    However, referenda have been held, and in both cases the NO side won with simple majority. Let us see this from the other way. Simple majority of voters in Quebec had decided (twice) that they did not want Quebec to separate. So if 50%+1 is enough for Quebec to declare its independence, 50%+1 is also enough for Quebec to declare its confederation within Canada.

    They, or we, can not have both ways. Either 50%+1 is enough or it is not enough. If 50%+1 is not enough, that means that the previous two referenda meant nothing since they did not decide the issue. It also means that next referendum that means anything needs to get 2/3 in either way. On the other hand, if 50%+1 is enough, then it is enough. It is decided already. Both referenda gave victory to the NO side.

  9. Mr. Sauga (formerly Mississauga Guy)Monday, May 30, 2011 at 7:11:00 PM EDT

    First of all, why the name change? Being the last day of a week's vacation, I was driving around Mississauga and the whole of Peel Region (includes Brampton and East Caledon) on what turned out to be a beautiful day, and the name just came to me. Besides, it's shorter than Mississauga Guy and a little more whimsical, so why not?

    Now onto more whimsical business: Addressing adski, Hugo, Troy, sometimes Apparachik and various anonymous contributors against the fascism of Quebec nationalism: I've written before and I'll write it again: I've grown totally indifferent to what Quebec decides to do. If they vote to separate with 50% + 1, 2/3 + 1 (like how the cardinals elect a new pope) or 75% + 1 or unanymoty, I don't care anymore.

    Quebec is a jurisdiction run by crybabies and lazy asses à la Greece. Government workers can retire in their early to mid 50s if they started young, just like the average retirement age in Greece (52). In Germany, the average retirement age is 67, and the Germans are getting tired and resentful of bailing out this lazy assed society. Too, about 1 in 7 Quebeckers rely on a welfare cheque to live.

    It's not anywhere near that outside Quebec, so should Quebec choose to separate, all the better for the rest of Canada.

    When Mulroney was PM, he made a deal with Quebec that gave them $4.75 for every dollar Quebeckers contributed to the EI program, while Ontario got a dollar-for-dollar benefit. Quebec received 35% of all immigrantion funding from the feds while taking in only 12% of the immigrants while Ontario took in HALF of all Canada's immigrants and only got 36% of the money--just 1% more of the funding for 4X the immigrants! OUTRAGEOUS!

    I like to think Harper will be smart enough to balance out those figures since he doesn't owe Quebec any favours.

    Unless Harper balances out more justifiably the allocations of federal funding, we simply don't need Quebec. It's not as if the majority of «pur laine» Québécois are suddenly going to become pro Canada.

    Hugo, I saw your rant re the Caisse de dépôt and how they treated you in that anti-Bill 101 YouTube clip. You're still young, so I imagine they day will come you'll tire of the fight and hopefully you'll come to Ontario and allow us to benefit from your expertise. You'll be most welcome.

    Well Messrs. Press 9, Qq chose and the rest of you trolls, were R U? Oh, and see if you can come up with something a little more original than doughnuts! Those, along with Pepsi, May West, poutine and sugar sludge have been milked for all they're worth, and Apparchik was starting to get annoyed. If you trolls must be annoying, try to be more innovative and original...oops...innovation in Quebec? What was I thinking?

  10. "so I imagine they day will come you'll tire of the fight and hopefully you'll come to Ontario and allow us to benefit from your expertise. You'll be most welcome."

    Merci monsieur Trouille (Troy).

    Ça fait des mois qu'on lui dit de décalisser,rien a faire...Il s'obstine,une vraie tête de cochon.Je crois qu'il aime l'action,c'est donc dire que l'ontayo n'est pas pour lui.La preuve vous venez toujours fouiner sur ce blogue.

    Fatigué de regarder le va-et-vient du Tim Horton en face de chez vous?L'ontayo originale et créative?Depuis quand?Toyonto est la ville la plus endormante que je connaisse,imaginez Missi sausage.

