Monday, September 20, 2010

Separtists Hit New Heights of Absurdity

First, a shout out to reader "Steve Gratton" who was on the story of Pierre Curzi complaining on the radio that the Montreal Canadiens have gone 'rogue' and now are a force for 'federalism.'
NO DOGS OR ANGLOPHONES  published this snippet days before the main press reacted at all. GOOD FOR US! LINK

For those who can understand French there's a recording of the interview, as well as a story over  at radio station CKAC.
Mr. Curzi railed about how the Canadiens are no longer a source of Quebecois pride because the owners have shifted allegiances from Quebec to Ottawa. The nonsense assumes that the Canadiens of the past, by virtue of a francophone heavy roster was somehow a French organization.
It never was.....

Particularly irksome is the Canadiens 'catchphrase;
The story is gathering momentum across the country for it's shear stupidity and Mr. Curzi's missive has served to ridicule language militants.
"No political party should play wedge politics with the Montreal Canadiens," Dimitri Soudas, Mr. Harper's director of communications, said in an email.
He added that it is unwise "to run against a hockey team, like the Habs, that has more victories than the Parti Quebecois and the Bloc Quebecois combined." LINK
Of course the story got even sillier with Pauline Marois wading into the affair decrying the lack of Quebecois on the team;
“Currently it helps federalism more than, in my point of view, the defence of our interests and of our reality as francophones in North America,” she said. LINK
Of course, this is a different tune to that which she sang during the Canadiens fabulous playoff run last spring. But flip-flops are Madame Marois' forte. In her closing address at a weekend-long conference in Drummondville, the PQ leader compared the party's attempt at taking on the Charest Liberals to the Habs' fight for the Stanley Cup.":
"Sovereignists are like the Montreal Canadiens, said Pauline Marois at a Parti Quebecois convention this weekend; underdogs who believe in themselves" LINK 
A variety of French language militants in the press corps, led by blowhard Rejean Tremblay continue to preach discrimination affirmative action in order to get the Canadiens up to linguistic snuff.

Lost on all these militants is the stark reality that the NHL is an English organization. Teams operate in English and foreign and Francophone players who aspire to play in the NHL must polish their English skills along with their skating and shooting.

No team dressing room has ever operated in French and that includes the vaunted Quebec Nordiques.

Players who come to Montreal from outside Quebec aren't going to learn French just because the fans want them to. Perhaps it would be nice, but it's not the reality. The players work in English, raise their families in English, socialize in English and go home once the hockey season is done. 

As for attracting French speaking players, it appears that the good ones don't particularly want to come back to Quebec. The Canadiens have struck out on all levels in trying to attract top talent. Many have told reporters candidly that the pressure and scrutiny of playing in Quebec isn't worth it.
When Guy Carbonneau was fired as coach of the Canadiens the frenzy was such that reporters camped out in front of his elderly mother's residence, hoping for a comment! It seems that the only francophones interested in the Canadiens are those at the end of their career or those youngsters desperate to make the team. As for the quality players, the pastures are decidedly greener elsewhere.

As for proportional and fair representation, perhaps Mr. Curzi could take up the plight of anglophone civil servants who collectively hold less than one percent of the jobs, while remaining 8.5% of the general Quebec population. REFERENCE

How about some affirmative action? What do you say, Mr. Curzi, Madame Marois?


  1. Editor... why are you spilling ink over this crap?

    Let's see... Curzi's mustering his thespian skill to score brownie points among the hard core separatists so he can prove to le Parti that he's got the starch in his shorts to eliminate the big bad anglos once and for all, or at the very least position himself as the attack dog.

    He'll also summon all his histrionic rage and feign righteous indignation about the ongoing anglo conspiracy to chip away at cultural bastions which "belong" to separatists.

    Will he make a run for the PQ leadership next time? Would be surprising if he didn't.

    Then again, this is the same lunatic who supported the very fringe idea that Paul McCartney was part of a new English invasion that had the temerity to demolish francophone culture, and at Quebec City's 400th, no less.

    Fortunately all Quebecers, francophones and anglophones alike, saw that petition/campaign as the ludicrous piece of dreck that it was.

    What's next?

    I had to smile last week when I heard Gérard Deltell take Curzi's statement and mockingly up the ante by suggesting that we replace the familiar "go Habs go" with "allez, les Habitants, allez!"

