Friday, May 27, 2011

French versus English - Volume 28

Billionaire labels separatists 'fascists'
"One of the world's richest financial advisers has bowed out of the Action democratique du Quebec's annual convention after describing the sovereignty movement as 'fascist.'
Stephen Jarislowsky says he doesn't want to involve the party in a debate it hasn't sought or disrupt the conference to be held this weekend in Trois-Rivieres.
Jarislowsky withdrew after he was quoted in a Montreal newspaper as saying that the separatist movement is perhaps not like Nazism, but it is 'fascist.'" Read the rest of the story

French public school dumps English lessons-Too hard for students.
 A French primary school in  Laval, Le Sentier, has dropped it's English program claiming that it's too hard on students.
"Based on our analysis results, several students were in a situation of failure or in the process of failing. To devote more hours to learn English, we must cut time devoted to the other subjects, thus requiring more student effort.
A pupil in trouble at the primary school level will also be a student in trouble at the secondary level and may jeopardize his graduation." "explained a spokesman for the Commission scolaire de Laval. 
Most parents are not amused and are considering action, including a petition to have the program returned to class. Said one mother, "By abolishing a program in place for 25 years, we lose our edge, it ceases to be a model school," LINK{FR}

In an unrelated but equally interesting education story, Lucien Francoeur, a veteran educator had some choice words to describe the modern Quebecois students;
"Students who come from elsewhere have mastered three languages​​: their mother tongue, they all learn English and also the French that they have learned with traditional methods. Le Québécois "ethnics" use  one English word in  four (fun, top, chill), but cannot not have a conversation in English and write their mother tongue phonetically. When I form a study group it is often the ethnic student that supports the quality of French because they speak it better than native Québécois." OUCH!  LINK

Anglo News Editor draws ire over Duceppe/Osama article
The editor of a small English local newspaper got into trouble after writing about his joy over the defeat of the Bloc Quebecois.

 "Seeing the Bloc Québécois virtually wiped off the political map was almost as much fun as listening to President Barrack Obama describe Osama bin Laden’s death at the hands of the US Navy Seals."

 The small article in a newspaper of minuscule readership made a big splash in the French press which collectively decided that the editor, David Goldberg had drawn an unfair comparison between Mr. Duceppe and the head of the terrorist network.
Gilles Rhéaume, the noted separatist militant and head honcho of an organization he himself created to combat alleged Quebec bashing  (Ligue Québécoise contre la francophobie canadienne) has made a complaint to the Quebec Press Council on the basis that Mr. Goldberg's remarks were mean. The article has been pulled from the newspapers' website and the editor wrote an apology (sort of) the following week.
Read the story about Mr. Rhéaume HERE{FR}
Read the original article HERE

New SSJB branch created to fight English cottagers
SSJB spokesman Roger Kemp- English cottagers a menace!
The Societe Saint-Jean-Baptiste proudly announced the opening of a regional branch in the Mauricie District district of Quebec, an area that remains one of Quebec's most unilingually French regions in the province.

According to Roger Kemp, president and spokesman for the regional branch of the Movement, Trois-Rivières and the Mauricie are not immune to the consequences of the invasion of English.

"More and more voices being raised that as the situation of French in Montreal deteriorates, it is becoming more difficult to respond to clients in some local shops in the metropolis. This situation is spreading and we are feeling the effects in the Mauricie," he says. He mentioned as an example the fact that an employee of a local company from the region, may be obliged to speak English when dealing with a small unilingual anglophone
businss from Montreal. Even worse, a municipal employee in the region may be obliged   to speak in English to a new owner of a cottage who does not speak French.
Really? .......Oh, the inhumanity!!!!
 Mr. Kemp added an ominous warning that if the trend continues Trois-Rivières and all of Québec are in danger of becoming English! LINK{FR}

Outgoing Habs GM unloads on language.
Pierre Bovin the outgoing general manager of the Montreal Canadiens unburdened himself in a frank and revealing interview with Montreal Gazette writer Dave Stubbs,
"Pierre Boivin, the outgoing president of the Montreal Canadiens, has some advice for the federal New Democratic Party.
He didn't put it that way. But the NDP, which proposes to require that all judges of the Supreme Court of Canada be bilingual, should take note of something Boivin said in his interview with Dave Stubbs of The Gazette, published on Wednesday.
While English is the working language in the front offices and dressing rooms of the National Hockey League, the general manager and the coach of the Canadiens must be able to explain themselves to the team's fans in French as well.
This bilingualism requirement means the Canadiens "are severely competitively disadvantaged," Boivin said. read the rest of the Montreal Gazette article

And for a weekend laugh........
Sign = " HERE we do business in French", always good for a smile!


  1. Mississauga Guy, very jovially,Friday, May 27, 2011 at 4:43:00 AM EDT

    That Stephen Jarislowsky labels the separatist movement as "fascist" as do I proves without a shadow of a doubt I am, and was right all along. After all, if a self-made billionaire says a thing like that, it is an acid test of what is fact versus what is fiction.

    The Commission scolaire de Laval is run by imbeciles to produce imbeciles. It seems nobody at the Quebec Department of Education has this concern about French in the English schools, so either the kids struggle or the parents do the smarter thing, leave Quebec and pay lower taxes elsewhere. Either that, or to simplify further, kids in the Commission scolaire de Laval are imbeciles. Let the readers decide. I'm sure Press 9 and his fellow trolls will have a colourful rebuttal to THAT conclusion.

    There's a fellow named Kemp running the SSJB? He CAN'T possibly be all «pur laine» with THAT family name. I guess when the seppies round up the minorities, even those who are minorities by the quarter or half blood, he'll be on their list. After all, the Nazis rounded up people who didn't even know they were Jewish by the quarter blood or less. Achtung, Monsieur Kemp! Press 9 and Qq chose are watching you!