    Vous vivez sur la créativité de vos voisins du Sud.Incapables de vous démarquer sur la scène culturelle locale et encore moins internationale.Sans compter que vous êtes dans l'trou (financièrement) et encore plus qu'ici.

    Bonne chance avec Yougo mais je parierais un donut qu'il en a rien a crisser de l'ontayo ;)
    Pour sa retraite peut-être ou le jour ou il sera épuisé de vouloir changer nos lois (il étaient 12 dans la rue XD!!!)

    En passant cessez donc de traiter de troll les gens qui ont une opinion divergente de la vôtre.
    Ça fait ti-cul et très mal élevé.

  11. Press 9,

    When did I ever say that? As always, you are incapable in making a serious conversation, are you not?

  12. @Troy

    Vous voulez débattre sur le sujet du NPD et de Clayton?

    Voila ma seule réponse :Soit le Québec a atteint un cul-de-sac politique hors du commun,soit nous sommes une bande de losers qui ne savons plus faire la différence entre la droite et la gauche et ce qui est au centre.

    Il se pourrait même qu'un jour,pas si éloigné,que nous nous retrouvions complètement a droite au provincial et totalement a gauche au fédéral.
    Cherchez l'erreur Troy!

    Pour ce qui est de Hugo(Don Quichotte)Shebbeare,il semble bien seul a combattre la loi 101 malgré le supposé million d'anglophones au Québec.J'ai un peu pitié et parfois j'ai presque envie de le conseiller :-(

  13. Press 9: Could you please take remedial French composition? "Donut", "losers" and a whole bunch of what you write is misspelled and is just bad grammar. Had I written like you do in French class, I would STILL be in high school trying to pass French. Beigne and perdant are the proper terms in French.

    Moodzie tabarnack!

  14. The Federal Liberals basically have to do two things in order to make a political comeback, A) steer clear of any whiffs of corruption and B) maintain a heartbeat. Jack Layton and the NDP will do the rest of the work for them. Barely a month after the election, Team Layton is already coming off as amateurish and worrisome. This whole 50%+1 (non)issue which was buried in a document, the "Sherbrooke declaration", that no one ever read or heard of (not even the people of Sherbrooke I dare say) has exposed the NDP for what they really are, political opportunists that will say whatever to whomever just to get elected. Their message changes from province to province, audience to audience. That, in politics is unsustainable and Canadians can see right through him. I suspect Jack Layton will soon regret the deal he made with the devil, Tom Mulcair and regret bringing him onto the National stage. Mr Mulcair, one gets the impression, is somewhere behind the scenes sharpening the knives to stick into frail old Jack's back at the drop of a hat. Jean Charest was wise to let that fish go.

  15. "Moodzie tabarnack!"

    Comme disait Jack Kérouac:"Maudit tabernacle!"

  16. Press 9,

    Your reading comprehension is really something you need to improve on.

    Read all my comments in this post. Not once did I discuss anything related to the NDP or Clayton (sic).

  17. "Not once did I discuss anything related to the NDP or Clayton."

    Pourtant c'était le sujet proposé.

  18. @Sausage Guy

    "Could you please take remedial French composition?"

    "..."Donut", "losers"..."

    Ne trouvez-vous pas que ces deux mots forment un très joli couple,un peu comme Willie et Cate?
    Qu'est-ce que nous avons hâte de les voir ces deux-la.

  19. @Press 9

    Gawd... I think you couldn't wait to find something to link the discussion to the 'issue' at hand... Very skillful, very skillful indeed. You are a wizard with words, dear sir, in any language (less in German, though).

    Your nation must be very proud.

  20. @Anonymous 4:53

    Thank you for your kind words,my friend!

  21. Clayton (sic).

    Y'a pas de "sic" la moitié de ses électeurs l'appelle ainsi tellement ils le connaisse.
    Vous n'êtes pas d'ici vous,hein?