Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Bilingual Supreme Court & Other Asymmetric Nonsense

News that the Conservative government is using every device it can find to kill Bill C-232 in the Senate isn't sitting well among francophone intellectuals, who decry the Harper government's decision to thwart efforts to require Supreme Court judges to be bilingual as a condition of employment.
“The government is fundamentally opposed to the bill because we believe that we must be guided by the principles of merit and legal excellence,” Ms. LeBreton said. She said the bill discriminates against unilingual Canadians and would reduce the pool of qualified candidates for the Supreme Court.
The proposition was sent to the Senate by a majority vote in the House of Commons that succeeded because all the opposition parties voted in favour of the Bill, a political ploy by which the Liberals and NDPers plan to embarrass the government, knowing full well, that the Harperites would never tolerate such an idea.

As the Bill faces a lingering death in the Senate, voices are being raised across the editorial pages in Quebec voicing concern that the use of the unelected Senate to block the 'will of the elected' is unethical as well as unfair.
The Bill's sponsor, Yves Godin, a NDP member from Acadie-Bathurst, in New-Brunswick (a francophone riding) is furious that after eight months the Bill is going nowhere. Every time it comes up for debate, the Conservative senators use a variety of devices to keep the Bill from reaching the committee in an effort to stall until the Conservatives achieve an absolute majority in the Senate. That happened this week when the Prime Minister named two more Conservatives to the senate and the balance of power shifted to the Conservative side.

The debate over a bilingual Supreme Court is interesting because it isn't really a fight for bilingualism, rather it is a brawl between francophones and anglophones over political control of the Canada's highest court.

The argument is made that it is important that judges be able to hear cases without the aid of simultaneous translation, as a courtesy and necessity to Francophones petitioners, who should be accorded the right to be heard directly.

This argument is patently foolish and doesn't hold up to scrutiny at all.

In lower court cases (below the appellate division), be it civil or criminal, it is important for judges to assess the veracity, truthfulness and credibility of the witnesses. This requires a judge to be able to understand the language spoken, either English or French.

But the Supreme Court is different, the legal arguments presented by lawyers are based on sterile legalities and the oratorical skill of the presenter is irrelevant. The arguments always refer to points of law, and lawyers argue dispassionately without the device of showmanship, hyperbole or theatrics, which would actually be detrimental to one's chances to prevail.

There is zero chance that anything is lost by the use of simultaneous translation, and to say so, is utter tripe.

The questions put to lawyers by the Supremos after the presentation, are mostly technical and again translation has no deleterious affect. In fact, the oral question and answer phase is the least important part of the process, with the submitted brief what the Supreme Court actually uses to decide. Supreme Court cases are debated and decided behind closed doors.

The idea that Supreme Court judges should be bilingual may sound like a noble design, but it does in fact place a terrible burden and disadvantage to provinces like British Columbia, where French trials are practically unheard of and where French jury trials are restricted to just one jurisdiction, in New Westminster.

Do you think this fact is lost on those arguing for a bilingual Supreme Court?

Perhaps the learned jurists who argue for bilingual judges should be reminded of the principle of the 'balance of inconvenience'

Shutting out highly qualified Anglophone jurists is too high a price to pay for bilingualism. Only about 10 % of anglophones are bilingual as opposed to around 40 % of francophones and the majority come from Quebec. 

The argument being offered by francophones is that the inconvenience should fall on the court, not the appellants, but the vast majority of Canadians are not bilingual and the court should reflect a cross-section of Canada. To be anything else is an 'inconvenience' to Canadians.

By the same logic, one could argue that all members of Parliament should also be bilingual, so that they may understand other member's speeches without any mechanical aid, another patently stupid and antidemocratic idea that would favour the minority over the majority.

The demand for bilingualism is nothing more than another power grab by Quebec to bolster the over-influence that the province already bears on the Supreme Court, a back door attempt that is rightfully and heroically being fended off by the government of the day.

Quebec already enjoys an asymmetrical representation on the Supreme Court with an enshrined right to three out of the nine judges, an over representation of almost 30%.

The debate over Mr. Harper's plan to add 30 more 'anglophone' seats to the federal Parliament is also being assailed in Quebec as inherently unfair.

Bloc Quebecois members are quick to argue in favour of an asymmetrical division of power in Ottawa that would increase Quebec and francophone power beyond that which the demographic numbers would justify, on the basis that it is the only way for francophones to have some level of say in the direction and policies of this country.

