Monday, April 6, 2009

Michelle Obama is a Plain Jane

Let me start by saying that it should be of no consequence that Michelle Obama doesn't have Halle Berry's looks or Jackie Kennedy's charisma.

The only reason I comment on her looks and style, or lack thereof, is the incessant and annoying attempt by the American mainstream media to portray her as attractive, glamorous and fashionable.

In a desperate and sad attempt, the American networks and magazines are trying to portray her as something she clearly is not. I was sickened by CNN's Wolf Blitzer's drooling description of her and have lost all respect for him as a journalist.

Michelle Obama isn't attractive and glamorous, anyone who has eyes, knows it.
Those who say different are lying and they know it.

Shame on Wolf and all those other so-called journalist who pretend that she is what she is not. It's time, as the old fable goes, to admit that this empress has no clothes.

To be cruelly frank, she isn't the least bit attractive and her gawky frame and hulking demeanour makes the dreadful clothes that she wears look even worse.

While the media fawns, the deadly silence from the real mavens in the fashion world is most telling. You know the old saying- If you can't say anything nice.....

Notwithstanding, some can't keep quiet. NPR and Fox contributor Juan Williams is one of the few to express what so many feel.
Michelle Obama, according to him, "...has this Stokely-Carmichael-in-a-designer-dress thing going"
Oscar de la Renta told Women's Wear Daily, "You don't...go to Buckingham Palace in a sweater."

But enough already! All of this shouldn't matter a whit.

Her intelligence (which she certainly has an abundance of) and the good she puts it to, should be the sole barometer of her success as Queen of America.

Queen of America?

Of course. That's what you can rightly call an unelected person who becomes the 'First Lady' of a nation.
The Commonwealth gets it's monarchs through inheritance and America gets it's sovereign queen by default.
The only difference between the Queen of England and the Queen of America is that the former gets her job for life, but without any power at all, while the latter rules for no more than eight years, but exercises enormous influence.

Both enjoy the largess of a fawning, supportive and subservient press. The queen is loved because she is the Queen and Mrs Obama is loved because she is the First Lady, period.

It's in this context that we can understand why the American media want her to be beautiful, graceful and glamorous too, it makes for great reporting.

I'm often asked by Americans (rather disparagingly), why we continue to tolerate a monarch.
I never flinch. I always tell them that America would be better off with a monarch so that they wouldn't elevate their elected president to superstar status.
Here in Canada and in the Commonwealth, we offer our Queen our unquestioned admiration, but judge our politicians by their deeds and not their position.

I take great pride in the fact that most Canadians cannot offer up the name our Prime Minister's wife or those of his children. They are largely irrelevant us. It's Stephen Harper who we elected, not his family.

It's true that when it comes to looks, fashion and glamour, Michelle Obama is no Jackie Kennedy.

But Jackie Kennedy was by all accounts, no rocket scientist and tolerated a philandering husband in silence to preserve her position. Is that a role model?

Looking at Michelle Obama last week, alongside Carla Bruni, the French President's wife, was a painful reminder of what the First Lady is not- pretty, fashionable and glamorous.

But Carla Bruni is an ex-actress and ex-songstress and not much of each. She is most famous for her nude photos. Is that a role model?

Perhaps Michelle Obama isn't all that pretty, nor that glamorous. Maybe she doesn't look like Claudia Schiffer in clothes, but perhaps, just perhaps, she is eminently qualified for her job.

She's smart, dignified and well educated. The media should stop pretending and start promoting her for all the good things that she is.

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  1. I totally agree. Finally, someone has the nerve to tell the truth.

  2. Michelle is not Queen of America. No one has EVER been Queen of America.

    Except maybe Elton John or Boy George.

  3. MO is a good example of not campaigning on the No Kids Fat Behind program since hers is enormous. If she really wanted to do some good, she does have daughters, why not address the incredible 40% teen pregnancy and single parent homes of the poor communities. It would be a much better fit for her sociology degree then nutrition.

  4. Shame on you! She is glamorous. Look at all the American ladies rushing to jcrew to copy her looks. How about you post a pic of yourself on here and let's judge. Pretty sure you ashamed to even go out with your blotchy face and unkempt hair

  5. Michelle Obama is the one whose face is in the media all the time not us so people will judge her.

  6. Michelle Obama dresses well and she is very well groomed without overexercising anything.
    I think she aims for a style which appeals to a very large audience. Not too high fashion and not too much haute couture but nevertheless well-dressed.
    Also style is a matter of opinion and there are very many different opinions.
    Also Mrs Obama is built like an athlete and rather tall (and muscular) and not skinny skeletal thin. Unfortunately today's fashion - especially haute couture - is designed for making beansticks look good: the likes of the H_il.ton sis-ters or the French First Lady Carla Bruni (Sarkozy) who was even very thin when she was a catwalk model (about: 84-58-86 cm - Gis_ele B. has similar measurements).

    Don't complain too much about Michelle Obama as her predecessor Laura Bush certainly wasn't a style icon herself but dressed much much more boring.

  7. Michelle Obama looks like a less attractive version of Condoleeza Rice, meaning Penny Johnson-Jerald probably the actress that will get to play her.

    How does Cherie Blair fit into your theory?

    One problem the Obamas have is that the mantel JFK and Jackie does not suit them. FDR and Eleanor really fits their personalities more. But so much of their donor base is hungry for the return of Camelot.