Friday, April 30, 2010

Revenge of the Galganov!

Thank you Tym Machine for putting me onto Howard Galganov's rant reply to my post about his most recent pamphlet and campaign against forced bilingual signage in his township. I would have clearly missed it without your reference.

Mr. Galganov has come out with his light sabre blazing, an attack that begs some measure of reply. First let me say that I enjoy provoking a reaction, any reaction. It validates the unpaid effort that I make to put together pieces that people are interested in reading.
Here is a link to his post- Galganov Is Darth Vader – Go Figure

As Alex Kovalev, the ex-Montreal Canadien told a reporter in reply to a question about how he felt returning to the Bell Centre to a chorus of  boos;
"Cheers, Boos. It's all the same, as long as the fans acknowledge your presence!" (my son gave me that quote...)

So, Mr. Galganov, first let me thank you for your boos.

My very first observation is that you didn't provide your readers a link to my article about you, which is disappointing. I shall chalk it up to forgetfulness rather than poor manners or to the fear of having readers having access to the actual source and perhaps coming to their own conclusions.
(You see, we both can play with words, saying one thing and intimating something completely different!)

At any rate, Mr. Galganov accuses me of YELLOW JOURNALISM and of being a LEFTIST.
It was quite a surprise, as I have never before in my life been described as a journalist or a leftist. It is clear he hasn't read any of the other 500 or so posts on my blog.
Methinks it is a case of jumping to a conclusion. Lazy! Lazy! Lazy!
As a lifelong conservative, I take gentle exception to both the pejoratives.

I would have thought that Mr. Galganov would be well,,, umm.... a little more cerebral and sophisticated in his analysis of my post. He accuses me of attacking his position against the bylaw of forced bilingual signage in stores, when Nothing could be farther from the truth. I defy him to quote one line that opposes his position.
In fact, I agree wholeheartedly that stores should do whatever the hell they want to do in terms of signage, obviously Mr. Galganov has a problem with reading comprehension.

I object to his methods, that's all.

You don't have to be a Liberal to object to a poster calling for a boycott of French owned stores.
It seems that Mr. Galganov lacks the ability to understand what he reads and projects his biases into the works of others, I will spell it out in little words that are not open to subjective interpretation..


The Galganov device for creating a stir is to print up a provocative message that is rendered harmless by a tiny caveat.

who enter into Canada illegally.

Think I'm exaggerating... Look at this pearl;

Mr. Galganov has a bloated sense of self-importance and believes that ordinary people aren't sophisticated enough to understand what he is doing.
"People who don’t know how to read, listen or watch BETWEEN THE LINES just don’t ever get to know the real truth until it is often too late."
I suggest that he takes his own advice, except for the part about "watch between the lines" which actually makes no sense at all......
"In this Darth Vader Blog Editorial that is making a bit of a sensation amongst French language Activists in Canada along with compliant Anglo elitists.....,"
Sensation! Where? When?? Whaaaa????
My piece is certainly not "making a bit of a sensation..."  
My blog's hit rate has remained remarkably level (sadly) and I haven't been reprinted or quoted in any other blog except for Mr. Galganov's. I use a tracking software called "Fairshare" that scours the Internet to find sites that either reprint or quotes my blog. The last time it reacted, was to a post about street hockey. No gentle readers, I don't think that I'll be reprinted on any time soon.

Clearly Galganov is inventing dragons that he can slay.

Reading his piece, I'm reminded of the time I watched Michael More's movie about gun control, which I was really enjoying until the scene where Moore interviewed a bunch of people in Toronto who all agreed that it was unnecessary to lock one's front door.......Yup, with a straight face they all said that Toronto is so safe it isn't necessary to lock your front door!!!
From then on I knew Michael Moore to be an utter fraud.

Like so many self declared messiahs, Mr. Galganov broaches no criticism and resorts to name-calling and personal attacks when challenged.

He has characterized my post as support for bilingual signage because he is either very dumb or very smart.
Dumb if he can't understand what he reads, or smart to twist a condemnation of his methods into something else. Everyone can draw their own conclusion.

P.S. I fully understand why Mr. Galganov didn't like Mordechai Richler.

Mr. Richler didn't suffer fools easily.


  1. I just finished reading Mr.Galganov’s reply to the Blogger’s previous post and I have to say that if you start your article like this…

    “It came from an Anglo appeaser (Blogger) in Montreal who thinks I’m no better than the scum I stand against.”

    …that right away takes away a little from your credibility.

    The rant about “Illegals” and the “Left” (both capitalized throughout Galganov’s post) is typical of any right wing kook. It reminds me of a joke I heard on Real Time with Bill Maher. Maher told the audience what he thought the best solution was to the illegal immigration problem in the US: “arm Lou Dobbs”. Dobbs is a former CNN broadcaster who railed against illegal immigrants in every single one of his daily programs.

    I guess arming Howard Galganov would be an even better idea. He’d take care of the “scum” crossing the border real quick, picking them out one by one. Working side by side with the brave rednecks of the US Border Patrol.