    Beneath the surface, if we strip away his rabid separatist overtones, I presume Curzi is actually waxing nostalgic and wishes for a return to the old days when Hockey was truly a local thing and the Habs/Nordiques rivalry was not just geographic, but visceral. Alas, hockey stopped being like that a long time ago; many players barely speak English, most are easily traded and few if any have patriotic loyalty to their teams beyond their contracts' expiry dates.

    Of course, when you factor the separatist rhetoric back in, it does sound a bit more like a plantation owner's aging grandchild longing for the good old antebellum days. Then again, I've heard a lot of things that have made me cringe before.

    Yet another example of separatist high command attempting to plant yet more seeds of alarmism and insecurity in my already wary (part-francophone) mind, recontextualizing and rewriting history as and when necessary:

    "Oh my god, not even the hockey team is ours anymore!!!"

  2. The tragedy of Quebec’s nationalist movement is that the nationalist upsurge of the 70’s and 80’s coincided with the acceleration of globalization, a potent phenomenon that occurred (and is occurring) in English. So 800,000 Anglos might have been sent packing throughout the 70s and 80s, but they were replaced with loads of immigrants who brought the English language with them. The rise in technology and the internet didn’t help the nationalist cause either. It would have been much easier to lock Quebeckers in a Francophone fortress in the 50s or the 60’s, but it was too late in the 80’s. The movement missed its moment by a couple of decades.

    Today, I can live and work in English in Montreal not on the basis that Montreal is under the British influence, as it was prior to the 70’s, but on the same basis as working in English in Beijing, Tokyo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, Oslo, or even Paris. A buddy of mine is a Flash programmer who lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany. His German is very rudimentary, but since the work environment consists of professionals of different backgrounds, the company accommodates communication in English. And ironically, the biggest client of his company is Renault, the French car manufacturer. So living in Germany and working on contracts for a French automotive giant, the guy works in English.

    The only thing that guys like Curzi can do at this point is to be petty and vindictive. All the legal measures (extension of 101) and even a separation of Quebec will not reverse the process that is occurring in front of our eyes. These measures will only annoy people, and maybe slow them down a bit, but will achieve nothing in the long run. A Francophone or Allophone who is prevented from going to an English Cegep will end up in an English University anyways. Except that now, he/she will hold a grudge against Quebec, so it will be a soul lost in the battle for the souls that Quebec is so desperate to win.

    The dogs like Curzi can bark (and will bark) all they want, but the caravan will move on.

  3. A New book:'' Trudeau's Darkest Hour, War Measures in Time of Peace, October 1970'' (Baraka Books)

  4. "...A buddy of mine is a Flash programmer who lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany. His German is very rudimentary,..."

    flash est un language en soi.Aucun besoin de connaître la langue de Shakespeare pour programmer du pseudo javascript.Un chinois qui n'a jamais eu ancun contact avec l'anglais peu animer une page web sans aucune difficulté.

    Cessez donc vos jérémiades Adski si vous détenez vraiment votre monopole linguistique mondial.Quelqu'un de sécure et bien dans sa peau ne passe pas ses journées a chiâler contre sa société d'acceuil.

  5. Je suis entièrement d'accord avec l'idée que le Canadien, comme tel en ce moment, sert la cause du fédéralisme canadien-anglais en minimisant de diverses manières le fait français.

    Par exemple, il est inadmissible que ce soit un poste de radio anglais qui soit syntonisé dans l'amphithéâtre et que durant les matchs il y ait uniquement de la musique anglaise qui soit présentée. Alors qu'il y des pièces de musique québécoise qui sont tout aussi entraînantes et que la vaste majorité de la clientèle est francophone et que le Canadien est l'équipe des Québécois. Une société mature et confiante ne peut accepter qu'une telle situation perdure plus longtemps.

    Tout comme une société mature et confiante ne peut accepter de surfinancer des CEGEP et des universités anglaises, ainsi qu'un réseau hospitalier anglais.

    Concernant le fait que le français n'a pas besoin d'être appris par les joueurs évoluant à Montréal, il faut se rappeler que dans les années 1970 bien des joueurs l'ont appris. Cette période correspondait d'ailleurs à un fort vent nationaliste en faveur du français. Lorsque le Québec sera un pays, il est raisonnable de croire que cette pratique reviendra. Il ne s'agit que d'une question de respect.