Canadians are not an unkind or ungenerous people. The idea of asymmetry could actually fly,  save for the one fly in the ointment.
Quebec too, would have to act in good faith.

For the separatists, it's a case of having one's cake and eating it too. While militating for sovereignty, under any and all circumstances,  they exhort Canadians to be more generous with the division of powers.

Ugh, Ugh.. that doesn't work for the ROC.

As long as Quebec sends separatists to Ottawa, the idea of giving Quebec more than proportional power is  beyond ludicrous and no federal government should ever entertain the notion.

As long as Quebec voters sends separatists to Ottawa, every effort should be made by federalists to limit any courtesy or accommodation.

For Quebec, being an engaged and committed member part of this federation is a prerequisite to obtaining special treatment.

I wonder if these legal eagles who are arguing for an asymmetrical division of power to the benefit of Quebec and francophones would also extend the privilege to the anglophone minority in Quebec.

Anglophone and ethnic voters in the heavily populated urban ridings in the western and central part of the island of Montreal are already penalized in the provincial Parliament by having their vote worth about half of that of francophone voters in ridings in the boonies.

The decidedly anglo riding of Nelligan in the west island of Montreal boasts a voter base of 54,000 compared to just 27,000 in the exclusively francophone Gaspé riding.

Subsequently Anglos and ethnics are badly under-represented in Quebec National Assembly.
Consider that there are less than a dozen bone fide anglos and ethnics in Parliament (Some francophone members claim ethnic roots, they don't count) while demographics dictate that there should be over twenty.

Addressing this injustice (adding four or five new anglophone/allophone seats) would redress the unfair situation and for good measure and in keeping with the policy of asymmetric representation, perhaps even more of these seats could be added, beyond what pure demographics indicate.

This would lead to anglophones and allophones having a much larger say in Quebec's Parliament and is the exact same argument made by francophones who demand asymmetric representation in Ottawa.

Ridiculous? ....You bet.

In Quebec the idea of granting anglophones more voting power is laughable.

In Ottawa, granting francophones more voting power is fair...


  1. The Supreme Court is already bilingual in the sense that cases may be heard in either official language. The demand for SC justices to be fluently bilingual is hardly surprising given that - I think it was Mark Steyn who said it - Canada is two unilingual communities governed by a bilingual elite. Supreme Court justices are part of that elite.

    There needs to be more protection of unilingual Canadians. There is no real reason why the RCMP in British Columbia should have spend the time and money translating press releases into French, nor Should Pauline Marois have to learn English as part of her job of leading the PQ.

  2. If this Bill doesn't see the light of day in Ottawa, good on Harper for not giving in to the Quebec seppies. It's about time that someone makes it clear to the Quebecois that they can't eat the whole pie, especially when they don't give any piece to their minorities.

    From now on, when Quebec doesn't like a policy that benefits the majority of Canadians, they should politely be asked to leave the federation or suck it up. Besides, I highly doubt that any minority language, ESPECIALLY ENGLISH, will be given official status in a sovereign Quebec.

    In other words.....DON'T GIVE IN STEPHEN!!!!!

    Anglo Montrealer

  3. Mississauga Guy said...

    In addition to fine points by C.B. above, why is everyone but me ignoring the elephant in the room?

    This is why I'm screaming from the rooftops of this blog WE NEED A FEDERAL POLITICAL PARTY THAT PUTS ENGLISH CANADIANS FIRST! Nobody seems to want to acknowledge that yet this is another example of WHY this is a requirement!

    We need an EQUALIZER! For the last 20 years there has been no shortage of Quebec separatists in Ottawa of all places. Doesn't ANYBODY see this is treason? No doubt, it's one of the few downsides of democracy where this sort of thing is allowed to happen. Since we can't seem to beat this elephant wearing the Quebec Nordiques blue and white, we need an equalizer in red and white to fight back this ridiculousness.

    If somebody has a better idea than a federal Anglo party, please present your idea(s) NOW!

    As I've written before, it's not meant to be one man's idea, i.e., all mine. It would require a grass roots organization across the country, INCLUDING Quebec, but only in predominantly non-francophone constituencies. Interested parties in ALL constituencies are welcome to contribute and make the party possible. I would hope we could come up with a party that is inviting and open, not closed to limited party faithful and hand-picked faves of the party leaders. The idea of "appointment" of the party leader à la Michael Ignatieff without a convention or vote by universal suffrage is absurd and absolutely unacceptable!

