Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PETA Loses Credibility in Canada

On PETA's (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) web site, today's front page calls for a boycott of Canadian maple syrup as a pressure tactic to get Canada to ban the slaughter of seal pups.

Peta pulls a lot of stunts to advance their agenda, but this campaign is clearly stupid.

I can't think of a more ill-conceived idea, one that will bring the organization into disrepute and hamper their legitimate advocacy efforts on behalf of animals in Canada.

Calling for a boycott against an industry that has zero to do with the seal hunt is disingenuous, stupid and cruel.

Their reasoning, that the maple syrup industry is vital to Canada is so childishly wrong, that it can only further damage their credibility.

Maple syrup, a tiny cottage industry, is such a small part of the Canadian economy that any boycott will be sadly ineffective.
Secondly, maple syrup is in such high world-wide demand that the price has almost doubled in the last year. There is more demand then product.
Talk about picking your fights.

Good luck, PETA. You've lost me and countless other Canadians supporters because;
  1. You've decide that it's OK to punish an industry of family owned business' for a transgression committed by others.
  2. You've clearly no clue as to the ineffectiveness of your actions, which indicates a lack of maturity and professionalism.

1 comment:

  1. Your patriotic emotions are misplaced. First, you never clearly cared about the cause of animal welfare in the first place- otherwise your view on PETA would be more nuanced.
    To be sure, just because this one particular
    campaign may be unpopular, a huge and very effective organization won't lose credibility as a whole.
    Finally, if you care about this country, you should realize how the very problematic seal slaughter has harmed Canada's international image and even economy.
    The Canadian tourism industry has been touched as (especially European)tourists stay away due to Canada's tainted image as cruel seal murderers.
    Rightly so. We need to get rid of the seal slaughter. Why ? Because its causing social and economic problems beyond the relatively small impact on the maple syrup industry.