Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Official... Marc Bellemare is Off His Rocker!

Months ago, when Marc Bellemare made his allegations that Liberal party fundraisers used their position to influence the selection of Quebec judges and that the Liberal party was taking scads of money from construction industry types, I told you what insider after insider was telling me, that essentially, Bellemare was nuts.

Why Bellemare set out on a campaign of vengeance is not clear.  Perhaps it was his frustration over the cabinet's decision not to support changes to Quebec's no-fault automobile insurance plan, his pet project, or the situation in relation to his stripper daughter. As I recounted in a previous post she was overheard by police in wiretaps associating with Hell's Angels members at a time when the provincial police were preparing a mega strike against the bikers.  Bellemare, as Justice Minister was privy to details and somebody (likely the police) leaked details of his daughter to the Press, in order to sink the minister.

Because Bellemare had been on the job for less than a week, it would have looked bad to fire him so soon. Instead, Premier Charest asked somebody in the Justice Ministry to spy on Bellemare and report back to the Premiers' office, something I can imagine didn't sit well with the Justice Minister.

Way back in April, I told you about these details and I warned that Bellemare was on a campaign of 'salisage,' as they say in French. Read The Curious Case Of Marc Bellemare.

When the Bastarache Commission  was called in reaction to his charges, Bellemare proved unable to come up with an ounce of backup, his only evidence, a piece of paper with some chicken scrawl, which he claimed were his notes. Read  Marc Bellemare Going Down in Flames

The Chief  Election Officer demanded that Bellemare meet with him to explain his allegations that the Liberals were accepting bags of illegal cash contributions, but Bellemare went to court to avoid the obligation to appear. He promptly lost that appeal.
He finally met with election officials last April and last week Marcel Blanchet filed his report and told reporters that;
"there's nothing to support what he says....(he) could not testify or recall any concrete act leading one to believe that infractions of this law were committed."
Not only did Bellemare fail to provide a shred of evidence, he even admitted that he never saw any illegal cash transactions. In consequence, the investigation was dropped like a lead balloon. Link

Readers should be reminded that in a March 15 media interview, Bellemare affirmed that construction companies financed the Quebec Liberal Party.

Bellemare's reaction to the condemnation is typical, he attacked the messenger.
"The institution has a serious credibility problem," argued the former minister yesterday. "Because it's always been the way they conduct their investigations, it's understandable that in Quebec there is much skepticism surrounding the financing of political parties." LINK fr
Bellemare's performance at the Bastarache Commission was particularly underwhelming and it is likely that the final report will not be kind to the ex-Justice minister.

While Judge Bastarache is supposed to make his report based only on what he heard at the inquiry, it is unlikely that the report from the Chief  Election Officer won't have an effect.

For Bellemare, the next phase in the unfolding tragedy, is the lawsuit that the Premier launched against him.
In the civil trial for defamation, the onus is clearly on Bellemare to prove that what he alleged is true, something he has failed miserably to do already.  Based on what we heard at the Commission and the devastating report from the Chief  Election Officer, perhaps it's time for Bellemare to throw in the towel, apologize and plead for mercy. If this goes to trial, it will be another unmitigated disaster for the ex-Justice Minister. While awards for defamation in Canada are traditionally low, nothing like those in the USA, it might still be quite hefty.  Proving the damage part has always been the difficult part in cases like this, but even a raving separatist would have to admit that Charest was badly hurt by the allegations.

The unravelling of Bellemare is reminiscent of ex-Olympian Myriam Bédard who went off the deep end, but not before costing Jean Pelletier his job at Via Rail. Bédard charged publicly that Via Rail was involved in all sorts of corruption and in reaction Pelltier denigrated Bédard saying "Deep down, I think she is pitiful."
Turns out he was right, as Bédard then made more outlandish and ridiculous claims, that finally had people realizing that she was nuts. From then on, her life went decidedly downhill. LINK.

The complete rejection of Bellemare by the Chief  Election Officer is little comfort to the Premier, the damage has already been dome.

Like someone found innocent of pedophilia, after a lengthy trial, the stink is hard to wash off.

As the looming defamation trial looms, watch for Bellemare to crack.

You hear it here first...


  1. You really loved the QLP....the majoriy of your articles is about to defend it at all cost and trow rocks at any peoples who try to figth it.