    If this blue and white elephant in the room isn't addressed soon, the "elite" are going to win. Then what? At 33% of the judges currently, Quebec is already overrepresented in the Supreme Court. Quebec has 22% of the population and also has the lion's share of equalization payments and other federal handouts to the provinces. C'MON FOLKS! WAKE UP FOR ONCE IN YOUR COMPLACENT LIVES! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  4. "...will be given official status in a sovereign Quebec."

    Comme si vous aviez le choix.Lorsqu'il sera question de commerce entre le Québec et le Canada, les considérations politiques passeront bon deuxième.Comme vous le dites si bien "money talk".

  5. "...INCLUDING Quebec, but only in predominantly non-francophone constituencies."

    Wow!Très bonne idée,très innovatrice.Pourquoi personne n'y a pensé avant?

  6. I suggest that you send letters to all members of the senate to voice your opinions on this issue. I know I did some months ago when the misguided house of commons passed this bill which would openly discriminate against the anglo majority of Canada. Fortunately, the senate saw fit to stall this ill fated legislation and now, with a conservative majority in the senate, the bill will most certainly, go up in smoke as it should. It was rather amusing to see "franco stooge" Grahame Fraser (official language commissioner) make a statement that the current chief justice of the supreme court, Beverley MacGlauglin, is bilingual and is from Alberta. The statment was to reinforce that there are bilingual judges from the West. What Fraser conveniently left out was that Ms. MacGlauglin became bilingual after being named to the supreme court (at your an my expense) and had bill C232 been in effect at the time, she would have never qualified for the position. Great posturing, Mr. Fraser.

    We have enough French in the civil service of Canada and of course there are those who will pressure for more which is both costly to the taxpayer and completely unnecessary in the majority of Canada. For instance the federal civil service Quota for bilingual hiring in Canada is 5% in SK while only 0.4% of the population routinely utilize french in their households in this province. You will find similar results across all provinces in Canada (except Quebec and NB) . Expensive and totally unnecessary. Across the nation we have 40% hiring quotas for bilinguals when in fact the french unilingual figure is a mere 13% of the population. Does this make any sense? Of course not...just as the weighting of the supreme court at this time with Quebec being over-represented by nearly 10%.

    This is a classic case of reverse discrimination sanctioned by the federal government of Canada.

    Good on the conservative senate for stopping any further erosion of the rights of the anglo majority of Canada.

  7. les considérations politiques passeront bon deuxième.Comme vous le dites si bien "money talk".

    Yes, in a sovereign Quebec they will speak a lot more English to interract with the rest of North America. The Americans have no interest in speaking a dieing language.

  8. "The Americans have no interest in speaking a dieing language."

    L'argent a le pouvoir de redonner de la vigueur même a une langue.Les américains n'ont qu'une langue et c'est l'argent,surtout ces temps-ci.

  9. "The Americans have no interest in speaking a dieing language."

    Si nous pouvons le faire avec les canadians pourquoi pas avec les americans?

  10. Good post.

    I can't wait for the 30 extra seats in Ottawa.

  11. "Si nous pouvons le faire avec les canadians pourquoi pas avec les americans?"

    Pourquoi, mon petit Quebecois, car, les americans n'avez pas une loi comme le OLA dans leur terre. Un loi dont est pas juste pour le majorite des gens dans notre natione.

  12. @ Anon 10:12 AM

    Maybe because the USA will not be part of a sovereign Quebec? And secondly, Americans are not whimps like Canadians. They won't put with your "nous sommes un peuple, nous sommes un pays, nous sommes un petits peuples" bullshit. They'll politely asked to be served in English only or they'll take their business somewhere else. Making English an official language in a sovereign Quebec will be in Quebec's economic and sociopolitical interests, but of course they won't because they will be too busy promoting their 19th century mentality.

  13. What’s really going on?

    I wonder if people realize what’s going on in this country. Quebec has spent the last 5 decades wiping out the English language and culture from the province with racist, anti-English language laws such as bill 22, 178, 101…This is a fact. Racism, intolerance, bigotry, ethnic language cleansing and human rights violations still going on in the province of Quebec.