    As for the Habs, yes, if they pursue and give preference to Francophones for the sole reason they are Francophones, the Habs will be hard pressed to win another Stanley Cup. Since English is NOT a requirement in the LNH, and just about NOBODY speaks it, certainly not at the Office of the Commissioner in New York, Bill 101 cannot apply at that level.

    Why should the coach or GM be forced to speak French? I'll agree that it makes for better public relations if they do speak French, but will that bring the team closer to winning the Stanley Cup? It was good luck Scotty Bowman was able to speak French, but I don't know if Toe Blake spoke French all those years in Montreal, and HE won more Stanley Cups as the Habs' coach than did Bowman.

    I don't know too many Quebec players who return to Quebec that played outside Quebec. Claude Lemieux was living in Arizona before taking a job recently (in Calgary?), and I don't see Mario Lemieux moving back to Quebec...ev-ver! I somehow doubt Martin Brodeur will move back after retiring. What happened to Carbo after Gainey fired him? I think he left his family in Dallas because his kids wouldn't have been allowed to attend English schools in Quebec. Ain't THAT a kick in the head! Andy Moog did the same the year he played in Montreal, and another goalie, Jeff Hackett, left his family in London, Ontario during his Montreal playing days. Daniel Brière was offered more money by the Habs than the Flyers after his contract ran out in Buffalo, but he STILL chose the Flyers. More after-tax $$$ in his pocket and no French media B.S. to deal with. It was really a no-brainer. Alex Tanguay split after a year with the Habs. Let's face it: This French language crap is killing the Habs' competitive advantage. If a «pur lainer» like Boivin can say it, it's good as gold to me! His wealth, like Jarislowsky's, is self-made.

  2. Not surprising...we, European ethnics, proudly ethnics, speak more than one language from the early age. Required and mandatory. Without moaning and bitching.
    And, frankly speaking, kébékuos are not gifted for languages at all (compte tenu qu'ils ont des problèmes à parler et à écrire leur propre langue pouvu qu'on puisse appeller 'joual' une langue).
    I wish all unilingual employees in Montreal were axed...



    Vous n'avez pas compris mes indications d'hier concernant votre identification?
    Trop con ou trop vieux?

  4. Mississauga Guy joustfullyFriday, May 27, 2011 at 11:09:00 AM EDT Press 9: You can't respond in English? Too stupid or too old? Kids in my old town of Laval can't learn a second language? Too stupid or too bigoted? Your precious Quebec is drowning in debt and needs to again bite the hand that feeds it? Too stupid or too lazy?

    Take yourself and your anti-Canadian remarks to Anticosti Island and guillotine anyone there who dares speak, or even breathe a word of English. I previously this previously that your kind could and should all assemble there. English will be completely abolished and the rest of us will refer to it as a designated leper colony...well...maybe a seper colony! Pepsi, May West and poutine gravy are free trade commodities. Oh, and Polident, too!

  5. "You can't respond in English?"

    Sommes-nous au Canada oui ou non?

    Ce blogue a pour sujet pricipal,ma Nation,le Québec alors je répond dans la langue officielle de celle-ci et surtout celle qui me plait!

    If you don't understand French at all or too lazy to learn it :

    Take your anti-Québec remarks to Mississauga,the only place in the world where you can buy a donut at the bank.

    Another question Mr.fat&sugar lover?

  6. Mississauga Guy rebuttinglyFriday, May 27, 2011 at 12:49:00 PM EDT Press 9 and his fellow trolls: Just because there is a Tim Horton's at our work place (and it's now being renovated because of its success) doesn't mean we constantly eat least I don't. I'll have them on average twice a month. I buy the coffee alone.

    BTW, Press 9, it is Quebec that eats far more fattening sweets than the rest of North America, and only the Scots have worse teeth than you and your Québécois de veuille souche. The makers of Polident can't thank Quebec enough for the business they get. That's second in THE WORLD, not just North America.

    Now go visit your friendly la Belle Province for a chien chaud et poutine. Then go to the Provi Soir and pick up a May West. Vas-y!

  7. "Ce blogue a pour sujet pricipal,ma Nation,le Québec alors je répond dans la langue officielle de celle-ci et surtout celle qui me plait!"

    Sure sure, your joual french language has cost us close to a billion dollars since the inception of the Official Languages Act. Further Quebec is a parasitic province who is incapable of supporting themselves with the ROC paying for all the social programs. Quebec and yourself are no better than the beggars , pandhandling in the Plateau. Christ, look at yourself in a mirror!!!! False sense of entitlement. If you like your damn language move to France or better yet Algiers or Haiti so you won't be to dissassociated with the ghetto that is Quebec. (orgnanized crime, dishonest politicians, draconian laws of discrimination against minorities etc etc etc)

    Remember, the French are a minority in Canada and if the anglos in the ROC treated Quebec as Quebec treats minorities we would enact bill 666 banning all education in French in Canada. As a matter of fact, it would be a good thing as in reality very little French is spoken outside of Quebec but we pay a huge price for the OLA and similar francophone programs.

    It is truly inconceivable that the gutless politicians in Ottawa allow this to continue, at huge expense to the taxpayer in the ROC.

    Incredible, isn't it.

    Now Press Neuf, go have yourself another bowl of greasy poutine and wash it down with some Pepsi. F'ing welfare bum.

  8. Is the title of this blog a reference to the "no dogs or jews allowed" signs found on Ontario beaches in the 1930-1940's? If it is I don't find this particularly funny.

