Monday, June 1, 2009

Quebec Red Light Cameras Vulnerable to Vandalism

I came across the red light radar installation on the Decarie Blvd. service road at Paré St. and was struck by how vulnerable the camera is to vandalism.

I don't know if this installation is representative of other Quebec red light cameras, but I'd assume so.

I always thought that the cameras were placed up high on light standards as I'd seen in other cities (like in the picture on the left.)

At any rate, the cameras seem completely vulnerable and it probably won't be long before they are 'tagged' or smashed and end up looking like the camera pictured on the right.

It won't take anything more than a good squirt of silly string to put the thing out of commission.

Given Montreal's reputation for respecting police property, it won't be long before we get reports that the the cameras are being knocked out.

Look for this sign, if you want to avoid getting a surprise in the mail.
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  1. Great Pictures. I hope you won't mind this being added to the comments for this camera location. Salut!