Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lawyer For Earl Jones Leads Reporters Around by the Nose

That reporters accept on face value, statements that are patently false or manipulative from people that they are interviewing is one of my pet peeves.

Last week Jeffrey Boro, Earl Jones' lawyer, made a statement that begged a combative response by an inquiring press.
He told reporters that Earl Jones was destitute, broke and living off his old age pension, unable to find work.


Mr. Boro would have to go down to a farm if he wanted to fling more bullshit than that!

Not one reporter asked him, that in light of Mr Jones disastrous financial situation, how Mr. Boro's legal bills were being paid?

Of course, had he been asked, Mr. Boro would have declined to answer, claiming client/attorney privilege, but at least he'd be put on notice that his story that Mr. Jones is destitute, is purely fictional.

If Mr. Boro is working for free, than I apologize, but somehow I don't think so.

If Mr. Jones' family, or a mysterious benefactor, is paying his bills (not) wouldn't that same generous entity make sure that poor Earl was also taken care of?

The dirty little secret of most criminal lawyers is that their fees are usually paid out of the proceeds of crime, in many instances from the exact crime that their client is being tried for.

Getting paid in dirty money is a necessary part of the game and everybody in the legal game knows that it is true.
Whenever you see a defendant claiming poverty, look to his lawyer. If he's using a $400 an hour attorney, it isn't hard to come to another conclusion. Even Vincent Lacroix was smart enough to get a legal aid lawyer to keep up appearances.

At any rate, Earl Jones is wasting his money. He is going to get the max if he goes to trial, (which he is not) even if he hired Alan Dershowitz as defence council. Crown prosecutors are going to knock a year, possibly two off of the sentence in consideration of a guilty plea. Any legal aid lawyer could do the deal.
Mr. Jones should save his the money spent on expensive lawyers.

By the way, if Mr. Boro is so concerned about Mr. Jones not being able to find employment, perhaps he could offer him a job in his law firm's accounting department, where he can put his experience to good use!

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