    But heh...i guess without them, tne anglo in Quebec will be pretty screw in the next election...its their only friend arounds.KInda..

    To be honest THe anglos need to build their own political party...if they really want a voice at the Gvt instead to put all their fate in this bullshit of QLP....(( and i dont say the PQ.QS or ADQ are no))

    But heh, its only my opinion here.

  2. Mississauga Guy to the above anonymous respondent...

    What sadly has been the case is the Anglophone population is far too complacent and compliant, much to the good fortune of the PLQ. They are the "default" party, except for that one aberration in 1989 when four constituencies intelligently voted for the Equality Party.

    Since then, and before, the Anglophone population acted like log bumpers and other assorted nincompoops by allowing all the Quebec political parties to run roughshod over them. The Equality Party was a one-time protest vote to send a message to Bou-bou's default party for allowing passage of Bill 178.

    What Goldilocks has been doing is what Bou-bou did in the mid-1970s with cruel bureaucrats having the power of God of deciding who can qualify for English schooling and who can't, and the can'ts will vastly exceed the cans!

    As long as the population of Quebec, and the rest of Canada as well sits on their hands, nothing will change, and there is no motivation to change on the part of the Quebec government. The endless corruption will continue, the minorities will be at the whim and mercy of the tyranny of the majority.

    On the one hand, I won't because I left in 1984 to live in a democracy, but on the other hand, I will because we still send equalization payments to a jurisdiction that does not deserve such transfer payments until they bring their tuition fees, child care fees and their electricity rates up to the national level. With all that extra revenue, they wouldn't need so much.

  3. Article on Cherest and corruption in Quebec in todays pre-release of The Economist:

    Comments section is open.

  4. The Anglos who lived in Quebec are minorities. They have to speak French, they have to function in French.

    Althoug, they can work in English, they can speak their language at home in English and they use their mother tongue as much as they can in clubs, private clubs, sport clubs etc... Nothing is easier. In fact, if you think of Westmount, the Anglophones in the area are not complaining on this blog... do they ? They receive the New York TImes, up on their hill and they are quite pleased with their life style.

    Only the anarchists with low income are PROTESTING LIKE DOGS - WHAT DOES MISSISSAUGA COMMENTORS ARE DOING IN THE AFFAIRS OF QUEBEC ? stay away - in your lovely snow kingdom, through your snow balls at your politicians who are responsible to let in so many immigrants with no skills. Also to pay all immigrants aged 65 a pension, [whether they participatee in it or not ! ].

    In Quebec you are all the participants of a front show, why ? because Quebec is separate, abstractly part of a confederation, apart from the Anglophony, being cut apart from the lack of respect, they were always detached,and felt better disassociated. Now they are discrete about it, after the English always tried to disembody, disjoint them, from distant or close. They are free and independent in a lot of ways. They are disconnected with the Anglophones of Canada and also UK, as much as ever.
    Le spectacle des marionnettes pour la rapaille !

  5. If the anon from 12:51 would read the history of Quebec left on the title: Montreal VS Toronto, he would understand why the education is cheaper now and will stay that way.

  6. Mississauga Guy to Anon @ 4:55PM...

    This Mississauga "Commentor" (commentator is the correct term) lived in Quebec half his life and is STILL paying for you Quebec screw-ups!

    As you can see, the United Kingdom is FINALLY getting the message and raising tuition fees accordingly. It's high time Quebec does the same. The main reason Quebec "needs" equalization payments is because it's more than happy to let «Canada» (i.e., the Real Canada) pay the subsidies through the equalization payments. Why the hell should we when trolls like YOU constantly thumb your collective noses at the rest of us.

    I live in Ontario now, and my loyalties to Quebec that once existed have now long dissipated. Equalization is for jurisdictions that have an insurmountable time raising revenues. Quebec can EASILY raise tuition fees. In fact, there was a think tank, including that great orator Lucien Bouchard, who was of the opinion this was a good alternative; furthermore, hydro rates are overly subsidized as are daycares for $7 per day. My life partner worked in a daycare and one of their clients was a welfare mother who dropped off her kid so she could lie on the couch all day, smoke and watch her soap operas!

    Tell you what: Raise your hydro rates, daycare fees and tuitions to the national average, THEN we'll see how much equalization you'll really need. Betcha it won't be anywhere near the amounts you're getting now and don't deserve.