  9. "joual french language has cost us close to a billion dollars"

    Actually thats not a billion but a trillion some have said. Conservatively 300 to 400 billion since it started. About the same as the net federal debt right now. Ridiculous, isnt it, all for about 10% of the people who speak french.

  10. I think it's worth noting that a site likse yours will create exactly the opposite it actually fears : THE INDEPENDANCE OF QUEBEC.

    I feel sorry for you. Don't you have more positive things to work at?

  11. Sign = " HERE we do business in French"

    Yes that sign says it all and that’s why we won’t spend a penny in the racist, bigoted province of Kebec ever again. Of course you language Nazis can change all of this by repealing bill 101. But until you do scum bags we will take our money elsewhere.

    I tell as many people as possible daily to boycott the province of kebec and I will do so until bill 101 is repealed and we are given back our equal rights in kebec.

  12. NDG Pride look on the right of the page, you find the picture of the reference he had in mind, generally it is a twist on the separatist attitude towards english

  13. Cher REPressED9

    (Version Press9oise)
    Ce blogue a pour sujet pricipal,ma Nation,le Québec alors je répond dans la langue officielle de celle-ci et surtout celle qui me plait!

    (Version française)
    Ce blogue a pour sujet pricipal ma province,le Québec, alors je réponds dans la langue officielle de celle-ci et surtout dans celle qui me plaît !


  14. "I think it's worth noting that a site likse yours will create exactly the opposite it actually fears : THE INDEPENDANCE OF QUEBEC"

    Actually a great many people contrary to what you think, wish Quebec would depart. Quebec, is in fact, a ball and chain wound around the leg of the rest of Canada. Unfortunately, Quebec will never leave as they simply can't afford to (GDP vs debt is close to that of Greece, provincial debt staggering at more than 200 Billion) . Better for them, to stay and whine for more transfer payments due to their supposedly special status. Best way to starve out Quebec would be to weld their mailboxes shut so they couldn't receive the welfare cheques from the ROC. Pour certaine, Quebec n'est pas la belle province, mais plutot, la province de la protectione sociale.

    Thats all I have to say to you.

  15. "to Press 9: You can't respond in English? Too stupid or too old?"

    He can't even respond in French properly, like so many Quebecois. His spelling, grammar and punctuation (in particular) are pathetic.

  16. "...go have yourself another bowl of greasy poutine and wash it down with some Pepsi."

    Thanks to you,rural neighbour!It's my third one today and i'll wash it down with a good local beer like "Blanche de Chambly" Miam!miam!
    After that...A looooooooong Siesta,gringo!

  17. "...GDP vs debt is close to that of Greece, provincial debt staggering at more than 200 Billion..."

    La cote de crédit des É.U est maintenant inférieure a celle du...Mexique.


  18. Mississauga,

    I like Pepsi, May West and poutine. Stop associating those foods with the separatist!

  19. "After that...A looooooooong Siesta,gringo!"

    Je penser que cette est normale pour vous mon petit "Welfare bum". Get a job and pay for your own poutine. Je oublier, vous etes un Quebecois et vivrez sur les dos d'autres.

  20. To Ano @ MAY 27, 2011 2:46 PM

    I think it’s worth pointing out that a comment like yours creates exactly the opposite you fear: THE INDEPENDANCE OF THOUGHT AND EXPRESSION.

    Have your read the contents of this blog? Do you really believe the issues it raises should be ignored? Your comment smacks of cowardly appeasement, the very behaviour that got us to where we are today with Quebec.

    You also sound rather naïve assuming Quebec is realistically capable of independence. Independence requires sufficient income to sustain ‘comfortable’ self-support. Don’t you get it yet? Quebec can’t separate without losing Canadian handouts? Quebec can’t survive without Canadian handouts. Quebec’s only tactical option is take the handouts, reinforce their sense of entitlement by declaring their distinct and special status, openly dismiss Canada as their country, mock Canadian culture, and threaten to separate as soon as ‘the winning conditions’ miraculously materialize.

    Ain’t gonna happen any time soon. Quebec is fucken broke, spoiled, and socialist soft. No way they would make the finacial sacrifices necessary to leave Canada. You’ve been deceived.

  21. @InFlames

    Retenez bien ceci Monsieur Flamèche :

    le Québec est un volcan instable en activité,une bombe a retardement.On ne sait jamais quand ça va exploser.Nous pouvons cependant présumer,que de l'agiter peut être dangereux.

  22. "Ridiculous, isnt it, all for about 10% of the people who speak french."

    Soit le canaya n'a pas le sens des affaires soit le Québec est un bon investissement.Choisissez!

    Aucun business ne peut fonctionner a perte.

  23. ...firstly, to NDG's Pride: You sound like a new entrant to the blog. The blog's title is not far off from No Dogs or Jews, as was the case in a formerly WASPy Toronto, but T.O. is not the former WASP nest it used to be...thankfully! It's QUEBEC that is trying to turn its society into a melting pot of white French mother tongued Roman Catholics. I'm white. Case closed. Troy: Several years ago, I got a temp position with Coke and lost my taste for Pepsi. No matter. I've cut back on my soda consumption because it's very bad for the kidneys--even diet pop. Maybe I'll have a poutine once a month at the most because it too has little nutrition for the number of calories. As for May West and those other muncha cakes, pure garbage. My stepdaughter offered me a Twinkie (American), and it was my first muncha cake in ages.

    Quebeckers have a far sweeter tooth than most of the rest of North America, esp. the rest of Canada. Those muncha cakes are far more popular in Quebec than elsewhere in Canada. Sugar pie is virtually unheard of outside Quebec.

