Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nikki Yanofsky Sings O Canada Amid Controversy.

Nikki Yanofsky's rendition of O Canada in Vancouver's opening ceromonies had stirred controversy from coast to coast.
Some take the jazzy version as an insult, while others applaud the effort.
It seems that the organizing committee is being heavy-handed and declared the performance  copyrighted (I hope that they don't claim O Canada as theirs as well.)

The video of the performance received 15,000 hits on YouTube in less than 24 hours and hundreds of comments both negative and positive before being pulled due a complaint about copyright.

I believe Canadians have a right to see the video of the performance and add to the debate in regards to it's suitability.
It is our national anthem and we have a right to critique it, invoking the doctrine of FAIR USE.

What's you opinion of the performance?

Don't be shy, sound off! Send in your comment!!!!

By the way, Ms. Yanofsky also sings the theme to CTV's Olympic theme for the 2010 games.
There doesn't seem to be any controversy over that one.,,.See it here!!!


  1. I could not believe my ears. Treat our national anthem as if it were a bar lounge tune to jazz on. Shame on her, her promoteur and whomever okayed this undignified choice. There's a time and place for everything, Friday night was neither the timme nor the place for her version of the anthem. We need some one with patriotic vibes, not commercial appeal.

  2. Great voice. Lousy rendition. To be fair she says she was told to sing it this way.

  3. Even musical greats like Billy Joel and Whitney Houston did not experiment that much when they sung at the Super Bowl.

    Worse still, that event was watched by millions non-Canadians. They could think that that was the "normal" way to sing our anthem.

  4. I wouldn't give a damn if someone farted out our national anthem ... I don't get a tear in my eye or a fake feeling or sentimentality. Life is hard enough as it is, people. take your forced , didactic nationalism and shove it where the sun don't shine.

  5. Could've been worse. It could've been Celine with creepy Angelil looking on with Jaba liquid eyes scouting for prepubescent talent in the crowd.

  6. I loved it. Change is good. Why it's blocked beats me, it has been watched before.

  7. Some things are 'sacred' and better left alone. In my opinion, a national anthem falls into this category. So much embroidery decorated the simple, beautiful melody that it became somewhat unrecognizable. If you want to compose a new song, go ahead but name it something else.

  8. It was the national anthem, weather it was jazzy or not. Personally, i love Nikki's voice and her performance was once again, out standing

  9. When the Olympics began, I was wondering who would be given the honour of singing our (Canada's) national anthem. I must admit that my first guesses would have been Celine Dion or K. D. Lang. When young Nikki appeared I was so surprised. I had never heard of her until that magical moment.

    Her talent immediately became obvious. What amazed me even more were her poise and her interpretation of our anthem. Let me explain why.

    Some years ago, when Bill Clinton was making repeated apologies for his conduct, a joke was made that if he said he was sorry one more time he would be given honorary Canadian citizenship. For me, when her singing reached its crescendo with the words, "Oh Canada", she was sending a message to the world that Canada had arrived. Our apologizing was over and the world had better get used to it. The fact that this message came from an exquisite and talented sixteen year old girl made it that much better. Nikki's performance made me proud of Canada and that she is one of us.

    I also liked the fact that her version deviated from one that we have heard so many thousands of times. It made people actually listen to the words.

    Her version of "I Believe" was also beautifully done. I hope that it is available on DVD.

    She made a great Olympics even better. She is the real deal.

    On behalf of all Canadians, Nikki, thank you! Live long and prosper.