    And after the hunt, a brief respite at the NRA headquarters in Wichita, Kansas. Beverages (non-alcoholic, of course) to be served. Guest speaker – Donald Rumsfeld. Topic: “Spreading democracy to the savages of the world”, followed by Alberto Gonzales’ presentation: “The war on drugs, the battle between good and evil”.

  2. He's wearing a cowboy hat in the advertisement of his program.

  3. Galganov is still alive? This guy should buy a clue, nobody cares Howie!

    -- Marco

  4. "Alex Kovalov"

    It's Alex Kovalev by the way.


    "…that right away takes away a little from your credibility."

    Once again, you seem to be the master of the keys to credibility.

    Credible, says who? It's a matter of personnal opinions not facts. It all rests within the eyes of the beholder.

    And oh, I'm French and I'm not offended by Howard stand. Am I missing something here.

    Nonetheless, I am quite offended by your "right wing kook" comment as I tend to stand more on the right. Once again, I am probably missing out everything about the whole point and I am probably full of it anyways...

    regards buddy,


  5. I think Howard would definitely agree on the quote about the jews immigrating here illegally. First of all, it's not like in USA where there is a direct border between USA and Mexico. There is no direct border between Canada and Israel. Secondly, I don't think there is a lot of immigrating Jews who are immigrating in Canada ILLEGALLY and if they do, well, Howard would definitely agree (I am pretty sure) that they should be deported just as any illegal mexican jumping the fences to the USA.

    Anyhow, I don't see the link between this affirmation and the one of the booklet of Galganov.

    Do people have problems reading between the lines? Do people really believe that a guy standing alone in his corner with the only tool of freedom of expression would be willing, able and capable of committing genocide against a people?

    Well, if that's the case, I should be very very afraid, I have been in contact with that guy on a personal basis for the last 7 years and never I felt threaten, frighten or what not. Either I am dumb and naive or else I have no reason to fear that guy whatsoever.


    What kind of crap is this "as a jew" thing.

    So if he was white, asian or black, this thing would suddenly become OK?

    Language is no skin color, religion or ethnicity by the way, it's a tool used to communicate between individuals.

    I'm just boggle by this "as a jew" shit. Wouldn't it be as a matter of fact a comment on "ethnicity" or "religion" by the way?

    If you're a Jew be very very very careful, if you're something else, say whatever the hell you want, it doesn't really matter.

    By the way, I hate the same shit about "as a French" or "as a black" or "as a christian" or "as a moslem" or what not. I just had moments ago the same argument with some "bleeding heart liberal" who got so emotional in her argument that in her anti-racism I suddenly was pointed out my language (French) and my religion (Christianity) whereas I never pointed out her nor I cared about it.

    Talk about some reversal of truth. (in French, we used to say when we were kids: celui qui le dit, celui qui l'est).

  7. There would be no Franco-Ontarian community in the first place if we had territorial unilingualism as in Switzerland. As an Anglo-Ontarian I could live with that.

  8. Ontario should pass a law that puts the same restrictions on the French language as are in place on the English language in Quebec. That will take care of forced bilingual signage in eastern Ontario. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  9. "What kind of crap is this "as a jew" thing."

    The difference is that jewish owned stores were targeted by the Nazis in Germany prior to the Second World War.

  10. YO, editor/censor of responses on your blog:

    I refer you to your own article of April 6th where you cut down the QUEBEC GOVERNMENT's version of boycott everything that isn't 100% French. This is prejudicial, but then again the Quebec Government has been a master of discriminatory rhetoric since the Quiet Revolution and before. An aunt and uncle of mine, now novogenerians and «Anglophones de souche», told me about a «papillion bleu» or blue butterfly campaign long before the Quiet Revolution that had the same objective as this and other campaigns to promote business that operate (solely?) in French. It really was a campaign to highlight the businesses owned by Québécois «pur laine» and strongly encourage people of their ilk to do business with their own and avoid the businesses owned by «les autres».

    Howard Galganov, no doubt, rarely leaves anybody behind in terms taking shots and this is why he doesn't attract as much of the Anglophone community as he should. He has the messages right, but sadly he doesn't know when to shut up.

    He has a bombastic shtick à la Don Cherry, and there are times Cherry got himself in hot water on the air.

    Galganov got himself in deep doo-doo during his last political campaign when he suggested close monitoring of Muslim schools, and his disdain for First Nations people. The former would not be practicable because, even if every class was monitored every school day (would THAT be extortionately expensive!), the Muslim community could get together outside of school hours to plot against our primarily Christo-Judaic society if they chose to. They could do this in their homes, their community centres and their mosques. He was heavily booed at a radio-broadcast debate between all the candidates when he proposed monitoring that community. He lost badly.

    In spite of Galganov's shortcomings, I still support his court case and have sent him my best wishes. If I had the financial means to back him, I would. I feel there is too much affirmative action in the (primarily Francophone) civil service. I believe in equal opportunity, NEVER in affirmative action.