Friday, September 4, 2009

Michelle Obama - This Empress Has no Clothes!

It's bad enough to see the American media write fawning and flattering articles about Michell Obama's supposed good looks and fashion sense, all of which is patently ridiculous, but when Canada's own Globe and Mail runs a front page photo spread (last Friday), it's time for bloggers to say what the mainstream press won't.

Michell Obama is not pretty.
Michelle Obama is not fashionable.

Pretending that she is what she is not, is a dis-service to the public who look to the media for honest reporting.

Don't get me wrong, I don't really care about her looks or lack thereof, but when the Globe presents her as a fashion plate, someone has to call them out. Why on earth did this monstrously ugly photo end up on page 1 of the Globe and Mail and why is the newspaper giving so much free publicity to J.CREW.

I had to scan this image from my morning newspaper because the online version of the Globe and Mail had the good sense not to include the picture with the story, a wise aesthetic choice but a bit strange considering that it is key to the story.

Globe retailing reporter Marina Strauss has written one of the worst puff pieces I have ever seen and the newspaper should be ashamed to foist this garbage upon us.

I'm no fashion maven, but any red-blooded male can tell what is pretty and who looks good in their clothes.
Take a look at France's first lady Carla Bruni;

That's more like it. How about a photo spread on her? By the way, I bet she doesn't wear J.Crew

How does this picture of Spanish Princess Letizia and Carla Bruni walking up the stairs of Zarzuela Palace outside Madrid strike you?

Ummmm! Talk about poetry in motion. Now go back to the picture of Michelle Obama at the top of the page.

I rest my case....

Still don't believe me?
Show the above picture of Michelle Obama to any 10 random men and I bet not one of them will tell you that the package is the least bit sexy, flattering or appealing. Not a chance....

If anything the photo convinced me to dissuade my wife from ever donning anything offered by J. Crew. argh.......

At any rate, why the Globe would write a fashion story about the US First Lady is beyond me. They'd be better off writing a story on the keen fashion sense of Stephen Harper's wife, who's name is.....?

I make no apologies to Michelle Obama for the insult, she has portrayed herself as something she clearly isn't. The doting US press reminds me of the famous fable of The Emperor's New Clothes. Why on earth is the Canadian press complicit in the illusion?

If the Globe and Mail is keen on writing these stories, may I humbly suggest their next subject, a woman who is already inspiring others to copy her keen fashion sense.


Michelle Obama Needs First Lady Lessons

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