Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vincent Lecroix is Laughing

Vincent Lacroix, Quebec's very own version of Bernie Madoff received parole after spending just 550 days of his eight and a half year sentence behind bars.

Lacroix defrauded mostly elderly francophone Quebeckers of over $115 million dollars and while it pales when compared with the latest estimate of the $13 billion fraud perpetrated by Mr. Madoff, considering Quebec's size, our Vinnie is right up there in the big leagues of fraud artists.

Lets consider the statistics.

Vincent served 1 day in jail for every $200,000 that he defrauded his clients out of.
Yup - 200K!

Let me ask you this, would you go to jail for a day if they gave you $200,000?
If you said no, you're a liar.

How's about a week in the poky for $1.4 million?.....and how's about a month for $6 million?

Me, I think I'd go for six months ($36 million), it'd be tough, but the idea of all that moola would be worth it.

Now let's consider another Quebec thief and how the justice system treated him.

A Thetford Mines shoplifter was caught after stealing a $3 DVD. He was arrested and spent 3 days and night in jail before seeing a judge.

$1 theft =1 day in jail and that's without even being convicted!

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