    Québécois «pur laine» were the first people I ever saw eat fries with pizza and butter the end crusts of the pizza. At a très Québécois restaurant in St-Hyacinthe they had a dessert bar with this creamy sugar "sauce" to put over carrot cake and/or spice cake. At another of those local el cheapo restaurants, they served red jello with Social Tea biscuits. Lots 'n' lots 'n' lots 'n' lots 'n' lots 'n' lots 'n' lotsa fat 'n' sugar! Too, Quebecers smoke more than everywhere else. Disgusting habits, disgusting diets and a lousy health program to serve amongst the most unhealthy people in Canada!

    I get Press 9's derogatory remarks about doughnuts in Toronto because Toronto really has undergone some kind of doughnutization through the 90s. To survive now, other things must be served along with the coffee and doughnuts. In fact, Tim Horton's serves more sandwiches than doughnuts and other pastries. Too, there is no shortage of Tim Horton's in Quebec either. Before Tim's, there was Dunkin' Donuts and Mr. Doughnut. There are more croissantries in Quebec than Ontario. Both sell a lot of patisseries française. Hmmmmm...

  24. Anon @ 2:46PM and the Anon respondent @ 3:39PM: I almost forgot about you two. 2:46PM, I fully share 3:39PM's sentiment. I actually DARE Quebec to separate because the economic retribution Quebec will subsequently suffer would be a horrid nightmare to behold!

    First of all, Quebec would have to take its share of the federal debt since they benefited from that debt, creating more of it than they put towards the good of Canada as a whole. Failure to do so would result (if I have MY way) in Quebec becoming a NAFTA partner until they comply.

    I could only imagine how welfare benefits would be cut along with other social programs and no corresponding cut in taxes due to their debt and the interest payable thereon. The interest alone would cripple their social programs, and their having to create a new currency would also go against them. I can't imagine their keeping the Canadian dollar simply because this would mean their monetary policy is dictated by a foreign country--CANADA! Back in the 1990s, the Czech Republic and Slovakia amicably split. They agreed Slovakia could retain the Czech currency, but that ended after 39 days as it was unworkable.

    I for one would have ZERO interest in Quebec retaining the Canadian dollar. They want to go it alone, they print their own money!

    I too would entertain primarily English speaking regions of Quebec partitioning and re-joining Canada, but that would be painful because Quebec would fight it tooth and nail. I see either St. Laurent or St. Denis Street as being the dividing line with the Western divide partitioning, and maybe the electoral district known as Soulange, i.e., that little peninsula between the Ottawa and St. Lawrence Rivers to the Ontario border. Hudson, Vaudreuil, Rigaud, Valleyfield and Coteau are the largest municipalities making up Soulange, but they often voted PQ and BQ up until the last federal election (NDP earlier this month).

    In spite of that little fault, I'm sure this predominantly Francophone region would welcome remaining part of Canada as opposed to the consequences of separation, so this minority gets a generous gift. I'd like to include Chomedey and St-Dorothée in Laval and Greenfield Park and St-Lambert on the South Shore and maybe the Rawdon area where there is still lots of English, but that wouldn't be too practicable unless the population fought for it.

    Next, the First Nations would want their piece and they too would be welcome to remain in Canada since they are under federal jurisdiction. The result: Quebec would be pretty carved up, and the best part of Quebec would defect back to Canada. As Editor pointed out on his blog previously, the Western half of Montreal contains most of the riches of Montreal (and Quebec), with the East looking like a blue collar town, including the decomposing Olympic Stadium.

    This means separation for Quebec can become an utterly messy proposition indeed, and you can ask me if I care! I'm sure it's a no-brainer for either of you to figure what my answer to THAT question would be.

  25. Mississauga guy,

    Alot of areas in the eastern part of Montreal have had changing demographics. I was very suprised. Montreal North, St Leonard are very allophone, alot of English schools also survived in that area. St Michel is also very non Quebecois now. The next census results will show that Montreal Island may have gone from a 48 percent pur laine to 40 percent or less. I know even Laval is rapidly diluting as well.

  26. Anon @ 8:04AM: I'm good with any minorities staying in Canada, but what bothers me is the minority population has been far too subservient to the OQLF bullies and the lunatic fringe including, but not limited to the SSJB, MMF, Français Impératif and the rest of them.

    Why should the West Islanders hand the separatist Liberal Party free and easy seats. Robert Libman started something in 1989 that proved to be a flash in the pan. The minority Liberal MNAs are just a bunch of spineless Quislings. John James "Goldilocks" Charest tells them to jump, they respond "How high"?

    The likes of Kathleen Weil, Geoffrey Kelley et al are NOT representing the best interests of the West Islanders, yet they get all these freebie votes. CJAD then gripes and bitches on their lunchtime Free-for-All show time and time again endlessly how the Quebec government doesn't represent the Anglophones.

    Solution: CREATE ANOTHER PRO-ANGLOPHONE PARTY AND VOTE FOR THEM, G-DDAMMIT! Unlike Da Bloc, it's not as if the alternative is serving the population now. If the minorities want to act like sitting ducks while the separatists run roughshod over them, then put up and shut up!


    Guru Jacko va nous protèger de l'envahisseur...En tout cas,il nous l'a promis.Vive Guru Jacko!

  28. Mississauga Guy,

    My favorite carbonated beverage is actually Wild Cherry Pepsi. Alas, it is not available in Canada. Therefore, when I want it I drive to Hannaford in Plattsburgh and stock quite a bit of it. The good thing is that the CBSA officers do not stop one to pay duty if one only buys (non-alcoholic) groceries.

    Regarding pro-anglophone party, it was done and proven not working. Should another one be created, it would be just like the BQ in the Parliament. Ineffective, irrelevant, and just be the butt of the jokes in the National Assembly. Well, not very different with Amir Khadir now.