    Enfin, concernant la sous-représentativité des Anglais dans la fonction publique. Il faut d'abord se demander si cela les intéresse de travailler pour le gouvernement du Québec. N'aiment-ils pas mieux travailler pour le gouvernement du Canada, ou tout simplement rester enfermer dans leur ghetto unilingue de l'ouest de l'île ?

  6. Reminds me of Eric Lindros and all the flak and crap he was subjected to because he didn't think it was in the best interests for his career to go and play in Quebec city and actually had the temerity to say so publicly. A decision that was correctly borne out by subsequent events. He was subjected to a lot of vileness by the Quebec media and its politicians, some of whom wanted to use their influence to keep him off the Canada team. The Toronto guy.

  7. Mister Toronto guy, fortunately Lindros didn't come to play to Québec city. He was a real loser, like Koivu.

  8. For the Anonymous at 11:56 who wrote:

    "Tout comme une société mature et confiante ne peut accepter de surfinancer des CEGEP et des universités anglaises, ainsi qu'un réseau hospitalier anglais."

    Again, the myths of over financing. Why is it that financing has to be related to the demographics of the province? A lot of people in this province does not care about higher education. Also, that argument can easily be turned around that the federal government needs only to spend 22% of all education funding to French institutions. Or better yet, that the government of Ontario needs only finance the French section 2.7% of its budget for the University of Ottawa. Will that be acceptable to you?

    CEGEP: there is one question that separatists never try to get the real answer. Why do those allophones and francophones choose anglophone CEGEPs? Many have given their theory but I never find a testimonial from allo/franco students explaining their reasons. As well, those students - particularly the Francophone ones - are never consulted or involved in any "debate" on the subject.

    University: I know for CERTAIN that the provincial government subsidy per capita for McGill is significantly lower than that for UdeM. Yet McGill's endowment per capita far exceeds UdeM's. Why is that? Where are the big French names supporting the university? Case is hand is the Faculty of Management of McGill is actually named after Marcel Desautels, a French Manitoban. Another thing I wonder. McGill's MBA program abandons government subsidies so that it can be self-funding. Why then a number of separatists cried foul about it? If anything, it is less subsidy for the English university.

    Hospital: it is a similar case with university. During the planning phase of the megahospitals, the provincial government faced financial problems. So the government asked both MUHC and CHUM to try to raise private funding for their respective proposed superhospital. At the end, MUHC (English) raised almost TEN times in non-governmental money than CHUM (French). Why does the French community not care about health care in its own language?

  9. @Anonymous 2 PM
    "He was a real loser, like Koivu."
    Do us a great favour: if and when your cancer requires treatment developed by Koivu's foundation, allow the media to capture your refusal citing the lame, "Y parlais pas français, 'stie!"

    Québec Motto: Aim low, 'stie

  10. Anomymous at 14:00:

    "Mister Toronto guy, fortunately Lindros didn't come to play to Québec city. He was a real loser, like Koivu."

    Eric Lindros has an Olympic gold medal hanging on his neck. What do you have?

    Who are your winners? Toews? Brodeur? Do they want to play in Montreal?

  11. Cessez donc vos jérémiades Adski si vous détenez vraiment votre monopole linguistique mondial.Quelqu'un de sécure et bien dans sa peau ne passe pas ses journées a chiâler contre sa société d'acceuil.

    I’m new to this obtuse argument. Am I to under that the Quebecois believe that because the English language is respected and regarded as useful elsewhere in the world that it is acceptable for them to denigrate, persecute, and marginalize the Anglos community in Quebec? It seems like they are suggesting that it’s okay to suffocate the local Anglos, because there are plenty more to go around? If that’s the case, the Quebecois suffer from societal insanity and the Anglos are screwed.

  12. Frank, Koivu est venu à Montréal pour jouer au hockey, pas pour être malade.

    Pis lâche pas Frank, continue à viser haut à partir de ton demi sous-sol de Saint-Léonard.