    Ya, Quebec, where the English, Scottish, Irish, United Empire Loyalists… built up the province of Kebec (original native spelling) since 1763. Yes, the same province of Kebec where the Union Jack and Red Ensign flew until 1950. Again, just the facts…This lie, this hoax, this revisionist nonsense that Quebec is a French province and that Canada is bilingual is just that, an outright lie. Fact: We have been part of the British Empire since 1763.We were officially an English speaking country for over 200 years, again just the facts.

    Almost 1 million people have been forced out of the province of Kebec due to this type of hatred/lie/spin… While all this is going on in Quebec they are forcing the French language outside Quebec in every province. Everything and anything the French demand, they are getting across this entire country. They call it bilingualism (another lie never clearly defined on purpose). What are they really up to? “First Quebec, then we take over the rest of the country, one step at a time…through bilingualism…” PT, “How to take over a country through bilingualism…” SD.

    Ask yourself a simple question. Why are we not teaching our real BNA history? Why are we not teaching our proud UEL history in our schools any longer? Why are francophone’s overrepresented in all government departments, policing,law, heath care…? Don’t believe me, go check the stats’ for yourself.

    Now do you see what this bilingual judge’s debate is really about and more importantly, who’s going to put a stop to this revisionist nonsense?

    Quebec has said no to bilingualism and so should the rest of the country. That’s what’s really going on. Wake up, people! Enough is enough!

  14. Even the judges are lazy.... in Canada !
    Only 9 judges speak and understand French against 42% French judges.

    In fact this is what was reported:

    Mme le Juge L'Heureux-Dubé va même plus loin. Elle soutient que la présence d'un unilingue anglophone sur le banc suprême «oblige les juges francophones à écrire en anglais à l'occasion par suite des délais de traduction qui retardent les jugements». Car les juges rédigent les jugements qu'ils font ensuite circuler entre eux pour commentaires.

    Of course, to have a better cultural sensitivity
    of our canadian reality especially in front of delicate cases in front of the Supreme court, its is useful to know two languages.

    L'ancien collègue de Mme L'Heureux-Dubé, John Major, s'est déjà prononcé contre le bilinguisme obligatoire. Il était lui-même unilingue anglophone. Certains commentateurs anglophones ont fait valoir que seulement 9 % des anglophones étaient bilingues contre 42 % des francophones.

    USA ---- I miss something here, I don't understand we can compare a language issue with USA. Different size, different sensitivity, different philosophy, different charter (a better one, with the pursuit of happiness). Here in Ontario, of course people are even narrower in their mind.... it's awful...

    PS: Steven Harper speak French like a Spanish Cow, but at least he tries. He should be in favour of bilinguilism, if not, he will brake the country, and Quebec will still benefit from the gravy train, if HE decides to. The FRENCH CAN STILL DECIDE.

  15. "...They'll politely asked to be served in English only or they'll take their business somewhere else."

    Faux!Ce n'est plus vrai.Il y a quelques années peu-être mais plus maintenant.Il ne peuvent plus se le permettre.La France vient d'ailleurs de légiférer a ce sujet dans le domaine des transporteurs aériens.

    Les américains ne sont plus la force dominante qu'ils représentaient jadis. Ils ne plus aptent a jouer le rôle du roi sur l'échiquier politique international,comme autrefois.J'ai bien peur que leur déclin ne fait que commencer.Ce siècle ne sera évidemment pas celui des américains.

  16. "...They'll (Americans) politely asked to be served in English only or they'll take their business somewhere else."

    "Faux!Ce n'est plus vrai."

    It is not at all false. It is the case right now. The Americans (and even most Canadians in other provinces) will only do business with Quebec in English. Even if the Americans lose some of their influence, English will still remain the international language of business for a considerable time into the future.

  17. "Faux!Ce n'est plus vrai"

    Of course it is true. France couldn't legislate its way out of a square outhouse. Just look at their economy in shambles due to the people wishing a free ride. Disgusting.

    "Les américains ne sont plus la force dominante..."

    Just in your narrow mind as you dislike anything or anyone who is associated with the English language. Here is a book you should read...."The Next 100 Years" by George Friedman. Maybe there is a French version so you wouldn't have to endure reading english.

    Quebec is a pathetic province and its current debt and impoverishment is due to the Quiet Reveolution and that fact that the province has been run by the pure laine. They have done a remarkable job in destroying which was at one time a great economic power built by whom. Now reduced to taking handouts from the ROC as a pan handler in front of a liquor store. Pathetic.

