Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sex Act? ....Say It Ain't So, Jack!

Maybe that's why he's smiling???
Who knows who has been keeping this bombshell under wraps until needed, but make no mistake, it has to be the most powerful political bombshell ever unloaded in a Canadian election.
"What police say happened on Jan. 9, 1996, was recorded in the former cop's notebook, which was reviewed and photocopied by the Toronto Sun.
The former Asian crime unit officer, who requested anonymity, details a prior police raid on the "premise currently ID as a bawdy house" looking for underage Asian hookers and a subsequent follow-up visit to the two-storey brick storefront on Jan. 9.
At first the policemen didn't realize they were interviewing one of the best-known Toronto politicians who was married to Chow, also a Metro councillor and now the incumbent NDP MP for Trinity-Spadina.
The officer's notebook indicates he asked the suspected john: "Did you receive any sexual services?"
He replied: "No sir, I was just getting a shiatsu."
The cop: "Why did you have all your clothes off?"
The suspected john: No answer.
The cop: "Are you aware that there were sex acts being done here?"The suspected john: "No sir."The woman, who was from mainland China, denied masturbating the suspected john but when the question was repeated became nervous and replied, "I don't know I only come to work today," the cop's notes show.
His notes also claim he saw the "female dump wet Kleenex into garbage" LINK
Boy when you start talking about a wet Kleenex, it's bad news.

For Canadians, not into the know, a 'Happy Ending' is a massage parlour session that terminates with an 'hand job' or oral sex act.

Jack's wife is defending her spouse's presence in a 'massage parlour' as legitimate. Ugh!
That's a bit sad.
Ladies reading this blog...would you forgive such behaviour?
Methinks, NO!


  1. Cherchez la femme!

    Je parie que cette histoire aura un effet différent sur les puritains du Canada anglais (qui ressemblent aux Américains dans l'affaire Monica Lewinsky) et sur les Québécois.

    On gage combien.

    Jack Layton n'est pas plus véridique quand il cache la vérité sur son "massage" que quand il prétend "respecter" les Québécois.

    Une question.
    Est-ce que les policiers ne devraient pas être tenus "au secret professionnel" comme les avocats , les médecins et les prêtres (voir I Confesse d' Alfred Hitchcock).

    Prière de ne pas vous attarder, mesdames, sur la dernière syllabe du nom du maître du suspense.

    Robert Barberis-Gervais

  2. Editor, O Editor: The Kennedys, Clinton, even PET, had indiscretions and were seemingly forgiven for them. Isn't this real old hat? At least half the male population seeks extramarital adventure.

    My late mother, MSRIP, a registered nurse and one of the few women of her era to not only complete high school, but earn a post-secondary professional title, once told me that men by nature are not monogamous.

    We stopped being a prim and proper society decades ago, TV shows and movies practically condone and legitimize free sex, so what's the idea of all this? Are voters going to change over Jack's indiscretion from 15 years ago?

    If Olivia is singing the late Tammy Wynette's Stand by your Man, let it go. If I was going to vote for LAYton, I'd vote for him notwithstanding the indiscretion. I didn't vote for Harper at the advanced polls because I think he's an iconic leader, I did so because I felt the Conservative policies are the best ones currently serving the country. They're not wonderful, but our conservative banking policies and fiscal policy (despite the huge deficit last year) were the best ones offered.

    In the 1981-82 recession (really a depression in Canada considering our GDP shrunk 5% that year with a prime interest rate of 22% and "official" unemployment of 13% (really much higher)) the Liberals ran year after year of $30+ billion deficits after we never saw deficits above $3 billion before that.

    In his 1984 budget, then Finance Minister, Marc Lalonde, announced his $29.5 billion projected deficit (it was over $34 billion in the end) was "fiscally responsible". HUH? WHAAAAAAAT?

    I didn't care for a $55 billion deficit, but at least the Conservatives kept within their projected deficit ($56 billion) for one year offering stimuli to keep things going as opposed to American deficits hitting the trillion dollar mark and beyond. Taking inflation into account, our deficit last year was no worse than Trudeau's deficits that took place year after year and the Liberals spent like drunken sailors on leave.

    Allen MacEachen, Lalonde's predecessor during the Trudeau era, first said his deficit in his Nov 12, 1981 budget (and THAT was obsolete as he was reading it in the house) the deficit that year would be $10.5 billion. On June 28, 1982, in a follow-up "economic address", he re-projected that deficit to $19.5 billion, and when the final figures came down the pike, the actual figure was $23 billion. OOPS! His original projections were only off by about 120%. Oh well.

    As previously stated, labour governments tend to rob from the middle class to pay the poor. Remember Boob Rae: Left office of Ontario premier with a provincial tax rate of 58% of the basic federal tax (BFT) in 1995; Mike Harris left office in 2003 with a BFT rate of 39.5%. 58% vs 39.5%. What tax rate would you rather pay?

