Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Boycott the Canadiens?

As a follow up to a recent post, an article in Boycottons le Canadien de Montréal anglais! (Boycott the Montreal English Canadiens) by Laurent Desbois calls for a boycott of the team as punishment for not having enough Quebecois (code for francophones) on the team.

He castigates the Fonds de solidarité of the FTQ for investing in the team.

The writer refers readers to a FACEBOOK group , opened to help organize the boycott, but it seems to have already been pulled.

A letter to the editor of LE DEVOIR also makes the same point.

Now that the hated Maple Leafs have signed veteran defenceman Francis Beauchemin, it represents another stab in the heart of all those demanding more francophone players on the Habs.

Sadly, there's a particular nasty and hysterical tone to all these complaints, which manifests in an overt expression of anti-anglophone xenophobia and language ethnocentrism.

Do you think a Le Devoir would print a letter complaining that there aren't enough Christians or too many blacks on the team?

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