    Canada would be a much stronger country without Quebec and their continual whining and outright deceit and dishonesty towards the Country as a whole.

    Time for Quebec to take their joual, dishonesty, corrupt politicians and the rest of their rather heavy baggage out of Canada. If its allowed to continue these incompetents will surely bankrupt the rest of us which I believe is their objective.

    GET the F'K OUT.

  18. To the crazy "Beauty Queen":

    "PS: Steven Harper speak French like a Spanish Cow, but at least he tries. He should be in favour of bilinguilism, if not, he will brake the country, and Quebec will still benefit from the gravy train, if HE decides to."

    If Quebec separates, it most certainly will not "benefit from the gravy train" any longer. The transfer payments from the rest of Canada will be cut-off immediately.

  19. "PS: Steven Harper speak French like a Spanish Cow, but at least he tries. He should be in favour of bilinguilism,"

    Think so?

    "After all, enforced national bilingualism in this country isn't mere policy. It has attained the status of a religion. It's a dogma which o-ne is supposed to accept without question."

    "As a religion, bilingualism is the god that failed. It has led to no fairness, produced no unity, and cost Canadian taxpayers untold millions."

    None other than Stephen Harper quoted the above....think he has changed his spots all that much. Well, then, maybe you believe in the tooth fairy as well.

  20. Quebec and the Quebecois remind me of something my father in law told me about socialists.

    They don't have anything.

    They will never have anything.

    And more importantly

    They don't want anyone else to have anything. (this goes double for anglos)

    Kind of sums it up doesn't it?

  21. Oui, je suis d'accord avec vous, les Amerloques n'ont rien à voir avec cela, et puis le français survivra beaucoup mieux sans l'anglophonie tellement exaustive et étouffante au Québec.

    Après tout, chacun a le droit de vivre comme il l'entend, l'acte de Québec nous permetta de ne vivre que chimères entourées de faux-monnayeurs anglais.

    Il y aurait à gagner beaucoup en négociant la perte des jouissances de notre nation face aux hypocrisies d'icelui.

  22. "The transfer payments from the rest of Canada will be cut-off immediately."

    Pas si vite dude!Vous oubliez que le Québec investit beaucoup dans le pétrole albertain,humainement et financièrement.

  23. "...remarkable job in destroying which was at one time a great economic power built by whom."

    En ce cas,vous êtes probablement un des architectes qui avez contribué a échaffauder l'économie américaine car tout s'écroule en ce moment même.Ils se retrouveront bientôt comme la Russie au temps de la guerre froide.Plus de la moitier du budget global en armement et forces militaires sans même atteindre leurs objectifs.

    Pas besoin de vous expliquer ce qui est arrivé avec les soviets quelques décennies plus tard.Les américains sont au bord du gouffre,un échec total : Des hypothèques sur trois générations.Voyez-vous ce phénomène au Québec?

  24. One thing is omitted,by default or not:
    THE FRENCH DECIDES, whether it is in the works or not. It is the lining of the country, and it no longer be underlined as being a third class, because it isn't. There is a price to pay, and for this reason, it is the minority who will decide.

  25. "Pas si vite dude!Vous oubliez que le Québec investit beaucoup dans le pétrole albertain,humainement et financièrement."

    The Quebecois who are working in the Albertan oil industry should be fired, just as construction workers from other provinces are barred from working in Quebec.

    Quebec has already received far more than its fair share of whatever pitiful investment it has made in Albertan oil.

    You're dreaming in technicolor if you think Quebec will still receive transfer/equalization payments from Alberta and other wealthy English speaking provinces if it ever separates from Canada. Quebec's troubled economy and standard of living will go right down the toilet, which it deserves.

  26. "One thing is omitted,by default or not:
    THE FRENCH DECIDES, whether it is in the works or not. It is the lining of the country, and it no longer be underlined as being a third class, because it isn't. There is a price to pay, and for this reason, it is the minority who will decide."

    What the f*&k are you talking about? You don't make any sense. You are obviously lying when you state that you have 5 degrees. You simply do not think and write like someone who is well-educated.

  27. "The Next 100 Years" by George Friedman. Maybe there is a French version so you wouldn't have to endure reading english."

    What do you think i'm doing right now?