  13. It always amazes me that French Canadians (they must hate it so much that we call them that!) would rather have a worse hockey team, listen to worse music, have poorer education and have worse healthcare all in the name of language. I`m not saying that French Canadians are bad hockey players, they certainly are not. Elite French players just tend to play badly in Montreal, probably because of all the attention (think Tanguay, Latendresse, Theodore…).
    About the Centre Molson, I worked there as a member of Ambulance St. Jean and I can tell you behind the scenes it was all French, as you would expect. The only English thing about the place is the music. The reason they play more English music is because they`re clientele, while mostly French, still like to listen to good music. Not crappy second rate French musique just for the sake of French. If French musicians put up half as good music as the Latin community I`m sure they would get more airtime. As for the English radio broadcast, I`m not entirely certain that’s true, but even if it is, it is not a federalist language conspiracy, at least not for the owners of the Centre Molson. It is, as in all business, a question of money. CJAD simply pays more than any French language station is willing to pay for that advertising opportunity. I fear the day my Centre Molson brick is removed because it does not comply with language laws!
    Complaining about the grand conspiracy to overfund English higher institutions and hospitals is hysterical. This simply comes down to jealousy. McGill is the finest University in the country and the McGill affiliated hospitals are the best in the province, and this despite the rampant underfunding. Hard core language zealots (except Parizeau…) just can`t stand that they can get better education and healthcare, in French, at an English institution. The only people in English hospitals who can`t speak French are medical students and residents from abroad who come to McGill because of its reputation. Everyone else speaks French, and many of them don`t even speak English.
    As a resident who has worked in Montreal`s premiere English and French institutions it is painfully obvious how much more money is pushed towards the French hospitals. There is a movement within the Quebec health system to be “complimentary”. That is to say if that any one treatment, if not essential to a hospital, should only be offered in a single institution to save the system money. The English and French systems are supposed to divide up the treatments and the funding. Makes sense right? The reality however is that under the complimentary system anything that shouldn`t be duplicated goes to French hospitals. This despite the fact that they may lack the personnel or expertise to use such technologies. Often physicians from McGill have to go to French hospitals to supervise such treatments. The Editor may want to look into the push to close the Montreal Children`s Hospital (that`s right, there trying to screw over "English" sick kids!). The Montreal General and Royal Victoria hospitals are falling apart. These hospitals are only good because they attract talent due to the McGill reputation. Attracting medical talent has become much harder because people simply would prefer free choice for the language of instruction for their children (but that`s a whole other issue). The Jewish General hospital is rich, but that is because of its ability to fund raise. And all the money it generates is spent on patients who speak any number of languages.
    Like I`ve previously said, some people in this province would rather suffer and die in French, than celebrate a Stanley cup victory with anglophones on the team.

  14. Not too loud now, but...
    we might upset some scum bag politicians but The Montreal Canadians were started and owned by 2 English speaking Canadians who lived in the province of kebec. Ya remember the truth Quebec, just once in a while. Yes the team exists because of Anglophones John Ambrose O'Brien, and George Kennedy...the first and second owners. ST, look at dat...whut da...

  15. "...and marginalize the Anglos community in Quebec?"

    Vous ne pourrez jamais imposer votre langue au Québec comme vous le faites dans le reste du monde.Ce sont les Québécois qui décident de la langue commune sur leur territoire.

    Nous vous avons donné un peu trop d'espace et de libertés.Il est grand temps de vous remettre a votre place en tant que minorité.Vous n'êtes que des invités ici,alors comportez-vous comme des invités.Respectez les règles des propriétaires de la maison.

    Cela s'adresse aussi aux joueurs de hockey qui viennent ici s'en mettre plein les poches.Un peu de respect pour les bouffeurs de hot-dogs et buveurs de bières (Molson).La plupart ne savent même pas ce que veut dire "habs".

  16. "The Montreal Canadians..."

    Il n'y a pas de "canadians" a Montréal.Ce sont les Canadiens,vous ne savez pas lire?Ce sont les Canadiens car a l'époque,on nous appelait,a tort,les canayens-Français.Quel horreur!
    Aucun rapport avec les canayens anglais.

  17. "Nous vous avons donné un peu trop d'espace et de libertés.Il est grand temps de vous remettre a votre place en tant que minorité.Vous n'êtes que des invités ici,alors comportez-vous comme des invités.Respectez les règles des propriétaires de la maison."

    == l'équivalent séparatiste de l'argumentaire bigot redneck anglo "get the f*ck back to France".

    Faut-il se rappeler qu'on partage un continent avec des anglos presque mur à mur...

  18. 4:39 PM, désolé de te contredire, mais ce ne sont pas les Anglos d'ici qui imposent leur langue au reste du monde, ni même les Canadiens-anglais. Ce sont plutôt les Américains et les Britanniques.

