Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good Luck to all Canadian Olympians, Especially our Anglo Quebeckers!

The Olympic opening ceremonies are over and it's time to encourage all our athletes from across the country to do their best.

Because this blog is about the Anglo Quebecker experience,  I feel no shame in wishing the following Anglo-Quebec athletes good luck.

Jeffrey Frisch, from Mont Tremblant,  who is a skier.
Anna Goodman, another skier from Pointe Claire, Montreal

Gina Kingsbury a hockey player from Rouyn-Noranda

Roberto Luongo a NHL hockey goalie for the Vancouver Cunucks, who hails from St. Leonard in Montreal

Catherine Ward a hockey player from Montreal

Clara Hughes, a speed skater from Glen Sutton and Canada's flag bearer!

...and how about Hampstead, Quebec's Nikki Yanofsky, who sang O Canada in the Olympic opening ceremonies. Wow!

She also sings the theme to CTV's Olympic theme for the 2010 games. See it here!!!


  1. In my case, I wish all canadians good luck, francophones or anglophones.

  2. Is Clara Hughes a Quebecer? Everywhere else she is listed as a Manitoban, her birth place. If your criterion (her residence) lists her as a Quebecer, you must also include Jenn Heil who currently lives and studies in Montreal.

    Regarding Roberto Luongo, Louis Fournier from insists that he is a Francophone, even after I pointed it out.

  3. I agree with the poster above. You have to either add Jennifer Heil or remove Clara Hughes. They are in the same circumstances. Both were born in the ROC and now making their living and training here, in Quebec.

  4. Luongo is a St. Leonard boy - at least, he hangs out there in the off season and can be seen at Milano's on Jarry. I assure you he's an anglophone.