  28. C'est cela, c'est la valeur intellectuelle et historique de la nation qui vous chipotent.

    D'abord, les Québécois de souche devraient se faire rémunérer davantage lorsqu'ils travaillent dans une autre province. Pourquoi ? parce qu'ils font partie d'un Canada intolérable dans un pays commun. Un accord devrait être conclu pour les avantager et leur garantir une sécurité sociale.
    (Citoyens en règle, non pas comme des immigrants qui arrivent par grands mouvements à Toronto).

    ..."QC French workers in Alberta should be fired.. they should leave."
    -----They did something similar in Acadia years ago.... you can't learn..

    Nous ne devons rien, mais ABSOLUMENT rien aux Anglophones. Ils ont déjà des dettes MONUMENTALES intellectuelles en souffrances.

    Au point de vue économique, certains produits naturels au Québec ne sont pas encore exploités en ce moment-ci.

    Lorsque le temps arrivera, il y aura beaucoup de choses à payer pour s'assurer de la paix à l'intérieur d'un pays que nous partageons depuis 400 ans. (voies par air, terre etc..). Une rupture dans un mariage se paye, dans un pays aussi. Des experts ont déjà beaucoup cogité sur le sujet qui est ample pour élaborer ici.

    Yes, there is a terrible gap between people educated and phylistins. I don't expect to be understood by you. Your rhetorics are disfunctional and you are part of a "hate-gang" which is anti-francophones. As far as your written style it is violently tattooed with curses. Yyyyyack.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are not a scholar, and you cannot become a student of French courses in a respectable University..
    My marks: -1 / 10

  29. Which debts? Your rhetoric is so evasive you're saying absolutely nothing.

    "Nous ne devons rien, mais ABSOLUMENT rien aux Anglophones. Ils ont déjà des dettes MONUMENTALES intellectuelles en souffrances."

  30. "What do you think i'm doing right now?"

    Obviously not reading Friedmans book...or you would not be so quick to state that America is in such a rapid decline. Why don't you confine your comments to english BTW. This blog is for the most part anglo in nature. I suppose if I were to blog on a french blog I would utilize only french. Why can't you provide everyone with the same courtesay. I know why, your not courteous because of you inherent and deep rooted bigotry. Quebec should leave and good riddance from my perspective. Quebec and the Quebecois are nothing more than parasites living off the blood of others. Please supply an intelligent rebuttal rather than your usual innuendo with no facts. Quebec is a founding member of Canada. No they are not, the french had their asses kicked by the anglos..Yes or NO? Just leave as you and your ilk are simply no longer welcome. Comme tu dits en francais, prendre la porte. You make a complete fool of yourself which is a common trait amongst your fellow quebecois.

  31. @ Phil,

    I wouldn't even propose a question as there is not enough intellectual prowess to provide even a faintly reasonable answer.

  32. "Pas si vite dude!Vous oubliez que le Québec investit beaucoup dans le pétrole albertain,humainement et financièrement."

    You must be delusional. Quebec has been on equalization since the program was started. Quebec has paid for nothing outside of Quebec and in fact, the ROC, has paid for a great many of your grandoise social programs. Get a life or at the minimum a brain.

  33. It is up to you to do your homework. Read and learn FIRST. If you read my message carefully you will decipher a lot.

    It would be appropriate to write essays with a topic such as:

    1. La condition identitaire.

    2. Les quatre droits naturels fondamentaux: liberté, propriété, sûreté, résistance à l’oppression.

    From these topics you will learn a lot. (Research, interviews, etc...

    It is an investment for yourself. People who studied and learned take pride in opinions, especially when they are involved with local politics. You seem to have a genuine interest for Canada and its future.

    Bonne Chance !

  34. 'THE FRENCH DECIDES, whether it is in the works or not. It is the lining of the country,'

    Are you commenting on french decides or joual decides :):) ?? Of course you are low class..look at the calibre of your linguistic abilities. Isn't that what joual is described as.. low brow french.


    Is this your social identity:insults, curses,questions, lack of basic knowledge etc... this is only a blog, but it is self-explanatory, even if you are not a computer geek.

    Do you know what joual means ?
    Laissez-moi vous expliquer. Il s'agit d'un cheval qui chevauche tellement vite, qu'on ne peut pratiquement pas le voir. Or, le "joual" est "arrivé" ou s'est développé par peur de se faire kidnapper notre langue aux mains des Anglais. Il s'agit d'une langue régionale officielle et qui se mérite des prix littéraires.

