Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bruins/Canucks- A Matchup Made in Heaven!

There were a lot of Quebeckers pulling for the Tampa Bay Lightening to go to the Stanley Cup Finals instead of the hated Boston Bruins, but reality tells us that this is the best matchup that we could have realistically expected going into the playoffs.

There's a big Quebec French connection in Tampa Bay, including the coach and two of its biggest stars.
But a Tampa Bay/Canucks would have been disastrous for the league with interest in the States in the toilet.

Canadian versus American, 
West coast versus East coast 
Yuppie versus blue collar,  

A match that's got something for every fan!

Of course we wanted our Canadiens to do well, but no realistic Montreal hockey fan could have reasonably believed that the Canadiens had the goods to carry them to the finals. The loss of Markov, Pacioretty and Georges due to injury was too much of a handicap.

That being said  Canadiens seem to have a bright future. After watching the entire playoffs so far, I remain convinced that Carey Price is the most valuable goaltender in the NHL. Not one goalie looked as sharp as him and all had serious lapses and terrible giveaway goals, especially Luongo and Thomas who ironically face off against each other for the cup.

Given their druthers, I bet both coach Claude Julien and Alain Vigneault would rather have Price in nets over what they've got.

Now that  Tamps Bay is out of the way, there is no excuse for Quebeckers not to root for Van City.

As for the Quebec connection, there's four Montrealers on the Canucks team, Alexandre Bolduc , Maxim LapierreAlexandre Burrows and even one Anglo-Montrealer in the bunch Roberto Luongo!

I don't think there's another NHL team with four Montrealers!

Can it be that all of Canada is behind the Canucks?



  1. "Can it be that all of Canada is behind the Canucks?"

    Considering that most NHL players---including the Boston Bruins I assume---are Canadians, I would have to say no. Some Canadians are probably rooting for their sons, nephews, or brothers to win the Cup for Boston.

  2. The barbarian hordes are at the gates, and it's up to Vancouver to beat them back. Bloody right I'll be cheering for Van, anybody who can bring Boston down.

    As a long time Habs fan, I've always had a healthy dislike for the Bruins, but this year Boston crossed the line of adversarial respect and my feelings have mushroomed into full steam ahead hate. Vancouver looks like a very solid team, I hope they can put an end to the madness.

    I thought the same thing about Price after watching some other series. After seeing other goalies play I couldn't help but notice how technically sound and graceful Price's game is in comparison. His style is precise, fast, and strong, and best of all, he keeps getting better. Like his team mates say, he's the HABs number one player.

    I totally miss Maxime. He was a fun player. I'd root for Van just for that. What a happy dude he must be right now. He got traded into a golden situation. I'm happy for him.
    Go Van Go!!

  3. No, no, no and no!

    I dislike the sentiment that just because the Canucks are a Canadian franchise then they are the team Canadians should root for. Thanks but no thanks, sir.

    By the same logic I need to support the Toronto Raptors every year. Uh-huh. For me, choose a team, be loyal and stick with it. I prefer that the Canuck win, but their location on Canadian soil makes no difference.

    These are my teams and I cheer for them.

    Montreal Alouettes
    Montreal Canadiens
    New England Patriots
    Los Angeles Lakers
    A.C. Milan
    Team Canada
    Die Mannschaft
    New Zealand All Blacks

  4. Any team but the habs. Sorry

    Cheering for a Canadian team yes. habs are a Quebec team which disqualifies them from being a Canadian team.

  5. I always root for whatever team is playing against the Montreal Canadiens, because the Canadiens are the team of Quebec nationalists and sovereignists.

  6. Is the NHL the only professional sports league with teams in 3 nations?

  7. "Marco said...
    Is the NHL the only professional sports league with teams in 3 nations?

    JUNE 3, 2011 8:52 AM"

    Hint: Canada and the US equals 2 countries.