Thursday, March 17, 2011

Are Quebeckers Being Brainwashed?- Part Four

Everyday, language militants and a complicit media flood Quebec with stories and urban myths of French language and culture gloom and doom. The sheer weight and pervasiveness of these stories, true, false or half-true, all lead to the general impression among francophone Quebeckers that they are on the road to linguistic assimilation at the hands of the dastardly English who are portrayed as having tried to eliminate the French fact for 400 years.

Of course the popular myth remains that Quebec has not been assimilated to date through the dynamic and historic resistance mounted by a people determined to save their language and culture.

Hmmm......quite a story.

I'm not going to delve into the above subject today, readers can draw their own conclusion as to the veracity of that argument...

After decades of failing to sell sovereignty on its merits, language militants and separatists have embarked on a cynical campaign of trying to frighten and intimidate Quebeckers into moving towards a more radical position and to do so, they have embarked on the most egregious combination of lies and distortion.

By mixing in enough truth to make their stories somewhat plausible, it's amazing what they can get away with when the mainstream press, who are generally sympathetic, fail to offer even the most basic critical review.

And so on any given day Anglophones may be depicted as a Mongol horde, over-running the island of Montreal or alternately as a small insignificant minority that is coddled.

Arguments are made one way only to be reversed on another day. Statistics are invented, or misinterpreted and illogical conclusions are drawn from facts that don't really exist.

Phony baloney research is produced by in house separatists which is then offered as impartial proof of exactly what is desired to be proved, somewhat akin to asking a group of archbishops to form a group to decide the question of whether there is a God.
Chief language mouthpiece for the PQ, Pierre Curzi is the master of this dishonest practice of manufacturing unscientific studies and then quoting them as gospel.  LINK

Here is a video that I uploaded a while ago, which if you haven't seen, is rather interesting. It is a speech given by Mario Beaulieu where he tells one outrageous falsehood after another, all the while sounding like he knows what he is talking about.

I have yet to decide if Mr. Beaulieu is a moron or a cleverly cheeky bastard, so insulting is his use of  creative interpretations of statistics and his outright ability to lie that he neatly personifies the Gobbels description of the Big lie.
Wash, rinse, repeat.

A couple of days ago the Canadian Senate published a report that anglophone communities outside Montreal are in trouble. Truthfully, it wasn't much of a revelation, everyone in Quebec knows that Anglos have been in decline in the Quebec regions. The Montreal Gazette scooped the Senate report a couple of weeks ago with an excellent piece on the subject.

That being said, before the ink was dry, there was Mr. Beaulieu offering the standard opinion that Anglophones in Quebec are coddled. It's likely that he didn't even read the report since none of his critique was based on anything said in the report. For Beaulieu, 'pulling a Nixon' is standard operating procedure, one of his many talents. LINK{FR}.

On and on it goes, but remarkably, many Quebeckers don't bite.

Given the overwhelming brainwashing effort, it amazes me that the majority still believe in Canada and still believe in the benefits of speaking two languages and so one of the reasons that the brain washers need to work so hard is that they don't really  enjoy popular support.

Perhaps this reluctance to be 'treated' speaks to Quebeckers general mistrust of officials and politicians. It's a Quebec trait to take these people with a grain of salt. No where in Canada are politicians held in such low esteem. The last Premier of Quebec that was generally popular was Rene Levesque, thirty years ago. Today the popularity and trust accorded to these people is so low that that nothing they say is believed.

The brainwashers do their thing, people listen but seem to act otherwise, in their own self-interest. A general consensus is that immigrants should be forced into French schools but not francophones.

The latest poll shows that among Quebeckers, Premier Charest is less popular than Colonel Khadifi is among Libyans. That's pretty low. But The opposition isn't doing much better.

And yesterday the results of a poll must have sent shivers up the spine of hardline sovereignists and French language militants.
A Leger poll found that 80% of Quebeckers believe that bilingualism is an advantage for Quebeckers.

Only 31% (which corresponds roughly with the hardliners) believe that this bilingualism represents a danger to the preservation of the French language. Download a PDF of the Poll

Given these numbers one can ask why media attention doesn't represent this majority view at all.
In fact all we ever here from, is that minority of language militants.

How would fairness in the media affect these numbers?


  1. Off topic today but check out Looks like some people are accusing them of being racist. The comments are rather interesting as is the reaction from the PQ.

  2. Editor,

    I require a clarification. Your story says 80% of Quebecers feel bilingualism is a good thing, while 31% say English is all bad. 80% + 31% = 111%. Your math is throwing ME off! Please clarify.

  3. Mississauga Guy said. @ right above

    Very astute, but it's not a mistake.

    There were two different questions. You can download the poll even if you don't speak French.
    The first question asked if bilingualism was a good thing and 80% answered YES.
    The second questions asked if this bilingualism is a danger to the French language and 31% also answered Yes.
    It's a bit of a paradox, but understandable.
    Over 66% of Quebeckers agree with free choice in language education, yet over 80% support Bill 101 which bans that exact concept.
    Go figger......

  4. OK, Editor, my bad. I didn't catch on it was two separate questions, but the paradox is no surprise. The Quebec government tries to sell the point of having its cake and eating it too.