    Lisez donc l'histoire de la linguistique, de Perret, et encore là, vous apprendrez ce que j'ai appris il y a 26 ans. Vous avez beaucoup à considérer, vous apportez peu, vous ne lisez pas, vous accusez à tord et à travers. Cessez de faire l'enfant.

  36. Enfin toute la question se centralise vers le français. Cela est toute la question. Vous en doutez toujours ? [J'♥ le français !]

    Vous ne faites pas de bon sens monsieur quidam. Vous vous perdez en conjectures. Vous désirez qu'on fustige des Canadiens français qui travaillent en Alberta tandis que vous êtes offensé par un boycot de marchandise provenant de l'Israel ?

    Allez donc vous coucher mon vieux et jouez aux jeux de l'Arcade de votre patelin.

  37. "Do you know what joual means ?"

    Maybe you could try to explain in english so we could fully comrehend your incoherence.

  38. "You seem to have a genuine interest for Canada and its future."

    Vous avez raison avec ca, ma chere amie du Quebec. Specifically, Canada's future without the sniveling, whining and self absorbed Quebecois whom only exhibit self interest with no concern for the general well being of Canada as a whole. The disgusting behavior is even further illustrated by the editor's most recent post with regards to charitable donations in la belle province. This from such an englightened and open group of people!!! Would be interesting to see how Frere Gilles would make out if the BQ had to survive on campaign donations rather than the taxpayers of Canada. I suspect not so well considering the Green Party in the last election had nearly twice he private donations as the BQ in Quebec. This practice (toonie for every vote) should be stopped as the Conservatives attempted two years ago. The result, the liberals, NDP and BQ trying to hijack the government in power. Shows where their level of support is really at, doesn't it.

    Vivre Canada sans Quebec et des Quebecois.
    Un vrais paradise pour les gens dans de le ROC.


    If you don't understand French use a dictionary
    Lazy bum.

  40. YOUR poverty starts in the mind....

  41. "If you don't understand French use a dictionary
    Lazy bum."

    Je n'ai pas temps pour faire le tranductione.

    Now, why not enlighten us as to the "facts" of how Quebec is beneficial to Canada and what the Quebecois bring to the table other than greasy potatoes and fromage, which BTW, is bad for ones health. You much Quebec contributes to equalization payments, how much Quebec culture contributes to the poor souls in Western Canada, what great deals Quebec has made with Newfoundland, what monumental issues the BQ has contributed to the federal government. etc etc etc.

    J'vais attendre pour ton commentaires. :)

  42. @anon 10:58

    J'en ai une pour vous:

    Comment se fait-il qu'au dernier référendum,les anglos sont venus de toutes les régions du Canada pour nous supplier de rester au sein du ROC?

    j'espère que la prochaine fois vous demanderez a vos amis de rester a la maison.

  43. "j'espère que la prochaine fois vous demanderez a vos amis de rester a la maison."

    Not a problem. In fact, there are many in the ROC, who now know the horrible truth about Quebec and would like the referendum Canada wide. Unfortunately, there is no precedence I know of for doing this. You can be sure, however, that if there is ever another referendum that I will be doing whatever I can to support the separation of Quebec from Canada.

    Now, you didn't answer my questions as to what if any benefit Quebec provides to Canada as a whole. Could it be you can't find any concrete and factual examples.

    Comme je dits, j'vais attendre pour vos examples. Si Vous ne produirez pas examples, puis, je connais que vous etes d'accorde avec moi et en fait, ils (des Quebecois) offrez aucune profitez a Canada.

  44. I am well remunerated to share notions.I am not a charity.

    Because you don't understand French as well
    I am tempted to translate, instead I will let
    you used your friend,the Editor.

    Perhaps he understands better than you this is
    no "SLANG FRENCH", as you describe this beautiful romance language.

    Again, it is your responsibility as a citrizen of Canada to have the appropriate information in order to understand natural rights of people.

    The negative attitudes are all illfounded on this site, due to a terrible lack of basic information on natural rights, history and a refusal to understand and reason with it.

  45. "Now, you didn't answer my questions as to what if any benefit Quebec provides to Canada as a whole. Could it be you can't find any concrete and factual examples"

    Le canada n'est pas notre pays.Est-ce assez concret?

