Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nationalists See Red Over Olympic Parade in Montreal

For the Saint Jean Baptiste Society,  the RRQ or any other nationalist/sovereignist organization, the parade held last Friday in Montreal to honour Canada's Canada's Olympic and Para-Olympic athletic success at the Vancouver Olympic games must have been quite a bitter pill to swallow.

The city's main drag- Ste. Catherine Street was bedecked in a sea of red and there were more maple leafs being waved, than at a Toronto hockey game.

For those Canadians who are ready to write off Quebec's Anglophones and Allophones as well as Francophone federalists, perhaps this video will serve as an eye-opener.

There are more federalists living in Quebec than in any other province except Ontario and BC. 

The parade and the huge Anglo and ethnic turnout puts paid to the nationalist notion that Montreal is exclusively a Francophone city. The truth is, that west of Park Avenue/Bleury and all the way out to St. Anne de Bellevue, Anglos and Allos are in the majority.


  1. Hey, I was at that parade. What a nice moment to spend my lunch hour. I just felt like kicking myself to not bring my Team Canada shirt. Would be nice to have Niedermayer sign it.

    I can tell you that there were as many Francophones there as there were Anglophones. So the myth propagated at about Quebec needing a separate team is just that, a myth. And those Francophones (I heard them speaking French), the were clad in Team Canada hockey jerseys, Canada jackets, Canada / Believe tee-shirts and of course, the red mittens. The names on the jerseys are Iginla, Crosby, Nash, not necessarily Quebecer or Francophones.

    What is my point? My point is that - at least in the island - Francophones are proud to be Canadians as their Anglophones compatriots.

    But of course, there were also Papineau's green-white-red flags. Luckily the bearers did not do anything silly.

  2. So the federal government imported immigrants to outvote the Quebecois! That's a pretty hollow victory.

  3. We still won, so deal with it. Import some seppies from France if you have a problem with it.