    Il faut savoir 4:39 PM qu'il y a une hiérarchie dans le monde anglo-saxon. On retrouve en première place les Britanniques (la mère patrie), en deuxième place les Américains (l'élève qui a dépassé le maître), et bien loin en troisième et quatrième place, il y a les Australiens, qui forment une nation de descendants de prisonniers, et leurs cousins par association, les Canadiens-anglais, qui forment une nation de voleurs d'identité.

  19. Vous ne pourrez jamais imposer votre langue au Québec comme vous le faites dans le reste du monde.Ce sont les Québécois qui décident de la langue commune sur leur territoire.

    Boy does this person sound jealous and inferior. Really I don’t think there is anything all that sinister about it; the world just adopted English as a lingua franca (get over it). Also Quebec is still within the territory of Canada and is subject to Canadian law is it not? So what’s all this blustering about the Quebecois deciding what language everyone will speak? Sounds like they’ve gone too far with the self assertion.

    Nous vous avons donné un peu trop d'espace et de libertés.Il est grand temps de vous remettre a votre place en tant que minorité.Vous n'êtes que des invités ici,alors comportez-vous comme des invités.Respectez les règles des propriétaires de la maison.

    Wow, such harsh, dictatorial words. No wonder the Quebecois nationalist are getting a bad reputation as the new fascists. I thought the owner of the house was in fact Canada; how do Anglos tolerate such impudent disrespect for their ancestors and language? This kind of treasonous thing would never happen where I live.

  20. 5:42 PM
    Moi c'est leur complexe démesuré de supériorité qui m'exaspère.Essayer de nous faire croire que la réussite sociale passe par l'anglais est d'une absurdité hors du commun.

    Dommage pour les quelques Québécois (colons complexés) qui mordent encore a l'hameçon de l'hégémonie anglo-saxone.Heureusement que nous sommes plusieurs a connaître le véritable letmotiv qui les anime depuis deux siécles:

    Une planète,une langue.

  21. Best article ever.
    Open your eyes Quebec!

    Go Habs Go!!!

  22. "...treasonous thing would never happen where I live."

    And where do you live? u.s.a? No thank !I prefer to live in Québec and keep my house.

  23. "Boy does this person sound jealous and inferior."

    Pour quelles raisons serions-nous jaloux?Inférieurs,oui mais numériquement,comme au hockey.Par chance que nous avons quelques bons marqueurs et pas seulement des joueurs qui essaient de "scorer" dans leur propre filet.

  24. Let us put this silly Francophone players debate to rest, shall we? FYI, I posted this challenge to several sites including and Rejean Tremblay's column, none of them posted it.

    Let us play Fantasy Hockey. I challenge all those in favor of the Habs to be more Francophone to build their fantasy team with their dream players.

    The constraints are:

    1. Players must be currently active.
    2. Salary cap.
    3. There must not be any documentation that players refuse to play in Montreal. E.g. Vince Lecavalier does not qualify.
    4. I would like to add their current contracts to see if players are available, but let us assume all are available.

    Go ahead. Create your fantasy Habs team. See how competitive it can be.

  25. Mississauga Guy said...

    Most of my sentiments have been stated by others, so I won't write my usual long-winded editorials, even though I enjoy it so much, esp. when I stick it to the toxic trolls who comment.

    This time is no exception, and I will put in my 2¢ to the anonymous entry @ 4:39PM yesterday: I was NOT an «invité». I was born, raised and educated in Quebec from birth until age 24. My decision to leave Quebec came when I was 16, the year Bourassa introduced and legislated Bill 22. I had to wait eight long, agonizing years to finish my studies, and the day after my convocation at Concordia U., I left for a job in Ottawa. I eventually moved to the Toronto area.

    The only things I miss about Quebec are the Schwartz's smoked meat, Fairmount and St-Viateur bagels, friends and family. Thankfully the cost of long distance calls dropped like a stone by the end of the second millennium. Between the phone and other technological breakthroughs in instantaneous communication, this is a much lesser problem now.

    That troll from yesterday afternoon unfortunately DOES represent far too much of the Quebec population in his views and attitudes hence my having left Quebec over 25 years ago! I now don't only NOT fear their threats of separation, I DARE them to do so!