  29. Haitï chérie dit: À Westallophone: Je ne sais pas de quels européens tu parles mais moi les british que je connais, ils n'apprennent pas d'autres langues...

  30. Troy: Heck of a drive for pop, but à chaq'un son goût. I imagine you get other goodies not available in Canada as well. Actually, I do know someone else who goes to Plattsburgh for missives, so it's not all that unique. I imagine you fill your car there as well.

    On a more important note, I had a feeling someone would respond to my comment comparing my alternative to Da Bloc. What do the Liberal MNAs do to represent their Anglophone and Allophone constituents? Sweet f--k all, that's what! The last Liberal MNAs who had ANY gonads left the Assembly over 22 years ago!

    If you're too young to remember, they were, in alphabetical order, Richard French (Westmount), Clifford Lincoln (Nelligan) and Herbert Marx (D'Arcy McGee). In one day, in late 1988, the PLQ lost three of the best in the Assembly, and all three held cabinet posts. Not ONE of them would support Robert Bourassa, ol' Pinocchio himself (as labelled by the late and great Sophie Wollock, founding editor of the Suburban), in his pursuit of "linguistic peace", that being Bill 178, a vindictive piece of legislation to respond to the Supreme Court of Canada's rejection of French-only sign laws, and an abusive use of the "Notwithstanding Clause" (Section 33) of the Constitution.

    Who represents those constituencies now? Gonadless, spineless Quislings, that's who! They voted for their exalted leader, John James "Goldilocks" Charest's vindictive response to the Supreme Court's weak and ambiguous rejection of Bill 104.

    Who came to the aid of that child living on the South Shore who had considerable difficulty in the French school system? NOOOOOOOBODY!

    Even that fascist Great Charter of Charters that you seem to revere has provisions in Sections 81 and 85.1 offering consideration for children with learning challenges and on humanitarian grounds respectively. Even Premier John James "Goldilocks" Charest didn't step forward helping this child. It's SICK! As far as I'm concerned, it's "un-Canadian" as well. This is not the Canada I want to be a part of, and this is why I'm not against Quebec's being thrown out of Canada, or leaving on its own if the voters choose to do so. It goes completely against Canadian values.

    Based on the above, Troy, I neither see nor accept your comparison to Da Bloc. BTW, notice so far how Harper hasn't lifted a finger to help the Richelieu River flood victims? Can you blame him? I don't think it's appropriate myself for not helping them, it's not a political situation, and I imagine Harper will eventually step in. On the other hand, if he doesn't, I think it partially proves rejection of him is the consequence the residents of the Richelieu will have to endure.

  31. Troy: An afterthought. I forgot to mention your comparison as well to Amir Khadir. That anti-Semitic shmuck took time on SEVERAL occasions to partake in a protest to boycott a shoe store that sells a particular and popular shoe made in Israel. If he made one appearance, that's bad enough, but to show up on several occasions indicates he has nothing better to do with his time.

    You think there aren't enough racist anti-minority jokes in the Assembly now? DON'T KID YOURSELF! Several years ago I found myself at a doughnut shop in the East End of Montreal, on Pie IX, I believe. Two East Indian women, in their full native dress, ordered coffee and doughnuts to go, and dared to do so in English.

    You don't think after they obtained and paid for their order, the two women working behind the counter didn't make racial cracks about their experience? Trust me, I heard every shocking word of their response to their experience. Small wonder they were East Enders! No offense intended for minorities who live in the East End, but if they can afford the Western part of the city, they should consider living there. The air is cleaner!

  32. Haitï chérie dit: Aujourd’hui, M. Jarislowski écrit dans La Presse du 13 mai 2011 : "Je n’ai jamais dit que le Parti québécois était fasciste et je n’ai pas dit cela hier. La manchette de La Presse est donc fausse." Ce n’est pas la première fois que les titres de La Presse déforment la réalité. La manchette de La Presse du 12 mai rappelons-le était : "Le mouvement souverainiste est "fasciste", selon Jarilowsky.

    Jarilowsky lui-même, dans une réplique publiée vendredi le 13 mai 2011 dans la section FORUM écrit : "Je n’ai jamais dit que le Parti québécois était fasciste et je n’ai pas dit cela hier (le 12 mai). La manchette de La Presse est donc fausse." (Fin de la citation) Donc, selon le milliardaire québécois, le mouvement souverainiste n’est pas fasciste. Il ne l’est pas parce qu’il est démocratique.

  33. To Mississauga Donut: The air is cleaner ? Levez vos lunettes dorées, ce n'est malheureusement pas l'apanage des québécois d'avoir des pauvres types racistes, avez-vous sondez leurs opinions politiques ? Avant de faire des raccourcis dignes d'un gamin du primaire, tournez donc votre claviers sept fois... Le Klu Klux Klan n'était pas francophones et l'apartheid non plus...

  34. @ Mississauga Guy,

    "At a très Québécois restaurant in St-Hyacinthe they had a dessert bar with this creamy sugar "sauce" to put over carrot cake and/or spice cake."

    I saw that stuff too! I was at a restaurant in a small, Quebecois town about 200 km northwest of Montreal. They were selling this sugary sludge in plastic containers as take-out food. I have never seen it outside of Quebec. I can't imagine anything else that could be as damaging to your teeth. The Quebecois might as well be shovelling acid into their mouths.

  35. " is not available in Canada."

    Le Canada n'a pas toujours tort.j'espère que les twinkies sont aussi interdits.Les seuls cakes qui peuvent survivre a une attaque nucléaire.

  36. @ Haiti Sherry:

    "Donc, selon le milliardaire québécois, le mouvement souverainiste n’est pas fasciste. Il ne l’est pas parce qu’il est démocratique."