  3. "I didn't vote for Harper at the advanced polls because I think he's an iconic leader, I did so because I felt the Conservative policies are the best ones currently serving the country."


  4. Wow thanks for publishing this information,it is so critical in our current political environment to have a "happy ending". I m now more than ever commited to Jack and the NDP

  5. To Anon @ right above.
    If you're voting for Jack, you should be committed!

  6. Anon @ 3:26PM: What I'm stating is Harper is the least of the four evils...including Da Bloc in that group of four.

    Let the vote split between the NDP and Grits. If that happens, Harper gets his majority (unlikely), the NDP gets first-time-ever respect in Quebec (that won't last beyond this election), and even if Quebec loves Jack Layton (fear not, he'll find some way to let Quebec down), Harper will avenge Quebec's snub, hopefully with a majority government that will be in place to butcher Quebec's precious equalization payments when the formula is next amended in 2014).

  7. Best case scenario on Monday is NDP and bloc cut each others support in 3 way races that Libs and cons win the majority of seats in Quebec. That saying Harper doesn't get his absolute majority though he is able to pass a bill that gives 30 extra seats in the rest of Canada.

    There was an interesting editorial in the Gazette about how anglo and allo ridings in Quebec are so much larger then Francophone ridings. Redrawing of the boundaries in Quebec to correct anglo and allo voting boundaries would be an added plus.

  8. With THE Anne-Marie Losique and all those strip clubs and not to say maison de débauches, I taught Quebeckers were all OPEN MIND. It's not the case or its just to appear more intelligent?

  9. Although I'm pretty sure this story about Layton isn't true.....Let us, for the sake of argument, imagine that Jack Layton actually did go to a seedy massage parlor specifically to purchase a sexual act.

    Was the woman a minor? No.
    Were there ...any drugs involved?
    Was anyone hurt?

    I actually don't think prostitution, when it is between two consenting sober adults in private, is that big a deal.
    Not something I would do, but I don't really see why it's considered so scandalous.... we got bigger issues to face than whether or not someone got a blow job...sorry to be so indiscreet :P

  10. Anon @ 7:19pm: With respect to the disproportionately large ridings in the Montreal area, you're pertaining to the Quebec electoral map, currently 125 constituencies, of which only 28 are on the Island of Montreal.

    Considering the Island has almost half the population of Quebec, but only 22% of the constituencies, this is an enormous imbalance, and I'm shocked Premier John James "Goldilocks" Charest hasn't passed a bill on electoral reform in his three mandates. He's nuts not to do so considering how Montreal east of St. Lawrence St. is utterly Liberal.

    Twice in history the Liberal Party of Quebec lost elections with a greater number of votes, the second time in 1998. I'm shocked Goldilocks didn't make electoral reform a huge priority when he won his first majority in 2003. It was a golden opportunity to balance the scales, especially more in his favour.

    Even in the 1994 election, the popular vote was a dead heat between the PLQ and PQ at 44.7% each, but the PQ got the nod because of those miniscule constituencies in the boondocks.

    So here it is, decades later since the PQ in the 80s made every attempt to tip the scales in their favour and Goldilocks hasn't done thing one about it. If he's interested in re-election, he better re-examine his priorities to improve his chances.

    BTW, I'm not implying electing Goldilocks again is a good thing, but I would reckon he'd want to do whatever he can to save his bacon. Then again, maybe not.

    In Ontario, where provincial elections in comparison to Quebec's are about as interesting as watching paint dry on walls (and I'm grateful for that), Mike Harris, when he was premier scrapped the Ontario electoral map and adopted the federal map. This reduced the number of provincial MPPs (the equivalent of MNAs in Quebec) from 130 to 103, and now 107.

    Harris figured the federal map was sufficient, it cut the number of politicians down and saved money, reducing our tax rate from 58% of the federal tax rate in 1995 when Rae and his NDP surprise of 1990 was voted out of office to 39.5% when Harris left office about eight years later. Under current federal electoral reform, this is now 107 seats, but it will go up again.

    Whatever the case, Ontario has about 40% more population than Quebec, yet still has fewer seats in its provincial legislature than Quebec does. On the other hand, it's not practical for Quebec to follow the federal model because by doing so, they'd have to cut the number of MNAs in Quebec by 40%! In Quebec I guess that makes no sense because it's an intelligent way to cut the size of government and save on taxes.

    Gee, does tnat mean by amalgamating some of those PQ-biased little constituencies in the country, it can save Quebec taxpayers money, and eliminate some of the bias the PQ enjoys in provincial elections? Good gravy! What am I thinking?

    When I left Quebec in late 1984, there were 57 city counsellors making up Montreal municipal government, so I shudder to think how many there are now! Toronto has less than half that many city counsellors and it's a much, much bigger city in terms of population. Then again, I guess that's a discussion for another time, another topic.

  11. A tous les Francophones qui ont l'intention de voter conservateur,lisez ceci: