Monday, January 25, 2010

Hampsteader Nikki Yanofsky to Sing Olympic Theme

Congratulations to 15 year old  Nikki Yanofsky who has recorded CTV's Official Olympic theme song.

She is a born and bred Anglo Montrealer, from Hampstead, Quebec's most Anglo community.

Nikki is a singing sensation who is breaking out across the continent and the world. I'm sure this gig will make her even more popular!

Give it a listen.

Here's a YouTube link if you'd like to hear more


  1. She is now my favourite singer. I don't like jazz but I think her voice is perfect for all genres of music. She truely has the voice. Very rare are there people who can sing perfectly. Nikki Yanofsky is a rare perfect singer.

  2. her performance at the opening ceremony was great!!

  3. Here performance was not great. Where was a real rep for our country who has some real talent? Like Celine Dion? They really scraped the bottom of the barrel on this one. Maybe she was free. She suffered through this song you could tell. Sigh.

  4. I think she did an excellent job. WOW! Truly an amazing voice! BZ to you girl! Another image of Canadian talent...truly excellent. *S*

  5. I am from the United States and heard Nikki Yanofsky for the first time when she sang "Oh, Canada" at the opening ceremony. I was pleased I had DVR'd the event because I have gone back to listen to her sing it almost every day since. What a great voice. What a great rendition. I lived next to Canada for 27 years and was always impressed by that wonderful national anthem, and Nikki did the country proud. I have since listened to much more of her music and I am now a major fan.