    The Nazis in Germany initially gained power democratically, and they were fascists of the tallest order. The language laws passed by the Parti Quebecois are fascist as well.

    I doubt Mr. Jarislowsky would want to be referred to as a "Quebecois."

    If you are a dark skinned immigrant from Haiti, most Quebecois pur-laine will never consider you to be one of them. If you think otherwise, you are sadly deluding yourself.

  37. "I can't imagine anything else that could be as damaging to your teeth..."

    Jetez un coup d'oeil ici:

    Ou ici:

    Vous avez dit perversions culinaires.

    Le plus haut taux d'obésité AU MONDE se retrouve chez nos amis anglos.Aucune surprise!

  38. @Haitï chérie

    La presse?Hahahahahahaha!La publication la plus fédéraliste...Au Canada.

    Gesca-power corp-Desmarais et son pantin Sarkozy.

    Voir les propos de ce dernier concernant le Nationalisme Québécois.Dommage pour eux,les ficelles sont beaucoup trop apparentes.

  39. Haitï chérie dit: Je ne sais pas si M. Jarislowsky se dit québécois mais moi oui.

  40. "The Nazis in Germany initially gained power democratically, and they were fascists of the tallest order."

    Si vous n'êtes pas assez éduqué ou assez intelligent pour faire la distinction et analyser les motivations des nazis vs celles des Québécois,vous devriez cessez tout commentaires sur le sujet.Vous êtes totalement absurde et j'ose espérer que vous n'êtes qu'un "fuc**** troll"

    Un gros con d'anglo qui a une fixation sur les nazis,voila ce que vous êtes.Regardez-donc du coté de Harper et les cons pour les similitudes,vous serez comblé,c'est certain.

    Évaluation rapide : Vous devez avoir entre 65 et 75 ans,la langue française et la culture Québécoise vous sont totalement étrangères.Finalement,vous ne vous êtes jamais intégré au Qué me trompe?

    Heureusement les individus de votre espèce sont en voie de disparition...Bon débarras.

    J'espère seulement que vous trouverez quelqu'un de cultivé dans votre entourage pour vous traduire mon texte.

  41. @Haitï chérie

    Les anglouilles n'aiment pas les immigrants francophiles.

  42. The Klux Klux Klan language Nazis of kebec…you clowns are just too funny and brain dead to see how racist, how bigoted you truly are. Poor kebec, what a hell hole it has become.

  43. "Klux Klux Klan" ?

    Non c'est: Klux Klu Klan...Non,c'est Klu Klu Klanx...Haaaa!Je sais plus trop,disons KKK XD!!!

  44. To Press 9,

    Beavertails may be sweet, but eating them is not equivalent to spooning pure, syrupy, sugar sludge into your mouth, as Quebecois do. The Quebecois, without a doubt, have the worst teeth in Canada - they are excellent candidates for having the most rotten teeth in the world.

  45. @Mississauga Guy:

    At the risk of repeating myself… I unsurprisingly find myself agreeing with Troy: one uber-marginal anglo-only party made up of anglos from Dollard, Kirkland, and Chomedey won't do it.

    It won't do it because the issue here has little if anything to do with the genuine representation of anglo interests. It would be as much of a failure in the parliamentary sense as the Bloc is because for all its bluster, it would not improve the lot of those it claims to represent. All it would do is blow a lot of hot air and collect handsome salaries and pensions – incidentally, just as the Bloc has done for two decades.

    Incidentally, this is not too far from what makes the French-language pressure like Mouvement Montréal/Laval/Mauricie français groups so pathetic. If the public isn’t buying your language, you either make it more palatable or you get the hell out of the market. If all the artifice of our Holy Charter isn’t convincing enough incoming immigrants to assimilate to French, maybe it’s time to rethink the wisdom of “protecting” French using the failed absolutist means we’ve tried for the last 40 years. If we’re doomed to assimilate, no amount of fighting will turn the tide, and our angst at serving monolingual Anglophones will seem paltry in comparison with more important day-to-day considerations that go unaddressed (government bloat, crumbling infrastructure, cronyism, nonexistent healthcare, literacy).

    What is surprising to me is that for all the talk about Jarislowsky on this board that there has not been more outrage expressed – in English & en français – at Le Sentier school when it seems many of the francophone parents of the students enrolled there are in favor of their children being provided tools to succeed in English. Francophone parents who rightly realize that providing their children English-language skills *does* give them an “edge” receive occasional attention, but disproportionately less than, say, our friends at SSJB, whose regular “sky-is-falling” alarmism and related Franco-supremacist agitprop gets far more of the limelight than they deserve. This imbalance in attention ultimately hurts Francophones infinitely more than Anglophones and should be dealt with head on at the source.

    Regarding Editor’s quote of Lucien Francoeur and immigrants often being more quality conscious when it comes to language, I don’t know where the surprise is. The immigrants clearly have no prior stake in either the genuine and petty politics of preserving either language – most often they have a completely foreign mother tongue and are well aware of the work that lies ahead of them. They have few prejudices and are interested only in what they define as succeeding. And “success” for them is not defined as the preservation of one language at the expense of another – they often leave their home countries because of economic or political conditions. Most often, immigrants need to pick up two languages and attempt to keep their own original languages and cultures alive – without the help of tens of millions of dollars in federal or provincial slush funds. And very often, they face both covert and overt hostility to boot!

    Amen, finally, to the segment on Pierre Boivin. We’ve got a great language, and it’s only right that we should preserve it to the best of our ability, but not at the price of starving ourselves out of greater opportunities.

  46. "but not at the price of starving ourselves out of greater opportunities."