  46. "Le canada n'est pas notre pays.Est-ce assez concret?"

    Well then, Quebec is doing an excellent job of parasitizing and sucking the life blood out of its "foreign" neighbour, Canada. It is high time that Canada shakes off the disgusting, useless, "lamprey eel" that Quebec has become.

  47. "Le canada n'est pas notre pays.Est-ce assez concret?"

    Parles pour toi petit cons.

  48. To Anonymous, Dec. 22 at 4:43 PM:

    "QC French workers in Alberta should be fired.. they should leave."

    It is telling that you omitted the following from my comment: "...just as construction workers from other provinces are barred from working in Quebec."

    I have no problem with construction workers from Quebec working in other Canadian provinces, but only if workers from these other provinces are allowed to do the same in Quebec. Unfortunately this is not the case.

    There are a huge number of Quebecois contractors from Gatineau working in Ottawa, but hardly any Ontarians working on the Quebec side of the border because of the barriers that have been put into place by the QC government.

    This is more proof that the Quebecois don't have any sense of fair play.

  49. "Le canada n'est pas notre pays.Est-ce assez concret? "

    Thats is great news to me...but I see you avoided the question again. Clearly obvious by your lack of examples that you agree with me that Quebec offers nothing to Canada.

    Now, as you indicate you are not part of Canada!!!

    Could you then please stop sending idiots to the house of commons...could you repatriate all the franco civil servants in Ottawa back to Quebec and most of all could you please quit looting the pocket books of those who live in a country that you are not a member.

    In other words, FO.

  50. "Perhaps he understands better than you this is
    no "SLANG FRENCH", as you describe this beautiful romance language."

    I don't know what the editor will say. I agree totally that french is a nice language (supposedly very romantic as you say). Of course the Joual version in Quebec has absolutely no resemblance to the refined French from France or other parts of the world where the language is spoken as it should.

  51. You don't know a lot about respect nor languages. Just yours !!! and even that... Each part of the world has a culture which reflects on a spoken language.

    The French in Alsace is different from the one in Normandie. The French in Quebec city is different from the one in Montreal, and above all it is an adstrat.

    Joual is a proper language developped next to the English colonists, nurtured with the native and the old French from the Ancient Regime. All the families from French Canada know that, except you !
    What you are saying is a refusal of accepting in the world THE OLDEST FOUNDING NATION OF THE CONTINENT.

    Nobody is interested to know you don't accept them or not, they are who they are, and that is IT !

    The Editor is sponsering a site of intolerance, bias, discrimination, dogmatism, fanaticism, injustice, narrow-mindedness, provincialism, racialism, racism , sectarianism, sexism, and unfairness.
    LITTLE BROTHER IS WATCHING....with a petition to put you in front of your blind eyes the real machinery !


    So what.

    French colonialists might have been the first Europeans to get here, but it’s not like they settled on an empty land. In fact, the land belonged to the Natives, which were then displaced, killed, or subjugated.

    Secondly, France lost the colonial war, and was then reduced to a small enclave in an irrelevant and God-forgotten corner of North America.

    So get off your high horse. Stop living in a small, limited and sanitized segment of the distant past. Things happened before and after the first French settlements. Take the whole history into account, not only selected fragments.

    Nobody is going to adore you and your people based on some trivial event from 3 centuries ago. Especially if that event was then nullified by later events.


    Let’s see again...

    Removal (via subjugation, displacement, or physical annihilation) of Indigenous populations – strike one
    Losing the war with a more powerful colonialist – strike two
    Acting like insecure jerks for the past 40 years – strike three

    3 strikes, you’re out. Time to move to the Regions. Bye, bye.

  54. I think Adski is mixing the issues. Quebeckers are not Al-Qaeda ( القاعدة‎) which is a militant Islamist group founded sometime between August 1988 and late 1989.

    I am mentionning those years as you refuse to deal with more than a few years according to your poor judgment.

    You should reconsider your rationale. This operation as a network comprising both a multinational, stateless army and a radical Sunni Muslim movement calling for global Jihad.
    This is something which should get your attention as Mr. Harper is proud to have your fingers in !

    Most of the world considers it a terrorist organization. Also most of the world considers terrorist organization people who started to wish people of a nation to threats, written, verbal or otherwise are also terrorists, like Adski, Anglo Bashers, some anons, and Mississauga boy !

    This is the real issue here which you are avoiding all the time.