    Quebec has become a mean-spirited fascist society hence I left. This became a tyrannous majority hell-bent on vengence for how they were misled by THEIR government and THEIR church. Is it the fault of the minorities they didn't buy into THEIR "betters" (i.e., the gobbledygook of the Roman Catholic Church and their Revenge of the Cradles, plus the corruption of Duplessis, amongst other false profits (the anti-Semite, Lionel Groulx)and their doctrines)?

    Like the Nazis of Germany, the Czars of Russia and other dictatorships, they have to find their scapegoats and fully put the blame on them. In the case of Quebec, its the Anglophones and other ethnics, so said Jacques Parasite on October 30, 1995. A short time afterward, that one-trick pony was usurped by another demagogue in the name of Lucien Bouchard, and even HE eventually got tired of the whole exercise.

  26. "...I DARE them to do so!" (séparation)

    Dans ce cas , pourriez-vous essayer de convaincre vos relations vivants encore au Québec a voter "yes" lors du prochain référendum?
    Ainsi nous pourrions récupérer les votes qui nous ont été volés lors du scrutin de 1995.

    Vous savez la poignée de voix qui nous manquait
    afin de devenir un pays et du coup cesser de nous nuire mutuellement.

  27. "other ethnics, so said Jacques Parasite on October 30, 1995. A short time afterward, that one-trick pony was usurped by another..."...Blablabla

    La vérité semble être une source de frustrations extrême pour vous,n'est-pas ?
    Quand des groupes ethniques votent ensembles et tous dans le même sens sous les ordres de groupes d'intérêts obscurs;quel nom donnez-vous a ce phénomène étrange?

  28. Mississauga Guy responded...

    To the numbnuts who commented at 8:26 and 8:45 last night:

    First of all, WHAT stolen votes? If anyone was robbed, it was the multiethnic population of Chomedey in Laval, where statistics show over 5,400 people, or 11% of the voting population, didn't know how to cast a ballot and they were therefore spoiled ballots. Surrrrre they were! You can be sure those were 5,400 "no" votes. Similarly the Mount Royal and D'Arcy McGee constituencies also had disproportionately large disqualified ballots. What a coincidence! These are constituencies with majority English speaking populations as well.

    Did the District Returning Officer for Chomedey so much as get admonished let alone charged with voter fraud for his blatant act of larceny? NO! He/she got away with murder! Same for the DROs for the other ridings who cheated the "no" voters, so what the hell votes on YOUR side of the equation were stolen? It's 15 years past the hour and I NEVER heard of "stolen ballots".

    As for convincing relatives and friends to vote "yes", no, I have not and will not discuss their voting options. This is for you big, brave «veuille souche» types to flex your muscles, if you have them. About 7-8% of the minorities will vote "yes", but you'll need to convince the bretheren of your ilk to do the dirty work--to the tune of about 63% to get your 50% + 1 votes. Too bad not enough of them have the gonads to do your dirty work!

  29. Just like English speakers are a minority, the French speakers are a minority in Canada. IF by the arguments they use in making French the sole language of Quebec. What would they do if through the tyranny of the majority Canada became an english only official language and imposed it on Quebec as well. I mean Bill 101 was imposed majority english majority parts of the province as well.

  30. In the rest of Canada I always thought that those complaining about the fact that through equalization, Quebec gets 8 billions dollars. Much of that money helps in enforcing Bill 101 and Quebecs generous welfare programs. If I was in a position of power in the rest of Canada I would encourage those already on the welfare roles, if they were english speaking and had kids in English schools to move on mass to Quebec to enjoy the good life on the dole. Imagine if the Ontario govt enabled welfare recievers to recieve checks for 6 months even after they moved to quebec to qualify for residency there. In the ottawa area, Hulls' (AKA gatineau) entire demographic would change.

  31. There is nothing absurd about fighting to keep our french culture alive and well. Who gives a flying f about bonhomme...? If I go to English Canada, you expect me to speak english right? Well, you should do the same efforts to speak french here, you disrespectful square head.

  32. What you have to remember here is french was declared an official and sole language by tyranny of the majority and even then by a few govts. By Bob Bourassa more then the PQ. When Quebec was 25% english speaking as a whole, no one would have dared try the stuff they have to restrict the english language. I owe nobody nothing. In quebec if I feel like speaking french to someone I will. I actually will make more of an effort to speak english only in quebec.