    French is dieing a slow death similar to grandma or grandpa on life support both in Canada and in the world. This life support being provided by the OLA in Canada.

    Why waste time on a language that is in total decline on a world wide scale. Would it not be better to school our children in the ROC in Espangol or even Mandarin? Yeah, I know, its a foudning language or so they say.

    End of the line:

    French is dieing a slow and painful death and so is Quebec as the recent federal election illustrated. (voting for a cantidate who is not fluent in french and never made a visit to the riding) How f'king ridiculous of the voters. Only illustrates clearly the desperation in Quebec.

    The sovereigntists are total frauds.

    And, the ROC is the victim of the fraud.

    Thats all.

  47. @Anonymous, 7:26PM

    There are two ways to look at it, and history has yet to take a side.

    For well over 200 years, the position of most French-speakers in North America was weakened largely as a result of the British/American push into the continent. But while the birth rate in France fell since the Treaty of Paris, the population growth of French-Canadians went ever higher.

    Arguably, the angst among French-Canadians that led to the clashes in the late 1960’s which led to even the first language law (and specifically its provisions regarding education) had everything to do with the realization that a falling birthrate combined with incoming immigrants who would choose English would quickly erode the demographic preponderance of French-speakers in this province.

    French language and “culture” have been supposedly endangered in this corner of the country ever since the British took over. And yet a particular blend of isolationism, solidarity, protest, resolve, and stubbornness have together ensured the survival and growth of a vibrant French population for a period under English “domination” that now exceeds the “idyllic” French-run Eden that preceded it.

    The purpose of keeping French alive because it is an important part of our heritage seems to me on par with the desire of more recent immigrants who come here and wish not to “lose” their own languages, religions, and traditions. At the same time, I can’t suppress my own gut instinct which requires that I criticize this “conventional” mentality somewhat Darwinianly. The need to adapt (including, but certainly not limited to, the much-reviled assimilation) is just as much a part of human survival as is the desire to select and ensure the survival of our more valued traits.

    I have often bemoaned our obsessive attempt to overly legislate (“genetically engineer”?) a natural process that is inevitably prone to both domestic and foreign developments consistent with changing historical circumstances – both expected and unexpected. Nature has shown us countless times before that if we pervert what is organic and natural, we do so at our own risk and peril.

    To this end, I am among those who strongly advocate personal multilingualism as a matter of personal, economic, and cultural necessity. Such preoccupations as the survival of one language versus the long-term demolinguistics of another should, as I’ve mentioned before, be the work of museum curators and anthropologists, NOT politicians, and certainly not the burden of everyday citizens. (Besides, throughout history, multilingualism has arguably been the norm, not the exception).

    At the same time, I don’t think French is so “dead” (as you say) as to be completely useless – there are enough reasons in my view to justify its continued use. At the same time, I don’t think that the only languages that “deserve” to survive are the ones that have over 200 million speakers and to hell with all the others. As a matter of policy, I simply happen to think that you can promote the latter group without castrating the former, and that our current legislation is a few degrees off.

    Despite the catastrophic showing of the Bloc in the recent election, the separatist movement sees itself as being very much alive – just messiahless. The next few years will be defining ones for the long-term survival of our province’s nationalist aspirations. Let’s stay tuned and see what internal and external forces come into play.

  48. "French is dieing a slow death similar to grandma or grandpa on life support both in Canada and in the world."

    C'est pourquoi il faut redoubler d'efforts pour nous sauver.Canadiens et Canadiennes,continuez de nous supporter($)et moralement et Dieu vous le rendra (God bless you).Vous avez fait preuve de beaucoup de générosité et de compréhension jusqu'a aujourd'hui,ce n'est pas le moment d'abandonner.

    Point a la ligne.

    Je suis certain que vous n'êtes pas du genre a abattre le dernier panda.

    C'est tout.

  49. Apparatchik and I suppose Troy as well: I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. If you choose to be subservient like the MNAs serving your constituencies, that's your privilege, I suppose.

    There seem to be too many subservient sitting ducks in the English and to a lesser degree in the new immigrant communities (they had a different agenda for coming to Quebec) that perhaps I did the right thing by leaving Quebec, and that's that.

    I pay my taxes elsewhere, I contribute to a more appreciative society and I'd rather do things for the greater good where I'm appreciated. If I can do anything to diminish what Quebec has coming to it from the rest of Canada, I'll make every effort to see that those who appreciate Canada benefit from Canada.

    Quebec did itself a major disservice voting NDP because the didn't win the election, they just grabbed seats from a hopeless party that is finally losing its lustre after being around about a century. There will probably be another Trudeau leading that party, but I'll never vote for him because one Prime Minister Trudeau in this country was enough. I've eaten enough fuddle duddle for a lifetime.

  50. The interview with Lucien Francoeur is very good. I almost can't believe it got published. Normally, clear minded practical people are kept at bay by Quebec media. "Intellectuals" that peddle the official line are preferred.

  51. Haiti Cherie, I hope you do realize where you stand with the people whose political cause you support. I don't know if you ever get out, or whether you're in the denial about what they say and think about your people, or whether you're Press 9 posing as a Haitian. But if you're really a Haitian, then I can't even compare to the useful idiots like Vivian Barbot or Maka Kotto. At least these two got to warm parliamentary benches as poster children, so they got some money out of it. What do you get?

  52. An Anglo Party in Quebec... The Anglos make up only 8% of Quebec population, and the electoral set-up is rigged to favor the Regions (which with the same amount of votes can send 5 pequistes for one Montreal Liberal, and that's if our Liberal even cares about us). The Anglo-Allo party could get up to 20% of the popular vote, but it would still face the problem of the electoral riding scheme. Also, Allophone is a diverse group, and Anglophones aren't always too keen on them. In fact, many Anglos are bigger jerks than Francos.

