Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shoe Store Boycott Roundly Defeated!

Hmm... I thought Communists were against child exploitation!
 After the publicity concerning Amir Khadir joining the boycott of a Montreal shoe store by a motley crew of communists and the anti-Israel PAJU organization, the blowback has thoroughly defeated any attempt to make an example of the small merchant by affecting his sales volume. 

Actually, I stand corrected. The demonstrators and the attached publicity has affected the small store's volume....in a positive way!

Last Saturday, demonstrators who once again tried to keep people out of the store were greeted by Montrealers determined to break the boycott.

Over 150 people showed up and bought shoes, increasing Mr. Archambault's sales volume by 500%..

This wasn't just a reaction by Montreal's Jewish community, Richard Martineau (columnist for Le Journal de Montreal) and his wife went to the store to buy shoes to show solidarity against intimidation..

A typical reaction of those buying shoes was this, by a Montreal Gazette reader;
"I'm off to buy some Israeli made sandals at a store I'd never heard of before." Montreal Gazette

The success or failure of the boycott is not lost on opposing forces.

A successful boycott would have resulted in more intimidation of merchants on St. Denis Street, where PAJU wanted to create an Israeli-free zone. By successfully intimidating a small merchant first, they hoped to trigger a domino effect.

After seeing the sales results, I'm sure other merchants would welcome such a boycott of their premises!!
There was some light scuffling between demonstrates and irate customers, with the latter no doubt looking to start something bigger.  Policeman stopped by sporadically to keep the peace and to limit demonstrators from blocking the entrance.

In a radio interview  the reporter who broke the story, Eric Duhaime, wondered how the protesters were allowed to camp out in front of the store each week, considering that if the merchant put a table of wares out on the street in front of his store, the police would immediately force him to withdraw, under penalty of fine. Hmm..... Listen in French

Curiously, no cameras or reporters were on hand to report the goings-on, not even the English media.

One would expect Radio-Canada the French CBC to avoid any story that showed Mr. Khadir in a bad light.
The vast majority of reporters working at the publicly financed network are bone fide members of the 'Clique du Plateau,' decidedly sovereignist and vehemently anti-Canadian, United States and of course, Public Enemy Number One-Israel.
On Nov. 8, Radio-Canada host Simon Durivage drew an equivalence between Israel, Iran and Sudan on the political talk show 'Le match des élus.' Radio-Canada has since acknowledged that Durivage drew an "inappropriate comparison" noting that "Iran and Sudan were in no way suitable examples." Link Eng...   ...See the subtitled comments on YouTub

Keep shopping!!!!


  1. Mississauga Guy said...

    Oboyoboy! I'm first, or near the front of the blog this time! Big deal, but hopefully I can somewhat set the pace for today's string.

    It is with the greatest of glee that I congratulate Yves Archambault and his small enterprise boutique 'Le Marcheur' for standing up to those rabid racist animals that Quebec is importing into its fold (and can have them all as far as I'm concerned).

    I don't imagine the windfall Mr. Archambault is currently experiencing will last more than a few weeks, but if it does, more power to him and his decades-old successful family business. At least he'll have a merrier Christmas than he predicted he'd have a few weeks ago!

    To the Archambault family and patrons who came out of their way to support this enterprise, all the best. To the Khadir father and son, they should own a mansion with ten thousand rooms and in every one of those rooms, they should have a progressively worsening illness as they file into each and every one of those rooms!

  2. Bravo! M. Archambault. Vous etes tres formidable epuis je suis tres fievre. Plus de courage a vous!!!

  3. How come you knew you where first ? Your little friend (the other racist)... no doubt.

    Well, I bought tons of imported products in Montreal years ago. Now someone is trying to prouve something else.

    All the best for three or four picwicks to entertain themselves with their anti-French feelings on the blog. They don't have jobs. They talk constantly against Francophones, in their back only. ( Yes, its hipocrisy coming from a hate gang )- Do you people know all the causes and the effects, did you hear a lawyer in this case ?

    In Toronto the mega stores are starting to speak Greek, Japanese, Arabic, except French. Of course, it doesn't count for you. French is not a language. May be the Francophones should boycott there... a new blog has been created lately : anglos, shit and roses.

  4. To ALLCAPS @11:50AM
    I'm glad you have finally chosen to conform.

    Now try to make sense.

  5. It may take some courage to stand up to bullies. But, once you do, you'll see that they have no standing power at all, and will go done faster than you can ever imagine.

  6. Shame on you Khadir, you remind me of those uneducated wannabe jihadists.

  7. Interesting read, the guy presents some facts which Comrade Khadir conveniently disregards (got the link from Marissal's comment section)

    Here is the interview between Dutrizac and Khadir:
    Note in the interview Khadir says "he will eventually start a boycott of products from other countries" Anyone want to start a countdown? ;)

  8. A definite sign that Khadir mask is falling off, even la presse has lambasted him,
    must read: http://www.cyberpresse.ca/chroniqueurs/lysiane-gagnon/201012/20/01-4354210-khadir-le-fanatique.php

  9. Should Khadir be impeached for incitement to racial/ethnic hatred ? Now that's a good question.

  10. Here's an article (in french) on Vigile by none other than Bruce Katz himself.
    Note the same ol' tripe about Tutu, apartheid and so on.

  11. If they had a website I'd buy shoes from this store.

    These moronic palestinians are demonstrating very clearly to all Canadians how stupid, arrogant and racist they are.

    Support Isreal, boycott everything palestinian