    But practical constraints aside, I agree with MGuy in theory. The fact that in a province where 1/5 of the population is non-Francopohne (soon it could be 1/4, if the trends persist), it's almost a mockery that every mug in the National Assembly is that of a white Franco geezer.

  53. Adski it is 16% not 8%, don;t use beaulieu's numbers for pete's sake.

  54. @Qq chose de pourri

    Pour être vraiment précis : 7.9%

  55. Haïti chérie dit: Je suis pour l'autonomie des peuples ! Maka Koto n'est pas Haïtien mais il fait un excellent travail ! Viviane Barbot est Haïtienne et elle ferait une excellente chef du Bloc ! La communauté anglophone Population de langue maternelle anglaise (1996)621 860 8,8 % (2001)591 365 8,3 % et (2006) 607 165 8,2 % Adski a bien raison, se sont les chiffres de Statistiques Canada ! Qq chose de faux...

  56. Sorry Press 9 the actual figure from Statistics Canada is 13.4% for Quebeckers for which English is their first language. Spin it how you like.

  57. Haïti chérie dit: Franchement, je prendrais des sources plus fiables qu'une page antérieure du blogue...
    C'est bien 8,2 %! Les chiffres du recensement de 2011 ne sont pas comptabilisés !

  58. @ Haiti
    I knew you'd spin it.
    You're talking about mother tongue. Like all separatists you pick and choose statistics a la Mario Beaulieu.

    You wish to ignore that everyday over 1,000,000 Quebeckers use English as their first language in their home.
    By referring to mother tongue, instead of English speaking, you sadly attempt to portray Quebec as it is not.


    999,999 don't give a crap about Loco Locass and none ever read a book by VLB.
    (and before you say it, trust me it ain't no loss)

    Chart 2.2.1
    Number of persons with English as mother tongue and as first official language spoken, Quebec 1951 to 2006

    ONE MILLION!!!!!!!

  59. Editor: "You wish to ignore that everyday over 1,000,000 Quebeckers use English as their first language in their home. "

    Editor is right. I'm a perfect example. I don't have a drop of Anglo blood in me, but I have been using English for a really long time, and at this point it's the language I feel most comfortable in.

    The SSJB are spinning stats to fit their theories. What a bunch of sorry wankers.

  60. Haiti cherie 6:01PM

    You dodged my question. I asked you whether you are aware of what the people you support think of you?

    Also, since like a broken record you spew out cliches about "l'autonomie des peuples", would you then support the right of Montrealers to seek autonomy from the province of Quebec? Montreal is as distinct from the ROQ as the ROQ is from the ROC. In fact, Montreal at this point has more in common with the ROC than the ROQ.

  61. "would you then support the right of Montrealers to seek autonomy from the province of Quebec?"

    Cessez toute consommation de substances illicites immédiatement.

    La population de Montréal ne constitue en rien un peuple.Vous êtes désespéré a ce point kiki?

    M.l'éditeur,vous avez dit spinner?
    Je crois qu'adski est votre nouveau champion :-)

  62. "Press 9 said...
    "would you then support the right of Montrealers to seek autonomy from the province of Quebec?"

    Cessez toute consommation de substances illicites immédiatement."

    Bien sur, mon petit pauvre l'homme du Quebec. If Canada is divisible then so is Quebec.

    I wasn't aware that poutine could be hallucigenic. :)

    Partition, something that is quite logical, but not in the illogical minds of the seppies. No matter, the separation ship has long left port and has for the most part sunk. Votre reve, elle est mort. Desole.

  63. "If Canada is divisible..."

    Mais "mon petit pauvre l'homme du l'ontario" (sic)

    (Je m'excuse auprès de tous le francophones qui lisent ce blogue)

    le cadada a toujours été divisé,rien de nouveau sous le soleil.

  64. "le cadada a toujours été divisé,rien de nouveau sous le soleil. "

    Et le meme chose pour le Quebec, comme je disant.

    Je ne suis pas du l'Ontario.

    Poor little quebecois, que vous etes. ;)


    999,999 don't give a crap about Loco Locass and none ever read a book by VLB.
    (and before you say it, trust me it ain't no loss)'' Vous m'excuserez d'être pointilleux sur les chiffres mais les services financés par l'ensemble des Québécois sont pour la minorité de langue maternelle anglaise. Les autres peuvent bien parler anglais s'ils le veulent par contre, ce n'est pas à la majorité de payer pour eux. C'est comme ça partout sur la planète, je ne vois pas pourquoi ça serait différent ici. Allez donc demander aux Californiens de financer des écoles hispanique à la très grande communauté latino-américaine. S'ils choisissent l'anglais au Québec, et bien que voulez-vous, cela démontre non seulement le mépris mais bien le manque de mordant de la Loi 101. Les milieux de travail doivent être français. Si vous avez à faire affaire avec des clients étrangers, aucun problème à ce que l'anglais ou une autre langue soit utilisée. Par contre, je ne vois pas pourquoi il s'agit d'avoir un anglophone dans un groupe pour que tout se déroule en anglais dans un milieu de travail québécois. Même chose en Ontario, vous pouvez demander aux francophones s'ils travaillent beaucoup en français, mis-à-part certaines organisations. Ça ne se fait même pas au Gouvernement fédéral, je vous laisse imaginer le reste...

  66. "Je ne suis pas du l'Ontario."

    Encore plus creux dans l'Ouest canayen alors?
    Les vastes plaines champêtres aux horizons infinis?

    Un jour j'irai explorer ces lieux et en profiterai pour y acheter un joli "cowboy hat".